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[adsense] The Section 5 of the 70-DAYS Fasting and Prayer this year 2009 (DAY 41 to 50), is devoted to attacking Dream Criminals. What a great leverage to read and drink deep into Dr. Olukoya’s teachings and revelation on this most important subject of spiritual warfare. Follow me as I bring you the sermon of Dr. Daniel Olukoya on dealing with dream criminals:

Dreaming is a natural way in which the spirit world breaks out into our lives. Dreams can be described as the dark speech of the spirit. They can be keys to unlocking the door to the inner world.

Dreams have been referred to as the speech of the spirit. They are means of revelation. Unfortunately, modern men and women have chosen to either ignore dreams altogether or to fear that an interest in them is lack of civilization. The fact is that if we would listen, dreams can help us find increased spiritual victory and help.

Dreams – Sources of Revelation
Once we have the revelation that dreams can be a key to unlocking the door to the spirit world, we can take some vital steps. First, we can specifically pray inviting God to inform us through our dreams. Secondly, we should declare war when dreams are used against us and thirdly, we should learn how to interpret dreams.

The best way to discover the meaning of dreams is to ask the Holy Spirit.
It is worthy of note that God promised that He would speak to His people by dreams in the last days. Acts 2:17 says: “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.”

Therefore, our dreams need to be studied and analyzed with a view to decoding their messages.
There is no other passage to turn to for a proper understanding of victory over satanic dreams than Matthew 13:25: “But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed.. .”

Unfortunately, the problems in the lives of most people start with instances of satanic dreams.
DANGER! – People face two types of danger. One, a lot of people are so deep in spiritual sleep that they never remember what they dreamt about when they wake up. This is the twin danger; when somebody dreams and forgets everything, he stands the danger of missing an important message or ministration from God if He was the One speaking through the dream.

Two, if the enemy is carrying out an evil activity and you forget the dream, you also face the danger of remaining under bondage. If you are fond of forgetting dreams on a regular basis, you have a very serious spiritual problem.

SOURCES OF DREAMS – Every normal person is supposed to sleep. By the time a person is sixty years old he would have spent twenty years sleeping. And since one-third of our lifetime is spent sleeping, it means that a large percentage of our life is spent dreaming as dreaming occurs during sleep. Dreams can come from God. It can come from man. It can also come from the enemy.

When the dream is from God, the dreamer is left normal, calm, quiet, reasonable, with open and clear mind after that dream. Also if it is the Almighty talking to you in the dream, He will give you: assurance, encouragement, comfort, directions, instruction, guidance, exhortation, correction, revelation of the future, revelation of His plans and purposes to you.

If it is from your enemy or satan, the dream will be mysterious, absurd, sometimes empty, sometimes foolish, and sometimes leaving the person confused and dazed. The dream would be so unreasonable, most time it would not make any sense; sometimes it is so mysterious that you wonder what kind of dream it is.
God in His own wisdom has designed dream for man.

Everything which God has designed for man is for a good purpose. But the problem is that the enemy goes into every good thing and corrupts it. The devil turns anything that should be a friend of man into an enemy.


  • drinking dirty water – it means the enemy wants to poison your spiritual life and reduce your fire.
  • drowning and crying for help – the enemy is planning tribulations for you
  • something keeps obstructing you as you seek to cross from one place to another – the enemy is trying to hinder your progress.
  • always eating meat – you have become a witch participating in witchcraft feeding
  • always eating, and your mouth is even forced open to take food in the dream – it means the enemy wants to weaken your spiritual power and plant sickness into your life.
  • climbing a mountain with difficulty – it means the enemy is making you toil before you can survive.
  • being in traffic hold-up – the enemy is introducing sluggishness into your life, to hinder you from reaching your goals in life.
  • nursing a strange baby, or milking a strange baby – the enemy is drinking the milk of your life.
  • falling into a pit and unable to come out – the enemy has imprisoned you.
  • wind and whirlwind fighting against you – God is trying to tell you that there are troubles ahead to retard your progress.
  • cap being blown away by the wind – it means disgrace is on its way for you.
  • loss of something very important like your shoes or sandals – marital disturbance is coming.
  • documents stolen in the dream – the enemy is trying to make those documents useless.
  • clothes being stolen in the dream – this is an attack on your honour and glory.
  • carrying a heavy load – the enemy is trying to introduce paralysing problems into your life, the kind of things that will make the person unable to move.
  • always sitting for examinations without finishing them – this is the spirit of frustration and failure.
  • being in darkness in the dream – this represents spiritual blindness.
  • seeing fire destroying things – the enemy is trying to introduce calamity and woe into your life, you have to stop this.
  • travelling and the road is becoming longer and longer and longer, and never really finished that journey until you wake up – the enemy is only trying to introduce frustration into your life.
  • being shot, either with arrow or gun – the enemy is trying to introduce afflictions of a terrible kind into your life.
  • wearing a rag – nobody needs to tell you that this is the spirit of poverty and lack.
  • being in an environment with faeces and dirty things around you – the enemy is trying to make you to miss heaven.
  • being naked in the dream – this is the coming of disgrace and insecurity.
  • wedding ring and wedding gown stolen or torn or something bad happens to them – this is an attack on your marriage.
  • house being burgled and things being stolen – the enemy is trying to introduce spiritual emptiness into your life.
  • a child is missing – you have to pray hard for that child not to die.
  • a woman shaving your hair – you need to pray for the enemy not to kill your husband.
  • dreaming of masquerades – that is witchcraft and ancestral spirits pursuing you.
  • being attacked by dogs – these are sexual demons.
  • being attacked by cats and serpents – these are witchcraft attacks from the bottom of the pit.
  • serpent biting you – the enemy is poisoning your life.
  • seeing crocodile – the spirit of Leviathan is trying to disturb you emotionally, mentally and physically.
  • losing money – this is an attack on your finance.
  • somebody issuing curses on you in the dream – it means that forces of affliction and oppression are pursuing your life.
  • bleeding through the nose or any other part of the body – this is witchcraft attack against your health.
  • being in the marketplace where sometimes you buy things and other times you don’t – the enemy is trying to enslave you, and if you are not careful, they can give you mental disturbance.
  • having sex in the dream – this is a sign that you have a spirit spouse.
  • going back to your childhood days – it means the enemy wants to introduce retardation and backwardness into your life.
  • dying in the dream or seeing a coffin – this could mean death in various ways: financial, marital, spiritual. It may not necessarily mean that the person will die physically, these other things may die.
  • seeing corpses – the forces of death coming into the person’s life.
  • being pursued in the dream by animals – it means problems are being introduced into your life.
  • seeing bats and owls – it means hypocrites are working against you and the spirit and forces of the night are also pursuing you.
  • seeing cobwebs – this is the spirit of rejection and disfavour.
  • wearing wigs in the dream – this is an evidence of fake glory.
  • being handcuffed – it means the enemy is putting his curse on your labour.
  • roaming in the jungle -the enemy wants to make you sweat and gather nothing.
  • seeing padlocks -it means that certain areas of your life have been locked up.
  • seeing chains – this means a very serious trap is being set for you.
  • always crying -it means that the enemy is planning serious sorrow for your life.
  • Some people would notice that whenever they are about to do anything that would give them a major breakthrough, a particular dream would occur and when they have this dream, that is the end of the breakthrough.

The list is almost endless. The Bible talks about ‘depths of satan’. The devil has many mysterious ways of afflicting people.

(A) One, you must give your life to Christ and experience the new birth. When you take this step, you will experience a major lift from the level of defeat to the level of dominion. The Bible says:

Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the Kingdom of His dear Son: In whom we have redemption through His Blood, even the forgiveness of sins (Colossians 1:13,14).

(B) Complete dedication and consecration of your life to the Lord. This means yielding everything about your life to the Lord, totally. Once this is done, the enemy cannot bewitch you.

(C) You must not be a satanic broadcasting station. Who are satanic broadcasters? They are the gossips. Men and women who lifted mountains for God were those who learnt to be quiet; they were not talkative. Someone who is a talkative cannot become a prophet.

(D) You must pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit to fall upon you. When this power falls upon you, things will change. The kind of Holy Ghost baptisms that people receive these days that sends things running after them needs to be checked.

(E) You must pray anti-dream attack prayers that will barricade your dreams by fire so that you do not start dreaming about what you should not.

(F) Learn the principle of spiritual warfare.

(G) You must be completely holy. Your level of holiness will determine how far the enemy will go in your life.


  1. Every satanic bondage from evil dreams programmed into my destiny, scatter, in the name of Jesus.
  2. Every sickness introduced into my as a result of evil dreams, die, in the name of Jesus.
  3. Every dream of failure in my past, die, in Jesus’ name.
  4. Every witchcraft caterer pursuing me in the dream, die, in Jesus’ name.
  5. Every satanic dream attached to my progress, die, in the name of Jesus.
  6. Every dream prison, break, in the name of Jesus;
  7. I fire back every arrow of witchcraft fired into my dream, in Jesus’ name.
  8. Every evil dream of the past affecting my life now, die, in the name of Jesus.
  9. Every witchcraft serpent attacking me in the dream, die in the name of Jesus.
  10. Every arrow fired against my marriage in the dream, die, in Jesus’ name.
  11. Every good thing I have lost to evil dreams, I re-possess you back, in the name of Jesus.
  12. Every agent of darkness in my dream life, fall down and die, in Jesus’ name.
  13. I withdraw my virtues from the cage of darkness, in the name of Jesus.

79 Comments for “POWER AGAINST DREAM CRIMINALS – By Dr. D. K. Olukoya”

  1. Ruth

    i recently dreamnt of being in a rocky rocky with some container trying to cross the river with other people n we seemed to relly struggle to cross, while still struggling, i saw a lizard come into my mouth n walk down my throat to my body and i could be able to stop it, at this i awoke n tried to pray but coulnt understand what it meant. pease help.

  2. phusheez

    In the dream , i am sitting withmy boss chating, a colleague of mine steps on top of the table , standing busy doing something upwards, but we do not bother with my boss we contiue talking.

  3. Abraham

    Dear Brother,
    This is exactly what is happening with me “always eating meat – you have become a witch participating in witchcraft feeding” but I have not practiced nor I have an idea about witchcraft. please pay for my deliverance.

  4. Olawale

    Sir u re right with d dream of spider and being in childhood with mates.pls i ve pray and still am stil living in abject poverty.pls pray4me sir.God bless

  5. How are you!l have these familiar dreams,that i keep having,l sometimes dream swimming in pools,the water wil nt be clear and sometimes trying to complete an exam and nt completing,writing and failing.

  6. How are you!l have these familiar dreams,that i keep having,l sometimes dream swimming in pools,the water wil nt be clear and sometimes trying to complete an exam and nt completing,writing and failing.

  7. pitsa

    I would like to help a 25year old male friend that nose bleed from 20-30mins frequently since childhood. I read a statement where it said bleeding through you nose is witchcraft against your health.

    please help

  8. Lois

    Man of GOD i have been having this dream of swimming,eating, eating meat,cobweb, sex, being in a toilet. Pls pray with me so that i will be deliver in JESUS NAME.

  9. godwin

    4i have being dreaming having sex and if i wake up i found dat am wet…need ur prayer

  10. Anthonia

    Pls man of god help me in joining me in prays that almighty god should hear me and break me Free from the bondage Of evil dreams that is keeping me in the prison of darkness and They have taking from every department of my life and i plead the blood of jesus on every door and grand that is bringing them in jesus name let god have marcy and break my long time york that refeused to let me go let god resto my life and my devine dream sweet sleep in jesus name. Is glory in my life will not be giving to saten and my enermy Amen . thanks be to the lord of my salvetion Amen.

  11. samuel

    Please I need your help pray for me and my sisters please. Our mum just died few weeks ago from a spiritual attack after suffering so much on us she never wait to eat the fruit of her labour please pastor me myself I always have different dreams every night from the kingdom of fact every thing about my life is stagnant please I need your prayers

  12. Anonymous

    Pastor pls pray for me against night feeder and spirit husband and pray for me against witch craft attack frm my foundation.

  13. Brenda

    Please i do need help from the spirit of bad dreams. I had a dream where i was naked this morning and in anger i woke up to cancel that dream of disgrace and shame and i knew i needed mor prayers and so decided to browse the internet for more.
    My bad dreams are enormous and beacuse i know i need help, i am going to be sincere with you- i have backslidden with God. i feel kind of alone at times. Please i have mad eup my mind today to stop acts that separate me from him.
    These are but a few of my bad dreams:
    1. I was in a relationship for 5 years, hoping to get married and at the point when marriage was by the corner, i had a dream where my ex came to my father’s house in the village nad told me it is over and that was the end of that relationship physically. todat he is married.
    2. i sawe a dream where my sister and i were in a house and a lady came from tha back door to steal our shoes, she did the first time and no one caught her but this time around i saw her and i tried catching up with her and didnt but a man led us to her place where we have problem entering due to some strange creatures but we finally entered and told the woman to release all she had but she denied it and i gave her an ultimatum to do so.
    3. i have also seen myself in eat in the dream, have intercourse but no penetration in the dream.
    4. I also have seen my self in the market place with my ex also there.
    5. I have seen me with people from the past (secondary school especially) but a woman brought me to where i would meet my new colleagues at work.
    6. after a prayer i saw myself move from a house ruled by a dark man to house which seems like freedom but the dark man asked that i be brought back.
    I have had numeros dreams but please at this point i am tired and need serious help. i want the root of this bad dream to end and let God restore all that has been stolen, and lost. I want my good dreams to come to pass. Please help me and God bless you richly

  14. Enyi Patrick

    some times in my dreams i do go back go my secondary days and some times i do wet in the dreams ,sometime too i do forget what i dreamt.Pls i need deliverance

  15. Helen

    my spiritual covering was removed how do i get delivered healed and restored

  16. debola

    d most recurrent of my dreams have been the ones where i am given a gift in my dream sometimes edible and at other times wrapped gifts. Usually wen it is edible,i dnt eat it as it is packed or wrapped in nylon.
    Secondly, i dream of crossing bridges or rivers at very great heights and in such dreams i desire to come down but i aget a fear of heights in d dream just as in real life.
    At oda times i see myslf carrying a child usually a boy and running away from a woman
    recently, i dreamt of my hair bein cut by a man and even though i resisted at first, i eventually succumed but i refused to let him trim and shapen my front hair. What does all these mean?

  17. Chuks

    i have dreamt of seeing masquerades on display.i read on one of Dr d k olukoya’s messages titled ”while men slept” on that masquerade is the embodiment of evil we have in this environment.He then said that some people are not being pursued by these masquerades they just see them on display.He said”This is a different problem entirely” he didn’t go further than that.what does it mean if u see masquerade on display?

  18. Elisa

    I have read this all. Pastor don´t have to pray for you, you can diliver your self from every thing. Start one a holy life, and pray the prayerpoints. Every one is special to God. I have diliverd my self from witchcraft, en sexdemoon.

  19. Thank u man of God for the dream interpretation , I always eat in the dream bt , iam not involved in witchcraft & I have never involved in it , pls help me in prayers so tht I can be delivered am tired of this also send me some prayer points , help me pls my life is in total mess ! Iam a hard worker bt nothing is progressing ! I also have this strange dream , seeing my dead mother -in law sleeping between me & my husband on the same bed , sometimes its my younger sister who also died some few yrs sleeping between me and my husband on the same bed pls help me I don’t even know the meaning of this second dream ! I need ur help please !

  20. Huggy

    I do dream of a concrete house which is built near the shore,and its was my house and before me is the sea.Suddenly the sea go away and it reveals a very high mountain, and i told to myself that under the sea there are so great mountains.but at the top of the mountain,there is a big crack where from the top to the bottom.and then the sea return again covering the mountain and the sea comes in front of my house which stand strong on the ground even the sea touch it.and in front of my house i saw a beautiful beach with white sand….and i told to myself that when i will go swimming as from now i will dive to see the great mountain.

    Need yr help for the interpretation of this drea,.God bless

  21. jane

    i don,t remember my dreams each time i wake up from sleep is like every thing i dream about is wipe out from my memory, people always collect money from me in the dream and i also lost one pie of my shoe in d dream all the time, pls d worst of it now is that i don,t remember my dream pls i need help

  22. Shantal

    Can u please interpret this dream
    My boyfriend and I was being chased by a lion

  23. Vincent

    Dream of nursing palm tree uprooted from the ground and the plant died from its root upto the steam but only the remain green. The planned was to transplant the palm tree. What does it mean?

  24. Vincent

    Dream of nursing palm tree uprooted from the ground and the plant died from its root upto the steam but only the leaves remain green. The planned was to transplant the palm tree. What does it mean?

  25. Jonwo

    Man of God please pray for me for God to deliver from from evil dreams all the time, especially eating in the dream. I have the been having this problem for few years now and it’s always constant eating in the dream. I have done deliverance on few occasions and have always been praying. I have repented of all my sins and I have been living better that the past and the problem continued. I have lost my job in the process and thing have gone bad but I thank God for all His mercies upon my life. I need a lot of prayers and advice to get out of my present situation. Thank you sir and God bless

  26. Shelly

    Only today did I awake from a dream where I was separated from my partner by a small child’s needs who then lead me to my friend of many years although the conversation was brief and obscure the child beckoned me over so I obliged it then thrust me into another dimension that been water I knew then I was fighting satan I could see myself struggling eyes wide open and twitching where he the poked my side three times with his fingers to see if I has dismissed I had but my brain had not I heard a voice say as my left hand was twitching you are free now nothing and no one can hurt you anymore then I saw my pupils fully dialate and I just floated suspended between the water and the surface it was not the ocean and it was motionless only rippling during my struggle to survive

    What does this mean

  27. Dear Jonwo , eating means poisoning you in different ways. its poisoning spiritual life. what u do when u see the dream in dream if u can just say “let hot coals of fire of god fall upon all those who are serving dfood in dreams and let them be roasted in ashes” let the food and dream attacker be roasted in ashes. for job pray gates of job whatever is holding you from real manifestation in my life by unchallengable power of the leaving god crash and open in jesus name.

  28. grandmom

    This is such a blessing I been having all these dreams mentioned about but lately I been experiencing dreams of marine life and being around fish and water. the fish was talking me I was telling people to stay away from the fish it was salt water fish because they were very colorful and bright. me and daughter began to build a shelter from these fish. I know I am in demonic dream bondage. do anybody know what this means.

  29. Pris

    Grandmom this means you have links with spirits in the water kingdom, marine spirits. You need to pray prayers against this initiation into this kingdom and the curses that come with it. It may well be that your ancestors had these links and this has been passed from generation to generation. Search on the interent how to fight against marine spirits/water spirits and you will find many prayers to pray. A man called Elisha Goodman has great prayer academy materials on fighting against such spirits and many other evil foundations, and witchcraft too. You can access his website here: and contact him for more details on how to join the prayer academy.

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