Breakthrough Dreams, Breakthrough Prayers, Dreams Interpretations (Part 1)

Proverbs 6:30-31:“Men do not despise a thief, if he steal to satisfy his soul when he is hungry; But if he be found, he shall restore sevenfold; he shall give all the substance of his house.”
Glory to God!! Alleluia!!! The flow of revelations from breakthrough dreams have started rolling in… a few days ago on this prayers fire website, we were told to pray one prayer point that is greatest of all prayer for our lives for seven consecutive midnights: “O God to whom all secret things belongeth, according to Deuteronomy 29:29 and Jeremiah 33:3, Show me the secrets of my life, show me myself, show me beneficial secrets that would move my life forward and Break every bondage in my life BY FIRE!!!, in the name of Jesus.”, and many have obeyed that divine instructions and have testimonies to share.

We shall be helping to interpret your dreams and sharing prayer points to tackle the revelations through the Prayer Eagle Counsel on this site. Please always write and send your dreams and prayer request to

Now listen to this dream and analysis by a sister who have been married for ten years without the fruit of the womb:

Greetings in the name of Jesus. I did the midnight prayer, I had 3 revelations, the 2nd. I cannot remember, but I remember saying ‘this is me being set free’

1. I saw a small, clear sealed container, about 2″ in dia. falling into the sea/ocean. I remembered that location, as a teenager i was sick, i know something was wrong, it all started in the house we were renting, in the village we came to live in, so i was taken to my cousin’s father-in-law, i remembered going into a room and that man used a razor on the base of my spine to make a small ‘x’ there and what ever was placed in that container was given to throw into the sea, the healing process was a bit painful especially sitting and getting up.i just wanted to be healed & taught that was going to be the solution, but As time pass by, i realized things got worst in a different way, i lost all feelings for the opposite sex(that did not transfer to my gender, thank God), I had to struggle to pass my exams, never held a job for long, the men that came into my life never stayed, like i was invisible, everything was a short phase in my life, (all the while seeking the Lord, from an adolescent to now.)BUT i reach a stage in my life where i said enough is enough and i started taking back everything that the devil had stolen from me, i was determine in my heart, that every thing that every thing that my God said in his , will for me, I will receive in Jesus name, that is why i determine in my heart that the devil will not have my children and i am more determined since i read that woman’s testimony, i believe this is what i have been searching for for the past 10yrs. of my married life, cause i have always wondered about my situation also. Thank you in the name of Jesus.

“Sister, I am happy for you. I rejoice because God has revealed to you the cause of the problem. Your experiences so far shows you av only collected half of what d devil stole from u as a teenager. But now u must RECOVER ALL your stolen virtues and make the satanic thief MUST pay back seven-fold what he has stolen according to Proverbs 6:31.

suggested prayer points:

  1. Every power that stole my virtues and stored them in a marine warehouse, I arrest you by fire, therefore, restore what u have stolen back to me seven-fold in the name of Jesus.
  2. Blood of Jesus, Go into the rivers, sea and ocean and blast the marine warehouse holding my stolen virtues, RECOVER AND RESTORE THEM BACK to my life, in the name of Jesus.
  3. Every mark of the devil put upon my body: i wipe you off by the blood of Jesus, in Jesus name.
  4. Every unconscious evil covenant made by me or on my behalf in the times of my ignorance that is now troubling my destiny: B~R~E~A~K by Fire!!! in the name of Jesus.
  5. Every satanic transaction and exchange that took place in my life at any time in the past when I was sick and which is now troubling and limiting my breakthrough: your time is up: BE REVERSED BY FIRE!!! I NULLIFY YOU by the blood of Jesus!!! in Jesus’ name.
  6. Every satanic blood transfusion and blood pollution injected or transferred into my life, I nullify you by the POWER in the blood of Jesus, Holy Ghost Fire: EVACUATE every satanic pollution from my life!!! in the name of Jesus.
  7. Blood of Jesus! Fire of the Holy Ghost!! GO BACK into my foundation, GO BACK into my past, every minute, every day, every month, every year and repair every satanic damage to my destiny, RECOVER AND REBUILD my destiny and RESTORE my stolen GLORY!!! in the name of Jesus.

Deuteronomy 29:29:“The secret things belong unto the LORD our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law.”

Jeremiah 33:3:“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”

Daniel 2:28,22:“But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets, and maketh known to the king Nebuchadnezzar what shall be in the latter days. Thy dream, and the visions of thy head upon thy bed, are these; He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him”

Psalm 25:14:“The secret of the LORD is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant.”

Psalm 50:15:“and call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me.”Isaiah 65:24 Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.”

Isaiah 65:24:“Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.”

Daniel 2:19:“During the night the mystery was revealed to Daniel in a vision. Then Daniel praised the God of heaven”

If you are yet to begin this great prayer for your life, start tonight at 12midnite, pray this single prayer for Ten to 15minutes or more time as God enables you. If u pray it in faith for 7 consecutive days at the midnight hour God shall baptize u with revelational secrets that would move your life forward by fire this leap year 2012, in Jesus’ name.

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  1. Dear Prayer,
    please interprete for me dream 345 please…God bless you

  2. Dear prayer eagle.

    I have been praying at midnight for almost a month now, and I must say there is a marked difference in my atmosphere. However I cannot get rid of the feel that something is watching me and sitting on my ear. I feel at times like something is whispering into my spirit and I don’t know how to fight against this as if something is working on me and try to vex me. Please advise which prayer points to use here.

    Please interpret the following dreams.

    Dream 1- I dreamt I was lying on my bed and I needed to vomit then I leaned over and then I began to vomit something but then something came out of me like it was pulled right out of my face I could see like a an invisible mask coming off, there was a power struggle then the next thing my mum and two sisters came to see me, I went to the door greeted them then I realized there was something still in the room I went in cast it out in Jesus name and then a a naked man appeared and disappeared into the sky.

    Dream2- I dreamed I had put up the word of God on my walls in my house and my mother came tearing these things down and we all did not understand what she was doing we were all like what are you doing and why. Then I told her she needed to stop what she was doing and mind her own business. My step dad was also asking why she was doing that and could not understand why she was acting that way.
    Dream 3- I dreamt I was at my cell group leaders’ house and there were 4 of us – me his fiancé and another lady from our church who likes him. So he went to his kitchen and got us some juice and we thought it was ginger beer, then his fiancé said oh this is strong and he was like he didn’t make it that strong, I took a sip but could not taste anything. Then as he sat on the couch this other lady from our church that liked him started to kiss him and sit on his lap in front of us? What could this mean how do I pray against this?

    Dream 4- I dreamt I was with my ex boyfriend at his house and I met his mother and brother. Then his mother was like I know you it has been long since we seen each other- however I have never met his mother before but they all were happy to see me. Then my ex and I were now in his room and he was like I know you want to sleep with me then he proceeded to touch me then I got up the bed and said to him no I am not doing this then i walked out of the room. The next thing we were at a concert and he paid for us to go in, the next thing as soon as we get in he disappeared into the crowd more like ran away. Then I met a friend from high school who took pictures of me and I hugged her but I got the sense the reception was cold from her end. Then I woke up.
    Could you please assist and interpret these dreams for me thank you.

  3. I prayed the prayer point of knowing the secrets of myself at midnight and had the following dream.
    1. I was in a ceremony where I was well dressed with this man next to me that I don’t know, he was holding my hand. He then brought a crown and told me that its mine and put it on my head. He then took me to sit on the high table, when I reached the high table, one of the guest told me that I should remove the crown, and not to sit on the table. I was not required to sit there…. I removed the crown, went back on the previous table, amid protest of some of my friends to put on the crown. 2. I dreamt that I was in a shrine where I was being given herbs, the this person was very scary and I asked what I was suppose to do with all these herbs, then I woke up.
    I have a spirit of anger, loudness, bitterness and an inferiority complex, I have been praying to be released from this anger/loud spirit but each time I pray it gets worse, i end up the next day having done the same thing I have been fighting against. I never want to give up, of late I ask for forgiveness from any one I have hurt regardless of their age, some of them are mocking me about it but I know if I don’t then my prayers will be in vain. I believe in our Almight God for deliverance from thsi bondage.

    I am also believe God for a husband, I am 48 yrs not married, I am very desperate to get a husband because my conviction is with God its never too late and its never over. thank you

  4. Prayer Eagle please help me interpreat my dreams, on tuesday night i dreamed that i was with my colleague going to my boses office and i was carrying a paperbag with things inside including my wallet, we were checked by the security and then we entered the office then i met my boss with his mother and another person, (but that office is not the office were are using now i do not know the office) then by boss asked me if i have seen the thief and he asked me whether i can write a statement, i refused to write the statement.
    no.2 i went to visit a friend who works in a hospital then as i was waiting at the reception i heard a nurse saying that in the past she used to be very reluctant to work but now she has changed.
    last night i had several dreams
    no. 1- i saw a thief stealing another mans wallet and the man whose wallet was being stolen did not resist but i did not help.
    no. 2- i was expectant and i knew that i was going to give birth to a baby girl though i did not know the father since i am single, and i was looking at a big screen and i could see different men including some politicians from my country and i was not able to choose the father to my baby.
    no. 3- i was talking to a collegue who was telling me that in the past he used to be reluctant to work but now he has changed his attitude since he started reading things which looked like prayers. but a sad thing was that i think i ate some grapes in that dream when i was talking to him. please help me urgently.

  5. i also dreamed that i was in an old public service vehicle and i saw the tout, suddenly it changed into a very old house, it did not look good at all, it was like i wanted to move in into that house, then when i was leaving i saw a man who asked me for my passport size photograph then i told him that i would bring him more than the number he wanted (i think i wanted to sign the agreement to lease the house. please help.

  6. Dear Pastor

    please help me interpret my dream, my sister has been praying using your prayer points for spiritual husbands and i used some of them and the same evening, I had a dream whereby i dream waking up to a man that was laying dying next to was so clear, i did not recognise him but he spoke to me for a while and told me that i am not leaving and going any where. we woke up and took me somewhere on a journey to a place that looked familiar and there was a wedding function and i was getting married to my new husband and he was refusing to go and he was in the same house where there was a wedding and he took me around showing me places where he had been before he died. he then asked for me to come back and say goodbye to him as i was now getting married and he was dying eventually died. i woke up and this troubled me as it was the first time i dreamt of a man dying and he died in my bed on a white sheet.i didnt feel any pain

    in the past 2 months, i have been surrounded by ants when I sit down in the lounge on a couch. the ants hang around me and there are so many and when i go to the kitchen, they follow me.they are also in my bedroom even though there are not in any area in the house or my car.

    i have been also harrassed by people that i owe money even R300. i end up paying more than i owe and lately i have been blacklisted by a university for owing R20 000.00. i was left with one month to finish paying off my car when bank sent men to come and reposses my car and telling me i owe them. several people used to call me and come to my previous address saying i owe them but when i tracked the people, the bank doesnt know them, my account files have disappeared and i cant even get a statement, a year later,i went to the lawyers to get help but the bank has not responded a year later and my account shows i am in arrears even though i dont pay as there is no more account open in my name and nobody can find my account in the bank. The lawyer delays and i went to him yesterday and i still dont have an answer after a year. this has affected my credit record and i get decline by banks and i cant buy anything in my name and dont qualify for even R300.00

    please help me

  7. I had a dream that caterpillars were all over my body in a U-shape. I wasn’t frightened and didn’t feel any emotions in the dream. Then I saw a picture of a witch. What does that mean?

  8. Dear Prayer Eagle,

    calvary greeting, please kindly help me to interpret this my dream, in this dream I saw a lady living with me as a girl friend or so but in the real life the face that I saw was not the face of any of the girl that have friend before I got married, but she was behaving like one of my ex-girl friend Esther and the face was the face of one my neigbor living in the same block with me. To cut the story short, one day she just decided to pack her load out of my house and she said she is living me because she is no further filling comfortable in staying with me again and right from inside me I was happy and she gave me something like money high currency, I was pretending crying but immediately she left to my suprise I check one bag inside the house what I saw surprised me, i saw some of my property that I can not remember that I posses before, cloth and some other things that I don’t even know I they were got missing I found them all. she was talking has if she will be back. please sir, I don’t understand this please help. May God continue to be using you for this generation and may the great and new ainointing fall upon you and the entire Ministries in Jesus name. AMEN

  9. Sir, kindly assist in interpret dream number 410, may God bless you. Amen

  10. prayer eagle, please help me interpreat dream no. 406 & 407.
    Thank you. God bless you.

  11. Hello sir, i discovered smtin about my dream pattern. anytime am going thru serious prayers even when i went for deliverance, i dont usually dream. except when i pray moderately or when am prayed for that is when my vision is clear. hope its okay? two sundays ago(palm sunday) that mummy Olukoya led the prayer during service, i got home and slept peacefully and i had a dream where i went into a small kitchen to look for smtin and i was professing the word but suddenenly a masked man or monster showed his face thru the window and was trying to shut me up but i kept speaking the word of God. until he fled and i chased him and could not find him. i also had a dream last weekend when i have not even prayed and was most carefree. i saw my self wearing a beautiful purple gown and my hair was full and long, i was carrying a bucket and wanted to take a particular path when a guard(dressed in blue like bank gaurds) led me thru another gate. a guard at the gate had wanted to stop us and i was afraid he would turn into a dog, as he made to stop us i asked if he had wanted to turn into a dog with the way he howled at us and he said no and left the way so i was let out the gate. i fell its a safe dream but i do not get the msg. Godbless u sir. one other thing that scares me is the fact that am not perfect,and even in my unfaithfulness i had peaceful dreams.

  12. Dear Prayer Eagle please interpret the below. Urgently.

    I dreamt I was driving to my grandmother’s house I got to my grandmother’s house but I could not get out of the car because there was someone standing at a neighbors gate and I was afraid he was a thief and would harm me so I left and decided to go around the block and come back later this was at 3am in the morning. I then went round the block but could not find a connecting road by car kept getting to a finished road, so I decided to walk. As I was walking my brother and nephew came and I ended up carrying them to the house both of them, one is 12 the other 8 and we got into the yard.

    Once at my grandmother’s house, here in this dream my mother and aunt were there at the house and one of my mothers ex boyfriends from way back in the day (he is dead now and she is now married) came looking for her. Please bear in mind he was abusive and used to beat her up. He came looking for her at the house and she and my aunt were like he is becoming a problem. So my mum went outside to see him and got into a white car that he was driving and he was with 3 other guys in the car (it was her car) and I followed her asking where and why she was going with him and she said she knew what she was doing. So she got into the car and then they drove off. Simultaneously it seemed as though she came back at 3am because at this time I heard the door opening and someone coming in. it sounded like my actual door in my flat then I knew she was back. I don’t know where or why they went away.

    While I was at my grandmothers place and my mum had gone with her ex I had an argument with my one cousin (she never gets along with anyone) she was saying things and I got so upset that we started fighting but then I hit her and she fell to the ground and I gave it my all in the fight. It started off as her my cousin but then as we were fighting she was changing like her looks it wasn’t her it was some other woman. I know this was a spirit but don’t know what to make of this. While we were fighting my uncle was sitting on the couch watching and I got up and said to him I am tired of this family I want to get out of it and then he said if you want to leave you can leave the family no one will stop you. I was really angry in the dream. Soon after this I woke up. Could you please interpret this and tell me what it could mean.

  13. JULIET TIMBENAWO | April 17, 2012 at 2:59 pm | Reply

    i had a dream in which i saw myself with my colleague and she driving a white mini bus we were only two of us and i was instructing where to park the bus though i am not a driver but i told her in my dream that where she was parking was a slope place and there was no exit.

  14. Dear prayer Eagle,
    Please Sir can you interpret dream #402 for me.

  15. Olanrewaju | May 4, 2012 at 4:32 pm | Reply

    Good day sir, please kindly interpret dream number 410 for me. Thanks, God bless you sir.

  16. ave bn having series of dream for a long time which i dont understand and dont know what 2 do. in which i belive is not normal. whenever i sleep every day am always engaging in one activities or the other till i woke up it will be as if we are in a real world pls help me out urgently

  17. God bless you prayer Eagle,my life has changed tremendously because of the help I received through this Altar of fire before my Lord.I am forever grateful to God Almighty for the great wisdom and insight He has bestowed on you.
    All my worries, problems and being anxious have all fizzled out. Because of the two months bible reading and prayer points that went along with it, I enjoy reading the Bible now.This is my testimony.PRAYER EAGLE GOD ALMIGHTY BLESS YOU AND YOUR HOUSEHOLD FOREVER.AMEN

  18. prayer Eagle, please support me in prayer and enlighten me with your spiritual wisdom. I recievea revelations in my dream, more than once withe the same meaning but not yet manifested. does this mean that it could take time or telling me what is to come/happen.

    I would like to know how to handle situations like this and what type of prayers to use to follow on. I pray for fast forward breakthrough but I suppose works misteriously in his own time.

    please pray for me and support me with wisdom.

    Thank you and GOD BLESS. AMEN

  19. Dear Pastor ,
    On 9.6.2012 at 1: 20 pm i dreamt that one sleeve of my blue blouse was partly cut off. In the dream i was in primay ,my mother was looking for my blouse and she found it under a bed in the house with one sleeve halfway cut off. That very time there was an old man bathing outside the house .In reality i had a dress in the same material that saw in the dream . This was a blue dress with some flowers which i had when i was in primary school,but in the dream it was a skirt and a blouse of which one sleeve of the blouse was halfway cut off. What is the meaning of this .Could you send me specific prayer point for this?

  20. Good day sir, please kindly interpret dream number 410 for me. Thanks, may the Almighty God bless you sir.

  21. Dear Prayer Eagle

    Why would one keep dreaming of nakedness? that dream comes and goes, but I was given Psalm 25 and its been a while since I never had the dream, however I am still curious to know, what is the meaning of a dream where you are naked?

  22. When you are due for promotion and for one reason or another you are an excellent worker and yet still you are not being promoted on your job, which one of the prayer points one should say, and any other advise on what one can do to break that failing cycle.

    I urgently await your response. Thank you and God’s blessings.

  23. pls. I need serious prayer, my finacial situation is in mess. Too much debt, it us affecting my spirit.

  24. Orewa Ndidi Amaka | June 27, 2012 at 9:26 pm | Reply

    Dear prayer eagle,
    I bless God for what He is using you to do online.
    Please I ernestly need your help, I’ve prayed,expected, acted in faith but all seems to hit the wall, I’m afraid I Do think as if I’m workin under a close heaven. My spiritual life, finances and relationship, non seems to be going on well. I work and got nothing to show for it. my progress seems slow. please I need your help with prayers I can pray to cause a turn around for my favour.
    I do have this dream of seeing myself in my former church compound which it’s been over 6 years i visited there, also do find myself in my secondary school as a student though I prayed about it, and it stoped for a while but laater resurfaced again. i dreamt on two occasions that I was walking bear foot without shoes. i do dream of carrying other peoples baby and recently I dreamt that I was in secondary school and gave birth to a baby, i don’t know what that means. recently I dreamt I was cleaning a hall’s public toilet with the help of some women. last year, I dreamt I was pregnant and this year some few months back I dreamt I was in labour and was being rushed to the hospital (I’m still single in real life) and that scene disappeared, please help me with the meaning of these dreams. attacks in the dream have become frequent though I do try to fight back but don’t conquer them all at times. please I need serious help. Thanks. Orewa Ndidi from Nigeria. please if you can send me prayers I can pray though my email: thanks alot.

  25. Toyin
    Dear Prayer Eagle
    All Glory be unto God Almighty – I really need you to help me to intepret this dream urgently if possible.
    I use the show me my secrets all the time. I also dream alot ! I believe some important visions /dream get blocked because when I open my eyes I just will not remember. I do self deliverance and some of the prayers depending on the situation. So Please continue to pray for me as a believe it is holding on to my breakthroughs. (Revelations and delayed breakthroughs) I Still continue to claim them.

    Anyway between 1 am and 2 this early morning after praying the midnight hour. I dreamt these dreams which are not clear ——— in the dream it seemed as if i really new these few people but when I opened my eyes I just could not re-collect who they were. only two or three and female. it seemed as if we were together somewhere and went back the this persons house but definitely in that dream it was some one i was close to maybe family but she was not there and we were in her kitchen and she snacky food on tables springrolls, fried chicken, meat, and on the cooker chicken gizzard freshly cooked (boiled) but still hot so I tasted it an helped myself to the other snack by just putting on a plate and put it aside for later and I think I just tasted a bit of the meat. The person who cooked the food was not there and I am thinking it was meant to be my sister as she cooks alot and we are close and i would not nomally help myself in peoples homes. This happened on getting to the house. (it was a refreshing atmosphere)

    Now I am not sure whether this is in the same place, there was another woman who had 2 boys and she said she would have stayed with me but the boys would need some things so she still had to go her house anyway and said she might still come back. In my mind I was a bit surprised when she she said she might come back as if it was u usual and it also seemed as if she was going to leave the boys and come back on herown if I thought right. I just do not understand this prayer eagle.!!!

    The third part is another woman which might also be family
    I have a feeling that I know who she represents but not sure as it could be decietfull !! Now there was a child in the dream I was aware of who it was some how but now I do not! But the child did something wrong and naughty and she seemeed to be protecting him. It looked as if there were some other children their who new about this incident! I did know what the problem was in the dream but as I opened my eyes I just could not remember. !! Anyway this woman wanted to beat all the these children who knew about the incident so that they would keep their mouth shut. so I was totally against it and would not allow her to touch them as she was getting a belt from her waist ( i think white) and i protected the children and warned her to not hit me with the belt and did not allow her to beat the children and I made it clear to her that how can you punish them when they haven’t done anything wrong neithet have they said anything about the matter. she stepped back and stopped but did not seem too happy because I did not allow her to get her way but had no choice. I repeated it again and woke up.

    I did not understand and could not make any sense of it, so I prayed the the breakthrough prayers on victoty over satanic dreams.

    Please Help me to interprete this urgently
    God Bless

    Please reply me Prayer Eagle . Thank you and God bless.

  26. Hello Prayer Eagles
    I greet you all in the mighty name of jesus,please interprete this dream for me:
    I was with my grandmother-she is late,were suppose to cross a river full of dirty water,then when she saw the water she wanted to go back but i insisted that she come because after crossing that river we will be reaching my elder brother’s house,after crossing over i saw that we were in an old place where we used to held church services when i was a kid,then later i dont know where she went to because i then saw myself with the other sister we fellowship together and we were in another place with green trees but my grandmother was not there.
    Last month i dreamt of myself entering my cousin’s house and i found a white /light in complexion lady lying down,there i found food cooked and i opted for traditinal vegetable which was in a mayonnise bottle and ate it,when i woke up i prayed agaist spiritual food,but i felt very sick for that week.

  27. I keep dreaming of travelling to another island in a boat what does that mean

  28. Dear Prayer Eagle

    Please can you interpret dream 427

    Thank you

    • Prayer Eagle | July 23, 2012 at 1:01 pm | Reply

      @Toyin: Dream 427 Explained: Your spirit man rejected strange food of the evil night caterer. You must vomit by faith and by fire every evil consumption you have taken in the dream, in Jesus name. Such consumption is what leads to stagnation and miracle abortion in real and physical life.

      Pray against every demonic relationship and association in the dream. Read Daniel chapters 1-3 for Deliverance, Divine Encounter and promotion. Daniel purposes in his heart not to defile himself with king Nebuchadnezzar’s meat and wine so he would not be defiled. Whatever defile you will certainly defy your promotion. There is a 10-fold glory and promotion awaiting your destiny, but u must seek the face of the Lord to identify what the enemy has assigned as a defilement for u. For Joseph, it was Portiphar’s wife, for Samson, it was Delilah, for Daniel it was the king’s meat and wine. Every man or woman of divine purpose must confront an assigned defilement, what is your own defilement? Many wallow in defilement and they knew it not!

      Set apart 3 days for 3 assignments: (a) seek to know your assigned defilement. (b)tackle and deal with such discovered and revealed defilement, it may be a relationship, or a hidden sin or location/ environment etc. (c) flush out by the blood of Jesus and cleanse every remnant of the defilement from your life using the blood of Jeus.

      Then your long-awaited and long-imagined breakthroughs will fall like rain over your destiny in Jesus name

    • Prayer Eagle | July 23, 2012 at 1:03 pm | Reply

      @Toyin: Dream 427 Explained: Your spirit man rejected strange food of the evil night caterer. You must vomit by faith and by fire every evil consumption you have taken in the dream, in Jesus name. Such consumption is what leads to stagnation and miracle abortion in real and physical life.

      Pray against every demonic relationship and association in the dream. Read Daniel chapters 1-3 for Deliverance, Divine Encounter and promotion. Daniel purposes in his heart not to defile himself with king Nebuchadnezzar’s meat and wine so he would not be defiled. Whatever defile you will certainly defy your promotion. There is a 10-fold glory and promotion awaiting your destiny, but u must seek the face of the Lord to identify what the enemy has assigned as a defilement for u. For Joseph, it was Portiphar’s wife, for Samson, it was Delilah, for Daniel it was the king’s meat and wine. Every man or woman of divine purpose must confront an assigned defilement, what is your own defilement? Many wallow in defilement and they knew it not!

      Set apart 3 days for 3 assignments: (a) seek to know your assigned defilement. (b)tackle and deal with such discovered and revealed defilement, it may be a relationship, or a hidden sin or location/ environment etc. (c) flush out by the blood of Jesus and cleanse every remnant of the defilement from your life using the blood of Jesus.

      Then your long-awaited and long-imagined breakthroughs will fall like rain over your destiny in Jesus name

  29. Shalom
    Please interprete this dream for me;i dreamt of myself and a white guy,i have known him for some years(who in the dream appeared to be my boyfriend)we were in a hotel grounds,it seemed like there was a party,and when i arrived he phoned his mother telling her that he is with me and i over heard the mother asking him if he has taken the ring to propose and he said no i left it and the mother told him you were suppose to engage her today,then i left him on the table with his friends and went to the other side with my friends and i was checkin on him at a distance then i woke up.

  30. Shalom
    I sent my dreams to the a few days ago and I haven,t heard or seen anything on the web. Please assist.

    2. I have also send some dreams to the Greatest Prayerpoint You Can Pray Yourself and I haven,t been helped. Please consider my dreams if you can and if it is possible.

    3. I,m looking for a church in Germany. Please give me the addresses of MFM and RCCG in Germany. I,m looking for a church seriously. God bless You All.

  31. please interpret this one for me. i dreamt i was at our old home in the village where we have now relocated and our old house has been renovated and a lot of ppl have moved in in the neighbourhood and most houses are paited the place was looking really lovely. as we were sitting we saw a bird with a many nests flying up and it fell, we tried to run after it but it was no where to be seen. i came back with my Granny who was looking sooo full of life. my late auntie was in the house and her daughter was showing us a cut on her hand how she got cut from trying to catch the bird

  32. Hello Prayer Eagle

    Please interpret 277 for me and last night i dreamt of my late sister. It was me and my other sister. 2 chinese ladies came and they were collecting old furniture. We gave them all we did not want and my late sister insisted we gave them our dinner table, we refused and told her she wont be there when shen she needed it, please help interpret why i keep seeing my late relatives. I relocated to the UK last week i am now with my husband at long last, praise God

  33. I have been praying the prayer points from Prayer rain, i always fast but still have strange dreams. most times with my family at our ancenstral home. sometimes i dream when we are digging in the grave yard, i dream when we are gathered all as a family and eating, i always dream about my family, my sisters, brothers, aunties and auncles on my father’s side only. I don’t have kids and i recently dreamt when a woman i never recognized gave me a sack which was smelling and when i opened it, it had so many used sanitary pads and the woman said, take your things!. what can that mean?

  34. Toyin
    Thank you prayer eagle for the interpretation. God Bless. May the Lord Almighty continue to enrich you in all ways with the present of the Holy spirit. AMEN.

    I have acknowledged the annoited message and started with immediate action.

    I believe I serve a living God and I will be testifying very soon with the full acceleration and perfection of the Lord almighty. In Jesus Name. Amen.

    He is a promising God. Glory Be to God H alleluia !!!

  35. Urgent!!!

    Dear Prayer Eagle

    My dreams keep getting bloked.! It seems as if I am going to remember it but just cannot. I can not even remember what it is about, tThhis tends to happen a lot.

    Are there any special prayers for this? . I have tried self dileverance and some other prayers. I think when this happens it is important information been held back.

    I am still fighting hard to remember what I dreamt overnight, May The God Almighty give me spirit of wisdom and remembrance. Amen

    Thank you . God Bless

  36. Last night I dreamt that I had been with my fiancé for 3 years (as is the case)we had stalled for some time in our journey suddenly, I was searching for my certificate which I had lost years back when I was a student in university but I located it far up in the trees, I knew and could see where it was , I fired my prayer bullet and I was able to reach for the certificate where it had been all these years up in the air on the trees and I grabbed it .when I landed down on the ground my fiancé said we can now proceed with our journey as I now had my certificate and document . he then came to my parents to pay lobola or dowry to my family and both families had finally come together in a traditional ceremony, the first in my family.i changed my surname to his and it was a traditional ceremony.from there onwards I was reffered to by a new name and surname., I finally experience the peace and calm ive never had before. and I slept and ws woken up by the alarm clock at midinte and I had just fire the first prayer bullet on day 14 “ dragon that swallowed my finances vmit it by fire in Jesus’s name’ when suddenly I received a call on my cell phone number at midnite and I never answered it but kept firing the bullet points.i have never received a call at midnitebefore.

    • Prayer Eagle | July 25, 2012 at 7:44 am | Reply

      @TR: congratulations, your victory is nigh. God will grant you the breakthrough u desire in your finances and matrimony in Jesus name.

  37. Dear prayer Eagle

    I am sorry but you will be recieving a lot from me until 427 is resolved as I really need to get to the bottom of this.!! Satan is a liar.!!!!

    As I said earliar this morning that I couldn’t really remember the dream I had over night / morning. first had a dream and woke up and totally couldn.t remember. and then asked got to show me pleading the blood of Jesus and dosed off again around 6.32am and quickly got up around 7.06 from a dream. I couldn,t remember and then eventually recollected the end part of it narrated below.

    Not remembering most of my dreams has persistently been going on for a while.
    and the attempt of food being put in my mouth spiritually to the extent that i wake up with my mouth moving.
    Something fight the process and wakes me up from it. I pray and rebuke the deliverance prayers. and have started on your annioted message. I just thought I should let you know. I do not go into a deep sleep when it happens I might just dose off/like a vision. atimes I do not take it but sometimes I have opened my mouth and snap out of it.

    The only part I only managed to remember is the end of it, I was carrying a big aluminium pot of stew , saying something like I had finished and taking it somewhere may be the car but somewhere as I did not see that part. I was thinking in my mind in the dream that I should have cleaned the stew stain on the outter part of the pot. There were a few other people around I think and female but only one noticebly obvious as she was doing something nearby my way out. I can not remember what she was doing and who she was. It is one of those dreams where you think you know the person and you wake up and do not havea clue.

    Help me and God Bless. Amen

    • Prayer Eagle | July 24, 2012 at 8:03 pm | Reply

      @toyin: God is the custodian and archivist of your past, present and future, its like a movie or film of your life. So, you can pray for God to rewind the particular dream episodes that the devil wiped off your memory. Satan is the thief that steals and erases your dream memory. Thank God you can undo whatever dream the devil deleted because it is afraid of the consequence if you remember them. You must command every satanic dream eraser to be arrested by fire and restore what they have wiped off your spiritual monitor in the name of Jesus.

      1. Whatever food and whoever gives you dream-food cannot be God and cannot be a healthy meal. They are satanic night caterers. Therefore:

      2. Pray for God to baptize your dream-life with Holy Ghost Fire, and set ablaze every demonic kitchen used in catering evil food for you in your dream.

      3. You must erupt with holy indignation by rising up and overthrow the satanic canteen and demonic restaurant/kitchen that serves you the meal of demotion in Jesus’ name.

      4. Command the kitchen of witchcraft used in catering for you to catch fire and every satanic food consumed unknowingly to be neutralized and vomited by fire in Jesus’ name.

      5. You must ask the Holy Ghost to evacuate every satanic poison which you have eaten in the dream from your life.

      6. You must begin to drink the blood of Jesus by faith and ask the Blood of Jesus to neutralize that poison of satan in your system.

      7. You can go further and prepare and take holy communion for the next seven days before you go to bed. Ask the power of the Lord’s super to fight against every night caterer that has forcefully converted you as customer and ask the Fire of the Holy Ghost to charge your spirit-man for victorious battle.

      8. The kitchen of darkness and night caterers with their evil food shall die in your life in Jesus name. Victory is yours in Jesus’ name.

  38. Dear prayer Eagle,
    I am so delighted to see dreams interpreted again on this website..I love the new layout of this site,it is so beautiful…WELL DONE SIR.
    Please Sir kindly interpret this recurrent dream for me
    I went for a crusade and that very night I had a dream that I was bleeding heavily in a congregation I was worried about where I was sitting and my cloths being stained.
    2nd dream I was with friends and all of a sudden I was bleeding like openly and I was worried

    3rd dream I was in my father’s bathroom all of a sudden I started bleeding non stop and it stained the white bath mat on the floor…then I was lying on a bed with white sheets it got stained with the blood and my father ask me to move so he could measure the bed but I was reluctant because I didn’t want him to see the blood.

    4th dream I was in my fathers house standing in the hallway and my father angrily came with a big whip and started flogging my mercilessly he was looking for my sister to flog her as well but he could not find her. then my brother told my mum not to react that my father was beating me to upset her.

    Thank you Prayer Eagle for reading please reply me in Jesus name.AMEN

    • Prayer Eagle | July 25, 2012 at 4:32 am | Reply

      @emm: The four dreams are one and the same thing: Your blood (e.g. menstrual pad, etc) has been taken without your knowledge to a coven/dark altar as sacrifice in order to manipulate you, embarrass you and disgrace you.

      You must pray against any wicked altar bearing your blood. Command your blood upon any altar to return, be purified and restored unto you in Jesus name. Command your blood to become poison to the flesh-eating and blood-drinking powers of your father’s house in Jesus name. Command every powers assigned to eat up your flesh and drink your blood to stumble and fall (Psalm 27:2). Renounce, Break and Nullify every dark blood covenant you may have entered into consciously or unconsciously in Jesus name. Command every power using your blood to manipulate your life to return it and die in Jesus name. Pray that the power in the blood of Jesus shall fight for you and win your battles for you, in Jesus name.

  39. Thank you prayer Eagle and May The Lord Almighty Continue to Strengthen and Bless You IJN. Amen.

    All your support and annoited message and Blessings has been acknowledged and taken into action with immediate effect.

    I believe I am healed IJN by the Grace of God and the power in the Blood of Jesus I will prevail and testify IJN. Amen.

  40. Dear Prayer Eagle
    please help me with my dream.
    thank you

  41. @Prayer Eagle: Thank you for taking your precious time to interpret my dreams and for also giving appropriate prayer points… GOD BLESS YOU MIGHTILY.AMEN

  42. I had sent a prayer request earlier on but not sure if it was the right family seems to be tied somewhere,my elder sister got married but the husband left her since she could not concieve and she had twins wuth him but miscarried she moved on with life and met somebody else who was married to a woman who gave him troubles and separeted but living together again when the woman lost his job,my sister then has had 2 miscarriages and has given up,she miscarries on the third month doctors have said nothing is wrong with her womb.My father has been sick with cancer and diabetis he lost his job long time ago when i was young my mother has been the bread winner to feed us and educate all of us.My brother has serious financial difficulties ans is stuck he used to dring alot but he stopped and got born again after backsliding.My other sister is jobless anytime she gets a job she does not stay for long and she got married too and the husband left her for another woman now she is over 30 no job and stays with my parents she has one child,my other sister had a fiance who left her for other women and later got back to her but am afraid he is using her coz she does not want to move on she loves this man but he treats her fiance and i plan to wed this december and already we have obstacles coming our ways he already went to meet my parents he is an orphan,he has been unable to get his promotion yet he was awarded among the best in his company we dont know waht is happening but we feel the enemy has stolen his promotion,pray for him to get his promotion my whole family to get born again my mother prays alo t for us and God to ignite her prayer alter.I also have had dreams of going back to my former school and place we used to live many years ago i know its stagnation and i dream of black cows and snakes and also baby crocodiles,recently i started midnight prayers and i dreamt of a man following me i dont know who he is,My niece dreams of his late stepfather mistreating her in our old home all the time and she dreams of pple about to die and they die.pray for my job security since our company has been having financial problems,mostly pray for my wedding plans i love my fiance so much and i cant lose him due to anti marriage line in my family.Please Please i need your interpretion and prayer guides.THANK YOU FOR HELPING US MAY GOD BLESS YOU…

  43. @Prayer Eagle. Thank you for all your support, prayers and sacrificed time. God Bless.

    Thiis is a continuation of 427 and all the annointed messages on what to do.

    Today is the Third day of the 3 day set assignments.

    As I informed you about the defilement concerning food and I have been working on it using the giving appropriate prayer points. Thank you and God Bless. Amen

    I did ask Holy spirit God All mighty to reveal anything else hidden but haven’t received anything else yet.

    Yesterday night I asked My God to give more assurance on the food defilment with victory.

    First wake could not remember, plead the bllod of Jesus and asked my living God Show me.

    This is my Dream

    I did not see myself cooking or holding a pot at all. But the people or few faces were familiar. I think the saw me and said they couldn’t eat the stew because it was spoilt. I think my response was it was freshly cooked and I am not cooking another one.! went my way.

    2 This section – I was trying to pay for a medical treatment. I do not remember what exactly for but the bill was around £350/380 ???
    so this person that I know in real life, he is a handyman ( builder) said do not pay for it with your money, you can use my work health insurance card. He said because it covers family. I felt reluctant by saying but the name will be different and he assured me that it didn’t matter. I was not too sure but he was and handed me the card. we were trying to sort the bill out and I woke up.

    3 – i went to the hair dressers to see whether I could get my hair done. I wanted something fast as I have just had a knee operation and wouldn’t beable to sit down for long (infact I did have a knee operation six weeks ago)
    The hair dresser showed me one of her styles called kinky the latest style she said. I have never done kinky style!!. Anyway the new syyle looked odd to me. it was like hair braided and some of hair undone with a scarf tied round it. I was not impressed and at the same time thiking I might as well pull my braids out to create the style rather than pay for that. I did not like it so I said I’ll think about it and left.
    I do not understant or know what it is all about but on the other hand might mean something.

    Please help me to interpret these dreams. GOD BLESS AND INCREASE YOUR GIFTED SPIRIT. AMEN

  44. Dear prayer eagle help me out to know the causes of my problems waiting for your response.


  45. I saw my late sister at the area we grow up,but my olderst Brother still lives there,in my dream the area was on fire and all buildings were burning,my sister was standing at a conner of a house but she was sad,when i did ask her to run and come closed to me,becouse of there fire,she reply and said she is not coming becouse they burned my brother,when i look were she was look i can see realy he was burn in flames.What is the meaning of this dream

  46. Dear @Prayer Eagle Blessings and Honour in this new month of August.

    Please help with your anointed gift.

    This dream is not straight forward as satan is a liar. I can not remember most of it.

    All I can remember is that there was some damage done, I think it it was somewhere in the house and outside at the was back?????( I honestly just can’t recollect the destails) Anyway we were expecting these two people who were responsible to come and compensate for the damage as they did not want it taken further< I mean avoiding going to court. (two men). They did turn up and and I asked for a lump some but they paid less than what we requested. I think we were not too impressed but they were not prepared to increase ithe amount and wanted to leave so we just accepted the amount. I first of all was not too pleased with the amount (7/70k ) it was a 7 figure. I do not understand why 7 became significant!!! but when I mentioned it to this man in the dream he assured me that that is more than enough. He said something like (4/40k) of the amount is all we need to get the job done.
    Then at some point I realised that another place was not accounted for and went to ask these men for it. They did put some amount toward it. while standing by their car I realised that they were hiding another brief case of cash from where they took the extra cash I asked for. I walked away and just made mention to the other person that they had the money, they just did not want to payout what we requested that we should not have given in.

    I think there is quite more to this dream but I just can not remember the details.


  47. Dear @prayer eagle – praise be on to God! – There is nothing like a small testimony to me. Halleluia.

    My Son went for a driving theory test this morning and he nearly gave up the night before saying he had left it till last minute. any way I encouraged him to be positive that he can do it.
    I vowed to My God Almighty that if my son passes that I will testify and also that it is another sign of assurance of his presence with me. He passed!! Glory be to God. Halleluia. “In everthing give thanks for it is the will of God. Amen.

    By the Grace of God I will have many testimonies to share this month In JESUS name Amen.

    I pray we get a special testimony column as you said it will be put into consideration.


  48. Morning Prayereagle is usually very busy?? Is it possible to have a phone contact?Since i came to this website i have learnt alot and it is an eye opener.I just wanted some help to get interpretation of my life pattern and possibly prayer guide.God bless you prayereagle.

  49. Since June 26 I place my contribution on your site for comments/feedback and to no avail. Prayer Eagle a response to my comments would be appreciated, check my two contributions on June 26th. Thank you and God Bless.

  50. Dear Prayer Eagle_ GLORY BE TO GOD , AMEN !!!! HALLELUIA.

    All praise and Glory be to my Lord God Almighty for saving the life of my brother. God used someone else.!!
    He suddenly fell seriously ill and was rushed to the hospital which he stayed for two days and was diagnosed wrongly, not even near. His boss went to visit and sensed that things were not right!! and moved him immediately without any delay. This is definately the hand of God. Halleluia.!!! His condition was between life and death. With all Thanks and Glory to Our Lord Almighty my brother is healed and my God the Lord of perfection is completing it with his perfection. AMEN. BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED. AMEN AMEN AMEN !! HALLELUIA.

    I Vowed to testify of his healing. I do hope the special web page for testimonies will be up and running soon.


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