Greatest Prayer Point You can Pray For Yourself

Deuteronomy 29:29:“The secret things belong unto the LORD our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law.”

Jeremiah 33:3:“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”

Daniel 2:28,22:“But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets, and maketh known to the king Nebuchadnezzar what shall be in the latter days. Thy dream, and the visions of thy head upon thy bed, are these; He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him”

Psalm 25:14:“The secret of the LORD is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant.”

Psalm 50:15:“and call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me.”Isaiah 65:24 Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.”

Isaiah 65:24:“Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.”

Daniel 2:19:“During the night the mystery was revealed to Daniel in a vision. Then Daniel praised the God of heaven”

Tonight at 12midnite, pray this single prayer for Ten to 15minutes or more time as God enables you. If u pray it in faith for 7 consecutive days at the midnight hour God shall baptize u with revelational secrets.

“O God to whom all secret things belongeth, according to Deuteronomy 29:29 and Jeremiah 33:3, Show me the secrets of my life, show me myself, show me beneficial secrets that would move my life forward and Break every bondage in my life BY FIRE!!!, in the name of Jesus.

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  1. Minister Laney | December 22, 2012 at 5:42 pm | Reply

    Lord there are so many people with so many prayer request, yet You know them all and only You can answer them!

    Lord You gave me the ministry of prayer, my divine gifts shall not be abused or forfeited in Jesus Name! I speak on behalf of all the prayer request submitted through this day (December 22, 2012). As I stand in the gap on behalf of many in need of physical healing; mental stability; financial recovery; spiritual aligning; complete forgiveness and instant prosperity and complete salvation.

    Lord God, invade the land, change environments, cover homes and infuse minds, bodies and souls with the Power released in the Name of Jesus!! Answer every prayer, quench every fire, remove every evil arrows, cancel all curses spoken against Your Word and release Your Will into their lives until TESTIMONIES flood the airways with joy and good reports!! In Jesus Name Amen!!!

  2. Please pray that our business will stand strong ,for God to remove the eye of the enemy and cancel any evil plan of the enemy in our business and in my life and family in Jesus name

  3. Please pray that my daughter will get into pharmacy school this year in Jesus name

  4. This is a time to understand the importance that words you speak carry power. Use your words to create and call forth life. Everything that the Lord is creating in us is being manifested now. As He is bringing forth life out of us, we must speak and bring forth that same life. Speak the word of God and begin to frame that which surrounds us. This is why we must be wise in forming our words now. What we speak now will be what we create. So our words must be carefully utilized—this is the time that the words we speak are stronger than before. God’s word can be a feeding station for our faith which provides depth in us, building strength to endure the course that we are on now. Speak into the atmosphere and declare your circumstances, calling those things that be not as though they were. (Romans 4:17) This will be a time remembered where even in the midst of serious circumstances you will make great strides, even in a time of fear and trouble. I believe this word carries much instruction and is a warning to us as well.

    Proverbs 18:21 “Life and death are in the power of the tongue and they that love shall eat the fruit thereof.”

    Proverbs 13:3 “He who guards his lips guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin.”

    The Lord says to us:
    “This is a month that you will need to use caution concerning the use of the tongue. What you say and how you say it, is essential right now. Speak forth the words that I will provide for you to be restored and as you speak forth my word it will cause a release of healing. As you speak truth it will break down deception and provide divine protection. I am calling you into a place of restoration now to come out from a place of battle weariness to battle readiness, from complacency to strength and from darkness to Holiness. Speak forth the stand that you making in this hour and the commitment of your life to complete the work that I have set before you to establish you and provide you with a wisdom that will light the way of your path into a road that takes you to higher heights.”

    “The direction and the way that you walk will position you with overcoming power because your faith will be established by what you walk out and say according to my word. These are keys that will be great assets to your life now, but you must walk uprightly before me in obedience and humility. I have called you to rule and reign even in dark circumstances. Even when you may feel that which faces you is stronger than you, continue to move according to the instructions that I speak to you and understand that your faith will help rebuild according to what is in reality going on instead of allowing your fear to dictate what you will do. Truly believe and be determined to walk according to my word. Remember I have called you and created you for this hour and I have created you for my glory. Calamities will come, even times of reckoning and dealing with that which is evil. Much has intensified in these last three years. There is about to be an uncovering of hidden enemies. Some of which will present themselves aggressively that you may have not been aware of. Do not allow fear to set in but know that now that they are in plain sight. In your time of watching and praying I will reveal the wisdom on how to come out victoriously. You will know what to do with the information you receive, says the Lord.”

    “I am continuing to raise up and even establishing my army, for I will uphold my people, by my very hand. They shall rise up to declare their purpose because I have revealed to them what they are called to and for what assignments that they have been chosen. The gates of Hell shall not prevail against them, says the Lord of Host. This is the time of acquiring very important keys to conquer, prevail, and even fight against that which will try to intimidate you in the process of accomplishing some very important task that I have placed before you. Understand your position to be fruitful, to stand in my righteousness, and be committed unto Me, will place you in direct conflict with the enemy.”

    1 John 3:8 “He that commits sin is of the devil, for the devil sins from the beginning, For this purpose the Son of God was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil.”

    1 John 4:4 “Ye are of God little children, and have overcome them, because greater is He that is in you, then He that is in the world.”

    “I have created you to overcome. My life in you is greater than anything that could come against you. So fight the good fight of faith. Fight against those words that rise to oppose you in your circumstances through the mouths of others. Even begin to guard against the statements of unbelief that will even enter your own mind. Cast them down! Fight the fear that will try to come upon you of the unknown and through intimidation of the enemy. Fight those imaginations within your mind that will try to make you think that you can’t make it. Even fight the past generational strongholds that try to enter into your very choices through lust that will try to tempt you in this hour. Do not allow anything to cause you to become stagnant and refuse to grow spiritually as these temptations will try to ensnare you and arrest your development. Break through, break past these things for I have given you the authority and ability to do so. The course before you will be determined by making these life changing decisions. Fight these issues with My word as a sword that will cut down the lies that the enemy has spoken to you to feel challenged and battered and to try to use these as the reasons that you can’t change. Release situations and move on. Do not let the spirit of manipulation and control stifle and overtake you, leaving you feeling rejected. Know that these are stumbling blocks that hinder your progress to move forth and follow your destiny.”

    “I say to you again, this is a good fight because I am with you and you shall overcome. This is a necessary fight because it deals with the enemies of your mind. But by doing this you will not allow the circumstances of the day to determine what you should do but you can walk in a freedom where you will be able to maneuver around difficulty. Yes, there will times that you will come into direct conflict with trouble even spiritual warfare, but there are some things that you will not become exempt from because you are living in this hour. Some of the greatest battles you will win during this time is to understand and know who you are and what you are to become. Do not fall back when you are challenged. Today, in this new day, it’s time for you to bring forth that which I have placed in you to fulfill my plan for your life and to follow the course that I have set. With each season you will face new challenges as well as new opportunities. It is important that you walk out each time within it’s own unique frame work. As you go forth you will find that the fulfilling of one purpose will prepare you for the next and so on. So understand this is a time of advancement and acceleration. I will bring forth finances to assist you and prepare you to acquire the important tools to build spiritually and naturally so.”

    “Do not let arguments and personal confrontations keep you from focusing. Deal with any situations and issues at hand. Refusal to do so could have serious repercussions later. Do not be distracted in times of warning. Refuse to be engaged in conflict and confusion. If you are living your life according my word distractions will come. Be sober and vigilant in this hour, watch as well as pray. You are in a time that you will fulfill the assignments that I have given you and by doing so, you will also come against the spiritual wickedness of the day. The battle lines have already been drawn so you must engage in a good warfare with the very words that I have spoken, instructed and prophesied concerning your life’s purpose.”

    “Don’t forget that prayer and fellowship is your greatest asset for your life. For in my presence strategies, answers, ideas, and witty inventions will come. I am also providing a way out of no way, a way of escape from the old patterns and paths that were leading you astray and keeping you in unnecessary cycles that could sabotage your future. For in the times of peaceful fellowship I will reveal great truths, open great revelations that will water your soul and sharpen you for the times ahead. As you cry out to Me—know that I will answer. As you to speak to Me, I will speak to you words of life and direction to lighten the path ahead of you that you may continue to go and grow.”

    2 Peter 1:3-4 “According as to God’s divine power has given unto us everything that pertains to life and godliness, though knowledge of him who hath called us into his glory and virtue. By which are given unto us great and precious promises that by these you may be partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.”

    The Lord began to speak the words of the prayer of Jabez.

    1 Chronicles 4:9-10 “Now Jabez was more honorable than his brothers, and his mother called his name Jabez, saying, ‘Because I bore him in pain.’ And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, ‘Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain.’ So God granted him what he requested”

    “As you pray My hand will be upon you. I will remove the words of the past that have been upon My people, and even upon this nation. There will come a great humbling and then My glory shall come upon you to cover you and keep you. Take these very words and cry out in the secret place – I shall hear you and deliver says the Lord.”

    “There is a call of salvation that must be answered. Now look out from your circumstances My beloved, and look compassionately upon My ones who are ready, who are hungry and who are willing and who are weary –and give them drink – let them drink from the river of life that they will never thirst again, says the Lord. I am waiting for them, My heart cries out for them. Bring them in. Bring them in no matter the circumstance, bring them in. Whether they’re broken or wounded, I will heal. The lost, I will help them find their way and I will restore them from the experiences of the circumstances of life, and I will bind their wounds, as you carry them over your shoulders. Bring them in My Beloved.”

    Prophetic Intercession:
    War plans are being made in this hour—please pray over last month’s list below during this time—things have intensified in the spiritual realm. (these words spoken to me in prayer.)

    I had a dream and these exact dates and days were given to me as a warning 3rd being a Sunday and the 4th being a Monday—so in February and March—we need to pray over these dates.

    Things that required immediate attention in the area of strong intercession:

    · There are several indications that civil unrest will hit this nation because of many variables – likes issues concerning gun reform, the anger and frustrations of men, the spirit of prejudice, and the feeling of desperation among those who don’t believe in God or trust His word.

    · There will be terrorist plans and operations being planned within and outside of our nation. Women will be used to implement their evil plots. (Had a dream about this – also pray around hospitals.)

    · There will be rising abuse against women and children, more than our nation has ever seen and trafficking will reach an all-time high. (Many missing women and children will noticeably increase and there will be a public outcry.)

    · The Lord revealed to me in prayer that the President would be in grave danger.

    · Cult activities will increase and they will obtain and operate out of church buildings but they will be new age organizations carrying mixed doctrines and promoting underlying satanic messages. (I had a dream concerning this and they had produced these books that were in small boxes, the size of paperback books, but these dark blue hard bond books with gold lettering.)

    · Major earthquakes, some will be out in the water (near the east coast and the west coast) and will cause serious tsunamis, heavy uncontrollable storms will rise up with hurricane winds that will rise up even out of season and cause heavy damage.

    Regions in the US – Major areas of concern are still California, Florida (the southern regions of these two states.) New Madrid (and Midwest region with Chicago is still on the watch list.) – We will also be covering the coastal regions of the New England states. We have placed Washington State, Hawaii, southwest Texas, (also Veracruz) back on the watch list.

  5. I want a special prayer concerning my traveling this year that every power competing with Gσδ power in my life

  6. Just last night ,i dreamt that i was in a swimming pool with one of my sons. I was actually teaching my son to swim and he was enjoying himself. All of a sudden, the water in the pool was red, blood, bloody water. Then it dawned on me that i was mensturating. I quickly got out of the pool and looked for a way to drain the pool before other people ame around. Please explain this dream and give advice if necessay.

    do you remember ur atmosphere, what u were going through the day b4 u had the dream, most dream are triggered by what u were going through during the day., go, i will give u the meaning of the symbols and u put it together for u are the only one that will properly interpret ur dreams with the help of the holy spirit.

    swimming pool- church, place or provision available for moving in the spirit,
    swimming- moving in spiritual gift prophetic utterance
    sons, since u did not write which on he too can be symbolic- a ministry or gifting from god, it could also means that son who has similar traits of like you.
    the blood; it corrupt the water
    Sis u sit and put the symbols together and see what is the reason why the water got dirty, think of the day b4 the dream and u will understand, ask father for clarity,

  8. Twice now in a period of one week I have had almost the same dream. in the first dream I am with my sister and we are walking and she is trying to show me something – my eyes are wide open but i can not see a thing.. she keeps telling to to look at something and i cant see. My eyes are open but seems like i have a dark cloth over them so i start to scream saying i am blind, I am blind and then my eyes open and i can see again.. Last night again i had the same dream only this time i was trying to cross the road and all of a sudden i could not see.. my eyes where open but all i could see was darkness.. I screamed and said i dont want to be blind , i am not blind.. a young man walked up to me and said he would lead me to safety and just then i could see.., what could be the meaning of this dream.. help me prayer eagles.. thank you

  9. i had a dream being naked bathing with cold water

  10. Please pray for me to get breakthrough of my business am intending to travel to Dubai and buy stuff for my business, Let God choose for me the Materials and give me direction while and give me Spirit of Connection to Good People. Pease pray for me Esther

  11. Minister Laney | March 1, 2013 at 4:31 pm | Reply

    Marastlou, you are blessed to be warned by God of an upcoming dark period. Don’t waste time trying to figure out the dream. Instead ask God to show you how to overcome this darkness. Pray that His marvelous light will consume it. Pray that the Word of God will bring you clear vision and prosperity. Pray that all that was hidden in darkness come to light in every generation of your seed. Together with God’s power you and your sister shall testify of God’s goodness. Make it happen Lord in Jesus name!

  12. Minister Laney | March 1, 2013 at 4:41 pm | Reply

    Esther, God has made you prosperous in all things. Lord increase her sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit and her confidence in obeying. Make it happen Lord! Make it Happen in jesus name. Blessings Minister Laney

  13. Praise God i got a place for my business am going to start, Let the almighty get for me money to pay rent. Make it happen Lord i know your always with me in every situation comes my way. Prayer worries please join me and pray for me to travel safely to Dubai and let the holly spirit choose for me good materials. In Jesus name, Let this ministry be blessed Esther Elzabeth

  14. Oh lord in Jesus name i want a salary increase and with your powers God will up left and my name will shine like STAR. Please joint me and pray for me Esther Elizabeth. Be blessed

  15. success J suker | March 9, 2013 at 9:48 pm | Reply

    Please i want you to stand with me in prayers concerning my life, i have been mastubatin for years i have prayed and there has not been any answer to my prayers please help me in the name of God i want to be set free from dis bondage

  16. I have been doing midnight prayers for the past 13 days.. A few nights ago i dreamt that my best friend was driving me to a printing company to publish a book.. As we are driving we see a huge signage saying we have arrived at the huge printing factory. we enter and we find all kinds of bibles being printed.. On the wall is a huge flat screen with the same scripture written in different versions but all meaning the same thing.. I forget what the scriptures were.. There are two employees working there in charge of the printing a boy and a girl. I ask the boy if he will print my book and how much it costs to print a book.. he tells me that they only print Christian books or bibles and begins to tell me the cost.. he says they can print as much as 20 pages or more.. I also notice someone else there paying for the bibles that he has come to pick up and he is paying with money that looks like thin see through glass.. I study the money and wonder about it.. then i hear a voice say something like the money is like bread and he demonstrates how one can use the money.. also talks about how bread also symbolizes the body of Christ.. ((I would very much like to know what the meaning of this dream is.. ) please prayer eagles help me understand this dream.. I thank you in Jesus’ name

  17. bro marstlou, the same god who has given you such wonderful dream during ur great sacrifies to him is the same one who can give u the interpretatiion, bro this is a very significant dream, go to the god of daniel and joseph and ezekiel, as you are doing bring the dream to god and ask him the meaning of such treasure he has given to you. THE SECRET THINGS BELONGS TO THE LORD OUR GOD, BUT THOSE THINGS , THAT IS YOU DREAM, HE HAS GIVEN TO U BELONG TO YOU, seek him for the interpretation and like daniel, during the time of nebukazzar dream he will give you the interpretation there of, remember joseph in the prison of egypt, and the two prisoner, god gave him the interpretation, my bro this has a great message for you, go to god, PRAYER EAGLE CAN TELL YOU THIS MUCH BUT TAKE THE TIME TO seek our father for the interpretation, bro this dreeam is treasure, u may be printing bilble and other books in the futher for the people of god, , god bless

  18. Hi Esther,

    you are so very kind.. .I noticed you kept referring to me as BRO… I am a girl, much rather a woman.. hahaha.. Thank you so much – you have been a blessing.. May The Good Lord Bless you…

  19. HI SIS,marastlou, lolol, it look like a guy name, anyway thanks for taking the time to respond, it true,prayer eagle does not know you whole personal agenda, what were u praying for in the midnight prayer, what great significance is going on in your life the lord is just giving you picture of whts his will and is telling you, SIS dig deep and keep doing you midnight prayer and keep asking, take special time out to ask our father he will show u, in a dream, in a vision of the night when deep sleep fall upon you, Bro daniel said, THE LORD HAS SHOW ME THE KINGS MATTER IN A VISION OF THE NIGHT , why, cause he seek god for the answer of the kings dream and interpretation, GO TO GOD HE WILL.

  20. Plz do join me in prayers because hv being having problems with getting a job the one I got I was rejected after 6month without pay.plz join me in prayers ad I pray against failure at the edge of my I got another job nd was told th will take it for secuirity screening .favour I cry unto the lord for

  21. Nanah bangura | March 21, 2013 at 9:14 pm | Reply

    Pls help to pray am in Sweden but I need the favour of God to help me have a permant stay here. The God who fetch water wit a basket to disgrace the bucket will see me through in the mighty name of Jesus Amen.

  22. @Christina, did you hear from God yourself, you said this man cast spells, that’s EVIL, it’s from the kingdom of darkness. This man in your life did not come to you on his own, a spell was cast upon him. Your relationship will fail if it was not by God. Also you said he was gone for 3 years, that means you were fornicating before, that’s sin in the eyes of GOD which he will not honor. You need deliverance, find a MFM in your area asap, you have been deceived by the devil.

  23. @Christina i know we go through a lot and we give up easily on prayer but happily go to witchdoctors or whatever that is not Godly, please keep on with you r prayer don’t get easily conned my dear sis

  24. Hi Tabitha May God richly bless you for your words of encouragement .

  25. Elisha Man of God praise God i thank God that i was able to go to Dubai and bought the Sofar Materials i wanted and i cleared all the costs but, Now

    Please joint me in the prayer that I get Customers to come and buy my Goods because i need to pay back the Loan I got. With God all things a possible Fellow Christians God is Good all the time. I Give Glory to him all the time. Thank you.


  26. I thank God Almighty for leading me to this website. Please pray with me. I have been out of job for over 7 years and need breakthrough to pay off an embarrassing and growing mountain of debts. I love God and I pray and fellowship with God a lot. I believe God answers prayers and I dot know what is the barrier to my breakthroughs. I have been applying for jobs, I have the right qualifications and experience. I have been called for interviews but not received any offers or regret letters afterwards. This tells me that the issue is spiritual.

    May God Flourish this Website and Your Ministry

  27. @ Naledi

    These are some of the prayers that people prayed (and they may help anybody looking for a job):
    1. I command spirit of failure at the edge of breakthrough to die in the name of Jesus.
    2. Gates of employment whatever is holding you from real manifestation in my life, by the unchallengeable power of God, crash and open in the name of Jesus.
    3. May divine harvest fall and fill my life in Jesus name
    4. Power and anointing to get the ??? job fall upon me in Jesus mighty name
    5. O Lord my Father, speak mercy and favor to my ??? job situation in Jesus name.
    6. O Lord roll-away every barrier to my ?? job in Jesus name.
    7. O Lord in Heaven, I plead the Blood of Jesus upon my job situation and ask for favor to come upon me during the interview in the Name of Jesus. Amen.
    8. I reject the spirit of the tail in my employment and I claim the spirit of the head in the Name of Jesus.
    9. I claim the power to overcome and to excel among all the ??? job competitors in the Name of Jesus.

  28. Naledi, pls ask God to show you what is hindering your progress.. Pray that God may show it to you in a dream… Then after you are show you can address it with all yor attention..

  29. Thank you for the words of wisdom, I feel blessed and fulfilled.

  30. Thank you a million times Margaret and Marastlou for your wonderful advice. I have started todayn to ask God to show me what has been hindering me. I commit to follow with the prayer points that you have provided.

    May God richly bless you and grow you so that you continue to be a blessing to many others, in the Mighty Name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

  31. inge nekongo | June 18, 2013 at 3:07 pm | Reply

    Please pray for me I see in my dream my husband girlfriend she give me food in my dreams and attacking me also in my dreams its effecting my health,my finance and my bussines I dream everyday evil dreams please pray for me in JESUS NAME

  32. My business is in total failure. I hardly have any sales happening. All my money we hard earned is only going out of my hand. I don’t know what todo.I believe prayers can work wonders. I want GOD to do something for me.I’m shattered.

  33. help mi pray for macelf i cant stop lying and hurting those close to mi pray to become a beta person

  34. Please pray for me, I am about to site for Registered nurse exam in the
    Please pray for God’s favor and passing result in Jesus name.

  35. Please stand with my wife and I in prayer we’ve been married for close to six years and we have no child yet. Believe with us as we believe God for a set of twins. We believe that with God all things are possible as His word assured us that there shall none be baren in the land. Please pray with us that any spirit of unfruitfulness will be destroyed by fire.
    God richly bless you as you stand with us, Amen
    With God, all things are possible

  36. I apply for a job and was assured that i am the best candidate,
    I pray the prayer
    ‘ Gates of employment whatever is witholding you from real manifestation in my life, by the unchallengable powers of God crash open and let me enter in Jesus name’. I also ask God to reveal to me the secrets of my life
    and this morning it was revealed that they still waiting on the CEO
    to sign the form to approve my position, the only thing that is hold
    ing this a little back is the fact that I dont fit the equity as I am from
    mix race or like they would say here in SouthAfrica a Colored, will
    you please pray with me in agreement that this job must manifest a
    as it is a government position because I am working as a contract
    worker for the past seven years. i am sure this agreement prayer will manifest this job before the end of September. Greetings Sist. Dawn – Cape
    Town South Africa

  37. I was born through fornication close to thirty years ago I am born again and I love praying but one thing I discovered lately is that I eat in the dream later I began to pray but to my suprise though I don’t eat in dreams anymore I don’t also remember my dreams again when I wake up this is giving me a huge concern and don’t know what to do Can you pls advise me on what I need to do because I want God to show me the secret of my life and want to move forward in life

  38. Pls pray for me I eat in the dream

  39. Elisha, I am touched by God to testify that at end of the 2013 prayer 27 minutes to midnight, I dreamed that I dug out a flash light that was covered under ground in the sandy mud. I told my cousin who gave me your website, but we contributed it to the prayers and it was a sign of getting out of banish. Can you interpret further? Moreover, since then, my entire life has changed for good.

  40. Please pray for my famliy that God would change thing for good for us

  41. I need God favor in my school

  42. please , pray with me to have a forgiving heart, i was in a relationship with a brother in church for about 11 months,He lost his Job in February and i hold fast to the relationship because i love him.He did not have formal Qualification nor any family member to assist him during the time of employment. I assist him with to collect certificates,license, paying rent,food ,clothes and look for job for him. after he get a job within two months he told me he is failing in the relationship because we are just two different. I felt pain in my heart and feel as if this man was in my life to equip himself, again we are felloship in one church and he is commited in the kingdom.I felt being robbed in the Kingdom. I love my church but i feel i cannot worship God with an open heart, memories are the hence we meet in church. pray with me to have a forgiving heart and to make a decision whether to live my current church to find some where to felloship.

  43. Please pray for me with me to get the job interview that I went to, please my sisters and brothers pray along with me in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ I believe I have faith. Please Lord deliver me I need a breakthrough to every area of my life, bless me with that job interview I went to.

    My the Lord have mercy with me and get that job offer, my the Lord interfere to the officials or decision makers and split the blood of Jesus Christ in my cv and application let there be light and get that job offer tomorrow morning, in Jesus name I receive………thank you Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

  44. pls help me pray dat God will locate and show me my life parter, and show me mercy in my place of work nothing i do impress my MD

  45. my Lord have mercy on me may your blood run on my veins my are be heald in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

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  47. I have been doing some prayer points the Lord dropped in my spirit on December 11th 2013. I had a dream on Thursday the 26th breaking Friday the 27th after my midnight prayer. I dreamt of taking a shower. After that of fighting a very powerful man but I had four men who were helping me in the battle. At the end we won the battle and they gave me about four or five seeds. Since then I have been dreaming about spending time with people, some I know and some I don’t but I have been very happy in those dreams. And when I get attacked in the dream they fight for me. I do not know what it all means. Last night, Monday the 30th breaking Tuesday the 31st, I was doing a midnight prayer that I was emailed about the gates of 2014. After praying about the gates I prayed some of the prayer points I have been doing that the Lord gave me and afterwards I had a dream. In the dream there were three Ladies that came to our house for some reason in the dream. I thought they came for me but they were there for my daughter who just turned two. Because she was born really early at 25 weeks we still get visits from her physical therapist to check on her and stuff like that. So it appeared those three ladies were physical therapists who had come to see my daughter but my daughter wasn’t home. I am not sure where she went but she and my husband weren’t home. Before the ladies came in to the house I had looked through our bedroom window and saw their car. They walked to the door and knocked. I went and opened it as they were about to leave. They told me they thought no one was home and that they have been sitting in the car for a while and have come knocking about two or three times already. As they walked into the house I noticed the house was so dirty there was barely a place for them to sit. There were lots of these little fruit flies and dirty dishes were in the sink as well. They asked me if my daughter is now walking well and I said yes. They then asked why the house was so dirty and I said that “I clean but before I know it the house is back to being dirty. So I gave up and left it for my husband to clean since he is the one that keeps messing it up.” They showed me a picture that appeared to be a picture of my sister’s house and another house I did not know that was beautiful and clean inside. They told me that that was the kind of place that my child needed to grow up in so she would have room to roam around in. (But mind you as clean as my sister’s place may have appeared to have been in the physical, it is a meeting place or altar for satanic world beings. There are a lot of spiritual attacks in that place) They said they don’t see a picture of her on the walls of our house and I said “she had lots of pictures; they are just electronic and we haven’t gotten them printed and hung on the wall”. They said they are not into computers and electronic stuff. So I showed them a picture of her and they said “well since she seems to be doing fine we don’t think or know when we’ll be coming back.” Later again that same night I had another dream of my daughter slightly bigger this time but still a child. It looked like she was like four or so and she appeared to be doing open fire pizza. She was bare footed and was standing on the ash close to the fire as she cooked the pizza. There were people watching her but no one said a thing about her being that close to the fire and standing on ashes. I was afraid for her so I called her to come over to me so I can put some shoes on her. She came over and I think I woke up at that time. That’s all I remember. Please what does this mean? Thanks in advance. God Bless!!!

  48. I request for your prayers as I apply for a B1 visa for the second time. I really need it as my life, career and family depends on it. Thank you Brethren.

  49. I need God’s intervention as I apply for a B1 visa for the second time. Thank youf ro your prayers and support.

  50. Thankyou man of GOD for all the free material you give us even though im in diamond now and getting ready for sapphire program im grateful for all your love and support to GODS people.THANKYOU THANKYOU,THANKYOU,GODBLESS YOUR MINISTRY.

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