RCCG January 2011 Holy Ghost Service Prayer Points By Pastor Adeboye

Pastor E. A. Adeboye

Below are the prayer points by our father in the Lord – Pastor E. A. Adeboye – at the January 2011 Holy Ghost Service, held at Redemption Camp on 7th January 2011, tagged ALL IS WELL.

Prayer points before sermon

1. This year, father, draw me closer to yourself.

2. Father, keep evil far away from me and keep me far away from evil.

3. Father, this year promote me, take me to higher heights and enlarge my coast.

4. Father I need your help, send help to me.

5. Father, I’ve started this year with you, let me end this year with you.

6. Hold someone’s hand and pray that, Father, this your child that I’m holding, throughout this year let it be well with him/her.

7. Pray for me (Daddy G. O.).

Prayer points after sermon

1. Praise him.

2. Father, help me to do what will qualify me for peace like a river.

3. Father, let my submission to be total, so that I will be able to resist the devil.

4. Let my victory be total over the flesh, over the world and over the devil.

5. Father, please take of my tongue; don’t let me ever say something negative anymore.

6. Father, let this year be my best year so far.

7. By the time sun rises let me have cause to sing All is Well.

8. Personal request.

You are urged to pray this prayer points again and again. All is well.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye

50 Comments on "RCCG January 2011 Holy Ghost Service Prayer Points By Pastor Adeboye"

  1. wuraola dawodu | January 11, 2011 at 5:58 am | Reply

    I have a stubborn faith that this year is my year of glory and of divine health,and I know that ALL WILL BE WELL with everything that concerns me, my family n friends.Amen
    With all due respect Daddy,u are doing a wonderful job.may the Good Lord continue to uphold u.amen

  2. salami rukayat | January 11, 2011 at 12:57 pm | Reply

    grace to serve God according to his willing this year ….and power of holyness God visitation in every area of my life, i don’t want write any of my exams twice and God protection upon me and my family, household..

  3. God is great. May God give Daddy G.O more grace n anointing this yr than ever b4 Amen.

  4. This year am holdin unto Jesus i belive what he says dat all will be well wth me .daddy we love u we ar proud of u,n we pray dat the lord woud continue to renew ur strength everyday In Jesus Name.kate frm Delta state.

  5. thank you father for the message you are delivering to us, your massage is powerful, may the Lord our God bless you so many tmes, i am seeking the fruit of the womb, Man of God please pray for me, i have been married for 10 years , i dont have children, i am born again christian,
    problems:1.blocked tubes
    2. growth in my womb
    my husband is having this problems : 1. low sperm count
    2. medical Doctors said he will never have children because his sperm doent have tail
    3. the doctor said he will never impregnant me.
    but i believe that jesus have already changed my situation, he already blessed me with twins, because nothing is impossible with God all things are possible.

    every time when i pray i am giving thaks to God almighty for what he is doing to me
    i know and i believe that God will change my situation like Hanna.
    thank you Jesus

  6. Thank u father for everything..THIS YEAR I WANT TO WORK FOR GOD and i know that he’ll see me throught, it shall also be my best year as it is my year of fulfillment in Jesus name..Amen

  7. this year i thank God because i know all is well with my family and my husband situation. I thank God because God has cleanse my husband and I and given us a new organ part . we reject all earthly doctor’s report and believe and stand sur eon the heavenly doctor report that say we shall no be barren. We receive our identical twins this year in Jesus Name .Thank You Jesus for it is well with us.

  8. obisesan Olayemi | January 13, 2011 at 12:09 pm | Reply

    Thank you for everything. I believe and have a strong faith that this year will be a year of Divine favour to me and my family. All will be Well In Jesus Name

  9. halleluyah.pray for the protection of GOD upon my life so that i live to do the perfect will of GOD upon my life.

  10. Dear Bro.
    please pray for me to receive anointing of the Holy spirit. I like to speak in toungues by the grace of god.

  11. ADELEYE ADETIMEHIN | January 16, 2011 at 6:59 am | Reply

    Gud morning Daddy I want u to pray for me let which done be done
    In my life it well I want promotion and I want to marry this
    Year IN JESUS NAME AMEN. Thanks God bless u AMEN.

  12. Pastor I am in dilema I have been praying for my sons to get out the bondage of devil of alcoholism. My first son is 31years and no job or family I feed him cloth him. when he gets a single cents he runs to drink. my second son is 24 yrs and married he had a good job and he lost and now can not feed his family. I pay his rent meet his household needs. I have debts to pay. I struggule to feed them. I borrow to eat which is against the bible. I have been fasting and praying for the last years and no change is seen. Are they bewithched or surced? I have praid all your prayer points since 2009 and have bought the prayer rain book I have been praying at 3.am confessing all my sins and their sins my ancesters sins in vain. Pastor I know You see vision see what is happening to my me and my sons. I believe there is nothing impossible with God. so there must be areason why God is not anwering me which I am yet to know. when you are praying remember me in your daily prayers may be God might reveal to you the reason of my problesms.
    Alice Msa

  13. daughter of favour | January 24, 2011 at 3:44 pm | Reply

    Daddy, please sir i need your prayer for business settlement for my husband. he is a pastor in one of the parishes in Ikorodu. we also need prayer for help from God for the completion of our church auditorium and also we need workers to carry out the great mission. More annointing sir

  14. Good day daddy G.O.
    Daddy i want you to prayer for my family most especially my husband corcerning provision of GOD for a new job. we reside in London and you know how things can be without a living. pls agree with us that GOD should provide my husband with a suprising job beyond our expectation and the joy,love,peace and happiness of GOD in our life should continually overflows.

  15. Please Daddy G.O. just tell me that am blessed and that family is blessed.

  16. year 2011 has started with bad sides for me.I made some decisions which i am stil regretting now.I was duped by someone he called himself my close friend.I lost a very big source of my finance.
    I want God to turn this year around for me to good.I have developed memory loss ,easily forget things and dont think wisely.All these were not happening before.
    Also strugling with the sin of phornography and masturbation.
    I want God’s complete deliverance from this sin and from every curse of the wicked one over my life.
    Every curse henceforth to be turned to blessing throughout this year.
    I want God’s wisdom and knowledge to excel in my new job.
    Let it be well with me this year spiritually,physically and financially.

  17. Greetings. Daddy, this year will be marking my 35 year birthday, still single. Daddy i want u to agree with me in prayer that God should open my eyes and my husband eye wherever he is to see me and locate me between now till March Special Holy Ghost Service. (Daddy, please as i heard the testimonies on Sunday in Port Harcourt how u agree in prayer with those women the put to bed with a baby boy). And also agree with me for my family too, any enemy of my family should fall and die, in Jesus Name Amen.

  18. Daddy, i want u to pray for me concerning the building project am in right now, that God should open door for me and all the people that is owning me that God should touch them to pay special Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Eissa Moustafa in Jesus Name, Amen.

  19. daddy, i want u to pray for me concerning the building project am in right now, that God should open door for me to finish it before the first quarter of 2011.the quotation submitted that God should let them approve it

  20. God you are wonderful 2me and my family?i want to thank you for prayer you have answer and the one u didnt answer,you are faithfull to me an i thank you.perfect everything that has to do with me an my wife to be kenny obasan an my family.

  21. Im sick daddy pray 4 my healing 8yrs now.im 37 unmarried,joblessgraduate pls break the yoke ths year 4 me so that i wl good paying job,faithful wife and good health

  22. Daddy I want you to pray for me concerning my spiritual growth this 2011. God should open door for me to buy car for the evanglism.

  23. dady help me prayer for me to be retain in a bank that i deed my I.T, i have been recommended as hard working, help me pray for my joy to be full and my expectation here shall not be cut off. thanks dady.

  24. Uwah John Benson | February 12, 2011 at 9:58 am | Reply

    Daddy I want to be a blessing to others and for the salvation of my family. My younger brother is not in his right mind.Pray that God should restore him back.

  25. Sir thank God 4 his grace upon ur life sir, daddy pls i want u 2 pray dat d will of God will be done in my life nd God’s hand upon my kids,4 God’s 2 surprice me migthily.thanks sir more anoitine sir.

  26. Daddy, thank God i am a memeber of rccg under your control. Daddy i am 36 going to 37 still single and no good paid job. Daddy agree with in prayer and break the yoke of late marriage and not having a better job. Daddy pray that my family members that is my father’s house will have peace and unite among my brothers and sisters in Jesus Name.


  28. Princess Wedderburn | February 17, 2011 at 2:00 pm | Reply

    I need the anointing, favour and blessing of god to overtake and stablised me in 2011 and beyond. I am a jamaican – Please keep me in your prayers always and on your prayer list.
    I need financial breakthroughs. I owe money as I am presently studying and had to take loans to pay my school fee. I am also planning to buy a car which I will have to take a loan and do so. I am a travelling officers at work and my job requires that I have a vehicle. so please prayer for financial breakthrough but moreso that the anointing of God will fall strongly on me for ministry.

    Pray for Jamaica – reduction in crime and violence, recovery of the economy and total deliverance of those in parliament that they will stop their corrupt behaviour and surrender to God.

    Pray for my family that they all will be saved.

    I love your prayer ministry and I always declaring the prayers over my life.

    Princes Wedderburn
    Jamaica, WI

  29. kehinde afolabi | February 23, 2011 at 7:23 am | Reply

    Daddy,i need your prayer i have fasted but my prayer is not still pending.i lost my job with UBA PLC since 2009.untill now am still searching,nobody to help,my mother feed me and my family.

  30. May God’s grace be more on Daddy as he pray along me and other believers world wide.
    > That i may be more rooted in Christ Jesus.
    > That My wife will be healed of multiple fibroidas contained in the doctors reports.
    > That the miscarriage of my wife on 18/2/2011 is the last and until we have our babies, there shall be none of such experience any more.
    > That i shall not sit for any of my professional exams paper twice any more. Bye- Bye to failure.
    > That God will enlarge my course by blessing me with a roof over my family’s head this year. I have gotten the plot and approved building plan of 4 bedroom flat already, i thank God for that.
    > That God blesses my family this year with a mobility.
    > The desire of me and my family to be of help to many in needs in whatever capacity we could assist will not suffer any setback.
    > That the 3 days Revival crusade to be stage in my community will be a success with converts and powers of darkness that has held the community to a stand still will be broken.
    > Above all, that the 2011 election will be peaceful and a God-fearing leader will emerge winner.


  32. Emmanuel Bala O | February 25, 2011 at 10:08 pm | Reply

    Daddy I thank God Almighty for his great grace in your life, and I pray that he will continuel to strenghten you in Jesus name. Daddy I need your prayer for God to intervain in the challenges in my office, that God should prove himself as only and true God. 2. That any power or person who want to render my late father’s compound desolate, that God should make their own desolate. Daddy please I need a fatherly prophetic decleartion upon my family and I that will cause an earth quake of great testimonies in Jesus name. 3. For God to lay upon me his might upon to comission. Daddy my family and love you. Thanks

  33. Princess Wedderburn | February 26, 2011 at 3:41 am | Reply

    The blessings of the Lord maketh rich and adds no sorrow to it. I praise the Lord for this wonderful opportunity to have this network of prayers and personnel interceeding on my behalf and the same I am doing for others as I see the requests for God’s intervention.

    I am presently having a mumming/pain in my left side as well as in my feet – I need God’s healing touch right now. I need this pain, discomfort to go in the name of Jesus and that divine health will be restored. PLEASE PRAY FOR IMMEDIATE HEALING.
    Secondly,I am in the process of purchasing a car. This will be done via a loan from the bank. Please pray that the Lord will send the finances to clear all my loans and give me a financial breakthrough.
    Thirdly, I am doing my masters in Business Administration and I will be completing this course by August 2011 – please prayer that the Lord will continue to give me enlightenment as I do the assignments. I have an assignment that is due on March 6, and I need God’s favour to complete same. Also I have an integrated group project doing which I am also requesting prayer for my fellow group members that we will do well.
    Please pray for strength for me and my family and that financial breakthrough will be mine for 2011.

    God bless you for your continued prayer.

    Remember to keep Jamaica in your prayers always,

    Princess Wedderburn

  34. you may not understand how much we miss you yet cant get you upcountry. obasike ministry via hope fm was inspiring. where can i get to you in jabini,kinangop?

  35. Father you said in your word if we have our to be as little as a mustard seed we shall tell mountains to move & they shall move and that distance is not a barrier for you to perfect your word in my life;lord jesus before the end of this year my name,friends name should be among the merit list of people gaining admission into the school of our choice(our names should be the first on the list),father i am an orphan,baba people said i can’t make it(to become successful in life) father limitations,boundaries has been set for m,i pray the prayer of jabez lord(5) make me honourable,outstanding among my mens(family,friends,church,the whole world),baba in my family make me the head(as i am destined to be)& nt the tail,make me a role-model that mothers,fathers would always want their child to be,wherever my helper is he/she should locate me,let me be a person my mother(deceased)would look up to & tell i am proud of you,bless me beyond my expectations lord amen!

  36. Father my parents have said that my aunty is more better than i,lord let me be the rejected stone that will the one to lift my family glory high,bles me & let your glory shine in me,my admission this year should be possile for me,bles my family and restore back it glory onto it,bles me in a miraculous way,let me av a cause to say tank you at the end of this year,let me be great in life lord amen!

  37. Lord i commit my life into your hands use it as a blessing onto others let me be outstanding in my family,among my friends lord,my letter of admission should be given to me this year,i should always have a reason to smile and say thank you lord in my life,by the time i would be getting married,a man which you have destined for me should locate me,at the end of this year let me have a reason to say tank u lord amen!

  38. Princess Wedderburn | March 16, 2011 at 2:15 am | Reply

    God is all powerful and all knowing. He will never fails and nothing will he withhold from those who walk uprightly.

    I need your prayer now. The areas are:
    * I have an examination this Saturday, March 19, 2011 and I must get “A” for this course.
    *I submitted an application to the bank to get a car loan and I have been told that they are not sure that my salary, based on my monthly commitment, can stand up to the loan amount that I need. A need the vehicle and so far the only way I think I can get the vehicle is through a loan from the bank. Ask God for directive and to make it possible.
    *I will be ministering on Sunday, March 20, 2011 at my church and I am needs God anointing, presence and his Holy Spirit to take full control. Live to be saved, restored and burdens be lifted.
    *Continue to pray for the people of Japan, New Zealand, Haiti, Chili – all the countries that were affect by earthquake in recent times.
    *Prayer for Jamaica, WI and that the economy be restored and that God fearing people will be in our parliament.

    Please pray. God bless you all.
    Princess Wedderburn
    Jamaica W.I.

  39. Princess Wedderburn | March 16, 2011 at 2:18 am | Reply

    Please pray for me.

    Princess Wedderburn

  40. Greetings in Jesus name,

    Please pray that the Lord will give my siblings and I favour, concerning our mother’s burial. My mum died and we want to bury her in Lagos, because its part of her will. Unfortunately, my people from the village are insisting we must bring her to the villiage, even threatening to take legal actions. We just want peace and God’s favour. Please pray for us, this time is really difficult for us

  41. Princess Wedderburn | March 18, 2011 at 5:11 am | Reply

    Greetings in the name of Jesus. It’s so good to trust in Jesus. Also it is good to have a body of believers in Christ who I can depend on to pray me through my circumstances. I love you all. Praise God.

    I am having internal fighting on my job. My boss is fighting me under the quiet and undermining me badly and this is demoralizing and demotivating. My request is for God to move her from this environment because she is creating disharmorny instead of harmony and pretending like she is doing nothing. I asking for God’s favour and that God will expose her evil doings. Please pray for my strength in the Lord and favour on the job. I am also asking for open doors regarding job opportunity and increase in salary. I need favour, favour, favour in God.

    God bless you all and please pray for me.


  42. Greetings in the name of Jesus. I am a Pastor. I have been attacked seriously. My wife is seeing another man and has told me that she do not love me anymore. She has decided to leave the home and leave me. we have two girls. I have been praying very hard. I need your prayer for devine intervention. It is very hard for me. I know God can solve this problem if i get help in prayer.

  43. mpho judith segale | March 29, 2011 at 11:41 am | Reply

    I greet you in the name of Jesus please pray for me i have this issue with the bills water and electricity bills they are always high but i spent the entire day at work i live in a servants quarter and i share the meter box with a lady in the big house we agreed that she pays the electricity bill because she is using the geyser but all of a sudden she started fighting me telling me that we need to share the bill because the money is too much that she can’t afford so i paid my two shares in January but now they are saying that we havent paid the bill since November last year and they are going to disconnet us and the water bill too is P800.00 please join me in prayer to break all these attacks because its the devil and i refuse to let him do this to me i will fight him in the name of Jesus i will never give up on my Lord.

  44. Princess Wedderburn | March 30, 2011 at 3:36 am | Reply

    To God be the glory great things He hath done. I requested prayer as I was scheduled to preach at my church on Sunday, March 20. I can testify that the presence of the Lord was evident in the church and the anointing of God was so strong. Continue to pray for me as I delight myself in the Lord and make myself available to do the will of the Lord.

    Continue to pray for me and place of work as my boss is giving me a warm time.

    God bless you all and i am happy to have a core of believers standing with me in prayer.

    Continue to pray for Jamaica and a restoration of the economy also for our parliamentarians.

    Princess Wedderburn

    Jamaica, W.I

  45. Igbadumhe Faith | March 31, 2011 at 3:00 pm | Reply

    Greetings in the name of Jesus i pray that God should answer my prayer this year, that God should removed me for bondage, and my family, i pray that God would not allowed my enemy to get me. Faith

  46. I watch your programme (shout Alleluia) every morning before I go to work. It is a source of inspiration to me, I cannot get enough of it as I listen to the countless testimonies and miracles GOD has used the man of God to bring to past in peoples lives, his teaching of the word of God refreshes my spirit, soul and body throughout the day . He is awesome. Please pray that God deliver me and my Children from the hand of family evil elders and heal me from every sickness and infirmities in Jesus Name.

  47. Princess Wedderburn | April 15, 2011 at 1:22 am | Reply

    For the pass days I was not able to aceept this web page but ot God be the glory I now can.

    I am declaring tonight that the devil is a LIAR. He come to kill, steal and to destroy BUT GOD came that we should have LIFE. I am requesting your prayers URGENTLY. I am not at my place of work because I RECEIVED DEATH THREAT ON THE WEEKEND. Pray that this threat will be NULLIFY. I don’t know who the perpetrator is but what I can assume is that the person is employed where I work. My request to God is that this person will come and OPENLY CONFESS TO ME AND OTHERS. That this person will be BROUGHT TO JUSTICE and that this person will surrender himself to God and if he don’t – he must experience death.

    Prayer for God’s protection for me. Remembeer to Pray for Jamaica always.

  48. David used words like thirsty,longing,hungering bt i lord i ask notin 4rm u dan u 2let m dwell in thy house 4eva,baba pls vindicate n plea my cause o lord

  49. David used words like thirsty,longing,hungering bt i lord i ask notin 4rm u dan u 2let m dwell in thy house 4eva,baba pls vindicate n plea my cause o lord

  50. DAVID OLALERE | April 19, 2011 at 10:21 pm | Reply

    I need anointing to server God with all my heart and the power to preach his Gospel to all creator

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