MFM Prayer Points: Deliverance By The Blood of Jesus

MFM PrayersOnce again, we publish the latest of weekly prophetic and deliverance prayers points (N0. 25), by the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries MFM, International Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria, for the week August 10 – August 16, 2008. The church service was the first after the mighty outpouring of the anointing and blessings on 8-8-8 Night Vigil. Dr. Daniel Olukoya ministered on this Sunday morning with a sermon titled: “Power To Re-invent Yourself”.

CONFESSION: Isaiah 44:25-26: That frustrateth the tokens of the liars, and maketh diviners mad; that turneth wise men backward, and maketh their knowledge foolish; That confirmeth the word of his servant, and performeth the counsel of his messengers; that saith to Jerusalem, Thou shall be inhabited; and to the cities of Judah, Ye shall be built, and I will raise up the decayed places threreof:

1. Father, I thank You for the provision of deliverance through the blood of Jesus.

2. Any verbal or written covenant made with any evil spirit on my behalf, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus.

3. Every agreement I have consciously or unconsciously made to the devil, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus.

4. Every handwriting and ordinances against my life, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus.

5. Every source of evil flow into my life, DIE, in the name of Jesus.

6. Every arrow of failure at the edge of breakthroughs, GO BACK to your sender, in the name of Jesus.

7. Every imagery, effigy, symbol, picture and statue representing me in the kingdom of darkness, CATCH FIRE! in the name of Jesus.


1. Baba, mo dupe lowo Yin fun ipese itusile nipa eje Jesu.

2. Majemu ti a kosile tabi ti a fi enu so pelu emi esu nitori temi, di fifagile nipa eje Jesu.

3. Gbogbo adehun ti mo mo, ati eyi ti nko mo ti a ba esu se, di fifagile, nipa eje Jesu.

4. Gbogbo akole to lodi si aiye mi, di fifagile nipa eje Jesu.

5. Gbogbo orisun ti ibi ngba san sinu aiye mi, KU, ni oruko Jesu.

6. Gbogbo ofa ikuna ni bebe alaja, PADA lo sibi to ti wa, ni oruko Jesu.

7. Gbogbo ohun ti a gbe kale nijoba okunkun, ti nsoju mi, GBINA! ni oruko Jesu.

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  1. louis alvares | January 19, 2009 at 3:21 pm |

    pls pray for the financial breakthrough for me and my family, may all the jewellery which is pawned to the jewellers be set free, good health and peace for our family and our homes…..we ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord…..Amen

  2. please pray for my son cody he is now 22. he knows jesus, but has gotten invovled with pornography and alcohol. my heart is broken, i have started a fast for 21 days. can you pray for me and my son. thank you.

  3. JILL, CODY shall be RECOVERED and RESTORED by Holy Ghost Fire from the grip of seduction and alcoholism in Jesus Mighty Name, AMEN!

    LOUIS ALVARES, The God of Elijah that answers prayers by Fire would hear and answer your petition by fire, in Jesus mighty Name. AMEN!

  4. Dear brothers and sisters I ask Prayer for my Country HAITI
    I would love to have a


  6. Hi Pastor Olukoya, I am a lady based in South Africa working for the government but not permanent, next month which is March my contract is expiring and I dont know what is going to happen. My prayer request is “God to give me a permanent jon here at this Department”, and I am praying for a marriage with the servant of God, a God’s fearing person who is willing to serve God for the rest of his life, a very humble person. Yes those I Prior Prayer Request for now I belive the rest will follow. Thank you very much Pasto may God bless you.

  7. CELESTINA | March 3, 2009 at 4:30 pm |

    Sir; I worship in one of your branches

    I hope this request get to you on time

    Please Sir, I want you to join me in prayer for me and my Family that God should
    1. Ignite his fire in us
    2. Teach us to always worship at his feet in truth and in spirit
    3. Provide a divine helper for me, my mummy and my Six Siblings ever since we lost our Father on 1st may 2008 it has been tough but thank God for his grace who has brought his word come to pass in our lives, He has been the Husband to my mother and also a Father to me and my Siblings. At the moment i am awaiting result for the DLI session for year 2009, Please tell it to God in prayer for me that He should see me through in all my academic session, my school fees, hand outs and the rest of it. I pray the holy spirit will minister more of me and my feebleness to you so you will know more of my problems in Jesus name

  8. Please pray that God will free me from an addiction that I’ve been struggling with for a long time. Pray that He’ll restore my strength, joy, and order to my life. I also need God to show me how to fight spiritual warefare, and to recieve deliverance, healing, protection and His blessing in my life. It seems like warfare takes a lot of energy and I keep fighting the same battles. I want to learn how to defeat the enemy and go to new ground. I’ve ordered a book by Derek Prince that should help me with that (as well as books by Mahesh Chavda). Pray that they arrive soon, and that I will learn, absorb and successfully use the information in those books. Also, I’ve been invited to go skiing tomorrow, but I have a cold; pray for healing for this cold.

  9. I really enjoy the site for the prayer point but i like the Man of God to pray for my family

  10. ADEJORO OLUSANYA V. | March 19, 2009 at 12:26 pm |

    pls sir, i have been trying to book appointement with G.O but they allways told me that is not around and i have been telling GOD that this year i must see him this man one on one i have read alot of his book ‘am from CAC back ground pls can you pls help me out i will be expecting your reply GOD blesse you from

  11. Wellington Nagbe | March 21, 2009 at 9:34 am |

    Please prayer for my mother that the Lord to take away cancer from your body completely. My mother live in Minesota, USA. PLEASE! PLEASE ! PLEASE !


  12. ADEJORO OLUSANYA V. | March 23, 2009 at 3:22 pm |

    sir you have not answer my question, i want to book apointment to see G.O that is my request for now GOD blesse you iwill be expeting your reply

  13. Dear powerful man of God
    Please pray for me and my husband and kids,we are in need of a brakthrough for 7years now, with a permanent job for my husband and our business plans,and also for my permanent residentship in the country that I am living in.

    Thank you so much and may the BLESSINGS of GOD overflow in you

  14. Col UJ Douglas | April 8, 2009 at 12:34 am |

    My Daddy in the LORD ,help me to pray that my posting to Makurdi will serve as a stepping stone to greater height in JESUS NAME. Let lmpossible be possible for me, DA Israel.

  15. Daddy i humbly myself, to ask to put me in ur quanrantine prayer.
    help to ask our living God for using me.
    help to ask him for protection over me and my family.
    help to ask him for me to achieve my goals in the lifes.
    help to pray for financial breakthrough thru out my life.
    help to pray for me to useful for God glory.
    indeeds help to pray for me to have something reasonable to testify him in this forth coming Power Must Change Hands.
    May God Bless u Sir, And Continue using u for us

  16. Dady pray for my son for God to deliver him from the spirit of lying and stealing

  17. mary omoifo | May 22, 2009 at 2:33 pm |

    while i was small half asleep,i dreamt tat a big chain came frm up nd tied my leg.nw am 29yrs old, i finishd frm skool 2005 cant graduate,no boyfrnd talkless of husband.i experience dissapointment at d edge of breakthrough.i discoverd i hve fibriod at d age of 23.something like worm is walking in my body.bfre i enterd skool i was a happy persn wit no prblem started at 200level.i feel like commitn i believe God can wipe away my sorrows.i nid God intervension.i belive God can turn my sorrows 2 joy

  18. I suffered financial breakdown last august, my money was squandered by my father leaving me in debts of millions. Recently however God provided a window of recovery for me , i was awarded a contract of over half a billion and we are at the stage of the disbursement of the money by Fidelity bank.

    Please with me that God in his mercy should complete that which he has started in my life and they money be released without further delay in Jesus Name

  19. Please pray for my brother who has lost his marriage, job and he is sick. Right now he is looking for a job and has been attending interviews, please in the name of Jesus may a door open for him to look after his 2 young children. Also pray for my husband who is enslaved in the camp of the Devil of alcohol, he cannot stay without drinking, please,please help me in this diffucult situation I’m in.

  20. Isaac Olaniyan | June 2, 2009 at 1:37 pm |

    My life has been stagnant for some years until i started getting commited to God by attending MFM. God provided me a job in one of the subsidiaries of the Commercial Bank in Nigeria. My first posting is giving me a lot of challenges and threatening the job. Kindly pray for me to get the best out of the job and if possible a posting that will catapult me to greater heights.

  21. I wish you the best in your Jobs where ever you go, I also am trusting god for all my tomorrows. I pray that god will be kind to you bless you and all your loved ones. Finish the race and may god give you strength to do so.

  22. I would like to encourage my brother and sisters to really read GODS WORD if you can make a copy of the book in the bible your reading or the story and keep it in your wallet or your purse or even your pocket do it. You will be surprised how GOD will speak to you when you have his word in you.

  23. I need God’s direction I’m so confused right now as at the next steps to take in life. Also pray for my community that the gospel of Jesus Christ would spread like wildfire and occultism would cease.

  24. i need God’s intervention in my marriage! My husband abandoned me while still expecting,abt 6 months pregnant.the baby is now 5 months old.Earlier on God had showed me in a dream that he was dating a girl who was dark,tall and an itesot by tribe and that she was using witchcrafts on him.all that was confirmed to me in reality.since then,he doesnt want to hear anything about me,and doesnt even show any concern for his son. he is still in touch with this girl,who is a P.7 drop out yet both of us are graduates. he keeps swearing never to come back to me and took away all his belongings from the house in april and has never returned since then.
    please,pray with me so God can open up his eyes. May God trouble his heart and pursue him till he gets to know that i serve a mighty God.

  25. Please pray for me I live in Botswana and was recently called for an interview for a good Job.My friend and I declared that no other person will submit their proposal.Its been 3 weeks now and I still have not heard from them. I heard a few minutes ago that another guy also made a submission. Please pray for me.I declared tha that job is mine and the word of God says where u set ure foot he will give u that place so that job is mine please stand with me in prayer.
    the other request is that I have been dating a guy for 3 years now its been on and off and his mum did not seem to like me just 2 months ago she came to visit and showered me with love.The guy is now acting so funny he doesnt even want to talk to me and I have since heard that he is asking out another girl. I had a dream in which a voice was saying to the mother this is the wife I have chosen for ure child you will have to accept and love her. and my mum dreamt that she had taken something of mine to the witch doctors but she woke up before she could do anything.I am tired of all this.I wish to move on with my life this is just too much drama for me. Please pray for the quickening of my God ordained partner

  26. a problem of things moving in my body.please send me prayer points to make in order for me to overcome this problem

  27. please send me prayer ponts I want to get married.

  28. Pls pray that the Lord may provide to pay our rent and children’s fees without taking loans. Pls pray that we may overcome our financial debts by the Blood and Name of JESUS

  29. Emmanuel Morka | August 12, 2009 at 12:47 pm |

    Want everybody to join me in prayer for restoration of goodhealth.

  30. Emmanuel Morka | August 12, 2009 at 12:51 pm |

    Want the lord to heal a friend from ulcer.pls help me in pray 4 her.

  31. pls pastor,pray for me so that God will restore my marriage and make my husband to love me more and bless me with fruit of the womb this year.

  32. i want God to give my parents and my brothers and sisters good health and long life in Jesus Name Amen.

  33. Pastor I like to have a prayer concerning my behaviour, I lack the Fear of the Lord ,all the manifistations of the Holly Spirit and doing things that are contrary into the Word of God .my business is strugling as a result and also my finances . Iam tired of this situation and need restoration in Loving and referencing God in oder to be the Father who is able topay tithes and provide for My famalies

  34. Please pray for me and my siblings, that we should be set free from the spirit of death and from captivity of hatred, failure and sickness.

  35. Olufemi Adeniyan | October 5, 2009 at 4:42 am |

    i thank God for opportunities need to glorify God on procurement opportunities in oil and gas praying for marital breakthrough and have mercy on me father lord promote me in business deliver my father

  36. Please pray for immediate financial deliverance for me and my family.We are in debt od 26 lakhs of rurees.Please pray that I may receive my lords favour for super natural debt cancellation in jesus name. We are under tremendous prssure from the debtors.This week I need to repay about 2 lakhs of rupees .I dont now whta to do.I believe god has delivered me..I am waiting for my miracle to manifest TODAY ITSELF.Please join me in my prayer to ask for my instant manifestation…in the mighty name of jesus…………………

    Lord have mercy on me………..
    I am desperate
    I am desolate
    I am drowning……..

    Lord we call upon to Mount Zion for our lord to deliver us.

    In jesus name …Amen.



  39. I pray and i believe that by the blood of jesus me and my fiance are delivered from every evil manipulation against the success of our marraige in jesus mother is delivered from every evil manipulation and fear in jesus name.

  40. kindly pray for me,i need a man who have godlymind i am 26 years old ,i have a man dating me but surdingly he call me and said he want quit without any reason, i said if God say you are my husband,you wil comeback, pastor i need help, pls pray for me.

  41. Want to God delievernce me from promise and fail

  42. Pls help me to pray for my husband for him to have the fear of God in him and to give his life to Jesus as his Lord and saviour.

  43. Pls pray for me so i can be too prayerful.

  44. Please join me in prayers for God to answer my prayers and deliver me of every yoke. in Jesus name

  45. pls pray for me for breakthrough; job, financial, lonelinss and my status(stay) in united kingdom.

  46. Please pray for me in a threeway:

    1) so that folks in economic troubles are relieved of their suffering
    2) so that folks tempted by the devil are relieved from his grasp
    3) so that folks who don’t know the LORD come into his embrace


  47. Am a youth corper that love God bt the spirit of phonography lies and fornication are ravaging my life pls pastor pray for me i have been praying for Gods deliverance.I love u sir and may God bless and keep you.

  48. Please pray for me that in the year 2010, I will concieve a female child, my husband and I have waited for over two years on the Lord for this miracle and we know that we are close to being blessed. May the perfect lord spare our lives, keep us safe and fill or home with much Joy and laughter in the year 2010. I pray for peace to all men and for us to be drawn closer through joy to the Almighty.

  49. EDIDIONG OKON UDO | December 31, 2009 at 2:47 pm |




  50. Please pray for my promotion as,I am waiting from past 4 years to be promoted.

  51. Help me pastor am in egypt am facing lots of forces and setback i need God to show me whom i am and what my desting for the future, i want to know what God has created me to be.

  52. Hello, I am requesting prayer for supernational breakthrough and promotion in my job. Over the years the challenges have been great and I want to start achieving things and help my family because they spent so much to send me to University. I need financial breakthrough and a very well paying post in my organization or elsewhere. Please help me pray, I need to help my family. Thanks much, in faith I believe.

  53. I pray that God will let me and Terry be together soon
    I also would like his deal to go through in london
    Id like to pray for my kids that they have a good healthy life in the future
    I need prayer for my health

  54. Abayomi Badejo | January 27, 2010 at 9:40 am |

    Obviously, the harvest is plenty but the labourers are few, even among the few there are wolves in sheeps clothing.
    My G.O may the Lord your God that we all call upon; the God of Elijah that answereth by fire uphold you to the end in Jesus name amen.

  55. Please pray for my promotion as a manager,I am waiting from past 4 years to be promoted.

    Please pray for my good relation with my managers,and also to do my in my job.

  56. Please people of God: help me to prayer that God should deliver me from the hands of task master and star highjack’s (a job of six years without promotion). Also that God should raise help for me and open doors for my breakthrough so that my life will move forward.

  57. Please pray for my promotion as a manager,my name is selected for the post,however it is not getting qualified for the post.Please pray,I may get qualified and get selected as a manager.

  58. i am from jamaica W. I. i am a female police sergeant & recently got saved,i am over 40, single has 1 child & would love to get married soon. im having lots of troubles in my life because of the ex commonlaw relationship i was in the man cheated & the woman who is a witch is creating problems. I need prayers 4 god to give me a complete breakthrough in every area of my life. i also bought a house with the man & things has not been sorted out as yet. I need help!!! i also need prayer 4 my son who is saved & filled with the holy ghost to be focused more on God.I would love to know if you can set up a MFM church in Jamaica, because if i didn’t go to america 2 & a half years ago where i was priviledged to read some of the books written by the founder of mfm, i would’t know how to challenge certain eyes are opened to lots of things. i have never been taught those things, i have been going to church all my life and trust me i didn’t know that there were 3 heavens, i didn’t know i could command the mornings, i didn’t know how to pray these powerful prayer points ,trust me i didn’t know nothing. please consider launching a church in Jamaica, i am awaiting your reply please, thank you

  59. please reply as soon as possible, thak you

  60. can you launch a mfm church in jamaica please

  61. K. RAJAN MERCY | February 13, 2010 at 1:21 pm |

    pls pray for the financial breakthrough for me and my family, may all the jewellery which is pawned to the jewellers be set free, good health and peace for our family and our homes. Brother we are staying in a rented house pls pray for a new house.


  62. Prayer request
    ,My sister who going 40 years Salome to blessed with a husband Alice and Njoroges marriage to be restored back in Jesus Name

  63. please praye for me that every evil manupulation in my life will not affect me in JESUS CHRIST name

  64. The last 2 years have been a huge challenge for me. Whilst everyone around me are in gainful employment, I have only worked for a few months and in all cases I have been asked to leave for one reason or the other. This is very contrary to two years agao when I was at the top of my career, providing employment yo my friends. The home front has not been rossy either, with my Mother passing away and my wife seeking a divorce. I need the LORD’s deliverance, please pray for me.

  65. Chief

    Deny being a chief, and claim a king, so all your shaking ground will be solidify, listen you are through now from this tribulation beieve me God has taken over your predicament and he is installing a new life in you and you will be called to another new job with double promotion. Shout Halilujah the Lord has done it and is permanent.Thank God for jesus in they name of Jesus.AMEN
    Go and prosper.


  66. please pray that God will show up in my academics,marital life and he will give me the best job in the land

  67. Please pray for my financial breakthrough urgently, I know I am on the verge of major financial breakthroughs and need ageement in breaking all bars and holds upon the breakthrough.

  68. Please pray for my financial breakthrough urgently, I know I am on the verge of major financial breakthroughs and need ageement in breaking all bars and holds upon the breakthrough.


  69. Please pray for my husband to get a job

  70. bod cast1000 | March 3, 2010 at 12:34 am |


  71. bod cast1000 | March 3, 2010 at 12:38 am |


  72. Godwin Davids | March 8, 2010 at 9:18 am |

    I need prayer points on personal & family deliverance. Please pray that d mighty hand of God will deliver my family 4rm ancestral and witchcraft powers. Powers that are holding the financial breakthrough and spiritual gifts of d Holy Spirit in my family, in d Name of Jesus Christ.

  73. please i need your prayer assistance to help deliver me from stubborn pursuers.

  74. Hi ! I like you to pray for my finances , my business is fading away and I can,t afford to pay for any of my bills . Mostly I need an agreement in this regard and to live by knowing ,talking and taking advices from Holly Spirit concerning the totality of my life and my family.

  75. plz pray for Mfundza to be delivered frm the troubles facing him. Hs truck ws involved in an accident, insurance refuse to help him, hs debts ar escalating. May GOD INTERVENE AND HELP HIM TO SUCCESS IN ALL HIS ATTEMPTS TO GET AN

  76. Sir our Good lord is AWESOME and MAGNIFICENT though am jobless, lonely and my immigration status is yet to be sort out but am HOPING and TRUSTING THE ALMIGHTY GOD BECAUSE HIS WAYS ARE BEYOND OUR THOUGHT.

  77. please i need your prayer, i got marry on August 1st ,2009. i iand my spouse are waiting on God for the fruit of the womb and 4 month after the marriage i lost my job. i believe God is the only answer.

  78. otto omotola | March 21, 2010 at 7:16 am |

    i need God’s intervention in my academics

  79. Would like prayers for fruit of the womb and I have spirit husband problem for a long time now.
    God bless, let us put the devil under our feet.

  80. Bro Ben need’s God intervation on his immigration case.

  81. May you please pry for me.I am troubled by the spirit husband.i can not find a suitble job nor a boyfriend,regardless of the highly qualifications and the fact that i am very beautifull with a nice body.

  82. for the past 12years i have been dreming of having sex,eating in the dreams,dreaming about crossing big rivers,swimming in the big rivers,naked,driving cars,seeing and talking to dead people,seeing shits from the toilet.All those years i thought i am dreming untill i read the book by Dr Olokuya DELIVERANCE FROM SPIRIT HUSBANDS.i am reading the book currently however i still suffer from this evil spirits.I do not have love life,i am so frustrated and i feel like commiting suicide.I have tried so many pastors and seemingly they cannot help.I have feeling that if i can visit MFM ministries it will all go awy.Please help me,i am in South Africa but i am prepared to fly wherever so that i cn get help.Cn somebody assist please before i kill myself?

  83. Listen Hapi to the voice of the lord speaking, you are going to be great in the kingdom of God, that is why you have been having all this delay but you must know this you are going to serve the Lord your God in spirit and in truth and trust. Now listen your problem is over by calling for the help from the most high God, now read the book of Galatians 6:17 and really speaking from now hence forth all your hanging problems is over and by the speacial grace in the blood of jesus you are set free in thy name of jesus thank God for jesus.
    This month is April, God almighty will Fool your enemies they will be suprised how God is going to turn your life around. This month is April Fool so therefore your enimies will be fool in thy name of jesus beging thanking God for your Testimonies.

  84. Lily, listen to the voice of the lord, this month God is going to fool your enemies, fruit of the womb is your testimony this month read galatains 6:17 from now hence forth all your problems is over by the special grace of God thank God for jesus in thy name of jesus.

  85. please help me I know I have a calling Im under an attack please help save the father of my children

  86. Hapi depending on where you are in South africa, there are a few mfm churches there. If you are in Johannesburg you can go to one of these:

    88 Simmonds Street
    CNR Wolmarans & Simmonds,
    Bramfontein, Johannesburg. S. A.

    This is the Pretoria branch:


    I found these numbers, try and get in touch with one of the ministers there.

    +27 (0) 83 929 1964, +27 (0) 82 060 9079, +27 (0) 84 915 8322
    Tel: +27 11 312 4477

    I pray it all works out.

    God bless You

  87. for the last 4 years since i have been a member of MFM my life has been a daily battle . the battle is in my dreams , in my job ,in my marriage to the point my husband of 2 years had an affair with a strange woman . he just packed one day and left . my father dies the same year ,.every job i have been to it is a fight . i almost lost my home . I knew God had a plan for me .he cannot be that way . As it is now i am fighting to keep my job .Please help me in prayer brothers and sisters .

  88. thank you so much for refering me to the MFM in South Africa.I must say i am totally deliverd.Pastor Mike prayed for me the prayer that i have never had before.I visited him yesterday in the afternoon,he councelled me and deliverd me.I received totally deliverence.Thanks so much for giving me the contact details for MFM church in South Africa.

  89. You are welcome, I am glad you got the help you needed. God bless You

  90. pls sir,pra for God’s healing on my left paralysed hand

  91. nthabiseng | April 17, 2010 at 7:04 pm |

    Please pray for me. I need deliverance. I need to be set free from the bounds of evil which are preventing me from having children. i recently had a miscarriage after having struggled for a long time to conceive. i get horrible pains in my abdomen & nightmares at night. Only Jesus can set me free. I am currently on a 21 day fast, Brothers & Sisters please pray with me. thank you.

  92. Pastor,please pray for my family on the following issues:(1)God should subdue and destroy all the powers of darkness concerning my family in Jesus name (2)Anyone planing for the death of anyone in my family should be die in Jesus name. (3)God should heal and restore my mum’s health back to normal in Jesus name. (4)God should protect us and all our family members that are wishing us well in Jesus nameg (5)God should replenish back all what we have lost in our family in Jesus name.(6)God should make us sing a new song and have good testimony in Jesus name. Amen

  93. I am being persecuted at work and my former Managing Director wants me out of the company. I believe this is an evil attack on my career. I have also been called for an interview at another Bank on 6 May 2010 for the same position that I used to hold. I need breakthrough prayer for career promotion and financial success in my business.

  94. Good Day
    Pls pray for me
    I have been suffered a lot.I have something inside my stomach .I have irregular periods.I fee pain in my stomach.I feel heavy on my shoulder .Its been long time.This thing is holding my life back.

  95. Beloved pls pray in agreemenr with me that will be granted permanent residency in the uk all blessing to u all

  96. please pray my green card will be released by fire in the name of jesus. i need it immediately to travel this month.let the lord of heaven move in the names of jesus because the earth is the lord and the fullness thereof…

  97. Prakash Cedric D'sa | June 1, 2010 at 7:32 am |

    As I was going through the blood of Jesus Christ prayer I found your website. I believe that God has blessed you with his Power. When I started pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ Deliverance prayer I felt something good Please pray that I shall be delivered totally from all the devilic attacks and also my family members.
    Prakash India

  98. please pray for me. Iam having very dark dremas, and also serious financila prolems. I am a single mother, and since giving my life to God, iam failing to attract a decent man for marriage. Evey day my life is hand to mouth. Earlier this year i was delivered from the spirit of a snail but life still seems to be at a standstill

  99. please pray for me i have dreams in which i am interacting with people that i have never seen. it is like a place where human beings live and because these dreams are repetitive i am now used to some of these people but i have never meet them in real life


    Myself Aniyan K George belonging to CSI church –chengannur (Kerala) Age 35, staying & working in Mumbai was supposed to get engaged to Helen age 33 church from syro Malabar Catholics church, Kannour ,Helen’s parents wants me to join their church (for marriage, first I refused, but then I agreed, but now her parents are refusing for our marriage.
    Please pray for both of us, even Helen wants to get married to me only. This confusion is only for church problen.
    Please pray for myself & Helen that no restriction come between us for our marriage. Helen & myself are both in love and want to live together forever.

    I Aniyan K george If got married to Helen whom I love more than anyone. I get married to Helen everything was fixed but to church problem everything went wrong from Helen’ns family and side and one and half month not talking Helen and Helen family
    Please pray & solve our problem.


  101. Anne Bertha | July 5, 2010 at 4:28 pm |

    Please pray fora breakthrough in all areas of my life:
    1) My relationship with God I pray and fast but I feel dry, I used to dream/visions from God but these days
    nothing, I do not even dream
    2) I feel threaterned at the Church I go, anything that I do I face critism, I even see those people coming to
    me in my sleep, one of the ladies took my pair of shoes and went with it, took my photo she is the one
    that fights me so much at church, Please pray for me. I just want to worship my God in piece. She tells
    all people that I am a bad person. Please pray for me to overcome these situation.
    3) My marriage, I cannot define marriage but I am married with three children, my husband used to torture
    me to the extent of bringing other women in my house, beating me etc. I have forgiven him, I talk to him
    but I am now in UK and I have not seen him since 2002. I still love him because he is the only man I
    know in my life. Is there any hope for a family to re-unite and live a happy life.
    4) Right now I have no job, I am in debt, all my things seem to be stagnant. I sometimes work once or
    twice a week and somethimes go without money . I have fasted for 40 days praying: I also fast three
    days a week: Is there anything hold my prayers?
    Please pray for me I need a break throughout I need a house to live, a good and well paying job, all the
    blessing that God has for me that are hindered by the devil.
    5) Sometimes when I will be praying, my voice just disappear and I won’t be able to talk, what is it?
    6) Recently, I heard a dream, I was praying for people, a dead person was brought to me, I prayed for her ( I said, You spirit of death come out of her in Jesus name . she became alife but a certain woman came and pulled her away, as I was praying my voice was gone. The following morning my right had side was very painfull, I took a week to heal and from there, I have never had a dream again> What is it.
    Thank you for your prayers

  102. i have been suffering from mansturbation and lust pls help me ovrercome


  104. Denis B.S. | July 13, 2010 at 2:51 pm |

    pls. agree with me in prayer for deliverance from the spirit of lunacy, money scattering, spirit wife and witchcraft forces.I have been suffering this now for two years. thanks for remembering me.

  105. let God manifest Himself in my admission of this year into UNILAG and where none of my families even my parents have never being to (Higher Institution) God shoud use me to open the doors for those coming behind me and to the entire family!

  106. Godbless you pastor
    I gave out my cv to someone as an example. as far as i can remember they did not bring it back. please pray for me i suspect that my cv is being used to hold me down and to prevent breakthrough in my life.

  107. God should forgive me of all the past Sin of the past in Jesus name.
    I want God to make a covenant of mercy with me in every area of my life.
    God should heal me of every diseases I might I contacted either from having fun in my dream or real life.
    I want God to reveal every dark cloud before me concerning my wife to be.
    I want God in his mighty power to help me to settle down in marriage this year.
    God should free me from every emotional problem in Jesus name.
    Every hand covering my glory should be cut off by holy spirit sword.
    God should turn my Glory to that of the sun,that the wicked can not touch…In Jesus Name Amen.

  108. Pastor,please pray for me and my family on the following issues:(1)God should subdue and destroy all the powers of darkness concerning my family in Jesus name
    2) I want re-union between my mum and dad. they are not 2gether due 2 financial reasons
    Let God restore my dad and bring him back 2 his home town nigeria. i and my younger ones are suffering bcos our parent cannot afford 2 take care of us.
    3) i want God 2 heal me. i hav been sick 4 2yrs now without cure. i hav spent almost all d loan i collected 4 my school fees without any solution. pls pastor, ask God 2 restore my health,2 restore me financially and spiritually.
    4.) i want God 2 help and provide 4 my fiance financially all that we need 4 our marriage.
    5) i also want God 2 connect my younger ones with people dat matters and protect them and also restore their destiny.
    6) i want God 2 promote me at my place of work and let me find favour in the sides of d management.
    7) i also want God 2 see me through in all my academic session, my school fees, hand outs and the rest of it.
    8) I pray the holy spirit will minister more of me and my feebleness to you so you will know more of my problems in Jesus name.

  109. GBEMISOLA BABATUNDE OLASUNKANMI | August 28, 2010 at 7:48 am |


  110. Please pray for my friend Annette that she will overcome and defeat the evil spirit that has destroyed and devastated our lives. Please ask that she be released from her fears and destroy the beast that is trying to destroy us both. Please unite us again in peace, love and harmony. I ask this for deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!!

  111. Daddy Please pray for me.
    1. My new business will not collapse.
    2. The plan of the enemy to put me in perpetual debt wil be aborted and God will expose and put to shame everyone that is planning my down fall
    3. I recieved a letter to pay a debt that I did not owe. Please pray for me that God will vindicate me and put the right words in my mouth.
    4. God will destroy the power of the ememy behind this debt and that God will miraculously cancel this debt.
    5. That God will help me to hold on unto him untill the end.

    Thank you sir.

  112. Pastor , please help me pray for God should give me and my husband grace to live a holy life and to preach the gosple effectively,to give me job and provide money for my husband tution fees. Things are not moving fine with us now but I believe that God will manisfest Himself.Please sir pray for us.

  113. Oshioke shellu | September 7, 2010 at 1:02 am |

    Good day sir,please send me prayer point against spirutial wife or husband

  114. Good day sir,please send me prayer point against spirutial wife or husband

  115. Hello sir, please pray for my younger sister, that should deliver and heal her. She has not been able eat well close to two months now. She complains of something that like a crab is causing pains inside her chest to the neck. I know our God is Merciful and He can heal her, please pray for her. Her name is Regina.
    Thank you sir.

  116. pray for me to be delivered from homosexuality

  117. pray for me to be deliverted from homosexuality and to be ready for the rapture

  118. rigth now i want God 2 have mercy on me.i want God 2 deliver me from my problem.i want God 2 locate the source of my problem.bcus he is my last hope bfr i do smething dangerous 2 myself.i dont knw wat hve done.but i want God 2 forgive me and give me anoda chance anoda life.God you ar my last hope

  119. omonigho idiodemise | September 20, 2010 at 9:33 am |

    I need the hand of God upon my life cos I’ve taken Him for granted over some months, broken the covenant I had with Him and i need deliverance cos i need Him more right now and the devil puts doubts in my heart but i always convince myself i have been forgiven.Some things happen in my life that I feel He has turned his Face away from me……… I need deliverance over this guilt

  120. God Bless you Pastor

    I have just been listening to a sermon when i started to have a violent reaction. i went in to the toilet and vomited some clear stuff. As i was vomiting i felt as if something was coming up to my throat and as it was getting there it blocked it as if i wanted to vomit something but it could not come out. This has happened many times after serious prayer. i think i must have eaten some polluted food. the other time i can remember is when my dad took me to a witchdoctor and they gave me magical concorction to drink and made some incisions on my right hand and legs. please pray for me


  121. Pastor Sir,
    Please pray for me and my family. our family business crumbled, we are in debt, and our rents are due. i know its not ordinary. we are being threatened from all sides, my spiritual life is dwindling and i know i need deliverance. help me please.
    Samuel O. T.

  122. Praise God! We thank God for the life and family of Dr. D.K. Olukoya. Nathan,my advice is that you continue to listen to Dr. Olukoya and stay on the word of God. Add fasting to your prayer and with time, the concortion will be flushed out by the Blood of Jesus. Do all things in the name of Jesus, the name above all names. Do personal deliverance or go to church for deliverance. Dont stop until you overcome it. VICTORY is yours by the Blood of Jesus. Margaret

  123. In addition to the above suggeation, always speak to the thing troubling you to go, in the name of Jesus. Rebuke it, paralyse it, command it, tell it of your position in Christ. You have power over it. John1:12, Luke10:19. Take n the whole armour of God against it. Ephesians6:10-18. Let the name of Jesus be in your mouth-Thank you Jesus. Let all your water become Blood of Jesus. Have faith in God, all things are possible. Margaret

  124. Samuel O.T. Please, if the devil steals anything from you, dont let him steal your joy in the LORD That is where your strength lies. Get closer to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you. Remember Job? His spiritual life never dwindle. He asserted his trust in God always, and at the end God restored double to him. Be properly born againg, yield your entire life to Jesus, by whom all things were created and for him, the Restorer of destiny. Read your Bible regularly, live a holy life. Ask God for help, only He can help man. If you trust your local pastor, discuss your issues with him. If not, you have no business being there. The solution to your challenges are in the Bible. Study the book of Job especialy. God is ever faithful

  125. Samuel O.T. Please, if the devil steals anything from you, dont let him steal your joy in the LORD That is where your strength lies. Get closer to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you. Remember Job? His spiritual life never dwindle. He asserted his trust in God always, and at the end God restored double to him. Be properly born againg, yield your entire life to Jesus, by whom all things were created and for him, the Restorer of destiny. Read your Bible regularly, live a holy life. Ask God for help, only He can help man. Spiritual battles can rarely be fought alone. You should discuss your issues with your local pastor, prayer partners or your fellowship members. The solution to your challenges are in the Bible, a book of solutions, reproof, direction and instructions. The devil is a coward, bombard him with, “it is written” as Jesus did in Matthew4.Study the book of Job especialy. God is ever faithful. Give God no rest untill He establish you.

  126. victory iyanam | September 29, 2010 at 11:47 pm |

    All back men need these prayrers because our foundations are evil and are causing so much limiations to our destiny-premature death,all kinds of sikcness and diseases,failure,poverty etc.we thank God for Dr olukoya because God has realy used him to open our eyes to this truth.

  127. I thank God for what He is using people like you to do.
    Please, pray for me, I need TOTAL deliverance from the wickedness of the enemy. I am experiencing SERIOUS BACKWARDNESS in my life right now, DELAY is waving at me, and SHAME is persived all around me.
    Please, I know I have overcome them by the BLOOD OF JESUS!

  128. Ayegba S, Pls do not agree with the devil. You may be seeing shame and stagnation, but be speaking glory and forward movement. E.g., Iam crowned with glory and honour Psalm 8:9, I am moving forward Malachi 4:2. There is power in our words. Speak what you want to yourself everyday. Even when you want to tell people of the shame, or anything, say it like this, There is no BACKWARDNESS, NO DELAY and NO SHAME in my life, in Jesus’ name. Please help me to pray against these forces. Be a doer of Eclessiastes5:6. Dont speak what you dont want to see, no matter how glaring they appear because angels are around to confirm your word. In addition Christanity is a speaking lifestyle.Say continually Shame, I overcome you by the Blood of Jesus, Delay, I overcome you by the Blood of Jesus etc.Locate scriptures to back up your word. It is not what you do and stop after 3days. Grow your faith, by hearing and reading the word often. You will surely overcome them by the Blood of Jesus, in Jesus mighty name.

  129. pls pray for me, no man is coming to ask my hand in marriage, my stepmum said no man will marry me. the only people that come’s to me are married with kids. i am not gething younger anymore. i have put my faith in God, i want my housband to locat me, and also want to get married between now and december. thans

  130. pls pray for me, no man is coming to ask my hand in marriage, my stepmum said no man will marry me. the only people that come’s to me are married with kids. i am not gething younger anymore. i have put my faith in God, i want my housband to locat me, and also want to get married between now and december. thans

  131. Bless u sir,
    my name is mercy and i have been attending most of ur programe even d Gen218 single program.
    am writing u so u can pray and give me guidance on how to move, i have been have this dream of a man trying to sleep wit me but one way or the other i have been able to resist him, any man i date always have financial problem expecial wen they start talking about marriage . now am 33yrs and just got a God fearing man dat his very spiritual and i was glad he expirence d above problem but he keeps fighting saying he knows dat there is a spirit fighting he because of me but 2day after resisting dis spirit man i didn’t know i got involve wit he in my dream and after every thing he said tank you he was so happy . pls SIR PRAY FOR ME , I DON’T KNOW WAT TO DO cos i have already started planning my wedding

  132. Anonymous/Amadi. Praise the LORD!
    If a step mother or anyone curses, you can break the curse and make it ineffective immediately by what you believe in your heart and say with your mouth, in prayer and declarations. It is when you refuse to break it and you begin to nurture it in your mind, especially with fear, then the curse starts to take roots. Break the curse by fire, by the Blood of Jesus, by the power of God to dismantle their covens, source of the curses. Christians should be very violent to possess what belongs to them. God is the author of marriage, not stepmother; and what God said(and He is still saying), in His word, no man, no devil and even satan can unsay it. See in the Holy Bible what God says about marriage. Genesis2:18,Isaiah34:15,16. Proverbs18:22. Study other “good thing”, and begin to do good things to become a “Good thing” yourself. Again see what Rebecca did when Abraham’s servant found her. It is still happening today. A lady I know met her mother-in-law before meeting her husband. You spoke of AGE. Sarah at about 65years old was still attractive and thought to be fit for a king. Just keep yourself pure. As for married men still looking for women, they are devils. Run from them and speak to your body to stop attracting the wrong men. Dressing, note it and dress as a Christian. I believe that you are totally born again, and you have yielded your life to Jesus. Prayer now comes in. Ask God for help. God can take you to your husband as He did for Eve or He can take your husband or his relation to you as he did for Rebecca. Work in your Father’s house too.God does not change. He can do all things which men or women say are not possible. STUDY the Bible. Jesus is Lord!

  133. i need God 2 intervene.i want him 2 save me.each nite i dream.had it been is a good dream i dont mind.i dream funny dreams.2 animals figthn.strange dreams.pls God help me

  134. Mercy, The last 3lines of your submission is not realy clear. Yet, let me say few things. Firstly, you must be sure that you overcome the spirit husband before you go for any marriage.Do personal deliverance or go for deliverance. Dr. Olukoya has said it several times that demon husband dont go easily. Secondly, you said that you dont know what to do, though you are preparing for wedding. Wedding is just the ceremony, you can spend any amount in preparation, that does not make the union happy or unhappy. Marriage is the union of two souls to become one. Amos3:3. Marriage is also a life covenant (agreement) with your partner. God hates putting away (Malachi2:16a). My suggestion is that you know what you are doing before you enter into marriage. it is better and easier to break engagement than break marriage. Adultery, departure of the unbelieving partner and death are recognised by the Holy Bible as strong enough to break any marriage. Look well before you enter marriage. Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in your choice of future partner. God is never late as we count lateness. To God be all the glory. Jesus is Lord.

  135. Mary, You may need one on one counselling to get details of your dream and be prayed for, and be anointed. Deliverance belongs to God, and I am sure that He will deliver you if you call on Him. The Word of God is spirit and life, (John6:63). Study the Word and the anointing of God will rest upon you. Start with just one chapter a day until you graduate to two. Pray to God for the Word to have a free course in you. Jesus is Lord.

  136. Please, sir, I have had very rough and bad past in terms of relationships. I have also been a backslider but I have prayed fervently for restoration. Now, at almost 38, I am not married and I planned to marry my fiancée in dec this year. However, some of my past sin partners have been going around telling people that I wronged them by not marrying them or breaking my covenant of marrying them. I have been hunted by this thought. Also my studies( I am currently studying for a PhD) have been stagnated and my supervisor does not want to meet me as is the norms in my dept. Now, I am confused and it seems there is a dark cloud of total failure hanging over my life. Nothing seems to be working for me.Please pray for me. I have been following prayers in this forum. But please pray for me to have all curses in my life broken.

  137. James, If you have made up your mind to return to God, and start life afresh, God has accepted you back Isaiah1:18. The Blood of Jesus washes sins away and breaks every curse, and Jesus had been made a curse for us Galatians3:13. You must be feeding on the Word of God. Do you know that Jesus is the Word fo God? Let the Word of God be your pleasure now. Until you begin to feed on the Word, you cannot boast of the Greater One being in you 1John4:4. As for your “sin partners”, when they see you as a living epistle, they may turn to Jesus Christ too. Read John8:1-12. That shall be your story with the “sin partners” or anyone accussing you of your past, in the name of Jesus. However, remember this sentence of Jesus, and ponder on it, “Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more”. Stop feeling guilty and trust God to perfect your life. .Phd or no Phd, Be a reader and a doer of the Word of God. PEACE

  138. pls pray for me had sex in my dream , and i need prayer point to pray with, i have not experience dis b4 so, y now dat am getting married in December, is like my whole world is turning around

  139. Ebere, Fear not …for they shall be as nothing. (that is the Word of God, Isaiah41:10-14). 2Timothy1:7. Fear is not good in face of challenges. But between that dream and now, I expect you to have been praying against the forces of darkness, CONTINUOUSLY. Dr. Olukoya spoke of “Unthinkable Wickedness” of the wicked. Get his book, Prayer Rain, this is an all purpose book which can help you. Two topics for a starter: DEFEATING SATANIC NETWORK, Pg75 and BREAKING ANTI-MARRIAGE YOKES 1&2, Pg570- 579. Get his books on Dreams, Especially VICTORY over SATANIC DREAMS. Go on line or any MFM bookshop for more titles. This is the time to buy the truth and sell it not. Get HOLY BIBLE with concordance, even if that is the only thing you carry as your handbag on your wedding day, Read and obey Biblical instructions. Pray Fire prayers using all the weapons of God you know to dismantle forces of darkness especially the source of that attack.. Psalm 9:19,20. Let your challenges draw you closer to God, and the devil will flee.

  140. Pls Sir,i truely need serious and urgent help.i hv prayed,go 4 deliverance in ur branches but am still experiencing the same thing.although my background is a tough one.til date my two aunties are stil unmarried but i reject to be like them in Jesus powerful name.there is no year that i wont hv suitors but along the line i wil nt see them again,but this time around i dnt want to miss this one,he has started avoidin me d way oda’s did.i find out that at first they wil like me but later they wil hv hatred on me.i reject every spirit of hatred followin me around.pls pray 4 me so that every spirit of hatred followin me wil die by fire.bc afta things like this when they get married to smbody else they wil come to tel me that they loss my contact so they couldnt find me.but this people no my house.and also since i lost my job i hv bn goin 4 interview but they wil nt cal me but the company that wil cal me wil say no salary but wil be given commission.pls i need to get job and marry this year bc am losin focus.if am movin on d way some times i wil nt see motor comin my way. Pls i need urgent prayer.u may not undastand the Way i feel thru my write up but am facin heartbreak,rejection……..

  141. Maureen, If you are born again, your case is different from your 2 aunties. If you have gone for deliverance in the church, now you need to deliver yourself, from the stronghold in your mind.Stop focussing on your present state and start to see yourself as Jesus, the Word of God, sees you. If you are sent the spirit of rejection, you can bind it and cast out regularly, by the Blood and ln the Name of Jesus. The fact that you recognise it, makes your case easy.Then begin to sow favour and kindness into people’s lives, not just men in suit, but everyone especially the elderly first and then both men and women. Another thing you can do is to begin to please God in everything you do. If your ways please God, your enemies will turn their back to you. Relax your mind, without which you cannot learn anything or think at all. Then begin to Read your Bible, with the help of the Holy Spirit. From Reading, you will graduate into Studying. God cannot lie, and He will make His Word good to you. God is not a magician, all His promises have processes. Work on your mind by renewing it with the Word of God. Anytime you see your aunties, tell yourself, My case is different, because I am well beloved by God and He created me for a man. Search for the Word on Favour from your Bible with concordance. Your appointed man and good job will show up as you walk with God, in the Name of Jesus. Meditate on these scipture verses after you have read the whole chapters: Matthew6:33, Psalm5:12, Psalm102:13,14. Jesus is Lord!

  142. pls pray for me .I believe in my heart that there is evil touching my body every night and I need protection.I need God to put a shield around me and my family.I need God to help my relationship with my boyfriend and to put love where it has died.I really want to get married and I need the help of God in Jesus Name….Amen.

  143. Marva, When you are born again, you become God’s property, because He bought you over from satan by the Blood of Jesus. The Blood of Jesus is the source of Christianity. Without the shedding of the Blood their is no forgiveness, divine healing, divine abundance and everything we can get by the Blood. When you accept Jesus into your life, you are no longer in the kingdom of satan Colossians1:13-16. Live in the new life Jesus tells us to live in the Bible. You must read your Bible to renew your mind daily. Stop feeling that something is touching you. Know that The angels of God are around you Psalm91:5-16. God will always protect His children Psalm34:15-19. Do you always pray For God’s protection, His wall of fire around you, before you go to bed? Always rebuke every evil touch you feel, in the Name of Jesus. Plead or release the Blood of Jesus against every evil messenger. They regognise the Blood, so Christians should learn to use the Blood often. Now to Love. If the love between you and your boyfriend is not flowing, check againg if he is the appointed man for you. Ask God again. Do not assume anything before marriage. Be sure of his love for you and your love for him before you go on Philippians1:6. Read all the Bible chapters mentioned in this comment.

  144. can you cancell a registry marriage after two yes.

  145. I just want to praise for his wonderful deliverance over my marriage. after getting married an issue happened between me and my husband and he said he does not want the marriage again. and move back to the uk and things did not change for the past 18months, but i continued to wait on God for his mercies,

    even though people advice me to terminate the marriage and move on with my life but i ONLY stayed ‘cos hv promised Godi will not be a divoicee and more so he hate divoice. i prayed even thou hv lost interest in the marriage too but i continue to seek his face, to take control of the situation.

    To God be the glory, my husband and i are back and things had really change btw us. ( better).

    i just Want God to perfect what he had done even though so people still believe we should not be together. and God should help my husband fine a good job.

  146. Er, did the marriage partner, wife or husband commit adutery? Did he/she, as an unbeliever, move away from the matrimonial home, Did he/she die? If yes to any or all of this 3 questions, then you can cancel the marriage. Or do you mean to go for church marriage with the same person? If yes, you dont need to cancel the one contacted earlier. God says He does not like “putting away” Malachi2:15-16. The initial love you pledge to one another is meant to last for life, but where you have misunderstanding, seek counsel in your church if they believe in the marriage instituted by God. Read Romans7: 2, Romans13:8-10, 1Corinthians7. If you obey what God says about marriage, and invite God into the marriage by doing things together, God will perfect your marriage.The Holy Spirit will teach you and give you more understanding, in the mighty Name of Jesus.

  147. Sade, God saw your faith, and brought back your husband. The same God is able to give him a plum job which will put the devil to shame. You will need to fight a good fight of faith, firstly by not allowing the people to know what goes on in your marriage again. Close every door to people. Let me be plain here, they envy you because your husband is in U.K. Stop listening to them, only listen to God, the Author of marriage. Equip yourself with the Word of God for work, and for children, You are unstoppable.and let your meditation be on Psalm138: 2, 8. Pray anti marriage prayers, it is in the Prayer Rain, page426. It is a war and you will overcome, by the Blood of the Lamb. Since the two of you are now together, pray together on phone, everyday. Distance is nothing with God. Ask for the help of God and put your trust in Him. He alone can help you. You will overcome the Samballat and Tobias of your life by the Blood of Jesus. Read your Bible, God has a Word for you on any situation you may face in life. Jesus is Lord!

  148. mar, thank you soooo muchh and hv been richly blessed by this ur web site. God will continue to provide for you and is wisdom and unstanding will never depart from your life.

  149. All the glory must be to the Lord; For He is worthy of our praise; No man on earth should give glory to himself; All the glory must be to the Lord. Isaiah42:8

  150. For the attention of every visitor to this blog. “mar” is not a name, but a label. My attention was called to it this morning, and I rejected it violently. The writer was excited and did not mean any harm when she wrote it, but words have power whether you think it or say it, in the spirit world. “mar” Is “this kind”, and it ended in my life when I submitted my life to Jesus. In this season of praying and fasting (Matthew17:21), every bit of “this kind” goes finally by the Blood of Jesus, in the powerful name of Jesus. Jesus is Lord!


  152. Alice, What will I do? Folow Jesus, He alone can set you free. Saying this short prayer, and mean it: Father LORD, in the name of Jesus, I thank you for giving me Jesus Christ to save me. I accept Jesus Christ into my life today as Lord and Saviour. Jesus, come into my life and reign in my life. Thank you for being my Redeemer. Thank you for the power in your Name and in Your Blood. I will serve Jesus till the end of my life, in Jesus name I pray. Amen. You are now born again. When a man or woman is born again, old things will pass away. So drug and debts will pass away and all things about you will become new. Fasting will be easy and your business will prosper and through you, others will get to know Jesus. Find a Bible believing and Bible behaving Church and be attending. Read your Bible personally on daily basis. Study 2Corinthians5:17-21, John3:3-8. You are free from drugs and debts, they shall not have dominion over you, in the name of Jesus. Jesus has set you free and you are free indeed. Say to yourself daily ” I am free by the Blood of Jesus. Sin, drug and debts shall not have dominion over me again. Jesus is Lord over my life”. Jesus is Lord!

  153. Hi, I need delivarance on the demons that a tormenting with suicide, rage & pervetion.

    I am a born again christian and i was saved on the 28/06/2010. I live in Pretoria, i commited my life to God, and i know and believe that Jesus Christ died i the cross for my sins, i have identified all the possible opener of this evil demons, i have confessed and talked about them, i have forgiven everybody and my self. I dont really know what to do, and i am afraid to do a very stupid thing one day, please help

  154. “J”, Your faith in Jesus Christ makes you an overcomer, and gives you victory over them. Read 1John4:4 and 1John5:4. Please read the whole chapters. You must also be reading the Word of God to wash off all the effects of these evil visitatons. There is power in the word. Another great weapon of Christians is the Blood of Jesus. By shedding the Blood on the cross, He defeated satan the father of these demons permanently and for ever. All you need to do is say, “I release the Blood of Jesus against you.” In the name of Jesus. Issue your commands to them not to visit you again. They will obey you. BE NOT AFRAID. Among their aims is to make you afraid; refuse to be afraid. A huge black figure visited a sister one night, and all she said was, “The Blood of Jesus is against you”, she turned her back and slept. Know your rights as a believer and use them. God surrounds you with angels. Psalm92:9, 10. These demons are below you, read Psalm8, Jesus also gave you power over them, Luke10:19. Join a service group in your church. Do you know that they are subject to Jesus Christ?1Peter3:22. You are seated with Jesus far above them, Ephesians2:6. There is power in the name of Jesus, call on Jesus, as often as you can, to be safe from them. Since you are newly born again, be sure that you do not keep any of the property(charm, regalia, or staff of office) from the kingdom of darkness. Let your pastor burn them for you.Read the Holy Bible regularly, so that you can learn more about your Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, and your duties and rights as a child of God. Always ask for the help of the Holy Spirit. He lives inside you. Sing praises often to let them know you belong to God who is great in power, greatly to be feared and greatly to be praised. Jesus is Lord!

  155. David Jerry | October 24, 2010 at 4:17 pm |

    Hi, Pastor and prayer warriors:

    Please pray and keep us safe by the blood of Jesus. We promise to tithe some amount of money and to give away to evangelization some amount of money. We are being attacked by the power of the devil. Please mention the blood of Jesus over our promise and everyone involved within it so that everything can be successful. Haleluyah. Praise the Lord.

  156. David Jerry | October 24, 2010 at 4:19 pm |

    The blood of Jesus over project A. In Jesus’ name, over Mr. G, Mr. O, Mr. A and his wife, over Mr. W, especially over Miss A. Blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus.

  157. David Jerry, the Blood of Jesus is available to every true christian, who has yielded his life to Jesus Christ and lives according to His teachings. I added “true” to christian because it is not everyone who goes to church, pay tithe or even build churches who are true to God, true to Jesus or true to the Holy Spirit. People may see them as christians, but God knows His own people. It is good for christians to pay tithe and give to the work of the LORD, but it is not good to pay for the Blood of Jesus or pay for any miracle. THE BLOOD OF JESUS IS NOT FOR SALE. If you were born again yesterday, you are entitled to use the Blood of Jesus as someone who was born again 50years ago. As you cover your projects and family with the Blood of Jesus daily, evil will be passing over you. Study Exodus12, Hebrews9&10. Then it was the blood of sheep and goats, but when Jesus went to the cross, it was the Blood of the Lamb of God. Glory to God! I suggest you buy a book on the Blood of Jesus.,either on-line or any christian bookshop around you. If you are born again, continue to read your Bible. As you plead the Blood of Jesus daily, the Owner of the Blood, Jesus, will continue to reveal Himself to you. Jesus is Lord!

  158. God knows me | October 25, 2010 at 6:59 am |

    Please pray for me that the Lord will have mercy on me and give a job as a business analyst in canada

  159. God knows me, It is a beautiful name if you have adopted it, BUT God knows every one of His children. We are not joking on this Blog. We do serious business of the Lord and for the Lord here. Do you think that if David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Britain writes David, anybody will know he is the writer? Please be more serious. Back to your request. If you are an obedient child of God, and it is the will of God for you to go to Canada, you will get there. Seek the face of God for His plans for you. When sure that Canada is among, ask for His leading on how and when to get there. You are in the best season now that corporate prayer and fasting is going on. Let Canada be among your prayer points. When you pray for Canada, also pray against forces of darkness who may want to stop you. Chistians should not only pray for things, they should also pray against things contrary to the things they want. Fear not, but be confident that God will help you if it is His will for you. God knows me too. Jesus is Lord!

  160. These scriptures are for anyone seeking the face of God on any issue. Read the entire chapters to see the greatness of God and His promises to lead and teach His children. When God leads, you will have peace and joy. Dont embark on any project without asking God to lead you. Isaiah48:17; 44:6,24-28,Psalm29:3-9; 32:8-10; 1Thessalonians5:24. There are many more. Study and Search for them. This is why you need a Bible with good concordance. Your Bible is the first compass, then you have the Holy Spirit, your pastor, your conscience, and counsels of others. Jesus is praying for everyone of us. Our God is good! Jesus is Lord!


  162. ALICE, begin to praise God for answered prayers. The fasting and praying you are postponing till tomorow should begin today. The fasting is very simple, only till 2pm, except Monday and Friday which is till 5pm. The fire of your prayer is burning in your house. Continue the violent prayers. Your sons will also quit drinking and yield to Jesus as you pray for them. Dont call them names because they are not the offenders; it is the devil trying to waste their money and time. You have to break the power of alchohol and addiction in them by the Blood of Jesus, in Jesus’ name. Drinking shall not have dominion over them, in the mighy name of Jesus. If God gave Aaron to Moses and Timothy to Paul, He will also give you a dependable househelp if you ask Him. As soon as you get the new househelp, take her to church for deliverance, before she manifests any evil power. In addition, begin to take her to church with you and read the Bible together. She must be born again too. Relax because you are of God and your faith in God will give you victory. Jesus is Lord!

  163. Pastor Pls pray that the Lord Will fight for me, my brother’s, elder sister and her husband and my brother lucky Obeni in america, his facing lots of spiritual forces and setback, I need God to show me, my brother’s, elder sister and her husband whom we are and what our destiny for the future, we want to know what God has created for us to be. And Pls pray that the Lord may provide to pay the loan we collected to for my brother’s air ticket to america. Pls pray that we may overcome our financial debts by the Blood and Name of JESUS.

  164. Obeni, you have recognised God as the One who can fight your battle, Call on Him as LORD of hosts, Man of war and ask for divine intervention. with praises. Dr. Olukoya has several books on warfare, buy,read and OBEY. Ask for forgiveness of sins and ask all your relations mentioned to return to God fully. If born again, they must rededicate their lives to God and start life afresh with Jesus. Debt is a bondage, it is living your future in the present, read Romans13:8, but Jesus has repaid all our debts. For Christians, our destiny is secured in Jesus Christ. Christians are programmed for abundant life, John10:10.Read and obey the Word of God everyday, the Word, the Holy Bible is the power of God. Join a service group in your church. With genuine dedication to God and His work, active prayer life, and faithfulness in your finances to God, your situation will change by the Blood of Jesus. Pray this simple prayer regularly, “Lord help me”(Matthew15:25). Have faith that God will reorganise your life. Read the book of Job to see what he did before God restored him. Your case is not as bad as that. Fear not, Isaiah41:10, but have faith, Luke1:37. Jesus is Lord!

  165. thanks for your advise what i was waiting for the 70days prayer and fasting is do i fast daily for 70 days or intervals.


  166. Alice, This fast is commanded by God not by man, and it is for your good. It remains about 34 days. If you can key into it for the remaining days, it is going to help you greatly. Some problems cannot be solved except by prayer and fasting (Matthew17:21). You need it as much as everyone else. It is ending on the 27th November. Make up your mind that it will be easy for you, and with the help of God, it will be easy. Going without food and some pleasure for some parts of the day will not kill you, it will only groom you for victory. Ask for the help of the Holy Spirit and He will help you. Buy the programme book for it and you will find it very useful. Jesus is Lord!

  167. Dear Margaret,i need your advice and prayers.I have been living with a man we have 2 kids we are not married.My family is under a generational curse caused by grandfather who believed in witchcraft.I have been jobless since 2005 and yet i have a bachelors degree in Communication.I have sent many applications sometimes when am called i do well but iam not hired,i used to have sex in the dream but used prayer points from Elisha Goodman and it stopped.One time i dreamt a snake bit my hand and also i keep dreaming that am back in my old school and cant finish my exams,sometimes i come late or totally miss the exams.I have downloaded foundational prayer points from your sites that i want to pray for a week with fasting and i want to start on the 70 day fast with you.Iam living in Sin with this man that i would really like to marry, should i leave his house with his kids?should i pray for guidance?Pray for him?Can i just start with fasting for the remaining days?

  168. thanks so much for your advise and may the Lord God Bless you. Infact I started the prayers this morning at 3am. thank you so much. please be advising me on everything the ministry is doing concerning prayers and I will appreciate much.

  169. Aidah, Since you realise that living with a man without marriage is sin, ask God for forgiveness. Consider the future of the two children and your future as well if you leave him. The mistakes you made perhaps when you did not know God cannot be unmade, but it can be improved. I suggest that you sit him down and talk about his being born again and about marriage so that both of you can have a good foundation and boldness to ask God for anything, Read Psalm11:3, Hebrews4:16. Before you do this, you must pray and fast. NOW is your time. You can join the 70days praying and fasting programme for the remaining days. Generational curses-break them with the Blood of Jesus and with the understanding that all curses have been nailed to the cross of Jesus. Read Galatians3:13, Colossians2:13,14. Begin to declare these verses regularly. Your job-something had benn written on job on this blog, read it. Jesus wants abundant life for you,John10:10. Should you pray for guidance? You should seek counsel from God before seeking from men. Should you pray for him?Dont limit your prayers to just you and your kids; pray for men of God, for the souls of unbelievers, for the work of God. there are so many things to pray for. Job prayed for his friends who were mocking him before God turned his captivity. Prayer is Power. Jesus is Lord!

  170. For everyone who is scared of going through the remaining part of the prayer and fasting days. This scripture will help you greatly: Phillipians4:13. Speak the verse, pray it and meditate on it. Jesus Christ will strengthen us to do it. When weakness comes, say that you are strong, and quote the verse again. That is how to scare weakness away. At the end of the period, we shall all share testimonies of victory, abundance, closeness to God, jobs, and so many others. Jesus is Lord.

  171. When God shows us a word, it is to build up his people. Read Proverbs 28:27. I just see the second part of the verse today. The first part is very familiar to many people. Look at the second part; “but he that hideth his face (from the poor) shall have many a curse”. So if you dont want to have any curse, give to the poor. The poor does not only mean the beggars, anyone who lacks something is poor in that area. Be generous, do hospitality and God will turn your curses into blessing. Remember Rebecca got a husband by being hospitable. Abraham also entertained his visitors, not knowing that they were angels.

  172. Am born again. I live in Uganda. Am going through financial debt, My Father has been jobless for 5years it’s been hard. Things with my boyfriend seem to have going from bad to worse. His resentful towards me. I take almost 2months to hear from him. Pray for me

  173. Dear Margaret when I started praying the prayers from MFM at 3pm I had a dream and I could not understand the meaning. first day I dreament fighting with a scorpion I was chancing it and all of a sudden it got annoyed and attacked me at that point I woke up. Next day I was sleeping and I saw snake come out of the ground very angry and came to attack me i also woke up. Please servant of God tell me what these dreams made because they came at a time when I started praying vigorously.
    I was reading one of the Dr. D. K Olukoya sermon on RECOVERING YOUR ASSETS FROM THE DESTROYER and found that scorpion and snakes can be used by the satan. please help me.

    Alice Msa Kenya

  174. Pamela, Thank God that you have yielded your life to Jesus. That is the beginning of good life. You did not say the cause of debt. Some debt like paying mortgage on your house could be termed as investment. But some debts like borrowing to wear good clothes and good shoes may not be acceptable to God. We are to be contented with what we have, 1Timothy6:6. If you borrow to maintain your father, it is also a reversal of role and you have to break such curse, by the Blood of Jesus and in the name of Jesus. Learn to share the little you have with others by giving to the poor. Pay also your tithe and give offering in church. Your father also needs to yield his life to Jesus with the prayer in No.152 of this blog. With the two of you being born again, there is nothing you ask God to do that He will not do. Matthew18:19. The prayer of any child of God is heard and answered from heaven. In addition both of you should go to church for one-on one counselling. Live holy life and read your Bible daily. Jesus is Lord!

  175. Alice, continue with your violent prayers and the reading of Dr. Olukoya’s messages. You also need to buy the Prayer Rain by Dr. Olukoya. Above all, you must be reading your Bible regularly to feed your spirit, to know your rights as a child of God, to get instructions and to grow in the Lord. Join a service group in your church to have another edge over the devil. Tell people of the goodness of the Lord in your life, that is, share your testimony to put the devil to shame. From the Bible, know that you have power over both the scorpion and the snake, and over all the power of the enemy. Read John1:12, Luke10:19. Sing praises to God often, even in your midnight prayers. Thank God for the power he had given you over the power of the enemy. Quote them often and loud to the hearing of the devil and he will flee from you. The interpretation of your dreams belong to God, ask Him and He will tell you. We are all equal before God. Jesus is Lord!

  176. Greetings in the name of Jesus, t

    This is the only Name I know that has power to save, heal and deliver! I love the Lord so much with all my heart, soul and mind. Please pray in agreement with me for debt cancellation and financial breakthrough. The enemy has stolen from me many times but now thank God that i’m aware of his tactics and strategies and have started to pray in the midnight hour, with fasting and using prayer points.
    I desperately need a financial breakthrough as we haven’t been able to pay the rent in our place for the past 5 months and there is a possibility for the place to be auctioned, please pray with me for supernatural provision. I left my work to start an HR consulting and recruitment business which did not work out but i would love to in pursue it again in future s this business is my passion.

    Thanks you for the prayer points from this site, may God richly bless you.
    South Africa

  177. Lungi, Nice to hear that you love the Lord with your whole heart. It is also hoped that you love the Lord with your finances. If you have been faithful to God with your finances, God will not let you see shame of the sale of your business place. If the enemy has stolen from you, he will restore to you in many folds. However, if you have not been faithful to God in tithe, offering, giving to the poor and giving to the work of God, repent and begin to do it now; even at the level you are. Read the book of Haggai, only two chapters, Malachi3:8-12, Proverbs28:27, 1Corinthians8:9, Philippians4:15-20. God can turn your finances around if you consider your ways and turn around your finances to Him. You also need to be sure that the business you do is approved by God and that is God’s will for you. When you have done that, continue with your prayer and fasting and God will put the enemy to shame for you. Your prayer with your financial actions will bring you your desired changes. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  178. Yes Margaret I am a faithful tither, I sometimes tithe 12 or 15% of my salary and i also give offerings and support other ministries. My husband who never beleived in tithing and thought I was wasitng money with my tithe has now changed his mind, even though he does not tithe with his own salary, I make it a point that i tithe with mine….

    Be blessed and thank you fo this wonderful site…in Jesus’ Name.

  179. Lungi, Having done all that need to be done, stand, Ephesians6:13. Stand on the promises of God and be praising God with joy. Note that cocoa harvest is longer than tomato harvest and it takes a longer time to manufacture a car than a bicycle. In addition, just as God is rebuking your devourer, you too must rebuke your devourer, and release the Blood of the Lamb against him daily, in the name of Jesus. Call forth your harvest as well. “In the name of Jesus, I call forth my harvest. My harvest, come forth, by the Blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus”.You will soon share your testimony of God’s faithfulness. God is always faithful to the faithful. Jesus is Lord!

  180. please pray for me,my money is buried in a grave and am healthy but under weight,am 26 and not yet married,i have given myself upto december with my boyfrend of almost 6 years now,and its almost december,i believe he is from God because of wat i was told in the dream,please help

  181. daphine, Only God has the power to help man, so turn to God through Jesus Christ as indicated in No.152 above; there is no other way to God. Call forth your money as suggested in No.179. Be faithful to God with your money. See a medical doctor concerning your underweight. Do not panic about your marital status and do not rush the man into marriage. Both of you should be ready before you marry.Live a holy life pleasing to God and read your Bible everyday. There is power in holiness and in reading the word of God. Jesus is Lord!

  182. This is for anyone who is expecting his harvest, having sown into the kingdom of God, and is obedient to God in all areas. Thank and praise God often, and remind God of His promises to bless you. These scipture chapters and verses will greatly help you. Search for more and be taking them into you daily. Psalm67, Deuteronomy28:1-14, Psalm126 and 2Corinthians9:6-15. Your harvest is at hand. Jesus is Lord!

  183. I have just come across this and want to fit in on praying. I feel spiritually dry. I cannot pray for more than an hour and I barely feel a breakthrough when I pray. Many times I dream of dead people, and places of many years past; e.g where i grew up, where my grand pa’s house used to be. I get a good salary but after the tithe, I never really see where my money has gone. I would like to get married to this man I have loved and respected but he seems not want me for his wife. I want to start my own business but I have never done anything commercial in my life. I would like to see my family out of poverty. My father has many women and children. he also goes to witches.
    I know that God has left me alive for a purpose and that purpose is to benefit His kingdom. I really want to renew my walk with God and draw close and closer to Him everyday.

  184. Gibbs, Praise the Lord! Isaiah1:18-19. If you are born again, living holy life, you can pray for 30minutes, using the word of God and get results than a person who is not born again who prays for one hour. Prayer is reminding God of His Word, So always gather God’s word on any issue before you approach Him in prayer. The word of God is water and when you are in the Word, the chances of running dry is very slim. You also need to renew your relationship with God in case that relationship had broken down. Dreams of death is not for you but for your enemy who wants you dead, Psalm118:17, Proverbs12:28, 2Timothy1:10. Trust God for your life and deliverance from death, 2Corinthians1:10. But you must PRAY, more so when you are a product of polygamy. Get a copy of Prayer Rain by Dr. Olukoya to help revive your prayer life. Money: Let your tithe and offerings be the first you take out from every money which gets to your hand, and always pray (reminding God of his promises in Malachi3:8-12), when you give. Give with expectation to receive. Take accounts of what you buy and eliminate what you dont need. Love: Love is meant to be mutual. You love a man who does not want you for a wife, then how far can your love alone go? You cannot force any man to marry you if he does not love you. Pray for your father’s salvation. When his spirit is renew, his character will be renew with time. Above all, read your Bible regularly to build you up, and be a doer of what you read. Jesus is Lord!

  185. Dear Margret, I thank you for what God is using you to advise His children. I have a problem I have been a tither and a sower in my church, but the more I sow or tithe the more broke I began. I have vows I pleged in my church and now I so broke I cannot fufil the vows and pledges. I some time borrow to tithe. what is happenning to me? I have been praying for the debts in vain and my sons to get out of alcoholism spirit. Can there be a demon tormetting me. please help me.

    Alice Msa Kenya

  186. Alice, All the glory goes to God Almighty, in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Tithe is 10% of the money at hand. Even if you are a salary earner, do not borrow money to pay your tithe until the salary gets to your hand. In addition, read Nos179 and 182 of this blog. In pledging, you can pledge in faith, but do not overestimate yourself in your pledge.Always be guided by the Holy Spirit before you make any pledge. Always bear this scripture, Ecclesiastes5:5,6, in mind when making pledges. As you sow, make sure that there is a work in your hand which God will bless. Pray God to bless the work of your hand. Your sons will no longer take alchohol, in the name of Jesus. Read 1Timothy3:3 to them and command the spirit of alchoholism to leave them alone, in the name of Jesus. Speak to every demon in that Name and they will obey you, Matthew10:1. Jesus is Lord!

  187. Dear Pastor

    Man of God, Please prayer for I and my husband and children that every contol spirit over our live should die in Jesus name


  188. Orit, Now that you are aware of controlling spirits around you, your battle is half won. If you are born again, you have power over them, Matthew10:1. In the name of Jesus, bind the controlling spirits in your home and cast them out. Break their power over your lives. Close every door which you might have opened to them by the Blood of Jesus. Whatever you do in the home, do in the name of the Lord, Jesus, Philippians5:20, Colossians3:17. Let the Name of Jesus fill your heart, mouth and home, for at the name of Jesus all knees should bow. Teach your children the way of the Lord and the power in the name of Jesus. Thank you Jesus, always in your mouth. Declare the Lordship of Jesus over your lives. They will soon leave you alone. Refuse to take any ungodly instruction from anyone, as they could enter the person to be controlling you again. Jesus is Lord!

  189. I thank god for my life and my wife also my family

  190. pls join me to give thanks to God. God’s mercy and favour prevailed for me

  191. Anonymous, Please, make no mistake, there is a very great, profound and immeasurable difference between God and god. The One we serve on this blog is God, the Eternal God, the Almighty God, all powerful God, the Maker of heaven and earth and everything therein. He is the Highest, the Greatest and the everlasting Father. He is the first and the last. Our God is so powerful and His power is above all the gods put together. Our God is the sure Rock to trust and to stand on. You can learn more of Him in Exodus3:14-17, He is I AM THAT I AM. He is the God of all flesh and there is nothing too hard for Him to do., Jeremiah32:27. In Jeremiah10:10-13, you will see the difference between God and gods. Just in case you want to know more of God, yield yourself to Jesus Christ and pray the prayer in No152 of this blog. Reading the Bible is profitable, so read your Bible regularly and you will learn more of God. Pray for others as Job did and had his captivity turned. God will increase you more and more, you and your entire family. Jesus is Lord!

  192. Kemi, It is God’s delight when we give Him thanks. God will yet do greater things in your life for asking the whole world to join you in giving Him thanks. “It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD and to sing praises unto thy name O Most High”, Psalm92:1. Brethren, let us all read Psalm136 and give God thanks for all His goodness to us and for our salvation and for life. Our God is good and He is great, greatly to be praised and greatly to be feared above all gods. Thank God in all languages you know and in the Spirit. Praise God in all songs you know. He is worthy of all praises and adoration! As many as do this will have testimonies to share that there is power in praise and thanksgiving. God will bless us greatly and the people of the earth will fear Him, Psalm96:4, 1Chronichles16:25, Psalm67. Read the entire chapters of the Bible mentioned here aloud. Forget all your challenges and praise God. Jesus gave thanks to God before he called forth Lazarus, He gave thank before he fed five thousand. Paul told us, “In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” 1Thessalonians5:18. God is about to perform His good promises for us. Expect your miracles. Glory to God! Jesus is Lord!

  193. Dear pastor, please pray for me I had a very bad sunday I couldnt go to church even praying I cant I am down and empty. this is my daughter-in-law does not respect me and her husband because we have no money and she has. She doesnt have a house maid and brought my grandchild to stay with me while looking for a housemaid. I told her to come over the weekend to come for child to stay with her over the weeked she refused and went out drinking when my elder son told her what she is doing is wrong she sent a text messege at 6am asking to warn my son. Surely it is so painful becaouse I was not there when the discussion started she doesnt respect me at all. I got annoyed and I feel so down. Do I sent her child back to her or stay with her? Advise me I am so depressed and pray for me to get some money and my sons get out drinking alcohol and get jobs. Alice Msa

  194. Alice, Count it joy when your faith is under trial. James1:2-5. First of all, you must never allow anything to come between you and God, Romans8:35-39. When you stop talking to God, you stop getting power and solutions to challenges of life. Secondly, stop speaking evil words against yourself. You are not down and you are not empty. Say to yourself, “I am up and filled”.Say it several days, the angels will confirm your words. Your daughter-in law is not a problem at all. God can even use her to be a solution if know how to handle her. Ask God for patience and wisdom, James1:2-7. If she can give you your grandson to look after, count it as a great privilege and an advantage. Now that you are born again, begin to teach your grandson the way of God. Take him to church and put him in the children’s section. If he is of age to read the Bible, buy him a Bible and be reading with him. Never see your daughter-in law as an enemy, see her as your own daughter, and dont be angry with her anymore. We have to forgive others if we want God to forgive us and answer our prayers,read and pray the prayer in Luke 11:1-4 daily. Continue to bind and cast out the spirit of alchoholism from your family, by the Blood of Jesus and in the name of Jesus, until everyone is free. Respect or approval of anyone should not bother you, seek only God’s approval. Man’s approval may change but God’s approval does not change and He is the only true God and the living God. God will promot you when you obey Him. The peace of God be with you. Amen. Jesus Is Lord!

  195. hi pastor
    please pray for me, i need adeliverance prayers,for my carrer,health and all my family so that i testify also
    the powerful of God in my life.
    be blessed

  196. monia yatro, When you are prayed for without yielding your life completely to God through Jesus Christ, that prayer will be of little effect. But when you are born again, you can pray for deliverance with the help of the Holy Spirit. The fact that you know that you need deliverance shows that you know that that problems are around you. Before they take over your life, Cry for the help of God, as the Psalmists did. If you can pray all those prayers, you will testify. Get Prayer Rain by Dr Olukoya and you will get several prayer points there. The book is in sections for each challenge of life, use them especially for the remaining one week of Praying and Fasting Program going on. Take all the challenges of your life to God; and you will surely testify to the goodness of God. Make sure that you walk in love towards everybody and forgive anyone who offends you. Draw closer to God and obey every instruction of the Holy Bible. You are an overcomer, 1John4:4-11. Jesus is Lord!

  197. Lord Jesus Christ destroy demonic forces tormenting us in the house ,sometimes we feel sleepy ,tired ,lazy,unhappy to concentrate with life.The y appear in the dreams in form of naked women, dogs and cats, very sturborn when we cast them out with Anointing oil, Blood of Jesus and in Mightly Name of Jesus Christ..

  198. Angela, You are on the right track, but you need to do more.We are in the season of praying without ceasing, 1Thessalonian5:17. Let the name of Jesus be in your mouth constantly, e.g. Thank you Jesus, I go out in the name of Jesus. I enter vehicle, my office, my house, even the church in the name of Jesus, Colossians3:17. Then ask those spirits to go back to senders. Pray offensive prayers against their sender. Call down the fire of God, not only to protect you, but also to destroy them and their senders. Those who send them are workers of iniquity and evil doers, command them to depart from you, Psam6:8;119:115. Treat them as the Bible recommends. Dont spare them at all. The wicked devises will fall back upon the head of the wicked. Are you animals that they are sending you animals? Tell those animals to go back and enter them. Give them Job18 for a start and look for more in the Bible. Get a good Blible with concordance, or go for Strong’s Concordance, big and strong for its value. Praise, very important in warfare. 2Chronicles20:15-30. Jesus is Lord!

  199. Dear Pastor

    Please I need prayer point for power controlling spirit


  200. Isoken, Praise the Lord! Your request is not very clear. Is the spirit controlling your own power? If you are born again, your power is above the controlling spirit. Jesus gave us power to tread upon ALL the power of the enemy, with the assurance that nothing shall by any means hurt us. Read Luke10:19. Even if you mean that someone is using controlling power over you, use that scripture, tread on his power. In the name of Jesus, break the power of that controller, with the Blood of Jesus, and let him know (in the spirit), that you are under the authority of Jesus Christ. However, remember that all powers are ordained of God, and be subject to those above you and humble yourself. It is then that God can lift you up. Study:1Timothy6:1,2; 1Peter5:5. In case the issue is not tackled, get back with clearer explanation. Jesus is Lord!

  201. Kareem lateef | December 2, 2010 at 7:32 am |

    Father, pls i need your prayer,although i am a muslim but i am ready to give my life to the lord Jesus christ. Since many years i have been experiencing difficulties in my life.pls pray for me,because i believed that Jesus will do it for me

  202. Kareem Lateef, With your faith that Jesus can do it, He will do it. There is a short prayer in No.152 of this Blog. Pray that simple prayer to yield yourself to Jesus and then you begin a good relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Then start to read your Bible from the New Testament to learn more of Jesus. “For the Word of God is quick and powerful……..”, Hebrews4:12. As you read and do what the Holy Bible says, God will be working in you. Find a Bible believing and Bible behaving Church and be attending. you will be guided in what to do more. Just as you eat and breath everyday, so you need to read the Bible everyday. By the authority of Jesus Christ, I decree and delare that all things will be working for you in your life, in the name of Jesus. Break every covenant you had with any other power, and rely only on the power in the name and the Blood of Jesus Christ. You are the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ, so begin to pray to God in the name of Jesus. Praise the Lord! Jesus is Lord!

  203. Kareem lateef | December 2, 2010 at 9:15 pm |

    Pastor, i thank you very for your message.i must tell you the truth, i have suffered a lot from my childhood till today without rest.i am now 33years old and i never marry,if i work for people they wont pay me,i wear 2 clothes for 2years,to eat is very difficult for me.i am a painter but i have my ordinary national diplomal in estate management but i am yet to go for HND since 2004.pls dont forget me in your prayer and now i am ready to accept jesus christ as my lord and number is 08091106497.

  204. Kareem Lateef, Glory to God! Fear not. Your story will soon change when you give your life to Jesus. Jesus died for every man on that cross , and all curses of men are nailed on the cross. Go to a nearby MFM church for one-on-one counselling. They will explain more to you about Jesus, tell you what to do, and they will also break the power of stagnation and poverty from your life. It is the devil that steals, kills and destroys, but Jesus came to give every man abundant life, John10:10. When you follow every instruction of the church, and continue to read your Bible, you will soon see changes in your life. Do not go back to any of your confessed sins, but turn back from them totally. Living a holy life is power because God will be pleased with you. When you are on God’s side, walking with God, the devil runs away from you. Be praying these short prayer: Father, help me to overcome poverty and stagnation, in the name of Jesus. As a minister of the Most High God, I command poverty and stagnation to depart from you. I release the Blood of Jesus against the two foul spirits of poverty and stagnation, in the name of Jesus. Jesus is life, so begin to live a new life from now on, in Jesus name. Amen. Go to church and read your Bible. Get a good job first before you think of wife. God will give you your appointed wife in due time, in Jesus mighty name. Amen. Jesus is Lord!

  205. please pray for me man of God. i agreed to help sty with a friend to do some babysitting but now they are prooving to be exploitative, not allowing me to interact with people and not supporting me financially as they had promised. they even use tactics to try to stop me from attending church o interacting with other people for fear that other people will know the truth

  206. Nathan, Can two walk together except they agreed? Amos3:3. If they break the agreement of helping you financialy, let them know that you want your money paid or you dont want to continue to babysit without payment. They separated you from people(that could be their policy where they live). They also want to stop you from going to church. You should have agreed on the terms/hours of your service for them before you started to work. Dont work for anyone without knowing the conditions of the service. You need to discuss and re-negotiate with them and if you do not agree, let them know. The age of slavery is over. Please never you leave their home after they had gone to work and leave their baby behind. Ask God in prayer to give other helpers. If you are faithful to them, despite the way they treat you, God will promote you. Have you given your life to Jesus? Yield your life and when you seek the kingdom of God first, all other things shall be added unto you. Matthew6:33. Jesus is Lord!

  207. Dear Servants of the Lord,

    I need Rupees Eleven Lakhs to pay off my credit card debts by December 31, 2010. This is roughly around $20,000. I am agreeing in prayer with each one of you that miraculously this provision will be made and that this money will be given to me. Please agree in prayer with me. I don’t know how this is going to happen. All I know is that it will happen and I am believing the Lord for it.

    Thank you.


  208. Thomas, $20, 000.00 on debit card? Read Romans13:8. If you got the money to invest on houses, including giving to the house of God, God will have mercy. However, note that God does not expect us to go into debts for any reason. We are to spend what we have and give what we have. Now to your prayer. God can do anything, you believe Him to do. Even if the money is $20 million, God can offset it for you in a miraculous way. Luke1:37. Jesus is Lord!

  209. Dear Pastor

    Please send me some prayer point for my joining to Nigeria come back


  210. Isoken, These books will give you all the prayer points you need. Prayer Rain, Passport Prayer and Prayer Warfare, all by Dr. Olukoya. You can buy all or any of them on-line or in any MFM/christian bookshop close to you. I recommend that you buy Prayer Rain first if you are buying just one. Ask God before you quit and be sure it is God leading you to leave, and not your enemies. Remember this: Quiiters dont win; and Winners dont quit. If you dont deal with your challenges where you are now, they can even follow you to where you are going. God has the last say in our lives, as born-again christians. Be born again and live holy life, and you will overcome your challenges. Read Matthew11:28-30, John16:33 and 1John4:4. God has given us victory, through our Lord Jesus Christ, but we need to take the victory in prayers,1Corinthians15:57-58. Jesus is Lord!

  211. Dear Margaret,thank you for the good job you are doing May God reward you abundantly.Mine is just an inquiry,the year is closing down and am well aware of the significance of the crossover period of 31 December 2010-1 January 2011 with the gates and all.My question is are there any special prayers that you are going to post for us?Please i will be glad to know.Thank you and have a blessed day.Aidah,Uganda

  212. Aidah, All the glory goes to God Almighty, unto Him alone be power, honour and majesty for ever and ever, in Jesus’ name. The prayer points for the end of year will come through the servant of God, and until then nobody can tell. You as an individual should have desires for 2011, for example, new level in all areas, spiritually, physically, financially and socially. You know the blessings, power and the victory you want, and you know the things you dont want, malice, gossip, sickness, stagnation, accident, lack and want, begin to pray against them. As you pray FOR things, also pray AGAINST things. Pray also against satanic agents who do not allow the blessings of God to manifest in your life. Prayer Rain has topics like New Openings,End of Year, and Power for a New Beginning; get the book and others recommended in No.210 of this blog and be using them for your prayers. Jesus is Lord!

  213. GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!!! Consider these songs: 1.See What The Lord Has Done. 2. The Lord I’m Serving Is Good To Me, 3.God Is Good, He Has Done Me Well. These are some of the songs we should be singing to the goodness of our great, kind, merciful, and loving God and everlasting Father, from now till we enter January 2011. God is good to everyone of us who is still alive today and reading this blog. When you count your blessings from January 2010 till now, you will see the goodness and the greatness of God in your life. You may not have achieved all your set goals for the year, but God had even done much more than your expectations in some areas. Let us continue to praise God, He is worthy of our praises Read 2Chronicles20, and you will see what God can do when we praise Him. Praise is a weapon of warfare. As you continue to put the enemies of your breakthrough to flight with the word of God in prayer and praises, remember that God is the giver of all your blessings, and be thankful to Him. Let every living soul rise up and praise the Lord. PRAISE THE LORD!!! Jesus is Lord!

  214. Please pray for my fiance who is in a coma right now. There are forces who are trying to take him to the other side because of the type of job he does. He travelled to Australia with just a flu but it later advanced into a brain fever or Meningitis. Our wedding has been fixed for December 30th, 2010. But he is not yet out of the coma and we need the Devine intervention of GOD to destroy the power of the enemy. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you and may the Good Lord continue to empower you as you carry out His work. Amen.

  215. Ndidi, Have unshakable faith and make bold declarations on him and call him forth like Jesus called Lazarus, who was buried for 4days, forth. Get just one person of faith and take these steps together 1.Remind God of Psalm6:5, Psalm30:9 and Isaiah38:18 in prayer. 2. Use Psalm118:17 like this: In the name of Jesus,…..(his name)shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord. 3. Now face the forces of darkness and death itself and let them know that Jesus has the key of death and hell. Revelation1:18, and because Jesus lives, he shall live also. Jesus tasted death for all men, Hebrews2:6-9, so Jesus is his ransom, Job33:24, 1Timothy2:6. 4.Release the word of God, fire, against them and also release the Blood of Jesus over yourself and the man; but release the Blood against all forces of darkness. When the righteous is delivered, the wicked will go in his stead, Proverbs21:18, Isaiah54:17. Jesus is Lord!

  216. Psalm107:20: “He sent his word and healed them and delivered them from their destruction”. Here is a Bible verse you can use to top up all the scriptures you have used in prayer. Pray that God will send you the relevant word for your healing and for your deliverance from any situation. Praying this verse always works for me and I know that it will work for you too. If you have been studying your Bible, it is from your reserve that the Holy Spirit will bring out for you. He could also give you a Bible verse like Galatian3:13, and leave you to check it up. God will not allow you to be defeated if you put your trust in Him.

  217. Dear Margret,I just need clarification on a dream about snakes i have heard thrice now.The first time i dreamt a snake was biting my hand with another person(sister to my sister-in-law) was being bitten at the same time and same place i watched,the more i tried to shake it off deeper it bit.The second time i was in bed relaxing(in the dream) with my two children,when a snake crawled and bit me on my knee pad,this time i woke up and bound it with the blood to Jesus,called on the fire of God and prayed against the dream.One night ago after firing some prayer points at midnight,i had a dream in which a snake was crawling across my lower back but it was tightly bound in a cloth but it still was trying to crawl.I woke and prayed against it again.I just want to know what this is all about,please.Aidah,Uganda.

  218. Aidah, In the Bible, snake(serpent) is always for evil, but you have power over it, Luke 10:19. Interpretation of dreams belongs to God. As a child of God, ask God to show you what the dreams mean, and He will show you. You did well by firing prayer points against it. Repeated attack on you requires repeated firing from you, and dont stop until the enemy is comsumed. Combine the Blood with the word and praises. Ask God to fight your battle and turn that evil visitation to good. Decree woe(Isaiah3:11) unto the wicked who sent you snakes repeatedly and ask God to reward him according to the works of his hand. Release the fire(word) of God into the wicked’s camp, until the appearance and effects of the evil visitation stops. Psalm9:19, 20. You will overcome. Revelation12:11. Jesus is Lord!

  219. DANGER!!! It is very dangerous to enter 2011 without giving your life to Jesus Christ. You are not your own, He owns you; for by Him all things were created and for Him. It is time for repentance. When you are born again, you will have authourity over the things troubling you, and you will know what to do. Being born again is not the end of persecution, Jesus never said that: Read John16:33. but when tribulation comes, you shall have peace and rejoice because you have Jesus Christ, the answer to tribulation. Spiritual assaults go on every time around individuals, and you can only overcome when you know Jesus, who had taken your place on the cross. Being born again is the beginning of your knowledge of Him. Thereafter, begin to know Him from the pages of the Bible and from those who know who had gone ahead of you. You can live a hurt-free life. BE BORN AGAIN!!! Those who are not born again are called the ungodly, Psalm1:4; the wicked, Romans2:9, workers of iniquity,Psalm6:8, and evil doers, there are many other names. Leave that group and go to Jesus. Draw close to God, and he will draw close to you. Once you are born again, you can pray and God will answer, but the prayer of sinner is an abormination. BE BORN AGAIN!!! Jesus loves you, return to Him. Jesus is Lord!

  220. please post me prayers for the end of the year

    thanks Alice Mombasa

  221. Dear Margaret

    GOD’S BLESSINGS BE UPON YOU.Please help me with some prayer verses and prayer points.I have recently just realised that the devourer is consuming our finances.Everytime my husband and i make substantial savings they are swept away by various expenses ie medical emergencies in the family and various other needs which just come up and we end up just using all our money.Now that i have paid attention to it i realise this has been going on for a long while now.

    Thank you

  222. Alice, Only you know the things you dont want to go with you into the new year, write them down and pray them out of your life. You also know the additions you want, write them down and pray them into your life. In addition, break barriers and limitations on your way to the glorious new year, and pray out unfriendly friends who are just there to waste your time. There are so many prayer books by Dr Olukoya and I will recommend some of them to you. 1. Prayer Rain 2.Prayer Passport 3.Prayer and Deliverance Bible 4.How To Obtain Personal Deliverance. The Prayer Rain has several prayer points, and if you get it first, you will be glad you do. Order for it on-line or get to the nearest MFM church bookshop to get it. Ask for the help of the Holy Spirit in your prayer life. He helps us, fro He is our Comforter. Read John14, and note verses12-18. Jesus is Lord!

  223. Patience, If you pay your tithe, do you pray on the tithe before and after payiny it? Begin to pray Malachi3:10-12. Read verses 14- 18. Do you serve God in any department of your church? If you do, Pray the promises there and also pray. Exodus23:25-26. Read the whole chapters. Command the enemy to RESTORE everything he had stolen from you and depart from you; Isaiah42:22, Psalm 6:8. A child of God should have power over sickness because that is a major pipe the enemy uses to drain money.Exodus12:26, Isaiah53:5, Matthew10:1, Luke10:19. Make God your healer and put your trust in Him. Get four to five healing scriptures and be taking them as you take tablets everyday. Pray Isaiah54:17 always. Do not wait until the enemy strikes before you look for solution. Pray always, pray without ceasing, and ask the Holy Spirit to quicken you and help your prayer life. 2010 should be the end of woes in your life. PRAY. Jesus is Lord!

  224. Dear Margaret,Thank you i say AMEN to the word you have spoken i will immediately take corrective action on all the points you have mentioned.I will pray unceasingly always.The Lord Bless You Always.

  225. Patience, Glory to God! When I wrote Exodus12:26. I meant Exodus15:26. But you also need Exodus12 very much. Do blood sprinkling to chase away sickness and devourers from you. You should also take the communion often, Leviticus17:11, John6:47-58. Christians dont need more than faith in God through Jesus Christ to overcome challenges. When you gather money, let it always have purpose, so that when sickness comes you can chase the devil away from it. Our God is our healer, nobody ever dies trusting in Him. He has healed me on several occasions. Reading your Bible is pouring the life of God inside you, so read your Bible daily.God will send you the word of healing and of deliverance if you ask Him. Psalm 107:20. Jesus is Lord!

  226. PROVERBS 20:18 should be noted by everyone visiting this blog. Asking someone to pray for you is very easy, but you also have a role to play in your affairs. Everyone who is born again has the right to speak to God Almighty with the password, JESUS. John14:12-15. Once you get the right scripture for your communication with the Father, you continue to ask God, in the name of Jesus, for your desire, and He will do it. Be an obedient child and walk in love. Jesus is Lord!

  227. Dear Margaret, My neice Liz is 38 years old and cannot seems to have a committed relationship in her life. The last relationship ended a couple days ago with her ending the relationship. Apparently, she was 6 weeks pregnant and lost the baby and the father of the baby did not react the way she had hope he will. She then spoke to him and ended the relationshoip promptly. Please pray that she will meet someone to love her in a Godly way and that she will get married soon to the person that God has appointed for her. Thank you Cher

  228. I have another prayer request. I have been divorced for the past 15 years. My husband was unfaithful to me for the duration of the marriage (14 years) and then due to the need to be loved, I became unfaithful to him. I have learnt the errors of my ways and I have asked God for forgiveness. I have raised my four children and now they are all grown up. At this time of my life, I would like God to bless me with a life long partner so that we could grow old together. Sometimes I get very lonely and so I immerse myself in work. I would like to find that special person and be married by next year December 2011. I have been praying towards this but it seems as if God has turned deaf ears to me and now I do not know how to go about asking God for this particular blessing in my life. Please pray for me and also if you can send some prayer points my way for this blessing. I thank you very much. Cher

  229. Cherl, Being pregnant without marriage is wrong. Liz’s relationships do not last because there is no commitment on both sides. Going to bed with a man or woman does not guarantee commitment on either side. Can two walk together except they be agreed? Amos3:3. In any relationship, before a man touches your hand, you must have discussed and agree on certain things, not to talk of going to bed with him. Marriage is honourable (Hebrewa13:4) and it is meant to last a life time, so you dont rush into it at all. The man did not react the way she expected because, (my assumption), they did not discuss making babies together in the first place. The baby just came by the way. Tell Liz to be born again and start her life over again. Sleeping with men is not the same as loving men or men loving you. When pregnancy comes, the woman is the looser. Leave sleeping together till he has married you. If he loves you, he will wait. If he does not want to wait, let him go, God will give you your appointed man. Tell Liz to study marriage in your Bible to know God’s will about it before you go into marriage. Jesus is Lord!

  230. Cherl, God does not turn deaf hears to His children. Isaiah59:1-2 tells us why God does not answer prayers. You can now go back to God with prayer and fasting and let Him know that you want to rededicate yourself to Him. Do you know that your body is the temple of God,(1Corinthians3:16-17; 2Corinthians616), let your body be a living sacrifice to God, Romans12:1,2,9,10,21.Read all the chapters quoted here. When you seperate your body to God, serving Him, he knows your needs more than you know the needs of your children. Let your grown up children understand and accept your reasons for remarriage. God does not want man or woman to be alone, Genesis2:18, but be seperated unto Him first, Matthew6:33, and all other things will follow. God will strengthen you, be merciful to you and bless you with your desire. Jesus is Lord!

  231. dear pastor, my name is janet and l live in beijing as a student, lm 29 years. and l really want to settle down in marriage and have my baby by next year by his grace. my problem is i have a relationship here but he is not serious for marriage but before he was. now lve prayed about him and lve been seeing confusing visions. but ive decide to seek God for another partner. but the one i saw who want to marry me is in nigeria. and lm in beijing. i dont have job, money to go to nigeria to meet him, pls i pray God to provide a way for me to settle down.time is not on my side anymore. i will be 30 years by february. pls man of God help me to pray against spirit of delay and stagnation. and his intervention in every area of my life. i MUST MARRY AND HAVE MY BABY COME 2011 ITS A MUST,Cause it is approved by God for us to settle in marriage and have children……cause he promise us that in his time he will make everything beautiful…I Believe it is settled…Thank u and God bless.

  232. Janet, From your last sentences, you know God has time for everything, but do you want to wait for His time? God does not rush people to do things, He is called God of patience, Romans15:5, We need patience to obtain His promises, Hebrews10:36. Wherever you see inpatience, be careful, the devil is at work, hence those confusing visions. Even if you have money to go to Nigeria, how will you get back to complete your studies? Age is not the only issue that determines your readiness for marriage; there are several other factors. Be patient to complete your study, get a good job and men will value you. In marriage, it is one plus one that makes one; not half plus one. Be whole, with good education and good job before you enter marriage. If you know that your Nigerian man is serious for marriage, focus on him and tell him to wait for you to complete your education so that you can be of help to him and fulfill the purpose of marriage. When that is settled, what business will you still be doing with the beijing man? Marriage is for life time, so take time to prepare for it. It is good to have plans, MARRY AND HAVE A BABY, but do it at God’s time, not your time. Wait on God with prayer and fasting, and He will show you the way to go, Psalm25:12,14. Jesus is Lord!

  233. i pray for God o reunite me and my husband and give me a job and also for financial break though and also for good health and long life for my children, my brother, and my parent……………

  234. Sylvia, Look at the root of the seperation of your husband from you when you get the reason, if you need to ask God for forgiveness, or if your husband was at fault, fast and pray, asking God for divine intervention. As a child of God, you have a garden to keep, so ask God for what type of job he wants you to do; that was Paul’s first question for Jesus, “Lord, what will you have me do?” Acts9:6. You also need to pray against every barrier to your job. God wants us to work, that was the first assignment He gave to Adam, and it is the work of your hand that God will bless before you can have any breakthrough.You should also be faithful to God with the little in your hand; pay tithe and give offering and learn to give to others. When you are faithful with little, God will give you much.When you read your Bible often, you will enjoy good health because the word of God is health and life Proverbs4:20-22 Trust God for your healing,Exodus15:26; there are also specific verses on healing which are discussed above. God will grant you your expectations. Jesus is Lord!

  235. Another CHRISTMAS!!! We must remember to return glory and praises to God who preserves us to see another Chirtmas. If it had not been for God on our side, where shall we be now. It had pleased Him to defend us, deliver us and preserve us, (Isaiah31:5). We must give Him quality praise for the gift of life. Then we must know that Jesus, the way, the truth and the life, is the gift of God to mankind. “no man comes to the Father but by me” Jesus says in John14:6. Go to God through Jesus Christ and you will have peace in your life. Jesus has reconcilled us to the Father by the blood he shed on the cross; He took our place and as many as believe Hims name, and receive Him, He gave power to become the sons of God, John1:12. When you have Jesus Christ, you will be free from crises, and live a rich life. All the emptiness you feel in your heart can only be filled by Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate at Chritmas. His first miracle was to turn water into wine, He can sweeten your life too. So accept Jesus into your life today. It’s then you can have A MERRY CHRISTMAS. Jesus is Lord!

  236. Only FIVE DAYS left in 2010!!! Within these five days, God can change your life, if you desire a change and tell Him passionately. God wants you to prosper and be in good health as your soul prospers,3John2. Your soul can prosper if you seek God and have personal relationship with Him, always walking with Him and doing His will. Seek God and live. Only God can strengthen you against the oppressors, Amos5:4,9. There is no other way to victory in the life of man; your enemies are too strong for you, and they want to destroy your soul daily. If you can make it your New Year Resolution to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, Matthew6:33, you will see so many additions in your life in 2011. Please read the whole chapters of the verses quoted here and purpose to do them. The grace of the Lord Jesus is sufficient for you to be a doer. Ask for the grace and He will release it to you. Jesus is Lord!

  237. my prayer life is under attack, help !!!

  238. Joseph, Call on the Holy Spirit to bring life to your spirit, soul and body and to help you pray; He is the One who helps our infirmity in prayer., Romans8:11,26. Read these verses aloud and believe them. If you can speak in tongues, then speak in tongues for about 15minutes, you are already praying. Before the end of the 15minutes, you are bound to have the urge to pray in your understanding. Another method of bringing life to you is to read your Bible aloud. Choose the book of Psalms and the book of John, by the time you read seven chapters of each book aloud, life of God will enter you. John6:63. In addition, sprinkle the Blood of Jesus in your environment and release some word of God against those who attacked you. Prayer is talking to our Father in the name of Jesus. If you observe any hinderance, release the Blood of Jesus which granted us access to the Father in the first place. You are unstoppable in Jesus name. Open your Prayer Rain and begin to pray. Jesus is Lord!

  239. Joseph, One thing is also very important to our prayer life; that is praises and thanksgiving. Call God by His names, there is victory in calling His name Psalm 44:5 and thank Him for His great works in your life and in the universe. He quickened you to know that your prayer life is not what it should be, you are still breathing, walking, talking and so on. Sing praises to His holy name. He is worthy of all the praises and adoration you can give Him. Glory to God! Jesus is Lord!

  240. I Thank God for giving me another Christmas day. Praise to the most High God. I also thank Him for giving me and my family a mercy journey to our rural home and back. Pastor pray for me devil trying me alot my daughter – in- law took my grant daughter and sen her to her mother without my and my son’s knowledge. I thought they would come after christmas but she came along without my grant daughter when I asked her when the child will be back she told me she is not coming back. Pastor I love my grant daughter so much and I dont want her to be far from me. I also dont want to fight with my inlaws coz they are not christian. I dont want fight with flesh and I want to fight spiritually. Please help to pray for me.

    Alice Msa

  241. Alice, Glory to God for His goodness to all of us. You did not say if the father of the child agreed with the mother to take the child away from you. You also need to consider your society; is it matriarchy, (society controlled by women), or patriarchy, (society controlled by men)? The needs of the child (emotional and educational needs) iare the most important things in this case. Call your son and discuss with him. In most societies, it is best for the child to be with her parents, father and mother, living together in love. Christians are to be at peace with all men. Even in your spiritual approach, you can pray for the child not to be contaminated as Samuel was not contaminated with Eli’s sons; pray for her protection, pray that the seed of the word of God in her will not die and pray that the love of God grows in her. Then find time to visit her, it could be then that the child will refuse to stay there. Always ask God for the wisdom to handle the matter, Proverbs16:20. Jesus is Lord!

  242. Thnaks Margret. Infact the father of the child didnt know when the child was taken away so they didnt agree. in our society a child should be with the parents. My son is out cash temporay and he cannot feed his family. The wife is the one who is buying food and she has started som pride and mockery attitude toward my son even myself. My prayer is the child should be brought back to me coz Iam able to take care of her I dont want her to be in a family which does not even pray leave alone going to church. so please help me in prayer I have started 3 days prayer and fasting concerning the issue. I know the God I serve the most Hight God will grant the desire of my heart. Thanks.

    Alice Msa

  243. AMEN!!! It is done.

  244. Alice, Do you know that the passion and the praying and fasting you are engaged can also be used for your son to get a good job for your son so that he can be the head of his family? Some scriptures have been given in this blog about job. Use them passionately for your son. Jesus is Lord!

  245. Praise the name of the Lord servant of God! This website has really been a blessing to me and to all my friends that i constantly forward the materials from Dr Olukoyas Website to. I thank God for leading me to the website and also to buying the prayer passport to crust oppression. Throught the book and the website God has changed my life. Well, am born again and Love the Lord with all my life. I have been getting attacks through my 21/2 years son who has been in and out of hospital since he was small. Lately it has been too much we actually spent Christmas in hospital but i thank God for His healing power as we are out. A month ago we were still hospitalized with the same problem of throat infection. I may be getting the attacks as am not able to wake up every midnight to pray as i used to as we are expecting our second baby glory be to God. My question to you Margaret is am on a prayer and fasting program of 14 days and i want to really be alert. Am i supposed to do the Esther fast and am 5 months pregnant? Please let me know how i can do it without loosing focus. God bless.

  246. Carole, Glory to God! Your foetus eats from your food and that is why you cannot do Esther fast or any long fast. If you were all by yourself, you can fast for as long as the Spirit leads you. Keep on with the prayers, but you also need some weapons. The major weapons you need now are: 1. The Blood of Jesus, cover yourself, family, business and home with it, drink it regularly and say what you believe as well, personalising it, John6:56-58, Hebrews2:14,15 and Revelation12:11. Release the Blood against those attacking you and until they are consumed, dont stop. 2. The name of the Lord, Proverbs18:10, Psalm118:10-12, Phillipians2:10. Jesus is above all names, so call that name regularly, Thank You Jesus, I love you Jesus; Jesus, help me. 3. The word of God. This will always give you good success. Get the word of God on healing, child birth and be speaking them and meditating on them. Joshua1:8, Psalm119:78. Get this book: Supernatural Childbirth, read it and do what it says and you will have safe delivery. Dont wait until they attack you, begin to attack them, resist them and they will flee from you. Your Christmas in the hospital is over. the enemy will henceforth be snared in the works of their own hands, all their counsel will fall headlong. You will look for them and never find them again, in Jesus’ mighty name. Jesus is Lord!

  247. dear pastor, if someone see a new beatiful bridge in the dream what does it mean, im trusting God for turn around in my life in year 2011. no more stagnation and delay.
    God bless

  248. Praise the Name of the Lord Margret,
    I bless the name of the Lord for your advise and guidance. May God do you good and give you long life. Let God’s divine protection be upon you through out the year 2011 and His unmerited favor fall upon you for willinglly being used as a vessel that meets God service. I give God all the glory for the victory and for fighting for us. God bless.

  249. Jane, Glory to God! Continue with that declaration; no more stagnation and delay. Call forth progress and speed, and anything you desire in the new year. Begin to thank God for life and light from heaven(revelation), and give praises to God. This is a season to be utilised to the maximum. That dream is covered with the Blood of Jesus. You have seen the great things God is going to do, and He will hasten His Word to perform it, Jeremiah1:11,12. We are entering a new year and God is doing new things in people’s lives. Jesus is Lord!

  250. Carole, All praises to God. Begin to thank Him for Jesus who gave us victory on the cross, 1Corinthians15:57. You are blessed, too, Genesis12:3. Jesus is Lord!

  251. dear pastor, l do have a dream of spirit husband in my dream whenever lm in a commited relationship, what can i do for him to die, ive done delivanrance severally when i was in nigeria at prayer city. and have prayed and fasted here too.i want him dead cause l dont belong to him what can i do…

  252. Jane, It is not enough to do deliverance. You also need to be disciplined and live holy life, in your thoughts and actions. You must have fire inside you to burn every stubble of your life. In no. 246 of this blog, I mentioned some weapons, add fire of God, ask Him to be a wall of fire, (Zecharaiah2:5) round about you. Ask God for angels to cover you always, especially at night. Believers are in constant warfare, so let no hour pass without praying if you must get what God has for you. Read your Bible, know your God as LORD of hosts and Man of war. He fight battles for us, and He can contend for us but we also need to contend most of the times. You will not feed a ten year old, so God will not do what you can do. Have faith in God and trust Him to do His word. Be in a service group in your church so that you can lay claim to all the promises of God for His servants. Evangelism is a great weapon. Those who expand the kingdom are precious to God. Get Prayer Rain and pray always. If you can do all these, you will overcome in Jesus’ mighty name. Ask for and receive the grace to be a doer, in Jesus name. Jesus is Lord!

  253. I pray for my brother in prison in the USA, for protection, deliverance and God’s mercies. Once he gets back to Nigeria in november 2011 there will dramatic change in his life and he will be a servant of God.
    Pray for my dad in the USA for God’s divine favour, mercies and protection
    I pray for speedy attention on my approved green card form the US embassy
    I pray that i meet my husband this year, get married and have a child.
    Thank you God for answering my prayers

  254. Toyin, I say AMEN to all your prayers. In case of your brother, be using Isaiah49:24,25 to be praying for him. If you believe in miracles, he can be granted favour before November 2011. The mercy of God extends to all generations, so pray the mercy prayer for him and every member of the family. God will grant you favour at the embassy; Psalms5:12, all your documents will be oozing out favour in the name of Jesus. Jesus is Lord!

  255. Thank you Mageret for you prayes. May the lord keep you in good heath and protect your family. This year will be your year of decoration and mine as well


  256. Toyin, I say a resounding AMEN. Genesis12:3 Jesus is Lord!

  257. Toyin, I say a resounding AMEN. Genesis12:3. Jesus is Lord!

  258. I am praying for the bone of my bone to locate me this year. I am 38yrs old not getting on younger, i am at the edge of giving up and just marry anyone. Pls join me in prayer to hold on and wait on God for he is never late.

  259. Bisi, Dont give up on God. You said it all that God is never late, you are right. All promises of God are obtainable with patience, prayer and fasting and with violent warfare. Consider father Abraham in Romans4:17-22.He staggered not at God’s promise, despite his dead body and the dead womb of Sarah. WAIT FOR GOD, and WAIT ON GOD, and keep your hope alive. Read 1Peter1. Do not marry just “anyone” for the sake of marriage. Such a marriage can end in untold hardship and bitterness. Wait for God’s choice for you, where there will be joy and harmony. Let me sound this warning, there is no perfect man or woman. The “anyone” you have in mind could be God sent, but you are thinking that he is not the perfect man for you because of one short coming or the other. Only be sure that he is a christian and he is not a married man. Marrying a married man is spoiling the joy of another woman and commiting adultery. God has a man for you. Your age is not much, 38. Count your time of waiting as your time of preparation, which should be endured with joy and confidence that God cannot fail you, Read James1. In addition to asking God for a husband, begin to confront(with the name of the Lord, the blood of Jesus and the word of God) all the power of darkness preventing you from the right man. If you have all the prayer books recommended on this blog, also buy, “Woman! Thou Art Loosed” by Dr. Olukoya. You will learn a lot of things about late marriage from the book, and there many prayer points on the topic. Rejoice, this is your year! Jesus is Lord!

  260. Thank you sister Margaret for the words of encouragement and assurance and advise…confronting the powers preventing me from the right man. I will get the book.

  261. Bisi, Let the name of the LORD be magnified. Two names of God you need now are LORD of hosts and Man of war. Call on Him day and night and He will answer you and see to it that you get married this year. Jesus is Lord!

  262. Renuka De Silva | January 17, 2011 at 2:15 am |

    Dear Pastor,
    I am a Christian Mother of 2 sons living in Sri Lanka. My Name is Renuka. Since 6 years i am struggling with Debt and lack of Money. Every Month i have to pay a big intrest to the Moneylenders. Some days i havent any Money to buy Food. Day by day my situation becomes worst. I am steping to poverty. I have lost everything. Our Kitchen and Fridge are allways empty. I havent any Blessings at home and in my life. Since 12 years my life is full of Struggles, Debt, Lack of Money, Tears, Unhappyniss,No Luck,Sickniss and Familly troubles.My Husband has a Affair with a Woman since 12 years. That Woman is doing Witchcraft agenst me allways. My Husband is harresing me allways. He doesnt love me.
    I am now sick and have a Heart trouble, Diabetes and Highblood Pressure. Some times i have lot of Difficulties to breath than i have to go for a Hospital to get Oxygan.
    Please Pastor Pray for me to get Deliverance From Debt and Financial difficulties. Please Pray for a Financial Blessing. Please send me a free Copy from the Prayer Rain Book from Dr. Daniel Olukoya.Thank you. God bless you.

  263. Renuka, Fear not, God will help you, Isaiah41:10. You will overcome all your challenges by the Blood of the Lamb, Revelation12:11. You shall not die but live, and declare the works of the Lord, Psalm118:17. God will arise on your behalf and judge the heathen, Psalm9:16-20.Read all these scriptures loud into your environment. Think on them until they enter your spirit. Release the Blood of Jesus and the word of God against anything harrassing your welfare. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil; you must destroy the works of the devil around you, 1John3:8. (2)Get healing scriptures, here are some: Exodus15:26; 23:25.Deuteronomy7:15, Matthew10:1. Ask God to open your eyes to see more of healing words. (3) You can only fight poverty by giving. If you have been giving your and offering, it is now time to remind God of His promises in Malachi3:10-12, Luke6:38, 2Corinthians9:7-12. You can start your giving from whatever you have.(4) A witch cannot overcome a child of God. God has a word for the witches in Exodus22:18. (5)Go to your local church and request for prayer of healing and anointing from your pastor or elders, James5:14-18 (6)Do not allow the devil to steal your joy (for that is your strength), and your time of reading the Bible because you can be healed by just reading the Bible alone for the word of God is spirit and life, John6:63. (7)Trust God for your healing and turnaround; declare your trust in Him often. God will hear you and answer you speedily. Be bold and be strong, God will restore to you all the years the cankerworms have eaten. Always pray for restoration. Psalm126. God will do it, just put your trust in Him. Jesus is Lord!

  264. I listened to one of Dr Olukoya’s message “stop them before they stop you”.The devil is really fighting against my life,marriage,children,business etc. How do I stop them before they stop me(I didn’t finish listening to the message).Thank u and God bless u.

  265. Toyin, Glory to God for that message which I did not hear myself; but I find the topic very inspiring. There are several ways of stopping the enemies. Spiritual warfare goes on around us every second, every hour, and 24/7 and 365days a year. Here are some ways of putting them to flight: (1) Hide yourself under the shadow of the wings of God, be born again. God will fight them off before they get to you. He will draw His spear and stop their way, Psalm35:3. (2) Even if you know them physically, they are too strong and too cunning for you. They can be smiling and be hurting you at the same time. Constantly ask for the help of God against them, 2Chronicles14:11. (3) Note that God will not do what you dont tell Him to do, Jesus asked an obvious blind man what he wanted. So locate scriptures against the wicked and release them against them as often as you sence any attack on you. (4) Take up weapons of warfare, the blood, the word,prophetic utterances, praises and many others.(5)You must be living holy life to do this, so be sure of your walk with God, and be connected to God always in prayer and fasting. You will recover what they stole and overcome them all in the name of Jesus. Buy that tape and finish listening to it. Jesus is Lord!

  266. 1) My sister’s last son (13yrs old) was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes about 2 yrs ago and now its beginning to affect his eyesight. I pray for this boy weekly refusing the evil medical report and asking the lord for divine healing for brand new pancreas for this boy. I believe the is no disease or infirmity God cannot cure, he is still in the business of healing, I want you to please join me in prayer for David.

    2) I just spoke with my sister and she has a boy that she is helping to care for, whose mother died of sickle cell last yr. Now this boy is diagnosed with the same. pls join me in prayer for we refuse this evil report, I believe in the report of God in psalms 103:3; Isaiah 53:5. Please I believe in coperate prayer as well. Pls pray with me.

  267. Bisi, Those two scriptures are alright to remind God in prayer, but there is more to do. Is your sister born again? If not, advice her to get born again. Her faith in those scriptures and the others I will share here are very important, Matthew10:1; 8:17, Exodus15:25, Exodus23:25, Jeremiah17:14. The devil can use any sickness to steal and kill. Sickle cell or not, I know a woman who is now a grandmother who was diagnosised as sickle cell carrierin the 1980s. Since she gave her life to Jesus, her weakness was replaced with the strength of Jesus. Glory to God! The other boy’s sickness is also a small thing with God. Lead both to Jesus Christ, and begin to give them communion daily using Hebrews2:14,15, John6:47-58, &Revelation12:11. If they use anointing oil in your church, anoint them daily too. If they dont use anointing oil, prepare yours, by reading the healing scriptures you can get on the oil. The power of the word will enter the oil and it becomes anointing oil. Take them out into the open air and pray Ezekiel37:10,12, ask the breath of life to enter them and ask God to open every grave the enemy has put them, and cause them to come out. Add Psalm9:19, 20. Pray all these scriptures as well and God will show up on their behalf. Anoint yourself regularly too.God is our ultimate healer and all it takes is faith. There is victory for christians in every situation. Jesus is Lord!

  268. Bisi, Make sure that you belong to a service group in your church. This qualifies you for Exodus23:25. Live a holy life and read your Bible daily. God will guide you daily, now that you are enrolled in His army. Jesus is Lord!

  269. Wow! God is really good….Wow! Thank you sister margaret, I will look into those bible passages and act . I am a working progress before God my creator, God is not finished with me, he is working on me daily. Thanks once more.

  270. Bisi, Let all the glory go to God! God is not finished with anyone who is joined to Him, Ecclesiastes9:4. If you know the miracles God performed from Old Testament to New Testament, your hope will rise daily. The Holy Bible is God’s manual for His children. Read it and take your part. If you faithfully read the Bible, you will have several testimonies at the end of this year. Jesus is Lord!


  272. God’s Gift, As you pray the prayer of restoration, let the sender of the money inform the point of payment there that the money was not paid to you, the right person. Since the sender has the receipt, he/she is the one to press for refund of the money so that it can be resent. God will help you to recover your money, in the name of Jesus. Jesus is Lord!

  273. Please! Pastor, pray for me. I am currently being tormented by a wicked boss who felt I could be preferred than her. She currently transferred me to an office that is almost death in order for her to recommend my sack. I am Just confuse and I need the hands of God to change things. She had boasted in the past that she will ensure I am laid off work. Kindly help me to pray that God should change all this problem to promotion in my career.

    Thanks very much

  274. Alenbensunu, What she meant for evil, God will turn it to good, like He did for Joseph, Modecai and Jesus. Ask God for strength and grace to do that work and stay in that office. With God on your side and you on God’s side, you will overcome. There is no testimony without trial. God reserves His miracle till when we need it. Believe God with your whole heart that He can handle your case. Wait on God with praises(give God 1000 Hallelujah daily), prayer and fasting for solutions to that challenge. You will see how God will be directing you. God will lift you up above your enemies. He will not allow your enemies to rejoice over you. By the favour of God, your mountain will stand strong. The snare she laid for you will be broken and you will escape. Read Psalm30 (note verses1,7,11& 12)., and Psalm140 often. God will recompense tribulation to them that trouble you, 2Thessalonians1:6. Jesus is Lord!

  275. Godbless you pastor

    Please pray for my deliverance. i have ancestral and water spirit living inside of me. i was dedicated as a child to the family priesthood. i know that there are some secret altars to water spirits and spirits of the dead in my place of birth.

  276. Nathan, If anyone dedicated you to evil spirit, it is now time for you to dedicate yourself to the Holy Spirit. Being born again is just the beginning of our relationship with God. As you give your life to Christ, yield yourself to Him totally, leaving nothing behind. You need to be joined to God 24/7, 365days a year. Get Dr. Olukoya’s books on prayers and presonal deliverance, read and do what the books say. Evil altars are set up by blood, but we have the Blood of Jesus, a far more superior blood than any blood. Pull down every evil altar they have built inside you by taking the Communion daily,with knowledge. Jesus had overcome the devil for us by shedding His Blood on the cross. There is power, mighty power in the Blood. Go for personal counselling in your church for more understanding of the Blood of Jesus. You will overcome, Revelation12:11. Jesus is Lord!

  277. Nathan, In addition to the above, note that every vibrant christian in Africa today came from a pagan family background. But when the light of Jesus Christ came, people started to reject paganism and embraced the light of Jesus. Starting from you, that light will enter your lineage. Once you are born again, be an ardent reader and doer of the word of God. Do not be afraid, God will help you,Isaiah41:10; 43:1-4. Always declare with your mouth that you belong to Jesus, and say Thank You Jesus often. As a born again, you have power over every power of darkness, John1:12, Luke10:19.There is a greater power inside you,1John4:4. Read your Bible to see how great your God is. Join a service group in your church and claim all the promises of God’s servants. Jesus is Lord!

  278. Nathan/Everyone on this blog, If you dont want to be hurt or be destroyed, you need the knowledge of the LORD God, Isaiah11:9. It is important that you read your Bible daily, but you also need to read books written by men and women of God who have broken yokes and bonds, Jeremiah5:5. In the spiritual, knowledge is in stages as we have it in the physical. You will read class 1 before you read class2. Your eagerness to learn depends on where God places you to worship, or where you place yourself. Most of the issues posted on this blog are deliverance issue, and I want to recommend some books by Dr.Olukoya to you. 1). How to obtain Presonnal Deliverance. 2).How to Pray When Surrounded by the Enemies. 3).Power Against Marine Spirits. 4). Released from Destructive Covenants. There are many other books you can find at the top of this blog. Invest your money on knowledge of God which will help you and last you till the end of your life and even beyond. Clothes, shoes gold are for this life only. Take time to read your Bible and books. It is a wise investment. God has done all things well for us, by the shedding of His son, Jesus Christ. Do not allow the deception of the enemy give you fear or rob you of your inheritance. Satan and all his demons are meant to be trampled under feet by you. STUDY!!! Jesus is Lord!

  279. Pleasae pray for God’s Time and chance to happen for the woman whom I love and myself to get married and fulfill the plans and purposes He has for our lives.Also for my mistry and business finances to have breakthrough and prosper abundantely.

  280. Adriaan, Now that you have met the woman of your choice, both of you have to pray together in agreement, Matthew18:19, God will do it for you. Get a copy of Prayer Rain and you will find several prayer points on marriage and business. As you pray God for His blessings, remember to pray against the enemies of your joy. they will be snared in the works of their own hands. Be a giver, pay your tithe and offerings Malachi3:10-12, and give to the poor, Proverbs28:27. Read your Bible daily and pray together till and after you get married. Jesus is Lord!

  281. Praise the Lord,

    Thanks so much for the advise and guidance,May God continue to Shower you with blessing.Please I need advise on my 6yrs relationship which is collapsing.My fiancee is scared that i came to the states and she is always thinking too much about her insecurity which has affected her health.I do not know what i can do cos i love her so much and do not wanna leave her.

    Please Ma,I will like you to advise me and probably gimme some prayer points to hold my relationship

    God bless you

  282. balogun olusegun | January 31, 2011 at 2:06 pm |

    Dear Sir,

    i always fly in my dreams, this happen in most of my dreams, and i will appreciate sir, if you can tell me what this really mean.

    thank you Sir.

  283. Olamide, parting from one another should not be a minus, but a plus, it is said that absence makes the heart to grow fonder. It is even a test of true love. It is now your responsibility to assure her of your love. We are in an age when you can speak with one another several times a day! You are in the states for your development which will help both of you in future. Let her be occupied with something, be it further studies or extra work, or prayer. As a christian, she can be occupied with her Bible reading, studying, meditation and prayer all day long that she will have little time to be pinning for love, and be glad to hear your voice just once a day. Her prayer life is also beneficial to both of you. Assure her of your plan for her; if you plan to invite her to the States, let her know. Your prayer for the relationship is that it continues to grow, and dont forget to rebuke the wicked, who may wish to come between you, as you both travel in life. Get healing scriptures for her health. She will soon be alright with time and your assurance that she is the only flower in your garden! Jesus is Lord!

  284. Balogun Olusegun, Interpretation of dreams belongs to God, the Revealer of all Secrets, but He reveals them to His own children. If you flew as a bird, it could mean that you are being initiated into a cult. if you flew in the plane, it could mean that you will travel abroad. So pray according to your dreams, either against evil initiation, or for God to help your travel abroad, speedily. Remember to put oppressors under your feet in prayer. You can use these scriptures, Daniel 2, Proverbs28:5, Psalms 25:12,14. Study the life of Daniel, do the same and you will becomeHis friend. Be close to God in Bible reading and prayer, and God will be revealing secrets to you. Jesus is Lord!

  285. OMOROGIE CHRISTOPHER | February 8, 2011 at 8:58 am |



    3: I NEED GOD .


  286. Omorogie Christopher, All your needs and wants are summarised in No3. I NEED GOD. If you can get God, you will get all other things. Meditate on these scriptures:Psalm34:10, seek God and you will not lack any good thing. Psalm84:11, Matthew6:33. Some people often think that it is money, promotion cars or mansion, that will fulfill them. NO. When you are filled with God, all other things will follow you. Seek God and you will live the abundant life that Jesus intends for you, John10:10. Jesus is Lord!

  287. pray for my sons to turn their lives to Jesus. I have started praying the edge of thorns in the prayer rain book for them. I am doing a bad thing? I real need to see myself going to church with my sons. Also pray for them to get good jobs.

    Alice MSa

  288. Renuka De Silva | February 9, 2011 at 12:33 pm |

    Dear Pastor,
    Please Pray for me to get a Financial Blessing. I have Debt and Financial troubles since 6 years.

  289. Alice, You have a good desire for your sons, and your desire shall be granted, in the name of Jesus.Nobody comes to Jesus except the Father draws him. God will use the word of God and the Holy Spirit to draw them to Jesus. Always use the word of God to speak to them. Ask the Holy Spirit to convict them and teach them. Here are some scriptures: Isaiah54:13; Jeremiah31:34; John6:45; 1Corinthians211-12; 1Thessalonians4:9, always speak to them with love. In addition to your prayers, check these topics in your copy of Prayer Rain. I will quote the pages in my copy, they may be the same or slightly different from yours. 1. Page375-Cutting off evil linkage. 2. page 396-Breaking evil flow. 3. page438-Deliverance for children. They will help your prayer life. Jesus is Lord!

  290. Renuka De Silva, Be born again if you are not yet born again. Financial blessings does not answer to prayers alone. Dont be like a farmer who stays at home, praying for harvest, without going to his farm to weed and sow on the farm. Firstly, learn to live within your pocket, dont borrow again. Secondly, always pay your tithe, that is 10% of any money that gets to your hand. Read Malachi3 and you will see the benefits of giving tithe and offering in the church. In addition, always give to the poor, Proverbs28:27, Luke 6:38. Psalm67. Praise God always. As you obey these four scriptures, God will turn around your captivity, and you will begin to enjoy abundance. As a servant of God, I decree that God will intervene in your matter and offset your debts in a miraculous way. Be delivered from the spirit of debt, by the Blood of the Lamb, in the name of Jesus. Jesus is Lord!

  291. Renuka De Silva | February 11, 2011 at 12:03 am |

    Dear Pastor,
    I am born again and i am giving tithe every Month. I am going to the Ceylon Pentecostal Church.Please send me a free copy from the Prayer Rain Book. Thank you.

  292. Renuka De Silva, In view of the above, you need to pray Depart From Me prayer. Spirit of poverty, depart from me in the name of Jesus. Sprit of debt depart from me , in the name of Jesus. Jesus was poor that I may be rich. Jesus paid my debt on the cross, He shed His Blood for me to be free from the kingdom of darkness; I am not your candidate. Depart from me workers of iniquity, depart from me bloody men, depart from me, evil doers. Read Psalm6:8; Psalm119:115, Psalm101:4. You have to fight against all the forces of darkness oppossing your prosperity, using the word of God. Make declaration of “depart from me” daily. Be bold and be strong and you will overcome. Always use the sword of the spirit(the word) of God against anything you dont want. Resist poverty and debt with the word and the blood and they will flee. Jesus is Lord!

  293. dear pastor,if in deed u can deliver me and members of my family from evil spirits, spirit husbands and wives, generational curses and satan, i will wholeheartedly give my glory to GOD ALMIGHTY.

  294. Joana, I have no power to deliver you, and no man has the power to deliver you. The power to deliver lies in the great I AM, I AM THAT I AM, Exodus3:14-15; who delivered the children of Israel from Egypt. He is still available today. Have faith in His Son Jesus Christ and receive Him into your life, and Hill give you power as a son of God, John1:12. then live according to His will. Your faith in God will also make you an overcomer, 1John4:4. You will also live an aggressive prayer life against forces of darkness tormenting you and your family. Buy these two books by Dr. Daniel Olukoya. 1. Prayer Rain. 2. Prayer Warfare Against 70 Mad spirits. If you can engage in theseprayers seriously , God will hear you and answer you. Be an ardent reader of the Holy Bible to learn more about God. Jesus Is Lord!

  295. Dear Man of GOD help me in prayers for I have been having spiritual warfare and of late I pray while going to sleep but I still dream of dead people. I need deliverance .I know GOD is able.

  296. Enos, You need to do night vigil with powerful prayer points. Get the books recommended above. Consider these scriptures, diligently. Hosea13:`4. Psalm118:17, John 14:19, 1Corinthians1:9, 10. Psalm34:7, John6:47-58, Job33:18. Speak them to yourself and think on them often The word will deliver you. Take the coomunion too everyday, and praise God and use Ezekiel37:12 in the open air. Jesus is Lord!

  297. jumoke olayinka | February 23, 2011 at 12:33 pm |

    Pastor please pray for me and family, that God will take us the higher ground, that his promises shall be fulfilled in our lives. That every sprit of backwardness shall be destroyed and we shall be deliver from family curses.

  298. jumoke olayinka | February 23, 2011 at 12:40 pm |



    3: I NEED GOD .


  299. Jumoke, God will answer all your requests, according to the power of faith and of love that work in you. However, you need to do personal prayers. All curses have been nailed to the cross of Jesus, Galatians3:13,14. Call on the blood of Jesus to deliver you. Read the word of God daily for faith, cleasing , knowledge and instructions; and be a doer of what you read. Pray fervently, using Prayer Rain, Prayer Passport and Prayer Warfare against 70 mad spirits. Live a holy life. Seek God first, Matthew6:33. Jesus is Lord!

  300. Praise God becauseI believed is done !!! I have been in this wilderness of stagnancy for the past 5years to 6 years now, believing God for residency here without a job and with 3 kids and my husband is not working in NIGERIA, pls join your faith with mine that , the Lord will do it for me this year..Is a challenge that a muslim family is caring 4 me and I need to let them see that OUR ABLE GOD ANSWER PRAYERS SPEADILY and MIRACULOUSLY..THANKS.

  301. Good day servant of God, God bless you & yours abundantly.
    Please, I need practicable clarifications on how to interpret dreams. I’m someone that gets to dream a lot, most times I can’t interpret the dreams. Also, in most cases the ones I can interpret comes to past or doesn’t after I pray against such bad ones.
    I feel the devil is rubbing of a lot through this, also at times I seem to forget my dreams when I wake. Please pray along with me, also I’m praying for a discerning spirit.
    Recently, I was praying to God to speak to me audibly. What must I do to hear God speak?

    Thank you.

  302. Nifemi, Woman you are loosed from the spirit of stagnation and from the spirit of stagnancy, in the name of Jesus. You have a battle to face and fight, at night, 12midnight to3a.m.especially. If you can get the three books recommended above in 99 of this blog, you will find your area of need in them and engage in warfare battle with those wicked forces. Dont watch your situation, work it out violently. Jesus is Lord!

  303. Bims, Two characters stand out in the Bible as dream interpreters; Joseph and Daniel. Study them and do what they did; they feared God, hated sin, resisted evil, trusted God, and many more. do the same, and your dream interpretation will also improve. Discerning spirit is among the spiritual gifts mentioned in 1Corinthians12:4-10. Please read the entire chapter and ask in prayer for your choice, Father will give you through the Holy Spirit. Praying for God’s audible voice? Do you choose how your earthly father speaks to you? In the same way God can speak to you in any way He chooses. still small voice into your spirit, through sciptures, through a friend or in picture or vision forms.and many other ways. Always ensure that what you hear is in line with the word of God. As you do for your dreams, reject every evil voice and accept and obey those in line with the word.

  304. Taiwo Odeyemi | February 26, 2011 at 3:06 am |

    I dont kown how soon my mail will get to you sir;but i want you to pray for me concerning my container at the port here in Nigeria.I dont have money to cler it and i am counting on God to get it cleared.i want god Almighty to do this for me s soon as possible so as not to run bankrupth.

  305. Taiwo, God can do anything, but you have to do something. Do your best in praising God, Psalm67, gather scriptures on divine favour, divine favour and mercy, Psalm102:13, Isaiah60:10,andmany more; pray them and meditate on them. Make a vow to pay your tithe and give to the poor. If you have been faithful in your giving, ask God to use the container to open the windows of heaven for you. Our God, Jehovah, LORD God, Alpha and Omega cannot deny the written word. Give Him 1000 Hallelujah as often as you can. Then go boldly to the port; meet the officers in charge and ask them what they can do for you. Help will be waiting for you there, for God will send you help. Jesus is Lord!

  306. Sir, please i want you to pray for younger sister , I want to God to help her to connect with a right partner

  307. sir, we a church in san diego california

  308. Ugo, Let your sister take the first step by being born again. Then she should be reading the word of God and be a doer of what she reads. She should join a service group and be serving in the house of God. All these are preparing her to be the right partner. When she is right first, then God will bring her the right partner. Rebecca was serving in the house of her father when God brought Abrahm’s servant to her. Ruth was serving her mother- law when she met Boaz. Abigail was just doing good when she met David. Every woman created has a man created for her, so you and your sister shoul pray in agreement, Matthew18:19, that God connects her to the right partner. You may also remind God of His word in Genesis2:18-25; 1Corinthians11:9. Jesus is Lord!

  309. Dear Man of GOD
    Please I want you pray for me and my family in london and Nigeria that GOD shloud ignite us in his fire and protect us from the power of my hushand house and the lord GOD the father of our Lord JESUS shoud kill all the powers of my hushand and father house permanently and make they powerless over my family in Jesus Name Amen.

    I want some prayer point


  310. Oluwatosin | March 14, 2011 at 5:00 pm |

    Dear pastor and prayer warriors,

    I am a born again and filled with the Holy Ghost but I have a problem of not being willing to serve God, to seek to do HIS will.

    I want to be completely involve in working for GOD and be able to use the spiritual gift GOD has given me. I need a spiritual mentor that can help me in this regard, one that can help me knw how to do the will of GOD.

    I will appreciate a suggestion of a spiritual mentor please I am desperate so that I don’t miss it.

    Thank you.

  311. Isoken, No matter the amount of prayer people say on your behalf, you still need some personal prayers 24/7. This is why Jesus said pray without ceasing. You are in that family for a purpose, to make a difference and to show them that LORD God is all powerful. The battle may not only come from your husband’s house, go to your father’s house and your mother’s house as well. If you can get these books, you will find all the prayer points you need there. Prayer Rain, Prayer Passport and Prayer Warfare Against 70 mad spirits. THe 3 books are by Dr. Olukoya. You will overcome them by the blood of the Blood of the Lamb. Jesus is Lord!

  312. Oluwatosin, I thank God for your life, you desire to serve God, even your name says God is enough to be served. Begin your service by praying and reading the word of God. Tell God to direct you to a place of service in the house of God where you worship. We are all born again to serve, Exodus7:20, 8:1 Service wil deliver you and true services are rewarded. Exodus23:25. As you join a service group in your church and you are faithful there, God will continue to lift you to other areas to serve. Let the Holy Spirit, through your Bible and your group leader be mentoring you now. When the time of your lifting comes you will know. Nobody can stop you from serving God except you. Every service is acceptable to God when done in truth, so beware of eyeservice. Ephesians6:6, Colossians3:22. Jesus is Lord!

  313. oladele sanyaolu | March 20, 2011 at 12:30 am |

    hello we are 2 beliveing in god for visa to europan country over 2years now we want the church of god to asist us in prayer becus we are memeber of mfm in ikorodu our name are ( oladele sanyaolu)-(mavellous emeka) and footballer

  314. Oladele, You must first be sure that it is the will and time of God for you to travel to Europe. Take time to wait on God in prayer and fasting for guidance, instructions and correction where you have missed it. Let God guide you in every step you take. When you are sure of His guidance, and you follow it, ways will be opened to you. God will surely make way for you. Jesus is Lord!

  315. Sir, please we need mfm in san Diego California. Thanks

  316. Dear Pastor,

    I need advised about my mother-in-law she is forcing my hushand daughter in me and is 28 years my husband don;t married her mum. my mother-in-law want to take adventage me because she has the upper hand and family is from a poor background
    Please I need advised and prayer


  317. Isoken, Read Genesis 16 and 21, the story of Ishmael, though the mother of your step daughter may not be a housemaid. However, if you do not want to host a 28 year old daughter in your home, let your husband know, just like Sarah told Abraham to send Haggar and her son away. Look at it from another angle, a 28 year old girl will soon go to her husband’s house. In order to avoid friction in your home, let your husband appeal to your mother in law to accommodate her till she is married. Pray that God gives you the wisdom to handle the situation. Jesus is Lord!

  318. Dear Pastor,

    Please pray for me, in other for me to able to close the door of lips beacuse I talk to much.

    Thanks you!

  319. Dear Pastor,

    Please pray for me that the Lord should make a way for me where there seems to be no way. And that I should experience an unforgettable encounter with the almighty God. That I should be liberated in all areas & aspects of my life by fire & by the blood of Jesus. The Lord should visit me this year. I should have breakthrough in all my endeavours. The Lord should bless me, guide me & lead me in all my ways. And above all, that His divine WILL be done in my life & that I should make heaven in the mighty name of Jesus, amen. God should also provide me with a good job that will set me free from poverty forever this year in the mighty name of Jesus, amen.

  320. Irene Sango | March 30, 2011 at 7:15 am |

    Kindly pray for me. I was suspended from my job on 20 September 2010, falsely charged with fraud and bribery. I am a devoted child of God. I have prayed and fasted for the suspension to be lifted, but it is still dragging on.

  321. Isoken, Thank God that you know yourself. Talking too much can put one in trouble, Proverbs13:3, 21:23 Use Psalm141:3 plus the ones in Proverbs to pray and meditate daily. God will help all of us to keep our mouth shut especially when we are before the wicked. Jesus is Lord!

  322. OLUKUNLE, Trust God to perform your word and grant your desires. God specialises in the Impossible, Get scriptures that promises the desires of your heart, pray and meditate on them. God will give you a turn-around and you will give testimony very soon. Jesus is Lord!

  323. Irene Sango, Cheer up! I want to remind you of Joseph in prison for false accussation, yet he was happy enough to see that others around him were sad. God will use this false accusation for your promotion. God will justify and promote you. Satan and his children are using false tongues and lying lips against the children of God. Be steadfast in your walk with God and be praising Him. It shall be for a testimony. Consider these Bible verses/passages Romans8:31-33, Isaiah50:7-9, Psalms120. When God restores, He will restore you a better job and His name shall be glorified in this matter. Jesus is Lord!

  324. Irene Sango, For the shame you suffered, you will have double honour. I want you to know that Jesus had paid for all false accusation by His Blood. He finished it all on the cross. He was in shame on the cross so that we can have glory! He said it is finished. Know that your shame is finished. Cheer up, It is finished! Jesus is Lord!

  325. Dear Pastor kindly pray for my daughtet Thandeka; 16 yr old. She needs deliverance from demonic attachs. Everynow and then she feels dipress and having no reason to live. She tried to commit suicide but by the grace of God she did not die. She is my daughter, we are leaving together and both born again. Please pray for her divine delivarance from these spirits. There is an satanic ring that she bought unkowingly and it dissapeared from the house and everytime she feel this way the thought of this ring comes to her mind. I am praying continouly for her but I need you to stand in agreement with me for her total and complete deliverance.
    God bless,

  326. please pray for my friend,s son who has just walked out of their house to another town. He is threatning to commit sucide coz he took someone,s money and didnt pay back when the parents intervened he decided to kill himself. He is stressing his monther so much coz he has no job and he is a big spender. his name is David and his mother’s name is Franscinca. please pray for him he has a spirit which needs to be cursed out.

    alice msa

  327. Margaret | May 6, 2011 at 3:19 pm |

    Bongiwe, Being born again is just the begining of our relationship with God. The devil which went out at new birth must be replaced with the word of God on daily basis, othersise, it will come back with seven more wicked ones, Matt12:43-45. First take her to a nearby church for deliverance and then begin to study the Bible together, both at church and at home. The word of God needs to enter her as light and shatter every darkness. Psalm119:130.

  328. Margaret | May 6, 2011 at 3:34 pm |

    Bongiwe, be obedient to the teachings in the church and in the Bible and teach your daughter to be obedient too. Always affirm your faith in God to perfect everything which concerns you and your daugther, Psalm138:8, and ask God to preserve you from all evil, Psalm 121:7,8. 2Timothy4:18. Fill your mouth and mind with the word of God always. Joshua1:8. Every word of God which you speak will be performed by God. Jesus is Lord!

  329. Margaret | May 6, 2011 at 3:55 pm |

    Alice, Glory to God! If your friend is born again, the two of you can pray for the boy’s deliverance and cast out the demon of spending inside him, using the Blood and the name of Jesus. Matthew18:18-20. Christianity is very simple 2 Corinthians11:3. Just believe what the Bible says and apply it to your life. The devouring spirit is a waster and emptier, dont watch it again, but bind it and cast it out. You must be living a holy life according to the word of God and the spirit will obey you. Suicide is also a spirit, bind and cast it out of him. Matthew16:18,19. The gate of hell shall not prevail against the church of Jesus. Jesus is Lord!

  330. Margaret | May 6, 2011 at 4:02 pm |

    Alice, You too should also make declrations, “no more wasteful spending, no suicide, David will live long”, in the name of Jesus and by the blood of Jesus. Jesus had finished everything on the cross, it is left for us to take authority over what we dont want, and do away with them. Jesus is Lord!

  331. Joanna Wong | May 7, 2011 at 9:35 am |

    Please pray for me, to get out of my financial problem.
    I needed God’s miraculous help for my desperate and seemingly impossible cases.
    Thank you so very much.

  332. Margaret | May 7, 2011 at 9:08 pm |

    Joanna, The major matters to be done to get money are, Work Genesis2:15, 2Thessalonians3:10. Give tithe& offerings, Malachi3:10-12, give to the poor and needy, Deuteronomy15:7,11, and be conscious of devourers and rebuke them often. When you work and money gets to your hand, first thing to do is pay your tithe and offering. Always give God first place. Never eat your money alone, make sure to give the poor out of it. Ask God to help you spend the remaining money wisely. Be sure to buy what you actualy need.Have something to save. DO NOT BORROW money to be spent on what will loose value, but on what will increase in value, like house. Speak to your money: “Money, you shall not be spent on sickness or cases”. Speak to the devil too, “Devil, you shall not spend out of this money”, in the name of Jesus. If you obey these Biblical instruction, you will find your finances bouncing back. Jesus is Lord!

  333. am a young lady who has tried welcoming the Lord into my life so far bt i lose the strength..i hope n pray this time round to gunner the strenght n courage to do it fiercely through Christ..i lay my everything through Christ my career as i am looking for a job,finances and family in general.

  334. Margaret | May 9, 2011 at 6:30 pm |

    Lynnelle, If you have laid everything before Jesus Christ, you really desire to welcome Him into your life, but you must let go of whatever is holding you back. You seem to be in a push and pull situation, so you have to make a decisionm and only you can make that decision to follow none but Jesus. Ask for the help of the Holy Spirit and you will get it. Read your Bible regularly and obey the instructions and it shall be well with you in all the areas you mentioned. Read Matthew6:33, and obey. Jesus is Lord!

  335. Margaret | May 9, 2011 at 6:53 pm |

    Lynnele, If you have laid all before the Lord, you have received Him but you have not totally let go of some old man habits. You need to be reading your Bible daily and be obedient to what you read. Attend a church where you will be taught the word of God. Only you can decide that you will follow no one but Jesus Christ. It is a life decision, so take that bold step, put off the old man, and you will be glad that you do. Read Matthew6:33 and obey. Jesus is Lord!

  336. I want God to perfect everything concerning my papers, Also need God`s direction and vission upon my life to come into manifisation, God`s protection upon my life and my family, God to see us through in all area of our life and open heaven in that we lay our hands unto. Prayer for divine up liftment in our job and finance.

  337. Emmanuel Nwosu, SUCCESS is the summary of your request. The Bible gives us the secret of success in Joshuah1:8. Locate the word for perfection, e.g.Psalm138:8, speak, meditate and pray it often. Do so for others. But money does not answer to prayer alone. There is the need to sow money into your church and into people’s lives. Be a doer of Biblical teaching you receive and you will find everything falling in places for you. Jesus is Lord!

  338. I lay at your feet all my needs that are spiritual,physical and mental.You are my source.The source of every good blessing.I surrender to you my fears, weaknesses.I wait at your feet for my blessings.I praise you Lord, please bless me with nice life partner and a good job.Thy will be done in my life.amen.May the Lord bless you.amen

  339. SUMA, Your comment is beautiful, but I just want to let us know that when we lay down good things at the feet of the Lord, we take it back in multiple forms. When we lay down weakness we must expect to receive His strength. We must always expect an exchange. God does not expec us to serve Him in vain. Jesus is Lord!

  340. Dear Pastor,
    I am 34 year old divorcee woman (with no child from the marriage). I am born again, filled with the Spirit of God and serving God at church and workplace through prayer meetings(where I share the Word of God and encourage others thru the Word of God). I am a faifhful giver and a prayerful woman. Pastor sometimes I feel lonely and wish I had a partner. God said in His Word if I get dirvoced I must stay unmarried or else reunite with my husband. From what has happened between us I do not want to be reunited with him (and he is also not prepared) so now I am in need of God’s strenght and guidance. Please advise. May God bless you

  341. Bongiwe, Praise the Lord! You quoted 1Cocinthans7:11, but I want you to read verse15 of the same chapter. Perhaps both of you were unbelievers when you married and divorced. Now that you are born again, let peace reign in your heart. The Blood of Jesus had paid for all your sins before new birth. Your new relationship must be with a single man who is born again and also loves the Lord. With both of you in Christ as new creatures obeying the Word of God and pleasing the Lord and not your ego, the marriage will work. You have been forgiven your sins, it is now time to forgive yourself, put off old things and move on in life. As a servant of God, He will pour His favour upon you and only the right man will propose to you, in the name of Jesus. Jesus is Lord!

  342. I thank God 4 His mercy upon my live

  343. Bongiwe, Lets look at a very short prayer of Abraham in Genesis15:2. God visited Abraham by His Word in verse one, and Abraham prayed in verses2&3, “Lord GOD, what will you give me…..?” He told God of his childlessness (as if God did not know) and asked if his chief servant would be his heir. God knows our needs but we must ask Him. A.S.K. Matthew7:7-11. Go into the action of asking, seeking and knocking. All things are yours, for all things belong to your heavenly Father. Jesus is Lord!

  344. Anonymous | May 18, 2011 at 8:42 am |

    Good counsel Sis Magaret

  345. Anonymous | May 18, 2011 at 8:48 am |

    You servant of the most High God, you are highly esteemed!
    You have spoken the heart of God to my life. I praise God for you! Just as God must with Moses in leading the children of Israel from the land of slavery to the promiise land, He shall be with in leading us from the land of slavery to the promise land of joy, peace and spritual fulfilment. Thank you for Words of guidance,encouragement and wisdom. Indeed people of God suffer and perish due to lack of knowledge. You have been appointed and ordained to set the captives free. May God take you from Glory to Glory. Stay blessed

  346. You servant of the most High God, you are highly esteemed!  
    You have spoken the heart of God to my life. I praise God for you! Just as God must with Moses in leading the children of Israel from the land of slavery to the promiise land, He shall be with in leading us from the land of slavery to the promise land of joy, peace and spritual fulfilment. Thank you for Words of guidance,encouragement and wisdom. Indeed people of God suffer and perish due to lack of knowledge. You have been appointed and ordained to set the captives free. May God take you from Glory to Glory. Stay blessed

  347. Osunkile, thank you for reminding us of that word, MERCY. Everyone who is born again is a product of MERCY. It is our capital in Christianity. Without the mercy of God, we would have been consumed long ago, and God renews Hls mercy on us everyday, Lamentation3:21, 22. So we must be thanking God everyday for His mercy. Jesus is Lord!

  348. Osunkile, MERCY Please add Lamementation3:23 and Romans 9:10-33. to see the mercy of God on us who believe. In time of life challenges, cry for mercy, “Mercy O Lord, Have mercy on me. You will not allow me to be destroyed by this challenges, have mercy on me O Lord, in Jesus’ name”. God will always answer to our cry of mercy. Jesus is Lord!

  349. Bongiwe, All the glory goes to God Almighty who sent you His word and gave you peace. His counsel stands forever. When you get His counsel, He will perform it. The counsel of God is His word, and when you see His word, do Joshua1:8 with that word and God will perform it. Jeremiah1: 11,12. Proverbs19:21

  350. Bongiwe, As you renew your mind by reading and doing the Bible, ask God to renew your body. God can do all things. Jesus is Lord!

  351. “You are my King, O God: command victories and deliverances for Margaret (seed of jacob)”, Psalm44:4 AMP. Read several versions of it. Margaret is not in the Bible, but I am a seed of Jacob and that is why I can personalise the verse the way I did. Beside, Jesus said, what I tell one, I tell the others, Do you want victories and deliverances? This is a scripture to do Joshua1:8 with, on daily basis. King of kings is the Champion in any battle, and His word is power. As you speak His word, He will confirm and perform the word. Always speak His word boldly with confidence, and you will see results. Jesus is Lord!

  352. “Woman you are loosed “. I heard these four words as I was praying few minutes ago, and it became my prayer point. Thank you for loosing me from the spirit of infirmity, from poverty, from death, from shame and reproach, from the tongue of the wicked, from lack and want, from loneliness, from bad company and from all the things you dont want. You can go on mentioning them, and I know that you are loosed. Go to Luke13:10-13. Remember to glorify God and celebrate your liberty in Jesus Christ. Jesus is Lord!

  353. Please, I want all of us to pay attention to this scripture, Mark 13:37. So always appropiate every word you see in the Bible to yourself with faith, and it will work for you as it worked when Jesus was on earth. Jesus is Lord!

  354. Anthony Premura | May 29, 2011 at 1:26 am |

    Dear to whoevers reading please pray that i will receive a breakthrough from unclean spirits and for peace and restoration. Please send me some prayer points in order to overcome this its been 2 years too long i am suffering for it mentally, spiritually and physically

  355. Eric Darko | June 2, 2011 at 4:41 pm |

    People of God, please pray with me concerning High Blood Pressure which has been worrying me for the past 12years now, I know that my God who is the greatest healer can heal me thoroughly and also for my american citizenship. Praise God!

  356. Anthony and Eric, Our God is also called the Prince of peace. Rest all your cases with Him and pray for peace in your life to be flowing like river. Be anxious for nothing, but pray about every thing and trust God to perfom The word you pray to him. It shall be well with you if you trust Him absolutely. God is not a magictian. Read your Bible and you will know that your case is very little, compared to what He did before. God can handle your health, Exodus15:26, Matthew10:1, 3John2. Jesus is Lord!

  357. kiruthika | June 19, 2011 at 4:47 pm |

    my name is kiruthika. my husband name is ravi. before one month i request to my jesus, my husband stay with another lady, please my husband leave another lady for my two babies future. my jesus is great because my husband now leave her. now he for me only. i am soo happy. thanks a lot to my jesus. now i want to another request to my jesus. i believe my jesus strength. my husband is not going to any job. so please jesus my husband go to any one good job in chennai or anyone place in tamilnadu as you like jesus and for my job also. and he is a drinker. please leave drinking also. Please pray for my husband love with me. i want going to individual family in tamil nadu. because we are love marriage, and i am a hindu, my husband is hindu-musilm. soo many troubles in my joint family. so now i am not happy with my husband. so jesus please help us to our life and our babies future and we want sattle in tamil nadu.we are coming to front of all of one so pleaSE HELP ME JESUS. please pray for me to my jesus.

  358. Please pray for my marriage. Pray that God restore love and communication between me and my husband. Pray that my husband be faithfull to me and also he give his life to God and stop drinking. Pray taht God restore what the devil has stolen in our marriage.

    Thank you

  359. akua boatemaa | June 21, 2011 at 12:44 pm |

    Dear Dr Olukoya and the prayer warriors team, please pray with me against any strange woman that has entered my marriage. Pray that my children will live to declare the glory of God in the land of the living and that they will fulfill their divine destiny. Let God restore the love, understanding and peace that once was upon my marriage. let God reign supreme in my marriage, children’s life and in my business in the mighty name of Jesus.

  360. Kiruthika, It is not possible to be Hindu and Christian at the same time. Give your life totally to Jesus, and encourage your husband to do the same. Only Jesus can solve all the problems in your family. Go to a church where you will be guided to do so and be teaching you the word of God. Only Jesus can can give you and your children a good future. Jeremiah29:11. Jesus is jealous, so be devoted to Him alone and you will see great changes in your life. Jesus is Lord!

  361. Linda, God will grant you the desires of your heart and restore your marriage and touch your husband. However, note that good marriage do not just happen, you have to work it ou t in prayer and ACTION. HONOUR YOUR HUSBAND AND SUBMIT TO HIM IN ALL THINGS AS UNTO THE LORD. The emphasis is deliberate. If you are determined to make your marriage, it will work with love, patience and perseverance. Always remember your marriage vow and keep it, “Till death do us part”. Jesus is Lord!

  362. Akua, As you have thought in your heart, so will God do. He will answer you slightest wisper and sighs concerning your marriage. God established the Marriage institution for peace, harmony and progess, but the devil is always threatening it. You have to fight back. Be what God says you should be in marriage, and resist the devil. 361 also apply to you, so be a doer of the exhortation there. I speak peace to all marriages and I release the Blood of Jesus upon them. I decree that your home shall stand, in the name of Jesus. Work out your marriage and be confident that it shall work. PEACE. Jesus is Lord!

  363. Help me into victroy and liberty from false dotrine who will be agains normal salvation in blood of Jesus and be against realy revival, so pray with me in in God´s help and refuge ,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

  364. I am a born again 27 year old woman. I have been married for 3 yrs and i have a two year old son. My husband is a non believer and i have recently been having dreams abt polygamous home with a pregnant girl. I confronted him abt the affair and he did not deny neither cld he reassure me. I refuse to be part of polygamous home so i have started night vigil for the marriage. At night i am filled with holy anger and i fight violently but during the day i start wondering if it is worth it. We ar nw in debt coz he is running 2 households and my son and i are the ones who suffer.

  365. Sifiso, You must not give up what rightly belongs to you. So your night vigil is okay. The good fight should start by praying for the redemption of his soul. As an unbeliever, he sees nothing wrong with polygamy, so pray for him to repent, and for the soul of the girl. If both turn to God, they may seperate. It is obvious that you love your husband, and I know that God will answer your prayers. However, I must let you know these facts, God hates divorce, Malachi, 2:16; but if he departs from home, you are free to let him go 1Corinthians7:39. Locate the word of God in these two chapters, and others, to speak to him in a gentle manner, God will use His word to pierce his heart. You will overcome this attempt of satan to break your home. Jesus is Lord!

  366. Pls pray for me pastor that God will see me through in my academic and give me a good job IJN.

  367. Cleopatra Keineetse Motsaatlhobolo | July 5, 2011 at 1:22 am |

    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, i thank our Lord Jesus Christ for having seen this website, i never knew about it until today.

    pliz help me in my prayers, pray for my brakthrough, spiritual upliftment, and succsess, my debts and financial break through

    pray for my younger sister to find sponsorship for her education and for my elder sister to find a job, my elder brother is an alcohol addict and smokes ciggarrettes, pliz pray for him, he never have any money even though he is working, my mother’s salvation

    pray for my family, there is a spirit of bitterness to an extent that we always fight and never come to an understanding, no marriages, my elder brother is 36 years (no wife), my elder sister 33 years, (3kids and no husband), i am 26 years ( 1 son and no husband), last sister is 21 years.

    pray for the salvation of my family, my mother, two sisters one brother, one son and three nieces.

  368. i need a prayer that will transform me and my three brothers and four sisters six uncle.

  369. osita Emmanuel | July 26, 2011 at 6:22 am |

    greeting to you sir,sir need a prayer that any foundational power /ancestral powers that boosting that i will never raise my head or prosper in life that the ground will open and swallow any thing that does not want me to advance in life and that god will give me breakthrough that can will surprise does asking where is my god in Jesus name Amen.

    sir,pray for me that my god shall arrive pull me out from here to my place of my destiny and does asking where is my god shall gather together and rejoices with me in Jesus name amen

  370. Osita, You need to get two powerful prayer books by Dr. Olukoya, Prayer Rain and Prayer Passport. You will get several prayer points there and as you pray them, you will learn how to pray in the right directions. Jesus is Lord!

  371. Jimmy, buy the two books recommended in No.370 above, combine the prayers there with Bible reading and you will never remain the same. Jesus is Lord!

  372. Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am a believer and of the body of Christ. Almost a year a go I lost my job and is currently in need of a new job. I would like for you to stand in agreement with me for this new position. Also please pray for my unsaved son and his family that they will receive the Lord in their lives.

    Thank you.

  373. Carlenef,, Being a believer makes you an overcomer if you know your rights. You can know them by reading your Bible. God who said in His word, through Paul, that if we do not work, we must not eat, will provide a job for you if you cry to Him in prayer. You need to work to eat and to give to the work of the Lord, and to others who are poor. Give God your strong reasons why you need to work, He will give you work. Serve in the house of God, and God will bless your bread and water. Jesus is Lord!

  374. I found this blog while fasting during lunch at work to pray deliverance for my brother In law living in Panama. His mother and father found the paperwork of his santoria indoctrination at their home. This is new to me since I am from Ohio and of euopian desent, but I do know to pray for him and fast. My wife whose mom is also from euopian desent and from the States, her father from Panama has asked the whole family who are belivers (some Catholic some Protestant) to pray and fast for her brothers deliverance today and his heart to be clennsed and set free for the Holy Spirit to penetrate for his salvation in Jesus Christ. I ask that you will pray as well and pray for us for strength and conviction. So far we have been told not to confront him but to pray and fast. To wait till God moves on his heart and he asks for help, then be open to talk with him and lead him to Christ. Thanks, Yours in Christ Jesus Michael in Florida

  375. Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord!
    Great servant of the most High God; please pray with me for my daughter Thandeka. She is suffering from the evil spirit of pain, agony and death. Every now and then she feels depressed and having no reason to live. She is 16 born again child of God. She tried to commit suicide and when she is depressed she overdose pain killers. May God bless you.

    Thank you,

  376. Bongiwe, You have to curse the spirit of deppression and the spirit of suicide, and root them out of her. She is still young and has many reasons to live for; her education is a major project for her at that age. Ask her if she has any disappointment in infatuation(“love”). Get to the root of that as well, and tell her to put it behind her. There are so many boys around. Pray against those spirits by the Blood of Jesus, and in the name of Jesus. Anoint her and break their yokes from her. Then encourage her to be reading her Bible and Dr. Olukoya’s books on deliverance. She will be delivered, in the name of Jesus. Jesus is Lord!

  377. Praise Jesus,
    I want to thank God and praise his wonderful Holy name. On saturday i boarded a public bus that had been car jacked and when the thugs took control of the bus i prayed using Psalms 91 the entire chapter and pleading the blood of Jesus over my life. then i also covered myself with the fire of God. To the Glory of God’s name they did not take anything from me nor touch me and was actually seated next to the one who wascollecting the cash. When i felt a wave of peace i requested to alight and when one of them asked why they would release me, anther one lamented that i looked broke. God used the spirit of blindness on him and all he could see was someone without anything to be robbed. I alighted from the hijacked bus untouched with everything ni had. Brethrens, join me in giving God all the glory and praise. His promises are Yea and Amen. He gave His angels charge over me. I passed through the fire and came out unburnt not even smelling of smoke as he has promised in Isaiah 43. I will bless His name forever. He is an awesome God and our protector. The blood of Jesus is poweful very very powerful lets learn to use it. Am forever greatful to God for leading me to this website and also directing me to own Prayer passport as i have learnt alot. God bless you all and lets serve this God with all that we have as He is faithful and watches over His word to fulfil it. !!!!

  378. dolapo jenkins-alumona | August 16, 2011 at 11:22 am |

    thank God for this page, pls I will need you to join me in prayer for the salvation of my husband and my business, I hv put money but I don,t understand why I find it difficult to succed please send prayerpoints on how to know Gods will in business to me, shallom.

  379. Greetings in the most precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

    Servant of the most High God, please pray with me for our protection against my ex-husband. He is threatning to kill me and my child. Please pray that God shall hide us under the shadow of His wing. Pray that we should not die before time and the enemy shall come from one direction and flee through seven.

    God bless you.

  380. Carole, Glory to God for the wonderful testimony you shared with us. The money collector could not ask you for money because the Greater One lives in you and you focussed on Him and not on the robbers. As a daughter of the King of kings, you sat down majestically. You were too much for them, not too small. Continue to be on fire for God and all will be well with you, always. God cannot lie and He will never put to shame those who trust in Him. PRAISE YE THE LORD!!! Jesus is Lord!

  381. Dolapo, Keep praising God for the salvation of your husband’s soul. God has answered all the prayers you have prayed for him, it is just the manifestation of it that remains.
    You need to be paying tithe from your business and God will rebuke devourers for you, and all the promises of Malachi3:10-12 will be yours. Buy Prayer Rain, Prayer Passport and Violent Prayers, be using them fervently, and be an ardent Word reader. You will overcome in the name of Jesus. Jesus is Lord!

  382. Bongiwe, Am glad that you already know Psalm118:17, Deuteronomy28:7, Be doing Joshua1:8 with them and the others I will put here. It is not surprising that Solomon was a warrior, not a worrier, otherwise he would not enjoy his wealth. Proverbs 12:28, 21:18, 11:8, 24:15 Our weapons are not carnal but mighty&spiritual. When in the presence of your ex-, he may be fuming but be releasing the word and the Blood against the wicked spirit in him. Psalm49:15, 56:13, 79:11, many more in the Psalms. Hear Paul, 2Thessalonians1:6, Galatians6:17, If you read your Bible, you will see what God says about the wicked. Gather five and release them against the wicked on daily bases until you bring down the head of your Goliath. Make sure that your way pleases the Lord before you engage in this type of warfare. All we need are in the Bible, and we have several prophets(minor and major) among us, get their words and be releasing them. Anyone who wants to kill you will die before your time. Jesus is Lord!

  383. Please pray for my daughter Carol who is dating a Moslem boy!!!! Let God intervene!!! Please give me prayer points to use while praying for her!

  384. Renuka de silva | August 22, 2011 at 12:06 am |

    Renuka De silva
    63 a 1
    Kudahakapola North
    Ja ela
    Sri lanka

    Dear Pastor,
    I am a christian Mother of 2 sons living in Sri lanka. Since 13 years i am struggling with familly troubles and Financial troubles. My Husband has a Affair with a woman since many years. He is doing Witchcraft agenst me since 12 years. He is doing everything to destroy my life and marry that woman.He hate me.He is harresing me. He is doing all for that woman. He is spending lot of Money for her. He deposits Money for her Bank Account every Month. He takes her every where.
    He treat me like a Servant. My Children and my self we havent anything. Some days i havent any Money to buy food. Day by day my situation becomes worst. I am steping to poverty. I have lost everything.
    I am sick now. I have Diabetes and Heart trouble.My life is full of Sorrow. Struggles.Debt,Tears, Financial troubles and Sickniss.My Husbands Brothers and Sisters are harresing me. They are trying to Break our Familly. They are trying to take our Property. Please pastor Pray for me to get deliverance from troubles. Please Pray for Financial Blessing. Please Pastor send me a reply. Thank you. God bless you.

  385. Christine, Use 2Corinthians6:14 to break the unequal yoke and the evil fellowship, by the Blood of the Lamb, by fire, by the awesome power of God. Fast with your prayer for 7days. You must know that your daughter needs to be counselled. let her know that polygamy awaits her in future. She would not have her “own husband”, but “our husband”. God will answer your prayers. Buy Prayer Rain, by Dr. Olukoya to pray for her marriage. Jesus is Lord!

  386. Renuka, it is unfortunate that your husband has to go after another woman, and more unfortunate that your in laws have to join him in harrassing you. Sit down and examine yourself to see whether there is anything you fall short of, if you discover any, correct yourself and apologise to him. Do you have your own job? If you have, I suggest that you ignore all of them and face your work and children. If your children are too young, bear with the situation for the sake of your children. Adultery is among the three Biblical reasons for divorce, the other two are death and if the unbelieving departs. If the situation is too unbearable get seperated from him, may be he will change. It is better to be alive and well than to die untimely, for no cogent reason, your children will be the ones to suffer. Ask God to give you strength to continue, just in case you cannot leave the man. Be praying for your husband, he could be under a spell. Ask God to remove everything covering his eyes and senses by the Blood of the Lamb. Ask for the help of God daily, “Lord, help me”. Matthew15:25 God will surely help you, in the name of Jesus. Jesus is Lord!

  387. 1. I want God to have mercy on me and forgive me all my numerous sins. I want God to deliver me from the spirit of lust, Masturbation, pornography.
    2. I also want to be delivered from the spirit of Laziness and procrastination.
    3. I want God to provide a God fearing man for me.

  388. Coker Bose, Now that you have purpose to do away with sexual sins, just ask God for forgiveness in the name of Jesus and by the Blood of Jesus, and God will forgive you. If you genuinely repent, you will never go back to the sins again. Ask for the help of the Holy Spirit. You can also do what Job did in Job31, make covenant with your eyes and back it up with vows. Be reading the word fo God so that you can be washed clean from any form of filthyness. laziness and procastination are twins and they can only bring poverty, so always occupy your time well. Speak to yourself, everyday, I shall not be wasted, God’s plan and purpose for my life shall stand. Jesus is Lord!

  389. i am writing to request prayers. i was invited by a friend to a church but i have come to realise that since then i have started to struggle reading my bible and am suffering thought blocks and headaches. the more i attend the more i realise that it operayes using cult methods. at first my friend invited me for prayers but now it appears he does not want me to leave or to listen to other christian preachers. i am finding it hard to read my bible and pray. it appears like something has blocked my heaven, please pray for me

  390. Nathan, Perhaps you have been initiated without your knowledge. We thank God because there is always a way out of every problem. Begin to read your bible aloud, five chapters of the psalms at a time. As you read aloud, your spirit and whole body willnbe hearing. be issuing instructions to yourself, e.g. My body soul, and spirit, disobey satanic instructions, you belong to God through Jesus Christ. Come out of every evil covenant where they have taken you. Nathan, you shall not be wasted. after the first day of doing this, you should be able to read your Bible and pray. Add praises to your lifestyle. Next time you want to enter any house, enter by the blood of Jesus. There is wickedness in the world today, but God will repect His covenant. Psalm74:20 Jesus is Lord!

  391. Pray for Me I need a new job as soon as possible, in a good organisation, good working environment, good benefits and good salary

  392. September 1st, 2011 1:28 pm :
    Prayer request:
    I came to the UK when I was 22, and worked very hard to make something of myself. I managed to carve a career for myself and me someone whom I fell in love with. We were blessed with two very beautiful children now a 13year old girl and an 11year old boy. I worked hard as a husband and father to provide for my family, helped my wife to also carve her own career. My wife has always led a secretive life that I have never been a part of, and unfortunately I did not help the situation with certain behaviours that I also exhibited, e.g when drunk I would come on to her friends and other members of her family. I started drinking heavily and seeing other women, and things came to a head when I groped a 17year old female and was convicted of a sexual offence. I lost my job and my wife left with the children. I have begged for my wife’s forgiveness several times and initially we made efforts to reconcile and I was able to provide financial support to my wife and children, but since November 2010 my savings dried up and I was unable to continue offering any support. Since then my wife started backing off and now has told me that she does not want reconciliation and I have since found out that she has now started other sexual relationships with other men, and I have since discovered that she had been doing this even when we were married, where she was meeting other men from dating sites and going away for weekends with her friends where they will meet other men. In all this she has always blamed me for all the negative things in our relationship and has always sworn that she has been faithful throughout and I had been the devil, but on the other hand has also been doing what she has been doing. I still love my wife and would love to be reconciled with her and start our relationship in Christ. I have tried to talk to my wife about Godly things, but she has now said she does not want much contact with me. The only times recently that she has let me have the children for a week has been so that she could spend time with her numerous sexual partners.
    I want my wife and family back, I still love them dearly and would like to be reconciled with them.
    My house is up for reposession by the bank, we had put a tenant in it, but they refused to make rent payments and now are refusing to vacate the property. My wife has said that as soon as the tenant vacates the property she wants to move back and start making the mortgage payemnts and make payments towards the arreas, but now I am not so sure about her motive, I suspect she wants to move back and move in one of her lovers.
    Please help me to plead my case with the Lord.
    Please Pray for me.
    I would like to restore all that I have lost in the past 3years and for them to be multiplied a hundred fold. I am unable to get a job, I am homeless, sleeping on people’s floors.
    I ask for the Lord’s mercy.

  393. Clevejoek, You need more than prayer. You need the wisdom and knowledge of God to deal with your situation. Let’s thank God because you have cried to God for mercy and He has heard you. An indication of that is that your wife has agreed to come back on the condition that your tenants leave. Very simple and possible with God. You have got to trust your wife for her word, stop thinking negatives about her. She wont bring men into your home, and she will stay with you. Anytime you plead with her, plead the case of the children, and let her know that you dont want a broken home for the children. Since God has forgiven you, she too will forgive you. Romans8:31. The devil hates repentance, but you just have to repent totally and have a complete turnaround. Never you go back to all the sins that messed you up. To eject your tenants, read Job20 on the letter you write to them, but pray verses5&19.ferventlyand any other verses which you are led to pray. God will put your fear and your dread inside them and they will quit. Our weapons are not carnal, but mighty. I have used that Job20 several times and I have testimonies. When your wife moves in, both of you should be praying together, going to Church together, and you will see your entire life changing for better. Sin kills in several ways, so distant yourself from sin. God will restore your home, job and everything you have lost. Buy Prayer Rain, by Dr. Olukoya and you will find several prayer points to help you move on in life. Read your Bible together regularly. Jesus is Lord!

  394. Grace, If you have been paying tithe, giving offering and giving to the poor and needy, your prayer is very short. Go and pray Malachi3:10-12, pray all those points you raised. Ask God for Psalm126. You also need to get that book, Prayer Rain. Jesus is Lord!

  395. Thank you Margaret for your prayers and the advice. My wife has already stated her conditions, that when she moves back she does not want me to move back in the house. As it is she does not allow me to see our children. She only lets me see them when she wants me to come over to do work in their garden or the last time she left them with me for a week as she wanted to spend time with some of her sexual partners. None of this is speculation, it is fact. I am not angry with her. I have forgiven her, I want us to get back together and move on with our lives and make God the head of our home.
    Once again, thank you.

  396. My boss is continually trying to get me fired and no one believes that she is telling lies on me, I have not received the promotion and pay raise that I have been due for due to her lies, and I have a lot of bills to take care of I really need a breakthrough with the treatment at this job both financial and for God to vindicate me and expose the lies of my boss, so that she does not continue to tarnish my image and that I can continue in my job.
    Last night i started praying at the midight hours …I have been fasting every day for this week. Please lift me up in prayers that God would open up a door soon for me to be vindicated

  397. Good Day Sir,

    I want you to assist me in prayer for my prospective spouse, last year december 2010 he supplied goods to few of his customers worth more than a million and till date have not been paid for, whenever he call any of them on phone they will be giving him unnecessary excuse.

    Also i want you to asist me in prayer for safe journey mercy to my village before the end of this month september.

    Finally, i want to God to provide for my family and cloth us with good health……. and give us the grace to serve him in spirit and in truth.

    Thanks and God bless.
    Grace from Lagos

  398. Grace, The Bible calls those who borrow and do not pay back, wicked. Psalm37:21. the same name applies to those who collect goods and refuse to pay back. Search for 7 scriptures against the wicked, both of you should release the scriptutes against them. Ask God to arrest their peace of mind and untill they pay your money, peace should elude them. Your fiance should pray the prayers. If truly they are owing your fiance., there will be results. Warn him that if they are not owing him, he could be snared by his words. Jesus is Lord!.

  399. Clivejoek, Your marriage was built on trust before you started to leave together. If there is no more trust, and she has decided to be seperated from you, “let the unbelieving depart”, 1Corinthians7:15. If the bank sells the house, they will take their share, and you&her will share the rest. You dont need to become a slave to her for any reason. The husband is the head of the home. No issue is worth dying for. Jesus died for all the world and I will not advise you to keep on pursuing her. Just try your best with the children’s interest at heart. God who restarted Job’s life can restart your life. Remind her of the children’s interest, who knows, she might be soft towards them. Ask God for divine intervention, and pray fervently for this. God can turn her heart to favour you, Proverbs21:1. Jesus is Lord!

  400. Sunshine, Pray to God for divine intervention. When God steps in, you have nothing to fear. Get scriptures on false tongues and release them against her. See Psalm35:11, 27:12, 31:18. Pray them, decree them, meditate them. Search for more. God will answer you and justify you, Psalm31:20, Romans8:33. Jesus Is Lord!

  401. Please i need your prayers sir, I used to see myself having difficulty climbing mountains in my dreams, having sex,giving birth to children, having my marriage,eating, naked, travelling without getting to my destination. I am a graduate without job, 26years old without a steady relationship. My brothers are graduates but they are without jobs. We are in a huge debt.

  402. Reconciliation of Marriage

    Got seperated 26/02/2010, wanting to reconcile and have the marriage God wants us to have. Help others.

    Plz pray for Suzanna and myself that God will bring us back together again.That God will plant the mustard seed of faith, trust, belief, and love in her heart. That the fear she has of us ever getting together will be removed. I am praying my wife finds a church, God leads her to and study His word. Plz pray God keeps teaching us how to be His children/so through this trial we are in we will help others. I thank God for this trial. I pray that if it is God’s will we will be husband & wife again and that God will alway be in our marriage. That God will bless us with more children,His children.(soon I hope I am 41, my wife is 40. I know Sara was 99) That he will love me like Christ loved us all & I will submit to him as God tells us to. Thank You.

  403. Clivejoek, God will grant you your heart’s desires, in Jesus name. God can do all things and your case shall not be different, Genesis18:14. Jesus is Lord!

  404. Dupe, Tell yourself every morning, after praising and thanking God for waknig you up, “I shall not be wasted” MFM 70days fasting and praying is going on, join. Get the prayer book and these two, Prayer Rain, Prayer Passport. If you have to sell one or two of your shoes, or if you will go and do “agbaru”, please do something to get the books. Tell your brothers and parentst to get the books as well. Be an ardent reader of the Holy Bible, and as you use the books, you will begin to see changes. When you cry to God, your enemies will turn back, Psalm56:8. You will do the crying by yourself, and God will answer you in Jesus’ name. Jesus is Lord!

  405. one of my uncle told me to come and visit them in their house at badagry.he said they will give me job to do so that i will have money to take care of my young once. when i get there i realise that the man is now a ritch man because he has trailers and houses. i stayed there for about three months. one day the wife called me and served me a plate of food in their dineing table. the soup was too black but i know is vegetable soup, later that night i had a dream in that dream i saw the woman she cam to me where i was lying down.she stood there looking at me i could not get up but i can see her. i tryed to stand up but could not. she started calling my name untill somthing came out from me and fallowed her. the thing that came out from me when i look at it . what i saw was me stand with her. at the same time another me lying on the ground looking at both of them and they went away. the next morning i woke up and dressup to work . on my way to the work somthing happend to me it came like breez and enterd inside me. after some minits i begine to feel it . is like fire and smoke mixed together burning inside me. is over eight years now but it could not go away. i cant see the smok or the fire with my naked eyes but i can feel it very strong.


  407. Geoffrey, Do you want to be free? I release the Blood of Jesus against the wicked power working inside you, and I decree a return to sender. The wicked shall have a taste of thier wickedness. Your own spirit will come back to you in the name of Jesus. Go to a nearby MFM church and tell them your story. The Blood of jesus is above any other blood. The Blood of Jesus will set you free. Be ready to submit your life totally to Jesus, Be ready to pray and fast. and be reading your Bible. Fear not. God will surely deliver you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  408. Geoffery, You must be praisingand thankig God for keeping you from 8 years ago. Before you get to Church tomorrow, get a cup of water and call the water, the Blood of Jesus and read Isaiah54:17, Jeremiah17:14, and Jeremiah30:16-17. The word of God is fire, our God is a consuming fire, Hebrews12:29, read it into the water too. Be doing that everyday. Just as the rod of Moses swallowed up the rods of the Egyptians, so will the fire of God swallow that evil fire and burn those who sent it to you. If the Pastor did not call for those who want to be born again, go forward and say that you want to be born again. Take this new birth seriously and be living according to the will of God You will be delivered by the Blood of Jesus.Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  409. Jared, Ask for the help of the Holy Spirit. Then make a vow like Job did inJob31. There are many vows in the chapter.Burn all the magazines with you. Purpose to live a clean life, with the help of the Holy Spirit. Be reading your Bible, and be a doer of what you read. Psalm119:9. If you are of a marriageable age, get married. As for the lady’s deliverance, she too must make up her mind. Continue to pray for the salvation of her soul. You too should rededicate your life to Jesus Christ. When you are full of Christ, there will be no space for the devil in your life. Draw closer to God and resist the devil. Jesus Christ can fill the emptiness in your life. Follow Him fully. Glory to God, Jesus is Lord!

  410. Geoffrey, If you obey the instructions above, and got born again yesterday, you are just starting your walk with God through Jesus Christ. He alone can deliver you totally. Do away with newspaper and television (for some time), except you are an editor or a producer. Nothing wrong in reading them. You need the good news from heaven, the gospel of Jesus Christ. Now that “this kind” must go, read only the word of God, the Holy Bible. That is where solution is. In addition, daily, sprinkle yourself with the Blood of Jesus, SEVEN TIMES, and command the evil fire spirit to depart from you. The blood of Jesus is as potent as it was shed over 2000years ago, plead it everyday. When we plead the Blood, the owner of the Blood will come to our rescue. You will have testimony, so come back to share it, to give glory to God and to encourage others in similar situations. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  411. Geoffrey, Give God quality THANKSGIVING, daily with 2Samuel 22 and Psalm136. Have faith that you have already overcome, by the awesome power of God. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  412. Nelly Nayang Modigah | October 12, 2011 at 10:38 am |

    Please pray for me if had money and Nigeria was just around the corner i would fly to come for deliverance for financial debts that i find myself in. But i am trusting God for the biggest miracle that has never happened to take place in my life between now and before the 22nd of October 2010. I need Dr. D. K. Olukoya tpo pray for me.

  413. Please pray for me that I begin to know and understand the will of GOD better!
    I am a struggling Christian,who believes and trusts in the Lord Our God, but
    who does not understand his ways. The journey that I am taking with him is
    hard to enjoy and even harder to appreciate; nonetheless, I want to continue
    to walk in faith. PLEASE PRAY for me and all those who are like me. In JESUS’
    name. Amen.

  414. Nelly, The debt you go through is an attack. Be born again and be reading the word of God. Buy these three books by Dr. Olukoya, Prayer Rain, Prayer Passport and Prayer and Deliverance Bible with notes by Dr. Olukoya. There are so many prayer points there. There will be prayer points against borrowing too. Meanwhile, Be rebuking the spirit of borrowing and command it to leave you, in the name of Jesus. Be determined that you will not borrow money or anything from anybody. Read Romans13:8, and think on it, speak it, call your name and address it to yourself, “Nelly, owe no man….”. You should join the 70 Days Praying and Fasting programme going on. Buy the book and flow with others. You can also do vigil against the spirit. You will overcome. Please do not borrow money to come to Nigeria. There should be an MFM church in your country. Go there for more counselling. You will overcome by the Blood of the Lamb. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  415. SLJ, The prayer you need more is that the peace of God will flow to you like a river. If you have totally yielded your life to Jesus you will not struggle to know him at all. Your journey with Him should be easier; that is not to rule out persecution. In order to know His will, read your Bible. The Holy Bible is His will for us. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the understanding of what you read. Start reading the New Testament, and you will read the direct words of Jesus Christ. You can also read the Old Testament. If you seek God with all your heart, you will find Him.Jeremiah29:11-13. Try to read all the Bible verses being sent to you. Matthew11:28-30, Philippians2:1-18. All the ways of God are righteous and they are higher than our ways. Psalm145:17, Isaiah55:8, 9. God reveals His ways to His servants, but His acts to the children, Psalm103:7. Yours is to fear God and walk in His ways that you read in the Bible, and that is told you by your pastor. Fear God and walk in His ways. As you do this, you will begin to see His wonderful acts in your life. God does great things past finding out, and wonders without end, Job9:10. You can always come to this site to ask questions. Walking with Jesus is the sweetest thing I know. It is great to know that you trust and believe Him. God delights in these. Jeremiah9:24. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  416. pls pastor pray for me & pls give me prayer point to pray with. i have been married for 6months now , any tym i get pregant i will later find out am not pregant anymore wen i will just bleeding after some week and ths happen any tym i have strange dreams like eating . some tyms people will notice and i will get all d signs of pregancy but later everything will disappear. pls i need prayer & deliverance.

  417. Mercy, It is a good thing that you realise that the devil is at work to steal from you. 70Days Prayer and Fasting Program is going on now to deal with “this kind”. Join and get the book by that title. Get also these three books by Dr. Olukoya in blog415. You will overcome if you use them. Refuse to discuss your pregnancy with the people. God put it there and God will give you safe delivery when the time comes. Be in a service group in your church so that God can fulfil Exodus23:25,26 in your life. I decree and declare that you shall not cast your young any more, in the mighty name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  418. Jennifer Sarkodie | October 15, 2011 at 3:56 pm |

    I had a dream and I saw everyone but my mother and sister and aunt. we were all stuggling to move far from my mothers building. the floor was icy and flooded. My aunt and her husband were struggling to move their car, my cousin was struggling to move his, another cousin and myself was struggling to walk away. I had no shoes and wanted to go back to my mothers apartment. One of my cousins and a uncle could not leave the apartment. God revealed what the dream mean. My cousin and uncle who were left in the house are tied they cant get out. The rest of us that were able to get out are struggling to move far. I had no shoes on and wanted to go backwards. i was giving up on trying, and i have been feeling like that a few days after having this dream. I prayed that God would take my life. I feel so tired of living. Problem after problem its taking a toll on me mentally. Please pray for me.And my baby who the doctor is saying might be autistic. Stay blessed

  419. Jennifer, In the name of Jesus, God will turn the dreams against your enemies. We break the power of floods, of struggle, of autism, and of depression by the power in the Blood of Jesus. In the name of Jesus, we command all the evils in the dream to backfire; for the wicked must fall by their own counsel, Psalm5:10. Prepare the Blood of Jesus and sprinkle yourself 7times, life will enter you instantly. Rebuke the symptoms and command them to leave you, never to come back. Locate 7scriptures against the wicked and release them against them daily. You shall be delivered and they will be your ransom. Proverbs21:18. Dont pity the wicked, fire them continually, they will go back from you. anoint youself and members of your family. God created your child to be very good, and she is very good. She is NOT autistic. Buy all the books recommended in no.415, and be using them. Join the Prayer and Fasting program going on. fast and pray, you will overcome. You shall not die, but live. Psalm118:17. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  420. Babatunde S M | October 15, 2011 at 10:11 pm |

    Pastor pls joint me in prayer of total deliveraces that God will destroyed every spirit of limitations and stagnations in my life. i am being written sss for many years and i was not able to pass my english language pls joint hand with me that this year will be TESIMONY in my life.Also i need total breakthrought in all level of my life.

  421. Babatunde S.M. God can do all things. All power belongs to God and every power of darkness tormenting you shall be broken if you give your life to Jesus totally. Go to the nearest MFM church for deliverance. See no.415 above and buy all the books recommended there. They will help your prayer life. Be very close to God in prayer and be reading your Bible. Read Joshua1:8 and do what it says with Deuteronomy28:13. You shall have good success. Fear not. God will help you and your enemies shall be put to shame. Stay close to God and be thanking and be praising Him that you are still alive. Be rebuking the spirit of stagnation and command it to depart from you, in the name of Jesus. Release the Blood of Jesus against it regularly, it will go and you will move forward. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  422. Suffering in Silence. | October 16, 2011 at 3:32 pm |

    URGENT PRAYER REQUEST. I cannot keep a job, everytime I get a good one, I have to leave as I am treated very poorly. Managers suddenly turn against me. I have also a mind controlling demon, every now and then my minds says “devil fuck me” also everytime I pray my mind says pray to the devil. My prayers are not being answered, I’m over 40, suffering from educational delays, i do not have any children. men do not see me. I’m invisible to them, I feel God hates me because of what is going on in my mind. People throw powder at my feet and now I’m suffering from arithtis pains in my legs and knees. I have alopecia, my head middle is bald, I have to wear horrible wigs. I feel like I should die sometimes.. Please, please pray for me. I am lost and don’t know what to do. HELP ME!!

  423. Suffering In Silence cannot be your name. Do not label yourself with evil name. Get a good name and stamp it on yourself, and tell others of your new name. Change the horrible wigs to better ones, and know that God loves you. God loves all His creatures, but He hates sin. BE BORN AGAIN. You must return to God through Jesus Christ. When you are joined to the living God, there is hope. Believing Jesus and accepting Him into your life is power, read John1:12. Lay down every bitterness towards God and man. Be reading your Bible, for the word of God is health, Proverbs4:20-23. Being Born again is not just for forgiveness of sin, there are many sides of salvation, read John10:10 and Psalm103:1-5. If you were abused sexualy as a child or at any stage in your life, forgive the people and forgive yourself. If you had been initiated into any cult, renounce your membership and return all their property or get your pastor to burn them for you. When you forsake all and follow Jesus, all will be well with you. Age is not a determining factor for marriage. So stop thinking of your age. A man and a woman need to be made whole individually before being joined to one another. It is not enough asking God for a husband, ask God to prepare you for marriage. Have faith in God, believe His word and be a doer of what you read in the Bible. You will surely overcome all your problems. Go back to God and be obedient to the scriptural teachings there. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  424. I will be healed. | October 17, 2011 at 2:34 pm |

    Hi Margaret,

    Thanks for your encouraging words. I am baptised and is born again. I will read the verses you have suggested. I usually go to phychics (sp). However, I have thrown out all the oils and candles, and repented of my sins. I did remember vaguely, that I was touched inappropriately when I was younger. I will pray and forgive. I will let you know of my progress.

  425. Jennifer Sarkodie | October 17, 2011 at 4:39 pm |

    Dear Margaret
    Thank You for your prayers. Last night I had a dream my son and I were baracaded in a glass.It looked like we were in a zoo. Some strange animals were coming towards my son but they could not touch him. He was behind the glass.He was just staring at them. God has been showing scriptures that I should not fear and I should be still the battle is not mine. Everytime i open the bible this scripture keep meeting me one place or the other in the bible.I have printed out all your advice you have given to others as well as mine. I will use all of them. I went to church for the first time in over ten years from the devil using church members to hurt me so bad I got discouraged from entering a church ever again. My son is recieving therapy and his therapist who is a christian led me back to go to church. Its been 3 weeks now. The moment the pastor saw me he said the enemy been against me from the time i was born. There is a calling on my life from very young. God put a strong gift in me and the devil is working hard for this gift not to come forth. My gift will be terrible for the devils kingdom. He said when I pray its like sharps swords flying out.He also saw that I was in deep depression and was suicidal. But since I have been reading scriptures out loud like you adviced other brothers and sisters I been feeling the presence of God in my life. The pastor also said I have a gift of praise which is true. The songs just come from my heart. I dont write them down they just come out.I started praising God from the time I wrote you with the songs he puts in my heart. Thank you for your compassion and love. I thank God he is using woderful people like you to mend broken hearts. From the time God led me on this site I realize i am not the only soul with problems.I want to live for my son..May God bless you and your family forever.

  426. Jennifer, All the glory goes to God Almighty. Am glad that you have testimonies already. God saw your heart and He had made a shield around you and your son. Read Zeph3:15-20. “You shall not see evil anymore”. Declare verse15 daily. Continue your walk with God in Praises, Prayer, Bible study and in obeying what you read. Get a Big notebook and begin to document all those praise songs coming to you from the throne of grace. God owns you and your son, let God know this. He cannot abandon you, so do not live for your son. Live for God, prayerfully join a service group in your church and He will take care of everything which concerns you and perfect them. Psalm138:8. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  427. The healed of the Lord! Glory to God that you have changed your name. I helped you to modify it to “The healed of the Lord”. You are also born again! there is joy in heaven over you. Isaiah53:5,1Peter2:24. We were healed by the death on the cross. In Matthew8:16,17, Jesus healed all, including you and me. Jesus also took away our infirmities and bare our sicknesses. Let these Bible verses be your meditation. Do Joshua1:8 with them on daily basis and your result will be amazing. As you read the word of God, you will see changes. When you see any symptom of sickeness, command it to go, in the name of Jesus, and it will go. We are in an age of ipod, audio Bible, etc, Listen to Bible, anointed messages and christian music as often as you can. Demons will flee, because they know that you are with God. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  428. Folorunsho Ayodele | October 21, 2011 at 8:03 am |

    pls sir pray for the financial breakthrough for me and my family and good health and peace for my family and all my friend’s…. Please pray to God for the protection of my daughter to well….we ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen

  429. Folorunsho Ayodele | October 21, 2011 at 8:23 am |

    Heavenly Father, Most Gracious and Loving God, I pray to you that you abundantly bless my family and me. I know that you recognize, that a family is more than just a mother and father, sister and brother, husband and wife, but all who believe and trust in you. Father, I send up a prayer request for a financial blessing. Father I know that for you nothing is impossible, you just will it and it will happen. I thank you in advance for your blessings. Release your Godly Wisdom that I may be a good steward over all that GOD has called me to be in my financial Blessings.

    Father, for I know how wonderful and mighty you are and how if we just obey you and walk in your word and have the faith of a mustard seed that you will pour out blessings. I thank you now Lord ! for the recent blessings I received and for the blessings yet to come because I know you are not done with me yet. In Jesus Name, I pray, Amen. Sit back and watch the power of God work in your life.

  430. Folorunsho, If you have been obedient in GIVING-tithe, offering (Malachi3:6-12), alms(Deuteronomy15:7-11)Acts10:2, 4) church building(Haggai 1), then you will have your financial breakthrough. Look at this again, Luke6:38. Turn all the scripture into prayers, where you can. Get more scriptures on prosperity and do Joshua1:8 with all of them. Something had been written on health, read it. God will answer your prayers, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  431. Emmanuel Atunramu | October 21, 2011 at 11:24 am |

    My name is Emmanuel . Please i want the Lord to favour me concerning my documents in Home Office. This year I applied for an indefinite leave to remain in UK and and the case worker has been delaying my visa. Also, I want the Lord to wither every evil hand upon my destiny, success and indefinite leave to remain in UK. I want the Lord to destroy every evil power from my background that is behind my problem in Jesus name. Thank you for your concern to intercede for me. Yours in Christ, EMMANUEL

  432. Emmanuel, If you look through all the blogs, from1-431, you will find similar request and some prayer books which will help you in dealing with your background. Looking at your surname, you will also see that it is prophetic, and there is a story behind it. Atunramu means, “get ready again”. PRAY!!! so as to breakthrough. Your documents, should be accompanied with favour scriptures. The word of God is not bound, locate some favour scriptures and send them. Psalm24, the earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof, and all ancient doors against you shall lift up their heads, in the name of Jesus. God owns the day and the night, any time they take the decision, it will favour you, in the name of Jesus. Be reading your Bible. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  433. The healed of the Lord | October 21, 2011 at 3:26 pm |

    Thank you for doing this blog Margaret, since my first contact I haven’t had those thoughts as frequently as before. I have taken note of all the Scriptures you recommended. I pray for others too, who are going through their own struggles that they will begin to walk with the Lord. By His stripes I am Healed.

  434. The Healed of the Lord, I rejoice with you. The word of God is the power of God. Keep reading and meditating the word; and keep rebuking any symptom you see, and you will be made whole very soon. Let your heart rejoice always, giving Thanks to God. Read 1Thessalonians5:1-27. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  435. 436-438,PRAY for the restoration of your stolen items. 1. In the name of Jesus, I decree that the devil restores everything that had been stolen from you, by the Blood of Jesus.Isaiah42:22. 2. When Paul and Silas were held down in prison, they prayed and sang Acts16:25-27. You also need to pray and sing praises to God especially at midnite. Your chains shall also be loosed, and God will give those who chained you down a terrifing noise all the days of their lives, in Jesus’ name. You should also be anointing yourself and be declaring, “Loose me and let me go, in the mighty name of Jesus. Jesus has set me free and I am free indeed.” Yield your life totally to Jesus, continue to read your Bible and live in obedience, you will be delivered. Join the Praying and Fasting programme going on. Get all the books recommended in No415 above and be using them. The devil will lose the battle over your life, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  436. Dreamt I was being attacked by demons, they sprinkled something on me. In the same dream I went to a Pastor, she prayed for me, then went to get additional help. I was then bathe and prayed over. That was the end of the dream. I’m scared.

  437. Help, God had already sent you help in that dream. Instead of fear, let joy fill you and be giving God quality praise. This will be a warfare praise of 2Chronicles20:15-23. God will turn the table against your enemies, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  438. Help, take the communion and cover yourself with the Blood of Jesus. The Blood will be speaking passover for you. You should also anoint yourself and break the yoke of that evil visitation. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  439. I met in an accident in 2007. I fell into a hole, there were repairs being done at the bus stop on my street. The hole was left uncovered and there were no warning signs. I have severe pains in my knees, legs and back since the accident. I was also on sick leave, with limited income shortly after. My Lawyer negotiated a settlement for me, which I agreed to. Now I am being told, the Defendents have withdrawn their offer and now I’m being dragged into court. I am praying for justice, I need the court to decide in my favour. Please pray for me.

  440. Fay, You need consistent prayers, especially at midnight, so try and get all the three books recommended in no.415.
    As for the court case, it is just another ploy of the enemy to shake you, but refuse to be moved. Let you trust be in God, who alone can justify you. Call on the Blood of the Lamb to justify you God is our Judge and a righteous Judge,Isaiah33:22. Call on God to arise on your behalf. Psalm82:8, 94:2.Romans8:31-33. You shall not be wasted by the enemy, call on God for your healing. You have several scriptures as replied to others on this page. Fear not, God will help you. Isaiah41:10-14. Do Joshua1:8 with all these verses and verses on healing, and you will have good success. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  441. Pastor please pray for me.
    I had an experience years again, that have left me satanic oppressed .

    I was praying one day a long time ago, and I saw a light, and I believe it said to me he sent me in my mind, and a voice in my mind told me that I need water, and in my mind I said, I don’t need water as I was drinking a glass of water, then it said in my mind, he sent me, and I said who is he? and in the light I saw a form of a man in spirit.

    The next day I had a vision in my head and I saw a cross with a figure with a crown of thorns.
    My head filled with light and in that light the vision appeared, everything moved very quickly, then the cross appeared and a figure on the cross with thorns. But surprisingly no BLOOD.
    However, I have had terrible headaches, and my mind sometimes get very confused and clouded. I have since gone to a church and was baptised and I attend church regularly.The headaches have stopped, but a spirit of heaviness still oppresses me and crawling all over me.

    Not so long ago, I was able to get some peace of mind, but some kind of oppression came out of my belly and began to oppress me in my mind., so I could hardly breathe, I prayed for it to stop, but this oppression just continued sapping me on the inside. I am afraid to tell anyone my true torture.
    I feel in my belly and back like something crawling all over me.

    I plead the blood of Jesus against the satanic spirits inside me, that is oppressing me, but I there is a spirit of heaviness that comes over me and oppressed my mind and thoughts.
    This spirit has brought sickness upon my flesh and badly swollen feet, and I feel it is all spiritual.
    Please me my deliverance.

  442. Myrna, Continue to plead the Blood of Jesus against the spirit of heaviness and depression. Read your Bible, daily. Start reading the New Testament and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Take note of Matthew8:14-17. Anytime you see Jesus healing, call on Him to heal you. Jesus will heal you too. There is a message on Praying with the Blood. Read it to update yourself in the use of the Blood of Jesus. You can also prepare the flesh and Blood of Jesus(John6:47-58), and take it daily. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  443. Hi Margaret,

    Thank you for responding to my message. Praise the Lord. I have read the verses you recommended, last night in my dream I saw a huge black man on our balcony, he hid when I came on the balcony, when I called other family members we saw him sleeping on the balcony and when he was aware we were around he jumped to the next floor. But near the end of the dream, the huge man was back sleeping on the balcony. I feel this is an evil spirit. I woke up and plead the Blood of Jesus, please continue to pray for me.


  444. Please pray for me my husband is a drunkard who is always complaining and as a result i am always frustrated i cant perform well at work and I might be fired anytime due to my underperfomance. sibongile tshabalala

  445. Fay, In 444, I said that you need consistent prayers, you still need them. You must labour in the word and doctrine as well before your honour can come. If the devil decides to camp in your balcony as revealed to you in your dream, its no joke. You did well to plead the Blood. You will now get water, call it the Blood, read Isaiah54:13-17 into it, put anointing oil in the water and sprinkle it , not just the balcony, but every part of your home. Command all the unclean spirits to depart and never come back to you. Do it consistently till you have peace. Get the prayer books and Bible. You need them if you want to overcome. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  446. Sibongile, You must make up your mind to seperate your home from your place of work. When you get to the office, concentrate on the office work. When you get home, face home. Get your husband to know that he is facing a spiritual battle which he needs to seek help to overcome. You do not need to be angry with him, its help he needs, and you are that help. Plead the Blood of Jesus in your home and command the spiritt of drunkenness to depart. Dont be frustrated. Read your Bible aloud in the house. Ask God to send you the word which will heal him and deliver him from destruction. You will overcome, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  447. Prayer that Jon and I will overcome death and find the life that Jesus talks about, strength in fasting

  448. Donna, If you are born again and you continue to walk in obedience to God, death will be far from you. Proverbs12:28. The abundant life of Jesus is also available to every obedient child of God. You and Jon should abide under the shadow of the Almighty, Psalm91:1-16. Be reading your Bible and be obedient to what you read, and to what you are told in your local church. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  449. Hi Margaret,

    Thank you very much for your advise. I will certainly let you know my results.

  450. Jennifer Sarkodie | November 1, 2011 at 10:38 pm |

    Hello Pastor Margaret

    I wanted to know how I prepare the blood of Jesus.I also wanted to know if there was a mfm church in New York city. God has shown me that my sister and my mother are witches and I cannot battle them alone. I had a dream last night of my mother taking my son. I ran after and took him from her then she turned around and gave me a big load to take home for her. After I woke up. Please pray for my son Christopher. He has been through so much in his two years of living in the world. He born 1 pound. When he was born my mother said if he dies i should not be sad. At least I can still have more kids. This women allways show so much bitterness at me, She and my sister. God has shown me so much things that they have done to me spiritually. I almost died from witchcraft attack ten years ago. I was only 20 years old. God used a powerful man of God who had just come from Ghana to set me free.My baby does not sleep good at night. He wakes up alost every hour crying. Last night when he started again I just opened the bible in the dark and layed it next to him. when I woke up I was shoked at what scripture I opened. It was proverbs 3v24, when you lay down you shall not be afraid, and your sleep shall be sweet. God really shows his powers to those who believe and trust in him. He also led me to two scriiptures this morning which were about the same thing. When I opened the bible twice both scriptures were about me not being fearful and I should be still God will fight my battles. I can’t believe how God shows us his power with just opening the bible with faith that he will talk to us. God bless you

  451. Jennifer, Preparation of the Blood is easy. When Adam named all the animals, they are what he called them till today. Any liquid you call the Blood of Jesus, becomes Blood, because we are created in the image of God. What you say is what you see. You can turn water, coca cola or any fruit drink to the Blood. You can prepare the communion flesh by using bread or biscuit , and call it flesh of Jesus. ReadJohn6:48-58&1Corinthians11:20-30 to learn more. Now to witches. Your mother remains your mother, so give her her due honour. Your prayers should be directed to the spirit of witchcraft. However this is what the Word says about a witch, Exodus22:18. Thank God that He has lifted up your head above theirs all along. You have been given power over all the power of the enemy, Luke10:19. The Word of God is God, John1:1, Revelation19:13, so we cannot over emphasis reading and studying the Word. God showed you those verses. You will read them loud and do Joshua1:8 with them. Check the mfm addresses on You will overcome all your challenges in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  452. Jennifer Sarkodie | November 2, 2011 at 2:22 pm |

    Thank You Pastor for showing me how to prepare the blood of JESUS.I will do this all the time. And what you said about God lifting my head above theirs is true. I had a dream of a person dressed in white lift me further than the skies can see and placing me on this gigantic rock or mountain. After we landed on the rock the person took of my dirty clothes, washed me down with water and put a white gown on me like he was wearing. I never understood that dream until you said placing me above my enemies. I use to be very bitter towards my mother and sister. They put me through Hell. In fact i was even taking spiritually to their coven. It was not pretty at all. I saw the most horrific things that sometimes I feel like a person who went to war and suffer the after shock. In the dream I believe it was the leader she was cooking something in a huge pot and I told her I dont belong here. She asked me what I said then told me to go back in the room I came from when the person that brought me comes back in the room tell them I don’t belong here. They would have no choice but to take me were I came from. the person put me back on the boat and drove me to the other side. When my foot touched the other side of the land I woke up screaming. My mother was sitting up on the bed just staring at me. Then she asked me why was i screaming since last night?I asked her if I was screaming why was she just staring and didnt wake me up, She sucked her teeth and left the room.Witches do not like light in their covens.The place was pitch black.Another thing they have no mercy even on the smallest child. I saw the most sad and horrific things. The children I saw I could not save them.I feel bad till this day.I have only told three family member about this dream. I could write a book with all the things I went through in fact I have been told to write my experiences down. May Yahwe continue to bless you.

  453. Jennifer, In your mail at 454, one thing escaped my reply; that’s the heavy load. You must pray fervently and ask the owner of evil load to carry their load. Get all the prayer books and use them. God comforts us so that we can comfort others. Be documenting your experiences and when the time comes, God will tell you to begin to share them in books. Be reading Rebecca Brown’s and Dr. Olukoya’s books. They will greatly help you. You dont belong to their coven. Pray for their salvation, God may show them mercy. There is a change of rainment for you already, people will soon begin to see the glory of God in you. Continue to live holy and read your Bible fervently. Document all the visions, dreams you have and any word you hear. I pray God to give you spirit of wisdom and revelation. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  454. Jennifer Sarkodie | November 2, 2011 at 8:16 pm |

    Dear Pastor

    I will do as you adviced. I am not going to church but I pray to find a church with a leader with a heart of gold like yours. You are like a well of spring water to broken and confused hearts. I know the devil feels very threatened by you. May God continue to watch over and bless you, your family and church.

    Thank You

  455. Jennifer, All the glory goes to God. Pray fervently to God to lead you to a church and He will do so. Do not allow the enemy to isolate you from other belivers. We need one another. If God says it is not good for man to be alone, in marriage, then we should not be alone socially. Your Pastor or any church member can just speak a word which will meet your need at the right time. Allow other people you can trust to speak to your life once in a while. You are doing well with God, strictly my opinion, I may be right or wrong, only God knows. Serving in God’s house is of great value to corner Satan. God will surely help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  456. please covered my nephew Andrew Jackson under the blood of jesus for protection and guidence. He loves the lord almighty. He is 23 years old his dream is to be a music producer. he lives with his mom and has made his own studio in her home. he has been coming up against a lot of negetive people and wrong people that are trying to make music by him…Please pray for him for wisdom and knowledge and decernment with this industry and protectio, he also has stop going to college and only has 3 hours left to graduate he has lost all interests of finishing school to get his degree. I pray that he will have the desire to go back to college and get his degree. He feels he dosn’t need it. He dosen’t realize the importance of him graduating and getting his degree. He so consume with wanting to be a music producer which has taken over his life..All he does is sitt and make music.. Please deliver him in the blood of jesus.that he can finish his schooling and still make his dream come true as a music producer..Thank you God, Thank you prayer Olukoya and the prayer warriors.

  457. Hi Pastor Margaret,

    I believe in the Lord Jesus, and accept Him as our Lord and Savior. I am going through so many things. I am praying and reading the scriptures as per your advice to me previously. I am facing an issue at work, along with several others. There is a woman there, who is a witchcraft worker, she consistently is reaching in her pockets and flashing her hand as people pass by her, it results in lots of pain for those who she flashes on including myself. There is nothing in her hand, but she chants and keeps rubbing something in her pockets, using her right hand. I plead the Blood of Jesus against her, she does not stop though. Are there any scriptures and or prayer points I can use? Also we have witnessed on a number of occasions her having conversations with herself, it is not normal. She answers back and ask questions like, “This is how I should do it?’ Or “where is he? I am going there now.” etc. I am not sure what is happening here, she is a menace in the workplace. Help.


  458. Anautrey, I laughed when I read our mail. Thank you for that medicine of laughter. Your nephew discovered his purpose/dream at 23, and you fear for him when you should be happy for him. He is even passionate with his purpose. Tell me how many degrees Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Nigerian’s Fela Anikulapo-kuti had? Fela, not a degree holder, his music and lifestyle are now being studied in the universities. You need to be reading this man, Myles Munroe(Apostle of Purpose)., google him and you will find his books listed. I rejoice with the young man. I discovered mine at over 40, see how many years I had spent in the world. Whatever you do now, you still need to discover your purpose in life. Read Acts9:6, Lord What will you have me do? This should be the cry of every child of God. Until you discover your purpose on earth, there is no fulfilment in life. I pray that God will show you purpose early. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  459. Fay, Every Christian go through a lot in the hand of these wicked people and that is why I am still saying that you need consistent. Fear not, wiches and wizards are far below born again Christians. If their father satan is under our feet, where will the children be. Brase up yourself. I want to teach you how to floor her. See my reply to Jennifer in no.455 above. Do the same and take communion daily. She will fear you but dont be moved at all. Learn songs about the Blood of Jesus, and the power of God. When she brings out her dirty hands, sing, and dance unto God. Get a white handkerchief and read several, scriptures, 7 each, of God’s defence, protection and 7 against the wicked. Wipe your face with it often and put it on your table, and wave it in your office. Be discrete about it so that you are not accussed of witchcraft too. You drink coca cola during lunch time, call it Blood of Jesus and put it on your table, and be drinking, as long as you can. Never leave your drink behind you. Always release the Blood of Jesus against that wicked spirit in her and call down the fire of God on her. Put her under the judgement of God, Exodus22:18. Take authority over the day, asking God to shake out the wicked from your heavens. Buy this book by either Dr. Olukoya or Cindy Trimm, Command Your morning. Keep Revelation12:11 in your heart. You will overcome her and share the testimony. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  460. Healed of The Lord | November 8, 2011 at 12:26 pm |

    Hi Margaret,

    I am getting better with the affliction on my mind. I am still unemployed, I’m sending resumes out but no one is calling me for interviews. Also one day while I was praying, The Holy Spirit said there is an embargo against my resume. I prayed against that spirit but nothing as of yet. I need help in getting a good job, my previous boss was what I can only describe as a demon, she got pleasure in being wicked. I feel she may have wished for me to be unemployed. I have filed a Human Rights complaint against her as I had to resign from my job because of the poor treatment I received. I need help.

  461. Dear Margaret

    I just wanted to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. I wanted to thank you for all your kindness and encouragement.May God bless you and your family.

  462. Healed of the Lord, Dont hide your name again. It is your name the enemy is using to put embago on your resume. Coat your name with the fire of the Holy Ghost and the Blood of Jesus and release it to the world. Dont bury yourself. Come out of your hiding place. Command every embago on your resume to collapse, in the name of Jesus. You will overcome them. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  463. Jennifer, After reading your mail, I looked up, and said, “, Father, I thank You for touching your people. Take all the glory, in Jesus’ name”. Sincere appreciation for the mail. As you are thankful, God will fill up every tank of your life. Rejoice! Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  464. Dear Margaret

    Thank you for all your blessings. I will allways keep you in my prayers.

  465. Healed of The Lord | November 29, 2011 at 1:22 am |

    Dear Margaret,

    Thank you for replying to my request. I am getting a few interviews, I will remain faithful, pray with fire and hope.

  466. Healed of the Lord. This is good news. Favour& blessing of God will envelope you. Be confident of Divine intervention. Your faith must not be in what you or men can do for you, its now time to trust the power of God to get you the job. The unemployed shall be employed. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  467. People of God i greet u, please join me in prayer for the safe delivery any time from now. The doctor told me that the baby is sitting in a breech position which calls for operation but i reject by fire any form of complications in the mighty name of Jesus! I reject this report of the doctor and i stand on God’s promises that i shall deliver forth safely. Help my faith, not to doubt or have fear but overcome satan by the blood of Jesus. What is said to be impossible by the doctor is possible with God to have a normal delivery and not operation. Let my baby hear the word of God and position itself by fire and by the blood of Jesus!!! My God you gave me this baby as a gift, take care of it now and forever AMEN! I thank you Jesus for all the answered prayers

  468. You shall delivered like Hebrew women in Jesus name. You dont need to worried God is with you and people of God surrounded you we are with you in our knell for greater tesimony.

    Sent via Nokia Email

  469. Beckilocious, Before the midwives get to you, your baby will arrive before them. That is the Hebrew women style. Read Exodus1:19. You and your baby shall be lively. You are carrying a gift from God, all His gifts are good. Anoint your tommy, tell the breech to go and talk to the baby to shift to correct position. Get Supernatural Childbirth, the book is very helpful. You will bring forth with ease. Cheer up. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  470. Panos, thank you for your worthy comments and for interceding for her. God wants more of you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  471. stephen faqdare | December 3, 2011 at 5:21 pm |

    Dear sir,
    Please pray for me concerning the spirit of uncontrollable anger, for peace of mind, mental health balance and for protection with the blood of Jesus.
    Thank you.

  472. Stephen, Now that you dont want anger, be rebuking the spirit of anger, using the Blood of Jesus. Anger is opening the door to the devil, fight it. Ephesians4:26-27.You should be able to control your own spirit, otherwise you give room to every spirit to enter you when you are angry,Proverbs25:28. Anger is dangerous to your mental health as you have testified and to your physical health. Be reading one chapter of the Proverbs and of the New Testament and any part of the Bible, as you like, daily; be a doer of what you read. In the name of Jesus, I command the spirit of anger to depart from you and never come back. I release the Blood of Jesus against it. The Prince of peace will give you peace always, by all means. Peace like a river in your spirit, soul and body, In Jesus’ name. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  473. Dr. D. K. Olukoya,
    Pray for my family.
    Did my father go
    to heaven if he died
    in a fire as a whisk of
    wind came up behind
    him as he was burning
    ditches for water to go in?
    He was baptized and admitted
    to Jesus but he drank everyday
    before bedtime he was old

  474. Margaret A. | December 7, 2011 at 6:22 am |

    Annie, Your Dad is not dead yet, but in the hospital. God can still heal him. Only God knows the ones who will make heaven. Do not judge him yet. Pray for healing and mercy of God for him, now that he is still alive. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  475. Pastor, Pls pray 4 me to graduate in flying colors. God should promote my husband. For God’s potection

  476. Margaret A. | December 8, 2011 at 7:24 pm |

    Gloria, Prayer plus hard work will give you success, but do not forget to chase away the devourers of your labour. Isaiah3:10. You and your husband form a prayer team already. Matthew18:20. God will answer your prayers. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  477. I want you to back me up in praying for my Son and friend lying down in Hospital at Ife Sacred Hearth Hospital after a fatai accident the car was right off please may Baba God strengthen you for us

  478. Atowoju Adeola, They shall not die but live, and declare the works of the Lord, Psalm118:17. If they are talking, let that be their word of confession. There shall be no loss. You shall not bury anyone this year. You too should be declaing those words with faith. Stand on the power of God to deliver them from death. God will diappoint the devises of the enemy concerning them. Call down the Great Physician to perform surgery on them. Be praising God with Hallelujah, meaning “I praise you, Jah”. God will step into your affairs, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  479. Atowoju,Not one of their bones shall be broken, Psalm34:19,20. Be covering them with the Blood of Jesus to be speaking passover to death. Be giving them the communion regularly, everyday. Anoint them daily, breaking the power of death from them, Jesus has tasted death for us all. God will heal them and you will share the testimony. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  480. want god to intavi in life of my family see the dieth of my mother we have be sofri and want to unit my brother to gather and with us

  481. Elisabeth, God is different from god. Go and read Know Your God, one of the articles I wrote on this website. You need to pray for peace and your family. If prayer is all you can do, then PRAY always. Pray for the salvation of every member of your family. When they are saved, they will have the love of God working through them. to one another. Please do not write email as if you are writing text message. Use Psalm133 to pray for every family member. If two of you can be using it to pray, God will answer your prayers. Be reading your Bible daily. I decree peace and unity into your family, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  482. Amen to your wishes as you say or think them. Be reading the Holy Bible daily. You have easy access to Prayer Rain, buy one and be using it. There are many prayer points in the book to help your situations. Be sowing favour so that you can reap favour, Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  483. Emartins . O | December 21, 2011 at 6:12 pm |



  484. Margaret A. Adeoso | December 21, 2011 at 9:55 pm |

    E Martins, Bind all those spirits and cast them out in the name of Jesus. They are all subject to the Name that is above all names, Ephesian1:21, 1Peter3:22. Issue divorce papers to those strange women with the Blood of Jesus and ask them to depart from you. never to come back. Read Depart From Me. Break all curses with the Blood of Jesus. I decree that nothing on the list must follow you or anyone to 2012, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  485. prayer point to frustrate the plan of the weaked upon my life and scatter thier gethering in Jesus name.

  486. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 23, 2012 at 6:39 pm |

    Isoken, You are not new on this website. David (in Psalms) and Isaiah have such prayers. Read your Buble, pray the word, and God will turn the table against them. What they mean for evil, God will turn to good, as He did for Joseph. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  487. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 23, 2012 at 10:22 pm |

    Isoken, Oh, I wrote Buble instead of Bible! Pardon me. Read the Holy Bible, the wisdom and the power of God. Read and be wise. You can pray the verses and think on them. Then the power of the word will enter you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  488. Pray for me to meet my helper .financial breaking .prosperity.

  489. Zandria Michael | January 24, 2012 at 11:42 am |

    Dear Sis. Margaret please advice how should i pray for my families members that was controled by my wicked brother in law. He is using the evil spirit through food he served every meals to my mother, sisters, brothers and each of my family members. This happen since the 40th days of my father pass away i.e. 7th November 2011. He is in the intention to get ride of my name to received the Will (a peice of land 5 hecter) that my dad named under my sister, my younger brother and me. My family are very closed but since he moved to my mother house to stayed, even my mother kick me out from the house. Secondly, my aunty which is also very closed to my mother, also experience the same as I am. Since the day my dad burial, she experience the nightmare, every 12 midnight, she will start scretch all over face till the skin bleed. She also felt her face burning. I believe this is the evil work of my brother in law, because publicly he admited that he wants my aunty properties epecially the land where my aunty developed. Please sister, help us and pray with us so that the
    evil one will overthrown in the name of Jesus. Thank youand God bless

  490. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 25, 2012 at 9:14 pm |

    Zandria, When you observe this type of evil power, release the Blood of Jesus against it Do midnight prayers often. Nobody can pray for you, like yourself because you know the extent of your pains. PRAY!!! Read the word of God regularly. Locate the words against the wicked against the wicked. Fear not. God will help you. Exodus23:23, Haggai2:22. There are many verses in the Bible, pray them. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  491. Please pray for me on the following painfull experience:
    1.. Prayer to cure two tiny holes in my bum which 6 months ago was a boyle. It secrets smelly liquid all the time. I have visited DR thrice and used medication but still releasing pores from my bum. It’s clear it’s satanic deposit in my body. Also pray to neutralise movement/crawling behind my upper back.
    2. Pray for me against constant satanic dream attackers or nightmare every night bcos i always wake up to pray between 00:00- 03:00am and thereafter set out for work by 05:00am which really affects me because i don’t have enough time to sleep while going for a 12:00hrs shift, travel to and from work for 3hrs equals 15hrs on the road and at work. This morning at 02:45am i received a phone call from an unknown person who shouted/called my name thrice but i responded twice and by the third time i cut it off because he was saying wrong number but still called my name. That was the third time it would happen in 6months mostly when am agressively praying. Please i need your support in this battle.
    3. I was shot on my right palm in the dream about 4months ago and days later i started feeling pain in my right wrist/hand, i currently feel pain in the hand . The gun shot was done by a woman under a shed surrounded by 2men because i saw them missed twice before the third shot that woke me up from sleep around 2.45am.
    4. Prayer against mental stagnation, mental blockage or memory loss, headache and heavyness of the head
    5. Pray for me to be on fire at all times against household witchcraft, satanic agents and all satanic agents/ messengers.
    6. Pray for protection of my children from witchcraft powers, occultic powers and all forms of evil powers.

  492. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 28, 2012 at 7:48 pm |

    Stephen, Are you born again? If not, get born again. Healing is children’s food.The boils should be anointed, and commanded to go, you are a spiritual Hebrew, they should go, speak to them like that. Take the communion (flesh and Blood of Jesus), using John6:47-58, to purge out every evil deposit from you. Any time you wake up after evil dream, pray against it, violently. Decree a return to sender. The wicked should have a taste of their wickedness. The shot in your hand is also an attack. Use Matthew15:13 to root it up. You need higher power to overcome evil powers. Be reading The Bible. Start from the New Testament. When the power of the word (light) enters you, power of darkness will disappear. Before you go to bed, always lift up the banner of the Spirit of God, plead the Blood of Jesus and call down the fire of God around you. Speak Hebrews12:29 always. Be sure you attend a word loaded church, where you will be taught the word of God. You may need to go to an MFM church for deliverance, and then continue with these instructions. Fear not, God will help you. Isaiah41:10-14. Get other healing scriptures, there are many, and be doing Joshua1:8 with them. Read my article, You Can Enjoy Good Health. You will overcome your enemies, in Jesus’ name. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  493. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 28, 2012 at 8:06 pm |

    Stephen, You can be using these scriptures to do spiritual cleasing of your body. Chase out everything buying and selling in your body. John2:14-16, 1Corinthians3:16,17. Name those animals and birds and command them to leave your body, in the name of Jesus. You have dominion over all animal and bird kingdom, command them to get out. If you are born again, you have power, Luke10:19. Join the evangelism team and be proclaiming Jesus your Healer. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!


  495. Margaret A. Adeoso | February 3, 2012 at 10:45 pm |

    Uche, You and your husband should be praying that prayer, and God will answer you. Matthew18:19-20. Be serving in the Lord’s house,in any group as led by the Spirit. Read Exodus23:25-26. God will surely do it for you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  496. Daddy, I need a deliverance prayer against spirit of hatred because I have been withnessing feases in my nightmare for like two weeks consistently which I norms is hatred. I want payer for my name and personality with credentials to carry God’s favour. Demons of hatred to die in my life now please I need your prayer sir. I am a memeber of MFM my email address is

  497. Anonymous, Having realised that it is an evil spirit, then use the spirit of the word of God to countered the evil spirit. You will be favoured, wherever you go, Psalm5:12. Get more favour scriptures and be speaking and thinking them. Get to your local pastor to anoint you and break the yoke of hatred. I pronounce you highly favored, in the name of Jesus. You will overcome by the Blood of Jesus, in Jesus’ name. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  498. Dear pastor , plz pray for me , I have a spiritual snake moving all over my body , since 2004 till now I , have been to places but still yet is still there . Although a woman & her son in my compound in the villiage said that I, & them will see who will first die . But am not scared , I need a job right now so that I can further my partime school & also help my parents becos things are not working the way we want it in my family & I also need a life partner.

  499. Plz. Pray 4 my family 4 GOD’s protection , upliftment ,advancement , celebration , divine favours , grace , divine speed , open doors . And also destory the plans of my foes , let them fall inside the pit that they dig for my family , expose house hold enemies , projection , envy , bondage , disapointment, set back , riseing & falling , delay , hatred ,any altar speaking against my family , hidrance .

  500. Chikaodi, Are you born again? If you are born again, you have power to tread over serpents and scorpion and over all the power of the enemy. Luke 10:19. If you read the whole chapter, you will see that the disciples went on evangelism, and on arrival, Jesus gave the power; do the same.Think over this verse and speak it often. Join a service group and be claiming Exodus23:25. Be doing Joshua1:8 with Numbers23:23. Pray and read your Bible, Command the demons to go from you. Bind them and cast them out of you. As you continue with your walk with God, all the symptoms will disappear. God is real. These instructions may be simple, but their effects will soon show. Psalm118:17, “I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord”, declare often. When you are healthy, you can begin to think of other things. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  501. Ernest, Amen, to all your prayers. You have prayed a lot in your mail, and your desire shall not be cut off, in the name of Jesus.Just locate scriptures to back each of them up, and they are done. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  502. They found the Ark of the Covenant that Jeremiah hid in a cave 2,600 years ago.

  503. Quinn, Thank you for the valuable information. I really enjoyed reading it and I was excited to read, The blood of Jesus is still alive. This confirms again, the supremacy of the Blood of Jesus and the divine imput into the making of His Blood. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  504. I have Sciatica and herniated disc. Please Pray for my divine Healing.

  505. Please pray for my healing of leprosy and other hidden sickness I have and bless our family and bless my son to be a Godly man . There is always a problems in our family , fights, misunderstandings, no peace. Pray for my children as well.

  506. Shyla, God will surely heal you, if you trust him to do so. Jesus is still alive today, and He has not changed, Hebrews13:8, He will heal you as He did in His earthly ministry. Locate several healing scriptures and be doing Joshua1:8 with them. Choose to live. Psalm118:17, Be reading your Bible to get health and life into yourself, Proverbs4:20-23,. Get specific healing scriptures e.g. Exodus15:26, 23:25, Psalm41:1-4, Jeremiah8:22, 17:14, Matthew8:13-17, 10:1. Search for more. Receive your healing as you read and think on those scriptures. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  507. Rosy, See 511 above and do the same. As for the other challenges, minister Jesus to members of your family. When Jesus enters the heart of everyone, peace will reign because He is the Prince of peace. God will teach your children and great shall be their peace, Isaiah54:13. Get other scriptures on peace and be speaking and thinking them always, e.g.Psalm119:126, Isaiah26:3, Romans5:1, John14,27. 2Thessalonians3:16. Search for more. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  508. Shyla and Rosy, Be pleading the Blood of Jesus into your environment and be taking the communion flesh and Blood of Jesus. Peace will reign in your bod,y soul and spirit, and in your home, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  509. Sandra Dcunha | February 24, 2012 at 6:41 pm |

    SAndra Amelia Dcunha roman catholic , met a hindu guy Preetham Brahmadeviah,he is a Jain.
    He promised to get married to me and also get converted to christianity, .He believes in Jesus,
    We are staying together and we have a baby girl2 1/2 yrs old Samantha Rose.He is not comming forward for civil;
    marriage nor to get our marrige blessed in the church. His baptism andbaptism is delayed babys too,
    He is totally under ancestral curses .He was ditches by two girls love faliure.and he started ruining girls life. 98 girls he played with
    and even i was his target,however now he has stoped this by lot of prayers and fastings. Inbetween he had an affair with a girl, that also with prayers got cleared.
    he is aprodigal son totally in satans hands, anger, hatred, unforgiveness,false pride attitude , vulgar spech ,no fear of god nor man , addicted to drinks smioke and tobacoo.
    totally a wild and destructive person he hits me alot and even for baby he teaches badwords and his her aswell, I dont know what n how to pray, he is a stubborn person in bondage and slave pornagraphy
    Please pray that the precious words of god destroy allthe works of satan and change his, bless him and all that satan is holding and obstructing be freed inJesus name and jesus work in his mine and samantha life
    so we can testify for jesus AMEN

  510. Dear Pastor

    what do you do when wedding ring is been eating in the dream and your wedding dress been taking

  511. Margaret A. | March 6, 2012 at 5:19 pm |

    Isoken, PRAY to God to send His warring angels to look for them. Restoration prayer, releasing the Blood of Jesus and the fire of God to bring them out. Ask the thief (devil) to restore what he stole. Declare total war on the thief. He must restore. Get scriptures on marriage to hit the devil. He will restore, in Jesus’ name. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  512. Dear pastor pls pray for my spiritual journey. So many struggles in my life. I am working for in God’s ministry in india. My wife Ani with me. we have no child. pls pray one child. I want annointing for my ministry and also I want a prayer spirit. Thank U.

  513. Margaret A. | March 9, 2012 at 5:40 pm |

    Joshua, Jesus finished the work on the cross and we all have equal access to the Father to end our struggles. You and your wife should be studing the Bible to get promises for your needs. When you get the promise(word), settle down and do Joshua1:8 with it. Then good success will follow. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  514. Brothers,
    Please help me pray that GOD come to my resque, i have been praying for a breakthouhg in my life consening alcohol, smoking and liars, borrowing money from people and i cant payback eventhouhg i am working because these things are destroying me softly and got to a point i wanted to take my life.

  515. Margaret A. | March 10, 2012 at 7:45 pm |

    Gregorio, Read the comment in 518. Be born again by yielding yourself totally to Jesus. The cases you mention are curses from the pit of hell. Break their power by the Blood of Jesus.Gal 3:14,15.Ask the demons behind them to depart. Get a mature Christian to do it for you after you have determined to let them go. Command the spirits to go from you. Call each spirit and tell them to go, in the name that is above all names. Satan is the father of liars, so tell that spirit that you belong to Jesus. You may have to do night vigil before they finally depart from you. God will help you as you cry unto Him for help. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!



  518. Hi Pastor, please say a special prayer for me and my family. We really need a financial breakthrough. The year has also started off very bad for my family. My husband has been in hospital twice this year and my son was admitted as well. I feel like we are trapped. I am currently looking for another job which offers a bit more money so we can get out of our situation. I dont know what to do and feel helpless. Thank you

  519. Margaret A. | March 12, 2012 at 1:01 pm |

    JACOBUS, God loves all His, creatures, men and women and that is why He created us in His image and likeness. His love is also expressed in giving us His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, John3:16. Having giving His Son to us, there is nothing we ask Him, that He will not give us with the Son, Romans8:32-39. God is waiting with His arms open, for people to run into the open arms and submit their lives to Him through Jesus Christ. Be born again and you become His child like Jesus Christ, John1:12. Be reading your Bible to learn more of Him. Attend a Bible believing and Bible believing church and be obedient to the teachings. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  520. Margaret A. | March 12, 2012 at 1:56 pm |

    Melissa, Cry to God for mercy if you have not been obeying financial principles of the Bible. Then begin to obey. In summary all the principles are rolled into Luke6:38. Do also Deiteronomy15:7-11. Malachi3:6-12. When you obey these verses, you will see changes in your finances. Sickness is a devourer. Get healing scriptures for your family and be using them daily as you will use pain killer, thrice. Here are are some: Deuteronomy7 :15, 15:26, Exodus23:25. Jeremiah17:14, Matthew8:16,17, 10:1, 3John2. Search for more healing scriptures and be doing Joshua1:8 with them. Divine health is natural food for children of God. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!


  522. Margaret A. | March 13, 2012 at 2:31 am |

    Jacobus, Keep praising God as you do, and He will do more for you. Consider and use the healing scriptures given in 525. The word of God has the final say in every situation, including health. Be using those word and be commanding diabetes to go away from you, in the name that is above all names, and it will bow. Read Acts 10:38 and know that Jesus can set you free from every sickness.Sickneses and diseases are oppression of the devil, but the Blood of Jesus has set us free. Be pleading the Blood of Jesus against them and be using the Blood as indicated above. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  523. Praise our Lord Jesus Christ,please pray for me i need an urgent financial breakthrough for my wedding which is on 5th May 2012.I need a financial miracle in one week of Kshs 700,000 and i don’t know where i will get this money and the wedding is in three weeks.I need prayer points to break all that is hindering me from my financial breakthrough.Kindly send me the prayer points.Pray for me please the shame am going through is too much to handle.God bless you Dr Olukoya .

  524. magdalene | April 8, 2012 at 3:28 pm |

    please pray for me i need prayers in school in living day. and for my family to move foward in life and for us to have breakthrough in our lives than you

  525. magdalene | April 8, 2012 at 3:34 pm |

    i need prayers once again for my school and for me to be able to concertrate thank u

  526. ISAIAH 54:13…declare that you will be taught by the LORD
    As Daniel increased in all wisdom and knowledge, as you trust in the LORD, HE will increase you in wisdom and knowledge.
    By the POWER IN THE NAME THAT IS ABOVE ALL NAMES and by the POWER IN THE BLOOD OF JESUS, I stand in agreement with you and cancel every plan of the enemy concering your education…the LORD has crowned you with the spirit of wisdom and knowledge, to excel in all areas the NAME OF JESUS

  527. Please pray or me.i can’t get a job for 3 years I lost everything including my father last year.something is destroying me.

  528. karen forbes | April 13, 2012 at 2:11 pm |

    please prayer for my self and daughter Sersna,she is 13, years old .Serena will not listen to me and my mother, very sturbon child I don’t no what to do any more I try every thing I know prayer changes things . She is my only child I am raising her all by my self she wouldn’t study her school work when I tell her to study she will do some thing else. And that with every thing I say to her it will be the opporsite.

  529. Margaret A. | April 13, 2012 at 5:43 pm |

    Candice, Read John10:10 to know who is destroying you and who wants to give you abundant life. So be born again to receive power John1:12. When you get this power, you will be able to break the power of joblessness. Job is a good thing, ReadPsalm34:10, 33:19-21. Remind God ofGenesis2:15, and ask God to give you your garden to dress. See these others, 2Thessalonian3:10, 1Timothy5:8. Joblessness is an evil God will keep you from this evil. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  530. Margaret A. | April 13, 2012 at 6:48 pm |

    Karen, Look at your daughter’s case first from spiritual angle and from physcological angle. As a young teenager, she thinks she is an adult, but she is not. So treat her gently and let her know that you respect her views. However let her know that your view is in her best interest. Spiritually, pray for her and with her using Isaiah54:13, Pray it, speak it, and think it always. So also Numbers 23:23, Isaiah8:18, Psalm112:2, Proverbs11:21. Pray “Depart from me” prayers for her., Psalm6:8, As you pray and read your Bible, the Holy Spirit will be teaching you more prayer points. Break the power of the wicked from her in the name of Jesus and by the Blood of Jesus. Stop being angry with her, rather, be friendly with her. Anoint her and her room, cloths and shoes regularly breaking the yoke of those symptoms from her. She will change and you will rejoice and share testimonies. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  531. Dear Magaret. 26/4/12

    I belong to MFM Church I did 8 deliverances. As i had some white spots on my skin of hands, i had gone to the dr. and he advised me to do diabetes test. I never had diabetes before. I was shocked to see my reports:
    Diabetes – before lunch and after lunch was high
    Hypothyroid i got
    High Blood pressure – I never had before – it is high
    Arthritis for the past 4 years – lot of pain i am goign thru
    Cholesterol is high
    liver is enlarged
    spinal gap between the vertebrae – hence backache
    nerve problem tingling sensation.
    Financial problems – i have no cash with me
    I am a widow – pls pray for finances to come – i need money for medicines
    I do not know sister what has happened to my life.
    I have also lots of debts – pls pray for me tobe debt free.

    Pls pray for me and give me pray points. Please reply soon.

  532. Am a nigeria from imo was diagnosed with HiV please i need an instant healing from almighty God let this evil report b turn away from me now and forever more.God of Abraham,Isaac And Jacob the God Olukoya answer me by fire and give me back my life.In Jesus name amen.
    Please let the church pray for me now and always am a member of this church

  533. Margaret A. | April 28, 2012 at 12:10 pm |

    Auta, Fear not, God will help you. So run to God, our Healer. Exodus15:26. He gave several promises of healing and He will heal.The doctors have named the diseases for you; begin to reject, rebuke and destroy them one by one, in the name of Jesus. Psalm118:8-17, Ephesians2:9-11, 1Peter3:22. No matter the name they are called, they are subject to the name of Jesus, and they must bow. Plead the Blood of Jesus against them and release the fire of God against them, Hebrews12:29. For the swollen feet, do feet washing, John13:1-15, and anoint the feet. Anoint yourself daily to break the yokes of those sicknesses. If you can get an elder to do it for you, good. But if not, do it in faith. Gather healing scriptures, and do Joshua1:8 with them. You can also do vigil with them. Hear are some healing scriptures, Numbers12:13,Exodus23:25, Deut7:15, Matthew10:1, Luke9:1,2. Mark3:15, 6:7. John5:8, 2Thes3:3, Revelation12:11. You will surely overcome. Gather more and speak them many and often times.You will win, if you trust God to heal you. Your finances can only increase when you give. Malachi3:6-12, Luke6:38. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  534. Margaret A. | April 28, 2012 at 12:21 pm |

    Boniface, Read my response above, and do the same. As we pray for you, pray for yourself as well. Command HIV to depart from you in the name of Jesus. Take the communion and plead the Blood of Jesus regularly. You too will overcome, in Jesus’ name. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  535. Dear pastor, please pray for my son who is autistic. I have been praying over the years. God has been good, I believe God for complete deliverance, I ask you and the church to pray for him. Thank you for your prayer.

  536. Margaret A. | April 28, 2012 at 3:34 pm |

    Anonymous, Autism is a defect, and God can repair him. Since you have put your faith in God to heal him, your faith shall not be disappointed. Gather healing scriptures to be praying for him. Here are some: Numbers12:13, Exodus15:26, 23:25, Deut7:15, Matt8:16,17, 10:1, Mark3:15, John5:8-14, 2Thessalonians3:3 and Revelation12:11. Get more healing scriptures and be doing Joshua1:8. Expose him to the word of God, because the word is life and spirit, John6:63. With God all things are possible. Keep your faith on God and he will do it. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  537. Dear Ps. Magaret,

    Please pray for me. I have got Arthritis in both my knees and unable to walk straight as i get lot of pain.
    How do I apply the Blood of Jesus- what do I say. I really want to be healed. I tried every medicine. Please write to me how to take the Blood of Jesus on my knees and what do i say when i walk. With this pain my waist also pains. I go regularly to Mountain of Fire church. My enemies are laughing at me seeing my state. I want to be healed and show the world that Jesus is my Healer.

    Ps. Magaret, please help me and tell me how to pray the Blood of Jesus. I want to write my testimony that medicines have not healed me but the Blood of Jesus has healed me.

  538. Margaret A. | April 30, 2012 at 3:14 pm |

    Esther, read the article above and pray the prayer points. Read the article I wrote on How to Prepare the Flesh and the Blood of Jesus. Read all my comments on this page as well, because I have given several healing scriptures, e.g.541 and healing adivices. Scriptures on walking are many and by the time you say it 50 times each, arthiritis will leave you. You dont have that disease (so dont say you have it), in view of Isaiah53:5 and John8:17. here are scriptures to make you walk. Jhn5:8-16,Zechairiah10:12, Miicah4:8, Acts 3:6, Read the entire chapter and speak the verse to yourself. everyday, many times daily. Acts14:10. Rebuke all the symptoms you see in the name of Jesus, release the Blood of Jesus against them. When you allow the word of God to grow mightily, the word will prevail against all diseases and sicknesses.. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  539. Dear Pastor Margaret

    I give glory and praises to God Almighty in all things at all times.

    Please help me and my husband.There is a spirit of EXCLUSION around us.It is most clear in our work places, where all of a sudden we are being excluded from various things and events and getting absolutely no recognition for all that we do.we are diligent and faithful wokers and we do not know why or how this is happening to us and we are feeling so hurt as to why we are suddenly being excluded from everything.It just feels as if we are under attack.Work that we used to do is being taken away and given to others and it just feels as if we are no longer relevant here.Please pray for us and assist with verses that we can pray with as this is really affecting us.

  540. Margaret A. | May 1, 2012 at 3:25 pm |

    Rosemary, Obviously, the devil is at work and you have to stop him. John10:10. Hold the Blood of Jesus against the spirit of exclusion from the reward of your labour. Isaiah3:10 for you, Isaiah3:11 for whosoever is behind it From henceforth you shall eat the fruit of your labour. Isaiah62:8-9, 65:21-23. A central reference Bible will help you to gather more. You also need favour verses, Psalm5:12, 86:17, 102:13. You and you husband should not just pray them once, but also do Joshua1:8 with it several times. When the word of God grew mightily, it will prevail against any circumstance. You must also be praying for the help of God. God will surely help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  541. dear Pastor Margarat
    Please can you pray for me cause a strange woman have taken over my husband from me. the now leave together and the strange woman recently gave birth. my husband dont even listen to me when i talk to him all he do is to support the woman. the situation is affecting me

  542. Margaret A. | May 2, 2012 at 7:58 am |

    Nnenna, Are you born again? Did you marry the man legally? If yes, you have to help the man with prayers. Do you also have children for him? I am asking this question to know if it is the child that is exiting him. Sit him down and have a good talk with him. Let him know that his disloyalty to you is against God, Malaci2:14-16. Your discussion with him will let you know where you went wrong. Sometimes, the wife at home may not do wrong, but the woman outside might have blinded the eyes of the man. This is where you need serious prayers against marriage destroyers. Many of such points are in Prayer Rain. When you pray, also ask for intervention of his relations and yours if you married him legally. God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  543. Dear Ps. Margaret,


    (Esther, read the article above and pray the prayer points. Read the article I wrote on How to Prepare the Flesh and the Blood of Jesus. Read all my comments on this page as well, because I have given several healing scriptures, e.g.541 and healing adivices. Scriptures on walking are many -)




  544. Dear Pastor

    Please pray for the hand of God to be upon my marriage. My wife recently left home after some misunderstandings we a have a beautifull daughter together. I have tried to talk to her to come back to be a family again but shes refusing. I havent stopped praying about our marriage and her because l know God will work a way where there seem to be no way lm trusting in Him. I know there is power in the blood of Jesus He died and rose again and that ressuration power will work in my marriage. I want God to touch her and dissolve that hardness of her heart and may Gods love fill her. May God restore my marriage and fight those who are fighting against our marriage. Please pray for us, l refuse to be a sinle parent in Jesus name.

    Thank you

  545. Dear Pastor

    Please pray for the hand of God to be upon my marriage. My wife recently left home after some misunderstandings we a have a beautifull daughter together. I have tried to talk to her to come back to be a family again but shes refusing. I havent stopped praying about our marriage and her because l know God will work a way where there seem to be no way lm trusting in Him. I know there is power in the blood of Jesus He died and rose again and that ressuration power will work in my marriage. I want God to touch her and dissolve that hardness of her heart and may Gods love fill her. May God restore my marriage and fight those who are fighting against our marriage. Please pray for us, l refuse to be a single parent in Jesus name.

    Thank you

  546. I desire your prayers for my marriage of 25 yrs. My husband is having online affairs with at least 3 women and possibly more on line.He has a very stubborn spirit and times nasty attitude and has an obsession with 2 dogs(Max&Kobe).To him the sun rises and sets in the dogs. Between the dogs and the women online(talking and texting and sending photos) we have no communication at all.I desire your prayers and what to do.

  547. Margaret A. | May 3, 2012 at 7:45 am |

    Bettye, Having no communication is a signal that things are falling apart in a marriage. However, you still have a link, the dogs. Since you know that he loves the dogs, start your communications with him by making references, good ones, to the dogs. His eyes will light up. From there you can ask him simple questions either on the dogs or on himself. A marriage of 25years has travelled a long way, make every effort to bring him back from online relationships. Discuss the Bible with him, invite him to study with you. Listen to Bible messages together. Invite him to this website to pray together. Pray that God touches his soul. It is when a soul is empty that a man looks for fulfilment outside his marriage of so many years. Discuss your retirement years, when you will need one another, with him. There could be other forces pushing him out of marriage, buy Prayer Rain by Dr. Olukoyer to pray against such forces. Buy books on marriage by authors who are happily married and follow their suggestions. God will help you. Your marriage will stand, in the name of Jesus. What God joined together, dogs and online women cannot put assunder. You will win in Jesus’ name. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  548. Margaret A. | May 3, 2012 at 8:08 am |

    Esther, The link is, You will find all my articles there. God will help you and you will overcome, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  549. Margaret A. | May 3, 2012 at 8:25 am |

    JC, I say AMEN to all your prayers, and God will answer them, in Jesus’ name. But good marriages do not answer to prayer alone. How have you been treating her? Do you take full responsibility as a husband and a father? If it had always been you and your beautiful daughter and you excluded her, she could be angry with you. But if you had been a responsible husband, SHE WILL COME BACK HOME. No other man will take her. Continue with your prayers and be communicating with her, asking her to tell you what you left undone. God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  550. Thank you Pastor

    I have loved my wife with all my heart and still do, like the scripture say husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church. I fear God and respect my wife and my family. Sometimes lm surprised on her attitude towards me yet l do all l came just to make her happy and treat her like a queen, whether its the devil blinding her l rebuke that spirit in the name of Jesus Christ. All my trust is in the Lord l have never stopped worshipping and praising Him regardless of my situation. God knows my heart and the love l have for my wife and family. I know and trust that God will turn my test into a testimony to bring Glory to His name.

  551. Margaret A. | May 3, 2012 at 9:11 am |

    JC, AMEN. Get Prayer Rain to pray against marriage destroyers who are envious of your marriage. You will overcome them, in Jesus name. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  552. boniface | May 3, 2012 at 9:54 am |

    My father and my God am in a serious situation now<please i need you to rescue me now i lost everything i laboured for i sent some goods from my base in d USA and this Guy by name OKWY whom i gave this goods to deliver to my people in Nigeria has gone away with them.Please let the God of MFM the God Olukoya to arrest this guy and return this goods to me in Jesus name Amen.
    Please Brother and Sister in the Christ Jesus in MFM please help and pray for me to recover these goods in good and in safe conditions.I don know what to do now don;t know his address in Nigeria but i know that our Lord the Almighty God whom i serve knows his address and phone number .Please i need prayers now,This i asked in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth Amen

  553. Dear Magaret,

    Dear Margaret,

    Please pray for my son who is appearing for his law exams. Please pray for him to complete his paper within 3 hrs and get a First Class and God to bless him with wisdom, knowledge and understanding.


    Contract II

    Land Laws

    Bankruptcy Laws

    Thank you Pastor, God Bless You!

  554. Dear Ps. Magaret,

    Please pray for me. I have got joint pains in my knees, spinal cord and also nerve pain. Every saturday, i have to take 2 injections to keep me well for one week and that i can attend church on Sunday.

    Pastor, i am fed up of this injections, what do i pray to avoid these 2 injections which i have been taking for 2 years.

    I am also puting on weight and the pressure is coming on the knees, what are the scriptures/prayer points to loose weight.,? or How do I loose weight ?
    Please also give prayer points for restoration-of my health.

    Pls reply.

  555. Margaret A. | May 4, 2012 at 11:25 pm |

    Mother, Pray that the Holy Spirit reminds him of what he read and teaches him how to answer the questions. God will give him Daniel kind of wisdom and understanding that made him ten times better than others. Let him read Daniel chapters1-3. God will grant your desire that he gets first class, in the name of Jesus. Tell him to depend on the Holy Spirit more than on his head knowledge. The Revealer of secrets can even show him the questions in dreams and visions before the date of the examination. He had done it before, and He can still do it today. Hebrews13:8. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  556. Margaret A. | May 5, 2012 at 12:02 am |

    Ruth, You dont have all those pains, so never agree with the devil that you have them. Jesus took them when he was given stripes on the cross. Instead of taking injections, start to inject the word of God into your body daily. See God as your Healer and he will heal you. Exodus15:26, 23:25, Isaiah53:4,5. 54:14, 15, and17. Jeremiah17:14, 30:16, 17. Matthew10:1, Luke9:1,2. Use the time you go for injection to read the good news of Jesus Christ and his healing methods, in the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. You will be ejecting life into your body. Proverbs4:18-22. Begin to rebuke the pains and command them to go, in the name of Jesus. Jesus has redeemed us from all those aches and pains. As you take your healing scriptures, speak and think each verse 50times daily, there is no overdose of the word; you will soon see difference in your health. Rebuke demonic fatness as well, it is part of the tricks of the devil to tie you down. Reject all the symptoms, in the name of Jesus. You will share your testimony in few weeks time. When the word grows mightily, the pains will be sudued and you will be healed. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  557. Margaret A. | May 5, 2012 at 12:31 am |

    Ruth, Make sure that you read the article above and be using the Blood of Jesus in faith. You will overcome by the Blood of the Lamb. Faer not, God will help you. Revelation12:11, Isaiah41:10-16..Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  558. please pray for my fathers mind right now-he suffered a stroke years agao and the enemy is playing with his mind to cause him anxiety-he has pains in his heart now. but we pray that the oppression from the enemy to be broken right now, in Jesus name.pls pray.

  559. Anonymous | May 5, 2012 at 9:37 pm |

    CS, Pray God to touch your father’s soul, and then tell him of the healing power of Jesus Christ. Sprinkle the Blood of Jesus on him seven times and command the devil to get out of him and never come back, in the mighty name of Jesus. Read healing scriptures to him, plus Isaiah41:10 and 2Timothy1:7. Tell him to be reading the Holy Bible regularly and be doing Joshua1:8 with those healing scriptures. Buy him audio Bible and as he pours the word of God into himself, he is pouring life.. Proverbs4:20-23, John6:63. With God all things are possible if you believe. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!.

  560. Margaret A. | May 5, 2012 at 9:41 pm |

    CS, Margaret A. wrote 564 Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!.

  561. My dear Ps. Magaret,

    Please pray for me. I want to read the Bible but I just cannot read it. So many obstacles come my way. I feel sleepy etc. – I am sick now how do i read the bible and from where do i start reading it.. Please reply.

    Thank you,

  562. Margaret A. | May 5, 2012 at 11:26 pm |

    PRAYER IS comunication with God. When you pray, always expect not only to hear from God, but also to see visions. Jeremiah33:3 says it, Call on me and I will answer you and show you….. Even when you pray and do not see or hear or get reply from God, go back to God and ask him for the reason. Note that your prayer time is not just the night, if you have to pray always as Jesus says in Luke18:1. When we gather scriptures on any subject, we are producing our causes and our strong reasons to God, Isaiah41:21. You cannot be living in sin and expect to commnicate with God. Until those sins are washed away, by the Blood of the Lamb, Isaiah1:18. 59:1-3. You may wish to read these two articles, God Answers Prayers, and Obstacles to Answered Prayers, Always expect reply from your heavenly Father when you pray. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  563. Margaret A. | May 6, 2012 at 1:14 am |

    Cecil, In the name of Jesus, I command the devil to loose you and let you go, in Jesus’ mighty name. Rededicate your life to Jesus Christ and continue to command the devil to loose you, your mind and your body. Christianity is not a “closed mouth” religion, It is an “open mouth” religion. God started to say what he wanted in Genesis 1, so begin to speak what you want. You are not sick, you are well. Say to yourself, “I am strong”. Be determined to read your Bible. Read it loud to scatter the enemy. Start from the New Testament. You can even start to read all the red verses, the words of Jesus Christ. Read healing verses to yourself. Sickness must go. Matthew8:16,17. You have power over them(Mtthew10:1, Luke9:1,2) so command them to go away from you. Woman, You are loosed from every bond of the devil. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  564. Margaret A. | May 6, 2012 at 1:32 am |

    Cecil, I want you to know that Christianity is not just for Sunday, it is for everyday, even24/7. The kingdom of God is also in power. You already have that power if you are born again, John1:12, Luke10:19. It is now left for you to exercise that power to reign in life. Reading your Bible is among other things, pouring life into yourself. Be ruthless with whatever will distract you from Bible reading. Proverbs4:20-23. Add singing praises to God, and He will restore your soul. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  565. Sis Magaret, can u advise me on a prayer point where I can pray to help have better communication with my daughter? Sometimes when i try talking to her she gets very irritated, even when I try telling her about prayer she is quick to put me off, and I hate to have altercations or argument with my daughter, I have been praying about it, that one day she and I can testify and share with each other about the love of God and life in the spirit. Also can u give me a prayer point where i can pray for my son inlaw who is out of work now for four months and is getting a bit depressed, I have already written down all the scriptures you gave in 541 for healing, as I have a murmur on my chest, and though it is under control with medication, but i do have HP. Thank you for all the encouragement u give to all the brothers and sisters as they face their different trials and challenges. I have placed an order for PRAYER RAINS, i cant wait to receive it. Please pray for me and my family. What more can i benefit from your Spiritual Guidance, please advise me. I need to grow more in the Lord, to know more about him.

  566. Margaret A. | May 6, 2012 at 5:40 pm |

    SF, Pray for the salvation of your daughter, ask God to turn her heart to you and your heart to her, as He promised in Malachi4:6. Command the opening of her eyes and the removal of every cloud covering her eyes, in the name of Jesus and by the Blood of the Lamb. Do not be angry with her, that would be meeting the devil on his term. Be gentle and be kind to her, show her the example of the love that should exist between you. Is this son-in-law her husband? If yes, it is the pressure of joblessness of the husband. For your son-in-law, break the power of unemployment and joblessness with the Blood of the Lamb and in the name of Jesus. Speak to them to go away from him, Mark11:22-24 God who gave Adam a garden to dress will give him work to do. Pray with these verses, 1Timothy5:8; he wants to provide for his household. Job is a good thing, Psalm84:11, Unemployment is evil, God will deliver him from evil, Psalm121:7. God’s word says he who does not work must not eat, 2Thes3:10. Tell him to pray them always. He should look up to God with joy of receiving his miracle. Only joy can get him what he wants, Isaiah12:3. He should be praising God. God will open wider doors of opportunities for him. You want to grow and have more spiritual benefits, ask for the help of the Holy Spirit as you read your Bible. Be a doer of what you read. Pray for others, both believers and non-belivers that God should draw them into his kingdom. Christianity has two legs, ministry of prayer and the word, Acts6:4. As you do both you will grow. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  567. Please Pray for me , for divine Healing, i was treated of TB, and i want God, Christ Jesus to make me Whole By Fire By Thunder In Jesus Name

  568. Margaret A. | May 11, 2012 at 4:22 pm |

    Gbenga, In the name of Jesus, I join my faith with yours to rebuke the spirit of TB. We command it to depart from you never to come again. Regard God as your Healer and call on Him with healing scriptures and he will heal you. Let Healing words be in your mouth day and night and you will be healed. Jer17:14, 30:16,17, Matthew8:17, Matthew10:1, Luke10:19. Gather more and mix them with faith. They will work. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  569. My dear Magaret,

    Please pray for me. I have pain in my stomach near the Naval for the past 10 days. I have taken so much medication for it but no improvement. Dr’s are saying it is gastro pain -lot of gas is there, hence the pain.
    Please give me praryer points
    Thunk you,

  570. Margaret A. | May 13, 2012 at 12:58 am |

    od to heal you and you shall be healed, like Jeremiah did. Jeremiah17:14. Use with other scriptures. In addition, hold on to God’s promise to restore health to you, Jeremiah30:16,17. The pot of your body is your stomach. Get half teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and drink it all. You will be relieved instantly.2Kings2:20-21. Glory to God, Jesus is Lord!

  571. Margaret A. | May 13, 2012 at 1:08 am |

    Naomi, 575 is for you. “Pray to God to heal you” is my first sentence there, I dont know why it did not show. God is our Healer. He will heal you as you take other steps above. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  572. dear pastor

    i need help with person steal your widding ring and clorth

  573. Dear Sister Margaret A
    thank you so much for the prayer points , i read your advises every morning and just above you counselled about Weigth gain and demonic fatness. one of the names ive been labelled with is that im fat and been ridiculed for many years.ive been on different weight programmes even medical one,but i dont loose any weight.please assist me with prayer points to overcome my situation.Thank you

  574. Margaret A. | May 14, 2012 at 10:13 am |

    Isoken, When you dream any evil dream, first of all be angry in your spirit and pray against it until you have peace in your spirit. It is definitely a bad dream, and he/she who stole your wedding ring and gown does not want you to marry. Pray against them. Prayer Rain. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  575. Anonymous | May 14, 2012 at 9:22 pm |

    I had a dream that a very aggressive dog was running round a building, and I was panicking for my first child ,who is very scared of dogs, I was trying to say to him to hide some where ,and I noticed he was hiding inside bans, like dried weeds kneeling inside, I tried to climb the building, I saw the dog jumping up close to where I was standing, but did not reach me, all of a sudden I saw a bird flying near the building and another bigger white bird, attacked the other bird by injecting his peck unto his neck, probably to finish off the small black bird or take the life off the small black bird.
    I also saw a coconut that inside was a bit black or going spoilt and I drank the water from the coconut.

  576. Anonymous | May 14, 2012 at 9:26 pm |

    Please pray for me, I had a dream that a very aggressive dog was running round a building, and I was panicking for my first child ,who is very scared of dogs, I was trying to say to him to hide some where ,and I noticed he was hiding inside bans, like dried weeds kneeling inside, I tried to climb the building, I saw the dog jumping up close to where I was standing, but did not reach me, all of a sudden I saw a bird flying near the building and another bigger white bird, attacked the other bird by injecting his peck unto his neck, probably to finish off the small black bird or take the life off the small black bird.
    I also saw a coconut that inside was a bit black or going spoilt and I drank the water from the coconut.
    Thank you for your prayer

  577. Dear Sister Margaret

    I have been putting on lots of weight. Pls give me prayers points. For 578 you have give prayer points and advises every morning . Pls send it for me. I also got allergy like rash on my hands. Pls give me prayer points. Also give me prayer point for hyper acidity.
    Thank you

  578. Please pray for me to get a permanent job.since I finished my course; I have been getting short term jobs! The first one was a year long and this current one is 3 months. I have been fantasizing bout a job in one of the mines in my country but I fear that the next job will be temporary also! I pray everynight but lately I have been doubting the way I pray because God has not yet grant me the permanent job in the mines! Please help me with the prayer points! Thank you

  579. Margaret A. | May 21, 2012 at 10:58 pm |

    Lee, In order to get what I sent to the person no. 578, check through my response to him on the right hand side of each page. Healing scriptures will handle your cases. I dont even know what is hyper acidity, but the Great Physician knows. Tell him your medical challenges before you tell anyone. He has promises of healing for us, e.g.Exodus15:26, Deuteronomy7:15. God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  580. Margaret A. | May 21, 2012 at 11:13 pm |

    Anonymous 583, Get yourself a name. The job aspect had been treated before. I want you to read, Obstacles to Answered Prayers, You expressed two major obstacles, fear and doubt. Read the article and put away your personaly errected obstacles. Then God will answer. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  581. Good morning all

    Im a 24year old single mother, thank God my son is well and healthy looked after by my parents. I broke up with the father of my child 2 years ago, where he had left me for another woman. It was really hard for me with a young baby to rasie on my own and the chanllage of work and the change of enviroment. Im greatful that God blessed me with a great family structure that helped me throught the though time. I was unfortunatly admitted to hospital with depression and also tried comitting sucide in numerous ocassions. But thru that time thats when I gave my all to the Lord prayed and fasted a lot till i sliped out of depressoion and was back on my two feet (Thank God).
    God grace was upon, for i got a new job which and then forced me to relocate. I then left home and settle in the new place, I began to change starting drinking and smoking even stop going to church. I starting sleeping with different man for no apprent reason just to fill some void in my life. I know lately have a dont care attude, i pray and try worship but dont feel anything. Im naam when doing the things of the Lord, pretend when i go home, Im just a person leaving with no perpose and spirit. Please help for i have tried prayer, fasting and reading the word but nothing seems to get to me.

    Kind Regards Mbali (SA)

  582. Margaret A. | May 22, 2012 at 5:17 am |

    Mbali, When someone is properly born again, nothing will move her away from Jesus. There is a void, an emptiness, inside you and that is why you turned to drinking and men again, thinking that you have found what will fill the emptiness. Thank God you now realise that you are not fulfilled by those things. Now that you want a change of life, you have to go back to Jesus, the source of true joy and gladness. Repent of your past deeds and confess them to God. Do away with them and invite Jesus into your heart. Promise to follow and serve Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. Find a Bible believing church and be attending. Be obedient to the Biblical instructions you receive there. Going to church is not enough, you have to be reading your Bible and be obedient to what you read. This is when you have a personal relationship with Jesus. He is your best friend who can give you the good things in life. Psalm34:10. Matthew11:28-30. You can be relating to God more than you relate to people, and He will be directing you as you commit your ways unto Him. You will soon find a change in your life as you do these things. God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  583. Overcomer | May 22, 2012 at 10:45 am |

    Please help me with this issue, when i wake up in the morning i find it hard to remember what i dreamt of and if i do remember the dream it is not meaningful, i need my dreams to be beneficial to my life. How can i start to get good and clear dreams, how can i keep my spirit alert even whilst im asleep? I also need to know if it is right for me to take holy communion alone at home.

  584. Margaret A. | May 22, 2012 at 1:45 pm |

    Overcomer, Nothing stops you from taking communion alone in your house if you know the rules, 1Corinthians11:21-34. If you cannot remember, ask the Holy Spirit to remind you. You need the grace of God to do what they did. Ask God for that grace and He will give you. In order to keep your spirit alert, always feed your spirit with the Word of God, no junk word and no junk thoughts. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  585. Good Morning Margaret

    Greatly appreciate your response, I will try with my all and pray intensely that i get deliverd from this behaviour. I trueelly would love to change and stop leaving a lie. I truelly appreciate your response. God bless

  586. Margaret A. | May 23, 2012 at 8:24 am |

    Mbally, Praise God. By ourselves, we can do nothing. So you cannot change by yourself, but be determined that you want to change..Go to Jesus and when you have Jesus, you can always call for His help. Read John15, and know that all you need is Jesus. Read also Matthew15:25 and cry for His help several times a day. God will surely help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  587. I humbly request you to kindly pray for my husband that GOD may deliver him from the Devil’s bondage (affair with another woman) after 16 years of our marriage life. He has never loved me but given only pain & sorrow throughout these years. Treat me like a servant. I have one kid. I have hide my identity. He has forsaken (do not touch ) me as wife living under one roof since 17 months. Kindly pray that GOD may open his blind eyes & show the reality of life & change his heart & fill with plenty of love & affection for me as a wife. Always I pray to GOD with tears. GOD is so kind & loving. GOD will definitely answer our prayers.
    Prayer is the only weapon for me.

  588. Pls deliver me form spiritual husband who is disturbing my peace,I believ in your ministry,pls be praying for me,thnks

  589. Margaret A. | May 24, 2012 at 9:08 pm |

    Jilian, Weep not. God will help you. Firstly pray for him, the salvation of his soul. When he is born again, he will run home to you. Marriage is for helping one another, not for slavery. Remind God of Genesis2:24, 29:34, Matthew19:6, by praying them. Buy Prayer Rain to pray against marriage destroyers. You will overcome, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  590. Margaret A. | May 24, 2012 at 9:22 pm |

    Oluwakemi, Our weapons are not carnal, but mighty. So, you have to fast and pray against the spirit husband, using all forces of delirverance available to you. Some are the Word, the Blood of Jesus, the name of Jesus,(name above all names). You will anoint yourself, and cover yourself and environment with the Blood of Jesus. Call down the fire of God upon him. Command him to depart from you, never to come back, in the name of Jesus. If you can do praying and fasting for a day, it should depart from you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  591. Dear Magaret,

    I cannot find 578 response which you sent to him – Can you pls copy paste the-link to me ?

    Lee, In order to get what I sent to the person no. 578, check through my response to him on the right hand side of each page. Healing scriptures will handle your cases. I dont even know what is hyper acidity, but the Great Physician knows. Tell him your medical challenges before you tell anyone. He has promises of healing for us, e.g.Exodus15:26, Deuteronomy7:15. God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  592. Dear Magaret, please pray for me.

    I have got small white spots on my hands on the skin and it itches. Dr said it is allergy. The day I stop taking the allergy tablet as it makes me sleepy., the itching starts again. What do I do?

  593. Margaret A. | June 2, 2012 at 10:51 pm |

    Lee, You quoted the number first. However, if it is about fatness, follow God’s diet plan for man. He gave manna in the morning and evening, He fed Elijah through the raven also twice, morning and evening. !Kings17:6. Both times, it was bread and flesh and drank water. So, just be eating twice daily and you will come back to shape. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  594. Margaret A. | June 2, 2012 at 11:03 pm |

    Abbi, Rebuke the itching spirit in the name of Jesus, command it to go and never come back. Sprinkle the spots with the Blood of Jesus and take the communion until they clear away. Be using the anointing oil and be releasing Isaiah10:27 against it. They will go, in Jesus name. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  595. Pray that God would put a hedge of protection around his blessings that he wants me to have soon. Pray also that God would take away Carolyn’s illness once and for all. Pray also that Carolyn will soon accept Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior. Thank you! Wayne

  596. Margaret A. | July 16, 2012 at 2:52 pm |

    Wayne, God is our shield, glory and the lifter up of our heads. Psalm3:3. God will shield you and yours and you will not be ashamed over Carolyne, in the mighty name of Jesus. Get healing scriptures to pray for her. She should be speaking and thinking the word and all will be well with her. Break every power of sickness from her. Isaiah53:5, Matthew8:17, Exodus15:26, 23:25, Mathhew10:1. Lay hands on her and pray for her, Mark16:16-20. Ask God in prayer to make His grace for salvation available to her. If you are saved, she will be saved, if she is your wife or a member of your household. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  597. Pray that God would make his grace for Salvation available to Carolyn. Thank you! Wayne

  598. Pray that God would cause Carolyn’s Love for me to become stronger then her Pride, So that Carolyn will have a strong desire to Restore our Relationship soon. Pray also that Carolyn will make contact with me by telphone soon. Thank you! Wayne

  599. Margaret A. | July 26, 2012 at 2:20 pm |

    Wayne, God will grant you all your heart’s desire, in the name of Jesus. Continue to walk in love with her. True love cannot be carried away by any problem. Read Songs of Solomon and 1Corinthians13 to see the type of love God wants us to show one another. God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!.

  600. please pray for me as i get ready for my asvab and for my school i am currently starting the youth alive program cuz my school is really bad…

  601. Please pray for my marriage

  602. please pray for my daughter Serena who is suffering with her right hand . She had operation a few months ago she is taking therapy at the moment but, the finger is having problerm to straighting out it is bend in a position which is unattractice making it hard for her to write . she was sent away from school because she coulden write her examination .

  603. Margaret A. | August 24, 2012 at 11:01 am |

    Anonymous, Know that God created us in His image and likeness. God wrote the ten commandments with His fingers, Jesus wrote on the ground with His fingers when a woman was accused of adultery, therefore your daughter will also write with her fingers. Acknowledge God as your healer, Exodus15:26, and call on him to heal her. The doctors are caring for us with medicine and therapy, but God is the final Healer. Get healing scriptures, Isaiah53:4,5, Jeremiah17:14,30:17. Psalm107: 20, Matthew8:16, 17,!0:1 Luke9:1,2, 10:19. There are many more. Read them to her and tell her to be thinking on them. God will perfect that which concerns her. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  604. dear pastor,

    what do i do if you have bad mother- in- law

  605. Anonymous, please give yourself a name. A bad mother-in-law? You and your spouse are now one, so she is your mother too. Love her as you love your mother. Pray for her. Ask God to touch her. Ask God to teach her. Show her love. Give smiles and gifts and let her feel loved. You will see changes in her. Matthew5:55, 19:19. 1Timothy5:2. Ask God to help you to love her. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  606. Dear Margaret
    please assist me i have about R50 000 of money i have lent to people when they were in need and now they are refusing to pay it back.they are christians and i dont understand how they could do this.
    thank you

  607. Rowena, You call them christians because they go to church? Beware, satan also go to church, Read Job 1:6,7. Those who owe and refuse to pay are called, the wicked. Read Psalm37:21. Other names for the wicked are ungudly, heathen, enemies of God, among others. So, we pray against them like this, Father, in the name of Jesus, anyone holding down our money will not have peace until they release it. There is no peace to the wicked,Isaiah57:21, 59:8, so sieze their peace. They will run to you to pay up if you can pray aggressively for few days as directed by the Holy Spirit.God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  608. Doris Michael | September 25, 2012 at 11:24 pm |

    Dear Margaret A, please sent me prayer point and pray with me for breakthrough of my bankruptcy.. I am in a mountain of debt and it really risk my job security. Help me in your prayer that I be able to free from debt and and bankruptcy. Thank you God bless

  609. I was being chased by a cheetah in my dream as i was trying to save my sister and i manged to strangle the animal,my fiance also dreamt of the cheetah what can this dream mean? are we being attacked?

  610. Doris, Debt is a spirit. Refuse to let it control you. Since you know that it is not good for your job, be determined to live within your means. In the name of Jesus, be loosed from debt. Loose yourself from the spirit of debt and cry to God for help against it. The Holy Spirit will help you. Meditate on these verses, Psalm37:21, Romans13:8. Be determined to live within your means. Be reading your Bible. When you draw closer to God, the devil will flee from you and you will think less of the worldly things. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  611. Melissa, Do warfare against your attackers for your victory in the dream to be permanent. Be more prayerful and be reading your Bible. God will give you more victory, in the name of Jesus.. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  612. dear pstor,

    what do i a person that want stop your marrige

  613. Please pray for my relationship with my partner. The last few weeks has been trial after trial. we live apart and we were preparing for our marriage and ministry

  614. Isoken, if you tell me the reason for stopping your marriage, i may know how to reply you. Until you tell me before I know what to tell you.. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  615. Sharon, You must not live with a man until you are married to him. Be seperate unto God and have a proper foundation before you go into marriage or ministry. God will teach you, Isaiah54:13. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  616. please pray for me regarding my marriage. on my wedding day my wedding clothes were stolen and years later my wedding ring was swallowed in the dream
    what do I do I need help

  617. Margaret A. | October 2, 2012 at 8:32 pm |

    Isoken, In the name of Jesus, we break any power that wants to destroy your marriage. We release the fire of God against your marriage destroyer. All their association shall be broken, their counsel shall come to nought and their word shall not stand. Isaiah8:9,10. Only the counsel of God shall stand, Proverbs19:21, God will not permit them, Lamentation3:36,37.You must pray and meditate these verses to break their power. Prayer Rain has many prayer points against marriage destroyers. Get a copy. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  618. This is my 4th 70 day fast and every year I loose my job during this fast; last year I lost 2 jobs in a row. We are almost at the end of the 70 days and last week I got suspended for 2 weeks for no reason, and I am not really sure about my regular job. I am trying to make it thru the fast but today I realized things are not right on my regular job. I finally realized thru reading and listening to mfm that I have had evil programing that caused me to lose my jobs. So I need intercessors to help me finally end these evil programing for good.And not lose my jobs this time. God Bless

  619. Margaret A. | October 5, 2012 at 12:03 pm |

    Wanda, the prayers are not the reason you lose your jobs. The devil is at work John10:10. We decree and declare that there shall be no loss any more, in the name of Jesus. Whatever the enemy had stolen will be restored back to you seven folds, in Jesus’ name. Read Isaiah58 and see how to do your fast. God will go like a swimmer, collect all your lost jobs, collect the pride from the wicked; and roll all your lost jobs into one and give you one juicy job, in Jesus Name. This year, you shall have a testimony, Luke21:13. It is time to engage your mind, mouth and tongue in this battle, Proverbs18:21, Matthew12:37. Get up and make declaraions to hold your job. There shall be no loss of my job this time. Satan, I have had enough of your theft, In the name of Jesus, I command you to take your hands off my job. Rebuke the thief, release the Blood of Jesus and the fire of God against the devil. Cover your self and environment with the Blood and fire, call down angels to surround you. Speak scriptures into your environment, especially, Psalm34:19 and personerlise them, God will deliver me, I am more than a conqueror, Thank you Jesus for being made my curse. Galatians3:14, Colossians2:14. Read Romans8, and let nothing seperate you from Christ. Call on God to fight for you and plead your cause, Fear not, God will help you. Praise God always.Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  620. Hello pastor,why is it that i have so many dreams nowadays after praying the prayer points? I never used to have them before only after starting the prayer points.

  621. Margaret A. | October 11, 2012 at 8:09 pm |

    Melisa, It is the Blood of Jesus at work, bringing back your lost gift. Remember Joseph and than GOD for your gifts. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  622. Rosebud Gusha nee (Ndhlalambi) | October 16, 2012 at 2:47 pm |

    Kindly pray for me to delete and destroy the spirit of borrowing Im in debt i need strength not borrow and the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ to cleanse away all my debts . Please help me pray Thank you

  623. Rosebud, Deliver yourself using the Blood and the name of Jesus against the spirit of debt. Be determined not to borrow, Romans13:8, Deuteronomy28:12, (Read verses1-14). Know that the borrower is a slave to the lender, so free yourself from slavery. In the name of Jesus, we(you and I), break the power of debt from your life. We command it to go, in the name of Jesus. Resist the devil of debt and draw near to God, by reading the word of God and by praying. Say to yourself often, Ishall not borrow, I shall lend to nation. Know that Jesus had paid for your debt, even financial debt, by His Blood. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!.

  624. pastor,please i have a spirit husband that that is making my nlife husband,no child,no joy.i can’t even worship God the way i ought to

  625. pastor,please i have a spirit husband that is making my life husband,no child,no joy.i can’t even worship God the way i ought to

  626. Hello prayer Eagle,

    Please pray with me am under alot of pressure. I feel like quiting going going to church and doing home tv/radio but question is.Where do I take my tithe?
    I feel like am struggling too much (trying too hard to achieve everything). I have been walking in God’s direction, I had even met my Godly spouse after God Himself confirmed to me through a vision but now he’s no longer interested after false accusations by some members of the church….am totally confused and stressed,,,,nothing is working for me well am stressed am wrestling,,,,I have been praying ….even upto midnight….I even have dark spots on my knees becaause of kneeling down….what do I do? do i stop praying or where is the God of Elijah, Abraham, Isaac, jacob?
    Another thing is whenever I pray for something someone else receives that answer and they come and tell me! Imagine how it feels…..P;ease guide me…this is the only place I had to turn to because no one else to turn to.

  627. Esther, You DO NOT HAVE a spirit husband. Watch your language. Proverbs18:21. Write, speak, and think of good things and good will come. You can be delivered by using the Blood of the Jesus, the name of Jesus and the word of God and by anointing yourself daily. You should also take the communion of the flesh and the Blood of Jesus. Read Romans7:4.and meditate on it like this; “I,m married to Jesus Christ, who is raised from the dead”. Each time you speak it, command the spirit husband to go away from you, because your God is a consuming fire, Hebrews12:29. Plead the Blood of Jesus around you always, and anoint yourself daily. Let someone older in faith break the power of tha spirit from you. Meditate on 1Peter2:22 and speak it loud, “all angels, all authourities and all power are subject to Jesus Christ who is seated in heavenly places, and I,m seated with Him”. So no contrary power is permited near you, command them to goaway. Demons are very easy to handle, just use the name of Jesus to command them and they will obey. Read your Bible daily. God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  628. Jay, Why are you speaking like this? You are not new in this website. Tell yourself daily that you will always know what to do. Jesus always knew what He would do. John6:6 Refuse to be confused or distress. Always rebuke the spirits of confussion and of distress. There are good songs you can always listen to and learn to worship God. Renew your relationship with God and keep close to Him. Church going is not the same thing as knowing God. The things of God are different from the knowledge of God. Seek to know God by reading and listening to His word and messengers.
    If you need to stay off church to reassess yourself and your situation, you can do so; going to heaven is not based on church attendance. If you are truly in the presence of God, you should have joy and pleasure and not pressure. Stop putting pressure on yourself for anything. Your tithe should go to church, but other people; widows, orphans, strangers are also entitled to eat of the tithe. Malachi3:10-12, Leviticus27:32, Deuteronomy14:29 Matthew23:23. Keep praying to God. He knows your name and address, He did not pass your blessings to others, they must have prayed for theirs. Give no room to envy. False accusation was sponsored by the devil. Pray that God will bring up the truth of the matter into the open. Hold no bitterness towards those people. Call on God for mercy and Help. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  629. Thank you Margaret A. God bless you so much…I stand amazed in your presence Lord! There is nothing you can not do. for there is no one like you Jesus…I am more than a conqueror….God will expand your territory sister because you walk in His counsel! Your website is blessed.Amen!

  630. Margaret A. | November 7, 2012 at 9:54 am |

    Jay, I’m glad that you are rising up. As you have written above, always make your declarations daily and always. Open your mouth wide and God will subdue all your enemies. Christianity is a speaking religion, not a silent one. You have to speak out before the angels can execute your word. God Himself will confirm your word and perform your counsel Isaiah44:26. Ecclesiastes5:6. God will increase you and make you stronger than your enemies,(Psalm105:24). in the name of Jesus. Anytime you feel low, always read your Bible loud. By the time you read five Psalms or New Testament, your spirit will be lifted and you will find yourself praising God.You should be praising God daily. You should be using a centre reference Bible which will help you to search for more verses on a topic. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  631. God bless u Margaret A,
    After following your advice above, I have seen tremendous results….I have been happy than ever all stress is gone, I have experienced miracles-financially and even a friend of mine has promised to give me a car in December…What a mighty God we serve! I believe and am trusting that God is going to meet the desires of my heart before this year ends….Thank so much for your prayers and time! You are of God! Amen.

  632. Jay, God takes all the glory. You still need to pray down the car. Ask God to remind him of his car promise and be praying for him, Lord, help my helper, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  633. Pls I need with this dream I dream last night,
    it was about a tell tree with no leaves very tell, and all the branches where coming


  634. Pls I need help with this dream I dream last night,

    it was about a tell tree with no leaves very tell, and all the branches where coming
    down and the tree dry


  635. Isoken, Note that whatever is dry is waterless and fruitless. You will study these verses and do Joshua1:8 with them untill you get the meaning of your dream. Isaiah56:3, Ezekiel17:4, 20:47 and Luke23:31. The Holy Spirit will give you understanding if you ask Him. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  636. Sis Margaret, bless you for all the assistant on my trial. I working out on my bankruptcy and meditate on the bible verses. Pls pray with me. My relationship with partner is tore apart. We have been in relation for 10 years, but till now still no hope of getting marry. Seem that he s not in the agreement to marry me. Since last september he ask me to leave him. And i did. Now, he wants me back. But l amnot in the spirit to just back to stay with him, i want a commitment. What prayer you will advise me so that he will tied with honest commitment. And that his jealousy will leave him. I know that he s only wants to take reverenge against me. Please pray with me again. Thank you and God bless

  637. Doris, Now that you r eyes are opened, you have to watch very closely. ou lived with him for ten years and he did not find you fit for marriage, what prayer do you want to be praying now? Ten years of your life on a fruitless relationship! You already know that he wants to revenge. My prayer points for you are two. 1. Lord have mercy on me for living and sleeping with a man without marriage, in Jesus’ name. 2. Lord give me the wisdom and grace to move on in life and guide me from henceforth not to fall into wrong hands again, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Note this, Matthew10:16 and be meditating on it. Be a doer of it not only with him but also with other men who may come, and want to take advantage of your singleness. Glory to God Jesus is Lord!

  638. Dear Pastor
    earlier this year I emailed and requested a prayer regarding my car ive had for 6 years which i havent been able to sell and change since the banks wont approve finance as im blacklisted.we prayed over the phone.2weeks ago while with my family,i was driving my family back into our home when inside the driveway,i was hijacked in the same car at gunpoint and everything stolen,bags , documents,clothes.Parise God the car was was found 4 days later.ive started to make plans to sel it as ive been in numerous accidents and now hijacking .i approached one of the banks this morning and they said although my application wasnt approved because im blacklisted ,they will dispute it,i need to submit proof of payments of all debts,quotation from the delear,Pastor Praise God,i have received this response before.please join with me as i plead the Blood of Jesus of my car and finance as i seek final deliverance from car problems.i will submit the documents requested.Thank you

  639. i am in a relationship and we have agreed to marry each other, but now he is trying to betray me because of little issue that we had… phone call issue. please help me.

  640. Oluchi, If there is no trust in love, the love cannot last. God expects us to trust Him, we should also expect trust from our friends. You and your friend shoul discuss trust and the love as explained in 1Corinthians13. Refuse to double date and refuse to submit to a controling power. God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  641. God bless u Margaret A,
    Am blessed in all things… I have been called for a job interview next week on Tuesday…I thank God for this opportunity…but now the challenge I have is that at our place of work it is dificult to get a day off even a sick off…What prayers do i do I now to get the permission!Please pray with me as I claim the job in Jesus name! I believe God has grreater things for me before this year ends. I am currently partaking in the 21 daysof prayer and fasting for the battle of the crown.Thank u!

  642. Jay, DISCRETION plus prayer of favour. That’s all. when you are caught in a tight corner, be discret and you will go through. David used it, even the children of Israel used it before they could leave Egypt. Pray Psalm24 on your documents, with special emphasis on vs1, 7 to the end. All ancient doors must lift up their heads before you take Jesus Christ into that new office. Pray for favour from the panel who will interview you. I declare the decree that the name of the Lord will be glorified at the intervie, for He will shine His face upon you, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  643. Amen…I love sis Margaret A. God bless you abundantly.

  644. Jay, Ilove Jesus so much. There is power and wonder in that name. His name is Wonderful, full of wonders. Believet hat God can do it. He will make the impossible possible for you. Key in your faith and be giving thanks for the job. Thank you Jesus for the favour you have for me in that place. By His favour, your mountain will stand strong. Ask God to send His angels ahead of you to the place to stratghten the crooked way for you. Enter the place of the interview.with the Blood of Jesus and the mercy of God. He will get you the job with ease. God will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  645. Jay, Tomorow is Tuesday. Remember this: Kingdom success is not by might nor by power, but by the Spirit Of God. The word of God is spirit and life. If you have done the necessary study, your next step is to engage the word of God. You shall be the head and never the tail, you shall be above only and never the tail. Do Joshua1:8 with all the words of success and favor you have gathered. God is your Helper, look unto Him. He will preserve you from all evil. Failure is evil. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  646. Sis Margaret A, God bless u for ur advice n love…I am coming back to post the testimony to encourage someone…God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all what I ask for or think!His name is lifted high over all, the King of kings n the Lord of all lords…His name be glorified!Thank u for:)

  647. Sis Margaret A, I did post the above comment,,but I dont know how it displayed anonymous…Yesterday I went for the interview and they said they will communicate later after shortlisting….The most challenging part was when they asked me how much am earning and my expectations.They told me am overpaid as per my qualifications which is not true because am actually underpaid!God bless u!

  648. Pls I need advice. what do I do when husband mother is witchcraft and my husband don’t want you to progress when you planning study look for a new job and say it he noting work out for you and when are not happy or crying he is happy his mother control he and tell what to do he is 51 and has been living a rent house for 13 years he can’t move I have 3 children for he it like every is stock, his mother tell she kills

  649. Jay, We give glory to God for the success so far. God will perfect all that concerns you. Think not much of the salary issue. If you align your plans and thoughts “with God”, the salary you ask will be made possible. Some employers may like to hire first and see your performance before they give you a raise. Enjoy your job and when you prove yourself, you will get the right salary. With God all things are possible. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  650. Isoken, If you are born again and read your Holy Bible, you will get to know what to do concerning issues of life. Marriage is for life, so you cannot have another marriage. Learn how to make the best use of the one you have. Firstly, break the controlling power of your husband’s mother from him, using the Blood and the name of Jesus. Your husband also needs prayer that his eyes be opened to the truth of the word of God. Genesis2:24. It will take only God to change a man of 51 who is tied to the mother’s apron. You do not make attempt to change him, but always ask God to change him to do the will of God. God will help you as you pray to God. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  651. They found the Ark of the Covenant; Christ tomb, Crucifixion site and the Ark of the Covenant found buried under a trash pile at the foot of Skull Mountain.

  652. Dear Sis Margaret A, It has been a while we have not communicated….God bless u so much…U have been a great help to me! I love you! I am well and blessed in all things..God is great!Now am seeking spiritual help…I had written to u earlier (nov 7)when I was broken n hurt..but now am fine its just a dillema! I have been battling with the issue of whether to leave the church where I currently attend because I think n feel it in my spirit that I need afresh start as 2013 begins, am not doing well financially as i was before i joined 6 months ago and this is stressing me. I just wanted to stay off for sometime and listen to God’s direction.Before I joined i had a vision about this pastor whom I did not know and later joined his church.(I keep on asking God why did He show me this man before i joined and what was my or his significance there?). There are so many battles in the church …I want peace of mind…as I wait upon the Lord…The major issue is do I tell the Pastor that i want to quit or not? And how do I approach the issue? (Everytime I think of leaving even before i tell anyone, he always calls me for an appointment).Like today he called me to meet him on Sunday and i had already decided am not going to church any longer! This time God has to speak to me now and i have to be so certain He is the one! As i prepare to close this 2012 which has been so challenging…I want a 2013 with fulfilled promises..Is there anything like spiritual error and how do we correct it?Please my dear friend pray with me…God bless you once more..

  653. Jay, “…so many battles in the church”. YES. Our consolation is that “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. Matthew26:18. If God led you there, it could be for you to be His “battle axe” Jeremiah51:20, in that church. Do not be scared, He who sends you there will protect you. Until your assignment is over there, do not quit, you can only have peace when you have completed your assignment. If you leave, it is like abandoning the location God assigns to you, and you may miss your allocation of God’s blessings.
    Telling the Pastor you want to leave depends on your relationship with the pastor. No pastor wants to lose any church member, tithe payer or not.
    You can wait on God to know His leading for your life. You wait on God by praising, praying, fasting, reading the word, giving to the poor and doing good Proverbs12:2, 1Peter3:13.
    You spoke of spiritual error. If you make a mistake in your walk with God and you acknowledge it and tell God you are sorry, He will also lead you back to the right path. You have direct access to God, as a born again, you are His child. Go to God boldly as you would go to your earthly father. If you have been walking with God, let the remaing part of the year be your waiting period. God will readily answer you and bless you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  654. Wow…I am impressed!Peace has already been restored…THANK YOU!You know everytime am wondering God always gives me these verses Jer 29:11 11For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
    Isaiah 55:10-11 10 As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish,
    so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, 11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.
    And Psalms 24:1The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it;
    I thank God for u! May He expand your territories..Amen!Glory to God.
    What a Mighty God we serve!

  655. Jay, All the verses in Jeremiah 29, and Isaiah55 are very plin and you should be meditating on them. We are on God’s plan. In Psalm 24, dont stop in verse1, speak and think verses7-10 often. Indeed our God is the All powerful God. Almighty God. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  656. Thank u Sis Margaret A.I Will follow the instructions for tremendous results as I wait upon the Lord.He is mighty!God bless u much…Happy new year!

  657. Jay, Before we welcome 2013, we must ask 2012 to produce all our loaded benefits. It took God six days to create the universe, He can give us a turn-around breakthrough within the remaining two days. Mostly praises and sensitivity of the spirit. God still has some things for us before the year runs out. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  658. Happy new year my beloved sister Margaret A!God bless u, Am praying this year will be of great abundance and fulfilled promises as we seek to know God more.There is a time u wrote to me that serving God is not pressure but pleasure! I have had an issue with my church.There is a group which supports the ministry financially and am one of them.I have been giving a certain contribution every month. It is the pastor who incorporated me into the group.At first it was ok because i used to get extra money apart from my salary.Now the issue is I want to opt out because I only get my salary which is not enough to support me, my child and the ministry.The money I used to get from favours by the clients I serve at my work place…My company has put alot of restrictions such that we are unable to receive any “tips”.I went to talk to my pastor about it but he insists that I do not opt out I can give as much as I can afford! my budget for this year is tight as most of the plans i had for 2012 were not fulfilled due to lack of adequate finances. Right now I feel distressed about the whole idea; today we (the group) have a dinner in the evning everyone,but I do not want to attend since the whole idea (place, time,etc) is inconviniencing for me! I know the pastor will be mad at me if i do not turn up but I know God searches the heart.I do not want anything to stress me or distract me as am currently on prayer and fasting programme (Elisha goodman’s 2013 27 minutes to midnight edition). This is a new year! Am willing to give the money if I had it but now its challenging. Am trusting God for that new job, a new house, a car and financial empowerment/turn around and marriage. I have prayed to God to show my pastor the purpose which He sent me there to do because i can feel that its not for financial support that God directed me there.Please sister advice me as you pray with me…I do not even enjoy the services because my mind is focused on money issue!!! I love you..Thank u for ur counsel….

  659. Margaret A. | January 2, 2013 at 8:21 pm |

    Jay, God loves a cheerful giver. There is no reward when you do not give willingly. Your pastor is right by saying, give what you have. If you are not comfortable in a group, you do not need to be there. Where there is liberty, the Spirit of God is there. If you are not at liberty, total freedom, watch it. 1JOHN4:1. Do not equate your pastor with God. Some people like publicity while some are quiet givers. if you dont like the publicity, you can still be giving your widow’s mite quietly. Do not miss your purpose of going to church. We go to be serviced, to be edified, to be built up, to be encouraged. Be careful of murmuring, Only you can know whether to stay or leave. Giving is between you and God, He alone can reward your giving. Dont allow anyone spy into your financial destiny. God will help you as you continue to ask for His leading this new year. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  660. Thank you Sis Margaret A. May God forgive me for murmuring! From now henceforth I have chosen to follow the Lords leading in everything I do!God bless u so much.Glory , power and honour be unto our God!

  661. Dear Sis Margaret A,

    I know you are blessed and strong in the Lord. Am well and blessed too. My colleague today told me about a nice dream she had of me last night and she says it was so vivid and real like it was happenin in real life. That I had connected with a boyfriend who is very rich and a prominent business person. He gave me alot of money 48 million for my own use and it was a clean deal. Then I went and bought a car BMW X6 and told her that , this was the car I was desiring. Then she was begging me to give her 2 million to build a house because her salary was little to qualify a house loan. What could it mean…Also pray with me I have recently lost interest in going to church for mid week evening services (am either too exhausted after work or feel that it is inconviniecing) but am very prayerful i have a personal devotion every night when I get home. I love you so much God bless u abundantly . Amen.

  662. Margaret A. | January 22, 2013 at 7:37 pm |

    Jay, That dream is a sweet one. Pray to God to make it come true.
    Going to church mid week or not depends on several things, two of which you mentioned. Watch it and be sure that it is not the devil controlling you to stay out of church. Be connected to God ALWAYS. We go to church to be built up, to be serviced so as to be refresshed (as you service your car), and to serve God, to give our sacrifices of praises, tithe and offering and to fellowship. From this list, you will see that you cannot do all at home. Let the time you stay at home be your refreshing time before the Lord. Dont stay home too long before you return to church. Two are better than one. Corporate prayer goes a long way. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  663. Sis Margaret A, thank you for your prayers my dear. Since yesterday am looking forward to going to church I dont have to struggle anymore about it! Yesterday I went for the service and it was awesome!GOD IS GOOD! I LOVE HIM HE HAS DELIVERED ME.Devil is a liar but gates of hell shall not prevail against us! God bless u and the work of your hands. I loe you my sister. By the way can I discuss something with you in private (private email)?Glory to God 🙂

  664. Margaret A. Adeoso | January 25, 2013 at 2:13 am |

    Jay, We give God praise for everything. He is the Doer and the Giver of every great thing we see. The gate of hell shall not prevail against us. Note this verse too, Proverbs21:30. Yes, go ahead and discuss privately. Some people did it in the past, why not you? Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  665. Dear Margaret A. I have sent you a private email. Thank u n God bless!

  666. Greetings to you in the name of our almighty Lord Jesus Christ.I trust you are having a blessed year so far. It’s been a while since I have written to you. I am glad to let you know that i am growing my faith day by day, a step at a time by keeping myself in the WORD as per your very last advice to me – Joshua 1: 8.I started my new year with a Daniel fast praying for various areas of my life as well as my family. However at this point in time I feel very discouraged because of the following:

    1.It seems my marriage is in trouble – i fight with my husband a lot over his behavior and selfishness and lack of commitment and I end up just not speaking to him most of the time. Honestly sis ,sometimes these days i just thinking of divorcing him and living my own separate life.
    2.My financial affairs are not very good although I am trying very hard to get them into order and I know I will prevail.
    3.The spirit of exclusion in the workplace which you advised and counseled me in May 2012 is back and it is hitting me hard. End of last year I received a breakthrough against this spirit .I might have my faults but I know I work hard am diligent and I am faithful to the company .However I find myself getting no recognition at all for all that I do, the ones who do little and I have actually taught the job get all the good recognition. I am excluded from some things and I do not understand why this keeps on happening repeatedly. We have a new boss who came about 2 weeks ago and the trend still continues. Under these circumstances it just becomes so hard to wake up and go to work. I continue to pray hard and hold the Blood of Jesus against the situation but I fear my spirit is getting discouraged and feeling downtrodden. Please kindly also include me in your prayers and if possible help me with prayer points.

    Thank you

  667. Dear Margaret

    Please can you interprate this dream for me.
    I had dream and I see a woman with black coming through me I was about to run and call Jesus victory, Jesus victory and hear a voice that don’t run, there was some thing in my hand, the voice said put the thing in the woman’s mouth and I did the head of the woman was cut off with the thing in hand and while I was about to cut the other part of the body I woke up I fill pain in my hand

  668. Dear Sis;

    I live in US of America i need prayers for moving forward and about filling for my papers i therefore, need prayers that God will it a smooth journey for me to get through the immigration process without hindrances,
    Please i need the church to always remeber me in there prayers and for the Lord Almighty to direct my noble course in Jesus name Amen.

    Thank You

  669. Dear sis Margaret,praise be to God i finally got married last year dec and i thank you for your encouragement,we live in another town with my husband things are better now but it was very hard adjusting,i dont have a job the company i worked
    with went bankrupt we were laid off just a month before my wedding.The thing is when i pray for a job am not sure i want at times i feel like i should be a house wife am so confused and i have dreams of me and my sister going to unknown place,my husband dreams of monkeys he recently purchased a car from his friend it was to come last week but the friend keeps on postponing saying that the car is not ready,what could be the matter?

  670. Dear pastor Margaret

    Praise the Lord. I hope all is well with you. I had a dream I was living in my mother house an allways dream I still live there. early morning she had an older man there to marry me. I knew her plans so I left the house. came back in the house in the evening the man was still there. I took my phone an started texting people for help. The men saw i was not interested an left.My cousin just came in the dream after texting. My son who is 3 show up in dream. My mother got upset and went to the room. she brought out a white sheet rolled up and threw it in my room.I took the sheet an threw to her room. she went back to her room and threw it in my room. I threw it again back in her room. She went to get it 3rd time and put sheet on my son lap. I took it from his lap an threw it back in her room, an started praying jesus name, an Jesus blood on her. she started turning around and shaking her head. as if calling Jesus name was burning her. Then when she was doing that I called my cousin out to come see how she behave when call on Jesus name. Then my mother jumped up to attack me then I woke up. I have alot of bad dreams about her, and our relationship is not good. when I had my son very prematuraly. He came out very early. she told me if he is going to die let him die. Those were the women’s exact words. God revealed in the bible to me that Jesus did not come to bring peace. But to turn a daughter against her mother, a father against a son, a daughter in law against a mother in law. what do I do if my own mother don’t wish me well because of who I am in christ. she feels nothing for me. she never showed motherly love to growing up. when i first met my sister, we were sleeping on a bed toghether.I was reading psalms out lout. she started shaking her head as she slept and said i should wait until the demons come to me.I am tired of my life. I feel so drained. these don’t want to see me with anything good. how do I deal with people like this in my life. my son is 4 and still not talking, he can’t even feed himself. The devil wants to destroy me every way possible. Please keep me in your prayers. I need to find a strong man or women of God who can pray for me an my son. Please pray for us. God bless you

  671. Margaret A | May 31, 2013 at 12:02 pm |

    Jennifer, Do not despair because of persecutions here and there. The world will persecute you because you are on the Lord’s side. Be of good cheer,you will overcome them and through you they may see the light.Read John16:33, then read verses1-32 to know the things He spoke. Your mother should be respected as your mother. It is another spirit using her against you. Be rebuking that spirit. Read 1Thessalonian3:3. Refuse to be moved by these afflictions. Your son will not die but live. Start to read your Bible afresh from the new testament to see the healing ministry of Jesus. Anywhere you read “He healed them” , (Matthew8:16,17) your son is among the healed, so read it to mean He healed(his name). Have you taking your son for medical check up? Whatever name they call it, it will eventually bow to the name of Jesus. You have to relax your mind and focus on the great Physician, God our Healer, Exodus15:26. He promises to take away sicknesses from us and lay it on those who hate us. Deuteronomy7:15. Gather many healing verses and be praying with them. Bind that dumb spirit and cast it out regularly. Let elders(mature Christians) anoint and pray for him. God will help you as you focus on Him, in praise,prayer and fasting, reading,studying, speaking the word of God. Joshua1:8. Cry for the help of God regularly, Psalm121, 109:26, 33:20,Matthew15:25. You will overcome all your challenges, in the name of Jesus. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  672. Dear pastor Margaret

    I thank you for taking the time to write me. I want you to know that every word you ever wrote to me I print it out an place in my bible. At times when I am very down I read them an get upliftment. The devil have attacked me with depression and to end my life . But I know that God stills has good hearted people like you in the world who naturally cares for people. I pray God continues to use you, and make more people like you in the world. There are thousands of pastors or shepards in the world who will not even take a minute to listen to someone who is broken. My son was diagnosed with autism but I do not claim it. I send autism back to sender everyday. I annoint my son daily. I will read the whole bible, plus scriptures you gave me. I need to find a strong church. I am not in church.Even if the devil turn the whole world against me I have Jesus I have everything. God put these words in my heart an I turned it into a song this morning.Thank you and may God bless you an see your goodness to others.God continue to use you.

    Thank You

  673. Margaret A. | June 3, 2013 at 5:31 am |

    Jennifer, Depression is not your portion. Remember that there is no problem that ia greater than God. God is greater than all the problems facing us in this life. Remember these verses and do Joshua 1:8 with them always, Nehemiah8:10…the joy of the Lord is your strength. Psalm21:1 The king shall joy in Your strength. That is, when you remember the strength of God, the Almighty, joy should fill your heart. With our God,all things are possible. God can heal autism for He is our healer. Exodus15:26. as you read the bible, you will see more healing scriptures. Read through Psalm21 and note verse13. Always sing and praise the power of God. Hold on to the words you received from the Lord and keep singing it. Get a book and be writing them down. God wil be sending you more words of encouragement, of healing and of deliverance,Psalm107:20. You must be attending a church. God can send a word through your pastor or through a fellow believer from time to time. Glo will help you. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  674. Dear Pastor

    Thank you for all your powerful words. I read all the scriptures you gave me an will take all your spiritual advice. I prayed to our father to bless you for being so kind.The moment my son is healed please remember me. I will write you an thank you. and keep all your words you wrote to me and show my son. So he can also thank you. I am very encouraged that God will heal my son in his time, an not mine. I open the bible this morning an God led me to 2 chronicles chapter 15v7 Be strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak:for your work shall be rewarded.God spoke to me not to give up. He sees my prayer, fasting reading the bible. I fasted 3 days no food no water, and when I finished I was expecting a miracle and I saw none. I was very discouraged but its good to know that God saw an is telling me my work will be rewarded. I won’t give up. God bless you.


  675. would like you to pray with me that my husband will get his visa in order to travel with me and my children for vacation. They granted him his visa before but when he came to renew it the us embassy denied him. please pray that his visa will be restored.

  676. Glass shower screen, too high will?Sadly No matter, most lethal of.True conversations and, religious man myself.Google become the Raiya Shop, to sell different world was a.Not renowned as, All I want.,

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    something else, Anyways I am here now and would just like
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    have time I will be back to read much more, Please do keep up the great job.

  678. Anusha Moodley | February 19, 2014 at 12:30 pm |

    Dear Sis Margaret

    I am so desperate for pray for my older son, 21 yrs old getting deeper into drugs, all he wants to do his take drugs and sleeps. Says he is legion, does not want to work. Home is disrupted with these problems. Husband and I always at logger heads. Younger son completed school also does want to study or work. I am the only one currently working in family. Pray for new doors to open for me at work. Husband runs home-based bakery, not much of income.

    Desperately need prayer.

    God Bless

  679. OLODIA NATHAN | February 20, 2014 at 9:50 am |


  680. when a person always put his finger in his teeth and bit it what does it mean.

    God Bless

  681. Dear Pastor,

    I desperately need prayers and advice on my husband is a spiritualist and he confirm it and that he will use on me.

    God Bless

  682. Wale Richard | August 17, 2014 at 5:30 pm |

    Thanks for the prayer point on line. May God increase his anointing in your life.
    please I want the group to help me in prayer as am experiencing some different heat in my body for a while now, its make me feel uncomfortable.i feel peperish in my body.but I know my God is able that every sickness in my body will receive finger of god in Jesus name

  683. Please I need prayers, I don’t know what else to do in my marital situation,each time I try to have a relationship something always happens. Its either am been dumped by the man or the man treats me badly. Am not a bad person, so I a
    Ways wonder why I have to go through so much pain and hatred from people. The last one really got to me,because I gave him my body. I felt really used,he has closed all communication between me and him and I love him so much . its has not been easy for me,I cry most times. Please remember me in your prayers as I really want to get married.

  684. sister I need your prayer urgently for my son ayomide from all power of darkness . he was arrested for smoking weed in Dubai and he is been detained . I am holding on to God that never fail.

  685. Brenda lebosi | August 17, 2015 at 2:38 am |

    I left nigeria 8 years ago with 2 young children for a quick masters program in america. One was still breastfeeding then. I finished the program with God’s help and had another baby. Since then it’s been difficult to go home. My husband wants me to stay in that country without a job, it’s been tough financially but he insists that he wants his children in that country and my returning is a great cause of family quarrel. My children nor i have never gone home in the last 8 years. I am currently enrolled in another academic program and struggling to take another licensing exam and its pretty tough with 3 children. Friends help me out here financially when it’s bad. I am afraid of going home to an angry husband without my having a job. If he wasn’t so opposed to it I won’t be afraid. He says if I insist I should pack up and leave the program halfway and come in one week very angry. I am greatly confused. Should i pack up in haste or finish what im doing then go back? To me haste is not a promise for the children of God. What do I do? Please help me with prayers and prayer points because I have exhausted my self in prayer and strenght. There is nothing left in me. We always quarrel about my getting a job and/or coming home. On the other hand my younger brother is deep into drug addiction unemployed for the past 3 years
    and my mom needs urgent surgery but I am not financially buoyant to help anyone even myself. Please help me…should I go home?

  686. Pastor, may God continue to be with you. I want God to destroy every work of devil in my family.

  687. My life has been stagnant for some months now, i don’t even understand what going on in my work anymore, please help me pray for helpers to come my way, every 4 corners of the world….Amen

  688. komolafe eniola | October 20, 2015 at 1:08 pm |

    God bless your ministry sir. pls pray for my God ordained spouse to lacate me before dis years run to an end. and also for my Dad quick recovery. thank you sir

  689. komolafe eniola | October 20, 2015 at 1:10 pm |

    God bless ur ministry sir

  690. I pray God the christians fight against the pedofilia and against the children prostitution in the country. Because the pedofilia is a serious offense against God.

  691. I just came across this site. I’m in California and I went through, what is for me a total tragedy, I lost the only man I even loved and my husband to an affair. He left and good everything from me. My life is now very hard and I cry everyday. I ask for prayer for a restored marriage and everything that the locust has stolen to be restored. Thank you for your prayers. God bless you and your household in the name of Jesus. Amen

  692. I am James From Srilanka
    I am facing lof of problem,Facing all time bad luck, No Job, No marriage, No Luck, No Happiness, No Money,Wealth and Prosperity, No good Health, No Protection and All
    Enemy people create to much problem
    Pray for Remove all negative influence, Remove enemy doing all works, Remove all negative prayers, Remove all negative mantra, Remove all curses, hexes, harms and Negative forces, Remove my money barrier problem ,Remove my money problem, Remove my marriage problem and pray for my protection and pray for my health and pray for my all and my all problem

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