praying for a godly husbandHoly Father, You said that woman was made from the rib which was taken from man. Therefore

I come to You now, asking for the man whom I was created for – a true steward of God. He shall leave his father and his mother and cleave unto me, and I will be his help meet.

I thank You for a husband who will love me even as Christ also loved the church, and we shall be heirs together of the grace of life according to Your Word.

O Lord my God, You said that the man is the image and glory of God. Therefore I come to You now, praising You for a husband who will nourish and cherish me and not be bitter against me.
He will be blameless, vigilant, sober and apt to teach. He will be patient, respectful, of good behavior, and will hold the mystery of faith in a pure conscience. He will be a just, holy,
temperate man – holding fast the faithful Word as he has been taught.

I thank You for a husband who is not covetous, self-willed, easily angered or lifted up with pride. And because he rules well his own house, our children and I will be in subjection to him according to Your Word.

Abba, Father, You said that the head of every man is Christ and he who walks in uprightness fears the Lord. Therefore I come to You now, thanking You for a husband who will give honor unto me, as unto the weaker vessel, so that his prayers will not be hindered.

My husband is blessed, therefore he does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful. His delight is in the law of the Lord; and in that law, he meditates day and night. He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth his fruit in his season. His leaf also shall not wither, and whatsoever he does shall prosper.

I thank You for a trustworthy husband who will please me and render due benevolence unto me according to Your Word.

God Most High, You said that a wife should not depart from her husband and a husband should not put away his wife. Therefore I come to You now, vowing that when my husband is bound unto me, he will not seek to be loosed. I will hold my beloved, whom my soul loves, and I will not let him go. According to Your Word, I decree and declare that whom God has joined together, no man shall put asunder.

I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

A compilation of scripture by Sharlyne C. Thomas, author of “When Heaven Hears Your Prayer.”

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133 Comments for “PRAYERS †or a GODLY HUSBAND”

  1. zanele

    pls pray for me to get married this 32 yrs old never been in a relationship before. i wnt to get married early next year. im trusting God for a mirracle. God bless u all.

  2. zanele

    pls pray for me to be engaged this 32 yrs old never been in a relationship before. i wnt to get married early next year. im trusting God for a mirracle. God bless u all.

  3. Windy

    I prayed this prayer to the Father and Know that the Father will answer and send my husband.I too, am trusting the Father for this because Jesus said the what we desire when we pray believe we will receive and we will have. O taste and see that God is good! 🙂

  4. Dee

    Please pray for me to find a spouse. Somebody who will cherish me and also fear the Lord. I’m jealous and lonely since everybody around me is settling down. Please pray with me that next year be my year of marriage.

  5. kindly pray for me so that l can get a Godly fearing sister is getting married next year and am the second born so all eyes are on me.let next year be mine also. l believe and trust in God, l know his timing is the best coz l have prayed for a husband for so long but no answer.

  6. Plse, pray for me to find a God fearing Husband, a promotion and favor before God.


  8. margaret N

    Kindly pray for me to get a Godly fearing husband !!! Let next year 20013 be mine !!! I trust you lord God and jesus!!!

  9. mpumi

    please pray for me to find a godly husband. i ask in jesus name.

  10. Susan

    Please pray for me so that my boyfriend Paul marries me and that I will be a good wife to him in Jesus name.

  11. Anonymous

    please pray for me that God open the way that come next year 2013 i get married to ma Godly spouse i believe in Jesus namr

  12. Martha

    martha please pray for me that god open the way that come next year 2013 i get married t0 godly spouse that i have choose from saadhi .com IN JESUS NAME

  13. Lesia

    I will be praying for everyone of you…

  14. virginis

    Please pray for me as am trusting God for my future partner

  15. Gladys Adams

    Please help in prayers and also send me the part 2 and 3 of this prayer points. I am a female and 39 single and without a child. Please I desire to be a mother and wife please help me in prayers. Thank you and may God richly bless you in all that you you do.

  16. Anonymous

    Pls join in prayer that this year 2013 God Almighty will connect me with a God fearing man that will be my best friend IJN

  17. Pls join in prayer that this year 2013 God Almighty will connect me with a God fearing man that will be my best friend IJN

  18. Codie Barlow

    I have been up the last few weeks just crying not knowing what to do or how to feel. I feel so lost & alone. I need your prayers. My fiance of 8 months (we have 5 kids between us) let me without saying a word. I came home & all his clothes & belongings were gone. We live in Texas & he is now in Florida. Up unto this point there was no warning signs. We were so happy. He would get up every day, make coffee and breakfast, we cuddled every night, loved each other so much, spent every moment together. All I ever felt from him was love & he was so sweet to me & the kids. So this is such a shock to me. He says its bc he got a job that pays really well. That he felt like such a failure, like a nobody at home bc he couldn’t support his family or find a good job. But to just up and leave? My kids & I are completely devastated and in shock. This man is my baby, my life. The love I thought we had for each other was so strong. I just don’t understand. Please pray for him, that he will have a change of heart, something in him that changes. Please pray for me and my children that we will have peace, understanding, something. I am so scared & so hurt. Why would someone do this to his family. I want to add that he was in Iraq for years…he has PTSD & still has flashbacks & gets emotional thinking about all of it. Please pray for all of us, Please…I need to know if he was just a player & user all this time or if there is something wrong with him. I need to know rather to move on or try to get our family back together. I need closure…I need my prayers answered. I am so confused & hurting

  19. Simaneka

    Please pray for me that God open the way that his year 2013 I get married to a Godly husban, I believe in Jesus.

  20. glad

    please pray for me, I am 32, with 2 kids from previous relationship which i thought we will spend the rest of our lives together, but i was wrong. i am now praying God to give me God feari husband who will love, respect, accept me, and who is financially stable. most of the time I feel so lonely fearful and lost. i do believe in God

  21. masego vivian ntsoma

    please pray for me to meet a Godly husband. i’m a single born again mother of three kids. i’ve been going through promises and disappointments from past relationships. i trust and believe my God will provide. God bless you.

  22. I am still going through the prayer about a goo d spouse I know God will answer.

  23. wadzie

    I hope i find u well in Jesus name. I also need your prayers to help me find a good husband and i m trusting God for that. I m praying also for sisters in Christ who are searching for husbands that read Hebrews 11:1 trust God with all your heart he can do that to you. God bless us

  24. Exactly how would you have the ability to create this kind of great masses regarding commenters to your site?

  25. God is faith lets keep on praying guys God will definately sent us answers. Please pray for me to be able to wake up at midnight.

  26. penny

    Let us keep one another in prayer ladies(seeing it’s mostly us),Ii will be putting your request too in the midnight hour.I advise ladies we all write our names down on a piece of paper I am dong so, and just pray to God for breakthroughs in this area of marriagr even though we may never meet.@ Codie I am so sorry I don’t know your circumstnaces currenty, but I know if you put your Trust iN goD and ask of Him as in Jer 33:3 fervently pray of Him to reveal answers to all your question He will, also fst about it(use all the relationship prayers they have on this site too)as well as healing prayers fro your future husband.Lord God hear our cry, we confess our own sins Lord, please comoe heal our land and open up the floodgates of heaven bless us with our heart’s desires, in Jesis name I pray

  27. Diana

    Please pray with me on this 30days pray and fasting for a divine revelation of my husband and marriage this year 2013.

  28. edna

    I will ask your help. to please help me to pray that i could find a good husband. and i hope our path will be cross its been a long time i’m waiting for him until now, i’m still single. i don’t like to live alone i want to have a family. i want to marry this year. 2014. please help me to pray.

  29. Blue Rams

    I believe God for a miracle, I know my lovely husband is waiting for me, i condemn the devil..he is a liar

  30. diana

    please pray for me I am begging the Lord to reveal me my husband soon.
    I will also pray for all of the single women who are mad of s not a plan of God.

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  32. jean

    Dear God,
    please for give me any my sins,please give me nice man in my life,please hear in my prayer,please and good healht my family,in Jesus name,Amen

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