9 Prayers to get that breakthrough Job (Profitable employment)

Wow! Elisha Goodman has come again with those mind-boggling testimonies from the altar of fire prayers, God is showcasing Dr. Jane K. in this testimony of awesome “Beyond Wildest Dreams” praise reports: READ ON:

Jeremiah 33:3:“Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.”

Dr. Jane  just got a breakthrough job.

She says it is beyond her wildest dreams.

Before that could happen though, there were certain prayers she had been praying ever since she landed on our websites at the beginning of the year.

Hear her:

“I got to know about your website when my neighbour sent me a copy of your free e-book.

I joined the “27 Minutes to Midnight” fasting beginning of this year and I have been believing that this is my year and my testimonies will shock my enemies and surprise my friends and family.

Early this month I attended an interview and God has given me an International job which is far beyond my wildest dreams.
profitable employment prayers
These are some of the prayers that I prayed (and they may help anybody looking for a job):

  1. I command spirit of failure at the edge of breakthrough to die in the name of Jesus.
  2. Gates of employment whatever is holding you from real manifestation in my life, by the unchallengeable power of God, crash and open in the name of Jesus.
  3. May divine harvest fall and fill my life in Jesus name.
  4. Power and anointing to get the ??? job fall upon me in Jesus mighty name.
  5. O Lord my Father, speak mercy and favor to my ??? job situation in Jesus name.
  6. Lord roll-away every barrier to my ?? job in Jesus name.
  7. O Lord in Heaven, I plead the Blood of Jesus upon my job situation and ask for favor to come upon me during the interview in the Name of Jesus. Amen.
  8. I reject the spirit of the tail in my employment and I claim the spirit of the head in the Name of Jesus.
  9. I claim the power to overcome and to excel among all the ??? job competitors in the Name of Jesus..

Brethren join me in thanking God who is able to do exceedingly above what we pray or think.

– Dr. Jane K.

Praise the LORD.

HE used these prayers to do 2 extraordinary things for her:

    • Destroy all satanic barriers hindering her blessings in the spirit.
    • Magnetize the miracle job to her as she kept firing the prayer bullets….

What Has This Got To Do With You?

If you’d only learn to pray like she did, your prayers can unleash the POWER to destroy all satanic barriers so you too can receive blessings both in the spiritual and physical realms…

… as you can see here.

What I’m talking about is the GREATEST POWER ever revealed to man.

The Bible constantly refers to this from Genesis right through to Revelation…

… and we take the time to explain this in great detail in the 7 Lessons of the Prayer Academy.

You can call this GREATEST POWER into action during prayer.

The same Power that Elisha the Prophet deployed  thousands of years ago to triumph over an entire army when he prayed:

“O LORD, smite these people with blindness” - 2 Kings 6:18

… a classic example of prayer power triumphing over a massive horde of enemies.

TODAY I urge you to learn to use the Power given to YOU by our Lord Jesus Christ during your prayers…

… so you too can overcome virtually any form of handicap, including lack of education, natural ability, and financial resources.

If you are already in the Prayer Academy, congratulations. What you are learning is the ability to operate in the Power I’ve been speaking about.

My advice to you is that you take ALL the prayers and assignments seriously.

There are miracles and breakthroughs attached to every single prayer bullet in the Academy, as you will see shortly, if you persist till the end.

For those who have NEVER joined the Academy, a golden opportunity has just opened up in front of you.

Another session is about to kick off on the 25th.

See details here:

Click here to join the next PRAYER ACADEMY…

Be An Overcomer!


PS: To reserve your spot for the 25th Prayer Marathon starting this weekend, please click below (NEW MEMBERS ONLY PLEASE):


Sharing testimonies is a powerful weapon of the overcomers.

The Bible says:

They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so
much as to shrink from death.”  – Rev 12:11(NIV)

Notice it says “word of their testimony”.

You have to speak it out for the power to be unleashed.

That’s one of the reasons we share tons of them here… every day!

The LORD has been good to us.

Has HE been good to you?

Then step up and declare it boldly and put the enemy to shame.

And watch as the LORD puts many more praise reports in your mouth… in the days ahead.

Just click on COMMENTS below to share your testimonies…


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300 Comments for “9 Prayers to get that breakthrough Job (Profitable employment)”

  1. Sheila Annamary

    I had lost my job last June which I had worked for 16 years. I am working in company with lower salary with no perks. I had terrible in year 2013, please pray for me as I required as HR Manager/Professional comply with my qualification as HR Professional. Need better salary to support my family, children are studying in University. Need job nearby as well. I believe God to open the doors soon.

  2. Apostle Andrew

    GOD will go before you ,read Psalm 91 and 121.GOD bless you

  3. I have been in business for the last seven years or so but I have never been happy IhIhave always failed sometimes I feel that God does not hear me please take your time and pray for me I really need a breakthrough.

  4. sharlene

    please pray for my 2 sons who need to reconnect to God . The younger one , Cranston is looking for a job but has no college degree which is making it difficult .They are still in their 20″s so the attraction of the world is strong .

  5. Siziwe

    2013 was a terrible year,I lost my father a week after my mom was attacked by stroke on her left side,I spent the whole year unemployed after graduating for a doctorate,I’m still unemployed taking care of my mother ego can’t do much on her own,I need your prayers saints,please stand with me in prayer for my mother to be restored back to health and for me to get a job,thank you all,God bless

  6. Zani

    I had lost my job since 2008 which have had worked for 15 years. I have been on short contracts not regular but one in a while. 2013 was a terrible year because I could not find any job. I need a job urgently to support my little children. I pray that god opens the doors soon.

  7. Mark 402

    I hope you guys find a job as i am also in search for a great job beyond my imagination. Let’s keep praying believing and applying. The Lord will do the rest, never give up!

  8. Specty

    Please sir help me with prayer have been helping myself with several pastor but all was no avail…

  9. Excellent resource! TY for posting.

  10. oluchi

    Please brothers and sisters in the Lord help me to pray to the almighty God for divine intervention. I need a permanent and well paying job have attended several interviews I am behind with my bills and my kids and I need a house.

  11. AlliedHealthWorker

    Praying that I may change jobs. While I am grateful to God to be working, I am working in an understaffed, backbiting environment that is very difficult to deal with. Interviewed at a place where the atmosphere was so relaxing from the time I walked in, the interview itself was like a vacation in comparison. Praying that I find favor in this new situation so I may leave this other place which has also some unethical practices concerning the other employees also (sneaking out while on the clock since the owners do not watch their own business) and is so gossipy in nasty ways concerning even current coworkers when they are outside an earshot of the supervisor who generates ill will and tension constantly.

  12. hi to all of u i really need your prayer i lost my job also my girlfreind needs urs prayer to she have pain in hard pls for us thank

  13. I have been outside country for over 5 years now and haven’t achieve anything necessary, and what i have managed to achieve in 2012 is not functioning please pray for me that God should open the windows of heaven for me, so that my way shall move straight and forward not backward i need your prayers brethren, i pray that God have mercy on me and help me in my situation in Jesus name Amen, i also pray for those sicking for God’s intervention to be remembered by God in Christ Jesus name i pray Amen

  14. please, I leave in germany with my families is about to get a fix job is one a haif year, it wasn’t easy to get a job. Sometime they say is because of the language, In the name of jesus dutsch language will not be the barrier. Amen.



  16. Yolanda

    Please pray for me. i have applied for a job @ TARSUS and i need it so badly. it will help me and my familie with our financial problems.
    please also pray for my husband who is getting to a state of depression.
    i belive GOD will hear me and answer all prayers. in JESUS name AMEN

  17. Tiisetsang Mosate

    Emmanuel to all

    i have been reading through to messages of finding a new job, i just wanna give you words of encouragement that the LORD hasnt forgetten about you stay in prayer and fast even more to be able to get this breakthrough that you guys need right now, but already all of you guys are blessed as we speak..for the mere fact that you are able to wake up in the morning and breath it is a blessing on its own.. HOLD ON TO YOUR FAITH AND NEVER LET GO..God will answer you soon…. from SOUTH AFRICA.

  18. Tiisetsang Mosate

    GOD,S time is the best time…..

  19. judith

    please pray for me l need a job

  20. please pray for my son devesh and me asha to find a job as soon as possible. also asha to lose 20 kg . thank you.

  21. Desperately in need of a permanent job. please help me with prayers

  22. Azola

    please pray for me i need a well paying job

  23. Azola

    plz pray for me i need a permanent well paying job

  24. Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman

    Can you please help me to pray to get a job l have been through several interviews with no success.


  25. nono

    I desperately need a well permanent paying job



  27. Nik

    please pray for my husband he needs a job back in the uk and he is having to work in amsterdam, he hates the job he does not want be in amsterdam. finances are struggling. i need a job to help him but haven’t worked in years/ i want my husband home with me not in another country

  28. betty

    I just want to testify of the Goodness of the Lord, HE healed my children 7mth and 5yrs, I bless his name because he has been faithful. Am grateful Lord.

  29. Elizabeth

    Hi brothers and sites in the name of our lord who never fails us. i also in need for good paying job please pray for me i have submitted my cvs at hospital now i trust and demand that he will put me where i belong this month god bles

  30. christine

    please pray for me to restore a promotion that was stolen from me,i have faith i can get it back.

  31. Fikile Mkhwebane

    i graduated in 2001 i never enjoy a fulfilling job with benefits and now i refuse to work for nothing pls help

  32. angeline

    i am a lady of 24yrs.i have gone through so much for the last couple of years everything i try keeps falling apart be it be business,job or family.this has led me to some very dangerous ways of life drugs alcohol and some point i stopped believing that theres God….over the past few months i’ve reconnected back with him and asked for his forgiveness and loving of now i live with my mum,son and younger brother.i am desperately looking for an honest job so i can keep myself away from the earthly temptations.from nov last year till now i haven’t found one despite the many applications i have sent.i am the sole provider for my family and am getting desperate and frustrated and the stress is too much but still i know God is watching over me.i know he will come through and all i need is prayers patience and perseverance.just needed to share

  33. Cindy

    Good day my brothers and sisters. I need a prayer to get the job so I can support my 3 children. Life is hard for me right now and it made me to lose faith. I know God is able but 2 years now is long. I need to gain my faith in the Lord. Am thankful for all prayers. God bless you all in Jesus Name.

  34. Xoli

    I am greatful for the job that I have, an d thank God to continue to bless me everyday. While I have the job, the working environment is not challenging and I feel I am under utilised hence I want to explore and get another job. I have completed a post graduate diploma in a specialist area, where I would like to work. I need prayers as so far, have not been called for any interview. I trust God will open doors for me. In Jesus name. Please brothers and sisters lets pray for each other.

  35. I read this article completely concerning the difference of most recent and earlier technologies, it’s awesome article.

  36. Faith

    I want to thank God,for the man of God and the prayer points.
    I had begun praying in Oct 2013 over business and a job.
    I felt God lead me to do the Esther fast. However,it seemed so hard and I did a partial fast instead.

    Nothing seemed to change.

    Last Sunday 9th March 2014. I reached my end. I told myself I shall try and I will not give up until I see answers to prayers to my destiny take_back.

    So,I begun my warfare. On Monday 10th.
    On Tuesday 11th march 2014 at 9am I received a call offering me a position for a Job I had applied for in Jan 2014.

    I give God all the glory.
    I will continue to take back every part of my destiny in Jesus Name.

    I look forward to sharing more testimonies.

    Thank you for teaching us how to pray.


  37. Faith

    I want to thank God,for the man of God and the prayer points.
    I had begun praying in Oct 2013 over business and a job.
    I felt God lead me to do the Esther fast. However,it seemed so hard and I did a partial fast instead.

    Nothing seemed to change.

    Last Sunday 9th March 2014. I reached my end. I told myself I shall try and I will not give up until I see answers to prayers to my destiny take_back.

    So,I begun my warfare. The three day fast and midnight prayer and praise.On day 1 -Monday 10th.
    On day 2-Tuesday 11th march 2014 at 9am I received a call offering me a position for a Job I had applied for in Jan 2014.

    I give God all the glory.
    I will continue to take back every part of my destiny in Jesus Name.

    I look forward to sharing more testimonies.

    Thank you for teaching us how to pray.


  38. fradreck Munikwa

    Please pray for me . I need a new job (electrical foreman). At bindura nickel mine. My current job is not paying and there is no room for advancing. Pray for me man of God. I need this possition

  39. Themba Nkasa

    I’ve been looking for a job the last 3 years. please pray for me I need a job.

  40. Desiree

    Few months back at my work place we were promised a salary increase, but now that we are waiting for the increase they came up with funny things such as they want to close down the office and so on. I really feel used.

    Pastor,…. please pray for me to get a very good job. I am the bread winner, I pay for the rent, i have to pay for my studies as well.

    I am really tired of struggling to make ends meet.


  41. Lyn

    GLORY GLORY hallelujah!!!! I received my employment breakthrough about a year after embarking on these prayers of the Elisha! The LORD was so faithful that at the time I received my appointment letter I was in a position to choose between two jobs of the same ranking but in totally different locations. I chose to leave my hometown and go to the 1 which was farthest as i knew even that was a strategic move in the LORD protecting me after 6 yrs of stagnancy and demonic attacks in the workplace…I Say MALIBONGWE igama Lenkhosi ( Let the name of the King be Praised) for GREAT things HE hath done and is still doing in our midst! May the LORD ALMIGHTY bless and protect the Elisha Goodman team and their ministry as a whole, U REMAIN VICTORIOUS!


  42. libby

    Have been desperatly looking for a job since i graduated on 2009 to no avail.have sent applications to two companies this month,pray for my breakthrough i rely need the job

  43. richwill mashimbye

    looking a job in nadbank please pray for me

  44. Vainah

    Brothers and sisters help me to pray. I lost my job last year and have been looking for a job desperately to no avail. My husband is blessed with a good job but all the burden is on him, I want to be the helper fit for him not a burden. I am believing God for a good job with great perks. Currently finishing my masters and have got awesome grades God will not give me a good certificate without a good job to match.I have applied to my companies to no avail. My prayer is my human and angelic helpers to work and bring my cv to light that i obtain favour in the eyes of God and people.

  45. Buyi

    Brother and sisters I am currently studying for a project manager certificate as I am very unhappy at my current job. I have little responsibility and have no support system. Please ask for your prayers to get new employment with salary that I will allow me to support my family. I pray for favour to attract a job that is suitable for my ability and where I will be given more responsibilities in order for me to learn and grow. I have been applying numerous times for jobs but I keep getting declined. I ask for God’s favour and wisdom. In Jesus name amen

  46. Anonymous

    Plz Pray Fo Ma Husband He Is Looking For A Job He Has Received A Couple Of Promises So I Want The Promises Tu Be Real I Blv He Wil Get A Gud Paying Job

  47. Children of God kindly pray for my breakthrough. I have not had steady job since 2008. I lost my last job in October 2013. I need a well paying job to support my family and start my own project. I believe this is my year and my time for Jesus to promote me to a higher level. Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen

  48. Anonymous

    Thank you for the prayer points. Am believing God that my job interview will not be frustrated at the edge of breakthrough. Am also believing for favour and grace during the interview. Thanks

  49. Tracey

    Pls pray for employment for me. I am a single parent. I trust in God for my breakthrough.

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