The Midnight Battle By Dr. Daniel Olukoya

mid night battle
At last, the long-awaited 4-hour packed explosive midnight prayer battle is about to be launched on the 1st day of August, 2009 at the August Power Must Change Hands Programme. The General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Dr. Daniel K. Olukoya made this special announcement at the PMCH yesterday at the prayer city.

He said it is ‘not for sale’ spiritual product but if you want it, you must pay a minimum leverage of =N=3,000 (less than $20), to obtain a copy of the CD or DVD. It is a leverage that goes to the pool of charity towards the building of the =N=35 Billion MFM PRAYER STADIUM.

Over 200 acidic prayers of deliverance are loaded into the CD with high praises and irresistible messages. He instructs that once you obtain your copy, it could be used for personal night vigils or house fellowship night vigils, starting from 12 midnight till 4.00 a.m It would bring unimaginable breakthroughs and deliverances to many homes, careers, and lives. I can’t wait to get hold of one.

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  1. all ways with the message

  2. all with the message video screen

  3. May God Bless you for publishing the G O’s messages. My question to you is that will the midnight battle be available to international members? Will they be available in the branches worldwide? Thanks for your response.

  4. yinka eyinfunjowo | July 19, 2009 at 8:57 pm | Reply

    can i watch it life on the internet

  5. I want you to pray for God to heal me of an infection called staphylococcus aurenus, I’ve tried all kind of medication; sometime it will look as if it as gone but soon it will come back again. but i believe there is nothing beyond GOD ALMIGHTY, he is the creator of heaven and earth, the alpha and omega, he is the GOD of Dr. D.K. Olukoya that answers by fire. praise the lord. Hallelluyah

  6. I want to know went pst D.K OLUKOYA is coming london and which date

  7. I live in the U.S. and I would like the address to buy a copy of the August Midnight Battle cd. If there is shipping and handling. please include that also with the price of the cd. Thank you

  8. I have found wonderful and powerful prayerpoints and messages, may God continue the job he has started through your ministry and others. May lives be changed.
    In Jesus’ name.

  9. Praise the name of Jesus, and greetings from bhutan, Pray for our country Bhutan, its buddist country still then our God Almighty has keep us here and since 25 years we r doing small ministry and more we have burderns to extend the kingdom of heaven in our country. Pray for my very old parents, my father iz having heart deasise and he iz 85years still serving Lord as Pastor and mom iz suffering from Blood pressure and joints pain. m as youth Leader and helping church as worship leader n have burderns for youths.

    i ws very happy to go through ur website of Mountain of Fire ministry, which realy encourage me to do fire prayer n works among youths. i specially thank our God almighty and ur ministry.

  10. I thank God for discovering this site. It has really been a blessing to me. I was so blessed with the message on The Mystery of the Eleventh Hour, I have been doing the midnight prayer, i never thought i could but God has given me the strenght and it has been going on well. I no that God will answer me at this 11th Hour and I am getting an 11th hour miracle in Jesus name.
    I also thank God that He has helped me to participate in the 70 days prayer and fasting programmed. It has been wonderful. I have found it interesting each day. God bless Pastor Olukoya for his vision and the work that he is doing.

  11. I joined MFM in October, 2005. I was a fresh graduate and almost a pauper then but i patiently
    followed the teachings of MFM and became a full member and worshipped in a local branch of MFM in Oji River, Enugu State Nigeria. Since then it has been testimony after testimony, blessings upon blessings. Today i am doing exploits as a business man to the Glory of the Almighty God. Recently i was awarded a contract of 10million naira (about $66,000) among other manifestations of the greatness of God including the miraculous employment of my younger brother (an OND holder) in an International Airline Company after attending MFM for a few months and the divine healing of my father who was diagnosed of having Prostrate Cancer and Hepatitis. he has fully recovered and healthier more than ever. May the name of the good Lord be blessed and may his anointing everly be redoubled on His servant my daddy in the Lord Dr. Daniel K. Olukoya.

  12. I have just come accross this site and I cannot wait taking off with the kind of prayers that I have never had before. I already feel and know that I am an overcomer and a winner in the The Lord Jesus. May God Almighty bless everyone who has made an effort to make this site a blessing. God bless!


  13. I need the midnight batle cd and Iam a fatherless guy and me and my mom are suffering by witchcraft and I beg you to send your midnight batte cd to me . Can you send that to me.

  14. Onomen Akhaze | March 25, 2010 at 2:51 pm | Reply


    How can I get a copy of these CD’s please

  15. ELIZABETH HAYFORD | June 21, 2010 at 7:30 am | Reply

    How can I get a copy of the MIDNIGHT BATTLE PRAYER (4 hours CD) by DR. OLUKOYA please.

  16. pray for me

  17. I am keen to get the 4 hour prayer of the Midnight battle CD.
    Prayers for:
    healing and deliverance
    Gainful employment
    Happy marriage
    God bless

  18. pls man of GOD i need the 4hours prayer of the midinght battle CD. and pray rain thanks GOD bless u

  19. I need prayer ponints of healing from frequent attacks by high blood pressure swollen right leg please help

  20. I definitely loved this brilliant article. Please continue this awesome work.

  21. To GO and all our male pastors at MFM,may Our Heavenly Father bless you abundantly. Happy Father’s Day in advance.

  22. ZAINAB ZENA GEORGE | June 11, 2013 at 7:30 pm | Reply

    PLease continue to lift me up in prayers to be delivered from spirit husband, I has the loudest voice yesterday night with Pastor Wlley, I am hoping that my testimony will come soon.

  23. PLease continue to lift me up in prayers to be delivered from spirit husband, I had the loudest voice yesterday night with Pastor Wolley, I am hoping that my testimony will also come soon. Please make a little effort when you are down here in Rockville to pray for me. God will continue to bless you richly, also all the other Pastor that you work with.

  24. Servants of the most high God hi. I love you so much I love God and fear Him so much. I thank you for prayer points. They help a lot. Plaese pray for me I want to get married I’m 30yrs old (lady) I’ve done terrible things in my life with my body but I have repented to God. I trust God for a faithful and God fearing husband. Thank u n God bless u day n night u and ur farmilies.

  25. Pls, how can I get copies of these CDs?

  26. Dear Brethren,
    I would like you to kindly pray for my brother Lawrence Paye who is currently in Liberia and is seriously ill with ashzma. He has been hospitalized several times. Please believe God with me for his healing and deliverance.
    Thanks and may The Lord richly bless you for all you do!

    Ophelia Jallah

  27. please pray for me, i am waiting for hiv test results next week wednesday…i am believing God for a miracle,no weaponf fashioned against me shall prosper! By his stripes i am healed.

  28. Sir by grace of God all the power and influence of household enemies have perished in my life.My life was a mess until I discovered mfm p.p and since then,victory galow.Daddy God will continue to help you

  29. i thank GOD for all he have been using our pastor and general oversea of mountain and miracle ministry ., DANIEL OLUKOYA to deliver many live,s from the hand of the wicked one,s i also thank GOD for the prayer point which he made his servant DANIEL OLUKOYA to pest here in other to help us build our spiritual life , i pray that GOD should empower OUR GENERAL OVERSEA DANIEL OLUKOYA in his ministry , grant him all his needs and also continue to use him to save soul in this end time amen I also i pray for the other men of GOD who are walking with him in other to make sure that the work of GOD AND THE MISSION OF DANIEL OLUKOYA IS ACCOMPLISH AMEN .. PASTOR PRAY FOR ME MY NAME IS CHIDIEBERE NWOSU

  30. I want to say Thank you.

  31. Ajayi Esther | April 1, 2016 at 5:55 am | Reply

    I need the midnight prayer posted to my e-mail daily thanks

  32. Odubolu Esther | October 10, 2017 at 4:58 pm | Reply

    Praise the Lord. I am lifted in spirit with the midnight prayers here. May God continue to use u mightly

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