Prophetic Insights Into 2009 – A Year of Divine Jealousy

With the electric accuracy with which most of his previous annual prophecies were fulfilled, Dr. Daniel Olukoya revealed the heart of God for 2009, declaring that 35 things would happen or be cancelled depending on how vigilant and prayerful we as the body of Christ are.

  1. It shall be a year of Diverse manifestations (both positive and negative). He warned us not to project negativity this year. He said those manifestations would be like the manifestation of a new born baby after a 9-month pregnancy.
  2. There would be uncommon and worrisome occurences. He said that many countries would need special prayers against unusual wastes of lives.
  3. He also said special prayers would be needed to silence wasters, particularly for youths.
  4. This year, Heavens will have zero tolerance for robbers jailing robbers and thieves jailing thieves. Apparently this is a mesage for politicians and the EFCC, ICPC, etc. He explained further that after earthly judges have concluded cases, the Heavenly Judge would take over and judge righteously.
  5. It shall be a year where concentrated prayers are needed to tame economic, environmental and general tragedies.
  6. It shall be a year of FAVOUR, and LIFTING UP for God’s Children [I am one of them].
  7. The power delaying the breakthroughs of God’s children will be crushed.
  8. It shall be a year of massive open-doors for us children of God. He explained that God would leak away the wealth of the ungodly and connect the pipe to our pockets.
  9. It shall be a year of “How art the mighty fallen”.
  10. It shall be a fantastic year for Givers and a troublesome year for the Stingy.
  11. This year there will be open disgrace for bloody money and magic wealth.
  12. In this year, aggressive prayers are needed to sanitize our national political scene which is presently buried in stinking refuse. Occultism in leadership cannot move anyone forward.
  13. This is a year where those who are bent on killing you would kill themselves.
  14. Unfortunately this year, there would be a progressive food famine except we check it with prayer and fasting.
  15. This shall be a year of silent and open global riots that would even scare the boldest of men. We need to be very prayerful.
  16. This year, the mystery of homeless landlords would begin to play out.
  17. This year, the strongman in charge of crime and violence would operate in a strange new dimension unless caged by prayers.
  18. This year, early comers to services would begin to experience uncommon angelic testimonies.
  19. Kings and rulers still engaging in pagan-worship and idolatory will have themselves to blame. Their idols would come against them.
  20. fireworks on new year day lit up prayer city

  21. In this year, two verses of scriptures (psalms 16:4 and psalms 20:7-8) shall play itself out more clearly. There shall be massive failure of people who trust in charms and magic.
  22. This year there will be emergence of strange illness to punish immorality. Serpents would enter the bodies of adulterers and fornicators after their sinful pleasures, and no deliverance can remove them because, it is God Almighty Himself that would battle immorality.
  23. For those who will whole-heartedly seek the Almighty, it shall be a year of CONSERVATION, COMPLETION, ATTAINMENT, FULFILMENT, REGENERATION and REVELATION for them.
  24. A lot of uncompleted projects by God’s Children will be completed.
  25. The green snakes under the green grass would fight it out under the grass.
  26. Past mysterious circumstances that nobody understood how it happened shall be mysteriously unveiled.
  27. This year, the foolish shall confound the wise.
  28. The slave will put the chains on their masters.
  29. MFM prayer fireworks

  30. There will be a violent rage from the kingdom of darkness to capture virtues of people. I advise that you should learn how to do your own hair by yourselves.
  31. The lord shall sweeten the marah of bitter waters for His people this year.
  32. Strong prayers are needed to avert shocking and senseless killings.
  33. Strong prayers are also needed to tame the rage of spiritual wickedness in the heavenlies (skies).
  34. This shall be a year of influx and power of strange children sent out to initiate people. Figure 9 is a complete spiritual cycle of growth. From Adam to Noah is 9 generations. From Noah to Abraham is also 9 generations. That figure is highly revered in occult circles, and it could be repackaged from 9-9-9 to 6-6-6. You must fast and pray on 9th September, 2009 (09-09-2009).
  35. Final whistle would be blown on long term problems.
  36. It shall be a year of Divine jealousy and Divine judgement.
  37. It is a year of sowing that would be accompanied by much harvests.

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  1. My mom(omoniyi) has been battling with a sore on her leg before my birth that has been coming and going,but now it has refused to go

  2. I want to receive the baptism of the holyspirit

  3. I am seeking for the fruit of the womb. I want God to arise and fight my battle and disgrace all enemies waiting to laugh me to scorn.

  4. I wish to thank God for Dr Olukuya.The prayer points have been a blessing to me. please pray for me I need financial breakthrough about US Dollars 5000. I also need a house plus a car. may God richly bless. love Prosperity -LESOTHO

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