Pastor Adeboye Talks About His Battle With Poverty

adeboyes“My fahter was so poor, that the poor called him poor” -Pastor Adeboye. Story Culled From AFRICAN SEARCHLIGHT

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye has
described his rise to the present position as a testimony of what God can do to turn any awkward situation

Pastor Adeboye said that his days as a child did not really display any promises of a bright future as he almost dropped out of high school due to lack of school fees.

Speaking on Friday at the annual RCCG North America Convention tagged Festival of Life held in Baltimore, Maryland, the man of God recounted how his childhood was bogged down by untold hardship and
poverty, since his parents were barely living from hand to mouth.

Pastor Adeboye affirmed that God has been so good to him that no one in RCCG can match the quality of offering he gives during services and other programmes.

The man of God popularly called “Daddy G.O.” called on faithfuls at the convention to imbibe the spirit of
giving and sharing, as these qualities engender tremendous blessings form God.

He extolled God’s virtues as the ultimate provider, healer and protector of mankind who also cherish praise
at all times. “If prayers does not work in any situation, then try praise” he said.

Speaking at the event, Bishop Billy Wilson of the International Center for Spiritual Renewal enjoined African migrants in the United States to see their presence in the country as a continuation of their commission for greater envagelism work. He added that African migrants should help by participating actively in the ongoing American spiritual revival and rebirth.

Highlights of the programme among others include , a live concert performed by the famous gospel musician, Kurt Carr and the 100 men choir from RCCG, Jesus House, Washington, D. C.

The event held at the 13,500 capacity 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland ,which recorded a full attendance of participants from all over the world.

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  1. I thank you very much Bro Dr. D.K. Olukoya, God bless you abundantly with your family and Ministry. About 7 prayer worriors in our Ministry,in Malawi, Zomba, have joined this fasting. Its name is Mpingo wa Ambuye (The Lords Church in Zomba, Malawi). I trust God will full fill what we desire from him as individuals and as a Ministry. We bought the prayer books from MFM, Blantyre, Malawi. Last time I gave you my prayer requests. I know God is performing them in me and my family. (He is never late)

    May the God Lord increase your wisdom in these wonderful prayer points. They are really helping us.
    God bless

  2. I thank GOD for making me to known Christ. Pls pray for me God favour, am going for NYSC and good job. Matthew 18:19

  3. MADAMEDON A.CHRIS | January 6, 2010 at 4:39 pm | Reply

    Pls Daddy, i want u sir to pray for me that God should turn my failures to success in every area of my life.ministry wise,maritally,financially and so on.May GOD bless u sir.

  4. Pls Pastor may God bless you abundantly in 2010 and more good things to come for you.Please stand in the gap for me to pray for my young sister’s marriage not to end up in divorce in the migthy name of Jesus christ , she has two small children and i pray to God that they grow with both parents.I also pray for the almigthy God to soften my hard hearted brother in law so that he may sort out their marital differences and live happily there after. God pls send your holly spirirt and a peace of mind for my sister, thank you Jesus for answering my prayers.Amen and Amen.

  5. dad just put me ezekiel to prayer for the lord direction in 2010 and his favours.and graduating from the university with a style and a class of good result and smooth leaving of the university with good result and joy.God blessed u dad

  6. sir pls pray for my brother and sister.they are through with school but no job.i want God to give them jobs in one of his pls pray for them

  7. oluwatosin Martins | February 2, 2010 at 12:09 am | Reply

    i owe somebody over N500,000 and i am expected to pay his money before Febuary 6. Please assist in prayers that The Lord of all the earth will surprise me before this day.

  8. Bless u sir indeed u are a blessing 2 our world God increase more and more.I desire such a grace and the spirit at work in you in fact you are my mentor may the heavens watch over you and renew ur strenth as the eagles.HOPE READ FROM YOU SIR.

  9. Emmanuel Bala | May 5, 2010 at 5:44 pm | Reply

    I wish to appreciate God for his grace and anointing on Daddy G O, May the Lord continue to bless and keep him. I beleive in Daddy and I know that his world of prayer for me in the following will bring a testimonies to me and my family. 1. That God should bless this family Mr&Mrs. U Yahaya with a child. 2. That God should use my tithe to open the door of finacial breakthrough. 3. That God should promote me in my office. 4. That God should bless my family with a car. 5. That God should grant my wife and Child save delivery. 6. O lord Give the resource to use in serving you better. 7. That God should increase the ministry upon my life. Thank you Lord.

  10. Thanks for good preach.u can send me more in my email thanks

  11. Pastor Olukoya
    I bless God almighty for the wisdom he has given you iam really blessed with your prayer points i have come to know of your site and i know for sure i will get somewhere.
    Please pray for me i usually have bad dreams, dreaming of sex real dirty things after i pray your prayers but i have confidence in God that he is taking me out of it now that i have known your site and will be using your prayer points at a daily basis for my health, financial situation(on this when i have money it finishes fast and i dont really know where it has gone,and health i need prayers for healing and financial breakthrough)iam currently studying i need God’s grace for understanding what i read so that i pass exams,divine protection also my family is attacked with witchcraft.Please help.
    God richly bless you always,protect you and provide for you.

  12. Felix Adjei Kodjie | November 2, 2010 at 1:18 pm | Reply

    Dear Pastor Olukoya,
    Please I need help from you now and prayers from you.For the past 4years I have no job and no money to pay my debts.Please help me to pay my children school bills,rent, water,electricity and many more.Please if you can send me about $2000. or any amount I will be grateful to you.My bank accout number is 0140000780009 and the bank is Prudential bank limited,Tesano branch.Please any of your Church menbers can help me I will be glad.I am a former work at Taysec and I am a I.T.Technician and i do net working on Cat6,Telephone,PABX,fiber optic and many more.Hope to hear from you,may the good Lord bless you and your menbers.
    Felix Adjei Kodjie.
    [email protected]
    PS.please any time I receive many than the money get lost which I don`t understand,so please pray for me on it.I live in Ghana.

  13. I really need prayers please, in 2008 the Lord blessed with a marriage to a man that I thoght loves God with all his heart.Things changed shortly when I discovered that he is engaged with the most evil spirit of homosexuality while still in marriage.I rebuke the spirit of homosexuality and I COMMAND IT TO LEAVE HIM IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. God blessed me again with a beautiful daughter in 2009. I am asking for protection over my children as I can see that his family hate them.His family, the sister, the mother and the sister’children that have been imposed on our marriage want to destroy our marriage.These two men as they are not children anymore live in my house go to an extend of damaging my car because they want me to leave this marriage.This man that I am married to doesn’t give me any support with all that his family is doing to me, no emotional and financial support what so ever.I need prayers for this situation that I am going through since 2008.I command these two men to leave my house in the name of our Lord Jesus.I rebuke them with fire for keep on damaging my car in the name of Jesus Christ.I cancel every plot that his mother and sister has against this marriage in the name of Jesus Christ.Pastor I am asking for your prayers please and God has revealed to me that these people are in a mission to destroy this marrige please.

  14. Pastor praise the Lord .plse pray for me and my daughter for understanding as we prepare for our exams and retentive memory to remember what we are reading for the exams this december 6th to 15th .
    God richly bless you

  15. dady i am so ashamed that my financial life of i and my husband is so much in a mess.
    daddy i all is so miserable for us now to the extent that i am looking out to see if people can just bless me financially. daddy, pls pray for i and my husband that our debt will not overwhelm us. at the moment i am a student in the united kingdom, when i started out it was good but now i am so scared that i feel i might not even be able to sustain my self has my husband finances is so bad at the moment. we need breakthrough from all poverty holding spirit and from all debt and above all be a blessing to peole around us too. what i need now is prayers that God in his infinite mercy will send help to us and make us partakers of the promise and blessing he gave our fore-father Abraham.

  16. please prop, how are you and the rest of your family.please today i want to join my faith your faith becos bible declear that where two people will agreed in his name he be life in Gods hands so no matter what the enimes will do they are losers.but jesus finished it on the says i will contant with those who contant with you.i am facing some problems but GOD had done it all on the let GOD we serve arise and let our enimes be scatter.our GOD IS warror and he never defeated let the GOD OF ELIJAH arise and fight for us. and let heavens fight all our battles.thanks

  17. Felix Adjei Kodjie | January 25, 2011 at 12:32 pm | Reply

    Pastor i ask you for a help but no one is helping me to pay for my three children school fees @ Akim Sradru Senior High School the two girls and the boy is for Univercity.I have no work to do for the past three years and i am I.T.Technician which i do networking for the past 11years @ Taysec Construction Company Limited.Please any one who can help me i will be grateful and i need about 1,000 Ghana Cedis.Pastor pray for me in the name of powerful blood of Jesus and in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My mobile number is = +233 244641248.
    Thanks you all.AMEN.
    Felix Adjei Kodjie.
    [email protected].

  18. thank you pastor for coming to Ghana. i will surely be there and i know all forms of shortcomings and darkness will be left at the stadium as i believe God for breakthroughs.

  19. Father, I thank you that I am a RCCG member, Father Please by your mercy visit me this season. Deliver me from the spirit of delay, give me divine turn around, let people see that am serving The Almighty God. Thank You Lord. Amen.

  20. Tunde Olaniran | May 5, 2011 at 9:46 am | Reply

    Evrerybody is in need. If daddy J. O should be given money to everybody, how much will he give to meet peoples’ needs. Peple should stop asking money from man of God.

  21. Pls Pastor i want you to help me tell God that He has been so good to me. I am very grateful.

  22. ishola mujeeb oluwafemi | December 23, 2011 at 2:23 am | Reply

    Daddy.pls,pray for me dat every spirit of masturbation and homosexualism in me should dry up and die…also assist me with prayers dat I should succed and make it in life and at d same time,God should protect me and my famulies…

  23. Reading through this prayers and testmonies has made my faith to grow may you please continue with the same spirit

  24. Thank God for ur life Daddy, pls i want u to pray for me, as a widow i dont want to compramise in any way. To live as widow and remain faithful to God has been my heart desire but sometimes i fine it very difficult to cope. I am 37 years old, my husband died 4years ago left me with four kids. I want you to pray for me that God should bring a God fearing man for me cos I want to marry. And I pray dat God will continually to renew your strenght in Jesus name.

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