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Redeemed Christian Church of God - RCCGOnce again the annual prayer and fasting programme of the Redeemed Christian Church of God – RCCG, is kicking off on Sunday 1st of February 2009 (three days time). For twenty eight (28) days of the month of February, these 40 prayer points would be the achor prayers accompanying the spiritual excercise. This is what I gleaned from the RCCG website about the prayer points for the excercise.

I trust God for you that as you plug into these prayers, it shall answer for you as Prohesied for year 2009, by “Daddy G.O.” as the General Overseer (Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye), is fondly called – “A Year of Joy To The Wise”. May you be anointed with the oil of gladness to banish sorrow and poverty from your life through out 2009 and even for ever.


Anchor Scripture: “Wisdom strengtheneth the wise more than ten mighty men which are in the city.” Eccl. 7:19

Through our General Overseer, Daddy E.A. Adeboye, the Almighty God has declared this year (2009) as the year of “Joy to the wise” one of the ways to know the wise, as pointed out by Daddy G.O., is that the wise would take the Almighty God as his Ally because he (the wise) knows that he needs the assistance of God.

With the global crisis all over the place there will be, for the people of God, as Goshen in the days of darkness, a Brook Cherith in the time of famine and a clear direction on the next line of action even in the hour of confusion.

WEEK 1: (1-7TH FEB. 2009):

  • Thank God for His goodness and mercy upon the RCCG and the General Overseer. Ps. 23:6.
  • Thank God for the vision given to our father in the Lord. Pr. 29:18; Nu. 12:6.
  • Thank God for unusual miracles being performed in each programme. De. 11:3; John 6:2
  • Thank God for the miracles of sleeping and waking Ps. 4:8
  • Thank God for not allowing us to weep over our elders. Gen. 15:15; Isa. 46:4
  • Pray for more strength for the General Overseer, all Pastors, Ministers and Worker in the church De. 33:25; Jos 14:11; 1 Ch. 29:12
  • Pray that you will know Him the more this year Phil. 3:10
  • Pray that the purpose of God for your life will come to pass Eccl. 8:6; Ro. 9:1; Eph.1:11
  • Pray that your life should be deeply rooted in him. 1 Jo. 2:27; 1 Jo. 2:28
  • Pray for all department in the mission (Mention them one by one)

WEEK 2 (8-14TH FEB. 2009):

  • Thank God for His love and favor on Nigeria. Ps. 136:1-26
  • Thank God for the last year solemn assembly
  • Thank God that you are still under His Umbrella. Ps. 91:1
  • Thank God for allowing us to see another solemn hour in year 2009
  • Thank God that the Holy Spirit has not departed from us
  • Pray for divine visitation during this coming Holy Ghost service Ps. 111:9; Ps. 113:9; Jer. 20:13; Gen. 49:25
  • Pray that every plant that God did not plant in the Camp be uprooted. Pr. 2:22; Mt. 15:13
  • Father, breath into my situation and circumstances. Gen. 2:7; Job 33:4
  • O God, I pray, give me a fresh vision of you
  • Lord, let me always find Grace in thy sight. Ex. 33:13

WEEK 3 (15-21ST FEB. 2009):

  • Thank God for the church that is matching on. Ac. 2:47
  • Thank God for not allowing us to weep over our elders. Re. 5:5
  • Thank Him for the growth of the church both numerically and financially. Ps. 35:27; Ps. 44:3
  • Thank Him for the past Holy Ghost service in Nigeria and Oversees.
  • Thank Him for making it possible to hold the 2008 Abuja Holy Ghost service
  • Pray that out members will be obedient to the will of God. Heb. 5:8
  • Pray that there will be fear of god in the life of our members. 2 Co. 7:1; Pr. 19:23
  • Father, help me to give you your rightful place at the center of my universe.
  • Father, may I never take my eyes off from you.
  • Father, give me Grace to be a servant-leader. Jas. 4:6

WEEK 4 (22-28TH FEB. 2009):

  • Thank God that the Holy Spirit has not departed from the church.
  • Thank God for the growth in the Mission.
  • Thank God for all the prophecies fulfilled and prayers answered.
  • Father, let my spiritual eyes be opened. Ps. 119:18
  • Father, give me a taste of Heaven.
  • Father, I reject every negative report given to me in Jesus’ Name. Pr. 15:30
  • Father, don’t let me be a prey to the devil and an object of sacrifice. Ps. 124:6
  • Father, let the devil and his agent refused me as an object of sacrifice.
  • Father, please give me complete sight.
  • Father, let there be purging in Your church especially the Camp.

The above prayer point serve only as guild lines for the Covenant Partners. You are free to add to and/or modify any of the point where necessary. May the Almighty God bless you as we seek His face together throughout the month of February and beyond in the Effectual Name of out Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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  1. To whom it may concern:
    My wife left me over half a year ago. We are members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. I did not know where she moved to. I now know where she lives, and that she has been dating two men at the same time. I have also found out that she was seeing them before she left me and I have evidence of this. After 7 months of separation, I finally wrote her a letter telling her that I know of her adultery and fornication she has been engaging with the two men – and maybe others. She has not admitted to her adultery, but has emailed others stating that I am out of my mind. She is presently wanting a divorce.
    Please pray that God would clearly reveal to her sins, and that she would acknowledge and sincerely confess her sins to God and that she will truly fully repent immediately and come back to our covenant marriage, to her husband that loves her dearly and has fully forgiven her. If you receive a prophetic word, please email it to: Thank you.

  2. Anonymous,

    you’ve got a big heart, and that is the true heart of Christ – FORGIVENESS and FORBEARANCE. May the Lord God grant your prayers in Jesus peerless Name.

  3. i,ve been battling with the problem of failure at the edge of breaktroug.evrything has remain stagnant for me for the past 15 years.i want God to bring me a speedy recovery.,and annoit great men and women to come my way and puickened my foostep.Amen.

  4. Lani garcia | May 3, 2009 at 1:25 am | Reply

    pray for complete deliverance for jenina dobles, she was possessed by the devil, but now have been delivered, but there are still some demonic attacks. thanks

  5. Pray for me for a new promotional job I have applied for at SAPS. I desparately need a new environment where I will be able to praise and worship GOD, and for financial breakthrough, and prayer against satanic reinforcement, satanic network,conspiracy and witchhunting at my workplace. I have faith in My God and I know nothing is impossible with Him Amen.

  6. i,ve been battling with the problem of failure at the edge of breaktroug.evrything has remain stagnant for me for the past 15 years.i want God to bring me a speedy recovery.,and annoit great men and women to come my way and puickened my foostep.Amen

  7. ufuoma Orubu | June 24, 2009 at 11:42 pm | Reply

    i,ve been battling with the problem of failure at the edge of breaktroug.evrything has remain stagnant for me for the past 1 years.i want God to bring me a speedy recovery.,and to give me my visa .Amen

  8. peter okhai adolphus-irunokha | August 6, 2009 at 2:03 pm | Reply

    i need help from God to restore me back to his original plain and purpose in my life, for the past two years now i have being battling with his will concerning me and reveal his vision to me.

  9. Gbenga Emmanuel Falayi | January 7, 2010 at 9:37 am | Reply

    Cavalry greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.. I need God to fulfil his promises upon my life and grant me favour everywhere i go this year and in return i’ll serve him faithful with all that i have..

  10. Kehinde emmanuel | May 10, 2011 at 6:19 pm | Reply

    God is with us all

  11. i’m blessed

  12. I need your assistance to forward to me with your free 40 prayer points that can make change of my life and become more strong in word of the lord Jesus Christ. Please help me to overcome my problems in my family .
    i shall be fit to follow to do what measure to do and follow.

    Looking forward and hearing from you

  13. Please e-mail me at that
    I would lie you to send to me the 40 prayer points and instruction that how to use them correctly. Do not publish my e-mail address.

    convey my greeting.

    Joseph (Africa)

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