Prayer Weapons From God’s Armoury – Dr. Daniel Olukoya

prayer weapon from God's armouryThis are the snippets of the message preached by Dr. Daniel Olukoya of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministrries (MFM) titled “THE MYSTERY OF THE ARMOURY OF GOD”, as gleaned from Fire In The Word 12th Anniversary edition dated Vol. 13, No. 5 (Sun. 14th – Sat 20th December, 2008). Be blessed as you deploy these weapons in victorious battles.
Jeremiah 50:21 – The Lord hath opened his armoury and hath brought forth the weapons of his indignation: for this is the work of the Lord God of hosts in the land of the Chaldeans.
Some of the weapons in God’s armoury that can be used in battle are:
1. The Whirlwind (Job 38:1)
2. The Foundations of the Earth (Job 38: 4-6, Psalms 104: 3, 5)
3. The Stars (Job 38: 7, Judges 5: 20)
4. The Angels (Job 38:7)
5. The Gate and Waves of the sea (Job 38:8, Judges 5:20-21)
6. The Clouds (Job 38: 9)
7. Light and Darkness (Job 38:19)
8. Commanding the Morning (Job 38:12-13)
9. The East Wind (Exodus 10:13, Job 38:24)
10. The Depth (Job 38:16)
11. Death and the gates of the shadow of death (Job 38:17, Psalms 55:15)
12. The Earth (Job 38:18)
13. Snow and hail (Job 38:22)
14. Earthquake (Acts 16:26)
15. Lighting and Thunder(Job 38:25)
16. Rain (Job 38:26)
17. Ice and Frost (Job 38:29)
18. Arcturus, Orion and Pleiades (stars) [Job 9:9]
19. The ordinances of Heaven (Job 38:33)
20. Lions (Job 38:39)
21. Ravens (Job 38: 41)
All things created by God can be used as weapons in battle. God will through the prayers of His saits release weapons from His armoury that the enemy has not experienced before.

  1. O Stars of Heaven, Arise! Fight for me, in the name of Jesus.
  2. Every power of my father’s house that says I will not move forward, lions of God, Kill them, in the name of Jesus.
  3. O whirlwind of the Lord, Arise by Thunder, Overthrow every household witchcraft, in the name of Jesus.
  4. Thou power of the east wind, visit my home, office, career, etc, in the name of Jesus.
  5. O morning, Arise! KILL every bad luck targeted against me, in the name of Jesus.
  6. O earth, earth, earth, hear the Word of the Lord, VOMIT my virtues, in the name of Jesus.
  7. O lighting and thunder of God, uproot every unprofitable tree in my life by fire, in the name of Jesus.

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  1. I love your site. There is no day that goes by without opening your site and your prayers are powerful. Dr Olukoya, I pray God gives you more wisdom to carryout that which He has impresed upon your heart. I am getting blessed every day.

  2. pastor Alukoya pray for my breakthrough in business and let my money be release these year

  3. praisethelord pastor am blessed by tis site may god continueto use you mightly

  4. This site is a blessing. May God continue to use you mightly in His work. The prayer rain is awesome and very powerful.

  5. pastor pray for me to findv favour at my work place ,pray for me to be permanent,bless my family,let my husband be born again his name is selby pray for him to beblessed.thank u in the name of jesus

  6. larose Jones | March 24, 2010 at 7:24 am | Reply

    pastor may God continue to inspire you, so you can be a blessing to others, in Jesus name

  7. Praise GOD!
    The above Bible verse is Jeremiah 50:25 and not Jeremiah 50:21.
    GOd bless you for the wonderful work you are doing.

  8. princessmusyoki | July 2, 2010 at 1:31 pm | Reply

    I am blessed to have met a true mentor in you. Man of God continue to run and never grow weary. My prayer life has been impacted by you. shalom

  9. Man of God, I am requesting prayers for divine health, Loans being paid, marriage and long life span in my family.

    May God continue to bless your ministry in the mighty Name of Jesus…Amen

  10. please pastor pray for me to aquire the spirit of prayer and thanks giving to my almighty god

  11. Goodmorning Pastor please pray for me I need a financial breakthrough. There are some vows I vowed in my church since February this year It was a seven month vow I paid only three months I couldnt pay the remaining months. Please I need some money to pay and fulful my vows I have another debt of kshs 53,000 from somebody I need to pay this week. My business is not doing well. in total Ineed Kshs.200,000/= I need to clear these O Lord help me.

  12. pray for me and my family for new door this month , also for finacial brekthrough this month that i will able to pay all my debt open for me new bussiness ideal becuase my bussines thi year due to the money borrow ican pay it back so lost the bussines and the building so iwant god to find me my own premise again oh lord my god

  13. I am enjoying your teachings and prayer points. May I suggest that you have an archive on all of your prayer points. The way they are listed now using the daily top 15 leaves out so many good ones that are hard to find. Especially the one on November, the 11th hour mystery, I can’t even find it now, it is so good I wanted to share with my friends and there seems to be no easy way to find it. I have being searching now for about 15 min, I am disappointed that I can’t locate it .

    thank you, betty

  14. i am much blessed to find your site there is no a day come without open this site to go through your powerful
    prayers i only started now but i know that my life shall never be the same anymore and my spiritual life is change i know that this year is a year of my breakthrough in Jesus name in every area of my life, this year is a year of my married breakthrough, financial breakthrough and problems breakthrough…

    i thank God for Pastor ‘s life , may the Lord continued blessing you and using you mightily in Jesus Name.

  15. Dear Bro. Olukoya,
    Please help me to walk in the spirit. I need your prayers for the anointing of the Holy spirit. I need forget the sinful past by the powere of the Holy Spirit.

  16. sir pls pray 4me to get a good work after my service

  17. pray for me sir to get a good work after my service

  18. Venetta Damon Nelson | August 1, 2011 at 4:45 pm | Reply

    Goodmorning, man of God please pray for me, in all area in my life the devil is fighting me and my family but me most of all. in finance, marriage, career , even my own family it is use to kill me.In my finance is the going and I dont know where it is going, marriage hushand walk not see him for four years, no contact, career like my head has no brain,all I am get in dream where God is taking me.I lost my two brother , mother , I want to move from my famiy house cant move because I lost everything, but I didnt lost God. All these dream like Joseph, because of my dream the devil want to kill me.pray for please.

  19. Venetta Damon Nelson | August 1, 2011 at 4:48 pm | Reply

    I like reading the books and listeng to the word, I hope one day he could go to Guyana, and build a church there. he is bless also is wife. I am member of the church in New York.

  20. Baguma Daniel | August 3, 2011 at 12:34 pm | Reply

    Dear pastor Daniel, please pray for me, in all area in my life the devil is fighting me and my family most especially my finances, am having bad dreams and idont succeed in whichever i do. please pray for me.

  21. Rotimt temitope | October 8, 2011 at 4:08 am | Reply

    Man of God i thank you for this womderful site may the lord contnue to strengthen you i have a prayer point: every witchcraft of my family fighting against my break through in life should cease and i want restoration in my life.thank you

  22. catherine mwale | November 4, 2011 at 9:38 am | Reply

    Dear pastor,
    I get blessed by your ministry.Pastor am a young lady aged 28 and am about to get married in 3 weeks time (26 November 2011) and suddenly some ladies from my church want to cause confusion because i obeyed my parents on who should counsel me and they wanted to take the place of my mother in making arrangements but when she took her place they vowed to never take part in my wedding but these are the people i considered my spiritual parents.Please pray for me.

    Catherine mwale

  23. Dear Pastor, Man of God.
    I have read some of your books, have the Prayer Rain and some others which i use. But things don’t get well; Am the first child, aged 36; No husband, with a Bacherlo’s degree no good job. Am a clearner to make ends meet. My family now considers me a lost case. My first 3 followers are married. Am no longer considered a member of the family. There is some demonic manifesttation in my head and i don’t know what will finally happen to my brain (me). I have spend sleeepless nights but no answer. Please, Man of God, i believe your prayers will automatically set me free. I live in the city but all my dreams’ scenes are in the village.
    Please, Dr. Pray for me.
    Thank you in advance Doctor in the Name of Jesus.

  24. Regan
    What God has given to you just Thank Him with all your heart more especially for LIFE,there are people who had qualifications like you,had good jobs but some of them they are NO MORE,remember you have thousands of promises from God,its not late they will come to pass in Due season,due time ,appointed time,remember you might be getting training for a Senior good position that God is still going to give you,don’t complain and murmur,God does’nt like that,Thank him for everything,even if you don’t see anything that you can thank Him for,ask in humbleness,trust Him he will do it,do not be anxious about anything LIFE is more important,You are still going to receive Favor in all the areas of your LIFE. Remember what God says in Matthew 20Verse16 (open your Bible)
    ,He will take you from the back to the front but in DUE SEASON,endure what you are going through right now,it will make you stronger and wiser,and don’t stress about it,other people are going through worse things,Pray with Faith,impress God by trusting Him,He is your Creator He cannot mismanage your Life. God loves you very much,wait patiently and see what He will do for you in His own time. God bless you ALL WiLL BE WELL

  25. In God we trust, amen.
    Thank u very much for the words of wisdom.
    May The Anointing of God continue to fall on you, fill and refill you in abondance in Jesus name.
    It ties with the message i harvested from The Trophetic Tree in our Ministry “Holy ghost zone” This January. The command is” humility” and the vision is “upliftment.” Am just praying for the grace of The Great i am that i am to guide me in this journey. Why i say so is because my direct follower is in U.S A. She always condemn me to our parents and whatever thing she says they don’t even ask me if it is true but they believe and act on it part of it because she helps the family financially while i don’t. I really have her in my heart and now the spirit of God keeps telling me to let it go. But its difficult. i need your intercession on my behalf to forgive her and forget it all.
    Thank you once again in Jesus Name.

  26. Richard sichone | August 15, 2012 at 2:52 pm | Reply

    Praise the Lord ! This site is really a blessing to me. Man of God , continue blessing us and God bless u.

  27. please pray for me for divine intervention in my life.

  28. Pastor Daniel, Please pray for my Mom to be healed she loves the Lord jesus Christ and need total healing in her body. Please Pray the breath of Life for her. I thank you so much for being here and teaching us these principles. may the Lord God continue to bless you and your Family and Ministry.

  29. clayton george robinson | March 4, 2013 at 12:16 pm | Reply

    o brotherr! thank you for this. i woke up around 2am the devil and his witchcraftyness. i prayed for wisdom of how to fight this off. amen! you are a blessing. now gonna go fight the depths of satan. for they use the names of our mighty god to control demons! pray for me sir. for wisdom,strengh,and to fight off pride while i do this.

  30. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your
    efforts and I am waiting for ykur further write ups
    thank you once again.

  31. Excellent info! Cheers for writing.

  32. Thank you for sharing these inspiring and uplifting prayers. You are a blessing. I pray that God continue to use you in a Mighty Way in the Mighty Name of Jesus Amen.

  33. Umoren Charlea | October 2, 2015 at 12:00 pm | Reply

    Sir, please pray for me I need money to pay for my school fees and other school bill so that I can start clearance to so as to get ready for nysc batch B this year November..

  34. Add me to your prayer list to rebute every prayer against me by my. Former. Workplace. Called. Ambassador nursing. Center. I had suffered a lot. Not a. Single I. had. a peace of. Mind. Father break any. Curse. Hexed. Vexes all witchcraft. Place on me. Thanks

  35. Daddy May God continue to inspire you so.
    God bless you for the wonderful work you are doing sir.

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