Praying Against Lawlessness In The U.K

London riots

Dear praying friend,

I am emailing you with a request. Please pray for our nation here in the UK. As you may have seen on the TV, a spirit of lawlessness has been unleashed on our land that is ruining areas of London and other cities in the UK.

As spiritual guardians of the nations under Jesus Christ we have a duty as believers to join hands and hearts and lift our voices to God.The Scriptures talk about the restraining influence of the Holy Spirit in and through believers holding back the powers of darkness.

2Thess. 2:7 For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way.

This is not a natural problem, but a spiritual one.Please let your heart overflow with love toward our land, and pray with us for the will of God to be done. Truly, the UK needs a turning back to God in many ways, and by His grace the events of the last few days may provide a wake up call for many who have been spiritually asleep.

Too often, the overwhelming challenges we hear and see each day can cause our hearts to grow numb. We will not let this happen.Matt. 24:12 And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. Where sin abounds, the repentant heart that draws upon the grace and mercy of God abounds much more. Thank you so much for your support at this time. may Jesus be glorified in all.  Your friend, David

5 Comments on "Praying Against Lawlessness In The U.K"

  1. God will make a way,where there seems to be no way.Take heart Britons.GOD ALMIGHTY is in the knowhow.The battle is not ours…

  2. Lord have mercy upon me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.I’m still having a chanllange in the flesh by masterbating.I need total deliverance,aslo adultery i really desire to serve God in spirit and truth i want to be that women that God calls me to be,so please brethen remember me in your prayers,thank you

  3. Please help with your prayers to stop pornographic and naturist images being looked at by me and masturbation. My home is better, my enemies are backing down, my faith is stronger, my finances healthier, but THIS would crown it thank you.

  4. Your prayer points even without the fasts, just READ have already worked wonders. The testimony above to do with home, enemies, faith and finances. I fast wednesdays and fridays and couple that with the prayer points and almsgiving, other prayers, meditation. It works! Mfm will burn evil to a crisp!

  5. need your prayers, have been invited to SCOAN, and looks like a cult to me. i need to get out from there

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