Breakthrough Dreams, Breakthrough Prayers, Dreams Interpretations (Part 4)

We are now in series 4 of the Breakthrough Dreams and their interpretations. We got here by praying just one prayer point prayed for 7 consecutive midnights: “O God to whom all secret things belongeth, according to Deuteronomy 29:29 and Jeremiah 33:3, Show me the secrets of my life, show me myself, show me beneficial secrets that would move my life forward and Break every bondage in my life BY FIRE!!!, in the name of Jesus.”

We have four dream cases and their respective interpretations here from four people: Winnie, Violet, Benny and Susan. [adsense]

CASE 1: Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, I first and foremost would like to say God bless you for obeying God’s instruction to build such a site to encourage and bless the saints. I have been following your blog for quite some time, and have even joined this new prayer assignment for us to pray that one prayer point for 7 nights. I am on my 2nd day, but I just keep seeing a common dream I always have for more than 10 years. In the dream, either I’m fighting, or rejoicing with old friends, old classmates. The dream always involves me in my former high school uniform with former classmates. At times, I will be at my old neighborhood, apartment where I use to live collecting large sums of dollars off the ground. I believe by now you get the gist of the types of dream I constantly see- everything is with the past. Please keep me in your prayers while I continue this prayer assignment. God Bless, Winnie Amos.

“@Winnie: That dream is chronic case of backwardness. There is something in your background tying you to the past and would not allow you to progress in life, you must set that evil chain ablaze! Every power tying me down to my past, your time is up: E-X-P-I-R-E!!! in the name of Jesus. Covenant of failure and backwardness, operating in my life, hear the verdict of fire: B-R-E-A-K! B-R-E-A-K!! B-R-E-A-K!!! in the name of Jesus. Blood of Jesus! Go into my foundation and uproot everything planted against my breakthrough and my glory! In the name of Jesus. Satanic classes, satanic teachers, satanic classmates, satanic uniforms: I am not your victim, therefore: CATCH FIRE!!! in the name of Jesus. Chains of backwardness pulling me back into failure and stagnation, B-R-E-A-K! B-R-E-A-K!! B-R-E-A-K TO p-i-e-c-e-s!!! in the name of Jesus. You spiritual robbers that stole my virtues in my old apartment and former neighborhood: Be ARRESTED by fire and pay back seven-fold whatever you have stolen from my life!!! In the name of Jesus. Household enemies, powers of my father’s house, playing games with my destiny, you are a failure, therefore: S-C-A-T-T-E-R unto desolation!!! In the name of Jesus.

CASE 2. We were having a youth conference in our church and other youth from other churches were also there. I stood up to preach and was given a glass of water and place it on the Pulpit. At the back I saw my brother and was surprised as he has never been in our or believe Jesus is the saviour. I started preaching or advice about sex before mirriage and HIV. One by one the youth left the church and my brother was also no longer where he was. I went outside to look for them and I met this guy who playing music so loud and told him that youths left the church because of his loud music and he wen to his house to reduce the volume I followed him and he did not allow me to enter his house. There was a shack in his yard and I went in to find the youth gambling and I went back to church on my way I saw the Pastor driving into the church and he gave two pens. His car colour was white and in reality the car is blue. After taking the pen one of the elders was having a video camera and started recording me while walking to the church and when I look behind me I saw youths coming back to church and I waku up. Violet

@Violet: The anointing makes the difference. This could be an indication of a call of God on you to a successful and celebrated evangelistic ministry. It could also be that God is telling you to intercede for the salvation of your brother. Your intercession can lead to his conviction by the Holy Spirit and he could be a mighty instrument of spiritual revival and restoration. Your spirit man is strong and fervent, I thank God for your life, God will give you an exemplary testimony that shall be celebrated. Pray that God should give you the pen of a Ready-Writer to rewrite your family history to the praise and glory of God. I want you to pray more on this dream, God wants to use you as His vessel to communicate the riches of His Holiness to your generation through books. May His perfect will be fulfilled in your life in Jesus’ name..


@Beni: Pray to arrest every satanic eraser assigned to wipe off your spiritual screen. Pray for God to baptize your dream-life with Holy Ghost Fire! In Jesus’ name. Ask the Lord to rewind every important dream concerning your destiny and make you understand them. Command every dream of your life that has been cowardly stolen by the devil and his cohorts to be restored to you by fire! In the name of Jesus. Thank the Lord in advance for the awesome answers He shall give you in Jesus’ name.

CASE 4. Greetings! Just yesterday i stumbled upon this site and participated in the prayers and i had a dream: how i found myself in this home i av no idea and i found a woman (whom I recognised as agatha a good lady in my church in zambia) sumhow in realised i was comin in as a wife to her husband and she seemed to be ok about it. I was sad and just wnted2 b alone and each time i moved2 any room2 b alone, sum one wld come in. The wife ws the first2 cum and handed me a key with no words and i wondered wht 4. I moved2 another room2 b alone, then the so called husband walked in with his friend. Immediately his wife came in2 bring him food. I saw her kneelin then he askd me2 sit down and mak excuse abt being young in the LORD and asked hw my young brother thomas was doing after being released frm prison. I mumbled sumthing and again wanted2 b alone. I walkfin another room and again the wife appear then i wondered why they were not leavin me alone2 think. After which i woke up. Help me come out of this life of stagnation kuyt Susan Kalunga

@Susan: The Bible says the heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it? This dream is a warning and call to repentance and restitution for what transpired in the case of your brother Thomas. The key to this dream lies with you and your brother Thomas whom you said just been released from prison. There are many questions which only you can honestly answer. The dream only revealed the tip of the iceberg of which you know the full story. The reason why you were silent throughout that dream was because you were greatly indebted to that “family” of “sister Agatha”, and the burden of that debt would not allow you to protest being made second wife. Let me tell you and for the benefits of others reading this, spirit spouses are cowardly demons and they don’t like exposures, to avoid being exposed, they take on the familiar mask of known friends, relative or associates in order to deaden the reaction from you. You have an additional spiritual assignment emanating from this cloudy dream of yours. You must pray that God should tear the satanic masks and expose the fellows behind the mask of Agatha and her husband. I believe you opened the door for entry of a spirit husband into your life through your brother, Thomas. Only you honestly knew which door, when and why you did what you did. Before you can pray against any spirit husband, you must stand right with God and close every door you may have unwittingly opened unto the enemy of your soul. After repentance and possible restitution, you can now begin to pray those prayers against spirit husband.

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  1. Prayer eagle thank you for your interpretation. May God bless u n prosper u.

  2. I have had a dream about rats coming into my house. They were baby rats and I was trying to kill them but I didn’t get many of them. There was one, however, a huge one, very dirty and black. It was trying to come into my house but I managed to keep it out. My mother was also in the dream but she has been dead for seven years. In the same dream, after I locked out the big rat, I was taken to my back yard – my old backyard – it doesn’t look like that anymore. It was filled with a lot of junk and garbage but as I stood in the backyard, all the garbage and the junk just started disappearing and it just became clean, very clean and I thought to myself…this is how the backyard needs to look at all times. Then I woke up. Could someone help me to interpret this dream. I have been praying that God will reveal the secrets of my life…this is the dream which I had.

  3. I’ve been following your blog for awhile and it’s awesome. I love your spirit filled sermons.

  4. Dear All I had a dream that I was blind and in that dream that God made М̤̣̲̣̈̇ε blind, in that dream I ran to a cancellor foe help and she asked М̤̣̲̣̈̇ε why God made М̤̣̲̣̈̇ε blind,I replied that God called М̤̣̲̣̈̇ε I didn’t answer and he made М̤̣̲̣̈̇ε blind. And she replied and said answer him so U̶̲̥̅̊ can see again.
    2. I use to see myself preachn in danfo buses.
    3. I see someone as God in my dream sendn М̤̣̲̣̈̇ε with other men to go preach the gospel to people and am always the only lady among men preach.
    4. I see myself healn people from sickness and helpn them when D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣ attack them.
    Pls help М̤̣̲̣̈̇ε

  5. Leonard Mudau | February 19, 2012 at 6:21 pm |

    ive been trying to ask the prayer eagle this dream which im dreaming now & then. Last nyt i was driving my car on the highway, this big car that i always dream about overtaken me & on the other lane there was this small white car which wanted to overtake me but in vain it didnt. The thing which i want to ask is why always am i dreaming of cars? Can u interpret it for me Man of God.

  6. Cynthi Abosi | February 19, 2012 at 6:48 pm |

    I need serious help and somone to talk to pls. I love God so much, and am, trying so hard to be much more closer to him but somtib keeps pulling me back nd am also having major setbacks concerning my family, gettin married and finance. Tanks

  7. i was in a dream and saw myself,my mother and younger brother in a room. All of a sudden,i noticed something like a snake in that room and shouted. I quickly ran out to seek help and saw my cousin whom i begged to come and kill the snake. He followed me and by the time we came back into the room,my mother had used her hand and tore to pieces the baby snake. Meanwhile,the mother snake was coming towards us and had crept into muddy water (like a swamp) that was very close to that room. My cousin then started to lift stone in that muddy water so that he can reach the snake and kill it but my mother said he should not bother. I turned and looked at my mother with confusion and then i woke up. Please help me and interpret this dream.

  8. Peace of the lord be u… I had a dream that I travelled to Kaduna. Then I saw a man that I’m in a Relationship with right now,though the relationship is shaking(in real life) but I commited everything in the hands of God.I saw that he helped a widow to transport her load filled in a trailer Frm Abuja to Kaduna. We lodged in the same room. So when it was time to sleep,the bulbs in the room were 6 in number and they were all fully on. I looked for the switch to turn then light, I found it, I pressed it to turn them off but the light did not go off, he also tried turning off the light but the light became brighter and refused to go off….. Then I woke up…

  9. Prayer Eagle | February 19, 2012 at 9:44 pm |

    @Cynthi: Begin from the beginning, if God cannot help you nobody can. the first step is to humble yourself before Him your Maker and ask him for the template/manual for your successful and fulfilling life on earth, He created you for a purpose, ask Him in prayer: “O God to whom all secret things belongeth, according to Deuteronomy 29:29 and Jeremiah 33:3, Show me the secrets of my life, show me myself, show me beneficial secrets that would move my life forward and Break every bondage in my life BY FIRE!!!, in the name of Jesus.” Pray effectually at the dot of midnight He would show you His purpose for your life and help you out in Jesus’ name.

  10. i thank the good Lord for what he is doing through this web site and prayfor God to continue to give you strengt and widom
    i had a dream were i and one of my younger sister were walrking. i think my first son was walking with us as well. as we were going i was checking the cloth i was wearing if my body was fully covred that is down my private . it look like it was. we then walk and then came inside a house. i sat on the bed but i was souand pray rcepicious thtat the home my sister has talken me was that of my brother who i dont keep in contact with because we have fallen out some years back. i was corrct when my brother came to the room. at the end he was trying to give me some gift which i returned back he kind of ask if i was angry i isaid i was not angry with any body and is only God that can forgive. please expalin and God bless

  11. God bless you and ur ministry. My name is Sylvia from Ghana.. i really need ur help to interpret these dream that i have been having. In the dreams i see people around me getting ready for my wedding while i look unprepared until the latter part of the day when the ceremony is almost over. And when i am finally ready, either my dress or my hair is not right or ready… and on one occasion when everything was set.. we went to the registrar general but when it got to my turn i woke up. The recent one happened on the 12 of February this year. In the dream i saw myself at the church auditorium where my wedding was to take place, i wasn’t dressed but yet people were there waiting for me and i even joined them for the praise and worship session. i later left them and went home to get dressed… i got home and the next thing i remember was me coming back home not married … and people around told me not to worry and that the man I’m suppose to marry understand.. i also remember my brother telling not to worry and that my wedding can come on after his child naming ceremony which in reality is happening this Friday 24 of Feb.

  12. Glory 2 God 4 raising a ministry like urs. I want 2 ask about something, each time my husband dream he always see me in his dream he want 2 make love with me or hug me & it has been a constant dream, does it mean I’m possess or what, pls help me, we are both save

  13. Glory 2 God 4 raising a ministry like urs. I want 2 ask about something, each time my husband dream he always see me in his dream he want 2 make love with me or hug me & it has been a constant dream, does it mean I’m possess or what, pls help me, we are both save. My name is peace

  14. Greetings to you people of God.I had 3 dreams,1st it was a woman tryin to stab me coz she thought i was having a relationship with her husband,2nd it was a man from my workplace tryin to stab me , i dnt knw for what reason,bt someone sent him.3rd,two men were trying to shoot me becoz they heard that i was going to get married bt they failed.In real am a single lady who s trying to leave a life of God ‘s child.I had a relationship of 6years with a married guy of which we separeted a year ago.Please help.

  15. Prayer Eagle, Thank you for your response and interpretation to the dreams, I have been having. I will continue to pray against the works of backwardness in my life. I have another question if you do not mind, during this time of prayer, 3 different people close to me including my own mother have had the same dream about me. In all the dreams, they have seen me pregnant. I am keeping myself sexually, so as for it having a literal meaning, I have ruled that out. I pray God provides you insight on this dream that my loved ones are having about me. Be Blessed!!

  16. Prayer Eagle | February 20, 2012 at 6:05 am |

    @Winnie: These dreams are getting better with revelations. God is a God of order. Before pregnancy must first come marriage. Are you married or in a relationship? If yes, the choice is yours to make, if no, then, pray to convert the pregnancy to a pregnancy of good news and good things in your life this year. Continue to ask God to reveal your life to you so you can move forward by fire. Continue also with the 8 prayer points I gave you before.

  17. Prayer Eagle | February 20, 2012 at 6:15 am |

    @Nyasha: Thank God for your confession. Give your life to Chris,t be born again and turn a new leaf. Be fervent in the spirit and serve only the LIVING GOD and not your body. Pray against every attack emanating as consequence of your past evil deeds. its clear that both the woman and the man are not happy with you for different reasons. Repentance should continually come from your heart and and you must live holy unto the Lord. pray for God to reveal His purpose for your life and barricade your life with the blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Ghost. it means your testimony is sure and you shall be happily married but new of your marital breakthrough would incense the enemies of your soul and they would rage but God shall fight for you if you stand firm and refuse to go back to your vomit.

  18. Prayer Eagle | February 20, 2012 at 6:24 am |

    @Peace: Your marriage is under attack of a spirit wife of your husband, begin to fight back before it manifests physically. It is not you your husband is seeing in his dreams, it is the spirit wife who wore your mask pretending to be you in order to lure your husband to sex. let him pray all prayers against spirit wife and you too must pray that the spirit wife be exposed and disgraced out of your holy family in Jesus’ name.

  19. Prayer Eagle | February 20, 2012 at 6:30 am |

    @sylvia: This is a satanic deception and pointer to satanic delay of your desired miracle of marital breakthrough. Pray that any power responsible for this delay be exposed and be disgraced. Ask the Holy Spirit to baptize your dream-life with Fire. Scatter every dark congregation assigned to delay your marital breakthrough. Release Holy Ghost Fire against household enemies who did not want you to have marital and destiny breakthrough! deal with them in the name of Jesus.

  20. Prayer Eagle | February 20, 2012 at 6:52 am |

    @Anonymous from UK: Hebrews 12:14: “Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.” When you keep malice for a long time, it opens the door for the devil to enter your life and harm you, that is why your sister succeeded in luring you to a brother that betrayed your trust in the past. Pray against any evil seed planted in your life in the past to be uprooted by fire. Nullify every negative thing done to you by your brother in the past by the blood of Jesus, forgive him and move your life forward. Ask the Lord to clothe you with His garment of glory and cover your nakedness in Jesus’ name.

  21. Prayer Eagle | February 20, 2012 at 6:59 am |

    @Ann Abraham: It is a warning dream. Don’t patch up a shaking relationship with a sex-bribe, it would not stand and you would be more disappointed if you do. The word of God is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path. You must allow that light to shine brighter and brighter unto a more perfect testimony for your life. Pray for the perfect will of God to be established without fail in your life this year in the name of Jesus.

  22. Prayer Eagle | February 20, 2012 at 7:04 am |

    @susan agwu: pray against deception of household wickedness holding your life to ransom. Decree against the power of the serpent targeted against you. Command every power manipulating your destiny to roast by fire!!! in Jesus’ name. Pray: Every serpentine covenant operating in my life BREAKKKKKK!!!! by the blood of Jesus. Owners of evil load in my life: carry your load by fire!!! in Jesus’ name.

  23. Prayer Eagle | February 20, 2012 at 7:22 am |

    @Leonard Mudau: those are not ordinary cars particularly when you dont know the driver nor your destination, it is a spiritual attack indicating you are not in charge of your life, another power in driving and charting the course for you. Even when u are the one driving, the competition against you is fierce. the same stubborn pursuer is responsible for diminishing your income and stash of money. Because it overtook you it got to the storehouse of supplies before you and locked the door against you. Pray against every stubborn pursuer to somersault and die in Jesus’ name. pray against every satanic competition targeting your staff of bread. overthrow every power that wants to lock the door of your supernatural supplies this year in the name of Jesus. Bind every strongman in charge of your stolen blessings, disarm him and shatter his defense by the blood of Jesus, spoil his palace and collect your seven-fold blessing from his storehouse in the name of Jesus.

  24. Prayer Eagle | February 20, 2012 at 8:05 am |

    @Rose: What are you waiting for? this is a fire warning that you must obey the call of God for your life, perhaps your marital benefits are tied to this obedience, who knows. I command the fire of God to fall afresh upon you for fresh exploits to do the perfect will of God and bring glory to His name in Jesus’ name. Fireeeee!

  25. I thank God for this site…. I’m single and in a relationship with a man. So I had a dream that my father gave him a passport and also told him that I’m his precious daughter, that he must take good care of my passport dat he gave him… Then we entered the same vehicle and I woke up…

  26. Prayer Eagle | February 20, 2012 at 8:13 am |

    @Michelle: Its a call to sanctification. Break every evil link to the dead, you are joined to the Living God. Rats are devourers, command fire to fall from heaven to consume both baby and mother rats in the name of Jesus. Pray against every power assigned to pollute your destiny, command every virtue belonging to you that your mom took to the grave to be recovered by God’s violent angels and brought to you in Jesus’ name.

  27. Prayer Eagle | February 20, 2012 at 8:24 am |

    @Esther: What you must do first is to pray to know the will of God for you in marriage. It does not matter if your Dad handed over your passport to him it can be recovered by fire from him if he is not the will of God for you in marriage. Don’t lobby God to rubber-stamp what He has not endorsed. I command your rivers that has been locked up in High places to open by fire and pour out fresh waters to revive your destiny and carry you to marital fulfillment as ordained by God in Jesus’ name. (Isaiah 41:17-20) “When the poor and needy search for water and there is none, and their tongues are parched from thirst, then I, the Lord, will answer them. I, the God of Israel, will never abandon them. I will open up rivers for them on the high plateaus. I will give them fountains of water in the valleys. I will fill the desert with pools of water. Rivers fed by springs will flow across the parched ground. I will plant trees in the barren desert — cedar, acacia, myrtle, olive, cypress, fir, and pine. I am doing this so all who see this miracle will understand what it means — that it is the Lord who has done this, the Holy One of Israel who created it.” that shall be your testimony this year in the name of Jesus.

  28. Dear prayer eagle,

    God bless you abundantly,
    Need help for this dream,
    I have had a dream repeated a number of times of a certain friend of mine(man) who one time asked me in a dream a question which was;Emily how much do you love me and i answered back ,i love you unconditionally.
    This dream was repeated wondering what all this means because we have never had any disagreements,hes a very close friend who encourages me alot.hes bornagain.

    another dream is that of a baby kissing my lips,this was too strange…i need interpretation and prayer points for this.
    God bless you prayer eagle
    I love you

  29. Hi Prayer eagles. Please help me interpret this dream. Right after firing that prayer arrow, on the 2nd night, i had a very upseting and scary dream. I dreamt my hand having little insects like that were black. These insects will make a shape in my palm, a sun kind of shape..and after a while when i would look at my hand i would find they have changed shape and formed another shape. I was with my mum(not born again) and sister(born again), i would ask my mother what these insects ment and my mother was not concerned and she said she didnt kno.

    I got angry looking at these insects in my palm and i decided to squizz them out coz they were on my palm. I noticed that when i squizzed them, when they fell out, they would swell and then burst. I did that until all was gone in my palm. My sister then said i shud be careful that my hand does not swell because those insects. I went to the fire where there was water on the fire, my intention was to put my palm inside to kill any bacteria caused by the insects, i noticed that on 1 of my finger, those insects had eaten my flesh. I then raelised that they had been feeding from my flesh.

    I woke up and got into prayer rebuking what the devourer had done/plan to do. I beleive that God was showing me that i have been labouring for nothing. I have been giving and sowing seeds but no fruits.

    Please help interpret this dream.

  30. dear prayer eagle i thank the Lord for this wonderful ministry. i started on the 7 day prayers at midnight and recently completed my Esther fast. My husband and i are separating at the end of this month. I have been praying and i have been having the most disturbing dreams.

    the first of my series of dreams involved toilets that seemed clean but each time i got in i saw pads with blood and toilets with poo in each toilet i walked into on different floors. i also dreamt of my house aid fighting with me on numerous times and each time my husband would be there and i would find my self dshouting at her or beating her.

    i am dreaming of my former schoolmates in high school i see all the my highschool friends laughing and chattuing away. the second time i dreamt my former highschool mates i saw that some of them had died or fallen from a building and died.

    i also dreamt my former workmates from a company i worked for 9 years ago and i dreamt one of my colleagues giving me a hug but this person was unbelievably tall and embracing me. in this same dream i dreamt getting into an old old car and some white lady was driving then all of a sudden i started driving the car and it broke down while it was raining.

    i have been having dreams which in volved my husband showing me his privates and coming to have sex with me. Please help me

  31. 1. In this dream, my daughter was giving me money. Looks like I gave her money to buy something and so was giving back the change, the money she was giving me was so much that I wondered where was the money coming from.
    2. My second dream, I caught a black bird resembling a woman. It was vigorously trying to escape from my hands still I hold it tight. Suddenly I heard a crowd singing majority were children and few adults, they were coming towards me like they were pleading I leave the bird alone. The topic changed I found myself explaining to them how 3 men came into my compound and stole 2 chickens. So I decide to take them to the chicken house for confirmation, there we found 4 chickens of which I didn’t how they came in + the remaining 2. I wondered again whose chicken.

  32. Good Morning.

    The vision was a nest on top of our family home , with black birds in it lots of them and underneath the birds was a multi-coloured snake that was eating stuff from our house but you could not see the snake because on the birds around it . from the dream code i have realised that both the snake and the birds are bad , is it enough to call on the Fire of God to burn the next in totality ?

  33. Prayer Eagle | February 20, 2012 at 9:34 am |


  34. Please help interpret my dream.. just after that one, i had another dream where my parents home was like a wind just blew into the house. My parents room was nt messy( not blown into) there were no dry leaves like wind has blew inside. but there was a small anthill that was growing in,also in their bredroom there was pool of water like there was a crack spillin this water. I heard my mother ask y i havent swept the house, that my sister swept their room and it is clean.

    I believe the dirt inside the house is spiritual uncleaness.. my sister once held prayer inside my parents home bcoz the Holyspirit showed her ther were water spirits inside my parents room. I believe that the house needs spiritual cleaning.

    Please advice on prayer points to target these dreams.

    Please advice Prayer Eagle

  35. I took part in the breakthrough dreams prayers, on the second night, i was myself on a corridor and a being in human figure looking like a ceramic black colour stopped me and asked me stand still and try and imagine myself saying something without moving from the spot, he later gave me a powdery black substance to spread around me like a circle, I did, but I tried to move about not fully following his instructions not to move, this black man stood still and was watching me till I woke up.


  36. please i just participated in the prayer yesterday for the first day and i had a dream andi saw two lizards, one was representing me and the other my brother and they(the lizards) were involved in a Destiny race to determine if my destiny is faster than my brothers but the lizards were on the same pace and we arrived our detination at the same time even though we were moving so fast. i now told my mother in that same dream and she was happy that our speed was fast. please interprete because i dont understand what the dream means.

  37. Hello Prayer eagle, please help me interpret my dreams…. there is something that is moving in my body, was told its poison which i was fed physically it is vibrating running around in my body. i have attempted deliverance many times, i always dream of being in the midst of people i do not know, confusing dreams, at the point of breakthrough i always see my self trying to climb mountains but i always manage to make it!! i see my self in the midst of high school mates, i see my self in a house i used to stay at when i was young. now there is this man who always tries to have affair with me but God will wake me up before it happens. I always see my self urinating in my dream, the other day someone tried to cut my hair, and the other day someone came in the face of my couzin to take me “apendix”, Gos always wakes me up before i sign contracts,sort of covenants, prayer eagle please help me understand DO I HAVE A SPIRIT HUSBAND, OR IM I BEING INITIATED INTO A SPIRITUAL MARIAGDE??? because i donto understand what is going on……..i go to deliverances i never manifest, what is going on?????????/ please HELP ME!!!!! because i really do not get it!!

  38. May God bless u 4 ds answer of peace 4rm d Lord. Pls I need a help, I’m just about 41 & my enemy is having BP, when I was prayed 4,I was given a revelation dat there was a bird on my shoulder which is d mark of sickness, I have been praying about it, & now I had a dream dat both my hands & legs are very pale, I was saying in d dream dat my spirit is very strong & my body which bear d spirit if it should weak wat wl happen,I woke up 4rm d dream. Pls wat can I do,I don’t want 2 spend days nor yrs in sicknesas

  39. Can I please have an email address to send prayer requests for Prayers fire site.

  40. Greetings in the name of Jesus. I thank God for a prayer programme so wonderful, God bless and protect you. I took part in the breakthrough dreams prayers last week Monday. The previous week we had a Prophet at our church who prophesy over my life and one of the things he told me was that there is a woman standing between me and my marriage. I decided to pray the prayer point you have given us, and after praying for like 20 minutes, I also ask God to show me the woman who is standing between me and my marriage as I don’ t want to accuse a wrong person. I had a idea, but was not sure and I wanted confirmation from God, with the prayer point I also decided to fast for the 7 days, 12midnight to 12 noon. That same night I had 3 different dreams.

    The first one was, one of my ex-boyfriends (we are friends) he is married, he came to me and gave me a white iphone and went, and something in my mind told me to switch on the phone, and when I switch on the phone I saw his wife, with long black dreadlocks and glasses at a home in a village I thought in myself she is looking beautiful. She was standing in front of a house, but the house was not plastered and dirty infront, the colour of the house looked grey, and on top of the house there was yellowish snakes, standing straight up moving around in air, and than I saw their daughter maybe 3 years old and I said to myself she is so beautiful and innocent I love her. I also saw a woman but it was so quick and she dissapeared very quickly so I could not make out who she was.

    Secondly I was at my parent’s house, I am currently working in another town and they are in another town, but I am visiting them often. I heard my mom was telling two women I know very good staying in our street to respect the Prophets of God and know what their talking about the annoited Prophet of the Lord, because one of the woman was saying she don’t believe in that certain Prophet, they are all liars. I went back home, but there was lot of people next to our house, and some where sitting infront of our house, and I ask the people what was happening and I was told that the anty next to our house passed on, and they were having a memorial service, I started crying because I knew her very well a friendly lady, very lovely, so the Pastor who was having the servive ask the people who was crying and he was told it was me, and he ask me did I knew the lady and I told him yes, she was such a lovely person. I could see her image light of skin, short black woman very beautiful, friendly and helpful. And the Pastor told me it will be okay I shouldn’t cry so much about her, and he smiled and comfort me, but next our house on the other side people where playing music so hard, so I went to them and told them to stop playing the music so hard can’t they they see there is a memorial service and they told me they don’t care, the lady who anwered me was sitting in a white broken golf, and I told them you don’t respect God’s things no wonder your car is broken and you don’t have electricity or water at your house.

    Thirdly I dreamed about the father of my daughter, I am having problems with him currently, he doesn’t want to take of his daughter and i told myself it’s fine Jesus will be our provider. I dreamed we were driving (me and him) but the car break down infront of a restaurant, and he was fixing the car but he was having lot of money in his front pocket of his shirt, and I ask him that we must go and buy food to eat and he said no, I must use my own money and I was so dessapointed why he must always be like that, he is not even contributing for our daughter. I went into the shop to buy but wake up while I was in the shop. There was a man and a woman helping me. I don’t even knew where we were driving.

  41. Praise the Lord Prayer eagle,

    Please help interprete this dream;

    1. An ant hill in the house with small insects coming out, my sister tries to demoilsh it with a panga but woke up before she could demolish it.

    2. In the dream, I found myself in a territory of an evil king & queen who were holding captive many singles (I saw men only). The evil king gave an order that the captives have to be released at once since his kingdom was undergoing a recession and that he could not afford to maintain the captives any more. He said each captive should be paid some amount of money (dollars) and set free. Everything was being done hurriedly because this evil king had been commanded to release the men by a Higher authority. I sat aside as I watched each of them receive and pocket their money (dollars) and rushing to exit the territory. (I thought to myself; if these were married, they could have just combined the money with their spouses and do something profitable out of it but quickly a thought came to my mind that it would not be possible since each of them would have a different idea on how to use the money.

    The evil king(that I didn’t get to see) gave another order that as soon as one receives their payment, they must leave his territory within (3 days, mths or 30 days(don’t recall the exact one) otherwise those who will still be in his territory after the days have expired would face his wrath. I saw this as unfair because;
    a) The territory was huge to get out as the time given was limited(short notice)
    b) I didn’t think I would survive out there where I was going.

    As I walked towards the exit, I branched off to the evil queen’s palace to ask her if i could stay because I was worried how I was going survive out there.
    As I approached the evil queen’s palace, I overheard the queen subjects (women) talking about my friend, mocking her. They were angry that she eventually got married.(my friend got married recently)
    I proceeded to the evil queen, I told her I wanted to stay for a while and She mockingly accepted but I decided I should first leave the territory and see if I could survive out there and then make a decision (to come back or not).
    After I had left the evil queen’s palace heading to the exit of the territory, it started raining heavily(big rain drops causing floods) and I could see some men raising up their hands in surrender begging the evil king to stop the rain and let them first go out but all in vain.
    I decided I should go back to the evil queen to escape the strange heavy rain. As I turned to go back, it was already flooded behind me and the only option was to go forward and leave the evil kings territory. I was so scared and forced myself out of the dream.
    Waiting to hear from you. God bless you.

  42. Hello , people of God. After the 21 day prsy of the gates I participated in, I had different dreams alltogether. Im praying for marital and work promotional breakthru. Each time after midnight prayers Id either dream of angry strange old women. Some of it I can’t write about. Sometimes Id dream of the old place I used to go for church a longtime ago. and the people there. The place were my parents used to live. Please help me explain this. There seems to be lots of stagnancy ie still waiting for marriage to happen, promotion at work etc. Pray for me to conquer this

  43. Greetings in Jesus Name. Pastor, I suspect my younger son had a dream eating an insect. He is 3 yrs 3 months. 3 days ago he woke up he pointing to his mouth to let me see an insect, so I asked where is it; and told he has eaten it. Today morning he behaved so strangely, on our way to school he took off his shoes & threw them out of the car just because his brother stepped on him. please advice .

  44. Dear Prayer Eagle,
    Thank you so much for the answers you are generously and faithfully providing, it does help to understand the situations and pray. Generally I do not dream, but the ones I do remember they are so strong and I see the results afterwards in the nations or people.
    Last Tuesday, 14th Feb. I slept at the midday and had a dream, resembling the one from two years ago. Was dressed in the evening gown, together with my youngest sister, we entered one room, part of the big but not that bright palace, kind old and cold, which I myself entered in the dream several years ago, but without my sister. I think later on lake shade my daughter was with us in the ball. Many people we could see in another room connected to the one me and my sister stood. We found young 17 years old girl, daughter of women who told me she wanted me dead. Daughter offered us like open tube circular pie, supposedly sweet, but turned out having minced meat in and lightly baked, crust was still juicy and hot, smoke coming out of it. We took offered peaces and ate hot pie. She spoke with my sister but did not address me. The girl informed my sister that her mum, native of my country, has been on the trip to our country mingling with the Mr. President and other dignitaries’ introducing with the girl from neighboring country( I was involved with both in the project in 2010, and up till now involved with the mother). The women appeared at the ball with that girl, they were talking laughing, hugging. She has been positioning the girl to take post of our Ambassador in our host country. The women was very active , appearing to many places , managing things (in the reality she is marketing person, managing modeling of her teen girl miss teen2010, travel agency)) managing to be at the ball. I felt like tight and stagnant, what to do she was to steal my position of an Ambassador and give it to unqualified girl, just to put me out of the game. I was very uneasy with the situation and nodding, how come that dignitaries of my country are listening to her like puppets. Interesting, this women in real life has been sharing the project with me and I had only very hard time with her, asking me for my horoscope, Involved in astrology, perhaps many other things. Since 2006 we were involved in the same project a, on the phone she said she wants me dead, praying to God that I die. Then afterwards, my sister and I , my daughter were in the same place, but beside small steam of the water flowing thru property, with nearby bridge, and young tall man, light hair, neat in the suit with us. The young man was in captivity somewhere previously and after we inquired of him he appeared with us. It was as the women, hid him somewhere before. I woke up with headache.
    To mention, I remember vividly dreaming several years ago that I drove the car up the mountains all covered in very white snow, very nice deep snow, but I drove without the problem, I think my husband was with me, then when we come to the place, cleaned by bulldozer so that car could pass threw the mountain of snow on the cliff. It looked as final destination, no more roads, was very high mountain. Somehow it was sterile, no people, my husband was not with me. I left the car, which was white in color, it was little snowing, then stopped. I was left alone, my husband was not with me, then I and went up to the small hill. Opened the door entered the room made of white, crispy, dry snow. It was like place to stay in the snow, house made of snow. I went in and it was not cold surprisingly, but I was alone. I think no one was around, I alone in that house, dressed in the winter clothes for the snow. Strange dream.

    Before new year, I dreamed that one women, like from movie, looking like conservative old teacher with the umbrella with the hat on her had. I just remember seeing the character in the old movie with witches. I was in the dark house and women were inside big old house, looking like factory, moving not walking along the long windows, I was outside and sow her shade. Then I sow many young people she was putting to sleep and packing them in the boxes and locking the boxes under the wooden stairs leading to the second floor. I was disturbed and wanted to stop her no one seemed interested to do anything about the incident, which could lead young people to die in the boxes, as they were intentionally made to sleep and not to wake up . What she was doing was not right. I forgot the things in between, but I do remember, I was inside beside windows, opening boxes, to wake young people and women was outside entered strange car, left in the car without driver, very peacefully, she finished her work. I realized it was which or something similar, as it looked like women from past, long dress, puffy on the back with short black coat, tight in the waist, umbrella in the hand and lady like hat on the head, she was in her late 40s.
    Please prayer eagle, i would love to have an understanding of the dream. Thank you so much for beautiful help and work you are doing for the kingdom. I do thank the Lord for your life.
    In the Lord,

  45. Thank you and God bless

  46. Dear Prayer Eagle, Thanks for your prompt response again. I agree with what you said about God being a God of order, I am in a relationship but we are keeping ourselves sexually. We actually pray and fast as well. I am still using the prayer points you gave me. I started last night at midnight and there was a dream about a classmate of mine being caught having an illegal cable box, and another dream about me complaining to my parents that 3 of my teeth was missing and a portion of my tongue that wanted to tear off. I will add fasting to it and pray for clarity in my dreams as well. Thanks for your time!

  47. Please I would like to ask you to pray for my niece Stella Maris. She’s an only child and her parents are old. She’s 13 and she has problems at school. She’s new at school and her classmates do not accept her very much. They say things to her like “she’s rare” and she feels very much alone. Today we were talking and she cried and said she misses her friends from school as they are in vacations now, and she wants to play with her girl classmates but they don’t. They reject her. There are not children where she lives and being rejected makes her feel miserable. Please be mercy of her and pray for her. Thank you very much. God bless you.

  48. On the 2nd day of praying I had a dream in which I had to go to a meeting, I think it was a birthday or something, (I think because I was invited to a niece’s birthday party the other day) and I was going to that place with my ex-brother in law. I was going with him but could not see whether I was going in my bicycle, I was like flying beside him. And there was a little completely white dog that was accompanying us. He looked at me and I was told that he was blind, and it was very tender, and smiled at me. We were going through an apartment complex, just like the neighborhood I used to live in, and whenever we crossed a tower (three apartments one above the other) appeared some dogs which would try to attack this little dog with us, but would not do anything to him in the end. My ex brother in law was talking to me, but I did not pay attention to what he was saying. He was always close to me.
    -On the 3rd day, I was reading and seeing some videos about the Falkland Islands. The place was kind of desolate and ugly. At night went to church and saw a friend of mine with her baby. She offered me to hold the baby and I was with him for a while. I like him very much.
    At night, i had a dream. I was seeing a bridge and it was connecting an island on the other side. I could see the mountain etc. It was very dark in the horizon and even the sea though it was calm. And all of a sudden I see a little girl standing in one of the pillars of the wall of the bridge to my left. I looked at her and said: careful, be careful! and she step back with one foot and fell. My pastor appeared 3 meters in front of me and looked down to where the girl had fallen and shaking his head as if nothing could be done for her. I went down to see, rebuking the spirit of death, and saw the little girl, that was like a doll burned but grey and moving a bit her eyes. She moved her arm and touched me to keep on praying and I did. And all of a sudden she changed to a normal little girl, who started to breath and was pink and everything ok, as her mother, one of my friends in church came to take her to the hospital in a car with her husband and making jokes at me, cause they were happy now, and I woke up.
    I don’t know if they have any meaning at all. I wait for your answer. Thank you very much.

  49. Dear prayer eagle, i have been having dreams of having sex with other women and even seeing my 3 year old daughter in those dreams for the past week and two nigjhts ago i dreamt being pregnant and trying to give birth but cld not cause i was trying to find a quite place to do so in the dream but could never find the quite place and i woke up. I am a happily married woman and have two kids. This is the first time i have spoken about this… I was abused by a maid when i

  50. Dear prayer eagle, i have been having dreams of having sex with other women and even
    seeing my 3 year old daughter in those dreams for the past week and two nigjhts ago i dreamt
    being pregnant and trying to give birth but cld not cause i was trying to find a quite place to do
    so in the dream but could never find the quite place and i woke up. I am a happily married
    woman and have two kids. This is the first time i have spoken about this… I was abused by a maid when i was about 6 yrs and by my late stepsister who died like 20 yrs ago… Even trying to post the text is being a challenge. I have been born again for about 12 yrs

  51. i have been having dreams of having sex with other women and even
    seeing my 3 year old daughter in those dreams for the past week and two nigjhts ago i dreamt
    being pregnant and trying to give birth but cld not cause i was trying to find a quite place to do
    so in the dream but could never find the quite place and i woke up. I am a happily married
    woman and have two kids. This is the first time i have spoken about this… I was abused by a maid when i was about 6 yrs and by my late stepsister who died like 20 yrs ago… Even trying to post the text is being a challenge. I have been born again for about 12 yrs

  52. Hae a dream that I was standing and rebuking demons from 3 of my rfamily members commanding to not speakas they were tring to reveal info about people but it was things they had done so I forbid them to speak in the name of jesus and I felt different when I woke up

  53. please help ! i have been having this attack for a very long time i alwys see my self eating in the dream which make me to be very sick no medication was able to cure me but thank God due to prayers i am feeling better now. the problem am having now is that i cant sleep without something being projected into my body it is even physical now sometin will just fly through my nostrils and i will start having serious chest pain as if somethin is pulling my heart .

  54. Dear Prayer Eagle,

    Thanks for this page.

    Last nite i had a disturbing Dream,In this dream my fiances parents had come to visit my parents for the initial traditional marriage rites.Every body was happy including myself but from no where i started walking away from the congregation to follow another another man.My cousin came looking for me and i came back to the congregation at home.i didnot know exactly why i was walking away.I came back and when i was giving the speech thanking my parents and in-laws i woke up.

    What does this mean??My Fiance for three years is having talks with his parents to day and tomoro for the posibility of visiting my parents.But through out our relationship we have faced with resistance from some of His relatives concerning the approval of our relationship.

    Please Help ,this is the last attempt to seek approval ,i really feel feel discouraged.

    please reply me.

  55. Praise the Lord Prayer Eagle.

    Last night i had the following dreams that have been re-occuring but in different ways. I kindly ask you to stand with me and to help me understand the meaning.

    I dreamt that i went and slept in this very nice room, i was even wearing a nightie, left my hand bag on a chair, then shoes on the door. That i woke up and found that i had wet the bed and was so embarassed. Then after i wanted to come back in this room only to find a crowd of people like a conference, and a familiar face of a pastor in my country who was complaining that who was sleeping on the bed, and also the bed was covered but not tidy.
    After this i remember i was looking for my things to leave that place; i found my bag with the help of some ladies but my shoes were nowhere to be found. Suprisingly they were the same pair i put on yesterday. The place changed, i was like in my local market where they sell shoes and i was looking through but in vain and the people looked suspicious. This is like the fourth time am dreaming odf lossing shoes, ut usually it is just one shoe not a pair. Please help.

  56. dear prayer eagle,
    as im still praying that midnight prayer point, i had these dreams,
    1. i dreamt that i was barefoot had forgotten my shoes in my ex-husband house as we are on separation for 19 months. so i was asking my daughter to collect for me. i dont want any reconcilliation
    2. i removed the wedding ring long tym ago. but in this dream another day, i was wondering ma finger showed as if av just removed recently as my finger had ring marks
    3. another day i dreamt i was having sex with a strange man

    pliz help me to interpret this dream

  57. Dear pastor, thank u 4 such a wonderful site, i hv visited this site 4 a year now. Pls i want u 2 pray 4 me 4 (1) employement. (2) wife. Anthony PZ

  58. Prayer Eagle | February 22, 2012 at 2:00 am |

    @sister mary: There are still unsettled spiritual matters biding you to your ex as one and when you ignore such things, you remain vulnerable, why not search your heart and pluck out the sin of unforgiveness which can lead to hell? If God forgives you, why not forgive your husband. God hates divorce. That unforgiveness has open the door of your life to a terrible scourge called spirit husband, that marital vacuum is all the spirit spouse needed to widen the separation. Go on your knees and ask God to forgive you for your obstinacy and confess from your heart that you will forgive your ex-husband unconditionally. Than pray the 21 prayers against spirit husband which I gave sister Jessie at:

  59. Prayer Eagle | February 22, 2012 at 2:12 am |

    @Evelyn: Losing shoes frequently in dreams can also mean lost of direction and confusion. In your case of one shoe, this could mean aborted or incomplete destination. anoint your shoes and command every dark deposit on it from where you have purchased it should catch fire and back-fire in the name of Jesus. Pray against satanic embarrasment, cancel every arrow of disgrace and command them to go back and disgrace their senders in the name of Jesus.

  60. Prayer Eagle | February 22, 2012 at 2:21 am |

    @Julie: Reject the arrow of discouragement fired to dampen your matrimonial joy in Jesus’ name. Command every satanic resistance to your marital breakthrough to collapse and crumble like Jericho wall in the name of Jesus. Command every counterfeit suitor working in secret against your marital breakthrough to s-c-a-t-t-e-r unto desolation, in the name of Jesus. Pray against every satanic delay to your marital fulfillment to fade away by fire!!! in Jesus name. Decree good speed and sudden manifestation of your marital joy in Jesus name.

  61. Dear prayer eagle, i have been having dreams of having sex with other women and even
    seeing my 3 year old daughter in those dreams for the past week and two nigjhts ago i dreamt
    being pregnant and trying to give birth but cld not cause i was trying to find a quite place to do
    so in the dream but could never find the quite place and i woke up. I am a happily married
    woman and have two kids. This is the first time i have spoken about this… I was abused by a maid when i was about 6 yrs and by my late stepsister who died like 20 yrs ago… Even trying to post the text is being a challenge. I have been born again for about 12 yrs

  62. Thank you prayer eagle, God bless you..

  63. Dear Prayer eagle, greetings in the name of Jesus .I just wanted to find out is it correct that evil powers can send these curses through phone calls. Each time I get a call from one of my in-laws who has been causing so much distress in my life, whether to me or my husband I have weird dreams.
    Yesterday I dream that we had arrived at my in-laws house and we saw them in a fist fight ,I remember asking my husband that we leave as it was not appropriate to watch them fight and later on I then saw myself asking one of my in-laws why she has been doing all that she has been doing to me and my family .Please interpret this for me.

  64. thanks for great work. pse help me interprete this dream i had where i was standing between two crocodiles then i had a voice saying one of them was not harmful. that particular one them left and went back in to the water then i woke up. some time back i had a dream where i was running between layers of lizards. the layers comprised of gradual dreacrease from big to small, i actually awoke while still running. pse help me

    hellen uganda

  65. My friend & i i go to the same church. She didn’t attend last night service but we had a similar dream ie kissing a man, it was 2 different men from our church. What does that mean? The one my friend saw in the dream is someone’s husband & the one i kissed is a brother, not sure if he is married. We need prayer bullets

  66. Father in Jesus name we, who benefit from this site and labour of the Prayer Eagle, we decree unmatchable breaktthrough in every aspect of life of Prayer Eagle and the owner of this prayer site in Jesus name. Lord let them soar to a hights they never imagined exist in you, Lord let the door of your grace , goodnes and prosperity be wide open for your Prayer Eagle Lord Jesus. Lord let nothing hinder your Prayer Eagle in Jesus name. B-R-E-A-K-T-H-R-O-U-G-H we declare now in themetchless name of Jesus Christ, by the power of love, blood of the Lamb of Jehova , water and fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name we pray. We cancel every embarasment over me because of this declarations and prayers in Jesus name. I cancel every back klash, retaliation of the enemy and transfer of the spirits in Jesus name, Fire wall is arround us, our loved ones and all you etrusted to us in Jesus name. Let every attack of the enemy in any form become fuel for devine fire in Jesus name. Praise you KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS, EVERLASTING FATHER, EMANUEL, GOD WITH US, in Jesus name we pray.

  67. Dear Prayer Eagle, PLease I am yet to get a response from you in respect of the dream I posted on 20th, please kindly assist in interpreting my dream about the Lizards. Thanks and God bless you.

  68. Hi thanks for great work of God you are doing, ive been praying this prayer and i cant remember any dream at all, i remember one i dreamt in december that i was sleeping and oil started pouring from the sering and i had a voice that get container and put enough of it i woke in the dream and i found myself in the kitchen looking for container when my husband called me and asked what am doing i woke up, and went back to bed what could the dream mean thanks God bless

  69. Fellow Workers in His Vineyard,Prayer Eagle!
    Thanks for the great work you are doing. I have had so many dreams in the course of the operation but I want to share these for divine interpretations. the dream I happened to find my self in my home town. There was this mud storey building I saw, I decided to use a temporary wooden stairs fixed to get to the top to have my bath.With a bucket full of water i managed to get there.Later i realised that the staircase(wooden) was not strong enough to use it when i wanted to come down. While i was struggling at the top to get my down, I saw a lady down sweeping, she helped me to bring the bucket down and later i found another way down.
    2.I had this dream only last night. I found myself in a church Auditorium. It was almost half fulled. I was asked to lead them in praise and worship . As i was leading,i realized the non of the instrumentalists was present and the Bible readings for the day was written boldly and pasted by pulpit. After I have finished my part I handed the microphone to my daughter who was then with me to say a prayer. I was singing this song; ” Behold IAM the GOD of all flesh, It is anything too hard for me?” And as at now am still singing within my my spirit.

  70. Dear Prayer Eagle,

    Firstly I seem to always dream of my mother always but the problem is that she passed away in 2007.
    Secondly, 2 days ago I dreamt I was passing through a place that had bees but the didn’t attack me though it seemed like I was living in a cage and they were men (there seemed to be brothers from the same family) assigned to come renovate those cages.
    Thirdly last night I dreamt there was a fire in our apartment and we were staying at the top floor, the most surprising thing is that the fire was most fierce on that top floor and it seemed as if it had destroyed almost everything including my document and the most important things. After the fire we went back to the apartment and I discovered that the bed was not touched by fire and the things that I had feared that they were destroyed were actually intact and there was my mother standing in that room explaining that the blanket on top of that bed was fire proof no wonder the things were not destroyed, even the clothes in the wall wardrobe were not touched by that fire.

  71. I saw myself wearing an wedding gown, and friend come to my place and fetch me to my church where i was going to get married surprice me is i was not knowing whom am going to marry, when i reach at my church where i fellowship i found the put a red carpet and the roses on the side and saw my younger sister son and my son walk inside the church they wearing suit,then come my daughter and my younger sister daughter wearing the white dress, i come out of the car getting inside the church when i approach the the door i saw all my family inside the church i saw my pastor standing with another man wearing white suit while am closer i found that i know the man it was some of the people i preach to them at my work place, then i laugh and said to my pastor this man fellowship to another were the use Joko,FG and water,and they wear uniform with star on their left side, and my pastor said he is born again he come to our church he said you preach to him then now he must accept jesus and he bring everything to be burn, and i say to the pastor okay you can bless us, i need interprentation.

  72. Dear Prayer Eagle
    thanx for your advice. i will follow what you said for my best results.
    the best thing is i dont have any grudges against him, but him still abuses me verbally. before separation while in marriage he used to beat me.i felt free after separation, he is very talkative. i dont have any affection for him, & i dont hate him. i just wish him all the best. right now he is cohabiting with a girlfriend.

    thanks for the prayer points

  73. Hi Prayer Eagle. I am blessed by this sight. i am much stronger and equipped to do the battles as they arises. i have asked you to prayer for my marraige and the woman tormenting me. Well the Lord is faithful she is nolonger calling me, but i gues my hisband has to break all ties with her. He said he did, i am having trouble trusting him. I am still praying that God will reveal the secrets of my life.

    I had a dream, and in my dream i was on my way to the shop. But before i could leave another lady was asking if i am not taking my money that is in the cutlery draw to go to the shop. i replied and told her that i was unaware that i had money in the draw and stated that i am so use to having my money lay around. She told me not to do that because that means that anybody will come and just take it. So when i went to the drawa the was a R30 folded to gether and R100.00 folded toger and some change i took th emoney and woke.

    Plesae assist me this dream so that i can have a clearer understandign as to what the Lord wants me to do and know.


  74. Another dream i saw my bathroom full of clear water all the water wa running inside the toilets they was no water going to the dinning room what does it mean

  75. Another i was trying to walk when i walk i saw my leg been tyred by romp goes down to the pit put the pit was closed and i pray ask the angel of the lord to open the ground when the open i saw the romp wastyre with a small green tree while am still there i saw axe on my hand the voice say cut the tree i did i was free , what does it mean

  76. Hello Prayer Eagle,

    Please help me with the interpretation of this dream please. I have prayed the greatest prayer for 6 nights at midnight now for God to reveal secrets to me – as you have instructed – and tonight will be 7th night . Last night I had this dream. I asked a lady – unknown to me – to put some pieces in my hair, she said she only uses glue, I said No Thank you – no glue for my hair. I turned away and went to the phone where I spoke to a man who seemed to be familiar to me, but he had no face and no name – I said – you did not even call me – and we talked some more (I do not recall much of the conversation). My sister had dropped me off and I was awaiting her return but even in the dream she seemed so far and distant and I had the feeling like I could not reach her or she may not come back to collect me.
    I had a second dream some time back where I was in a dark house and a man was standing off to the side of me and the back door was open because light was coming in. In the dream I knew I should close the door but I instructed him to ‘go and close the door’ but he did not even move, he just stood watching
    me . As far as I can remember I did not get up and close the door. I know it is a door opened to the enemy in my life – but I do not know WHICH door – so I am unsure of exactly how to pray to close the door.
    Please help with interpretation of first dream (actually both) and prayer points that may be able to help me please. Thank you very much.

  77. Dear Prayer Eagle

    Please forgive me for sending another email, but please could you give me some prayer points to break
    the spirit of perversion off my life please. Thank-you.

  78. Thank you for this wonderful prayer point. I’ve prayed it for two days now and last night i dreamt that i was trying to get to work but had many obstacles. First it started raining heavily, then i took a wrong route, then the car broke down, then i realised i was half naked with only a blouse and nothing beneath….

    And twice now, at about 5 am there is a demonic force holding down my head specifically and the second time my hands. I have rebuked these in Jesus name and they go away and i wake up peacefully but i am wondering what it all means.Please help me pray specifically.

  79. Prayer Eagle | February 22, 2012 at 6:49 pm |

    @Cons: Your dream reveals you as a sexual toy in the hands of a terrible spirit husband. Listen anytime a person comes under the attack of a spirit spouse, it means that person’s marriage will be in jeopardy or that person’s marital prospects will be aborted, It would also affect their child-bearing capabilities. First attacks is on your staff of bread, (the obstacles u saw on your way to work). Another attack is to confuse and mislead you so you can end up stranded in a dead alley of life. After those two attacks, it now strips you naked to play you as a sexual toy in his hands… this wicked power has started manifesting from dream life to physical force now: You must begin to break every evil covenant tying you to the spirit husband. Study revelation 12:14-17 and use it to pray against this wicked power. The lord shall answer you by fire.

  80. Dear Prayer eagle, greetings in the name of Jesus .I just wanted to find out is it correct that evil powers can send these curses through phone calls. Each time I get a call from one of my in-laws who has been causing so much distress in my life, whether to me or my husband I have weird dreams.
    Yesterday I dream that we had arrived at my in-laws house and we saw them in a fist fight ,I remember asking my husband that we leave as it was not appropriate to watch them fight and later on I then saw myself asking one of my in-laws why she has been doing all that she has been doing to me and my family .Please interpret this for me.

  81. Prayer Eagle | February 22, 2012 at 7:36 pm |

    @Audrey: Yes curses sent through phones is as potent as those spoken directly but… As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come. (Proverbs 26:2) It shall not land on you if your ground is holy and without room for it to land on your life. Pray against household wickedness and command their arrows to backfire in Jesus name. Cover your life and family with the blood of Jesus. Psalm 109:17: “As he loved cursing, so let it come unto him: as he delighted not in blessing, so let it be far from him.” Command their curses to become magnetic and stick to their lives in Jesus name

  82. I keep having these dreams that some one is pressing me down and the more I try to scream the words just cannot come out of my mouth. If I try to move my body I just cannot move. What does that mean because I have these dreams almost 2 to 3 times per month.

  83. @Avo i dnt knw what it means but you can shout Jesus in that state and wateva it is it will flee….there is power in that name…sounds like it is sleep paralysis

  84. misi charles | February 23, 2012 at 2:23 am |

    Dear Prayer Eagle,it is with Praise and thanks giving I write to you today!!God Almighty is an awesome God!Since I have been using the amunation provided on your site,not only have my dreams returned clearer than ever before and I get the interpretations as well.God Almighty,The God of Elijah and Dr Daniel Olikoya is more than real.He is awesome!!
    This dream of my house being excavated,after commanding the emptiers to return it,last night it was returned but this time it is completed,sitted on the top of a hill where I had to struggle,slide and slip to get to it.When I got to it,there were some friends of mine and a real estste agent wanting to list it for sale for me.I smiled at her and told her it is not for sale.
    Man of God thank you.I will continue to exalt my God forever and I will continue to rejoice in His presence.

    I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men;but those who will endure to the end.

    To God be all the Praise but to you and your team,God keep you and pour out a double portion of a fresh anointing to you.
    Thank you!!! AMEN

  85. misi charles | February 23, 2012 at 2:25 am |

    Thank you prayer Eagle.I am very grateful for the link.The information in there is priceless!
    I am very appreciative of your time and the education.i will not keep it to myself but will teach others in my Womens group and gier them towards a victorious war.
    I am however patiently waiting for your insight on the latter part of my mail.
    Humbly yours,Misi.
    Gods richest blessings.Shalom!
    I realise that when I click reply to your mail ,I don’t hear from you so i figured I have to use the coment box instead.
    God Bless you.

  86. God Morning Prayer warrior .

    I need wisdom as to how do you tell a dream and your mind replaying events of the day or your thoughts because that is a challenge for me there are dreams that with out a doubt i can sense the intensity and spiritual side and others i wonder and its not stuff i would have watched on TV .
    I had this dream which i’m not too sure the meaning of it . i was at a table in a restraunt with frenz and my sisters for some reason mark brought my ex with him . My ex then started being rude to the waitress asking for stuff not on the menue , i got upset /more of mad . so Mark got up and took my ex away . i realised they did not coma back so i went to check if they had left , i saw nothing indicating they where around . came back to the table and Mark was there having his meal i sat down and the dream went . ( mark has not made his intentions known verbally but his actions some what reflect whats on his heart towards me )

    was that my mind or an enycrypted message

  87. I had this dream where my daughter was lost just after enrolling her in a new all girls’ boarding school. After searching for her all over ,we somehow got information that she had been swallowed by a crocodile in a nearby river. After a thorough beating we gave the crocodile in an attempt to have it eject her, it finally vomited her , alive. THIS DREAM TROUBLES ME. WHAT DOES IT MEAN ,EAGLES?

  88. Hello Eagle. Another dream bothering me concerns my son. I am born again, he is not yet, but I am praying for him very hard. He had this dream where he was beaten by a mob and when he woke up in the morning from the dream ,he was complaining of his body aching all over as though he had actually been physically beaten and he says he saw blood stains next to the mattress on the floor where he slept. He also dreamt of taking a walk with friends(friends in the dream) whom he says he does not know and they went deep into a forest where it was dark. All the so called “friends ” disappeared or got lost and he was left wandering looking for them .Then he woke up still in the forest. Eagle, can you enlighten me too on this one?

  89. Praise the almighty God Prayer Eagle,

    Evelyn here again, last night i had these disturbing dreams, please assist and interprete.

    1. My son: In the dream i was walking like on a deck or bridge on a bighouse that led to a river or trench of flowing water holding my little boy’s hand.
    The next thing my little boy was heading back up where we had come from and it was so dangerous because he was running and he fell off in that trench / river.
    When this happened everyone around was panicking and running to him as he had drawn in the water, that i first waited and was composed and i kept saying he is covered in the blood of Jesus. Next i find him with the rescurer who was in an orange uniform a man holding him, and my son was looking kind of different with alot of mucus coming out of his nose and i kept cleaning him but it continuosly kept dripping.

    2. My late Mother – in – law: I am married and never met my husbands mother, she had passed when we met. In the dream i was greeting her, that she was with another lady who seemed to be overly friendly to me and then that when i greeted her she commented on my head that am i moslem, bse in the dream i had a black scuff on my head and she seemed not impressed with me.

    3. My late Grand – Mother: I dreamt that i had gone with my cousins to my mother’s village, but that we passed my late gran mother’s home to my cousin’s house. That my gran was so angry with me to have passed her house.Then in this dream i remember that we had meet, and that it was finished because i had delayed somehow and that i was eating not readily cooked meat.

    My son: A few weeks ago i had dreamt that my son was staying with another cousin sister of mine and that when i went to pick him up to go fetch some of his clothes and beddings, he was riding on his tri-cycle then they were stairs and that his cycle fell so far in like a small compound and all of a sudden my late – elder cousin sister appeared and offered to carry my son, that i handed him over to go get his tricycle.

  90. hello dear ones in the Lord
    Kindly help me on this one, i hard a dream that i had gone to hospital and the doctor did for me HSG procedure which to me was very painful and i was explaining to a certain lady how pain it was after which i woke up and in reality i had a very bad stomach pains which were very sharp. As i woke up i just prayed and counseled whatever powers that were sent to me that were against the will of God over my life and in less that five minutes the pains disappeared. I am thinking that the enemy was up to his games but he is defeated in JESUS NAME.

  91. Regis Taonezvi | February 23, 2012 at 11:09 am |

    I had a dream about 3 days ago in which I was kind of swimming in a big flooded river.I was following the flow of the river like I was just being carried by the flow,I have 2 kids both girls and in this dream I was carrying one of them on my back and the other in my left hand and trying to keep both of them above water.I don’t remember how the dream ended.What could be the meaning of such a dream?

  92. Thankyou prayer eagle4 that quick response.Am grateful indeed.I told my sister abt these prayers and she says the LORD has revealed a lot to her.i thank God4 u.I wnt2 ask question…Sometimes i dream lots of things which i cn only remember in my sleepy state.Soon as am wide awake i cnt seem2 remember everything.How do i overcome this?Thanks

  93. Hi prayer eagle
    just needed to know what do i need to do to pray in toungues?

  94. Dear Pastor,
    For the past nine years my neighbour have been playing very loud music making it even impossible for me to hear my tv, in some instances she puts the speaker in her veranda which is adjacent my bedroom and goes out. I spoke to her about it and she quarelled with me and tpld me some nasty stuff. I went to the police but even that did not stop her. Yesterday I received a letter from her lawyer stating that I am harassing her about her music. I am so shock I do not know what to do, please help because this lady seems to have a problem. I dreamt a few times that we were together laughing.

  95. @Prayer Eagle Greeting. I am still waiting for interpretation of my dreams which I emailed to you during week one 8th-9th February but it it looks like You are swamped by so requests I dont know if I must carry on waiting or resent the emails again.

  96. Prayer Eagle, this is just to say THANKYOU for your time and dedication to seeing God’s children delivered and free. I pary the Lord continue to give you strength and protect you because your guidance is causing lot of damage to the devils kingdom.

    For those that are struggling with SPIRIT SPOUSES, look at this website for prayer points from Dr. Olukoya
    I’ve used them just once and already feel a change spiritually and physically and am pressing on for complete deliverance.


  97. Hi

    May please help me with the dreams i usually have , of which are troubling me . i dream of me fighting people and ever since i had the dream i always feel extremely tired . please help me to interprete the dreams and possible solutions for this problem .
    thank you


  98. Gretings in the name of jesus,its my first tym to log in and i thank god,i had a dream on ths week and in the dream i saw 3 kids above my head while stl sleeping,it ws 2 girls and a boy and they said to me,if god says something u hv to move! when i told a friend abt it she told me that it ws the witches coz witches uses kids

  99. may God continue using you i had a dream where a our buisness was 12 floora under ground and the only way to get there was by an undergroung lift or avery long route, and another where a witch doctor was chanting something to my now fiance who was on a que with men in my past and they all went into a lake after that am tired financially drained and almost giving up help

  100. Last night I had two dreams, in the first I was with my husband in the dark large place thrue long train was passing, my husband had suitcase and was traveling to his girlfriend in Dubai. I wanted to join him, but he refused. Place was empty and dark brown, very specious. LaterI was joined with the group of people, I can not recol who they were, but like knowing hat my husband traveled. We were in the same place from where my husband left, but in higher elevation in the large rooms, still dark brown all around, dark. My husband come with the suitcase and I have replaced him for the travel, somewhere, not clear where exactly.
    Second dream, I was in the forest up the hils, dark, brown , night time, walking thrue it and speaking with one animal who intended to help me. I have called the name of my parot, and he answered me from the large branch of the tree among small bush of green leaves. My parrot , green started walking down the tree to meet me. As a matter of fact, my parot flew away from the balcony last Thursday. The bird has been with us over 12 years, great pet, friendly, loving. I have been praying for it to be protected and find food. I would appreciate the assistance in uncoding the dreams and prayer points. Thank you in advance.

  101. Good Evening Prayer Eagle in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ..I pray that our GOD will continue to bless you abundantly and I thank him for your gifts……Well, prayer eagle, I decided at the beginning of this year, to give myself completely in having a more intimate relationship with him. Of course, I am a “work in progress” and I’m praying for some clarity in a dream. I see myself dressed in a bright, white, skirt suit and I also have on white stockings. I’m traveling in an empty bus. Although the bus is empty I am standing or, shall I say leaning on one of the seats. I see one of my pastors sitting in a seat next to where I’m standing. I am looking at what I am wearing and when I finally look to my shoes, I see I am wearing oversized men flip flops. I instinctly recognized the flip flops. A male friend wears these. I notice the bus is moving however, I don’t know where it is heading………This is it. Stay Blessed!!!

  102. Prayer Eagle | February 26, 2012 at 8:37 am |

    @Sharon: In order to understand the biblical interpretation of dreams, you must first understand that there are 3 sources of dream:

    1. From God (Acts 2:17: “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.”)
    2. From the devil. (Matthew 13:25: “But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed…”)
    3. from man (Ecclesiastes 5:3: “For a dream cometh through the multitude of business; and a fool’s voice is known by multitude of words.”)

    You must learn to filter your dreams to dispose the ones that come out of a multitude of activities/movies watched on TV and the ones that are messages from God. Now to your dream: The dream revealed what was going on in the innermost thoughts of Mark. He is curious to know the history of your past relationship with your ex and why you broke up. He would go as far as inquiring from your ex before proposing to you this might be unpleasant experience for north you and your ex. But I advise you yo first go before God in prayers to seek His Face and His will in marriage, Don’t wait on Mark as you are already begun to now, WAIT ON GOD!!! Is Mark genuinely born again? That dream reveals he is a carnal person that would rather walk by sight and not by the spirit.

  103. Prayer Eagle | February 26, 2012 at 9:00 am |

    @jules: Travelling in a vehicle not driven by you in an unknown direction or destination is indicative that you are currently not in charge of your destiny. White dress symbolizes purity. There is a power assigned to make you uncomfortable even in the midst of comforts, you should be comfortably seated like that pastor, so you must pray more vigorously to take charge of your life from the hands of strangers! Command the comfort of God to envelope your life now. Don’t rush into any conclusion yet. Ask God to reveal to you what you ought to know about that male friend that you don’t know yet. but it is sufficiently clear that you must command every strange vehicle carrying your destiny to nowhere to stop by fire and command the driver to be unseated by fire ask Jesus to be the driver of your life and not any stranger in Jesus’ name.

  104. Prayer eagle i continue2 thank GOD for all this good after midnite prayers i had 3 dreams.1:i got up2 switch on light and 2times light wudnt come on and i knew sumhow sumthing was wrong and knew also that trouble was comin,again i knew sumone was abt to enter my room.soon as i moved bck to my bed i saw door opened and sum one dressed in white entered and i immediately started callin upon the name of Jesus.Then its like sumthin was holding my mouth so i kudnt call the name but i begun2 take deep breaths and continued shoutin JESUS then i woke up!dream2: i was in upstaired hse n u can tel the owner was 4ne rang n i heard this is special intelligence,the rest i kudnt hear.i went upstairs n i found owner in a room n pointed gun at me.immediately sum1 frm special inteligence shot this owner thru the window n he died.i dnt no hw but his wife2 died n o servants rejoiced n i was the one2 tek their estate. 3)i saw young pipo buyin n wearin different shoes on each foot.i tld one girl2 get proper 1

  105. I thank God for dis ministry may d lord continue to bless u i join the prayer yestday night and i had a dream dt i saw my self half naked and i was carrying a man on my back d man appear to b d prophet of my mum in law of a white garment church i was carying him on my back with convenience all of a sudden i jst notice he released on me is nt dt he had sex wit me i just saw d fluid flowing to my legs i threw him dwn with annoyance abused him and told him never to come to me again.i later saw my self beging him again i cant understand bt i ve bin praying against every evil deposit in my life pls prayer eagle help me too in prayer

  106. I thank God for dis ministry may d lord continue to bless u i join the prayer yestday night and i had a dream dt i saw my self half naked and i was carrying a man on my back d man appear to b d prophet of my mum in law of a white garment church i was carying him on my back with convenience all of a sudden i jst notice he released on me is nt dt he had sex wit me i just saw d fluid flowing to my legs i threw him dwn with annoyance abused him and told him never to come to me again.i later saw my self beging him again i cant understand bt i ve bin praying against every evil deposit in my life pls prayer eagle help me too in prayer.

  107. I started the dream breakthrough a bit late- on Wednesday 15th February. The first two night I can not remember my dreams all i remember someone was telling me about investment on day one and day two some warnings. But when I woke up i could remember anything.

    But this morning, i remember the dreams i had last night.

    Dream one
    I dreamed that a certain woman of God I usually go to for prayer in our area for fellowship. The woman of God was saying ” one of you is not well inside their bodies and you need to go to the Hospital to get checked. Then some few minutes later she had a bottle of anointing oil and talked to some intercessors to join her so that they anoint me with the oil. Then Oil was poured on my body and she prayed for me. When she was praying for me I would scream as if I am being delivered. Then She said you know what ” there is a chain which has been put against you and your family to suffer from heart diseases and have your hearts enlarged and swellings, and thats why you mum had an enlarged heart.” Then i was in a place of prayer when i got out i found my self in the neighbourhood we used to stay. someone gave me vegetable to give to Bubile. but when i get to her house i find she is not there and am told nowadays she does drugs so its difficult to find her. then i say but i have to give her these vegetables…the other part i can not remember

    In reality my mum had an enlarged heart one year ago and she is getting better but has been diagonsed with a swelling behind the heart, its the size of the football, she is supposed to go for operation. my brother just came out of Hospital His heart is functioning at 20% and his legs and liver are swollen.

    Dream two Am putting on a yellow dress standing next to a car silver in colour. my friend walks to me and asks me if its my car. i tell her it is not my car. i also tell her i have driven a car once.

    Could you please help me in understanding the meaning behind these dreams.

  108. Dear prayer eagle please help me out for i am having constant attack iv bn using this book “praying to dismantle witchcraft” i am seeing result but the attack kept on coming yesterday i was attacked more than five times physically whenever i pray whatever is been projected into my body will melt only for it to come back again please help me tell me what to do please and last night i have series of dreams which i cant remember i only remember that i was given a letter of promotion in my office and i saw my self dancing about. right now i am very strong and i dont want to take any medication. please help and belive that God will use u to deliver me form this satanic attack. thanks

  109. Prayer Eagle | February 27, 2012 at 9:28 am |

    @Mary Daniel: Congratulations, that means the prayer is working, if there is no reaction, it means prayer is not working. Daughter of Zion, rejoice! I send the fire of Healing into your body soul and spirit now in the name of Jesus. Let no spirit or personality trouble you because you bear in your body the mark of Christ. Continue those pryers to dismantle witchcraft, and also protect your family from satanic attack by doing three day 1-hr night vigil to cross over into march 21,28, and 29 February. use the 74 prayers of

  110. Dear Prayer Eagle,
    Praise the Lord. I thank God for this ministry for its mission is directed by the Holy spirit. I am a prayer fire fan on facebook. I have been following the prayer points posted on your website. We were advised to pray one prayer point consecutively for 7 days at midnight hour about secrets of our lives to be revealed and we share our dreams. It was not easy for me to wake up @ midnite I did it for the first three days n I stopped but continued praying everyday before I go to sleep. Nothing happened! I could not even remember the dreams I had or whether I dreamt. I did not give up I still continued because I was expecting something to happen. Yesterday 26.02.2012 I prayed the pray points posted recently about how to pray against bad dreams, spirit husbands/wives around 2200-2300 hours together with praise n worship and concluded with “O God to whom all the secret things belongeth, according to Deuteronomy 29:29 and Jeremiah 33:3, show me the secrets of my life, show me myself, show me beneficial secrets that would move my life forward and break every bondage in my life BY FIRE!!! In the name of Jesus.” Then I went to sleep. Thank God when I woke up I could remember the dream! It was so clear.
    I was at my rural home (we had travelled there all of us as we usually go sometimes; we live in the city whereas my mother, our last born & niece live at home)at our farm (I was alone)where there is usually a big wild tree near the entrance. This time it was the same size but had turned to a mango tree which had lots of ripe mangoes. I was standing some few metres away , When I looked up I saw this boy on the tree eating the fruits from up there but no one else could reach them since there was a swarm of bees ready to attack but they were not harmful to him. He turned to look at me but we did not talk to each other; once the swarm of bees left & he was not happy. The bees followed the direction of the path we use from the farm to the homestead but they were not going to attack the people left at home(I don’t know how but I could feel it within my spirit) .Something weird happened; instead of the mangoes falling from the tree to the ground…they fell along the path as the swarm of the bees left & they were so big! The size of human head (they did not appear like this when they were on the tree).I followed the trail collecting them in piles of three so that I could bring a container to carry them later but I kept on asking myself why nobody else was coming to help me and they could see what I was doing (I was asking them “don’t u need mangoes?”).as I kept on piling them up I noticed a lady who was in blue jeans & a white t-shirt (3or 2 years older than me)was walking slowly at the path in this sequence (lady first-then the swarm of the bees-falling mangoes-then I was behind collecting)she looked familiar from behind though she did not turn so I could see her face but I wasn’t bothered about her at the same time I looked on the other side across the fence where there is a footpath & saw a former school mate who was one year behind me @ the university walking with his girlfriend I suppose(he was a Muslim & at some point in campus he had asked me to become his girlfriend which I refused ).This guy comes from very far & no way he would even be near my rural home! all along I did not talk to any of the victims in the dream. I continued with collection until the alarm went off @ 5.00 a.m I woke up! Please interpret this for me.
    NB: the boy above belongs to a family who used to be our “family friends” enemies masquerading as friends before my dad passed on in 2008 & my sister has mentioned the boy’s appearance in her dreams before..He used to be my younger brother’s class mate. Jay

  111. Prayer Eagle | February 28, 2012 at 7:45 pm |

    @Jay: The dream taking you back to the village is a deep revelation of some covenants of your ancestors which is still in place and you must break it to make progress and move forward in life. That big wild tree at the entrance which became a mango tree in your dream is not an ordinary tree. Those dream mangoes are not fruits but virtues of your family line, the boy on the tree is the current custodian of dark inherited powers using the tree as their coven. That wild tree habours the stolen virtues of your ancestors and the strange army of bees are there to protect anybody from recovering the stolen virtues. You may not know it but the truth is your parents may have covenanted you with this tree and unless you break every tie to this dark tree you may remain stagnated. the Lord took you to this village tree so you can know the secrets of your life. If you do nothing about this dream, the dream or spiritual personality would graduate into sexually molesting you or turning you to wife of a spirit husband, that is why you saw an old schoolmate who had propositioned you in the university days walking with a girlfriend across the other side of the fence. That familiar lady you saw walking away along the path is the priestess of that tree shrine and that is what you may have been covenanted to serve if you don’t wage war to destroy that covenant now.

    Every tree habouring my virtues: I am not your candidate, therefore VOMIT my virtues now and die! in the name of Jesus.
    Every covenant entered into on my behalf with any tree when I was a child: your time is up: EXPIRE!!! in Jesus’ name.
    Coven bank of witchcraft storing the virtues of my family, what are you waiting for: release them now and catch fire!!! in the name of Jesus.
    I declare offensive warfare against every demonic tree and satanic priest ministering at the tree shrine: ROAST BY FIRE!!! in the name of Jesus.
    Coven powers, working against my progress and destiny breakthroughs, you are a liar” BE WASTED!!! in the name of Jesus.
    Every tree of bewitchment assigned to arrest my destiny: what are you waiting for wither by fire!!! in the name of Jesus.
    Satanic soldiers assigned to hinder my destiny breakthrough, scatter unto desolation! in the name of Jesus.

  112. @Prayer eagle, Please assist in understanding 108 above

  113. prayer eagle
    God bless you for your revealations and this site. I had a dream where i was lying on my bed in white undergarments talking with someone i cant remember. Then suddenly a hen appeard and stood on shoulder i tried pushing it away in vain i askd the person in the dream to remove it in vain. Then suddenly it appeard and stood on my pubic area i tried pushing it away in vain then it disappeard. I wokeup n nullified the dream n plead the blood of Jesus several tymes until i dozed off. I had dreams of spirit husbands and have pain in my reproductive areas. with these marvelous prayers the attacks have ceased. Do you think the hen n spirit husband are related? What does ths dream mean?
    Thank you.

  114. @natukunda: Pray the 74 prayers against spirit husband at:

  115. Praise God,

    I had a dream that i was in a car driving my sisters. Then there were three gates. We tried to get into the first gate, but there was a man standing there and we coild not get in. So we reversed and tried the second gate. Same case, a man standing there and we could not drive in; the gate remained locked. So we went to the thrid gate and the same case. We were unable to drive in. A man was standing at this gate too. Kindly interpret this for me and assist with prayer points I can use. God bless you.

  116. @prayer eagle.

    Thank you so much i am greatly inspired by your interpretation.Who else could have advised me if it were not for you through our Lord Jesus Christ.I am forever grateful.God bless this ministry abundantly!!!Thank you.
    You know I have been wondering why there is non progress in my life & i try so hard to achieve everything despite being prayed for n praying for myself.Thank you Jesus non can compare to you.I will pray these prayer points given & give feedback soon.I will leap to my destiny by FIRE in the name of Jesus!!!join me in prayer…God is so good.Also, pray for salvation of my family members, am believing God for a Godly spouse (single mother @ 26yrs of 7 years boy).

  117. Dear Prayer Eagle,

    I forgot to mention.The rural home where we live now is not our ancestral land.we moved from another area which is a bit distant (another district).Its only my dad who moved no close relatives in that the meaning still the same?& also those people in that area are not happy with our progress.they practise witchcraft.please help!

  118. Prayer Eagle | February 29, 2012 at 8:41 am |

    @Judy: Mark 3:27 “In fact, no one can enter a strong man’s house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man. Then he can rob his house.” That is the strong man of your family line holding everyone in collective captivity. He supervises the limiting covenant over your family. You must engage in warfare to overthrow the strongman before your desired breakthrough can manifest. Beyond that gate is your destiny treasures under lock and key, so you must dethrone the satanic gate-man to possess your possessions.

  119. Thank you Prayer Eagle and may God bless you richly. Do you have specific powerful prayer points I can use for this?

  120. Thanks Prayer Eagle, may God bless you.

  121. i had a dream last night that i had a big seed in my hand and it was start to get roots and it grew into a big green tree making everything around it come alive

  122. Prayer Eagle | March 1, 2012 at 4:07 pm |

    @grace: That is potential for fruitfulness. Pray that God should make that which he had programmed for your fruitfulness to come alive and come to pass in the name of Jesus. Ask God to plant a seed of great ideas in you that would germinate in your life and be a blessing to His kingdom and to humanity in the name of Jesus.

  123. misi charles | March 2, 2012 at 1:05 am |

    Dear Prayer Eagle,I really want to say thank you for the help in building my FIRE Alter.I am pressing on.Having a bit of difficulty to wake u at midnight or rather i wake up but cannot stay awake.Am not giving up.
    Please remember me in your prayers.
    Thank God for you and your team.

  124. Praise the almighty God Prayer Eagle, am sorry to re-post this, please find it in your heart and help me interprete these dreams;

    1. My son: In the dream i was walking like on a deck or bridge on a bighouse that led to a river or trench of flowing water holding my little boy’s hand.
    The next thing my little boy was heading back up where we had come from and it was so dangerous because he was running and he fell off in that trench / river.
    When this happened everyone around was panicking and running to him as he had drawn in the water, that i first waited and was composed and i kept saying he is covered in the blood of Jesus. Next i find him with the rescurer who was in an orange uniform a man holding him, and my son was looking kind of different with alot of mucus coming out of his nose and i kept cleaning him but it continuosly kept dripping.

    2. My late Mother – in – law: I am married and never met my husbands mother, she had passed when we met. In the dream i was greeting her, that she was with another lady who seemed to be overly friendly to me and then that when i greeted her she commented on my head that am i moslem, bse in the dream i had a black scuff on my head and she seemed not impressed with me.

    3. My late Grand – Mother: I dreamt that i had gone with my cousins to my mother’s village, but that we passed my late gran mother’s home to my cousin’s house. That my gran was so angry with me to have passed her house.Then in this dream i remember that we had meet, and that it was finished because i had delayed somehow and that i was eating not readily cooked meat.

    My son: A few weeks ago i had dreamt that my son was staying with another cousin sister of mine and that when i went to pick him up to go fetch some of his clothes and beddings, he was riding on his tri-cycle then they were stairs and that his cycle fell so far in like a small compound and all of a sudden my late – elder cousin sister appeared and offered to carry my son, that i handed him over to go get his tricycle.

  125. Last night i dreamt that i was walking in a forest with my two colleagues, there was a stream of water and i saw skeletons. We got to one point to cross over on a small bridge that was wobly(Like what i saw in the dream above about my son) and some of the wood looked like skeletons, i also cuould see skulls. I managed to jump over. One of my colleagues, a big guy nearly fell in the water but i managed to help him by him holding to my hand.

    When i left i saw myself climbing stairs to a place like a tailoring place and was admiring the material of cloth there, and their were three huge mirrors ther, after a lady came, i don’t remember what happened, but i think we ended in disagreement over something.

    Then that i met two friends of my junior sister, and one was telling me that my husband had asked her out for lunch. When she asked me what to do? i told her to go out to lunch and that she should be herself.

    I have cancelled these dreams.

    I really need your wisdom in these dreams, may God reward you abundantly.

  126. i dreamt after praying last night, in the dream on my way to church about five goat came after me and they held my right hand and was seriously biting my hand they almost remove my hand with their teeths.but a man came to my rescue he came with a stick to beat them to leave me. when they left me i continued my jorney to church. pls help interpret because goats dont bite

  127. Prayer Eagle

    thank you for aiding me in the journey where God is opening my eyes . may Our Lord God continue His works through for His Glory and that all that you help be living testaments that he alone Is King . May the MFM grow in Jesus name .

  128. prayer eagle
    God bless you for your revelations and this site. I had a dream the other night in which i was supposed to go and see one of my bosses but i kept getting lost and eventually i woke up without meeting him. In reality i have been facing stagnantion in my career. Thank you

  129. Praise God prayer eagle,
    I had a dream that my fiancee was shaving my head and i was shaving his head…..this is after 29 days fasting and praying in the month of february. Kindly interpret for me this dream. God bless you. Thank you.

  130. Thank you man of God 4 this website.I had a dream last nite it goes like this i was at my parents house it was night we were all in bed sleeping then i heard someone tring 2 pull the back door so i got up 2 c what was going on i saw a man trying to get in the house ,the man realise that i was awake and he move 2 the window but couldn’t enter i woke up my parents and brothers but they were afraid the man keep trying to come in then one of my brother open the door to let him in but rush to the door and throw some urine on the man and close the door and was asking my brother why was he letting in the thief and he said the almost got hin so he was go to allow him in that he would not break down the door .please interprit my dream 4 me and if give prayers 4 it God bless u

  131. Praise God, I found and joined in this prayer reveal the secret on this site and after that I have been having this dream almost every night where I see dead relatives. I have been praying against it but it seems to be repeating. what is the meaning of this dream and what should I do further. I really need your wisdom urgently.

  132. Good morning and greetings in the Mighty Name of our Lord and SAVIOUR JESUS .I am so glad that I am dreaming again and even remember it when I wake up in the mornings.I was not dreaming or could not remember if I dreamed per change.God has restored my dreams.I am very glad .I had 3 dreams the last3 weeks
    1 I dreamed that someone is bringing me the news that my brother died during the night.My brother is a sickly person and is not save.The dream was so real.When I wake up my concern was his soul.I started praying to the Lord to spare his life so that he can be saved.
    2 Last week i dreamed that my daughter suddenly died of pneumonia.My cousen and I was talking in my dream on this sudden death we did not expect it to happen.I was calm in the dream not crying or murmering in the dream at the time we were talking.I said to my cousen she is saved at least and at that point i wake up.I also got up and prayed to God and cut off and destroyed sudden death to her and start praying for all young people in our family and in our area.
    3This morning I wake up out of a the following dream.I was preparing food and giving the food to a roomfull of Pastors and their wifes and other church people in our houseIthink it must be after some function, that we gathered at our house.I did not see my husband (Pastor also) in this room of people .With all the foodstaffs on the table and people to dish up for themselves I wake up.I Got up and when for prayer time. I pray that God reveal to you these dreams.I really don’t want to be outside the will of God for my life.Ileve HIM to much .GOD BLESS YOU

  133. @Prayer eagle
    I had a very scary dream. I saw a lady from my bible study sitting on a chair which seemed to be by the side of a busy traffic intersection. She was talking about a tattoo of a snake head she has on her body. I wasn’t interested in all this but she continued saying ” i don’t mean to brag but I will be getting another one”. At that moment I started moving away from her but she called me insisting that I come see the snake tattoo. I seemed then to visualise the tatoo coming alive and the snake raising its head . I was so revolted I started running away and when I stopped I felt something had moved up my spine close to my neck . It felt like a baby snake. I was trying to pluck it out and kept declaring you will not live any longer in my body” and I could feel it under my skin ( awful feeling!! )then I woke up.
    In reality, I feel something moving in my back , up and down my spine all day long and sometimes just at night.
    Please help me… how do i get rid of this thing! How should I pray against this ! I can’t stand it!

  134. Prayer Eagle | March 3, 2012 at 12:07 pm |

    @Maria: There is a door you unconsciously left open, that is why you experienced that manifestation. Now reverse and fire back that serpentine arrow to their senders. anoint your body including your spine and command the stranger moving about and hiding in close places of your body to come out and die by fire in the name of Jesus. Take communion and command the blood of Jesus which you have just drank to go after every stranger running amok in your body to be poisoned by the blood of Jesus and expelled by fire in the name of Jesus. seal your dreams with the fire of the Holy Ghost and baptize your dream-life with power and fire so that you will not run from the enemy again, it is the enemy that shall from now on be running away from you in Jesus.

  135. Thank you pastor. I shall promptly do as you have advised! I will not be afraid of the pestilence that stalks in the darkness nor the arrow that flys by day. …

  136. Prayer Eagle, I thank youfor the prayer point. I have been having dreams of going back to the place I grew up as a child, my old school and old friends or colleagues. yesteday as I was dozing, my mind kept on seeing old colleagues! This dream of backwardness has been very frequent almost everyday. Sometimes I don’t remember any of my dreams when I wake up. I also had a dream that I was pregnant and one of my breast had a lump which I suspected of cancer. All my friends were laughing at me why my stomach was big and they couldn’t see that I was pregnant. I woke up and cancelled the dream but I dreamt again of being pregnant.
    another day I dreamt that I was being arrested and handicuffed, I fought with the police and refused to be handicuffed by them. Pkease prauer Eagle help me to interprest the menaing of these dreams, and the prayers against these attacks. I am in agreement the Lord will fight for me. thank you Esther

  137. Prayer Eagle | March 3, 2012 at 2:45 pm |

    @Rose: seeing dead relatives in dreams is a pointer to an unbroken covenant which was carried to the grave. Enter battle and lift up your hands to receive the sword of fire from the Lord of Hosts. March on and begin to cut every evil covenant both known and unknown between you and any dead relative in the name of Jesus. Command every of your virtue stolen by any dead relatives that is taken to the grave to be arrested and restored to you seven-fold in the name of Jesus. Separate your life by the blood of Jesus from every evil inheritance and from every thing pertaining to the dead, declare that you are joined to the Living God and have nothing again to do with the dead inn the name of Jesus.

  138. Prayer Eagle | March 3, 2012 at 3:09 pm |

    @Joan: You av done well with your prayers. Pray more and ask for utterance and conviction of your brother by the Holy Spirit, then, approach him and preach the gospel of salvation unto him. God will honour your faith. Pray also for his healing by the supernatural touch of God. Pray against every arrow of untimely death against your husband and daughter in the name of Jesus. Pray against every satanic congregation assigned to separate you and your husband, pray against every power arresting the move of God over your life, marriage and ministry in the name of Jesus.

  139. Dear Pastor

    I dreamt I was sitting in front of the beach with friends when a snake came apparently from the water towards me I held it and was trying to be still when I saw somebodyelse holding another snake and kill it by pressing the snake’s head. I decided to also press the head of the snake that I was still holding hoping it will die. but instead the snake got mad and started shaking all over. I quickly threw it on the sea and decided to leave immediately

  140. Prayer Eagle | March 3, 2012 at 3:31 pm |

    @Esther: because that dream is so prevalent it means you are tied down in the spirit to that spot in the past and you cannot benefit from blessings attached to the present. you must break every invisible rope that tied you down to your past. Fire back every evil arrow programmed against your life and command every satanic policeman to be arrested by angelic host and be disgraced in the name of Jesus. Command the arrows of mockery to go back to their owners in Jesus’ name.

  141. Prayer Eagle | March 3, 2012 at 3:47 pm |

    @Naiah: Obviously there is a marine witchcraft in operation. Check your background if you come from a riverine area. Its also possible that someone perhaps your parents have entered into covenant with water spirits. Command fire to roast every marine altar raised against your life in the name of Jesus. Break every conscious and unconscious covenant with the marine spirits. Ask the blood of Jesus to go into the depths and the storehouse of marine witchcraft and devastate the camp of your enemies there and collect your virtues stored in the strong room there in the name of Jesus. Command every serpent assigned against you to roast!!! in Jesus’ name.

  142. Prayer Eagle | March 3, 2012 at 4:03 pm |

    @Patricia: John 10:10: “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” It is a warning dream, somebody from your household is letting down the spiritual guard and you are also guilty of same carelessness. Your word level is low that is why you could not arrest and deal decisively with the intruder. Urine as a weapon of battle is a weak and carnal one, “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.” (2 Corinthians 10:4-6).

    Obey God by eating His word daily and you will develop spiritual muscle to punish every intruder and be no be scared of intruders thereby using urine to fight instead of divine ammunition.

  143. Prayer Eagle | March 3, 2012 at 4:12 pm |

    @Sabina: You need to pull the breaks and pray further inquiry prayers to really know who your fiance is and also ask God to reveal His perfect will for you in marriage. Shaving of hair is indicative of removing your glory and virtue and portends a bad bad happening. Could it be you and your fiance are defiling the bed before marriage, this indeed could bring shame and other bad consequences. Thank the Lord for that revelation but ask Him further about the identity of your fiance and also inquire about yourself and beneficial secrets that would move your life forward by fire this year in Jesus’ name.

  144. Prayer Eagle | March 3, 2012 at 4:17 pm |

    @Shingai: it is a dream of demotion: you must pray against every power tying down your breakthrough, command the sword of fire to appear and cut off every chain of darkness tying you down to one spot. command supernatural favour to answer for you and trigger promotion that will disgrace your enemies and shock your friends in the name of Jesus.

  145. Prayer Eagle | March 3, 2012 at 4:24 pm |

    @Rose: Goat represents a stubborn pursuer in that dream, check out your friends and examine them with the mirror of the Holy Ghost, some of them are not going to heaven and belong not to God’s kingdom but they would want to hinder you from God’s testimony for your life, command every unfriendly friend to scatter in Jesus’ name.

  146. Dear Prayer Eagle, I had a dream. My friend, my two daughters and I were taking a walk in my neighbourhood, suddenly I saw my friend running away, jumping into her car and speeding away. Just when I could ask her why she was running I saw two lions of medium size running towards me. My daughters suddenly started running the opposite direction of my home. I decided to walk behind them, closer and closer they drew and then the other one grabbed the leg of my young daughter. I turned around held the lion and managed to set free my girl. I did not let go of the lion by rather I held the upper part of its mouth and tore it away, meanwhile I was praying in the spirit. The two lions changed direction going back where they had come from, i followed them, just when i was close to a corner where they were turning, I saw the third lion much bigger that the other two peeping at me. When it saw me it started running away too. All the lions were female. I felt as if these lions were driving me away from my home. What could be the interpretation of this dream.

  147. pray that my job/career as a leader in education will be secured in jesus name. recently a colleague defamed my character and integrity. She spoke about things that happened 2years ago and she was not with the company.She recently joined.
    I want victory in this. Everytime I am in a leadership role at work or at church, there always arises jealous people. Meanwhile others do things and they are supported.
    That God for the answers by fire.

  148. Prayer Eagle | March 4, 2012 at 6:42 am |

    @VICKY: Its a call to sobriety and vigilance in your relationships. 1 Peter 5:8: “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:” The dream revealed that friend as an UNFRIENDLY friend, no matter how close and how good that friend portrays now in the physical, but our warfare is not carnal, so this interpretation is not about picking up physical quarrel with neighbours and friends, you must tackle the problem revealed spiritually. Job 4:10-11: “The roaring of the lion, and the voice of the fierce lion, and the teeth of the young lions, are broken. The old lion perisheth for lack of prey, and the stout lion’s whelps are scattered abroad.” Job 5:15: “He saves the needy from the sword in their mouth; he saves them from the clutches of the powerful.” Psalm 58:6: “Break the teeth in their mouths, O God; tear out, O LORD, the fangs of the lions!”

    Prayers: Every unfriendly friend plotting to hurt me and my family, be exposed and be disgraced by fire! in the name of Jesus.
    Every satanic beast masquerading as friend or good neighbour to me, be exposed and be disgraced in the name of Jesus.
    O God Arise and break the fangs of the lion assigned against my family in the name of Jesus.
    Lions of darkness, assigned against my destiny and family, turn against yourselves and devour yourselves now!!! in the name of Jesus.
    Lion of Juda, arise for my sake and fight my invisible and visible battles for me, in the name of Jesus.
    Every satanic beast assigned against me in the dream: perish by fire!!! in the name of Jesus.
    O God arise and break the teeth of the ungodly that is assigned against me, in the name of Jesus.
    My dream-life, be baptized by power and by fire so that I will not run from the enemy again, the enemy shall run from me in the name of Jesus.

  149. Prayer Eagle | March 4, 2012 at 9:57 am |

    @Gorata: Daughter of Zion, what sort of deliverance you go for? the Bible talks about the acceptable deliverance: Obadiah 1:17: “But upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions.” Holiness is a pre-condition for deliverance and possession of God’s promises. you are not walking in holiness with those mini-skirts showing your thighs, whom do you think those dressings which opened your chest region wholly and partiarly invite? spirit husbands of course! I heard God spoke about you saying: “Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God hath shined.” (Psalm 50:2). So, don’t sell your virtue cheaply (by unholy conducts) for dark merchants. You are a star that naturally would command every attention, but let not that attention be graduated into demonic attraction!

    Secondly note that your blood is the transportation agency that carries things to every part of your body, that moving poison uses the vehicle of your blood to travel round your body. Now there is deliverance in Zion for you. Embark on a 3-day full 24-hour fast and breaking daily with the Holy Communion. this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. Take holy communion and command by faith and pray that the blood of Jesus which you just drank should go into your system and poison every poison in your body and kill and devour every stranger playing games with your body in Jesus name. Command that stranger hiding in the close places of your body to be arrested by fire now in the name of Jesus. Ask the Holy Ghost Fire to ENTER your blood and chase out every satanic stranger using your body to play hide and seek game in the name of Jesus. Say: I charge my blood with the fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus’ name.

    Pray: Every rope tying me to my past B-R-E-A-K by fire in Jesus’ name. powers assigned to limit me to one spot, you are liars: release me and die in Jesus’ name. abortion powers waiting at the gate of my breakthrough to afflict me, your time is up: EXPIRE BY FIRE!!! in the name of Jesus. mountain of impossibility confronting my destiny: who art thou before Gorata: become a plain, be leveled by fire in the name of Jesus. strangers in my dream-life, what are you waiting for? DIE! DIE!! DIE!!! in the name of Jesus. powers assigned to shave off my glory, hear the verdict of fire: kill yourselves with your weapons in the name of Jesus. satanic surgeon assigned to cut my flesh in the dream, be arrested and return whatever you stole from me, receive the sword of fire and die in Jesus’ name.

    For prayers against spirit husband: pray the 21 prayers against spirit husband which I gave sister Jessie from Zurich at: Ask the Lord to baptize your dream-life with fire and pray the 74 prayers against spirit spouses at:

  150. Greeting prayer eagle,
    Thank you very much for your quick response,i have embarked on serious prayers concerning that issue and yesterday i dream t that i was at my work place, and suddenly i started vomiting…and when my colleagues asked me why i told them i had flu. i cleaned the place and disposed it in the toilet. help me know if that was deliverance.

  151. maria
    with that dream you have to reverse back with seven folder of Fire in the name of Jesus, this is the time of Jesus we must allow the devil to play with us , the devil is liar send it back pray on the midnight and send it back where it comes from

  152. Thank you Prayer Eagle for the response and the prayer points, God Bless you.

  153. Prayer Eagle | March 8, 2012 at 12:55 am |

    @misi: Concerning weak nights, what you need first is discipline of a midnight soldier of Christ. don’t eat heavy meals late night, but sleep early before 8 p.m. You will then have the strength and freshness after 4-5hour rest to wake up and do battle for a quality 10-15 minutes and return to bed with vigour and fire. Those who fight the good fight of faith at night do not watch useless films/movies during the day. You need discipline to be enlisted in God’s midnight army.

  154. Good even prayer eagles God bless u all. I had a dream this morning after i prayed and went back to bed . I dreamt that I went to pay my partner money to the banker but when I was giving her the money she said she was’nt going to take the money from me she his going to allow me to keep the money ,I left and went back to my home and hide away the money the n she came asking for the money she said the man who was to get the money come for it and said he wants it I told her that I had use $1000 from it she said she only wants $6000 from it .Iwent into the house to get the money for her then I saw my husband searching for the money I ask him what was he looking for he didn’t reply then i took the money from where i put it and he got upset because he didn’t find it before me .I didn’t keep any any of the money I gave it all to the banker and told her I shall owe no man any thing .she took the money and was searching the money for a special money when she found it she was trying to give that money with the $3000 but I refused it the I me to understand this dream please thank u and God bless u all.

  155. Dear PrayerEagle,
    I thank God first ,and thank You for this opportunity to connect to this website. I have followed every program and my life has not been the same. I have been fired up more than I can imagine. I never knew I could be this hungry for the word and the things of the Lord. MY God has used you to bless me more and put more light on different tools to get closer to my God.
    Many times I have put in prayer requests even though I do not relent in my effort to pray. I have constant attack on my marriage. Strange women from single to the married ones. If not for the mercy of God, I would not be where I am today. My Lord is greater than any problem. I have prayed for my family and my husband constantly in the midst of this problem, even when he refused to change as his job was being threatened.
    For the first , after my prayer about 1.40am, I had a dream where he was crying, weeping and looking at me, following me around, and I was consoling him.
    The situation we have been in has been a very serious one and the Lord has been in control . I started praying over the dream as soon as I woke up.
    Dear prayer eagle, I need an understanding of my dream ; I need prayers and some specific prayer points. In the name of Jesus, I know I have victories over my battles, for the Good Lord has been fighting for me. Amen.
    Thanking for allowing our almighty God to use to bless us. My prayer is that the Almighty should make me a blessing to others in any way He deems fit. Amen.

  156. jennifer ofori | March 11, 2012 at 6:53 am |

    dear prayer eagle, please i just had a dream after falling asleep doing an hour of praying in tongues.i saw myself with my ex-boyfriend,smoking and drinking, and i ended up having sexual intercourse with him, i tried to resist him in the dream but i was under the influence of the alcohol.please what does this mean and kindly assist me.thank you

  157. Hi prayer eagles I had a dream this morning and I would like you to interpit for me and if some prayers to pray. It was a service night at church ,church was over then I went through the door to go home my Pastor saw me standing at a corner and came over to me and took uot his wallet and gave me some money in a piece of white paper and said I should take it all but he didnt want me to open it to see how much was it he said i must let no one see it .I left for home when I reach on the road that I live I saw a man looking for my husband to hire him for a job but my husband was not home so I gave him my husband documents .the man still insist on seeing my husband so I call him to come when he came the man was interviewing him but my husband gave him his name but the name my husband gave was not his correct name the man notice that the name on the documents was different so was asking him why he had two surname and my husband try to explain to him that he had to add another surname to his name because someone else was using his name then the man say he is going to see if they will accept him with this name and the I woke up . Please help me with this dream because Iam praying for a job for my husband and the company the man in the dream is representing is one of the company my husband applied.God bless you all in jesus name.

  158. i had a dream whereby a workmate was questioning me on my job grade and benefits, he was saying l should be getting less.In that same dream i also seem to be more knowledgeable of what was being asked on a certain project than my immediate boss. I answered all the questions that were being asked.My boss did not show any resentment towards what i was doing. He kept quiet whilst i was answering all the questions.

    What could be the meaning of this dream

  159. Prayer Eagle | March 13, 2012 at 2:58 am |

    @Dambudzo: CONTENTIONS! You are due by Heaven’s record for promotion above your peers. Psalm 23:5: “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.” Psalm 45:7: “Thou lovest righteousness, and hatest wickedness: therefore God, thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows.” Pray that God will silence every contention against your divine promotion by fire! in the name of Jesus. Command envious and unfriendly friends wishing you evil to scatter unto desolation in the name of Jesus.

  160. Prayer Eagle | March 13, 2012 at 3:34 am |

    @emily: Dream 29: This is a revealed secret of the heart of your friend towards you. It is also a confirmation of your own heartthrob towards him. Both of those feelings should be subjected to prayer of inquiry to know the heart of God and the will of God for you in marriage.

    watch carefully the strange baby kissing you in a dream… this could be a spiritual offspring of a spirit husband. For prayers against spirit husband: pray the 21 prayers against spirit husband which I gave sister Jessie from Zurich at: Ask the Lord to baptize your dream-life with fire and pray the 74 prayers against spirit spouses at:, you can make it a 3-day or 7-day one-hour midnight prayers coupled with fastings, you shall return with mouthful testimonies.

  161. Prayer Eagle | March 13, 2012 at 4:43 am |

    @Adanne: I thank God for your life and testimonies. This dream is a verdict dream that should make you to shudder at the consequence. Pray against your husband experiencing a horrible demotion that will threaten to shatter his confidence and ego, his pride will be decimated if he is not repentant. There are dangers of him losing his job and this could be devastating for him if it comes to pass. Listen, that consequence will greatly affect you because God said you are one flesh. God said your vindictive reaction to his numerous adultery was further pushing him into the pit of moral debasement and into the bosom of strange women of strangeland in the coven of witchcraft, who have sworn to destroy your marriage.

    Woman you have so much power with God and you refuse to use it, you are labouring and sweating over an adulterous matter you should have arrested and banished forever in the prison of hell. Change your prayer direction and begin to arrest every debauchery and defilement of your matrimonial bed by strange women. Fast for three days and covertly anoint all his dresses and undies pray over them, don’t let the oil be obvious on the clothes, just touch them with the olive oil at spots that cannot be seen (collars, tips/edges, inside clothes etc). Command the fire of God to radiate through every fibre and thread of his dresses and undies in the name of Jesus. Command every strange woman to see that fire and flee from your husband. Invoke the blood of Jesus upon every evil bed of adultery and fornication and let that blood fight for you against every altar of immorality. Now pray that his hardened heart be broken by conviction of the Holy Spirit. Declare and proclaim his salvation unto Christ. Honour him, obey him, respect him, don’t argue with him, don’t even accuse him as you have done in the past, don’t resent him, LOVE HIM AND LOVE HIM GREATLY. Command the spirit of lust in him to die completely, command that every move of immorality become nauseating to him in the name of Jesus. most importantly, go before God in repentant for your past known and unknown sins, including carelessness, which pushed him into the camp of strange women.

    Plead the blood of Jesus and the mercy of God for forgiveness of your husband’s sins and for God to abort the evil verdict of demotion to which he has been sentenced by witchcraft coven. You must withdraw and declare your rejection of the verdict of darkness over your family and husband, in the name of Jesus. Prophesy that he shall return back home after the order of the prodigal son. decree the termination of prodigality in his life and command ever satanic sexual rendezvous in his life to wither by fire in the name of Jesus.

  162. Dear Prayer Eagle 03/05/2012
    Today after my midnite prayers (I have began the seven day programme by Mountain of Fire Ministries ) I had a dream. In this dream I see me & my sister living in a very nice house & neighborhood. Somehow when am travelling in a bus I see a guy sitting at the passengers side and its funny because instead of him facing the front (windscreen)he is facing me. I look closely I was wearing my sun glasses; I lift them a bit in order to confirm & he looks familiar. I know him a friend from facebook (he is a black American) in the same vehicle then I wonder what he is doing around this place & he lives in US (I have developed interests in him but I am not so sure on what to do a just keeping it calm). We greet each other everyone looks at me & each other weirdly is like they are asking how come I know this guy & nobody else knows him and then he alights at the stage where he lives as he bids me goodbye. It was like we were living in the same area. The next thing I find myself & my sister in our house; don’t know how I got there because I don’t remember alighting from the vehicle & I start telling my sister how have met the guy she not amused but am all smiles.
    Then soldiers (native army) come to our house with a woman (she wore tattered clothes n looked like a street woman/beggar & has a child on her back).The soldiers convinced us (peacefully) that there was insecurity in that place and we needed to be evacuated to a safer place (we live our properties behind they will bring them to our new place).They were left with the woman who also convinced me to hold her child for her. Then we left with the child-he was less than one year old-we walked around the neighbourhood then I had feeling that we had been tricked n started looking for a place (children’s home)to take the small child. At this point I realized that we were not familiar with the neighborhood because we went to a nearby salon to ask the hairdressers there if they knew of any children homes around as we narrated to them the story. That was the end.
    Please help me interpret am still using the prayer points u sent to me on how to break the ancestral covenant as well as others posted daily on the website. i really need to be delivered completely.

  163. I had a dream last nite I had a baby in my hand the baby was newly born but not by me but they say its my child my grandmother took me and the child to a home saying there is something must be done to the child before i could take him home upon reaching the home two ladies took the child from me and place a mark on the forehead of the child and was saying some strange things over the child then i started to cry telling them to give me my child but they refused then i was asking for my grandmother who they say is gone and that i would have to stay with the child but i was refuse then the lady for the home told two nurses to lock me away in a room by my self and i ran into a room and lock myself in with the key but ther was a back door to the room with its keys in and i opened the door and went out the back while i was out ther trying to get away two dogs saw me and started to bark at me i started running to hide before they notice that i’m not in the room but the dogs continue to bark until someone came outside isaw some trees in the back of the yard and i climb into one of them the dogs try to climb the tree with but only came half way . while they were there barking for the ladies to notice that i was in the tree a man who saw me try to lead the ladies away from under the tree.the tree was hanging over a fowl coop and went from the tree to the top of the coop the man lead them back inside for me to make my escape has was about to eave the compound i woke up .Please help me with this dream because i am praying and ask God to reveal the secrets to my problems.

  164. I have 3 recurring dreams : driving alongside a water body, sea, river, dam. A few times the water body is a hinderance such as a flooded bridge and I can’t go forward I have to find alternative routes. Dream 2 is bulls charging at me or towards somebody coming my way. Dream 3 it’s like “running in air”. Most of the times it starts like Iam being pursued and then when it’s too much I take off. Last night I dreamt as if my sister was driving a vehicle and I was a passenger. We were on our way to the place I grew up. In the car there were some children including my daughter and hers. On the way we saw two guys who wanted a lift. I got off so that they can occupy the seats inside then my sister took off leaving me but I said to myself I’ll still go as there were buses going there. I started walking and then I saw that vehicle abandoned with my child and my niece. It was on a slope & I was scared to drive coz I don’t drive. Then I started driving very fast. The road was rough with bends the we reached a flooded bridge and had to go back.

  165. Thank you so much prayer eagle for the dream interpretation.

    God bless you and i shall surely pray using the prayer points at the midnite hour…dat spirit spouse has to let me go by fire by thunder and by force in the name of Jesus..

    I love you and God bless you always

  166. @prayer eagle, I lost my job,have many debts, lost my car, almost loosing my house to debts. I had a dream when me and my brother were in a shrine and a big snake showed up. I haven’t visited a witch doctor before. My brother is experiencing similar problems. I also have a confession to make, am addicted to pornography, prostitutes, been masterbating for over 8yrs. I am confused what’s wrong with me, I feel am going to hell but what can I do. I have tried praying abt it. I don’t stay with my father but he had so many wives and has never supported or loved me at all. My family too was envious for my level of success. Right now my life is crambling.

  167. Dear Prayer eagle,

    I started praying the 21 and 74 prayers against spirit spouse since 15th but the dreams am having a relating to seeing taps with flowing clean water whereby by sometimes am the one opening the tap or just seeing the water flow out of the tap.

    I have also dreamt of an incident where my boss and the office attendant where fetching water but all of the sudden the water run out of control and just couldnt stop flowing and i came in to help but it was too much and i woke up before we succeeded the flow of water.

    Prayer eagle,what does all this mean,am continuing with the above prayers with fastings for more than seven days.
    God bless you
    I love you

  168. Dear Prayer Eagle,
    I recently had a dream of a somali muslim lady sitting next to me in bus in a four-seater. We sat in this order,a strange man next to the window, then the somali muslim lady, then me then a sister to my friend who in my dream was much slimmer and more beautiful. I was explaining to my friend’s sister of a testimony i had escaped being hurt in an accident on my way home (this happened in real life a few months ago). Then the muslim lady started admiring my hands and hair and said,” you are very special, when you die your pictures should be put everywhere so that your power can be shared and seen by everyone.”.The feeling i had after she said that was like, why should i die. Then she told me” Iam married my husband works in a phone shop, hope you will remember me”.

    Please help me interpret this.

  169. Prayer Eagle | March 21, 2012 at 7:56 am |

    @Victoria: gather that negative speech of the Somali demon, bind them together and return back to sender, declare it shall not be your portion in that name of Jesus. Command every unfriendly friend to loose their grip over your life by fire! Command every grave dug for you to swallow their diggers in Jesus name. Declare that affliction shall not arise a second time in your life in Jesus name. say every power on assignment to steal my virtues, stumble fall and die in Jesus name. every touch of the devil and his agents upon my life, catch fire and roast in Jesus name. any satanic book bearing my name catch fire and burn to ashes in Jesus name.

  170. Dear Prayer Eagle,
    I wrote you about a month ago regarding a dream about my husband. You were kind enough to tell me that “my husband is the problem” and you said he has a dual personality. You also advised me to pray the 74 prayer points against spirit wives. I have begun to do that. My question is this: What did you mean by dual personality? I have noticed changes in my husband since beginning the prayer points. I have also been participating in Dr. Stella’s midnight prayers. Please shed more light on dual personality thing. One of the men . In the dream (I kept seeing different men who looked like my husband but wasn’t) one of the men had crazy eyes–like you see on a child’s pinwheel toy. They weren’t spinning in his head–they were yellow and white striped. Is there any significance to the color here?

  171. I have the problem of eating soil.i almost eat it everyday even at nite while sleeping i just feel like i can go outside a dig and eat it even nw as iam typing ths i hv jst eaten it cos my workmate brought it ths morning to our work place i hv been having ths prblm for so long frm my childhood, pls advice

  172. @ Prayer eagle :As i prayed in the night, God to show me the secrets of my life; i had a dream my mum telling me that the man i knew as my dad (deceased) was actually not my dad. She told me my dad is alive and introduced me to his son. This young man was happy to meet me and said somehow he knew he was not the only child. My mum left me with this ‘brother’ of mine to get to know each other. I got into my car with him and found out that my mum & sis had used up all the fuel in my car and didn’t re-fill, i was so upset and my ‘brother calmed me down and promised to find someone to bring us the fuel. Dream 2. i dreamt chasing a rat at home and it ran and hide in my bag, as i tried to empty the bag and kill it, i woke up. What does all this mean? Pls help.

  173. Thank you Prayer Eagle. God bless you and expand you as you continue to use your gifting to help the body of Christ. Shalom.

  174. @ Prayer eagle, please, please interpret for me dream 42 & 174. May our Good Lord give you & loved ones long life, continue to bless u & make u a blessing and give u more wisom. This is my prayer for you.

  175. Please pray for my daughter suffering slow brain developments.

  176. PLEASE stand with me in prayer during the night i wake up with something being forced down my throat and i fail to spit it out.i dreamt a big dog jumping at me as if it wanted me to fall down but i didnt fall.i dreamt myself breastfeeding a chameleon.why all these attacks?

  177. I had a dream Clouds changing to dark black to elder from my change ran back home so did I the saw mother dent and sister honor dent complain bout jonie taking her food. The saw a skinny cat and people hiding and the cat move draped when I try to shoo it away saw people hiding

  178. Dear Prayer Eagle,
    Can you please help me interpret this dream? The dream involves an aunt of mine who I saw watching me via a large mirror. Realizing I was seeing her caused her to jump back in fright in the dream. Thank you
    in advance.

  179. Prayer Eagle | March 25, 2012 at 5:45 am |

    @nomalanga: a dog in dream is a sexual demon object. and breastfeeding beasts is also a sexual attack… Declare a 3-day war against these sexual demons, 3 consecutive midnight warfare against spirit husband, praying at midnight and couple it with fasting using the prayers at: Ask the Lord to baptize your dream-life with fire. Also pray the 74 prayers against spirit spouses at: Victory is yours in Jesus’ name.

  180. Prayer Eagle | March 25, 2012 at 6:19 am |

    @Blessy: I command resurrection fire to envelope the brain f your daughter in Jesus name. Job 32:8: “But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.” I command the breath of the Almighty to quicken your daughter’s brain in Jesus name. I Electrify your daughter’s brain by the Power of the Holy Ghost, I command her to receive the gift of surpassing understanding now in the Omniscient name of Jesus.

  181. Prayer Eagle | March 25, 2012 at 8:54 am |

    @Mabel: Dream #42: I have counseled you since February 18th, 2012 on this dream at: Breakthrough Dreams, Breakthrough Prayers, Dreams Interpretations (Part 3) revealing seven secrets of your dream with 12 prayer points.

    Dream #174 Explained: A rat is the symbol of devourer in the dream: Pray against every satanic devourer assigned against your finances in the name of Jesus. Make sure you pay your tithes from now on without missing. That is the best weapon to use to rebuke the devourer Malachi 3:10-11: “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the LORD of hosts.”

    Your mom was revealed in that dream as a cunning deceiver who will stop at nothing to get her personal agenda through. its time to confront your mom with your dream and ask her to show you your real father, let her confirm or deny it, then come back to tell us the outcome of the encounter. prayer: every lie and every deception in my life, be exposed now by fire in Jesus name. O God arise and correct my foundation by fire in the name of Jesus. every foundation of unrighteousness in my life: b uprooted by fire!!! in the name of Jesus. O balm of Gilead, arise and heal my foundation in the name of Jesus.

  182. Prayer Eagle | March 25, 2012 at 9:54 am |

    @P from Burbank, California: Set ablaze every monitoring instrument over your life, command every evil monitoring eyes to go blind in the name of Jesus. command every mirror of darkness observing your life for evil to break into irreparable pieces in Jesus’ name. command every witchcraft operation over your life to blow up in the faces of their owners in Jesus name.

  183. Thank you Prayer eagle, thank you so, so much! i don’t know how i missed seeing interpretation of dream 42, thanks for providing the link otherwise i wold never have found it. I can’t thank you enough..God bless you. As for my mum, am still thinking of how to confront her, not easy for me, i pray that the Lord will guide me on how to do it.

  184. Good early morning prayer eagle and many blessing for your ministry. I wanted to describe a dream my mother had involving me and my older niece. My mother was so emotional as she described what was the most beautiful bright light she ever saw. The dream is as follows: My mom saw a bright light coming from one of the bedrooms in her room which had the door somewhat opened. When she opened it, she advised the bedroom was bare with no furniture, however, there were white lit candles all over the room, this was therefore, adding more brightness to the room besides the bright light she saw. She further explained the light was so bright she had to squinch her eyes to be able to see. In the middle of the room, she saw me and my niece, standing together, holding hands, and just looking at her and smiling with her. She said we had the most beautiful glow around us. She described I had on the same baby blue flower dress. I have this dress at home. When she told us she cried, because she said it was so beautiful in the room…I’m praying GOD will bring his servant to the storehouse of knowledge and interpret the dream….Stay Blessed!!!

  185. coudl you pls interpret this? when a lady sees self in the forest and a man is incanting or doing invocation against her. what does it mean?

  186. anonymous | April 5, 2012 at 8:21 am |

    Can you please help me to understand this dream. I had a dream I was casting 11 stones and declaring judgement against the enemy of God. The stones were small and do they mean anything? Thank you

  187. could you please help me interpret this. i have been praying for the fruit of the womb but now i keep dreaming of strange children.on saturday i dreamt holding a child with short legs and huge body but the child was not mine, his mother rejected him.

  188. Tonderai | May 8, 2012 at 7:28 am |


    l dreamt today slaying a giant after an intensive prayer session and after that someone tried to steal my phone but l chased them down and retrieved it from them , but after that the dreams l got were me just being chased all over and l dreamt of another giant who was supposed to kill me but didn’t in the end,confused

  189. Greetings in the name of Jesus,

    Request for dream interpretations and prayers for their revelations:
    Dream 1
    I was in a church and we were waiting for other congragation members to come. I had a small pad of which I asked the church marshal to do copies for the congragants. Tired of waiting I decided to go home for the time being, leaving a female pastor lying on bank stoel. While i was on my way I noticed that I forgot my shoes. I went back to fetch them, then I found the pastor with church marshal dancing and singing in strange way. She told me not to be surprised they are enhancing the Holy Spirit. They surrounded me singing, then I was taken to a well of water and given something like stones to hold on my hands. Suddenly three small boys entered into the well and one of them drowned and I tried to resuscinate him by putting him on my lap while by my other hand I was rubbing his back. During that process the pastor was watching me with approving smile and she tell me she see me as someone who is going to be well known and with the name of God , she proffessed me as a healer.
    Dream 2.
    I was called to rescue a white woman who was drowned on the pool, I dived inside and pull her while I took her outside I did mouth to mouth taking out lots of water inside her stomach but unfortunately she had already dead.
    Dream 3

    My late cousin daughter was swiming in a pool when I was called to rescue her .

  190. Prayer Eagle,

    Help me with occuring DREAMS
    I mostly dream of myself holding my car keys but the mystery I never managed to see my car it is always lost when I am going to open it.

    Occuring Dream 2 (FISH)
    I met a man who proposed love to me but his proposal was strange it was like David’s Psalms, he used a slide show presentation with all the praises. I thought that was amazing. Then I saw myself lying on the floor with him underneath our toes there was a table with a tantalising baked fish. When he tried to initiate sex I suddenly menstruate and I was very happy like I was saved by the bell. He requested his friend to go and buy tampons for me. We went outside he showed me houses with circles and squares drew on them, it was like amazing scene.

    Dream 2 (FISH FEAST)
    Me and my grandmother where about to go to a church feast, then a hen was crying to lay an egg. I was unconciously standing not realisng I blocking the way for the hen. My grandmother rebuke me saying dont I see that the hen want to lay the egg. She told me that if my father was here was not going to be impressed with my stupidity. We then went to a church feast, the table was laid with tantalising sauced fish. There were children and adult. We first did preparation then I joked saying that in the bible in this ritual kids were allowed to go and eat while elders were preparing. Then, they saied we can go and taste and everyone just go and cued. The fish was delicious while I sneak for some more there was a child that was crying for some more and I realised that I need to be examplirary I told her we should wait for the service when everybody will be given fish to eat.

  191. Prayer Eagle,
    I dreamt of me going to speak with my father when his eyes and voice suddenly turned demonic and I run shouting that I am going to expose him to the neighbors while I run our male neighbor turned demonic too. Then I suddenly look up with my hands up I prayed telling God tha everyone on earth is evil where do I go.

    Weeks after that dream that dream my daughter started to be rebellious and the pastor in our complex discover that she was possessed.

    Another DREAM,
    I was asked by unknown couple to babysit their 3 children I was happy I spoiled them with cakes we played. Then when we were asleep we mobbed and attacked by group of school satanic children. I managed to fought them but I lost 2 kids. While I went to look for them I met an Indian man sitting on a fence in the dark I asked him to look after the house. I was holding this baby and checking her vigina if she was not raped then i noticed a moisture and I was relieved it was not blood. When I was passing the gate I met a colleague and I told her I attacked 3 times and I was emphasizing” 3 Times can you believe 3 times.

  192. pls i need u to interpret this dream I and my friend at the office sat down discussing and all of a sudden Daddy G O CAME he asked my friend to start laughing at her enemies and she was laughn as he said.
    Daddy G O turned to me and said 2 uncommon breakthrough are coming to me soon weda it is convinent for my enemies or not the breakthrough must come. and i woke up.

  193. Dear Prayer Eagle,
    I had dream going to flee market and i decided to grab something to eat first. The burger was was R42 and I turned my back beacuse I could not afford , the lady called me back and said I can give her R1.99 the i gave her two R1 coins. All the way I had a load of bed matress , pillows wrapped together with string and I was backpacking it. Then i went to a certain house where a woman help gathering fire woods and we tied them together and now on my head was woods and on my back matress. I had to ascend a ladder on my hand was cellphone. I was heading for a taxi when I realised my woods are too big for taxi, then I decided to go per foot though it was late with that load.

  194. i discover that i spend my salary B4 the second week of the month, money dont stay in my hands pls help

  195. Dear Eagle Prayer,
    I had a dream coming from my childhood church on the gate we passed as a group while I was coming a man standing on the gate with a plate something burning on it like a coffee bean. this man wave this plate on me chanting something I could not hear. Then on my way home I passed my childhood friend standing on her house gate. She came to me and she was teasing me because I told him the same that was in church gate also gave me a blue jacket that was embroded with the white cross at the back which I initial thought it was sewn. inside the pocket my friend found a red boxing gloves with white cuffs. She was teasing me saying that my boyfriend also want me to box people and I was like no he is not my boyfriend but a stranger who gave me a jacket because he thought I was cold.

  196. i dreamt and saw a colleagu of mine in a dark cloth bot the head tie and dress was dark and long, and i asked her that how come she is wearing black althrough and she said it was a woman that gave and she will go collect another one. pls if someone is wearing black clothe in d dream what does it mean?

  197. i dreamt and saw a colleagu of mine in a dark cloth both the head tie and dress was dark and long, and i asked her that how come she is wearing black althrough and she said it was a woman that gave and she will go collect another one. pls if someone is wearing black clothe in d dream what does it mean?

  198. I dreamt vomiting a black rat n it was. Alive n some black things looking like skin and while I was still sleeping i was rebukeng those things and asking GOD to remove all of them in my stomach.what is the meaning of that dream .please reply

  199. Carrollton | May 12, 2012 at 9:09 pm |

    I am so grateful for this prayer site. I feel as if there are people like me and who understand these things that are happening even though I don’t. But I had two dreams which I normally wouldn’t remember but in the first dream I saw an old co-worker and I greeted him by name. He appeared to be friendly and it was night in the dream because he was showing me the moon and the stars but he made me uncomfortable because he kept trying to touch me. Then the dream he came back to me and again tried to embrace me but this time he stabbed me in my side and I began to fall and it felt like the life was draining out of me please pray for me as well

  200. Glory greetings in Jesus name. I just discovered this site and has been blessed tremendously by it. I need the interpretation of some funny dreams I have been having and prayer points for it. Where can I write and explain the dream in order to get help? Thank you.

  201. This is the dream I had. I am married and pregnant. While sleeping with my husband I had a dream where I was making love to a man in my dream. It was manifesting in the physical until my husband heard and asked me what was wrong that got me up. This is about the second time this is happening to me. Please I need the interpretation and prayers.

  202. Jerity Luhanga | May 28, 2012 at 3:09 pm |

    mmmhh…these dreams above has encourged me to another level. i also have different dreams which really need God revelations or interplation.

  203. 11th January 2009.

    I was told in my dream that the Government of riches have overthrown the government of poverty in my life

    and the government of wealth have overthrown the goverment of lack in my life. That whatever i put my hand on will become wealth for me.I saw people building an estate for me in my country Nigeria (named Ep. estate).

    Somebody asked me how they are being paid and I replied “I don’t know”. I was also told in the dream that the blessings will continue to flow until I stop bringing vessels.That the blessings of Jacob will be mine. My maternal uncle brought an idea to me , but I told him that every idea is original to the owner, and it is that persons pattern and way of doing things, that if that is supper imposed on another person,that the person will not succeed-no matter how good the idea is.. It is only original to the owner.He became angry and left.

    19th January 2009.

    I dreamt i was being instructed to go back to the original word of my manufacturer.Ther lies solutions to every problem.

    20th January 2009.

    I was told that unless a wheat grain falls in the ground and die,it becomes only but a single grain,but when it dies it bears more fruits.

    Subsequently,I saw a young man, moving about.I didn’t know what he was up to.He went to my brother ( Living in Nigeria)

    who gave him a phone for me.He brought the phone to me and collected the sum of 4000naira(Nigerian currency)about $30 from me. I noticed that i saw him earlier pacing about in the area. He told me that he is into other businesses- He gets them at cheap price.He showed me a vehicle company selling buses and doing lotery.He told me that he deals also with cheap shoes.I told him that i was interested and woke up.

    I FEEL SO BLESSED WHEN U Answer other peoples dream bcoz i read their dreams and can relate
    I now know what a Rat,dogs means in a dream
    and there is no need for me to type what ive read

  205. Please interpret my dream: as I am asleep I am aware of this pretty lady coming into room through a locked door she immediate complains of the bad smell in my room I tell her dats what she she get for cominng in unwelcome she reacts as though she has known me for ages and tells to lend her R100 I amazed a stranger can come for R100 surely she must have friends who can easily help hep without zooming in my locked door I give with reservation da R100 and tell hell it imperative I have dat money back by tommorro her answer was trust u get more she leave same in convusion I beg for this to be a dream coz otherwise maybe I’m loosing it

  206. Before I fell asleep last night I prayed as usual.
    My dream started out in my bedroom, my boyfriend woke up and I could tell he was bothered and not feeling well. He was inside my closet facing the white wall. I got up and realized he was bothered and had what it seemed like an anxiety attack manifesting and he didn’t want to be near me. So in my dream I placed my hands over his chest and the top of his head, He obviously was extremely angry. I fervently started praying rebuking satan and his strongmen in the name of Jesus Christ. He moved violently as if he didn’t want me to touch him. I was talking to him through a phone !! let me explain physically he was manifesting ! In order for me to speak through him was by a telephone line . Like as if he was STUCK inside himself. Almost to the very end of the prayer I told him : “Babe I’m going to need your help ! I need you to pray OUTLOUD with me, He quickly responded through the phone and said okay. So we expelled the demons in the name of Jesus Christ GET OUT!! The moment we both said it together POOF!! He was back to his “body” he looked into my eyes and I knew it was him. I hugged him and said are you feeling better ? He replied , “Yes”.
    What had me puzzled is that I have had dreams similar like this in the past. ex: I was at a hospital spreading the word of God when I got close to a patient she was angry and said to Go away ! I got close and placed my hands over her as well and expelled the demon.

    Note:I have been having nightmares lately ,(when I finally want to do God’s Work) when I was a child I had severe fear of falling asleep due to the horrible nightmares. I never knew why I had such vivid dreams. Other times I dream my boyfriend is unfaithful?? I cry in my dreams and when I wake up in REAL life my pillow is wet and i have my face soaked in tears?? Another time was horrible I woke up and I felt something soo heavy over me ! I opened my eyes and it was pitch black I COULDNT MOVE!!! I tried to scream and nothing came out . Like my body was paralyzed, seriously I couldn’t tell my boyfriend i dont think he would believe me. Well I prayed in my mind and I felt the “force release me. I sat up and began to pray Outloud.

    Sometimes I think it was a “gift ” God gave me because some dreams I had would come true.

    One more thing . This happened in REAL LIFE: I told my bf i was going to pray for him because i felt such a strong negative vibe from him… When I began to pray fervently I started tasting blood in my mouth, but I didn’t think much of it …. As I was still praying I felt liquid coming out of my mouth but kept insisting(honestly I though I was drooling) My bf opened his eyes and shook me saying ” Are you Okay? I immediately opened my eyes and saw BLOOD COME OUT OF MY MOUTH ! Not a little bit of blood .. I stained my bed , my shirt and had literally a mouth full of blood . I placed my hands over my head and prayed the in the name of Jesus! Immediately I stopped bleeding… I’m Not sure what this means !!

    Thank you for your time,
    May God bless you.

  207. I thank God 4 what He is doing thru you. I heard a dream where I found myself on a large Altar with thousands of congrigations then, a man dressed on white suite came in with his entourage. He handed me a golden trumpet to blow 2 d congregation. After this, d man left but he left someone behind at d pulpit who later instructed me to bless d congregation. I did all these then, I woke up. Bt, in real life I dnt knw how 2 blow a trumpet. My name is Paul. Thank U sir.

  208. Dear Prayer eagle
    I have been having nightmare for 9 months now. I went on fasting and prayer but I am not really breaking the wall. I have been having a dream for years in this drem I will be dreaming at our cattlepost and sleeping with my sisters and niece in this hut and in one dream I was sleeping and there was a lady like a prophet who gave me something to drink and I started to vomit black things she kept rubbing and like squeezing my right leg, and after the rest of my family was behind me and I was in prayer and the group which was against me and my family was now scattering.
    In the other dreams for the past months I dreamed eating meat and at times I didn’t know wht I was eating. And I was always travelling, being among people I dont not know or sitting for exams and the clock in the exam room was still not moving, until one guy stood up and fixed it. I was always seing my classmate from high school and primary. I started getting dreams getting married when I was starting to prepare for my marriage, and there has been problems with preparations and everything nothing is working for me. I get attacks from spirtually husband and dreaming water mostly beaches or rivers. I had a dream I was trying to drive the car and it stopped by the river I could’nt cross to the other side. I tried but it was going towards this river and I was with my niece and nephew and a baby I didnt know se went inside the river and never came back. And I dreamed being sorrounded by white worms in my bed clothes and there was a used pads under the pillow.My last dream is of animals I had a dream my brother throwing a chamelon on my head, dog barking at me. Lizard and mouse. I have cancelled this dreams but most of them are still tormenting me. Please interpret for me.

  209. i always dream seeing my dead mother and dead relatives sometimes my dead mother greets me and i refuse to answer her. recently i dreamt we were planting vegetables and they grew up very well and she disappeared

  210. dear prayer eagle

    i just wake up dis morning and was so worry because of the series of dreams i always hve, i can dream like 10 dreams a nit, but one dream always come, i live in abroad but always find myself bck home were my parent live, either with my dead mother or cousin or friends doing stuff together, secondly i hve hve sex in the dreams with men or women or seeing a man making love to another, at time i dont even see the person, i eat in the dreams, cats bit me on my neck in the dream,
    i dreamt i was at the airport i got lost could not find my way out at the end one man show me the way out, also dreamt someone was puting a nail in the middle of my head, been press down in the dream. playing with coin or people given me coin in the dream
    i always dream of wondering in the bush bare footed.. the problem is i hve done so many delivrance in mfm in uk and all those thing are still dere is like is getting worst, cause rit now i feel thing moving in my head, is like there is something in my chest, so many debts now, i hve trying to do my buisness borrow money to start it and the end no result left with debt, people dubing me,.
    also get rejection, people refuse to pay me weh the owe me, feel lonely ..
    i got engage in early dis year, but me and the person we are figthing everyday , so we break up…. pls am very confuse right now i realy need help i dont know wat to do anymore…

  211. Greetings in Jesus’s Name!

    My son is seeing ghosts during midnight but occasionally, whether the lights are on or not. When that happens we pray together and goes back to sleep. Also my next door neighbour is a witchdoctor. Please help me with prayer points.

  212. Good afternoon, a friend I work with gave me this prayer line. I got married at a tender age and later lost my husband. He past away in 2006 and I was left to look after four kids. I enrolled into nursing but later started having difficulties in my essays and in my placement. I failed my exams and was asked to leave. Things wasn’t going well for me in terms of education but I want to enrol again and make it. I need prayer point over my four children. My husband senior brother is into witch craft he need to repent. I also NEED PRAYER OVER MY FATHERS HOUSE NOTHING IS MOVING. Things are not moving well for my brothers. please please.

  213. Blessing Uche | October 10, 2012 at 1:54 pm |

    I posted a comment without my name. My comment ended with two please, please. Thanks

  214. Greetings in jesus name. My fiance dreamt that he came with his relations to pay my bride price. He said my late father was so angry with him and slapped him in his right ear n said that he can never marry n will not marry me. My late dad said that he is giving my fiance a second n last chance. When my fiance woke up,he said blood was outpouring fromt the ear that was slapped.he is nw deaf in that ear.he has gone for medical checkup and the doctors said that his case is spiritual as no problem was found. Secondly, in another dream of his,he said his younger brother opened a big drum and found a large number of lizards inside. He has no idea how the lizards got to be inside the drum covered. So please i need interpretations to this weird dreams. Thanks

  215. why do i forget my dream always, my husband is always making love to me in my dream. my mother past 2007 and my brother 2009 i still see them in the dream.
    i need Deliverance for my husband from Household wickedness and spiritual wickedness and God intervention. pray for God protection , Goodness,Prosperity. i apply the blood of Jesus over house and my Environment .

  216. mariah
    av had dreams of fornication from a young from age 22 even then i was still a virgin,that a man tryin to break my virginity, then i lost it the same year, then seeing my brothers sexually wanting me in dreams,then later after many years, seein my lady colleagues at workin touching me in dreams,recently i see myself taking care of babies i dont know, and my niece, whom i breastfed in the dream, i dreamt of my boyfriend ,my lady colleague and me, in ma house, and they are both convinsing me to come to bed with them.dogs chasing me,lots of snakes on the ground i hav to fly up to escape and jump,my mum marrying a woman, and am told in the dream to fetch a white snake.all these are happenin in different nyts.but i only dream these when am in ma mums house, i dont live with her at the moment, when am in ma house, i dream of people or some1 pursuing me, many different nyts….lastly my dad passed away 7yrs ago, i see him and me, and mum,mostly they disagree on things or doesnt talk av been following your sites and praying, and whenver i pray im ok, if i forget , i see the above, please explain to me what this is all about

  217. i am asking prayers for victory over graveyard spirits and spirit husband and wife. i hade a dream in which i felt something pressing on me on my back(sleep paralysis) and when i woke up my stomach was painful asif there was something was planted in my body. i am experiencing a lot of oppression because of it

  218. i had a dream that i got a phone call from a man inside a correctional facility telling me my boyfriend is getting ready to be released from prison and i got so happy after i got off the phone with him i fell to my knees thanking jesus, can somebody tell me what that dream means.

  219. hi my names are sarah. am very happy about this site, please help me pray because i have this problem i often catch fire the grow cold all of a sudden and yet i believe the that the lord can do a lot of things in my life.whenever i get promises from the in dreams they don’t come to pass and yet negative dreams come to pass in my life quickly

  220. I thank God for this site, I believe I can stop feeling hopeless and I can now actually overcome! I had a dream some time back that troubled me and I couldnot tell what it meant. I dreamed my daughter who is 3 yrs had a long penis maybe abt 3 metres long and standing infront of her was my husbands sister. I know this dream is eveil but what does it mean?

  221. i had a dream,and in my dream,a man took me to a class of medical students and told me that i will see my wife there,pls what is the meaning of this dream

  222. I was really taken aback by Breakthrough, Dreams Breakthrough Prayers & Dreams and their Interpretations #5. I have similar complaints. However, the good thing is that this lady did not marry the culprit, but I am already married. Sir, could we get together to talk like you and this lady did, I really and truly need to find out somethings. NEED HELP BAD!!

  223. Anne Liz Otieno | July 3, 2013 at 11:42 am |

    Praise God!!!
    I am a believer I received Jesus Christ way back in 1989 but am so much in disgrace and shame as my family is scattered nothing good come to pass at all in my life except recurring failure upon failure.

    whenever I get money it disappear spending it in people problems and i get back to the same issues of lack and poverty. My surprise is this money will always go into wrong people and i end up in total pain and agony.

    i one time had a dream way back seeing myself stuffing money in very big bundles in large brown papers but some women appeared and carried all of it. i dream so much seeing myself in a field not reaching the destination always. seeing myself in a field with dogs marriage no longer is working and my husband does not live in the same town with me. my children run the house getting money from their Dad while i am in the house just like a stooge. i am an intercessor very prayerful but sometimes i get overwhelm.

  224. Dear Prayer Eagles

    Last night I had a dream that I was in a car as the passenger, and the driver was a MFM Pastor, I don’t know where we were going but I notice that all street lights were green. Dream 2 another MFM pastor told me to read Psalm 150

  225. I thank GOD that it leads me here. I have a dream that always confuse me a lot . Until it always hunt me when I remember it. My prayer like this . I always see living dead hunting me when I rebuke it in the name of Jesus they stop and freeze until they come more and more the more i rebuke the more they come near to me as if they didn’t hear me at all. Other dream I have is I always see red eyes t look at me angrily and i was able to stop because i was so distracted by that look.And what worst is I always hear strange voice always laughing at me.Four times I heard it but in different situation from now where please reply me in my email because am really bothered about this.

  226. I thank GOD that it leads me here. I have a dream that always confuse me a lot . Until it always hunt me when I remember it. My dreams like this . I always see living dead hunting me when I rebuke it in the name of Jesus they stop and freeze until they come more and more the more i rebuke the more they come near to me as if they didn’t hear me at all. Other dream I have is I always see red eyes t look at me angrily and i was able to stop because i was so distracted by that look.And what worst is I always hear strange voice always laughing at me.Four times I heard it but in different situation from now where please reply me in my email because am really bothered about this.

  227. I thank God for this opportunity. I was once very comfortable with my wife and children, suddenly I lost my job for unjust reason and i have even written my employee (government) for unlawful disengagement but nothing has happen till date. By the mercies of God i got a lower paying job and I have been managing. I have also been praying with my wife and children. Each time and almost every day I see myself in my fathers house or with my old secondary school mates in uniform in my dream at times bagging for help and my wife with me too in those dream either hurting me by sleeping with other men or suffering with me in the dream. My father was a polygamist with several wivies and children. He use to be a native Dr too. I have prayed and prayed, but things get harder. This dream gets stronger by day. I have also fought for my entitlement in my former job, nothing seem happening. Even when I offered my car for sale to raise money, people price it silly. I need your help.

  228. Please i do need help from the spirit of bad dreams. I had a dream where i was naked this morning and in anger i woke up to cancel that dream of disgrace and shame and i knew i needed mor prayers and so decided to browse the internet for more.
    My bad dreams are enormous and beacuse i know i need help, i am going to be sincere with you- i have backslidden with God. i feel kind of alone at times. Please i have mad eup my mind today to stop acts that separate me from him.
    These are but a few of my bad dreams:
    1. I was in a relationship for 5 years, hoping to get married and at the point when marriage was by the corner, i had a dream where my ex came to my father’s house in the village nad told me it is over and that was the end of that relationship physically. todat he is married.
    2. i sawe a dream where my sister and i were in a house and a lady came from tha back door to steal our shoes, she did the first time and no one caught her but this time around i saw her and i tried catching up with her and didnt but a man led us to her place where we have problem entering due to some strange creatures but we finally entered and told the woman to release all she had but she denied it and i gave her an ultimatum to do so.
    3. i have also seen myself in eat in the dream, have intercourse but no penetration in the dream.
    4. I also have seen my self in the market place with my ex also there.
    5. I have seen me with people from the past (secondary school especially) but a woman brought me to where i would meet my new colleagues at work.
    6. after a prayer i saw myself move from a house ruled by a dark man to house which seems like freedom but the dark man asked that i be brought back.
    I have had numeros dreams but please at this point i am tired and need serious help. i want the root of this bad dream to end and let God restore all that has been stolen, and lost. I want my good dreams to come to pass. Please help me and God bless you richly

  229. I always dream seeing my teeth coming off. Sometimes I dream maybe just talking and all of my teeth will start breaking off and falling. Or maybe I will be trying to eat something and my teeth will start falling off. Blood will start oozing out but it will never be painful in that dream.

    A second dream that l usually have is i dream of my mouth getting full with stool (human waste) and I will be trying to remove it from my mouth using my hand. The more I take it out the more it multiplies in my mouth.

    What does this 2 dreams mean

  230. hello how are u

    my name is janet and im a kenyan. i go to a church called jesus winner ministries where a while back we dealt with all the invisible marks of anti marriage and the pastor said that now i will get married. that same day i even dreamt of when my wedding will be and my house boy had a vision about my wedding. question is . my pastor said that i and my boyfriend would get back together on the 25th of dec 2013 and on the 24th i had a dream that

    1- i had given birth ,it was a long long long dream in which i saw myself hold my baby even.

    what does this mean,

    the following day i dreamt seeing my mother sitting with her friend saying something like ‘my life is not friutful ‘ or etc.

    just last sunday night on the 5th of january 2014 i dreamt my mother sent me street boys to arrest me or something and i dreamt that we were having a very strong war of words. she would speak and i would speak and it was a competion.

    what does this dream mean?

  231. HI
    Thank you for this website,please update with recent testimonies and recent teachings for 2014 so we can follow up every day.thank u

  232. Thanks for this site sir!
    I have been having this dream of darkness and always missing my road in dreams. lately my wedding was called off one week before time. i find myself being sexually aroused in the dream. And later dreamt also about the guy i was supposed to marry was lying in a pool of his sperm.
    Thanks for interpreting.

  233. Thanks for this site sir!
    I have been having this dream of darkness and always missing my road in dreams. lately my wedding was called off one week before time. i find myself being sexually aroused in the dream. And later dreamt also about the guy i was supposed to marry was lying in a pool of his sperm.
    Thanks for interpreting.

  234. Abayomi Afolabi | October 27, 2014 at 3:43 pm |

    I’ve been dreaming of always being in a moving bus, car and plane, but to no destination because before I could get to my destination I would have woken. Sometimes it could be that the bus or plane could crash, though I’ve never sustained any injury from such crashes. Some hours ago, I had a similar dream. I was in a car with a family—a wife, husband and little daughter. The husband suddenly started driving carelessly. The wife “calmly said” he’d done so in the past and had thus crashed “her” other vehicle. The husband got angry and left us alone in the moving car. We thought we would crash but the wife took over the wheels. She carelessly drove but traced her way to a very narrow road surrounded by swamps, palm trees and the ocean. (I “think” I helped in driving too.) I wondered why the couple located their daughter’s school in such a setting. We arrived safely at the girl’s school. The little girl jumped on my white cotton shirt with her bare feet, which only registered a faint imprint of a part of the girl’s wet feet on my shirt that wasn’t stained by the girl’s action. I have always been seeing myself around waters in dreams. In another dream, a mother just had seven beautiful babies! I carried one of them and cuddled her happily. I started getting aroused but with no ejaculation then woke. Prior to this time, a woman had stolen one of the babies but was caught! I also dreamt of raw beans stored in my place heavily infested with pests that destroyed it! I look forward to your interpretations, Sir/ Madam. Thank you.

  235. Abayomi Afolabi | October 27, 2014 at 4:07 pm |

    Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
    I’ve been dreaming of always being in a moving bus, car and plane, but to no destination because before I could get to my destination I would have woken. Sometimes it could be that the bus or plane could crash, though I’ve never sustained any injury from such crashes. Some hours ago, I had a similar dream. I was in a car with a family—a wife, husband and little daughter. The husband suddenly started driving carelessly. The wife “calmly said” he’d done so in the past and had thus crashed “her” other vehicle. The husband got angry and left us alone in the moving car. We thought we would crash but the wife took over the wheels. She carelessly drove but traced her way to a very narrow road surrounded by swamps, palm trees and the ocean. (I “think” I helped in driving too.) I wondered why the couple located their daughter’s school in such a setting. We arrived safely at the girl’s school. The little girl jumped on my white cotton shirt with her bare feet, which only registered a faint imprint of a part of the girl’s wet feet on my shirt that wasn’t stained by the girl’s action. I have always been seeing myself around waters in dreams. In another dream, a mother just had seven beautiful babies! I carried one of them and cuddled her happily. I started getting aroused but with no ejaculation then woke. Prior to this time, a woman had stolen one of the babies but was caught! I also dreamt of raw beans stored in my place heavily infested with pests that destroyed it! I look forward to your interpretations, Sir/ Madam. Thank you.

  236. dear prayer eagle,

    i am down with this re-occurring dream. i see poo in a dream often. for many years have i had this dream. i don’t understand it, i need your help.

  237. Hi people of God am happy to come over a site like this

  238. God bless u abundantly for this site, plz help me to pray against mentruating in e dream n seeing buglers in the dream coming to steal in my house, also please help to interprete wat it means when you dream of an exboyfriend hugging me 2 times n telling me that we need to talk?

  239. Adewale adetayo | November 3, 2016 at 1:25 am |

    What’s the meaning of urinating in a dream

  240. I had a lot of witchcraft to deal with. The Lord rose up and fought for me.

    Something was tied to my foot and in a dream a woman cut it off. In another dream I removed a sea shell from under my foot.

    My progress was impeded and I am praying and believing the Lord for breakthrough.

  241. I praise and thank the Lord who is worthy to be praised for His help and deliverance.

  242. Priscilla | July 17, 2017 at 9:22 pm |

    I dreamt I was having sex and about getting married also saw 3 women that I was greeting like pay homeage to them this is not the first time am seeing that in my dream. I usually dream eating in my dream.. Please I need Interpretation and what can I do to overcome all this… Thanks await your swift response.

  243. Anonymous | July 17, 2017 at 9:34 pm |

    I dreamt I was having sex and about getting married also saw 3 women that I was greeting like pay homeage to them this is not the first time am seeing that in my dream. I usually dream eating in my DREAM.HAVE also had a dream of ministering deliverance and healing to people . Please I need Interpretation and what can I do to overcome all this… Thanks await your swift response.

  244. charity mercy | April 1, 2018 at 11:50 pm |

    My boyfriend dreamt of being chased by one of his friends whom he couldn’t recognize,the friend was carrying panga with blood on it while my boyfriend was carrying a red rob and running towards me while crying but he carrying Rob but he couldn’t reach me. Please interpret for me.

  245. Nice platform…God bless u all

  246. Please are all eating in the dream bad, even when uou thought about it before going to bed

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