Hour Of Power (1) Prayer Points: Praises Unto God

prayer fireworks for 2009I am highly blessed to swim in the ocean of spiritual blessings organized through the effectual ministry of Dr. Daniel Olukoya of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM). This begins a 10-serial of hot pwerful prayers from 1-10 during the current 3rd MFM International Convention.

  1. O God, I thank You for disallowing evil testimonies over my life and my family.
  2. O God, I thank You for empowering me to defeat the Goliath of my life.
  3. O God, I thank You for putting my enemies under my footstep.
  4. O God, I thank You for making every satanic plan against my life to fail woefully.
  5. O God, I thank You for the heavenly salt that turns my Marah to sweet.
  6. O God, I thank You for breaking to pieces the gate of brass and cutting bars of iron erected against my life.
  7. O God, I thank You for making every evil arrow fired against my life to backfire.
  8. O God, I thank You for disengaging the satanic network fashioned against my life in the second heaven and on earth.
  9. O God, I thank You for making my Haman to die in my stead.
  10. O God, I thank You for Your eyes that do not sleep nor slumber that watches over me day and night.
  11. O God, I thank You for guiding me by the pillar of cloud in the day and fire by night.
  12. O God, I thank You for overturning the table of my enemies in every aspect of my life.
  13. O God, I thank You for disorganizing and confusing the language of my enemies.
  14. O God, I thank You for prospering the land of my life and for the heavely fertilizer that has made me fruitful.
  15. O God, I thank You for the living water that has quenched my thirst for sins.
  16. O God, I thank You for destroying every satanic hijacker that has been assigned against my life in the spiritual realm and in the physical.
  17. O God, I thank You for terminating every satanic appointment and schedule that are against my progress in life.
  18. O God, I thank You for terminating every terminal problem that is working against my success and achievement in life.
  19. O God, I thank You for making it impossible for generational problems and curses to prosper in my life and family.
  20. O God, I thank You for disallowing satan to share Your glory in my life.
  21. O God, I thank You for uprooting and destroying every root of poverty in my life and planting the tree of prosperity instead.
  22. O God, I thank You for making me god over every Pharaoh of my life as You did in the land of Egypt.
  23. O God, I thank You for diverting every enchantment and divination of the enemy back to them.
  24. O God, I thank You for breaking the curse of limitation and stagnation upon my life.
  25. O God, I thank You for breaking the backbone of every household enemy that has vowed over his dead body against my prosperity and advancement in life.
  26. O God, I thank You for not allowing my vehicle of life to sink in the deep waters.
  27. O God, I thank You for Your mighty hands that have rescued me from the lions den which the enemy has planted for my destruction.
  28. O God, I thank You for leading me through the wilderness of downfall and for defeating every satanic expectaion that is against my life.

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  1. Hello! I’m LIilya from Ukraine and I’d like to watch this conference live.

  2. Please pray for my brother in law, Kistnen who is sick in his soul, he is not married but he is addictted to alcohol and drugs. Pray for his deliverance and for him to be married in the plan of God. Pray for my husbandfor his deliverance.

  3. please pray for me i need my the hand form God to connect me to my divin partner in this month of november 2009. God bless you.

  4. can you please pray that my husband may be delivered from smoking,drinking and abusing. also pray for my 4 yrs old son who seemed to be trouble.pray for me that i may have patience to deal with him.

  5. please prayer for Theresa she has mental break down . she very abusive, keep collecting garbage and bring it home. pls give prayer point that she may be delivered and set free from her disease. so she can live a live dignity and people in family will not get the chance to hit every time.

  6. please join in prayer for success for the interview l am going for,that l will come with a testismony of appointment letter amen.

  7. Please pray for me that the Lord may forgive me for the many times I have sinned against Him and used and insulted His name by my words and my deeds. I am truely sorry and pray for mercy.

  8. God has called me and set me apart.
    I prayed for promotion, yet he told me that why do I want a sardine when he can given me a marlin?
    he told me to choose , who will bring me my victory, do I depend on men or on him for it ? of course, men have failed me and continued too. God is programming now to war against principles and pricipality in high places, the devil is a liar. God will suprise me with prosperity.I await God’s appointed time and it is today (one thousand days is like one day for the lord) this is the day that the lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it. praise the lord.

  9. bonsile Moses Mqadi | March 2, 2011 at 10:59 am | Reply

    i was introduced to You ,by my friend Pastor ever since i am enjoing the fellowship with the Holy Spirit , I am victorious everyday in my life ,thank you man of God.

  10. I thank GOD for this website. Please pray for me, I am looking for a job, I am applying for it everyday but nothing is happening. I feel like the doors of oppportunities in my life are closing before me, everytime when an opportunity comes up. Everything in my life is not going right. I passed my BA degree in 2006 and never found a good job and now I am unemployed. I pray everyday asking GOD, to talk to me I need to hear HIS voice. I need to know what is it that I am doing wrong and what can I do to make things right. My parents passed away few years ago and so now I am supporting my siblings and my son.

    Thank you Pastor

  11. i thank God for my graduation program and my relationship with my boyfriend in JESUS name

  12. God is Good he has given great health and am thankful for that i have a daughter though am a single mum but am happy and graetful praise be to God

  13. Olawale Godwin | May 31, 2012 at 11:12 pm | Reply

    I realy thank u all for this site,it has been helping me physically and spiritually.Pls children of God,if d Lord put it in your mind to help please help me for Christ sake.I want to start a business and i dont have money (100,000 nigeria naira) to start, please help me. Am Godwin Olawale by name. 002348034188010. Thanks in anticipation

  14. Thank you Jesus!

  15. Thanks for the prayers.I have tried different businesses but end up losing everything or being conned .My husband is irresponsible,unloving and uncaring to me and to our son.I hope after the prayers things will open up for me.Pray together with me.

  16. Ds dr olukoya, i love u wt d love of Christ. Ride on sir; it seems d ministry committed into ur hand is unique, so pl dont listen to d critics.

  17. pastor Tsatsi | August 10, 2013 at 9:27 pm | Reply

    Please pray for me to see growth in the church and breakthrough financial.

  18. Please pray for my brother, Bertle who is stubborn, does not go to church, does not pray , does not want to work, does not want to earn a living and he is addictted to alcohol. He is 42 years old, unmarried and always shouts and quarrel with my mother and brothers. He is possed. Please pray for his deliverance and for him to be married in the plan of God. Thank you.
    In JESUS name, AMEN

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