MFM Prayer Points: Deliverance By The Blood of Jesus

MFM PrayersOnce again, we publish the latest of weekly prophetic and deliverance prayers points (N0. 25), by the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries MFM, International Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria, for the week August 10 – August 16, 2008. The church service was the first after the mighty outpouring of the anointing and blessings on 8-8-8 Night Vigil. Dr. Daniel Olukoya ministered on this Sunday morning with a sermon titled: “Power To Re-invent Yourself”.

CONFESSION: Isaiah 44:25-26: That frustrateth the tokens of the liars, and maketh diviners mad; that turneth wise men backward, and maketh their knowledge foolish; That confirmeth the word of his servant, and performeth the counsel of his messengers; that saith to Jerusalem, Thou shall be inhabited; and to the cities of Judah, Ye shall be built, and I will raise up the decayed places threreof:

1. Father, I thank You for the provision of deliverance through the blood of Jesus.

2. Any verbal or written covenant made with any evil spirit on my behalf, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus.

3. Every agreement I have consciously or unconsciously made to the devil, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus.

4. Every handwriting and ordinances against my life, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus.

5. Every source of evil flow into my life, DIE, in the name of Jesus.

6. Every arrow of failure at the edge of breakthroughs, GO BACK to your sender, in the name of Jesus.

7. Every imagery, effigy, symbol, picture and statue representing me in the kingdom of darkness, CATCH FIRE! in the name of Jesus.


1. Baba, mo dupe lowo Yin fun ipese itusile nipa eje Jesu.

2. Majemu ti a kosile tabi ti a fi enu so pelu emi esu nitori temi, di fifagile nipa eje Jesu.

3. Gbogbo adehun ti mo mo, ati eyi ti nko mo ti a ba esu se, di fifagile, nipa eje Jesu.

4. Gbogbo akole to lodi si aiye mi, di fifagile nipa eje Jesu.

5. Gbogbo orisun ti ibi ngba san sinu aiye mi, KU, ni oruko Jesu.

6. Gbogbo ofa ikuna ni bebe alaja, PADA lo sibi to ti wa, ni oruko Jesu.

7. Gbogbo ohun ti a gbe kale nijoba okunkun, ti nsoju mi, GBINA! ni oruko Jesu.

50 Comments on "MFM Prayer Points: Deliverance By The Blood of Jesus"

  1. Pray that God would make his grace for Salvation available to Carolyn. Thank you! Wayne

  2. Pray that God would cause Carolyn’s Love for me to become stronger then her Pride, So that Carolyn will have a strong desire to Restore our Relationship soon. Pray also that Carolyn will make contact with me by telphone soon. Thank you! Wayne

  3. Wayne, God will grant you all your heart’s desire, in the name of Jesus. Continue to walk in love with her. True love cannot be carried away by any problem. Read Songs of Solomon and 1Corinthians13 to see the type of love God wants us to show one another. God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!.

  4. please pray for me as i get ready for my asvab and for my school i am currently starting the youth alive program cuz my school is really bad…

  5. Please pray for my marriage

  6. please pray for my daughter Serena who is suffering with her right hand . She had operation a few months ago she is taking therapy at the moment but, the finger is having problerm to straighting out it is bend in a position which is unattractice making it hard for her to write . she was sent away from school because she coulden write her examination .

  7. Anonymous, Know that God created us in His image and likeness. God wrote the ten commandments with His fingers, Jesus wrote on the ground with His fingers when a woman was accused of adultery, therefore your daughter will also write with her fingers. Acknowledge God as your healer, Exodus15:26, and call on him to heal her. The doctors are caring for us with medicine and therapy, but God is the final Healer. Get healing scriptures, Isaiah53:4,5, Jeremiah17:14,30:17. Psalm107: 20, Matthew8:16, 17,!0:1 Luke9:1,2, 10:19. There are many more. Read them to her and tell her to be thinking on them. God will perfect that which concerns her. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  8. dear pastor,

    what do i do if you have bad mother- in- law

  9. Anonymous, please give yourself a name. A bad mother-in-law? You and your spouse are now one, so she is your mother too. Love her as you love your mother. Pray for her. Ask God to touch her. Ask God to teach her. Show her love. Give smiles and gifts and let her feel loved. You will see changes in her. Matthew5:55, 19:19. 1Timothy5:2. Ask God to help you to love her. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  10. Dear Margaret
    please assist me i have about R50 000 of money i have lent to people when they were in need and now they are refusing to pay it back.they are christians and i dont understand how they could do this.
    thank you

  11. Rowena, You call them christians because they go to church? Beware, satan also go to church, Read Job 1:6,7. Those who owe and refuse to pay are called, the wicked. Read Psalm37:21. Other names for the wicked are ungudly, heathen, enemies of God, among others. So, we pray against them like this, Father, in the name of Jesus, anyone holding down our money will not have peace until they release it. There is no peace to the wicked,Isaiah57:21, 59:8, so sieze their peace. They will run to you to pay up if you can pray aggressively for few days as directed by the Holy Spirit.God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  12. Dear Margaret A, please sent me prayer point and pray with me for breakthrough of my bankruptcy.. I am in a mountain of debt and it really risk my job security. Help me in your prayer that I be able to free from debt and and bankruptcy. Thank you God bless

  13. I was being chased by a cheetah in my dream as i was trying to save my sister and i manged to strangle the animal,my fiance also dreamt of the cheetah what can this dream mean? are we being attacked?

  14. Doris, Debt is a spirit. Refuse to let it control you. Since you know that it is not good for your job, be determined to live within your means. In the name of Jesus, be loosed from debt. Loose yourself from the spirit of debt and cry to God for help against it. The Holy Spirit will help you. Meditate on these verses, Psalm37:21, Romans13:8. Be determined to live within your means. Be reading your Bible. When you draw closer to God, the devil will flee from you and you will think less of the worldly things. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  15. Melissa, Do warfare against your attackers for your victory in the dream to be permanent. Be more prayerful and be reading your Bible. God will give you more victory, in the name of Jesus.. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  16. dear pstor,

    what do i a person that want stop your marrige

  17. Please pray for my relationship with my partner. The last few weeks has been trial after trial. we live apart and we were preparing for our marriage and ministry

  18. Isoken, if you tell me the reason for stopping your marriage, i may know how to reply you. Until you tell me before I know what to tell you.. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  19. Sharon, You must not live with a man until you are married to him. Be seperate unto God and have a proper foundation before you go into marriage or ministry. God will teach you, Isaiah54:13. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  20. please pray for me regarding my marriage. on my wedding day my wedding clothes were stolen and years later my wedding ring was swallowed in the dream
    what do I do I need help

  21. Isoken, In the name of Jesus, we break any power that wants to destroy your marriage. We release the fire of God against your marriage destroyer. All their association shall be broken, their counsel shall come to nought and their word shall not stand. Isaiah8:9,10. Only the counsel of God shall stand, Proverbs19:21, God will not permit them, Lamentation3:36,37.You must pray and meditate these verses to break their power. Prayer Rain has many prayer points against marriage destroyers. Get a copy. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  22. This is my 4th 70 day fast and every year I loose my job during this fast; last year I lost 2 jobs in a row. We are almost at the end of the 70 days and last week I got suspended for 2 weeks for no reason, and I am not really sure about my regular job. I am trying to make it thru the fast but today I realized things are not right on my regular job. I finally realized thru reading and listening to mfm that I have had evil programing that caused me to lose my jobs. So I need intercessors to help me finally end these evil programing for good.And not lose my jobs this time. God Bless

  23. Wanda, the prayers are not the reason you lose your jobs. The devil is at work John10:10. We decree and declare that there shall be no loss any more, in the name of Jesus. Whatever the enemy had stolen will be restored back to you seven folds, in Jesus’ name. Read Isaiah58 and see how to do your fast. God will go like a swimmer, collect all your lost jobs, collect the pride from the wicked; and roll all your lost jobs into one and give you one juicy job, in Jesus Name. This year, you shall have a testimony, Luke21:13. It is time to engage your mind, mouth and tongue in this battle, Proverbs18:21, Matthew12:37. Get up and make declaraions to hold your job. There shall be no loss of my job this time. Satan, I have had enough of your theft, In the name of Jesus, I command you to take your hands off my job. Rebuke the thief, release the Blood of Jesus and the fire of God against the devil. Cover your self and environment with the Blood and fire, call down angels to surround you. Speak scriptures into your environment, especially, Psalm34:19 and personerlise them, God will deliver me, I am more than a conqueror, Thank you Jesus for being made my curse. Galatians3:14, Colossians2:14. Read Romans8, and let nothing seperate you from Christ. Call on God to fight for you and plead your cause, Fear not, God will help you. Praise God always.Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  24. Hello pastor,why is it that i have so many dreams nowadays after praying the prayer points? I never used to have them before only after starting the prayer points.

  25. Melisa, It is the Blood of Jesus at work, bringing back your lost gift. Remember Joseph and than GOD for your gifts. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  26. Rosebud Gusha nee (Ndhlalambi) | October 16, 2012 at 2:47 pm | Reply

    Kindly pray for me to delete and destroy the spirit of borrowing Im in debt i need strength not borrow and the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ to cleanse away all my debts . Please help me pray Thank you

  27. Rosebud, Deliver yourself using the Blood and the name of Jesus against the spirit of debt. Be determined not to borrow, Romans13:8, Deuteronomy28:12, (Read verses1-14). Know that the borrower is a slave to the lender, so free yourself from slavery. In the name of Jesus, we(you and I), break the power of debt from your life. We command it to go, in the name of Jesus. Resist the devil of debt and draw near to God, by reading the word of God and by praying. Say to yourself often, Ishall not borrow, I shall lend to nation. Know that Jesus had paid for your debt, even financial debt, by His Blood. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!.

  28. pastor,please i have a spirit husband that that is making my nlife husband,no child,no joy.i can’t even worship God the way i ought to

  29. pastor,please i have a spirit husband that is making my life husband,no child,no joy.i can’t even worship God the way i ought to

  30. Hello prayer Eagle,

    Please pray with me am under alot of pressure. I feel like quiting going going to church and doing home tv/radio but question is.Where do I take my tithe?
    I feel like am struggling too much (trying too hard to achieve everything). I have been walking in God’s direction, I had even met my Godly spouse after God Himself confirmed to me through a vision but now he’s no longer interested after false accusations by some members of the church….am totally confused and stressed,,,,nothing is working for me well am stressed am wrestling,,,,I have been praying ….even upto midnight….I even have dark spots on my knees becaause of kneeling down….what do I do? do i stop praying or where is the God of Elijah, Abraham, Isaac, jacob?
    Another thing is whenever I pray for something someone else receives that answer and they come and tell me! Imagine how it feels…..P;ease guide me…this is the only place I had to turn to because no one else to turn to.

  31. Esther, You DO NOT HAVE a spirit husband. Watch your language. Proverbs18:21. Write, speak, and think of good things and good will come. You can be delivered by using the Blood of the Jesus, the name of Jesus and the word of God and by anointing yourself daily. You should also take the communion of the flesh and the Blood of Jesus. Read Romans7:4.and meditate on it like this; “I,m married to Jesus Christ, who is raised from the dead”. Each time you speak it, command the spirit husband to go away from you, because your God is a consuming fire, Hebrews12:29. Plead the Blood of Jesus around you always, and anoint yourself daily. Let someone older in faith break the power of tha spirit from you. Meditate on 1Peter2:22 and speak it loud, “all angels, all authourities and all power are subject to Jesus Christ who is seated in heavenly places, and I,m seated with Him”. So no contrary power is permited near you, command them to goaway. Demons are very easy to handle, just use the name of Jesus to command them and they will obey. Read your Bible daily. God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  32. Jay, Why are you speaking like this? You are not new in this website. Tell yourself daily that you will always know what to do. Jesus always knew what He would do. John6:6 Refuse to be confused or distress. Always rebuke the spirits of confussion and of distress. There are good songs you can always listen to and learn to worship God. Renew your relationship with God and keep close to Him. Church going is not the same thing as knowing God. The things of God are different from the knowledge of God. Seek to know God by reading and listening to His word and messengers.
    If you need to stay off church to reassess yourself and your situation, you can do so; going to heaven is not based on church attendance. If you are truly in the presence of God, you should have joy and pleasure and not pressure. Stop putting pressure on yourself for anything. Your tithe should go to church, but other people; widows, orphans, strangers are also entitled to eat of the tithe. Malachi3:10-12, Leviticus27:32, Deuteronomy14:29 Matthew23:23. Keep praying to God. He knows your name and address, He did not pass your blessings to others, they must have prayed for theirs. Give no room to envy. False accusation was sponsored by the devil. Pray that God will bring up the truth of the matter into the open. Hold no bitterness towards those people. Call on God for mercy and Help. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  33. Thank you Margaret A. God bless you so much…I stand amazed in your presence Lord! There is nothing you can not do. for there is no one like you Jesus…I am more than a conqueror….God will expand your territory sister because you walk in His counsel! Your website is blessed.Amen!

  34. Jay, I’m glad that you are rising up. As you have written above, always make your declarations daily and always. Open your mouth wide and God will subdue all your enemies. Christianity is a speaking religion, not a silent one. You have to speak out before the angels can execute your word. God Himself will confirm your word and perform your counsel Isaiah44:26. Ecclesiastes5:6. God will increase you and make you stronger than your enemies,(Psalm105:24). in the name of Jesus. Anytime you feel low, always read your Bible loud. By the time you read five Psalms or New Testament, your spirit will be lifted and you will find yourself praising God.You should be praising God daily. You should be using a centre reference Bible which will help you to search for more verses on a topic. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  35. God bless u Margaret A,
    After following your advice above, I have seen tremendous results….I have been happy than ever all stress is gone, I have experienced miracles-financially and even a friend of mine has promised to give me a car in December…What a mighty God we serve! I believe and am trusting that God is going to meet the desires of my heart before this year ends….Thank so much for your prayers and time! You are of God! Amen.

  36. Jay, God takes all the glory. You still need to pray down the car. Ask God to remind him of his car promise and be praying for him, Lord, help my helper, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  37. Pls I need with this dream I dream last night,
    it was about a tell tree with no leaves very tell, and all the branches where coming


  38. Pls I need help with this dream I dream last night,

    it was about a tell tree with no leaves very tell, and all the branches where coming
    down and the tree dry


  39. Isoken, Note that whatever is dry is waterless and fruitless. You will study these verses and do Joshua1:8 with them untill you get the meaning of your dream. Isaiah56:3, Ezekiel17:4, 20:47 and Luke23:31. The Holy Spirit will give you understanding if you ask Him. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  40. Sis Margaret, bless you for all the assistant on my trial. I working out on my bankruptcy and meditate on the bible verses. Pls pray with me. My relationship with partner is tore apart. We have been in relation for 10 years, but till now still no hope of getting marry. Seem that he s not in the agreement to marry me. Since last september he ask me to leave him. And i did. Now, he wants me back. But l amnot in the spirit to just back to stay with him, i want a commitment. What prayer you will advise me so that he will tied with honest commitment. And that his jealousy will leave him. I know that he s only wants to take reverenge against me. Please pray with me again. Thank you and God bless

  41. Doris, Now that you r eyes are opened, you have to watch very closely. ou lived with him for ten years and he did not find you fit for marriage, what prayer do you want to be praying now? Ten years of your life on a fruitless relationship! You already know that he wants to revenge. My prayer points for you are two. 1. Lord have mercy on me for living and sleeping with a man without marriage, in Jesus’ name. 2. Lord give me the wisdom and grace to move on in life and guide me from henceforth not to fall into wrong hands again, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Note this, Matthew10:16 and be meditating on it. Be a doer of it not only with him but also with other men who may come, and want to take advantage of your singleness. Glory to God Jesus is Lord!

  42. Dear Pastor
    earlier this year I emailed and requested a prayer regarding my car ive had for 6 years which i havent been able to sell and change since the banks wont approve finance as im blacklisted.we prayed over the phone.2weeks ago while with my family,i was driving my family back into our home when inside the driveway,i was hijacked in the same car at gunpoint and everything stolen,bags , documents,clothes.Parise God the car was was found 4 days later.ive started to make plans to sel it as ive been in numerous accidents and now hijacking .i approached one of the banks this morning and they said although my application wasnt approved because im blacklisted ,they will dispute it,i need to submit proof of payments of all debts,quotation from the delear,Pastor Praise God,i have received this response before.please join with me as i plead the Blood of Jesus of my car and finance as i seek final deliverance from car problems.i will submit the documents requested.Thank you

  43. i am in a relationship and we have agreed to marry each other, but now he is trying to betray me because of little issue that we had… phone call issue. please help me.

  44. Oluchi, If there is no trust in love, the love cannot last. God expects us to trust Him, we should also expect trust from our friends. You and your friend shoul discuss trust and the love as explained in 1Corinthians13. Refuse to double date and refuse to submit to a controling power. God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  45. God bless u Margaret A,
    Am blessed in all things… I have been called for a job interview next week on Tuesday…I thank God for this opportunity…but now the challenge I have is that at our place of work it is dificult to get a day off even a sick off…What prayers do i do I now to get the permission!Please pray with me as I claim the job in Jesus name! I believe God has grreater things for me before this year ends. I am currently partaking in the 21 daysof prayer and fasting for the battle of the crown.Thank u!

  46. Jay, DISCRETION plus prayer of favour. That’s all. when you are caught in a tight corner, be discret and you will go through. David used it, even the children of Israel used it before they could leave Egypt. Pray Psalm24 on your documents, with special emphasis on vs1, 7 to the end. All ancient doors must lift up their heads before you take Jesus Christ into that new office. Pray for favour from the panel who will interview you. I declare the decree that the name of the Lord will be glorified at the intervie, for He will shine His face upon you, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  47. Amen…I love sis Margaret A. God bless you abundantly.

  48. Jay, Ilove Jesus so much. There is power and wonder in that name. His name is Wonderful, full of wonders. Believet hat God can do it. He will make the impossible possible for you. Key in your faith and be giving thanks for the job. Thank you Jesus for the favour you have for me in that place. By His favour, your mountain will stand strong. Ask God to send His angels ahead of you to the place to stratghten the crooked way for you. Enter the place of the interview.with the Blood of Jesus and the mercy of God. He will get you the job with ease. God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  49. Jay, Tomorow is Tuesday. Remember this: Kingdom success is not by might nor by power, but by the Spirit Of God. The word of God is spirit and life. If you have done the necessary study, your next step is to engage the word of God. You shall be the head and never the tail, you shall be above only and never the tail. Do Joshua1:8 with all the words of success and favor you have gathered. God is your Helper, look unto Him. He will preserve you from all evil. Failure is evil. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  50. Sis Margaret A, God bless u for ur advice n love…I am coming back to post the testimony to encourage someone…God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all what I ask for or think!His name is lifted high over all, the King of kings n the Lord of all lords…His name be glorified!Thank u for:)

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