In any situation you may find yourself, you must remember that God is faithful to see you through it. The situation may be as hot as fire, it could be as waters, and it could be the lions’ den, just be confident that God is there with you to deliver you. He had done it before and He will yet do it again. Consider your personal life. See where God has taken you and how He has led you through the journey of life until you find yourself where you are today. Consider the testimonies you have heard of how God intervened in people’s affairs and they came out victorious.

“It is of the LORD’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. 23. They are new every morning; great is thy faithfulness.” Lamentations3:22, 23.

Consider His wonderful works in the Bible, starting from how He set the captives free in Egypt, and it was their enemies who paid dearly for pursuing them. The children of Israel were scared at the Red Sea, thinking that they had come to be buried at the sea. God cannot fail, His mercies are new everyday. He made way in the sea for His people to go on dry land! Let me quickly share a testimony here. I was driving on my rightful lane when another vehicle swerved to my side. This word just came from my mouth, “Lord, You will do something”. The vehicle just swerved back to its lane and that was how I escaped head-on collision. Indeed it was of His faithfulness that I was not consumed that day. Glory to God. His faithfulness can defend, deliver, protect and preserve you. Let your faith come alive. You came to Him in faith and you must continue your walk with Him in faith.

God is Faithful To Do The Following Things. He can do much more if you ask Him. There is nothing too hard for Him.

*God Can Give you your own child/children: God is faithful to give you your own child at any age till 90 years. If He gave Sarah a child at 90 years. He had done it before, and He can still do it again. God can even change the rule for your sake to give you your heart’s desire.

*God Can Renew Your Age: Do not be scared of getting old either of having children or of getting a husband. God is too faithful to fail you. He knew His plans for Sarah and He renewed her age. At 65years old, the people of Egypt said that she was only fit for their king, but the king could not touch Sarah. Abimelech could not chew what he bit. She was too much for him. Sarah became a touch-not to him and his family.

* God Can Protect You From Any Harrasment: If your boss is harrasing you sexually, God can deal with him as He dealt with Abimelech, if you ask Him, because He changes not. Read the event in Genesis20. The period the man harrases you will be a dry season for him. God can have mercy on him to tell him in a dream to stop harrasing you. You need not be afraid of him and succumb. Only fear God and be in His will. His faithfulness will deliver you as He delivered Sarah. Sarah judged God faithful, so you also need to judge God faithful too.”…but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.” 1Corinthians10:13b. Trust God to make way for you in any tight corner you may find yourself.

*To Let You Retain All The Gifts He gave you: When God gives you anything, He does not take it back. “For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance”. Every child of God can get to the top, if only we use the gifts he has given us and abide in our calling. This is the time to abide in our calling. Use your gifts to benefit mankind. Those gifts are meant to build up the Church, the body of Christ, so use them. But whether you use it or not, He will not take them back. But how will you feel, to be like the man with one talent who went to bury it? Use your talents to build up the church.

Things To Know About God’s Faithfulness: God’s faithfulness is everlasting, Psalm119:90, It is established in the very heavens Psalm89:2. It is great, Lamentation3:23. God’s faithfulness never fails. You need to read all the references by yourself to know that we serve a faithful God.

God knows all about you, even to the numbers of your hairs. He knows your innermost thoughts. I was engaged in a thought about some people inside me, and He said, “Forgive them”. I was not shocked, I only felt like a child messing up his clothes and the father came to pick him out of the mud. That is what we do when we are angry or murmur or bitter about issues we can easily overlook. God’s searchlight is upon us all the time. He has you graven on His palm. You are very special and precious to God, He loves you. Read Isaiah43:1-4. Rest your life on Him for He alone can care for you like nobody else. Trust God that He will never fail you because He is faithful. Do His work faithfully, 2Chronicles34:12 and speak His word faithfully, Jeremiah23:28.

Hebrews10:23 Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering, (for he is faithful that promised;)

Prayer Point: Lord, I know that you are faithful, help to be faithful in my walk with you, in the mighty name of Jesus.

Do more study on the faithfulness of God to share with us. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!





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  1. pastor explain to me why you might be a spirtit filled chirstian who prayers in the name of Jesus and pleads the blood of Jesus every now and again over herself and still be possessed by spiritual husbands and still face the same troubles and still remain at the same level in your life .How is it that you can pray and not have any astounding testimonies ,Help me if i am sounding ungrateful but why is it that sometimes it seems even if you pray but you remain still at the same position .Does it mean that i should be content with what i have or it means i should keep on fighting .Does it mean that ts not not yet the right time for me to move to another level ,or it means that the devil is stealing from me .Help me .I pray that i remember my dreams and i still forget them .I want to hear what God has to say about my life .I want to know before bad things happen in my life ,because the holy spirit is there to make known things to me of the things to come .Are you allowed to ask God why ??or not ,I am frustrated and i want the Lord to answer me .I want to know what God is thinking about me right now .

  2. Tamuka, Go for deliverance from the spirit husband in an MFM church. Read the book of Job prayerfully. Job never denied God, he waited until his change came, so hold on to God, and be patient to see His mighty hand in your life. Be free to ask your Father the WHY question and He will answer you. I had occassion to ask Him and he answered me with Psalm34:19, 20. He will answer you too. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

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