Pastor E. A. Adeboye of RCCG Prophecy For 2011 – “ALL SHALL BE WELL”


The General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God at Crossover Service at Redemption Camp, January 1st 2011
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50 Comments on "Pastor E. A. Adeboye of RCCG Prophecy For 2011 – “ALL SHALL BE WELL”"

  1. I need plenty more belief, plenty more power of prayer and more Holy Ghost with me. Please pray also that God gives me gifts of God’s grade.

  2. Eero, If you need faith(pleny of belief), hear plenty of the word of God, (Romans10:17), from anointed teachers and preachers, and from any of the several audio Bible versions on sale nowadays. This generation is really blessed. You can plug one in your ears, day or night. If you want Holy Ghost, live a holy life and be obedient to what you hear and read. Gift of grade? Do you mean gift of grace? God will continue to multiply His grace upon your life as you are doing His word and His work. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  3. Emmanuel dahunsi | October 29, 2011 at 6:07 am | Reply


  4. Ethel Tintswalo Khoza | October 30, 2011 at 4:37 pm | Reply

    Dear Daddy,

    Please daddy help me pray for brother’s company that is on unstable state. The old bookippings are refusing to hand over the revenue documents to the new bookippings as a result the company will not be granted a tender. I pray that let God’s will be done, I believe that IT IS WELL. THANK YOU DADDY let God continue to use you in a MYSTERIOUS WAY.

  5. Ethel, Plead the Blood of Jesus upon the business, ask God for mercy if he had not been paying tithe on the business. Do the required things the Government requires for registration. Always ask for the help of God. If he had been paying tithe, remind God of His promises in Malachi3:10-12, and ask God to rebuke the devourer for him. God will send him help, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  6. May the Lord be with you and your family too Baba Adeboye , Pls I want you to pray for me I am being punished for a sin I committed long ago, I want Gog to show me mercy and restore my health and that of my family, I also want the Lord to win my husband’s soul for Him

  7. Please Daddy i need prophesy of my life and prayer point , through my e-mail. i am 42 years not married, hv 2 kids first born 24 yrs and second 3 yrs , in the past i stayed with a man honestly hoping that we will endup being a family after many years the man will just go away and marry somewhere else and after marrying wants to come back to me that i didnt accept . Right now i am in a 7 years relationship with the father of my 3 yrs son and the relationship is not doing well as we always quarrelling and misunderstanding , in debts, critizising me when i go to church, and my work pays me a good salary that i can sustain my life with. Daddy I need your prayers so that i can be cleansed with the blood of Jesus and be delivered in every evil knowing and not knowing that is hindering my life and made my life stagnant, i need financial breakthrough, i need a business so that i can help others.

  8. i need yr prayers sir

  9. Bukonla, Since you have cried to God for mercy, He has forgiven you. Let peace reign in your heart. If God be for you, who will be against you? If you plead with the people punishing you, they too will forgive you. Your health will also be restored. Read Psalm103:1-6 to see the benefits of your redemption. Gather several healing scriptures and be doing Josua1:8 with them and you will have good success in your health too. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  10. Emmanuel, I pray God to bless you in all areas you desire, in the mighty name of Jesus. However, you need to sit down and do serious prayers for yourself. Every believer has access to the Father. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  11. Dominica, It shall be well with you if you turn to God fully. Do not join yourself to any man untill you are properly married. A man who is angry when you go to church is not a husband. “Can two walk together except they be agreed?” Amos3:3. Beware how you join yourself to an unbeliever. God will give you your husband as you pray to God and read your Bible. All the prophesies of your life are in the Holy Bible. Read and have faith in what you read. Jeremiah29:11. God has a good plan for your life. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  12. Pastor please pray for my sister who is suffering with a chronicle desease(depression).

  13. Tandiswa, depression is of the mind, and if care is not taken, it can lead to something else. It is a sign of those who have lost hope and they are bitter. Do your best to encourage her. She should forgive everyone who has offended her. She must be born again and be reading the Holy Bible, the only source of the hope of Christians. Play good Christians music, like Don Moen, around her and read the Bible loud to her, especially the words of Jesus. For your sake, she shall be delivered, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  14. God’s blessings
    can you please send me daily prayer points
    thank you
    i do not know how to get daily prayer points on this site.
    am interested in the 11th. hour(November), but i do not know how to use the site to get the prayers for that month, and the start date,as this web page JUST appeared on my monitor screen and i thank God that it is His will
    god bless you and your family and the church, in jesus name
    looking forward for a reply Amen!

  15. Chairman, There are several prayer points in this website. Go round it. There Dr. Olukoya’s book, Prayer Rain, has some prayers for New beginnings and New Year, you can adapt them for new months. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  16. daddy please pray for me so i can get married to the man im inlove with we have been together for 13years please pray that those who are holding my marriage to release it in the name of jesus amen

  17. Dear man of God. My marriage is under attack.My husband wants me to leave so he can pursue a relationship with a girl he has been sneaking around with and I am fighting with. We sleep in different rooms .He looks at me with such hatred. He tells me to my face that I need to get out of his life. We are in financial trouble because the business he bought me failed.Whenever I call at work to ask when he will be home,he is rude and talk to this woman about the things we talk about.Please pray and agree for restoration of my marriage

  18. Margaret A. Adeoso | November 7, 2011 at 7:13 pm | Reply

    Elizabeth, What God joined together, no man or woman shal put assunder. I decree the restorartion of your marriage. Get Prayer Rain, by Dr. Olukoya, there are several prayer points on marriages like this. God will turn the haert of your husband if you can pray and fast for your marriage. God will help you, in Jeus mane. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  19. Daddy, i want you to pray on behalf of my husband,for his papers in the home office to come out in success with good testimony and for financial breakthrough. thanks and Godbless

  20. Marian, Amen to all your wishes. You and your husband form a prayer team, Matthew18:18. Both of you should go before the Lord and present your requests and God will answer you if you are obedient children of God. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  21. Daddy, I thank God for your life. May God continue to use you as a channel of blessings for this generation. kindly pray for me for uncommon breakthrough and for the completion of a project that God started in my family last Holy Ghost Congress.

  22. Daddy, I want you to say a word to us as I want my wife to conceive this week without any delay & miscarriage.
    Thanks and God bless

  23. Daddy pray for my son who has been married to a wicked woman with bigger children yet my son is only 30, daddy help me, I have only one son I don’t have anyone to help me and assist me. Daddy pray that this marriage of incoveniences be destroyed, bcoz it is abormination for a young boy to marry an old woman.
    Daddy help me.

  24. Esther, Praying that a marriage should scatter is not of God. Is your son complaining to you? Did you not approve of the marriage initially? The ways of God is past finding out. DEREK PRINCE, a great man of God married a woman much older than him at first. Go to You Tube, and listen to him talk about his first marriage. I dont want to shock you with the age of the woman. Go and find out by yourself. Do not limit God with tradition. When God told Hosea to marry a woman of whoredom, Hosea1, people would have jeered and mocked, but God did it for a purpose. How are you sure that God is not in your son’s marriage. Leave your son alone, it’s his marriage. Read Genesis2:24. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  25. Man of God, I thank God for using you to bless my life. i want you to agree with me in prayer that i will be debt free and i will be financially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually blessed and to be a blessing to others in Jesus name amen
    I pray that the love of God be shares aboard in my parent’s life and heart.
    And God will use me greatly to bless my generation
    I am a joy of many generation\
    I thank God for blessing me with a God fearing Husband and children that will serve the Lord
    I thank God for the everything

  26. Man of God, i pray that God will bless me with abundant wealthy now in Jesus name, amen.

  27. Imoh Umana, Be determined not to buy anything on credit or borrow money. Debt is a spirit and only you can set yourself free, by the Blood of Jesus and the help of the Holy Spirit. Read and meditate on Romans13:8 Owe no man…… Obey it. Do not be in a hurry to be wealthy, live your means, work hard and money will come if you obey all scriptural instructions. Read my article, Giving Is Your Way To Financial Prosperity, it will bless you immensely. Continue to make your declarations and give God praises for your godly husband. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  28. I thank the almighty god for this site for opening my eye to see God and my heart to receive the his words. Since i came to know this site i am always happy and have strength in every circumstances that comes my way, really God do exists i wish people in the whole world can follow the almighty and give everything to GOD to handle, because nothing is impossible with GOD. i have realise my gift from god because most of the time i when i talk to somebody to do something by god’s grace it happens with good results. Most of the times i like giving advice to my friends to look upon god for everything they want they will receive. I remember one time my cousin sent me to stand for her girlfriend in a competition and i told them they have sent a woman of God, by gods grace i won them first prize which was P15 000-00 for twelve months they were very happy and gave me the word thank you i was happy for that. Last month one of my friend said to me that she received an airtime and does not know where it comes from i told her to wait first till the next day without using it , if the subscriber does not retain it back she continue to enter a competition with all the money it was P200-00 she will won definitely she won P50 000-00 and she was happy and thanked me also with a word . Even applications most of my friends will complain that they never get the responses even regrets when they apply, i asked them to bring their copies of certificates and references , whenever i saw the advert i make the application for them they will get hired.

    I pray to God and ask all man and women of God to pray for me to continue to use my gift from the God to bless others as i am doing without demanding any payment in return. I know that God has something for me in store and God continue to use me everyday to open my heart to know him more and more in Jesus name.

  29. Dominica, Thank you for sharing your experience. However, there is the need to know the difference between God(GOD) and god. Jeremiah10 compares the two. Jeremiah10:10 says, “But the LORD is the true God, the living God, and an everlasting king…; Verse11 speaks of “…the gods that have not made the heavens and the earth, even they shall perish from the earth and from under the heavens. So you cannot write of gods and God as the same. They are far apart. The Almighty God is our God. He has all power and He gives gifts to those who accepts His Son, Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  30. Daddy, I am seriously in need of your prayer for a change in the genotypes of my wife from ‘SS’ to ‘AA’ and mine from ‘AC’ to ‘AA’.

  31. Anonymous, Only believe. All things are possible. If you have the Blood of Jesus running through your veins, SS, AC or any unwanted group will be swallowed up. Take the communion daily. Read “The Flesh and the Blood of Jesus” and any other writing or books you can find on the Blood of Jesus. Relax,you and your wife will live long and live well. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  32. Thanks, Margaret. I really appreciate ur response.

  33. Anonymous, Just trust the great Physician that He can do all things, and He will do it. Be reading Your Bible. The word of God is spirit and life. Read John6:63, Romans8:11, Psalm118:7, 119:25, Jeremiah17:14. Get more healing scriptures and do Joshua1:8 with them. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  34. sir,i want God to speak to me.second i want him to favor me this years,i want to become a man.also to bless me and my families in difference ways.

  35. Nzimiro, If you have been speaking to God in prayers, in studying, reading and meditating His word, God will speak to you. As for favour, sow favour and pray favour prayers. God will favour you. Other blessings will also come to you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  36. Good day Daddy,
    Thank God I found this site. My fiancee and I has been planning for our wedding since last year believing God that he will get a good job to execute the marriage plans but no job is forthcoming. I have prayed and fasted but nothing is forthcoming. Please pray for us that evry thing holding back his financial blessings will let go so that we can move on with our marriage. God bless u.

  37. Please pray for Ecc Church and Pastor, Also pray for those going through problems and trials.

  38. Please pray for T.D.,R.,B.S, R. C. , and his family. Needs the favor and blessings of God,they go to court soon, wisdom & favor for the attorneys deliverance, and return to full & productive life , A Benson housing, M Bellin, Kenny Jr. break the cycle of addictions, prayer for Zena’s healing of the ulcer, R B. anointing and favor & skill, sister Alberta C. provision, and for everyone’s finances and the Blessings of God. Also pray for T.D., K.M.,D.B.,A.L,M.M.,M.W.,P.H.,M.W.,R.F., that they will be filled with the Love and Spirit of God and bless them to get closer to Christ.

  39. My wife a I need prays
    In our marriage and our finances

  40. Margaret A. Adeoso | December 1, 2011 at 12:25 pm | Reply

    Darren, You and your wife must embrace the biblical principles of marriage and stick to one another. Read and study 1Corinthians13, which will teach you true love, always preferring your wife to yourself in all things, Genesis2:18, tells you that God ordained marriage; 23-25 tells you to become one and be naked to one another in all things; and Ephesians20-33. tells you of submission. Buy books on marriage and study successful marriages. Your finances: read my article on Giving. God will give you the grace to obey what you read. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  41. Dear Pastor Enoch,

    Let God continue to bless you as you are a blessing to the nations. I just want to thank God today for a site that God has given us (family). Me and my wife we have been trusting God to bless us with a site so that we can build the house of our choice. Thank you LORD, I PRAISE you, there is no one like you. You said the world belongs to you and everything that dwell in it.

    Thank you LORD.

  42. Jabulani Khoza, The desire of the righteous shall be granted. Proverb10:24. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  43. I would also like some prayer as I’m quite confused going through the shame and humilation of divorce financial debt. I would like to sow into this minstry. i need several breakthroughs,Ive got no time to waste, i have been robbed by the devil and i need it all restored.

  44. Diane, give no room to confussion, shame and humilation in your life. What the devil stole, God canrestore. Your marriage can even be restored. Trust God who can turn the impossible to possible. Isaiah42:22 is your prayer point. Ask God to restore. A lady prayed that prayer of restoration one morning and things started to move in an amazing way. Ask God to force the devil to restore what he had stolen from you. Be reading your Bible and buy Prayer Rain. There are several prayer points on marriage. Fear not. Rebuke the spirits of confussion, shame and humilation, using the Blood of Jesus. Be bold to face each day. God will help you. I will still get back to you on the other issue you raised. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  45. Thank you Margaret, I really appreciate your response, I am now praying the prayer points and since I have had a business opportunity open up, I’m believeing that the Lord will provide the money to set up and go before me, as I do not want to borrow a cent and I will know this is what God has for me, I said that I wanted to sow, and I found a prayer point ” harvest meet harvest in my life in the name of Jesus, and Let the harvest overtake the sower in my life in Jesus name” Please believe with me for a prosperous venture, I do not want to be a borrower ever again in my life it’s a sin, I want to pay out all my debts and I cannot physically be at the sermons of Dr Olukoya, but I know in my heart that I want to be a part of the work, and I feel that sowing is being a part of what God is doing, and I know God does not need anyone’s money but it is the heart behind the giving that He wants, Wonderful Saviour , Prince of peace the Everlasting Father, please agree in prayer with me if this is the right business to start because I want to work to give. Thank you all – sons & daughters of the Most High God

  46. Diane, I say Amen to all your prayers. Before you go into the venture, pray and get the green light. That is better than going into wrong business and getting stuck on the way. Since you have purposed not to borrow a cent, God will help you. Ask for the favour and direction of God before you take any step, He will guide you in the way to go. Working to give is better than begging. Do your business with the fear of God and it shall be well with you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

    i am happy to announce that my ministry goes well but financial problem too much , may you help this ministry the name of my ministry abuntdent agape globel ministry. pastor Isac mathew

  48. Isaac, Financial problems do not answer to prayers. Sow your tithe into higher ministry, and teach your congregation to pay tithe and give offering, then you will see changes. Read the article I wrote on Giving Is Your Way To Financial Prosperity. Glory to God. Jesus Is Lord!

  49. Dady

    I have attended your services while you were in South Africa @ Standardbank Arena for the first time my prayer request is the stagnation to be removed in my life completely because even my family they are saying things are not go well because of this salvation and abandon the ancestors let God prove that I am serving a living God

    Thank you
    Angel from South Africa

  50. Angel, It is not because of salvation that things are not going well. Our God is a jealous God. His name is Jealous. If you are going to serve Him, serve Him with your whole heart and He will surely show up in your affairs. Cast all your cares on him for He cares for you. He alone can give you rest. Read Jeremiah1:18,19 and Matthew11:28-30. Be reading your Bible and you will overcome the challenges of life. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

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