How To Pray When Under Attack – Dr. Daniel Olukoya

Dr. Daniel K. Olukoya, MFM General Overseer

Christians are the prime targets of the devil, the common enemy of mankind. Now more than ever, he unleashes his rage and destruction against people because he knows that his time is short. Christians especially experience strange attacks, both physical and spiritual, day and night.

In such conditions, we are not expected to be helpless or defenceless, rather, we are supposed to pray and subdue the enemies who have come to attack us, and quench them as the fire of thorns.

Isaiah 59:19: “So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the West and His glory from the rising of the sun. when the enemy shall come in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.”

Exodus 14:7-14: “And he took six hundred chosen chariots and all the chariots of Egypt and captains over everyone of them and the Lord hardened the heart of Pharaoh, King of Egypt and he pursued after the children of Israel:; and the children of Israel went out with an high hand. But the Egyptians pursued after them all the horses and chariots of Pharaoh and his horsemen and his army and overtook them encamping by the sea beside Pihahiroth before Baalzephon. And when Pharaoh drew nigh, the children of Israel lifted up their eyes and behold the Egyptians marched after them and they were sore afraid and the children of Israel cried out unto the Lord. And they said unto Moses: Because there were no graves in Egypt hast thou taken us away to die in the wilderness? Wherefore hast thou dealt thus with us to carry us forth out of Egypt. Is not this the word that we did tell thee in Egypt, saying: “Let us alone that we may serve the Egyptians|?” “For it had been better for us to serve the Egyptians, than that we should die in the wilderness.” And Moses said unto the people: “Fear ye not, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord which he will shew to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen today, ye shall see them again no more for ever. The Lord shall fight for you and ye shall hold your peace.”

As long as a person is alive, he will always face attacks, especially if the person is a Christian. You may wonder why you should be under attack.

You must understand the mysteries of life; once you are a child of destiny, you come under attacks. You don’t have to offend anybody nor go against any law.

Joseph came under attacks first, because of his dreams and later in Egypt, because he refused to commit an offence against his master and sin against God.

When a person comes under attacks, he would have decisions to take and most times, people take wrong decisions which compound their problems.

In the text above, Israel was under attack. Although born in the cradle of miracles, they found themselves in the midst of problems. They marched forward but got to a standstill and did not know their door of escape.
They could not go further; the pillar that was leading them had led them to a seeming destruction: in front was the Red Sea and behind was the host of Egypt as well as Pharaoh himself.

On the right and the left were insurmountable rocks. Behind them, was the raging foe pursuing, ready to attack and devour them; surely this was a time when hope would naturally die.

If you are a man or woman of destiny you would have identified with the above description. There would have been a time when you were attacked from all sides or you may be going through that attack.

Perhaps, for many years, the devil has been using you to fabricate bricks for his building and you have found a way of escape by giving your life to the Lord Jesus Christ. All of a sudden fresh problems came up against you at once.

In Isaiah 59:19, the Scripture says, “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him. “

Why is it that you find yourself under attack because you are praying?

What do you do when these attacks come against you? Pray kinds of prayers to be prayed when under attacks.

1. Praise – Exalt the Lord: When Paul and Silas were in the prison, they praised the Lord with all their hearts and the earthquake of deliverance descended upon the whole prison and the chains that bound them broke.

2. Bind every spirit of fear: That is bind the powers that will make you panic Psalm 46:10 reads,”Be still and know that I am God I will be exalted among the heathen I will be exalted in the earth.”

If you don’t bind the spirit of fear and panic, you will make more destructive mistakes. You will do terrible things that will worsen the situation. Then, the weapon of surprise by the enemy will catch up with you.

3. Ask God for wisdom concerning the steps to take and the decisions to make: Ask Him what he want you to learn in the situation. When there is a crisis- there is concentrated information, which you have to analyze with wisdom. Pray for divine wisdom in any situation for find yourself.

4. Pray that the power of god should move in the situation.

5. Pray warfare prayers: The Bible says, ”Submit yourselves therefore to God Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” When you are a real fighter, you intimidate the enemy. Use your weapons o warfare; the word of God, the fire of God, Angels of God, the Blood of Jesus; to fight back and launch a counter attack against the enemy that wants to deal with you.

6. Pray that it is the enemy that must surrender and not you.

Be determined to fight through and the Lord will raise a standard against him.

The text in Isaiah 59:19 is actually saying that when the enemy comes against you, the spirit of God will come like a flood and raise up a standard against the enemy. Many people interpret it to mean the enemy rising up like a flood.


The prayers you are going to pray would wage war against the enemy but I want you to surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ if you have not done so.

See yourself as a sinner, repent of your sins and ask Him to forgive you. Name those sins one after the other and forsake them. Ask the Lord to cleanse you with His blood which was shed on the cross at Calvary for your sins. Enthrone Him over your life and turn away from the world. Decide to follow Him for ever with all your heart. Say good-bye to the devil and the world.

Now that you have taken this important decision, the Lord will uphold you with his hand of righteousness and you will be able to stand against the wiles of the devil, in the name of Jesus.

You have an opportunity today to make your Pharaoh sink in the Red Sea and to disgrace all your oppressors.
The prayers you are going to pray will cause deliverance in the head and the internal organs. They will repair every rotten part of your life and make infirmities to jump out.

Pray fervently and with all your heart. Don’t be alarmed by what you fee afterwards. Concentrate and allow God to work .

In Obadiah 1:17, the Bible says: “Upon mount Zion, there shall be deliverance and there shall be holiness and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions.”


  1. Every foundational altar, speaking against my destiny, die, in the name of Jesus.
  2. Thou star of my destiny, come out of that witchcraft cage by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  3. Every manipulation of my blessings by unfriendly friends, die, in the name of Jesus.
  4. Promotion power, envelope my destiny, in the name of Jesus.
  5. 2002,  (mention the name of the year you are in if it is not 2002), hear me and hear me well, you must deliver my breakthroughs, in the name of Jesus.
  6. Power of the valley in my dream life, die, in the name of Jesus.
  7. Every rag of poverty in my family line, die, by fire in the name of Jesus.
  8. Thou cycle of hardship break, in the name of Jesus.
  9. Anointing to prosper under any condition, locate me by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  10. The Lord shall perfect everything concerning my life, in the name of Jesus.
  11. Every power of enchantment in my life, die, in the name of Jesus .
  12. Affliction shall not rise again in my life, in the name of Jesus.
  13. I rebel against the power of demotion in my life, in the name of Jesus.
  14. You the vehicle of my life, catch Holy Ghost fire and become uncomfortable for any evil driver.
  15. Father Lord, re-charge the battery of my life, with your fire of solution, in Jesus’ name.
  16. Any gate of hell contending against the progress of God in my life be dismantled by the Holy Ghost fire, in Jesus’ name.
  17. Every unrepentant wicked enemy assigned to cut off the blade of my life, be terminated by fire, in Jesus’ name.
  18. Any account of rejection and impossibility opened against my divine destiny, I liquidate you by fire, in Jesus’ name.
  19. Every scale of the enemy blocking the vision of my life, I shake you off into the fire of burning, in Jesus’ name.
  20. My star, don’t sit down, arise and shine, in the name of Jesus.
  21. Star of my destiny, reject every bewitchment, in the name of Jesus.

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  1. Thank so so much for the prayers. I was feeling so down, when I came across your web site. I’m, indeed, uplifted by the power of prayer. I fight not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers in high places. My ex-husband was in the lodge and I’ve been fighting ever since. I do need a breakthrough.
    Once again, thank you.

  2. Please pray for me ive applied for ajob as ateller which am working in the same capacity as a casual that i retain that job many uses powers of darknes,witchcraft,bribery,and the like but i use the name of the Lord jesus.pray that all forces working against me be nulified because many times i reach the interview or the edge of my miracle but i cant make it but my story this time round will change.please pray for me.

  3. Hello Pastor, may the Lord continue to bless you and inspire you to teach and preach the word. Am truly blessed by your teachings and prayer points. My prayer life has truly changed since i stumbled upon mountain of fire website. My prayer requests are for the Lord of Lords and King of Glory to change me and transform into what HE created me to be. I pray for deliverance from financial debt. I pray for a miracilous breakthru in family property struggle. I pray for job protection. I ask for the blood of Jesus Christ to circle my home and family. Praise the Lord for HE has brought me from far. HE has lifted me up. May the Lord fight for me now and forever more. Amen.

  4. Prayer on my future partner who is yet to say yes to my plea since year 2005.

    I approach a lady whom God had bid me to marry after a lot of fasting & prayer. All effort to convince her proved abortive since Aug. 3, 2005. She (OLAYEMI) emanated as the only devouted christian in her muslim family & her parent don’t hinder her from marrying christian. I’m a pastor “to be” & i don’t want to shun God’s directives because there is a ramification behind every foolish step that one take in life. she is the bone of my bone & the flesh of my flesh. I’m 34 years old & the time is going, no response from her. Please pray for me that she (OLAYEMI) Should surrender herself to i OLUFEMI as the will of God for her without any further delay. THANK YOU SIR.

  5. Prayer on my future partner who is yet to say yes to my plea since year 2005.

    I approach a lady whom God had bid me to marry after a lot of fasting & prayer. All effort to convince her proved abortive since Aug. 3, 2005. She (OLAYEMI) emanated as the only devouted christian in her muslim family & her parent don’t hinder her from marrying christian. I’m a pastor “to be” & i don’t want to shun God’s directives because there is a ramification behind every foolish step that one take in life. she is the bone of my bone & the flesh of my flesh. I’m 34 years old & the time is going, no response from her. Please pray for me that she (OLAYEMI) Should surrender herself to i OLUFEMI as the will of God for her without any further delay. THANK YOU SIR.

  6. My Brother, if you are sure that it was directed by God, then there is nothing to fear. God’s time is not your time. Once fear and time watching sets in, then question, yourself and motives and flesh. How long did Abraham wait for the promised child. Be anxious for nothing, but everything by prayer and supplication make your request know to God. Leave the lady alone. If it is of God, she will come to you. Spend time in the service of the Lord.

  7. Pastor pray for my journey mercy as I will be going home for this week and for God to provide for and favour me in all direction and put my enemies to shame for God Almighty to take the glory in Jesus name. Keep on Pastor, God bless you.

  8. Whoever is blessed with the annointing of prayer out there, please pray for my family. Many atimes I have dreamed that we are in a roofless house and my children exposed to drafts and rain. At present, my husband is severely depressed and has been so for a few months now. I have prayed and fasted and now l now lack the will or energy to continue.

    Where is God when you need him? I am really really tired and I keep having this dream that my husband (and I reject this in jesus name) went mad. Help me please.

  9. Dear Tox,

    I got mad when I read your prayer request. The devil is wickedly wicked and badly bad. This is no game. It is death to the finish and not for you nor your family, but for the wicked powers. Continue in prayer and fasting, hold fast and continue to hold. Pray like a mad prophet. Never give up, the more they attack, the more you pray. God has never lose a battle yet.

    Anointing to pray and stand fast and get results, fall on this person in Jesus Name.

    Anointing of Elijah fall on this person in Jesus Name.

    Anointing to live a sin free life, fall on this person in Jesus Name

    Anointing to never give up, regardless on the situation fall on this person in Jesus Name.
    It is done according to your faith in Jesus name

  10. my sister(TOX) double release fire in jesus name, going mad is a spirit confusion,but Jesus was manifested was to destroy the works of the devil,and God is not a God of confusion but of peace,and peace shall it be in Jesus peerless name..(lev 26v6,9)may the lord grant you peace in the land,that you will lie down and no one will make you afraid,may he remove savage beasts from the land,and that sword will not pass through your land,you will persue your enemies and they will fall by the sword before you..v9may he look on you with favor and make you fruitful and increase your number and keep his convenant with you in Jesus name..amen..

  11. Hi pastor,may God richly bless you. I have been blessed by ur teaching. please play with me for my famly to receive salvation.

  12. Dear sir, thanks so much for those prayer points. Sir, when i got married last year, things were going on fine for me and my husband, until late last year to this year. becos my husband is a photojournalist and at the same time an event photographer,though the salary he collects is so small but as an event photographer, he was able to make ends meet. But now, we’ve been borrowing from others money to make ends meet. We ve given our first fruits and sow seed, n now we hardly give offering in church services. We are born again and we ve always pray for financial breakthrough. though i saw in a vision a hand pouring down coins money on me after me and my husband finish praying concerning our financing. 2ndly, i eat in the dream,and whenever that happens it expose me to having bad dreams, sex in the dreams and so on. Please pray for us pastor. I don,t know what to do. 3dly, is that I am a graduate Bsc. in Microbiology, but i work as a personal assistant where they pay me N25,000 as salary, even a school cert and OND in that same company earn more than me. Please pastor, I need your prayer for financial breakthrough and deliverance

  13. Please pray for Frisco Dale Foster to be heal in the name of Jesus he is suffering from an illness where Doctors cant put a name to it, I believe with all my heart the he is going to be heal.

  14. Please i will like you to please help and pray for my family that God Almighty should deliver us from the spirit of death and hell and all evil loads.

  15. My God is good. I sort of discovered this web by mistake.

  16. Thank you for the article and prayers. This year, I was really down cause a group of people maliciously criticize me and and the church leadership, and even attack me using the Facebook. I’ve forgiven them in the name of Jesus. Please pray for these people and also God’s protection over me and my family and the Church. All Glory to His Powerful Name.

  17. leslie a. Young | January 25, 2012 at 6:47 am | Reply

    Pastor,i just got home from work and was on your website.Satan is trying to destroy my family,so I pray in the name of jesus for him to leave my family alone,Im losing my job in five weeks and I also pray for financial blessing,I pray that god strengthen my marriage,i pray for guidance and encouragement in the name of jesus.

  18. Dear prayer eagles, please pray for me. The devil is trying to destroy me, I got a degree in Public Admin but I am unemployed since May 2011. I have a two year old son who is now living with his father in another province because I needed some help while busy looking for a job. So now the father doesnt want me to speak to my son and that is tearing me apart because that is not our agreement. I pray that God would change my situation in Jesus name, give me peace, strength and forgiveness. I pray to learn from this situation in Jesus name. Amen

      READ PSALM 25

  19. Thank you for your prayers. May GOD richly bless you!

  20. O lord i thank you give me your devine wisdom and understanding power to brack the backbone of long time problem in my life that refeused to let me go i want god to destroy every seed fear has planded in my life give me power to destroy the strongman of my life and let the blood jesus Deliver me and my children and my husband from the activities of darkness that is going on in our life through dream attacks and manipulation of the power of the wickeds at night spiritual and physical life and went to taminate god goodness in our life and in the home let the blood of jesus interve for us in jesus name glory to god almighty amen.

  21. Dear Pastor,
    Please pray for me; pray for my family that we may all get oit of the shackles of poverty; pray that we may prosper and come to know and serve God better. Pray for my jobs and my finances and businesses; pray for my marrital success and for child birth in Jesus name. Pray that the enemies I see today; I may never see them again. Pray that against any evil one that rise against me in Jesus name. God bless you for praying. John

  22. Praise God pastor,
    Im very greatful for your guidance,i have been under demonic attacks and i swung into a spiritual war fair but needed some guidance in one way or another and its through a friend that i got introduced to this website but all i can say is that its been such a blessing to me and to God be the glory.May the almighty God bless you abundantly.

  23. but I somebody to help pray to God to free me from attacks for I am under severe attacks by my late brother’s wife. If you can;t help, please introduce me to
    somebody so that God’s glory in my life shall not be shared with the wicked.
    thank you.
    Port Harcourt -Nigeria

  24. Could use much prayer, PLEASE. My husband is working for an organization (ironically, a Christian one) in which everyone is jockying for position and worried about their own backsides. They brought him on because he has more expertise than anyone in his field, but refuse to listen to him or his expert suggestions. Now they’re working to drain him of info so they can let him go! (We aren’t supposed to know that.) It’s a small niche market, so if he looks elsewhere he will immediately lose this job – which would be terrible for us financially.

    In the meantime, we have so many other attacks coming at us in every area, it seems, that it’s impossible to detail. Including having to move, switch our kids’ school, marital strife… It’s rampant and unyielding. Please pray with us against the attack – we do know we are under one – and for favor for my husband, who has worked to keep his good name and his integrity in tact, despite the lack of ethics and honesty on the part of his co-workers.

    Thanks so much.

  25. Please pray for me. I am under serious attack and have been so in the last 4-5 years to the point where now I am battling the spirit of suicide & death.
    God bless you. I thank God for total deliverance, once & for all.

  26. Mildred D Kiawoin | July 22, 2014 at 2:50 pm | Reply

    Dear Sir,
    My daughter is in the US and she is rigister nurse when ever she applies for a job she pases the interview and everything is done to get the job she will be promises by the interviers that she will get the job but at the end she dose not get the job. Sir I kindly pray and ask the almight God to intervene onbehalf of my daughter that the finger of God will locate my daughter so that she get a job before this year goes to an end. Amen.

  27. Please help me pray against evil attacks. At first, I used to get spiritual attacks. I would feel a force pushing me down and I would start shouting ‘blood of Jesus’ in my spirit. My husband and I went for deliverance at the Mountain of Fire Miracles church in Magodo and these attacks went away for a while.

    Now these attacks have started coming again and this time they are attacking my head. I know by the power in the blood of the lamb.they shall not succeed but the Holy book also says where 2 or more are gathered, there in their midst shall He be. So pls pray for me and my family.

    Also, pls help us pray against financial attacks in various forms. We are owing so much now. Various payments are outstanding from various debtors and this is preventing us from meeting our obligations. Our creditors have started coming to knock on our door! Projects are being stalled as well for no reason! We need divine help from heaven.

    Please prayer for and with us. God bless u

  28. Please pray for my mother Kim unresponsive and afflicted by multiple brain tumours .please release the plans of the enemy over her life and allow her to rise up and declare the works of the Lord!

  29. please help me.iv been going to a church for deliverance,and recently have discovered i had picked up demonic spirits from when i had been molested as a baby (between the ages of 3-5)
    these spirits have tormented me for a long time,resulting in failures at the edge of my breakthroughs n all kinds of problems especially in my finances.
    since i married again (2 years ago,)my husband that was a very successful businessman has lost almost everything and has to start up again.
    he is struggling and im requesting please for prayer aginst these demonic i write this,his truck just caught fire while en route to a delivery..we are so in need of Gods intervention.n deliverance.thank you.

  30. Valerie Johnson | January 18, 2016 at 8:41 am | Reply

    I ran across this sit this morning, I was looking for prayer against the enemy attack against my daughter Ashley( she has been dealing with depression from time to time) and it has become a burden that I can no longer carry. Well, today I was FEED UP with the enemy attacks against her and me. Thank you for the word that truly help me to move forth under the attacks of satan. Please pray for my daughter Ashley as she as well as myself truly believe that Jesus is Lord and she is delivered in the name above all names Jesus Amem!

  31. good , thank the Lord

  32. Please pray for my family. The bank sold our house without our knowledge and now is taking out an eviction notice and warrant to throw us on the streets. We are a family of 5, soon to be six. They undersold the house so we have nothing to gain. We are a praying family but yet we can never seem to get a break. Constant attack after attack. We have no where to go. Please help us pray for a miracle. God bless you

  33. kakkerla pramod | March 10, 2017 at 6:20 am | Reply

    sir iam kakkerla pramod from india sir iam suffering with svere evil spirits problem and severe demonic powers in head sir since 2 years iam suffering sir my parents spend 3 lacs on me sir for doctors and astrolagers sir sir my father got heart surgery wiyh my problem sir doctors are saying my brain is totally week and total nerves are week there is no power in my body there are saying sir i will catch your legs sir plz pray for me sir i didnt have energy to send message sir i want know about god sir

  34. Mulyoboka Sevatholis | March 27, 2017 at 4:41 am | Reply

    I was so blessed reading your prayer points of the month would like to be part of it in the coming months.

  35. Pastor please pray for me! I am under serious attack by spirit husband and they want to take my property. My fiancee, a pastor has proposed and that is when rthe warfare started! I used to hold money but they have since frozen it. Thank you Pastor and sisters and brothers out there. Elizabeth.

  36. Please pray for me that my boss lady and 2 colleagues fighting me a lot. 2 colleagues were temporary staff. But they do lot of gossip to boss and they fight me and do lot of harm to my work my health as a result to my family itself. Theses temporary staff were highly influenced by boss and respected every year. I am helpless. Praying for last 2 years.taking a lot of leave on behalf of these. Please pray for a miracle and they have been removed from here. And should be given a better good job elsewhere.

  37. Kennedy Musukwa | November 30, 2017 at 10:21 pm | Reply

    May God of all creation bless you for the prayers I read this article at the time I really needed it thankyou Jesus

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