Spiritual State of Emergency Prayer Points

Joel 2:1:“Blow a trumpet in Zion, And sound an alarm on My holy mountain! Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble, For the day of the LORD is coming; Surely it is near,”

Joel 3:9:“…Say to the nations far and wide: “Get ready for war! Call out your best warriors. Let all your fighting men advance for the attack.”

Zechariah 14:3:“Then the LORD will go forth and fight against those nations, as when He fights on a day of battle.”

Ezekiel 33:6:“But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes the life of one of them, that man will be taken away because of his sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for his blood.”
Spiritual State of Emergency Prayer Points
Jeremiah 6:1:“Run for your lives, you people of Benjamin! Get out of Jerusalem! Sound the alarm in Tekoa! Send up a signal at Beth-hakkerem! A powerful army is coming from the north, coming with disaster and destruction.”

  1. (Lay your right hand on your chest as you take this first prayer:) My innerman (spiritman), be baptized by the unquenchable fire of the Holy Ghost for warfare victory at the gate of my enemies!!! in the name of Jesus.
  2. (Lift up your two hands and begin to vigorously shake them as you take this next prayer point:) I possess by fire, the gates of my enemies and usher in a spiritual emergency, to rout every problem that has beseiged my life until now!!! in the name of Jesus
  3. On this mid-month and this mid-year, If am in d midst of any problem, I declare a spiritual state of emergency by fire against that problem: Every crisis delegated to bring me down: BE ARRESTED!!! EXPIRE!!! BE CONSUMED BY THE FURY OF THE LORD!!! in Jesus’ name.
  4. I blow a spiritual alarm now, let the hosts of heaven come to my help in battle, GO FORTH, ATTACK the gathering of the vicious problems that are encamped against me!!! in Jesus’ name.
  5. Every sword of peril assigned against my destiny and family, I blow the whirlwind of Jehovah against you, Go back and slay your senders, in the name of Jesus.
  6. Every army of disaster and destruction marching to waste my destiny, your time is up: ROAST!!!!!!! in the name of Jesus.
  7. Every trigger of wicked powers assigned against me, DISAPPOINT your owners, BACK-FIRE and KILL your Pullers!!! in the name of Jesus.
  8. O God Arise with urgency for my sake, and consume with your fury every mobilization of the enemies against me!!! in the name of Jesus.
  9. O Wind, O Earth, O Sun and Moon, O weather and the elements: OBEY THE LAW OF EMERGENCY AND GO CONTRARY AGAINST every power of darkness assigned against me: WIPE THEM OUT NOW!!! in Jesus’ name.
  10. Every crisis manufactured by dark powers to swallow my breakthrough, hear the word of the Lord:

    in the name of Jesus.

  11. Every arrow of panic and fear, fired against my life, you are a liar!!! EXPIRE!!! in Jesus’ name.
  12. You the fortress of agony and sorrow, erected against my laughter and joyful testimonies this year, BE WASTED!!! BECOME DESOLATE!!! in the name of Jesus.

Go on your knees before the Almighty God and begin to thank Him for the awesome testimonies that will follow in answers to these simple but strange prayers, in Jesus’ name.

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  1. Thanks for this. Please pray against the spirit of infirmity. I have some pain on my right head and neck. May the power of God bring Healing! Amen.

  2. Thank you for this powerfull prayer. it was trully one of the strongest prayers iever prayed. It didn’t even wait for am hour when all my sorrow turned in to Joy.The lord have dried my tears. Praise God.

    Thank you for this GLORIOUS sight. it is trully helping many. May God keep on Blessing you in Jesus name. Amen.

  3. Dear man of God I would like a prayer of employment. I was dismissed unfairly I did nothing but I was fired. Pastor I would like God to interven I need job so that I can pay my accounts and help people who are in need.

  4. My brothers and sisters in Christ I need your prayers .I find myself in a battles where the arrows come from all directions .the fight is in my house , in my job ,in my career ,in my spiritual life in my marital life and i also need a financial breakthrough . I believe there is nothing too difficult for God .My brethren agree with me in prayer .

  5. Prayer warriors of the Lord, I covet your prayers. My wife got convinced by ungodly counselors and left the house and after asked for divorce just because we had arguments. I still love her and believe in one marriage for life.
    Please pray for and with me, for I believe that the same God who raises Lazarus is still God of this day and HE can and will resurrect my marriage and restore back the love and everything the enemy stole from me in JESUS’ name

  6. God bless you pastor

    Please pray for me. i have some previous involvement with the police. in all of these i knew i was not guilty and it was something that was programmed through witchcraft. this problem seems to be surfacing. today when i went into town i was meeting police cars at every corner. i know that God protected me in a special way but i also know that the devil and his agents have programmed something against me to try and get me arrested. please pray for me to release me from this

  7. Onafowokan Faith | August 30, 2010 at 10:27 am | Reply

    I love meeting people

  8. Onafowokan Faith | August 30, 2010 at 10:29 am | Reply

    Please pray for me, i dont have a job

  9. Thank you man of God for these prayer points.i encounter a fresh anointing every time i use them.

  10. Oshioke shellu | November 8, 2010 at 4:54 pm | Reply

    All problems of life can only solve by God and our Lord Jesus Christ through effective prayer,praise and fasting.He has set me free from all the enemies of my destiny. I thanks God Almight in name of our Lord Jesus Christ for the great things He has done in my life.

  11. My husband has been cheating on me for thirteen years. I am bitter and want him to leave. He hs no job and nowhere substantial to go. I hate how he has destroyed my dreams of a solid marriage. I still love him and know his youngest son will be devstated. Please pray for a breakthrough for my family!!!

  12. Dear Man Of God. Pls pray for my Big brother Ajay to be free frm alcoholism. He is really suffering and requires Supernatural Interventim. He has lost everything ie. His marriage, his house, cars, finances, etc. Pray that God will Restore. All things are possible with Jesus! Thank u! May God enlargen your Territory Man of God!

  13. i enjoy your points

  14. Heather, Know this, you are the last hope of your husband, and you must not give up on him. It is not just your marriage that the enemy wants to destroy, his entire life and your and your children’s lives are also at stake. Get a copy of Prayer Rain by Dr. Olukoya and PRAY. Every born again christian has the capacity to operate like God as he spoke in Genesis1 and things were created. You too can speak what you want in life. As you pray to God, you will also say what you want. Jesus also gave us His disciples power to cast out unclean spirits, Matthew10:1. Since you still love him, you have to stop being bitter and start being sweet to deliver him from the spirit of lust. this is an unclean spirit which you must cast out of him. You cannot throw him into the street to save his destiny. If your youngest son is devastated, what is your gain? The enemy will not waste your lives, in Jesus name. Jesus is Lord!

  15. Alchoholism/Divine intervention, You are in the best position to pray for your brother, (if you are born again), asking God for divine intervention. Let your prayer be word loaded, 1Timothy3:3, Titus1:7. Pray like this, Father, in the name of Jesus, Let not(mention his name) give in to strong drink anymore in the name of Jesus. Alchoholism is also a snare of the devil Use Psalm140 to pray for him. Alchoholism is a spirit and you have to cast him out of your brother. “You foul spirit of alchoholism, I command you in the name of Jesus, to leave—-(his name) alone, Matthew10:1. Wage your war against it with the Blood of Jesus as well. Bind it and cast it out. When that spirit is out of him, he will stop craving for alchohlic drinks. Now that he has lost all, he should readily submit his life to Jesus, the giver of abundant life. John10:10. That is his first step to recover all he had lost. You may also need to go to a local church for one-on-one counseling on your brother. Get a copy of Prayer Rain to pray effectively for him. You must be strong in the Lord, Ephesians6:10. Jesus is Lord!

  16. Fellow Brethren,

    Sometimes i believe that this is crazy but i just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m a young youth and several timse i’ve been called by God to carry through his work. i’ve done so a couple of times but during the past years i’ve been failing. I have this deep heartburn with in me to do it but, some how i always turn back and fall into sin. What can i say….one month ago i was so to believe that i was set free from everything that was holding me back. Since i started out great but now i feel that i have fallen into the trap again i feel that this heavy weight is on me again…and i don’t know what to do anymore sometime i fell like giving up because i’ve failed god so many times. its hard for me to persist….i’m afraid to tell someome about my situation because they’ve always know me as “good” so i’m asking for some prayer for God to set me free completely of these chains and to persist because i know that he has great plans for me…..thank u

  17. Everytime when am about to be married it fails i prayed and fasted but no result is it because my parents were never married?

  18. Dear man of God,
    I am asking you and you and your prayer theme to help me pray for my aunt in Canada who is dieing from pancreatic cancer . The cancer is spreading in her body and I’m the only one who is trust God for her healing. I know there is nothing imposible for God to do , and i know that God is going to heal her and our family will praise God and give Him the glory in Jesus mighty name thank you all for praying and agreeing with me in prayer.May God bless you all.

  19. Please pray for my broken engagement. That God will mend it and make it whole again. What we had was guiene but the devil has stolen it from us. I reclaim it all in Jesus’ name

  20. Rochelle, I have no Idea why your engagement was broken, But I will say this I have learned over the years that sometimes when we pray for others we must be careful and prayerful that we are not over stepping our authority. Our God Jehovah is All Knowing, He sees way down the road.I Pray God’s will be done.I am reminded of the passage in the Bible where JESUS told the woman at the well to give him a drink,then the woman wanted to know how is it that Jesus would ask her for a drink because he was a Jew. Then Jesus answered IF YOU KNEW who it was that says this to you. Then JESUS told the woman to go call her HUSBAND but the woman replied I have no HUSBAND! Then JESUS told her she has had 5 Husbands but the one you have now is not your Husband. (JOHN 4;1-20) Rochelle as you read the passage ask the lord for wisdom regarding your engagement. I pray for your peace.,and for the eyes of your understanding to be enlightened.. I don’t know why I responded to this comment.But I want you to look closely at what JESUS said to the woman (He said if you KNEW) So although you dont know why this is happening HE KNOWS,so hold on and keep trusting what his word says! GOD BLESS YOU!

  21. I need a mighty prayer warrior to go up in prayer and pull down some strongholds on my behalf. Consequently, I got laid off/company downsized and been unemployed since November 2010. I am living from check to check (unemployment is my source of income for now), I barely meet my rent and utilities expenses each month to support my child and I. Next, my car broke down a couple weeks of being laid off and I don’t have $3000 to buy a motor. Therefore, I am unable to go out and find a job without an automobile. My income tax refund direct deposit account # had an error which is causing a delay..The IRS reps informed me the refund was likely deposit in someone else account. I was told a few times that I have to wait to receive a form to fill out and mail it back in plus, this can take weeks to receive and then, extra weeks to wait for the check to be mailed out to me.

  22. Sylvia elliott | April 5, 2011 at 1:19 pm | Reply

    I am in need of a prayer warrior to pray on my behalf. I pray daily, several times a day. Please pray for us. Please pray for me and my family. We are going through hard times in our lives. My husband left 6 months ago and it has been very hard on myself and our children. Please pray for restoration of my marriage and family. Please pray for him to come home to us and love an abundance of love and forgivenss. Thank you so much! God Bless you and your ministry.

  23. KAYODE JOSEPH | April 19, 2011 at 12:53 pm | Reply


  24. Dear man of God! I need prayer for my dad,the devil thnks he has control my dad. My dad is posses by a demon called jehovah holly spirit,jehovah jesus christ,jesus christ holly spirit,and the console members of the holly spirit which there are 24member.they have made turn into a god callef jehovah his first name.all night night the demon spins his head and neck wothout gettimg any time to sleep!he talks to himself all day and nighte nonstop!!!!!!!!but he remember everybody he has interacted with please pray for my dad he is a deeply devoted. Chrostian man who is over stress and has deep depression problems he is the hospital and his test good result like MRI,CAT SCAN everyting he test for are of good result.please help my dad.thank you so much and the Lord richly bless your program

  25. prophet bunjo | July 5, 2011 at 12:38 pm | Reply


  26. i recently started an out door marketing company. things are not going well. i would like you to pray for me so that the lord can take it to higher hights. in jesus’s name.

  27. Praying for understanding. A friend is not responding to me. I must have said something to hurt him. I ask that he respond to me tonight and forgive me for my words. He is very special to me. In Jesus name I pray.

  28. Lisa, I dont want you to lose your special friend. But his non responc
    se to you at that time could mean that he was pondering on what you said. he could be thinking on it. Give him time. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  29. please man of God assist me, during April month this year i.e 2011 some of my colleagues were having a birthday celebration, so I was invited not knowing that is a plot or a snare. as I was busy eating a friend of my colleague who invited me started to mention something saying (you will die, you will surely die, that meat will kill you, we will go and bury you. after a month I had a problem with my throat it was hard to pray and even to talk and eat,. I was prayed for.

    To cut the story short because is a long story, I thank God that I am still alive God rescued me from their hands. MAN OF GOD CAN YOU PLEASE ASSIST ME WITH SPECIAL PRAYER POINTS FOR COMPLETE DELIVERANCE. I’ve read one of your books (smite the enemy…. and I’ve found a passage where you can help with special prayer points. please assist me. you can email them through the email address I’ve mentioned above. GOD BLESS YOU. YOU ARE ABLESSING TO THE DYING WORLD. GOD BLESS YOU OVER AND OVER AGAIN

  30. Johanna Manghezi, Continue to thank God for sparing you till now. Untimely death is not your portion. Jesus had tasted death for you. Do Joshua1:8 with Psalm118:17;5:10;9:19,20 Proverbs21: 18. Isaiah43:1-4.God will make your enemies your ransom. They will enter the pit they have dug for you,they will be the ones to use their cofin and their grave cloth. God will turn the table against them. Buy Prayer Rain, and Prayer and Deliverance Bible with notes by Dr. Olukoya; be using the prayer points to fire them. God is your defence and He will fight your battles for you. Fear not, God will help you. Isaiah41:10. Those who want you dead will regret ever touching you. Every arrow of death or tragedy fired at you will backfire, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God Jesus is Lord!

  31. I need total deliverance for my three children and me. I married a sociopath and he and one of his girlfriends (not wife) have fooled the courts, and their ongoing deception is hurting our children. I pray that our child!ren are back in my care as primary parent now. This is the start of the 4th year the children live with their step mom and father and they continue to do very wicked things and pin it on me.
    God deliver us – being a mother to my children has been my dream since I can remember. He is an abusive alcoholic and his family is very high up in the church and has lots of money. My family are humble farmers and what has happened in court has been shocking and heartbreaking.
    Please pray for my deliverance…I would greatly appreciate a call and someone to pray for deliverance.
    God bless you

  32. Kelly, You must know that your children remain your children. Their father and the step mother cannot change that fact. No matter what they give them to eat, they will recognise you as their mother. Samuel lived in Eli’s household, as corrupt as the boys in that family were corrupted, Samuel was not corrrupted. Be praying for the salvation of your children, Dad and the step mum. If the court permits your visit, visit them with love. They may be young now, not knowing anything, but later in life they will be yearning for their natural mother. Read the story of Tell Jesus all the things you want to tell someone. He is the only Someone who can carry your burden for you. Be prayerful and be reading The Holy Bible. You will be hearing from God, as you continue in these two things with a pure conscience. Glory to God Jesus is Lord!

  33. Kelly, Read the story of Steven Jobs, how he was yearning for and eventually got his natural parents. Your children will locate you one day. Relax yourself and be serving God. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  34. My dear and precious sister in Christ
    Margaret A
    Yes, amazingly enough, I just started reading the Steve Jobs book-haven’t gotten to that part yet, but will watch for it.
    I feel so heart broken and unfairly judged-please lift my 3 kids in prayer that we will be set free by the light of truth
    Please write when you can -may angels be blazing you path to divine blessings in all you do!
    peace and light and breakthrus to you

  35. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 10, 2012 at 6:27 am | Reply

    Kelly, There are also so many people who meet after several years of seperation. Read more on the internet to boost your faith. A mother who gave up a daughter for adoption even met the daughter after decades, but your children are not given up for adoption. Have it in mind that it is a matter of time, and your children will be looking for you. Be covering them with the Blood of Jesus and be seperating them from evil, using Psalm121 and 2Timothy4:18. The Judge of the earth will one day step into your affairs. Keep walking in the light, light will always make darkness disappear. Lies can travel a hundred miles, but when the truth rises up one day, Truth will overtake the lies. Continue to pray for the salvation of their souls, including dad and step mom. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  36. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 10, 2012 at 11:32 am | Reply

    Kelly, Pray for the peace of your children and pray that they will diligently search for you until they get you, in Jesus Mighty Name.2Timothy1:17. God will give them a clue to your whereabout. Holy Spirit will guide them to you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  37. Margaret A
    Bless you I continue to seek deliverance for 9 years I have been abused. My ex, he took our kids in Oct 2008 and uses the courts to continue to abuse me- our kids are made to feel “mom and wanting to see her is bad”
    I yearn to be with my 3 kids, ache for justice and peace- next court date is march 1
    Thank you very much

  38. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 31, 2012 at 6:39 pm | Reply

    Kelly, There are judges on earth, but there is a Righteous Judge of all the earth, whose habitation is justice and judgment, whose mercy and truth will go before you to that court, Genesis18:25, Psalm89:14. Remember that Jesus, our Lord and Saviour is also your Advocate, and the Holy Spirit is your Witness. Know that if the Godhead move into your affairs, justice will be done in your favour. God will confuse your enemies and their words will never agree. Think on Jeremiah20:11.;50:34. The Lord of hosts will be exalted on that day, Psalm46:10. Fear not, God will help you. Isaiah41:10-14. They are too strong for you to handle, but God Jehovah is stronger that their strongest. God is your defence and He will preserve you from the shame they prepared for you.They will carry their shame that day.Stop sounding afraid, you are not supposed to be afraid, but to reflect the power of God on you. 2Tlmothy1:7. Do Joshua1:8 with all these scriptures. STOP thinking of their financial,word or social power, only think of the power of the Judge of all the earth. If you do what I asked you to do, you will win the case. Be asking God to expose their lies, and ask God to execute judgement upon them. Read only the Holy Bible. Have you bought Prayer Rain? There is a section on court cases there. Get your copy. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  39. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 31, 2012 at 6:46 pm | Reply

    Kelly, you also need this Psalm107:, Lord send me the word I need to hel my mind and be delivered from this case, in Jesus name. If you pray it daily, God will send you more words, it could be in scripture or sentences. God will not leave His own to the will of the enemy. Trust God and He will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  40. Dear Margaret A
    Bless you and thank you. Yes I do have Prayer Rain- I have started meditating on the scriptures. My sleep is haunted with memories and heartache, I have 43 pages of discovery my exs attorney has required me to complete and very little free time. There are a couple friends that could help with the legal write ups but they are busy and live in another state. It is hard to feel alone, I know god is with me- I would love to have are children live with me and be with the husband God has for me. I can hardly sleep trying to think about court and how can I get all this done.
    Please pray for us and that God will send angels to help me.
    In the. WMD of the Lord

  41. Margaret A. Adeoso | February 2, 2012 at 7:50 pm | Reply

    Kelly, You will need your own attorney to complete the 43 pages so that you dont make mistakes that will favour your ex. Give no room to fear or worry so as not to make blunders. Fear is an enemy of faith. You can send it to your friends as attachment. In fact, you are to know the content of the paper. Your friends will not be there with you in court. You alone will be there. Give no room to the devil by not having time to pray. Page81-85 is titled, Victory in The Human Court. PRAY!!! When you pray, the Holy Spirit will teach you and remind you some of the things you have forgotten. This is a life test, nothing more. You must pass it. If you know that God is with you, then call on Him in prayers and praises. Trust God to help you. Fear cannot get you anything, only faith can produce for you. Pray and ask God for direction and inspiration. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  42. Please pray against any witchcraft against my proseperity and finances. .Working at a job and have had opportunities but the job is either on freeze or the students will not participate.. I also have been working but seemly a lil short and unable to assist family members with things as well as myself. This matter have grown frsutrating and have lost my front tooth sad to say but please pray that any witchcraft that is being used to keep me in bondage finacially or stopping my growth to die in Jesus name..

  43. Margaret A Adeoso
    Bless you my dear sister in Christ
    I am praying and seeking God – the time , energy, money and opportunities missed is hard for me. I try to attend things for our lkids other parents especially mothers are cruel too,I hit wall of prejudgment as to “what good Mother could lose her kids”. I sit alone and no on usually will even greet me, especially my son is brainwashed he doesn’t even say hi. The medical providers and teachers even coaches leave me out of things with our kids. They don’t provide info or leave out key info. My ex is the master of manipulation, he pins what he does on me.
    The people who have witnessed my ex and current step mom yell at me and the kids don’t want to get involved – ‘Christians’ have been very disappointing and actually supported the abuse, often will not want to get involved.
    Please pray and know that I so appreciate your guidance.

  44. Margaret A. Adeoso | February 4, 2012 at 4:52 pm | Reply

    Kelly, You need faith and you can only get it by hearing the word as often as possible, and by speaking it. Christianity is a walk, by faith and not by sight. Stop looking at your circumstances, start looking at what God says. The whole world may not greet you, but if God be for you, who can be against you. David asserted again in Psalm56:9. In times like this, do not allow the devil to steal your joy and your mind. Keep both intact. Refuse to be sad, and refuse to be afraid. God has several ways of giving His children pleasant surprises. Read Job5:9, and 2Kings3. Have faith that He will justify you, and He will. Refusal to trust God is very dangerous. Stop seeing your children as your source of happiness. When you trust God as your strength, power and wisdom, He will perfect all that concerns you. Tell Him of His great power, sing before Him and tell Him He can do it, and He will do it for you. Read 2Chronicles14:11-15. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  45. Margaret A
    Please keep praying for us – that God will help me find the papers for court and I will not be distracted by this legal battle. I want the light of truth to shine so clearly.
    Bless you. Kelly

  46. Dear mighty woman of God
    Sister Margaret A Adeoso
    Thank you – I am also reading Violent prayers to disgrace stubborn problems.
    Court is Mar 1, and I wonder if I could pray with you by tele?
    . I am seeking God’s face, asking for wisdom and understanding restitution Ez 21:25-27 divine reversal, Luke 18 justice for the widow…. And waiting for divine intervention. How can I learn the “secrets” of my problem?
    Seeking him,

  47. Margaret A. Adeoso | February 5, 2012 at 7:14 pm | Reply

    Kelly, Keep praying for I can see that your spirit is rising. Remind God of Psalm128:3b. Your children, believer’s children, will surround your table. If you know how to prepare your case before the Judge of the world, you will win your case.Those people may think that they are powerfull, but when God steps in, He will turn the table againt them and the jury will decide in your favour. Be asking for divine help and divine intervention. Ask God to speak to them as He spoke to Pharaoh and Nebucdnezzer. Tell God that if you have the children, you will train them in the way of the Lord, but not so with od! Violent Prayers….. is very good, continue to use it. With God, all things are possible. You can always write, and God will grant the grace for quick response. Make bold declarations everyday for God to confirm,”I will win, Victory is mine, My children will be released to me. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  48. Margaret A. Adeoso | February 6, 2012 at 1:36 am | Reply

    Kelly, Ask the Holy Spirit to search out the court papers for you. Refuse to be distracted,because you must be very sensitive to know where the papers are located. The Holy Spirit can speak with a still small voice or he can lead you to the place where you kept it. Refuse to panic knowing fully well that God is with you, Isaiah8:10 and God is also for you. Romans8:31. Add these to your daily declaration. Continue to use the Blood for your covering.Your children will be released to you, by the Blood of the Lamb. We have no power of our own, but when we trust our Father, He will do the impossible for us. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  49. Dear sister in Christ
    Please pray that I am able to sleep- I awake thru the night and try to praise God and read my bible, often my mind wanders to the horrible injustice and what my ex has gotten away with. I am trying so hard to build bridges and connect with people here and keep hitting walls. It is humiliating to have the woman who cheated with my husband raising our children and not letting them see me. I am a really good Mom and had a sring of really bad attorneys. The Jezebel spirit I want deliverance from and manipulation and deceit, the pattern has been they project what they are doing on me, I am punished for what they actually do – our kids suffer.wanting God to move and set the captives free,
    Thak you

  50. Margaret A. Adeoso | February 6, 2012 at 2:54 pm | Reply

    Kelly, take firm control of your mind to win this case. Your mind is the control room of your life. The Holy Bible is your life manual. If you ignore your life manual and focus on the past, you will be taking youself backward. But if you focus on the Word, you will be going forward. Only you can make the choice. Let your mind be thinking of solution and not the problem. If you cannot sleep, be reading your Bible aloud. My desire for you is to win, not to be double minded. James1:8. Winning the case is only what will glorify God.Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

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