Praying Using The Blood of Jesus – Sermon By. D. K. Olukoya

Dr. Daniel K. Olukoya, MFM General Overseer

Revelation 12:11:

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death”.

I would like you to read this message with rapt attention, so that you can key in to what God intends to do through this miracle power. It is a deep topic, and this is just a scratch on it.
The verse above is a very interesting part of the Bible; it gives us weapons and it would be good, if you could memorise it and appropriate it to yourself. There is a weapon that has never lost its power, but people have not learnt to use it; whereas, it is highly effective. Even the enemy is afraid, when you start to talk about it. That old serpent, the dragon, that the Bible talks about, saying: “Woe unto the earth and the sea …” There is a weapon that can overcome it. There is nothing that God created, that He cannot rearrange; there is no enemy that God cannot defeat.

A two-year old girl learnt this song and was always singing it: “There is power, there is power, there is power in the Blood of Jesus.”
Her mother noticed that she never took ill. One day, the mother washed the girl’s clothes and hung them outside. There was a high wind, which blew her small panty to the compound next to theirs and it landed in the sitting room of a neighbour, who was a herbalist. Immediately the pant landed, there was pandemonium in the room; everything turned upside down. Everything he knew how to do failed; nothing could avail for him. He did his consultation and he found out that there was a strange thing in the room. He tried to pick it, but he fell. He started to rain incantations, offered sacrifice, poured libation but he could not make a headway. He could not touch the pant, and everywhere was hot. Throughout that day, no customer came for consultation; he battled throughout the night. The following day, the wind blew again and this time, the girl saw her toy flying towards the man’s sitting room. She followed it and then saw her pant. She went straight towards it and picked it, singing her song. “There is power in the Blood of Jesus.” The herbalist tried to stop her, thinking the ‘strange’ thing would harm her but she picked her pant casually, from the centre of oil and blood poured around it. The girl picked it and left, still singing. That incidence, converted the herbalist. He surrendered his life to Christ, having seen that His Power is the absolute Power. He left his beggarly powers and came to the Lord.

There is a power that supersedes every other power. That power, transforms simple things into powerful weapons. The awesomeness and mystery of the power in the Blood of Jesus, is not being preached in the church today. Many present day Christians do not know many things about victory in the battles of life. Learning to claim the power in the Blood of Jesus, is very important. It is a prayer that brings deliverance and protection.


1. Gives protection before adversity strikes. It serves as prevention. [adsense]

2. Gives physical healing in the body. No matter what name is given to any problem, it will be solved, when the Blood of Jesus is brought in.

If you keep pleading the Blood of Jesus, no matter how terrible an infirmity is, it will disappear by the power in the Blood of Jesus. If your life is pure and you lay your hands on any sickness, pleading theBlood of Jesus, it will vanish. You might wonder if it is really as simple as that but that is the Power in the Blood of Jesus.

The Power in pleading the Blood of Jesus is yet to be understood by Man. Some people criticise those pleading the Blood of Jesus. It is because they have not passed through the valley, so they cannot know what it means. Someone who has never been tortured by a terminal disease cannot know what it means to be threatened by death, so he or she cannot understand why a cancer patient is praying fervently for healing, or why the person is jubilating after he or she has been miraculously healed. The preachers, who discourage people from praying fire prayers or pleading the Blood of Jesus, do so, because they have not experienced such things.

The Blood of Jesus cannot dry up; neither can it lose its power. Therefore you can plead it a million times, if you want to. The more you plead the Blood of Jesus, the more the chance of totally submerging the disease, in the pool of the Blood of Jesus.

Many Christians do not understand the power in the use of the weapons that God has given us against the enemy.

Unbelievers could sit throughout the night, chanting incantations or reciting things against people.

3. Gives emotional healing.

4. Gives mental healing.

5. Helps in battling dark powers.

6. Helps in battling the adversary.

7. Gives financial healing

If you stand in front of your shop or house and plead the Blood of Jesus every day, you will find out that the powers of darkness in that environment will dissipate.

As we are moving towards the End Times, we need to plead the Blood of Jesus, all the time. There is a lot of tragedy and disaster all over the place. Too many Christians are being robed or cheated or raped or murdered. Many are being hypnotised and confused. Pleading the Blood of Jesus, will give you immunity against these things.

8. Cleanses from all sins. Jesus came to die for the sins of the world and His Blood was shed for us. You can claim the cleansing power in His Blood and God will open a new chapter in your life.

You can plead the Blood of Jesus, over any and everything; your spirit, soul and body, your house, car, work, children, spouse, business, as a form of protection or prevention against evil. You can plead the Blood of Jesus over your journey, the road, the vehicle or aircraft, etc. If you are living or passing through a dangerous zone; you can draw a bloodline of protection, therefore making a boundary, against any evil.

A man had a poultry where, all of sudden, the chickens began to die. When he saw that he was going bankrupt with the loss, he cried unto the Lord, who ministered to him about drawing a bloodline around the poultry. Thus, creating a boundary that the enemy cannot cross. He walked round and drew the bloodline around the poultry that night. The following day, he found the carcass of a wolf, about two feet into the circle that he drew. It was stone dead; it had passed its bounds. Today, I pray that any wolf assigned against your life, shall die in the Name of Jesus. Draw the Bloodline and the enemy will keep off. These are very serious matters and we should recognise and know these secrets.

Recently, there have been disasters that have destroyed many lives in many countries. I was told of a man, who saw the flood raging towards his house andhe came out and pleaded the Blood of Jesus. The flood obeyed him, not a single drop of water entered his house but the houses next to him, were submerged. That is the power in the Blood of Jesus!

The Blood of Jesus is a battle-weapon; through it, you can achieve the following:

1. Cleansing
The Blood of Jesus possesses cleansing power. If there is any form of dirt of filth in your life or environment, the Blood of Jesus will cleanse them.

2. Sanitisation
The Blood of Jesus could serve as disinfectant. Any thing that wants to pollute, will not be able to get in. You should sanitise your life, your body, house, shop, etc. In fact, before you move into a new apartment or house, you should sanitise it and the surroundings, with the Blood of Jesus. The foundations of many houses, were laid with sacrifices of all kinds. Houses that were built thirty of forty years ago, have things buried in them, by the owners and such things work negatively on the inhabitants of such houses, especially if they are not born again.

3. Deliverance:
When you call the Blood of Jesus into operation, it causes the enemy to flee, because it contains the life of God. It sets people free from bondage.

4. Healing: It can heal all forms of infirmity. When you plead the Blood of Jesus, things begin to happen.

5. Protection.

6. Life-giving power: to revive anyone or anything that is dead. It could be marriage, finances, business, etc.

7. Yoke-breaking: Whenever you plead the Blood of Jesus, people and things are set free from any kind of yoke.

8. Overcoming power.

9. Door-opening power to open every door that has been closed against good things in the life of a person.

10. Creative and re-creative power. Anything that is supposed to be in the life or body of a person, or has been removed through surgery or witchcraft, can be recalled back into existence by the Blood of Jesus.

11. Renewing power.

12. Battle dissolving power that makes the enemies go in disarray.

13. Promotion power and energy.

14. Breakthrough power.

15. Miracle receiving power

16. Poison destroying power. Many have been poisoned physically or spiritually. The Blood of Jesus neutralises such poisons and flushes them out of the system.

17. Mountain-moving power

18. Demon-paralysing power.

The ring-tone on one of my phones is the song: “Have you been to Jesus for the cleansing Blood, are you washed in the Blood of the Lamb.” One day, I was sitting somewhere and the phone rang; before I could answer the call, a woman had started to manifest and a strange voice spoke from her mouth, screaming: “Stop that music, stop that music!” The demon in her was affected by the song, because of the power in the Blood of Jesus.

19. Virtue-restoring power.

20. Burden-removing power.

21. Bondage-destroying power:

When you plead the Blood of Jesus into any situation, it will eventually bow. Many people do not understand the overcoming weapons that they have in the word of God. The Bible says: “And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.”

Today, you will watch that Blood in display, if you will pray the prayers I am suggesting below, from your heart. That Blood was not shed in vain; it was shed for forgiveness, deliverances, protection, etc. You would be cheating yourself, if you do not use that facility.


A 26 year old sister who was looking like an old woman, heard a message like this and decided to use it. She locked herself up for three days, pleading the Blood of Jesus into her situation. By the time she came out, her correct body, shape, face, had been restored to her. She now looked her age.

If you want your right things to come back to you, pray with power and with fire. The power in the Blood of Jesus was given to it from the beginning. Do you know that there is power and life in blood generally? If a person lacks blood, it means he or she is dying. That is why some things work for occultists, who kill goats and fowls for sacrifice. How much more, the Blood of the Son of God?

There was a King in the Bible, who saw that he was loosing a battle; he quickly sacrificed his first son. As he was shedding that blood, Israel that was attacking them, got confused. If the blood of animals and human beings could make an impact, how much more, the Blood of Jesus, the Son of God?

Blood is a living thing and the Blood of Jesus, has the power to overcome anything that confronts you. However, there is a small condition. For you to plead the Blood of Jesus and have it work for you:

• You must surrender your life to the Lord Jesus. You must be completely yielded to Him.

• You must live a pure and holy life.

You have a wonderful opportunity today, to invite the overcoming power in the Blood of Jesus, to come into your situation.

If you are not born again and you would like to surrender your life to Christ, you can do so right now, right there where you are. All you need do, is see yourself as a sinner and know that you cannot approach God in your sinful state. Repent of your sins; confess them to the Lord and ask Him to forgive you. Name them one by one, renounce them and decide that you will not go back to them anymore.

I congratulate you for this decision that you have just taken; it is the most important decision in life, and I pray that it shall be permanent in your life, in the Name of Jesus. I pray that the Lord will uphold you with His hand or righteousness and you will not fall or fail in the Name of Jesus. I pray that the Lord will write your name in the Book of Life and nothing shall by any means, rub it off in the Name of Jesus. Go and sin no more!

It will be a pity, if after reading this message, the Blood of Jesus does not avail for you. Check yourself very well; is there anything in your life that could hinder the move or the power of God in your situation? Have you done or said something that you should not? Are you relating with people that you should not? Check yourself. Are there some things that the Holy Spirit has been telling you are bad, and you do not want to listen?

Today, as you plead the Blood of Jesus, His liquid raw power, will come upon your life and strange and marvellous things will begin to take place in your life. God will release all sorts of blessings upon your life today; physical, spiritual, material blessings, marital and financial breakthroughs, will be release upon your life as you plead the Blood of Jesus into your situation.

Some people will pray the following prayers, and will never know poverty again. Many will be healed from even terminal diseases, and they will have testimonies.

Confess all sins, known and unknown, conscious and unconscious, parental, inherited, maritial sins. God has all powers in His Hands and is ready to move, even right there, where you are. Believe God for the move of His power in your life.

Prayer Points

  1. Blood of Jesus deliver me by fire in the Name of Jesus.
  2. I command all my blessings confiscated by rulers of darkness to be released, in the Name of Jesus.
  3. I cut myself off from every territorial spirit, in the Name of Jesus.
  4. I command all demonic reverse gears installed to hinder my progress to be roasted, in the Name of Jesus.
  5. Lord Jesus, bear all my physical and spiritual burdens now, in the Name of Jesus.
  6. Every power stealing my virtues die, in the Name of Jesus.
  7. Every power in the heavenlies, on earth and in the seas hindering the angel of my blessings, die, in the Name of Jesus.
  8. Any power diverting the blessings of God away from me, your time is up, die now, in the Name of Jesus.
  9. By the Blood of Jesus, every owner of evil load, carry your load in the Name of Jesus.
  10. Blood of Jesus, pursue my pursuers in the Name of Jesus.
  11. Blood of Jesus, arise and fight my battles, in the Name of Jesus.
  12. Blood of Jesus, pursue poverty out of my life, in the Name of Jesus.
  13. Every power assigned to follow me, to destroy me, die in the Name of Jesus.

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  1. Kelly, God will not permit your enemies to rejoice over you. Trust in the power of God and not in your wisdom. Count on the faithfulness and the wisdom of God., 1Corinthians1:9 18-25, 2Thessalonians3:3, Hebrews10:23. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  2. Kelly, Study this verse. 1Corinthians2:5. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  3. Dear Margaret A-
    Thank you- am seeking the bible scriptures you recommend. Got an attorney yesterday- thanks God. He needs $20,000, I paid $5,000 and need to come up with another $15,000. His name is Rod, please join me in seeking God to give him divine strategies, and the voice of fire for the truth, and that the judge give me restitution. My exs attorneys are emotional terrorists and out to WIN at any cost. If I take a second job, I will not be available for the kids and my ex is trying to get more money. I am still paying 4 attorneys that actually hurt my case.
    Bless you dear sister!
    Praise be to God!

  4. Kelly, See what the Lord has done, just in the nick of time! It is done! All your prayers about him, God has answered. Your money shall no more be wasted. God will use the judge to turn the table against your enemies and they will pay you damages. Be free from the spirit of debts, in the name of Jesus. Your ex’s attorney will lose. Proverbs21:18 (TLB) the wicked will finally loose and the righteous will finally win. By TLB, I mean The Living Bible.Your ex’s attorney will lose in every step they take, in the name of Jesus. This is your no5 attorney, God of grace, God of power, will speak yo him and use him to give you victory. Just relax and continue to trust God for victory. Receive the grace to overcome, and you will overcome by the Blood of the Lamb. Never you have it in your thoughts that you ex will win. Blot out such from your thinking, Proverbs23:7. Always see him as a loser, and God will see to it that he loses the case. You will regain your glory, your finances and your children, in the name of Jesus. God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  5. Kelly, Be sure to use the Prayer Rain, especially, pg81. “Victory in Human Court”. The introduction and all the scriptures quoted there are very powerful. Then, use all the prayer points. You will not be defeated, King os kings does not lose battles. God forth tomorow in the confidence the the judge of the whole earth is with you, Jeremiah20:11. Proverbs21:1. PRAY and rest your case with Him. Cover yourself with the Blood of Jesus. Be bold and be strong for God is with you. You will come back rejoicing, in the name of Jesus. 2Thessalonian1:6, 1Timothy1:7 Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  6. Kelly, 2Timothy 1:7, please. See yourself coming out victorious. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  7. Afternoon Pastor

    I need prayers I am a child of God washed with the blood of Jesus. My family told me to was with thye blood of the Goat as things don’t seem to be well in my life. My husband past away last year and all his cars stops working, he didn’t use muthi to his cars but I don’t know why. I am unemployed I am faxing but no answer, the Bmw in vereeniging reaped me off because my husband BMW was paid in BMw but they refused to fixed it the towed it to my hard without being fixed. The Lawyers failed me they didn’t help me I prayed to Lord for help but I didn’t get help. Please I need prayers because i am confused now, I need the verses which i will stand on until i see the answer.

    Thank you Winnie

  8. Winnie, The only way to success is the word of God. Joshua1:8. You will overcome by the Blood of Jesus and by your faith in the word. Revelation12:11, 1John4:4, 1John5:,5. You must rest your case with God. There is no solution elsewhere. The Blood of Jesus is the Blood of God and it is very powerful and more powerful than the blood of goat. Do not allow anyone to initiate you into occult. Read Hebrews9. The blood of Jesus is the Blood of the everlasting covenant of God with us. His word can never fail. Fasting and praying are very good but you must do it with knowledge. As a widow, you must be strong and be bold to follow God even if nobody follows you. Only God can can stand in the place of husband for you. God is now your husband, Isaiah54:5,6. Read and study the whole chapter. How did your late husband acquire his cars? consider that properly. Be a Bible reader and doer. Let your heart stay on God. Consider Psalm1, and do not mingle with the enemies of God. All you do must be prospering. You did not say if you were unemployed before your widowhood. Seek God in his Word and you will prosper. Read Psalm 34:1-22. Study each verse, and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you what you read. God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  9. Dear Margaret A-

    Today our daughter was injured at school, the nurse did not give me the full story and my ex took her out of school to the doctor and didn’t tell me, then the nurse made a report that lied and said she told me Faith was going to the doctor.

    Then the nurse told me “You are not allowed to attend their doctor appointments anyway”- which also isn’t true, since we have joint custody.

    I have court on January 14, 2013, for my ex to get more child support, please pray for me that my ex is shown for what he really is – manipulative and lying! And that God will fix this now!

    God bless you!
    sister Kelly

  10. Kelly, make and put this poster in your room, bathroom,kitchen and anywhere you can see it daily and meditate on it. IF GOD BE FOR ME, WHO CAN BE AGAINST ME? God is not only for you, Romans8:31, He is with you, Isaiah8:10, He surrounds you,Psalm125:2 He lives inside you.1John4:4. Let your focus be on this GREAT GOD. No matter what they plan against you, it shall come to nought Psalm33:10. You must grow your faith and focus on God and not on what people do or fail to do. If you trust God, they cannot prevail against you. Psalm9:19,20. God will help you against them if you trust Him. Glory to God. jesus is Lord!

  11. Dear Margaret A~
    God bless you and your ministry and loved ones.
    Court for child support is Monday, January 14,2012. The pattern so far is that my ex is the aggressor, and my attorneys don’t work on my case until the last moment or not at all.
    I am bombarding heaven for the breakthrus, for divine helpers and divine strategies- my current attorney is not returning my emails or calls and ignored an appointment.
    It is like there is something blocking me, my ex is very deceiving and has gotten away with so much, last week our son broke his arm and I took a day off work to care for him , my ex went to work and left our son with the step Mom.
    I am praying God restore my position as their Mother, having bad attorneys has cost me more than I can say and I ask God to light a fire under my current attorney Rod that he will restore and provide restitution.
    Please help me ~ what am I missing?
    I am praying constantly and asking God to direct my ways, and every detail.
    In Jesus name,
    Sister Kelly

  12. Dear MargaretA~
    Hope you have a blessed New Year!
    Court for my ex to try to get more money is January 14,2013. My new attorney so far has not put any time in on my case, please pray that God will give him divine strategies against the deception of the enemies.
    I am praying constantly and ask for God to fix this – sick of the courts imbalance of power.
    God bless you!

  13. Kelly, As we prepare to enter the new year, we should do more of praises than pray. I am very excited to see today,December31, 2012! God is awesome! We owe God a lot of praises, for life, for talking, for walking, for vision, for water, for the air we breath. God has done all things well. It is natural to want to pray at this time, but as you praise Him, on His own He will tell you that the problem had been solved. This is my experience, so let us just thank and praise Him today and tomorrow at least He has heard your prayers, spoken or thought, and He will do more than your prayers. Thank Him for answered prayers, thank Him for unanswered prayers too, He has a reason for the delay. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  14. @Kelly….God is fighting for you. Just hang in there. I went through a painful divorce as well. If you’d like someone to talk to, let me know.

  15. Dear Sister Kelly….

    Having read about your difficulties. In my experience I have realised that God is immediate, that he is a man of war and is ready and waiting to thrust his enemies with his sword.

    God loves his people and as any father would protect is children you must be righteous. I suggest if you want victory to do the following:

    1) repent of all cursing and any back-biting spoken against your ex-husband by you
    2) forgive him and bless him
    3) forgive his attorneys for going against you and bless them
    4)forgive yourself also for any trouble you have put yourself through
    5) now this is contraversal but is true: FORGIVE GOD ALSO!!!! WHY? because your spirit person within you can resent God in your subconscious for God not acting on your behalf when you wanted him to. But your conscious mind carries on believing God and thinks your are at peace with God.
    6) take up your weapons of warfare. begin to speak aloud these words: In the name of Jesus Christ I plead the blood of Jesus over my finances, children, work, ex-husband and his attorneys. I bind you satan, the demon named legion in my situation that takes control of my children and their future and me not being able to have them in my life right now. In Jesus name I bind up the demons surrounding my situation and i tell you your strongman is bound. Lord I now loose your angels to bind up satan and his demons hand and foot and I cast them out of my atmosphere and my geographical area and cast them out into the pit and command them to stay there indefinately.

    Lord I now declare your peace in my situation, I declare your grace in my situation and Lord according to your perfect will for my life I now surrender this situation into your hands and trust you to bring this situation in my favour. Lord i love you and bless you and thank you for the promised victory in Christ Jesus-amen.

    had you have done this, you would have saved yourself from paying out for an attorney. Jesus is your Lord and attorney.. bless you

  16. DALJIT-

    Thank you and bless you! Please keep in touch.

    I have been using prayer fire, Ez divine reversal and Luke 18 justice for the widow and that the light of truth will set the captives free…will add the prayer you have shared.
    Court is scheduled for May 6, 7 and 8, 2013 – praying that God give my attorney a mouth of fire, to get light on the truth to free us all and for peace in our family, I did and would continue to share the kids. My current attorney still doesn’t get back to me, haven’t heard from him since child support hearing in January. Have a phone call to a female attorney, whom I have prayed about for months and am seeking God to work things out for her to be my attorney. God ultimately is my attorney and ultimate judge.
    I lay the way I am treated at God’s feet – the teachers, principal, attorneys, personnel and parents who do not know the truth and judge, am asking God to refresh my heart of forgiveness , peace and holy boldness to keep my focus on him.
    My work situation is still unclear – I want to work things out with them and try to build a bridge with my new supervisor, return to my job and serve and be treated fairly.
    I want to glorify God with this and move forward!
    In Jesus’s precious name.
    Sister Kelly

  17. DUJU-
    Yes, would appreciate being able to talk with you.
    Let me know how?
    In Jesus’s name,
    Sister Kelly

  18. Dudu~
    God bless you, yes would like to talk. Please let me know how.
    Thank you.
    Sister Kelly

  19. ,I am a  Mother of 2 sons. Please Pray for my Husband. His name is Boniface. He is doing Witchcraft and Blackmagic agenst me and my Parents since 1999.He has a affair with a Woman since 8 years. He wants to destroy my life and marry that woman. He is not giving us enough Money to buy food and pay bills. I am struggling since many years with Financialtroubles.MyHusband is doing all for that Woman. He deposit Money for her Bank Account allways. He is spending lot of Money for her allways. That Womans nameis allso Renuka.W.P. RenukaGunerathne.My self and my Sons we havent anything.Some days we havent any Money to buy food. Day by day our Situation becomes Worst. We are steping to Poverty. We have lost everything.Our Kitchen and Fridge are allways empty. I am now sick and suffering with Diabetes,Highblood pressure,Arthritis and Asthma.My Husband has got 4 Sisters.They are allso harresing me and my sons lot.They want to break our Family.They have taken our Property.They like when my Husband marry other Woman.One Sister is very Cruel.Her Name is Shanthi.Please Pray for this Evil Sisters.Please Pray for me my Parentes and my sons to get release from this Financial Bondage.Please Pray for us to recive a FinancialBlessing.MyParents are struggling lot.They have lost their Money also. Please pray for my Husband to stop doing Witchcraft agenst me and my Parents and please pray to break his Affair with that Woman. Please send me a reply.Thank you.God bless you.**

    Renuka de silva
    Sri Lanka

  20. Dear Sis Renuka,
    This is not your first request. Same was requestded earlier.
    First you should repent and fogive everyone hurt you. Cover all you,husband and sons by the Blood of Jesus daily / always. no witchcraft can do anything. During your prayer bless everyone against you. Read the Bible daily and pray together you and sons if possible your husband hold everyone’s hands.
    we shall pray for you and your family. God Bless you all . Ananda

  21. Thank you Brother for praying me and my Sons.I am praising god daily more than 1 hour.I am reading daily word of god.Do you know any Prayer ministry for get prayers for my difficult situation? Please let me know.Thank you.God bless you.

  22. Dear Sister,
    your prayer is needed GOD to answer. All in this prayer group are praying for you. God will answer you soon. also pray early in th morning after mid night.
    repent and ask God’s forgiveness. also cover with the Blood of Jesus all of your family members daily morning /afternoon/night. Hold your hands of your family pray before go to bed.
    God Bless you.

  23. l Plead the blood of Jesus in the life of my daugther n my family/ marriage; To protect n desyroy the power of rejection , divorce n death in my family. Amen.

  24. David judah O. | November 5, 2013 at 9:40 am | Reply

    sir I want the almighty God to Established my divine dreams and He should empowered me to run the vision and I also want you pray for me for long life, joy and peace of mind. Thanks
    By D.J OKIKI

  25. 2Corinthians 4:9 Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;
    Psalm 37:25 I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.

  26. WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for how
    can i get my ex back when she has moved on

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  29. I am having a severe backpain and hardly can walk or get up from sitting position. I find this website and apply just what the teaching said. I prayed the pleading of the Blood of Jesus upon my lumbar area. I still felt the aching after i prayed but i pray still. And 5 minutes ago all my pain dissapeared. I am so amazed that i become speechless. Thank you Jesus.

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    Thank you so much great one, I won’t forget your good works on my family.

  31. Thank you for reminding me of the power in the Blood of Jesus. I have applied this and believe God will wash away my son’s sins Marcus Daniel Paul and he will be released from Feltham Prison and be granted a pardon by the courts so he can preach to the youths about the power and the forgiveness of sins in the blood of the Lamb that was shed at Calvary. We have put the enemy and the deceiving spirits under the blood and rejoice in the name of Jesus for the restoration and household salvation for me and my family. We were tested like Job last year 2013 but God kept us by his grace and he continues to bring out the praise in us. All Glory to the most high God!
    I also do not want to take your ministry for granted you are truly preaching and teaching the only way to be forgiven and true repentance is in the name of Jesus and his shed blood. Not by works that any man can boast. I bless and thank God for your website it has come at the right time. I am praying for a miracle a red sea deliverance that my heavenly father in Jesus name will release pardon my son from the conspiracy charges so he can return home to me his mother and father and sisters and nieces and the rest of the family. God knows what the devil meant for harm he will turn it around for good for his glory. I plead the blood over this situation again and again In Jesus Mighty Name Amen! Romona ….

  32. Pray for me that God heal me from sprit of poverty

  33. Helpful information. Lucky me I discovered your site unintentionally, and I am
    shocked why this accident did not happened earlier!
    I bookmarked it.

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  34. Dear Margaret A.
    Praise the LORD JESUS, i need your assistance, please teach me how to fish and i will be forever grateful.I have been stuck, limited and stagnated all the days of my life, i have to fight very hard for everything and i feel really fed up, until i bumped on this websight, i thank GOD for hearing my prayers and i believe there is hope for me and am ready to fight now.
    Margaret, please, i need your assistance, my dreams are terrible, back home in Africa, people giving me coins, this man locking me inside his house and having sex with me, dreams of my dead parents who died of AIDS, dreams of my car being stuck, cobwebs, dusty and coulkdn’t even reverse it out, i prayed and asked the heavenly angels to repair my brakes, i know car means destiny, my marriage is a different story, no affection from my husband at all, he has refused to help me with my application for my residence permit, he wants to keep me in the house, just as it is in the dream.
    Please ,help me, this morning, i had a dream after praying using the Blood of Jesus, i was preparing to go to church, my neighbour had parked his car right behind mine ,so i couldn’t get out, he has his own parking space, i said in the dream, i woke up, wasn’t able to go, i slept again and i and some people i don’t know were riding a bicycle, in real life, i don’t even know how to ride a bike, i have never owned one.
    I want to join the PA with Elisha Goodman but how do i do that, i got no money, am not working, but i know GOD IS STILL JEHOVAH JIREH.
    I have prayed and fasted but things get worse, i just finished a 3day esther fast no food nor water and last night of the fast, i saw myself in bed with a strange man having sex– can you imagine, i am so ashamed of myself.
    Am asking the HOLY SPIRIT TO SHOW ME THE WAY .
    Margaret, i know this is a public blog but am not ashamed to write what am going through because i believe GOD will touch someone -PRAYER WARRIOR TO ASSIST ME, I DON’T WANT TO BE PRAYED FOR, I WANT TO FISH AND CATCH MY OWN FISH.
    Pls Sis Maraget, can you reply privately.
    Thanks for all your doing, Godbless you.

  35. I have been searching for a website such as this one.

    I have been suffering with high blood pressure since 1981. Nothing seem to work. I don’t want to be put on prescription medication.

    Also, I had to close my herb shop because I was attacked with breast cancer.
    Pray that all cancer cells have been destroyed and that cancer will not return to my bofy and will not show up anywhere in my blood line again. I want to restart my herb shop so I need a financial blessing. Deliver me from the spirit of lack and poverty.

  36. romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are call according to his purpose. Pleading the blood of Jesus over ones life is a great daily prayer, along with romans 8:28, therefore we understand that whatever happens, it will work in the believers favor. Praise his holy name.

  37. Needing prayer for healing and wholeness of my teeth. Also seeking the LORD’S help to find a wife. Thanks!

  38. Anusha Moodley | January 30, 2015 at 10:29 am | Reply

    Please pray for my older son Mark, giving us terrible problems with drug addictions, steals our money and jewllery for drugs, does not want to find a job, 22 yrs, also lies constantanly. This is destroying our home and family. I am so stressed, pray for me , Suffer with high blood pressure, chest and backpains, also going through menoupause. No support from spouse he is hooked on prescribed drugs for years. Abuse from son and husband. Other son Matthew started college this year. Pray that he would grow closer to the Lord, continue his studys and be a God fearing man. Pray for me in my work as well.

    God Bless

  39. Anusha Moodley | January 30, 2015 at 10:30 am | Reply

    Please pray for my older son Mark, giving us terrible problems with drug addictions, steals our money and jewllery for drugs, does not want to find a job, 22 yrs, also lies constantanly. This is destroying our home and family. I am so stressed, pray for me , Suffer with high blood pressure, chest and backpains, also going through menoupause. No support from spouse he is hooked on prescribed drugs for years. Abuse from son and husband. Other son Matthew started college this year. Pray that he would grow closer to the Lord, continue his studys and be a God fearing man..

    God Bless

  40. Dear pastor

    I need prayers there was a lady who bumped my car she does not want to pay for my car. I am unemployed i apply no respond. I am a child of God Amen

  41. the blood of Jesus is truly powerful, i love it

  42. please join me pray for my husband , that God should restore his health there is

    no clear report from the doctor . please join me I don’t want to cry over my husband .He has lost a lot of weight , he complain body pain , hand shaking and others .it just like attack his olusola.


  44. Good message

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