The Valley Where Helpers Fail – Sunday Sermon and Prayers By Dr. D. K. Olukoya

Dr. Daniel Olukoya, General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM)Today’s service (15th November 2009), was a 3-fold thanksgiving service.

  • Thanking God for the end of the 2009 seventy (70) days prayer and fasting programme;
  • Thanking God for the 20th anniversary of founding the MFM, and
  • Thanking God for the 3rd International Convention of the mountain of fire and miracles ministries.

The sermon preached by the General Overseer, Dr. Daniel K. Olukoya was titled: “The Valley Where Helpers Fail”

First take these two prayer points: The confidence of the wicked assigned against me, B-R-E-A-K!!! in the name of Jesus.

Every satanic setup to overturn my miracle, S-C-A-T-T-E-R!!! in the name of Jesus.

Anchoring from Luke Chapter 5 verses 1-7, Dr. Olukoya, revealed how Peter got to the bus-stop of frustration and gave up the battle. He was washing his nets after an all-night toil and failure to catch even a dead fish. He was waiting for another day of trial, after his failure, when Jesus appeared without the invitation of Peter, and turned Peter’s empty boat into a pulpit by the sea shore.

For those frustrated with certificates that has not fetched them any jobs, or with incurable disease, or whose helpers appear to have fled or, their situation looked like a binding conspiracy against them, this message is for you.

Hear this, the man of God, under prophetic unction prophesied saying: “I decree by fire, Jesus shall enter your boat and also surprise you!” … “That curtain of reproach that the enemy is using to cover you from your helpers, shall be lifted! in Jesus’ name. “

He said Peter had no appointment with God, but God had appointment with Peter. Peter did not pray or fast or sing or invite Jesus, but God came and showed up all the same. There are miracles you did not pray for, but God in His sovereign will generously give to you.

Dr. Olukoya showed us from Psalm 27:10 that God promised us that He would not forsake us, even if our father and mother forsake us. He also shared from Isaiah 49:15-16 how it may be possible for a nursing mother to forget her sucking child but God will not forsake us.

It was such valleys of forgetfulness that Peter found himself. A valley where helpers fail:

where friends become enemies and love becomes hatred;
where peace becomes conflict and commendation becomes complaints;
where agreement becomes argument and gentleness becomes harshness;
where cooperation becomes contention and unity becomes strife;
where harmony becomes discord and trust becomes suspicion;
where rest becomes agitation and praise becomes criticism;
where kindness becomes cruelty and cheerfulness becomes melancholy;
where thanksgiving becomes grumbling and boldness becomes cowardice;
where zeal become laziness and blessings becomes curses….

The General Overseer showed us the mystery that made a person like Peter to be at the right place (deep sea), and at the right time (night fishing), with the right tools and equipment (fishing nets and boats), but still obtain the wrong results. The only missing ingredient in that equation is THE WORD OF THE MASTER! Peter said: “…nevertheless at Thy word…”. Dr. Olukoya wondered aloud saying: ‘Is this your case??? Then you shall be delivered today!!! in the name of Jesus’.

He called Peter’s boat the unfortunate business failure boat. All the fishes that would have helped Peter to become a prosperous fisherman fled at the site of Peter’s boat and nets. Dr. Daniel Olukoya asked: “Has your own boat failed??? Have your helpers fled or failed??? Are you here with an empty boat???” He counselled us to lend out our failed boats to the Master. He assured that we shall reap a blessing that is more than a lifetime of toil!

The word of the Master is what makes right techniques to produce the right results. The word of the Master is more important than the best techniques and right tools in this world. He said many people have caught the wrong fish in the ocean of life. If you invite the Master into your boat, you will be blessed with power to torment your tormentor and oppress your oppressors.

The helpers of Peter who had fled at his sight came and trooped-in to listen to the sermon of Jesus. It is not every time that the King of kings and Lord of lords preach on water. The fishes returned at the Word of the Master. Your own fishes shall return into your nets too in Jesus name.

Its time to invite Jesus into your life to overturn your emptiness and failure into bountiful success. Confess your known and unknown sins. Renounce satan and sin, confess Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. Invite the Holy Ghost into your heart to take over and flush satan and his agents from the throne of your life.

Prayer Points

  1. I uproot discouragement from my heart, in the name of Jesus.
  2. Fire of the enemy, EXPIRE!!! in the name of Jesus.
  3. Where is the Lord God of Elijah? Arise! Come into my boat!!! in the name of Jesus.
  4. Power of poor finishing, B-R-E-A-K!!! in the name of Jesus.
  5. Any bewitchment upon my hands, BREAKKKKK!!!! in the name of Jesus.

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  1. Why wishing God’s presence in the Convention and a joyful mark of the 20th anniversary for every member of MFM worldwide.
    Also remember me in prayer as I will be receiving my portion in Kano for God to provide me financially for my marriage in second week of December 2009 and successful marriage in Jesus name

  2. I desperately need your prayer around my finances. Pray for me

  3. I desperatetly need your prayers on my finance. every spirit of rise and fall in my life to die. open doors.divine elevation and restoration. Victory over satanic attacks. my joy to be full. I need my stay in the UK

  4. Thank God for this MFM ministry.Am blessed to aceess the prayerfire website. The prayerpoints and materials have had a great impact on my life. May God bless this Ministry and enlarge the territories in Jesus mighty name.

  5. May God Empower u to fulfill your ministry,bless u in JESUS NAME, Please my G O pray 4 me 4 God to fight 4 me and make way 4 my moving 4ward

  6. This is an insightfull site, you are doing a great job. May God bless you richly in the name of Jesus. I am looking for a message on the ministry of angels by Dr.DK. OLUKOYA. It will be highly appreciated if you can be of help. Shallom!

  7. Louis chinenye | March 23, 2013 at 8:50 pm | Reply

    God bless Dr olukoya and his seeds after him

  8. Sir God bless u iam a teacher of a secondary school at same time i hold a professional certi ficate of ICAN all efforts to change my destiny fora better place where this certi will relevant is frustratin i ve 21 days x3 fsatin yied no result pls plead on my behalf to d God of Elijah

  9. the man of god.i desperately need yo prayers for my fertility problem.

  10. KEHINDE ELIZABETH ADEJOKE | July 17, 2013 at 2:45 pm | Reply

    Daddy please pray for my marriage we are facing financial problem in my marriage of 16 years, as a graduate i need my letter of appointment this year tnks sir

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