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marriageMy Dear good friend whom I met in 2005 after the he shared the miracle story of that anonymous Sudanese prayer warrior on Ezinearticles dot com, Elisha Goodman, has a powerful ministry of prayers particularly the midnight dimension which we shared together. I gleaned this prayer points for Christian singles who desired a godly partner in marriage from his recent article. Read on and pray along:

“There is a big hidden secret behind most people’s inability to find a God fearing spouse. It is such a deep secret that even those who are supposed to be happily married are finding that there’s no honey or spice in their relationship at all.”

“The good news I’m going to share with you here is so powerful that you’ll begin to attract a God fearing partner in a short period of time.”

The Secret Uncovered

Most people you see, whether physically married or not, are already married in the spirit realm. Yes, they are married to invisible sexual spirits which can molest and torment them, and make their life a living hell.

This why some people find themselves having sex in the dream.

Sexual spirits that attack women are called incubus and those that attack men are called succubus.

This problem of evil spiritual marriage is a universal one. Most people are suffering in silence.

Once a spiritual marriage is in place, invisible forces will neutralize anything you pray to find the spouse of your dreams – on legal grounds.

And if this type of invisible marriage is in place, it will be difficult to “meet” or keep the right partner.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Life can become really frustrating to anyone who has an evil spiritual relationship in place without knowing it.


Because they have the power to control, rule, dominate, abuse, manipulate, plunder and dispossess one of every good thing earmarked for him by God.

The main purpose of a spiritual marriage is to convert the victim’s life to a garbage dump. It imprisons one’s marital, social, business, financial and spiritual life.

It makes progress impossible, no matter how many positive confessions you make.

Thankfully, Jesus has given us a way out of this dilemma.

The solution

There’s a powerful 3-part prayer that you can use to deal with this situation and ensure that you begin to attract a God fearing, loving and caring spouse… in as little as 30 days.

Those who have prayed these prayers seriously in the past have even reported breakthroughs in as little as 10 days!

(Please note that your results will vary, depending on your spiritual maturity and persistence in prayer.)

Here are the 2 big things you have to be aware of if you want this to work for you.

  • Make sure you are not having sex outside marriage
  • Repent of all past sexual sins, one by one, and ask for forgiveness

Once you’ve done that, then go through these steps and pray the prayer below.

It is part I and it should be prayed for 3 days.

How to Pray

  • Sit comfortably or walk about … DON’T kneel
  • Focus your attention on the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Avoid distractions… if they come don’t concentrate on them
  • Spend a few minutes in praises to the Lord
  • Confess any known sin to the Lord, one by one
  • Ask the Lord to bring to your memory the legal ground or the open doors that forces of spiritual wickedness are using to gain entrance into your life
  • Enter into this period with aggressive prayer. ALL prayer points are to be prayed repeatedly, with determined aggression.

(Please Note: If you want to see quick and dramatic results, add fasting to your prayers – unless you are medically unable to fast… and pray at the MIDNIGHT HOUR)

The Prayers

This is the foundational prayer. It consists of 10 steps.

Step ONE

Start with praise worship. Praise God and worship him with songs.

Step TWO

Confess out LOUD these Scriptures promising deliverance.

Luke 10:19: Behold I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy; and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

Obadiah 17: But upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions.

Ephesians 1:7: In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace.

Romans 16:20: And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.

Colossians 2:14,15: Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross. And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a show of them openly, triumphing over them in it.

Galatians 3:13,14: Christ had redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:
That the blessing of Abraham might come on the gentiles through Jesus Christ; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.

2 Timothy 4:18: And the Lord shall deliver me from every evil work, and will preserve me unto his heavenly kingdom: to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Revelation 12:11: And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony: and they loved not their lives unto the death.


Confess your sins to the LORD and ask for His forgiveness. Confess the sins of your ancestors and ask for His forgiveness. Ask Him to wash you clean with the blood of Jesus. Receive His forgiveness with thanks. And declare that you forgive yourself as well.


Break covenants and curses to destroy their legal hold by praying these simple prayers (don’t be fooled by their simplicity… they’re deadly and devastating in action!). Spend time on them.

(a) I break any curse against my marriage in Jesus’ name

(b) I break any covenant against my marriage in Jesus’ name


Bind all the spirits associated with those covenants and curses, like this:

“I bind all the spirits attached or connected to the covenants and
curses I have just broken in the name of Jesus.”

Step SIX

Lay one hand on your head and the other on your stomach or navel and begin to pray like this:

“Holy Ghost fire, burn from the top of my head to the soles of my feet in the name of Jesus.”

After a while, begin to mention every organ of your body, one by one, like this:

“Holy Ghost fire, burn and purge my heart”

“Holy Ghost fire, burn and purge my kidney”

“Holy Ghost fire, burn and purge my womb”

“Holy Ghost fire, burn and purge my liver”

etc, etc,… in the name of Jesus.

Please don’t be in a rush here. Pray until you actually begin to feel the heat. Because the fire will actually come if you concentrate on this with your body, soul and spirit.


Begin to saturate yourself with the blood of Jesus, like this:

(a) Blood of Jesus, enter into my spirit, soul and body in Jesus’ name.

(b) I drink the blood of Jesus.


It is now that you are able to demand firmly, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that any spirit that is NOT of God should leave you immediately. You demand it forcefully, like this:

“In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I come against all you hidden spirit spouse and I bind your activities in my life. You can no longer hide below the surface because I now recognize what you’ve been doing; release me in the name of Jesus.”

After saying this, you STOP TALKING; open your mouth and nose and take three to seven deep breaths and expel them forcefully through your mouth and nose. Don’t be surprised if you see strange things begin to happen.

THIS IS A CRITICAL STAGE! Repeat it again and again; issue the command, and repeat the breathing in and out.


When you’ve finished with step 8, ask for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit, like this:

“Holy Spirit, fill me afresh to overflowing in the name of Jesus.”

Step TEN

Close the session with high praises to the LORD. Give Him thanks. Before you finally wind down, pray these 3 important prayer points:

(1) O Lord, surround me with your walls of fire in Jesus’ name.

(2) Let the blood of Jesus cover me now in Jesus’ name.

(3) O Lord, surround me with your angels day and night in Jesus’ name.

This prayer could take up to 1 hour.

Be blessed as you pray.

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  1. Dear Elisha,

    I have been married for the past ten and half years with two kids, 9 years and 1 1/2 years respectively. I am a victim of dreaming having sex in the dream, sometimes being kissed in the dream. The other time almost the whole night the same dream of sex and the following day I developed some irretation on my private part. it went on for months and I have prayed and fasted. I was so ashamed to tell my husband. Our relationship is not very smooth so to say. He is too busy for me.

  2. #1 Prayer Coach:

  3. Dear Elisha,

    May God bless you for posting this valuable secrets how to praying for finding a Godly spouse. I have been praying arround 5 or 6 years but not in this way. I started praying yesterday and I believe God will help me and give strength. I have choosen the midnight as per your advice. But, pls tell me how to handle the prayer I mean should I have to pray the prayers each night repeatdy until my request answered by God or one day half part and another day half part pls help me on this. May God Bless you.

  4. Benjamin Mireku Ayeh | November 5, 2009 at 11:08 am |

    this is very good and it will be a lot of help to the unmarried and couples as well God richly bless you

  5. Nsiime Rosette | November 6, 2009 at 1:06 pm |

    A request to break a family curse of marriage.

  6. i always dream having sex with different man some of them i even know. i havent even sound the right partner and my husband have left me for no reason at all. help me break this bondage and i hope this prayer will help me a lot. should i do it repeatedly every night until things change. how do i go about it every day

  7. Pray for me i hav that problem,i want to get a Godly husband.i used to have sex in the dream although it stopped but i dream am back at my husbands house of whom we separated now 5yrs that we are sleeping on 1bed but not talking.please pray for me

  8. please do not show my email address and my name, it always appear in the comment. please remove it. thank you God bless you.

  9. thanks you very much but the email adress is still showing please delete it too.

  10. Dear Elisha,

    Thank you for these prayer points. I have been praying for marriage for 5 years, but not like this. Now I prayed the prayers aggressively as you said. And God reavled to me my marriage partner with in 20 days after my prayer. Thank you and may God bless you.

  11. FAITH is the key, fire violent prayers in faith and in 2010 you will get your spouse. I started 2009 single, and I am ending it married, To God be the glory!! I decreed from day 1, and got crazy with faith, God did it, and did it very very fast. God is waiting on you to use the resources He has given you, to pray in your spouse. Marriage is a good thing, and God has said “No good thing will He withhold from us”.

  12. Dear Elisha

    I have come across this website , there good prayer points please send me more prayer points for marriage, healing and financial break through.Am bleiving God for my marriange and promotion on my employment.

  13. Helo Elisha
    please help i used to have sex in the dream and prayed i was newly converted and the dream will go away and when i had forgotten it will come back for many years it used to be like that until i discoverd your website and started midnite prayers and the sex dreams will occur every week for abou four months then i told my spiritual mother at our church we prayed together and the dreams left… my suprise the last two two days i have been having such dreams……….PLEASE HELP ME WHAT IS IT THAT I AM NOT DOING RIGHT..honestly i want this demonic act to die….im a married mother of three born again though my husband not yet come to the Lord but ihave been faithful to him…….

    God bless you

  14. I’ve just started praying for a Godly spouse and i believe that God will give me my heart’s desire sweetheart.Is it advisable to pray specifically for someone u love?e.g if theres someone you love but does not notice you?

  15. osaruonamen igbinigie | January 28, 2010 at 2:49 am |

    i jst saw tis prayer point right now, and i have started it,

  16. samukelisiwe | January 29, 2010 at 3:12 pm |

    I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus this yr 2010 Iam trusting God for a God Fearing Spouse many years i have prayed i have never been loved ever since everytime when i meet someone the friendship does not even last a a month i dont even get to know the person then he’s gone , it really worries me all my sister chop and change relatioships which is i dont like i want to have a God fearing spouse who’s on fire God I love the Lord with all my heart but i pray that before our Lord Jesus returns to take his bride also want to experince happiness in life though i know i will be happy home but my prayer is to have a spouse who loves the Lord Wholeheartdly . i have been married but in the 10yrs i lived with man it been hell all sorts of problems now my prayer in this 2010 i want to experience the favour of the Lord cause me and my ex we divorce but we leave together for the sake of his child but i dont love him and i feel iam not fair cause i dont love this man He sweras he likes fighing all sorts of things and me i want to be loved and treated like a queen but it has never happened, Please Pray that the Lord will have Mercy on me the Word of god say His Grace is sufficient to sustaine us . before my birth day in 2 months I beleive that God has answered cause my ex even throws on me that why i dont get a man yet i pray day and night .

  17. Ntokozo Ndlovu | February 5, 2010 at 9:40 am |

    I got the webside from a friend and Istarted praing two days ago and I wanted to find if I pray the same prayer everyday?

  18. Im not sure whether this prayer goes along with my situation because I’ve living with this man for almost 4 years and everytime he will tell me that he loves me and he wants to marry me we got a daughter together and Im expecting the second child which is also his and he has father another woman and he is now spending time with that woman but when I approach him about that he will tell me that he just go there to check on his new baby I dont know what to do I just want to pray that things can go back to normal and he must just keep his promise I dont even know if he telling the truth when he says he loves me and he will ask for forgiveness and I will always forgive him for the pain he has cost me but he does’nt change he behaves as if the is something controlling him please help.

  19. @Anon, there is absolutely no way God can bless you living in sin. I am sorry but I look at your post and feel sadness in my heart. I am sorry if this comes about harshly but feel compelled to say so. A gem of God shouldnt let herself be treated as a door mat, your body is the temple of the holy Spirit, yet you have placed this man above God in your life by defiling your body. Remember Jesus’ anger in the Bible when they were selling things in His father’s temple?

    John 2:13-16″The Passover of the Jews was near, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. In the temple he found people selling cattle, sheep, and doves, and the money changers seated at their tables. Making a whip of cords, he drove all of them out of the temple, both the sheep and the cattle. He also poured out the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables. He told those who were selling the doves, “Take these things out of here! Stop making my Father’s house a marketplace!”

    What God has for you has nothing to do with this man or any man. What you first need to do is to seek God, cleanse yourself, and you can only do this by first moving out of this man’s house, and stop living in sin. How many kids will you have for him on the pretense that he’ll marry you? on what basis do you think he will marry you, what exactly does he stand to benefit that he isnt getting now?? We cant have one leg in the world, and the other in God, and then pray and expect God to answer. Point blank even if you fast from now to 2010, with the current situation as it is, it wont cause God to make him “want to marry you” or “for things to go back to normal”. God is not to be mocked, even if you pray all the prayers on here, nothing will change. Clean up, and serve Him right, and He will work out His best for you.

  20. Hi I’ve stumbled across this website and I find it to be very, very powerful. I’m in a marriage that I’ve been in for the past 8yrs and I’m not happy. I believe it’s because I sholud not suppose to marry him because we fought on the fifth day of our fast to find out if this is of the Lord but I still went on with the marriage. In our first year of the marriage we fought a whole lot and he started to have affairs on me when I found out about the affair he told me that he was sorry so I forgive him. Then I got pregnant and lost my child, then things began to workout for us then he started cheating on me again and this time I got pregnant again and I lost the second child this time the baby was not getting a heart beat. I feel like I’ve made a mistake when I got married to this man even though my mother was against it. Please help me and pray with me that I might ubderstand this whole thing.

  21. Ojediran Bukola | March 23, 2010 at 4:57 pm |

    I want daily prayer, exhortation to be send to my mail box, I will be happy. God bless you.


  22. Ojediran Bukola | March 23, 2010 at 5:35 pm |

    Mr Ada,

    I saw your testimony now. Please can you help me to send that prayer point you used. Please I need it because I want that miracle in my life this year. Peoples are be mocked me. Pls, pray for me.

  23. @Bukola, my sister, I wrote down my wedding date in faith because as children of God, we have creative power. I also spent time soaking up all I could regarding Xtian marriages. I had to take advantage of my waiting period and prepare, because I knew if I wasnt prepared spiritually, God wont bring me a blessing so that I dont destroy it with my own hands.. I found 1-2 Bible verses to stand upon, and I decreed them over myself morning and night. I’d pray “I am not a single woman, I am a married woman and my husband is out there”. I’d command my angels to make our paths cross, I’d ask the Holy Spirit to touch his heart and make him ready for marriage, and I’d pray for him (even though I didnt know him). You see faith is a crazy thing, it means confessing it even when there’s absolutely noone in the picture, and it can be very difficult. It also means getting to a place of rest with God knowing that you cant force His hands so its not like you’re serving him just so you get this.
    Marriage is God’s will, if you are living in righteousness, God has said He has given u everything that pertains to LIFE and godliness. Marriage pertains to life and godliness, so you can make your demand on God to fulfill His words to you. God wants you to be married, the thing is how badly do you want it? If you had to pray 2hrs each day on that matter all year, will you do it?
    There’s no clear cut formula except the faith formula

    1) make sure you are not living in sin
    2) make sure even if he brings the man, you dont fornicate b4 marriage
    3) stand your ground on His word, the enemy will bring doubt into your head, but if you stand your ground on His word morning day and night, that wont bother you. The WORd always bring forth fruit but you have to sow it 1st!!!
    4) Start preparing for marriage spiritually and mentally. Learn of all that is required of a Godly wife. Start learning to keep a home. Surround yourselves with Godly women you trust who you can look up to for advice.
    5) Start planning for your wedding. It doesnt mean telling people about it, keep that one to yourself. Even my own mother didnt know about faith confessions till after he proposed marriage to me, and I shared my testimony with her.

    Send me your email and I’ll pass on more stuff

  24. @Ada pls am interested send me the more stuff

  25. I want all the men of God to pray for me. Because i use to have bad dreams at times, that God should not let that bad dreams come to pass, and that the will of God be done in my life.

  26. Pray for me i get aGODLY SPOUSE

  27. i will be very glad to receive a daily prayer point in my email box on for personal uplift thanks.

  28. I need deliverance spiritually

  29. I need to now what is a spider spirit , because i see them naturaly and some times I see them when I am sleeping, and I am trying to kill them.

  30. Thanks and God bless you for reaching out to singles this way. I understand that the above prayer against spirit spouse is just part 1 out of 3 parts.Please i will like to have the part 2 and 3 of it to help me in prayers,i am making a lot of progress. Thanks a lot.(its urgent)

  31. Thanks for the guidelines on how to pray against spiritual husband at midnight. God has been awesome and wonderful. yes midnight prayer works a lot. it was when i prayed midnight that God delivered me from a big spiritual snake spirit inside of me. i never knew that. i am single, and i dont fornicate, i am still trusting God to bring to me my Godly spouse because i want to wed this 2010. i will try my best to do this prayer, i will take them step by step as you have instructed. may God bless you, please pray along with me.

  32. Hi, Thankyou for sharing your confession of faith concerning a husband. i’m going to start confessing that every day and night. I met a man and we are engaged I’m believing he’s the one. I do love him, How do you pray if you know youe fiance has the spirit of seduction on him . he doesn’t even realize it.

  33. makanjuola john | April 7, 2010 at 11:21 am |

    Glory be to GOd for the grace giving to u to launch this site ,,may HIS wisdom continue to overwhelm u
    DAD,we are proud of u ,,,your annointing will never dry, in the name of Jesus…GREETINGSTO THE virteous woman that GOD gave to u for her maxmium support to the progress of this ministry.

  34. Okay. Thank you sir.

    Thanks for taken your time to read my message. I can’t remember this website again, but today I search the website through google, I will write it down now.


    I’m expencting your message again. My e-mail address is [email protected]

    Thank you I’m very grateful.

    Thank you one million times. I’m so glad.

    Ojediran Bukola

  35. hello good morning sir,

    More anointing, more strength

    I sent my e-mail address to you yesterday sir.

    I am expecting more stuff.


    Bukola Ojediran

  36. Sir, God will continue to strengthen you. Please its your prayer i need and deliverance and i believe God for the best, very soon i will be congratulated and share the happy testiomy.. am starting the prayer tonite and i believe Gods for the right spouse.
    Thanks as i expect more of your stuffs

  37. Good evening sir.

    I sent my e-mail address to you last week. I check my e-mail box now, I didn’t see anything.

    Please sir, I’m still expecting more stuffs you said you will send to me.
    ([email protected])

    Thank you sir, more strength, more anointing in Jesus name.

    Ojediran Bukola

  38. Thank you for wonderful prayer of a Godly spouse. I used to have dreams as well but now i dont experience that anymore , it was all becuse of prayers. Im stil stil single and stil have fiath that my man is still out. They come and go and loose interest , is it possible to pray this pray for someone who has showed interest so much & he juss disappeared.

  39. Man of God,i thak God for life and also for the ministry.I have given my life to Jesus Christ and God has been faithful.But i have challenge that it seems as my life is not paying my thithe,i do give out what i have to people who are in need.i find difficult to keep within days of my pay date my money gone and i worst i have to borrow money.Please pray for me for GOD to show me what is that im not doing right.

    God bless you in Jesus name

  40. Can i please have Part 2 & 3

  41. I just stumbled upon your site and read your prayer. I don’t believe that there is a secret recipe but, but finding a husband for me and a father for my daughter is very hard. I felt that earlier this year The Lord confirmed in my heart that I will meet my husband this year (2010). I have waited for many years and am trying to hold unto my faith. I am learning though to find peace and content in this area, but there are times when it gets unbearable. I know that I was called to be a wife to a Godly man and to stand by his side and glorify the Lord Jesus. Please pray for me and I will take on your suggestions for prayer as well. Thank you.

  42. Dear Ada, may Our Good Lord reward you for the important message you are freely sharing with us. I just find it very important and so should every single Christians. i will be very glad if you send me daily prayer points on this matter in my email box – [email protected]. I’m of age and would like to meet my godly spouse this year, i have waited for long and the prayers i have been praying for years have not yielded any results. I will be glad to hear from you. God richly bless you

  43. ihuoma ekwe | April 18, 2010 at 8:59 pm |

    I very happy to find this website.please pray for me for marital breakthrough


  45. I have really been fed by the prayer guidelines you posted and may The Lord continue to use you. You are such a Blessing, may I please have the full 30 day prayer guide for finding a Godly husband. Thank you and remain blessed. Also please may I have your number.



  46. Hello Ada firstly i will like to congratulate you on your marriage, i pray God almighty blesses your marriage and he will make you fruitful in every single area. I am not sure if you are the website founder or just a regular memeber.

    I have read your comments and i have to applaud them and give glory to God, the truth has to be said. we can not live in sin and thing God will bless us, i know the issue of abstinance can be quite challenging, but if you seek and fear God and ask his for strength it is possible to keep it till your wedding night.

    Sex before marriage is a no no no for God, its only by Gods grace and mercy that he has cleansed and and given us many chances, but you can not mock God. When you let another man who God has not permitted(not your husband) to touch his temple he is offended, we can all remember the story of Uzzah in the bible who God killed cos he tried to save the ark of God, the problem was not Uzzah, the problem was that David did not seek God first on who he wanted to carry the ark.

    We need to seek God first on who our spouses are, when we do i know the person will respect your body and their body cos God can never give you something bad. If we first seek the kingdom of God everything will be added ( including spouses)

    Does any one know where we can get part 2 and 3, and also Ada can i have your email address.

    God bless people and am believing that 2010 is our year, do i hear an AMEN 🙂


    my e-mail address: [email protected]

  48. I want to trust God for a partner but i feel held back by past issues that happened to me. I was engaged in a relationship with a married man who broke my virginity and later I fell in love with my ex-boyfriend who later left me and got married to another lady a wonderful wedding. sometimes I feel used up and hatred towards men. what prayer should i make to God since I want him to bless me with a good husband. Please help.

  49. Thanks for the prayer site.

    i would like to know whether the prayers should be recited every day untill the revelation or
    a step per day

    Be Blessed, Mary

  50. gwen van wyk | April 29, 2010 at 2:53 pm |

    i believe that this will help me a lot in the marriage to come with my godly husband
    thank you and may God bless you!

  51. I am joining you too. I believe God that I wil come back here and write my testimony. Thank you

  52. Hi,

    I have enjoyed praying my prayer points on ‘Marriage Prayer Points for Finding Godly Spouse’. I have not been able to find Part 2 and Part 3. Have anyone seen it or have it because I would like to know where I can find it. Thanks.

  53. Hi,
    Could you please help me with the right prayers and also tell what it is that any time I think of something,
    someone around will tell me exactly what I am thinking of. It seems like my thoughts are being heard aloud.
    Some people are really making fun of me, like we know whatever is going on withyou at anytime and there is nothing you can do about it.
    I was told a curse has been put on me.

  54. pray for me God to bless me a good job and a good husband

  55. please send me ‘marriage prayer points for finding a Godly spouse’ part 2 and 3. i have started my prayers and i believe they work

  56. gwen van wyk | May 11, 2010 at 7:04 am |

    Dear Elisha
    I have a terrible financial crisis. I am a single mother of 5 children after I found out that I were married for 12years with a married man. He just left me with our children and went back to his original wife in another country after he had some trouble with the law. I found a lawyer that help me now to declare this marriage to be null and void. After that I can pray your prayers to find my Godly spouse. But in the meantime I really need a financial breakthroug a.s.a.p. He left me with a lot of debts and sometimes I did not even have money to buy food and had to borrow all the time from other people. What prayer can I pray and when? Please help me! Another big problem is that I have only one son the eldest and he is homosexual. How can I help him? I love my son and he dont know that I know about his problem and I dont know how to talk to him about this. Please assist me with a prayer for him aswell. Thank you so much and may God bless you!

  57. @ Ada i just read your testmony please send me more information how you did this i really need someone to talk to have been through alot before its too late for me my email is [email protected]

  58. Dear Elisha

    I been having problems with spirit husband, tell me how to go about it, cause i want to meet my godly partners and settle and built a lasting foundation in Christ Jesus. Amen

  59. Dear Elisha,

    Just like Ninie, I have been having problems with spirit husband but I desperately need assistance on how to overcome this problem and keep my body pure for my Godly Husband.

  60. PROVIDENCE | June 20, 2010 at 1:51 pm |

    Greeting Dr Daniel Olukoya

    I am attending alot of interviews but still unable to get back to the workforce.

    I need special prayers for gainful employment and be blessed. recognised and happy. Break the curse of marriages in my family . I must be blessed this year with an equally yoke man in marriage.
    Guidance and direction in the choice of career.
    Peace, good health and prosperity.
    Prayer of Caleb given is appreciated.
    God bless you sir in your ministry.

  61. I am always very encouraged by these prayer points. I would want to start using the prayer points for finding a Godly spouse and breaking soul ties, but since this is only part 1 of the prayer points, where do I get the 2nd and 3rd parts?

  62. Kindly send me part 2 and 3 as i need these prayers urgently

  63. thanks elisha for the encouragemnts and teachings u always give us….may the liing God bless u

  64. i am from a broken marriage and i just recently met this man and i really need this raessurance from God that this is my Godly future spouse.i love God and i believe him for a miracle

  65. please notify me of follow up comments via e mail

  66. I am from a broken marriage and i just recently met this Godly man. He is a widower with grown up children and I really need this raessurance from God that this is my Godly future spouse. He is very generous and loving and promises to marry me and has met my family, I am yet to meet any of his family members as I believe he wants to be absolutely sure before he introduces me to them. We’ve been meeting at my place secretly. I love God and I believe him for a miracle within this year.

    Please notify me of follow up comments via e mail

  67. I greet you Sir in the name of Jesus,amen… i have similar marital /relationship problems like # 16 i meet men quite well and they hardly last a month.I am 32 years old ans oldest daughter of my parents. All my little sisters,little cousins are married,with children.Pastor please help me stand up in the gap in prayer to break the evil forces of the devil to block me from getting a good, God fearing husband..I have been praying with faith,but all in vain.Is there something wrong with my said prayers? I know am not gay , am a beautiful,tall, well educated, independent Zambian woman who can keep and take care of a so drained and helpless!! I know God will one day answer my prayer and believing for a miracle…please pray for me for Gods favor and miracle in the blood of Jesus.

  68. There is a black veil that has come down to me from over 250 years ago.
    Opportunites in life misses. Have to fight struggle for anything. I was born blessed, to be wealthy etc
    But all is tampered with. I have had so many ideal mates passed thru my hands… I would like to be married. Help me remove the black veil. Its like what ever I do where ever I go; I attract witchcraft attacks.

  69. am trusting him……..he will make him locate me,and all vail shall be open,,,,i bless u lord

  70. I am waiting on my Godly husband to step up to me to say “You are my wife”, but time and time again people are sending wichcraft spirit to block our annointed marriage. I recognized that our FAITH have to carry us through even when attacks are sent to our most dedicate parts of our body.

    I sometimes would get molested by strange spirit , but we have to know that these spirits arises especially when the desired one (Godly husband) is coming or when God moved us to a higher realm. But as single woman, we must trust Him to know that He is capable of doing what He says He will do as we make our prayer known to Him.

    Also, we must pray the prayer believing and receiving that God had demolished all demonic spiritual marriage and make a request for the (Fire of God) to come upon you because the Fire of God (the power) burns up everything and it is difficult for any evil spirit (enemy) to bother you when you have the God-given Fire (power) upon you.

    There are many spiritual wickedness that is coming against the Body of Christ to make believer’s believe that “God is not hearing us” or “God had forgotten us” . For God is not a God who is slack concerning His promises. God ears is not so heavy that he cannot hear, nor His hands is too short that He cannot save (Isaiah 59:1). For God eyes are upon the righteous, and His ears are open to our prayers, but His face is against those that do evil (1 Peter 3: 12).

    God shall not make us (single woman) ashame but will bring she shame to our enemy (Psalm 25) for we serve a just God.

  71. florence nwenu | August 19, 2010 at 8:53 am |

    my dear pastor, please i need you help i have been prayer for life partner nad i have gotting it but i also we also haven problem, even though yestday i fast one day and night. still yet i haven doumble minded to him although i Love him but?


  72. Pastor please pray for me to loose weight. and gainful employment.
    God bless you and your ministry

  73. My relationships do not last or mature.
    I want to be married

  74. Dear pastor

    Please pray with me a bleiving God for a husband this year. I have been using the Ten prayer points and praying at Midnight am bleiving for a miracle to happen . Do send me prayer points I can use to offer prayers of faith. Am also praying to god to provide me with a new Job which is well paying, am being invited to do Interviews pray that God favour will be upon me and am granted the Job.

    God bless the Ministry

  75. “Marriage Prayer Points For Finding Godly Spouse”
    Please please pray that I keep up my prayer life nite and day for the desires of my heart, that fulfils GODS will.
    So far I find great peace come over me after this prayer. I have a brother in Christ who is delighted with the prayer also. Again many thank you’s from the bottom of my heart and when this day comes I hope it comes very quickly to be married to the most beautiful women who trusts God with all of her heart and soul regards……………… Ronald
    (I will be very happy to inform you when that day comes amen)
    N.S.W. Australia

  76. pls pray 4 God 2 reveal to me my gift and also reveal 2 me if i am in d right relationship

  77. Oyegbola Abiola Abosede | August 30, 2010 at 5:26 pm |

    Men and Women of God please pray alone with me for divine direction on who to choose as future partner in before end of this year, and success in my academic because i don’t carry over over all my subject in school. i belive that my God we show he self stong in my issue.

  78. christina St george | August 30, 2010 at 9:49 pm |

    Dear Elisha
    i am so lucky to have found your website. what a surprise. May god bless you for your Godly work. i am writing to this because i am a very sad ad dissapointed mother of 72 yrs old. and my only daughter so beautiful, well educated and very intelligent. she had broken her relationship with her boyfriend 45 years ago. I would love her to find a loving, and, caring God loving partner and t oget married as soon as she can as she is 39yrs old now. I know the difficulty as I am a doctor of medicine.
    Elisha, Please Please pray for nicole to get married and I will have a pleasure of seen my grand children before I die.
    I also go throuhg a bad time with my husband as he was very unfaithful man. This must be the reason Nicole is not interested in Men . But I know with your prayers she will definitely find the right man as soon as possible, She is very interllecual, professional and respectable lady.
    Dear Elisha. Please help me. today. god loves you and I love you Mre.
    Love Christina
    Please do not advertise my name or e-mail I TRUST YOU> PLEASE E MAIL ME WHEN YOU START TO PRAY FOR HER

    Ever since I started using your prayer points I have grown spriritually.I have even had an enemy confess of all the evil she has been doing behind my back. Worse than that she was mugged and is in the hospital as I testify.To God’s glory I went to visit her in the hospital but she refused to let me pray for her. Indeed no weapon that is fashioned against us shall prosper! I thank God for keeping a watchfiul eye over me.

  80. my destiny had been tampered by the enemy that favour has gone far from me and men that notices me are all wrong people. Am stating a 14 days prayer and fasting on this issue. please send me some prayer points and bible verse that i can use to win this battle.

  81. God richly bless you for this information.
    I’m gonna strictly adhere to that. And I believe I will publish my testimony verrry soon.

  82. I have been talking to a childhood neighbour 4 years, more intently for last two. Since I started the 21 P Academy
    he cut the relationship absoletly

    Pleae do not publish my name or email address.

  83. Good evening,
    Is it possible to post part 2 and 3 of Marriage Prayer Points For Finding Godly Spouse?

  84. Elisha,
    The material you give us here is very convincing even for someone with very little faith like me; I only hope that My faith is at least the size of a mustard seed (so I can move a mountain).

    I am aging and yet still single. I am scared that all the friends around me are either married or planning to get married, or at least, are dating…somehow. I have tried to lead a life of chastity, and it seems like men around me are not up to that…its quite a MOUNTAIN for me to move.

    Because of my choice of NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE, My last two relationships have failed; I don’t want another one to fail.

    Today as I speak, I have fallen in love with someone I rarely see, and I know he doesn’t even know that; I am battling with it in prayer and I ask you to join me.

    I still believe that God will one day give me a spouse after His own heart; However, I don’t know how soon that will be, yet I want to see, at least the beginning of the process, soon.

    Unfortunately, of recent, I have been getting very many relationship proposals from people whose beliefs are directly countering my Christian beliefs… and they all seem to want the romance bit befor they even know me well enough. It is very confusing.

    Elisha and all friends here, please pray for me that God may open my eyes to see the right spouse soon…May God bless you for me each time you pray for me.

    Thank you.


  85. May God bless you. Please may I get part 2 & 3 of the prayer points of finding a Godly spouse.

  86. hi there man of God.I have done the part 1 and i can see the result .Soon i want to testify on these website.Man of God can i have the part 2 & 3 so that i can finish everything.
    God bless.

  87. SIFISO SIBANDA | September 28, 2010 at 1:25 pm |

    Dear Elisha.
    I am widowed with five children, after I got widowed in the year 1997 and that time I was 36 years of age, I tried to remarry and that was not from the Lord. Within a short space of time I discovered that the man I was now married to was after my properties. He was now interested in changing the names on title deeds of my properties, of which I refused to do. Within that short space of time we separated and he went his way and I remained. When he approached the Legal Courts, he was told that our marriage was not registered, and I was supposed to produce a widow’s certificate for the registration of that marriage. PRAISE BE TO THE MIGHTY LORD!! . He just went quiet for the past six years, only to reappear this year in February threatening to kill me, but in two weeks time after that he was involved in a car accident and died at the spot. Pray for me Pastor I am believing God for a Godly partner.

  88. Praise the Lord Man of God. I treasure in your work and pray that God blesses you mightly. the forty prayer points to atract a dream job, house etc. tremedously working for me. Iam chaing jobs like clothes. Elisha, I prayed to God to reavel to me whether the man I heard children with is my husband or not, God spoke to me three times in a dream saying that he is not, but showed me some one in a certain church that his is the one.

    Man of God, how should I pray for this to come to pass. Send me some prayer points plse.


  89. Please do not publish my name.
    Dear Elisha
    If one is customarily married and is having problems living with a man who does not want the marriage to be blessed by God what does one do. Also the man is not a believer and they met when they both were not believers. The wife did go to church but now has now found a new life in God. They have both sinned before God but now the wife is not sure whether she should stay in the marriage or not. She has been praying for God to speak to her. Please help by prayer for her to make the right decision concerning her marriage and her partner.

  90. Dear Elisha

    What is one to do when they are customarily married and their spouse does not want their marriage to be blessed by God. This lady is not sure whether to stay in this relationship as they are unequally yoked. She has been praying for God to give her revelation whether she should stay with this man or not. He has been very abusive vocally and it has affected her. She needs prayer for revalation and also so that she can remove the bitterness. Please pray that she makes the right decision concerning this relationship and she wants a God fearing husband.

    Please help in prayer

  91. My first relationship was with a married man, then I got a man who really showed me that he wanted to marry me but within 2 years he had already fallen out of my life without any reason why he did so. I am now still with the married man with whom we have 2 daughters 10 and 6, he doesn’t seem to be serious with me according to his actions. Please Elisha am already praying for the real rib where God got me from. ( Godly spouse) How do I go about this situation coz am still staying in the house which he rented for me with my kids since am unable to rent a house of my own and pay all the bills required, school fees for the children and maintenance. Should I continue with the same prayers? Please advise me.


  93. May God richly bless you for the outreach through this site. I have a serious problem and I need serious prayers. Before I came to Christ,I was just leaving in the world like everybody and I was having a lot of challenges. Now that I came to Christ,it went from bad to worse,none of the relationships I have been into worked out even with a beleiver that was going to the same church with me.Men of God tried my delivrance before but I don’t see any big changes and I’m very worried because for some reason it’s really hard for me to connect to heaven,i know i’m missing that personal connection with the Throne Room that can break all the yokes on my neck.I desperatly need help and prayers and if there is any type of prayers or anything i can do to finally get rid of this evil sprit making my life so depressing,i will more than glad to know about it.God gave me everything to succeed but for some reason i’m not getting where i’m supposed to be. God bless you
    please dont publish my name.

  94. Dear Elisha,

    Pray with me for my relationship with my boyfriend to be restored in God’s name, that we may find new love for each other, communicate more and get married in future. Pray to God to make us right for each other and guide us to a christian marriage when i finish school. Pray to God to help us solve all our problems, forget them and focus on the future. In God’s name, AMEN.

  95. Dear Elisha,

    I have been under a great deal of attach in my life. I believe in soweing in good gorund and my pastor and church is VERY GOOD GROUND. Since I am have really been going to extra mile in faith and started to sow my time in cleaning the church, or what every my hands find to do. Now all of sudden my family, finances and marriage has become a war zone. I have done all to do, fasting, prayering and really standing on the word of God. Things just don’t seem to be letting up. Can you please keep my and my family in your prayers – I just believe more prayer, more power – I need all the prayers right NOW !!!

  96. Dear Pastor

    I thank God that he made a miracle for me and a was granted a job which is well paying. I have been praying and bleieving for a new job and he miraclusly did it. I did the interviews and emerged as the winner I have been praying and using the midnight prayers. There is power in prayer . I have now reported for duty but my prayer request is God to sustain me at this job and to give me grace, wisdom and favour and his glory to be reflect in me at this job. The new place of work is under going some structual changes but am praying to God that every thing will be done well and the organization will shine.

    Please send me prayer point and guidance on how to pray for the work place, sustainability at the work place and Gods favor, grace and wisdom to be upon me to perform for the excellence of the Organization.

    Pastor I have also been praying for marriage am bleiving God for marriage this year. Am praying at mid night and using the 10 prayer points for a godly spouse, Please do stand with me in this area. Please send me more prayer point to persist until my marriage is done.

    Name and mail not to be published.

  97. Dear Pastor,

    Please pray for me for my relationship with my boyfriend to be restored. Things were good between us until i left home for school in another country. We stopped communicating as often and later his father died. He does not talk to me anymore even though we had discussed marriage and all. Please pray for me that we may forget the past and focus on the future, that you may give us a forgiving heart for forgive and forget what we did to each other and make us right for each other. I prayed to meet him even before i met him and i know God bought us together. Please pray with me that God keeps us together, that he may wait for me to go back home and that we may get married and have a blessed family. In God’s name i pray, believing for a miracle, AMEN.

  98. please help with prayer. i got married three years back and unfortunately my wife was impregnated by a paostor who was very close to me. my wife never sees anything special in it for me not to forgive her bcos i sent her out. she is trying all means both phisical and spiritual to get back to my house. the pastor and i leave in the same community bcos we both house there.i went for deliverance and my pastor told me to forgive him which i did. i usually greets him whenever he crosses my path.i was sometimes warned by a white germant prophet not to remary her bcos she might kill me and it’s obvious with her attitute.i have forgeven her i cant marry her although she has i son for me.i am still very young. can i go ahead with another relationship and if so , i wll prefer godly and honest young lady. please advice me. am now a born again and am totally ready to do God’s will.

  99. please send prayer point to me

  100. Hi man of God,
    Thank God for this website. at last you have to my srescue. this is what i have been complaining about. i have prayed, read the word of God attended overnights . read christian books, attended conferences and i have aquired enough knowledge and ready for marriage. i,m mnow a laughing stock because i,m not marriage. please help me even with materials that can help me locate my marriage partner

  101. i have started praying seriously and believing God for a Godly marriage spouse. men and women of God please stand with me in prayer. Thanking you in advance in Jesus’ name. Amen

  102. Dear Elisha,
    Am a mother of two and married,
    my period has seized since last year sept after my second baby,
    instead of seeing it physically I dream about it. I need to say this
    Prayers but
    my question is can I say this
    Prayer with my kids in the same room
    as I sleep with them. Since it is a deliverance prayer
    Help me with a reply please. Am dare serious need of deliverance

  103. Am married with three children to Mr.Jude Kalema ,but my husband left me.please pray for me that he comes back to me and the children.God bless you.

  104. last year I prayed these prayers and believe I was delivered. last week I dreamt i was having sex. does this mean that I still need deliverance

  105. ojo kayode joseph | November 20, 2010 at 6:46 pm |

    i want you to explain d (firstfruit) as child of GOD.THANKS

  106. Dear Pastor
    Can you explain this dream. Today I saw a big white flower with a little light blue on the petal and in the center is a black circle where the pollen grains are.
    Please interpret this dream
    God bless

  107. The bible talks about this sinful acts that are happening in this website. They way you are so lost , you even come here and ask for dream interpretation, The Jesus clearly said you are paid in full, if you dont know what it means , it means you have been Judged Already.

    i will address you as pastor as i dont know your name, but you are clearly confused, you even advice people to do the boyfriend and girl friend things , probably some of them cam to you asking you to pray for them to get a baby out of marriage.

    You think the word of is those Steps , You must repent. Read the word of God and dont misquote the verses , because all what you are doing is from your ignorant imagination. If you want to repent here is the word in response to the nonsense you are spreading here

    May God save you before its too late


  108. We have heard enough of the devils attacks and now take authority, please believe wih us for godly spouses, for Rose, Hully, Iris and Rachel. In Jesus name

  109. May God have mercy on your Souls

  110. I fell like my set time has come by reason of my stumbling on this site.
    i have printed out the above prayer and i believe that my MAY 2011 wedding date has been aproved by God and that my own appionted Hubby will be sent ny God.
    please Sir, send my the Part 2 and 3 of this prayer ,i will really appreciate it.

    i will also make use of the guide i have Ada gave .
    i will definitely share my Miracle with you all before the end of MAY 2011. in Jesus Name..Amen

  111. I am a single woman with two kids(boys) never been married and soon will be approaching 38 years, on a month of September a guy from another country outside south africa was introduced to me by a pastor’s wife and i was told that the man was looking for a wife. We then met on October we spoke and it was promising, then mid October he then send me a message saying he has been told that i want put God first in everyting or according to his way, he was not sure whether a divorcee can re-marry (he divorced around 2005)since the wife is still alive, and that he was going to do research about it. I know that he cannot find answers his looking for in the bible and now our communication went dead, we only sent each other general emails from friends. I have started praying for a God fearing man, please pray for me as well to have a man that God choose for me, and for me to listen to the holy spirit when he speaks. my friends are also in this prayer please we need your prayers.

  112. Blessings to you all. Sorry I havent been on here in a while. God is indeed faithful. Before the deliverance of any breakthrough, there is spiritual warfare that is needed. For mine, there was serious opposition from the enemy’s camp but he failed because I had mastered the art of decrees and firing prayer points. There is no other way to do it, its by your own faith that you capture your break through. You have to be willing to war because God has given it to you and the enemy is no match, eventually he will leave that alone, and move on to the next one. Marriage has been an amazing experience, with challenges but the great thing about knowing you married the one God has for you, is that anytime any challenges or problems arise, you hit the floor and remind Him, and He sends forth angelic and divine help. God has also provided for us supernaturally, blessings overflowing, new cars, unexpected big checks sent in the mail and joy. Most people dont even see us as married people, rather of brother and sister or boyfriend and girlfriend because of our rapport in public.
    All the men from my past that the enemy tried to bring as distractions right before my marriage, are right where I left them, unmarried, confused and uncertain about themselves. God still blessed me mightily without them. Please learn to see yourselves through God’s lenses, if anyone of you has a child, you can imagine. Noone on this earth can ever convince you that your child is ugly and horrible as a parent. How much more so God!
    The word will always bring forth fruit, dont use your own words to unpluck your seed from the ground. This year alone several of my close friends all got married (all between ages of 28-31) and it was all the same formula, the faith formula. Yours will surely happen in Jesus Name…AMEN!

  113. Sibongile , The Bible Clearly says that if a man divorces his wife , and marry another man , he and the woman that he is going to marry they are committing adultery , So there is no other way, leave the man and tell him to go back to his wife. If you decide to be with that man till the end of your chapter here on earth, you might not go to the right place.

    In few days to come i will be teaching about Marriage, join the Google group

  114. Dear pastor,
    children of God i have been through alot .evil spirits ,evil dreams .i have prayed fasted and no change , last two weeks i was very angry with God and wonderd whether he still has my record or my name somewhere in heavens.nothing works completely for me not even relationships.sometime i feel like i was not meant ot be born.what will i do to finish all evil in my life.

  115. I greet you in Jesus name.

    I don’t have comment. I am going to request a prayer the big ones- everyday.
    I am requesting marriage in my life. i never kept a man in my life. they all leave me for no reason. If i met someone, he never even help me with money so that I can push other things. he prefer to leave without helping me. This happens to me for so many years. I cant keep a man for a year. I am requesting a prayer to help me to eradicate this. I am looking for my Godly man, who loves and cares. I am suppose to have a man at my age. I thank you in Jesus name

  116. Ivy Botlhoko | December 9, 2010 at 10:34 am |

    i need a mentor as i am still new in the Lord i am really longing to seek God’s face,please help through as i learn!!

  117. hi Ivy

    Join My group. i teach and Answer questions according to what the lord has told me and according to what the bible says

  118. Ada, can I have your contact? I need some advices on to get Godly hubby

  119. before this few day remaing I’,m commit tp pray not to give up. my God fearing man is coming .

  120. dear elisha i msut say the lord is great i met a wonderful man on the net 2 n half year ago now i msut say that we love each other but we both live far he is italian n me mauritius small island. he made me twice came n vistit his big country n he came twice here in my island. all i ask the lord he hears my prayers that he come here with the blessing of god we both gets married n gets our new home soon to be a happy couple.. i am 46yrs old n yet im waiting for him to ask me to be his wife. deep in me i know he will do it .after my bad experience in the past . i want someone who is true love n caring , honest,etc…
    the lord will show me the way im sure . i have seen so many beautifull things this year n i know more will come in the weeks coming. i keeep on praying may the lord n holly spirits hear me now i get blesss in my financial problems. may god bless u all , merry xmass u all n happpy new year 2011 i would like to participate in the end of 2010 paryers fasting to open 2011 i would like to get the prayers please send me on my mail. thank u. kathline

  121. i bless God, in july i use this prayer point for one full month to pray for husband and by august ive already gotten 5 men who wanted my hand in marriaes , this prayer really work….. but my problem now is that they are all in nigeria and lm in asia….. i dnt have money to go there and get married . pls help me to pray,God should help me with ticket money. .. to go and marry one of them….. pls help me 2011 I MUST BE MRS……IS A MUST CAUSE HE CREATED MARRIAGE AND HE MUST PERFECT IT IN MY LIFE

  122. I will be starting to pray this pray
    Im trusting and hoping in the LORD to find and attract the rite men for me

  123. Dear Sir,please send me a prayer point of break2ru and favor to my email coz i want turn around in my family and life

  124. GREETINGS YOU U IN JESUS NAME MY PASTOR. I want you to break this spirit over my life.
    I am a 52year old divorced lady with grown children. men are chasing after me . I am scared. I do not want to go into any more relationships, especially not sexual. Even my ex husband is chasing after me, Please pray for me & direct me to some prayers that will help me to cast off this evil in Jesus name!

  125. God bless you Sir,

    please send me the part 2 of the prayer and please pray along with me for marital breakthrough, it is my desire to be married by february 2011..

    thank you sir

  126. Good Night,

    Happy New Year and may God continue to bless you and your family. Can you please send me Part 2 and Part 3 for “Marriage Prayer Points for Finding a Godly Spouse”.

    I would like to be married between the months of Februry or March 2011.

    Thank You.

  127. Dear Elisha,
    Thank you for all your wonderful lessons and may God continue to bless you and enable you to teach his children his word. I got to find out about your website when i was looking for a self deliverance, and i believe the holy spirt led me to your website. Thanks for all the newsletters you have been sending me i have prayed all the prayer bullets you sent me at the midnight hours and i am looking forward for God divine breakthroughs in my life now.

    I want to find my Godly spouse this year and i want you to send me the right prayer points that i should use and when and when to pray them.
    I will be greatful if you could send me the part 2 &3 of the prayer points for finding a Godly spouse.
    I thank you in advance and i look forward to your prompt reply.

    Sincerely yours,

    Sister in christ.

  128. i believe God for my marriage in 2011 in Jesus’ name. glory be to GOD

  129. please send me the prayer guide on how to pray for a godly partner

  130. Dear Pastor Elisha,

    Please send Part 2 and Part 3 to me urgently. Or tell me where I can find them please.


  131. Dear pastor Elisha

    Mike ‘s testmony has been an encouragement to many of us. I have tried to access those payer items but Ihave failed and I have no credit card for payment. Pllease can you direct me to an alternative way on how to access those books and prayer points.


  132. pls help me to pray to find a godly spouse i cum from india, different background, which prayer points do u want me to use specifically pls let me knw

  133. hi elisha i am using ur prayer points revealed to u by god , for the first time i am doing something called as prayer i dnt pray at all but god gav me the grace to fast n pray for mny thngs i am from india my parents are not yet saved i am 30 yrs old i want godly spouse whom he hs prepared for me pls help me n giv me specific prayer point god showed me my aunt hs cursed me long bk because of anger on my mom pls giv me specific prayer points thanks elisha n i thanku for dreamcode n cover prayers for loved ones glory be to god n for using u to help us in jesus name amen!

  134. hi bro! i am seema started with prayer point for single but above is just the part one i would be happy to hav rest of the prayers points for godly spouse! thanks for replying glory to god in jesus name amen!

  135. Thankyou for this site: whilst praying for a godly husband when at a service held by a well know prophet, the annointing fell on me as she aid hands, and I saw like a monster/demon taunting me and wearing my wedding ring. Now i find that a christian guy who was interested in me has cooled off all of a sudden – it feels like a force is against me – I’m not desperate just available. Please I would be grateful for your prayers of breakthrough, in addition to all this am in a very unsupportive church, was even told by my ‘mentor’ that ‘no many will marry you because you have two kids” Yet I have experienced success when I’ve contended for marriage in prayer for others and would really love to see a breakthrough in my own life too. Please please pray thankyou!

  136. bless you all in Jesus name ! i pray that GOD will send me a goodly husband,i was married before,he cheated me with his working partner,he left me broken and empty,i found GOD short time after my separation and i went to a local church and i am still do today,when he left me i had 34 years,now i have 42 and still alone…i am beautiful,tool,thin,good educated ( jurist ),i look very young for my age -at least 15 years more younger..but i am alone…the best 7years of my life was spend in loneliness,i don`t live in sin,i don`t have no man in my life,was nobody in my life after my husband left my,i pray that GOD who is a powerful GOD will remember me and HE will not put me to shame,i proclame Isaiah 62 over and over again “they we be called the holly people,the redeemed of the Lord,and you will be called Sought after ,the CITY NO LONGER DESERTED “….
    many times i have given opp hope but after that i said to myself that God loves me and He will not put me to shame,if He do this that i am the first one in the whole history …
    many times i have dreams and a man make violent sex with me,when i wake up i am so tired and i have pain in my all body after the dreams,
    i really want to find a good and goodly husband,i am so very tired to be alone,is not good for man to be alone,i want to have my kids my house,my husband ..i want to find rest in the home of a good and goodly husband
    please pray for me,to much alone,to much longer enough is enough !
    please pray for me
    may God bless you
    laura (norway)

  137. gwen van wyk | January 19, 2011 at 2:09 pm |

    Hi Laura (from Norway), i read your comment and prayer request today and just want to give you some advice on your problem that you have about the dreams that you got about the man that having voilent sex with you. My dear that is the root of your problem and because of that it block your chance of getting a good and honest man that will love, protect and respect you. The man in your dreams are a spiritual husband having sex with you. and as long as the soul tie between you and that spiritual husband is not broken in the NAME OF JESUS, your problem will not be solved. Please go to someone that is really from God who can pray with you to brake that soul tie and believe in your heart that God can and will set you free! If you want you can contact me at my e-mail address and i can pray with you. Distance does not stop God’s Power!!!
    my name is Gwen and i am willing that God use me as an instrument to help you. my e-mail is [email protected]


  139. Pastor,
    i pray that GOD will send me a loving, godly spouse this year by march
    i want to start a family in jesus’ name
    please agree with me

  140. What a good God we serve.In deed,he is faithful,always on time.i stumbled on this site at the right time.God bless u ada.u are really an encouragement.

  141. Thanks for this site Pastor Elisha

    This is a good site and the testmonies are amazing.

    God bless you

  142. Thank God 4 this site and greatly thank God 4 using you sir! The Good News now is, i have found my Godly spouse. This is a gift to me from God! A date has been fixed 4 our wedding by faith and i want you to join me in prayer. Sir, i’ll love to hear your response as i’ll be coming to share this great testimony of what God can do in the life of everyone who follows the instructions and prayer points very well in this site…. GOD Bless You Sir and everyone that reads this…AMEN and AMEN!

  143. please send me prayer points and daily prayers ihave a marriage that broke after very unclear curcimstances of hatred and rejection from my husband’s people.i still love my family and pray if God could restore

  144. daddy i have sinned so much its affecting my marriage but i believe GOD has forgiven me but my husband hates me so much,cant stand the sight of me,hides things from me.we live like strangers and no sexual intercourse.i believe he is strongly been manipulated.we have two kids and have been married 7yrs.i need prayer points to fight this battle and please pray for me.

  145. Thanks for the interesting articles of the bondage of spirit husband, since leaving my boyfriend i was always praying for a godly husband, but they only come for sex. Now i know that there was a bondage blocking my husband, please pray that soon the blockage will be open and my godly spouse will be here with me to do the works God has for me, cause God is the maker and the finisher, his plan for me is not to suffered shame and reproach, i thank you all who will be praying for me.

  146. I’m 36 & has never been married. Send me the prayer points to meet my spouse. I believe he is somewhere out there. The other problem is that I kip attracting married men. I hate this but sometimes I tolerate them because of financial help. Pray for with me so I can be able to resist the temptation.

  147. I’m 36 & has never been married. Send me the prayer points to meet my spouse. I believe he is somewhere out there. The other problem is that I kip attracting married men. I hate this but sometimes I tolerate them because of financial help. Pray for with me so I can be able to resist the temptation.

    Kindly pray for me. I think I need total deliverance.

  148. HI praise the Lord

    I read some of yr articles, it was really marvellous and i would like u to pray for me as well, plz. Am in a situation where my husband doesn;t love me, doesn’t take the responsibility, everyday life there is abuse, swearing, do not respect me at all, am fed up, please i want him to change to be a gud husband and a gud dad. He do not give me a penny to use am living a miserable life, help me. Kindly pray for me.


  149. Pastor I desire to get married this year I’m 30yrs old and not in any relationship at all I believe that God will surely bless me with a godly husband.

  150. Man of God please send me part 1 and 2 of the prayer points. I have to meet my husband this year by April. I’m tired of being single. Kindly respond to my request. God bless.

  151. Please man of God send me a marriage guide book. God bless u


  152. Pray that God in his infinite mercy would connect you all to your husband this year, and connect me also to my wife. just wondering why is it that the faithful once are connected to faithful spouse but God knows best and will give us the best in life. i really appreciate all of you that had contributed to this great site, God will perfect everything that concerns you all. Amen

  153. Richard Dan | March 4, 2011 at 10:03 pm |

    Dear Daddy,
    I want to thank God Almighty for your life and you too for allowing Him to use maximally to put smiles on people faces. May you live long in good health.
    Sir I want you to help me, I’m a 34yrs old man, I got into a relationship with a lady that I meet in my former cell fellowship. My meeting her change my Christian life from positive to negative. I could no longer read my bible and pray the way I use to, though I was in choir. And one day she came to my house we had sex the and this led to pregnancy which she deliver a baby boy on the 28may05. Because of the pregnancy I found my self at the registry. I felt sick from august and I have to leave lagos on 6dec.06 , when I was sick she told me that she is not my wife and why she is in my house is because of the baby use to think that she is joking whenever she says this. I came to my realization that she meant every word that she said then. She came to my brother place on 14\17 and that was the last time I set my eyes on her until 30\47 when I sought to know why she choose to abandoned me. She told me that two captain can not control the same ship and I was expecting to hear something else but she told me to go to the court where the registry was done. Her parent support all that she came back and told them that my parent chased her in the village, this is someone who did not pay my parent a visit. She thougt that I will not make it back to lagos but God took control and healed me. Her mother asked me how did I make it back to lagos?. They did not allowed to see my son policing every way if I went to see my son. This lady left me ad went to rock herself , in Abuja and the mum was aware of it and everyone in her family refuses to let me know when I inquired of her. Sir I never have peace within me with her in my house, she will fought me and tore my clothes always carrying kitchen knife to stab herself. I have ran to village , to friends and to stay back at the place of work but to no avail. She packed her things before I came back from the village. I went to see my son sometime in 2008 december, she and her sister fougt me and tore my clothes. I am the one responsible for my son school and his welfare stil date.
    Now she has heard that God has started to bless me she now want to come back and I have told her that is over between us. Daddy I have rededicate my life to God, and I want to get married . please what should I do?
    Because of how the whole thing went I did not pay her bride price or was there any traditional wedding rite. Right now my son is with me. She has release him to stay with me and school , since I don’t have any relative to take care of him cause am alone I send him to be with my parent in the village. Please help I don’t want to be alone anymore and am in a relationship but but am stil praying for God wil to be done. PLS KINDLY REPLY THROUGH MY MAIL BOX. Please send me prayer point to pray for a Godly wife because I know better now. I’m a real bornagain xtian now.

  154. JOHN ODONGO | March 16, 2011 at 3:02 pm |

    bless lord i fully surport this prayers me personally i believe in jehova

  155. God bless you, Sir,

    Please send me the parts II and III of prayer, Marriage Prayer Points for Finding a Godly Spouse. ”

    [email protected]

  156. As i was praying Holy spirit revealed me i need deliverance in some areas of life to get breakthrough in life. Man of GOD please help me to go through the deliverance of harassement by the evil spirits,profitless hand work,exprinces bad dreams,allergy on both my hands, being oppressed and robbed by employers, more efforts but no success,instead of going forward am going backward seeing my birth place in the dreams at night, past history of two abortions occults and wittchcrafts, poverty background on my fathers side ,sexual pervesion , almost died during the past few years ,rapped and molested ..i have prayed for years for total deliverance but it seems am always harrassed by the familiar spir its. i need total deliverance for my breakthrough in the area of prosperity ,life partner, finances,joy ,peace and happiness in Jesus Name.

  157. Pray God to bless me with a Godly husband who is devoted in the work of God, caring and loving in .jesus name

  158. shaiju joy | May 7, 2011 at 11:04 am |

    Pray to god for my Mother’s health,Sister paceful life as she is going to get married,My career growth and good partner.Blessing for all friend,relatives and country

  159. shaiju joy | May 7, 2011 at 11:30 am |

    Pray for my mother’s health,Sister’s marriage,Career growth,To sell my shop and to get a good partner

  160. prase God.
    pls pray 4 me ,am not married en believing 4 a Godly husband.pray with me.God bls you.

  161. please pray for me i am believing god for a husband i am 43 years old no one has approached me, i also have a problem with someone sleepingwith me night time just before my period

    thank [email protected] please emailme some prayer [email protected]

  162. Pls pray for me. My inlaws works has been scattered since October, 2010; and this has disrupted my weding plans as scheduled against Febry 2011 and up till now there is no progres yet in his job and my age is advancing.

  163. christine | May 30, 2011 at 6:47 pm |

    Please help me, pray for me. I am 26 years old with one daughter, i was married customarily till my husband broke it off a year go. I have faith in God and he has never let me down in everything else but i feel my relationship side is out of control. Since i was 19 i prayed incessantly for a husband, before i met my child’s father i dreamt of him and he was shown to me in a dream, nothing i had ever experienced before.

    We were happy but then things starting falling apart. i tried everything, church counselling, relatives etc but my ex husband would say he was finding it hard to be the man i needed etc. Before he started cheating on me i would dream of him sleeping with another woman and she would taunt me, i would tell him of these dreams but he played them down, saying he was a christian and his mother had told him my dreams were lies. His mothe was against me but at church would pretend she loved me. One night i dreamt this other woman forcing me to swallow a ball, this ball had things inside of it like worms etc, telling me that i would break up with my husband as she wanted him, i prayed and even some mighty women joined me but a few days after he left. When i went back to africa on holiday my mother took me to a place where some women prayed for me and i was overcome by a spirit that stated its name as Mercy and what she had done to me saying that it wanted to have his children and that his mother (my ex husband) had sent her to him to be his wife, i remember giving birth to a spiritual snake, etc, when he left he left me for this other woman, they are not together anymore but i would see her in my dreams the same woman, (now i understand that this was a spiritual wife and that there was also the other woman), my life moved on i would dream of my ex husband and his mother, being attacked by big birds etc but when i called upon Jesus this would end, it got to the extent that sometimes i could not sleep till early morning, i moved house and now i am happy i do not dream of him anymore in a bad way but now i see him in my dreams begging me to come back to him, we get along in these dreams, we do not sleep with each other, but i see his mother frowning. I never told my mother but one day my mother called me and told me that she had dreamt i was back with him and she had been fighting. My family members have had dreams before of him attacking them, looking for our child saying that she was a sacrifice, i prayed a lot during that time, it ended my daughter is well, before she would not sleep at night crying, stomach aches, freezing suddenly or looking in one direction as if she was seeing something,if his mother spent the day with my child on her return she would not want me, it would be a struggle for my child to want me, his mother one day i caught her saying to my child i am your mother! this was when i was still with him.

    I have tried praying and i believed it had all passed, i do not dream of sex but i was seeing one man and i started having spiritual attacks from a woman telling me to leave him and sure enough he started acting funny, next thing i found out he had started another relationship with an ex girlfriend of his and moved her into his house within one week, I cannot understand, i am scared at times of spiritual attacks from other women becoz now i blv that some women use juju to trap man and these spiritual attacks are fierce, i always prevail because i know spiritually i am a warrior but i need help. i feel at times God has forgotten me, i do not know what else to do but i know i am a wife, but with no husband, when will God give me peace? A home with a husband, someone to have a family with. Help me, i do not want the battles, especially with my ex husband, yes i love him as the father of my child but not as a husband, i feel that he has too much spiritual conflict going on. I have asked for a revelation but nothing is happening, i am writing to you for guidance and prayer. You can inbox me,

  164. My brothers / sisters in Christ, peace be upon us all in JesusName…Amen. I just write to encourage everybody to steepup with the battle against the power of darkness bearing in mind that we r all victorious in Jesus Name.Dont be despondend, our Lord Jesus Christ has seen us 2ru.

  165. Anonymous | June 2, 2011 at 12:53 pm |


    There is a guy that would like to marry me and we are in the process of getting to know each other. I love this guy, but i have a problem: When i was twelve i consented to have “sex with another girl”, at that time i did not take the act seriously and continued with my life normally as though nothing had happened thereafter, as i was just young then. when i was about 15 years old i realised that i had feelings for the same gender as myself and as a result found it difficult to interact with other girls; during this time i was a born again Christian but knew nothing about deliverance. I struggled and blamed myself and eventually went into a deep depression. I met a guy when i was 21, this guy was unsaved, and i fell deeply in love with him but discovered later that he did not love me but was only using me for sex. During this 7 month relationship, i had less of these “same sex attractions”, but because i realised that the guy was not serious we consentde to breaking up.

    I prayed one of your prayers last year and met a guy very much shortly; he goes to church, is saved and loves me to bits, we plan on making our relationship official (as we have been dating for 4 months now), but i am scared, because although i love him and know very much that i will never marry another woman or have a relationship with them, as i am a born again Christain, i still partly have the same sex feelings some times. Throughout the years from when i first encountered these feelings, i did the best thing i knew how; which was to pray, confess it to someone and get a prayer worroir from my church to pray with me. After the depression i went to another city where i had a family member who is a pastor pray for me and counsel me, the depression minimised, i got filled with the Holy Spirit, and i got a job within 4 months. The depression didn’t go way completely though; at work i was not performing nor thinking straight the way i used to before the depression took place. This is when i grew weary in faith and found myself dating the guy who deserted me, when he left me. When we broke up i sank into a depression once more- but went on anti- depressants to try to regain my life.
    Now It seems as though, i am being depressed by these lesbian in my flesh once more, and though i am in love with a sensible man, i feel i will lose him should i tell him what i am going through, and i love him so much for that to happen. I have went for councelling and i am aware that the problem i am encountering could be caused by my experiences as a child, but i do also feel that there is demonic interfearance in the situation.
    Please give me spiritual guidance about the matter, as i would like to live my life in the freedom Christ gave us.
    Thank you

  166. Elder Oliver | June 7, 2011 at 6:23 pm |

    just to say thank you very much for what the GOOD LORD is using you to do in the life of HIS children. May His anointing upon you never fade, in the name of JESUS.
    Please for me as well. Pray for GOD protections over me and my Family, at all times in JESUS name. Pray that the GOOD LORD will set me free from debts, and financial down turn, in the name of JESUS.

    PEACE OF GOD be upon you.

    Thank you.

    Elder Oliver.

  167. I am a 38 years old single woman turning 39 on the 7th July, with 2 sons, 15 and 10 years old. I am praying, and please help me for a God Fearing Spouse, a Spiritual and Mentaly matured person and responsible.

  168. Elder Oliver | June 9, 2011 at 2:30 pm |

    Through the words of prophesy, GOD has assured me of the manifestation of HIS GLORY upon my life. God has assured me of HIS LIGHT upon me. GOD is set to announce me to the entire world for good purposes. He said He is blessing me above what I had anticipated, Glory be to HIM alone. Financially, GOD said HE has answered my prayers. Fruitfully, HE has made me fruitful.

    I can never thank GOD enough. Ancient of Days, I thank YOU. GOD of my forefathers and my father, all honor and glory be unto YOUR NAME forever. I employ GOD’S servant to continue to pray for me and my family. Genuine children and people of GOD that visits this wonderful site (Site of Solution), remember my family and me in your prayers. Let the good prophesy of GOD, by the mouth of HIS servant concerning me and the family be fulfilled in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. Amen!

    Bless you all.

    Elder Oliver.

  169. By the grace of God I discovered Elisha Goodman in November last year through a fellow Christian when things were really bad in my life. When I learned about the spiritual goings on and light was thrown into what was going on in my life, I wasted no time. I folded my sleeves and decided to fight back. God gave me the strength to wake up at midnight and be persistent in prayer. Within a month things started turning around. God started revealing things in my dreams and an evil spirit manifested after my midnight prayer. Where I am now and where I was six months ago are night and day. In that dark hour when I could have lost everything I chose to believe God and trust in His Word. I am now trusting Him for the spouse he wants for me and I know here to He will deliver! We serve an awesome God and may His name be glorified!

  170. Shalom,

    I am very happy and touched with the prayer point above. I never know the spirits marriage ever exists. From today i am going to do this everyday and i receive my husband as God promised us that it is not good for a man to be alone. I give faith and all my heart and body to Him.I am going to confess all the sins i have done before him and wait for His promise in my life.

    Please send me everyday prayer point in my email.
    God bless you.

  171. Dear Mr Goodman,

    I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful prayer points you gave us singles, to pray about getting a godly spouse.

    I was requesting you to send me pt. 2 & 3 please. Your immediate response will be greatly appreciated.

  172. Sorry i accidentally submitted my comment before i finished.

    Anyway, i was requesting you to send it to my email address.

    May the Almighty Lord richly bless you and continue to use you mightily for i strongly believe that many will be blessed by this info. and prayer points you have brought to our attention.

    Again God bless you,


  173. praise God
    I am 35yrs single please pray for me and send me marriage prayer points for finding a Godly man since there is a lot of pressure from my relative i that feeling that God has forgotten me.

    thanks God bless you

  174. I am blessed this very minute to discover this site on the internet. is it really good. i am touched now and i know what to pray about for a Godly partner. i only 23 years God bless you

  175. Dear Elisha,
    I’ve been praying this prayer for 2 days now. Could you please email me part 2 and 3 or tell me where I can access them. I really need a breakthrough on this. God bless you!

  176. Dear Elisha,
    I’ve been praying this prayer for 2 days now. Could you please email me part 2 and 3 or tell me where I can access them. I really need a breakthrough on this. I’m desperate. God bless you!

  177. These prayer points are what every youth need to avoid the pains associated with marriages [email protected] are not consumated by God. Godly marriage is meant 2 enjoy divine communion with Him, and to procreate more of Him on earth. I desire this. Please kindly send d remaining part of the prayer to my e-mail sir. May God keep feeding you with revelations for the benefit of our generation, God bless you sir.

  178. May God bless U and keep you closer to himself for more revelation to benefit our generation. Please kindly send the remaining parts of the prayer into my e-mail. Thank you Sir

  179. Dear Elisha,
    I am blessed with all the above.
    I thank God for the Powerful prayers on target. I always up during the night using your prayers, now am back on my feet. Iam praying every after midnught till I see a break thru in my life.


    Teddy – Uganda

  180. Hopefully I could find a godly spouse someday. I tried just once only this prayer but yet I felt that someday someone will come in my way, Coz I know God always answer my prayer and I’m faithful to that.

  181. doreen- Uganda | August 9, 2011 at 1:42 pm |

    thank you paster 4 being an inspiration in ma life ever since i got your website ive been trying to pray those prayer points 4 a godly spouse.the thing is sometyms i feel as though i was just reading them and mastering them seems a problem yet i really feel i should be praying them rather than read to god what has been written, i kindly need a prayer guide on how to use those prayer points.
    paster there is one thing also that i need you to help me stand in the gap 4 me, ive also been praying 4 deliverance against spirit husbands and yeah ive neva had any sex dream until 6 august and am seemingly worried that ive not been delivered so i need you to believe God with me in that area of ma life.
    may the God of Abraham surely bless u.

  182. Good Day, i stumbeled uppon this since i am desperate to find the right Person from God. i found that it is very interesting and that any person can truely find whoever and whatever they want and need form God by following the right steps. Thank you for having such information availible. it compeletely blew my mind but made sense in every way. I am doing this program and i cant wait for the results….

    Regards Hani…..

  183. This is wonderful! God bless u so much pastor elisha. I wantd to knw about th part 2 nd 3 of th prayers if there is a way to get them. And also cn i pray like this for the deliverance of someone else?. Thank u very much

  184. This is wonderful! God bless u so much pastor elisha. I wantd to knw if i cn pray like this for the deliverance of someone else?. Thank u very much. I want to pray so that my cousin will find her godly husbnd

  185. Please pray for me that I find a God fearing husband soonest. Im very lonely and would like to get married in a Godly way. Im tired and getting frustrated of being single. I knw my God is with me and has never failed me. God do something about my marital status


  186. I want to get married to a God fearing man please pray for me

  187. pastor Elisha, iDear Pastor Elisha

    I am sure I have a met a man of my dreams, we have been friends for 15 years and this year we started dating. My problem is he does not want to come next to God but however I can feel it’s not him operating but the devil. Please Pastor help me pray for this man, I want him as my future husband. We click in everything but the devil has currently occupied him so much, he used to be a chid of God but now the devil has attacked him. Please help me release him so we can have a happy family
    m finally sure I have finally

  188. Actually , all the things happened to you guys is because of health…
    So try this…

  189. Needed to be builded up spiritually in prayers every night and early sunrise. I am in need for God to possess me his Holy fire into my spirit man so i could pray fervently. and again i want THE LORD God to visit me, open my eyes and outpour his anoited hands up my life.

    Prosperity could come, Wealth could be added But all this will not stop me from serving God. Because his ways are pathsfindings.

    I am in love with the word of God and his promises never ever fails.




  190. Please pray that I am able to forgive all that have hurt me.

  191. Sleeping Beauty | September 30, 2011 at 4:33 pm |

    Thnk you sir for all the work upon you to deliver God’s children from bondage. Please direct me to part 2 an 3 on ho to deal with spiritual spouses.

  192. Please help me with prayer points for marriage restoration,my friend told me about this man of God Elisha Goodman and i have also read testimonies for other people, i want to also help someone with my testimony one day.

  193. pray for me i want to get married next yr in December

  194. i desire for a life-partner whom God chose for me and a God ordained marriage to come soon in my life. I am believing God for His best to be fulfilled in my life. Glory to God! Thank you for praying for me & with me. God bless you!

  195. Kampikaho Miriam Asiimwe | October 7, 2011 at 3:52 pm |

    thanks alot for the prayer points, I already believe the prayers have made a difference in my life. The curses and demonic covenants cannot stand with this kind of prayer! God richly bless you.

  196. Martha kawamala | October 10, 2011 at 10:25 am |

    Dear Mr. Elisha
    Thanks for the prayer points, i believe they will real help me. May God increase your annointing above limit
    God bless you.

  197. Lord i claim the life-partner you have destined for me this year. Thank you for the marriage you will organize for us. Show forth your power Oh Lord in my life for your glory!

  198. Daddy i want you for pray for me that God should give me my own life partner this year because in my faither family im the oldest person there that has not married.

  199. Dear Father Elisha, I would greatly appreciate if you would put me in your prayers to meet my Godly spouse that will love the Lord and walk in the Lord’s ways all his life…i am longing for a holy marriage a fruitfull one and peaceful tooo… i believe that all thigns are possible with GOD and always in sharing your desire with the correct people.

  200. dear father Elisha , i would grealy appreciate if you put me in your prayers to bring back my spouse that let me and the kids for 6months now, planing to marry another lady . he is in nigeria right now , iknow God can do it for me, cos his mother said my prayer canoot bring him back to me and my kids i want God to put them to shame, thanks

  201. dear Elisha thanks for the great work you are doing for the lord.i am callled resty and i want to if somebody wants to fast each month, how many times should it be done as part of an addition to prayers?

  202. Thank you for this prayer. Please agree with me in prayer for my life mate.

  203. I stumbled across these prayer point and i have been blessed. I’m 29 years old ,singled lady and i have been praying for a husband since i was 20. Right now i excperience itching on my private parts as well as the entire body. i have had this problem for two years now and i have taken so many medicines but to no avail. Man of God pray fo me as i have eason to believe this is no ordinary illnes. Thank you!

  204. I stumbled across these prayer point and i have been blessed. I’m 29 years old ,single lady and i have been praying for a husband since i was 20. Right now i excperience itching on my private parts as well as the entire body. i have had this problem for two years now and i have taken so many medicines but to no avail. Man of God pray fo me as i have reason to believe this is no ordinary illness. Thank you!

  205. Mbaya, If you are born again, be confident that this affliction will go. Psalm34:19,20. But if you are not born again, Forsake your sin, run to Jesus and ask Him to come into your life as your Lord and Saviour. Read the article on the Flesh and Blood of Jesus, and others on the Blood of Jesus. Prepare the communion and take it. Sprinkle yourself seven times with the Blood of Jesus and command the hitching spirit to depart from you. It will surely go. Be reading your Bible and be the doer of what you read. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  206. Thank you Margret for your encouragement! am a born again christian.

  207. dear sir
    please send me prayer points for my marriage i am already married but me and my husband don’t have thing in peace just anger and bitterness

  208. Good Day,

    I have been receiving comments made by individuals concerning the topic “Marriage on Finding A Godly Spouse” and how they are on the journey to prepare themself for their spouses arrival. My prayer goes out to all as we all wait for that “God Ordained Spouse” to find our way.

    I decided to write this note to let everyone know the troubles that I have been experiencing is all so familar when I read you’ll very own stories-husband spirit, invisible sprits touching the body, and water spirits, etc..Same script diferent cast.

    However, we must stand guard and be fervent in our prayers believing in God promises that this year 2011 everything spoken over our lives by Him shall come to pass. WHEN GOD MADE ADAM HE SAID IT IS NOT GOOD FOR MAN TO BE ALONE, THEN HE CREATED WOMAN. Therefore, for every man, there is a woman created. BE OF GOOD COURAGE, OUR CHANGE IS ABOUT TO COME.

  209. Afolabi Abimbola | December 2, 2011 at 2:57 pm |

    I am 29 yrs and i desired to be married. i had fasted, prayed, give sacrifiacial offering so tha my God’s ordained spouse will show up bt to no avail. please what more can i do.

  210. Anonymous, No.207, You complained of “no peace but anger and bitterness”, in your marriage. Check the foundation of your marriage, were both of you born again? If yes, both of you should stand against the spirit of anger and of bitterness, chase them out of your home by the Blood of the Lamb. Then Call down the Prince of peace to reign in your home. Sit down to study 1Corinthians13, which tells us of true love. If both or one of you is not born again, then be praying for the salvation of his soul. Study Biblical principles on marriage from the Bible directly and from books on marriage. Buy Prayer Rain, there are so many prayer points on marriage. Be using it and you will see changes. Give no room to the devil. Fight for your happiness, in prayer and fasting. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  211. Afolabi Abimbola, If you have fasted, prayed and given sacrificial offering,one more thing is needful. Open Your Eyes! Look at a woman from the inside, from her spirit, not from outward appearance. All God’s creatures are good. Observe her characters, and ask mature people to observe her for you. Abraham’s servant got a wife for Isaac by that method. Boaz also observed Ruth’s characters before marrying her. Serve in the house of God. Isaac was just serving Abraham, and it was Abraham who sent a servant to get a wife for his son. Your heavenly Father can also show you the right woman. Be sensitive, and do not be shy to talk to a woman. God will crown your year with goodness. You will find your missing rib before the year runs out. “The unmarried shall be married.” Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  212. Dota of Zion | December 3, 2011 at 11:40 am |

    This a miracle site from God for The Liberation of d Children of God. More power to ur Elbow Man of God. Kindly send details on how I can access part 2 &3 of marriage Prayer points for finding Godly Spouse
    [email protected]

  213. my God richely bless you as He uses you to touch His people.

  214. How does one get hold of the following parts? I will start this midnight.
    God bless & thank you.

  215. Only God can reward you for the great help you are giving by His grace to thousands ,it not millions.
    More revelation, grace and anointing.

  216. Dear, i had fasted, prayed and engage in kingdom service to secure my God’s ordained husband. As i speak, my younger sister is married since last year but no one is coming my way.
    Sir, i strongly God never fails and he answers prayer please help me in your prayer i want to get marry by may which is 30th birthday. Please, peole have started asking me where is the wedding bell going to ring sir.

  217. Well Godbless you all .My prayer reqeust for this year is for my family and first off all my husband that the Lord will make a way that he could stay at his work. He will make him a man for HIM that he will seek the LORD more then ever.That the LORD blessings be on the plans off my daughter who wants to married on the date 20 -12 -12.That my friend (Peggy ) who wanted to meet Elisha Goodman will get a Change to speak with him.
    Thank you for these years letters and prayerbullets you have send to us and may the Lord blesses you and give you more wisdom in all youare teaching us thru your site GODBLESSES YOU andKEEP YOU IN HIS ARMS

  218. it says 3 part prayer but i can inly see the part one for 3 days only. where is part 2 and 3

  219. Anonymous Hurt | January 13, 2012 at 11:05 am |

    Hello Elisha
    I prayed one of your prayers on how to get a Godly spouse(it inlcuded fasting for one day)last year. About two months later i got a call from a guy i used to go to church with from childhood and he asked that we would date for a short while, after which we would get married. I fell in love instantly, as i had known him and he had the traits i loved. i requested confrimation from God. While in a three days fast, my attention was drawn to the book of Ester, where Ester was chosen by the King to become his Queen. I regarded this as confrimation and agreed to date the guy. Unfortunately we engaged in sexual activity after which i repented and told him we should only have sex after marriage. He didn’t like the idea at first, but later told me he was ok with the decision. But i noticed that there was now change in his behaviour, but i did not know what was going on. I began to doubt and started to ask God to give me confirmation whether he really is my husband. I dremt one night though there was a person in the sky who said “God can change your husband”, i did not really want to take this as confirmation that he is my husband, just in case it was deception from the enemy to keep me in an unGodly relationship-. I had not known before what was wrong with my boyfriend until he confessed 14 days after i had had the dream that he had engaged in sexual activity, with more that 2 different people after i had decided to abstain. He asked fo forgiveness, and although i love him with all my heart i don’t trust him and don’t know whether to stay with him, because we stay so far away. It hurts and i need confrimation from God. i would also like to know whether mr. Goodman you respond to comments or whether you would be able to give response via email.

  220. @Sister Anonymous Hurt from South Africa: Hebrews 13:4 says: “Marriage is to be held in honor among all, and the marriage bed is to be undefiled; for fornicators and adulterers God will judge.” We cannot change the eternal laws of God with our temporal feelings. the same way you are hurt, so was God hurt when you defiled the honour of the marriage bed with fornication, particularly when you have heard from God on this matter. Two things are needful for you now that the romantic equation has changed: You must first put that old relationship in the Holy Ghost Freezer so that you would not be forcing the hand of God to ratify your boyfriend as your husband-to-be. It is impossible to build a brand new relationship on the foundation of an old inappropriate relationship. You must plead and use the power in the blood of Jesus to separate your feelings, emotions and memories from that inappropriate experience with your boyfriend.

    Though it may be painful but to be sure you hear clearly from God, you must cut your emotional attachment with this boyfriend for a season and let him know that the relationship was consummated by the fire of immorality, and that a new and holy relationship can only be consecrated and authored by God with whomsoever He chooses.

    Secondly you must go for deliverance or go through self-deliverance to expel every deposit of marital and emotional instability which may have been planted as a seed for future during your intercourse with him. He too should be advised if he is genuinely a child of God, to go for not just repentance but most importantly DELIVERANCE, because of those sexual escapades with other ladies. That seed must be uprooted from your life by fire in the name of Jesus!

    There is a truth about love which if not handled properly could drag the lover-boy or lover-girl on the floor of humiliation, and that is: TRUE LOVE NEVER MAKES YOU FALL!!! WHEN YOU ARE TRULY AND GENUINELY AND DIVINELY GUIDED INTO LOVE WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX, YOU STAND IN LOVE, YOU DON’T FALL INTO IT. READ 1 Corinthians 13. the whole chapter. particularly verse 4 to 12:

    “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.”

  221. Pindiwe Ntuli | January 13, 2012 at 1:45 pm |

    This is the most amazing, spot-on advice I have ever read concerning pre-marital sex. I will forward it to as many women as I possibly can that are in inappropriate relationships but find every reason under the sun to justify their positions.

    Thank you

  222. I also liked the advice.Please guys when you become a born again you must obey the laws of God.Crucifiy the flesh and have are no longer the same as when you were not born again.Ladies please to date somebody from the church doesnt mean the guy is a born again.Not all who say Lord ,Lord will see heaven.

  223. Maseapehi Mofokeng | January 13, 2012 at 2:14 pm |

    i am still healing from my last relationship, I was dating a blessed man of God, He had been friends from sunday school we recently broke up, infact he broke up with me. He said he needed to find himself and i didn’t understand his reasoning because we were not even having sex, we had agreed that we were going to be intimate until we get married.

    I love that guy and i believe he is the husband that God ordained for me. I still believe we are going to be together one day. I am going to pray and fast, it might not be today some day God will hear my prayers and I too sha be a happy woman.

    All the things that are happening around me are making sense to me now, Thank you so so much for the revelation.

    I know God promised me great things and I shall claim them ALL in the might name of Jesus.

    God bless you!!!!

  224. Hi, dear pastor!

    I was married before several times and I state IN MY CONSCIOUS MIND I HAD NEVER HAD A HUSBAND FROM GOD. I am 57 and know God has prepared the one Godly for me so that I have the shoulder and partner for life from God and God is faithful and reveals Himself to me all the time and He knows I need help and a strong shoulder of a Godly man.
    My Mom has just gone with the Lord and I feel lonely and I do international missions with God and need a husband’s help to combine our efforts together to work with God in the world so that I am stronger and happier and is overwhelmed with God’s love so that I am encouraged to give to others. I have so much love I can give to a man of God and he has the love I am waiting to receive. Oh, God, hurry up that man to me!
    I also need support to find my son Victor and strength to handle my daughter whom satan lies that she is a transgender, she wants a horrible surgery on herself to “kill” all from a woman. Oh, God stop the evil one and deliver my daughter Masha from the oppression! Thank you Elisha, thank you dear Father, thank you Jesus to hear my prayer and sending me the help I am craving for!

  225. Dear pastor,i do not have the strength to fight cos i have been through alot of prayers and deliverances,slept in churchs yet am still at cross roads.As i write this am actually on 21days with another ministry.I fast but i break at will am not able to go far,anything bw 1 and 3 i break.The thing is i think i have connection with another world,i see and communicate with strange people.I kiss men and have sex sometimes,but for sometime now i have not had sex in the dream.Am 39 yrs of age and i would want to be married.Am very pretty but i dnt feel that way anymore.Am actually in a long distance relationship with a man in his mid /late fifties.The relationship is going on four yrs this year.I have had sex with when i went to visit him in the usa for three months since then ,we have abstained till now .I feel so trap because he says he loves me but whenever i bring up marriage he uses my flaws against me.i got tired of this delay tactic so now,i have cut off.I want God to help me am soo lonely and am burning with passion.Another strange thing is when a man starts being intrested in me after a while he just stops contact.I have not have sex in almost 3yrs .Am tired i just want peace.I also have a teenage daughter she needs prayers for her academic.And for deliverance she acts odd sometimes.I want to be liberated this 2012.

  226. I desire to be happily married this year. I believe God will do it in HIS mercies. Please send to my email, the Parts 2 and 3 of finding a godly spouse. Thank you sir.

  227. Thank You Man Of God for this Site,We thank God for sending you such time as this. Can I receive the relevant Email material I believe this year 2012 I will be married please pray with me.

  228. Gideon ikechukwu | January 20, 2012 at 9:01 am |

    Sir,i thank God almighty for your life and the way u are leading us to acquire spiritual benefite from God. May God reword you with crown of glory. 08024416261
    [email protected]

  229. Gideon Ikechukwu | January 20, 2012 at 11:14 pm |

    Sir,i thank almighty God for you.He has used you to touch many lives, even my life was not the same.but there is one thing i need from ROCK OF AGES is a woman i can spend the rest of my life with please join me and request from our savour. crown of glory is waiting for you.AMEN

    08024416261, [email protected]

  230. Gideon Ikechukwu | January 20, 2012 at 11:35 pm |

    SISTER.! N.J .May God almighty that brought us to this world grant your heart desire, He said,if my word did not come to pass let the heaven and earth pass away.he also said,I AM THE GOD OF ALL FLESH IS THERE ANY THING TOO HARD FOR ME TO DO. {I SAY NO} what is your own answer.

  231. SISTER.! JOY .May God almighty that brought us to this world grant your heart desire, He said,if my word did not come to pass let the heaven and earth pass away.he also said,I AM THE GOD OF ALL FLESH IS THERE ANY THING TOO HARD FOR ME TO DO. {I SAY NO} what is your own answer.REMEMBER GOD CREATED ADAM AND KNOWS WHAT HE WANT. Thats why he said he will provide all our needs trough his riches in Glory

  232. Gideon ikechukwu | January 23, 2012 at 7:34 am |

    Man of God i thank you for this site,and also our brothers and sister for the words of encouragement. There is one thing that borders me,not that am Driver,not that i live with my parents,is that am getting close 30 years, no life partner. Its borders me wen the one i want to marry will be looking at material things,not looking the same direction with me as a visitor and ambassador of christ. How can i find such a Godly lady that is not yet taking to the presence of God by any man.

    [email protected] {234}{0} 8024416261

  233. Hello,

    Would you please send me parts two and three of this sequence of prayers. [email protected]

  234. Kindly send me parts two and three of this sequence of prayers. My e-mail is mentioned in the part where it says “mail” under the comments section on this site.

  235. Dota of zion | January 28, 2012 at 9:45 am |

    Thank u man of God for these eye opening revelational truths. Please I need the part 2&3 of the prayer points. I have been fasting and praying for a Godly spouse I & my siblings, I dreamt 4times of my self in d mist of single ladies so I kept asking God for d meaning. God revealed to me that during my days as the youth & singles President, Some agents of darkness in the church of God came together to take counsel against my getting married.ministering perpetual singleness.
    To confirm this God also revealed to my sister a tree having 3 nails fastened to it & a voice saying one for their 30’s, one for their 40’s, and one for their 50’s. & she saw some set of foot moving swiftly to where d tree was, as if to ensure that the evil they had done was still intact.

    Although we are in our 30’s already & still single, I believe nothing is beyond Gov. My anchor is on isaiah 22:25.

    Pls,We need prayer bullets that would address our situation. Pastor Elisha GOODMAN we need you & d entire prayer academy to join forces with us to address our case. So that in no time our marriage to godly Men would manifest.

    Thank You&God bless.

  236. How can i get a strong and powerful man of God that can help conduct a deliverance prayer on me from spirit in the east.or what are the things i have 2 do only daily basis in order to be deliverd

  237. Gudmorn,i jxt woke up now nd discova i dreamt of havin sex indirectly wit an unknwn face in the dream,i feel bad cos 4 months now i hav been conductin a self dliverance prayer from spiritual husband,i dnt knw y dis shud hapen,what do i do 2 stop dis wickd spirit in my life,pastor,pls help with ur prayers oo cos i cant tolorate that incubi of a thing in my life any longa o.GOD BLESS U.

  238. I am so glad I found your website, it is not by chance. I have been wondersing why I have not married yet. I have been celibate for 3 yrs and have been getting rid of layers of my past through the power of God . Once I read your prayer I know that there was more to be done. I have ran into an guy from my old church and we had attraction back then and did not pursue it, now it seems that all i have been batting thoughts of having sex and thinking of it. I know it is this flesh. I believe he has a strong lust spirit because the way I feel affter talking with him, I obviously have a lust spirit I denounced and uninvited from my life,but some is obviously still there for me to be so drawn to this negative sprit. I have been praying against all of this. I think my best bet is to cut off the friendshipo because I do noit want to interfere with the blessing of a mate God has for me I have been divorced since 1995 and celibate continually sine 2009. Please pray with me dor Gods will to be done. I want a husband that will love and treat me the way the bible tells them they should do such. Thanks in advance TeresaB.

  239. Praise God, my name is martha,am 31 years of age, am a born again christian, i bealive in Jesus. i bealive am a wonderful woman from inside-out. i have a problem of being proposed by married man and muslims and unbealivers, i dont want them. i want to get married with a God fearing husband, who loves Jesus like i do. people always ask me why i am not married and am so beautiful and wonderful woman, i feel so so bad when they ask and some do even mock me.
    i ve been abstaining and praying for so long until i got into a trap of having an affair with a muslim married man which am struggling to come out of that relationship now.. because i know what am doing is soo wrong, but again i hate being alone am so tired of being alone i hate it i need my own husband. i ve prayed all kind of prayers but still are people are married and am not its confusing but i have faith in the Lord.
    another before, and fast too but still nothing.
    Another problem which i think i have and its dangerous is when i have sex i see myself as a man making love to another man or woman making love to another woman….i know it is a bad spirit and i need help. am going to quit the relationship with this guy, come clean to the Lord confess my sins and start afresh to pray those prayers. please pray for me.


  241. Apolt Barbara | February 22, 2012 at 3:51 pm |

    Praise called Barbara, really need prayers for marriage breakthrough.i come from a polygamous family where my grandfather had 15 wives.this has affected us in that only all the females i the family have had failed marriages and hav ended up home or not having children.i really want to get married but whenever we set adate for the ceremony something comes up,e.g financial loss,death or the elders are not in agreement. i really need tprayers to break that curse from my family.please send me some advice.have just got some of your prayer points for marriage.thnk you. will be greatful to get your response.May GOD bless you abundantly.

  242. Greetings to the Man of God,Can you pray with me as I believe God for my Godly husband. I met a wonderful guy,I believed he was my ordained husband but it happen that he was no longer interested.I feel like everytime I am about to get my breakthrough something just snatch out of my grasp.I have been fasting,pleasding the blood.Is there a specific any specific prayer target I can get to specific direct my prayers to.Thank you to God be the praise.

  243. Hello Elisha

    Help me i am teenager (not physically married),
    i have sex in the
    dream from past several years I thought it ended But it happen again daily from past one week help me…

  244. Hi,
    I have been actively praying this prayer from your website. I am a 28yr old woman who is praying for a Godly husband. I have been pure (sexually pure) through out my life. I have been praying for years for God to send me a Godly husband, and I have not seen breakthrough. I have found your prayers and I believe indeed this time breakthrough is on the way. I want you to keep me in prayers please. I have fasted with my praying several times, and even though I haven’t seen my breakthrough I believe God is working on it. Please please please keep me in your prayers. I have been obedient to God by keeping myself pure, and I know God has not brought me this far to leave me, or He will not forget me. I just want more prayer warriors to be with me in prayer during this time. Please keep me in your prayers. Thank you very much and God bless.

  245. I am a 28years old lady beliefin God4a godly husband. I want 2 b married dis year,and av a luvly job full of security dis march,and i want 2 b fulfilled in my career. Dont want 2 b confused on wat 2 do. I pray dat God wil grant me success in d last exams dat i wrote&God sld b merciful un2 me. I also need d part 2&3 of ou 2 get a godly spouse. God bless.

  246. Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please keep me in prayer for my God-ordained spouse eyes to set upon me as his wife. Can you please send me prayers for Part 2 and Part 3 at [email protected]. May God continue to Bless you, your familly, and your Ministry in this day and time. Take care.

  247. Hi Elisha,
    Can you send me the parts 2 and 3 please at [email protected] ? God Bless


  249. Dear Elisha
    I thank God for this website; I am a Namibian and have been in courtship for 9yrs with a man of God (Pastor) from Angola, I saw him in a dream before I even meet him physical, and it was confirmed that he was a man send from God, Many times I went on fasting and ask God if he is the one but still he was, I have been waiting for the hand for marriage but nothing ever said. 10 of March this year is his birth day, I called him for congratulation at around 10 a m, but he was not happy because he was waiting for me to be the first one to wish him a happy birth day.

    On 13/03/2012 I check on the face book to see how many people congratulate him, I wash shocked to see a statement made by a white lady said’ Happy birth day my husband to be’ I call him and ask him if he is getting married, but he refused and asked me who did told me, I explain to him how I got it from face book
    and he told me he is going to abolish himself from face book. I forced him to tell me the truth and lastly he said yes it is true but they did not set up the exact date yet for their marriage. And it was true, when I went back on the face book
    he was not existing, and he switched off all his phone.
    Please I have been waiting for this man for all those past years and I love him so much.
    And what I am going through is pain. Or tell me what I can do.

  250. Prayer Eagle | March 20, 2012 at 12:36 pm |

    @Josephine: NINE YEARS COURTSHIP! You have believed a LIE for 9 years! “God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?” (Numbers 23:19). What you need is a FACEGOD husband and not a FACEBOOK husband. If you got a spouse by facebook he will go by facebook. Don’t make God a liar, why would a partner wait for 9 years without proposing. how can you call a 9-year relationship that did not offer you even the least proposition of marriage a COURTSHIP??? Your supposed fiance is not honest and he is not a man of integrity, forget about what God he claims to serve, he is a facebook romantic scammer. Is this the best God can give you? Would the true God give you this man as husband. Please check yourself, examine yourself for any delusion. Jeremiah 23:26: “How long will this continue in the hearts of these lying prophets, who prophesy the delusions of their own minds?” 1 John 4:1: “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” Deuteronomy 18:21-22: “And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken? When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.” Isaiah 30:10: “They say to the seers, “See no more visions!” and to the prophets, “Give us no more visions of what is right! Tell us pleasant things, prophesy illusions.”

    There is no pain as worst as the pain of self-delusion. pray for deliverance from self-delusion and spirit of error in Jesus name.

  251. y is it that people that want to help me or anything that suppose to be of use to me are been afflicted for that thing not to happen, denied or being delayed for long, causing going back to square one.pls help me out.

  252. Prayer Eagle | March 21, 2012 at 1:26 am |

    @james: pray against failure at the edge of success syndrome, at: Prayer Points For BREAKING THE STRONGHOLD OF WITCHCRAFT – By Dr. D.K. Olukoya

  253. Hello,

    Can you please send me parts 2 and 3 at [email protected]

    Thank you

  254. Greetings to the man of God belief with as i pray for my lost relationship. Am a single mother with a daughter who is 14yrs i got in the relationship with this man got a baby but we never married he left us got into another relationship now 14yrs and they have no babies but he still comes to see my daughter and still tell me he loves us and looking forward to coming back to stay with us but boom he leaves again and i am like i just don’t trust his words anymore though i let him help with child maintenance i am praying that God opens up his eyes and his heart so that he realizes the mistakes and come back home so that we take care of our daughter. if he is the right person let God send him back in my life so that we journey together in this Godly site so that we learn together and work together with God’s guidance and your help. God Bless You

  255. thanks for you great site

  256. Greetings to the man of God,
    I thank God for your site,I have been praying for God to show me the secrets over my relationship since i am not married and have no finances to join the prayer academy now.After praying the prayer points you sent me in my mail at midnight and having an Esther fast,God revealed to me, i guy who had been interested in me eight years ago wrote me a text explaining that he was behind my not settling down .After three days he called and confirmed that he had seeked witchcraft to block me from getting married because i had turned him down for a relationship that is eight years ago.
    Kindly send me prayer points to pray against the witchcraft and how to pray them
    God bless u.

  257. Stella Mends | April 13, 2012 at 11:07 am |

    Please help and pray for me. I think I have a spiritual husband who disturb me and make my life uncomfortable. I have lost respect among my friends. I don’t have any friend now and am so lonely. I think I got it through masturbation. In my dreams, I menstruate, I see the dead people especially my father who I see regularly. I shop in my dreams, been bitten by a snakes and dogs, I was also shot but the bullet came out. I dream of writing exams which I never finish, I am always working in my dreams and always at a family house that we left for over 20 years. I eat every day in my dreams and sometimes see myself bathing in at a place where many people especially men pass. I will 38 in November and I have never been married before and without child. Man of God, please help me; I am very desperate and lonely. I manage to go to the university but things are not going well with me at all. I know I have a problem because any man who proposes to me never comes back again. I prayed this prayer yesterday in the office and for the first time I dreamt and saw myself in the present lecture room at school with my course mate. Please pray for me so that I can learn and pass my exams for the last semester and so find a God fearing man to marry this year. Please can you e-mail me the part 2 and 3 prayer points ([email protected]) Thank you so much Man of God. May God richly bless you.

  258. hi Elisha
    please send me part two and three prayer points.Thank you so much man of God be Blesses

  259. Wow, I really love your emails. Please send me more emails about everything.

  260. Hi Elisha

    May you please kindly send part two and three of these prayer points to deal with these evil spiritual spouse that was having a field day in my life all these years. May God bless you for providing us with this revelation.
    God bless you once again.

  261. Eh, am still alive and hoping in God. trying hard to pray and fast as required for a break through

  262. Hi Elisha, I tried and follow all that you stated for almost two years now, how do I go about meeting a man to marry? I tried everything in the bible, fasted, prayed at midnight , put all the trust in our good Lord, have these strong believes and prayed Sarah’s prayer just name is all but there is no answer.

    Please pray for me to meet a christian man to marry been single is getting into my head, need help please

  263. Good Morning Sir! It is well with you today; it is well with you, your family and all that concerns you! Thank you for this wonderful series or prayers! I discovered them sometime last year and began but never finished! Something however pushed me to resume the prayers last night and this time, I shall not stop! Sir, please agree with me that I shall have the grace and finishing strength to complete these prayers and God shall show up for me by fire. Sir, I am a graduate, who has 4 months left to their Master’s programme, I live in my parent’s home abroad and i am usually alone, and as such, I’ve learned to be a home maker for the past few years. By God’s Grace, I will be serving this November whilst launching my own business. I am a born-again single Christian and I am a worker in the Church and I try my best to volunteer on different projects whenever I can. Please pray that God shall reveal His plan, purpose and vision for my life. I think I know what it is but I’m not 100% sure. It is well. At the beginning of this year, I declared that my sister would meet the spouse of her covenant this year and will be married. She was in a bad situation then but today, she has met the man and things are going well. I am still praying towards their marriage this year 2012!!!! I also declared, decreed, proclaimed and prophesied that I too shall meet the spouse of my covenant this year, be engaged to him this year and formalise our union in 2013!!! AMEN and AMEN!!! I will take on these prayers and keep declaring and keep my faith in God and I know it is well. I know it will happen!! Sir, PLEASE SEND ME PART 2 & PART 3 PLEASE! \ God Bless you Sir and thank you so much..

  264. just completed these prayers along with 5 others and imagine, I just received a job offer. Look at what God is doing. What I didn’t even open my mouth to ask for, He has fulfilled! Oh my soul, rise up and praise the Lord!!! Thank You Jesus! Your Name is truly above every other name, higher than everything. Father I bless You! Thank You My father! Thank You El-Shaddai!!! I love You Jesus, You are totally incredible!!! Thank You Father, Spirit, Son! Praises be to the Most High God! And Father, I thank You in advance for my husband is also near and I am definitely coming back to testify!!! AMEEEN

  265. hi Elisha
    please sent me part 2 and three EMAIL IS [email protected]

  266. wonderful | May 15, 2012 at 7:21 am |

    Greetings to the man of God,
    I thank God for your site,I have been praying for God to show me the secrets over my relationship since i am not married and have no finances to join the prayer academy now.After praying the prayer points you sent me in my mail at midnight and having an Esther fast,God revealed to me, i guy who had been interested in me eight years ago wrote me a text explaining that he was behind my not settling down .After three days he called and confirmed that he had seeked witchcraft to block me from getting married because i had turned him down for a relationship that is eight years ago.
    Kindly send me prayer points to pray against the witchcraft and how to pray them
    God bless u.


  268. please send me part 2 and 3 of this prayer at [email protected]

  269. can you please send me part 2 and 3 to [email protected]

  270. Praise the Lord!!! I have seen this site since last two weeks ago,before that, I am praying and crying to God and asking Him for a Godly Spouse and while browsing the net i saw this site and it made me cry more but my faith is uplifted by this.I thank the Lord for this kind of site.I am 26 years of age serving God whole-heatedly,praying to God and asking for a Godly spouse..I have been recited the prayers of finding a godly spouse and it made my faith more stronger..I know and i have faith that each and everyone of us has its special someone.. We all cry and asking for a lifetime godly spouse but have we not heard what God tells us? I have a good friend of mine, she got married when she was only 22 yrs old. before that when she was like 17 or 18 yrs old she’s been praying to God; a godly husband and God granted her heart desire last April 2007,i was there in her wedding and all of her heart desire was granted by our Mighty God. She is one of my mentor. Last night she prayed for me and she send me a piece of paper showing “GOD SPEAKS”.. it written like this: “NO, NOT UNTIL YOU ARE SATISFIED AND FULFILLED AND CONTENTED WITH LIVING LOVE BY ME ALONE,GIVING YOUR SELF TOTALLY RESERVED TO ME–TO HAVE AN INTENSELY PERSONAL AND UNIQUE RELATIONSHIP WITH ME ALONE…. I LOVE YOU MY CHILD;AND NOT UNLESS YOU DISCOVER THAT ONLY IN ME WOULD YOUR SATISFACTION BE FOUND, YOU WOULD NOT BE CAPABLE OF THE PERFECT HUMAN RELATIONSHIP THAT I HAVE PLANNED FOR YOU.. YOU ARE NEVER BE UNITED UNTIL YOU ARE UNITED WITH ME.. I WANT YOU TO STOP PLANNING; STOP WISHING; AND ALLOW ME TO GIVE YOU THE MOST THRILLING PLAN OF EXISTENCE THAT YOU CANNOT IMAGINE. I WANT YOU TO HAVE THE BEST. PLEASE ALLOW ME TO BRING THE BEST TO YOU.. JUST KEEP WATCHING ME, EXPECT THE GREATEST THINGS. KEEP EXPERIENCING THE SATISFACTION KNOWING THAT I AM..

    My friends in Christ after reading this devotion and God speaks to her..I do believe and I have a strong faith that God speak to us right this very moment while you are reading this..WE must wait unto the Lord…and I know He will give our heart desires…To God be the Glory..God bless everyone…

    By the way my friend wrote this March 5,2004–and she got married April 10, 2007… one of us will get marry soon..Claim it IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVIOR!!!!

  271. Mr. Elisha Goodman, I am thankful for the prayer on “Marriage Prayer Points For Finding A Godly Spouse”. These prayer points are so powerful and encouraging as I seek my Godly spouse. Please keep me in prayer as I desire God’s plan to take place in my life concerning my marriage.Can you kindly send me part 2 & part 3 prayers to my email [email protected]

    Thank you again……..

  272. Dear Mr. Elisha Goodman, I am in no doubt that your name reflects God’s purpose for your life. What a name, ² Elisha GOODMAN”. I pray that God should open up his treasury of wisdom and blessings to touch your life and that of your entire family this year. The Angels of God Almighty, shall continue to protect you and your loved ones, to give you the encouragement to continue to fight the kingdom of darkness in Jesus name. It is not by power, neither by might, but by the spirit of the lord that you’ve come about this wonderful solution. The spirit of God and his powers that have enabled you this far, will see you through in Jesus name. I want join other to express my appreciation aswell request for the parts two and three of on this E-Mail address for me [email protected] Thanks and God bless you. Kenneth

  273. Good Morning! Could you please delete my earlier comment Number 263 by Amelia May 11th, 2012 9:10 am. My email address is showing. Please delete it as soon as possible. Many thanks

  274. Dear Elisha,

    May I have the part 2 & part 3 for “Marriage Prayer Points For Finding A Godly Spouse”.

    Really appreciate!! I began to practice since yesterday.

  275. Greetings in the name of our lord Jesus christ.
    Pray for so that God can open my eyes and get a Godly lovely spouse
    i have been a lone for a long time serving Jesus, however am confused
    about the ladies that are coming to me.i discover this site 2 days back from my friend, thank

  276. Good day Man of God,
    Just discovered this website today and am facing difficulty, in getting married. I have had some disappointments in my life that is scaring people from approaching me for marriage and am almost 36 years now. Kindly help me man of God and send pryers to my mail that will help me tackle this situation.

  277. Anonymous | June 28, 2012 at 7:32 pm |



  279. Prayer Chain
    Praise the Lord!! Angeline from Zimbabwe, in accordance with the Word of God in Matthew 18:19, I stand with you and agree with your prayer requests that before the end of this year, you will be blessed with a husband who will love you as Christ loves the church and even as you are waiting, the Lord will mould you to be the wife that God and your husband want you to be. A testimony is on its way coz nothing is too hard for our God. I believe with you that this indeed is your season. Behold our God is doing a new thing Hallelujah! AMEN!!

    1. I am Amelia in the UK.
    2. I am looking for a husband, a true steward of God, christ filled, patient, kind, loving, caring, someone who serves in his church, who pays tithes faithfully, who has faith is God, who believes and is passionate about the institution of marriage, hungry for the word of God, but very successful in his job, career and business, filled with uncommon wisdom, intelligent, articulate, presentable, well spoken, a strong desire for success in all areas of his life. Someone who will love/appreciate me, i can step into his life and contribute so much to it. Someone from a good close christian family. Someone with similar interests and passions with me and who has a good background, one i can appreciate. Someone who will bring out the best in me and we can partner together in our successful marriage ministry. AMEN.
    3. I want to meet him in the next 7days, here in London. AMEN.
    4. I want to be engaged before Sun-14-October-2012. AMEN. And we would do our introduction/engagement party on Saturday-29-Dec-2012. AMEN.
    5. My Church wedding shall be on Saturday-30-Nov-2013. AMEN.
    6. We shall be blessed with 4 kids, 2 boys, 2 girls. AMEN
    7. We shall live in Ikoyi, Lagos. AMEN
    8. The biggest testimony about our marriage is that it will be an inspiration and testimony to others. It shall draw people to Christ and it shall be the start of our marriage ministry!! It shall draw crowds to us asking how we did it, how we got such a befitting and perfect match. AMEN.
    9. Praying that my sister’s engagement will take place this month, her introduction next month and wedding on Saturday-10-November-2012 (10-11-12) AMEN!! I’m praying for healing upon my family, for success in my postgrad, a business and career breakthrough for myself. AMEN

  280. You can see my example above, start with PRAYER CHAIN
    Then, agree with those above you, please quote Matthew 18:19.
    Then list your requests in the format above
    Then, you can add any comments or revelations you may have had. In your personal prayer time, keep praying for those people, right their names down and their specific dates and requests.

    God bless you all as partake in this awesome miracle God is about to bestow. I declare Isaiah 34:16 on everyone on this page, everyone who partakes in this prayer chain,

    Search the book of the Lord,
    and see what he will do.
    Not one of these birds and animals will be missing,
    and none will lack a mate,
    for the Lord has promised this.
    His Spirit will make it all come true.

    Before this week runs out, God will perfect your requests and before this year runs out, or in accordance with your schedule, God will provide your spouses, your healing, your pregnancies, business, promotion, jobs, houses, cars, licences, contracts, all that you wish for and MORE!!! AMEEEN

  281. Good Morning guys, I have big news for you all! And this is going to set some people free! AMEN!

    In the past few months, I’ve been so involved in studying marriage, as I believe my calling is in marriage ministry! Though I am young, I am very positive and I have started preparing myself towards it. I have read so many books; I tell you and listen to over 20hrs worth of sermons and still pressing on.
    Please join us for more here
    I came across a book called SPIRITUAL WARFARE
    If you can, please please please buy it here

    I will summarise what the book is about.
    Spiritual warfare is not what we think i.e. fighting with demons. Spiritual warfare actually takes place in our mind

    1- All you need is to change your mentality and you WILL become qualified for a miracle. AMEN!!! I know you are looking for spouses, yes!! If you change the way you think, you will get your spouse, not an ordinary spouse but a Godly spouse. AMEN.

    2- An insurance sales person had been working for over a year, calling prospective clients and none bought from him. He didn’t make a single sale in over a year. He came across a multi millionaire, so he asked him for contacts. The millionaire gave him 6 contacts, the insurance man was now excited and sure that they would buy the insurance from him since they were contacts of the rich man. He was able to speak to five on the phone, all of which invited him for an appointment and bought the insurance policies. Overjoyed, he went back to the millionaire to ask for more contacts, the millionaire handed him the general telephone directory. The exact same one the insurance man had been using. He was shocked. All the while, he hadn’t sold anything because he believed total strangers couldn’t buy from him, but he sold those 5 because he believed that if a millionaire referenced them they must buy. His mentality changed, and he believed he would succeed. And because whatever a man believes happens to him, he acceded in selling the policies.

    What do you believe? Do you believe you can have your heart desires? What do you think will happen seven days from now? Do you think you can have your heart desires within seven days? Beloved, it is in your hands. In life, you get what you believe. No matter how hard a person prays, he can only get what he believes.

    Mark 11:24- Whatever you ask for in prayer, if you believe that you would receive it, you would have it. That is the condition that Jesus gave us. Matthew 17:20. Nothing shall be impossible for those that believe.

    The way to work on your belief is to RENEW your mind!! Even Romans 12:2, says that transformation will take place in your life when your mind is renewed. Once it is renewed, you would believe and subsequently receive your heart desires.

    The power to succeed and fail is in you. You choose what to do. You have the right to decide how and when you want to have your miracle. Many people chose their wedding dates after reading that book and it occurred as they had said it. You too can experience such joy.

    I challenge you to choose when you want your miracle, I don’t know exactly what you want but one thing I am sure of is if you want it NOW, God will do it now. The power is in you.

    The devil has NO power over us. What he uses are tricks, for e.g. THE TRICK OF SPIRIT HUSBAND! Beloved, I tell you there is NOTHING like spirit husband. It is NOWHERE in the Bible. The devil is the one that brought such thoughts into our minds. So, when you believe you have a spirit husband, you then believe that because of him you cant get married, can’t have kids, can’t succeed, that is the only reason it works. There is no such thing, but because you believe, that is why you suffer. Have you not noticed that some of your friends also have sexual dreams but get married with ease and all is well with them? It is because they don’t believe in spirit husband. So, it can NOT hurt then. Please, my people, there is NOTHING like spirit husband or wife or children. The Bible doesn’t mention it. There are THREE sources of dreams- God, devil and you. God can only send you dreams in accordance with His word, so any scary or evil dream is not from Him. All good dreams are from Him, so you better claim them, meditate on them, believe they will happen and they will. Secondly, when you think about something near bedtime, you most likely dream of it, whether good or evil. Lastly, the devil can send dreams to us, BUT these dreams can NEVER harm us. Say AMEN!!! Because he has no power over us. The only time they can harm us is when we believe the dreams and start praying against them. If you have a bad dream, when you wake up, just say- Thank you God for waking me up, I acknowledge that you send only good dreams, therefore the bad dreams I had last night, were of the devil but I choose not to believe them. Only what You say can come to pass in my life, therefore, I believe those dreams will NEVER happen in my life, help me Lord to forget the dream. Amen. (To make it more powerful, when I have bad dreams, I believe the opposite will take place in my life. So, that’s what I focus on) Since I started this new practise, my bad dreams have severely reduced. I was shocked!! Because, once the devil knows that you now know the truth, he doesn’t waste time dealing with you, he will rather move on to another person.. Sometimes, he may try to shake your faith but stand your ground. THEY CAN NEVER TAKE PLACE IN YOUR LIFE, RATHER THE OPPOSITE WILL TAKE PLACE. AMEN!!

    As for sexual dreams, they can be because of what you watched or from the devil. Just ignore them, you have no spirit spouse. You can just say, thank you Lord for waking me up, I am keeping my body pure whilst single but thank you for the gift of sex, which I will enjoy whilst married to my Godly, spouse. So, say it and believe it. For instance, instead of believing you have a spirit spouse, believe that this is a sign of your fast approaching wedding and you shall soon be having sex with your husband or wife.

    Even if someone dies in your dream, it is NOT true. Say Lord, thank you for awakening me, the person that died in my dream, signified the death of their flesh, death of poverty, sickness and now they are healed, now they will live long. AMEN

    These prayers are optional. You don’t need to. You can just forget about the dream and move on! Whatever works best for you.

    Finally, I normally receive a word from Elohim’s basket once a month. Yesterday’s word was Matthew 18:19- Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in Heaven. AMEN

    Normally, I know what the word is referring to, yesterday I didn’t. Until, later on when Angeline from Zimbabwe sent her comment, which said brothers and sisters lets unite in prayer, when two or more are gathered. Then, it dawned on me, God wants to set some people free and give us our miracle. Let’s use this platform in accordance with His word.

    Now, I employ you to take part. We are going to create a prayer chain. Please, this is not a joke. Miracles and testimonies will abound from here. How can two people on the same website comments get the same word. Things are about to happen, wedding proposals are coming, engagement rings, pregnancies, job offers, job promotions, someone is being healed, someone has been kept captive by their dreams, this new knowledge will release you, someone is going from a nobody to a somebody, from a zero to a hero, from academic failure to distinction. Oh, let your mind fathom it.

    1. State your name, either first name, initials or full name.
    I believe we are mostly here for marriage blessing right?
    2. State he kind of spouse you are looking for
    3. State where/when you want to meet him
    4. State the date you want to be engaged by
    5. State your wedding day
    6. State the number of kids you want
    7. State where you will live
    8. State any other details regarding your marriage
    9. State any other prayer requests you have.
    10. If your prayer is not for a spouse, state whatever restoration you need, healing, prosperity, job, academics, fruit of the womb, mention whatever.

    I will go first. Because Angeline was first to go, I will first state in agreement with her and then list my own requests. The person after me, should then state an agreement prayer agreeing with Angeline, agreeing with me and then his/her own prayer. The 4th person, will also agree with the three people before him/her, then state their prayer. Please oblique and in your personal prayer time, whenever you are praying for your marital request, you must include the people before you. Please write their names down. I will also log on at least every two days, just to state a prayer of agreement with everyone, so I will be praying. Please, also write back as you receive your testimonies. Some people are going to receive testimonies in the next 7days. AMEN!! Let’s endeavour to take this prayer chain seriously whilst using the tools I taught you. Also remember, please forgive everyone who has hurt you, if not your prayers may be hindered!! Not because that person is an Angel but for your own good, forgive them, release them. And don’t fight with anyone.

    God bless you all. Can’t wait for your testimonies. AMEN

  282. Prayer Chain,

    Greetings to All n the name of our lord Jesus christ.
    Pray for a transformation of moving from singleness to that of a marital status

    I stand in agreement with those in this “Prayer Chain in Finding a God-ordained Spouse:

    1. My name is Tiffany
    2. I desire to have a God-ordained husband, loving God with all his heart as his heart is on God, he will know how to love me. He will treat me with respect and appreciate me and my contributions to the marriage. He will have a caring spirit and will be filled with the Holy Ghost.
    3. I want to meet him by Friday, July 13th, 2012 within Nassau
    4. I want to be engaged by August 19, 2012
    5. I want to be married by December 22, 2012
    6. I desire to have 3 kids (2 girls, 1 boy)
    7. We will live in Freeport
    8, It will be a beautiful wedding as the Spirit of the Living God will show up on that day. The brides maid will wear purple and the groom men will be matching with brides maid. It will be an important wedding that my enemies will witness such a beautiful occasion.
    9. Prayer request for family deliverance and salvation….prayer request for wealth, good health, healing, obedience, favor, and prosperity upon my life…..prayer request for deliverance from spirit husband/wife any other form of curses consciously or unconsciously placed upon my life……prayer request for a God ordained spouse.

    Thanking you all for your prayers concerning the plans of God on my life

  283. Dear all, you are blessed in Jesus Name. We have moved over to our own blog now. You can join us there to join the prayer chain but I agree with you now that His will be done in your life May He provide your Godly spouses, bring you every financial and academic favour you need. AMEN. Tiffany, you have no spirit husband. I agree with you that God will bring the glory; AMEN! Father, let her celebrate her wedding 22/12/12. AMEN! Lord let your will be done. AMEN! Join us at our new website, Tiffany. God is doing amazing things. AMEN.

    Please read the truth about spirit husbands and wives.
    Join us for more here-
    God bless you all. AMEN.

    Fasten your seat belt, this is going to be short, different and liberating! Get ready to shout Hallelujah! If you’re African, I’m sure this may be an usual message for you; contrary to what is preached by many Churches. However, I am here to tell you that no such thing exists. Read your Bible! I too once fell for such, but hey there is a day of redemption for all. Today is yours. AMEN.

    Do spirit husbands or wives exist?

    NO! I dare you to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation; there is not a single verse that tells us about spirit husband or wife. It is very annoying and sad that Pastor and men of God teach people about spirit spouses; even as sermons. It does not exist. People that teach this doctrine use a particular Bible passage to back up their wrong teaching. It is found in Genesis 6:1-4

    However, look at what Jesus Christ says in Mark 12:18-25

    “For when they shall rise from the dead, the neither marry, nor are given in marriage; but are as the angels which are in heaven”….

    This confirms that angels do not get married. Angels are spirits, and spirits don’t get married. Remember that demon spirits were once angels; they are fallen angels and as such they do not get married. The Bible refers to demon spirits as angels

    2 Peter 2:4

    For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgement.

    Demon spirits are referred to as angels in the passage above; they are just angels that sinned. Jesus Christ himself said that at the resurrection there would be no marriages because we would all be like angels, in other words they do not get married. Now, tell me if angels don’t get married and demon spirits are angels, who then are these spiritual husbands and wives? NOBODY! There is no such thing.

    Can a Christian have an evil spirit?

    Spirits do NOT get married, but let’s even assume that they did, what has light got to do with darkness? (2 Corinthians 6:14). Please tell me what a demon spirit will be doing or associating with a child of the Most High God? What communion hath light with darkness or Christ with Belial?

    It is just not possible for a demon spirit to get married to a child of God. Marriage makes the couple become one. How then can an evil spirit become one with a child of God? The Bible says that he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit with Him (1 Corinthians 6:17). If a chid of God is one spirit with the Lord, how then can he or she become one with an evil spirit? How can someone that is joined with the Holy Spirit be joined with an evil spirit at the same time? Don’t be deceived by such tricks.

    A Christian can’t be possessed by any kind of evil spirit. Spirit spouses do NOT exist but even if they did, no christian can have a spirit husband or wife or serpentine spirit, marine spirit or any other evil spirit. It is IMPOSSIBLE! The Bible says that the body of every Christian is the temple of the Holy Spirit that lives in him (1 Corinthians 6:19). If the Holy Spirit lives in the body of a Christian, all the spirit spouse, ask the Holy Spirit to move along, so he can enter the body of the Christian? NO, it is not possible.

    Can a spirit indulge in sex?

    Spirits are beings without any shape or form. They do not have physical bodies (Luke 24:39). This explains why evil spirits look for physical bodies to perpetuate evil. If spirits, don’t have their own physical bodies, they don’t need to possess anyone before doing evil. They had no body, therefore no physical body part such as head, hand, leg or sexual organ. If they don’t have sexual organs, how can they indulge in sex? Spirits don’t indulge in sex.

    What about spirit children? Do they exist?

    Again, NO! There is nothing like a spirit child. Apart from the fact that spirits don’t indulge in sex, they don’t have wombs and can NEVER be pregnant. They don’t give birth to other spirits. Spirits don’t die (Luke 20:36) and they don’t procreate. It is absurd for anyone to believe that there is anything like spirit children. They don’t exist. If there are spirit children, does it mean there are spirit boys and girls who grow up to become spirit men and women? That is utter rubbish! There is absolutely NOTHING like a spirit child, husband or wife.

    Does sex in the dream signify spiritual attack?

    There is no place where the Scripture tells us that sex in the dream means spiritual attack. Some people teach their personal doctrines instead of preaching Scriptural doctrines. In Christianity, we ought to teach only things from the Bible even if they contradict our views or what we’ve learned. Sex in the dream does not mean spiritual attack and it does not mean you have a spirit spouse. Spirits don’t have physical bodies or sexual organs and as such they can NEVER have sex; how much more with a Christian. If sex in the dream does not mean spiritual attack, why then do some people have sex in the dream?

    A- Abstinence- Long periods without sex can cause a person to thing or dream of sex. A dream is a series of mental images or emotions that occur during sleep. Once a person’s thoughts dwell on sex, he or she may dream of having sex.

    B- Meeting someone you are attracted to or being around them may make you think or dream of sex.

    C- When a person watches TV or other media that depicts sexual activity, it may arouse their emotions and lead to sexual dreams.

    D- When a person corrupts their own mind. This self corruption occurs during a prayer session against spirit husband/wife. When a person prays against spirit husband/wife, it is an indication that the person believes they have a spirit spouse. You then suffer according to your teaching of spirit husband/wife because whatever a person believes happens in his/her life.

    The solution to the trick of spirit husband/wife

    The simple solution to the trick is the realisation and declaration that you do not have one. Don’t engage in any prayers or divorce of spirit husband. Praying against one is not the solution because a person divorcing a spirit spouse is an indication that the person believes he has it. Only married people can divorce. So such prayer can take you deeper into your captivity because whatever a person believes is what happens in his life.

    What sets you free from the trick of spirit spouse is knowing that you are NOT married to any spirit. Please understand that the ONLY reason people experience the problems of spirit husband/wife is because they truly believe that they have a spirit spouse (As a man thinketh, so he is ..Proverbs 23:7). As both a Psychologist and born again Christian, I can tell you that it is all in the mind, those people have been told that as a result of spirit husband they suffer afflictions, so they believe the must suffer, that is why they suffer, they keep having the sexual dreams and so they keep believing they have spirit spouses and that is why they keep suffering.

    Apart from the fact that spirit husbands, wives and children do NOT exist, no Christian can have an evil spirit. If you are a Christian, do not be deceived. You cannot have an evil spirit. It is not a prayer point but a statement of fact.

    I hope you have been delivered! Renew your mind and watch your life come back together. AMEN

  284. sonia elizabeth | July 10, 2012 at 9:12 am |

    i thank God for you guys,for the amazing testimonies,i give God all e glory.pls send me all prayer points for deliverance,aGodly loving Husband via ma email address.may God bls you

  285. Stella Mends | July 10, 2012 at 10:46 am |

    Greetings to you all, my brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus Christ.

    Prayer for a change from singleness to a marital status

    I stand in agreement with ALL those in this “Prayer chain in finding a God-ordained spouse:

    1. My name is Gracestella
    2. I yearn to have a God-ordained husband, who is loving and kind. A spouse who is filled with the Holy Spirit and will love me as I am and not look down upon me and my family.
    3. I want to meet him by 27th July, 2012 within Accra, Ghana or anywhere else.
    4. I want to be engaged by 13th October, 2012
    5. I want to be married by 10 November, 2012
    6. I wish to have four kids – 2 boys and 2 girls
    7. we will live in Accra or anywhere else
    8. My wedding will be lovely as the Spirit of the Lord God Almighty will descend that day upon all of us. My enemies will live to witness this awesome day and will bow their heads in shame. God will restore my joy that day.
    9. My prayer request is for God to deliver me from poverty, shame, setbacks, and curses and especially from spiritual husband. I pray also for long life and prosperity, wisdom and understand of God’s word and also to be filled always with the Holy Spirit.
    10. I also pray that God should have mercy upon everyone in this prayer chain and answer our prayers soon than later. AMEN

  286. pamela khumalo | July 16, 2012 at 5:07 pm |

    Our God will never leave us nor forsake us, He will watch over His word to see it performed. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow mw all the days of my life. May God expose the kingdom of darkness and all its forces in the name of Jesus.

  287. pamela khumalo | July 16, 2012 at 5:08 pm |

    Our God will never leave us nor forsake us, He will watch over His word to see it performed. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. May God expose the kingdom of darkness and all its forces in the name of Jesus.

  288. Pamela Khumalo Thanks for that
    The God almighty never forsakes his people and that is why HE send HIS Son Jesus to die for our sins (all Mankind) We us Human being we have to focus and listen to the voice of GOD.

  289. Thanks my fellow sisters and brothers i realy agree with you.for sure God answers prayer.and what we confess with our mind and tongue is what really happens,please pray with me for A Godly spouse, i want to meet him before the end of August this year and my wedding should be january 2012 .my the lord grant my hearts desires.he should be God fearing loving understanding,financialy okay,and handsome to me.should not be short tempered .

  290. Thanks my fellow sisters and brothers i realy agree with you.for sure God answers prayer.and what we confess with our mind and tongue is what really happens,please pray with me for A Godly spouse, i want to meet him before the end of August this year and my wedding should be january 2013my the lord grant my hearts desires.he should be God fearing loving understanding,financialy okay,and handsome to me.should not be short tempered .

  291. Am Jovy, I want to meet a God fearing man now and get married in December 2012. God should enable us meet each other wherever I will be, home in Uganda or in Sweden where I study. When we meet each other we will thank God for beautifully and wonderfully making us for each other. We will have 4 beautiful and brilliant healthy children. 2 girls and 2 boys.
    I join the chain and pray together with you for all prayer requests above. In agreement, and in faith, they will all happen. we wait for testimonies.

  292. blessings | July 24, 2012 at 3:10 am |

    Yes i want to meet a god fearing man and get married in January 2013. I do agree and I believe with god all things are possible. He can make an Adam for me too. make it another wedding feast of canna. i do strongly believe in miracles and I affirm that I am blessed with an equally yoke man and fruitful in marriage. I join this chain along with others and I agree where two or three are gather in His name he listens to our request. Praise god we got a BIG DADDY who is so generous in giving and blessing His children always and making a way for me.. All my dreams is fulfilled at last AMEN The plan of the enemy is destroyed.
    Thank you Heavenly Father for an answer to prayers.

  293. I praying for me to meet my godly ordained spouse, by December we will be together by July 2013 my house will be already complete and we will be already settled as a married couples, before 31st July 2012 midnight God will revealed this man to me, i don’t care what nationality he is as, as long as he is God fearing child and will be a convenant partner to do God will on earth. Amen

  294. Anonymous | July 24, 2012 at 4:39 pm |

    . My name is Doreen
    . I desire to have a God-ordained & fearing husband, a man whose rib i was made from.
    the man i will grow old with,the man who will appreciate me as his only spouse..
    i want to meet him 30/07/2012
    I want to be engaged by 14/10/2012
    I want to be married by 26/01/2013
    I desire to have 4kids(2 girls, 2boys)
    i also pray for a financial break thru,growth in my ministry.
    i just stand in the gap for all of us to see our desires come to pass
    knowing for sure that answered prayer is GOD’s will for us all
    so let his will be done.

  295. Thanks brethren visited this sight in July 2012 and really i believe the best for me before this year ends .brethren God answers prayer as long as you have faith in him.lets continue with the marathon.

  296. pls send me part 2 and 3 of the prayer

  297. He is so faithful and just to His children. We continue praying together and agreeing. He is amidst us.

  298. praise god please send me part2 and 3 of the prayer.
    thanks.God bless.

  299. Here’s the thing, Facebook is for Facebooking. Everyone wants to take a piece of every pie even if there are no pieces left. Facebook experimenting with video is a prime example of that. Remember last year when everyone and their cousin got into the VOD game and tried to mimic Amazon’s PPV system? That market crashed horribly. Facebook didn’t learn anything from that.

  300. I thank God for stumbling upon this site today,I’ve gone thru heartbreaks and disappointments long enough and many without reason and I have decided to take a stand and trust God and believe he knows about what am passing through and will change my sorrows to joy very soon in Jesus Name.
    My name is Amaka and I desire Godly spouse,the man from whose ribs I was molded my own flesh and blood, who will love, care, protect, tolerate, understand and love me and the kids God will bless us with his whole life. He won’t cheat or go after another mans wife. I want to meet him before the end of september 2012, my introduction will be by 23rd november 2012 and wedding by January 2013. I want to have 2boys and 1girl, live in our own house in anywhere in the world happily ever after.
    May I have financial and job breakthrough, deliverance from ancestral curses and may my enemies never Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ me to hurt and divine protection on my family….AMEN
    Please send me part 2 n 3 of the prayer, thank you and may God bless us all abndantly

  301. Dera Lord, pls send me soon a good man who I will love and who will
    love me and respect me..’


  302. God bless you real good Elisha for this write up. Its been a blessing. Please send the part 2 and 3 to me. Thanks and God bless you.

  303. God bless you real good for these prayer points pastor. pls send the part 2 and 3 to me. the devil is in trouble!!!

  304. Kunwar Singh | August 11, 2012 at 10:19 am |

    Hi!!!!!!! Everyone,

    I’m Kunwar Singh from India.

    I’m searching a female Spiritual soul mate. Please help me to find out.

    Thanks………….. God Bless you………….

  305. greetings to you man of God,

    i thank God almighty for finding this website for the singles,i joined the group in July 2012 and my God is doing a miracle, i am not in a relationship yet but God has revealed my marriage to powerful man of God and i feel it in me that tings are turning around, my sorrow is turned to laghter and that gives me more power to pray without ceasing,(Luke 18 v 1).to all who can read this,our God will never fail us,if He is the creater of the heavens and earth what is marriage that He might fail.God watches over his word to perform it,David says, i was young and now am old yet have NEVER seen the righteous of the Lord forsaken.God’s word is truth,let us use it and be what it says we are.Just keep your eyes open for a testimony.

  306. Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ, thanks for your write up. Pls send me the Part 1 and2. Thanks and God Bless

  307. Thanks for remembering the singles, I am praying for a Godly husband. Pls send me part 1 & 2. God Bless.

  308. Morning. Man of God. Am taking the part one of this prayer. Points but. Wen. Ever. I pray after wards. I will. Dream having. Sex. A man. Please help. Me. Pray. How can I over. Come this problem

  309. Good day Sir, Thank God for your live. I read part 1 of this article prayed. I saw changes in my life even in the dream I had. Though I haven’t any spouse now but I am sure and believe in God that It is possible and it will work because I only started 3 days ago. I want you to please send me Part 2 and 3 so that I can continue in the prayers. It even encourages me to pray all alone at midnight Thank you Sir. Part 2 and 3 Sir, to my Mail Box.

    Good Bless You Real Good, And More Anointing

  310. Thanks for the write up it’s realy great pls send me the part 2 and 3. Thank you and God bless.

  311. ADAOBI ESIMAI | September 7, 2012 at 4:58 am |

    Man of God , it is by his grace that i found this site and i know all will be well with me as i start this prayers sincerely . may God continually guide and protect you.. i already feel my blessing , cos God is God.

  312. i have been at my wits end and this prayer has given me hop the explanation about the spirit marriage has cleared up alot of questions in my mind and heart please send me the other parts of this prayer God bless you

  313. Please send me parts 2 and 3

  314. Please send me the other parts

  315. Man of God … I am thankful for your encouraging words and I pray Gods blessing on your ministry.

    For years I have been experiencing the exact problems and Thank be to God I feel now free that I will be blessed with a wonderful husband.

  316. I thank God for this site, I am really praying for a Godly Husband and i believe as i read and pray the prayer point, God will answer my prayers and give me my miracle husband in Jesus name. Amen

  317. Hi, The article says that It is part I and it should be prayed for 3 days.

    Can someone put up the links for the following parts of this prayer. What comes next??

    please please please put it up!


  318. I have started praying the prayer but I am seeing men from every angle some I like, some I do not like…. Have I done something wrong? Or am I suppose to select the most suitable. Thank you Lord!

  319. May I suggest a book by the name of Prayer Rain By Dr. D. K Olukoya.. This book is a very powerful prayer book. Has a prayers for singles under 30 and over 30 wanting to get married, plus so much more. If you like this page, you will love Prayer Rain.

  320. It has been a rewarding write up God bless you.Please send me the part 1 and 2.

  321. Thank you sir for these prayer points. i used to hear of spirit husband but i believed it when 2 friends had revelations about me. i also feel another spirit workin in me makin me not to pray or go to church(even sunday service!). pls i will like to have the part two and 3 of the prayer points sent to my mailbox. may GOD BLESS YOU AND PROSPER UR LIFE AND MINISTRY IN JESUS NAME. AMEN

  322. Praise God Pastor, please email me part 2 & 3. God bless you for the wonderful work your doing.

  323. This is very good, pastor and I shall pray it tonight. Please send me part 2 and 3. Thank you.

  324. Please could you stand with me in prayer for my brother’s healing. The doctor has diagonose him with liver and gallblader complications. Viliami (my brother) has been asked by the doctor to go in for an operation within 8 weeks from today. I believe that our God can heal him regardless of what the doctor said. I would appreciate your help in this matter. Thank for your prayers.

  325. Dear Elisha,

    I have been praying all this time but for one reason or the other I would not move ahead.

    In prayer day by day I discovered that our ancestors had strong altars that have been retarding our family progress.

    Last night as I was praying the spirit of the Lord showed me that a covenant was made in our family by three men (I could see the hands sharing the coffee beans)

    Could you kindly send me a prayer point to break this covenant and any other generational curses in our family?

    Am 37 years, not married, finances are limited, no promotion at the job generally no progress in my life despite the fact that I work so hard.

    Hoping to hear from you Elisha.

  326. Dear Pastor

    I have found your article very enlightening.

    Today is the third day of my prayers and would kindly request that you forward me the remaining sections so I can complete this prayer.

    On the first day of my prayers, my ex made telephone contact with me, I so need the wisdom of God to discern if he is the right one or was it just coincidence.



  327. Dear pastor i need prayers ,iam now 30yrs and i desire to be married,iam not in a relationship and i can not afford to buy the prayer books.

  328. I’m now 30 years , I desire to get married , and I won’t afford to buy those prayer cookbooks, thank you

  329. pl pray for me i am 29 yr old.i desire to get married soon.i need a groom who have qualities of looks handsome ,smart ,caring ,intelligent,loving,funny,taller,well settled and my caste.i want to meet so god give me signal he is my future husband.thanks lord.

  330. Part 2 and 3 pls?

  331. am 32yrs, i desired to find my soul mate and get married soon, am out of a painful break up trying to heal and asking God to bless me.

  332. Greetings to you all, in the mighty name of Jesus! I’m 34yrs single woman who desire to get married, to a Godly God fearing man. A who is tall, handsome, loving, caring, faithful, honest, respectful, devoted,understanding,shearing, sympathetic, romanic,hardworking,love children, have his own house, have a good paying job, love to pray and fellowship with his family,a family person, from and living in America etc etc…. I used to have dreams about have sex in my dreams, and i would rebuked it, when i’m awaken.And i also think,those dreams are the reasons why when i meet guys it never lasted! Please post 2 &3 so i can pray it. Thank you my brother. May The good Lord, bless and keep you all the days of your life! Amen.

  333. Praise God.hear is another dream.i’ve dreamt being with a man who was proposing me 4 marriage bt i didnt like him at all being in their home where we had gone 2 let me know his parent bt i’ve cancelled that dream immediately i’ve woken up.secondly,what can i do, ‘i can dream like 10 dreams in a single night n i have them all in small portion until am unable 2 pray 4 some of them coz i dont understand them plz help me coz am tired of living this kind of life.

  334. Please pray for i desire to meet my mate this year in 2013 amd trusting in him for the best that he can give.Lord hear the cry of my heart

  335. Thank you for your enlightening article. I have been suffering from the same problem. Man of God PLEASE pray for me, the night after I finished praying these prayers I woke up with some bruises and scratches on my stomach. I also continue having these sexual attacks on my my dreams. Can you PLEASE send me part 2 and part 3. I will keep fighting, no weapon forged against me shall prevail. Thank you and may God bless you!

  336. pliz send m parts 2and 3

  337. Pls send m part 2 and 3

  338. Thank you for this writeup. I just discovered this website just browsing through the net. I am must thankful to God that I stumbled on this site..I have been glued to it all day.

    Please send me part 2 and 3.

    Thank you

  339. I am really blessed, God is indeed wonderfull and His name must always be Glorified.. God bless you Elisha!!

  340. what a revelation, i love this site, could i be able to get step two and three of this prayers i would be very grateful.God bless you

  341. I have been up the last few weeks just crying not knowing what to do or how to feel. I feel so lost & alone. I need your prayers. My fiance of 8 months (we have 5 kids between us) let me without saying a word. I came home & all his clothes & belongings were gone. We live in Texas & he is now in Florida. Up unto this point there was no warning signs. We were so happy. He would get up every day, make coffee and breakfast, we cuddled every night, loved each other so much, spent every moment together. All I ever felt from him was love & he was so sweet to me & the kids. So this is such a shock to me. He says its bc he got a job that pays really well. That he felt like such a failure, like a nobody at home bc he couldn’t support his family or find a good job. But to just up and leave? My kids & I are completely devastated and in shock. This man is my baby, my life. The love I thought we had for each other was so strong. I just don’t understand. Please pray for him, that he will have a change of heart, something in him that changes. Please pray for me and my children that we will have peace, understanding, something. I am so scared & so hurt. Why would someone do this to his family. I want to add that he was in Iraq for years…he has PTSD & still has flashbacks & gets emotional thinking about all of it. Please pray for all of us, Please…I need to know if he was just a player & user all this time or if there is something wrong with him. I need to know rather to move on or try to get our family back together. I need closure…I need my prayers answered. I am so confused & hurting

  342. Thanks maam, for this gift to me. I will definetly follow it and find a spouse as per gods will.

  343. Sam-akino | March 1, 2013 at 4:23 pm |

    Pls, I am a divorcee, i am a praying for a God fearing,Christian educated wife that knows God and Jesus and the parents knows God and Jesus. She focus on God and Jesus.

  344. nondumiso | March 1, 2013 at 4:30 pm |

    Dear Elisha

    need to ask about some possible prayer points…

    … if they exist. If they do, I’m sure you would know about it. 

    So then, are their any prayer points that for someone from another religion to find grace and be born again , for me to get permanent Job,

    Like ,I met a guy whose not born again, as being my friend, we speak more about God and and Him being our God, we share verses, but the problem is the guy uses a wrong gate to reach to God , because the only gate is Jesus , I need the prayer points I can use for him and his family to find grace

    And also my self I always find contract/ temp job and now I need a permanent one, I also wanna get married ,but the problem is the guy is that one whose not born again, we been through a lot together, but I feel I have that faith of Jesus Christ which is unshakable,

    Some says I’m crazy how can I trust that God can do this ,I can’t limit Him , I believe in supernatural powers of God , I believe that with Him nothing is impossible, I informed God about this from the beginning.

    And day by day,God is strengthening me everyday

    He respect me, that we don’t have to sleep before marriage, He also believe that God will make a way for us to be together,we have plan to take fast and pray together and ask God to help us.

    Help us


  345. i will like to join , please what do i need to do? heard so much about your prayer site.

  346. I will start praying from today. I know it works. This is just what I was looking for thank you man of God for coming to my rescue.

  347. Dear Elisha i am 37 yrs old female who is single and ready to get married. Man of God i believe that by the power of the holy spirit and grace of God my husband is already on the way. In the name of Jesus. I can feel the burning fire paving the way for us. May the living God bless you in spreading the gospel. Amen

  348. Hi, Elisha thanks for allowing God to use you. U ve a unique gift. Praise be to God for these wonderful site.
    I was introduced to dis site 2days ago by a frend & am doing the fasting too.

    My destiny is just shattered, battered & stagnant notin is working. Am 35 & still single due to disappointments from past relationships. And disapointments in getting a good job too.
    Infact my life is filled wit disappointmnts. Pls help me I want to get married dis year to a God fearing man & ve a good job too.

    Pls I need ur help. I want to testify too.
    Pls, pls dont hesitate to mail any prayer bullet U know will help me to My email.

    Also send part 2 & 3 of these to me. Tnx. May God continue to bless U

  349. Make ur warfare prayers by midnight. visit “[27 minutes to midnight]” for more prayer bullet. midnight is a spiritual gateway. while men slept, the enemy went and sow tares. pls dont sleep, get up and battle for ur destiny.

  350. Can you please send me the other parts of the prayer please. This is a powerful prayer, I just said the first sentence and spirits were fleeing, by the time I got to the blood of Jesus, I was throwing up, spitting and tearing. Let’s see what happens when I say the rest of the prayer.

  351. Dear Elisha
    Thank you for hearing God and acting on the word of God.
    I have long since prayed part one. pliz may you send me part 2 and part 3. I havehad a heart break four years back since then I have not been able to accept somebody inmy life. but now I am ready and Iknow that these prayer points would help me so much.

  352. angelina madurai | April 19, 2013 at 8:38 am |

    Thank you Elisha Goodman. I’m am desperate for the second and third part. I have gone through so much heart break. This issue of being single has broken me down emotionally. Thank you

  353. Please send parts 2 and 3 please! thanks

  354. What attracted me to your site is unlike other prayers for spouses, your prayers are deliverance driven. This prayer and others on your website are like the prayers I’ve started reciting to break family curses and cast out demons. I would like to have part 2 & 3 sent to me.

  355. Thank you very much for this prayer, I have done the part one, pls send me the part two and three.
    God will bless you more in Jesus name. AMEN

  356. Thank you very much for this prayer, I have done the part one, pls send me the part two and three.
    God will bless you more in Jesus name. AMEN

  357. Thank you very much for this prayer, I have done the part one, pls send me the part two and three.
    God will bless you more in Jesus name. AMEN

  358. Please send me part 2 and 3 if you don’t mind

  359. Thank you very much for this revelation and the prayer points. Please send me the part two and three. May the good lord restore unto you in multiple folds every virtue that has left you as a result of this publication..

    God bless you……amen/

  360. please send me part 2 and 3. thank you.

  361. Dear Elisha,
    please send me part 2 and 3 to me through [email protected].

  362. Pls send me part 2 and 3 to [email protected]

  363. please send to me part two and three [email protected]

  364. pliz send me part 2 and 3

  365. God bless you sir for the great work you are doing.
    please I have prayed the 1st part of this prayer, l need the part 2 and 3. Thanks and God bless

  366. Just wondering if anyone that requested parts 2 & 3 ever received them

  367. thk God 4 ds site it has really bles souls,may God bles u sir.pls send me part 2and3

  368. Thank you for prayer guidance. Praise God. After a few weeks of praying this God has released me from relationship that was evil.

    I prayed over the years for God to release me. I was desperate to get out still felt bound to this man spiritually I couldn’t shake him off after so many attempts. I despaired and felt like a captive year after year.

    Then I found these prayers on this website and what a miracle. Within weeks of praying, God broke satans grip by releasing truth and transparency on his evil. At that moment I was soooooo happy and at peace even though satans attack intensified. Glory to God! God has set me free. Bless and continue the good work.

  369. Please send me part 2 and 3 of this prayer

  370. Dear elisha thank u so much four this prayer.

    I’ve prayed.& prayed.part one with fasting.even….please.send me part two, thanks

  371. Wakio Bella | November 8, 2013 at 3:11 pm |

    Am blessed by prayer points, on part 1. Please send me part 2 &3

  372. these prayers are indeed sent from lord jesus christ. I used to dream having sex with men but since i landed on this website jesus christ through the blood that was shed on the cross has delivered me from the chains of captivity. Please send me part 2 and 3 . God bless you

  373. mbachi chavula | November 27, 2013 at 11:53 am |

    Hi have also prayed the first part of the prayer need also part 2 and 3 .thanks

  374. shalini Selvaraj | December 25, 2013 at 12:27 pm |

    pls send me the part 2and 3…..

  375. Thanks a lot for this prayer. May God bless u abundantly. Can I please have the second part?

  376. pliz send me part 2 n 3..thax this is rily helpfu

  377. Thank you for the good work and for buiding prayer warriors. From last year when I was introduced to this site, I started doing some of the prayers and thanks be to God it has helped me have a nee zeal for midnight prayers and warfare. Am already 40 years single, ready and waiting. I love waiting in prayer please send me part 2 and 3 of this prayers finding a Godly spouse. Its my desire that my marriage will bring glory to God and a be a testimony to many because of God’s faithfulnes.

  378. Dear Elisha, please send me par 2 & 3

  379. Dear Elisha Please send me part 2 & 3

  380. Please send part 2 and 3

  381. Dear Elisha ,,Please send me the part 2 and 3. God bless you

  382. Can I request for part 2 & 3 as soon as possible to assist me urgently

  383. Please send me part 2and 3 pleasw

  384. Hallo Elisha,
    i am currently praying for deliverance from single hood. Please send me part 2 and 3 and i am sure i will be sending through my testimony soon.

    My email address is [email protected].

    Be blessed as you continue to bless others.c

  385. Marie Daniele | September 11, 2014 at 1:50 am |

    Hello Elisha,

    Just find you page by chance, thank you so much for time and your kind heart helping us. Please if possible i will love to receive the part 2 and 3. This is my email: [email protected]. May the Lord bless and bless you and your family…

  386. Pretty Zanele Ngomane | October 13, 2014 at 5:47 pm |

    Dear Saint Elisha. I am a bornagain Christian . Am 34 years of age. Having read through part 1. Of these prayer guidelines, I have come accross words best describing my situation that I have been experiencing countless disappointments in relationships and also in my life. Such experiences are causing my life to be empty and hopelessly stagnant. In many areas of my life. I believe God shall deliver me from all this afflictions that have frustrated my life. I am working, everytime I save money to buy myself something. Problems would knock on my door. Rendering me to be highly indebted, unhappy and mocked by many. Yet I believe God and choose never to stagger on the promises of God through unbelief. My health is as that of my other family members under attack. Thank you for prayer guidelines to attain and retain a wellestablished Christian family life in. Jesus name.

  387. Hi Elisha,

    You know what, your prayers always keep me going and build my faith everyday I read them.

    please be so kind to send me part 2 and 3.

    God bless you.

  388. Greetings beloved saints.this is new to me,i hope m on the correct platform.i really need your help with prayers for marriage restoration and also for conquering spirit of rejection.if possible can you send me some prayer bullets to my me with prayers blessed children of God.thank

  389. Hi Elisha

    Please send me part 2 and 3. Thank you for your ministry. May God continue blessing you and revealing His word to you.

  390. Mercy Ncube | December 6, 2014 at 1:44 am |

    Please send me part 2 and 3

  391. please send me part 1 to 3. my computer developed problem l lost everything

  392. melice Mudiro | December 12, 2014 at 6:31 pm |

    thank u Jesus

  393. Nokuphila Mkhize | January 19, 2015 at 8:50 am |

    Dear Elisha

    thank you so much for the part 1 of this beautiful prayer. May I have the 2nd and 3rd part.

    thank you & God bless

  394. How do I get part 2 and 3 of the prayer point? I mean the one above these other related prayers and comments.

  395. Wonderful! May u please send me part 2&3. Th

  396. Dear Elisha,

    Please send part 2 and 3 of this prayer. Thank you so much.

  397. Anonymous | March 3, 2015 at 8:55 am |

    Has anyone been able to the part 2and 3 of these prayers. Please let me know where I can get it. Thanks.

  398. Id like part 2 & 3 please!

  399. Thanks a lot for this prayer. May God bless u abundantly. Can I please have the part 2 and 3.

  400. Please send me parts 2& 3. many thanks

  401. Crystal Dawn Prince | June 6, 2015 at 7:39 pm |

    I am praying to be free socially from other people’s control and to be able to enjoy my life so I can enjoy the person I meet and marry and have children.

  402. Anonymous | June 19, 2015 at 5:00 pm |

    I praying for the mental illness in my family to never bother me socially, my ability to marry and have children.

  403. Plz man of God send me part 2 and 3 for finding Godly spouse .Thank you

  404. I thank my might God for having shown me this site.I praise his name and honour’s not his aim for us to suffer but the demons tricks.I fear them no more because I now know their tactics.I will frustrate them as of now.I’m ready to take what belongs to me.I have a fiance who proposed marriage and because of the demons who do not want us to gt married he keeps postponing.I refuse this postponements.we are going to get married now 26 August 2016.I knw I will gv a testimony on this marriage.God said he alone knws the plan he has for us..plans for prosperity and not for disasters.plans to bring us the future we have been hoping for.I declare to hve him back in full to finish the foundation he has fire by force I will get married despise the blockage in my finances ,study and promotions. .God hv fixed everything now.I’m more tan a conqueror.prayer point for family Jesus name I pray Amen.

  405. thank you Elisha you really helped me

    can i have the part and 3 please urgently

  406. thank you Elisha you really helped me

    can i have the part 2 and 3 please urgently

  407. I thank you Elisha God manifest his power in me.up on embarking on this prayer within four days live worms come out of my private parts and I knw God is working on my marriage now and restoring everything the demons took away from me.please send me Part [email protected] of the prayers.

  408. Thank you Sir for being such a great blessing.Pls could u send me d parts 2 nd 3 of these prayers? GOD Bless you.

  409. hi Ada.i rejoice wt u on ur testimonies. pls id like u to email me more stuff on wat u did while waiting on email is [email protected].

  410. Esther Osutuk | May 20, 2019 at 7:18 am |

    Please send me daily prayer points and exhortation to my mail box. Thank you

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