Praise Reports From Battle Field of the Crown

Praise reports have been tumbling in from the battle field for the crown of Glory, as you rejoice with us, your own testimony would come too in Jesus name.

1. Fufu Reginamolai From Mashonaland, Harare, Zimbabwe

I have a testimony, i am on the 21 day fast and i have been praying for my husband being away and our financial crisis. Glory to God my husband came back from his business trip that had made him away from his family for about 2 months on the 16th dec my 6th day of fasting. I have faith that soon i will be posting another testimony on our financial break through and icing on the cake is my husband came back saved and we went to church as a family. My God is good wooooo!

2. Kims Jb From Kampala in Uganda

powerful way to end the year. I joined in a day late but I have caught up and the LORD revealed what the devil was planning to do to me and my family before the year ends. He sacrificed two dogs and put at my motherโ€™s front door. This time the all satanic agents reinforcing bondage in my life shall be visited by fire of destruction. I thank you for the program. God bless from Kampala Uganda

3. Mabel from Lagos, Nigeria

I thank God for giving me the grace to partake on the fasting even if i didnt start it yesterday but today ive started seeing the work of God in my life.

[adsense] 4. LEONARD MUDAU from Gauteng, Johannesburg, South Africa


5. Aborisade Pascal from lagos, Nigeria

I thank the almighty God for making me and my family to partake in this end of the year blessings. I receive by fire, all my delay blessings of this year during this 21 day fasting programme in Jesus name. Amen

6. Vivian Ijeh

Praise the king of kings, we are moving to greatness in Jesus name. The Lord have started to restore all things the enemy has taken from me. HALELLUYAH

7. Richard Barwick From Miami, Florida, United States

Father, use this Ministry to transform the Church into the true Light of your Living in the Mighty name of JESUS.

8. Pele

May God continue to bless you my brethren. I’m so happy.

9. Cathybw53 From Bronx, New York, United States


10. Rufus

I believe my days of labor are over,the Lord will establish me in favor,and i will make satisfactory progress,as i believe in d word 4 today and His prophet.

11. Aborisade Pascal

On this third day of this 21 days journey, God in His infinite mercy shall visit me and my family. In Jesus name. Amen

12. Timika Shepherd From Warner Robins, Georgia, United States

Thank you for this..

13. Jill A.

Thank you so much, thereโ€™s no beta way to end the year than in prayer. I joined today and am so glad i did. God bless u all.

14. DMK2012 from Luanda, Angola:

Am so grateful to God that I found this site. At this point in my life where my survival only depends on him. Am in this 21 day fast and I strongly believe that my miracle is on the way. I lost a lot of money in business this year and its been a bad year. My family can hardly afford a meal. My children didnt pay school fees last term. If God doesnt honor my faith, they wont be able to go back to school, but I know he will in these 21 days. And for that I give all the honor and glory to him. Please help me and pray for me and my family. We need your prayers right now. may God bless you all.

15. Pele


16. Eyu From Muscat City, Oman

I thank God for this wonder prayer points.I pray God will arise and silence dark powers of my fathers house that have vowed never to let me go

17. MarleneCampbell From the City of Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis


18. Lynnette Edic From Dallas, Texas, United States

Thank you so very much for the opportunity to mirror what The Great I Am! โ€”The Lord God Almighty has placed on your heart to teach me. Thank you for calling Charles Boggessโ€™ name to The Lord God Almighty.

19. Maybel From Kampala, Uganda

Iโ€™m victorious in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!

20. Mmabatho Feliti From Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

God is faithful and i got blessed whilst going through the website.It brought a song โ€What a mighty God we serveโ€.

21. Joyce J From Wichita, Kansas, United States

Iโ€™m very thankful for the holy spirit power.

22. Vivian

I and my family must move from labour to favour in Jesus name. Amen

23. Tsholo From Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa

Thank you Father God, thank you Jesus Christ, thank Holy spirit for my crown I claim it now. Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Ame!n Amen!

24. Adah Freeman

I thank God for making me part of this glorious encounter. Each prayer point is a nail on the head. Finally my enemies are dead and my long awaited crown of glory is given me. I โ€˜m fully convince that my status must change after this 21 days program. To God be d glory

25. Chioma Nwosu From FCT Abuja, Nigeria

I am glad i parktake in this prayer 21 days my prayers for years ve been grated by almighty jesus am happy ve restored all my stolen blessings back from my e
nemies victory is my portion.

I claim all this all prayers with the blood of jesus christ in my life and my family in jesus name

26. Lucjac From Netherlands Antilles

I am 62 yrs old have one child a son who is overseas studying. I am hard working woman a founder of a foundation for the elderly and disable. I am a believer in Christ I love to pray and listen to the word and gospel. But I have been single for many years need prayers in meeting my right partner. I am so blessed being on ur website I enjoy it very much.Thank u in advance for ur prayers.

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  1. Dorothy Stewart from Horn Lake, MS | December 19, 2011 at 1:04 am | Reply

    Praise God, I believe the King of Glory will single me out for promotion to my palace of glory in this festive end of year, Above All Competition!! Thank you for these POWERFUL prayer points!!

  2. The Lord have lifted me above my enemies since this fasting and prayer begins. My name is Testimony. I am a living Testimony HALELLUYAH

  3. People of God Praise the LORD Haleluyah,my name is Rita,and am on the 21 day journey with the LORD and you his Beloved,today is my 8th day Amen,i use to smoke and drink every blessed day infact i was an addict,but since i embarked on this journey i have totaly lost the appitite and crave for cigaretes and alcohol,i now hate that which i so much loved,besides i have just been offerd a good job on a plater of Gold after searching for a job for two whole years And its just the FIRST WEEK,brothers and sisters the Lord is indeed good and gracious to his children,Pls brethren dont give up on this life changing jorney because ur Miracle is HERE for YOU TODAY!!! I want to thank Dr.D.Olukoya and the entire MFM church for bringing this up may God richly bless and prosper u in every area of ur life and ministry.but my SPECIAL THanks goes to the ALLMIGHTY God for his mercies and loving_kindess in Jesus name Amen.

  4. Hallelujah to the King of Kings & Lord of Lords! Prayer’s Fire – Battle for the Crown Prayer points has been a spiritual meal needed for the cross-over into 2012. May the creator of the heavens & earth continue to download his secrets to his prophet! Totally blessed! Isaiah 62:3:โ€œThou shalt also be a crown of glory in the hand of the LORD, and a royal diadem in the hand of thy God.โ€

  5. I am greatful for God’s Favour, Promotion, and Grace that has been extended towards me and the participants of the Battle for the Crown Prayers during these last days of December. Also, I am believeing that everyone and I that have taken part in this spiritual warefare will move that of Greatness just like the last chapters of Esther and our lives will be a living testimony not just for our communities but to the Nation. Also, I would like to say “THANK YOU” for the prayers for us that allows us to close doors for 2011 and open new ones for 2012. THANK YOU AGAIN.

  6. Bernard EFFIONG | December 19, 2011 at 7:02 am | Reply

    I thank God for the Grace given to me to be consistence since the begining of this 21 days fasting and prayer also, during those days am being favoured and preferred by many, Praise God Almighty!

  7. I am so glad i am parting in the powerful prayers and fasting,I feel a major difference from the other years,this is my first time to join in the prayer programme such as this and i am assured 2012 will be a year of victory thru and thru.I see the power and the change the revelation have on my life.I praise God for this ministry.

  8. Thank god, victory is my motto. My family and l shall receive divine favour. Amen

  9. I have faith my husband will called for a job soon, I know God is doing great things in my family.

  10. wow,this is so amazing.can i start even when the program has gone this far?

  11. Zandria Michael | December 19, 2011 at 10:18 am | Reply

    Thank to God Almighty, at my day 8 of my 21 days of Battle for the Crown 2011, i can feel the change in my work place. My short tamper under control. This is my first time joining these powerful prayer. Though, i dont really understanding how it goes with this prayer and i just follow the instruction, perform fasting from 12 midnight to 12 midday. But The Loving God shown me his blessing. Please pray for me of my promotion and debt cancelation AMEN!!!

  12. thanks @ Aderemi! will start today.

  13. Praise be to GOD, this is my first time to participate in this 21 days prayer and fasting at the year end, my life is improving each and every day,GOD is fighting my enemies,and my husband to be is on its way. Praise GOD.

  14. Day 8 and the Good Lord has promoted me in my workplace, and this is a small thing in His sight, I will continue to boast of His Love for me and my family, ISAIAH 55:11 So shall My Word be that goeth forth out of My mouth …sayeth the Lord God of Host and all His Saints say Amen and Amen- Great man of God who visioned this 21 day battle – Be blessed in blessings ! Praise You Jesus. Shandara bakeri undarra baki

  15. Am diabetic can i join fasting
    Am encouraged with the testimonies

  16. I think God, Im joining 21 days pray for my family,aunts, cousins, Children,Granda Children,every cruse will be destroyed,every truly vision will come ,Ill been fellowship with MOF 7years..

  17. Glory to God in the highest! After partaking in the payer Battle for the crown divine revelations and exploits are tormenting me.They are just unexplainable. I started the prayers late,but praise be to the most high God things are happening for me. My relationship with my fiancรฉe that was now on the rocks is on the mend.She was slowly but surely backing out,but l thank God she is now the one initiating marriage and wants to have it ASAP.
    Also, my speech was getting impaired and after 2 days of engaging in the Battle prayers l dreamed of a ‘doctor operating on them’ and the following morning l could speak audible-l thank God

  18. i have for a long time wanted to write a book and somehow i always fail but since i begun this program i have written and completed my book. i am picking the first 200 copies tomorow!! its a dream come true for me.
    God is going to do great things through my book. no one in my family has ever written a book!! so through this program generational curses and convenants are being broken. praise the Lord.

  19. I give God all the glory praise and honor, in Jesus name. Today, my husband and I, we have finally completed a business transaction, which started since August 2011. I was determined in my heart that before the 21 day fast is over, this transaction has to be completed, no carry over into the new year. The year still has days before it is closed and in the name of Jesus, all the other blessings that Father God has in-store for us, will be released unto us, in the Mighty name of Jesus. I give God praise, thanks, honor and glory , in Jesus name. Amen!

  20. shallon-uganda | January 7, 2012 at 8:07 pm | Reply

    am leaping with my glory in Jesus, name this year,no doubt.Thank you God for this site.

  21. Praise God, this has been a really break thru moment. Am unable to fast having been sick for two years with a devil in my left ovaries. (cyst/fibroid ruptured itself). However since 29th when the Holy spirit showed me this page, l have been struggling fighting devils of all types of death and mainly marriage am sure they were a billion. The awe-full thing my son who stopped university after 2.5 years and was on drugs and alcohol got a good job and told me, he will use his salary to pay for his fees. Single mothers and widows you know what l mean. He confessed he will never deal with drugs ever, having lost 4 of his friends in an accident. My old prospering in his small business as when he couldn’t get a job after university. My dream last night was l was showering very clean with my sister and we had new clothes, new shoes but the bad dream was a devil trying to use one man l know to seduce me as my new husband who is very rich but l got lots of money from him that l was enough for my trying situation now.
    Am still fighting my breakthrough regarding illegality in this country where the devil snatched my job.

  22. Lynnette Edic is a con artist moving from scam to scam.

    Search the web for her arrest record and scams.

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