Who can deliver like God of Jacob, God of David, God of Hezekiah, and God of Daniel? There is none who can deliver like these people were delivered, and like you have been delivered before. Let your faith rise as read this and know that you will get out of that affliction, for God will deliver you again, in the name of Jesus.

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the LORD delivers him out of them all.” Psalm34:19(NKJV). Read the whole chapter to see God’s promises for those who trust in Him. If you trust God and call on Him for deliverance, He will deliver you.

This scripture was given to me as I was going through a difficult situation and I thought, “Lord, Is this challenge not too much?” This is how we normaly think in times of trouble, but God says, He will deliver us, no matter the number we face per time, and no matter how difficult the situation may be. There is deliverance for you.

DELIVER means to rescue, to save, to recover and to snatch away from. So even if the captor does not want to release gently, God can take away by force and contend with him. Glory to God. His name is Almighty. He is all powerful and He has a million ways of delivering His children. If you consider all we go through in life, they are about deliverance; from sickness, poverty, shame and reproach, sin, decietful and unjust men, evil doers. God can deliver us from them all.

JACOB cried unto God, ” Deliver me, I pray, from the hand of my brother…” Genesis32:11. God delivered him. Jacob did something to facilitate his deliverance, he gave gifts “to find favour” Genesis33:8. Perhaps because he knew that he wronged his brother.

DAVID was being pursued by the whole army led by king Saul, who saw him dangerous to his kingdom. If you are not a risk to the kingdom of darkness, you will not be having afflictions. God will deliver you from them all, and not one of your bones shall be broken, in Jesus’ name.  David never relied on his power, he always turned to God for his deliverance. “O LORD my God, in You I put my trust; save me from all those who persecute me; and deliver me.” Psalm7:1. Please read the entire chapter which my Bible tags, “Prayer and Praise for Deliverance from the Enemies”. You may also consider David’s other cries for deliverance in Psalms31:1, 40:13, 70:1, 140:1, 143:9. He cried for help and he cried for speed. If you do the same God will save you speedily and put a new song in your mouth, in the name of Jesus.

HEZEKIAH had his share of terrorism in the hand of the king of Assyria who boasted that there was no deliverance for all his captives and so Hezekiah should not expect any deliverance. The Holy One of Israel rose up against the proud king to deliver Hezekiah. Read Isaiah37 and 38 to see how Hezekiah was delivered, not only from the king but also from sickness.

DANIEL was delivered from fiery furnace and from the lions’ den. God will also deliver you from the fire of the enemy and it will not burn you, in the name of Jesus. God will gag every lion roaring against you and silence all your enemies permanently, in the name of Jesus. Read Daniel3 and 6. God used Daniel as the show piece of His power and the king told all his people to worshily only the God of Daniel. If you trust God, He will make you a show piece too, in the name of Jesus.

PAUL had his bountiful share of afflictions as a minister of the gospel, and God who sent him delivered him from the people to whom He sent him. “Yes, we had the sentence of death in ourselves, that we should not trust in ourselves but in God who quickens the dead, 10. who delivered us from so great a death, and does deliver us; in whom we trust that He will still deliver us. 2Corinthians9, 10. Like Paul, have confidence that God will yet deliver you from any ugly situation you are going though and the glory of the LORD shall be revealed on your life.


*Afflictions will come if you are a child of God, serving God. But that affliction will not overpower you. It is you who will overcome it. Be of good cheer, Jesus had overcome the world. John16:33

*There are provisions and promises for deliverance from any affliction. If you go to Jesus and have trust that He can deliver you and give you rest.Matthew11:28-30, He will surely deliver you.


1. Cry for the mercy of God. His mercy never fails.

2. Assert your faith in God that He alone can deliver you, and that He will deliver you. That was what Daniel and his friends did to escape the fiery furnace. David did so several times.

3. Focus your faith on the power of God and not on the wisdom of man. If you consider what man can do, you will be seeing impossibility, but if you focus on the power of God, you will know that God can do it and your faith will rise.

4. Go to God in PRAYER. Use those scriptures to call on God for help, speedy help. This is the time to pray always. Give God no rest until He prooves Himself as the LORD of hosts in your life.

5. Remind God of your integrity. David said, “Let integrity and uprightness preserve me; for I wait for You.” Psalm25:21. Holy living will always help you in times of troubles. Remind God of your offerings too. Psalm20:1-3, Psalm41:1, 2.

6. Let God know that His name is involved in the matter. If He does not do it for your sake, tell Him to do it for His name’s sake. Psalm109:21, Psalm116:4. This is the time to call upon His name as Redeemer, I AM THAT I AM, Jehovah, Jesus. Call Him and tell Him to show you the way out. His other name is the Way. God will make way for you.

7. Give God Praises and Thanksgiving to show that  you have strong confidence that He will deliver you.

PRAYER POINTS: You will pray, not only for yourself, but also for all the members of your family, and that which concerns you

1. Arise O LORD, and deliver us from our enemies, they are too strong for us, in the name of Jesus.

2. Our Father, Let not the wicked swallow us up, deliver us,  in the name of Jesus.

3. Lord, God, Frustrate all the tokens of the wicked and let them not prevail against us, deliver us, in the name of Jesus.

4. O LORD, Break the bands of the wicked and deliver us from their grips, in the name of Jesus.

5. Father, Open our graves and cause us to come out, in the name of Jesus.

6. Father, deliver us from the evil workers and save us from them speedily, in the name of Jesus. 

7. We bless and thank Your Holy Name for we are confident that you will yet deliver us as you have delivered us in the past, in Jesus’ name.

Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

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  1. Calvary greetings Margret

    Yes I have a comment on these scriptures, which I have just fininshed going therough them. Margret I don’t understand coz this year is the eighteenth year of suffering from lumbarspinosis, am tired of drinking drugs which are not working. I know I am a sinner but I have asked my God for forgiveness one by one and I have been asking the Lord to remind me of the sins which I have forgotten so that I repent and renounce them. I have been assisting some children paying their school fees, buying their books and even buying food for the people who are not my relatives using my own monies. To my surprise that’s when I have lost even what I had, i. my husband divorced me ii. my son whom I have been hoping to be assisting me has gone he does not even call me. iii. my car got burnt and my health is deteriorating slowly, I could even ear voices saying you are not going to be well again you will die. I have lost both parents and my three sisters and a brother two of these have just colapsed and died. I have been praying and crying to God to deliver me from this disease but to no avail. What sin have I commited that had made The Almight God not to pardon me? Am tired of being sick, it has been long when I was 34 year old. Enough is enough am tired of being afflicted. Please Margret help me what shall I do? To God be the Glory

  2. God Bless you dear Ester. I will pray for you now.

  3. Esther. Sorry to misspell your name.

  4. In Jesus Name, today you are completely healed, emotionally, physically and spiritually. God is with You…feel His presence ans mighty plan for your life.
    You will live to share His goodness…Blessings on the way. I declare with authority and power in the Name of Jesus Christ! AMEN.

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