Praise Reports From Jamaica

Praise Report

Praise the Lord! It’s been awhile I haven’t sent my praise report – I successfully completed my Masters in Business Administration and my graduation is on November 5, 2011. To God be the glory great things he hath done!!!!!!! I know much prayer went up on my behalf as I am always requesting prayers – Thanks to you all.

Let’s keep the prayer requesting going. Let’s continue to pray one for another – God is good and He is the ABSOLUTE GOD – THE GOD OF POSSIBILITIES.

Now I need an increase in salary or a better paying job. Right now I am declaring 100% increase in my salary intake. I believe God is able to give me a job that will allow me to take home that salary with less stress than I am faced with in this present job.

Remember to continue pray for my country Jamaica, W.I. We need a turn around in the economy. The politicians to commit their lives to the Lord and stop being dishonest and corrupt.

Princess Wedderburn

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