These are prayers vomited by the Holy Ghost through the mouth of His servant, Dr. D. K. Olukoya. General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries MFM.

1. My Father, If I am walking opposite to You, STOP me by fire! In the name of Jesus.
2. Anointing that breaks the yoke; BREAK every yoke over my destiny, in the name of Jesus.
3. Every altar assigned to sacrifice my progress, DIE! In the name of Jesus.
4. Satanic contention, satanic injunction, satanic mandate programmed against my destiny, DIE! in the name of Jesus.
5. You garment of satanic poison, CATCH FIRE! In the name of Jesus.
6. My life, hear the word of the Lord, REJECT witchcraft burial, in the name of Jesus.
7. Spiritual armed robbers, your time is up, DIE! in the name of Jesus.
8. Star hijackers, you are a liar, DIE! In the name of Jesus.
9. You swallowing power of my father’s/mother’s house, VOMIT my breakthroughs by fire! In the name of Jesus.
10. Anything programmed during the night hour to destroy my testimony, you are a liar, DIE! in the name of Jesus.
11. Every evil power, driving the vehicle of my life to hell fire, your end has come, RELEASE ME and DIE! In the name of Jesus.
12. Begin to thank the Lord.

By Dr. D. K. Olukoya


  1. oin me in prayer for God to restore back to me my children and fustrate the household enemies to vow I will not be able to have a steady and complete my house project.

    andrew e.o’s last blog post..Sexual lusts: effects of masturbation, porn, fornication and adultery

  2. moses oladejo | July 8, 2009 at 3:50 am |

    help me to pray to God for me to be a loving faher, and be able to take care of my family.

  3. OGBEMUDIA PATIENCE | August 13, 2009 at 11:42 am |

    Help to pray to God my father the one that see all things to deliver me from spiritual husband, for me not to eating in the dream, have sex in the dream, buying meat or seeing blood in the dream because immediately i see all this dream this my dream i will start seeing my period if even is not yet time, putting birth in the dream but physical and not pregnant, getting to three year i have not take inn for my husband, I need pray for my family and my husband family. This is my phone No. 08066332733, 08032326380.

    Thanks for being internet.

    Am gratefully.

    Ogbemudia Patience

  4. my bofriend behave like a zombie some times how can I help deliever hi.Its causing our relationsip to die please help

  5. Peter Folorunso A | August 23, 2009 at 8:03 pm |

    The good lord shall continue to bless our father in the lord , DR DKO richly.You are indeed a BLESSING TO OUR GENERATION.

  6. I am praying for the Holy Ghost Fire to burn and destory everything that is keeping me and the spouse God has for me apart. To marry is Holy Living and I desire to live Holy. I desire to have what God has for me and the Devil must lose it now in the name above every name, Jesue the Christ. Agree with me Amen.

  7. Pray for every generational curses in my family be destroy in Jesus name Amen.Pray for every disappointment spirit be destroy in my life and let the manifestation of his promises come to pass in my life in J esus name Amen.


  9. Please sir,pray for me against The spirit of lust & immorality.


  11. I covet your prayers that God will send a financial break through to me and my family. From the moment I focused on praying hell broke lose. I lost my job, my mother lost her job of 26 years, my uncle who is a pastor, his support was cut in half, making life extremely difficult for his family and the list goes on. My aid was because I am laid-off, I will use the opportunity to go to school. Two days before school started, I found out that the financial aid granted to me was withdrawn. Pray that God will empower me and by prayer the forces of the enemy will flee as far as the north is from the south and the east is from the west, into the deepest part of the ocean. I hunger for deep anointing from God. Thank you for your fervent prayers.

  12. God i need a twins,Lord give me twin boy and girl.Thank u lord for giving me

  13. I pray for the fruit of the womb. Thank you heavenly father because i believe and know my prayers will be answered.

  14. please pray for our ministry that God will increase His anointing upon our lifes and our ministry.That we will operate in the gifts of the holy spirit and many souls will come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ through our ministry.
    thank you .God Bless you

  15. Dearest Fellow Intercessors,

    Please it will be a thing of joy if all of us in the ministry of Intercession will join our hands together and forget about our various denominational mindset, and pray for this great country Nigeria, I believe the Almighty God will answer us in a instantaneous approach.

    And also lets pray for the our Educational Sector, Banking Sector, and Forgein Affairs Sector; that God will interven in all the things that concerns this sector and also jeopardize whatever program the people of Muslim conutries is projecting into this country Nigeria.

    Thanks and God Bless!!
    Ferd Chuka

  16. samukelisiwe | October 12, 2009 at 11:14 am |

    Pray with me for financial breakthrough so that iam able to pay all my debts, and i also want get married to a God Fearing man , I have decribed the the ma husband i want to themy God, just want prayers that he comes to meet and we start saving the Lord together , and my fqmily salvation , break the spirit untractiveness to man

  17. Nancy Njoroge | October 13, 2009 at 4:56 pm |

    The teaching of Dr. olukoya are powerful. He has unpacked the word with such a revelation by the Holy Spirit. l pray that God to increase him and the MOF MINSTIRES.




  18. stephen akinyele | October 14, 2009 at 4:26 pm |

    i want God favour, divine guidiance and presence in every area of my life.

  19. johnson gbenga | October 16, 2009 at 1:47 pm |

    please .. i need divine healing from God.. i once had severe cough and now all my ribs are paining me, when i breath deep inside , i feel pains.
    please pray for me for God intervention, He is the greatest physician.

    thanks and God Bless you too.

  20. samukelisiwe | October 19, 2009 at 7:59 am |

    for 13 years the father of my son left Iam trusting God that he will bring him to see his son he’s in nigeria iam in South africa his name is Benjamin. Please Pray that one of these days Lord will talk this guy through the power of the Holy Soirit to rimind hm to pick the fone or search for me and his son. all i want is my son to know his biological father. thoughGod has looked after my son from day he was born til this day . I will be best day for my son to see his father.
    Please pray for me that before end of 2009 Benjamin will not have rest till he search fo his son.

  21. samukelisiwe | October 19, 2009 at 8:00 am |

    for 13 years the father of my son left Iam trusting God that he will bring him to see his son he’s in nigeria iam in South africa his name is Benjamin. Please Pray that one of these days Lord will talk this guy through the power of the Holy Spirit to rimind him to pick up the phone or search for me and his son. all i want is my son to know his biological father. thoughGod has looked after my son from day he was born til this day . I will be best day for my son to see his father.
    Please pray for me that before end of 2009 Benjamin will not have rest till he search fo his son.

  22. AJI BOYE OLANIYI ADEOLA | October 23, 2009 at 3:25 pm |

    I want the Holy Ghost fire to burn to ashes the spirit of lust & immorality. Also want the DIVINE FAVOUR of the Lord upon my name AJIBOYE OLANIYI ADELOA so that i’ll be gainfully employed this month.

  23. thank u for the good job God is using u to do in the life of mankind.may God continue to strength u against all evil forces. please help me to pray for the only 2 daughters i have. one is 40+, the other one is 33+ both are yet to get their respective husband. they live in london. nthis is giving me a lot od concern. i have faith in ur prayer and in God. i am nearly 71.

  24. stephen akinyele | November 2, 2009 at 4:06 pm |

    i want God to give me a permanent appointment with my employer and also to have a successful wedding next year 2010.

  25. Sir i realized that in my family nobody is in the right position either fianancially or academically
    i tried to break this bond but the suitation is proving to be diffficult and is affecting me
    Because i have been writing a particular professional exam for 3 times (last stage that will make me qualify)now but to avail i have been failing even though i read as if i will never read again i will still fail sir what can i do.Sir i want to win this battle at the early stage of my life what can i do.

  26. the mystery of the 11th hour,prayer request that god wil speak to my gates that ara will enter into uncommon favor, inthe name of jesus. that i will a financial breakthrough. holy ghost wil fall freash on me/use me in amighty wAY.I THE protection on me and my love ones jasmine toya big mac. and every wicthcraft/ hinderace coming agaist my family to go back to the sender where it came from. for we can live life pleasing to god.

  27. praise jesus of nazareth! your site have really encouraged me and changed my life,as my desire always is to do the will of God and also to be in his presence always for the lost souls and those in bondage.please do pray for me that every generational curse may be broken,spirit husband that some times oppress me so that imay be married serve the lord God with all my strength.
    that i may be firery for jesus.

  28. pray for myself i am deeply in debt for a mirical breakthrough.Also pray for me and cherylenes comapny melody hills for our finances and for jobs we did’nt had jobs in 2 years we argue alot pray for understanding guidance prosperity and growth.iTS A TRADING ,CLEANING AND COURIER COMPANY,PRAY FOR UNDERSTANDING SPIRITUAL GUIDANCES AND PRAOTECTION .tHANK YOU GOD BLESS

  29. Please pray for my financial prosperity, i have a son and mother but do not see or take care of yet they depend on me financialy, its because i cannot provide, i lost a decent paying job and living hand to mouth, i would like to be reunited with my son and mother and be a family, can you also pray for my prgnant wife to have a healthy child and safe pregnancy, please pray for our financial breakthrough.

  30. pray 4 me to get a godly husband am getin old

  31. vera onakhinor | January 2, 2010 at 9:03 pm |

    God is good, i want deliverance from every manipulating gods of my fathers house, deliverance from every spiritual husband, freedom from promise and fail, freedom from lack of job opportunity, freedom from backwardness, i want to get married by august 2010, i want to be able to serve God more i do now, i want oversea opportunities, i want financial breakthrough. i want my deliverance this year in jesus name amen.

  32. idah anthony | January 5, 2010 at 8:05 pm |

    sir i need your help Pls i am a Nigeria leaving in Italy am having problem with my document an this year 2010 jenuary 24 the goverment of italy asking to come to curt pls sir i need your prayer for the goverment to answer me an give me my own document.

  33. please help me in prayers to overcome my enemies. That delay and dissappointment shall leave my life.
    As am trusting God to bless me with the fruit of the womb to sustain my marriage. I know my God liveth and will hear my cry. Esinam

  34. Been wondering and praying to come accross a website tosend in prayer request to trusted men of God and I can tell this is o ne. God bless you as you pray along with us.M

  35. Blessings Vitumbiko | January 26, 2010 at 2:13 pm |

    Have been praying for my destiny ie;good marriage,scholarship for my degree,good health,spiritual growth,wisdom ,permanent job and even for my relatives to believe in God(give their lives to Christ but struggling.I have just joined this organisation that bear the email temporarily no permanent job.I need a help in these otherwise iam being mocked now and then which God are u serving.

  36. please and please again pray for my auntie called Cyntia and her husband called Felix .They’ve been married for over 15 years now and have no child ,they’ve done everything and prayed very prayer they know but still know issue .Please we are trusting God that this year He will do something about it.

  37. kelvin odigie | February 3, 2010 at 3:13 pm |

    Let both the husband and wife kneel down confess all known sins and ask the Lord for forgiveness, after that enter into agreement prayer and tell GOD that you children this year. you have to be specific -2 boys or a boy and a girl. The husband should wake up at the hour of 12 midnight lay hand on his wife womb and begin to prophesy. Do this for 7 days. God with His infinit mercy sent His Angels that distribute childen as in the day of Sarah to visit them, in JESUS Name.

  38. I pray that the Lord will open doors of financial breakthrough for my finance,i want God to promote his business. i want customers to locate him from far and near. I pray also that God should open doors for me, i ask God to direct my part and locate me with a great job. i want God to fight my battle, every strange man that is feeding me with satanic food and making love to me in the dream, i want Almighty God to disgrace the person. every affliction,disease and infirmity i want God to heal me, my brothers and sisters


  40. prayer for God to heal me and generational curse against me and my family.

  41. I need blessings of the fruit of the womb and deliverance from evil dreams

  42. Remilekun Daodu | March 26, 2010 at 2:19 pm |

    father lord have mercy on me, each time am pregnant, i don’t carry to terms. lord please please render every power that has been aborting pregnancy powerless in my life in Jesus mighty name.

    Lord, Please give me bounty ful baby before January 2011 in Jesus Name.

  43. I need blessings of the fruit of the womb

  44. I need blessings of the fruit of the womb and deliverance from evil dreams

  45. kelvin odigie | April 8, 2010 at 12:58 pm |

    I pray for Humphrey and his family before the end of this year, they will dedicate their twince, in Jesus name. Humphrey claim this prophesy by faith because the LORD that visited my sister with twince after 8 years, will visite you too in Jesus Name. This was the same prayer I prayered for her last year when she came in contact with me, and she dedicated her twince on 28 march 2010.

  46. Sister Faye | April 8, 2010 at 5:49 pm |

    Hello Elisha
    Please pray for us regard a problem that has arisen for the last 2 years in which we cannot find an ending solution to.
    In the year 2008 we decided to move from our flat and buy a house. we asked the mortgage company for permission to rent this flat to which they sent a letter approving. we still have this letter.

    Since moving into our new home all hell has broken loose. first the letting company refused to give us any rent from the flat for 3 months which meant that we had to find 2 mortgage fees. then the mortgage company denied that they gave us permission to rent . this has been going on for 2 years now.

    we have now sent them the letter showing their agreement but now they are stating that they made a mistake and we should get the tenant to leave. we are struggling for answers as it has been our intention to invest in properties and at this moment it seems like everything will be taken away.

    i must include in this letter that the mortgage is now stating that they did send me a letter in July 2008 and they have gone to the length of even printing up a letter with that date, but this is untrue as we have kept all their letters to date- with none missing.
    We have recently joined your website and have started to pray the the Prayer DNA secrets.

    Please also pray for my neice (Peta-Gay) who has just recently lost her job. She had planned to send herself to university and have recently given her life to Christ but suddenly everything is going wrong for her

  47. Victory Omoefe | June 27, 2010 at 4:18 pm |

    i need prayers for total restoration in all areas of my life and the grace to serve God uprightly

  48. Pls. help me to pray that God should deliver me from the power of lust

  49. I was born with squint eyes.My dad and brother were born with the same condition.This as really effected my life .Plase pray for God to remove this curse from my life

  50. Pray my husband james will be delivered from lust sins, bondages, and addictions. Pray my long marriage will be protected, too.

  51. daddy in deed you are a blesssing 2 me iwant 2 have ur direct commmunication prayer line if i can find this grace b4 u love and the family i need 2be imparted with this ur heavely ordained grace pray 4me.

  52. Praise the lord,Im shaan from india.If any one need emergency prayer try to contact me throught mail or my telphone for instant miracles and deliverance.My mail id is &My contact Number is 919618218256

  53. Please sir, pray for to break the backbone of failure and poverty in my family.
    also to break the backbone of idol worshipping in my family line.

  54. I want the good Lord to settle any spiritual difference between me and my future partner this month in Jesus name.Also I want The Almighty God to complete what He has started regarding the fulfillment of my destiny on earth in Jesus name.

  55. Sir, i’ve bin inspired, delivered & blessed by ur books and prayerpoints right 4rm my days in High school, i tnk God 4 being a 1derful impact in our Generation.
    Please i want u to interceed on my behalf, cuz i want to be a virtous & succesfull woman, a 1derful mother and a gr8 impact in my generation.

    Thank you

  56. i receive my job by fire, i receive good result by fire, good health and a set of twins-2boys. In Jesus name.

  57. I thank God for your life Sir, i believe God for my miracle babies (twins, a boy and a girl) in Jesus name

  58. I need divine intervention for Promotion in my place of work. Many that are not doing as much as I do were promoted recently but because my Supervisor was badly appraised, the ripple effect of his appraisal affected me.

    He(my Supervisor) has been a victim of victimization all these years.

    Kindly assist me – I work with UBA.

    Thank you and God Bless

  59. Glory to God. God bless you so much for this wonderful prayers guidelines.

    Please remember to include in me in your prayers for total deliverance and victory and also please remember my sister Jacky who is under serious bondage now for over 10 years. She is mentaly sick. She understands in her own ways which annoys or looks like an insult to others. Even if one slaps her, she does not respond but does her things the way she wants and she talks alone many times like she is facing sombody and quarelling too.
    God bless you

  60. Oshioke shellu | September 5, 2010 at 10:30 am |

    I a graduate in engineering,and enemies of detiney are are showing in the dreams of my past school time and school mates and some place i have worked,i see myself masturbating in the dream and eating too. Pray for me Sir,because Jesus is the only hope i hav.thanks

  61. I a graduate in engineering,and enemies of detiney are are showing in the dreams of my past school time and school mates and some place i have worked,i see myself masturbating in the dream and eating too. Pray for me Sir,because Jesus is the only hope i hav.thanks

  62. Oshioke shellu | September 6, 2010 at 2:09 pm |

    Good day sir,please send me prayer point against spirutial wife or husband

  63. i grow up in a family of 15 children of my father ,with my wife ,and hatered is are morning food everyday in the family,just because my father belong to a secret cult Ogboni, Ekanka,fremenson,Armoch, and many others which i dont even no,some are in India,usa,south africa and kenya. he as kill lots and lots of people in r family for riches, he use to tell me then that i look like him and i say that i dont i look like myself, he told me that i will take over from what his been doing ,in my mine ,i say God forbid that . He kill his own brother to get the wife and then the wife sleep with him and had a sickness ,which no 1 no the name of it , i told my mother ever thing his been doing all this while,later the woman dead and left her children ,people started calling him names and yet he still wanted to kill more people in the family ,i refuse to join him and he said to me that he disowned me then ,i told myself thats better ,cos i didnt want such a father in my life. Every year or end of the year, some thing most happen in my family or my town which the will say he is the one doing all this things , i had to run away to Sydney ,Australia to have refuge there, and live there as a man ,many time there try to kill me and my mother ,they say if i cant get him ,we will kill the mother ,some time i wonder how long will this be ,am sick of all this , i join mfm in uyo (AKS)because it was to much for me as a young man,i have a child now and my child is way to just for this so call Ogboni and others, i have been in australia first time and i was retune back for notting ,i cryed and ask God to bring me back and God did it ,now am here but tryed to get my permenet resident here ,from court to court in this country which i have not been to court in my life before,now am waiting for my court decision to favour me ,so that can bring my child which i have not see her before,have been waiting for this for a long time now,O Lord let my court case favour me from the judge, which some one,from the Department change my paper for my case and put some thing different so that i will not get my PR in this country.O lord the bible say that ,the heart of the king is in your hands ,Jesus christ come into my case and over tune things in my court case in jesus mighty name i pray Amen. O lord i want to win my court case and get my PR in jesus mighty name i pray,Amen.

  64. Oshioke shellu | September 8, 2010 at 8:29 am |

    Thank God Almighty in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ for all that He is doing in our life through this prayer ministry.I want you to know that this prayer point are producing result in my life,i advice anyone out there to start using them and you will see the power in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ doing wonder in every aspect of your life.

  65. I need the touch of God to break the spirit of lust, masturbation, stagnation and slow progress in my life and extended family. I have been having series of disappointments to get a rightful God’s will in marraige. I need hot prayer of deliverance from the Prayer Warriors and concerned christians to break this yoke of poverty, and backwardness. To set me in my own matrimonial home soonest. Thank you and God bless.

  66. I need God to show his drastic miracle in my life by giving a complete breakthrough that my marriage will physically happen this month of September 2010( and may this day be a true testimony to everyone that is surrounding me and will surely believe I trust on the living God in Jesus Name .Breaking the generation curse of unsuccessful marriages within my family completely. Be debt free. My whole family and my inlaws to be saved and unity that will stay forever. All the slow progress that has followed me in terms of getting another job, car and my marriage be totally uprooted in Jesus name and recover all the blessings I have lost in the past in Jesus name.. God’s will to take charge of my life in all aspects.. Sex dreams to burnt by fire from of God.
    Thanks God Bless

  67. Oshioke shellu | September 14, 2010 at 10:51 am |

    According to Genesis 1:26-28 ‘then God said “and now we will make human being :they will have POWER over the fish,the birds,and all animal,domestic and wild,large and small.So God created human beings,making them to be like himself.He created male and female.BLESSED them and said “Have many children,so that your descendent will live all over the earth and bring it under their CONTROL.I am putting you in charge of the fish,the birds and all the wild animals.” what i trying to point out is that when God and our lord Jesus created us,they give us POWER over all their creation,they also BLESSED us,finally they kept everything under this earth under our CONTROL.The bad angels and demons that were cast to the earth are under our CONTROL as long they inside or under this earth.So i telling everybody out there don’t be afraid of demons because God and our Lord Jesus christ Have kept them under your control. You can control them with the name ABOVE ALL names that name is JESUS CHRIST,he was with GOD when they give us the POWER,THE BLESSING AND THE CONTROL OVER powerless power inside the earth.AMEN

  68. Oshioke shellu, thanks for the holy spirit, who has revealed to you this powerful scripture. Many times we read the bible but also many times, sometimes, we miss or fail to listen clearly to the holy spirit guiding us to understand.
    Surely, God created us and gave us the supernatural power and we have authority over every living things on earth. Therefore, no demons or evil spirit should scare us. We are above them, and they are under our feet. Glory to Jesus. God bless you and please let’s continueing sharing in order to strengthen the body of Christ as a christian. peace

  69. covenant King | September 14, 2010 at 2:59 pm |


  70. Oshioke shellu | September 14, 2010 at 4:55 pm |

    ONE OF THE SECRET TO PRAYER AND PRAISE,…..,when you prayer seal the prayer with the blood of JESUS CHRIST.The route of the prayer from you to JESUS CHRIST and back to you must also be seal with the blood of JESUS CHRIST so that the demons wil not hear or steal or block your prayer.GOD BLESS IN JESUS NAME AMEN


  72. Please pray with me for devine restoration of my marriage.My husband is in bondage with the most evil spirit of gay.His family wants to destroy him and his marriage and he does not realise that.Father he is walking opposite You but he is a man of God,STOP him father! In the the name of Jesus Christ.Break every yoke over Siza’s destiny in the name of Jesus Christ
    satanic contention, satanic injunction ,satanic mandate programmed against his destiny DIE in the name of Jesus Christ.You Satanic poison entangling him CATCH FIRE!IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.His life hear the word of the Lord ,REJECT THIS SATANIC BONDAGE in the name of Jesus Christ.Evil spiritual armed robbers , specifically the people that do not belong to my house your time is up YOU MUST PACK AND GO in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.Every evil power driving the vehicle of Siza’s life to hell fire, your end has come, RELEASE SIZA and DIE in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    I thank you Lord that Siza has been delivered agaist all his evil bondages and NEVER AGAIN and I repeat NEVER AGAIN will he ever GO BACK IN THE NAME OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

  73. Pray with me God to open for new opportunity and show me direction towards my destiny, Lord remember my daughters and give them favour in their financial life pay all their bills

  74. Please pray for my friend to be blessed with a baby. My husband to study bible and be fully committed christian.

  75. Pastor s o Popoola | October 9, 2010 at 3:46 pm |

    Man of God I want you to pray for me and wife for baby twice boys before this next year

  76. Please pray with me for devine restoration of my marriage.My husband is in bondage with the most evil spirit of homosesuality.His family wants to destroy him and his marriage and he does not realise that.Father he is walking opposite You but he is a man of God,STOP him father! In the the name of Jesus Christ.Break every yoke over Siza’s destiny in the name of Jesus Christ
    satanic contention, satanic injunction ,satanic mandate programmed against his destiny DIE in the name of Jesus Christ.You Satanic poison spirit of homosexuality entangling him CATCH FIRE!IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.His life hear the word of the Lord ,REJECT THIS SATANIC BONDAGE of homosexuality in the name of Jesus Christ.Evil spiritual armed robbers , specifically the people that do not belong to my house your time is up YOU MUST PACK AND GO in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.Every evil power driving the vehicle of Siza’s life to hell fire, your end has come, RELEASE SIZA and DIE in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.I PRAY FOR BONDAGE SPIRIT OF HOMOSEXUALITY TO LEAVE HIM IN THE NAME OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH .
    I thank you Lord that Siza has been delivered agaist all his evil bondages and NEVER AGAIN and I repeat NEVER AGAIN will he ever GO BACK IN THE NAME OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

  77. In the name of Jesus christ of Nazeret i pray for Divine healing for my mother who is diagnosied with diabetic.. I command the spirit of diabetic to die in Jesus Name. I PARALYSE AND REDUCE diabetic to Zero in her body in Jesus Name.I declare her healed in Jesus Name.

  78. i pray for our friend Jackline to get job of her heart desire in Jesus Name.As we meet again may she testfie she has seen our God.

  79. God Bless you sir, i came across this site on the secrets of breakthroughs and its the midnight prayer which has turned my life around for good. I thank GOD for directing me to your battle at midnight site… i have been in europe for years and every thing seems static, no going forward no backward thats, not knowing what to do… please Daddy, i need your support in prayers to be librated from this bondage, my family are back home with my children and wife, i want to go to them but i cant. well, i can dream now, dreams that i could not see for years are coming back since i started midnight prayers, help me in prayers as i continue to pray…. i urge every one who read this to join me in prayers…GOD Be with us all in Jesus Name Amen….

  80. Brother Joseph | October 19, 2010 at 1:57 pm |

    I served a master as is the tradition of most Igbo people in Nigeria.
    Couple of years ago I was settled to commence on my own.Of a truth man of God it has not been easy.
    The most troublesome aspect of it is that oftentimes I see myself still working for this man in the dream.Either, I am supervising his construction work or I would find myself in the office I had left for years.
    This man has taken more than 100boys as apprentice in my Village, of the above numbers about 95% of those people are really suffering.Life has really been traumatic for those people. People say I should consider myself lucky for the little achievement I have.Quite unlike great number of former apprenctices who are unfortunately living from hand to mouth. I have embarked on all kinds of prayers and fasting, still life Is still characterise with difficult challanges. Please dear man of God what must Ido. I want my colourful destiny in Christ Jesus to shine through. This man is an elder in one of the well respected penticostal churches in Nigeria.

  81. I pray for Bro Joseph, the LORD will break the soul tie between you and your former master, in JESUS NAME. What you need to do is to pray at the hour of the night, pray the following prayers. 1. Every soul tie between me and my former master (mention his name) Break and release me by fire, in JESUS NAME. 2. Any covenant I have entered into with my former master (metioned his name) consciously and unconsciously affecting my life now ,I Break you with the hammer of GOD and release myself buy fire, in JESUS NAME. 3. Every circle of bondage, frustration, poverty etc drawn for me by my former master (mention his name) by the power in the Blood of JESUS, I spoil you, I scatter you, I conceal you and I walk out of you forever, in JESUS NAME.

  82. Big thanks to you sir, for all these powerful prayer points…..May GOD continue to use you to deliver His people from the power of darkness….. I have been following the midnight prayer battles and victory is from all sides… Thanks for your support and prayers for us….God Bless You Richly and every reader of Gods word….Amen

  83. I greet you all in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.I am asking for prayers and prayer points for Tshidiso and Tshepiso to leave my house in the name of our.Their mission is to destroy my marriage and they go to an extend of damaging my car because they want me leave my marriage or abscond.I want them to STOP DAMAGING MY CAR IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AND I REBUKE THIER ACTIONS WITH FIRE THE NAME OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.I COMMAND THEM TO LEAVE MY HOUSE WITH FIRE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IN THE NAME OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST AND LET NO WEAPON FORMED SHALL PROSPER.

  84. Joseph Caesar | November 4, 2010 at 4:34 am |

    Man of God, please pray for me t get my promotion or a better job, I have been working for 14+ years without a promotion. People are being promoted who came on the job long after me.

  85. Man of GOD. please pray for me. I have been having sleepless night since I was a child because of evil powers and withcraft powers against my life; because of this problem, I have done different types of prayer but all to no avail. I really need your immediate prayers… Am a Nigerian. Thanks

  86. Dear Pastor,
    Please pray for me that God woul burn all the demons which are blocking my way for a better future. Also, please pray for me that all what the enemy has stolen from me be restored back to me in Jesus name. Amen

  87. Man of God,
    Please pray for me that God would burn all the demons which are blocking my way to prosperity. Also please pray for me that God would send His power to destroy all demonic attack on my life.

  88. please pray for me that every demons& evil spirit that has taken my blessing and destroy my family (husband).And to be able to wake up at midnight to prayer.

  89. Shellu oshioke | November 15, 2010 at 12:16 pm |

    I thanks GOD Almighty for the wonderful thing that He has done in my life.He deliver me from the spirit of retrogression,from spiritual husband and wife coven and the water and marine spirit witches coven in JESUS name.GLORY TO HIS NAME FOREVER

  90. According to Ephesian 6:12-13 ‘for we are not fighting against HUMAN BEING,but against the wicked spiritual forces in the heavenly world,ruler,authorities and the comic power of this dark ages’. Please Remember the word that we are not fighting against ‘ HUMAN BEING'( uncles,parents,brothers etc),but against agents of darkness that has taken over HUMAN BEING knowingly or unknowingly to carry out their evil work. Remember also that JESUS CHRIST went about casting out demons from people( luke 4:31-36,mk 1:21-28).The demon operating in that HUMAN BEING life that we call our enemies must be rooted out. Once the HUMAN BEING is powerless,u are free,some demons kill their host.Before u start breaking the covenants and curses in your life,but u must first confess all the sin of your youth,and asked GOD to forgive you,1 john 1:8-10,accept JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR,maintain your faith and never give up.When you pray,add worship song to GOD ALMIGHTY and to JESUS CHRIST.Also read psalm 83:13-18. Thanks

  91. Shellu oshioke | November 15, 2010 at 2:08 pm |

    SPIRITUAL WARFARE According to Ephesian 6:12-13 ‘for we are not fighting against HUMAN BEING,but against the wicked spiritual forces in the heavenly world,ruler,authorities and the comic power of this dark ages’. Please Remember the word that we are not fighting against ‘ HUMAN BEING'( uncles,parents,brothers etc),but against agents of darkness that has taken over HUMAN BEING knowingly or unknowingly to carry out their evil work. Remember also that JESUS CHRIST went about casting out demons from people( luke 4:31-36,mk 1:21-28).The demon operating in that HUMAN BEING life that we call our enemies must be rooted out. Once the HUMAN BEING is powerless,u are free,some demons kill their host.Before u start breaking the covenants and curses in your life,but u must first confess all the sin of your youth,and asked GOD to forgive you,1 john 1:8-10,accept JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR,maintain your faith and never give up.When you pray,add worship song to GOD ALMIGHTY and to JESUS CHRIST.Also read psalm 83:13-18. Thanks

  92. I need prayer point for control spirit to die in life in name of Jesus


  93. I’m in a court battle with my ex-husband and my house is at stake. Plse pray with me that this court case wil be fare( he is a police offer) and that it will come to an end. All demons witchcraft blocking my way / path will be destroy in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

  94. Pastor, I have filed a divorce over a year ago and I am still waiting for the result to be successful. I am not hearing anything from the lawyer( Ms Gail Adams). . Please pray for me to get this divorce from Lana Edwards. I know that if you pray for me God will honor your prayer and give me the divorce. Thank you in Jesus Name.

  95. Shellu oshioke | November 16, 2010 at 3:16 pm |

    Midnight are very very important in our life,but remember one thing,these demons are active 24/7,they never sleep.You can attack them 24/7 and they run for their life and you will sleep peacefully according to psalm 3:5-6 and psalm 4:8. As i said before confess all sin and GOD will forgive YOU. Devote time to pray,praise and worship GOD and in the name of JESUS their foundation in your life will be turn to dust. JESUS IS THE PILLAR OF OUR SOUL

  96. Shellu oshioke | November 16, 2010 at 3:40 pm |

    To be free from demon attack and control is very easy,what you need is to maintain your faith that GOD can set your free.With prayer,praise and worship with thanks you will get there in JESUS name amen. It works for me,try it out.

  97. I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.Will you please keep me in your prayers for the spirit of homosexuality that is destroying my marriage.I also need prayers for my inlaws who want to destroy my marriage they are encouraging and embracing the spirit of homosexuality in my husband.Will please Shellu Oshioke give me powerful prayer points to cast these demons in my marriage.Please give me advise on what to do to rubuke these demons.My husband claims to be a man of God but, he’s walking against him. Please help me men of God .I thank you in the in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  98. Shellu oshioke | November 19, 2010 at 6:50 am |

    I am so grateful for what Jehovah God Almighty has done in my life in Jesus name. If not for grace and mercies the enemies want to waste my life and destiny. I also want to thank this ministry for the wonderful you are doing in people life in Jesus name amen.GOD WILL ALWAY BLESS THE WORKS OF YOUR HANDS IN JESUS NAME. Remember if God could have mercy on king Manassreh of Judah(2 chronicles 33:1-20) than He can also have mercy on us if we confess all our pass sin.

  99. To Lyndah. All praise to GOD ALMIGHY FOR WHAT HE DID IN MY LIFE IN JESUS NAME AMEN. For you to deal with those demonic spirits there must be confession of all sins of sexually immorality (1 john 1:8-10). When you pray also add praise and worship songs it really help . Memorise (psalm 83:13-18 use Good news bible if u have one) and constant apply verse 14, say it like this “ALMIGHY GOD in the name of JESUS CHRIST as fire burns the forest ,as flames set the hill on fire,GOD ALMIGHY set the spirit of homosexually around my husband on fire,judge them ,punish them destroy with fire fire fire,let the foundation,the root,the seat, the stronghold and the covenant between your husband and the spirit of homosexually be disolve by the blood of Jesus” . Learn to act and have faith in the world of God it never fail. (Isaiah 55:11). Plese also read my second on november 16

  100. To Lyndah. All praise to GOD ALMIGHY FOR WHAT HE DID IN MY LIFE IN JESUS NAME AMEN. For you to deal with those demonic spirits there must be confession of all sins of sexually immorality (1 john 1:8-10). When you pray also add praise and worship songs it really help . Memorise (psalm 83:13-18 use Good news bible if u have one) and constant apply verse 14, say it like this “ALMIGHY GOD in the name of JESUS CHRIST as fire burns the forest ,as flames set the hill on fire,GOD ALMIGHY set the spirit of homosexually around my husband on fire,judge them ,punish them destroy with fire fire fire,let the foundation,the root,the seat, the stronghold and the covenant between your husband and the spirit of homosexually be disolve by the blood of Jesus” . Learn to act and have faith in the world of God it never fail. (Isaiah 55:11). Plese also read my second post on november 16

  101. Shellu oshioke | November 19, 2010 at 8:08 am |

    To Lyndah. All praise to GOD ALMIGHY FOR WHAT HE DID IN MY LIFE IN JESUS NAME AMEN. For you to deal with those demonic spirits there must be confession of all sins of sexually immorality (1 john 1:8-10). When you pray also add praise and worship songs it really help . Memorise (psalm 83:13-18 use Good news bible if u have one) and constant apply verse 14, say it like this “ALMIGHY GOD in the name of JESUS CHRIST as fire burns the forest ,as flames set the hill on fire,GOD ALMIGHY set the spirit of homosexually around my husband on fire,judge them ,punish them destroy with fire fire fire,let the foundation,the root,the seat, the stronghold and the covenant between your husband and the spirit of homosexually be disolve by the blood of Jesus” . Learn to act and have faith in the world of God it never fail. (Isaiah 55:11). Plese also read my second post on november 16

  102. Shellu oshioke | November 19, 2010 at 12:06 pm |

    To lynda ,devote enough time to fast and pray,don’t stop praying until you see changes in his life. Use those prayer point i gave you and also include this one on this mfm page ( Apply season B,J AND M. Any where you see witchcraft change it to spirit of homosexually.GOD WILL FREE YOUR HUSBAND IN JESUS NAME AMEN

  103. To my brother in Christ Shellu Oshioke. GLORY BE TO GOD ALMIGHTY FOR ALL THAT HE HAS DONE IN YOUR LIFE IN THE NAME OF OUR LORD JESUS.I sincerely thank you and THANK GOD so much from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and prayer points.May the good Lord continue to bless you richly in return abundantly. I will continue to devote time to fast and pray binding and rebuking the spirit of homosexuality in the name of JESUS.I will never stop praying, casting every bondage and destroying every root of the spirit of homesexuality in my husband with fire until I see changes in his life in the name of JESUS OF NAZARETH.There is absolutely nothing impossible with GOD, MY HUSBAND WILL BE DELIVERED FROM THE SPIRIT OF HOMOSEXUALITY IN THE NAME OF JESUS.Thank you a mill brother Shellu.MAY THE GOOD GOD BLESS YOU & PROTECT YOU.

  104. To my brother in Christ Shellu Oshioke. GLORY BE TO GOD ALMIGHTY FOR ALL THAT HE HAS DONE IN YOUR LIFE IN THE NAME OF OUR LORD JESUS.I sincerely thank you and THANK GOD so much from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and prayer points.May the good Lord continue to bless you richly in return abundantly. I will continue to devote time to fast and pray binding and rebuking the spirit of homosexuality in the name of JESUS.I will never stop praying, casting every bondage and destroying every root of the spirit of homesexuality in my husband with fire until I see changes in his life in the name of JESUS OF NAZARETH.There is absolutely nothing impossible with GOD, MY HUSBAND WILL BE DELIVERED FROM THE SPIRIT OF HOMOSEXUALITY IN THE NAME OF JESUS.Thank you a mill brother Shellu.MAY THE GOOD GOD BLESS YOU & PROTECT YOU. I will keep you posted the the testimony

  105. Dear Pastor, since this lady:Nelva Chance to our department to supervise, I began to get sick. I have been experiencing severe scratching and blotching on my body. This happens whenever I am around her. I can hardly sleep and control my composure. Please pray for me that I would be free from the demonic attacks. Also pray for me that my Court case be final and granted on my behalf,

  106. Dear pastor

    I want prayer point to deal power of my father house


  107. Dear pastor

    I want prayer point to deal power of my father house


  108. Dear Pastor,
    Please pray for my husband, he seems to have put his hands into evil, he no longer goes to church. And there also seems to be a curse in his family in the past two years he has lost two siblings to strange sickness.His family members are living in poverty, while he is very okay.
    Pls pray that God will touch his heart and make him a new person in Christ and give him wisdom and understanding.
    Uzoamaka E

  109. please pray for me man of God. i prayed along prayers on the mystery of ancesttral powers and started to laugh after that. ministers think its a water spirit and others say its the joy of the lord

  110. God blessing…. to you man of God i need a prayer for financia breakthrough and that God should oil the work of my hands and give me direction to follow……………………and i made a convant with God ….let God bring it to pass in Jesue Names

  111. God blessing to you man of God….. i pray for a financal breakthrought and a good job , That God should give me direction to follow….. and the convant i made to God should come to pass in Jesus Name

  112. Doris Maziwisa | December 2, 2010 at 5:13 am |

    Please pray for me to get my work permit in Jesus’ name! So that I may continue with my job and be able finish my studies.

  113. i payer that the spirit of addiction break in my life and my spouse life

  114. I had sex in my dream, eat meat and deliver baby, i have lost about five pregnancies in time past , more than 4 years in marriage no baby , just took in , please pray for me so that these dreams will stop and i will deliver and carry my baby. my no. is 08035977418

  115. Pastor, please pray for me and my family. I need prayers for GOD to deliver me from the bondage of debt which I incurred through the activities of 419 people. The people that I borrowed the money from want their money back but I have been unable to pay them back. Please pray for me that GOD will make a way for me to pay these debts. I am anxious to pay but no way. I want GOD to minister to my children to help me and bail me out.GOD that made a way out of the Red Sea, GOD that brings out something out of nothing, please visit my situation and make a way for me in Jesus name. I also pray for the fruit of the womb for my daughter that got married in Jesus name, and for job stability for all my children in this time of global recession. Glory be to GOD. Thank you.

  116. it hv been 12yrs i left my family travelled to europe and hv struggled from all angle to come home and it’s seems imposible,and i need a help of prayers for God touch for a change in my life to see a way coming home to see again my beloved once

  117. Prayer for the guidance of God that have been a light unto my path not to depart from me and that my goods/products that was having one issue or the other which is prevent my breakthroughs should cease henceforth.

  118. please pray for my nephew(10) years he is very sturbborn and rebellious. i think a spirit of witchcraft is at work in him. he does not listen to his dad and always tells his dad what to do. he tries the same with me to even try to stop me from praying

  119. Pastor , please i need a prayer to break the yoke in my family that makes women not to get married…I have a lot now in my plate…I’m rejected by men all the time. I struggle a lot… financial problems, no permanent job, please help me…Thanks

  120. Please pray for me that anybody masquerading himself/herself and manipulating my marital and financial breakthrough should die by fire b4 the end of this year. Anyone one that has vowed that I will not get married and that I shold just be single and be taking care of my nephews,nieces and also taking care of there own needs should DIE by fire. And also, anyone mocking the power of God in my life and saying what have I to achieve in this MFM church I attend should be put to shame especially in the area of my marital life. God bless u sir

  121. Shellu d. Oshioke | January 12, 2011 at 6:26 pm |

    Free Salvation steps for u today. Please read Romans 9:10, 1 John 1:9,Romans 5:9

  122. Sir, pls, prayer for me and my husband that God should give us children of our own this year 2011 and open a door of financial breakthorugh for my husband and I . Also to restor back our lost glory. and take us to our promise land.

    Thank you Sir
    God will bless you.

  123. SIR PLS help me pray for divine direction in life.sir,i’m confused as my work is seriously jeopardizing my service to God presently.I’m a civil servant and also a pastor but the civil service work is trying to hinder my work for God and i don’t want to abandon the work as I’m afraid of how to take care of my family.The point is that i have not heard God expressly on what to do which is the reason i want u to pray for me because i have been praying and yet have not heard from God.tanks

  124. Pastor please pray for me to understand God’s direction and will for my life. I have all my credentials for Ministry, but I seem to be stuck and don’t know which direction to take to start the ministry. My desire is to be a Servant of God.

  125. plus 2 also for you.pray 4 god an jesus an the angels up in the sky heavens come down from heavens 2 come inside of my home as in ddeloreshzeamansas starangelsrosebuds an plus 2 also 4 r 2 adults as in both of r 2adult kids 2 be with an 2 be put 2 gether as 2 pull put them real close 2 gether as put them eal very close 2 gether being them home 2 gether were they will e 2 gether were they never depart r be apart as were they will not ever never ever be depart r be aprt ever never ever again were they will be 2 gether 4 ever 4 life 4 ever were they will never ever be part wer they will never ever depart ever again an plus this goses they same 4 us 2 as in mom an dad the same thing goses 4 us 2 also as in a mom an dad and ps also goses 4 r 2 grown up adults r 2 kids as in r son cj as carl honeas an r baby girl angel as in latosha honeas an plus there dad karl honeas home 2 make the bad evil deviles saten 2 get him out take it the bad evil saten as in the deviles out of my home as 2 take the saten devil 2 evil bad place as in hell were he as the bad evil saten as the evil bad devil were the devil will never ever ever come back in my home place ever again an 2 take the evil bad evil bad drugs as in pot weed cocan melth poping pills as in the bad evil pills drugs as in get high an nailes as in the bad evil nailes drugs an ice an evil bad evil deases evil bad an evil bad evil drinking beer drinking beer partys an evil bad evil bad fights fights an bad evil bad evil words talking bad evil words an bad evil bad evil minds thinking real bad evil bad evil things doing bad evil bad things stuff an evil bad evil bad bodyes pain aces evil bad evil bad pain in the heartes an chestes an backes an armes an neckes an eyeses an teelthes an handes an leges an faces an feetes an heades an braines an evil bad evil paying big big monthly big heavy paying big billes each monthes each monthes goses by each monthes an even about being poor each monthl yes do u want 2 be in my love life as in my life 4 life 4 ever as a yes up 2 u an u must be real very rich lots of cash with very lots of real true love no lies no games u cant buy love come from the heart love is free i am not ant r not 4 sale no evil no drugs no fights no heavey big beer partys just wine must love 2 share half of your cash money not get upset r mad must be happy wear a smile an must do have an got the love 4 holy jesus christ an holy god an holy angels up in sky heavens an love the holy ghost an holy spriti an must love 2 have get in read the holy bibles as in king james versons holy bibles an do call me right away real fast soon now as it a yes that u want 2 be in my life an in my love life 4 life 4 ever my cell is 423 322 9731 end_of_the_skype_highlighting here is home address 219 south oak street apt 219 walker county city lafayette state ga zip 30728 in house athority project pray over r ssi that we will get $$700 starting now an each month now an every each month starting now this year of 2011 each of us as in mom an dad an both of r 2 kids 2 adults kids r son an r baby girl


  127. RAPHAEL OBADINA | January 19, 2011 at 8:26 pm |



  129. Man of god pray for my busness to expand, and for me to fall pregnant, my husband is also looking for a real job
    i am also waiting for the promotion letter at my work palce, please pray for me to let my papers for promotion to besigned this month in jesus name amen

  130. Please join me in prayer that God will grant me fruitfulness of twins, a boy and a girl this year and that God will give my marriage finacial breakthrough in Jesus’ name.

  131. Dear Pastor, Please pray for me to get a prpmotion. It is going to be 15 years this June working without a promotion. Thank you in Jesus Name. Amen.

  132. pliz,pray for my husband of 2 and half years,he still calls himself a christian, bt he does nothing which shows it,sometimes we fight if i request we pray,life is a strugle.i think der r some generational spirits in him,he is having same character as his granddad, dad,and other brother, who r nt christians.apparently he is worse,he used to be a praterful man wen i met him,he even used to lead some organisation for christians.he needs deliverance.arrogance,aggression,pride,rules in his life,he doesn’t care abt who gets hurt.he refuses to even talk to a pastor for this problems,pliz pray for his deliverance.amen

  133. pls pray to God Almighty for and my family, in the name of Jesus.

  134. Pl. man of God pray for me and my family and relatives to the spiritual of not getting the marriage, pray for me to get promotion at work and to get marriage this year in the name of Jesus Lord our Saviour. Pray for my family and friend to get salvation and deliverance from sin. Thank you Lord i receive my blessing.

  135. Please pray for my deliverance from demonic spirits

  136. Dear Pastor, I went on an interview for a job promotion last tuesday. Until now I have not heard from the people about the status of the interview. I have been working there for close to 15 years without a promotion. Please pray for me pastor that I would be successful. Thank you in Jesus Name.

  137. Pls pray 4 me am 38 & a graduate, am unemloyed and single. Ijigil.

  138. JIGHERE EFEMO ALLOYSIUS | March 8, 2011 at 10:47 am |

    please pray for me so that every witchcraft oppression in my life will stop.l have been under this oppression for 18years.

  139. Man of God, help to pray for my mother, that God should deliver her from the spirit fear and demonic attack in the house and in her body

  140. man of God pray for our upgratings of the levels, the submission is aready done we where waiting for the barjet, this is the month of oru barjet, Man of God please release our promotions letters in the name of JESUS. Evething is done we are just waiting for the apointment contract letters to sign, pray for our contructs papers to be released from human resources to be released in JESUS NAME AMEN

    We waited for so long, now is GOD s time.
    we receive our promotion all of us in our offices in the name of jesus i prai

  141. Michelle Day | March 16, 2011 at 5:18 am |

    Robert my son just turned 18 got girlfriend pregnant. Extremely book smart. He and she both fight and argue, she is 4 yrs older and from a family that has not been around and they live like well they don’t seem to care about rules family the list is long. My son has now been involved almost 3 yrs. First girlfriend and she calls the police anytime they argue or he tries to get away from her. Now he has domestic abuse Felony charges on him and out of jail. today he went to the house her and mom fighting he claims he tried to stop it. Mother is bipolar took a bat to him and his car. He called police and they arrested him due to ticket he didn’t pay and being in system well its a just how it is Florida. Now they want to send him to prison for 7 yrs. I can do nothing to help him he is so scared and is begging for help I spent every dollar on attorny. He doesn’t understand, He called for help and now He goes before Judge Marriot notoriously known as hanging judge. We worked so hard to help him and he was doing right and now I will lose him Tomorrow. I know he knows what he did wrong before. He just registered for college. I pray for Marriot to give God’s Mercy and not the Worlds judgement please, The attacks now come on my children, I will not let my faith be discouraged I pray always for strength and faith not ask why but to just love God. Knowing He does all things for HIS glory but Robert my son is only 18 snd this judge will send him away for 7 yrs. We are so confused.

  142. yemisi kuburat evbotokhai | March 20, 2011 at 9:50 pm |

    i want Dr .D.K .Olukoya to pray for me and my husbsnd,we are been looking for the fruit of womb for the past four years and my husband is looking for good job i know GOD can do it,please pray for us.I also want you to pray for my husband to serve GOD with all his life.

  143. I want big daddy in the lord Dr D. K. Olukoya to pray for me for financial breakthrough i have been working for past 8yrs now nothing to show no house,no car,no single things to show. my sisters none is married so pls man of God help me play for me and my family God bless you all Amen.


  144. Adeshina anthony | April 1, 2011 at 8:19 pm |

    I am the first male child of my family, to Go be the glory i’m a serving youth corper after fighting alot of battle. Please pray for a miraculous and glorious job for me and also pray for me for a divine breakthrough.

  145. Oshioke Shellu | April 14, 2011 at 9:10 am |

    I want to THANK GOD ALMIGHTY IN JESUS NAME for what HE has done in my life,since i joint MFM. Physical and spiritual, HE gave me the grace to maintain my faith that HE is with me and HE answers prayers. If not for HIM ,i don’t know where i will be right now. So i encourage you all ,don’t give up the faith. If your faith is not enduring your will ,your wil not endure’ (isaiah 7:9 good news bible). Remember trouble produces endurance and endurance brings God’s approval and His approval create hope and that hope we have in GOD does not disappoint us. (Romans 5:3-5.) You need to upgrade your prayer life by attending any mfm shiloh program it really help me to get out my problems. You have to prayer and wait patiently for the LORD ‘S help then HE listen to you and heard your cry .(psalm 40:1). GOD BLESS YOU ALL IN JESUS NAME AMEN

  146. please pray for my son in prison for life pray for his release. ther are some curses that has been put on my
    family. we live in poverty i have 2 loans and other bills . pray for my other two children. i have 2 jobs trying to make ends meet.i am a single parent . my boyfriend is an alcoholic please pray for his salvation and complete deliverance in jesus name that he would come to the knowledge of the truth. pray for my main job where i have been for the last 21 years and the boss and his wife is now trying to get rid of me. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME.

  147. Oshioke douglas shellu | April 30, 2011 at 7:25 pm |

    I want to once again thanks God for what He has done in my life. If He can deliver me out of the hands familar spirit, retrogressive spirit, marine spirit,witchcraft spirit,incubus and succubus spirits than He can also set u free Too. It is important that we stop all forms of immoral sin,that is where the agents of darkness are using to trap people in demonic covernant. They invited other demons to kill people future. A word for the wise ones to digest.

  148. Please pray for me to progress in my work. I have worked so many years but nothing to show and men keep taking me for s ride. I want to settle and get married. I have 2 kids with 2 different men and its hurting my consciounce why?. I do not want evil to defeat me. Its time for God and help me to discouver God in my hwole being.

  149. Please pray for me I need a complet breakthrough financial I’m working but the money that I’m getting paid is not enough to look after my three kids and my mother. My husband is self employed but he’s not getting enough work to provide us. I cann’t even afford to pay my child’s school fees .I need your prayers to pray for me that God shall make a way for me to have enough cash to look after my family I’ve tried to sell health products but nothing seem to work please pray for my employers to give me increase everything has gone up food, transpot,rent but I’m still getting the same salary that I’ve been getting since 2010 . I truly believe that nothing is impossible for God. Jesus rose the dead He shall also rise me up from poverty.

  150. Daddy pray for me for my healings from sickness and diseases that are in my body, i need to be healed in the name of Jesus, i also need to have twins this year, pray for me to be delivered from the evil attacks of satan, everytime when i enter my office i got the attacks, from my chair, my office is possesed by the evil spirit, pray for my deliverance.
    i tsrated a business of selling cloth Daddy pray for my business to expand, i know that i have the GRACE, the Grace of GOD IS IN ME.

  151. Daddy pls pray for me concerning my destiny and breakthrough, anytime am processing or looking for good things wahala will just happen. i dont have work and my wife is pregnant, i even dream that as am climbing a ladder there is okro soup on the ground that is not allow me to climb up. pls i need ur prayer.Thanks

  152. Iam afraid.I have alot of health problems.I spent my life helping others.Now Iam down can’t find help.My car broke down.I have to get back aforth to the doctors.I finally sign up for ssi,don’t know if it is going to go thru.Need prayer for it to go thru as soon as I sign up.I go for my appointment this week.I don’t know what Iam doing.But I have alot of ailments so I can get back on my feet.stress is the main culprit.Lost my job,Body has been sick for years now,Car mess up can’t get it started.Don’t know who to turn to to fix it.THe guy that i trusted to fix it,he is very very rude.he want come by to check to see why it want start.but I have sent my sister,her daugther,my daugther,my friends,to him for business. He can’t come around the corner to help me.But he will do it for my son in law. my children daddy does not know how to fix my car anymore.He has been sick and can not do like he use to. He try thou.Housing is threatening me to take me off the program because i did not tell them my daugther was away at school.but her sister was here commute back an forth,and so was my other daugther. My job training cut out hours from 25 to 18.Minum wage. If i lose my housing not as much my sanity.. everything is falling apart….I need help guidance..Peace..Protection.favor..fresh annionting from God for my family and me two youndest children daddy get another fresh annointing. To many to name please pray for all areas….
    God Bless You AnD YouRs In All You Do!!

  153. Please pray for me concerning my eating in the dream, having sex in the dream & several other activities that by interpretation depict retrogression in life. This i feel usually occur when a good thing is about coming my way. God bless u all!

  154. loveth E F | May 12, 2011 at 9:59 am |

    Pastor pls sir pray for me dt any spirit husband tormentin my earthly marriage fall down die in Jesus name .any man or woman standing against me &husband business&job fall down &die in Jesus name. Every strong man \woman from my father .mother.husband house dt is challenging my marriage &destiny slump and die in jesus name

  155. Lydoh Radikgwa | May 13, 2011 at 11:31 am |

    Dear Heavenly Father, i adore you. You are the king of kings, the great Lord of Heavens, the ONLY true GOD. You said ,”whatever we ask in your name with believing hearts shall come to pass”. I am calling unto you today Lord for deliverance, deliver me from the powers of darkness, Deliver me from any bondages of the devil. From today onwards i declare devil a loser and myself a victor. Devil is put to shame in Jesus name.He has no power upon me, he is a liar, a deceiver, a no body & i hate him.Jesus is my protector & i cover myself with HIS blood & the Holy ghost fire Let all the tools of darkness be destroyed in Jesus name. Amen

  156. After posting a prayer request concerning backwardness and retrogression on this forum a few days ago, i just woke up from a kind of dream i’ve never had before which i believe has been the root cause of my problem. Please i need u to still pray 4 me for total deliverance and dat the good work the Lord has started in my life will be completed. I promise to still testify on this forum. God bless you All!

  157. my sister-in-law and her entire family is under a curse, the entire family members of brother and sisters are suffering from one or another incurable diseases,, it has even affected the members who have joined the family in marriage and the children born in the family too are having some or the other diseases.

    I kindly request you to pray for the family of my sister-in-law for deliverance of curse(s) from the family and each member of the family be free and realised the power of almighty god.

  158. Pastor please pray for me, i need a total deliverance. The way things are going in my life makes me know that am in a serious bondage. Please. 08020544163

  159. Pray for my friend Seppo and his the Church who he will quard and revival to this place in Jesus name,thnaks and bless,keijo sweden

  160. Tunde, Shout often “Depart from me evil doersPs.119:115, depart from me workers of iniquities,Ps.6:8 depart from me bloody men, Ps139:19”. Buy and read Dr. Olukoya’s books on deliverance and prayers. Read the Holy Bible, and pray the word. Many should learn from the Bible e.g. Jesus has set me free and I am free indeed. Loose me and let me go. Worship and Praise God often. Ask God for help. Jesus is Lord!

  161. hello Iam praying for the strong hold to be lifted off of my children and grandchildren,my siblings,my youngest children daddie.cousin an friendsOut of poverty,sickness,my daugther who is married to the devil himself to be release from him.Give her wisdom,me and my children wisdom.Get out of poverty,My whole family to be renew,perfect health, Salvation , Favor in all I and my children do.My job and the people will love me,Find real christain friends I will and my children will beable to fix our selfs up in all areas.My family and love ones will be protected. Get a good homejob that I don’t have to pay to join.I could really make a good living.My daugther and I will lose the weight that we must to be healthy.Everything we eat we will not gain from it.Just good nourishment. I Will recieve my ss soon.To beable to get on my feet for right now.want be a long drawn out thing.
    God Fearing man in my life,Easy on the eyes,I want to get married again,I want tobe happy again.Not a busive man again.One that loves life.Have everything going for hisself.
    God Bless you In all You Do! God come in an save me and my children family love ones.

  162. Naomi, In the name of Jesus, pull down the stronghold of anything you dont want. The cure for poverty is giving. A lady in dire need gave N1000= to a pastor, also in dire need, and her daughter sent her N100,000= Just learn to give, no matter how much you have. God is bound to supply all your needs. Eat good food and do not over eat. God has programmed us to eat twice daily, morning and evening; that was how God gave manna in the wilderness, but some of us eat six times a day. Do exercices, especially long walk. It is well with you. Jesus is Lord!

  163. Dear elisa. I thank God that I got to fine your side.I was thinking life has no happyness except those who preternd to be happy. I have so many problem in my lfe that it will take the hole day to cut short my life and myfamily`s life has no meaning. I try so hart to make deverent and my life and my family`slife but no change.we are 8 children from my parent all of us we had kids but not married those who get married last few months or year than they both promise us love than is sorrow and one of my sister just got married on April this year shes so sick they even think she must sepsrate with her man before she also die.I ts the cause.I even record the CD I sing cospel, but its also stuck in the company. Please man of God ask God to Delivered me and my family out of this misery. I promise I will dedicate my life to GOD Aslong I live in this world.I except Jesus as my Lord and savier last year I want to live for GOD to surrender all my holelife to Him.I belive that will also help my family to come to GOD. I stracle spiritually,fissicaly and motionaly distapt. Its like I dont know how to be the person in normal life I just live because I am I life.Now I read all the testermonis I belive that GOD sent me to you so I can ask for HIS help. I try by myself but I fail. I belive only God can change my life and my family`s life. My CD`s Name is Jermina Tittle Oyahalalela. Please ask God to show His marcy and power in my life. I love GOD even those I dont realy know how it feel to be realy loved. I know He loves me becaouse H e greated me with Love,Am I right. Thank you to give me chance to tell God about my life and my feelings I never talk to anybody. Now I can speak to you. Thank you elisa. Thank GOD.


  165. RONAH, False accusation is a weapon of the devil to pull down Christians, it shall not prosper., Isaiah54:17, search for the Word of God to counter it e.g. Romans8:31-33, Isaiah50:7-9. Ask God for divine intervention, favour, wisdom and compassion with the investigators to bring out the truth. , Release the Blood to speak passover to all the lies and justify him. Release the judgment of God against the accusers.Declare this, They will finally lose and your husband will finally win. God will not leave His children to the will of the enemy. Join him in fasting and praying. Get Prayer Rain, locate your need and pray violently. Our God is the Judge, Jesus is our advocate, Holy Spirit is our witness. Call on them, they will answer you. Jesus is Lord!

  166. Jermima,One of the names of Jesus is the Way. If you get born again, submitt your life to him totally. Focus on Him in prayer and word study concerning those issues you mentioned. You want success, thats why you cried out, and you will get good success if only you will obey what the Word says in Joshua1:8. God is the only one who can give you success through His word. Be bold and strong to restart your life by being a one-book woman. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and show you the Word you need. The word and prayer will deliver success to you. Attend a church where they teach and do the word, and flow with them. It took God only six days to create the heaven and the earth, one day in the right place can change your life. Just be patient in your walk with God. He will change your life as you call on Him in spirit and in truth.Jesus is Lord!

  167. thankyou for all the wisdom. prayer cover for my protection and cleansing of alvarado place apts. god bless your ministry in awesome ways

  168. caroline chokudya | August 11, 2011 at 10:00 am |

    My life is stagnant for 18years no promotion, i have been writing exams for more than 35 time but fail only, I applied a post as an audit clerk no reply for more than 5 months. Help me out, false accusation rejection and hatred that’s all i face, my body sometime eches especially at back were there shalders

  169. Caroline, Woman you are loosed from every power of darkness tying you to one spot, in the name of Jesus Luke13:12. Call your name and say”I am loosed, from stagnation, by the Blood of Jesus and in the name of Jesus”. You must be determined to pray fervently to be loosed from all those spirits. Get these books by Dr. Olukoya; Prayer Rain, Prayer Passport and Violent Prayers, Fast and pray; do vigils, live holy life and read your Bible, those evil spirit will loose you and let you go. Dont take it lightly. Thank You Jesus, in your mouth always. But if you are not born again, get born again. Jesus is Lord!.

  170. please pray that they will let me keep my housing,and recieved my ssi.Please be save.My youngest children daddie Know God in a special way.for my WHOLE FAMILY to be Save!and Love Ones.Be surrounded with Real Christain people.Margaret thank you for responding to my prayer for my family.Yes I do give what I have.I pay tithe,offering,etc….I don’t have much right now.I beable to do more when i recieve my SSI.are any Good resource God will trust me with.I have been abuse my whole life.My exhusband took everything from me with his threats.I took my child and I to shelter because of it.I was afraid.Next he moves my associate in to my home I worked hard for.While they were getting there home custom build.THey move. renting it out and making money.He married her I was cheated out of his pension. His wish for me that I would be on the streets begging with know were to go.Know family.Well most of his wish has came true.I allways knew he was doing some kind of darkness him and his wife now. I just want a better life for my family.They depend on me.And I depend on them.Pray for us Please! Please pray I will receive my SSI very Soon keep my family together.Please pray for Favor on my Invention.Favor on my Family and Children,GrandChildren,Sister,And Brothers,My youngest Children daddie.He needs healing in his body.SAVE MY FAMILY!!! PRAY that I will find something soon that I will Enjoy and be happy,Find the Love of my Life soon.Iam old now.I want to me the one God has been keeping for me.God Bless You In all you do!

  171. Naomi, Always judge God faithful. This is what Sarah did and God gave her a child at 90years, Hebrews11:11. At 65 years people were saying that she was good for only a king, Gen14:10-20 and Genesis20:1-18, You are not too old for love. If that love will make you serve God better, God will give you the love of your life.
    If anyone wishes you evil, never you accept it. Override the curse with the blessings of God. This is why we must be praying and reading our Bible always. God can turn your captivity if you are obedient to him. Trust God to do great things for you. Get Prayer Rain and Prayer Passport and be an ardent reader of the Holy Bible. Any promise you see in the Bible is yours, pray it and do what it says. Our God is awesome. Jesus is Lord!

  172. Thank you Margaret,: ) I love your encouragement.God Bless You And YOURS!
    I was attack for the last couple of weeks,About my housing.I recieved a letter from section 8 letting me know when my hearing is.Iam afraid.I don’t have anyone to speak on my behalf.All I can say is the truth.They said I will need counsil.How do you recieve councel if you are on section 8. I have call legal Aide.Know response yet. I have till the 30th of aug. Iam afraid because I have been here for many years.Know were to go.Iam embrass,It is funny how all of my children father has abuse me.Iam left without my own home.Pray for me please.If God Wants me to move pray that i will find somewere nice start a new chapter in my life.Please pray I will recieve my SSi soon so I can Get back on my feet. Pray for my family! I have been so stress I dont know the out come,then after I go for the hearing they say I have to wait 14 days to find out what they will do to me.Iam left with no dignity.I feel less than a woman.Never been in trouble before.But since I have been sick taking all the meds It keeps me from thinking clearly. Please Pray for us.I will do the same.Get oout of dept. An yes You are right margaret It is not to late for love.I just want to be well,when that someone comes my way.I will let you know : )God Bless You And Yours! I will keep you in my prayers also.

  173. Naomi, It took God only 6days to create the earth and everything therein, so you still have 8days to 30th August. The country you write from is not stated and whichever country, if they know you as a single mother, they will reconsider their action. What is the section8 you spoke of, and alsoSSi? G

  174. Naomi, Go to your local church where you can get immediate help. God will not leave His own alone. Jesus is Lord!

  175. Please join me in prayer against loud music played by my neighbors which disturbs me and prevents me from concentrating. I have confronted them already but this has make us enemies. They play loud music in the early morning and I caanot even hear my phone or tv, it is very disturbing and gives me a headache and makes me very angry. Please pray with me or give me some prayer points to pray about this situation. I am trying to be patient.

  176. Please pray with me for God to intervene in my situation. I’ve applied for a homeloan I really need that house I truly believe that God has the Power to make the impossible to be possible. He has done it for Daniel, Shadreck, Abednego and Mishack, He can do it for me. Please pray for me that the Almighty God can help me remain faithfull, strong and courageous no matter what might come into my life. I n Jesus Christ Name we are given the authority to command the mountain to move by the power in the bllod of Jesus.

  177. Akintola festus | August 27, 2011 at 2:03 am |

    Sir, i want u to help me in prayer: my wife left my house for five days and when she came back after insulting my mother, she decided to park out, the following week on 10th july 2011, a terible rain fall and distroyed my house and property, also my wife did not rest in her attack through a fake pastor that has taking the place of God in her heart, now my heat use to beat in fear anytime i remember her name and also every evening and i am only 41years old. I want God to deliver me from her and all her agents, also i want God to reveal himself to me on what i should do in this case.

  178. Akintola Festus, If your wife is an unbeliver, let her go. The rain of 10th July is not from her. She is not powerful enough to send rain to so many parts of Lagos, Nigeria, You shall not die, but live Psalm118:17. If you are born again, fear is not your your portion. 2Tim1:7. Rebuke the spirit of fear in the name of Jesus. Get these two books and do warfare against forces of darkness; Prayer Rain and Prayer Passport, both by Dr. Olukoya. You can also go to an mfm for deliverance. But I tell you that you shall not die but live, tell yourself that every now and then. Hear this, it is not advisable to keep your mother and wife under the same roof. If for lack of finances, Mama must know that the home is your wife,s home. It is just a priviledge that she is allowed to stay. Fear not, God will help you. Isaiah41:10. Jesus is Lord!

  179. Greetings in Jesus name, i thank God for keeping me alive up to date and do praise him for that, although i need prayers for my family members to be born again and also i need a good Job. i hold a diploma in water engineering. God bless whoever reads this message.

  180. Ambrose, I join you to praise God for life, the basis for job and other things. We and our household members are saved. You have prayed for them, so be thanking and praising God for them. God does not want anyone to perish, so they will all be saved. Your job is waiting for you, but you must break every stronghold from it by praying. God will use you as an example in your family, 1Tim1:!6. But you can also pray for wisdom to use your diploma to create something. If God can give Bezaleel such wisdom in Exodus31:1-6, He can give you the wisdom and give you good workers too. Jesus is Lord!

  181. Margaret I finally got in to my email account.Iam here to let you know I went for my housing hearing today.The gentleman recorded me.He told me that they will give me a letter in the mail from there findings.I feel like a fool.Iam in oklahoma.I have another thing to let you know about my ssi.I was approved.Iam very happy about that.But they have me doing all kinds of things to recieve it we have to stay in prayer because the woman that was doing my paper work was very rude..THe same thing about my housing.I wish they would not let me lose my housing.I don’t have aplace to live.The man was very stone face during the whole time.I just told the truth.My daugther was here most of the time.They are trying to do things with there life.They do not need to worry about me.Pray that this will soon be all over with so I will beable to go and get a doctor and start taking care of my health. I want this to be lifted off of me soon so I can focus.Just to make sure I will get my ssi with know more paper work soon,I will let you know when I will receive it.My family is having a very hard time.Please pray for them please.I keep you in my Prayers also Margaret,Iam so glad to have found this sight .Margaret How is GOd Treating you.I know he is giving you a big blessing each and every day,For the love you put out on this sight.God Bless You In All You Do!!

  182. Naomi, Always remember who you are in Christ; son of God, created in Hia image, ambbassdor Of God on earth, joint heir with Jesus Christ, and many more. Then, how can a child of the Most High God look like a fool? stop speaking negative things to yourself so that you will not get negative result. Ignore any rudeness or tight face you come across and be prophesying favour on yourself. In their rudeness, you will be smiling untill you get what you want from them.Jesus said bless your enemies, so beging to bless them now. Your desires shall be granted as you obey the Lord. Jesus is Lord!

  183. Sis vera omatseye | August 31, 2011 at 10:59 pm |

    Please join me in prayers for my hubby in getting a good job because we need it so much, and for our baby we are expecting. And for our family we need God’s grace, favour, blessing and protection. Amen

  184. Thank you margaret! I will let you know what happens.You are right about the nagative things I have been saying.I’am a child of God almighty! I have Favor! In all things.God Bless You: ) Were do you live? Type with you soon.: )

  185. Prayer request:
    I came to the UK when I was 22, and worked very hard to make something of myself. I managed to carve a career for myself and me someone whom I fell in love with. We were blessed with two very beautiful children now a 13year old girl and an 11year old boy. I worked hard as a husband and father to provide for my family, helped my wife to also carve her own career. My wife has always led a secretive life that I have never been a part of, and unfortunately I did not help the situation with certain behaviours that I also exhibited, e.g when drunk I would come on to her friends and other members of her family. I started drinking heavily and seeing other women, and things came to a head when I groped a 17year old female and was convicted of a sexual offence. I lost my job and my wife left with the children. I have begged for my wife’s forgiveness several times and initially we made efforts to reconcile and I was able to provide financial support to my wife and children, but since November 2010 my savings dried up and I was unable to continue offering any support. Since then my wife started backing off and now has told me that she does not want reconciliation and I have since found out that she has now started other sexual relationships with other men, and I have since discovered that she had been doing this even when we were married, where she was meeting other men from dating sites and going away for weekends with her friends where they will meet other men. In all this she has always blamed me for all the negative things in our relationship and has always sworn that she has been faithful throughout and I had been the devil, but on the other hand has also been doing what she has been doing. I still love my wife and would love to be reconciled with her and start our relationship in Christ. I have tried to talk to my wife about Godly things, but she has now said she does not want much contact with me. The only times recently that she has let me have the children for a week has been so that she could spend time with her numerous sexual partners.
    I want my wife and family back, I still love them dearly and would like to be reconciled with them.
    My house is up for reposession by the bank, we had put a tenant in it, but they refused to make rent payments and now are refusing to vacate the property. My wife has said that as soon as the tenant vacates the property she wants to move back and start making the mortgage payemnts and make payments towards the arreas, but now I am not so sure about her motive, I suspect she wants to move back and move in one of her lovers.
    Please help me to plead my case with the Lord.
    Please Pray for me.
    I would like to restore all that I have lost in the past 3years and for them to be multiplied a hundred fold. I am unable to get a job, I am homeless, sleeping on people’s floors.
    I ask for the Lord’s mercy.

  186. Naomi, Now you are speaking like Your Father. Read Genesis 1. Everything God said, God saw. So say what you want to see. Thats how to win in life. I live in Nigeria, my beloved country. Jesus is Lord!

  187. Clivejoek, I have replied you on another site. God will restore you back to abundant life, even better than you had before. All will be well with you as keep following God. Peace and favour of God will flow your way. Doors will open to you, in the name of Jesus. Jesus is Lord!

  188. Hello Margaret,That is a cool place you live Nigeria. I have never been,But one day would like to go.
    Iam letting you know that I did lose my housing.Now I have to go to next step.I know God Almighty have a place for me.God Bless YOu! I will write soon. Just Keep me and my family in your prayers.And I will do the same.

  189. Naomi, Now you are in the positive realm of life. Failure is not falling down, but falling down and refusing to get up. You are a huge success for you realise that you must get up and go to another level. a door has closed, but God has several other doors for you. I want to recommend this book to you, An Enemy called Average, By John Mason. Read it and you will read it again several times and live a positive life. This is one way of defeating the devil. Despite all his attacks, be possitive about God’s plan and purpose for you, and praise God often; and God will manifest His plans and purposes for your life. Jeremiah29:11. Jesus is Lord!

  190. Man of God you are a blessing in my life,
    pray for me for a marrieg break through, i am single and will be turning 30 next year. kindly remember me in prayer that i may also find a man to marry me so that i may also receive what the lord said “It is Good”. i need Gods favour, and his grace

  191. Lolo M. Buy Prayer Rain by Dr. Olukoya. You will get several prayer points in it. Please Get this right; you are not to find a man to marry, a man is to find you to marry. Prophesy favour upon your life daily. While waiting for that man, be working in the house of God. Rebecca got Isaac by working for her father. Be helpful to everyone you meet, man or woman. Any of them can recommend you for a man. Jesus is Lord!

  192. Lulu M., Please pardon me for writing your name as Lolo M,

  193. caroline chokudya | September 14, 2011 at 1:45 pm |

    Greetings may you give me prayer points that I will use to be delivered from spirits of stagnation. for 18 yeras no promotion.for more than 35 times wring SAAA exams but fail and marginal fail that’s what got, No poeace in the house, my husband does not even give a cent or even to buy me clothes, he has small house, he comes home in the morning when I call he does not answer please help me

  194. Caroline, Our help comes from God, Psalm121. Happiness is not by the size of the house we live, nor is it by the gifts we get. Though gifts from the love ones lifts us up., but do you know that you can start to give your husband gifts. If you do that, he will respond with a gift he can afford. STAGNATION must go. Be born again and be a doer of the word and of the Biblical teachings you receive in church. Get these two prayer books by Dr. Olukoya, Prayer Rain and Prayer Passport. All the prayer points you will ever need are in those two books. Get the wisdom of God from the Bible. Promotion comes from God. Every morning, say it loud that you shall be promoted. But you must add character to your had work. Study well to pass your examination. Jesus is Lord!

  195. caroline chokudya | September 15, 2011 at 12:26 pm |

    My life is stagnant for 18years no promotion, i have been writing exams for more than 35 time but fail only, I applied a post as an audit clerk no reply for more than 5 months. Help me out, false accusation rejection and hatred that’s all i face, my body sometime eches especially at back were there shalders

  196. Caroline. with compassion for you in my heart, I am writing you. This cannot go far except you follow the God given counsel you receive. I write on this blog because God instructed me to do so. Look at this verse, Psalm56:9, “When I cry unto thee…….” You must cry to God by yourself before you enemies turn back from following you. Two books were recommended to you, have you bought them? Please, buy them and use them. You shall know the truth and the truth you know will set you free from stagnation, rejection and failure. Do you read your Bible? The word of God is life and health. Begin to read the Bible and you will see changes in your life. Begin to cry to God with the prayer books. Christianity is not for the lazy because you have lots to do on your own. Go to a nearby MFM church for more couselling and for deliverance. Jesus is Lord!

  197. WE NEED KNOWLEDGE. My people perish for lack of knowledge, My people are gone into captivity because they have no knowledge, Please read Isaiah5:13, Hosea4:6. This Fasting and Praying season must be accompanied with the knowledge of the Word so that we can get great results. We must study and apply the word of God to our lives. In my short life in Christianity, I discover that every unwanted situation bows to these three, It may take time, just keep at them, but let your fasting be regulated. The Holy Spirit may even warn you about your fasting, so always be sensitive to Him and ask questions. Praying with the Word is POWER. Gather the relevant Bible verses for your case. In prayer, we are actually presenting our case to the Judge of the earth. He said that we should remind Him of His holy and precious promises. Isaiah43:26 and plead and declare. We can also remind Him of His great deeds of old. Isaiah51:9-13.Call on the mighty arm of the Lord, what He did in the past, He can also do again, today. Keep calling on Him until you see salvation in that area. God is too faithful to fail. He cannot lie. What He says He will do is what He will do. Glory to God! Jesus is Lord!

  198. Hello,
    I finally recieve a new password for my email address.I miss this sight.I miss your encourageing words.Well I have been packing.Don’t know were I will be going.I have to find a storage.And stay with my sister and her 2 teenagers.And her other daugther found out that she has 24hours to move out.I will be taking her place from her moma home.My sister does not know that If her daugther have to move out of her apartment and” she” is pregnant,I’am going to a shelter.My sister says she will help me in all things.It is a blessing to have a sister like that.She has been thru thick and thin with me,I have done the same.I just don’t want to put her in a tug of war.I know God has a plan,I recieve a payment for my ssi,Now they say I want recieve payment next month.I don’t know what to do but I will continue to pray.The worker want return none of my calls.I’am so over whelm with all of the things that are going on.My car is mess up,My daugthers car blew a motor,My other daughters car keep breaking down,THe others one breaks are scraping running her battery down.All are trying to go to college,Doing well in but don’t have the moneys to keep going.grandchildren living in poverty my oldest.It is sickening to watch.I can’t help because of what Iam going thru right now.Everything is so over whelming.I have to find a storage this week to put my things in.The church Iam in now says they will help me.They left a message on my phone.Have not talk to them yet because of everything.My landlord says make sure you are out sept 31,2011.I have been here for 20years.A Good tenant,Never had problems.He is Very rude.I pray to some day have my own home so my children can have a place of there on.Pray for me and my family .A place that will be safe clean meet people that love God! Pray for you also.God Bless You In All You Do!

  199. Naomi, In everything, thank God and praise Him, God will still send you more help. In any situation we find ourselves, God will always make a way for us. Thank God also for thinking of having your own house after 20 years of being a tenant. God will make your dream come true, in the name of Jesus. Glad to hear that your local church will help you. So just thank God for everything happening to you. God will turn it round to work out for your good, Romans8:28. Know that our God, Jehovah, God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Jacob, I AM that I AM, Alpha and Omega, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ can do all things, Jeremiah32:17. He specialises in doing the impossible for His children, Luke1:37. Always carry your impossible cases to Him, He will fix it. Take your burden to Him and worship Him, He is a great God, and greatly to be praised. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  200. JOY. Here,s another tool of getting our promises released to us. You can only draw water from the wells of salvation, when you are joyful. Read Isaiah12, but pay attention to verse3. When you are joyful, you will be praising God, and when you praise God, you exalt His name, and He will comfort you, verse1, and He will bless you, Psalm67. Habbakukk also expressed that no matter the situation of his vineyard, yet he will rejoice in the LORD God, his strength. Habakkuk3:17-19. Having God as our Father, Strength, Power, Refuge, Fortress, Provider, Comforter, Shepherd and the overall King of the heavens and earth, the universe, is enough to assure us of victory in any situation we go through. Play your role and leave the rest to God. Tell yourself, “God will see to it”. That is the actual meaning of Jehovah-Jireh, (Strong’s Concordance). Mine is to rejoice in Him. He will see to the situation and everything will work out for my good Roman8:28. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  201. i am a girl of 23 yrs old who is goin thru a lot of stress,i ve a child out of wedlock and d father of my son has been actin funy.i just want GOd to deliver me frm stagnancy,disapointment and grant me favour and GOd shld touch my child’s father so that he wil do d necesary tins and in his traveling proces GOD shld show im mercy.may GOD’S name b glorified

  202. Mag, You have opened your arms to God to carry you, but have you opened your heart for Jesus to come into your life. God is plenteous in mercy, once you accept Jesus into your life and cry for mercy and forgiveness, God forgives. Sit down with the father of your son and discuss the future of the boy with him. That is the link you have with him. If he does not want to marry you, dont force yourself on him. God will give you your own appointed man in due season. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  203. Hello Brethen. My name is Ijeoma. God delivered me and blessed me with a husband. God is in control of my life and I will continue to serve him till the rest of the days he ordained for me to be on this earth. Please brethen pray for me for God to bless me with children according to his words and glory in Jesus name Amen. Please pray for a fullterm pregancies in Jesus name Amen. I reject miscarriage, delay and barrenness in Jesus name Amen. It is written that non of God’s chilldren will be baren. Please pray for me and my husband. Also I need Bible words and verses to pray on. Please, Includes my parents, brothers and sisters in your prayers. Also remember other who are waiting for God to bless them with fruit of the womb.

  204. Ijeoma, FRUIT OF THE WOMB. “Be fruitful” is God’s first blessing on man, Genesis1:28. “Be” is a command and so you shall be fruitful. But in case of delay, look at the Biblical ways of enforcing fruitfulness. 1.Be hospitable to all visitors to your home, Sarah did that and God visited her, Genesis18:14. 2. Ask your husband to be praying for you. Rebecca’s husband prayed for her, Genesis25:21. 3. You and your husband should be serving in the house of God, Exodus23:25,26. This is a promise of God and John the Baptist came this way, Luke1. 4. Break all curses of barreness, Jeremiah22:29,30, with the Blood of Jesus, Galatians3:13, Revelation12:11. The only woman baren in the Bible is Michal, given to David to wife. She despised David, a man after God’s own heart. If you have despised any man of God, repent and ask God for forgiveness. Buy these two book by Dr. Olukoya of MFM, Prayer Rain and Prayer Passport. PRAY!!! Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  205. I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ og Nazareth, please pray for me I’ve applied for a homeloan, but the banks keep on requesting more documents that they don’t always request when one is applying for a homeloan. I know that the devil is trying by all means to stop my homeloan to be approved. I really need this homeloan and I know that I deserve to have a house of my own. I truly believe that in God nothing is impossible for Him, please help me with scriptures to read and pray over my homeloan to be approved in Jesus Christ name. I really need a house of my own because God has already blessed me with three wonderful children surely God will make a way for me to have my homeloan approved He did before with the Isralites He can still do it today for me in Jesus Christ name.

  206. Judy, You already have faith in God, and I can see that your faith is great. It is now favour that you need, the favour of God, and the blessings of God will see you above the merit of man. Psalm5:12, 34:10 and 115:13. Get a central reference Bible, I recommend Dr. D.K. Olukoya’s Prayer and Deliverance Bible( There are many Prayer points in the Bible). If you pray for favour and the blessing of God, God will qualify you for the house. Prophesy favour and blessing upon all the documents you have submitted and upon yourself daily. Then be releasing the Blood of Jesus against every contrary spirit to your favour. God will give you uncommon favour for the house in Jesus’ name. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  207. A MUST GET BIBLE. I was given a precious gift, yesterday, a copy of the Holy Bible. Praise the LORD! This is the Bible we all need to have by us at all times. There are notes on both the Old Testament and the New Testament, and there are prayer points on almost all the issues of life. I do not know all the issues of Life, only God Almighty knows, If you get this Bible, and read it, and use the prayer points, you will get life changing results. The Bible is “Prayer and Deliverance Bible, with Study Notes by Dr. Daniel Olukoya”. You can get your copy from the nearest MFM church and from online stores. I am not marketing the Bible so that it can sell, but I am telling you about it so that it can bless your life richly, help you in your spiritual growth and your prayer life. From the depth of my heart , I bless the giver of that Bible. It is a treasure. To God be the glory. Jesus is Lord!

  208. PRAYER POINT I heard this prayer point from Dr. Olukoya’s tape. “Dragon of frustration assigned against my life, DIE in the name of Jesus”. Please take this prayer point seriously. The purpose of the enemy is to make you disappointed in all you do, but refuse to be disappointed. Kill that dragon of frustration, of anger of bitterness, and of sorrow. This is why we must praise God when disappointment or any such situations comes. See every disappointment as a blesssing in disguise and trust God to turn it for your good. See that disappointment as a stepping stone to your appointment. REFUSE TO BE DISAPPOINTED. Trust God to perform His word in your life. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  209. Just writing let you I have moved.Good to be back online.This is my life line.I have to run but I will be back to fill you in.God Bless You In All You Do!

  210. Naomi, You are welcome back!God will give you a brand new beginning in all you do. God called Moses at age 80, He can call you too. As you pray, fast and read your Bible, be attentive to God’s still small voice. Dont be too busy for God. Take time to listen to God. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  211. osundara Gbenga | October 6, 2011 at 7:50 pm |

    Please help me to pray against every witchcraft that is tormenting my life through cobwebs and that God should by his mighty power take me to my promise land by grace and deliver me from all evil.

  212. Gbenga, The weapon of cobweb shall not prosper in your life. Keep Isaiah 54:17 in your mouth. Join the 70 Days of Praying and Fasting. Go to a nearby MFM for deliverance. Get Prayer Rain, Prayer Passport and Prayer and Deliverance Bible with notes by Dr. Olukoya. You have recognised that the enemy is at work in your life, you have to chase out all their weapons from your life. Call down the fire of God upon the cobwebs and their spider and the source, and release the Blood of Jesus against them. Ask God to reinforce His angels around you and yours. Enter into a realm of praying without ceasing. You will overcome. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  213. Hello,
    Iam in need of prayer,I have a meeting with my new worker at social security tomorrow.We are going early in the morning.They are really making a mess out of the situation.But God Almigthy is Good! I will learn to leave things in God Almighty hands.! It is good to be back. I really can’t write much because Iam here now. Pray that I will get my own place soon in a safe area.Affordable,For my children and grandchildren.I and my children will beable to get new cars soondmyself also.My daughter to open her eyes to her husband soon.We all get out of poverty.Thank God for my sister .and family who welcome me here with open arms her and my other family members.I just want my own place were I can get started on my life.My children are having hard times in college.KNow money affecting there grades.I don’t know what the social security are doing to me.But I wish I could talk to them and get a better understanding about how much I really will get.It is less than getting ssi.They said that is all Iam suppose to get.I can’t live off that.I just want to get well.Get back on my feet take care of my family and grandchildren,Help others also.I know God Has a Plan for me.I will be more excited about it if I can’ just quit stressing.The meds are very strong what I have to take I want off of them.TO come back alive.My Family to be well.God Bless You In all You DO ! Thanks Margaret for your encouragement! Please pray for me and Family and I will do the same.
    I know this is your calling! God Bless You And Yours!

  214. Naomi, Our God can do all things. When you want God to do anything for you, dont see yourself as qualified or not qualified; see the power of God at work to make it happen for you. Once you have Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour you should be exercising your faith in God to interven on your behalf. Use your tongue wisely. No messing up of anything, only repairing of things for you. There will be victory for you. You will see miracles because God will send His angels ahead of you and God’s presence will go with you. You need favour, ask the light of God to shine upon you from now on. Read, and ponder on these scriptures, day and night. Psalm 80:3,19, 89:15, and Isaiah60:19,20. You must relax and allow the Spirit of God to work for you and speak to you. Power from on high will help you to get the house. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  215. Hello,I’am giving you and update on what is going on.I found quiet a few places.But they want to much for them.Pray that I will get the housing that I need soon.The places are so scarey! Iam single mother.I don’t want to be in a scarey area.My sister is very kind.But I know that she is getting tired.Her children are giving her a hard time.They really stress my sister.I can’t stand to see it.I try to talk to them but they are teenagers.
    My children and grandchildren want me to hurry to get out of here.So they can have a place to go.I look everyday.I need favor.And healing in my mind body and family also.I thank God for you everyday.God Bless you in all you do.

  216. Naomi, Did you buy those recommended prayer books and Bible? If you do and use them, God will answer your prayers. Don’t blame your sister’s children, perhaps they thought that you were comming for weekend, but the weekend is stretching to weeks, so they get bored with so many people in the house. Why not look for a house that fits your purse? The “scarey house” ? If that is what fits your purse, get it and chase out the demons that make it scarey, by sprinkling the Blood of Jesus around it and inside it. You will also anoint it both ways. When you occupy it and begin to sing praises to God, everyday, and read your Bible, not just silently but loudly, demons will flee. Remember to make your word positive no matter your situation. Believe God to send you help as you pray to Him on any subject. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  217. Please pray for my family for a total deliverance and breakthrough. And for me, total healing in my body and God` blessings

  218. Gina, You must be born again, if you are not. You also need consistent prayers, so get the books and the Bible in no.212 above, and use them. If its one you can buy, do so until you can buy the others. Read also the message on DELIVER ME O LORD! Use all the scriptures there to cry unto God. Continue to read your Bible daily and the Holy Spirit will be guiding you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  219. That i may know God in His power and Authority.
    That God gives me a man after His heart in year 2011.
    Bless be the name of the Lord for His faithfulness.

  220. Princess, Amen to all your prayers. Keep on serving God and tell Him your desires. He will grant you your heart’s desires in the mighty name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  221. Hello,I’am here,Found out that I want have aplace of my own for as lease six months.But I know God is good.I just need agreement from everyone.I know God does miracles in all areas.My sister is a God Sent.I just thank her so much.They don;t want me to move.But I have to for my sanity. Pray for my sister and her kidneys and well as my health also.She is a wonderful person.Iam thinking God Has me hear for a reason.To help her.She is also having finacial problems.Were we are helping each other.But I have ran out of funds right now.I have use alot here.I hope I will have the funds to move when that time comes.I hope soon.
    I could help her alot better if I was not under the pressure.
    God Bless You In All You Do!

  222. Dear Pastor,

    Please Pray for the total deliverance and victory in my family. Please my Senior Daughter deliver through operation twice and she is now pregnant, we don’t need another operation, we know with your prayers our good Lord will make deliver like the Hebrew women amen.

    Secondly, my second daughter has since finished her NYSC programe, And has been looking here and there for job please help tell the good Lord to give her job of her choice and a God fearing husband. amen.

    My first son has been behaving abnormal he is of age to get married but he don’t no his left from right, I know it is the handiwork of the wicked, I want our good Lord to restore him back to normalcy amen.

    Please Daddy Pray for my family, we need total deliverance, breakthrough, healing and God blessing. Amen

  223. Naomi, ask your sister to be pleading the Blood of Jesus upon her kidney and every organ of our body. You should do the same. Dont wait unti attacks come befor you protect yourself. Tell her to buy Prayer Rain, to use for warfare. Locate Healing scirptures, here are some, Isaiah53:5, Exodus15:26, Exodus23:25, Matthew8:17, Luke9:1 and Luke10:19. Believers have power over sickness and disease. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  224. Mrs. Glory, God will deliver you and your children, but you must PRAY and FAST. Matthew11:12. Join the 70 days Praying and Fasting Programme going on at the MFM church for deliverance. On11-11-11, go to the Prayer City for the special programme. Buy Prayer Rain and be doing warfare with it. I decree a release to your son’s brain wherever the enemies have put it, in Jesus name. Your daghter will be employed. Let her say daily, and as many times as she can. “The unemployed shall be employed, I shall be employed, in the name of Jesus.” Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!


  226. pastor Thieringo | November 14, 2011 at 11:09 am |

    Prayer Request :

    persecution, demonic , satanic, and dark things done againts pastor Thieringo must stop , mustn’t have effect on him and must return againts those who do that. Fire of Holly Spirit must come on evil and bad things againts him. May God Jesus Holly Spirit do justice to him . Protection,prosperity, healing, wisdom, Miracles in finances , miracles in his life in Jesus name .

  227. Lord,change my alcoholic husband into a new person and unite my family.
    Lord hear my prayer.

  228. tandiwe chibanga | November 19, 2011 at 8:18 am |

    please pray for my son Tatenda to get a job.

  229. Sokorina, Pray for the salvation of your husband’s soul. That is the first step towards any type of deliverance. With him being saved, he becomes a new man and God will open his eyes. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  230. Tandiwe, When God created Adam, He put him in the garden to work. Jesus also worked, John4:34. Paul also said that he worked with his hands, 1Corinthians4:12, and he admonished people not to steal, but to work, Ephesians4:28. If you remind God of these scriptures and pray favour on all his application letters/resume, he will surely be employed. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  231. Oshioke douglas shellu | November 24, 2011 at 8:37 am |

    Please i beg anyone who care to listen. Please run away from all sin of sexual practices in Jesus name. Such sin God dont like them. From personal experience. Thanks

  232. Please i beg anyone who care to listen. Please run away from all sin of sexual practices in Jesus name. Such sin God dont like them. From personal experience. Thanks

  233. Oshioke, Thank you for your warning again. You first said it in no.147. One cannot claim to be a Christian and be engaged in such sin. Our body is the temple of God. Read 1Corinthians6:9-20. You cannot be joined to the Lord and be joined to the devil. Note verse18, Flee fornication…so that you do not sin against your body. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  234. Please Sir, prayer for daughter who is not pregnant and she also stomach problem.

  235. Anonymous, If you have faith in the Great Physician and call on Him in prayers, He will heal your daughter. The three books recommended in No.212 above will help your prayer life. 2) Get many healing scriptures and let your daughter be doing Joshua1:8 with them. 3) She should be reading her Bible regularly. The word of God is life and it gives health. John6:63, Proverbs4:20-22. Glory to God, Jesus is Lord!

  236. Please help me to pray for deliverance and breakthrough. I have been married for 5 years but no child. I dream of having sex and my husband was diagonised with low sperm count. I know that God is able to turn our sadness into joy.

  237. Margaret A. | December 4, 2011 at 1:45 am |

    Beatrice, God can do all things. First of all notify the spirit husband that his time is up in your life, in the name of Jesus. By the Blood of Jesus, give him a bill of divorce. Write down 7copies, You spirit husband, loose me and let me go, no more sex with you. Go away from my life and never come back. burn one each day. Do it with prayer and fasting. Always anoint yourself and private part before you go to bed. When you wash in the morning, do it with the Blood. the spirit man has no choice but to depat. I wrote something on Depart From Me, read it and pray it. Now to your husband’s sperm. What sperm impregnated Mary? Just be craving for the power of God to work things for you.. Pray and have faith in God who can do all things. You will carry your baby in year 2012. No more oppression in your life, in the name of Jesus.

  238. Margaret A. | December 4, 2011 at 1:59 am |

    Beatrice, 1Corinthians2:5. Let your faith be in the power of God. Read your Bible regularly with your husband and be doing Bible study together. Stop focussing on children, focus on God. Both of you should join a service group in your church. Exodus23:26. John the Baptist was born through service. Your baby will come. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  239. kingsley oscar | December 5, 2011 at 3:36 pm |

    please man of God i want you to pray for me for God favour in my life.and financial open doors in my life.
    secondly.GOD LET MY EUROPEN DOCUMENT BE RELEASE EXPRESSLY IN JESUE NAME AMEN.Are above all, God protection upon my family in Jesus name Amen.

  240. Please pray that God should perfect himself in my life and my family.

    God should make a way for me where there seems to be no way

  241. Margaret A. | December 9, 2011 at 8:52 pm |

    Kingsley, I say Amen to all your prayers. Your expectation shall not be cut off. Locate favour and protection scriptures and be doing Joshua1:8 with them, good success will follow you.e.g. Psalm5:12, Psalms91, 121. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  242. Margaret A. | December 9, 2011 at 9:02 pm |

    Rita, Our God is perfect in every way, Read Know Your God, one of my articles. You mean that He should perfect you and your family, Use Psalm138:8 for your Joshua1:8 God is out to do the impossible new things for us all. Isaiah43:19. Be reading your Bible daily. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  243. Please pray for my husband that he may have a true relationship with God and he will not compromise to worldly things anymore..that he will be a responsible father and a faithful husband. Please pray that my husband will be released from the spirit of resentment,hatred,bitterness,pride and other familiar spirits.

  244. pastor Thieringo | December 18, 2011 at 12:12 pm |


    persecution,demonic,satanic, and dark things done againts pastor Thieringo’s life must stop , mustn’t have effect on him , and must return againts those who do that . Fire of Holly Spirit must come on evil and bad things againts him . May God Jesus Holly Spirit do justice to him . protection,healing,prosperity, miracles in finances ,miracles in his life in Jesus name .

  245. Margaret A. Adeoso | December 18, 2011 at 10:17 pm |

    Pastor, you have decreed and so shall it be, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  246. Hello, Neat post. There’s an issue with your website in internet explorer, would test this? IE still is the market chief and a good section of folks will leave out your great writing because of this problem.

  247. PRAYER REQUEST: glory be to the holy one of isreal, i want the general congregation of God to pray for me that God in his infinite mercy should open the door of favour to me to enable me open my foundation and start my building,let the name of the almighty God be praise for doing these for me AMEN

  248. Joseph Caesar | January 17, 2012 at 9:21 am |

    Pastor, please pray for me. I have paid an attorney Gail Adams $1820.00 to represent me in an uncontested divorce for about 3 years now and she have not done anything for me. She have even dissappeared without a trace. Please pray for me that the Power of God will have her resurface and I will get my divorce.


  249. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 17, 2012 at 10:01 am |

    Etim, AMEN. When the favour comes, before you begin to build, acknowledge God, as the supplier of both human and material resources. See Him as the Master Builder, and ask Him to build with you. Trust Him to finish what he starts. Build it unto God. You shall not build for others to inhabit. Read and meditate on these verses Psalm127:1;128:2, Isaiah65:20-25, 1Corinthians3:10-11. Read the book of Nehemiah. There are many more verses about building, Search for them and use them. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  250. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 17, 2012 at 10:51 pm |

    Joseph, God hates divorce, Malachi 1:14,16. Ask your local police to trace her for you. My prayer about her is that she will lose her peace until she shows up to pay you your money. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  251. pastor, pls pray with me. Av graduated since 2006 and job is not forthcoming. Am 27yrs of age, husband is also not forthcoming. I come from a muslim home n my dad and my stepmum wants to keep staying at home. No job at home and am not even allowed to go to church. D house became hot on me when i decided to go against my dad’s wish and go to church. Since they wont allow me to leave d house, i had to leave early this month not seeking their permision. After somedays, i checked my dad’s post on facebook and it says dat he’s siting down waiting to see aw i will end up. Though av been on fasting and prayer since d begining of dis year, i still need someone very strong to pray with me against stagnation, failure, household wickedness. Thank you and may God continualy strengthen you.

  252. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 19, 2012 at 10:54 pm |

    Folashade, In the name of Jesus, you will end up well. Job8:7. Nobody follows Jesus and regrets it.Read these verses and meditate on them,Matthew12:50;19:29,Matthew6:33. One thing you must know is that God can even use you to let them see light. Since you still comunicate on facebook, be praying for them. Pray for their salvation. Be covering yourself with the Blood of Jesus daily. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, in Jesus name, Isaiah54:14,-17. Jesus visited Paul personaly, Pray such visitation for them. You should thank God you were able to escape. Read of a 15 year old in Uganda who was put under house arrest, tortured, but latter rescued. She is just learning to use her legs. Put your trust in God. God will help you marvelously, beyond your imagination. Be reading your Bible and be a doer of what you read. Faith in God with holy living will greatly help you. Dont leave Jesus for anything, please. Jesus is the only way to all you need. Forgive your persecutors, and move forward. Jesus will give you the right man to marry. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  253. Sir,i whant you to pray for 2003 i get admission to federal polytechnic Ado-Ekiti in Ekiti State,in my 1st semester i perform wery well Hmmm Sir in my 2cond semester i can explain what Really happen to me what i notice is that if lecturer is teaching us my mind will not with him my mind will go faraway and if i read any thing now if then ask me question on what i just read now i didn’t remember it again,Sir is just like i lost my memory Sir this thing lead me to automatic withdraw Sir since then i find admission difficult and i always pray for quick memory and i believe that nothing hard for God to do,thank God will renew your power.

  254. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 21, 2012 at 9:28 pm |

    No.253, In the name of Jesus, the name at which all knees bow, receive your memory back. Father let there be restoration of his brains, in the name of Jesus. You enemy stole from him, You have to cry RESTORE, in the name of Jesus.Isaiah42:22. Its only the devil who steals, destroys and kill. With Jesus, you will live abundant life, John10:10 Believers have the mind of Christ,1Corinthians2:16. For now, let admission alone. You will engage yourself in Bible reading and listening. No T.V., no newspaper, no unprofitable talk. If you can engage yourself with the word for a month, you will see the difference. John6:63. The word will chase out whatever demon is holding down your brains, quicken you, and bring life to you from head to toe. Be not afraid, only believe that your brains will be restored. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  255. Please Sir l need your prayer l have been have sleepless night and bad dream for over a year know. I have pray and l will continue to pray.please pray for me.

  256. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 22, 2012 at 6:02 pm |

    Atteh A., Instead of spending the nights in nightmare, be spending them in night vigil, reading the word, praying and singing. In the daytime, you should also be praying and be reading the word. We are in a very evil time. Sprinkle your environment with the Blood of Jesus and speak Hebrews12:29 round also. The Lord showed me the power of that verse recently when an evil bird will not let me sleep. You will surely overcome them in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  257. Imomoh O. Kennedy | January 22, 2012 at 8:45 pm |

    Sir i want you to pray for me for divine direction in my life and my business. I own a business which do marketing, trading and haulage of petroleum products though our business started in October 2011 and we do have prospective customers, we are yet to do business and make profit as such we seek Divine direction.

  258. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 23, 2012 at 4:52 am |

    Imomoh, Since you started the business, have you been paying tithe and offering? Read Malachi3:6-12. Be giving to the poor and needy, Deuteronomy15:7-11. There is a book, God Owns My Bussiness, get a copy, read and be a doer. God will bless the work of your hand. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  259. sir i want you to pray for me for divine healing and deliverance from house hold enemies.

  260. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 25, 2012 at 9:36 pm |

    Stella, Read, “You Can Enjoy Good Health”. Gather some healing scriptures and be doing Joshua1:8 with them God will heal you and take away sicknesses away from you, In Jesus name. Exodus15:26, 23:25. Jeremiah17:14, Isaiah54:4,5. Reading the word is health. Proverbs4:20-22. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  261. i am reforming voodoo preistis and need someone who will pray with me 3522311994

  262. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 27, 2012 at 11:13 am |

    Thelma, Be born Again, by 1. Realise you are a sinner, Romans3:23, repent your sins and turn away from them completely Have you left that camp totally? If yes, then return all their stuff or get a pastor who can dispose of them for you. Go to an MFM church for deliverance. Where there is no MFM church, do your personal deliverance by reading the word of God. The word of God delivers. This reading is not a casual reading, but read with your whole heart for the power of the word to enter you. I pray that those unclean spirit will depart from you. Read an article on Depart From Me. Give yourself wholly to Jesus, Serve Him by joining a group in your church. Let your pastor know so that he can guide you more, anoint and pray for you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  263. Pls l need your prayer over my aunt y she is above 45yrs no husband,and she is down with a sickness over a year new which is more of spiritual than physical

  264. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 28, 2012 at 7:00 pm |

    Atteh, the first step is to lead her to Christ. Then locate several healing scriptures, and be reading them to her. Take care of her health first and then, husband can follow. Get her audio Bible which she can listen to on daily basis. No TV, No Newspaper and no junk at all. She will soon get better. The word will get her on her feet. Be giving her communion daily and be pleading the Blood of Jesus around her. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  265. Please Pray for me and mine!!! God Bless You In All You Do!!

  266. Get our on place and a job soon. Please pray for healing also for my family my children and grandchildren,PRAY for the people who are using my daugthers in college they will not leave her alone they are trying to hinder her.From doing what they need to do in college.The girl that came there is on a mission.Pray for protection,Healing,Wisdom,Favor,The main thing to have a hunger for God All Mighty.For God to lead me to were he wants me to move to soon.God Bless you and yours!

  267. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 29, 2012 at 8:24 pm |

    Naomi, Locate healing scriptures, e.g, Exodus15:26, Exodus23:25, Isaiah53:4,5. Matthew10:1.Wisdom, be reading the book of Proverbs, and other books of the Bible.. Favour, Psalm5:12, Protection Psalm91,there are still many verses, read your Bible daily to locate them. Jesus loves you so much. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  268. Please, help me prayer for my brother, that every evil woman that has captured him and using him as a money making machine, this woman is using some diabolical power on him that he should not spend for his parents, brothers and sisters but for the woman and her children, until this my brother spend the last money he has for the woman he will not remember himself. The whole family has tried everything possible to separate them but we couldn’t instead this my brother fought my mother to leave him alone with this woman. You may ask who this woman is to him; she was a tenant in my mother house, she succeeded in claiming him as son, now my mother is dead without enjoying her son, we the sisters and brother cant even say any thing now, seeing my brother being enslaved and captured spiritual i cry everyday and there is no body to run to. The woman has built her house and my brother is still in a rented house. Not to talk much, please man of God pray that God should open my brother´s eyes to seeing himself doing what he is not suppose to do and let him remember the family he came from.
    Thanks so much and may God continue to empower you in Jesus name…..

  269. Margaret A. Adeoso | February 7, 2012 at 9:08 pm |

    Vivi, If you and your siblings are born again, two or three of you are enough to handle her. But are sure they are not married? If they are married, there is nothing you can do about it. If they are not, then begin to pray for the opening of his eyes by the Blood of Jesus. using Isaiah25:7, 11. Ask for divine intervention.Isaiah49:24-26. God will save your brother. You should also break the controlling power of the woman from him. Any time you want to talk to your brother, do it prayerfully, dont just talk to him and expect positive result. Always cover his mind with the Blood of Jesus. God will help you, and he will come to himself. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  270. Ifechukwude | February 9, 2012 at 6:50 am |

    May the mighty God who brought Dr D.K Olukoya to our generation be a drama cord in one of the mfmcf.whenever am in d presenc of God I feel home and happy I feel alive when I sing praises unto him.but the seed of lust wil not let me be free.all I need is to be free from this deadly sin.I am scared of God’s wrath but I can’t just help myslf.I need prayer point and bible verses bcause I want to be free.Thank God I was Born into this great family of MFM.

  271. Ifechukwude, Since you are born again, rededicate your life. You cannot help yoursel as you said, so ask the Holy Spirit to help you, and be using the Blood of Jesus to overcome it. Be termine to live a holy life. Job did something,he made covenant with his eyes, not to look at girls,Job31:1,3,8. Read the entire chapter,to see all the vows he made. The Holy Spirit will always caution you. Be telling that spirit to leave you, and be claiming your freedom by the Blood of Jesus. Let your pastor anoint you to break the yoke. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  272. Please help me with prayers.I have been stagnant for years now.What ever i lay my hands on just disappears.By this i mean in every area of my life.I am 30 years old,never married and no child.In almost every relationship i go into,i end up being irritated with my partner i end up dumping him or vice versa.Financially its the same.Please help me.I am born again.God Bless you

  273. Nyarai . arai, Since you are born again, Jesus has set you free by the Blood He shed on the cross at Golgotha. I read something recently that even the dried Blood scraped by Ron Wyatt, less than two decades ago, is still living. I say this so that your faith in the Blood can rise. Use these three weapons, the Word, the Blood and the Holy Spirit. The three agree in one. Read 1John5:5-21. Pray regularly, and study the Word of God, plead the Blood of Jesus around you and call down the fire of God around you, Hebrews12:29. There are so many prayer points on this website. Pray fervently. God will help you. Be sure to join a service group in your church. You will overcome spirits of stagnation, irritation and others. They are mountains, be rebuking them and be commanding them to leave, in the name of Jesus, the name that is above all principality, angels, authorities and powers. 1Peter3:22, Ephesians1:21. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  274. Mmakopa (SOUTH AFRICA) | February 21, 2012 at 1:49 am |

    Please pray and agree with me . We have finance that the bank is delaying to release. Its been years now and this is causing serious fights with the bank. When the money is approved somebody in the bank rejects it and it is reversed,for many times this has been happening. From Mmakopa (RSA)

  275. Mmakopa, You cannot handle it by fights(flesh), Zechaiah4:6,7. If you have been paying tithe, remind God of Malachi3:10-12, and ask for the release of your money. If you have not been paying tithe, ask God for mercy by the Blood of Jesus and promise to be paying henceforth. God is plentious in redemption, Psalm130:7. Then get your account No. and Bank written on paper and sprinkle the paper with the Blood of Jesus, asking God for a release, ask God to touch the hearts of those officers to release your money. Go and give alms to poor and needy, Acts10:4, and God will move into your affairs. I can see victory, by the Blood of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  276. Sandra Dcunha | February 24, 2012 at 10:32 pm |

    My name is SAndra Amelia Dcunha roman catholic , met a hindu guy Preetham Brahmadeviah,he is a Jain.
    He promised to get married to me and also get converted to christianity, .He believes in Jesus,
    We are staying together and we have a baby girl2 1/2 yrs old Samantha Rose.He is not comming forward for civil;
    marriage nor to get our marrige blessed in the church. His baptism andbaptism is delayed babys too,
    He is totally under ancestral curses .He was ditches by two girls love faliure.and he started ruining girls life. 98 girls he played with
    and even i was his target,however now he has stoped this by lot of prayers and fastings. Inbetween he had an affair with a girl, that also with prayers got cleared.
    he is aprodigal son totally in satans hands, anger, hatred, unforgiveness,false pride attitude , vulgar spech ,no fear of god nor man , addicted to drinks smioke and tobacoo.
    totally a wild and destructive person he hits me alot and even for baby he teaches badwords and his her aswell, I dont know what n how to pray, he is astubborn person in bondage and slave pornagraphy
    Please pray that the precious words of god destroy allthe works of satan and change his, bless him and all that satan is holding and obstructing be freed inJesus name and jesus work in his mine and samantha life
    so we can testify for jsus AMEN

  277. Sandra, Are you married to him in any form, with your parents’ consent? If yes, then you are already married to the man. Marriage is a packet, the content of which you do not know. Whatever you find in it, you have to really pray about. SInce he is your husband, You must pray and fast for him, especially his soul. ask God to save his soul. Are you also born again by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and forsaking your sins and wholly living for Jesus.? Christianity is not just about church going alone but about having Jesus living inside you, as a believer. Of yourself you can do nothing, but through Jesus you can do all things.Philippians4:13, John15:5. You must be commited to a life in Christ to help him see the light in Jesus, by your behaviour. I pray God to help you. Be an ardent reader of the Holy Bible once you are born again and it will surprise you how God will move in your affairs. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  278. I have two daughters battling generational limitation of unmarriedness, financial shipwreck every time they seem to do well, abuse by men they trusted, great anger. I am fasting and praying for them to be delivered. Any prayer eagles who see this please agree with me that God will intervene and put their feet firmly on the right path. This is urgent as I notice that they are struggling to hold on to their faith and trust in Jesus ; they are backsliding. I thank the Lord God for the community of believers to encourage an exhort others and to glorify our Lord Jesus.

  279. Margaret A. | March 6, 2012 at 6:18 pm |

    Daphne, God will reward your labour of love on your daughters, in Jesus’ name. However, they should
    rededicate themselves to Jesus Christ and know that there is no fulfilment elsewhere. The next stage is to be reading their Bible to know more about God and their problems.They must know God has provision of spouse for everyone, Genesis2:18. If they know that only fools get angry, and nobody wants to befriend an angry person, they will check themselves, They can then go for deliverance. Get back to God. Going back from God is going back from good. Return to God. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  280. I have a prayer request . My husband has just lost his father (post mo-term said he was strangled when he had gone for fishing),and he says the argument that we had had the previous day might have lead to that. It was an argument about me wanting to pursue my studies in MBA. He said we do not have resources but l said the company can assist me in paying the fees then i pay through installments.He said l’m being selfish because his sisters also want to go to school. I said we must send them to school but i also want to advance myself. in preparation of the position that are arising at my work place. Today he said if i go on with the MBA I will always remind him of the death of his father.He went on to say its better for us to part ways. however today there was an internal advert that needs someone is studying MBA. I should be starting lessons the 3rd week of March.
    Sir i want you to pray for me for divine intervention and deliverance from these squabbles.

  281. thank you so much for interpreting my dream um so encouraged and i thank god for ths website pls pray for me i wnt to get married

  282. Margaret A. | March 9, 2012 at 5:28 pm |

    Dambudzo, The Word has the final say on the issues of life. “what God has joined together, let no man put assunder”. Death of father-in-law or education of sisters-in-law should not put you assunder. Pray for the healing of your husband’s soul. He is yet to recover from his father’s death. As much as you want to submit to him, let him see reasons why you need the programme, NOW. Do not be arguementative about it. You must be very gentle with him. Be prayerful before you open the discussion with him. God will open his mind to see reasons. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  283. kindly pray for my marriage, my husband introduced another woman on saturday in a funeral in my presense, and yesterday he appeared in the newspaper as a son in law of that woman mother. please pray for Gods divine intervetion.

  284. Father, I pray today for my sister. I speak your strength to her today to combat the weakness that she now feels. I pray that she would lean hard into you at this time and that she will be enabled to trust You now. Her situation is a surprise to her but is no surprise to You. Even as You have caused what was hidden to be exposed so I pray that the solution that You have to this situation will be revealed to her.
    I pray against bitterness and the spirit of rejection. Let not these weapons prosper against her. What the enemy meant for evil turn into good for her, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

  285. Margaret A. | March 14, 2012 at 12:51 pm |

    Jane, Did you go to the funeral together or from different houses? If from the same house, sit him down and ask for his intention, whether he wants to continue and still be son in law to another woman, apart from your mother. If you were married to him properly, could he have done that? If he had made another choice of wife, you may have to let him go,1Corinthians7:15. However, pray for him that every covering on his eyes be opened. Get Prayer Rain by Dr. Olukoya and use the prayers on pages420-432. God can still save your marriage. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  286. hi, my mother dreamed that my husband ( a former christian pastor turned hebrew israelite) was preaching to a large crowd of people who waited to hear him speak but when he took the stage he couldn’t get himselft together and did horribly. What could this mean? Can you give prayer points to pray for his return to christianity and pastoring if it’s his calling.

  287. Margaret A. | March 14, 2012 at 10:50 pm |

    Lisa, You and your mother form a prayer team. Pray for him daily until you are convinced that God has heard you. Jesus is the light of the world. Jesus is also the way, the truth and life. Anyone who leaves Jesus has left the light, the way, truth and life for the opposites. Please pray that the Blood of Jesus destroys the blindfold on his eyes. Was he really born again before? Please pray for the salvation of his soul. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  288. Please pray that I will receive my home before the week is up.I’am still at my sister.I have fast prayed read,Trying to stay focus on God!!!My children are having car troubles to get to and fro myself to,We need new vehicles. Having financial situations,Having situations with my health,My children and grandchildren,my sister,brothers,my youngest childrens daddie also.I pray the chains be broken off of my family,My sister inlaws son has liver cancer,He needs a miracle.Please pray for him.The curse be broken off this family.Pray that my daughter lose her weight healthy way,the other one will give up sugar all together for her eyes,The other be healed for her eyes so she will beable to see clearly,Her husband left her and took the only vehicle they had.She does not have a vehichle to take her 4children to school,and her to work.She just started her jobs two months ago,He wants her to beg him back,With all the drama,
    Please Pray I will do the same.

    God Bless You In All You Do!!!

  289. Margaret A. | March 29, 2012 at 8:38 pm |

    Naomi, Everyone who serves God has one challenge(problem) or the other. A greatman of God says, if you dont have any problem, it means you are not serving God, the upright will always have problems. Psalm34:17,19. God will always deliver you if you cry unto Him. However, you should know that the devil is the one bringing problems to you, not God. Consider Job.He never denied God, but he was either praying or making declarations and God gave him double of everything he lost. Among the challenges you mentioned were finances,health and diseases. Do what is required on each of them. To be in good health, and get rid of diseases, get healing scriptures and be speaking it, day and night. If you declare, Heal me O Lord… Jeremiah17:14, several times a day, the sickness will go. To improve your finances, get a job and be a giver. For the other cases, put yourself under sound Biblical teaching and be a doer of what is taught.By following all instructions, your life will improve. In addition to your prayers, be reading your Bible. You will surely overcome. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  290. Dear pastor,

    Please pray for me I am about to loose my house it is going on auction in April 26 and I do not have money to money to pray and am afraid that I will be home less without it. Please pray for me to retain it back and also my business has fallen apart

  291. Margaret A. | March 30, 2012 at 6:31 pm |

    Thanjiswa, Cry unto God for mercy and compassion. Lord, have mercy on me by the Blood of Jesus. Make way for me to retain my house, in the name of Jesus. If you cry unto God, He will do it for you. If you escape this, dont use your house as collatera again. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!


  293. Margaret A. | April 8, 2012 at 1:31 pm |

    KWAKU, Thank you for your worthy contribution. This is the time to live holy at all times, because the doom’s day will soon come, With all the woes we read and watch, we should always consider the second coming. We are to watch and pray for the unsaved souls. We are to make known the gospel of Jesus Christ to people. Jesus died for the whole world. When we see the sick, regardless of their religion, we are to pray for them. When they are healed and see the greatness of God’s power, they will submit themselves unto God through Jesus Christ. We should also wear the breastplate of righteousness and of faith and of love. Ephesians6:14, Isaiah59:17, 1Thessalonians5:8. The second coming is real. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  294. Please dear brothers and sisters in christ,join me in prayer for rhe following issues in my life that i have been dealing with ever since 2009,i don’t even know where to start from.
    I have been in a relationship since 2009 and we have been trying for a baby , in 2009 i got pregnant just after three months of starting our relationship and it turned out that the baby was growing out of the womb so it ended in misscarriage,then i dreamt that the mother of my friend and the mother of the lady that wanted to marry him very much (his mother wanted him to marry the lday too but my friend does not want )were removing a baby from my womb;So we decided to keep trying and then the doctors told me in 2010 it will be very difficult for me to have children due to firbroids , then in august 2011 got pregnant again and i had a dream at 2am in the midnight that i was having sex in the dream and then i started bleeding and i lost the pregnancy.I having praying against spirits husband because most time i find myself being assaulted in the dream,or seeing a menstration pad and the nest day i start seeing my period.
    The second issue is that the guy i am seeing since 2009 does not want to get married to me he keeps telling me he has not known me enough to get married to and i am really fed up because each time we sleep together i feel i am mocking GOD because i know GOD does not like me to be staying with a man that i am not married to,and i told my friend to do the right thing ,and he told me that if i see who wants to marry me i should do it. A few months ago i met a very nice guy i and i really don’t know what to anymore ,so i am asking GOD to please show me my rightful life partner and end bareness from my life. Glort be to God the one and only true GOD amen.

  295. Margaret A. | April 12, 2012 at 6:12 pm |

    Maggi, Having sex before marriage is mocking God as you said. That’s not all. You also open doors for spiritual attacks. If a man has been sleeping with you since 2009, and claims he does not know you enough to marry you, what are you still doing with such a man. Dont let him continue to abuse you. He even told you to go and get someone else. That is a signal for you. All those spiritual attacks can be stopped when you stop dining with the devil, and pray fervently against them. Do not go to bed with the “nice guy” you just met. it is also another disobedience to God. Repent and turn fully to the living God. Invite Jesus into your life afresh and God will hear your prayers. God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  296. My dear brethren i need your spiritual advice and prayers.I am an Orphan with 2 sibblings.I met a man in 2010 dat wanted to marry me but my granny and my aunts and Uncles refused bcos they said he is not educated and his mother was an adulterer though she is now an evangelist.They refused to take my bride price from my husband but he has been nice to me any my sibblings.I am now living wit him and have a baby for him yet my family still rejects us even my baby.Should i go ahead and do court marriage and wedding with him?

  297. i am asking for prayer for myself, also my children, my nephew desperate in need of a job. pray for my neice sharlene a prayer of deliverance and healing, pray that my husband will find me now, i will get the house sell instead of renting it, i will get healing in my body. i need to leave from where i am living the house is so hunty.i will start to walk in my minstry and do the will of him that called me. even at the moment i feel so sad because life take a wrong turn i know it not god will for my life as a child of him, pray for a final breathrough i am tried of living in provity. and see my chidren suffering and we all living for the master. pray for my church daughter sherley that her paper work will come through, her mother is struggle. and my next friend beverley

  298. Margaret A. | April 17, 2012 at 9:45 pm |

    Obeta, Being uneducated should not be a barrier to marriage if he has a skill and or a trade to look after a family. Smith Wigglesworth was a plumber, who became a great evangelist. His life and works are still speaking today. Also, the woman who was called an adultress has repented and she now works for the Lord. She has been accepted as a child of God with. Now, your going ahead to have a baby for the man before getting your family approval is the only cloudy area. God forgives readily when we repent, but you need to appeal to your family members to forgive you and accept the man. Your child needs a solid based home, just as you do. Let your pastor appeal to your family’s pastor to appeal to the family members to forgive you and the man, so that you can be happy with the man you love and who loves you. They may fine the man, so tell him to be ready to pay the fine. Both of you should pray fervently to God to change the hearts of your family members. Their action is in your interest. it is not late to get formal education at any age. God will help you. Glory to God Jesus is Lord!

  299. Margaret A. | April 17, 2012 at 9:59 pm |

    Claire, Your prayer points are many, but they can all be sorted out. They include healing, job, breakthrough and friends. We have treated some of them in this website, and there are several prayer points and counselling on them. If you search you will find them. However you must engage in serious prayer too. So buy Prayer Rain to engage all forces of darkness. When you do that you will see yokes being broken. Cry unto God for help. You will overcome them all. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  300. Am on the run n in hiding from a man i married in a civil wedding 6 mths ago without parental consent n lied about paying my dowry which even a penny he didnt…………i met him when i was on rebound from the father of my son who left me when i was 5 mths pregnant with my now 3 yr old son….he was on n off n taking care of his son until i stood up on my own n i got saved n started the healing frm the vicious cycle i was in……the relationship i was in with the man i married was not godly n i broke up with him….he used to do drugs n sell……he has a violent past that everyone is im fear of him to date…he has a 7yr old son who he was left with n the mothet of his son was an addict too..he used to beat her badly to almost deathg n the woman has (4 yrs )disappeared to date…….he used to steal……this secretive life i came to know of later……he has many police reports about him for beating up pple………few pple warned me nt 2 marry him but i was stubborn n thoughy he had changed……he used 2 be a muslim n he got saved which now i knw he did that 2 marry me… 32 yrs,he never held a decent job n refused 2 be employed n he wil sleep as i go 2 work n fend for him,his son,my son n myself…..i turned 26 last month n i knw i have a lifetime ahead……his muslim bro took me through hell in abuse n assault n broke my kitchenware after smoking bhang…which he n my siz inlaw wld do in the house…….i eventualy moved out n rented my own with my hubby n stepson n my son….my hubby has drained me financially,emotionally…..he used to shove me around……force me sexually which i began 2 resent n wld feel like vomiting when he was done….my stepson wld lie…steal…bully…..not listen even after caning him….poop n pee in bed where my 3 yr old wldnt pee in bed…..i do the clean up n take care of them…..everythng was going worse from bad……i started prayng using this site for God 2 reveal the secrets of my life…….my hubby started displayng homesexual tendecies in bedroom….i asked him if he ever dated a man n he laughed it off sayng men used 2 seduce him in pubs…..funny thing he never had galfreind issues considering the fact that he is tall,handsome,well built….even gals in church were running after him….he wld worship,pray in tongues like heaven has come down……he wil play nice n responsible husband in church…..n i was the envy…….

  301. ……i lost my accounting job in december n the real culprits are even working in diff companies as i still struggle 2 look for a job……..i stil struggled feeding my family….he wil take money n wldnt account for it….my stepson wld me chased out of skool for lack of fees n he wil wait 4 me 2 handle that too……he wld rough me up….i dnt remember the last time i laughed…..then last month he was forcing me 2 tke aloan of 400k for him n i refused,…he strangled me n i passed out….he traumatized me the whole night how he cld easily take me into a coma or just kill me….all this is after he knew i was totally broke in cash…..i shared all this under dreams n breakthrough 5 n the man of God told me annul this charade called marriage……….he has spoilt my name in church n 2 our pastor..he wld send me messages that he only spared my life bcz he had pity on my son….then he changed n started sending me messages of bible n how he was ready 2 confess to tje church n pastor the lies he had said about me… dad had taken me with all my house stuff which were all mine.he only came with his clothes in this marriage………then knwing am out of town,he sends me messages that he wont sign divorce papers n am leavng him bcz he dsnt have money n riches….he mocks me in the messages………i need a job 2 educate my son….i need to stand up again……i saw my pastor frm our church HQs n she told me there is no marriage there n these are red lights God is showing me….i am in hiding in a diff city knwng he might hurt me again given the chance as he is obssesed with me……..i need to live without fear….i need strenght form above…..a new beggining……..i need a means of livelihood without dependng on the biological father of my son who is a womanizer n everytime he has a new woman he brings them 2 my 3yr old son without finacial support n he takes care of these women’s kids n expenses n he dsnt knw what his only son eats………i need God 2 answer me in speed

  302. Joseph Caesar | April 18, 2012 at 9:00 am |

    Please holy man of God, please pray for my cousin Albert Caesar who is locked up Detroit Michigan and facing deportation. I don’t know what exactly transpired, but God knows. I humbly beg you to remember him in your prayer.

  303. As if that was not enough,my former company put me on national paper with all my personal details including my own mobile number,colored foto,ID number n it was humuliating n i looked like a crimanal…men have been callng my number seducing me n for now this is the number i did cv application with….i need 2 know if i should sue my former employers n they had refused to pay me gratuity of 5 yrs i worked loyally for these indians who @ one time almost sacrifice me as i used to collapse n faint only @ work n they are members of a fratenity that i have read their minutes in the office

  304. Dear Prayer Warriors

    Pray for revelation and understanding for me. My grandmother passed away on March 4th and I had her Funeral
    service on on March 10th, I’m having a hard time BURRING her, her body is in the Casket at the Funeral Home
    because I don’t have all the money to pay, I’m an only child, son. money seems to be delayed for me to payoff the
    Funeral Home and they show me no mercy at all, now they threaten me about paying storage fees for her. They want let me pay monthly until it’s all payed off. This a disgrace, the enemy has mocked me to embarrassment
    she should have been Burried the same day but I had no help at all, they say GOD is never to late, but I really need understanding of this, I want to see Glory & Praise out of this. It’s a shame I had to go through this. She lived to be 110 yrs old. She was my mother’s mother, what evil of my mother’s house of grave, delayed garments that needs to die for me to be prosperous and wealthy die now!!!!!!!! in the name of JESUS.

  305. Margaret A. | April 19, 2012 at 8:59 am |

    Felly, You have already met a man or woman of God who told you that the relationship is not a marriage. You have relocated away from the relationship. Good. But look at the foundation of these problem critically so that you do not make the same mistakes along your path of life. The whole world is full of wickedness, 1John5:19, but God is always faithfull to your covenant, Psalm74:20. For you to overcome you must have a very hot prayer life. Buy Prayer Rain, by Dr. Olukoya and use it daily. You have to fast and pray against every wickedness rearing its head in your life. As for your former boss, only a lawyer can determine if you can sue them or not. If people are pestering you on the published phone number, you can change your number. Let a lawyer advise you on all the matter concerning your identity. Our God specialises in doing the impossible. Cry to God day and night, and He will hear and answer you. lory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  306. Margaret A. | April 19, 2012 at 9:12 am |

    Joseph, If you trust God, Albert as a lawful captive shall be delivered, Isaiah49:24,25. I joined my faith with yours that he is delivered, in Jesus name. Tell him to cry unto God for mercy. He will also escape deportation, in Jesus’ mighty name. Psalm24. Both of you should pray together, Matthew18:19. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  307. Margaret A. | April 19, 2012 at 9:18 am |

    Richard, What you need now is a miracle and only God can work that out for you. God can touch the funeral home to give you a waiver. Cry to God for mercy and He will answer you. I say a loud Amen to your prayer. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  308. Thanks Margaret, however the funeral home refuses to give me a waiver because of pass failed debts from other people who never paid them, so I’m pay for their mistakes, they also threaten me with storage fees for my grandmother body, the enemy has really disgraced me in this matter, it’s a shame how the wicked can bury their own in decency and the children of GOD are mocked and disgrace in matters like this.

  309. Margaret A. | April 19, 2012 at 9:21 pm |

    Richard, Your situation is very painful to me. At the same time, it sets me thinking that we plan for so many things on earth except death. We believe God to fulfill our days, yet we make no provision for the day we will be recalled home. The elderly should begin to plan for it, and the younger ones who have elders begin to put aside some money for their elderly ones so that this type of situation will not arise. Despite your situation, God can still work things out for you. “Lord, Help me” should be your cry now. You can pray it 50times, and God will be dropping ideas into your heart. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  310. Thank you pst margret on helping me in no.305……i went back to critically know my reasons of why am going through such issues in disobedience n marryng a counterfeit husband….on my counselling session with my wife’s pastor,we went to my childhood….my father used to touch me in a sexuall manner n he loved me more than my siblings..this prompted frequent beatings,banging my head onn walls,strangling,throwng of stones n abuses from my mother.i dont have good memories of my childhood at all n i faced rejection wherever i went,in boarding skool,my high skool priest did the same to me…on of my dad’s tenant(i was around 6yrs) did the same too….n truly honestly,i had bad choices of men,i would leave a good man for a bad man….she prayed for me n my mother used to take me to witchcraft houses n i have incisions as evidence….but the Lord is mighty! Am growing better n if u can help me interpret this dream…..i dreamt i was in a house,like in the low classes n one of the tenants house was being locked up n the rest of the women called each other to see n they were laughing….as i was leaving i found myself in the kitchen of the house of one woman who used to sell me homemade liquid detergent…she was was eating n she offered me food…she had fried chicken n she cut a piece for me n some little chips on paper…n she offered me to bite a fishfinger,i kept asking her she got all those food frm n she didnt answer,i gave my son the fishfinget(i reality he is allergic to fish so i dont give him)he spit n refused to swallow ,as i ate i spit out tiny fish bones n i was wondering….then i saw myself in my father’s house and visitors found me and three other gals naked n we ran off out of the sitting room…as i ran,i realized my panty,which was a black lace was torn from behind n it was embarrasing for me as the visitors laughed….i went through the back door n got my pair of jeans shorts which went misiing in my inlaws house where i lived with my enstranged hubby….it did not fit me well coz suddenly it was oversized n it kept me thinking…help me interpret this dream plz…

  311. Margaret A. | May 10, 2012 at 3:38 pm |

    Felly, You have to put the past behind you if you must go forward in life. If you were abused as a child, that does not stop making you a great woman in life.Read and listen to Joyce Meyer, she went through a lot as a child, but today, see who she is. Eating anything in the dream is a bad thing, always pray against such, before you go to bed and after you wake up, using the Blood of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  312. Thanks siz mag..what of this running around naked and finding a short to where n its among the clothes that used to disappear in my inlaws house?

  313. Margaret A. | May 10, 2012 at 8:02 pm |

    Felly, Whenext your clothes disappear, pray against its use seriously. Make decrees especialy, Isaiah54:17, Gal5:12, 2Thes1:6 and ask God to reverse the effects of whatever they use it for, to go back to whoever took it, since his/her hand also touched it. Dream interpretation is a gift. God gave Joseph and Daniel, you can ask for it too. Running about naked in a dream is bad. Break the power of nakedness in your life. Rededicate your life to Jesus and be reading the Holy Bible. You shall not be naked. God will clothe you. Cover yourself with the Blood of Jesus. Always call on God for help. Once you are born again and you do the will of God, do not fear the wicked. All their angels, authority and power are subject to the name that is above all names, JESUS. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  314. Be blessed alot!n God is great…

  315. please pray for me as i submit again today my application for finance for a car which has been turned down so many times before due being blacklisted and wrong labels that appear on my name.its been a constant struggle to achieve this and ive been on midnite prayer sessions and i developed serious pimples on my forehead and depression that didnt allow e to do anything.I believe in the blood and power of Jesus. im in advance staged with my relationship is also crumbling .
    thank you

  316. Margaret A. | May 11, 2012 at 9:26 am |

    TR, You must pray and break the power of “almost there”. Always cover your TR names with The Blood of Jesus. Blot out every evil name with the Blood . Call yourself a new name, e.g Honourable, Favour, Mercy. Know who you are in Jesus and call yourself those names often. Sprinkle yourself with the Blood of Jesus 7times on the pimples and anoint them daily; be using healing scriptures.. Command the devil to leave you and let you go, in the name of Jesus. Rededicate yourself to God. Read your Bible often and continue with your prayers. You will overcome. Give depression no room at all, Let the word be your hope and always encourage yourself in the Lord. You will soon be smiling. Glory to God, Jesus is Lord!

  317. Dear Sister Margaret A
    Amen and thank you for your response,Praise be to the Lord.

  318. Good evening Ma/Sir
    pls help me.I have been believing God for Resisdent permit,i got a negative report from them 3months ago,so i made am appeal,waiting response from them.Since last year 70 days fasting programe i have been fast and praying at midnight ,but the more i pray i get alot of attracks in the dream,Animals,close face fighting me infact lot and lot that i cant write.I really need help from u pls,i have done my best but it since nothing is happening,my life is not going the way God want it,regret all over my life PLEASE HELP ME.Thanks alot

  319. hopefully youll post this to my email……..i called a prayer line this year and a Bishop said that this will be a year of deliverance. I admit that a lot has changed since last year. i went through some things…yet i was able to find a sciprture Mark 9:23. i need deliverance. i know that no man can do it only the blood of the lamb..Jesus..Yeshua can set me free from this bondage that ive endured. most of it has been from my own disobedience yet i believe that with that musterseed of faith one can move mountains. I know faith is now….and im hoping that the holy spirit will lead me into better health bc AS of now im weak, and need healing and strengthen me because i dnt know how much longer i can take this satanic assault………may God bless you and your ministry. in faith im believing for the impossible……(cryforGod’smercy)

  320. help me pray for the fruit of the womb i know my God is more than Jesus name .amen!!

  321. Margaret A. | May 17, 2012 at 10:57 am |

    AB, Dont give up. Start afresh. God owns the land, Psalm24 on all your documents and command the gates to be opened for you. God is our help. Cry for the help of God daily, PsalmPs.109:26, 38,22, 64:2.Read all the chapters. Before you go to bed, always commit your soul to God. ask for His fire around you and sprinkle the Blood of Jesus. You will overcome, because the greater One lives inside you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  322. Margaret A. | May 17, 2012 at 11:58 am |

    JT, Please note, I dont have your email, just as you dont have mine. There is nothing secret about what I say here. If a Bishop told you it is your year of deliverance, you must work on that prophetic word. Look into the word of God and gather words on deliverance, deliver, delivered. From there you will discover what was done to be delivered. For body weakness, you need healing scriptures and be doing Joshua1:8 with dem. You will see improvement in your health.. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  323. Margaret A. | May 17, 2012 at 12:20 pm |

    JT,AS, JF, AB, TR. Please make things easy for me to help you better. If I write Jesus C., you already know the Lord Jesus Christ bears that name, but I dont need to abbreviate the Lord’s name. But as I was replying JT, I was checking if it wasnt JF, JY, JR etc. You can give yourself a new name from the Bible, e.g. Joseph, Caleb, David, Mary, Lydia, etc. As God helped these men and women to fulfil their purpose on earth, He will help you too, in Jesus’ name. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  324. Sister Margaret
    thank you for your encouragement,my pimples are gone and just last night i dreamt i had escaped from captivity and i ran to freedom,those soldiers with weapons that came for me never found me, i ecaped through the back door. IM Free in Jesus’s name.Amen

  325. Margaret A. | May 17, 2012 at 1:17 pm |

    Anthonia, When God created you, He blessed you and told you to be fruitful…Genesis1:28 Read how Isaac was born, Abraham had divine visitation., and he and Sarah were hospitable to visitors, Genesis18 and 21. Read also 1Samuel 1 and 2. to see how Samuel was born, Luke1 to see how John the Baptist was born. Just look unto God who said that you should be fruitful. He will give you your children and you shall be a joyful mother, Psalm113:9. Exodus23:25, be doing something in the house of God. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  326. Please help pray for me I am sinking indebt I am so stressed. I am working but I do not know what I am doing with my money and the situation is getting worse. I have been aking GOD to help me to overcome this situation but I think I am not doing enough. I have been fasting but there is no change.

  327. Margaret A. | May 17, 2012 at 2:11 pm |

    TR, Praise the Lord!!! I call you Liberty. That is now your new name. I shouted Hallelujah to God. Make sure you give God ten Hallelujah daily. With time you can make it 100 and later1000. Solomon gave God a thousand burnt offerings, Halleluyah is our burnt offerings today. Jesus has set you free and you are free indeed. Just be praising God and be reading your Bible. Throw this at the devil, once in a while, Psalm59. I expect your girlfriend to be back, now that you are a new man! Tell her to write you an application and seal it with the Blood of Jesus to be sure she wont run away in time of challenges again. Glo!ry to God. Jesus is Lord!

  328. Margaret A. | May 17, 2012 at 3:15 pm |

    TZ, read my comment in 323. Your new name is D Free (Debt Free), definitely devourer is at work. Be sure you are born again. to restart your life. Next time you collect your salary, take 10% and pay your tithe. Also give offering, to church. offering is voluntary. Always pray Malachi3:10-12 on your tithe and offerimg. before and after you have dropped it. The remaining money should also be prayed upon. Give to the poor and needy, Deut15:7-11. Pray for restoration of everything the enemy stole from you, and always thank God for life and several other things..As you begin to walk with God, God will take you step by step through life. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  329. I need prayer points to combat dreams of being late or running out of time. I dreamt I was travelling and when it is time to go back home I realized that I have not accomplished something important but it was to late to do it I also dreamt that I was walking up stairs and right foot was near top but other foot was few steps behind so I could not move forward. Also I have dreams of going to work only to find that I have a long way to go but only have a few minutes left to get there.

  330. PRaise God pst maggy…….last night,i had a dream like someone was calling me on my fone to wake and pray…..i woke up n saw the time on my fone was 12.56am n i actually had a missed call… sleep was too much n i went back to sleep……but one thing i asked God was i shld never forgewt what i dream n i actually interceded for a friend who never remembers her dreams n now she does…praise God!… i dream i was due to give birth n i tried pushing n everyone around me was helping me push…..i tried but i woke up before giving birth….was this a godly dream n what could it mean so that i know whatr to go before God

  331. Margaret A. | May 19, 2012 at 6:09 pm |

    Felly, Praise God! Pray against “almost there” spirit. I told you to always pray against any dream you do not like when you wake up. Tell yourself that you will bring forth. I will bring forth. Declare it 7times. Read these scriptures and meditate on them. Psalm37:6, Isaiah59:4, 65:9,23.66:8,9. As you meditate on them, the Holy Spirit will expand them for you. If you travail in prayers, continue to travail, you will soon bring forth the results of your prayers, In Jesus name. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  332. God be praised…..i prayed…n am still on…am sleepng on my freinds floor with my son n the landlady keeps saying we are crowded…my son(3yr old)….told me he just told Jesus to give mummy a job so that he will be able to go to skool….it touched my heart…keep us in prayers for a new begging….its here…its now in His mighty name

  333. Pst, pls pray for me for restoration of all that the devil has stolen from me, especially stagnacy in career & debts. I work but do not know what happens to my money after paying some of my debts.

  334. Thank you so much Ma,Am very grateful.God bless you

  335. Margaret A. | May 20, 2012 at 6:00 am |

    Felly, be it unto you according to your faith. You already believe and your son also joined his faith with yours, it shall be done. Matthew18:19. Small children are very special to God. Matthew19:14. Continue to nurture him in the way of the Lord, and God will reward you for it. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  336. Margaret A. | May 20, 2012 at 6:10 am |

    Abies, Teach others what you learn here. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  337. Margaret A. | May 20, 2012 at 6:49 am |

    Jabu, Read my comment in 328. In addition do not borrow again. Romans13:8. Live your size. You cannot say tha you dont know where your money goes when you pay debts. Borrowing to live is spending what you have not earned. You will get result if you follow the advice I give you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  338. This morning I had the following dreams: my eyes are sore & I dreamt putting eye drops in and woke up. When I opened my eyes they were itching, I rubbed and went back to sleep. Then I dreamed I was writing a test and after the test I got a score of 48 over 100. However, some of the pages in my exam pad were not marked. Please interpret these dreams for me. I’m studying with University of Johannesburg for a 2 year diploma & every time I sit down to study, my eyes itch & become painful. Please help!

  339. Margaret A. | May 20, 2012 at 12:27 pm |

    Jabu, God is our help. And God will open the blind eyes, Psalm146:8, Isaiah33:17, Psalm119:18 Luke4:18 Read the New Testament and see how Jesus opened the eyes of the blind. Rebuke blindness regularly and commnd your eyes to be opened. Collect healing scriptures and use them. Read the Four Gospels, please. The time you will take in reading the four gospels is more than the time you will take in handling blindness. The word of God is spirit and life, it will quicken your eyes. Sprinkle your eyes with the Blood of Jesus regularly. God will heal your eyes. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  340. Thank you Ms Margaret A. Jesus is Lord!

  341. Dear Sister Margaret A
    what an awesome God we serve , im receiving deliverance every day. i spent the weekend on serious prayer and confessing the Blood of Jesus to wash me clean and cover my names and the power blocking my breakthroughs to appear by fire .this morning i received a call from a first man i ever dated 12 years ago, he broke up with me and went on to marry somebody else but he has kept contact all these years. and today he called me after 2 years,i didnt answer and i started thanking God for revealing this soul current relationship has stagnated but im trusting God that all is loving my new name Liberty
    stay blessed

  342. Margaret A. | May 21, 2012 at 4:49 pm |

    Liberty, Glad to hear of your deliverance. Dont date a married man for anything. A man who jilted you once can still jilt you again, no matter how sweet he sounds now. Wait on God and for God to give you your true appointed partner. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  343. I praise my God….i received a call yesrday from an institue that had tried contacting me for the last week n they couldnt get through me… they got me around 4pm…..n had to be in an 8 hr drive to my place of interview….i was in doubt if i could make it n had no cash on me….n i remebered grace!……i approached my Daddy on His throne of grace…in an hour,i had the money n a booked seat ready for travel……i got there early,my panel consisted of saved women who were soooo glad to say it…..!am on way back n i just felt the Holyspirit…..i give glory to God for i have my fare back n extra cash in my wallet while just yesterday i was broke…..He is faithful,awesome,glorious….

  344. Margaret A. | May 23, 2012 at 7:22 am |

    Felly, All glory goes to God. Your testimony shows that Jesus is Lord over all situations. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  345. Ameeen……in the bus coming back,i had this dream so clear……i prayed in the bus n went to sleep…i saw myself in a beach house n as i stood outside,i had a foreboding feeling…suddenly there was a tornado n the ocean burst forth with flood n i was afraid as i knew not how to swim….suddenly i saw my father n he pulled me to the house n told me to stay with my sibling who i saw were all younger n afraid….then we suddenly in the bus driving up the hill swifly n my spirit was telling God…..’u promised that u will never destroy mankind again with flood n u will give the rainbow it will remind u of the covenant…plz father u do not go back on ur word…’n i saw myself explaining to my dad’s sister who is an SDA that God,when u remind him His wind,He does it…..n i saw pple taking cars that had been imported n using them to run off n this flood after askng God for the rainbow ceased n no one was harmed…i woke up a little distance frm my destination of alighting…i praise God

  346. Margaret A. | May 23, 2012 at 3:30 pm |

    Felly, Pray over your dream/vision and ask the Holy Spirit to interprete them for you. Be reading your Bible and be asking God. Read Ephesians1, and be praying verse17 to develop your gifts of dreams and visions especially. God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  347. Thank u so much…my dream life came alive after discovering this site n i know the lord gives us knowledge for a purpose so does the vision n dreams… blessed


  349. Margaret A. Adeoso | May 26, 2012 at 1:41 pm |

    Praise, the same power that got you the visa lottery will see you through. If you do not have paper qualification, go and learn a skill. You can learn hair dressing, cake baking, decorations or dress making. any of these will take you through. Dont fake it. Having a skill is to be sure that you have daily bread there. You also need prayer of favour, Psalm5:12, 102:12-15. 46:10 and Romans8:32. If you have received Jesus Christ, God can give you anything. With God, all things are possible. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  350. My family is experiencing some hard times. One of my siblings have decided to alienate herself from the rest of the family and there’s evidence that there is some spiritual aspects to this. Please God restore peace, love, unity and togetherness back to my family. Touch her heart and her husband’s and let her return to our family, and let things return to the way it used to be.

  351. Margaret A. | June 2, 2012 at 7:45 pm |

    Abby, When you notice lack of peace, love, unity, pray for them, using appropiate Bible verses. Salvation of the souls of the family members should be your priority. Pray tha God saves their souls, John3:16. Only God draws men unto Jesus. When you minister John1:12 and John3:16 to them, be praying for them. When they are born again, the love of God will flowthrough them to one another,. Study, be a doer and teach other members of your family. Matthew22:36-40,1John4:7-20, 2Thes3:16. 1Thes5:23, 2Peter1:2. Your family harmony will greatly increase. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  352. Please pray for me (not publish)

  353. Please pray for me, I sometime have a dream eating and seeing dead former friends. How can I be delivered, please? Help me please.

  354. Margaret A. | June 4, 2012 at 1:27 pm |

    Peter, You do not go to the hospital and say, give me medicine. They will want to know the type to give you. Same way, to be prayed for, you must state the type of prayer. However, get born again first and be reading your Bible; that is the foundation of answered prayer. If you still want to be prayed for, you can still email. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  355. Margaret A. | June 4, 2012 at 1:42 pm |

    Jabu, You must take the communion, flesh and Blood of Jesus, to flush out the evil food. Get anti-death scriptures and pray them often until you are released from the spirit of death: Psalm118:17, 49:15, 71 :20. Job33:18,24,28. 2Timothy1:10, Hebrews2:9,14. Revelation12:11. Reading the Bible gives you life.Proverbs4:18-22. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  356. Dear Margaret A, please explain more on one having holy communion.can anyone have it even if they are not baptised?

  357. Thank you Margaret. But can u give me some pointers on holy communion? I thought only pastors had authority to give communion.

  358. Anonymous | June 5, 2012 at 2:07 pm |

    Jay and Jabu, The holy communion is the eating of flesh and drinking of the Blood of Jesus by believers only. See this link, to learn how to prepare both the flesh and the Blood of Jesus.. The most important thing is to be born again. But, in order to fulfil all righteousness, you must be baptised. Jesus was baptised by immersion, not by sprinkling. Your baptism must be by immersion after being born again. Matthew3:15.
    Every believer is a priest and a king, Revelation5:10. Priesthood and kingship is not by title nor by the garment you wear, it is by your relationship with God. Call yourself any title, if you still live in sin, you have stained your garment of righteousness obtained by the Blood of Jesus. Read Matthew26:26, John6:48-58, 1Corinthians10:16, 11:17-34, 2Corinthians6:14. Read Hebrews9&10, to learn about the shedding of blood in Old Testament, and the suffering of Jesus Christ. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  359. Margaret A. | June 5, 2012 at 2:14 pm |

    Jay and Jabu, 385 is written by Margaret A. The omission of my name is not delbrate. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!


  361. Please help me in prayers against household enemies, destiny takers, marriage delays, joblessness. Thanks

  362. Margaret A. | July 15, 2012 at 10:32 pm |

    Vera, In addition to people praying for you, Buy Prayer Rain, by Dr, Olukoya. The book covers so many areas and it will teach you to prain continually. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  363. please pray for me for spritual armed robbers, witchcraft,and star hijackers. thanks

  364. Margaret A. | August 6, 2012 at 9:23 pm |

    Ifeayin, As people pray for you, do night vigil with Prayer Rain by Dr. Olukoya. Listen to tapes of several men of God. read the Holy Bible and be a doer of what you read. Be close to God and the devil will flee from you. Matthew6:33 Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  365. Psalm 102 :1 God hear the prayer of his children. Therefore we will contiue till He come.

  366. Ijeoma Nneomam. A | August 8, 2012 at 10:58 pm |

    Please pray for my baby girl born at 6 months plus. It has been stressful. Please pray for God in Heaven to heal her, protect her and normal growth in Jesus name Amen. I declare the good will of almighty God in the life of Nneomam in Jesus name Amen. I need the glory of to manifest in Nneomam. A’s life. We need special grace of God in our lives and family in Jesus name Amen. Please pray for me, my baby and my husband. Jehovah is our source, resource and hope on this earth. Please my brethens pray for us.

  367. Pastor Thieringo | August 9, 2012 at 4:04 pm |

    Prayer eequest:

    Protection,prosperity,healing,wisdom,freedom,success and miracles in business,miracles in finances,miracles in pastor Thieringo’s life in Jesus name .

  368. Where can I buy Prayer Rain by Dr Olukoya in South Africa?

  369. Where can I buy Prayer Rain by Dr Olukoya in Pretoria, South Africa?

  370. Margaret A. | August 13, 2012 at 10:12 pm |

    Ijeoma, Always decree peace on your baby everyday. Jesus, the Prince of peace will give her peace. Bind and cast out the restless spirit from her, in the name that is above all names, the name of Jesus. Your baby is from above and she is above all all. She is a gift of God, and God’s gift is perfect. Always thank God for her. I decree peace on you and your baby, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  371. Margaret A. | August 13, 2012 at 10:21 pm |

    Jabu, You can get to buy in any MFM church, check the address online.. Buy also the 70 Days Prayer and Fasting book which is on now. God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  372. Good day sir,
    my mother want to frustrate my life since my father died, please i want God to help me.

  373. Margaret A. | August 27, 2012 at 3:46 pm |

    Happiness, In what way does she want to frustrate your life? Please dont mix dicsipline with frustration. Consider your situation again and turn your life over to Jesus. A born again christian will not use that language for her mother. Honour your parents so that your days may be long. Exodus20:12. Consider your ways. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  374. I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please stand in agreement with me on prayer I need God to bless me with a House and a car for my family. I need financial break through. I am a born again child of God I truly believe that God is able to supply all my needs and I can only receive all that through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  375. Margaret A. | August 29, 2012 at 1:35 pm |

    Judy, Financial breakthrough will not answer to prayer alone, You must add giving, Luke6:38 and be a doer of the principles to prosper. Malachi3:6-12, Deuteronomy15:7-11. Then you will locate prosperity scriptures as you quoted above and be meditating on them, Joshua1:8. Go to When you are obedient to the teachings, your prosperity will soon come. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  376. Margaret A. | August 29, 2012 at 1:46 pm |

    Judy, the website quoted above is on warfare, may be you or somebody needs it. Under that article, you will find my other articles. The article i want you to read is on tagged Giving Is Your Way to Financial Prosperity. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  377. Margaret A. | August 29, 2012 at 10:29 pm |

    Judy, We rebuke the spirit of error, in the name of Jesus. The correct site is Giving… Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  378. Please pray for me. I have no super health

  379. Tammy, The wish of God above all things is that His children prosper and be in health, as our soul If God’s priority for us is good health, we must also make it our priority to be in good health. God has made provition for it in His word. Consider your diet. Are you eating well? God fed them twice in the wilderness, so how many times do you eat daily. Include fruits and vegtables in your diet..Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God. Reaing your Bible brings health to your flesh. Proverbs4:20-22. If you have any health issue, look for healing scriptures and do Joshua1:8 with them. See God as your healer, Exodus15:26. Ask God to heal you, Psalm30:2Jeremiah17:14, 30: 17. Matthew10:1. Luke10:19. You can gather 40 or 120 verses on healing and make them your priority. Defend your health for you have been healed by the death of Jesus on the cross.Isaiah53:4,5. In the name of Jesus, receive yout healing. We break you free from bad health, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  380. pray for me l need to know who my future wife is.l’m a born again evangelist. age;28.God bless, you.

  381. Akinade, Read and study Genesis2:18-25. Remind God of this 18 in prayer and ask God to open your eyes to see the woman He has appointed for you. You dont want a beast for a wife, so you must pray very well, and fast with it for at least few days as led by the Holy Spirit. Genesis24 also tells us how Isaac got his wife. You will find a godly wife, in the name of Jesus. Be alert and be sensitive and always ask the Holy Spirit to guide you before you make any move of asking any girl for friendship. God will not withhold any good thing from you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  382. Please pray for me and my family and break all curses that are working against me and my children

  383. Sibongile, God will keep you and your family from all evil, Psalm 121:7,8. Break all curses by the Blood of Jesus who was made a curse for those who are born again, Galatian3:13,14, Colossians2:14,15. Do Joshua1:8 often with these verses. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  384. want to live for God, and be a testimontes in the name of jesus

  385. Please pray for im going through a really confusing period where i have even started questioning God. im really conufused but i know only God can take me out of these dark depths

  386. Margaret A | April 5, 2013 at 11:30 am |

    NomY, Everyone you see shining today have gone through several valleys of death, but they stayed with God. Pick your Bible and read the book of Job. I,m sure that you have not seen one percent of what he saw. You will see in that book how he trusted God, Job13:15. Read your Bible if you know that only God can take you out of the depth. Locate the word for it and do Joshua1:8 Obey what you read and be a doer. Make it a habit to study the word of God and your faith will be lifted. John16:33. You will surely overcome whatever it is. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  387. Margaret A | April 5, 2013 at 11:36 am |

    Duyan Tyes, God wil grant you your heart’s desire in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  388. Pls pray for me against spiritual armed rubber

  389. Margaret A | April 9, 2013 at 12:09 am |

    Peter, If you are now born again. You have authority over the robbers, but you must do certain things. Be paying your tithe, Malachi3:6-12. God will rebuke them for you. You must also be rebuking them by yourself. Be giving to the poor and the needy, God will bless the work of your hand. Deuteronomy15:7-11. You must also be honest in your bussiness because God hates false measure.

  390. Margaret A | April 9, 2013 at 12:12 am |

    Peter, always pray for the help of God. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  391. Margaret the enemy is attacking our marriage which is only 5 months old my husband is so much concerned about buying a car that he prays only when he sees the deal is coming thru which actually never materialse cos the seller told him he will return the money to him,now he came home that day so bitter answered me rudely at times i feel like he wants the car so much that he forgets God,i see like he wants to compete with people who have cars and wants to go show off to his friends,i dreamt of him removing private parts while sitted in public what could it mean? and before our wedding i dreamt him having sex with another woman and another dream a woman was harrasing me on phone saying i have stolen him from her what does it mean? i have prayed since then but at times i give up when it becomes worse cos i get frustrated

  392. Margaret A. | May 13, 2013 at 7:22 pm |

    Melisa, What is wrong in having a car to make life easy for both of you? There is no sin in buying a car.. HOW CAN A CAR SEPARATE HIM FROM GOD? Go and read and meditate on Romans8:35-39. If you do not encourage your husband to achieve his goals, who will help him? As for the woman fighting you in your dreams, fight her back with the word of God. Even if you know her, do not fight her openly, just be releasing the word of God against her. God will preserve your marriage, but give no room to the devil. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  393. My case is worse than Jabez,I have been jobless for 8years now, when close to any kind of favour, blessing, job something just go wrong. Am just moving in circles just one point. Financial disgrace, lack, stagnation etc same for my husband his business has been at a point for years no going forward what have we done. We are now laughing stock by friend and relations. i don’t know what else to do, i have fast, prayed, giving sown seed etc pls we need help

  394. Margaret A | May 21, 2013 at 12:11 am |

    Faith, If you can praise God as fervently as you prayed and fasted, God will rise up in your affairs.Praise God and ask him for a change of position. If you live a holy life and do what the word of God says, you will see changes in your life. You may think praise is simple, but you do it first and see what God will do. Refuse to give up on calling on the name of Jesus in prayers, He alone can set you free. God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  395. Pray for my health,divine restoration ,healing, profitable employment

  396. Praise God brethren, please pray with me, am married and in my very early pregnancy after 2 failed attempts with IVF and one miscarriage. This was the third IVF but the doctor says my serum hcg (pregnancy hormone) is low. Please pray for me that God will nullify this evil report, blast + destroy the spirit of dysfunctional pregnancy, infertility, miscarriage and grant us a supernatural multiple healthy pregnancy and child birth in Jesus’ name. Amen. Thx

  397. i suffer from fornication

  398. Glory be to God ,please pray with me, i want to get marry before the end of the year 2013 to the glory of God and that every family curses will not prevail over my life.

  399. please i need your prayers so seriously. i want to serve God as my personal Lord and Saviour. I need God’s intervention in my life.

    May God bless you all as u save a soul.

  400. that’s my mail address.


  401. Pls pastor i’m sitting on the fence,i don’t know what to do,Is that some one told me that he saw me burtn to piece in a dream, I’m afraid Pastor pls pray for me pls,pls,pls,The all Almighty God in heaven will be by ur side every where u go Amen.

  402. Sylvanus | May 2, 2014 at 8:50 am |

    Dear Pastor, pls am having terible night mere seeing myself in a thick forest & no way to go out. kindly pray for me, i want to be delivered from this chain

  403. may d name of GOD be praised forever AMEN

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    I enjoy, cause I discovered exactly what I was looking for.
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  406. Me and my family were hunted by witchcraft forces for 30 years. My brothers and mine education were completely in shatters. I dont know how many companies I have worked with and now I am 44 years old and I am nowhere still our enemies werent ready to leave us, they wanted to kill us all and destroy us completely. I also thought god has forsaken us and even lost hope and faith in god. I searched a lot in the internet about prayers against witchcraft and I came across this site. Although it was helpful at the beginning our enemies overcame these prayers through their witchcraft. I used demonbusters prayers they were also useful for some time and but our enemies overcame them by their witchcraft. I used to bind those people committing witchcraft against us and this worked for some time but again those people overcame this by witchcraft. I was completely desperate and lost all hope and faith in god, but recently god revealed me to pray like in 1 corinthians 5:5: I prayed lord I hand over those who did witchcraft against me and my family and those are continuing to do witchcraft against our family to satan for the destruction of their flesh.” and now our enemies are stunned, nothing is working for them. Their only way now is to accept christ as savior or perish. Friends this is the most effective way against witchcraft. This site is good, but not good enough for powerful witchcraft. Use this prayer and get delivered, may be god allowed me to pass through this to reveal this to you.

  407. The prayer is like this. “I hand over to satan those who did and are doing witchcraft against me and my family and those who did and are doing witchcraft against us by going to witches and wizards for the destruction of their flesh in Jesus name. Amen.

    Brothers and sisters and just watch your enemies running skelter helter, their only way is to accept christ or they will perish. Praise the lord. This is a 100% success rate prayer. God bless you all. Please pass this prayer to all those who are in need.

  408. Hello,
    Im so glad I stumbled on this site. I have something that has been bothering me for years. I am 42 years old now. I met a guy in 1994 and we started dating. He was rich and promising. Then one day he proposed. I was glad I would soon get married, but unfortunately from then on, his finances began to dry up.It got to a point we didn’t have money to even feed. There was no marriage because there was no money but we had 2 kids together while struggling. Then the worst happened in July 1998 while I was pregnant for our 2nd child. He died. I was devastated to say the least. Ok. That episode gone. I moved on and picked up the piece of my life. In 1999, July precisely, I met someone again. Young, rich and handsome. We kicked off the dating ball and I was happy again. We dated for 10 years. Things were fine until he proposed to me in 2009. And the story changed again. History is repeating itself. Right now we are down financially… Totally down… I have been praying and asking God not to take him away. I visited a church and was told I had a jealous spirit husband who wouldn’t want me to get married. I don’t know what to do. I am confused. I have even asked for separation just to free my guy but he is finding it hard to let me go. I don’t want him to die. I’d rather move out. We have a kid together. I just don’t know how to safe the situation. How do I get rid of this spirit husband please….

  409. My name is Blessing. Am a student of Caleb University, in 200level studying mass communication. I want to be a broadcaster but in my school we do a ballot and they fold papers for us to pick what we want to study whether it’s print, broadcast, cinematography or public relations and advertising. Please I need serious prayer in order to pick the right paper. I really need to assistance in prayer. God bless you.

  410. Anonymous | June 11, 2015 at 5:41 pm |

    kindly pray to God to bridge the gap between my wife and I without any lost before the end of this month june 2015

  411. kindly pray to God to bridge the gap between my wife and I without any lost before the end of this month june 2015

  412. please Margaret, help me pray againt near success syndrom of joblessness. I also need a marital breakthrough before the end of 2015.I believe the God of possibilities will settle me

  413. UGOCHUKWEU KINGSLEY SOLUTION EZE | September 2, 2015 at 8:22 am |


  414. Sister Monica. Seweje | June 16, 2016 at 4:23 am |

    Father Lord, i need your favour for upgrading in my career part, bless my kids that are writing exams for anointing for excellent performance in Jesus name. Amen

  415. kakkerla pramod | April 22, 2017 at 3:57 am |

    sir iam kakkerla pramod from india sir iam suffering with severe evil spirits problem and severe demonic powers problem in head since 2 years sir my parents taken me to many doctors and astrolagers sir they spend 3 lacs on me sir but there is no use sir with my problem my father got heart surgery sir my wife leaved me sir with all this problems i did a sucide attempt sir one person saved me and said few words about jesus and said this webadderess sir now iam in iccu sir doctors did all the tests and said in my body total nerves are completly week and they are in disorder they said sir they given powerful injections to activate nerves and brain sir but there is no improvement sir if my father knows this his heart will stop sir i will catch your legs sir plz pray for me sir and save me sir may be it is my last reqest to you sir

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