Hour Of Power (4) Prayer Points: Using The Blood of Jesus To Break The Yoke of Disease and Infirmity

prayer fireworks for 2009CONFESSIONS:
Revelation 12:11: “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

In the name of Jesus Christ, I am a beloved child of God. I believe in God, I believe in Jesus Christ and I believe in the blessed Holy Spirit Who is dwelling in the inside of me.

I believe in the unshakeable and eternal power in the word of God. I believe that live and death are in my tongue. I believe that as I make this confession unto life with the power in my tongue, according to the words which the Lord has this day put in my mouth, I shall prosper.

It is written that Jesus Christ offered His blood as a drink, and His flesh as bread that whosoever drinks and eats it, shall not die forever.

Now with strong faith in my heart, I hold in my hand a cup containing the blood of the Lamb of God and I drink it, that I may have life eternal. Let the blood flush out of me all inherited or self-acquired evil deposits in my system. Let it purify my blood system. I eat with the heart of faith, the flesh of Jesus. For it is written, His flesh is bread indeed. I eat it now so that I can also eat with Him in His glory.

As I eat and drink the flesh and blood of my Lord Jesus Christ, I renew my covenant with Him and I receive the life therein; for it is written, life is in the blood. Thus, I possess the life and the Spirit of Christ in me. Amen.


  1. Thank YouFather for the benefits and provision of the blood of Jesus.
  2. I apply the blood of Jesus to every hidden sickness inmy life.
  3. I sprinkle the blood of Jesus upon my body – from the top of my head to the soles of my feet.
  4. I paralyse all satanic oppressors delegated against me with the blood of Jesus.
  5. I hold theΒ  blood of Jesus as a shield against any power of sickness in my life, in Jesus’ name.
  6. Let every door that I have opened to the enemy be closed forever with the blood of Jesus.
  7. Through the blood of Jesus I have been redeemed out of every sickness.
  8. Through the blood of Jesus I am healed.
  9. Through the blood of Jesus I have the life of God in me.
  10. I paralyse and cut off the head of my Goliath with the blood of Jesus
  11. If there is anything in me that is not of God, I don’t want it. Depart in Jesus’ name.
  12. Let the blood of Jesus stand betweem and any sickness.
  13. I curse every work of darkness in my life to dry to the roots by the blood of Jesus.
  14. I defeat, paralyse and erase… (pick from under-listed) by the blood of Jesus, -spirit of infirmity, -untimely death, -inherited sicknesses, -dream attackers.
  15. Let the power of the blood of Jesus be released on my behalf and let it speak against every dead bone in my life.

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  1. Tabitha, 104 is Margaret A.’s reply to 103. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  2. Thanks Margaret. Thanks for the good response that you always give and may God be with you and give you more of HIS insights so that you keep teaching us. Thank you

  3. Dear Sis.Magaret,
    After I had requested you to pray for me to get pregnant. I had become pregnant by the grace of God after 5 years with so much difficulty .Now i am 15 week pregnant and I have horrible Morning sickness all day . I pray that this nausea ends soon. I hate to eat food, I do get hungry I eat and throw up , I have bitter taste whole time. if I bend a little bit I puke , if I walk a little bit or do any work at home I puke too much veryy bitter taste, Im so restless, cant get sleep at night, miserable. whatever i have prayed so far everything was made whole by your powerful prayer. whole day I feel trrible nausea, cant eat anything, cant eat or drink fruits or fluids or juices or vegetables, sometimes I eat meat.Whatever I eat has a bitter taste, my doctor advised me to take doxinate tablet before food to avoid nausea and vomit, inspite of it i will throw up. even water taste bitter.Doctor told me to drink ORS-L liquid to replace electrolytes. I can’t get a handle on my “morning” sickness?But Please pray for me ………….Please! Your prayer can make me better. I believe when a righteous person prays, there is power in that person. please pray for me and safe delivery as my delivery date is 5th dec 2012.

  4. Shyla , All the glory goes to God. I join my faith to your and ask God to take away the ugly side of pregnancy from you in the name of Jesus. Nobody knows when the goat brings to birth, so your pregnancy shall be peaceful, in the name of Jesus. Join a service group in your church and you shall not cast your young, in the mighty name of Jesus. Exodus23:25,26.Job39:1. If you have bought the book I recommended, and you read it, you will discover that early morning sickness is a normal thing in preganancy. Follow your doctor’s advice and you will be alrght, in Jesus’ name. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  5. Greetings
    I need breakthrough in job, finances, and answer to prayers. blocks to be removed.
    What is the Esther Prayer Points and I need a breakthrough in life.
    Thank you precious sister.
    God bless

  6. Sunshine, If you want breakthrough in life, your first step is to be born again.Matthew6:33. Job and finances, When God created Adam, he gave him a garden to dress, Read Genesis2. Ask God to show you what He wants you to do on earthand direct you. Isaiah48:17. Let all your action be in line with the ways of God. You can know this by reading your Bible and listening to what is taught in church and being a doer. When you walk with God all stumbling blocks will be removed. Learn to break the power of stagnation and stumbling blocks by the Blood of Jesus. Do you mean Esther fast? whatever you mean, read the book of Esther you will have more understanding of Esther. Ask God to help you daily. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  7. Dear Prayer Eagle

    I just need your advised and help. Ikeep on dreaming about travelling in bus but going the wrong direction. seeing myself with my ex shopping in the market. caring and looking after children which is not mine.
    God Bless you as i awaiting your interpretation

  8. Julie, If you have any dream which you do not like, as soon as you wake up, break up the power behind it. Only you can tell whether you want to reconciled with your ex or not. All interpretations belong to God. Ask the Holy Spirit to interprete them to you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  9. I thank God for MFM and the men and women of God in this ministry. My spiritual life has elevated greatly and I have seen a lot of miracles in my life because of the prayer points I have been praying. Thank you Jesus!

    There are two important needs I am yet to receive answers from the Lord, even though my husband and I have prayed and fasted many times. My husband has been unemployed for most of our marriage of nearly 8 years. This is causing great strain on our marriage, as I have to be footing all the bills.

    Some time in the month of May, I dreamt that he drank some of water from a coconut jelly and when he drank the balance some time later, unknown to him, there was a big lizard inside. I saw the head of the lizard pushing out at the mouth of the lizard as it laid it back on the top of the stove and I ran from the room on seeing it. We prayed about it and cancelled all the plans of the enemy over his life in the name of Jesus. But I believe this dream means something negative about my husband’s life.

    Some time before my dream, he dreamt that vultures were deficating on him as he stood under a tree back in his home town in the country. We have also prayed and cancelled that dream.

    The other prayer that is yet to be answered is for fruits of the womb. We desire to have twin children, male and female, in Jesus name. At times doubt fills my heart, because I am getting up in age and although it was prophesied to us in 2008 that we are going to have children, it is now 2012 and nothing has happened yet. Please pray of us and give us words of encouragement and interpretation of dreams.

    God bless you and continued to allow the Lord to use you as his vessel of honour.

  10. Sara, We thank God for all his servants all over the world. There is no doubt that your husband is under attacks through those ugly dreams. You must break its power by the Blood, the word, Isaiah54:14,17 and other similar scriptures, Galatians 6:17, 5:12 Psalm 91. and by the anointing of the Holy Spirit.Both of you should belong to service group, serving God with all your heart, Mathhew6:33. You must be reading your Bible, it is the truth you know that will set you free. John8:32.When you read the word continually, the spirit of the word will enter you and quicken every area of your life. If you read all my reponse concerning all other issues on this site,especially No. 37, they will be helpful to you. God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  11. I am very disturbed,we came to India a year go, we have been cheated by 7 landlords. They said there is 24 water supply but no water, when we complain, they are rude with us. we left such house ,everywhere we get same kind of wicked landlords who take our deposit and never returns our money we lots about 5000$ coz all the previous landlords never paid us back. Even we found each house through real estate agent, they charged 1 month rent for showing house. for shifting,moving we lost again too much money. Every one said apartment is better , so we moved landlord said 24hr water, we are paying high still daily we suffer water problem in this apartment. there are 60 flats in this whole apartment complex, everyone has same problem. lanlord has 6 apartments complexes in different places, very rich man backed up by rowdies and politicians. whole 60 apratments people have compalied about water problem , he says to fill the water in storage drums.we did that also, still water comes daily for 1 hour , for everything there is a problem without water. he is very rude and he will not return our huge refundable deposit if we move. So we are forced to live here.Im pregnant, have a family of 4 people , im stressed because of this, to cook, to take bath, for everything water is needed, which has become impossible task. if we complain cops, they take bribe from the landlord and they keep quite as landlord is very rich influential and he will make our life a living hell. we dont have too much money, everytime we paid deposit, we borrowed from my parents still could not return coz we dont have that much to return. In this case what to do, we dont have no more money for new place to give as this landlord never wants to give back our deposit.Please help me.

  12. Prayer of a Tenant!
    In Jesus name, I cover myself, my husband and my daughter and my cat and anything that belongs to us with the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ and I ask for giant warrior angels to protect me and my family members. I bind up and block every demon, , every curses , Every stronghold of death and tragedy in my family, Every pattern of household witchcraft, Every evil pattern of poverty, every evil pattern, house shifting ,Every pattern of failure, every evil spirits of landlord, every evil influential people, every destructive anger and revenge, Every lying tongue against me and my family members ,Every bitterness that are planning to destroy my family and my life, Every ancestral spirit and every fear and terror of the Every kind, every satanic influence be utterly destroyed and broken in the name of Jesus, through his precious blood.

    I bind, renounce and resist any troubles, quarrels, confusions satanic discipline, wickedness of landlord in the name of Jesus, through his precious blood.

    I plead the blood of Jesus Christ against the evil landlords who is robbing us of our hard earned money and peace in any form.

    I break free and lose myself and my family members from the grip and control of all evil family members, all evil landlords who wants to deceive and con us in the name of Jesus Christ. I come against anything, or anyone or any form that would move me and my family members from the place of our dwelling in Jesus name. I silence every accusing finger pointed at me and my family members in this house in the name of Jesus.

    Every pattern of sorrow in this house, every pattern of failure in this house, every pattern of sickness in this house, every pattern of fighting in this house, every pattern of disaster in this house, every curse ever issued on this house and on our family members by anyone, every witchcraft in this house, every strongman of this house, every evil landlords break and release me and my family members, in the name of Jesus through his Blood.

    Any hidden curses, any evil spirits, any demonic spirits, Any tongue of evil speaking ,failure and backwardness and Any evil manipulations sanctioned by the power of evil people against my life and my family members life be scattered and destroy in the name of Jesus and through his blood. Satan and evil spirits will not cross the Blood line of Jesus for now and all eternity.

    In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command a hedge of protection to be around our home where we dwell and speak blessings of restful sleep, pleasant dreams and recover financial blessings, peace, harmony and prosperity. Thank you God for all your mercies and for the answers of our prayers in Jesus name.

    I ask this prayer in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ AMEN.

  13. I am 45 yr old and my wife wants me to Quitt smokeless tobacco , which I had been addicted since from my highschool.My whole family is addicted to tobacco.I always tell lies and try to fool my wife that I have quit but she will catch me with evidence and she is distrubed and hurt. I have a Godly wife and she encourages me everyday toquit tobocco. but i just cant . Please help me , the tobacco I chew, on the pack it says in bold letters “TOBACCO KILLS” but I know i am doing wrong but i do not have a strong will to quit it.Please pray for my deliverance

  14. Dear Sis.Margaret, finally we decided to move out from this apartment where there is severe problems for water but landlord is not willing to give back our money. Please pray for us to get back our money so that we can give as a deposit in a new place. We have lost so much money everywhere we have gone as the landlords are too much cheating on us.Also I request you to pray for a new house where the landlord is good, in a descent area with no water problems.Please Sis.Margaret please I need a miracle from God to get back our refundable deposit from the present landlord also a miracle to get a good house for renting. Our whole family is tired of moving to wrong places. please help me with your prayers. Eagerly waiting for your reply.

  15. Dan, your wife does not want you to die young. If you continue to lie to her and tobacco fulfills its mission on you, SHE WILL REMARRY. If you are born again, ask for the help of the Holy Spirit to help you abandon it totally. But If you are not born again you had better be born again. Your life is not your own. God owns you, so forsake your old way and yield your life to Jesus Christ. You have a loving wife, so stop lying to her. If you can lie about tobacco, you can lie about any other thing STOP TOBACCO, BEFORE TOBACCO STOPS YOU. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  16. I have a special prayer request.Please Pray for my 5 year old daughter who shouts all time at home, she is not scared of parents,she argues and talks too much. Doctor has told she is normal. In the school the teacher complains that she is very smart but she talks too much and disturbs the whole class.She cant stay in one place not even for 5 min and she is restless always playing and walking inside class. Inspite of warnings from teacher she forgets and again within few minutes she will be rebellious again. Please Pray for her.Before she was a Godly child, even now ,she is she has special love for Christ but she dont listen well , when we say anything she ignores us . Please pray for her deliverance.

  17. My landlord was not willing to give back our security deposit and he was rude and troubled us a lot.Pray for the new house we go for renting this saturday, Pray so that future landlord will be nice and Godly man. Bless him not to trouble our family members in any way. I pray to God t0 bless the house we go to get a good sleep, place of love, prayer and peace. Pray that we wont have any kind of problems from landlord or any water problem or any tragedy in that house we go.Bless our whole family in that house and keep us safe from all dangers,harms and evil. Please Sis. margaret Pray we need your powerful prayers on this.

  18. Also pray that previous landlord gives back our deposit and our moving out to be smooth!

  19. Mary, You can do what God does to us to seal instructions, Job33:13-16. Read the word of God to her, before bedtime. The word heals and delivers, Psalm107:20. As soon as she is about to fall asleep, be telling her what you expect of her, in the home and in the class. At this time between drowsiness and sleep, she cannot argue, and the instruction will enter her and abide with her. She should be alright within a short time. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  20. Landlord’s son in bangalore is asking US passport copy eventhough my family has PIO card holder and OCI card holder and have local Proof such as Driving Licence copy, Adhar card which is a type of unique ID given by Indian Govt. . we have submitted Adhar card and driving licence copy as ID proof to the landlord son but he wants us to give our US passport copy for the recipt we are asking from landlord for refundable rental deposit of 1 lakh.He is not accepting our local proof also we have registered ourself in Foreighn registration office and in Police station but actually landlords son needs a copy of our passport , if we dont give he is threatening us to vacate immediately.it has been just a week we are renting. landlord son dont have power of attorney on behalf of his mother who is a real landlord, mother has no objection but landlords son has a problem , very rude harsassing us mentally.Most of the landlords in India are rude,greedy for money and cheaters.The police station told us not to give our passport copy to him but he is simply creating problems and ruining our peace.And also he is threatening us to vacate us and keep back our refundable deposit. Please Pray and needed a lot of prayers to get protected from these bad landlords we always get.Sis.margaret I thank you for all your previous prayers and encouragements . I praise and thank God for all the miracles he has done in my family. Please Bless us to live peacefully without any trouble from these evil landlords which we always get, who are conning and robbing our money and peace.

  21. My wife whom I loved and married for 10 yrs and have kids 7 and 5 age. my wife cheated on me and had an affair and sexual relation with catholic priest, we complianed police and priest has absconded, please pray for me and for my situation and for my kids.My wife has committed adultry , she hates my kids and myself. Please pray for my strength, Pray for healings.

  22. babu be encouraged by the book of hosea even when the wife he loved committed adultery he forgave her and accepted her back so forgive your wife pray for her and plead for the blood of jesus to bind u together with his love.may God strengthen you this difficult time be blessed

  23. Lilly, Please, do not generalise Landlords. No matter how bad most of them are, you will still find some good ones among them. However, the best way to be free from landlords is to pray to God to build you your own house. Read Deuteronomy8. God can do it. Landlords invested huge amount to build their houses and it is natural they want to get back their investment. Follow what your Police station officers said and let them know. Pray that God will touch them before you speak with them. Since you are still believing God for your house, always pray for peace of God, wherever you find yourself. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  24. Babu, I pray that God of comfort and heal your aching heart. I want you to read Malachi2, Matthew19:1-12, Mark10:1-12, Romans7, and 1Corinthians 7, prayerfully, asking for the help of the Holy Spirit for understanding of what you read. . When situation is like this, think of God, your children and your interest. God will help you to take the right decision, in Jesus’ mighty name. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  25. Babusparents | July 13, 2012 at 5:49 am | Reply

    we are very old and my son is addicted to drinking and falling everywhere.I am taking care of his kids , I have leprosy because of my leprosy and my BP i have too many health problems like arthrites, Im struggling to take care of my grandkids needs they are 4 and 7 dont know whom to console and how. My grandkids are missing school in their parents tensions, my daughter in law tried to commit suicide many time and she is threatening and harssing my son if he leaves her she will kill herself.My daughtering is so bad she is willingly committing adultry with that catholic priest, he has absconded, now she can not come out of filth life . there is more story into it. she is ready to kill her husband also, the police is investigating the case but by the time I will lose my son if he keeps drinking. My daughter in law is commiting mutiple adultry and has become a habit now.Please pray for our whole family delivarance.

  26. Babusparents | July 13, 2012 at 5:51 am | Reply

    Please pray that this catholic priest who is commiting adultry with many women who has absconded be caught by police and arrested.He has ruined many families.

  27. Please pray for all my pregnancy reports to come to normal. My doctor is saying that I am in high risk for Preeclampsia, Highblood pressure and gestational diabetes. Please I Need your prayers.I will be repeating the anomally scan and glucose tolrence test again, please pray that I wont get any complications in my pregnancy.Please pray for me that my family gives me peaceful and happy environment instead of tensions. My 5 yr old daughter is too much misbehaving all the time ,there is too much tension in my parents and brothers family which is bothering me . Please pray for the people around me and my family to give a nice peaceful Godly environment instead of tension, stress environment also pray for my husband ‘s safety and our new renting home to be a place of peaceful place. Please pray that people whom we come across are good to us and also pray that we wont get any landlord problems of any kind anymore. please pray for my safe pregnancy and the good health of my unborn baby , my husband and my 5 yr old daughter. Also pray for my parents and brothers family . They are in too many problems ,please pray for their peace in their families.

  28. Shila, as people pray for you, know that you and your husband form a prayer team. List all the points, and devote time to be praying them. Your pregnancy will do well. Always speak to it. corrrect the report with your mouth. Mark11:23,24.You shud learn to relax too. Create an atmosphere of quietness for yourself to thonk on the word of God, always. Do Joshua1:8 with what God says about you and you will have good success. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  29. Thank you for this web for good job and encouragements,prayer points and testimonies.Glory to God.Pray for my u.s.a visa approval to join my Husband in US,i have Fibroides pains and want to have Children,My husband Finacial and Business Breakthrough,my Brother Asylum Case in Europe.

  30. Dtx, Be born again and be close to God, Matthew6:33. Believe that God can do all things. For your visa and Brother’s asylum, Study and pray Psalm24. You dont have fibroid, Jesus took it away, Isaiah53:4, 5. Matthew8:16,17. Matthew10:1, Mark16:16-20. For the fruit of the womb, God already programed everyone to be fruitful, Genesis1:28. Study what Sarah did, hospitality; Rebecca, her husband prayed for her, Hannah prayed for herself, Zechariah, father of John the baptist was serving in the house of God. Do all those and you will be fruitful. For financial breakthro,be a sower and you will be reaper..Always read your Bible and be a doer of what you read. Always ask God for mercy and for help of God. God will surely help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  31. Thank you Margaret A;I didn’t mention am born again:Thank you for all the verse,i will studie,read and pray.Do you have any prayer point for my situations?God Bless and keep up the good work.

  32. Pst. David Eric Omondi Okoth Aoll | July 20, 2012 at 8:00 am | Reply

    The anointing and power of Dr. DK Olukoya is truly affecting nations right from Olasimbo Street. I keyed in to the unction of the G.O. through books, audio, internet, and impartations through the African regional office. As a result I have seen raw fire answer in my ministry&ministrations after the order of Luke4.33&Acts8.7 in deliverance and demonstration of the power of GOD.
    Sir we have battled with ancestral bandages, foundational bondage, and witchcraft powers that boasted against us for long and I have seen the divine solution in the order of fire upon Dr. Olukoya. Without the impact, wisdom, and influence of MFM the devil would have laughed us to scorn forever. I have literally read all the available materials on the net and all the books I have found and am enjoying a new level of dominion, authority, power, and divine rest in the deliverance and healing ministry GOD committed to my hands.
    I am trusting GOD that this fire-that I saw in action since my last Nairobi crusade or on 15th July 2012-to move across Kenya and provide solution to witchcraft powers in the land and also demonstrate the raw power of GOD Kenya wide. I am standing in the gap for the fire upon Dr. DK Olukoya and The MFM to burn heavily in Kenya. Pst David Eric Omondi Okoth Aoll+254 722 773 492

  33. Man of God, join me in prayers for my elder brother by name Humphrey. Pray for God’s healing of his broken femur, tibia and fibula of the left leg. Also pray for the healing of the sores in the broken leg. We need God’s divine surgery on the leg so that our enemies will be put to shame. Thanks and God bless

  34. Please pray for my 5 year old daughter, she goes to convent school whic is girls and nuns. she has not been exposed to any bad stuff.But from past 3 to 4 days she says she thinks of her private parts in her mind. she was asking me why she thinks and why its coming. one time she also touched and she said she felt good.also she says she love hugging police,she doesnt know why she says. I told her not to say or do those things as devil is making her to think etc. Could you please pray for her. She also came and said mother please pray for me why I am getting these thoughts in my mind. Please I need your advise and prayers for her clean mind and for her behaviour.

  35. Maria, question your daughter to find out if anyone had been touching her private partand if anyone told her of the police. Ask her how she knows it feels good to touch that part of the body. Do thorough examination of her, leaving no stone unturned. As you do this, you will get more facts from her. You may have to let the school know, if it is from the school. Be covering her with the Blood of Jesus daily and ask God to preserve her. Psal121:7,8. God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  36. Maggie,after I prayed fruit of the womb I have conceived twins and now the doctor is saying to abort the babies because both of them have sickle cells. I have told them the Lords report is the one am believing.pls pray with me that these babies DNA will be changed to that of Jesus.let God defy medicine and turn their intelligence to be foolish so that my husband will know I serve a Living God.

  37. Sis.Margaret,Thank you for your reply. Yes I have investigated that no one has touched her .In her school its a girls school,nuns school they dont even talk about such things. She herself discovered, I took her to Pediatric psyciatrist, she said its normal for her to explore. She is in just one phase of childhood life,everything is normal just keep saying good things to her,distract her,keep her occupied she said. Its impossible anyone can touch her as she is always with me and i never leave her outside byherslf at anytime of my life also in the school, the nuns watch her all time , its only little girls, there is no perverted way of life accepted or spoken in the soceity I live. So she is pretty safe in the school. I do cover her always with the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. Kindly keep praying for her ! Thank you Margaret.

  38. Gifty, PRAISE THE lORD!!! I greatly rejoice with you and with your reaction to doctor’s report. Be making your declaration to that effect and be pleading and be drinking the Blood of Jesus. Your babies are safe in the hands of Jesus who gave them. You will bring them forth like Hebrew women. Exodus1:19. Buy Supernatural Childbirth and be feeding them with the word from the womb.Their health will surprise you when they are born. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  39. Maria, if it is just baby play by herself, you have nothing to worry about. She will soon ougrow it. Keep counselling her. God will preserve her destiny, in the name of Jesus. Amen. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  40. Sis Maggie pls give the quotations to pray with.

  41. Sis.Margaret,Thank you so much for your ministry . Your ministry and encouragement is blessing to many including me.God Bless you and your family! I

  42. Gifty, be reading your Bible to discover more. Proverbs4:20-23, 22:6, 11:21. Isaiah54:13, Jeremiah30:19,20, Psalm127:1-3. Your best bet is to buy that book, Supernatural Childbirth, which deals with children from the womb to birth. Fear not, God is with you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  43. Greetings in the name of Jesus,
    Pastor please prayer for my brother who has a bad report of his blood which effected his kidneys. We prayer that the Holy Blood of Jesus to flush out infirmities, diabetes, kidney failure, heart problem, obestity, discomfort totally from his body and restore everything back to normal in Jesus name. Witchcraft be broken in the name of Jesus. I give glory and thank Him for the wonders He has done and brought everything back to normal in Jesus name.Lord you are a BIG GOD there is nothing impossible with you. Take control! Speak Lord and bring life & healing to his body in Jesus Name. I believe The Lord Precious blood has flown into his system and brought his life back to normal. Please join me and praise god for doing wonders in his body and life. I look forward to your prayer support. GLORY, ALLELUIA. AMEN.

  44. Blessing, Get healing s criptures for your brother to be confessing. If he is not born again. lead him to Jesus Christ. Once he is born again, he is no longer in the kingdom of darness, but translated into the kingdom of light, of Jesus Christ. Isaiah53:4,5. jeremiah17:14, Exodus15:26, 23:25, Matthew10:1, Luke9:2. You as a believer can lay hands on him and pray for him, Mark16:16-20. There is power in pleading the Blood of Jesus and in reading the word of God. Both of you should do both. I decree healing of his kidneys, in the name of Jesus. We command every disease to get out of him in the name of Jesus. Brother, receive your healing, in the name of Jesus. Kidneys, be working in the perfect way God created you to work, in Jesus’ mighty name. It is done. Amen. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  45. Please pray for my 5 year old daughter who thinks bad things in her mind, who keeps talking too much without nonstop about each and every thing she thinks. She is very hyper, she cant sit in one place even for 5 min, she talks back too much. She wants to hug and kiss stranger she says. When I took to Psychiatrist, she is ok.. she will be allright its a cultural difference. She came from US to India.Men use toilet in public places, so its new to her hence she poses too many questions and it stays in her mind. Please Pray for clean mind. Pray that she ignores such things not to see such things.

  46. Maria, You have said the reason for her behaviour, cultural differrences. With time she will adjust to your system. Meanwhile, be speaking peace to her, especially when she is about to sleep. “I call down the peace of God to you, in the name of Jesus” You can also still the storm in her mind as Jesus still the storm on the sea. Just be saying, Peace be still, in the name of Jesus when she talks too much. She will be alright. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  47. Dear Sis.Margaret, my 5 yr old daughter needs really a help dont know how I can help her tried every way but she tells everything what she is thinking. When I went to Dr. she is ok she said, she will outgrow. She told me to divert her mind when she things wrong. BEfore all these years she was very Godly ,even now. But I am abserving too many changes from a week. She didnt go no where all of a sudden she has this change.She is with me, I am mother of her. She has good time . All of a sudden she started thinking too much about nudity,she one time try to draw a picture of female part. We told her thats not right, Jesus is sad when you do such things. So again she thinks of hugging and kissing stanger. She also said if I dont listen to her thinking in her mind , she thought of hitting me. She says she feel like hugging devil. What is wrong with my child? Is she possesed? We keep praying and covering her with blood of Jesus sometimes she is so godly next moment she is disturbed and looks people and she says ,, mother i saw a naked baby, mother I saw someones stomach on streert, i saw half naked in tv kids show etc etc. Whatever she thinks she tells me every second. Please Pray for my daughter, I am so worried, if she keeps thinking and disturbing others in class like this she will be isolated and kicked out of school. Please I need a help regarding my daughter. PLease Sr. margaret, Im so worred about her sudden changes in her.

  48. Dear Sis.Margaret, my 5 yr old daughter needs really a help dont know how I can help her tried every way but she tells everything what she is thinking. When I went to Dr. she is ok she said, she will outgrow. She told me to divert her mind when she things wrong. BEfore all these years she was very Godly ,even now. But I am abserving too many changes from a week. She didnt go no where all of a sudden she has this change.She is with me, I am mother of her. She has good time . All of a sudden she started thinking too much about nudity,she one time try to draw a picture of female part. We told her thats not right, Jesus is sad when you do such things. So again she thinks of hugging and kissing stanger. She also said if I dont listen to her thinking in her mind , she thought of hitting me. She says she feel like hugging devil. What is wrong with my child? Is she possesed? We keep praying and covering her with blood of Jesus sometimes she is so godly next moment she is disturbed and looks people and she says ,, mother i saw a naked baby, mother I saw someones stomach on street, i saw half naked in tv kids show etc etc. Whatever she thinks she tells me every second. Please Pray for my daughter, I am so worried, if she keeps thinking and disturbing others in class like this she will be isolated and kicked out of school. Please I need a help regarding my daughter. PLease Sr. margaret, Im so worred about her sudden changes in her.Please pray for her mind to be clean. what is wrong with my daughter? Will she be allright? I want her to be pure in mind. Why she wants to say everything she thinks every second?

  49. Maria,Be careful for nothing, …Philippian4:6. Turn all your worries into prayers. By your worry, you make negative things happen to her. Be glad that she is telling you things. Let her put her thoughts into drawing. By doing that she is relieved. Break every power of pervertion from her in the name of Jesus and by the Blood of Jesus. she is in an age of activity, so give her more activities. All is well with her. Jesus is happy with children, dont say anything contrary to her. God will give you more understanding. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  50. Please pray for ADHD daughter who is 4 yr old.Give me prayer points for her .Thanks

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