Weapons are instruments of defence and/or of attack. This is purely my definition, but one dictionary says among other things, weapons are tools of coarsing the enemy or someone.  Coarse means to speak in rough manner. The devil is not a gentleman, so you must be rough with him. If you know who you are, (his place is under your feet, not your womb, back, head nor legs), you will not hesitate to do this.

Warfare is a battle, conflict or struggle between individual, nations or kingdoms. You must know that there is constant conflict and struggle going on between the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light; between sinners and saints, between satanic agents and ambassadors of Jesus Christ. This is why it is important you define where you belong. You cannot afford to be a little here and a little there and win the battles of life. Know that spiritual battles are going on every second of the day.

“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, 5. casting down arguements and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, 6. and being ready to punish all disobedience when you obedience is fulfilled.” 2Cofinthians10:4, 5, 6. It is important that you study these verses properly and understand them. Pray that the Holy Spirit opens your eyes to see the deep meaning of each word.

Our weapons are not of the flesh, not of human strength, but they are in spiritual knowledge and power. God has millions of weapons which He can use. Consider the plagues He used in Egypt to release His people. He has many more, and as you read your Bible, you will discover more. God calls us His battle axe and His weapons of war. Read Jeremiah51:20-23 to see what God wants to do against the wicked, through you. When God commands you to go to any battle, do not hesitate to do it. No matter how fierce the battle is, God will fortify you, and be with you to ensure that the satanic agents do not prevail against you, Jeremiah1:18,19. However, you must prevail in prayers first.


The Word of God: When you use the word of God as it is written to the devil, he has no choice but to flee. Jesus used “It is written” to defeat him when He was about to start His ministry, Matthew4:4-11. Remember that the word of God is water, fire, hammer, and spirit, just to mention a few of the attributes of the word. Jesus is also the Word of God (John1:1, Revelation19:13)When you speak the word, the angels (Psalm103:20, Ecclessiastes5:6) will pick it up and God will confirm and perform the word, (Isaiah44:26, Mark16:20). When you see or think of an undesirable situation, quickly find a Word to neutralise it. Pull it down immediately. Do not allow the devil around you. The word of God and your word are very important. What you speak is what you will see. our words are seed. What you sow today in words, you will reap tomorrow in manifestations.

The Blood of Jesus: The Blood of Jesus is what He used to enter into the presence of God, once and for all. He offered Himself to sacrifice for our sins and obtain pardon for us. Having been forgiven, we must turn our back to sin. The priests of the Old Testament used to go once a year. but Jesus went only once, by His Blood. Hebrews9:12, Read the whole chapter. By the Blood we have eternal redemption and so, we have eternal victory over Satan. When the devil reminds you of any sin, plead the Blood of Jesus for mercy from God. Use this same Blood to purge your concsience of evil works. You can also use the Blood against any satanic assault. “I release the Blood of Jesus against you spirit of…(mention them). The Blood of Jesus is precious because it was not the blood of man but of God. The power in the Blood when He went to the cross is still there and the power will continue to be there till He comes. All curses sent to you are breakable by the power in the Blood of Jesus, Galatians3:13, Colossians2:14. Use the Blood for your covering, spirit, soul and body (calling each organ and parts of your body one by one, and you become “touch not”. Evil arrows of death, accidents and other things you dont want will passover you. The Blood which delivered the children of Israel from Egypt was called the passover blood. You can also drink the Blood for internal cleansing, in comminionwith the flesh and blood of Jesus, (1Corintians11:24:34). You can overcome tempations and problem by the Blood of the Lamb, Revelation12:11. Use the Blood everyday in any way you can. The Blood works! 

Faith is a great weapon. without faith in God you cannot please Him and you cannot see His miracles. Your faith can increase as you hear the word of God, (Romans10:17) and obey what you hear. When the word enters your heart and you speak it in your mouth, God will always confirm every word of faith. 1John5:4 says, “For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world-our faith”. Let your faith be strong if you want God to intervene in your affairs and give you victory. David had victory because of his fath in God; he was always trusting God to deliver him, and God delivered him. It was also faith that brought the three Hebrew boys from the fiery furnace. You may be going through fire, be assured that God is with you. Do not compromise your faith or your integrity. If you have faith in God, the Creator of the universe, He will see you through. Only believe; that is what faith is all about.

Name of the LORD “is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and are safe”. Proverbs18:10. It is important that you know the name of the LORD Psalm91:14; here are few, Healer, Helper, Father, Husband, Jehovah, and Jesus. In time of challenges, call on the name of LORD that you know and see if the owner of the name will not answer. Call “Jesus” several times and say a small prayer and see for yourself, the effect of running into his name. A name which is above all names; a name at which all knees shall bow and a highly exalted name at which every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father. Read Philippians2:9-11.

Angels:  God has given His angels charge over each of us, Psalm91:11. You can remind God to send  a reinforcement to you guardian angel. Daniel was given Angel Michael to assist his angel. Do not waste time before you call for reinforcement from heaven. One angel can watch over thousands of people or destroy thousands of people too. Do not grieve your angel, live pure and do not speak negative words.

Testimony: The testimony which you share is a weapon. David used the testimony of killing bear and lion, and the name of the LORD of hosts, to kill Goliath.1Samuel17:37, 45. Our God is awesome. He can use you to destroy all the wicked ones in your vicinity, you only need to take a step, and God will back you up.

Praises: Giving God praises is a weapon. David used music to drive away evil spirits from Saul, 1Samuel:16:23. When praises are on, God comes downpersonally, Psalm22:3. Praises of God also defeated the enemies of the children of God, 2Chronicles20:22. The enemies destroyed one another. God will do it for you when you praise Him

Prophetic Utterances: When servants of God speak, take their word seriously, 2 Chronicles20:20. There are prophets of God around you and always believe their word. There is a prophet of God whose particular message I could listen to days without end. One day, I heard in my spirit, “Command a scattering”, I had to go into action immediately, commanding them to scatter away from my environment by fire, by force, by the Blood of Jesus and in the name of Jesus. Praise the Lord! Listen to prophets and you shall prosper.

Love: Love is a weapon in a way. When God sees your heart towards your enemy, He will take over the battle from you. David refused to kill Saul, but he died anyway. Solomon said it is heaping coals of fire on the enemy when you feed them, Proverbs25:21. Jesus also said, love your enemies.Matthew5:44.

Remember that your enemies are also God’s enemies. Nobody goes to war on his own. Ask God, the LORD of hosts, before you embark on battles. In using your weapons, always ask God which weapon to use. David never relied on his own strength, he was always turning to God to make enquiries. God has promised to be enemy to our enemies and put our adversaries in captivity. He said that he will give for a prey and for a spoil, those who prey and spoil us.  Jeremiah30:16, 17. God will fight for you and you will overcome, in the name of Jesus. It is done.

Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!


  1. Today again I am so thankfull to God for using you Man and Women of God.I thank God for you for to be avail yourselves to be servants of God at such a time as this.I’ve never in all my live of being a child of
    God felt so down and depressed as now.And when I go to your website I found unswers to my unprayed sighings and prayers that I can pray.
    God bless you and pray for me i’m going through a very trying time.

  2. The Weapons of Our Warfare-God’s Arsenal for Victorious Living by Patrick Bucksot

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