Deal with the Envelope of death now!!!

envelope of deathBREAKING NEWS!!!  Latest Information from FH/QTRS. Abuja Reveals that, there is a suspected killer envelope containing some powdering substance. Don’t take any sealed envelope & avoid one being opened around you as victims are made to sleep till death. God’ll protect us in Jesus’ name (Amen).

Pass to brethren in Christ.

Pastor Faith Olumuyiwa

take this prayer points:

1. Every messenger of death assigned against my life, you are a liar! die!!! in JESUS’ NAME.

2. Envelope of sorrow and tragedy sent to terminate my life, I am not your candidate: THEREFORE, I NULLIFY YOU BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS!!!

3. Arrows of death repackaged as envelope against my life, what are you waiting for? Back-fire and kill your senders!!! in the name of Jesus.

4. Arrows of untimely death fired against my life, what are you waiting for DIE! DIE!! DIE BY FIRE!!!  in the name of Jesus.

7 Comments on "Deal with the Envelope of death now!!!"

  1. Thanks for the great work your doing, may God bless you.

    Please help and send me prayers points i can use to pray for my daughter who is a sickler.
    Be blessed.

  2. KOLBILA LAMISI | October 5, 2011 at 4:54 pm | Reply

    Thanks for the great prayer points.

    Please can you send me prayer points to prayer and destroy the spirit of celbro pulpsy eating my son up.

    God bless you.

  3. Psalm 116, Psalm 51, Isaiah 51: 6-7, psalm 103; 1-4

    Graveyard power! Hear the word of the Lord! release my children by fire, IJN

    I wash my children with the Blood of Jesus and fire of Holy Ghost, IJN Everyday

    Every contamination in my children blood be flushed out in the name of Jesus

    Every Taste of infirmities and smell of infirmities, vanish IJN

    Earthquake of Deliverance locate me, IJN

    Every yoke in my life and homes be broken IJN

    Every poison in my bloodline be flushed out now in the name of Jesus

    Spirits of Infirmities< The Lord of Host rebuked you in my family, IJN

    Lord God Almighty thanks for answering my prayer at all time

  4. Hi. Man of God I need prayer points against spirit of death. Breaking dreams about funerals in my life and my family. Stopping frequent deaths in my family. Thanks

  5. Man of God i need prayer points against untimely or sudden death against my life and my family. Thanks

  6. OLADIPO VICTORIA | October 23, 2015 at 2:11 pm | Reply


  7. Man of God please I need u to pray for my mother Victoria and my brother Christian that every evil arrow marked on their forehead for sudden death this year that God should send his Angeles and fight the battle and remove the sudden death in Jesus name.

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