What To Do When Intending Couples face the Challenge of Sickle Cell Anemia

praying against AS genotypeOn Facebook today under the powerful 11,000+ Forum of Thy Precious Jewels on Facebook, we came across this debate of how to handle genotype and medical verdict of AS or SS which produces offsprings of sicklers among couples with this genotype. below are the comment, frank, inflamed and informed by brethren.

The Challenge: “I have been in a relationship with my fiance for 3years. As we have decided to marry in December this year, we approached the church authority and they have requested that we have Genotype test. The blood test says both of us are AS genotypes which means that we have 1 in 4 chances of producing sickle cell anemia child every time we have a baby… Has anyone had this experience before? Please help.”

“Does the will of God in marriage akin to genotype confirmation? How can God say that we can marry each other if we have such a great risk. The pastor has said that they will not join us together because of this. Is this right?”

“Do we test God by ignoring the medical knowledge that He has given to us human beings. Jewels, please tell us what you think.” … 7 hours ago near London, United Kingdom

  1. Morayo Hamilton: I personally will say no to the marriage. Why? I have seen sickle cell children suffer so badly. But at the same time, I have seen such people get married and have no sickle cell anemia kids.But I personally see it as “tempting God”. let’s apply our faith unto something else instead of unto believing for no sickle cell kids. Maybe it is God nudging them by making the church ask that the test be done.
  2. Ogochukwu Mbachi: The blessings of God maketh rich & added no sorrow. Also all good things come from God. Pls my sis, be wise abt this . Sickle cell anemia is a grave prob,if u hav a child wt it then u’l know really how in love you are. God provided the knowledge for a reason. I pray dt u really on Him at dis time & ur emotions don’t cloud ur judgement.
  3. Aderonke Adekoya: Aww.. My heart goes out to you, may God give you direction and wisdom. Proverbs 3 verse 5 says trust in the Lord with all your heart.. I happen to be a sickler and i know what those with sickle cell anemia children go through. It isn’t easy living a life of pain and peer rejection, i wouldn’t want any child to go through half of what i went through. Please pray about your decision, do not blame the church authorities for their decision, the Lord knows best. Genotype test should be considered first in any relationship, the only i can do as a friend is to lift you up in prayer. May the Lord show you the right way. Stay blessed.
  4. Debbie Akinfe: I think we have dealt with the exact issue before and I believe our conclusion was that for the sake of the unborn children it is better to say your good byes or agree to seek professional views on the issue.
  5. Morayo Hamilton: But people, if they agree on adopting instead of having their own biological kids, why not?
  6. Omobola Thypreciousjewels: Debbie, we are raising this again for the purpose of the over 6,000 Jewels who ave joined us since we last discussed it…….they also deserve to know…and I believe that they will learn a thing or two from this discussion….so feel free to share..
  7. Olori Odewole: β€Ž4 me its a NO! Pls we don’t av 2 make such mistakes, av seen families wit sickle cell that they even prefer being dead than living with it. Lets thank God 4 d wisdom of d genotype test. U Might be lucky-fine, but d chances are very slim,when faced wit sickle cell, d sickness alone is capable of takin away d joy and love in marriages, I know of a family that had 4 kids and 3 of dem had sickle cell-which they could av avoided but claiming they luv each other, d man had to go and marry another wife(AA) when 2 of d kids died. Pls lets avoid bringin sickle cells into d world, we won’t b happy seeing our kids suffer all bcos of d mistakes we could av avoided!
  8. Ibidun Bolanle: Dis shld be d first step 2 be taken in any serious relationship, check ur genotype! Why bring a child in2 d world 2 suffer wen it can be avoided? Pls pray & ask God 4 grace 4 another relationship, it cld be painful though but I think it will be a wise decision. Vng sickler kids is not a gud xperince, u ll carry d guilt 4 d rest of ur life since u r not ignorant about it. God will see u thru, it is well.
  9. Bisoye Banwo I understand where u’re comin 4rm but i pray God gives u wisdom, tot 2 share dis, i jst lost a 30 yrs old cousin of mine due to sickle cell… she’s d lastborn nd not married, hr dad is late nd her mum did evrytin she could to make sur she livs as a healthy child, to cut d long story short she received her healing after almost 28yrs of nursing dis sickness, but few months back she died from having d attack. Dupe Turner-Shaw may ur soul rest in perfect peace. love always
  10. Bisoye Banwo If anyone lacks wisdom let him/her ask, if ur spiritual father is advising u not to get married,pls luk n2 d mattr seriously i pray God opens the eyes of ur understanding to see n know wat exactly He’s telling u.
  11. Morayo Hamilton You can go ahead and get married provided you both decide on adoption. That way you can still have kids and be together. Otherwise, God’ll help each of you find another partner.
  12. Funke Adekanye I only wish people will take this issue more seriously and let it be one of the deciding factors in entering a relationship and NOT wait until marriage comes up.
  13. Shayus Alove This is a very tricky issue – and my response will not be a popular one. If you are indeed a child of God, filled with the holy spirit, God your father talks to you. I want you to go back to this God and HEAR from HIM on this matter. What is God telling you to do? Everyone around you will advise you based on their understanding and the fact that they love you, but the most important thing is what GOD wants you to do!! It is another thing to be sure that what you heard is from God though especially at this time! The Lord will direct you even in this one! Amen! Only the WILL of GOD should be important to you..know for sure what God is saying to you now!
  14. Omobola Thypreciousjewels Any woman who has witnessed the pain and the sorrow that a mother goes through when they lose a child, will never ever advise their family members to go through it. When we are in love, we just dont think clearly, not only that…….a lot of us hide under the pretense of I HAVE FAITH…..are you sure? Are you sure that you have that word from God to go and do it. If God brought you to something, He will bring you through it. He does not give people children for the purpose of killing the children. his blessings, which include or children, make good and add no sorrow……so what are we saying here……as Funke Adekanye stated….before your head takes over…what is your spirit man saying? Let me ask further, at what point should a Jewel be raising the issue of this genotype with a potential suitor?
  15. Shayus Alove You see the beauty of doing God’s will in any situation is the confidence and knowing that you have that God indeed is with you. Wherever he sends you, HE will be there with you. If you however decide to act based on what people are saying and not what GOD is saying, when the going gets tough, how would you survive? Because either you marry someone with AS genotype or not, life will happen!
  16. Aderonke Adekoya I agree with Shayus Alove, go back to God. Seek His face and pray for God’s will. If it is God’s will, you can get married and you wont even have a sickler for a child. Let Jehovah Shammah direct you.
  17. Morayo Hamilton at what point should a Jewel be raising the issue of this genotype with a potential suitor? – When the suitor has made marriage intentions known. Also when you see yourself getting close with a very high probability of teh relationship ending in marriage.
  18. Shayus Alove We need to be very careful in the way we are advising people – what therefore happens to grown men and women who are SS and your friend, family member says that is the person they want to marry? Will you say NO? Meaning that we are condemning every one with SS to a marriage-less life – My submission is, let every one do according to God’s instruction to them. We need to focus on teaching everyone how to hear from God…we must all be hearing from God clearly and do ONLY that which the Lord has instructed us to do! If you are IN God’s will for your life, HE will give you the grace, provision and all you need to fulfill His will in your life!
  19. Morayo Hamilton Shayus Alove – We can only advise, not enforce that the advise is adhered to. An SS person can conveniently get married to an AA genotype person.
  20. Olawuyi Florence Ugochi Every AS/AS union has a 1 in 4 chance of having an SS child. Guess what? This doesn’t translate to 1 out of 4 kids bearing the SS genotype. No one can tell how the permutations will work in any index case. And then if an SS marries an AS, the chances of having a child who has the SS genotype is a whooping 50%. On the flip-side if an SS marries an AA the chances of having an SS child is……….. 0%.
  21. Shayus Alove I agree Morayo Hamilton – an SS person can marry an AA person, but won’t friends and family members of the AA person bring up this same issue? What if he/she dies after marriage?, Will the marriage survive the pain, agony etc that comes with the crisis? This brings me back to my earlier submission – what is God telling you? What says that you can not defy medicine? Who says that your case, story can not be different? Who says that the Lord can not change each sickle cell in that body? Who says??? Please, my people…take your health seriously – there is no disease, again NO disease that our bodies can not heal, as long as we give our bodies the right foods! It has also been proven that no disease can survive in an Alkaline environment, are we eating/drinking/consuming foods that make our bodies more alkaline or acidic? There is also increasing evidence that taking antioxidants daily make your body more alkaline. My people, get more interested in your health…read widely..It is well o!!!
  22. Demmy More I have seen a couple, both AS, who married and gave birth to children that wasn’t SS and i have seen a couple who were ruined financially because they had an SS child. the 1st couple i mentioned HEARD God so they were too sure. Please if u say u have faith be sure u have the faith for a miracle. Let God guide u.
  23. Olubunmi Ibrahim Our God is d God who does d impossible. They can ask God to change their genotype before d wedding if it is God will. That is beta than endangering a child. I av a friend who God changed her genotype from SS to AA.
  24. Omobola Thypreciousjewels Olubunmi Ibrahim , well said sis……..you know there are levels of faith and God will meet you exactly where you are!
  25. Christiana Tobbie God should help us on issues like dis,my own advise is dat we should nt risk d life of an unborn child cos of our selfishness or d love we av 4 our spouse,d pastor dat said dey should nt go ahead wit d marriage doesn’t say or mean he doesn’t hear or pray 2 God, sickle cell children would waste ur money,time,concentration,trust,faith e.t.c So y do u want 2 go ahead wit sumtin dat would bring waste 2 ur life… Obedience is beta dan sacrifice.
  26. Kemi Marg There is no point taking a deadly risk! While u can start another relationship with faith. It is better late than nursing a sickle cell child that will never give u rest.
  27. Olubunmi Onwunghai my sis.pls don’t try doing otherwise because both of you will hate each other when the problems start.
  28. Ayotunde Elegbeleye Every time this topic is raised, I always wonder and at the risk of being the dissenter, I’ll still ask my favourite question, “Where exactly is the place of the will of God (genuine will ni ooo) in making marital decisions when it seems as if the fundamental issue to be first considered and taken care of is the genotype issue?” Should it then mean that before we even consult God, we should first consult the labs? My wonder majorly is that when it comes to other health issues, we can advice people to ‘faith it’ but when it comes to the genotype issue, we are so quick to remove faith from the equation. The first reaction will be, ‘break the relationship’, not even ‘are you sure of what God is telling you’? That is the time we remember that people hide under feelings and emotions to claim God’s will but on other issues, we don’t critically ask whether it’s God’s will as long as they say it is. The other day, a jewel said something about ‘madness’ (which I’d rather tag psychotic disorder) running in her fiance’s family and I was encouraged at how much of faith comments we had – BTW, can I say that psychotic disorders have a VERY STRONG genetic/familial undertone and children inherit it from their parents or parents’ lineage, in fact, such children are at higher risks than others. I am sure if issues of HIV, diabetes, cancer, asthma, and other deadly, even terminal diseases, which also have high potentials of being inherited are mentioned with respect to the choices of marriage partners, there will be more of ‘have faith in God’ talk (and other rationalizations) than what we have with genotype issues – and there lies my wonder. While I DO NOT agree to two people BLINDLY or FOOLISHLY having themselves joined together in marriage in the face of the magnitude of medical information and exposure that we have, I wonder why we treat this issue as if it is the deadliest catastrophe that can happen and as such do not even give room for a measure of faith or God in the matter. Like I said, I am just wondering ni oooo and I strongly believe that, “Wisdom (let’s not also forget that God is our wisdom) is profitable to direct.” Shalom!
  29. Tina Pius Abazie Please be really sure you have the kind of faith required to face having an ss genotype child…my dear i tell u when the problems of an ss comes along you even forget God exists….God forbid though…You need God’s guidance now more than ever…
  30. Olufunbi Olaogun Medically and logically AS couples are strongly discouraged from getting married. This is because of the issues surrounding having SS children.When crisis arises it can be very difficult for all involved.But when it comes to christian couples, an addition question can be asked not that they should step out in faith but what has God said or His will for their relationship. I have heard of a couple who went ahead because they believed it is what God wanted for them and they didn’t have any SS child. My advice is this Medically speaking I will not encourage them too but if they are undoubtably sure that God wants the two of them together then they can go ahead. WHEN STEPPING OUT IN FAITH IN SOME SITUATION WE HAVE TO BE SURE GOD HAS CALLED US TO and this is one of such.
  31. Omobola Thypreciousjewels β€ŽOlufunbi Olaogun , God has ‘CATCHED’ you, so you are a doctor……..okay now…..more work coming your way.
  32. Shayus Alove Yes o Omobola Thypreciousjewels – I know Olufunbi Olaogun very well – childhood friend – Yes she is a doctor!!!!
  33. Omobola Thypreciousjewels hahaha…God is showing me their faces one by one>>>>>>>.lol

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  1. .This is my personal testimony,I am AC and my hubby AS .When we start the relationship we were led to do so and in the early days of the relationship I asked about his genotype and he said AS, i was just in a thought process when i heard God says IF I BROUGHT YOU TOGETHER,I WILL SORT U OUT. The risk in our case is having a child that is SC which is one percent better than SS. ,SC is not a common genotype and that makes it worse.My mum ordnarily will not support but telling her i was led to do so,for her to give her support without a fight gave me peace and just was so sure God is in it.
    To the glory of God i have two children and they are both AS.
    Where the test of my faith came in was when i had my first child ,It was just my hubby and I and few of my siblings that knew about the genotype issue so it was easy to keep the faith going but I relocated and had my second child in the uk,from 15WKS you will go through routine blood check and genotype was one of them and immediately the result came out,i have to go through series of councelling to let me know the risks that i have and so on,but believe me it wasn’t funny at all,my faith shook a lot of the time because of what i kept hearing but i held on to GOD and his faithfulness saw me through because He can not lie,whatever He says He will do,that is what He will do.
    So,please if you are not led to start the relationship at all and God is not giving you the go ahead despite the odds,DON’T GO AHEAD.God bless us all.

  2. AC,SC, AA, AS, SS and whatever other group there are, are said to be blood groups. Have you ever sat down to consider JBG-Jesus Blood Group? The testimony above is a living proof of what GOD can do, by His word. We read in the Songs8:7(NKJV) “Many waters cannot quench love. Nor can the floods drown it. If a man would give for love All the wealth of his house, It would be utterly despised”. Why do you now want the flood of blood group to drown your love? If you love one another with 1Corinthians13 love, and GOD has confirmed the relationship that you are for one another, go ahead with your plans. We thank God for our spiritual fathers and mothers and for several counselling sessions you have had,including the ones on this page, but your life compass is the word of God, the Holy Bible. Whose report will you believe? I find one comment very amusing, in no.26, “start another relationship with faith”, why cant you continue your present relationship in faith? It is not only blood group that kills, HIV and other unseens can also kill. What do you know that is waiting for you in the other relationship? Even before the children begin to come, you have started giving them the blood group of the world. I strongly believe in the purifying power and healing power in the Blood of Jesus and in the Word of God. I know a woman,60+, doctors call her SC. she takes the communion daily John6:47-58, and reads the word of God daily,Proverbs4:20-22, she is only getting stronger. She has never had crisis since she was born again. Please note that the Holy Bible we carry about is not a story book, though there are real events which look like stories. The Holy Bible is our Manual Book from God. Believe the word you read and act where action is required, that is all. I have read several testimonies of SS changing to AA. Healing is the cheapest of the promises of God to obtain. ONLY BELIEVE. If you are really born again, sit down with God’s Manual Book for your life, the Holy Bible read, think and act, (Do Joshua1:8). All things are yours. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  3. I will say, let the will of God be done.

  4. THE WILL OF GOD IS THE hOLY BIBLE. Consider all the marriages contacted in the Bible, the main thing in most was character. Eve never met Adam, God gave her to him, She was designed for Adam. Rebecca, never met Isaac, but the servant asked God to show him, by the virgin who gives him water and waters his camels. Abigail’s entertainment won her David’s heart. Ruth’s reputation spoke to Boaz. 1.Let ladies watch their characters and be in allignment with the word of God. 2. LIVE BY FAITH. The just shall live by faith Habakkuk2:4, Galatian3:11, Hebrew10:38. God is our creator, and He can recreate everything that falls short in our body. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  5. Believe in the almighty God and everything is possible. My niece is an AS and also the husband. All the family was against their getting married, but they believe in Jesus the son of the most high God, they fasted before the got married to the glory of the almighty father they are now blessed with three healthy boys the first one is AA, are, you surprised, please dont be, our God is a miracle worker none of these boys is ss, the first one is now 12yrs old the last one is 2yrs but they are are sickle cell free, praise be to God. Please my sister, if u believe u are serving a living God pray fast just as my niece did, the God that did it for them will do it for you, he is not a partial God. Be strong in love and faith in Jesus. stay blessed.

  6. Adetokunbo, That is a powerful testimony!!! GOD is Almighty, all powerful. We read severally in the Bible that what men call impossibe is possible with God. We can only tap into the power of God if we have faith. It amazes me that people believe the medical science more than what God can do. God specialises in turning the impossible to possible. By the awesome power of God, if we operate in faith, and cry to Him in prayer and fasting, God can do all things for us. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  7. God is older than medicine

  8. Felix, that is very true. God, as the Great Physician, can tell you what to eat and what not to eat to enhance your health from time to time, if you have been depending on Him for your healing. God has healed me several times, and He has recommended some food rich in some minerals to me. You can have conversation with God as you have with your earthly father. God is awesome! Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  9. This is just to say thank you for sharing our post on your site. I hope that the comments made by the Jewels will bless all who read them. If you are reading this and you are a lady, you can actually join in the fun LIVE ON FACEBOOK…..By searching for THYPRECIOUSJEWELS on Facebook and ask to join!

  10. Please tell us, how does one join?

  11. God led me here as I was about sending my daily prayer points to a dear friend. I thank God for all I have read here-both from those for and against such union. May God’s will be done in my life. Pray for and with me…

  12. I say a loud AMEN to all your prayers. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  13. Betty Olagunju | March 1, 2012 at 1:43 pm | Reply

    Am As and my fiance is As we aready have a son who is also As, we are planing to get marry, my fiance parent said we can’t live with one child because my fiance is their first son and secondly I can’t addopt. What should I do.

  14. Betty, If you believe God can do the impossible, I will say go and get married. In fact doing the impossible is God’s speciality, therefore entertain no fear. Moreover if you believe the birth of Jesus Christ without a man, and His blood is still the best and still alive today, trust God to give you AA children. Are you both born again? If not, get born again and hand over the challenge to Jesus. With prayer of faith, praises and declarations of your desire, you will get only what you say. Study Matthew18:19, Mark11:22-24. In addition you will rebuke (forbid, reprove) AS from your on-coming children with all the authority you have as a child of God, John1:12, in the name and Blood of Jesus and in the word of God. Have faith and you will surely overcome AS in that family. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  15. Hi,
    i am currently in dis same situation. A relationship of 7years with both families in full support. now im a month pregnant and all of a sudden my family disagrees out of fear even after they have blessed our union before. my fiances family are ready to go all the way with us but my family has concluded im on my own. i have a calm and peaceful mind concerning the relationship. i am willing to go ahead IN FAITH. if my family can have enough faith that i wont meet another AS man then i think they should also have enough faith that i wont give birth to an SS but they just want to play safe. any advice would be welcomed though thanks

  16. Seun. Read my response in 4 and all other comments. Pray for forgiveness from God and your family for being pregnant before marriage. Pray God to touch the hearts of your family members to agree to the marriage. Walk in faith, your baby’ blood group will be alright, in Jesus name. Glory to God.Jesus is Lord!

  17. In every thing u’re doing, u need 2 consult God first of al

  18. If faith is too far-fetched for some of the people here, why is it that nobody has mentioned assisted reproduction? I’m sure many of us here have heard about PGD with IVF (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis applied during in-vitro fertilization process) as an alternative means of preventing having SS kids.
    For more info on the topic, interested people can look it up on the net.
    God bless us all!

  19. M currently having the same problem wit my fiancee,i am AC nd he just discovered he is AS….i blv in God nd i have faith in him…all i need is for my fiancee to join faith together with me and am sure everything would be okay..i have prayed about us getting married and God has said to me that he is the one for me..I love him soo much.And i pray God sees me through this moment of my life!!

  20. Damilola, You love this man, and I believe he loves you too. You prayed and God told you he is the man for you, then what are you waiting for? People submit their blood for tests. It is funny to me that we believe men (medical team) than we believe God. Start to take the communion flesh and the communion blood of Jesus. One thing about the blood of Jesus is that it is divine blood and it is still potent till today. Belive God to give your children AA group and He will do it. With your mind, trusting him to do it, He will do it. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  21. I am ss a sickle cell anemia case and I have had it since I was three (3) months old its tough. I am married and I have a baby girl who doesn’t have have it she’s ok.
    Doctors usually discourage sicklers from giving birth but i carried my pregnancy by faith and I went through the c-section by faith. Nothing is impossible with God .For the couples having a child with sickle cell anemia is not easy .

  22. I am ss a sickle cell anemia case and I have had it since I was three (3) months old its tough. I am married and I have a baby girl who doesn’t have have it she’s ok.
    Doctors usually discourage sicklers from giving birth but i carried my pregnancy by faith and I went through the c-section by faith. Nothing is impossible with God .For the couples having a child with sickle cell anemia is not easy but with God nothing is impossible.

  23. Nasike, The fact that you have a child who is not a sickler has proved the doctors wrong. Please read my comments of October5,2011, exactly a year after, you posted your comment. There is no coincidence in the things of God. You said you have been doing things “by faith”. I like that phrase very much. Faith is our life wire by which we connect to God, so keep it up. Read Habbakuk2:4, Romans1:17, Galatian3:11 and Hebrews10:38. Your faith pleases God, Hebrews11:6 and that is why He ensures that your child is ok. Have faith in God and in his word, have faith in the Blood of the Lamb, have faith in the death on the cross and have faith that God can perfect everything that concerns you. Psalm138:8. Believe all the healing scriptures you can gather from Genesis to Revelation. Doctors care, they really care, but God is our Healer. I know a sickler who is 64 years, still bubbling with life. She stands on Psalm91:16, and she believes God for “good old age”of Abraham, Genesis15:15, 25:8, of Isaac, Genesis35:29 and other patrachs. Be eating the communion flesh of Jesus and be drinking His communion blood. You shall not die, but live and declre the works of the Lord, Psalm118:17. I join my faith with yours to say, You shall not die, but live. Say it to yourself daily. Read your Bible daily and take in the life of God. Proverbs4:18. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  24. praise God 3 weeks ago i was told i have sickle cell anaemia and i am 13 weeks pregnant. i am believing God will heal me and my child will come out negative. He is a healing and up to today i dont believe what the Doctor told me. this was my first time to hear of it and this is the last time i hear of it in my family, Praise God

  25. Shirley, I’m glad that you have rejected the evil report and opted to believe God. The just shall live by faith, Hebrews10:38, 39. Read the following Chapter, commonly called the faith chapter, Hebrews11. Your faith in God, through His Son, the Word, the death on the cross and the Blood shed on the cross. All these will grant you good health. Gather many healing scriptures and ask God to heal your blood. Reading the word of God also gives good health.Proverbs4:20-22. There are several testimonies of SS changing into AA. Go into action by taking the Blood and flesh of Jesus Christ, using. John 6:48-58, 1Corinthians11:20-34. The life of the flesh is in the blood, Leviticus17:11. As you partake of the flesh and the Blood of Jesus, your heath will improve and SS could change to AA. Hold on to your faith, God will make good health available for you and your baby. Go to this link to read the preparation, https://www.prayersfire.com/?p=3343 Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  26. Hmmm… all comments here are superb… I am undergoing this issue presently. Years back i heard from God dat my wife would be older than i am along the line i met several younger ladies who 1 way or the other have left the relationship. After exactly 1 year i moved to a new area. i told God i needed a friend and i heard him ask if wat i wanted was a friend or a partner? i request for a partner and what amazes me was that the person i found was older than me and from another tribe fulfilling Gods word. Now here the issue lies.Along the line i was made to understand through her that she dated someone before who was an AS like her and they broke up and now same applies to me. She doesnt have the faith to go on like she claims and when i went back to ask God, He gave me this: Exodus 4:10-12. I shared it with her but I cant seem to help her faith. What do i do. pls u can mail me on jjodus2009@yahoo.com when u reply thanks. with the link to your response

  27. Temitope, Let’s share my reply openly so that others can learn from it. When God gives you a verse or some verses, read verses before and after. My attention was drawn to verse 8. You may not bother to convince her, but God who brought her to you can speak to her. So, ask God to tell her by any means, especially by giving her a sign that you are the right man. Do not rush her. If it is God, God will sort her out for you and you will have the last laugh. Begin to pray concerning this sickle issue. I dont know the blood group of Rebecca, and Isaac, nor of Ruth and Boaz, and of other couples in the Bible. Today we have the Blood of Jesus flowing through us as believers who take the communion flesh and the communion Blood of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  28. Nicholas Nganga | December 10, 2012 at 5:43 pm | Reply

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    1)That God will provide for the financial,physical,technical and human resources
    needed to build an international standard guest house and camping resort.
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    6)That our tours and travel business will prosper profitably.

    God bless you!

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  29. Nicholas, I join my faith with yours and pray tha God grants you all your heart’s desires according to his will, in the mighty name of Jesus. It is done. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  30. okoro.R.Amarachi | January 16, 2013 at 12:30 pm | Reply

    My genotype is AS, I ve lost a relationship 2years ago becos d guy was also AS, now I met a guy again who is also AS,what do I do,I am confused,I was told we can work it out, but I am scared,why wld genotype detect who I be with in a relationship?

  31. If you read all the comments above, you will see why genotype should not be a factor in relationship. What were the genotypes of Rebecca and Isaac? Have faith in God, he can do all things. There are some testimonies of what God did to change thegenotype of their children. God can do the same for you, if you ask Him as they did. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  32. I am really blessed by these testimonies,I am an AA engaged to an SS man, I strongly believe he’ll be healed,I believe God will change his genotype to AA because I’ve been praying&fasting for the miracle,pls join your faith with mine and I know the true living God will do it.God bless you.

  33. Adeola, You should than God because your chances of having SS children are not there. God will honour your faith and give you long life. Keep anti-death scriptures in your mouth and heart. Hold to God’s word which is settled in heaven. Both of you should speak Psalm118:17 to one another untill it sinks into your spirit. See also, Psalm 49:15,1Corinthians6:15, 2Corinthians1:10, Romans8:11. Search for more and be meditating on them. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  34. Thank you very much Maggie,I’ve gone through d bible passages&i’l continue to read them.Its jst that smething else came up nw,I have this friend who told me that in the cause of praying for me,God revealed that there is a generational curse in the life of my fiance(an adultery curse)&that if we get married,he must exhibit it,even if he doesn’t want to,he will cause of d curse in his lineage,even though she said he’s good,if I still choose 2 marry him but that will b d only major problem we’l face in future,am rily confused now,I dnt knw whether 2 pray abt it or jst walk away from him&leave him alone,cos dnt 1t future problems.when I asked if dia r any serious traces of polygamy in his family(I mean from his uncles&oda relatives)he said ‘no’&dat 2 d best of his knowledge,his uncles only have one wife(d uncles he knows)&evn his elder brother is married 2 one wife but he said he doesn’t knw if dey hve extra-marital affairs.pls I need an advise.God bless you!

  35. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 25, 2013 at 2:48 am | Reply

    Adeola, This is a very simple case. If you are told of someone you do not know is under a curse, what will you do? Break the curse of course. How much more someone you plan to marry. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil, 1John3:8. All our curses are laid on the One who hanged on the tree. Galatians3:13 and Colossians1:13, 14; 2:13. Proverbs26:2. Use the Blood of Jesus to cancel any curse or evil prophesy. Do not take evil prophesy lightly, always do prayer and fasting and locate the word to cancel them. Declare war on it. God will give you your breakthrough, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  36. i just discovered yesterday that am as and my fiance is as as well and i believe that marriage is of God not of genotype cos in the beginning God never based marriage on any man’s point of view marriage goes beyond getting discouraged by what the medical practitioner says marriage is based on love please margaret just join me in prayer that God should proof all these people wrong again if he has done he can do it again even if he has not done it before he can start doing it now please i need comment on this please

  37. I really praise God 4 dis wonderful comment here nd word of faith here. Am avin issues as well. 1st B4 we procede we ask God nd we r told we r meant 4 eachoda now we want to begin our marriage process we went 4 genotype test am AS he is SS. Nd I blive in God dat he can change me. I want my faith to work 4 me cos we truly love eachoda I knw God is greater dan medical report

  38. Sis Abiola,if God has told you that you are meant for eachother,pls go ahead because God’s ways are not your ways.Just trust him to take care of you& your hubby,our lives are in God’s hands&he knows just what to do with it.Its better to marry a ‘God’s will’ SS than to marry an AA person ok.Please let the will of God be done&always remember that. The Will of God will NEVER take you to where His Grace will not PROTECT you.God bless you ma.

  39. Its really funny but this is exactly the same thing I am facing. I strongly believe that God’s promises of healing works. What I have decided to do is ask God for a change of genotype to AA and faith it to existence, that way I am sure he is involed and I am also sure of the health of my unborn children.

  40. Dunamis Inuaeyen | April 24, 2013 at 7:22 pm | Reply

    I am a victim of ss gynotype. I feel the pain, I see the pain that goes through my body in the eyes of loved onse. I cant wish such a pain to my worst enemy. Do not go in the marriage if you have been warned by doctors. Do not give the pain to your children.

  41. Dunamis, my prayer for you, from the depth of my heart is: O Lord, heal her, in the name of Jesus. You should be praying Jeremiah17:14, Deuteronomy 7:15 daily. See God as your Healer Exodus15:16. As a born again child of God, you have power against all manner of sicknesses and diseases. Read Matthew17:8, 10:1, Luke9:1, 2. The word of God will heal you, Proverbs4:20-22. Reading the word and listening to it will bring you health. You shall not die but live….Psalm118:17. Gather more healing scriptures and speak them daily. the power of God will be flowing into your body and life. With time, you will be well. Have faith and increase your faith by hearing the word of God. Pray often using the word of God. Fear not, God will heal you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  42. m so happy i found this site

  43. Hi all, I am in tears and confusion as I type these words. Our first child was diagnosed to be SS and it was devastating. What was more cruel was that I was told that I was AA when I went for my genotype test as an undergraduate. When I met my fiance who later became my wife, I made sure I knew her genotype, which was certified to be AA. So we got married. As my wife was about to put to bed, she was asked to go for the test again and was told that she was AS. With that shock, I went for mine and was told that was AS too. Now our child is going through the crisis of his life and we have cried out our eyes in prayer and fasting. Was it our fault, what was our mistake? The questions are endless as we bear the pains and fear for the worst. Please brethren, we need your encouragements and serious prayers. We are people of faith but it’s getting difficult to hold on. PLEASE HELP US!

  44. Akinkunmi Hoppy | June 17, 2013 at 10:54 am | Reply

    If you have really prayed and the confirmation is there that it is the will of God for both of you to come together as husband and wife, then God has a way of perfecting everything concerning you cos He is your creator. I will suggest that prayerfully, you go on with your wedding plans cos I have seen a case like yours that God changed the genotype from AS to AA. God may want to you your own case for people to know that He is the Lord and Master of the whole universe. just make sure that you are both convinced that it is the will of God o. Shalom!

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  46. Bankole Oluwaseyi | July 29, 2013 at 11:42 am | Reply

    I don’t knw hw 2 say it, bt wat I’m facin right now is sumhw big, my GF told me dat her genotyp is AS, so I went 2 confirmed my own and I was told dat I’m also AS, the following day I started 3 days fasting and prayer (white fasting) dat GOD shld change my genotyp 2 AA. So yesterday my GF called me she said she has told her parent abt our relationship bt d Genotyp is d main issue now dat they want my opinion on dat. What I jst need now is ur prayer dat GOD shld pls in HIS mercy shld change my genotyp 4rm AS to AA bcus we really love each other.

  47. infact this genotype issue is really disturbing becos what am facing now is very serious after dating for five good years we just realise we can not marry becos he is As whiles i am to .pls help me out becos it becoming difficult for me to quit and also ask myself why shd this genotype determine whom u shd get married to?shd we then marry someone u dont have any feeling or love for just becos he or she is Aa? Someone u will regret getting married to becos of genotype hmmmm God shd help us. Pls i need your comment becos i have started growing lien already .

  48. Hello everyone, I have painstakingly gone through the thread of comments on this line, and it’s definitely a rich, robust and diverse resource of perceptions and views. This issue of marriage among carriers of the sickle cell trait has always been a very interesting and thought provoking topic and will continue to be so.
    The “God & Faith” factor has featured prominently in this thread, which is very good in itself especially given that this site is a religious platform. However I think that this approach may be skewed, and probably non-representative of the general population who are all affected by this sickle cell issue. A more holistic pattern of discussion and analysis of the problem is therefore highly desirable.
    I have also noticed a bias in the responses based on the experiences of respondents to the sickle cell disorder i.e. respondents are more likely to favour a discontinuation of relationship if they are affected by sickle cell disease or have a sibling, relative or friend who is. While those with little or no experience with the disease are more open in their discussions.
    There are also instances of ethical violations highlighted within the thread especially when religious and/or family institutions disallow the union of couples who are both carriers of the sickle cell gene thereby infringing on their autonomy, rights of association and rights of reproduction. The couples themselves who go ahead with their union and bring forth children affected by sickle cell disease are also guilty of such ethical infringements toward such children (rights to health).
    Having observed the above, here are my submissions:
    1. The marriage institution is a sacred one in which two individuals who love each other come together to consummate their relationship before God and before man. Genotype testing is one out of a thousand factors that influence such decisions and although it is an important factor, should not be perceived as the paramount factor on the agenda.
    2. I believe it is ethically unjust for families or religious institutions to determine whether a couple should or should not be joined together in matrimony simply based on their carrier status for the sickle cell gene or any other inherited disorder for that matter. Rather couples should be able to make an informed decision based on a non-directional, unbiased, accurate and complete information which is gotten from genetic counselling from a professional genetic counselor.
    3. Believe in God and having faith should not be translated to only mean that the the problem will be made to disappear. No. Faith should mean that, you understand the existence of the problem and given your conviction on this union, you both choose to go ahead believing that God will help you weather the storm. Faith can mean that even with your carrier status as a couple, you will not have kids with sickle cell disease (simple probability states this too), but it can also mean that you will be given the support and cushion you require to go through the process in the times of trouble and ultimately come out victorious. There however has to be a good understanding when it comes to faith: having faith should be clearly distinguished from putting God to test. There is really a thin line between faith and stupidity.
    4. There are lots of options now available for carrier couples which ensures that they can go ahead to have healthy children in such relationships. (a) adoption-the couple can choose to be married and then adopt kids. (b) pre-implantation diagnosis- a very technical procedure, the genetic make-up of the sperm or egg of the couple can be examined before fertilization and selection done to avoid having children with sickle cell disease. (c) pre-natal diagnosis- the unborn child can be diagnosed early in pregnancy and if affected, the couple can opt for termination of pregnancy. (d) newborn screening- this case is bit different. here the child is already affected by sickle cell disease, however if the diagnosis is made at birth and the child is enrolled into a comprehensive care programme of prophylactic antibiotics, pneumococcal vaccination and parental education, the chances of survival are reduced from as low as 10-50% to as high as 90-99%, with less frequent crisis, and less frequent infections.
    5. Having said all these, it suffices to conclude that sickle cell disease is viewed with this magnitude of severity because it is a life-long and painful disease with dire health, social and economical burden to both the affected individuals as well as their families, and it kills affected people in their numbers. However with the advent of newborn screening, this picture has changed dramatically especially in the developed world where this approach has been practised for decades. Sickle cell disease should no longer be a death sentence, but a manageable illness like asthma, diabetes, hypertension, etc.
    I rest my case.

  49. I have hard 4 heart breaks and its not funny. I met my fiancee 2 yes ago and she kept turning me down all along until years. I prayerfully followed her and waited upon the lord for 2yrs before she said yes. now its time to tie the knot and the genotype challenge propped up. I have always know my self to be AA and I have hav lab results to show for it but now the results are saying AS and she too is AS. We both believe God will change us even though her parents and people think otherwise. pls I need scriptures we can use as text for prayers. we can’t afford saying goodbye on the basis of medical advice. from the day she said yes, we made straight to church, knelt down and thanked Him. we are convinced we are meant for each other and are not ready to part ways.

  50. Steve I love you because you bear the same name as my boyfriend… You have an intriguing story right there.., I need you to be certain that God is leading you, ask him, reask him and ask again and if you get a + answer then go ahead. I’m a sickle cell patient and its not a nice experience… Am 21yrs old and growing up was not so great. I could not make plans all the time and see them through because I might just be caught with an episode, somehow I felt alienated and I could not participate so much in school stuffs but one thing I know for sure is that am a great woman and God has as incredible plan for me… John 14v6 our lord is the way, so whenever you are confused just ask him and he’ll lead you… Remain blessed!

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