2 Comments on "Prayer for relocation and for new job"

  1. I need prayer for;

    1. Stagnation in my life, career, situation,
    2. That I get favored for the job I have been applying for, for so long.
    3. God’s intervention in my life in finding a wife,
    4. That my current job pays me what they owe me since 2011,
    5. My sister gets a job and career

  2. Abednego Mbewu | July 26, 2016 at 4:33 am |

    I am in need of a prayer for :

    1. retrogression and setbacks in my life, career and finances.
    2. free from blood disease and symptoms of it.
    3. my money that has been withheld since 2010 by the RAF be released.
    4. The post I applied for in 2016 as a Magistrate I get favoured for it

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