Breakthrough Dreams, Breakthrough Prayers, Dreams Interpretations (Part 4)

We are now in series 4 of the Breakthrough Dreams and their interpretations. We got here by praying just one prayer point prayed for 7 consecutive midnights: “O God to whom all secret things belongeth, according to Deuteronomy 29:29 and Jeremiah 33:3, Show me the secrets of my life, show me myself, show me beneficial secrets that would move my life forward and Break every bondage in my life BY FIRE!!!, in the name of Jesus.”

We have four dream cases and their respective interpretations here from four people: Winnie, Violet, Benny and Susan. [adsense]

CASE 1: Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, I first and foremost would like to say God bless you for obeying God’s instruction to build such a site to encourage and bless the saints. I have been following your blog for quite some time, and have even joined this new prayer assignment for us to pray that one prayer point for 7 nights. I am on my 2nd day, but I just keep seeing a common dream I always have for more than 10 years. In the dream, either I’m fighting, or rejoicing with old friends, old classmates. The dream always involves me in my former high school uniform with former classmates. At times, I will be at my old neighborhood, apartment where I use to live collecting large sums of dollars off the ground. I believe by now you get the gist of the types of dream I constantly see- everything is with the past. Please keep me in your prayers while I continue this prayer assignment. God Bless, Winnie Amos.

“@Winnie: That dream is chronic case of backwardness. There is something in your background tying you to the past and would not allow you to progress in life, you must set that evil chain ablaze! Every power tying me down to my past, your time is up: E-X-P-I-R-E!!! in the name of Jesus. Covenant of failure and backwardness, operating in my life, hear the verdict of fire: B-R-E-A-K! B-R-E-A-K!! B-R-E-A-K!!! in the name of Jesus. Blood of Jesus! Go into my foundation and uproot everything planted against my breakthrough and my glory! In the name of Jesus. Satanic classes, satanic teachers, satanic classmates, satanic uniforms: I am not your victim, therefore: CATCH FIRE!!! in the name of Jesus. Chains of backwardness pulling me back into failure and stagnation, B-R-E-A-K! B-R-E-A-K!! B-R-E-A-K TO p-i-e-c-e-s!!! in the name of Jesus. You spiritual robbers that stole my virtues in my old apartment and former neighborhood: Be ARRESTED by fire and pay back seven-fold whatever you have stolen from my life!!! In the name of Jesus. Household enemies, powers of my father’s house, playing games with my destiny, you are a failure, therefore: S-C-A-T-T-E-R unto desolation!!! In the name of Jesus.

CASE 2. We were having a youth conference in our church and other youth from other churches were also there. I stood up to preach and was given a glass of water and place it on the Pulpit. At the back I saw my brother and was surprised as he has never been in our or believe Jesus is the saviour. I started preaching or advice about sex before mirriage and HIV. One by one the youth left the church and my brother was also no longer where he was. I went outside to look for them and I met this guy who playing music so loud and told him that youths left the church because of his loud music and he wen to his house to reduce the volume I followed him and he did not allow me to enter his house. There was a shack in his yard and I went in to find the youth gambling and I went back to church on my way I saw the Pastor driving into the church and he gave two pens. His car colour was white and in reality the car is blue. After taking the pen one of the elders was having a video camera and started recording me while walking to the church and when I look behind me I saw youths coming back to church and I waku up. Violet

@Violet: The anointing makes the difference. This could be an indication of a call of God on you to a successful and celebrated evangelistic ministry. It could also be that God is telling you to intercede for the salvation of your brother. Your intercession can lead to his conviction by the Holy Spirit and he could be a mighty instrument of spiritual revival and restoration. Your spirit man is strong and fervent, I thank God for your life, God will give you an exemplary testimony that shall be celebrated. Pray that God should give you the pen of a Ready-Writer to rewrite your family history to the praise and glory of God. I want you to pray more on this dream, God wants to use you as His vessel to communicate the riches of His Holiness to your generation through books. May His perfect will be fulfilled in your life in Jesus’ name..


@Beni: Pray to arrest every satanic eraser assigned to wipe off your spiritual screen. Pray for God to baptize your dream-life with Holy Ghost Fire! In Jesus’ name. Ask the Lord to rewind every important dream concerning your destiny and make you understand them. Command every dream of your life that has been cowardly stolen by the devil and his cohorts to be restored to you by fire! In the name of Jesus. Thank the Lord in advance for the awesome answers He shall give you in Jesus’ name.

CASE 4. Greetings! Just yesterday i stumbled upon this site and participated in the prayers and i had a dream: how i found myself in this home i av no idea and i found a woman (whom I recognised as agatha a good lady in my church in zambia) sumhow in realised i was comin in as a wife to her husband and she seemed to be ok about it. I was sad and just wnted2 b alone and each time i moved2 any room2 b alone, sum one wld come in. The wife ws the first2 cum and handed me a key with no words and i wondered wht 4. I moved2 another room2 b alone, then the so called husband walked in with his friend. Immediately his wife came in2 bring him food. I saw her kneelin then he askd me2 sit down and mak excuse abt being young in the LORD and asked hw my young brother thomas was doing after being released frm prison. I mumbled sumthing and again wanted2 b alone. I walkfin another room and again the wife appear then i wondered why they were not leavin me alone2 think. After which i woke up. Help me come out of this life of stagnation kuyt Susan Kalunga

@Susan: The Bible says the heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it? This dream is a warning and call to repentance and restitution for what transpired in the case of your brother Thomas. The key to this dream lies with you and your brother Thomas whom you said just been released from prison. There are many questions which only you can honestly answer. The dream only revealed the tip of the iceberg of which you know the full story. The reason why you were silent throughout that dream was because you were greatly indebted to that “family” of “sister Agatha”, and the burden of that debt would not allow you to protest being made second wife. Let me tell you and for the benefits of others reading this, spirit spouses are cowardly demons and they don’t like exposures, to avoid being exposed, they take on the familiar mask of known friends, relative or associates in order to deaden the reaction from you. You have an additional spiritual assignment emanating from this cloudy dream of yours. You must pray that God should tear the satanic masks and expose the fellows behind the mask of Agatha and her husband. I believe you opened the door for entry of a spirit husband into your life through your brother, Thomas. Only you honestly knew which door, when and why you did what you did. Before you can pray against any spirit husband, you must stand right with God and close every door you may have unwittingly opened unto the enemy of your soul. After repentance and possible restitution, you can now begin to pray those prayers against spirit husband.

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  1. Carrollton

    I am so grateful for this prayer site. I feel as if there are people like me and who understand these things that are happening even though I don’t. But I had two dreams which I normally wouldn’t remember but in the first dream I saw an old co-worker and I greeted him by name. He appeared to be friendly and it was night in the dream because he was showing me the moon and the stars but he made me uncomfortable because he kept trying to touch me. Then the dream he came back to me and again tried to embrace me but this time he stabbed me in my side and I began to fall and it felt like the life was draining out of me please pray for me as well

  2. Judith

    Glory greetings in Jesus name. I just discovered this site and has been blessed tremendously by it. I need the interpretation of some funny dreams I have been having and prayer points for it. Where can I write and explain the dream in order to get help? Thank you.

  3. Judith

    This is the dream I had. I am married and pregnant. While sleeping with my husband I had a dream where I was making love to a man in my dream. It was manifesting in the physical until my husband heard and asked me what was wrong that got me up. This is about the second time this is happening to me. Please I need the interpretation and prayers.

  4. Jerity Luhanga

    mmmhh…these dreams above has encourged me to another level. i also have different dreams which really need God revelations or interplation.

  5. Doris

    11th January 2009.

    I was told in my dream that the Government of riches have overthrown the government of poverty in my life

    and the government of wealth have overthrown the goverment of lack in my life. That whatever i put my hand on will become wealth for me.I saw people building an estate for me in my country Nigeria (named Ep. estate).

    Somebody asked me how they are being paid and I replied “I don’t know”. I was also told in the dream that the blessings will continue to flow until I stop bringing vessels.That the blessings of Jacob will be mine. My maternal uncle brought an idea to me , but I told him that every idea is original to the owner, and it is that persons pattern and way of doing things, that if that is supper imposed on another person,that the person will not succeed-no matter how good the idea is.. It is only original to the owner.He became angry and left.

    19th January 2009.

    I dreamt i was being instructed to go back to the original word of my manufacturer.Ther lies solutions to every problem.

    20th January 2009.

    I was told that unless a wheat grain falls in the ground and die,it becomes only but a single grain,but when it dies it bears more fruits.

    Subsequently,I saw a young man, moving about.I didn’t know what he was up to.He went to my brother ( Living in Nigeria)

    who gave him a phone for me.He brought the phone to me and collected the sum of 4000naira(Nigerian currency)about $30 from me. I noticed that i saw him earlier pacing about in the area. He told me that he is into other businesses- He gets them at cheap price.He showed me a vehicle company selling buses and doing lotery.He told me that he deals also with cheap shoes.I told him that i was interested and woke up.

  6. sindi

    I FEEL SO BLESSED WHEN U Answer other peoples dream bcoz i read their dreams and can relate
    I now know what a Rat,dogs means in a dream
    and there is no need for me to type what ive read

  7. Eleanor

    Please interpret my dream: as I am asleep I am aware of this pretty lady coming into room through a locked door she immediate complains of the bad smell in my room I tell her dats what she she get for cominng in unwelcome she reacts as though she has known me for ages and tells to lend her R100 I amazed a stranger can come for R100 surely she must have friends who can easily help hep without zooming in my locked door I give with reservation da R100 and tell hell it imperative I have dat money back by tommorro her answer was trust u get more she leave same in convusion I beg for this to be a dream coz otherwise maybe I’m loosing it

  8. Karen

    Before I fell asleep last night I prayed as usual.
    My dream started out in my bedroom, my boyfriend woke up and I could tell he was bothered and not feeling well. He was inside my closet facing the white wall. I got up and realized he was bothered and had what it seemed like an anxiety attack manifesting and he didn’t want to be near me. So in my dream I placed my hands over his chest and the top of his head, He obviously was extremely angry. I fervently started praying rebuking satan and his strongmen in the name of Jesus Christ. He moved violently as if he didn’t want me to touch him. I was talking to him through a phone !! let me explain physically he was manifesting ! In order for me to speak through him was by a telephone line . Like as if he was STUCK inside himself. Almost to the very end of the prayer I told him : “Babe I’m going to need your help ! I need you to pray OUTLOUD with me, He quickly responded through the phone and said okay. So we expelled the demons in the name of Jesus Christ GET OUT!! The moment we both said it together POOF!! He was back to his “body” he looked into my eyes and I knew it was him. I hugged him and said are you feeling better ? He replied , “Yes”.
    What had me puzzled is that I have had dreams similar like this in the past. ex: I was at a hospital spreading the word of God when I got close to a patient she was angry and said to Go away ! I got close and placed my hands over her as well and expelled the demon.

    Note:I have been having nightmares lately ,(when I finally want to do God’s Work) when I was a child I had severe fear of falling asleep due to the horrible nightmares. I never knew why I had such vivid dreams. Other times I dream my boyfriend is unfaithful?? I cry in my dreams and when I wake up in REAL life my pillow is wet and i have my face soaked in tears?? Another time was horrible I woke up and I felt something soo heavy over me ! I opened my eyes and it was pitch black I COULDNT MOVE!!! I tried to scream and nothing came out . Like my body was paralyzed, seriously I couldn’t tell my boyfriend i dont think he would believe me. Well I prayed in my mind and I felt the “force release me. I sat up and began to pray Outloud.

    Sometimes I think it was a “gift ” God gave me because some dreams I had would come true.

    One more thing . This happened in REAL LIFE: I told my bf i was going to pray for him because i felt such a strong negative vibe from him… When I began to pray fervently I started tasting blood in my mouth, but I didn’t think much of it …. As I was still praying I felt liquid coming out of my mouth but kept insisting(honestly I though I was drooling) My bf opened his eyes and shook me saying ” Are you Okay? I immediately opened my eyes and saw BLOOD COME OUT OF MY MOUTH ! Not a little bit of blood .. I stained my bed , my shirt and had literally a mouth full of blood . I placed my hands over my head and prayed the in the name of Jesus! Immediately I stopped bleeding… I’m Not sure what this means !!

    Thank you for your time,
    May God bless you.

  9. Paul

    I thank God 4 what He is doing thru you. I heard a dream where I found myself on a large Altar with thousands of congrigations then, a man dressed on white suite came in with his entourage. He handed me a golden trumpet to blow 2 d congregation. After this, d man left but he left someone behind at d pulpit who later instructed me to bless d congregation. I did all these then, I woke up. Bt, in real life I dnt knw how 2 blow a trumpet. My name is Paul. Thank U sir.

  10. Sis Nicky

    Dear Prayer eagle
    I have been having nightmare for 9 months now. I went on fasting and prayer but I am not really breaking the wall. I have been having a dream for years in this drem I will be dreaming at our cattlepost and sleeping with my sisters and niece in this hut and in one dream I was sleeping and there was a lady like a prophet who gave me something to drink and I started to vomit black things she kept rubbing and like squeezing my right leg, and after the rest of my family was behind me and I was in prayer and the group which was against me and my family was now scattering.
    In the other dreams for the past months I dreamed eating meat and at times I didn’t know wht I was eating. And I was always travelling, being among people I dont not know or sitting for exams and the clock in the exam room was still not moving, until one guy stood up and fixed it. I was always seing my classmate from high school and primary. I started getting dreams getting married when I was starting to prepare for my marriage, and there has been problems with preparations and everything nothing is working for me. I get attacks from spirtually husband and dreaming water mostly beaches or rivers. I had a dream I was trying to drive the car and it stopped by the river I could’nt cross to the other side. I tried but it was going towards this river and I was with my niece and nephew and a baby I didnt know se went inside the river and never came back. And I dreamed being sorrounded by white worms in my bed clothes and there was a used pads under the pillow.My last dream is of animals I had a dream my brother throwing a chamelon on my head, dog barking at me. Lizard and mouse. I have cancelled this dreams but most of them are still tormenting me. Please interpret for me.

  11. i always dream seeing my dead mother and dead relatives sometimes my dead mother greets me and i refuse to answer her. recently i dreamt we were planting vegetables and they grew up very well and she disappeared

  12. kaka

    dear prayer eagle

    i just wake up dis morning and was so worry because of the series of dreams i always hve, i can dream like 10 dreams a nit, but one dream always come, i live in abroad but always find myself bck home were my parent live, either with my dead mother or cousin or friends doing stuff together, secondly i hve hve sex in the dreams with men or women or seeing a man making love to another, at time i dont even see the person, i eat in the dreams, cats bit me on my neck in the dream,
    i dreamt i was at the airport i got lost could not find my way out at the end one man show me the way out, also dreamt someone was puting a nail in the middle of my head, been press down in the dream. playing with coin or people given me coin in the dream
    i always dream of wondering in the bush bare footed.. the problem is i hve done so many delivrance in mfm in uk and all those thing are still dere is like is getting worst, cause rit now i feel thing moving in my head, is like there is something in my chest, so many debts now, i hve trying to do my buisness borrow money to start it and the end no result left with debt, people dubing me,.
    also get rejection, people refuse to pay me weh the owe me, feel lonely ..
    i got engage in early dis year, but me and the person we are figthing everyday , so we break up…. pls am very confuse right now i realy need help i dont know wat to do anymore…

  13. Greetings in Jesus’s Name!

    My son is seeing ghosts during midnight but occasionally, whether the lights are on or not. When that happens we pray together and goes back to sleep. Also my next door neighbour is a witchdoctor. Please help me with prayer points.

  14. Anonymous

    Good afternoon, a friend I work with gave me this prayer line. I got married at a tender age and later lost my husband. He past away in 2006 and I was left to look after four kids. I enrolled into nursing but later started having difficulties in my essays and in my placement. I failed my exams and was asked to leave. Things wasn’t going well for me in terms of education but I want to enrol again and make it. I need prayer point over my four children. My husband senior brother is into witch craft he need to repent. I also NEED PRAYER OVER MY FATHERS HOUSE NOTHING IS MOVING. Things are not moving well for my brothers. please please.

  15. Blessing Uche

    I posted a comment without my name. My comment ended with two please, please. Thanks

  16. Bibi

    Greetings in jesus name. My fiance dreamt that he came with his relations to pay my bride price. He said my late father was so angry with him and slapped him in his right ear n said that he can never marry n will not marry me. My late dad said that he is giving my fiance a second n last chance. When my fiance woke up,he said blood was outpouring fromt the ear that was slapped.he is nw deaf in that ear.he has gone for medical checkup and the doctors said that his case is spiritual as no problem was found. Secondly, in another dream of his,he said his younger brother opened a big drum and found a large number of lizards inside. He has no idea how the lizards got to be inside the drum covered. So please i need interpretations to this weird dreams. Thanks

  17. why do i forget my dream always, my husband is always making love to me in my dream. my mother past 2007 and my brother 2009 i still see them in the dream.
    i need Deliverance for my husband from Household wickedness and spiritual wickedness and God intervention. pray for God protection , Goodness,Prosperity. i apply the blood of Jesus over house and my Environment .

  18. mary

    av had dreams of fornication from a young from age 22 even then i was still a virgin,that a man tryin to break my virginity, then i lost it the same year, then seeing my brothers sexually wanting me in dreams,then later after many years, seein my lady colleagues at workin touching me in dreams,recently i see myself taking care of babies i dont know, and my niece, whom i breastfed in the dream, i dreamt of my boyfriend ,my lady colleague and me, in ma house, and they are both convinsing me to come to bed with them.dogs chasing me,lots of snakes on the ground i hav to fly up to escape and jump,my mum marrying a woman, and am told in the dream to fetch a white snake.all these are happenin in different nyts.but i only dream these when am in ma mums house, i dont live with her at the moment, when am in ma house, i dream of people or some1 pursuing me, many different nyts….lastly my dad passed away 7yrs ago, i see him and me, and mum,mostly they disagree on things or doesnt talk av been following your sites and praying, and whenver i pray im ok, if i forget , i see the above, please explain to me what this is all about

  19. nathan

    i am asking prayers for victory over graveyard spirits and spirit husband and wife. i hade a dream in which i felt something pressing on me on my back(sleep paralysis) and when i woke up my stomach was painful asif there was something was planted in my body. i am experiencing a lot of oppression because of it

  20. i had a dream that i got a phone call from a man inside a correctional facility telling me my boyfriend is getting ready to be released from prison and i got so happy after i got off the phone with him i fell to my knees thanking jesus, can somebody tell me what that dream means.

  21. Anonymous

    hi my names are sarah. am very happy about this site, please help me pray because i have this problem i often catch fire the grow cold all of a sudden and yet i believe the that the lord can do a lot of things in my life.whenever i get promises from the in dreams they don’t come to pass and yet negative dreams come to pass in my life quickly

  22. deborah

    I thank God for this site, I believe I can stop feeling hopeless and I can now actually overcome! I had a dream some time back that troubled me and I couldnot tell what it meant. I dreamed my daughter who is 3 yrs had a long penis maybe abt 3 metres long and standing infront of her was my husbands sister. I know this dream is eveil but what does it mean?

  23. mr dave

    i had a dream,and in my dream,a man took me to a class of medical students and told me that i will see my wife there,pls what is the meaning of this dream

  24. Donna

    I was really taken aback by Breakthrough, Dreams Breakthrough Prayers & Dreams and their Interpretations #5. I have similar complaints. However, the good thing is that this lady did not marry the culprit, but I am already married. Sir, could we get together to talk like you and this lady did, I really and truly need to find out somethings. NEED HELP BAD!!

  25. Anne Liz Otieno

    Praise God!!!
    I am a believer I received Jesus Christ way back in 1989 but am so much in disgrace and shame as my family is scattered nothing good come to pass at all in my life except recurring failure upon failure.

    whenever I get money it disappear spending it in people problems and i get back to the same issues of lack and poverty. My surprise is this money will always go into wrong people and i end up in total pain and agony.

    i one time had a dream way back seeing myself stuffing money in very big bundles in large brown papers but some women appeared and carried all of it. i dream so much seeing myself in a field not reaching the destination always. seeing myself in a field with dogs marriage no longer is working and my husband does not live in the same town with me. my children run the house getting money from their Dad while i am in the house just like a stooge. i am an intercessor very prayerful but sometimes i get overwhelm.

  26. Richard

    Dear Prayer Eagles

    Last night I had a dream that I was in a car as the passenger, and the driver was a MFM Pastor, I don’t know where we were going but I notice that all street lights were green. Dream 2 another MFM pastor told me to read Psalm 150

  27. I thank GOD that it leads me here. I have a dream that always confuse me a lot . Until it always hunt me when I remember it. My prayer like this . I always see living dead hunting me when I rebuke it in the name of Jesus they stop and freeze until they come more and more the more i rebuke the more they come near to me as if they didn’t hear me at all. Other dream I have is I always see red eyes t look at me angrily and i was able to stop because i was so distracted by that look.And what worst is I always hear strange voice always laughing at me.Four times I heard it but in different situation from now where please reply me in my email because am really bothered about this.

  28. I thank GOD that it leads me here. I have a dream that always confuse me a lot . Until it always hunt me when I remember it. My dreams like this . I always see living dead hunting me when I rebuke it in the name of Jesus they stop and freeze until they come more and more the more i rebuke the more they come near to me as if they didn’t hear me at all. Other dream I have is I always see red eyes t look at me angrily and i was able to stop because i was so distracted by that look.And what worst is I always hear strange voice always laughing at me.Four times I heard it but in different situation from now where please reply me in my email because am really bothered about this.

  29. Sammy

    I thank God for this opportunity. I was once very comfortable with my wife and children, suddenly I lost my job for unjust reason and i have even written my employee (government) for unlawful disengagement but nothing has happen till date. By the mercies of God i got a lower paying job and I have been managing. I have also been praying with my wife and children. Each time and almost every day I see myself in my fathers house or with my old secondary school mates in uniform in my dream at times bagging for help and my wife with me too in those dream either hurting me by sleeping with other men or suffering with me in the dream. My father was a polygamist with several wivies and children. He use to be a native Dr too. I have prayed and prayed, but things get harder. This dream gets stronger by day. I have also fought for my entitlement in my former job, nothing seem happening. Even when I offered my car for sale to raise money, people price it silly. I need your help.

  30. Brenda

    Please i do need help from the spirit of bad dreams. I had a dream where i was naked this morning and in anger i woke up to cancel that dream of disgrace and shame and i knew i needed mor prayers and so decided to browse the internet for more.
    My bad dreams are enormous and beacuse i know i need help, i am going to be sincere with you- i have backslidden with God. i feel kind of alone at times. Please i have mad eup my mind today to stop acts that separate me from him.
    These are but a few of my bad dreams:
    1. I was in a relationship for 5 years, hoping to get married and at the point when marriage was by the corner, i had a dream where my ex came to my father’s house in the village nad told me it is over and that was the end of that relationship physically. todat he is married.
    2. i sawe a dream where my sister and i were in a house and a lady came from tha back door to steal our shoes, she did the first time and no one caught her but this time around i saw her and i tried catching up with her and didnt but a man led us to her place where we have problem entering due to some strange creatures but we finally entered and told the woman to release all she had but she denied it and i gave her an ultimatum to do so.
    3. i have also seen myself in eat in the dream, have intercourse but no penetration in the dream.
    4. I also have seen my self in the market place with my ex also there.
    5. I have seen me with people from the past (secondary school especially) but a woman brought me to where i would meet my new colleagues at work.
    6. after a prayer i saw myself move from a house ruled by a dark man to house which seems like freedom but the dark man asked that i be brought back.
    I have had numeros dreams but please at this point i am tired and need serious help. i want the root of this bad dream to end and let God restore all that has been stolen, and lost. I want my good dreams to come to pass. Please help me and God bless you richly

  31. Pamela

    I always dream seeing my teeth coming off. Sometimes I dream maybe just talking and all of my teeth will start breaking off and falling. Or maybe I will be trying to eat something and my teeth will start falling off. Blood will start oozing out but it will never be painful in that dream.

    A second dream that l usually have is i dream of my mouth getting full with stool (human waste) and I will be trying to remove it from my mouth using my hand. The more I take it out the more it multiplies in my mouth.

    What does this 2 dreams mean

  32. jane

    hello how are u

    my name is janet and im a kenyan. i go to a church called jesus winner ministries where a while back we dealt with all the invisible marks of anti marriage and the pastor said that now i will get married. that same day i even dreamt of when my wedding will be and my house boy had a vision about my wedding. question is . my pastor said that i and my boyfriend would get back together on the 25th of dec 2013 and on the 24th i had a dream that

    1- i had given birth ,it was a long long long dream in which i saw myself hold my baby even.

    what does this mean,

    the following day i dreamt seeing my mother sitting with her friend saying something like ‘my life is not friutful ‘ or etc.

    just last sunday night on the 5th of january 2014 i dreamt my mother sent me street boys to arrest me or something and i dreamt that we were having a very strong war of words. she would speak and i would speak and it was a competion.

    what does this dream mean?

  33. Priscilla

    Thank you for this website,please update with recent testimonies and recent teachings for 2014 so we can follow up every day.thank u

  34. Anonymous

    Thanks for this site sir!
    I have been having this dream of darkness and always missing my road in dreams. lately my wedding was called off one week before time. i find myself being sexually aroused in the dream. And later dreamt also about the guy i was supposed to marry was lying in a pool of his sperm.
    Thanks for interpreting.

  35. Ashel

    Thanks for this site sir!
    I have been having this dream of darkness and always missing my road in dreams. lately my wedding was called off one week before time. i find myself being sexually aroused in the dream. And later dreamt also about the guy i was supposed to marry was lying in a pool of his sperm.
    Thanks for interpreting.

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