Testimonies of Marriage Restoration from Fiji … vigil – 7 days prayer n fasting

marriage restorationPraise the Lord,,,,,,,,,,Marriage Restored!!!!!!! – by Madhu Lum

sis Sneha……from Lautoka called me in June 16th when her husband walked out of the house with another girl and all was set for him to get married…….with the other girl…….

I never met or seen sis Sneha, but we continued to pray over the phone and in agreement, cos the word of god says if two agree concerning anything on this earth it shall be done in his Name…….it happen for this sister in Lautoka……god moved and showed his power as we claim her husband in prayer to return …her faith in lord healed her marriage……she never gave up on the husband….we kept praying…….

he has made a promise and said seek him first the kingdom of god,his righteousness and we shall have all we want……..and need in our life……she wanted her husband back and she got it in Jesus Name…………..

7 days prayer and fasting did a miracle in this sister’s life……..husband walked back in the house on 30/07/11 @ 3.51pm….our god never fails us if we seek him first…….he keeps his promise to us…….he never leaves us nor forsake us………

I salute our lord and saviour for the miracle he performed in sis Sneha life and saved her marriage just in time, ……….the super natural power of our lord……..how great is our lord……..

so i want to encourage you all never give up on Jesus…….Faith ……….only in God …….heals all situation and circumstances……

god bless u all
sis in christ
Madhu Lum

Proverbs 30:7-9 Two things I ask of you, O LORD; do not refuse me
before I die: Keep falsehood and lies far from me; give me neither
poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread. Otherwise, I may
have too much and disown you, and say, ‘Who is the LORD ?’ Or I may
become poor and steal, and so dishonor the name of my God.

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  1. faith ehigiamusoe | August 4, 2011 at 9:53 pm | Reply

    Help M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ in prayer for ♏γ̲̣̣̥ marriage to work out, ♏γ̲̣̣̥ fiance steven keep talkin abt gettin married to M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ and having children , but I dnt know what is causing the delay, I have been prayin since 3yrs for our marriage to come to reality but I dnt know why its hasn’t come to pass, pls help M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ in prayer , iam faith ehigiamusoe ♏γ̲̣̣̥ fiance name is steven ojamiren

  2. Hello I am trying to open the 21 days ,prayer points for the battle of the gate
    i need these prayer points please help me please. thank you , Venetta

  3. Reconciliation of Marriage

    Got seperated 26/02/2010, wanting to reconcile and have the marriage God wants us to have. Help others.

    Plz pray for Suzanna and myself that God will bring us back together again.That God will plant the mustard seed of faith, trust, belief, and love in her heart. That the fear she has of us ever getting together will be removed. I am praying my wife finds a church, God leads her to and study His word. Plz pray God keeps teaching us how to be His children/so through this trial we are in we will help others. I thank God for this trial. I pray that if it is God’s will we will be husband & wife again and that God will alway be in our marriage. That God will bless us with more children,His children.(soon I hope I am 41, my wife is 40. I know Sara was 99) That he will love me like Christ loved us all & I will submit to him as God tells us to. Thank You.

  4. I was in a relationship with the father of my son for over a year (constitutionally we are married). He promised to met my parents and marry me in church before our son was born but that never came to pass. On 6th June we had a terrible separation scene where my dad was a witness to. So much was said…so much hurt and pain. I have not been a serious as the other women who have testimonies of reconciliation but I now know that with God ALL IS POSSIBLE. I am encouraged that God is able to forgive me and him and reconcile us so that we would bring up our son in a healthy family.

  5. God restore my marriage and give me the grace to be called and woman of valour in the eye of the rightous one. Am too lonely

  6. Lord i need help. My wife is seeing another man and after questioning her she has admitted to it, but her focus on me and my children is dwindling away and she has closed herself up and not interested in our family affairs. I need your prayer points on marriage restoration and please stand with me in prayer.

  7. Pray for my marraige. I have been married for 10 years now. My husband and I had a disagreement in regards to my parents and a women at his job, he left the home and has since not returned. I asked him to leave the home becuase of the way that he was treating my sickly elderly parents and also for having some kind of relationship with the supervisor at his job. He denied all, however everytime that I confronted him about the woman he would grow angry. I told him that I would not accept him treating me worng for this other woman that he may have been seeing. Anyway he has belitteled and gone to all of my church, friends, family and the community and said that I have been physically abusing him and that I am a jezebel. Everyone is looking at me as a husband beater. Now no one including his family and the friends that I thought i had have not spoken to me. He is wanting to take our children away, he has left the home and not payed the mortgage or the bill for 3 months. I had to resign my job to come take care of my 3 children and also to care for my elderly parents. The woman that he may be seeing is a supervisor at his job from a neighboring church. My car stop working, the church van that OI was driving the brakes have failed, the water heater in my home has since stopped working. Some dropped 5 large pieces of feces in front of my home. My husband says that he will not give me any money and that I should lose the home that God gave to the family. My God it has been a struggle for the past few months. My husband is envolved in something that I do not know. The Lord is revealling and I claim all that is for me and my family in Jesus name. Family of God, children of God please help my family pray for restoration in Jesus name. There is some thing happening in my marriage that the Lord is trying to show me, and victory is for me.

  8. My daughters are sufering from evil matital pattern. Join me in prayer that God should heal their marriage and restore the broken one

  9. We will continue to unite in prayer,because victory is for us who are in Christ Jesus. Let the Lord grant us victory and prepare a blessed table for us in the midst of our enemies. My husband will return back in Jesus name. Restoration I claim for my household in JEsus name. I a sk that the Lord do not tarry, but explode his magnificent and majestic glory in the midst of all the trials and tribulation. My help only comes from God. God is my provider and my banner. Victory I claim for everyone that is going through a marital problem. Nothing is to hard for our God. Believe with me in prayer for the restoration of broken marriages that the devil has tried to put asunder. With God we will not fial. Let the glory of God arise in the marraiges that he has pre-destined and placed together. In Jesus name Amen

  10. c’est mon anniversaire de marriage demain, 28 septembre. Le 38ème anniversaire. Mon marriage a eu trop de difficultés humaines et spirituelles : manque d’amour, manque de profondeur, manque de sincérité, adultère, sorcellerie, maris et femmes de nuit, ruine financière, dettes énormes, échec professionnel et financier, commérage et calomnie, bref le diable avait mis sa main dans ma maison. Le Seigneur a exposé les personnes qui étaient à la racine de tout ce désordre et les portes que nous avions nous memes ouvertes, et a commencer la restauration. Veuillez prier pour nous afin que la restauration soit totale, sur le plan spirituel : que nous soyons complètement guéris des traumatismes, nous et nos enfants, que la crainte de Dieu soit notre must, que l’amour authentique jaillisse dans nos coeurs, que le Seigneur nous ouvre les écluses des cieux pour les percéées des affaires, les opportunités financières, les opportunités d’emploi pour nos enfants, les pluies de bénédictions pour ceux qui font de Dieu leurs délices, l’élévation sociale, et la marque de protection divine sur notre vie et celle de nos enfants. Que tout ennemi irrésistible qui s’attaquerait à nous désormais et ne voudrait pas nous laisser en paix,, reçoive la correction et le jugement quelDieu a infligés à la mer rouge et craigne Le Dieu que je sers. Please priez que moi l’épouse je sois celle qui plait à Dieu et soit son instrument pour l’évangélisation. Priez que Dieu nous guérisse de toutes les maladies démoniaques qui sont encore dans nos corps, et qu’ils nous purifient de tous nos péchés et des péchés de nos ancetres. Enfin que Dieu feme toutes les portes maléfiquent par lesquels le diable passe pour nous atteindre, et qu’il nous équipe de son Esprit Saint pour une conversion totale, et définitive, au nom de Jésus. Que Dieu convertisse tous mes enfants et leurs partenaires et qu’Il prenne aussi le controle de leurs vies familiales, proffessionnelles, spirituelles, financières et socaile, au nom de Jésus. Je consacre à Dieu par cet anniversaire toute ma famille et famille de mes enfants à Jésus, et qu’Il soit notre seul Seigneur et Sauveur désormais, au nom de Jésus. Je prie aussi que Dieu déverse sa miséricorde et ses pluies de bénédiction sur tous ceux qui nous ont sincèrement soutenus tout au long de ces années par leur prières, leur soutien matériel, financiers, conseil, particulièrement un pretre, un pasteur, et une amie, que Dieu lui meme les connais tous. Qu’il leur retribue ce qu’il donne à ceux qui font son oeuvre et sa bonté. Merci pour votre prière, et merci à vous, et à Jésus, au nom tout puissant de Jésus. God bless your site, and yours prayers for us.

  11. Pls iam 42 yrs old. Have been.

  12. Iam 42)rs old ihave being. Into so many realationship no one it worked for me. Am tired of it. Pls need ur prayer. Pls man of God what can I now. He’ll

  13. Husband own decided to separate me already. He really hate me forever,
    his not accept my forgive. I got hurt everything. He don’t have love
    me anymore. Pray for husband need know about Christ, love me,
    restoration marriage. We need him badly because He need to support my
    family. i have one my son 3years old. Now we r suffering, really hard
    our life. No one help me who financial for feed my son and me. Pray
    for husband continue to know Lord. God bless you. thank you

  14. I am a divorcee with kids.Am married again to a different guy, my husband is so desperate to have a baby with me but unfortunately i cannot have any more babies cos i had my tubes burned and tie.According to doctors that is a permanent and its impossible for me to conceive again.Please pray for me and my husband as it has caused a lot of problem in our family.

  15. hi am a 29yr old lady .l have dated am tired of it. Need help on prayers ,

  16. My name is Vanessa i am from Bakersfield North America am here to testify the great work of doctor ZUMBA,ZUMBER is a powerful spell caster who helped me in getting the love of my life back,i and my boyfriend were in a relationship for over 10 years since our high school days we live and grow up together as one we love and care for each other so much,we assist each other in time of problems and financial needs i love him with the most deepest part of my heart i never thought that any thing could happened between both of us,so after schooling we graduated same year we were both working and we earn good money monthly the most surprising part of it was that my boyfriend never thought of we getting marry in mind i thought that is not yet time for that,because we love each other in my believe he can never betrayed me,so few years back i travel to USA to pay my uncle a visit i spent 2 months their so when i return i discovered that my boyfriend is having an affair with some one else this person am talking about happen to be his manager in the company were he works so i believe she most have use her money and her fiances to get him,i feel the world was over for me because they were even planning to get marry very soon i was confuse i don’t know what to do because i can’t afford to loose him to another woman after 14 years of our relationship so now is time for we to come together as one family bring up our children together now he what to live me and go for another how can i love again? i was about drugging my self to death one day i feat sick my parents took me to the hospital for treatment i spent 3 days in the hospital the doctor said to my parents that am under going a broken heart through the hands of a trusted love one,i latter head that my ex boyfriend and his new lover are about getting married,i cried day and night every day of my life i feel like living this world because i don’t have any reason living again on this planet called earth,one day the nurse that was taking care of me when i was in the hospital came to visit me at home i told her all my stories about my broken heart from a trusted lover,she feel petty for me and she advise me,she introduce me to an online spell caster called DOCTOR ZUMBA who also help her when she was having problem in her marriage,i followed DOCTOR ZUMBA online and i obeyed him and i did every thing he ask me to do he is a kind man and he is harmless,DOCTOR ZUMBA cast a spell for me after 7 days my ex boyfriend came back to me and beg me for forgiveness,so 2 months latter we got married as am talking to you all now we are the best couple so far,spell is real and there are still real spell caster,all thanks to DOCTOR ZUMBA,if you need his help you can email him with this email: zumbaspelltemple@gmail.com

  17. Salve io sono Danila sono italiana ma vivo in Germania. Sono stata lasciata da Mio Marito il 3marzo 2013 perche lui mi ha tradita! Mio Marito e ancora con quella Donna insieme! Io prego sempre nostro Padre per il restauro del nostro matrimonio! Io ho accettato Gesu! Ero persa non sapevo cosa fare solo Dio mi ha Data la forza! Io ho perdonato Mio Marito e voglio il restauro del nostro matrimonio! Io sarei lieta se Pregate per il restauro del nostro matrimonio per la salvezza di Mio Marito insieme a me! Nel nome di Gesù! Ammennn spero Che qualcuno possa tradurre la Mia lettera! Aiutateci con le vostre preghiere a restaurare quello Che si é rotto! Nel nome di Gesù,Grazie

  18. Pliz help me pray i declare that my husband will come back to us in jesus name

  19. Luleka Matshoba | October 27, 2017 at 9:02 am | Reply

    I need some prayers I want the father of my child back in my life and marry me thank you.

  20. please pray that I will receive a money transfer I am struggling with bills .I need a breakthrough

  21. My name is Eric Johnnis, Am 37 from Papua New Guinea,a neighbor to Australia. I need prayer support. I’am working but not enough to pay for my kids school fees and my wife school fees. Secondly, I started my company but I need financial support to startup and to buy equipments for my company. I desperately need financial support for kids and my wife school fees and also for my company. My third prayer request is to stop marriage destruction in my marriage. My wife name Hilda Pue Johnnis. Please I need financial breakthrough right away I really need it and also for my marriage, pray to protect my marriage.

    Thank you,

    Eric Johnnis
    Papua New Guinea.
    +675 70622498

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