Prayer Points For April 2011 Holy Ghost Service – By Pastor E. A. Adeboye

April 2011 Holy Ghost Service

THEME: “Beloved of The Most High”


  1. Father, because You love me, make me more than a conqueror.
  2. Father, because You love me, everything I need to be great; release to me tonight.
  3. Father both me and the children You have given me; let us be for signs and wonders.
  4. Father, since I am Your beloved, don’t let me ever disappoint You.
  5. Father, because You love me, set me up for blessings and miracles, IN JESUS’ NAME.



48 Comments on "Prayer Points For April 2011 Holy Ghost Service – By Pastor E. A. Adeboye"

  1. patrick moneke | April 15, 2011 at 8:49 pm | Reply

    please Daddy agree with me and my wife in prayer that God will visit us this year with the fruit of the womb
    Thank you so very much.

  2. I need prayer for my marriage cause my husband left my 3 kids and i and come to find the woman he is involved with has done witchcraft to destroy my family. please pray that this be broken and my husband comes back to God first and then his family.

  3. Dear Man of God,
    Could you please pray for my sister Lebo who is suffering from Cancer to be healed completely.

    Thank you and may God bless you!

  4. Faleye Emmanuel | April 19, 2011 at 7:58 am | Reply

    O thou man of GOD PLEASE PRAY FOR ME DAT GOD SHOULD LAY His hand upon me for ministerial work

  5. Dear Pastor can i get access to the dream code i have lost my dream power

  6. Dear Pastor,

    Please join in prayer fpr God’s mercy ver my life. I keep dreaming of seeing myself in Nigeria. I live in the UK. God has appeared to me in my dreams several times in the person of Pastor E.A Adeboye and his wife and said that I will do well in this land(UK).

    Now I am going through an immigration problem, I have appealed twice and has been refused. The third appeal is to be made to the court of appeal in which I have been informed that it is not likely to be successful. Please i dont want to be deported as I have good prospect in living here. I believe that God will make a way where there seems to be no way. At the moment, there seems to be no way , I am at the risk of being redundant, I can not apply for other jobs as I do not have a valid visa. PLEASE HELP ME PRAY GOD TO HAVE MERCY AND DO ONLY WHICH HE CAN. I PROMISE TO GIVE THANKS.

  7. Peter Mukuria Ndara | April 21, 2011 at 1:31 pm | Reply

    How are you today,

    I am contacting from Kenya. Thank you all for facilitating this forum.
    My problem is that i am in need of financial assistance to help me offset a loan I took from Barclays bank, Co-operative bank and Sacco totaling to $ 40,000 that i had intended to start a green house and poultry farming small scale business.
    I took the loan at the end of 2007 but the business did not start. A series of unfortunate events took place after the general elections in Kenya in the year 2007 that disrupted everything .Actually at around December 2007 to March 2008, there was too much violence and destruction and it is by God’s Grace that my parents are alive.
    At the moment in Kenya there are prominent people who have gone to The Hague –Netherlands to face criminal charges due to the post election violence.
    I had to use the money to relocate my parents who are aged to where I was staying in Nairobi. (My mother had a hip joint replacement surgery due to arthritis) .I had to do the same to my other siblings who were staying with my parents since their school was closed due to the violence.
    At the moment I am repaying the loan but it is becoming a nightmare since I am finding it impossible to meet other basic needs to sustain life.
    I make a payment of $ 850 per month from my monthly pay of US $ 1,250 per month.
    My other issue is that I was disabled by post polio paralysis during my childhood and i use elbow crutches and a modified car to move around and with age (now 44) I will need more financial help.
    Bank loans here in Kenya are expensive and are up to 17% to 20% interest which is the main profit earner for them. Also fuel expenses are increasing at a very high rate (now at US $ 1.25 per litre) thus fueling inflation and affecting everything by making the cost of living too expensive.
    At most am left to struggle to make ends meet and even my car that is old and my main aid to commute has become impossible to maintain and is also breaking down frequently.
    The initial plan to start the business was to help provide employment to people around my home area and provide upkeep to my parents and get some profit to repay the loan and live a happy life. But this was not to be.
    Our social welfare has not been good at all since even in my younger days i was educated through The Salvation Army rehabilitation program for physically handicapped.
    I hope this forum will consider my request.

    God bless and Thank you.

    Peter Mukuria Ndara
    Tel No 254722852732
    A/C no 1765386 -Barclays Bank of Kenya,Queensway Branch
    Nairobi ,Kenya.

  8. brother it is wel with you

    Commit your way to the Lord and you will prosper

    Not is impossible to Almighty God

    Please pray the Following prayer;

    O Lord have mercy on in the name of Jesus ( Psalm 51) 15 min

    Every Agenda of The wicked over my life backfire by fire in the name of Jesus (i hrs) min

    Every Good thing that I pursue begin to pursue me in the name of Jesus ( 1 hrs)

    Every owner of evill load carry your load in the name of Jesus

    Lord remember for good in the name of Jesus

    O God increase my greatness and comfort in everyside of my life

    read psalm 51 (3 times before you sleep) and pray

  9. Pliz pastor pray for
    :(the salvation and deliverance of my kids Angel,Tlotlo,Queen &Tebogo
    :(Financial/spiritual breakthrough
    :(to overcome fear of driving/shortsightness

  10. Please pray for family meeting due on Monday. For God to intervene in all areas for siblings salvation to live in unity harmony and love. breaking of all satanic bondage, freeing from evil spirits of stagnation and anti marriage, deliverance from witchraft, sorceries and curses. God to poor His blessings to the glory and honour of His name. Amen

  11. Pastor pls i need prayers in ma lyf,am nt passin ma xams am nt goin further instead am goin backward and ma godmoda is tired of wastin her money on me she is nt sayin it bt i cn see it in d way she is treatin me,pls sir help me,der is sum tin blockin me 4rm goin forward.

  12. gud day pastor, | April 23, 2011 at 1:21 pm | Reply

    Pastor pls i need prayers in ma lyf,am nt passin ma xams am nt goin further instead am goin backward and ma godmoda is tired of wastin her money on me she is nt sayin it bt i cn see it in d way she is treatin me,pls sir help me,der is sum tin blockin me 4rm goin forward.

  13. Pastor wen eva i pick ma book 2 read i get tired and i wil just drop d book and i do hav funi dreams atyms,i wnt 2 follow gods way,pls sir put me in ur prayers,tank u and may god continue 2 bless u

  14. Pastor my name is angel i was d 1 dat wrote d last 3 be4 dis 1

  15. Dear Angel,
    In response to your comments, please read Psalm 19 whenever you want to read your books and pray for God’s wisdom, understanding and retentive memory. Rebuke every spirit of tiredness in your life.

    However, I don’t know the type of exams you have been trying to pass. You need to improve in your command of English Language. You need to avoid using figures within words, using short-hand style of wiriting can have a negative impact in passing your exams. When you get used to such habits, it’s easy to forget oneself when writing a major exam. As a result, exams can be failed on several occassions. So please endeavour to improve and all shall be well with you. Amen

  16. J.A.. ALICE | May 3, 2011 at 9:26 am | Reply

    Dear Pastor,
    Kindly pray for me for the fruit of the womb. I have been married for almost four years and we have not managed to have a child. I read the testimony of the couple that you prayed for last year in February and who managed to eventually conceive supernaturally, she was suffering from ovarian cysts, that is the same problem an also having. I have tried all kinds of medication but in vain.May God bless you as you as you remember me and my husband in your prayers. AMEN!

  17. emmanuel a. | May 8, 2011 at 6:28 am | Reply

    i have seen the love of God in my life and i love him so much but find out that i keep doing the things that i dont want to do which makes me fear for my salvation a lot. i want to serve him with my all for ever but this situations makes me weak. i need help!

  18. hugoferreira | May 8, 2011 at 2:42 pm | Reply

    Dear man of GOD
    hi , my name is hugo , from angola , married to charity ferreira , 2kids geovanne(8) nd gabriella(3) . self employeed , born again tru son of god . Man of GOD for the past 2 month we have declered war to the enemy . nd the enemy has been fighting back , nd u know that the enemy fights back in the dream , my wife nd hi have been having these terrible dreams were we are put to shame naked baging on the streets nd so on nd on .we thanks god to reveal to us the cause of our problem ” there is a stronghold on our financial , prosperity , blessings delayed miracles pls pray for us pls pls

  19. daddy , my name is chidiebere , from Nigeria but but i base in Ghana daddy i want you to pray for me every time i work and have money in my hand i will get fever and what ever i am doing is not moving fine the way it should be moving all my friends are doing the same work i am doing the are doing in it and as of me i am not doing fine i can not buy what i need to wear not even pay for house daddy pray for me i need GOD to touch my life daddy pray for me

  20. Daddy God bless u 4 having access to ds articles 4rm smart | May 17, 2011 at 6:19 pm | Reply

    Pastor adeboye

  21. Goodday sir, DADDY, i have been told by men of God that i’m a glorious child, but daddy, presently i am struggly for everything, instead of excellent is shame allround inspite of all my effort to live a responsible life but reverse is the case, please sir, advise of what to do and how to go about it,Daddy Adeboye, i believe and i have the faith that a word from your mouth to GOD can make a different, pls daddy help your son to talk to God, Thank you sir and may God continue to love you more.

  22. Pastor, can you pray for the promise of the Lord to be fulfilled in my life. Pastor, dis year must not pass me by. i must get married this year.

  23. Owonibi Funmilayo | May 20, 2011 at 11:30 am | Reply


    Please pray for me that (1) Every appointment of premature death against me and every member of my family will be aborted In Jesus Name. (2) That HIS son, my husband whom the devil have arrested again (backslidden) will be restore.(3) God should Just send divine assistance to me in all ramification of my life-in ministry, physical, spirtitual, financial and marital. Lastly God should fight for HIS Church (My parish) that the gate of hell would not prevail

  24. man of God,pls. I want you to pray for me,i want God to open a way for me to enable me start my building. I thank God for i know that my prayer is being answered in jesus name Amen.

  25. Dear Pastor,

    I am a new Christian who just did not discover Jesus,but now understand the significance of Jesus and christainity. Most importantly I feel more liberated in Christ (because until you understand Christ, there is always one excuse of the other to delay or postpone righteousness). Even the excuse or should i say bondage was broken in a day (it is a miracle) because i thought it will be a gradual and long process. I have been blessed in many different ways with a beautiful and supportive wife, kids and a house. However I have been unemployed for over a year and have attended various interviews which were more or less near misses. Saying that, it was during this period I discovered christ, so i have something to be grateful for, because quite honest I was on a one way ticket to hell with the life ~I was living, so you see, I have something to be grateful for.

    when I was working, I was working as a head of service, working more or less seven days a week with not time for anyone but myself and work, and even with the high salary I received, it was never enough and was always in debt. The first expensive car I bought was stolen after 11 months (Honda Accord) and the second (BMW) was also stolen by deception, I had given up on owning a car and rely on my wife’s car, I just seem to have been very unfortunate, not realising it was a sign from God to change my ways.

    Please pray that I will get a fufilling job that will enable me to serve God and fulfill my financial responsibilities. that my Children and wife (Abiola, Yemi, Teju and Tolu) will know and understand Christ and live a fruitful life and lastly to break any spiritual and financial bondage.

    Thank you and may God bless you

    en though ~(my believenot to be righteousness God has is peiod I discovered Christblessed me in many different ways including the breakage of some bondages which I thought I will never be able to break. to bed

  26. Fai Blanche M'nsene | June 2, 2011 at 11:27 pm | Reply

    Hello pastor man of God
    Please pray for my family,we need deliverance from generational curses and also no marriage in the family,pray that i will love and trust God even more than i do and also against spirit of lust and that i will receive my miracle from God this month for i was born on this,dat during this my 25th birthday ,life will never be the same for me and my entire family.Please pastor pray for my nation cameroon.thanks very much bye

  27. noe lungungu | June 7, 2011 at 11:35 pm | Reply

    Good day man of God, pls pray for my life every when I take decission to do right thing I end up doing the opposite pastor, I need light in my life and my sister muaku luti have a wound that never dry for almost 10 years nw please pastor I need ur prayer

  28. please pray for my son to be delivered from spirit of laziness and wondering mind.I pray that God will grant him excellent spirit.sound mind,teachable heart and brain that will retain what he has been taught.i pray that my God with whom all things are possible,will reverse his present position of tjhcmail in class to head in class. i know that my God never fails,hence my son will never fail again in Jesus namei cancel every link with failure with the blood of Jesus.
    i thank God that he has given him a new name and turned my sorrow to joy.
    Blessed be the name of our God.

    i know i will come back to testify to the goodness of my God

  29. Solomon Tanko | July 4, 2011 at 7:32 pm | Reply

    God bless sir.i need prayer for god to provide a job for me.jesus is lord.

  30. Ola-sunmonu Temitope | July 6, 2011 at 2:20 pm | Reply

    Daddy, my name is Temitope, a student of the Nigerian law school. My exams are coming up shortly and its been a serious desire to stop living a life of mediocrity, I have never been the best at anything and graduated with a second class lower at the university. I have little or no time in my hands and I want to make a firstclass because I know GOD has called me to be first in this life. Please pray for me, my exams are slated for August 6-13 2011.
    Thank you.

  31. Ola-sunmonu Temitope | July 6, 2011 at 2:27 pm | Reply

    Daddy, my name is Temitope, a student of the Nigerian law school. My exams are coming up shortly and its been a serious desire to stop living a life of mediocrity, I have never been the best at anything and graduated with a second class lower at the university. I have little or no time and I want to make a firstclass because I know GOD has called me to be first in this life. Please pray for me, my exams are slated for August 6-13 2011.
    Thank you.

  32. Daddy pray for my financial breakthroug, i ern money but i cant afford to buy food and pay my account and instalments. The money that i earn i cant even have a change for food or transport. Pray for my financial break through , barrenes, i am really looking for the fruit of the womb i married for 11 years. pray for my husband to have a stable job. pray for my promotion Daddy.

    May GOD Bless You


  33. Dear Nurse,

    Firstly, give thanks to God that you have a job. Now, do you pay your tithe regularly? Do you make sure you pay the one-tenth of your salary? If you dont understand this, there is likelihood of struggle in your finances. Whenever you earn your salary, set aside one-tenth as you are commanded in Malachi 3vs 10. Make sure you dont spend your salary before setting aside your tithe. Then pray to God to rebuke all cancaworms in your finances. By so doing, you will have a breakthrough. For the fruit of the womb, have you made neccessary medicall checks? If everything is ok between you and your husband and if the doctors have said you cant have a child. Dont worry, go to God in prayers and make a convenant as Hannah did. He will surely answer you and dont forget to testify when you receive your miracle.


  35. pLEASE PRAY FOR my family that God should have mercy upon us, let my husaband rise up as a man and start looking for a job!

  36. Ismael Hamunyela | July 19, 2011 at 4:23 pm | Reply

    Pastor, i cann’t able to pray more more then 30 minet
    Please pray for me in this truble.

  37. Pastor, I cann’t able to pray more than 30 minut
    Please pray of me

  38. I greet man of God in the name of Jesus Christ. Man of Gof I am praying to please pray for me I want to be healed from HIV completely. I want to get married to the man of my life whom we last saw each other 21 years ago. By God’s grace I got him after 21 years of not seeing him. I strongly believe that what is not possible to man is possible to God. God must bless you abudantly man of God

  39. May God strengthen you Sir, i believe that why am writing this. Am 33yrs old woman believiing God for the fruits of the womb. since the beginning of this year have done series of fastiing both dry /white etc 21days, 14days, 3days so on pls help me pray this month must be our month. in Jesus Name. Thank yoou Sir

  40. Obehi frances edion | August 17, 2011 at 12:15 pm | Reply

    I want to serve God right,but am still scared of my past.I dont want my past to affect my present.for i have not had rest of mind ever since,i’ve been disturbed.i need God’s mercy upon my life,his grace and glory.and healthwise.thank you sir

  41. Daddy, Plz pray for me,That the word of the Lord come to live in my life, I need the divine uplifting, mercy and grace of God, He has the power to change my situation and bring my dream to live,The Lord purpose for my life should show forth, Every enemy trying to block my glory, should be exposed and die, I promise to forever remain in the house of the lord. For I believe God is more than able to give me and my family everlasting joy. In Jesus name. Amen

  42. Daddy, kindly pray for me and my husband for the fruit of the womb. You prophesized it that God is releasing 70,000 children as your birthday gift for next year and we have claim “Triplet”. Please sir, keep praying for us. God will uphold u and ur family sir. We have been waiting on God for over years because the Doctor said that my husband cannot father a child. But we know that is man’s report. We hold fast unto God’s word that known shall be barren in His house. Daddy, please pray for us. God bless you sir.

  43. Daddy please for me and my husband for the fruit of the womb my marriage will be two years by January .thanks sir.

  44. Pastor please pray for me and my husband to have the fruit of the womb. It has been six years of gaenecologist said my one ovary is inflammed, therefore removed it. Now recently during check-up, the remaining ovary has a fluid which makes it difficult for the egg to be released.

  45. Pastor please i beg you pray for me i have been in south africa for many years when i’m getting to the point of breakthrough every will just fail please pastor i need a serious prayer God bless you.

  46. Dear Pastor

    Good evening daddy. Ive been looking for the fruit of the womb for the past 7 year, i request that you pray with me to so that i can receive my miracle. The situation seems impossible according to the doctors report but i believe that with God everything is possible.

  47. Praise God Daddy, I was dreaming that i was in a place that look like a bakery place cause i saw two women eating the cake then one of them told me to help them stir the eggs that was inside the bowl and i was stirring with a folk. Kindly help me interpret ate this dream. Thank you and God bless you.

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