Forgive me brethren for being offline for the past three weeks. It is due backlog of spiritual assignments at the gate of this year. You know it is my tradition to do battle at the gate of every year…

During that period, I was priviledged to answer the call of Dr. Daniel Olukoya, the General Overseer of MFM from the international Headquarters, through Pastor Bolaji Ojuri of Protocol unit at the International Missions Department.

All your pent-up call for communicating directly with the G.O. is now answered. From Haiti, Bahamas, Kent in the U.K. e.t.c. I would write directly to all of you since I have your email addresses, and link you directly with the G. O. through pastor Bolaji Ojuri. I caught a glimpse of G.O.’s minute on my letters saying VERY URGENT!

So expect God of Heavens to answer all your pettitions this year speedily. May you too become relevant in the end-time agenda of God for salvation, deliverance and kingdom prosperity, in Jesus name.

This month of MARCH 2009, you shall march into your awesome testimonies and turn-around breakthroughs, in Jesus Mighty name. Amen.

This is also acknowledging Pastor Sam Olaleye’s visit to our spiritual blogsite here this morning. For those of you who don’t know him, he is the webmaster and pastor in charge of the MFM BLOG That is the digital much I know about him.

Hear his comment this morning on our blog here: “It’s a wonderful site. keep posting fresh messages and prayer . a ministry fulfilled”.Β Β  OUR RESPONSE: Thank you sir, man of God, may the God of Elijah increase your wisdom in His vineyard, and strenthen you for awesome testimonies and turn-around breakthroughs in Jesus Name. Amen. We look forward to FREELY collaborating with you and MFM brethern on the subject of “BLOGGING FOR CHRIST” soon. We from this platform, are the foremost bloggers and search engine optimizers in Africa, we have no equal in Africa, by God’s special grace upon us.

Now that I am back, stronger and strenthened by the God of Elijah, that answereth by fire and fought my battles for me.

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  1. We forgive you, you were greatly missed. Checked this website several times looking for more anointed input.

  2. Thanks Sister. Remain blessed.

    Aderemi Ojikutu’s last blog post..DEALING WITH THE SPIRIT OF NEGATIVE REPAYMENT – By Dr. Daniel Olukoya

  3. Dear Pastor Oderemi,

    Please pray for me. I have been so much afflicted by the enemy. Please pray for me to get my rightful papers to stay here in England. I have also obeyed God and started His ministry and souls are coming pastor. I can not be a lacking leader, a sick leader, with bad finances. Pastor help me, there has to be a shift in the spirit. I know God can do this. Pastor, I have been called by God, I have absolutely nothing accept the call and command of God. I will be glad to here from you.

  4. I do like to take this opportunity to thank God Almighty for using u guys for His glory, indeed we have such an awesome God, who still use His vessels such as u guyz, am more than delighted whenever i come across to this website and get the prayer points which u’ve posted.
    Am short of words, my prayer to God z to keep using u guys for His glory and let u decrease and Him increase, in the precious name of our Lord Jesus’ Christ.

  5. Thanks a lot.Am blessed to visit here.This kind of prayer points is the type i am looking for.God bless you bro,as you keep posting unto us key prayer points.May the Divine fire of Love envelope the whole world!

  6. I have decided to use this means to get across to Pastor Olukoya. Please help me to pray to God for divine encounter, because of recent, i dont know what to do or who to believe either in my family or my husband’s. I believe my family members have their own petty jealosy and i have tried to take precautions against that, but i can see that my in-laws too are seriously contending with me and the kids for my husband. but he has refused to see this and we are always at the receiving end. Please pray to God to bring a total deliverance for us in Jesus name. amen. Presently, i live and work abroad with my kids, while my husband is in Nigeria. But recently, my job was terminated without any tangible reason and we are getting prepared to go back. but my fear is that the in-laws are so close to us that most time they wake us up form the bed. Am tired of this situation, so i will like God to arise in this situation for me.

  7. am so happy i visit dis website,am so bless and so fulfill,….God will perfect his will in my life in Jesus name,thx for d prayer post,it save life n soul

  8. may God bless you because you have help t many hearts

  9. I pray my daughter graduation to go through this year. LORD JESUS CHRIST intervien and let her be successful and a shame the devil in JESUS NAME,

  10. I feel so blessed by this site and I pray more power to your elbow in Jesus name. I am looking up to God for the fruit of the womb. I just returned from Nigeria where I had a 2wks of deliverance at the prayer city. I want to pray until something happens. Please pray with me that God should visit me with my babies before this yr runs out. You said we can now speak directly with the GO. hOW DO WE Dr Olukoya, how do we go about that. I will wait to hear from you. Thanks.

  11. l have read so many books prayed the prayers but l need to talk to you one on one am from kenya and l have alot to ask man of God

  12. Me Me Me Meeee | June 23, 2011 at 4:41 pm | Reply

    What a great word! And a great set of confessions! I also pray for everyone deceived by the enemy into thinking that people are cursing them or praying against them. The devil needs NOBODY’S help. Stand against satan, and if there is a person involved, your stand will ward them off. But if they are showered with God’s blessing, maybe you should bark up another tree. God is love, be watchful not to forget that. Another thing is to make sure that your attitude towards that person doesn’t carry spiritual baggage. And by that, I mean hatred. If the devil is attacking you for whatever reason, whether it be hate or sin in your life, be sure you aren’t countering with an attack on one of God’s children. He doesn’t like that. Much love for all of you, and BLESSINGS!

  13. Johnson Idowu | August 7, 2011 at 6:28 pm | Reply

    Dear Pastor, pray for me. I have been writing ICAN professional examination since 2007. My friends and colleague that starter after me have qualiafied. I only pass one paper par diet. I need a change. Please pray for me against spirit of stagnation or as spirit leads. God bless you.

  14. dear Pastor,
    please pray for my son who grinds his teeth at night.
    please send me the prayer points to attack that evil spirit

  15. Please pray me and my family against death and bondage

  16. know and believe that there is power in the blood of JEsus Christ. Please pray for me to overcome the challenges I am facing in my life. I am overwhelmed by the burden of my sin; i have always been rejected by every man i have related with; i am being isolated by my boss. i am a social recluse with few friends and no love. i have a bad reputation; i am sad and numb and feeling very hoepless. i feel God is far from me. I am really sorry for all the wrong i have done. I keep praying for God to forgive me. Please pray for me. I need a change in my life, i want God to give me the life he meant for me to live.

  17. Sista Brenda,
    I see you post in september of 2012 and I thing that this is what God wanted. I pray that things are better now as you posted this back in March. But if you still feel that way please know that right now I am praying for you to be healed by our Father in all these areas that you mentioned!

    Please visit the “power of Leap year 2012” prayer points I believe by faith that you will get revelations from God, He will show you how to overcome your situation!

    I also wanted to ask you to pay attention on not being so negative, please stop feelingsorry for yourself because this is how the devil want us to feel! Don’t feel that you are not forgiven by God because He has already! Accept that He did, feeling sorry all the time anly keeps you away from God and close to sins! You are sooo special for God! Let me say it again : YOU ARE SO PRECIOUS FOR GOD!! People who dont love you or think you have a bad reputation, or even your boss who isolated you, pray God to see these other people who love you! Visit this website and feel the love of your brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ!

    I use to feel the same way and God showed me I was the reason why things were so bad in my life! I dont want you to feel gilty, but to sit and pray that God helps you and gives you joy and faith to change your so you can wait on His right time to give blessings, as He is working on it! Be encouraged sista, and PUSH = Pray Until Something Happen!!

  18. Carol Mulenga | March 5, 2017 at 1:37 am | Reply

    Please send me your what’s UP no. So that I can caΔΊ I am in Zambia. My destiny has been played on I am like a non in this world.

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