Pastor E. A. Adeboye of RCCG Prophecy For 2011 – “ALL SHALL BE WELL”


The General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God at Crossover Service at Redemption Camp, January 1st 2011
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  1. Dear Daddy
    I need prayers on Financial Breakthrough and new job. I have been doing Elisha Goodman prayers points. The Lord has revealed to me a lot of things. I dreamt a lot about my dead grandparents, parents and family members. I dreamt having sex with my old partners, seeing stagant dirty waters & climbing stairs or elevators when I am on top not be able to come down. Felt scared.
    I need to be replied by Margret as she seems to have answers.

  2. Maggie, I have no wisdom of my own. It is God who gives the amnswer. I am not a dream interpreter either, but when your dreams are not pleasant, definitely, they are bad dreams. So break every covenant with those dead relations, and command them not to visit you again. You are in the land of the living, tell them to keep to the land of the dead where they belong. Whosoever wants you dead will replace you, Proverbs21:18.

  3. Maggie, Use Luke24:5 to chase away the dead from you as soon as you wake up. Ask them what they want among the living and chase them away by the Blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus. For your financial breakthrough, read one of my articles, Giving Is Your Way To Financial Prosperity. After sowing, you can then be watering with prayers and expect your harvest. Stagnant dirty water, climbing trees or stairs and having sex in dream are all bad dreams. You must war them out with prayers. Try to keep yourself pure before marriage. Do not share your body, temple of God with others, 1Cor3:16,17. Buy Prayer Rain and pray with fasting to deliver you from all these affliction. Be reading your Bible daily for the word of God is spirit and life and it will wash you clean,John17:17, Ephesia5:26. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  4. Hey Margaret, How are you? I have some good news, I have had two meetings in less than seven days for business opportunities, and as I was reading about laughter on the web site and I prayed the prayer points, I feel it is the second one that God has brought to me as I just wanted to laugh and laugh during and after the meeting, and the Directors are husband and wife of the company and are christian, the builder is known to me, it seems like green lights, the company is tendering next week, I’m going to be praying for this company to be favoured in this process, and as for me i have been praying the prayer point to move from minimum to maximum, I am serious about giving, but this will also be an opportunity to speak into young people’s lives, I know that the manger has two sons he wants to send there to work, only his wife is a christian so this is the Lords will for me to speak into thier lives, I also have two sons (6 children total) whom i have always advised to put God first and provide for your family, I feel this opportunity is going to come to pass, please believe with me, this is the company that I am wanting to work with, the manager is also linked to provide houses to be built in Africa in the future, the company needs prayer for this to come to pass, also Margaret I would like a husband, to walk with and share this responsiblity unto God, do you think it’s selfish that I would like someone to be there, I’m afraid because the last time i married I was ripped away in what was suppose to be submission to husband, from my gift and alter of worship leading, I did not agree that but submitted, I have blamed myselt for this for a long time, I feel I was at the mountain top then and now in a valley ever since, my life seem to rewind, and then I fell out of love with my husband (he claims he is a Pastor but I didn’t feel that was our ministry, I’ve always felt we should be sowers, givers and financiers of the work of the LOrd – we could never agree on that), Lord forgive me, my husband left and does not want to come back, he has committed both adultery and fornication, he is angry controlling man and the Lord prompted me about Abigail being married to Nabal and then being married to King David, I was happy to read that David went to Carmel to marry her, Carmel being the place where Elijah called down Fire – I think God is saying something here – do you think so sister? Margaret, I want to love someone wholehearted and in covenant with God, as the Lord’s favour toward marriage is undeniable, I understand that God does not want me to be alone, and I refuse to have relationship outside of marriage, and I know God will make me the most cheerful giver as I have seen the needs of the people of God and I would like to put my hand to the plough, but must be evenly yoked.

    Also I would like to thank you and all the pillars in this ministry that constantly intercede and for bearing the fruits of the spirit in a might way, empowering the body of Christ to arise and be seated in heavenly places, God richly bless you and your families in Jesus name!

  5. Glory to God for the good news. God will use the company to favour you. Your expectation shall not be cut off, Proverbs23:18. You have not lost anything by obeying God and submitting to your ex. When we talk of submission, look at these verses together, not just on their own:Ephesians5:21-33, Philippians2:3 and Colossians3:18, 19. These scriptures should be studied together by both man and woman before marriage. There is nothing wrong in desiring to remarry. God says it is not good for man(and woman) to be alone. You need not be afraid of remarriage, you only need to pray and watch. Your main prayer point is that only the appointed man should come your way. If the Lord prompted you to see Abigail, God may be telling you something. Study Abigail, see what she did to attract David’s proposal. It is good that you keep yourself unto God. God has reward for purity and He will reward you with the man He has appointed for you, among other things. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  6. Diane, One more thing. Never despise anybody who calls himself a man of God. Just leave him with God. Know that God uses base things, 1Corinthians1:27. Rather, be praying for your husband. You also mentioned selfishness, please explain. If your children are not yet adults, let the man you want to marry consider them. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  7. daddy pls pray and decree into my life coming against spirit man or husband, that his suppressing power me and marriage become null and void from this and forever cause that i know is major hinderance to my fruitfulness sine all this. Thank you daddy in anticipation, God will uphold you sir. Amen

  8. Margaret, I need your help. I am in South Africa leave in Johannesburg (Midrand) I need church that can help me with deliverance.
    2008 November, I was retrenched! I register the company. I started getting business in 2010 May small that I have to pay debts only. In June 2011, I got a job, which I was offered half salary is used to get in 2008 (R25 000). I’m getting paid R13 000. On 27 June I had Etopic pregnancy removed. On 8 August I was robbed 27 laptop worth R176 000. Now with my small salary I must pay debt for goods a lost. I have been paying my tithe every month. I prayed & fasted. May God of Elijah hear my prayer.

  9. Hi Margaret, Yes you speak the truth concerning a man of god, and I will heed your advise, and I will speak of him no more. I have 3 children who are not yet grown, therefore I think it may be selfish to let another man bear this burden, and like you said if he is the one, he will consider, God knows the end before the beginining Isaiah 46:9-10,I should rest in this word. Margaret although I have not much at the moment, I still want to sow what I have I do not want to despise the small beginnings Job 8:7.

    Can you please email me the details of this ministry as this is really important for me to have or is there a link you can direct me to, I have to be a part of this move of God, I’m confident in my heart that God is saying sow, and I have read the message you wrote about giving. there’s no doubt that this is good ground. thank you for help, God bless you and Glory to God Adonai, Elohim

  10. Margaret A. Adeoso | December 11, 2011 at 3:25 pm | Reply

    Oluwatoyin, Elijah, was was a man subject to like passion as we are. He stopped rain for three and a half years, rain obeyed him. He prayed again for rain, and the heaven gave rain. You should decree (order, command) that the spirit man should never visit you again in the name of Jesus. Issue your decree at any time of the day, but especially before you go to bed. Release the Blood of Jesus against him. Command him not to visit you again for you are married to Jesus. Be reading your Bible everyday and be a doer of what you read. God will surely deliver you, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  11. Margaret A. Adeoso | December 11, 2011 at 5:17 pm | Reply

    Maggie, MFM is good for deliverance. Any other church where the word of God is preached and practised is also good. Howver, you must deliver yourself by reading and applying the word of God.
    The debts you are paying is from the devourer of your labour,John10:10. Ask God to rebuke them, and you too should rebuke them, in the name of Jesus. Malachi3:10-12 You must resist them violently in prayer, in declaration of the word against them. Prayer of restoration. Command then to restore what they have stolen from you. Isaiah42:22. Pronounce the blessings of the Lord upon yourself as in Malachi3:10-12 and Genesis1:28.
    Be reading the Holy Bible. You should buy the Prayer Rain to help your prayer life. Fear Not. Receive power to waste your waster. God will devour them, give them for a spoil, waste them and empty them, Jeremiah30:16, in the name of Jesus. Do Joshua1:8 with Jer30:16. God will put all your adversaries into captivity. God will step into your affairs, and you will surely overcome them. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  12. Seeking your prayer support that God will use me even more and give me all that I need to be a great and successful pastor to the church that I am claiming, praying also that I would be selected as pastor by the members of this church and that God has already appointed me to be the pastor of this church (UBB)

    Thank you.

  13. Margaret A. Adeoso | December 19, 2011 at 4:15 pm | Reply

    Rev Ron, All your desires are for the kingdom of God. Be it unto you according to your faith. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  14. Dearest Daddy G.O please pray for my
    brother and pastor Billy Kamphinda Banda critically ill in hospital to arise from coma and live.
    We watch you on RTM and Dove everyday and our lives are not the same. Let All Be Well with you and family as well as the RCCG. We will shout Alleluiah.

  15. Dearest Daddy G.O please pray for ressurection of my pastor Brother Billy Kamphinda Banda in coma at the hospital. We want all to be well with him to experience and enjoy the New Thing.

  16. Daddy G. O.,
    Pls pray for my family as my missed her period and when we reached hospital, they said she’s not pregnant. I need God’s intervention on this issue. Because all the signs in her body shows she’s taken in.
    Thanks Daddy

  17. Margaret A. Adeoso | December 23, 2011 at 11:32 am | Reply

    Zachariah, When a prophet speaks, it is done, if you believe him. 2Chronicles20:20. Your brother shall not die, but live. Psalm118:17. God will take away sickness from his body. Read your Bible and locate healing scriptures and pray for your brother. You have power over sickness, Matthew10:1, Luke10:19. Jesus took away our infirmities and sicknesses, Matthew8:17. Use those scriptures and claim good health for your brother. Give him communion.(See an article I wrote on the flesh and the Blood of Jesus). Daddy Adeboye said, “All shall be well”. so believe that it shall be weli with your brother. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!.

  18. Margaret A. Adeoso | December 23, 2011 at 12:07 pm | Reply

    Emmanuel, If you think she is pregnant, then go for another test elsewhere. Two of you, if you are both born again, can pray together with great results. Call down divine intervention and ask that only God’s counsel shall stand in her life, Proverbs19:21. Pray healing scriptures for her. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  19. Greetings in the name of Jesus
    I started experiencing problems accessing my day 13 and day 14 prayer points, it was worst on day 14, but I eventually got onto the site. I do not know what happen but i ended up reading day 15 instead of day 14 at the midnight hour, i was not awear of the mistake until I finish, BUT the Holy Spirit quicken my spirit to read a passage from the Bible on the site, then I said I can’t remember reading this.Then I scroll up only to see day 14 Bible study for today, which I have not read.
    Now the devil start to play with my mind, oh you read that already,I said no, cant remember reading that, thank God I have records from day1 to day 13, I did not have any record forday 14, so I was certain that I did not read day 14, plus I had to check the calender to verfy the dates.
    Thank God I would of missed out on a powerful lesson, I give God praise and thanks in Jesus name.

  20. Margaret, thank you very much. I left the place where we’re for honeymoon. Because my wife saw in a dream that someone was pursuing her and hit her stomach. When she woke up she saw the blood, then we prayed together. I left the house and asked her to go for the test again. The One has never failed has put devil to same; she is now pregnant. Praise God!

  21. Dear Daddy G O,
    2012 i will be 39, please pray for me that i find a born again God-fearing man to marry and be blessed with twins by the end of 2012. I am also believing for a promotion and financial breakthrough, in Jesus name. I am a tither and give offerings. Halleluya!

  22. Margaret A. Adeoso | December 28, 2011 at 8:35 pm | Reply

    Emmanuel, The yoke of that dream is destroyed for ever, in the name of Jesus. We put those who attack you under the judgement of God. They shall not live to repeat that act, but die, in Jesus’ name. Pray against evil attacks on your baby right from the womb, pray violent prayers. Do not spare the wicked, They shall not come back, in the name of Jesus. Exodus22:18. It was not the place, but you and your family. They can operate from anywhere, so PRAY them out of your life. No follow follow power will follow you into 2012. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  23. Margaret A. Adeoso | December 28, 2011 at 8:47 pm | Reply

    Renee, in the name of Jesus, all your desires shall be granted. Keep serving the Lord, and look unto Him for your miacles, He will surely work them out. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  24. Margaret

    We thank God for having you in our lives and the way you counsel us,it brings so much hope
    And you always respond so quickly,I thank God for you and the Wisdom God has given to you. To every one who is a partaker in this fasting,MAY YOUR CUPS OVERFLOW WITH DEVINE DELICACY(something very special and rare)
    And to brother Emmanuel and the wife,comment no.370-372 adding on what Margaret has said Please
    open the bible read scriptures to your baby whilst inside the womb,the baby will hear the word of God and also prophesy to that baby and quotIng the word of God,lastly FEAR NOT

  25. Daddy pls pry 4 me,infection is giving me serious problem.i have fasted and prayed,but i need ur prayer,to take to my healing in Jesus name

  26. durojaiye oluwatosin | January 3, 2012 at 12:52 pm | Reply

    Daddy, i thank God for your life and how He is using you in this generation. Daddy please just speak a word into my family as i want God to move us forward in every area of our life this year 2012 sir. expecially Spiritually and financially.

  27. EZEIGBEBE AUGUSTINE | January 3, 2012 at 3:12 pm | Reply

    God bless you Daddy G.O. I am happy for the wonderful miracles God is Using you to do. Please pray for me for Financial breakthrough, Spiritual Growth, Divine Wisdom, Matrimonial breakthrough and all good things of Live. Thanks Daddy.

  28. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 3, 2012 at 10:23 pm | Reply

    Durojaiye Oluwatosin, If you can get the CDs of the Congress, you get several words of knowledge and many prophesies. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  29. Agishi Graham William | January 6, 2012 at 9:26 pm | Reply

    I need daddy Adeboye prayer to be mightily anointed to preach the words of GOD and happy new year to my daddy in the lord


  31. Please pray for my family and me that we receive the divine blesssings and peace during this year and get rid of all our debts and get releived from the clutches of withcraft

  32. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 11, 2012 at 9:32 pm | Reply

    Anthony, If two of you pray those prayers, in the name of Jesus, God will answer you,Matthew18:19. Witches are not to be feared, but to be dealt with according to the word of God, in Exodus22:18. Read Luke 10:19, and meditate on them. Are you born again? Untill you are born again, you cannot exercise authority over witches. So, You must be born again by submitting your life to Jesus. Repent of your sins, forsake them and ask for forgiveness. Invite Jesus into your life and continue to serve Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  33. Greetings in Jesus name

    Does anyone has Day 5, Battle of The Gate 2012?
    Can someone please e-mail it to me, thank you
    [email protected]

  34. What’s amiss 2de? Holy Ghost will arrest d situation, can we still av this day prayer points 4 d mid night session sir

  35. It is truly a nice and useful piece of information. I am happy that you simply shared this useful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 16, 2012 at 12:47 pm | Reply

    Charmain, Whether there is corporate fasting or not, you can live a fasting life; that is, you programe yourself to be eating at certain time of the day. You will engage yourself in praying and reading the word while you fast. God will answer your prayers. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  37. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 16, 2012 at 12:54 pm | Reply

    Hephzibah, See Isaiah62:4. Read the whole chapter, and pray all the verses.. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  38. i want the children of God to pray for me fpr the fruit of the womb i ve been married for 2 years

  39. daddy Enoch Adeboye to proohesised to my life that it shall be well with everything i lay my hands on. spritually, finacially business, concerning my home, that my children will know more of GOd and excell in their carreer . most of all is for my husband to do the will of my Father Jesus Christ and to walk in his way all through of his life. to be well with my church members and also a prayer for my spritual father and mother. a prayer to my life that will keep them and guide, teach them his way and direct their path in Jesus name.

  40. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 19, 2012 at 3:08 pm | Reply

    Olufemi, The prophet had spoken the word, it is now left for individuals to work it out, doing Joshua1:8 with the word. Speak it daily to your affairs. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  41. My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was entirely right. This post actually made my day. You can not believe simply how a lot time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  42. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 21, 2012 at 2:03 pm | Reply

    Hacker, Is this your real name? Let me know the meaning before I say anything. Go round the entire web and you will yet gain more. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  43. Deaconess Kehinde | February 14, 2012 at 2:16 pm | Reply

    I am so excited to found this site I thank God 4 the Holy Gost Congress Daddy held at Unilag On 10th Feb 2012 i saw him physically for the first time and in fact I was really bless but my husband ask me to get Daddy’s email which i KNOW IS NOT POSSIBLE BECAUSE OF 2 much mails but he want 2 see him because he alway had a dream that daddy always lay his hand on Him in his dream and pray for him that he will surely be one of God’s minister in Nigeria though we have been posted to one of our Branch now wher we pastor, but he needs daddy prayer for our ministerial work my email is [email protected] daddy we need your urgent answer or what we can do as per this thank you sir you and mummy will leave long for us And Your annointing will not die.

  44. Deaconess Kehinde, You can see Pastor E. A. Adeboye physically every month if you attend the Holy Ghost service. Your husband can also arrange to meet him through your area pastor or when they have ministerial meetings. However, he can use all the dream encounters to pray with faith, and they will come to pass. Laying on of hands implies having his anointing, his spirit of humility etc, and his enablement in serving God. Pastoring one of the branches and doing it faithfully will hasten and help your work in God’s vineyard. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  45. May the grace of the Lord almighty continue to abide with you and your family sir. I bless the name of the Lord for what He has done in my life through this website. Please sir I want you to pray for me and my family against evil people that wanted to tarnish the image of my family that the Lord should arise and fight for us. And also the the Lord should destroy all the evil people from my fathers side. So that we will have breakthrough in my family and that peace beyond human understanding should be our portion in Jesus name.

  46. After reading the 3 Dream cases, including the prayer points, i sort of doze away and i saw this blue black snake about 3 feet long crawling out of our property (we are presently constructing our home on that site). A few days ago i saw in a dream/vision, a man lying down as if asleep. on the ton of steel on our property and i started to pledge the Blood of Jesus against him.

  47. Charmain, Continue to plead the Blood of Jesus on the site, each day and make decrees that God, the builder of all things will help you to finish it. Anoint the ground regularly, each time you go there. Call down the fire of God, Hebrews12:29, on the site daily. Command that man sleeping on the iron rods to leave the place and never come back there again. Your hands that started the work will finish it, and you will still have resources to do other things. Always speak these words to the site, God will build the house with you, Psalm127:1. Luke10:19, Zechariah4:6-9(Replace Zerubabbel with your name). Note verse9 especially. Isaiah3:10 is for you, while verse11 is for your enemies. God will fill the builders with wisdom to finish the house on record time. Every move of the enemy on the house shall be disappointed, in the name of Jesus.
    Dont take that vision lightly, war against the evil powers behind it until you have peace of mind. Do midnight prayers against the forces. You will overcome them. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  48. hi,
    Please pray for me and my husband we are married for almost four years and i am unable to get pregnant i am tired of going to different doctors please pray for healing for me and my husband and God’s blessings upon our lives in Jesus name thank you.

  49. hi,
    Please also pray for God to more in me and my husband lifes in a supernatural way that we will experience him like never before in our lifes. please pray for my extended family also parents brother and sisters for salvation also for God’s healing for my uncle who just did brain surgery and for complete recovery for him and his salvation. also the doctors say that i have cyst and fibroid please pray that God would heal me and touch my womd and i will conceived and bring forth healthy babies to the honour and glory of God Thank you Jesus for it is done i received my miracle in Jesus name amen. Thank you

  50. Dionne, Isaac prayed for Rebecca before she conceived, ask your husband to be laying hands on your womb and be praying for you. Both of you should join a service group in your church, that was how John the Baptist was born. Be hospitable to people, that was how Sarah had visitation of angel. Pray and read your Bible together. Trust God for your own Isaac, and He will answer you in Jesus name. In 399, you ask for healing prayer, which I have prayed, but that is not enough. Get healing scriptures and be praying them. God will surely heal your uncle, in Jesus’ name. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

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