Prayers Points From The Mount of Mercy

Song: Olorun mi, modupe}2ce
Alagbara, Alagbara to saanu mi,
Olorun mi modupe.

  1. By the covenant that established this mountain of mercy, let my prayers on this mount be answered by fire, in Jesus’ name
  2. Inu iyara ogun ti aye ti mi mo, Olorun ori Oke Aanu, mumi jade, ni oruko Jesu.
  3. The key of my glory stolen by wicked powers, O God arise and restore it to me now in Jesus’ name.
  4. Gbogbo agbara ti o n fi aye ponmi loju, e segbe, e poora loruko Jesu.
  5. Enikeni ti o n fowo so aya wipe Olorun ko to mi gba, ki ile to mo, Oluwa jeki ara wo ile e, ni oruko Jesu
  6. Ohunkohun to mumi gori oke yi, Oluwa gbe le mi lowo, ni oruko Jesu
  7. Oluwa o, ra igba mi pada, ni oruko Jesu
  8. Olorun ori oke aanu, se mi lore ti o se gbe pamo, ni oruko Jesu
  9. Emi ile baba mi, jade ni aye mi, loruko Jesu.
  10. Arrows that abort glory, I am not your candidate, therefore, come out with all your roots from my foundation, in Jesus’ name.

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  1. faith ehigiamusoe | August 4, 2011 at 10:27 pm | Reply

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