The Crown Of The Year

Β Β  The crown of thisΒ year can only be goodness and nothing else. Expect only good things for the remaining days of the year. This is a promise of God which can never fail. God is out to visit His people in this season. God will visit you. He will make good His word towards you. God will surprise you and fill your mouth with laughter.

Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  Psalm65:11 Thou crowneth the year with with thy goodness; and thy paths drop with fatness.

Β Β  A crown is a head covering made of gold with jewels in it, worn by kings and queens. A crown is a symbol of royal power and honour. To crown means to confer honourΒ upon someone.Β Know that you are a king, by the Blood ofΒ Jesus, Revelation5:10. There is also aΒ crown of glory and honour upon your head. God crowns every manΒ with glory and honour, Psalm8:5. Is yourΒ honour showing forth? Are you reflecting that crown of glory and honour in your everyday life? The amount of the wisdom of God you have will determine how your glory and honour show to the world. Proverbs4:9 tells us that wisdom will give ornament of grace and a crown of glory. Take note, you need wisdom, read your Bible to get it. It is important that we look at all the key words in Isaiah65:11.

Β Β  Goodness means good things;, things to make you glad, joyful and merry; things to make you beautiful, favourableΒ and comfortable. Goodness also means bounty, precious things, wealth, prosperity. Fatness means abundance. Therefore whatever you do, any direction you turn, expect goodness to be waiting for you. Consider Psalm23:6, Goodness and mercy of God follow you about.Β You may also desire a life partner, expect him/her since favour is listed as goodness. Your wife is the good thing and the favour you obtainedΒ of the LORD, Proverbs18:22. Believe every word youΒ read in the Bible and trust God to perform them. I have reasons to know that this year will be crowned with goodness. There are other scriptures that bear witness to our key scripture.

Ecclesistes7:8 Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit than the proud in spirit. Know that the end of this year will be better than how you started it. Let it sink into your heart that you will end this year a better person, a better child of God, a better spouse, a better parent. You will be better spiritually, physically, emotionally, financialy and in all areas where you desire, for the word of God says so. Believe God and it shall be so. Only be patient and believe God to do the impossible for you by His goodness.

Job8:7 Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase. When you consider a baby: it was very little at the beginning but inΒ six months, he is big. That was how you started your life in the crib, but you now use a 6′ by 6′ bed. Our God is great! God increases us daily. You saw little in January, but now you have seen plenty. The trials and challenges which you thought were mountains in January, are what you are now laughing about. So never you be scared anymore. God is also increasing your boldness. He is making your enemies to be afraid of you. This scripture was used for Job by one of his friends, apply it to your life too, and do Joshua1:8 with it. You will end up great! The end of this year is the beginning of that greatness. There is increase of goodness for you at the end of this year. You will see abundance. God will visit you. Be expectant of greater things at the end of the year. God said it and I believe Him. He will do it, you will pass that interview. You will get that promotion.The unmarried shall be married, the unemployed shall be employed and the one waiting for admission, will be admitted. No matter your desire, God will visit you and increase you with His goodness, in the name of Jesus.Β Β 

God cannot lie. He will perform all the words He had spoken. You will see victory and several awards. That is what makes you more than a conqueror. You will enter the new year with joy and rejoicing. Those who want you dead will see the the goodness of God in your life and gnash their teeth.

Pray with all the scriptures used, to remind God of His promises. You have seenΒ HisΒ words, you believe them,Β and God will surely perform them and crown your year with His goodness.

Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

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