Renew Your Covenant With God This Day 11.11.11

11-11-11 logoA covenant is an agreement between two or more people. There can be marriage or business agreement. God’s agreement is ofย our spirit, soul and body. If God finds youย faithful in keeping your side, His side is always intact, because it is settled in heaven. For ever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven,Psalm119:89.ย 

God found Noah, Abraham, David and made covenant with them. This special day, 11-11-11, is a day to renew your side of the covenant, by the Blood of the everlasting covenant, the Blood of Jesus. Hebrews13:20.ย God always keeps His covenant with us, but some of His children are the ones defaulting in keepingย their side of the agreement. It is time God finds you faithful in loving Him and your neighbours, faithful in serving Him, faithful in giving, and faithful in your walk with Him. When you keep your side, God can never default. Trust God to perform His word for you. When you see any word of promise, think of what you have to do to obtain that promise.

The case of Daniel makes me see that God answers prayers on the first day we make our requests. Read the whole of Daniel10, but note Verses10-13. This is when we have to war against forces delaying our blessings. Matthew11:12 God will surely fulfill His written word and any word He had spoken to you personally.

Psalm89:34: My covenant will I not break. Nor alter the word that has gone out of My lips.

Jeremiah33:25 Thus says the LORD, if My covenant is not with day and night, and ifย I have not appointed the ordinances of heaven and earth, then will I cast out the descendant of Jacob……

If you know that God has an agreement with you, from the day you got born again, you will have an unshakable faith, (confidence) in Him. We have covenant of peace,Psalm72:7, of favour, Psalm5:12, of power, John1:12, ofย  promotion,Psalm71:21, of rest,Matthew11:28.29, of riches, 2Corinthians8:9, and of longevity, Psalm91:16. There are so many of God’s covenant. God’s word is His covenant. Wipe your tears and read the Bible and do what the word says. You will surely obtain your desires.

Too Late For The Devil: The devil that could not stop you from being born again cant stop you from enjoying the abundant life of Jesus Christ. If he can’t, stop you from reading your Bible, he can’t stop you from seeing the promises. He can’t stop you from seeing 11.11.11., then he cant stop you from enjoying what God’s loaded benefits for today,11.11.11.

Rejoice Evermore, 1Thessalonian5:16: Let nothingย  stop your joy this day.ย It is with joy that you can draw from the wells of salvation, Isaiah12:3ย  Joy is the anchor of your salvation. You have several things to rejoice about,ย your life in particular. As long as you are joined to the living God, there is hope for you. So rejoice, I say again, rejoice!

Prayer Point:

Pray as you are led by the Holy Spirit. Send your angels on assignment this day, 11.11.11. They are very much around God’s children. They will surely win the battles of our lives and bring back all the missing things!

Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

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  1. imade abieyuwa josephine | November 11, 2011 at 1:40 pm | Reply

    Lord you are the Almighty , my own will not be difficult for you TODAY.

  2. 11.11.2011 Prayer Program.
    Dear Pastors and Church I am from South Africa in the Western Cape.I thank GoD Almighty for you as a man and woman of God messengers of prophetic good news relevant for the times we are living in.Thankyou for the prayer guidelines on 11/11/11 strategic day.I invited friends and church people over to house to slot in with your time of prayer an hour later but we felt the presence of God radiating to us from the main power house.We prayed for our church as a whole for our families and we set through prayer straight paths also for our generations to come.We prayed for our town/region and our country and it was an awesome time in the presence of our Mighty God.This morning I personallly feel very very light (don’t have the correct words to desribe)and renewed in my spirit.
    God BLESS YOU Man and Woman of God and your church :The POWER HOUSE OF PRAYER for the WHOLE WORLD


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