The Glory of Christian Movie Industry In Nigeria – Gloria Bamiloye Interview

Gloria Bamiloye - Christian Movie ActressCulled From THE PUNCH

••• I wanted to be a teacher, but fate decided otherwise – Gloria Bamiloye, Actress

By Bosede Olusola-Obasa

An encounter with Mrs. Gloria Bamiloye reveals a simple and hardworking woman. Beginning her career on a humble note in 1985, when people lobbied to use churches as platforms to stage plays, she has carved a niche for herself as a dramatist and actress.

In fact, ardent followers of her works and stakeholders in Nollywood reckon with her and her husband in the growth of that section of the industry.

Reliving the journey so far in an interview with Saturday Punch, she expressed her satisfaction with a number of positive changes, especially the fact that more organizations with the same goals have since been established and are doing very well.

“I remember those days when we had to go to church organisations and beg them for an opportunity to reach out to their members and some would reluctantly allow us. But the good thing was that they were never disappointed after our plays. It took a strong persuasion for us to hold on to the vision of core Christian movie industry at a time that it was still very alien to our target audience. But today, our works are appreciated across all sections of the society, and it is always our joy to be part of what other drama ministries are doing,” she said.

Soft spoken Gloria was born into a Muslim family, but she was later converted to Christianity and got married to Evangelist Mike Bamiloye, the President of Mount Zion Ministries International, a foremost Christian movie production outfit, over two decades ago.

She told our correspondent that her marriage to the man, who she described as very romantic, did change her life. Apart from interpreting roles on set, she also serves as the Vice-President in that organisation.

Although Gloria had always featured in Christian plays as a student, she actually planned to settle for a teaching career.

According to her, she discovered, as time went on, that she was actually meant to make her marks in life by acting in Christian movies, a venture which has not only paid the bills in her home but opened the doors of stardom to her across the globe.

She said, “I loved drama but I never planned to be a drama minister. I had always wanted to be a teacher and subsequently a pastor but I later discovered that my purpose in life was tied to drama.”

Mike and Gloria’s love story, as narrated by her, is similar to that of most love birds. Their paths had crossed while she was studying at the College of Education in Ilesha, Oyo State.

Unknown to her, destiny was beckoning when one day she decided to join a Christian drama group where she, in company with other new members, was introduced to the coordinator of the group. A few years later, he became her husband.

Describing how they met each other, she said, “It all began in the drama group in school. He used to come to school after he passed out to give us play-lets. I was invited to the drama unit that day and new members were introduced to him. I never knew that I was being introduced to my husband. Back then, we had played some roles together. There was a time I acted in a television drama as his girlfriend. One thing had led to another and later, he came to me and said, ‘Will you marry me?’”

Asked how she managed to combine romance with work, since she usually played intimate roles with her husband in most movies, she said, “My husband is romantic. He is a man of God but he usually demarcates his work hours from the time he spends with his family. That is why when you get to our home there is joy and laughter. But I don’t carry the mentality of being his wife to locations because it is a world of difference. When we are at locations, my husband is my director and I have to obey his instructions strictly. But when we get back home, the romance continues.

“I don’t see him as my husband on set because we are at work. Do you know that there was a scene that my husband had to slap me in one of the movies and he slapped me because that was how it was written in the script? You have to sacrifice something to make it real.”

Born into a polygamous family, Gloria, who lost her father at a very tender age, measures success in life by the impact she makes on fellow human beings. That, she disclosed, was one of the lessons her mother taught her.

“My mother is a very hardworking woman and one that loves her children dearly. So much that she refused to remarry after my father’s untimely death. She chose to struggle to bring us up, so I grew up seeing a very strong woman. She is still alive today and she lives with me. From her I have learnt to influence people positively as much as I can,” she said.

For Gloria, combining the task of being a mother, wife and career woman is demanding but surmountable. “You know, I have been in this work before I got married. I got married to a drama minister like myself in it. I had my children in it. So, it is as if the home is entrenched in the ministry. That makes it easier for me to cope. My children are also taking after our work already. My view is that the home must never be left to suffer for the work we do. That is the first assignment for women. We must play the role with passion.”

Regarding the most challenging role that she has ever handled, she believes that all roles are equally challenging because the onus is on an actress or actor to correctly mirror reality. As an actress of about 30 years, Gloria says there is no role she cannot successfully interpret in order to pass the intended message across to viewers.

Citing a particular instance, she said, “There was a time I acted the role of a music minister and organisations started writing to invite me to do songs at their events. They did not know that I was not into music. But that is what happens when a role is well interpreted.”

She was, however, quick to add that the determination to be real in interpreting her roles has earned her a fair share of ‘harassments’ from the viewing public. She recounts that some members of the public even registered their displeasure with her dressing, wearing of jeweleries and makeup in some movies.

“I wonder why people are criticizing me, because in our work, you cannot do without these sacrifices. Some people would even call me on the telephone to register their displeasure. But I don’t need to listen to them because we have a focus and we know where we are going. The element of believability is crucial in this work. Can you image watching a movie where I am acting as a roadside prostitute and I am dressed with my scarf on, without earrings and wearing a piece of suits? Would you believe it? And these are films that are watched across the globe.

“Right from the days when I practiced Islam, I was not used to jewelleries. When I changed to Christianity, I did not bother to ask why some people don’t use them. For me, it is not a sin for people to wear them. In movies, I put on whatever I have to put on when the need arises. You know, some people forget that they are watching movies. There was a day a man came to my office and expressed surprise because he could not place the two. Please, help me tell them that they should not criticize us because that is our own ministry,” she said, laughing.

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  1. Your movie “storming sea” has really TOUCH me a lot – i can see myself in so many places. my Pastor’s wife gave the movie to me after the police had to escort my husband Joe from our home in Toronto Canada. thank God for brother Fakuade and his family. Today i can say that am a new person so is my prayer that the Lord will use me to convert my husband because he is a non believer though he loves God.

    Please when ever you pray mention my name Judith and my husband Joe that the LORD will have mercy and rescue my home. We have to blessed children Sarena 7 and Kendra 4 they need the LORD’s protection too

    May the Lord continue to bless Mama Gloria and Brother Mike in Jesus name

  2. Jasper Oluwatoyin | September 25, 2010 at 12:14 am | Reply

    Hi …..good church good people great and perfect messages… I have a dream to turn and win millions souls by just a movie.. I am not a professional writer but am 100% sure this is something different something beyound Nigerians expectation a movie title(THE LANGUAGE OF HEAVEN) it’s as been documented and am working on the second movie.. I need someone to help me out here is my mail name: Jasper oluwatoyin cell# 08077617638 08160022618.. I am a materials take me use me i will deliver nothing but positive. I NEED SOMEONE TO HELP ME OUT..PASTORS BUSINESS MAN and woman SELFEMPLOYed MEMBER anyone. Pls. Thanks

  3. Adedara Folashade | December 17, 2010 at 1:40 pm | Reply

    I Lv Mrs Bamiloye for all d good work God is using her for and her family.
    Pls i will like to join ur drama ministry n i dnt knw the step to take, i will b very happy if my request is granted n a response is sent to me via e-mail.

  4. Peace be unto u and ur household,ma av been watching ur films and av been blessed right from my day one,ma can i get ur personal number bcos there are so many thing am facing now but as a teacher and a minister of God I need ur advice and encouragement.and also i will like to be one of ur ministry member wot a the thing to do and the step to take.I watch one of ur movies titled “THE ONLY WAY” the film is powerfull and really touched me,bcos that is exactly what happenend to my boyfriend intending man to marry before he later die.but thank God that he later give his live to christ in a minute before he die,ma i av alot to share with u just pls send ur personal phone number to my email box.luv u my regard to Dad and my younger ones.

  5. I am happy to discover this website concerning my role model, Mrs. Gloria Bamiloye. God bless you for all you have done to make life better. I wish to meet you one day, especially to give you the true life story – Separation – I am the victim so you will really be producing something genuine. Separated since 1996 but still in touch because I believe God is able. I wish you and your husband more successful years in God’s ministry and I pray you will have more stars to put on at eternity. Remain yours in Christ. Grace Oyetunde Odeku (Mrs.) FCT, Abuja, Nigeria Tel. No. 08057109159 OR 07032699146

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    please i have been seriously searching for your contact ,i have a message for the saints and demand to share it with you people because i know you are the real people for this,please do not fail me,i am patiently waiting for your reply.This is my address We have a very long way to go.
    thanks and God bless you

  7. oludele olaide | March 29, 2011 at 9:09 am | Reply

    mummy just thank God for ur @ all time.despite ur are not a teacher imagin hw many soul u’ve win 4 christ.i personall thank God 4 ur life and i wish to know u more better than than strong in the Lord,God bless u ma.

  8. thank God for your life madam. i thought you were younger

  9. SAMUEL ONWUEKWE | March 31, 2011 at 2:11 am | Reply

    samuel writting to you,i have a very heart touchig movie that took me time to write,this job by the special grace of God will go a long way in transforming the life of many
    1;;;;is …………..THE REALITIES OF HELL
    2….is…………..THE FOOLS PARADISE these are the stories i have written already and will still write more if you people will help me in the production of this already written ones,i will be so eager to do this job with you people.because i have the dream of becoming a movie super star like you some day,please do not let this dream of mine to just die like that.
    Also i want you people to assist me in prayers that God should please bless my doing here in senegal,because what we do here in senegal here is not fulfilling and this is not the kind of life i wanted to live,i want to live a fulfilled life and also live a settled life,i intend to live this place by april this year for nigeria were i formaly base and work towards these dreams of mine but i am not really financially fit for the journey down to nigeria so i would want you people to pray for me to succeed before then and return back and live a good life.
    thanks and GOD bless you as you remain in faith

  10. i love u soo much mike and gloria bamiloye(role model). GOD BLESS U GREATLY.

  11. I just love ur work ma, may the Lord continue to bless u,
    uve touched my life in more ways than i cn explain.
    May u not miss ur place in heaven.

  12. Omolola Aderonke | June 23, 2011 at 12:33 am | Reply

    God bless mummy and daddy, d very movie that really makes me feel as if i am in heaven is “Just a little sin’.It was a soul winning movie. May ur day be bless.

  13. I would like to be a member

  14. hi ma whenever i think of you i feel so gud. you are so unique i like your spirit keep it up. but kindly dont forget to help me on how and where i can be buying your movies here in zambia i especially want
    “BLOOD ON THE ALTER” and “STORMING SEA” you can contact me throuh my email. bless you

  15. Daddy & mummy Bamiloye,may d Lord continue 2 bless u.i love all ur movies.

  16. i love you madam and i love your work keep it up, may our good God continue to bless you and your family and work of your hands in Jesus name amen.

  17. I want to know why we up coming drama evangelist are not being helped by those that have made impact in the world already.There are talented christian movies script writers like me wasting on the streets without any help to kick start our calling.I am a devoted christian and a drama evangelist with good stories but no one to help.I kept on asking myself”am i too poor for this talent?” and or 08035574238


  19. mum your ministry is reviving and i wish to know your training programs for christian drama so as to obtain my share as a christian artist.

  20. daddy and mummy Mike Bamiloye you are a blessing to our generation,may God spear your lives and you will not fail God in Jesus Name.Mummy pls i wish to have your personal phone number.Thanks and God bless you ma.i’m pst(mrs)Apata from Ado Ekiti

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