A Cry For Help From Prayer City

cry for help

Calvary greetings to u people of God. I want use this media to beg you to assist me in prayer . For me and my two brothers are suffering…..

My elder brother has been to Germany,Holland, South Korea, India and finally China……… But today he has nothing he begs before he eat some times he call me to come give him 500naira to sustain him from hunger. Myself have traveled to some other countries but currently has nothing. I only help myself thru going to a plastic company to load plastic chairs and buckets in lorries. Some times I make 600naira in a day..

We started very well in our family suddenly things started turning upside down .even some friend that i assisted in traveling to abroad when they see me they were giving option for help that before they can assist me they will first of all get me initiated into there occultist kingdom where they belong , that they cannot give me money like that.

That is to protect my future and the money which they wil give me. They can lodge me in a hotel of 12000 Naira per nite but to give me that money at hand it’s another thing…..in our family all my cousins who are my mate has married . Even in Lagos where we stay my elder brother is squatting with his friend likewise me. He is still single even me y because of no money.

We lost our parent in our tender age. We live in our uncles house where they talk to us any how. Sometimes if i c those that were looking up to me before i took hid. may it please you to pray for me and my brother now . We need breakthrough today not tomorrow. I’m writing to from mountain fire prayer city currently am undergoing deliverance there which i started on Monday 9th of august to end by Friday morning. Be richly blessed as you are treating my case now. Im crying nite and day………….dis is my cell number 08032536824 Jude Nnamdi is my name

your call will be welcome.

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  1. God Almighty, thank you for the lives of Jude and his brother, let Jude and his brother experience a divine visitation now. Arise and let your enemies in their lives be scattered. Lord you say you are the one who teaches us to profit, give these two children of yours a teachable spirit that they may learn on how to get wealth. Give them a testimony that will surprise their friends and shock their enemies and let your name be glorified, in Jesus Mighty name. Amen!

  2. Vivian Iwuamadi | August 11, 2011 at 2:30 pm | Reply

    Lord Jesus with you all things are possible. Father Glorify your name in the life of Jude and his brother. Let God be God in his life and every other powers a liar.

    Father you have done it before you will do it again. put their enemies to shame. In Jesus name i pray. Amen

  3. Salami Rukayat | August 11, 2011 at 3:36 pm | Reply

    Lord we thank you the life of your children. meet them at point of their needs visit them surprise them filled their mount with song of joy. So will be glorified forever .Thank for you have hear our prayer for in Jesus name we pray AMEN!

  4. GOD cannot fail, I PRAY the almighty GOD will restore everything u have lost IJN. amen.

  5. Our God will not be mocked. Lord, restore to these two children whom You have called by their name, all that the swarming locusts have destroyed. Shock their foes, friends and even themselves in the might name of Jesus. Give them a divine visitation today and bless their needs. Break the teeth of the ungodly gathered against them in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen and Amen.

  6. I need divine intervention in my job. I have always been sent out with frustration for the past 2years in every job that i take. I have been in 3 employments in the last 2years and thesame has been happening over and over. This is practically spiritual. God, Daay Adeboye and saints .Please pray for me.

  7. AGNES NDIVISI BETTY | August 17, 2011 at 10:04 pm | Reply



  9. Please pray for me that I can have focus in my life. I feel as if my life is at a standstill since my seperaion from my wife almost two years ago and subequently losing my job. I am asking to get the inspiration to make somethiing of my life. To continue to support my children as best as I can even though I do not live with them.
    I ask for financial blessings as my home is about to be reposessed, and if it does, so that the bank could recover all their monies and leave a little for us to share.

  10. Lord Jesus, I cry that you break the chains that are binding this family- Jesus they are asking for Your mighty weapons to fight the battle for them and Lord I know you hear thiers and everyone’s prayers for them. Show Your power my sweet Jesus. In Your name my Lord Jesus, amen.

    @ Jude Nnamdi & family- start praising God for your brekathroughs and read Job- imagine what he went through- at the first stirke he said “…praise God…” He acknowledges your cries, now it’s for you to trust and believe that He will see you through this breakthrough to victory- so claim your victory in the name of Jesus.
    Start counting your blessings..

    Be blessed!!!

  11. Please pray for Brian to call me and come and meet me and clear the confusion and misunderstanding that we have – I am suffering day in and day out without talking as we were so close and I know the day will come soon as per God’s plan for us to live together in this world

  12. Please pray for my wife she is confused & lying within our marriage and relationship we are currently seperated.
    It has been nearly 12 months since this all blew up,she hasn,t sleeped properly
    at all I love her very much.

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