My DAY 19 Prayers: 70 Days Prayer and Fasting 2010

Who is like unto Thee?
Oooh Lord, who is like unto Thee?
Oooh Lord, Among the gods, who is like Thee,
Glorious in holiness, fearful in praises,
Doing wonders Alleluia!

Thursday 7th October, 2010.

Nehemiah 2:19-20: *“But when Sanballat the Horonite, and Tobiah the servant, the Ammonite, and Geshem the Arabian, heard it, they laughed us to scorn, and despised us, and said, What is this thing that ye do? will ye rebel against the king? Then answered I them, and said unto them, The God of heaven, he will prosper us; therefore we his servants will arise and build: but ye have no portion, nor right, nor memorial, in Jerusalem.”

  1. O Lord, beginning from now, LAUGH my mockers to scorn this year, Lord, bury them in derision, in the name of Jesus.
  2. Power to finish the race of 2010 with a great testimony of God’s power and favour, FALL UPON ME NOW!!! in the name of Jesus.
  3. Divine prosperity that will swallow my failures, conquer my fears and disgrace my mockers, BEGIN TO MANIFEST IN MY LIFE NOW!!! in the name of Jesus.
  4. I LEAP by faith into my NEXT LEVEL of success in life now, in the name of Jesus.
  5. My Father, in these remaining weeks and months of this year 2010, Crown my enemies with the shame and reproach that they have programmed for me this year, in the name of Jesus.
  6. As this year 2010 rolls to an end, O Lord my Father, let the blood of the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world, blot out the every inherited and current transgressions of my life, that I may partake in the blessings of Abraham, in the name of Jesus.
  7. Heavely father, as this year 2010 rolls to an end, let every power planning to put me in captivity, be caught by their own wicked devices and Die in their own traps, in the name of Jesus.
  8. As this year 2010 rolls to an end, O Lord my God, I command every evil agenda against my destiny and family to MULTIPLY SEVEN-FOLD and RETURN BY FIRE ON THE HEAD OF MY ENEMIES!!! in the name of Jesus.
  9. As this year 2010 rolls to an end, O Man of War: let the boiling anger from the Lord consume every raising obstacles against my end-of-year testimonies, in the name of Jesus.
  10. As this year 2010 rolls to an end, O Lord: SURPRISE me with a great miracle that would make me pinch myself in amazement, in the name of Jesus.

Thank You LORD for answering our prayers in Jesus’ name

21 Comments on "My DAY 19 Prayers: 70 Days Prayer and Fasting 2010"

  1. Thank u Lord 4 this site i was empty without prayer.but now ma sins r forgiven | November 6, 2010 at 12:08 am |

    Thank u Lord for this site

  2. Recently I was browsing on my computer looking for
    spiritual Warfare prayer, how to fight against the enemy. I am a Christian and my husband is not, for the past two years my husband began to change, his attitude and the way he talks to me disrespectful, he even spat in my face and said mean things to me like I am a devil from hell, I know how to pray and I have prayer partners who I pray with, but sometimes I get so depress I cant even pray and I know that’s what the devil want. I
    would like to start your fasting and prayer, but we are in November. Please let me know what to do . I neeyour help. Thanks
    P.S. I think my tenant that lives in my apartment have something to do with my husband behaviour. I cant
    explain now but she has threatened me that she was not done with me yet. Even though I am a christian
    dont take that threat lightly.

  3. Lorna, You can start your prayer and fasting today. Get the book, 70Days Prayer and Fasting, 2010, and Prayer Rain by Dr Olukoya. You can still pray other prayer points at any time. Now listen, your tenant is manipulating your husband, and you are watching; Is it until she claims your house before you chase her out with a Quit Notice. If the house belongs to your husband, then you can leave her. But whether she stays or go, since you have detected that she is contributing to your marriage negatively, you must pray her out of that home. Read Proverbs6: 27-35, and be fierce in your prayer. She is a devil, only out to waste your husband and drop him. Win the battle in your closet before you give the Quit Notice. Pray back your husband that every veil over him should be destroyed. He is toying with fire but he does not know. Jesus is Lord!

  4. Lorna,
    Call on God to save, kill or chase that woman out immediately. Tell God to expose her nakedness and that of your husband! Any secret dealings between the two of them should be exposed in Jesus’ name. Strike her every midnight to 3.00 a.m and beyond with fire prayers! Pray for God to punish your husband now and bring him to him in tears! Let God humble him and save him! No mercy on them till they change! He spat on your face? Now forgive him physically but get on your knees and tell God to let someone else spit on his face and humble him. Tell God to bring him down from his ignorance and pride. God save them by fire!!!!!

  5. lorna ask the lord to surround your husband with a hedge of thorns

  6. Sunday, Your holy anger for the people of God against the wicked is great and God will reward you for it. BUT remember that the husband is her covenant partner. If the devil entered him to misbehave once, that does not mean that the marriage should end. Read 1Corinthians13 and Ephesians5 to know the type of love that should exist especially between husband and wife. God expects total forgiveness from us, because that is what He gives us through Jesus Christ. Praying God to humble her husband or send someone to spit on his face is not scriptural. If God should answer these prayers, the shame and reproach will also be on her as well. It is better to forgive the man fully so that her prayers can be answered. She can pray fervently for the salvation of her husband. She should pray the strange woman out of her husband’s life without delay. The strange woman is the devil who should be dealt with once and for all. Failure to deal with her now can make her pursue both Lorna and husband for years. A woman made the mistake of not dealing with the Hagar of her life, and this Hagar pursued her for almost thirty years, even after the death of her husband. Leaving a strange woman undealt with is like living with a deadly snake in your home. Lorna should deal with the strange woman and send her packing, spiritually and if need be like Sarah did, Genesis21. If not, she becomes a dross and for Lorna to shine in life, it will take time and God. Psalm119:119, Proverbs25:4,5. Jesus is Lord!

  7. Funso, please note that it is not enough to pray for the edges of thorns around her husband. Some women are as deadly as the grave, Proverbs7. In addition to praying for the husband, she should pray against the strange woman. Jesus gave us the power against unlean spirits, Matthew10:1. We often use the power for; now that wickedness is common, we should also use the power against the wicked. Jesus is Lord!

  8. margaret,thank you know until i saw the scriptural back up you posted i was praying just that prayer.i am i similar own husband became a serial adulterer to the point of beating me up to a stage of being admitted.evev his very christian family support his actions.He would rather give his mother feeding money and leave my child and i starving.The hieght was when his parents came crashing down my quiet early morning prayers saying i cannot chase them from their sons house.
    The son in question pretends to fellow xtians to be spirit filled,so gets home from his multiple affairs looking for an opportunity to beat me up.
    in all this i hjave a child who has being emotionally battered by this since she was a few months old.

  9. Funso, Glory to God! Now that God has opened your eyes, dont stop your prayer on the 27th November 2010. There is so much wickedness and we need to pray much to overcome them. Get Prayer Rain and Prayer and Deliverance Bible, both by Dr. Olukoya and continue your prayers. You are very young, pray to God to deliver you from workers of iniquity, ask them to depart from you, Psalm6:8, Psalm59. If you are born again, your word is power, tell him, with wisdom, not to beat you again. There are spirits behind his anger and stinginess towards you, so bind and cast out the two spirits, and also the spirit of lust. Continue to pray for him and for your marriage. Pray Ephesians5:21-33, often. Every verse of it is loaded and relevant for your situation. Let your parents-law know that you are not the one behind his not giving them money, and the cause-adultery. You must have concrete evidence for this. Be courteous to them, and always use wisdom. They might be able to talk to him. The woman or women behind his adultery should be prayed out of his lifewithout delay. Make sure that you have a job so that you can look after yourself and your child/children. Be a worker in your church, and ask God for divine intervention. This prayer is always helpful, “Lord, Help me” when he enters the house, and do your binding and casting out of those spirit, in the name of Jesus using also Isaiah59:19, often. God will surely help you, He will not leave you in the hand of the unclean spirits. Read your Bible and PRAY. Jesus is Lord!

  10. Thank you margaret,

    I wish this web site existed before i got married;but it is never too late,infact God is never late.

    Thank you,I have since become nocturnal in nature .I live to pray and i pray to live.
    May your wealth of wisdom never grow dry.

    I appreciate you.

    Reborn thats what i have become.

  11. Funso, All the glory goes to God! Add the Blood of Jesus to your weapons. Just be sure to cover yourself and your child with the Blood of Jesus every morning, either in faith or physically in the bathroom, calling your water “the blood of Jesus”. Also cast out the animal out of him, in prayer with the Blood of Jesus. He was not the one beating you, but the wicked ones put the animal inside him to be doing that job. Your prayer can be like this, “Father, In the name of Jesus, I cast out the animal and the unclean spirits from—-(his name), by the Blood of Jesus. God will confirm your word. Always sprinkle the Blood of Jesus around your home to chase out every spirit contrary to your welfare. You will soon share your testimony. Jesus is Lord!

  12. Funso, Decree and delare the peace of God in your home. Peace is one of our blessings, so when you dont see it, call it forth. Uproot what you dont like and plant what you want. Anytime you uproot anything, be sure to plant your desire so that what you uprooted will not come back again. Plant kindness and generousity towards you in him. Encourage him, so that both of you can be praying together. Pray for him in your closet that God will stregthen him to resist temptations of any kind. Jesus is Lord!

  13. Thank you margaret,
    presently my child and i have being destitute for 3 months.his parents but an embargo on my presence in the house so i call down fire from outside .His mother has being running the house with his cooking even when i was home.she and her husband-my father in law forbid my praying in the seating room and my husband dances to their tune.
    thank you and the lord be glorified in this matter.

  14. Funso, Did you marry this man according to the will of God and according to the law of your country? Did these parents-law agree to your marriage? Are you his first wife? Does your church allow parents-in law to live with couples? Is he their only child? If not, where are the siblings? Be true in all your answers. It is important that we get to the root before the challenges can be dealt with. Meanwhile, continue with your prayers, knowing that the word of God is not bound, 2Timothy2:9. Continue to release the Blood of Jesus against all forces of darkness in that home, the Owner of the Blood will be there for you. In a battle like this, call on the Man of war and LORD of hosts to fight for you. Be praiseful as well, 2Chronicles20:15-30. This is a kingdom work and we must do it wholeheartedly, not only for your sake, but for the sake of God’s name. There is no darkness which can overpower light. Why should His name be polluted? Luke10:19 is for you. Jesus is Lord!

  15. Dear Margaret,
    i did marry him prayerfully.We had a pastors blessing because he couldnt afford a wedding ,registery,and traditional wedding.After praying the prayer points you gave methis morning,i got an undersatnsing.His mother is actually diabolic.I got a revealation-i was meant to be dead on my labor bed but the nurses in that hospital held vigil with prayers till i gave birth.i remember she was sent out of the labour room before i could bring husband is the third child of 4 children and the first son.My church CLAM, got involved and told him what the word of the lord said buit ,you see the ability to ignore what the word of God says to the Detriment of this Marriage has being a practise from the time the mom came to take care of our baby.She controls things but to the glory of God and The shame of the devil i saw her while praying this morning carrying all the evil load she sent to me.Thank you for your concern.You have helped me.I never knew that God could expose the real causes to me until this morning while praying.My prayer is that this battle to end with this day.Let God Strtech forth his mighty arm .

  16. Funso, Continue praying. Since she is Satan’s p.a., deal with her as you would deal with her master.She had even attempted to eat your flesh, give her Isaiah49:26. Let me tell you some of their names: the wicked, evil doers, the ungodly, workers of iniquity and many more. Just deal with her according to what the Bible says. Dont compromise at all. In a battle like this, you are either a victor or a victim. Be bold and be strong to pray those prayers of David, he was a man after God’s heart., Acts13:22. If you want to be a woman after God’ heart, give her at least 5 scriptures against the wicked, everyday. Always ask for the help of the Holy Spirit. Know that she wants to make you worthless, by breaking your home, just to have her way. NO. Release confusion among them. Isaiah41:11,12. They have ruined many lives, and it is individuals like you who can stop the ones that come your way. Only you can help your husband out of her control. Since she sent you out of that home for praying, God will disgrace her out of that place. Use Genesis2:24, and Isaiah25:7 to pray for your husband. Always remember that the Man of war is the One fighting her. See yourself as God.s battle axe, Jeremiah51:20. Always remind God of Exodus22:18 God will strengthen you as you praise Him, and He will silence the enemy and the avenger for you. Psalm8:2. Jesus is Lord!

  17. Dear margaret,

    our weapon of warfare is indeed not carnal,you have shown me the potency in the word of God.
    I believe the lord will bless and reward you.

    I wish more saints of the lord know this secrets.
    Thank you

  18. Funsho, To God be the glory! God has more than a million weapons which He can use against the forces of darkness, but he is waiting for his battle axes and weapons of war to rise up. The wicked are so proud in their wickedness, they even do it in broad day light, that’s why she could follow you to labour room. This is why you must call down the judgment of God upon them to bring them down. Once you have faith in the Word, it will work for you. If you want more saints to know of this site,tell them. It is sheep calling sheep to a green pasture. When you locate a good church, good market, good book, and good schol, you tell your friend, so when you see a good website, also tell your friends. In any battle of life, know that the LORD of hosts is with you. Live a holy life and be obedient to do what He says in his Word, and you will see victory always. Jesus is Lord!

  19. Margaret, indeed he is lord,
    i remain thankful for your advice.may your relationship with God.grow through the ages.
    thank you

  20. Funso, AMEN and AMEN and AMEN, in Jesus mighty name. Do something for yourself; stop writing your name with small “f”, and always use capital letters where you need to, e.g. He is Lord. Little things matter in spiritual world. Every soldier must be disciplined, and you are a soldier in the kingdom. Let things be done orderly. Take note.

  21. Thank you dear Margaret,
    it is good to be held accountable.May The Lord bless you.


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