MFM Prayer Points: Deliverance By The Blood of Jesus

MFM PrayersOnce again, we publish the latest of weekly prophetic and deliverance prayers points (N0. 25), by the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries MFM, International Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria, for the week August 10 – August 16, 2008. The church service was the first after the mighty outpouring of the anointing and blessings on 8-8-8 Night Vigil. Dr. Daniel Olukoya ministered on this Sunday morning with a sermon titled: “Power To Re-invent Yourself”.

CONFESSION: Isaiah 44:25-26: That frustrateth the tokens of the liars, and maketh diviners mad; that turneth wise men backward, and maketh their knowledge foolish; That confirmeth the word of his servant, and performeth the counsel of his messengers; that saith to Jerusalem, Thou shall be inhabited; and to the cities of Judah, Ye shall be built, and I will raise up the decayed places threreof:

1. Father, I thank You for the provision of deliverance through the blood of Jesus.

2. Any verbal or written covenant made with any evil spirit on my behalf, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus.

3. Every agreement I have consciously or unconsciously made to the devil, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus.

4. Every handwriting and ordinances against my life, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus.

5. Every source of evil flow into my life, DIE, in the name of Jesus.

6. Every arrow of failure at the edge of breakthroughs, GO BACK to your sender, in the name of Jesus.

7. Every imagery, effigy, symbol, picture and statue representing me in the kingdom of darkness, CATCH FIRE! in the name of Jesus.


1. Baba, mo dupe lowo Yin fun ipese itusile nipa eje Jesu.

2. Majemu ti a kosile tabi ti a fi enu so pelu emi esu nitori temi, di fifagile nipa eje Jesu.

3. Gbogbo adehun ti mo mo, ati eyi ti nko mo ti a ba esu se, di fifagile, nipa eje Jesu.

4. Gbogbo akole to lodi si aiye mi, di fifagile nipa eje Jesu.

5. Gbogbo orisun ti ibi ngba san sinu aiye mi, KU, ni oruko Jesu.

6. Gbogbo ofa ikuna ni bebe alaja, PADA lo sibi to ti wa, ni oruko Jesu.

7. Gbogbo ohun ti a gbe kale nijoba okunkun, ti nsoju mi, GBINA! ni oruko Jesu.

49 Comments on "MFM Prayer Points: Deliverance By The Blood of Jesus"

  1. Sis Margaret A, I did post the above comment,,but I dont know how it displayed anonymous…Yesterday I went for the interview and they said they will communicate later after shortlisting….The most challenging part was when they asked me how much am earning and my expectations.They told me am overpaid as per my qualifications which is not true because am actually underpaid!God bless u!

  2. Pls I need advice. what do I do when husband mother is witchcraft and my husband don’t want you to progress when you planning study look for a new job and say it he noting work out for you and when are not happy or crying he is happy his mother control he and tell what to do he is 51 and has been living a rent house for 13 years he can’t move I have 3 children for he it like every is stock, his mother tell she kills

  3. Jay, We give glory to God for the success so far. God will perfect all that concerns you. Think not much of the salary issue. If you align your plans and thoughts “with God”, the salary you ask will be made possible. Some employers may like to hire first and see your performance before they give you a raise. Enjoy your job and when you prove yourself, you will get the right salary. With God all things are possible. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  4. Isoken, If you are born again and read your Holy Bible, you will get to know what to do concerning issues of life. Marriage is for life, so you cannot have another marriage. Learn how to make the best use of the one you have. Firstly, break the controlling power of your husband’s mother from him, using the Blood and the name of Jesus. Your husband also needs prayer that his eyes be opened to the truth of the word of God. Genesis2:24. It will take only God to change a man of 51 who is tied to the mother’s apron. You do not make attempt to change him, but always ask God to change him to do the will of God. God will help you as you pray to God. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  5. They found the Ark of the Covenant; Christ tomb, Crucifixion site and the Ark of the Covenant found buried under a trash pile at the foot of Skull Mountain.

  6. Dear Sis Margaret A, It has been a while we have not communicated….God bless u so much…U have been a great help to me! I love you! I am well and blessed in all things..God is great!Now am seeking spiritual help…I had written to u earlier (nov 7)when I was broken n hurt..but now am fine its just a dillema! I have been battling with the issue of whether to leave the church where I currently attend because I think n feel it in my spirit that I need afresh start as 2013 begins, am not doing well financially as i was before i joined 6 months ago and this is stressing me. I just wanted to stay off for sometime and listen to God’s direction.Before I joined i had a vision about this pastor whom I did not know and later joined his church.(I keep on asking God why did He show me this man before i joined and what was my or his significance there?). There are so many battles in the church …I want peace of mind…as I wait upon the Lord…The major issue is do I tell the Pastor that i want to quit or not? And how do I approach the issue? (Everytime I think of leaving even before i tell anyone, he always calls me for an appointment).Like today he called me to meet him on Sunday and i had already decided am not going to church any longer! This time God has to speak to me now and i have to be so certain He is the one! As i prepare to close this 2012 which has been so challenging…I want a 2013 with fulfilled promises..Is there anything like spiritual error and how do we correct it?Please my dear friend pray with me…God bless you once more..

  7. Jay, “…so many battles in the church”. YES. Our consolation is that “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. Matthew26:18. If God led you there, it could be for you to be His “battle axe” Jeremiah51:20, in that church. Do not be scared, He who sends you there will protect you. Until your assignment is over there, do not quit, you can only have peace when you have completed your assignment. If you leave, it is like abandoning the location God assigns to you, and you may miss your allocation of God’s blessings.
    Telling the Pastor you want to leave depends on your relationship with the pastor. No pastor wants to lose any church member, tithe payer or not.
    You can wait on God to know His leading for your life. You wait on God by praising, praying, fasting, reading the word, giving to the poor and doing good Proverbs12:2, 1Peter3:13.
    You spoke of spiritual error. If you make a mistake in your walk with God and you acknowledge it and tell God you are sorry, He will also lead you back to the right path. You have direct access to God, as a born again, you are His child. Go to God boldly as you would go to your earthly father. If you have been walking with God, let the remaing part of the year be your waiting period. God will readily answer you and bless you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  8. Wow…I am impressed!Peace has already been restored…THANK YOU!You know everytime am wondering God always gives me these verses Jer 29:11 11For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, β€œplans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
    Isaiah 55:10-11 10 As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish,
    so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, 11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.
    And Psalms 24:1The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it;
    I thank God for u! May He expand your territories..Amen!Glory to God.
    What a Mighty God we serve!

  9. Jay, All the verses in Jeremiah 29, and Isaiah55 are very plin and you should be meditating on them. We are on God’s plan. In Psalm 24, dont stop in verse1, speak and think verses7-10 often. Indeed our God is the All powerful God. Almighty God. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  10. Thank u Sis Margaret A.I Will follow the instructions for tremendous results as I wait upon the Lord.He is mighty!God bless u much…Happy new year!

  11. Jay, Before we welcome 2013, we must ask 2012 to produce all our loaded benefits. It took God six days to create the universe, He can give us a turn-around breakthrough within the remaining two days. Mostly praises and sensitivity of the spirit. God still has some things for us before the year runs out. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  12. Happy new year my beloved sister Margaret A!God bless u, Am praying this year will be of great abundance and fulfilled promises as we seek to know God more.There is a time u wrote to me that serving God is not pressure but pleasure! I have had an issue with my church.There is a group which supports the ministry financially and am one of them.I have been giving a certain contribution every month. It is the pastor who incorporated me into the group.At first it was ok because i used to get extra money apart from my salary.Now the issue is I want to opt out because I only get my salary which is not enough to support me, my child and the ministry.The money I used to get from favours by the clients I serve at my work place…My company has put alot of restrictions such that we are unable to receive any “tips”.I went to talk to my pastor about it but he insists that I do not opt out I can give as much as I can afford! my budget for this year is tight as most of the plans i had for 2012 were not fulfilled due to lack of adequate finances. Right now I feel distressed about the whole idea; today we (the group) have a dinner in the evning everyone,but I do not want to attend since the whole idea (place, time,etc) is inconviniencing for me! I know the pastor will be mad at me if i do not turn up but I know God searches the heart.I do not want anything to stress me or distract me as am currently on prayer and fasting programme (Elisha goodman’s 2013 27 minutes to midnight edition). This is a new year! Am willing to give the money if I had it but now its challenging. Am trusting God for that new job, a new house, a car and financial empowerment/turn around and marriage. I have prayed to God to show my pastor the purpose which He sent me there to do because i can feel that its not for financial support that God directed me there.Please sister advice me as you pray with me…I do not even enjoy the services because my mind is focused on money issue!!! I love you..Thank u for ur counsel….

  13. Jay, God loves a cheerful giver. There is no reward when you do not give willingly. Your pastor is right by saying, give what you have. If you are not comfortable in a group, you do not need to be there. Where there is liberty, the Spirit of God is there. If you are not at liberty, total freedom, watch it. 1JOHN4:1. Do not equate your pastor with God. Some people like publicity while some are quiet givers. if you dont like the publicity, you can still be giving your widow’s mite quietly. Do not miss your purpose of going to church. We go to be serviced, to be edified, to be built up, to be encouraged. Be careful of murmuring, Only you can know whether to stay or leave. Giving is between you and God, He alone can reward your giving. Dont allow anyone spy into your financial destiny. God will help you as you continue to ask for His leading this new year. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  14. Thank you Sis Margaret A. May God forgive me for murmuring! From now henceforth I have chosen to follow the Lords leading in everything I do!God bless u so much.Glory , power and honour be unto our God!

  15. Dear Sis Margaret A,

    I know you are blessed and strong in the Lord. Am well and blessed too. My colleague today told me about a nice dream she had of me last night and she says it was so vivid and real like it was happenin in real life. That I had connected with a boyfriend who is very rich and a prominent business person. He gave me alot of money 48 million for my own use and it was a clean deal. Then I went and bought a car BMW X6 and told her that , this was the car I was desiring. Then she was begging me to give her 2 million to build a house because her salary was little to qualify a house loan. What could it mean…Also pray with me I have recently lost interest in going to church for mid week evening services (am either too exhausted after work or feel that it is inconviniecing) but am very prayerful i have a personal devotion every night when I get home. I love you so much God bless u abundantly . Amen.

  16. Jay, That dream is a sweet one. Pray to God to make it come true.
    Going to church mid week or not depends on several things, two of which you mentioned. Watch it and be sure that it is not the devil controlling you to stay out of church. Be connected to God ALWAYS. We go to church to be built up, to be serviced so as to be refresshed (as you service your car), and to serve God, to give our sacrifices of praises, tithe and offering and to fellowship. From this list, you will see that you cannot do all at home. Let the time you stay at home be your refreshing time before the Lord. Dont stay home too long before you return to church. Two are better than one. Corporate prayer goes a long way. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  17. Sis Margaret A, thank you for your prayers my dear. Since yesterday am looking forward to going to church I dont have to struggle anymore about it! Yesterday I went for the service and it was awesome!GOD IS GOOD! I LOVE HIM HE HAS DELIVERED ME.Devil is a liar but gates of hell shall not prevail against us! God bless u and the work of your hands. I loe you my sister. By the way can I discuss something with you in private (private email)?Glory to God πŸ™‚

  18. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 25, 2013 at 2:13 am | Reply

    Jay, We give God praise for everything. He is the Doer and the Giver of every great thing we see. The gate of hell shall not prevail against us. Note this verse too, Proverbs21:30. Yes, go ahead and discuss privately. Some people did it in the past, why not you? Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  19. Dear Margaret A. I have sent you a private email. Thank u n God bless!

  20. Greetings to you in the name of our almighty Lord Jesus Christ.I trust you are having a blessed year so far. It’s been a while since I have written to you. I am glad to let you know that i am growing my faith day by day, a step at a time by keeping myself in the WORD as per your very last advice to me – Joshua 1: 8.I started my new year with a Daniel fast praying for various areas of my life as well as my family. However at this point in time I feel very discouraged because of the following:

    1.It seems my marriage is in trouble – i fight with my husband a lot over his behavior and selfishness and lack of commitment and I end up just not speaking to him most of the time. Honestly sis ,sometimes these days i just thinking of divorcing him and living my own separate life.
    2.My financial affairs are not very good although I am trying very hard to get them into order and I know I will prevail.
    3.The spirit of exclusion in the workplace which you advised and counseled me in May 2012 is back and it is hitting me hard. End of last year I received a breakthrough against this spirit .I might have my faults but I know I work hard am diligent and I am faithful to the company .However I find myself getting no recognition at all for all that I do, the ones who do little and I have actually taught the job get all the good recognition. I am excluded from some things and I do not understand why this keeps on happening repeatedly. We have a new boss who came about 2 weeks ago and the trend still continues. Under these circumstances it just becomes so hard to wake up and go to work. I continue to pray hard and hold the Blood of Jesus against the situation but I fear my spirit is getting discouraged and feeling downtrodden. Please kindly also include me in your prayers and if possible help me with prayer points.

    Thank you

  21. Dear Margaret

    Please can you interprate this dream for me.
    I had dream and I see a woman with black coming through me I was about to run and call Jesus victory, Jesus victory and hear a voice that don’t run, there was some thing in my hand, the voice said put the thing in the woman’s mouth and I did the head of the woman was cut off with the thing in hand and while I was about to cut the other part of the body I woke up I fill pain in my hand

  22. Dear Sis;

    I live in US of America i need prayers for moving forward and about filling for my papers i therefore, need prayers that God will it a smooth journey for me to get through the immigration process without hindrances,
    Please i need the church to always remeber me in there prayers and for the Lord Almighty to direct my noble course in Jesus name Amen.

    Thank You

  23. Dear sis Margaret,praise be to God i finally got married last year dec and i thank you for your encouragement,we live in another town with my husband things are better now but it was very hard adjusting,i dont have a job the company i worked
    with went bankrupt we were laid off just a month before my wedding.The thing is when i pray for a job am not sure i want at times i feel like i should be a house wife am so confused and i have dreams of me and my sister going to unknown place,my husband dreams of monkeys he recently purchased a car from his friend it was to come last week but the friend keeps on postponing saying that the car is not ready,what could be the matter?

  24. Dear pastor Margaret

    Praise the Lord. I hope all is well with you. I had a dream I was living in my mother house an allways dream I still live there. early morning she had an older man there to marry me. I knew her plans so I left the house. came back in the house in the evening the man was still there. I took my phone an started texting people for help. The men saw i was not interested an left.My cousin just came in the dream after texting. My son who is 3 show up in dream. My mother got upset and went to the room. she brought out a white sheet rolled up and threw it in my room.I took the sheet an threw to her room. she went back to her room and threw it in my room. I threw it again back in her room. She went to get it 3rd time and put sheet on my son lap. I took it from his lap an threw it back in her room, an started praying jesus name, an Jesus blood on her. she started turning around and shaking her head. as if calling Jesus name was burning her. Then when she was doing that I called my cousin out to come see how she behave when call on Jesus name. Then my mother jumped up to attack me then I woke up. I have alot of bad dreams about her, and our relationship is not good. when I had my son very prematuraly. He came out very early. she told me if he is going to die let him die. Those were the women’s exact words. God revealed in the bible to me that Jesus did not come to bring peace. But to turn a daughter against her mother, a father against a son, a daughter in law against a mother in law. what do I do if my own mother don’t wish me well because of who I am in christ. she feels nothing for me. she never showed motherly love to growing up. when i first met my sister, we were sleeping on a bed toghether.I was reading psalms out lout. she started shaking her head as she slept and said i should wait until the demons come to me.I am tired of my life. I feel so drained. these don’t want to see me with anything good. how do I deal with people like this in my life. my son is 4 and still not talking, he can’t even feed himself. The devil wants to destroy me every way possible. Please keep me in your prayers. I need to find a strong man or women of God who can pray for me an my son. Please pray for us. God bless you

  25. Jennifer, Do not despair because of persecutions here and there. The world will persecute you because you are on the Lord’s side. Be of good cheer,you will overcome them and through you they may see the light.Read John16:33, then read verses1-32 to know the things He spoke. Your mother should be respected as your mother. It is another spirit using her against you. Be rebuking that spirit. Read 1Thessalonian3:3. Refuse to be moved by these afflictions. Your son will not die but live. Start to read your Bible afresh from the new testament to see the healing ministry of Jesus. Anywhere you read “He healed them” , (Matthew8:16,17) your son is among the healed, so read it to mean He healed(his name). Have you taking your son for medical check up? Whatever name they call it, it will eventually bow to the name of Jesus. You have to relax your mind and focus on the great Physician, God our Healer, Exodus15:26. He promises to take away sicknesses from us and lay it on those who hate us. Deuteronomy7:15. Gather many healing verses and be praying with them. Bind that dumb spirit and cast it out regularly. Let elders(mature Christians) anoint and pray for him. God will help you as you focus on Him, in praise,prayer and fasting, reading,studying, speaking the word of God. Joshua1:8. Cry for the help of God regularly, Psalm121, 109:26, 33:20,Matthew15:25. You will overcome all your challenges, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  26. Dear pastor Margaret

    I thank you for taking the time to write me. I want you to know that every word you ever wrote to me I print it out an place in my bible. At times when I am very down I read them an get upliftment. The devil have attacked me with depression and to end my life . But I know that God stills has good hearted people like you in the world who naturally cares for people. I pray God continues to use you, and make more people like you in the world. There are thousands of pastors or shepards in the world who will not even take a minute to listen to someone who is broken. My son was diagnosed with autism but I do not claim it. I send autism back to sender everyday. I annoint my son daily. I will read the whole bible, plus scriptures you gave me. I need to find a strong church. I am not in church.Even if the devil turn the whole world against me I have Jesus I have everything. God put these words in my heart an I turned it into a song this morning.Thank you and may God bless you an see your goodness to others.God continue to use you.

    Thank You

  27. Margaret A. | June 3, 2013 at 5:31 am | Reply

    Jennifer, Depression is not your portion. Remember that there is no problem that ia greater than God. God is greater than all the problems facing us in this life. Remember these verses and do Joshua 1:8 with them always, Nehemiah8:10…the joy of the Lord is your strength. Psalm21:1 The king shall joy in Your strength. That is, when you remember the strength of God, the Almighty, joy should fill your heart. With our God,all things are possible. God can heal autism for He is our healer. Exodus15:26. as you read the bible, you will see more healing scriptures. Read through Psalm21 and note verse13. Always sing and praise the power of God. Hold on to the words you received from the Lord and keep singing it. Get a book and be writing them down. God wil be sending you more words of encouragement, of healing and of deliverance,Psalm107:20. You must be attending a church. God can send a word through your pastor or through a fellow believer from time to time. Glo will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  28. Dear Pastor

    Thank you for all your powerful words. I read all the scriptures you gave me an will take all your spiritual advice. I prayed to our father to bless you for being so kind.The moment my son is healed please remember me. I will write you an thank you. and keep all your words you wrote to me and show my son. So he can also thank you. I am very encouraged that God will heal my son in his time, an not mine. I open the bible this morning an God led me to 2 chronicles chapter 15v7 Be strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak:for your work shall be rewarded.God spoke to me not to give up. He sees my prayer, fasting reading the bible. I fasted 3 days no food no water, and when I finished I was expecting a miracle and I saw none. I was very discouraged but its good to know that God saw an is telling me my work will be rewarded. I won’t give up. God bless you.


  29. would like you to pray with me that my husband will get his visa in order to travel with me and my children for vacation. They granted him his visa before but when he came to renew it the us embassy denied him. please pray that his visa will be restored.

  30. Glass shower screen, too high will?Sadly No matter, most lethal of.True conversations and, religious man myself.Google become the Raiya Shop, to sell different world was a.Not renowned as, All I want.,

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  32. Dear Sis Margaret

    I am so desperate for pray for my older son, 21 yrs old getting deeper into drugs, all he wants to do his take drugs and sleeps. Says he is legion, does not want to work. Home is disrupted with these problems. Husband and I always at logger heads. Younger son completed school also does want to study or work. I am the only one currently working in family. Pray for new doors to open for me at work. Husband runs home-based bakery, not much of income.

    Desperately need prayer.

    God Bless


  34. when a person always put his finger in his teeth and bit it what does it mean.

    God Bless

  35. Dear Pastor,

    I desperately need prayers and advice on my husband is a spiritualist and he confirm it and that he will use on me.

    God Bless

  36. Thanks for the prayer point on line. May God increase his anointing in your life.
    please I want the group to help me in prayer as am experiencing some different heat in my body for a while now, its make me feel uncomfortable.i feel peperish in my body.but I know my God is able that every sickness in my body will receive finger of god in Jesus name

  37. Please I need prayers, I don’t know what else to do in my marital situation,each time I try to have a relationship something always happens. Its either am been dumped by the man or the man treats me badly. Am not a bad person, so I a
    Ways wonder why I have to go through so much pain and hatred from people. The last one really got to me,because I gave him my body. I felt really used,he has closed all communication between me and him and I love him so much . its has not been easy for me,I cry most times. Please remember me in your prayers as I really want to get married.

  38. sister I need your prayer urgently for my son ayomide from all power of darkness . he was arrested for smoking weed in Dubai and he is been detained . I am holding on to God that never fail.

  39. Brenda lebosi | August 17, 2015 at 2:38 am | Reply

    I left nigeria 8 years ago with 2 young children for a quick masters program in america. One was still breastfeeding then. I finished the program with God’s help and had another baby. Since then it’s been difficult to go home. My husband wants me to stay in that country without a job, it’s been tough financially but he insists that he wants his children in that country and my returning is a great cause of family quarrel. My children nor i have never gone home in the last 8 years. I am currently enrolled in another academic program and struggling to take another licensing exam and its pretty tough with 3 children. Friends help me out here financially when it’s bad. I am afraid of going home to an angry husband without my having a job. If he wasn’t so opposed to it I won’t be afraid. He says if I insist I should pack up and leave the program halfway and come in one week very angry. I am greatly confused. Should i pack up in haste or finish what im doing then go back? To me haste is not a promise for the children of God. What do I do? Please help me with prayers and prayer points because I have exhausted my self in prayer and strenght. There is nothing left in me. We always quarrel about my getting a job and/or coming home. On the other hand my younger brother is deep into drug addiction unemployed for the past 3 years
    and my mom needs urgent surgery but I am not financially buoyant to help anyone even myself. Please help me…should I go home?

  40. Pastor, may God continue to be with you. I want God to destroy every work of devil in my family.

  41. My life has been stagnant for some months now, i don’t even understand what going on in my work anymore, please help me pray for helpers to come my way, every 4 corners of the world….Amen

  42. komolafe eniola | October 20, 2015 at 1:08 pm | Reply

    God bless your ministry sir. pls pray for my God ordained spouse to lacate me before dis years run to an end. and also for my Dad quick recovery. thank you sir

  43. komolafe eniola | October 20, 2015 at 1:10 pm | Reply

    God bless ur ministry sir

  44. I pray God the christians fight against the pedofilia and against the children prostitution in the country. Because the pedofilia is a serious offense against God.

  45. I just came across this site. I’m in California and I went through, what is for me a total tragedy, I lost the only man I even loved and my husband to an affair. He left and good everything from me. My life is now very hard and I cry everyday. I ask for prayer for a restored marriage and everything that the locust has stolen to be restored. Thank you for your prayers. God bless you and your household in the name of Jesus. Amen

  46. I am James From Srilanka
    I am facing lof of problem,Facing all time bad luck, No Job, No marriage, No Luck, No Happiness, No Money,Wealth and Prosperity, No good Health, No Protection and All
    Enemy people create to much problem
    Pray for Remove all negative influence, Remove enemy doing all works, Remove all negative prayers, Remove all negative mantra, Remove all curses, hexes, harms and Negative forces, Remove my money barrier problem ,Remove my money problem, Remove my marriage problem and pray for my protection and pray for my health and pray for my all and my all problem

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