Prayer Arrows 4 (Prayers To Kill Infirmities)

prayer arrowsMalachi 4:1-3:“The LORD of Heaven’s Armies says, “The day of judgment is coming, burning like a furnace. On that day the arrogant and the wicked will be burned up like straw. They will be consumed–roots, branches, and all. But for you who fear my name, the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in his wings. And you will go free, leaping with joy like calves let out to pasture. On the day when I act, you will tread upon the wicked as if they were dust under your feet,” says the LORD of Heaven’s Armies.”

  • Wicked powers on assignment to cripple my health, I trample you under-feet with my shoes of iron, in the name of Jesus.
  • Every instrument of arrogance assigned to rubbish my potential and my destiny, CATCH FIRE!!! BURN TO ASHES!!! in the name of Jesus.
  • O Sun of Righteousness! Arise and heal my (body, marriage, career, destiny, infirmity, etc. mention whatever you need the touch of God) !!! in the name of Jesus.
  • I break-free from every prison of sorrow programmed against my destiny, Let every gate of sorrow and failure be uprooted and consumed by Jehovah’s furnace! in the name of Jesus.

Jeremiah 8:22:“Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why then has not the health of the daughter of my people been restored?”
Jeremiah 30:17:“For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the LORD; because they called thee an Outcast, saying, This is Zion, whom no man seeketh after.”

  • Balm of Gilead, Arise, wipe away my sickness and infirmities, in Jesus name.”
  • O My Great Physician, hear my wounded cry now: HEAL MY (body, marriage, career, destiny, infirmity, etc. mention whatever you need Divine healing in your life) !!! in the name of Jesus.
  • My Health! Hear the word of the LORD: SPRING FORTH SPEEDILY!!! in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Inherited infirmity, hear the voice of of the Lord of Hosts: DIE!!! in the name of Jesus.

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  1. Pastor keep me in your prayers I am attending an interview shortly. I need divine favour and gods angel to go before me and obtain my job right now.
    Thank you for your prayer support.
    You are a blessing in disguise.

  2. Pastor and all my brothers and sisters in Christ, please pray for my friend’s son Vi Sean who is undergoing chemo treatment right now for a tumor in his brain. Vi Sean is a 17 year old boy . The boy is in great pain and is vomiting and no medicine can stop tihs. The chemo cannot be administered this morning as they couldnt locate the vein. Our God is a God of miracles . PLease uphold Vi Sean in prayer. WE need help to form a prayer chain to pray 24 hours for God’s healing on this little boy.

    Bless you Pastor and everyone else for your love

  3. NIKKIE CHIDI | June 18, 2012 at 9:46 pm | Reply

    Thank You so much for this powerfull prayers!I receive Healing and deliverance in Jesus s name.s

  4. I have prayed every prayer i could possibly pray and I still cant get the problem to leave I have a shaking in my hand and wrist on my right side and my legs move by them selves when Im in bed like tremors and I dont even go to the doctor any more because they cant find what is wrong they want to put me medication they say the people thats been in the war has these systems and I am not going to be taking some mental medication I am not crazy I have had this 2 about 2 years now. Can you pray for me is there any remedy for me Please!!

  5. I am sick since over 12years now and i don’t know what else to do, i have tried my best and i don’t what else….please help me.

    These started when i was single and i went to holidays in Onitsha Anambra State year 2000 when i finished my Secondary school, after one month i start feeling something scratching me in my private parts. And i don’t know what to do, then i went to a chemist and when i got to the lady there i told her that, there is something scratching my all over my body and she now gave me peritol tablet, i drank it and the scratching continues, then i went back to lady and told her that, it still scratching me and this time is both in my private part and she now gave me ytancan to rub on my private parts and which i did and the scratching now stopped. Then year 2001 i went to Benin City, in the year 2001 this scratching came again and i went and buy this same thing and rub on it again and it stopped, then year 2002 i now came down to Lagos state where i am now, and the scratching now came again and i went i bought the ytancan again and rub on it and this refuse to stop, it become continuous matter, whenever i had my bath i must rub it on my private part.

    As from that year 2002, i start dreaming many kinds of dreams and one day i was in the dream i went to my father’s house when i saw something coming out of my body from my anus like worm and i now put my hand and it was millions of worm, and i was trying to draw it out and all of them now cut enter inside my body and i woke-up , after some weeks i wan sleep in the afternoon and i saw i a man came inside the house and immediately i woke up but i can not open my eyes and i now say JESUS come JESUS come, i was coming closer and closer and he now straight out his hand, and something was entering into my body and as he was doing this i was feeling weak and weak, i now shouted JESUS waitin i do…this is the English i spoke and that was November 2002, then year 2003 January something being to moving all over my body, from top of my head to sole of my feet, as it is moving, so it is biting me, and i was restless, infact near i gone made, but i thank God that am still alive and meet this site and believe that God in infinite mercy will locate and heal me.

    So, that is how i saw sickness in my life. Since that year till now i never rest in sickness, and i have been drinking medicine from one place to another, when i go to hospital, they will say is staph and many more and i start the drugs and even go to Native medicine (herbs), as i am here now, these sick is biting me in my bell, scratching me, i don’t have myself please and i don’t know what else to do please, i am sick and tired of drink medicine and i have prayed as a human i am, and I don’t know what else to do, please help me.

    please you people should help me in prayers and if you still know or have any medicine for this problem that i passing through, please you should me know.please and please and i pray that God will see you through in JESUS Name.


  6. something is moving all over my body, please help me, am running mad here oooo. And i believe that God can do it.

    prayer and tel me what to do.

    sis vivian

  7. williamleroycooper | July 22, 2012 at 12:22 am | Reply

    let the lord our god be the victor, in this war for we cannot change the spirit that is within us, then we can embrace that spirit and let the transformation begin in us oh god do all the things for me i cannot do for myself !

  8. I seek healing of a growth (hemorrhoid) right now in Jesus name. For so many years i have had it and i have been praying.

  9. Urgent Prayer request for my new born baby boy Oliver Emmanuel!

    Dear Brothers and Sisters, I had been confessing and praying Gods word on my new born baby during my entire pregnancy for his perfect health. Every medical report was normal regarding my baby till the end. I was suppose to deliver the baby on 5th of Dec, 2012.But Dr had a feeling that I should do my c section on 27.11.2012. On 26.11.12 at 12 pm Dr told me to do final scan before c section. When I did , the Dr. told me to go immediately to do emergency c section . So we went immediately went , and the baby boy by name Oliver Emmanuel was delivered on 26.11.12 ,at 4.15 pm Indian time. When the baby was born there was no cry, no heartbeat, no breathing, He was resuscitated back and immediately put on oxygen. He was breathing on his on, but not fully. When he breaths in and then exhales co2, not all co2 is coming out, so his body is storing co2. The storing of the co2 and not breathing and the heart not working at birth damaged his kidneys, liver, and caused some pressure on his heart which is called cardiomelagy. Also causing him to retain body fluid all over his small body making him look puffy. So he was taken to a separate hospital only 5minutes from where he was born.

    And placed in NICU. The Doctors there started immediately and found kidney damage, liver damage, Lungs putting pressure on heart, co2 build up in blood and organs. The co2 build up in his blood has caused his ph to become low which also has caused some damage to his organs.The doctors ran brain scan an echo cardio and found brain ok and heart ok with the exception of the pressure on the heart. He is currently still on the ventilator at 40% . His kidneys are now functioning normal lever is improving, pressure on heart improved, sugar levels stabilizing. He has edema and it’s very slowly coming down. His phosphorus count is low at 0.4 and needs to be 1.5. His platelet count is extremely low @ 26,000 and needs to be 150,000. He was given a plasma and protein transfusion yesterday. He’s not able to take and digest breast milk so he has some abdominal swelling. Overall he is improving, but very slow. He is still on a ventilator and we are continually battling a difffernt problem everyday.

    Today is the 8th day, the Dr told me just now that, he has a low phosphorus level, Low platelets count, low phosphate low, metabolic disturbance, digestive problems and liver is abnormal functioning because of the injury due to insufficient oxygen supply at the time of birth, and he is swollen because he is on the ventilator. My little new born baby boy has Many major and minor problems is battling with. My baby boy desperately and urgently need of prayers and healing and fast recovery in the name of Jesus Christ. It has been 8 days I am not with my baby, I feel helpless and lives in different hospital and I was discharged from another hospital, I feel lonely miss my baby , hurts that I and my family cant be with baby. I ask that each and everyone of you here be with my family in our time of need pray that baby Oliver Emmanuel has a full recovery with no medical complications and grow to be a healthy happy baby boy .Lord watch over him and give his little body the strength to get through this ,let there be a testimony to tell please help us pray. Lord, please bless and direct his physicians to provide the best possible care. I know that there is power in prayer. Father God protect my new born baby Oliver from all harm and danger from death in every form in Jesus Christ name. Let your angels be placed around him. Amen

  10. I pray for devine health in my thyroid gland and also that the goiter in my neck dries up and disappear in the mighty name of the living God who created Heaven and the earth.

  11. Sister margaret ,Thanks a lof for standing by me and prayed for my son all time. Here is the vedio how my son was when he was born and later how well he became by the grace of God. Thank you Jesus for your miracles and healings

  12. pls pastor and my brethren kindly assist in prayer. my mum is is feeling very ill probably from the wickedness of men. she have been to several hospital and all are prescribing same drug and yet no improvement. kindly assist to call down JEHOVAH RALPHA THE GOD OF HEAVEN TO HEAL AND DELIVER HER

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