For The Records: Copyright Issues Arising From Dr. Daniel K. Olukoya’s Works

Dr. Daniel Olukoya

I was to have published this story under the title: “HABA PASTOR!” for the records on 15th December, 2009. I had to wait till after my face-to-face encounter, after church service on Sunday 20th December, 2009, with the author of the letter below. That meeting has been very illuminating and in some ways fruitful too. I will give you my views after you must have read the letter, which is the crux of the matter on hand
prayer 2010From: Samuel Gbemisolaoluwa
Subject: Question
Date: Monday, December 7, 2009, 7:05 PM

Good day, Mr. Ojikutu. Someone called my attention to your website I wish to know who gave you the permission to be posting Dr. Olukoya’s mesages on the net – most especially current messages. And also posting our books on the internet. Its like you seem not to know the implication of what you are doing. When you post current messages and new books online, how do we sell the tapes and the books? Please, respond to this mail ASAP. Thanks.

Samuel Gbemisolaoluwa
Regional Overseer (Special Duties)
Information Technology and Publications (2348033060073)

That letter republished above was the beginning of what initially presumed to be a spiritual persecution. I initially ignored the letter for many reasons, among which were the fact that:

  1. I have been publishing Dr. Olukoya’s messages online since 16th April, 2006, and
  2. I was the first to report myself to Dr. Daniel Olukoya when the deft skills of social web optimization brought so much visitor-traffic and questions from visitors beyond which I could answer, I had to report myself by way of directing those questions like

those who want to pay tithes but there is no MFM church in their countries like Haiti, Fiji Islands, etc. Even people from U.K. which has quite a good population of MFM Churches, some people still wanted to give prophet offerings to Dr. Olukoya, Others wanted MFM church to be planted in their countries and were asking questions, others were asking questions for example from Pretoria in South Africa that the MFM church in that city has relocated and the MFM website still posted the old/former address.

Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya, exemplary father and spiritual fatherWhen the writer of the above letter now called me on phone to vehemently protest the continued publication of Dr. Olukoya’s works, I had to fix a meeting with him for Sunday 20th December after the service at the international headquarters of MFM Church.

I am back from the meeting with Pastor Samuel Gbemisolaoluwa, and I am better informed. The outcome of the meeting is stated herein:

  1. Fundamentally the pastor has agreed that there is no issue with the prayer points and messages.
  2. The crux of the meeting centered on PUBLISHED and COPYRIGHTED BOOKS!
  3. It is illegal according to copyright laws to publish contents wholly or partially without the express approval and permission of the owner of that content.
  4. I have therefore withdrawn from publishing contents from books, tapes, CDs and pamphlets like: 70 Days prayer and fasting, Pray Your Way Into the New Year 2010, etc and similar works of Dr. Daniel Olukoya
  5. At best, I will give you extracts, teasers, and reviews of such publications without divulging the full or detail content, rather directing you to buy or get your copy of such works.
  6. Since we have no restrain from sharing Dr. Olukoya’s sermons and prayer points with you, I will as and when enabled by the Holy Ghost continue to share them in future with you.
  7. Most importantly, you will never lack the abundance of messages and prayer points vomited by the Holy Ghost to me on this site. In fact with this new dimension, you will have more and more of contents directly from me as given freely by the Holy Ghost, from now on.
  8. I have been assigned by the Pastor to help out in monetizing MFM Church website, particularly in the area of sales of Dr. Olukoya’s Books on Amazon.

This in brief is what I can disclose to you. I will delete particularly a part of the current PRAY YOUR WAY TO 2010 Prayer points by Dr. Olukoya.


35 Comments on "For The Records: Copyright Issues Arising From Dr. Daniel K. Olukoya’s Works"

  1. Overseer or not… I see that as the enemy that wants to hinder those who have no MFM church from receiving what is needed to be shared. And not everyone has money to purchase the materials that are offered so what you have been posting online has been helpful for thousands.

  2. I totally agree with comment number 1. Especially as I believe if anything, that your website has helped the sales of Pastor O’s work. I started by coming to your website and using the information that you presented and that eventually led me to the MFM website to find out more about the MFM church. If thats not good publicity then I don’t know what that is. The one unfortunate thing that you may have revealed is whomever is in charge of the websit content is not upto par thats for sure. Your website is up to date all the time so much that it is one of the first one’s I log onto at work every morning. And I cannot say the same about the MFM site. They need to up their game. I am NOT trying to pit your work against theirs, I am just pointing out a fact. Your website has never claimed to compete with theirs like I said before, if anything you have worked yourself inside out making people believers and promoting the good works of Pastor O than I believe their website has ever done. Right now as much as I get content from your website I have told myself that I need to purchase Pastor O’s books. Anyway we will keep on praying for this persecution to stop and for those of us who do not have access to Pastor O to continue to receive from yours and his books. May God continue to bless you and for the MFM Overseer to eventually understand how much you have been a great help to them.

  3. My Brother:

    I thank you for respectfully complying to the requests made of you. You’ve shown that the SPIRIT of the ALMIGHTY lives in you. My pastor at MFM Bowie, MD always says “obedience is better than sacrifice”. May God bless your endeavors.

    Siah. MFM, Bowie, MD

    p.s. Thank you for the postings….

  4. Gozie Udemezue | December 22, 2009 at 9:55 am | Reply

    I dont like this, your site has current details and up to date. Its not just about MFM selling and making money, its also about people like us who are not MFM members being able to access these materials and pray with them. Its really very sad but I respect you for accepting their terms, that true Christianity. For me I will alsways go to your site with or without……..Thank you.

  5. God Bless you for all you have done, even respectfully honoring their request. It will be sad though that many wont be able to be richly blessed by the abundant wealth of information here. I live in the US, and unfortunately dont have a MFM near me, I do have Prayer Rain and Command your morning books, which have both blessed me as well.
    I will still come on here for anything I can get. Thanks for everything.

  6. Man Of God the Spirit of Excellence resonates and reverberates through out your work here on the Prayersfire website. DO NOT GIVE UP!!! Your talents are truly original and Anointed by God. You have been making YOUR calling and election sure. You have been a blessing not only to me but to countless of others. I will be praying for you as I know you will be praying for me and your faithful readers. May God continue to Bless you and your endeavors.

  7. Praise the Lord, ‘To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.’ When God takes something from your grasp, He’s not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better.’ you are gods anointed,the chosen one, he will open doors for you, but it is so hurting to learn what happened, this website was my alpha n omega, i just cannot go without it everyday i must get into it………my spirit is so hurt, i am praying for those who came against this, our lord Jesus was against money he destroyed the temple where gambling took place…….money is not everything in life………..there so many poor brothers n sisters………..anyway, my brother god will bless u for your understanding…………wish you a safe festive season, remember his words says there is no weapon made against us which will prosper so in Jesus Name you will prosper he will show u a way,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  8. This is so disheartnening, BUT God is still on the throne! And His people will still be delivered and saved through this website….

  9. Brother Remi,
    from the outcome of your meeting:
    # 3. It is illegal according to copyright laws to publish contents wholly or partially without the express approval and permission of the owner of that content.

    What does it take to get this approval?
    Kindly pursue this option.
    The services you are rendering and the effect of your work from the comments above speaks volume.
    Dont be discouraged. God will grant you favour.


  10. Beloved, what a challenge on a refreshing ministry. Well, we are not called to compete but called to make impact with our positive history. Carry on brother meditating on this song. NEVER GIVE UP: Never be sad or desponding. If thou has faith to beleive;


  11. MFM

  12. What is so sad about this is that a ministry that condemns others on merchandising seems to be caught in the same. Many of those who buy the tapes and books do not use the internet while indirectly your efforts to make this ministry known has reaped great rewards. Many have come to know MFM through this site. Another ministry I know have all their messages online even going back to last year. You can also listen to live messages. May God help us.

  13. Dear Brother
    I beieve the Lord is opening a door for you personally. Do not take this to heart. The anointing is on you too.
    Share it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ruth A Mudliar(Fiji) | December 23, 2009 at 10:55 pm | Reply

    Dear Brother
    I have been richly blessed by this ministry .I have been using this materials to bless others too .This is just an attack by the enemy which is already defeated and is under our feet.So just crumble those papers stamp on it and kick it out tthe gate and burn it for that is its rightful place. And contiue to bless people who are hungry for such massages.This shows that the enemy is threatened by it and is using people to stop the good work.People are using these prayers and shaking the kingdom of darkness.You are on the right path so please do not deprive us from such powerful sermons and prayer points . DO NOT LET the eney win. Satan is a loser and he will remian a loser.So Go For It Brother. GOD BE WITH YOU

  15. Please pray for my son in law. He/his sister/his niece/the niece boyfriend got into an argument over his item being stolen. He hit the niece boyfriend and was arrested. He was given bail of $1500 but needs the money to be released. My daughter is pregnant. Please pray for God’s intervention in this family. His father was murdered when he was a child. We need this curse broken.

  16. I wonder if this person realised what they have done. Jesus said the poor would always be with us. I do not have the money , credit cards those things you normally use when purchasing things on-line. When I needed help and no one could help me God directed me to this site. My life has changed to the point when people see me, they do a double-take and even ask me if it is me.I have been set free from so many different yokes through using the prayer points that were made available here. I understand where the gentleman is coming from, but what about people like me who cannot source the materials anywhere else? When I read what was posted I felt such disappointment and I still do, but when one door closes many more open. In this case they will. May God continue to bless, strengthen and use both you and Dr. Olukayo to bring more honour and glory to God.Amen. …………. the gates of hell are shaking because of the many people praying these prayer points. continue to pray what is already posted and continue to believe God will bring a satisfactory end to this situation.

  17. My brother do not be discouraged. I have read some of your messages and the Lord already anointed you.I live in a region where there are several MFM branches present and I used to attend one of them until the Lord took some of us out of that branch. The MFM headquarter in Nigeria is so much different than its branches abroad. Some of the branches are pursuing their own agenda and are moving in with another kind of spirit which is not of the Holy spirit. My brother, the Lord is using you GO AND PREACH TO THE NATION you don’t need anyone messages preach the truth and let the Holy Spirit guide you. I thank God for Dr.Daniel Olukoya, he is a good man seeking in his heart to be obedient to the Lord Jesus ,but some of his generals specially those out of Nigeria are not moving in the same spirit. Please my brother be yourself do not be a Potocopy. Preach the truth and let the lord catapult you into your destiny. Thanks for your obedience.

  18. God bless you Sir. I pray that MMFM will change their mind and allow those of us outside Nigeria to enjoy Dr Olukoya’ s gift to the fullest. Can the copy right be purchase?

  19. Haba Pastor indeed!
    Allow the likes of us to have access to such VALUABLE & PRICELESS information. I am certain that Dr. Olukoya is more than happy to share the words of God with us miles away from Nigeria. My brother continue the good work. May the good Lord continue to use you. This website has been so useful to me and my situation.

  20. Oluwatoyin Akinyede | December 25, 2009 at 9:48 am | Reply

    Dear Sir/Brother Aderemi,

    I cannot claim to have adequate information about the subject issue. My initial position is that at minimum Some information should be made available to the world. I noted that there is nothing expressly stating/showing that the GO directed the stoppage of the publication. Worldly/Legally I do know that the copyright claim position/assertion is correct. Another critical factor is the need for the church to earn some money towards the costs of publication/production of the books/tapes.

    However, the message getting across to people especially those that do not have access to the physical/hard publication (for example in a place like Manitoba- Canada where MFM do not have a presence) is more important to MFM’s/JESUS’s interests especially long term and in attaining the objective of MFM as a Deliverance Ministry.

    With all due respect what I would like to know are:

    1. Is your company making any money from the postings? If yes what are you giving back to the Church/Dr. Olukoya’s publishers/Battle Cry Ministry?

    2. Are there avenue(s) of asking visitors to your website ( for voluntary donations to MFM towards meeting the cost of publications by MFM? – this can be through a link to MFM website or as you might consider appropriate as an IT person and in conjunction with MFM taking security into considerations.

    3. Please did you seek permission to print time Specific/Limited/Sensitive materials such as Pray Your Way into 2010? These materials are unlike books that can be obtained and used over a reasonable period of time.

    The initiation you have undertaken is great, helping in the spreading of the Word/Message of God and MFM Ministry, however looking at things dispassionately and considering the content of the postings 100% Dr.Olukoya/MFM there would be need for the MFM to have some ownership/right/control, this is a feeling I have. Brother Samuel Gbemisolaoluwa (since this is his responsibility) and your good self may need to work on a solution that would further the interest of MFM/JESUS and not restrictive based on copyright permission issue.

    I honestly do not feel this is an end to the issue and rightly so too. Your kind prompt response would enable appropriate representation/comment to Samuel Gbemisolaoluwa and the GO.

    Thank you and May God continue to Bless you richly in the name of Jesus.

    Oluwatoyin Akinyede

  21. I totally agree with SIs. Oluwatoyin Akinyede, I also feel you should reschedule another appointment with Pastor Samuel Gbemisolaoluwa and the G.O, I know the man of God is a humble person who will not slight you and I believe some kind of arrangements can be made on how to work hand in hand with the MFM site to promote Jesus across the globe (since I know according to the Word of God that the gospel is all about salvation and deliverance in Christ Jesus for God’s people to be in total dominion as per Gen. chapters 1 and 2) especially to places where the G.O’s books and the gospel of Christ Jesus may not reach and where there is no MFM church closeby. Just keep on the good work of the Lord and He will continue to strengthen you and anoint you. I thank God for not allowing the devil to make you disrepective/proud over this issue and may He continue to humble you the more too.
    God bless you. AMEN.



  23. Having read all the comments made, i would like to retiiterate, that this website has been a tremendous blessing to thousands of people. There are loads of people who live in places where there is no mfm church and are interested in the materials such as 70 day prayers and periodic publications and this is the only avenue to partake of God’s divine blessings and to build themselves up spiritually e.g In Ontario Canada, there is no mfm church there, and i had to send the link of this website to them.Also i find that the core MFM members are not necessarily aware of this site. The online internet ministry does play a crucial role in the lives of people who are internet savvy, and not everybody is. I know obedience is better than sacrifice, but i suggest you have an audience with the GO himself and find out a way forward for the sake of the body of christ. From my understanding of this site, you are not publishing his major publications, just periodicals I will use my myself as an example, i attend an MFM Church in london and i had the 70 days hardcopy prayer book , but was confused about the dates when to pray the prayers, throughout that period , i came online for the prayers eventhough i had the book. Either which way, the work of God must go on. May the Good Lord enpower you and increase your anionting in Jesus name. You are definitely making an impact on peoples lives.

  24. I have read much of the comments posted in response to this particular blog post. I believe that even though the owner of the works is a Pastor, in this case, Dr Daniel Olukoya, this does not remove from the fact that all his works belong to him and he owns the copyright and as such he is free to do with it as he pleases. It is completely irrational for anybody to publish anyone’s works for any purpose without prior total consent. Let us understand that writing and publishing books is a legitimate way for Pastors to earn income. People condemn pastors for taking from the church funds for personal use to build houses and buy vehicles, now someone is trying to give knowledge and earn income in the process and another person is publishing his labours for free? and probably making money via traffic on this website?

    This cannot be right. That said, I would encourage the owner of this blog to publish more of his own thoughts and prayers, as I believe this too would bless people. Thanks.

  25. I also think it’s not fair that the messages which would be sold by the church are already available on this website for free. It will reduce the income available to the church.

    If you know MFM very well, you would realise that a lot of income they get is speant at the prayer city to give the necessary facilities and attention to the thousands of people that go there for deliverance 24 hours a day, all year round.

    So I hope Bro Ojikutu will understand. He also has the annointing and his messages are equally inspiring.

  26. Greetings & God Bless Bro Ojikutu! God Bless tremendously for the great work you are doing.

    I have been refreshed and strengthened by your site; having stumbled on it in time of need, whilst trying to get to the MFM site (that was my mission, before typing into google and came across your site).

    Within limits of what I have read here as detailis of this matter, I am saddened by the attacks we as Christians throw at each other. A house didvided… not let us destroy the heritage God has given us with our own lips. I am not saying we must lose reason or wisdom; However, Brethren, we need to deal with the exact issue and not let unnecesary emotions becloud us. An adage says say each hand washes the other is the way they both become clean (paraphrasing), and in the same way, as Sis Akinyede has said, kindly dialogue with Pstr S. Gbemisolaoluwa again and work out a lasting solution between yourself and MFM. God doesnt author confusion; one is the head, the other the neck and they need to work together to make meaning of their existence.

    Certified project managers have codes and one of the code of ethics you undertake is never to infringe copyright. imagine o, this is basic intellectual property. Same with medical doctors. Let us abide by this little issue and make progress, show examples for unbelievers; even if we need to make contributions based on individual leading (for those of us who use your site – hope this won’t cause accounting problems with the regulators in terms of being a company etc), and then sow into MFM as a percentage of resources being made available to others. It’s not an obligatory one, just as each person can when they can; B’eni lari, ko se ni to mo ola? If today you can afford $4 and tomorrow its $400,000? all Glory to God. Let’s see it like the proposed US healthcare social system or the UK NHS, where invariably, we are contributing to the kitty to look after our neighbours who may not be able to afford the bills today. But our contribution will make it accessible to them and thus strengthen and build them into tomorrow’s contributors. It’s not about money, but the souls of men and women in danger/need and I’m sure Pstr Gbemisolaoluwa is not really hounding about the money per se, but let’s look at working out a reasonable solution for all, especially those of us who may be in some counties e.g. staines, UK, between liverpool & glasgow, UK who have no immediate access to MFM churches. The streaming faith PMCH etc is a JEWEL blessing for people like us in this times of dryness! Especially for those outside Nigeria.

    For all you know, the Lord may prevail so much, that the GO & Pst S. Gbemisolaoluwa may just accept to have traffic redirected between your site and MFM’s. You know the best means of traffic optimisation. God will lead you all. Sir, let us abide as it is deemed proper; give unto ceaser what is ceaser’s.

    Again, kudos for brilliant work and for blessing me, may God bless you also!

  27. i feel everyone that this site as been a blessing to need to pray for our bro that God will encourage him at this time to keep up the good work .what is presently going on i see as a way .,.to hindering the outreach work on this site ,this site God as use so much for my prayer life and has being a blessing to thousand across the globe i solicite that autority in charge of this matter will look into it with the mind of God and let the good work continue with any hindrance

  28. I still do not understand why publishing current sermons is a problem. How many people are able to access those sermons and how long would it take them to get it. A well known ministry in Nigeria(Winners) provides free online access to current and past sermons. Although it may not ask for money for this services, people are led to give the minstry because they are fed. The ministry has a large online following.

  29. Dear Brother Ojikutu,
    Like many other visitors to your site, I stumbled on it while doing a Google search for MFM programmes. I am myself a strong admirer of Dr. Olukoya, whose ministry has blessed me- I never fail to attend Sunday service at MFM HQ and the Power Must Change Hands meetings whenever I am in Lagos.

    From what you have stated, you view the objections to your violation of Dr. Olukoya’s (and MFM’s) copyright as envious and perhaps Satanic attacks on your ‘ministry’.

    I feel in my spirit that you should be told the truth so that you will stop your defensive and unnecessary rationalising of what is essentially a violation of ministerial ethics.
    It is necessary to acknowledge your zeal for God’s work, which is why I am spending time to contribute to this discussion. But you should direct your zeal correctly! In this instance, you should avail MFM your skill and technology to consolidate their websites into one effective website with cutting edge technology, which will be more visitor friendly and most importantly, appear as number one on Google search results or any other search engine. Using your skills to draw traffic seeking MFM site or setting up a competing website with the same, or borrowed contents is unethical. And if the truth must be told, the perception of a discerning watcher of the whole snenario is that you are riding on the back of Dr. Olukoya to launch your ministry!
    Finally, I suggest that you refrain from accusations and cynicism and go to God in prayer to show you your own area of ministry and how you may proceed. God in His faithfulness will lead you aright.
    God bless you.

  30. Kenneth, Lagos | January 19, 2010 at 4:15 pm | Reply

    I stumbled on your site about an hour ago, and within minutes I was really blessed by the content. However, I think you should take sometime out to go through rules guiding publishing of content online and copyrighting laws. It would be helpful in resolving some of the issues you discussed with the MFM Pastor. As a journalist, I truthfully, find it difficult to air my views on this issue because I would not know when to break the line between morality, spirituality and ethics of publishing content online.
    However, I urge you not to be discouraged, I’m certain Dr. Olukoya would have approached issues in a better way, and I don’t think it’s a bad ideathat you find out from him his personal views on this, it pays off talking personally to the source/subject than with his lieutenants, who could be overzealous (talking from work experience)…May God continue to bless and increase your anointing. Amen

  31. After studying the prayer points for 2010, I have lifted spiritually with rekindled confidence in what the Sovereign Lord is about doing in my life. I feel a wind of change come upon me in the Name of Jesus Chrit.
    Pastor, may continually be refilled constantly by the powre of the Holy Ghost, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

  32. After studying the prayer points for 2010, I have been lifted spiritually with rekindled confidence in what the Sovereign Lord is about doing in my life. I feel a wind of change come upon me in the Name of Jesus Christ.
    Pastor, may you continually be refilled constantly by the power of the Holy Ghost, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

  33. Solomon A. Ampah | May 17, 2011 at 1:19 pm | Reply

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    Please where can we get your book titled “Command Your Morning to buy Ghana.

    Thanks & have a fruitful Time,

  34. go to Circle, there are some book sellers there

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