Dealing with spirit wives and spirit husbands

spirit spouses I got this one from my sister, Dr. Stella of Fire Power Ministries, and it was a classic assemblage of prayer points by Dr. Daniel Olukoya, our spiritual mentor to deal with the  problem of  evil spiritual marriages

This tormenting spirits are responsible for breaking marriages, hatred by earthly spouse
serious gynecological problems, Marital distress, miscarriages, impotence, untold hardship, financial failure and general failure at the edge of breakthrough. In fact studies shows that seven out of ten people in the church are affected by these spirits. Everyone needs this information.

Isa 5:13 Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge: and their honourable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst. Get knowledge and be free in Jesus name.

The Supernatural world is as real as the physical. What takes place in the spiritual realm affects us physically in our day to day lives.

The subject of the evil spiritual marriage has been grossly misunderstood by many people. While some hold erroneous views, others demonstrate partial knowledge of this all-important subject. The problem of evil marriage goes beyond dilettantish purposes.

Evil marriage is a deep subject. It affects many people. From our spiritual research and statistical findings, we have gathered that seven out of ten ladies who profess to be born again are involved, consciously or unconsciously, with evil spiritual marriage. In the same vein, seven out of every ten Christian men are, consciously or unconsciously, affected by evil spiritual marriages.

More than any other power, these spirits have destroyed marriages.

Many women suffer from astral sex regularly. Astral sex is the ability to project one’s spirit man into the victim’s body and have intercourse with it. This practice is very common amongst Satanists. They leave their physical bodies in a dormant state while they project their spirits into the body of whoever they want to have sex with.

1 Corinthians 3:16-17:“Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.”

Matthew 22:29-30: “Jesus replied, “Your mistake is that you don’t know the Scriptures, and you don’t know the power of God. For when the dead rise, they will neither marry nor be given in marriage. In this respect they will be like the angels in heaven.”

Genesis 6:2-4: “The sons of God saw the beautiful women and took any they wanted as their wives. —
In those days, and for some time after, giant Nephilites lived on the earth, for whenever the sons of God had intercourse with women, they gave birth to children who became the heroes and famous warriors of ancient times.”

Pray these prayers when you notice any of the following:

  1. Marital distress
  2. Sexual relationships in dreams
  3. Hatred of marriage
  4. Being jilted
  5. Unpardonable sexual error
  6. Wrong decisions
  7. Neglect abandonment by the opposite sex
  8. Demonic dream assistance
  9. Swimming or seeing a river in the dream
  10. Missing one’s menstrual period in the dream
  11. Pregnancy in the dream
  12. Breast- feeding a baby in the dream
  13. Backing a baby in the dream
  14. Having a family in the dream
  15. Shopping with a man/ woman in the dream
  16. Seeing a man sleeping by one’s side in the dream
  17. Hatred by earthly spouse
  18. Serious gynecological problems
  19. Having a miscarriage after sexual dreams
  20. Dream marriages


Spirit husband/spirit wife, release me by fire, in the name of Jesus.

1. Every spirit husband/wife, I divorce you by the blood of Jesus.

2. Every spirit wife/every spirit husband, die, in the name of Jesus.

3. Everything you have deposited in my life, come out by fire, in the name of Jesus.

4. Every power that is working against my marriage, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.

5. I divorce and renounce my marriage with the spirit husband or wife, in the name of Jesus.

6. I break all covenants entered into with the spirit husband or wife, in the name of Jesus.

7. I command the thunder fire of God to burn to ashes the wedding gown, ring, photographs and all other materials used for the marriage, in Jesus’ name.

8. I send the fire of God to burn to ashes the marriage certificate, in the name of Jesus.

9. I break every blood and soul-tie covenants with the spirit husband or wife, in the name of Jesus.

10. I send thunder fire of God to burn to ashes the children born to the marriage, in Jesus’ name.

11. I withdraw my blood, sperm or any other part of my body deposited on the altar of the spirit husband or wife, in Jesus name.

12. You spirit husband or wife tormenting my life and earthly marriage I bind you with hot chains and fetters of God and cast you out of my life into the deep pit, and I command you not to ever come into my life again, in the name of Jesus.

13. I return to you, every property of yours in my possession in the spirit world, including the dowry and whatsoever was used for the marriage and covenants, in the name of Jesus.

14. I drain myself of all evil materials deposited in my body as a result of our sexual relation, in Jesus’ name.

15. Lord, send Holy Ghost fire into my root and burn out all unclean things deposited in it by the spirit husband or wife, in the name of Jesus.

16. I break the head of the snake, deposited into my body by the spirit husband or wife to do me harm, and command it to come out, in the name of Jesus.

17. I purge out, with the blood of Jesus, every evil material deposited in my womb to prevent me from having children on earth.

18. Lord, repair and restore every damage done to any part of my body and my earthly marriage by the spirit husband or wife, in the name of Jesus.

19. I reject and cancel every curse, evil pronouncement, spell, jinx, enchantment and incantation place upon me by the spirit husband or wife, in the name of Jesus.

20. I take back and possess all my earthly belonging in the custody of the spirit husband or wife, in Jesus’ name.

21. I command the spirit husband or wife to turn his or her back on me forever, in Jesus’ name.

22. I renounce and reject the name given to me by the spirit husband or wife, in the name of Jesus.

23. I hereby declare and confess that the Lord Jesus Christ is my Husband for eternity, in Jesus’ name.

24. I soak myself in the blood of Jesus and cancel the evil mark or writings placed on me, in Jesus’ name.

25. I set myself free from the stronghold, domineering power and bondage of the spirit husband or wife, in the name of Jesus.

26. I paralyze the remote control power and work used to destabilize my earthly marriage and to hind me from bearing children for my earthly husband or wife, in the name of Jesus.

27. I announce to the heavens that I am forever married to Jesus.

28. Every trademark of evil marriage, be shaken out of my life,in the name of Jesus.

29. Every evil writing, engraved by iron pen, be wiped off by the blood of Jesus.

30. I bring the blood of Jesus upon the spirit that does not want to go, in the name of Jesus.

31. I bring the blood of Jesus on every evidence that can be tendered by wicked spirits against me.

32. I file a counter-report in the heavens against every evil marriage, in the name of Jesus.

33. I refuse to supply any evidence that the enemy may use against me, in the name of Jesus.

34. Let satanic exhibitions be destroyed by the blood of Jesus.

35. I declare to you spirit wife/ husband that there is no vacancy for you in my life, in the name of Jesus.

36. O Lord, make me a vehicle of deliverance.

37. I come by faith to mount Zion Lord, command deliverance upon my life now. Lord, water me from the waters of God.

38. Let the careful siege of the enemy be dismantled, in Jesus name.

39. O Lord, defend your interest in my life.

40. Everything, written against me in the cycle of the moon, be blotted out, in Jesus’ name.

41. Everything, programmed into the sun, moon and stars against me, be dismantled, in Jesus’ name.

42. Every evil thing programmed into my genes, be blotted out by the blood of Jesus.

43. O Lord, shake out seasons of failure and frustrations from my life.

44. I overthrow every wicked law, working against my life, in the name of Jesus.

45. I ordain a new time, season and profitable law, in Jesus’ name.

46. I speak destruction unto the palaces of the queen of the coast and of the rivers, in Jesus’ name.

47. I speak destruction unto the headquarters of the spirit of Egypt and blow up their altars, in the name of Jesus.

48. I speak destruction unto the altars, speaking against the purpose of God for my life, in Jesus’ name.

49. I declare myself a virgin for the Lord, in Jesus’ name.

50. Let every evil veil upon my life be torn open, in Jesus’ name.

51. Every wall between me and the visitation of God, be broken, in the name of Jesus.

52. Let the counsel of God prosper in my life, in the name of Jesus.

53. I destroy the power of any demonic seed in my life from the womb, in the name of Jesus.

54. I speak unto my umbilical gate to over throw all negative parental spirits, in the name of Jesus.

55. I break the yoke of the spirit, having access to my reproductive gates, in the name of Jesus.

56. O Lord, let your time of refreshing come upon me.

57. I bring fire from the altar of the Lord upon every evil marriage, in the name of Jesus.

58. I redeem myself by the blood of Jesus from every sex trap, in the name of Jesus.

59. I erase the engraving of my name on any evil marriage record, in the name of Jesus.

60. I reject and renounce every evil spiritual marriage, in the name of Jesus.

61. I confess that Jesus is my original spouse and is jealous over me.

62. I issue a bill of divorcement to every spirit wife/husband, in the name of Jesus.

63. I bind ever spirit wife/ husband with everlasting chains, in the name of Jesus.

64. Let heavenly testimony overcome every evil testimony of hell, in the name of Jesus.

65. O Lord, bring to my remembrance every spiritual trap and contract.

66. Let the blood of Jesus purge me of every contaminating material, in the name of Jesus.

67. Let the spirit husband/wife fall down and die, in Jesus name.

68. Let all your children attached to me fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.

69. I burn your certificates and destroy your rings, in Jesus name.

70. I execute judgment against water spirits and declare that you are reserved for everlasting chains in darkness, in Jesus name.

71. O Lord, contend with those who are contending with me.

72. Every trademark of water spirit, be shaken out of my life, in the name of Jesus.

From Spirit wives and Spirit Husbands by Dr D. K. Olukoya.

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  1. Thanks for testimonies it’s really helped

  2. Thank you for the prayer point.

  3. Tenanile Dlamini | August 6, 2015 at 3:20 pm | Reply

    This is a very important topic. Am struggling to keep a relationship. When I was a teenager I was always fantasizing about sexual relationships. Went to dating site at some points. I cant keep a relationship for more than 6 months. I have almost given up, been single for almost 4 years. At some point a pastor told me to pray against spirit husband. I am currently on a deliverance programme. I do not need your prayers family

  4. Tenanile Dlamini | August 7, 2015 at 7:29 am | Reply

    Good morning once again. I did send an email the other, my apologies there seems to be a typo error. I meant to say ” I do need your prayers family”

  5. Is it right 4 me to bath at the river naked in other to be separated from spiritual husband?

  6. Good Morning children of God
    I have been attacked by spirit husband since I was a very young girl, growing up in a family where my grandfather used spirit to gain wealth. I’ve learnt over the years that this spirits want sex and I was unfortunate to have grown up in that house and initiated into sex at a very early age.
    I watched porn when I was very young, called those sexual lines and mastubated while on the phone until I reached my orgasim, I ended up enjoying mastubating more than I enjoyed having sex with a man. I moved to dating other women, who I met online, who were sex addicts like me, we would have a whole day of sexual perversion, talking dirty and would meet up to have sex in public toilets after work.
    I used to mastubate even in the bathroom at work, when I get home, before I go to bed at least 2 times before I sleep.I started with putting objects that were shaped like a penis inside my vagina and ride them with a pillow underneath, I enjoyed it so much.
    my sex drive was soon high I did this even if I knew my boyfriend was coming to sleep over I loved sex boyfriend could never satisfy me.
    Meeting boys and girls on online site and having sex was just the norm because I never had a boyfriend of my own.
    In 2012 i covenented with God, accepted him as my Lord and Saviour and 2013 was my very last sexual encounter.
    I have never mastubated since than, never engaged in any sexual acts but I still have lust in my eyes and thoughts. I’d catch myself looking at mens private parts in church and thinking how big the Man OF God are down there.
    I’m very active in my church but I need serious deliverance as I’m sitting right now I want so much to mastubate or get any man outside to come and help me with this sexual need.
    I don’t even want to talk about my life, it is a total failure. Everything about me and that I’d ever done has failed.
    I need help
    I need help
    I need help.
    Can someone send me deliverance prayers I can engage in so I can start my personal deliverance. May you saints help me pray.
    The lord has been so faithfull before as these feeling have gone completely but they start again and I find myself wanting to have sex, having dreams of men and women wanting to have sex with me and I wanting the sex as much as the spirit. Even speaking in the dream confessing to the spirit that I want them badly as they do. Last week I woke up with a dream where I was touching a woman private part and I wanted her to touch me there as well but in the dream I knew I could not have sex as I was supposed to be leaving a life out of sin, I got scared even though I was confessing that I wanted this woman. As I was touching her I felt the hair and I woke up scared and disgusted. We had not gone further than this when I woke up.
    I cannot share these dreams with anyone I know as I’m embarrassed.
    I pray that I can get help and be delivered from lust, every door that has been opened by my past activities be closed totally to these spirit, may they not have any access into my life.

  7. Hi prayer eagles, i try harder to pray nd read the bible before i sleep, i also pray that pls God mst shut all the doors of the enemy in my dreams nd i pray for prophetic dreams but i dream mostly about spiritual husband nd nw it worries me a lot….before i thot its because im in a relationship without marriage but dn i left my boyfriend wanting to live right but still i dream spiritual husband…. Help me wt a prayer

  8. Prayer request: I am ask for prayers to be delivered from the spiritual marriages & evil spirits.I believe they are the ones that are preventing me from going forward with my life. My life is a mess at the age of 47years not married,not in the steady relationship, men come & go, no children. I’ve reached a point where by I don’t want be in contact with people because I think as if I’m not wanted.

  9. Pls put me in prayer, against marine spirit and spirit husband,

  10. Yayra Hilda Sabakpo | October 10, 2015 at 12:38 pm | Reply

    pls I need serious prayers. I always dream of swimming and people and creatures drugging me into waters. I also always dream if having wedding n getting married in my dreams,having sex with unknown men n women in my dreams. pls am getting older but not getting any man who is serious about me. my whole life is turning upside down. pls help me because I pray a lot BT can’t see any change. pls help me pastor.

  11. Iam pregnant and iam constantly dreaming about a strange man having sex with me. How do i get to know his identity and get rid of his action as it is stressing me.

  12. I noticed that you haven’t responded to comments in a while, please I pray you respond to this one soon. For me, I noticed that I dream of women having sexual intercourse with me in dreams and I am a woman. I have also been told by a friend before that she dreamt of me kissing another woman in a dream. Please I haven’t heard of women having spiritual wives before, how do I pray against this. I am 33 yrs old and still single with no man in site. Whereas, I’m a very beautiful woman with a very good and striving business and a good wife material. Please help. I will still read and pray these prayer points. I hope you respond soon.

    • @idees_4u from Pasadena L.A. California, USA:

      1. Sex in the dream (whether with a man or woman) is an attack fashioned to sap your virtues and turn you to a valueless person in life.
      2. Satan is the prince of sexual perversion (sodomy, lesbianism etc), spirit spouses are his messengers on errand against God’s kingdom.
      3. If women have other women as wives or husbands (Gay couple or Lesbianism) in real world, why do you doubt that it exists and florished in the spiritual realm?
      4. The same prayers we use for “Dealing with spirit wives and spirit husbands” will get you started in battle to free your destiny from sexual pollution.
      5. Any-time you’re messed up in a dream, it is because your spirit-man is weak to resist the enemy of your soul, so you must recharge and energize your spiritual battery with the Word of God, Fire Prayers and Fastings to feed and strengthen your spirit-man for dominion and victorious Christian living.
      6. My sister, be not deceived, even if your business appears to be good and thriving now, that sexual pollution in the dream would ultimately catch up with every aspect of your life if you do nothing. So, get ready to set ABLAZE the altar of sexual slavery with Holy Ghost Fire!!!
      7. I recommend you go for Deliverance and MFM Church is near you in Los Angeles:
      10030 South Western Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA 90047
      GPS: 34.1537812, -118.3027035
      Telephone: +1 (310) 259-1143
      8. Congratulations to you in advance as we celebrate your marital breakthrough in Jesus name.

  13. Prayer eagle, I was wondering if I may have your email address or if you could contact me through email?
    Many thanks and God’s blessings.

  14. Greetings to you in Jesus name. Today i woke up having a dream with a girl i met in a wedding on Saturday and after that i was suppose to go and write an extrance exam which began at 9 and behold i went to the examination center extremely late. but the most striking thing of all i was let in but was able to write in my paper but the told me that i had been given the opportunity to write. Why am saying this is because most times i have dreams that someone is making love to me in my dreams both boys and girls. I wish to ask if this love making in my dreams is connected to the reasonn why i can’t have a husband and a job after five years of living the university? I just stumbled on this website this morning after i woke up. I will really appreciate it if my prayer request be sent to my email.

  15. khadijat haruna | December 4, 2015 at 4:25 am | Reply

    Sir, please pray for me as my spirit in prayer is down. I always have sex in my dreams, seeing myself in the river, eating, chasing me in the dream and all bad dreams. Am tired of everything, bad luck all around my side, promise and failed, rejection from men and women. I prayed, prayed and prayed but seems God has forgotten me. Please pray for me.

  16. hie prayer eagle i have problem of spritual husband

  17. Good day children of God I’m a single 30 yrs old lady who is struggling to get a job and a stable relationship…plz help me

    I first notice that I had a problem when I was trying to get a job when I was 23 when I apply and maybe they will in an interview I would dream eating or sleeping with someone and I would knw that I won’t get that job that thing continued until I realised that I had a problem until nw i don’t have a job….
    The relationships I once prayed prayed ro God and asked him for the men of my dreams he came and the relationship was not good it was quarrelling and yelling until he left town I realise that he was the men I asked from God…
    Then the second one we dated he was promising me marriage we agreed that we are going to have a child after few months of that conversation we broke up and I even said words that was not good at all my heart was so painful and had to mend my broken heart

    The third one the first time he saw me he called me my wife and he said he wanted my parents to knw that he is my bf..we never we were trying to have a child… one day we were talking he was asking me if I want a baby girly or boy we talked and laughed everything was good I went to bed and slept during the early hours of the morning I had a dream there was a woman calling him and he said I will come and we about to make love on top of me he turned into a big snake a very scary snake he came and every time when I sleep with hi I would bleed after two days or a week after he never came to me the relationship was a disaster
    I joined the worship team and when I did that I told him that I won’t be able to be in a relationship with him anymore I have turned my ways I want God to help me…

    This spiritual husband is really ruining things for me I’m not working I live with my parents the worst that is hurting me everyday is that I have to ask from my parents money to buy my self things to bath with or clothes

    Nw this guy he doesn’t want to leave me even if I said I have turned my wicket ways he says he wants to marry me nw that this spiritual husband exist I can’t do anything plz children of God help me to get rid of this demon there is someone who owes me money he doesn’t want pay me….i really need you to pray for me…I will fast for two days and pray to God….

    The last dream I had this morning I was fighting with this woman telling her to leave my men alone I don’t knw what it means


  18. Dear pastor, please pray for me to save me from having sex in the dream. When a
    Sleeping, if I see any girl in my dreams, I’ll play with her but not necessarily have sex with her but I always release my semen.
    I I release the semen in reality and when I wake up I’ll be terribly wet to the extent of changing and cleaning up my body. Please help me!

  19. Please sir I always dream of having sex in the dream with a man, I did deliverance 2times but now he still come around trying to have sex with me but could not, sometimes we fight, some time I will drag his manhood in the dream,and he will disguised he self to a woman or baby to kiss me and still trying to have sex with me still cannot, my guestion is why is’t still come to me? I have stop so Manny things, I don’t even have a bf as I am now 29 yrs please what will i do?

  20. spirit spouses are a real problem to many saints

  21. Honorine Dindze fondzenyuy | May 21, 2018 at 6:18 am | Reply

    This is wanderful. It’s my first time participating. I am sr Honorine from Cameroon. Pastor I have been having thsee night mares. Before my ovulation someone will come and make love to me in the dream.most of the times I don’t see the person. I just feel a strong day I saw but a woman wearing artificial penis. I have had difficulties in conceiving and when I manage to conceive miscarriage follows. Even the doctors could not explain ed the cause of the miscarriage. Afterwards my menses ceased for 9months.when it finally came back, series of sexual harassment in the dream followed. No way to take in. My husband wants a child by all means ,now he wants to sleep with my nanny.please man of God help me.

  22. Mine is a problem of sexual dreams even with same sex and also a case of hormonal disorder, so the question is, is every case of hormonal disorder connected with these spiritual problem?? Also im on a dating site i m sure to delete myself from there, In d list of what u experience n should pray against, I have experience alot there…. But in these dreams, these inter course we’re hardly violent, mostly intimate something, using faces of ppl I know n I don’t know, I hv seen my self dressed fr marriage in dreams, though never with a man beside, ppl have dreamt that marriage stuff fr me too, telling me its soon happening which I claim but winder y these dreams linger, in fact there was A weak I had a marriage dream or about to b married n 2 different ppl saw me marry in d dream that week n told mi, I accepted it ad a good thing, then in d midst of all these I tell myself maybe my dreams are playing out what I wish for or d desire….. I do alot of imaginary marriage n engagement in my head, sometimes when I lie to sleep or wateva, I imagine what should happen, how that special day should b weather I’m dating at d moment or not… Does this problem have anything to do with sexual encounter with any one I have dated or being with…. Pls help me, I don’t feel ok with all these happening…. I’m not getting any younger as well…. What do I do plssss

  23. Dear pastor,i need a prayer points urgently,nothing is working in my life,since graduated from university 2009,i have not gotten a job,i keep seeing myself in the middle of a big river on my dream,i use to have sex on my dreams money,even if I have money I don’t know how I spend it.thank you sir

  24. Good morning man of God please I need deliverance for sprit husband how do I go about it

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