Hour Of Power (8) Prayer Points: Breaking Anti-Marriage Yoke

prayer fireworks for 2009THANK GOD FOR HIS FAITHFULNESS


  1. Confess your sins sincerely to God with a repentant heart.
  2. Plead the blood of Jesus on your life and sing a warfare song three times with spiritual violence: (Arise O Lord, let Your enemies be scattered (x3ce) O Lord, My God Arise!)
  3. Make this holy cry seven times (shouting as you march up and down with a fighting spirit). The God that answers by fire, let Him be God in my situation today!
  4. Thou enemy of my destiny operating within me, DIE Today! in Jesus’ name.
  5. My heart, my mind, be delivered from the spirit of error, and be baptized by the blood of Jesus.
  6. You powers of my father’s house, I cut myself off from your evil flow! in the name of Jesus.
  7. O Lord, let the heavens declare war on my behalf against the camp of my stubborn pursuers, in the name of Jesus.
  8. Eternal Rock of Ages, SMASH to p-i-e-c-e-s every invisible personal Jericho in my life, in the name of Jesus.
  9. My name, my being! JUMP OUT! of every witchcraft programme, in Jesus’ name.
  10. Lay your right hand on your head and pray like this: I say NO! NO!! NO!!! to every inherited marital failure, in the name of Jesus.
  11. Shout out loud (pick from the underlisted saying:) YOU ARE NOT MY PORTION!!! in the name of Jesus.
    • Evil pattern of marital failure
    • Lateness in marriage
    • Evil pattern of marital disappointment
    • Marriage death
    • Evil spiritual marriage
    • Evil dreams
  12. Every evil power in the root of my life that is working against my marital breakthrough, DIE NOW!!! in the name of Jesus.
  13. Every inherited evil pattern, RELEASE my life!!! in the name of Jesus.
  14. I declare war on you (mention the underlisted one-by-one), RELEASE ME NOW!!! in the name of Jesus.
    • Evil magnets
    • Spirit husband/wife
    • Spiritual evil marital stickers
    • Stubborn evil blood covenants
    • Wrong partners
    • Demonic appearances

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  1. Thank God for His anionting upon your life and His grace of delivering million of soul from the kingdom of darkness and their foundation. Pls Man of God prayer for me to have a good job and financial breakthrough and also for me to recover all that my enemy has stolen from me.

  2. may God continue to shower u with His endless blessing .amen.Please pray for me.I need your encouragement in my ministry and calling as a young worker in the presence of GOD. i need Gods mercy for marital favor.THE MIGHTY LIGHT will never depart from you. amen. O GOD LEAD MY HUSBAND TO ME.AMEN.

  3. BISONG AUGUSTINE | June 26, 2010 at 11:46 pm | Reply


  4. Godbless you pastor, please pray for me. i was sexually abused by my brother when i was young. i keep getting a nightmare in which i dream somebody pressing me down and when i wake up it is as if somebody was there violeting me. i feel depressed about it , please help pray

  5. Dear PAstor,
    Thank God for directing me to this website. I have read your prayers and prayed your prayers and God has worked miracles in my life.
    Pray that God will open all doors that are presently closed to my businessand my ministry, and that I will fulfil the call of God on my life despite the fact that I am 58 years old. I say like Caleb, Give me that mountain.”
    Thank God for you pastor, and may you continually go to the mountain of God to receive fresh manna to give to God’s people.
    God’s continual blessing on your life, family amd ministry,
    God Bless. Amen

  6. I have recently discovered the publishings of Dr Olukoya.I am believing God to open doors for me now that i am being made aware of all the spiritual battled around.I have declared the month of August as my whole month of fasting and i believe by the end of my fast,great miracles will happen.I am using the books by Dr Olukoya such as Woman thou art loosed and Connecting to the God of Breakthroughs to enable be become a prayer warrior as i trust in the Lord who is always faithfull

  7. Dear Pastor Olukoya. I humbly come to you to ask of you your prayers. I have had three failed mariages. However, I am still seeking to get a god-sent wife. One who will work with and support me in the ministry. I can hardly manage my finances. I have been working on one job for 14 years without a promotion even though I have been known one of the best worker, as well as punctual. Nothing seem to be working for me even though I have been following all the precepts. Please pray for a “brother” I humbly beg/ask you in Jesus’ name


  8. Please pray for emotional healing. The man I engaged to for 2 years decided to end the relationship three weeks ago. We had been together for 3 years. I am hurting. Please pray for me.
    And please pray GOD will bring the man he has chosen for me into my life soon.
    GOD bless your ministry

  9. I have disappointment with a woman who decided to take my children away and follow another man. Pls prayer for me to recover my children and everything she had rub me off.

  10. Thank God that I have found this website. This is my last stop.

  11. Oh man/servant of God. I am going rhrough a divorce for a long time now and don’t see an end to it. I know for sure that she is into witchcraft . We don’t have any children nor anything such as asset together. Please pray for me that tis divorce be final/granted on my behalf.


    • Joseph from New York: Seek the face of the Lord on this matter, Like I counselled Sister Elmina yesterday, don’t take the spiritually lazy route out of divorce, you have a wondeful opportunity in these 70-days prayer and fasting season, drag the matter before the altar of FIRE for a permanenet solution. Inquire of the Lord to reveal the secret of your marital life to you and to grant that His will to be enforced in your life. The God that answereth by fire shall grant your godly desires in Jesus’ wonderful name.

  12. salome mashashane | October 6, 2010 at 11:16 am | Reply

    goodday man GOD


  13. Dear man of God. I am glad that I came across this website. I am also happy about th prayer points that are on this web. I thank God for giving you such words and time to be able to reachout to people worldover. Pastor kindly pray for me, my children and spouse to get out of the witches that have been put on us by our enemies. Pastor also pray for our enemies so that one day they come to realise the existence of God. Pastor pray for financial breakthrough in my family so we can be able to support ourselves. I have been traying to sell our house but upto now we are not able to sell it because of evil blockages. Please Pastor help us come out of this mess. May continue blessing abundantly.

  14. Leone Jean Baptiste | November 2, 2010 at 9:22 pm | Reply

    Greeting man of God,

    I am so blessed to come across this web site, all I can say you’re a front line soldier in the kingdom. May the God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ continues to bless you richly with wisdom, and knowledge. May he increases you more and more. Thank God for minister likes you who takes the time to seek God in his word. You have truly bless the body of Christ and I also pray the true church of Jesus Christ will stand with you in supports your ministry financially.

    Thank God again for you.

  15. Oh man of God, please pray for me. I have been experiencing severe scratching and blotching on my entire body. Please man of God, Please pray for me to get healed. Also please pray for me that I would stop drinking alcohol. Thank you in Jesus name.

  16. Good day sir, I really thank you for your guidance and spiritual blessing have been receiving from you. Am fortunate to join the ministry at the early stage and the foundational prayers has really reshaped my life.
    Daddy, there is a problem that is challenging my faith now, to the extent that whenever i even want to evangelize or caution youths, devil make mockery of himself. Have been believing God for a life partner since 1996 that i joined the ministry but up till now there is no positive change. As am sending this message now, have decided to get a room accommodation because of the shame of living in my father’s house till now. This makes me very sad and am shedding secret tears always because of this reproach in my life. I know that even without seeing you, your prayers for me can change my situation. I will be glad to receive your response via my e-mail address, and i wont mind if you send me prayer points because i know that the God of MFM will not put me to shame.

  17. Dear Pastor;
    I am really blessed by your ministry and I pray that our faithful Father will continue to preserve you and cause your ministry to grow in Jesus’ name. I will like to have you join me pray for the following topics:
    – I need to get married;I am already 37 years old with a child but do not have a husband.Marraige proposals come and before I notice the men have lost interest in me. In the very last case, i received threatening emails from an unknown person telling me the marraige will not work and the same messages were sent to the brother aswell. Now the relationship is over, I got another message from that person mocking me and saying ” I am sorry about your relationship”. Even the brother was surprised of the mails and it was a relationship that was known only to my pastor and we were not in the same country. (ie the borther and myself). It is so painful to me that I do not know how else to pray to God for this issue of marraige.
    -I need ta visa to travel to Belgian for school. I will be going to the Belgian Embassy for an interview next week.. I went there the first time and I was denied.

    As you pray, Servant of God, whatever the Lord tells you, please convey same and if there is any counsel you can give, I am open to receive them through my email. I trust God to hear you for me.

    Thank you very much and God Bless you.

  18. I thank God I have found this website.Blessed Man of god help me.I am a young woman aged 27I have never had a good relationships when it comes to Courtships.They dump me for nothing and marry others.I want a life partner .I am always in tears when i have a reltionship its either Man cheat on me or live me to marry other woman.The other problem I have is that I have things moving in my scalp this has been happening since I was young and they have miss directed my life.I am always in confusion no Direction.I never passed well at school due to this problem.I belive that God will use you and I will be delivered.
    Please communicate with me for councils and prayer points .

  19. Pastor, am asking you to pray for me and my broken engagement. We were today for seven years. We were each others best friends. One month after our engagement he begun changing. Looking for all negativity in our relationship. Seven months after he said do me that this relationship has stretch and can’t stretch any longer. Pastor I know that the enemy is at work and is tryimg to destroy us. I need you to join me in prayer as I reclaim all what the enemy has stolen in Jesus. He admitted he loves me and always will but he just doesn’t know. Pastor break all bonds that has been sent to us in Jesus’ name.

  20. Dear,
    Pastor Olukoya, please pray for me and sisters to come out of delay of marriage. Please pray fprme and my families entirely to be free from ancestral curses which has really caused and destroyed many good things in our lives and the ones to come. Please Sir, we need serious pray over lateness of marriage. I particularly knows that i need pray and deliverance to get married, i believe that God’s work is perfect and i believe in his perfection. Please Pastor pray and break every yoke of the wicked ones monitoring our lives. We need total breakthrough in every areas of our lives.Thank you.

  21. My Finacee left me and I am facing losing my job, please pray for me and my recovery from a serious accident. Thank you

  22. i need prayer for my marriag

  23. faith ehigiamusoe | August 5, 2011 at 10:18 am | Reply

    Am faith am a menber of mountain of fire benin ♏γ̲̣̣̥ pastor has prophecies it bl4 dat it must come to pass concerning ♏γ̲̣̣̥ marriage with ♏γ̲̣̣̥ fiance steven, but eeach time I pray I see a girl fighting with M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ draging him with M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ , tellin M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ dat he belong to M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ , I told him he said he dnt have any relationship with anybody frm ♏γ̲̣̣̥ prayer I also find out dat the girl is workin with his picture sayin over her dead body wil he marry another girl , she took the pic to a native doctor , but I keep on prayer 4 him blcos its only GOD dat can deliver him , each time I try to forget him he keep callin M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ and tellin M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ ,its well with M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ dat I should pray 4 him , he keep tellin M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ dat he dont know what is happening dat I should keep prayin 4 him,

  24. faith ehigiamusoe | August 5, 2011 at 10:21 am | Reply

    Pastors keep telliin M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ dat its only M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ that can deliver him , I keep praying blcos I know he really want us to get married physically , but there is a girl workin against him dat he must be her or no body , but I believe the GOD dat answered by fire wil  M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ through ,

  25. faith ehigiamusoe | August 5, 2011 at 10:29 am | Reply

    Pls pastor help M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ in prayin for him. I know he want us to get married but he dnt know what they have done concerning him , and ♏γ̲̣̣̥ own family when I was small they do sacrifice they dont go to church too , I dnt know if its also affectin it , pastor pls help M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ in prayer I want to serve GOD if he do it 4 M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ I promise to serve him till I die, I do pray dat GOD should deliver M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ and him frm stubborn pursurer and ♏γ̲̣̣̥ family, I love him I want GOD to help M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ out do our marriage should come to pass

  26. faith ehigiamusoe | August 5, 2011 at 11:15 am | Reply

    Pls pastor pray for ♏γ̲̣̣̥ mother rosemary ehigiamusoe ,she has been sick , she said she woke up and found her neck paining her

  27. Please pray for me, for a relationship that will lead to marraige. I thought I heard God said my friend was the one was I so wrong in what I heard or is the devil a liar. My friend said I’m too hard on myself but I seem to be going through this every few years not being able to get to the alter with anyone, always the same problem. Please pray for me that my prayers of martial bless will come to past

  28. Reconciliation of Marriage

    Got seperated 26/02/2010, wanting to reconcile and have the marriage God wants us to have. Help others.

    Plz pray for Suzanna and myself that God will bring us back together again.That God will plant the mustard seed of faith, trust, belief, and love in her heart. That the fear she has of us ever getting together will be removed. I am praying my wife finds a church, God leads her to and study His word. Plz pray God keeps teaching us how to be His children/so through this trial we are in we will help others. I thank God for this trial. I pray that if it is God’s will we will be husband & wife again and that God will alway be in our marriage. That God will bless us with more children,His children.(soon I hope I am 41, my wife is 40. I know Sara was 99) That he will love me like Christ loved us all & I will submit to him as God tells us to. Thank You.

  29. I am named after my great grandma and i was told that she was a witch. She was single,never married and sometimes i feel like i am cursed coz of the name and since i am not married (i am 33) and have never been in a good relationship.I have had premarital sex but i have stopped and repented.
    Thanx for your advice and prayers.

  30. pls pray for blinda and stephem that GODwill bring us back together again , that GOD will plant the seed of faith and love in his heart , i have two kids for this man he just take his thing and live the house 6months ago, and his mother said my GODwill never bring him back to me and the kids pls i want GOD to put his mother to shame.

  31. Greeting in the awesome name of Jesus. Please pray for me. I am the only christian in my family. Surface relationships at work are good. But in my personal life people walk out of my life for no reason. I have no close relationships, not with my mother my daughter, I am divorced 29 yrs now, no husband and no new one on the horizon. My career came to a stop and nothing is moving forward. I also believe I have a spirit husband who touch me when I try to sleep, I also feel something crawling on my right shoulder. I have given up on getting into relationship because I feel helpless in it surviving. I need warriors praying for me and I thank you God in advance for answered prayers. I normally do not complain and just accept all that has happened, but something is very wrong, it does not look or feel right. God has been my companion and help but now I want a husband, someone to share my life with. God knows my heart but this will not leave without fasting and warring.

  32. my sister is 33 ,brother 44; and i am 47 .all not married. Help us.

  33. my sister is 33 ,brother 44; and i am 47 .all not married. Help us.

  34. Please pray for son Erik who is facing 15 yrs in Prison due to DRUGS. His COURT is on Friday , January 13, 2012 . Erik needs Favor with Judge Bidwell and prosecutor Andrea White. Erik has BIPOLAR and ATTENTION DEFICIT disorder and needs HEALING and DELIVERANCE from DRUGS/TOBACCO and ALCOHOL. He has no APPETITE nor SLEEP. Very Depressed and angry and Hopeless. His 14 month old son EVAN has bad ASTHMA and is accident prone and always sickly. He lives with his mother Melissa who has same problems as Erik. She is not facing Prison however. Fred my husband is Mormon and need Marriage Restoration as well as SALVATION. Daughter Nicole and husband Jason’s Marriage to be restored as well. He is verbally abusive to her in front of their 2 little girls. He is cheating on her. Nicole is depressed and is on tranquilizers, yet wants to save her Marriage to husband Jason. She and I her mother Emily need Jobs. So does Erik to work from Home, since Erik is on House Arrest. Daughter Alissa and husband Sal needs Jobs to be able to pay for their late bills. I Emily need to lose weight and get Joy and Peace back.. Thank you for PRAYING with your Intercessors. This is a PRIVATE PRAYER REQUEST. Only for Pastor and intercessors to pray, thank you Emily.

  35. pls pastor i use to hv disappointment in my relationship.pls sir help me pray dat this year will not pass me by.am in a relatioship now i want this to work and let notin shall stop it,cos i hv been get profecy concernin this relationship dat he is my husband but some ppl in his family will want to change this mind on me.pastor this year we will get married.

  36. Ithank god for what he has done n my life

  37. Pray with me to find a God fearing and responsible husband. i have 2 kids with different men and i feel so terribel when they leave me with shattered heart. I have been too angry and bitter for many years and do not trusts men. I believe God has a plan for my life. I need prayers to discover and seek God in my life. I am praying to have God fearing friends bse i have been surrounded by unfriendly friends who take advantage of my life. I come from an alchoholic family, where there is no laughter, everyone carries gloomy faces. my father is just a night mare who does not want to see us happy. he is jealous, meen, too demanding, controlling and i have decided to stop him from controlling our life. Imagine, life where we live far away but controlled by his demeaning demands and he expects us to meet every family needs. One of our brother left home 4 years ago and have never come back. Let alone this, though we are educated, we have nothing to show it, no progress in our work, no settled family life, no development or investment. These days i cry a lot bse i worry a lot about the future of my kids. Everythime i settle down after cryig, a voice tells me GOd is bigger and i must seek his face. I need prayers and support through network of people who will lift me in PRAYERS and let me draw closure tom GOd. Am tired of living an empty life for over 38 years. years of anger, poverty, lack, being framed up, abused and rejected, isolated. I have lived a lonely life which makes me bitter.

    I pray to see GOd face in this.

  38. pastor please pray for me that in our family we break the anti marriage yoke that has been plaguing us for so long. i pray that God will restore us from that curse

  39. Prayer eagle and all the team on this prayer wall i had requested a prayer about breaking the anti marriage yoke in our family, here is the whole story that my sister told me about all the happened i come form a polygamous family and my second step mum went to a witch doctor to bind us all the girls in our family (using my father’s name) so that we wont get married. Forgetting that she too had daughters who are now affected in there marriages when she realized the mistake hat she had done she went back to unbind the witchcraft but she was told to bring my sister that they used her name and her stuff to go and undo all that to which my sister refused and told her (step Mum ) on the face that she wont go because she wasn’t part of her dirty stuff and if we were to suffer then let all of us go through the same coz her marriage had already failed. I know we have gone through a lot with this I am requesting that you join me in prayers to break this bondage and she must know that the Almighty Living God is strong than her witchcraft. Can i use that prayer points to break from witchcraft ? or do you have more prayer points on this topic so that u send to me to use them i really want to set my whole family form this bondage of witchcraft so that i lead a clean life full of God blessing not satan’s > God bless you all and thanks for your great work

  40. Dear Dr. Daniel, I’m blessed every time I open this site. God bless U for the millions you are reaching out to.
    I’m 46 years old and still single. Please pray for me so that I know God’s will for my life.

  41. Good Day Saints

    I am asking for prayers that God can send my husband I have been divorsed. I am waiting on the man God has chosen for me.

  42. just completed these prayers along with 5 others and imagine, I just received a job offer. Look at what God is doing. What I didn’t even open my mouth to ask for, He has fulfilled! Oh my soul, rise up and praise the Lord!!! Thank You Jesus! Your Name is truly above every other name, higher than everything. Father I bless You! Thank You My father! Thank You El-Shaddai!!! I love You Jesus, You are totally incredible!!! Thank You Father, Spirit, Son! Praises be to the Most High God! And Father, I thank You in advance for my husband is also near and I am definitely coming back to testify!!! AMEEEN

  43. Greeting in the name of OUR LIVING GOD
    Am so greatful to this site while i have been praying to break anti marriage Yoke things have happened my sister who left her Husband and got her self another and was there for seven years had a daughter then moved in with me for a year has gone back to her house(her 1st Husband) and am happy for her and i will keep praying so that she stays and take care of her home.
    Thanks to this great prayer points

  44. Dear Man of God,
    I am truly blessed to have come across this website. Pray for me and my marraige of 10 years. Pray for reconcilliation and that the Lord will break the Yoke of what ever is trying to ruin my marriage with my husband. I am in prayer for total delivernace so that the Lord can restore my marraige. I have printed out the marraige deliverance prayer points and the Lord is leadingme to fast and pray for 7 days for my deliverance. Please do agrre with me in prayer that the Lrod will retun my husband and that during this time my husband will also have a might encounter with the all mighty God just as Jacob had with God at Bethel. Keep me in your prayer as well as the ministry that God has for me and the destiny of our household. As for me and my house WE will serve the Almighty True God.

  45. Greet you all in the name of Jesus Christ and lv u. it is a blessing to me to have come across this web site and i kno God is gonna do miracles in my life.some have started manifesting thank GOD. The bible says that they over came by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testmonies. REV…..12:11. GOD BLESS U.

  46. Is there a possibility to e-mail Dr.Olukoya, I have a case where by most of all my life time I was under attack from as early as 4 years old, did not have much faith until 2010 when I accept Jesus as my saviour. Since then I have grown spiritually and wish that God would show his plan for me as a few visions have appeared. I would like to communicate with him as every where I go, most Pastors begin to either change attitudes and some even say will I share my riches, and I am not rich. I see Dr. Olukoya as one of the honest Pastors out there and wish I could communicate to a Man of God of high Spirituality as my challenge is kind of different I think. Every Pastor say “I wish you would know who you are, God has gifted you” I cannot dwell more. Thank you, by the way I work overseas and can call Nigeria or even physically visit MFM Nigeria.

  47. Good Morning guys, I have big news for you all! And this is going to set some people free! AMEN!

    In the past few months, I’ve been so involved in studying marriage, as I believe my calling is in marriage ministry! Though I am young, I am very positive and I have started preparing myself towards it. I have read so many books; I tell you and listen to over 20hrs worth of sermons and still pressing on.
    Please join us for more here princessofzion.wordpress.com
    I came across a book called SPIRITUAL WARFARE
    If you can, please please please buy it here http://www.amazon.com/Spiritual-Warfare-Chris-Ojigbani/dp/1607912880/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1305194636&sr=1-1

    I will summarise what the book is about.
    Spiritual warfare is not what we think i.e. fighting with demons. Spiritual warfare actually takes place in our mind

    1- All you need is to change your mentality and you WILL become qualified for a miracle. AMEN!!! I know you are looking for spouses, yes!! If you change the way you think, you will get your spouse, not an ordinary spouse but a Godly spouse. AMEN.

    2- An insurance sales person had been working for over a year, calling prospective clients and none bought from him. He didn’t make a single sale in over a year. He came across a multi millionaire, so he asked him for contacts. The millionaire gave him 6 contacts, the insurance man was now excited and sure that they would buy the insurance from him since they were contacts of the rich man. He was able to speak to five on the phone, all of which invited him for an appointment and bought the insurance policies. Overjoyed, he went back to the millionaire to ask for more contacts, the millionaire handed him the general telephone directory. The exact same one the insurance man had been using. He was shocked. All the while, he hadn’t sold anything because he believed total strangers couldn’t buy from him, but he sold those 5 because he believed that if a millionaire referenced them they must buy. His mentality changed, and he believed he would succeed. And because whatever a man believes happens to him, he acceded in selling the policies.

    What do you believe? Do you believe you can have your heart desires? What do you think will happen seven days from now? Do you think you can have your heart desires within seven days? Beloved, it is in your hands. In life, you get what you believe. No matter how hard a person prays, he can only get what he believes.

    Mark 11:24- Whatever you ask for in prayer, if you believe that you would receive it, you would have it. That is the condition that Jesus gave us. Matthew 17:20. Nothing shall be impossible for those that believe.

    The way to work on your belief is to RENEW your mind!! Even Romans 12:2, says that transformation will take place in your life when your mind is renewed. Once it is renewed, you would believe and subsequently receive your heart desires.

    The power to succeed and fail is in you. You choose what to do. You have the right to decide how and when you want to have your miracle. Many people chose their wedding dates after reading that book and it occurred as they had said it. You too can experience such joy.

    I challenge you to choose when you want your miracle, I don’t know exactly what you want but one thing I am sure of is if you want it NOW, God will do it now. The power is in you.

    The devil has NO power over us. What he uses are tricks, for e.g. THE TRICK OF SPIRIT HUSBAND! Beloved, I tell you there is NOTHING like spirit husband. It is NOWHERE in the Bible. The devil is the one that brought such thoughts into our minds. So, when you believe you have a spirit husband, you then believe that because of him you cant get married, can’t have kids, can’t succeed, that is the only reason it works. There is no such thing, but because you believe, that is why you suffer. Have you not noticed that some of your friends also have sexual dreams but get married with ease and all is well with them? It is because they don’t believe in spirit husband. So, it can NOT hurt then. Please, my people, there is NOTHING like spirit husband or wife or children. The Bible doesn’t mention it. There are THREE sources of dreams- God, devil and you. God can only send you dreams in accordance with His word, so any scary or evil dream is not from Him. All good dreams are from Him, so you better claim them, meditate on them, believe they will happen and they will. Secondly, when you think about something near bedtime, you most likely dream of it, whether good or evil. Lastly, the devil can send dreams to us, BUT these dreams can NEVER harm us. Say AMEN!!! Because he has no power over us. The only time they can harm us is when we believe the dreams and start praying against them. If you have a bad dream, when you wake up, just say- Thank you God for waking me up, I acknowledge that you send only good dreams, therefore the bad dreams I had last night, were of the devil but I choose not to believe them. Only what You say can come to pass in my life, therefore, I believe those dreams will NEVER happen in my life, help me Lord to forget the dream. Amen. (To make it more powerful, when I have bad dreams, I believe the opposite will take place in my life. So, that’s what I focus on) Since I started this new practise, my bad dreams have severely reduced. I was shocked!! Because, once the devil knows that you now know the truth, he doesn’t waste time dealing with you, he will rather move on to another person.. Sometimes, he may try to shake your faith but stand your ground. THEY CAN NEVER TAKE PLACE IN YOUR LIFE, RATHER THE OPPOSITE WILL TAKE PLACE. AMEN!!

    As for sexual dreams, they can be because of what you watched or from the devil. Just ignore them, you have no spirit spouse. You can just say, thank you Lord for waking me up, I am keeping my body pure whilst single but thank you for the gift of sex, which I will enjoy whilst married to my Godly, spouse. So, say it and believe it. For instance, instead of believing you have a spirit spouse, believe that this is a sign of your fast approaching wedding and you shall soon be having sex with your husband or wife.

    Even if someone dies in your dream, it is NOT true. Say Lord, thank you for awakening me, the person that died in my dream, signified the death of their flesh, death of poverty, sickness and now they are healed, now they will live long. AMEN

    These prayers are optional. You don’t need to. You can just forget about the dream and move on! Whatever works best for you.

    Finally, I normally receive a word from Elohim’s basket once a month. Yesterday’s word was Matthew 18:19- Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in Heaven. AMEN

    Normally, I know what the word is referring to, yesterday I didn’t. Until, later on when Angeline from Zimbabwe sent her comment, which said brothers and sisters lets unite in prayer, when two or more are gathered. Then, it dawned on me, God wants to set some people free and give us our miracle. Let’s use this platform in accordance with His word.

    Now, I employ you to take part. We are going to create a prayer chain. Please, this is not a joke. Miracles and testimonies will abound from here. How can two people on the same website comments get the same word. Things are about to happen, wedding proposals are coming, engagement rings, pregnancies, job offers, job promotions, someone is being healed, someone has been kept captive by their dreams, this new knowledge will release you, someone is going from a nobody to a somebody, from a zero to a hero, from academic failure to distinction. Oh, let your mind fathom it.

    1. State your name, either first name, initials or full name.
    I believe we are mostly here for marriage blessing right?
    2. State he kind of spouse you are looking for
    3. State where/when you want to meet him
    4. State the date you want to be engaged by
    5. State your wedding day
    6. State the number of kids you want
    7. State where you will live
    8. State any other details regarding your marriage
    9. State any other prayer requests you have.
    10. If your prayer is not for a spouse, state whatever restoration you need, healing, prosperity, job, academics, fruit of the womb, mention whatever.

    I will go first. Because Angeline was first to go, I will first state in agreement with her and then list my own requests. The person after me, should then state an agreement prayer agreeing with Angeline, agreeing with me and then his/her own prayer. The 4th person, will also agree with the three people before him/her, then state their prayer. Please oblique and in your personal prayer time, whenever you are praying for your marital request, you must include the people before you. Please write their names down. I will also log on at least every two days, just to state a prayer of agreement with everyone, so I will be praying. Please, also write back as you receive your testimonies. Some people are going to receive testimonies in the next 7days. AMEN!! Let’s endeavour to take this prayer chain seriously whilst using the tools I taught you. Also remember, please forgive everyone who has hurt you, if not your prayers may be hindered!! Not because that person is an Angel but for your own good, forgive them, release them. And don’t fight with anyone.

    God bless you all. Can’t wait for your testimonies. AMEN


  48. Prayer Chain princessofzion.wordpress.com
    Praise the Lord!! Angeline from Zimbabwe, in accordance with the Word of God in Matthew 18:19, I stand with you and agree with your prayer requests that before the end of this year, you will be blessed with a husband who will love you as Christ loves the church and even as you are waiting, the Lord will mould you to be the wife that God and your husband want you to be. A testimony is on its way coz nothing is too hard for our God. I believe with you that this indeed is your season. Behold our God is doing a new thing Hallelujah! AMEN!!

    1. I am aw in the UK.
    2. I am looking for a husband, a true steward of God, christ filled, patient, kind, loving, caring, someone who serves in his church, who pays tithes faithfully, who has faith is God, who believes and is passionate about the institution of marriage, hungry for the word of God, but very successful in his job, career and business, filled with uncommon wisdom, intelligent, articulate, presentable, well spoken, a strong desire for success in all areas of his life. Someone who will love/appreciate me, i can step into his life and contribute so much to it. Someone from a good close christian family. Someone with similar interests and passions with me and who has a good background, one i can appreciate. Someone who will bring out the best in me and we can partner together in our successful marriage ministry. AMEN.
    3. I want to meet him in the next 7days, here in London. AMEN.
    4. I want to be engaged before Sun-14-October-2012. AMEN. And we would do our introduction/engagement party on Saturday-29-Dec-2012. AMEN.
    5. My Church wedding shall be on Saturday-30-Nov-2013. AMEN.
    6. We shall be blessed with 4 kids, 2 boys, 2 girls. AMEN
    7. We shall live in Ikoyi, Lagos. AMEN
    8. The biggest testimony about our marriage is that it will be an inspiration and testimony to others. It shall draw people to Christ and it shall be the start of our marriage ministry!! It shall draw crowds to us asking how we did it, how we got such a befitting and perfect match. AMEN.
    9. Praying that my sister’s engagement will take place this month, her introduction next month and wedding on Saturday-10-November-2012 (10-11-12) AMEN!! I’m praying for healing upon my family, for success in my postgrad, a business and career breakthrough for myself. AMEN

    Thank you for your initial message Angeline, if not for your comment, I wouldn’t have though of the prayer chain, the word I got, may have fallen to the ground but your message reinforced what God was saying to me. You are right that this is our season! Oh yes, let’s keep this prayer chain going and pleas don’t forget to document your testimonies.


  49. Am praying for a Godly life partner

  50. Praise the Lord saints. Renewing of the mind in the name of Jesus is what it takes for us to be liberated from captivity. The more we think about our situation, the more we feed it, the bigger it gets. However when we focus on God and how great our Lord is, the situations that troubles us gets smaller and smaller. Not that is doesn’t exist, its still there, but God is bigger and greater. i declare my situation has changed right now in jesus name. What the devil thought was for my end, is a new beginning in jesus name. I declare and believe total marraige restoration for the Pointe- Jour household in Jesus name. My name is KPJ and I live in Montgomery County PA. I believe that my husband will return back to the church to come seek and save this marraige. We met at church 10 years ago and I belive that he will meet me again there. Pray for me saints and agree with me in the restoration of my marraige. No weapons formed against us shall prosper in Jesus name. KPJ

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