A Song of Hope – By Rotimi D. Awoniran

This is a short poem (with little ammendment by me) from a dear friend which he sent to me this morning. just felt like sharing his songs of hope with us.

“But in spite of all these I will continue singing my own songs of hope, not the usual militant murmurs and defiance but songs that come from the solemnity of the mind. Indeed I say:” – Rotimi Awoniran

Hope will win!,surely
Though the road be rough
And the night turbulent.
The sun may scotched
Its heat intense,it shall not
Suppress our will
To reach the promised land.

For we hold on
To the covenant of Canaan
And to the promise of Passover.
Surely then hope will,
Though,horses are ranged
The faithfuls will worship
Unmolested at Zion.

I remain loyal

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  1. please pray for my son that he will be delievered from smoking , and the wrong friends, please pray for protection, under the blood while he attend barbra college, let him succed in every area of his life.

  2. I thank The Almighty God for all the prayerpoints posted on this site. To God be the glory !. Please pray for me for financial breakthrough. I am now for 15 years n the same position at work. Senior colleagues refuse o give me promotion. They decided because of the colour of my skin, not to give me any promotion, no matter how hard I try to apply for other positions. It is a very strong conspiracy against me at my work. I do have the qualifications and experience for a higher position. In the name of Jesus.

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