Breakthrough Dreams, Breakthrough Prayers, Dreams Interpretations (Part 1)

Proverbs 6:30-31:“Men do not despise a thief, if he steal to satisfy his soul when he is hungry; But if he be found, he shall restore sevenfold; he shall give all the substance of his house.”
Glory to God!! Alleluia!!! The flow of revelations from breakthrough dreams have started rolling in… a few days ago on this prayers fire website, we were told to pray one prayer point that is greatest of all prayer for our lives for seven consecutive midnights: “O God to whom all secret things belongeth, according to Deuteronomy 29:29 and Jeremiah 33:3, Show me the secrets of my life, show me myself, show me beneficial secrets that would move my life forward and Break every bondage in my life BY FIRE!!!, in the name of Jesus.”, and many have obeyed that divine instructions and have testimonies to share.

We shall be helping to interpret your dreams and sharing prayer points to tackle the revelations through the Prayer Eagle Counsel on this site. Please always write and send your dreams and prayer request to

Now listen to this dream and analysis by a sister who have been married for ten years without the fruit of the womb:

Greetings in the name of Jesus. I did the midnight prayer, I had 3 revelations, the 2nd. I cannot remember, but I remember saying ‘this is me being set free’

1. I saw a small, clear sealed container, about 2″ in dia. falling into the sea/ocean. I remembered that location, as a teenager i was sick, i know something was wrong, it all started in the house we were renting, in the village we came to live in, so i was taken to my cousin’s father-in-law, i remembered going into a room and that man used a razor on the base of my spine to make a small ‘x’ there and what ever was placed in that container was given to throw into the sea, the healing process was a bit painful especially sitting and getting up.i just wanted to be healed & taught that was going to be the solution, but As time pass by, i realized things got worst in a different way, i lost all feelings for the opposite sex(that did not transfer to my gender, thank God), I had to struggle to pass my exams, never held a job for long, the men that came into my life never stayed, like i was invisible, everything was a short phase in my life, (all the while seeking the Lord, from an adolescent to now.)BUT i reach a stage in my life where i said enough is enough and i started taking back everything that the devil had stolen from me, i was determine in my heart, that every thing that every thing that my God said in his , will for me, I will receive in Jesus name, that is why i determine in my heart that the devil will not have my children and i am more determined since i read that woman’s testimony, i believe this is what i have been searching for for the past 10yrs. of my married life, cause i have always wondered about my situation also. Thank you in the name of Jesus.

“Sister, I am happy for you. I rejoice because God has revealed to you the cause of the problem. Your experiences so far shows you av only collected half of what d devil stole from u as a teenager. But now u must RECOVER ALL your stolen virtues and make the satanic thief MUST pay back seven-fold what he has stolen according to Proverbs 6:31.

suggested prayer points:

  1. Every power that stole my virtues and stored them in a marine warehouse, I arrest you by fire, therefore, restore what u have stolen back to me seven-fold in the name of Jesus.
  2. Blood of Jesus, Go into the rivers, sea and ocean and blast the marine warehouse holding my stolen virtues, RECOVER AND RESTORE THEM BACK to my life, in the name of Jesus.
  3. Every mark of the devil put upon my body: i wipe you off by the blood of Jesus, in Jesus name.
  4. Every unconscious evil covenant made by me or on my behalf in the times of my ignorance that is now troubling my destiny: B~R~E~A~K by Fire!!! in the name of Jesus.
  5. Every satanic transaction and exchange that took place in my life at any time in the past when I was sick and which is now troubling and limiting my breakthrough: your time is up: BE REVERSED BY FIRE!!! I NULLIFY YOU by the blood of Jesus!!! in Jesus’ name.
  6. Every satanic blood transfusion and blood pollution injected or transferred into my life, I nullify you by the POWER in the blood of Jesus, Holy Ghost Fire: EVACUATE every satanic pollution from my life!!! in the name of Jesus.
  7. Blood of Jesus! Fire of the Holy Ghost!! GO BACK into my foundation, GO BACK into my past, every minute, every day, every month, every year and repair every satanic damage to my destiny, RECOVER AND REBUILD my destiny and RESTORE my stolen GLORY!!! in the name of Jesus.

Deuteronomy 29:29:“The secret things belong unto the LORD our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law.”

Jeremiah 33:3:“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”

Daniel 2:28,22:“But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets, and maketh known to the king Nebuchadnezzar what shall be in the latter days. Thy dream, and the visions of thy head upon thy bed, are these; He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him”

Psalm 25:14:“The secret of the LORD is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant.”

Psalm 50:15:“and call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me.”Isaiah 65:24 Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.”

Isaiah 65:24:“Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.”

Daniel 2:19:“During the night the mystery was revealed to Daniel in a vision. Then Daniel praised the God of heaven”

If you are yet to begin this great prayer for your life, start tonight at 12midnite, pray this single prayer for Ten to 15minutes or more time as God enables you. If u pray it in faith for 7 consecutive days at the midnight hour God shall baptize u with revelational secrets that would move your life forward by fire this leap year 2012, in Jesus’ name.

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  1. i want to sk u samfing from a week i have dreams with mi pastor , 1 with a hospitall another dreams from futurre another last naith i see the pastor foll deawn like hee suranderr all .i dont andastend this kind of dreams

  2. before i got bornagain i dated a muslim..i lost my virginity to him and he even made love to me when i was on my period..i broke away from that relationship over six years ago..i have asked God for mercy many times but are there any special prayers i could pray to help me further

  3. Prayer Eagle | February 8, 2012 at 12:42 pm |

    @Yemi: A soul tie is formed when you are extremely close to someone or something. A soul tie is also formed with every person you have had sex with (boyfriend or girlfriend). Many people who have left their pictures behind in the house of their former girlfriends and boyfriends, such images could be used for ungodly manipulations and purposes.

    Sample prayer point “Father, in Jesus name forgive me for allowing ungodly soul ties to be formed in my life. In Jesus name I break all ungodly soul ties I have with (name the people, places and things such as your ex-boyfriend etc,)”. “I break every evil umbilical cord. Break, break, break by fire!!! in the name of Jesus.” “Evil spiritual marriage, release me now, in the name of Jesus.” “Evil spiritual partners, release me now, in the name of Jesus” “Every enemy of my marital breakthrough, loose your hold, in the name of Jesus. Every spiritual competitor against my marriage, be scattered, in the name of Jesus.” “I remove every garment magnetizing anything evil to me, in the name of Jesus. Begin to thank the Lord for His deliverance upon your life, in Jesus’ name.”

    After breaking the ungodly soul tie, you will need to cast the demons out. Example: In Jesus name I command all demons of ungodly soul ties to leave me now. I command the spirit of (name the person e.g.our ex-boyfriend, place or thing) to come out of me now. Keep going until you believe all demons have gone. You may have to deal with some of this everyday until you believe that you have gotten rid of all of the demons and broken all ungodly soul ties. You also, need to get rid of the things that represents points of contact for such ungodly ties like pictures, artefacts, etc.

  4. Thankyou for your prompt rewponse..but when you say pictures of american movie stars artifacts.etc what do you mean..thx

  5. Prayer Eagle | February 8, 2012 at 1:22 pm |

    @Yemi: soul ties are also possible with images, pictures of ex-boyfriends, and movie stars, artifacts, etc It is possible to show inordinate affection attached to such pictures, artifacts, etc, but that is not your case, I wrote that to point to such possibilities for others who may be reading my response to you.

  6. misi charles | February 8, 2012 at 2:23 pm |

    I have been having the same dream for a number of years now and i cannot make any sense of it.
    I see a big unfinished house that is supposed to be mine but someone else is claiming it as theirs.Since I ststred praying the
    prayer points at midnight, although i have missed some nights the dream suddenly changed.i saw that house excavated and the lot is empty .It gave me a release of peace in my spirit since the house was removed.I still dont know what to make of it .The one thing I know is ,God is doing something, something superficial in my life and the feeling is awesome.I got saved 21 years ago and my life has been one struggle after another .Since I found your site a lot of things began to make much sence.My purpose is to continue my pesonal revival and to be all that God wants me to be in His vineyard.
    I have a small business and in December I had a vision of seeing a black cloth over my goods and embers of burnt candles on the floor of my shop.I would go to work day in and day out and very little or no sales with a shop full of beautiful goods for sale and a sales personality to die for.I understood that God was showing me something.A friend borrowed me the book “The Prayer Rain and I prayed some of the prayers for business and from January business has changed.Bless the Name of Jesus!!There has been a shifting in my business also my husband has a truck,10 wheeler.God showed me heavy chains around it and that truck brought no money home for over 6 months and that chain has been broken by the power of midnight praying and fasting .I glorify God and I thank you people for the way you encourage us to seek God and rage war against the enemy.I have ordered my copy of the prayer rain ,I cannot wait to recieve it.Again,God bless and keep you and your team for an excellent job !!

  7. i sw me & my fiance preparing for our wedding we were somewhere with a container dat has cover full of water we look for an okada rider who will help us 2 take it home as d man was trying to put it on his okada we discover d container was licking d man couldnt carry it any longer he have to leave me and my fiance & went on his way my fiance ws tryn 2 carry it on his head bt he couldnt i told him in d dream dat we should pour d water away go & fetch anoda dat is hw i woke up

  8. Prayer Eagle | February 8, 2012 at 3:47 pm |

    @funmi: Water symbolizes the WORD of God. 1 Corinthians 6:11: “And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.” Ephesians 5:26-27: “That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish”

    The ultimate goal of your wedding preparation should be mirrored in the marriage of the Lamb. Your marriage should be holy with the bed undefiled. If the container is leaking, it means the word of God is not being retained and applied as both of you prepare for your wedding, are u and your fiance born again? 2 Timothy 2:19: “Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.”

    Pray against temptation that want to blemish your marriage, repent if you and your fiance have committed any act of fornication during this preparatory period, ask God to help you maintain a holy testimony until your wedding night, pray against powers that want to puncture and abort your marital testimony. Pray for the Word of God to dwell in you richly as you both devote time together to read and study the word of God.

  9. Thanks for the quick response am very grateful and happy. i will amend my ways and pray d prayer points

  10. Hullo prayer eagle U know ur stuff please email me

  11. Dear Pastor / Prayer Eagle,
    Praise be to God. After my midnight prayer, I had a dream that I was in a farm in my home town. Some people entered the farm and began to search for something. I saw that a something had been buried under one of the plants, either cassava or something else. They finally pulled down a tree and I saw soldier ants fell from the tree. I don’t understand so i need an interpretation. Thanks.

  12. God bless you

    i dreamt that i was in a hospital theatre and the surgery was painless

    i remember the operation was in the area of my stomach

    Kindly advise

  13. I do not dream at all.
    I don’t remember ever dreaming.
    I am an adult now.
    Is this a problem?

    Please i need your response urgently.

  14. Kayode ogunwale | February 8, 2012 at 5:28 pm |

    I have a dream, everytime in my sleep I always notice someone brings food to me.sometimes i eat the food and later I tried to wake up and stop the food. I am in finland, studying and I want God to give me a good job that will giv me rest of mind and more professional.then God should help me to have a savings.

  15. AYANDA OLANREWAJU | February 8, 2012 at 8:25 pm |

    Please sir, I want you to join me in prayer that may God in His mercy grant to devine breakthrough this year and also to make me a blessing to others in Jesus name. May He in His infinity mercy grant me financial breakthrough so that I can do what other people has been doing in His devine yard. AMEN IN JESUS NAME.

  16. Greetings i ave been doing the prayer points and for some strange reasons i cannot remember my dreams as soon as i awaken it’s as if something just erase it from my mind.Can u please pray for me i need to remember my dreams. God Bless You

  17. For the past month I have dreamt three times that I was in a place laughing and smiling with one of my enemies who is always persecuting me.

  18. Prayer Eagle | February 8, 2012 at 11:51 pm |

    @misi charles: The big house is your destiny and accomplishment and the devil is contending for it. How then can you be at peace when that accomplishment is excavated or removed? Don’t let the enemy lull you to sleep with peace of the graveyard. You cannot be contented with failure and emptiness. You are a CITY set upon a Hill. You are the temple of God. Emptiers are determined to excavate your accomplishments as if you never did anything.

    Stagnation is b-r-o-k-e-n over your business and that of your husband. I congratulate you, but you must pray that whatever part of your destiny the devil has removed must be restored, repaired, rebuilt and be completed by fire!!! Command the strangers to return and rebuild and complete your mansion after the order of Isaiah 60:10. decree that the powers of the emptiers would fail over your life, command them to excavate the glory of Lebanon and bring them unto you in the name of Jesus. Declare with faith in your heart that you shall be called “The city of the LORD, The Zion of the Holy One of Israel.” – Isaiah 60:14

  19. I am a women who doesn’t dream. I have awoken and had 3 dreams last year and 2 dreams recently. I have been saying no divorce and walking in uncondtional love with my spouse. I have been standing and trusting God has restored my marriage. Last year i dreamed I was pushing a double stroller. I never told my daughter this dream. Eight months later my teenage daugheter told me she had a dream that she heard a baby crying. She enter my room and I was nursing one baby while my husband had the other. A women of God told me I was having twins as well.

    My first dream was my husband died and I was hurt and couldn’t handle the news. My mother and I went to view the body and my husband was in a casket. I weeped over seeing him. As we turn to leave he rolled out the caskets and said I am not dead. He took my by my hand and said he was coming home with me.

    My second dream was yesterday. I dreamed my husband died and my children and I went to his apartment. As I tried to find a parking space all his possession was on the curb. I circled around and neighbors starting taking his clothes. I parked and tried to recover what they took.

  20. I pray that my husband son and daughter be saved. Healing for my son’s friend who is 16 yrs old in the hospital with a brain tumour.

  21. Prayer Eagle | February 9, 2012 at 6:25 am |

    @Elvis: Please note: Whatever dreams took you to your village setting must be studied with care and caution. Soldier ants are not a friendly specie, there is something about your past or foundation that is militating against your present Present. You need to pray further that God should reveal the meaning of this dream about your destiny to you. Pray that every power buried in your foundation that is working against your destiny now must catch fire and burn without remnant. Pray against destiny stagnation and against every satanic parasite sucking the juice of your destiny tree to receive the fire of burning in Jesus’ name. ask God to reveal the deep things about your foundation to you that would move you forward by fire this year 2012.

  22. leonard mudau | February 9, 2012 at 6:29 am |

    i always dream of these big cars and sometimes its driven by someone. what does it mean about dreamng about cars repeatedly?

  23. Prayer Eagle | February 9, 2012 at 6:33 am |

    @Nakili: you need a second revelation because there is nothing called neutral revelation. Surgery is surgery, it does not matter if it is painless or not. you need to ask God for the meaning of this dream. Have been sick or do you have any stomach ailment that needs the touch of God? Who was the surgeon in the dream? You go back into prayer specifically targeted to revelation of your destiny and foundation and for God to give you interpretations of the mystery in your dream. Until you have clear interpretations, you can’t pray targeted prayers that would yield abundant results for you.

  24. Prayer Eagle | February 9, 2012 at 7:12 am |

    @Kayode: Whatever food and whoever gives you dream-food cannot be God and cannot be a healthy meal. They are satanic night caterers. Powers from your foundation have followed you to Finland and are determined to demote your destiny. You must angrily rise up and overthrow the satanic canteen and demonic restaurant and kitchen that serves you the meal of demotion in Jesus’ name. If you are born-again, you must go before God and ask for fresh fire to baptize your dream-life. You must ask the Holy Ghost to evacuate every satanic poison which you have eaten in the dream from your life. You must begin to drink the blood of Jesus by faith and ask the Blood of Jesus to nullify that poison of satan in your system. You can go further and prepare and take holy communion for the next seven days before you go to bed. Ask the power of the Lord’s super to fight against every night caterer that has forcefully converted you as customer and ask the Fire of the Holy Ghost to charge your spirit-man for victorious battle.

    For those 7 days, pray also for revelational secrets that would move your life forward by fire this leap year 2012, Ask God using this sample prayer: “O God to whom all secret things belongeth, according to Deuteronomy 29:29 and Jeremiah 33:3, Show me the secrets of my life, show me myself, show me beneficial secrets that would move my life forward and Break every bondage in my life BY FIRE!!!, in the name of Jesus.” He will surely show up and lead you to permanent victory, in Jesus’ name.

  25. I had a dream fighting with so many women and man and they have red cloths in their head and they wer worshipng unknown god so i start sending fire were they were standing and they start to fall down but they were so many and they all fall down please interprate it for me

  26. I prayed a the midnight hour and these are the dreams i got.
    I had a dream that i was travelling and when i was alighting, my handbag was missing. Several attempts to find the handbag did not bear fruit. Please assist to interpret this.
    I have also been having dreams with the number 29. The first night i dreamt that a guy was asking me to deliver to him 29 pieces of chicken. On the second night, i dreamt that i was told to read the book of Acts 29:32. On checking, the book of Acts is only up to chapter 28. Please assist to interpret.

  27. Dear Pastor
    I have been on the prayers already and I remember that I received a prophecy that I would be married by the end of the year and that was 3 years ago. I have never had a relationship and female monthly cycle.I now remember how each night I would dream of wearing a white gown but never see the groom and how I always dream of drowning in the sea/ocean.the good partner i had has since left me but he calls to want to reconcile but never comes in person. I have had 3 car accidents in my car and I would always dream and see it in my dreams and I have decided to sell it and buy a new one, but I’ve failed 50 times, for 5 years I cant sell it, getting bank to finance my new car , has been a problem even yesterday, they declined and the bank asked me if I knew why they won’t finance it? At that time I got the revelation.please assist me, im continuing to pray the prayers, I had been very successful before , but I had been plagued by problems after the other and lost back on my feet and the dreams won’t stop.i always dream being called by someone and right now everything that has my name isn’t good or wont succeed.
    Thank you

  28. Prayer Eagle | February 9, 2012 at 9:26 am |

    @Avo: This is not a laughing or smiling matter. You must break any slavery-link that gives the rein of your life into the hands of the enemy. Pray that the Lord will convert the laughter of the enemy into mourning and sorrow in the name of Jesus. Go back in midnight prayers asking God using this sample prayer: “O God to whom all secret things belongeth, according to Deuteronomy 29:29 and Jeremiah 33:3, Show me the secrets of my life, show me myself, show me beneficial secrets that would move my life forward and Break every bondage in my life BY FIRE!!!, in the name of Jesus.”

  29. Prayer Eagle | February 9, 2012 at 9:37 am |

    @Annette: Please check my response to MAY and Felicitus at this link: this is what my response to your case was: “…a bad dream is better than NO DREAM at all. Your dream life is a spiritual monitor and when you don’t dream at all, it is equivalent to total blindness. Spiritual blindness is a tragic and disastrous phenomenon. If you don’t dream at all, it means your dreams have been stolen or erased by the enemy of your soul. So you must pray that your spiritual monitor stolen by the devil should be returned and restored by fire in Jesus name. Pray that every power waiting to wipe off the spiritual screen of your dream life should receive the arrows of judgement in the name of Jesus. If you are born again, Pray that the Holy Ghost to baptize your restore your dream-life and baptize it with fire, in Jesus’ name. Prophesy that your dream life shall become too hot for satan and his cohorts to handle in Jesus’ name.”

  30. I had dreamt this dream some years back but it never comes out of my mind:i saw certain lady from my home village we were not close and by the time i dreamt of her she was two to three years late(dead),she came to me holding an injection on her hand trying to inject me,we fought for quite a time later she defeated me and injected me,when i woke up i was drepressed knowing that the devil has won but i didnt tell anyone that dream and i was not a christian by then,even though i used to read the bible and pray,this dream troubled me so much because many times even if i was not given my life to Christ i used to win battles in dreams because i was prayerful,but now i want to God to reveal the meanin of this dream to as i think may the devil trasferred something in my body or blood and pray with that the blood of Jesus nulify whatever sickneess the devil might have planted in my blood through that injection and cleanse my blood.

  31. I use to dream but 2 me d dream is too much if I sleep 6 hrs i cn dream 4 dt 6hrs in which i will b doing diff kind of activities dt can not b explained at times. some of it are explainable which reveal d secret of d evil one 2 me & let me knw where 2 direct my prayers,some r 2 other people dt r close 2 me, some are dream of victory while some i will just b doing diff normal day activities with friends, colleague in d office & so on. and am always tired of this bcos whenever i woke up i will have to relax and think about d dream i dreamt if it is good or bad so dt i cn know hw to go abt my prayer. i hope it is not dangerous

  32. Hello,

    I have been meditating on Daniel 2 on several issues in my life and I believe by faith hat God will answer my prayers. Please pray for miraculous intervention in my life for this month of February in Jesus Name. Amen.

  33. since we finished the last 21 days of prayer, I have been having a mixture of good and bad dreams each night. For example I can dream that my son is very sick and dying, then I also dream about myself delivered from current financial troubles, with an extremely successful business. I can have 4 bad dreams and 4 good dreams. Whats this?

  34. misi charles | February 9, 2012 at 12:15 pm |

    Thank you prayer eagle,this response is confirmation from the THRONE of God.

  35. Dream. My spouse was with me and said his An old adulterous relationship was over.
    He then said laughingly he is going to marry the bike rider. (he is currently with her). I tried to tell him that he was led astray but he wouldn’t listen. He smirked and ssid he would announce his decision at a film festival. When he said that, A small boy off to side that had been trying to get our attention got ran over by a car or something. My spouse and I ran and I said that the child couldn’t be fixed, it was dead eith its head broken at the mouth. My spouse finally got serious and stopped his smug behavior. The child seemed to be our hold or a part of him.

  36. dia prayer eagle, i have dreamt of open gates and currently am believing God to restore my health and expand my business. on top of that me and my husband have dreamt about about a construction that building that is not yet fnished, perharps when i wake up at night i get alot of fear about death etc. what is this?

  37. Dreamed was in a building that looks like our church and I saw a small snake and tried to kill it and while busy chasing the snake I heard the voice says looks up and when I look up there were many snakes on the steels that are used to hold the Roofing and when I look around saw unknown people and member of our church and I run out of the building as I was afraid that the snakes might fall on me. while running to the door another voice said she is coming with 4 chickens and outsite a met a woman coming into the buliding with 4 living chickens.

    Outside I saw some of our church youth and told them we need to go. On our way I saw two teenage boys standing beside the road and there two cellphone and Tablet on the raod. I picked them up and while looking at them it was like I am looking at photo’s of girls and was surprise.Heard the noise and there chaose behind me and I started calling the youth telling them we need to go.

  38. hello, dreamt that my sister passed away instantly at a bar with her boyfriend and the boyfriend looked so speechless and he was asking what he could do? we looked at him and we were also confused coz my sister was just fine adn what really killed her was what we wanted to know

  39. Prayer Eagle | February 9, 2012 at 3:08 pm |

    @Trusting God: Five disturbing dreams. D devil is waiting for you to give voice to his evil dreams of Death, Divorce and Dispossession. Awake Awake and reject and cancel the three Ds of the devil for your life and family with the blood of Jesus. You must take a violent stand against the satanic cinema sponsored by the devil for your life. The Bible says in Proverbs 4:23 “Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life”.

    Your husband has been fully captured by strange women and you will have to enlist in God’s midnight army to wage relentless war against these forces to save and recover your marriage from the threshold of this calamity. Read and meditate on Genesis 14:1-24 on how Abram’s midnight army rescued Lot. You too have strayed away in the past, but God has forgiven you and now you must cry out for mercy. These forces are too strong for you, but too small for God. Go before God and cry for mercy to recover your husband and restore your marriage. Send angelic rescue to recover your husband from strange women. Consider changing your name ask God to give you a new name. Linda associated names are serpent-related.

  40. dreamt my sisters friend walked out of a toilet after a long time, i treid to greet her but she did not respond, i went in she had left an abortion kit on the floor and she had stuffed the toilet with clothes, i was so shocked and woke u. please reveal what it means to me

  41. I dreamt that I was driving out with my children and housemaid. As we were going, I just saw my sister’s ex-husband’s brother by the roadside. Initially, I didn’t want to stop but he pleaded that I should wait that it’s been long he saw me last.
    So I stopped the car and we all came down from the car and he took us to a place. While we were seated and talking, 2 people came in. One of the people was just a replica of that my sister’s husband’s brother. All of a sudden, my housemain started shouting out to the 2nd person that he’s my husband.
    Immediately, I told her to stop that it’s a gimmick of the devil that the other person is not my husband. He only camouflaged as him.
    The 2 people started coming towards me and all of a sudden, I grew angry in my spirit and I started commanding them to fall down and die and they did.

  42. My dreams are so confused and I dream more than two different dreams like yesterday I dream ed that a friend of a brother to a sister who’ll marry the father of my two year old baby stapped me with a screw dryer at an overcrowd place without any reason. One lady at my work place is trying or bought a house that I want to buy currently couse she have a lot of money and she did on purpose. I’m always in the dark in my dreams. I even dream about my late grand father that somebody came to tell us that he was sleeping on his death bed and he wanted to see all his dhindren and when we came was sitting on a chair with all our dead family and we all greeded him and he was asking me how I was doing and i told him that I’m ok and he gave me not realy a smile, but it was like he gave a sigh and complained about his leggs than he spit on the ground. I than moved from were he was sitting and started to work around and it was in the dark I was like walking with a candle and I found lots of people dead and who are still alive.The dream is so long

  43. Kayode ogunwale | February 9, 2012 at 9:35 pm |

    prayer eagle thanks for your response.

  44. Good evening Sir,
    I parcipated in the prayer point of God revealing every secret of my life to me. The first day whiles praying the prayer point at midnight, I even started at 12.30am, I saw a very big snake very huge, but didn’t understand what it meant, I however went ahead to pray in tongues for some time and whiles praying in tongues a script. droped in my spirit but the script. is Isaiah 27:1, which talks about leviatan that serpent of the see. so I prayed to break any soul tie with any marine power or snake. Please help me with prayer points to loose myself from any bondage from the marine world. I’ll be 36years this march and still not married, I’m not even in a relationship yet but I’m believing God for a marrital breakthrough this year. Kindly help me out. Thanks and God richly bless you for helping people like us.

  45. @Sylvia: Congratulations, we rejoice with you, for you are right on target: Isaiah 27:1: “In that day, the LORD will punish with his sword, his fierce, great and powerful sword, Leviathan the gliding serpent, Leviathan the coiling serpent; he will slay the monster of the sea”

    1. Arrows from the waters: Go Back and kill your senders, in the name of Jesus.
    2. Every umbilical cord tying me to marine witchcraft: I cut you off with sword of fire!!! in Jesus’ name.
    3. Serpents of my father’s house, i am no longer your victim, therefore: ROASTTTTT!!!!! in Jesus’ name.
    4. Anti-marriage covenants operating in my life: BREAK! BREAK!! BREAK!!! in the name of Jesus.
    5. Holy Ghost Fire! Blood of Jesus: GO into my foundation, Destroy the power base of marine witchcraft!!! in Jesus’ name.
    6. O God Arise with Your fierce, great and powerful sword, punish the leviathan and slay the dragon of darkness tormenting my life!!! in the name of Jesus.
    7. Ancestral serpents of my family line, I crush you with my shoes of iron: DIE! DIE!! DIE!!! in the name of Jesus.

  46. Oh mine God, thank you very much, I’m going to tackle these topics right this minute. Will send you the feedback soon.
    Thanks once again.

  47. Greetings in the name of the Lord!
    Iam very grateful for your site which brought hope and restoration to my mind. Still the batttle is fierce, but at least I could go out from the house with much less fear of people and their whichcraft over me. I have learned that the blood of Jesus has power and it is for me to use it against very real forces of darkness. I see the difference when I pray at the midnight. I am fortunate to partake this year in prayer and fasting for the gate and cross over into 2012. I stand that I will see results in my 16 year ” marriage”, in my strayed husband and unbeliving daughter and in my finances as well.
    As I pray the above given prayers , I had a strange dream. My teen doughter was with me when I somehow got or bought very rare black pearls earings, long ones, shining with blue sedef shine and pearl for the chain, like set. I put them on and decided to keep them on, with little discomphort because they are strange, dark black shining pears, not usual. My neck was long, hair tighted on the back, looked kind elegant.
    On the 2nd of Feb, strange dream, like I was with 40 years old girl , who served at our embassy 5 years ago, now in France as couselor. Like we were in the forest and we want to get to the bottom of steap mountain , I just see steep forest and lots of dry leaves, the trees were green, but somehow like it was Autumn, because of the noisu leaves, The girl urinated and her urine wend down like big stream very noisy, some Corean man heard it , they wanted to climb up. Girl went down and I was still up, wanted to get down, thinking how to do it easily and not to ski on lives.
    But very desturbing dream I had ,6 years ago, when Lord asked me to stand i the gap for my daughter and husband, I was at my fathers house in south east Europe, the hose , living room had black walls because like something burned and our neighbour 65 slim, tall women holding toothpick in her mouth and just walking thrue house with the purpose, My doughter was with me, small girl. We were surrounded with maltitude of poisonous snakes which wanted to bite and kill my doughter. The women like did not care and I was having sord in my hand and just cutting and cutting heads of the floating or swimming snakes, I got tired as it went for long time. , but did not give up, and suddenly no more snakes. I like rested, and all of a sudden another multitude od snakes, the women was not there , but me and my doughter, I think one sor more snakes bited us, but I still was with the sword cutting their heads as they approached thrue the air towards us. Desturbing. My brother dreamed 2 years ago that my house was destroyed and I fell from it and all ruins on the top of me. His wife does not like me. She had sudden mental problem, 8 years ago,manifested in fear from people and she trew things from the house saying it is evil and burned it. She was scared ofthe people and my brother thinking he wanted to kill her. Her sister is in whichcraft, but my sister in law accepted Lord Jesus. Well we interceeded for her and with the help of medication get recovered, 5years ago got baby boy. They live on the first floor in my parents house. Actually, I “sow” danged of mental dissorder like coming to my brother, and I sow her sister doing something , not clear what , but comming from her direction. So I prayed for my brother to be protected and removing the evel spirits. His wife got the mental disorder, I did not pray for her, not thinking of her having any problem as she exibits very bright mind. Well, my brother in despair to save his wife whom he loves dearly, admitted having an affair with her much older and divorced sister who is in whichcraft. That was shock as my brother is known for being faihful and truly loving his wife. I led him to repentance, he was born again, but not educated in the ways of the Lord, never red the bible. I instructed him to not let women in his home, they commited act several times at my parents house. They are fine now, but my sister in law, several years ago pointed finger at me and said , yhe one who has done it to her will remember and have calamities. I suspect they visited which. Did I made mistake, how it all went to my siter in law. Somehow, as Iam writting, I remember, she gave me something to drink and insisted that I take the drink to my home for my doughter. I did not think thet it could be harmful..But… I have to admit I have not thought about the subject in the way how it evolved in front of me now. I had very bad mental frightening experiences, to the extent of not going out to the supermarket. I live in the large muslim country.After midninght prayers from the end of 2010 it is better, but it still feels yhat Iam magnet for evil and my doughter as well..My husband said he is removing his cover from me last year and that he is leaving me. Both my husband and daughter do not like that I pray at midnight and prayers which you posted., it is like treat to them, taking it as a source of problem. Iam very quite person, but I do pray, as I have no choice it is matter of survival now, before I liked seeing pople accepting the lord after some prayers and fasting. Now my focus is on my nuclear family. My mum suffered depression several years ago, as I stood for her in the gap, the deprecion come to me and my daughter, my mum is much better now. My dad, known to help and advise neighbours, had been attacked by the relatives because of the road thrue the land and streams of water during th winter making the way from his land to the neighbours. Of course I stood in the gap. I realized I need to know how to protect myself and my loved ones from attacks after I pray. I was not tought how to pray, I just asked Holy Spirit to pray thrue me for the people and He did gloriously people were free. I should have asked Lord to pray to protect me and my family. However, my faith is not as it used to be. I really need guidance . I want freedom and salvation for me and my family. I do study the word.


  49. AYANDA OLANREWAJU | February 10, 2012 at 9:43 am |

    Dear sir,
    I just started this prayer point yesterday night and God has prove himself to me, after the mid-night prayer I slept and I had a dream I saw a lady that has befriend before I got married in my dream agian travelling with me and before we departed she coursed me that I will not prosper but I took it as normal something but it only by the grace of God that I used to do something that I have been doing. So when I found this prayer point that may god reveal the secret of my problem to me myself I seriously key in to this and take as if it is only me that this concerned and just a day God reveal to me. So now that I have known this what do I do to solve the problem ones and for all sir.

  50. My children have dreamt seeing dead bodies.what does it mean?

  51. Dear Prayer Eagle,

    I always see the face or fully my mother or elder sister(annointed with Holy GHost but married to non christian ) in my dreams and sometimes my aunt (mentally retarted or evil possessed)and servant..
    My sister stays quiet and smiles. My aunt blushingly tries to do some work. My servant lady she looks as though in pain with sad face. My mom does nothing.
    I remember praying for them applying the blood of Jesus & Holy Fire as I do while I pray for family. I stay alone in a different state and its more than years I have met them and spoken to them in person.

    Awaiting for Divine Interpretation. Thank You in advance & God Bless.

  52. I went to sleep with great expectation and all fired in the HolyGhost after doing my war,worship and praise.I was excited and looked forward to a glorious dream.After your prophesy to me on the 8th of February,i prayed many firey prayer bullets from the Prayer rain and thise on your website.Lo and behold my only dream for the entire 2 and a halh hours of ssleep was ISIAH 64:10.its all i saw in my sleep at all times.Now this is what you said to me:
    Stagnation is b-r-o-k-e-n over your business and that of your husband. I congratulate you, but you must pray that whatever part of your destiny the devil has removed must be restored, repaired, rebuilt and be completed by fire!!! Command the strangers to return and rebuild and complete your mansion after the order of Isaiah 60:10. decree that the powers of the emptiers would fail over your life, command them to excavate the glory of Lebanon and bring them unto you in the name of Jesus. Declare with faith in your heart that you shall be called “The city of the LORD, The Zion of the Holy One of Israel.” – Isaiah 60:14:Does that mean that God is showing me myself in that verse,because my earnest prayer is for him to show me my destiny ,my life,my future and the most secret things of my life.if so i am not afraid becuse Christ in me ,is my hope for glory and I know that he has wonderful things in stoer for me.I will press to the mark of my high calling in Christ Jesus.

    Yesterday while i was sitting in my business,I have a front and back door and they were both opened.Very strangely a turtle dove not a white dove,but a turtle dove flew from my front door through my back door right over my head.I was sitted at my desk.Very strange feeling came over me when it happened.I thought it was all in my head because there are many birds in the area always,but still it flew inside through my business over my WISDOM?and then after waiting before my Father all night He Gives me this scrripture in my sleep.I know that I have the power through Christ to change desolation and wilderness into their opposite in Jesus name.With the help of the Holy Spirit and all the prayer points in the prayer rain and the breakthrough prayers for business professionels: both of these books have been a tremendous warfere instruments for me and I thank Dr DanielOlukoya for them.God bless you and your ministry.I need a bit of your insight on the revelation you gave me and the verse of scripture in my dream please.Thank you.

  53. I had a dream i dreamt dat i find myself somewhere dt look like a president house and the president in question is a wicked one which people are tired of he has been troubling people dt they are even tired of him i now saw a man dat kick d president and he fall imediately i saw myself with sword and shook him on the neck and blood goosh out of his neck and he died what baffle me so much was dt when he died we march out of d house with press covering us it look so real dat i even find myself in a convoy and set of people come 2 challenge us dat what has he done 2 us dat make us killed him. in my dream i started feeling dat i have killed a person dat have shed blood dt what will happen 2 me nw hope they will nt say they want 2 kill me and i started praying dt is when i woke up. pls i dont understand this dream

  54. hello prayer eagle
    @prayer eagle’s answer to yemi

    i too had committed adultery with multiple women descecrating the Holy temple of God just because I was ditched / cheated once which changed my life drastically…to alcoholism and pit failures. But after getting saved I have not stumbled though many temptations daily even in thoughts(more than 3-4yrs). But still i prayed in faith the prayer points posted by you in reply to yemi. Instantly when I closed my eyes to thank God I saw a brick well with 2-3 feet of water and a metal(or iron)bucket tied with a coir rope with 2-3 inches of water in it swinging in it 2-3 feet above the crystal clear water. Beneath the water was yellow sand which could be clearly seen.
    It looked as though someone was drawing water and had left immediately without drawing water before I reached the place.
    Will be grateful if you prayed about it from your busy schedule and reply interpreted reply as you replied to yemi as I am curious to know that am I still in trouble or need to do something more? Thank You Prayer Eagle In Jesus name Amen.

  55. Prayer Eagle | February 11, 2012 at 4:24 am |

    @Abraham from Mumbai: We serve a God who is the Father of Mercy. Once you have cried in repentance and renounced the sin, God does not remember any more, the blood of Jesus blots out your transgressions. Isaiah 12:3: “Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.” Your dream is a call to closer walk with God. That 2-3 inches deep crystal clear water is an indication of your present shallow relationship with God. The Word of God must richly dwell in you by practically camping around the Bible. He said in Jeremiah 2:13: “My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.”

    God wants you to move from the 2-3 inches ankle-deep water level (Ezekiel 47:3) and in this leap year that you leap into the “waters to swim in, a river that could not be passed over” (Ezekiel 47:5). May that be your portion and testimony in Jesus’ name. When you get to that level all iniquities would be washed away and you bask in the glory of God… that is the realm of joy unspeakable full of glory… press forward brother that you may attain the set goals of destiny…

  56. Greetings in Jesus’ name! I sent my dreams by email, was it correct or should I send it on the comment section? God bless you!

  57. Prayer Eagle | February 11, 2012 at 5:56 am |

    @funmi: Don’t let the devil turn your dream-life into a football to be kicked around. The ‘president’ you saw in your dream could be symbolic of a strongman presiding over your case. The sword in your hand is the word of God used in prayer, and that is what I recommended for you and your fiance to regularly study and meditate on the word of God. Those who challenged you were the aides and lesser demons under the control of the strongman that you slaughtered. You must banish fear from your life by letting the word of God fill the vacuum which fear is currently filling. The reason why you got scared after that great feat of slaughtering the strongman is because you have not sufficiently enriched and empowered yourself with the Word of God, I strongly advise that you take your Bible reading serious and on a daily basis, read at least 5 or more chapters!

    When Elijah slaughtered the 950 prophets of ball and Asherah, after the conquest he became scared when Jezebel challenged and threaten him for killing the 950. he ran for his life until the WORD of the Lord came to him in a cave where he was hiding, before he could renew strength and complete his mission.

    I congratulate you because you have slaughtered the anti-marriage strongman, but you must persist in the word of God to renew your strength and give you greater testimonies. After the slaughter came the rain and the end of famine, so shall it be in your life, your season of abundance shall appear now by fire in the name of Jesus.

  58. Prayer Eagle | February 11, 2012 at 6:00 am |

    @Jessie, your mail is receiving prayerful attention from the Most High god. He shall give you an answer of peace and victory in Jesus’ name.

  59. I DREAMED We were having ayouth conference in our church n there were youths from other churches. I stood up to preach n started to advice them about sex before mirriage and HIV. I was given water n place the glass on a Pulpit.At back I saw my brother n was surprise as he has never been to our churchh n does not believe in Jesus. One by one youth left before I could finish speaking.n when I Look at the back my brother also was no longer where he was.I went to find them outside there was this guy who was playing music so loud and told him that the youth left the church because of his loud music n he went to his house to reduce the volumo and did not want me to enter the house. I saw shack in his yard and went to check and found them (youth)gambling. I left on my back to church I saw the Pastor driving his car but the colour of the car was white.His car is blue. He gave me two pens and there one of the elders who had video camera n started recording and when I look behind I saw the youth coming back to church and I woke up.

  60. Prayer eagle. Did you get my email about my dream and prayer request? Thanks.

  61. @Prayer eagle Thank you for your answer. I receive it in Jesus’ name. Amen

  62. AMEN IN JESUS NAME. Thanks for the answer

  63. Dear Pastor
    i emailed earlier in the week and i believe im receiving prayers and answers. im still using prayer points and this morning i went to the bank to find why my applications for car have been declined and why no one can tell me why.the secret was revealed today, on the system it was written Declined,DEROGATORY applicant,the bank consultant told me this has never ever happened to anyone or seen the message like this before.he said he will reffer the issue to his superiors and call me on monday.
    Secrets about my life are being revealed. im standing on the word and God’s promises about my life. i will pray until all becomes well again .thank you

  64. Praise Be To The GOD Most High !

    Thank you Jesus, Thank You God and Thank You dear Prayer Eagle for your prompt reply and interceding for me at the HOLY feet of the Most High God. Thank You ! I feel increased in Spirit & Faith. Pray that i will boast “It is no longer I but Christ dwells in me” In Jesus name. Thank You from the bottom of my heart & all praise honor glory and power to our one true and living HOLY GOD. In Jesus name Amen Amen & Amen.
    God Bless You Abundantly!

  65. Dear Pastor!

    I dreamt that I went to open my suitcase where I kept my clothes
    And discovered that someone had put burning coals in my suitcase
    Amongst my clothes. The amazing thing about the dream was that my clothes did not burn.
    I took out the coal and I cursed the person who did it. Please what does this mean?
    Also, I find that all my relationships initially start well and then after I start doing all the calling and visiting.
    Pls pray that only a guy worthy of me should find me. A guy who is confident and recognises me as a good thing should find me. That from today upwards I will begin to be sought out for marriage in Jesus Name.Amen

  66. Prayer Eagle | February 11, 2012 at 6:40 pm |

    @T.R: You have multiple case of spirit husband and witchcraft stagnation. First go read my recommendations for Mor at this link: Also command every power waiting at the edge of your appointed breakthrough this year to somersault and die in the name of Jesus. Decree that your stolen menstrual cycle be restored by fire! in the name of Jesus. Command every satanic wedding gown and wedding ceremony to catch fire and burn to ashes! in the name of Jesus. Shout with boiling anger against every stagnation in your life and wipe off the evil label of “DEROGATORY” placed on your forehead, in the name of Jesus. Shout and say: “Repeated failures, I am no longer your victim therefore: die!!! in the name of Jesus.” and this one: “Uncommon favour, locate me by fire this month! in the name of Jesus.”

  67. Prayer Eagle | February 11, 2012 at 7:29 pm |

    @Makidele Anonymous: This your dream is a warning dream, don’t just get angry and curse the owner of that burning coal. Study this scripture: Proverbs 6:26-29: “For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life. Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned? Can one go upon hot coals, and his feet not be burned? So he that goeth in to his neighbour’s wife; whosoever toucheth her shall not be innocent.” Your dream is really a strange one and falls under three possible categories, but the above scripture flashed to me as you recount the dream, all you need do is replace man with woman, wife with husband and adulteress with adulterer, in that scripture above and u may gain an insight.

    CATEGORY 1: Have u ever slept with a married man before? If yes, then go into repentance and seek forgiveness and mercy of the Lord to blot out that memory and break that soul tie.
    CATEGORY 2: If not 1 above, perhaps a married man is spying on you or making sexual advances at you or that a married man is about to propose marriage to you after many years of frustration at getting Mr. Right. DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO ACCEPT OR EVEN COVET ANOTHER WOMAN’S HUSBAND!!!
    CATEGORY 3: It is also possible that your case may be that of a spiritual husband who drives away prospective suitors from you warning them that he is already married in the spirit realm to you. IN THIS CASE JUT READ AND PRAY THE RESPONSES I GAVE TO MOR AT THIS LINK:

  68. susan kalunga | February 11, 2012 at 9:43 pm |

    Its good2 know that sonebody is out there who cares enough by helpin me understand my dreams.There r no words to describe dr olukoyas indepth revelation and insight bestowed on him by i stumbled upon this site whn what i wnted2 read was about th

    Till kingdom come continue on this path.Therethose of us who have grown in the Lord cause of these teachings.THE LORD BLESS U AND KEEP U.SHALOM SHALOM

  69. susan kalunga | February 11, 2012 at 9:43 pm |

    Its good2 know that sonebody is out there who cares enough by helpin me understand my dreams.There r no words to describe dr olukoyas indepth revelation and insight bestowed on him by i stumbled upon this site whn what i wnted2 read was about th

    Till kingdom come continue on this path.Therethose of us who have grown in the Lord cause of these teachings.THE LORD BLESS U AND KEEP U.SHALOM SHALOM

  70. susan kalunga | February 11, 2012 at 9:46 pm |

    Its good2 know that sonebody is out there who cares enough by helpin me understand my dreams.There r no words to describe dr olukoyas indepth revelation and insight bestowed on him by i stumbled upon this site whn what i wnted2 read was about th

    Till kingdom come continue on this path.Therethose of us who have grown in the Lord cause of these teachings.THE LORD BLESS U AND KEEP U.SHALOM SHALOM

  71. susan kalunga | February 11, 2012 at 9:47 pm |

    Its good 2 know that sonebody is out there who cares enough by helpin me understand my dreams. There r no words to describe dr olukoyas indepth revelation and insight bestowed on him by God. today i stumbled upon this site whn what i wnted2 read was about th

    Till kingdom come continue on this path. Therethose of us who have grown in the Lord cause of these teachings.THE LORD BLESS U AND KEEP U.SHALOM SHALOM

  72. I found the website the middle of December 2011, and begin the fasting and praying (although I got a late start) like most people for a Godly spouse, job promotion, saved loved ones, etc. However, I like most struggled with the midnight prayer as I have to get up at 5a.m. to be on-time to work by 7a.m. Then I had a brother to get in some (big) trouble and God have been waking me up at the midnight hour and again at 3 or 4 a.m. for prayer.

    I ask that each of you would pray for my brother, my family and myself as I pray to God whether I should be co-counsel on his case and that God open the doors of heaven to reveal the truth in this case. I also ask that my brother give his life to Christ.

  73. am a regular watcher of mfm tv, there was a time the go gave a prayer point in one of his massage and the prayer point is ( o lord show me the secreat of my self) and each time i pray that prayer, atimes i see snakes in my dream and in most cases, coming to attack me, even last week in the dream i and my younger brother escape a very gaint snake attack in a friends house, pls tell me the nest step to follow pls and tank mfm team for their wonderful site.

  74. Prayer Eagle | February 12, 2012 at 2:32 am |

    @pius: your background and ancestry clearly indicate that elements of covenant with the serpent. Go and investigate and enquire from your parents to confirm if your family line has anything to do with snake-worship. Whatever it is, you must begin to pray to break every covenant with serpentine powers over your life. break every evil dedication to the serpent. Break every covenant entered into on your behalf either consciously or unconsciously with serpent powers. Revoke and annul verdict and every poison of the serpent in your system or flowing in your life in Jesus’ name.

  75. Thank You God and thank Prayer Eagle for your prompt reply and interceding for every one at the HOLY feet of the Most High God. At this moment I cant remember my dream, but one of my soun (hijo) after my midknight prayer he was bommithing, he dosen´t know way, I belive is the Lord´s work. What you tink?..
    thank for your answer and prayers for me and my three (tres) kid´s.
    God keep blessing this ministrie

  76. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Can you please unfold this dream, thank you
    I heard a loud crashing sound (that awoke me)

    There is a tree planted in a white painted metal drum, at the edge of our property, at the side of the road and that is where I heard the crashing sound, in the dream I got up and looked out of the window(for I taught something crashed into my dad’s car parked in the garage)but instead I saw the neighbor’s vehicle parked on the road alongside of the tree in the metal drum, and I said why outside there is dark, but I can still make out the vehicle and the drum. In reality that area is illuminated by a street light.

  77. Thank you faithful prayer eagles for your humble service and prompt responses. May God richly bless you and make you soar higher!You have so encouraged me to continue to fight at the midnight hour and shoot out those deadly arrows against every strongman and spirit husband ! Today I dreamt these 3 dreams. Please help me decipher. 1) I was in a Q to get served in a bank. I realised then that I was approaching it from the wrong end and had to get down and get on an escalator to come to the right position. I quickly did that and went up the escalator. I was the next in Q as the guy in front of me was served. There was a well dressed lady behind me with a son whose teacher just came then singing praises of the little boy who was in uniform. His book was being opened and he had scored really well. The mother replied the teacher by prophetically speaking about the child’s wisdom and skills. The well dressed lady then turned to me asking me what I thought of going to this other major city in my country. I answered her that God had given me a specific ministry in my current city I was convinced the other city was an unlikely destination for me. I asked her why she had asked me about this city but didnt get her response.
    2)..I was walking along a familiar path through a park of my neighborhood . As I got to its end I saw some men and their school children sitting on the path blocking my way. I tried to pass through from the right side but even holding onto the grass on the verge was difficult and i gave up. I tried on the left side and discovered a well rooted tree which i hoisted myself into. The path became steeper and thats when I saw a fatherly man at the top of the pathway. He held out his hand to help me and pulled me up from the tree to the top of the pathway. I shouted…”I’ve made it!! “. The man asked me my age in this way ” you’re 20 what? ” assuming I was in my 20’s and i corrected him that I’m in my 30’s…
    3) The third dream was patchy. I remember a family friend just saying to me …” you look like or your name should be Veronica . I looked up the meaning of the name and it means victory bringer.
    I also woke up strongly aware that the colour PURPLE had been mentioned in connection with me in this segmented dream.

  78. Dear prayer eagle,

    I had a nightmare yesternight and was wondering if you could interpret it for me. All I remember about the dream was that a certain pastor woman or someone like that called me a false prophet and sprinkled water on me when I had met her in a shop in town. I told her that she was the false prophet bcos she was supposed to know better as she had been in ministry for so long and I was just starting. My memory is vague but it seems as if I also sprinkled some water on her or something. Immediately after this, she went out and sat in a taxi and all of sudden something like a sharp instrument cut through her and her body severed into two parts. It was to the horror of all the people standing by and myself. You could see the blood from the severance of her body and there was some sort of acidic burning on both parts of the body due to the water I think I sprinkled on her. When I saw this, I became greatly afraid and said to myself that I had to really revere God. Then I started to run away from the incident and I think I jumped over a gutter. All this time I think I was walking with someone although I don’t really remember who.

    Prior to this dream, I had another one in the afternoon when I took a nap. In the dream, it was like I was in some sort of boarding house or something and I was walking with my cousin. We were outside chatting when another cousin of mine joined us and was complaining that she had left her room that very moment because it was like the cult group in her dormitory had gathered in her dormitory to have a meeting. My other cousin was advising her that that was a good move and we were talking. My cousin then said something funny which caused me to laugh and then I woke up suddenly and it looked like I had laughed aloud in my sleep.

    A day before that I had a dream that I had woken up from sleep and was preparing to go to class. I’m in the university doing my master’s. I got out of my room and went into the bathroom. In the bathroom, I realised that the tap was leaking and there was water coming out from the leakage. In the hall of my apartment, there was an old family friend( I believe she’s a witch) whom I once lived with during my undergraduate years and an unindentified male who were watching a spanish soap opera. As I walked to the bathroom, I could sense that they were watching my every move as she signaled to the guy she was with. She said to the guy concerning the soap opera that someone in the series sometimes allows himself /herself to be controlled by the gods or deity . So when I got to the bathroom and saw the leakage, I started thinking of whom to call to come fix the leakage. Then I remembered my room mate had once had a problem and had called the apartment’s technicians. So, I decided to go call the technicians to come look at my problem when I woke up from the dream.

    As you can tell from this email, I normally have nightmares or dreams and normally don’t understand what they really mean and it sometimes can be troubling for me. Could you please interpret them for me? Thank you and God bless you.

  79. Dear Prayer Eagle ,Thank you for the guidance you provide us on this site.I have battled witchcraft in my marriage and i have been seeing things that i really worked hard for in life being taken away from me.Yesterday i dreamt fighting with a men who was half burnt and today i have failed for the 4th time exams that i had really worked hard for and fasted thinking that i would break any spell that was put on me on the fruits of my hands.Please help me interprate this dream ,i will not give up on my Lord but i keep praying for God’s continued guidance.

  80. Dear Prayer Eagle

    Pleae help me with the dream, i always found myself in public bus with a small child going on certain destination but not reaching our destination, sometimes climbing bolders, sometimes climbing over the cemetry.
    Sometimes i found myself in the company of an ex-boyfriend, who i have left six years back, before he killed me liked he used to say. A lot of witchcraft was involved eventually, his mother and his aunt died before they could killed me, i always dream that i have a set of key with me and the ex-boyfriend is always trying to steal my set of key, which he never succeed. I over 40 and still praying for God to meet my needs and send me my godly-ordained husband. Amen. Please can i have a reply on my email. Thank you and God bless

  81. dear Prayer eagle. i have always had a problem of eating in my dreams, recently i dreamt sitting in a table with people i don’t know, two of which i used to work with. it was as if, we were having a feast. and i have a problem of anger towards my husband, i feel this hatred towards him that i don’t even want him to touch me. could this be because of the evil food i have eaten in my dreams. recently i have been praying to God to help me not to eat in my dreams, but the more i pray about it, the more i eat. what could this be?

  82. this is very powerful

  83. Hi,

    I have started with the prayers on your site and I began last thursday. the problem is I’m not always able to start at midnight. Sometimes it’s 1 am or 2 when I start. Is it ok if I do it like that or shd it be strictly midnight?. In the course of these few days, I have had different dreams. I had a dream that my sister in law called me on phone explaining to me that some money I gave to her to pay my tithe for me at church had been misplaced by her. She said the money was lost under a tree at church together with my mobile phone. I had another dream Saturday dawn, few hours after I was done with the prayers. My mother had invited me to a church and it seemed as if the church was full of witches or something and when I got there( I was with a friend), it was as if they were doing some rituals and trying to kill me. In the dream I started praying and rebuking them, all of a sudden, all the witces fled the scene. I also had a dream yesterday where I had gotten into trouble and had called a pastor I knew to come help me out. He came to where I was to help me and when it was time to pay the taxi drivver who brought him, he offered to pay and I was telling him to let me pay because it was because of me that he had come to the place. I don’t remember much, but I remember that after we had resolved the issue and everything, we sat in the taxi and were heading to some other place. I think in the car, I pooped and peed on myself while also menstruating. Due to this I didn’t want to get too close to the pastor bcos of the mess. When we got to the destination, he alighted and then he was talking to another pastor friend in a building. The taxi driver saw what I had done to myself and threatened to tell the pastor. I called off his bluff, at which he told the pastor and his friend about my mess. I apologized to the pastor and explained why I was being distant from him. the two pastors then laughed at me..then I told the taxi driver to take me home. He refused and so I lashed him with a stick and still he was being stubborn. I was still lashing him when he called out to the pastor to come help him but the pastor supported me. So eventually, he got into the driver’s seat and started the car. what do all these dreams mean? could you please help me understand?

  84. Hi there
    I had a dream last year about 3 bibles coming for the roof to my bed the other one is uncovered.Bu dont remenber the dream fully.Last week i dreamnt going to heaven with my son but the fire touched my right arm before we reached heaven meet one of my friend who passed on two years ago we were so excited to see each other there.One of the pastor said to me I should lead song as we are matching to enter heavens gate.

  85. Margaret from Kenya | February 13, 2012 at 10:19 am |

    Dear brethren,
    I have had several times dream about going back to school and doing exams which i never finish. Please tell me what is the meaning.
    Also the other day i dreamt i was in my work place and i had eaten an apple but didn’t finish it. I left to do some work but when i got back i found that my apple was half eaten. What is the meaning.
    I am about to report to a new job i got on 1st march this year which is better than where i am.
    Please email me prayer points to deal with this dreams coz i think they are illustrating stagnancy or backwardness.
    God bless you,

  86. Margaret from Kenya | February 13, 2012 at 10:23 am |

    Dear brethren,
    I have had several times dream about going back to school and doing exams which i never finish. Please tell me what is the meaning.
    Also the other day i dreamt i was in my work place and i had eaten an apple but didn’t finish it. I left to do some work but when i got back i found that my apple was half eaten. What is the meaning.
    I am about to report to a new job i got on 1st march this year which is better than where i am.
    Please email me prayer points to deal with this dreams coz i think they are illustrating stagnancy or backwardness.
    God bless you,

  87. Dear prayer eagle, Thank u so much for the good work you are doing.

    As i prayed for God to show me the secrets of my life, in what seemed to be a vision, i saw my cousin sis standing at an isolated road side wearing a gloomy face holding with her two hands a small round black bag. This confused me, i don’t know what to make of this. I’m not close to this cousin of mine, she’s much older than (in her 50’s) and i have always known her as a person who doesn’t wish other people well, she so complicated woman. she has never been married but has children with a married man. I’m not married as well. I will be very grateful if you find time in your busy schedule to help me interpret this vision.
    Waiting to hear from you. God bless you.

  88. I’m married for 9 years with three kids my hubby is unemployed.We are stuggling big time we are in debts borrowing money from one place to the other.When I have to make love with him is story.Im really tired of this life.We always fight out oof nothing.He dreamt making love with other lady and I’ll always dream making love with someone.We love God soo much but there is no progress in our marriage.Help man of God

  89. Prayer Eagle | February 13, 2012 at 4:51 pm |

    @Anonymous Nontutuzelo Makhaphela from South Africa: You must first pray for discernment to know the wolf in sheep’s clothing, don’t mistake the tares with the wheat. Ask the Lord to break every spiritual entanglement yoking you to false doctrines. Last year dreams were part of last year problems, let us dig into our dreams issuing forth from that specific prayer point over the last seven days, responding to dreams dreamt last year will not give us time to those who needed help in interpretation of their current dreams. Digging into our current dreams can even give us clues into the past years and decades. Nevertheless, note that there is a STRONG CORRELATION BETWEEN STAGNATION AND SEX IN THE DREAM. The problem of stagnation is not to be taken kindly, therefore I advice you take the prayer points against stagnation and spirit spouses which I gave to T.R and Mor at this link: I command your 9-year financial stagnation to crash and crumble in the name of Jesus.

  90. Dear Prayer Eagle,
    I just want to make sure you have received my post, no47. Iam not remembering the dreams, sometimes i know i dreamed but no recall.
    Thank you so much for the answers you are generously providing it does help to understand the situations and pray.Generally I do not dream, but the ones I do remember they are so strong and I see the results afterwards in the nations or people. I remember vividly dreaming several years ago that I drove with the car up the mountains all covered in very white snow, very nice deep snow, but I drove without the problem, I think my husband was with me, then when we come to the place which I did not see the road, but it was like place to stay in the snow, house made of snow. I went in it was not cold surprsingly, but I was left alone. I think no one was arround, I alone in that house , dressed in the winter clothes for the snow in the room made out of cnow, soft, not icy.Strange dream.

    Before new year, I dreamed that one women, like from movie, looking like conzervativ old teacher with the umbrela, hat. I just remember seeing the character in the old movie with wiches. I was in the dark house and women was moving ,not walking along the long windows, I was outside and sow her shade. Then I sow many young people she was putting to sleap and paking them in the boxes and seeling the boxes, no one stopped her, I was disturbed and wanted to stop her. What she was doing was not right. I forgot the things in between, but I do remember, I was inside beside windows, opening boxes, to wake young people and women entered strange ca r, left inthe car without driver, very picefuly, she finished her work. I realized it was the which or somethig similar. Please prayer eagle, i would love to have an understanding. There are much things going on in my and i do not know sometimes if iam on the right truck. 2004, i somehow went out of my studies, did not complete them and would like to have employment. Would it be possible to provide an email to write more elaborate and o receive instructions. Iam deeply thankful to the Lord Jesus for your site, it made imense impruvement in my emotional and mental life, physical manifestation will follow in the name of Jesus. What little we could is to pray for the Lords continual blessings of grace, goodness and mercy upon your life and ministry, that Lord stretch it even more and tht the one who seek will find it, those that knock the door will be opened, those who ask will receive. May you and your family be in the house of the Lord and soar in the places Lord has for you in victory. You brought hope to my life, thank you, you restored my sanity, thank you, you put me on the right track, thank you, thank, thank you. Lord guided me to this site, thank you Lord.

  91. Prayer Eagle | February 13, 2012 at 6:00 pm |

    @Mabel: But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets, I bless the Lord God of Heavens and the earth who showed you these secrets. There is an unseen covenant of evil pattern between you and this senior cousin of yours. You must break every slave chain that yokes you to this cousin, every evil pattern set up for your destiny to follow, you shall break it in Jesus’ name. every curse of marital delay break in Jesus’ name. Every of your virtues stolen or stored in any dark warehouse, recover them by fire and set ablaze such warehouse in the name of Jesus. Ask the Holy Ghost bulldozer to clear away from your path every satanic obstacle to your marital breakthrough and matrimonial joy in Jesus’ name.

  92. Please, prayer eagle , my mum just called me and mentioned that she dreamed me in the white gown and like i was sowing more dreses and wanted to go somewhere. i was about to travel,she said she was not happy and comphortable.I do not like my mum dreaming as she could tell the things comming thrue dreams, but not good things. My sister, believer, when lived with me, dreamed bad things for me, but nice for her, so i asked her not to dream about me. Her dreams wer like, big black dog running after me then I stopped and gave up and the dog was opening his mouth to bite me. Very bloodthursty dog. Another time she dreamed dog as well. so i was fed up with the dogs from her dreams and said no more dreams about me. I did not like to dream and expect bad things to happen, so i was happy when not dreaming. This dreams are disturbing, what to do with them?
    I have very important thing to share with you and ask for the advice it is urgent as the Lord revealed sicret to me, but iam not comphortale sharing it on line for now. Would it be possible to have an email to which i may refer to.
    with much apreciation in expectation of your reply.

  93. Dear Prayer eagle,

    Is it good powerful or bad powerful and what do the dreams mean?Thank you .

  94. Greeting in the Mighty Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I’m so excited that without fail I open this site at midnight and start praying. I would like to tell you about a vision I had in 1998. I was very upset and not happy for the proposal that had come to me. I was very very disappointed with this person. I was a new born christian at that time. I believe the Lord said to me that I have something better for you. I was seriously praying for a right match and I wept very bitterly because after waiting for such a long time I was not happy with what had come to me. I was in a trance and saw huge screen before me and I saw black kites flying all over and I saw one White kite at the right hand side and the White kite on the extreme left hand side. Thw screen disappeared and there was very bright light and I heard someone walking towards me. The earth shook with the footsteps of the one approaching me. Then I saw a shadow of the person and I knew it was Jesus. I was so terrified that I said Lord I know its you, please go away lest I die if I see you. The Lord went away and the light too stopped shinning. But I saw the screen once again. This time the two white kites were flying together and all the black kites flying one side. I’m still single and not married. I do not know why the delay after so many years of prayer. So many men and women of God have prayed for me and they have said that marriage is definite. But please wait for the right person. I’m 46 now. please pray because I donot know why is the delay.

  95. Kayode ogunwale | February 13, 2012 at 8:04 pm |

    I once wrote to you about eating in the dream .the prayer eagle team ask me to prayer and take holy communion for 7 days. on the 3 rd day, I had a dream that I bought a new Iphone. Actually, i want to buy this phone but theres no money but in my dream i see that i bought the phone. I just dont understand the dream and things are so difficult over here for me but I am trusting God for a break through.

  96. My daughter had a dream that 2 star tattoo’s was upon my hands, 1 on each, I also had a dream that a crocodile came against my hands. I shook my hands and anointed them with oil. What does this mean?

  97. Pastor,though i dream alot but most times i seem to forget my dreams.but last week i was in the dream and i saw a man he was holding something but i don,t really understand what he was holding.i remember i tried to collect i but he refused.please what does that dream mean?again yesterday after meditating on Gods goodness upon my life i slept off, it was in the evening btw the hours of that dream i entered our room because i share a room with my brother.i saw coins close to the bed, and that room was dark and i tried to put on the light but no light.though the person i saw in that dream was my brother that came to collect the coins.please what does this dream mean

  98. i had a dream of anytime am about to have a breakthrough, i will see strongwoman to make me to urinate in the dream

  99. Prayer Eagle | February 14, 2012 at 3:07 am |

    @Nada from Egypt: I thank God for your life and your spiritual growth since July last year 2011 when you joined Prayers Fire. The multitudes of your dreams can be summarized as witchcraft persecution. I join my faith with yours that your most-prized possession after God, your immediate family – Husband and daughter shall be arrested and convicted by the Holy Ghost and brought to repentance and godly sorrow in Jesus’ name. Read Psalm 27:1-14 prayerfully every day for your spiritual armour. The God of your salvation shall intervene to bring joy and smiles back to your face and your family in Jesus’ name.

    John 16:8-15: “And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment: Of sin, because they believe not on me; Of righteousness, because I go to my Father, and ye see me no more; Of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged. I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you. All things that the Father hath are mine: therefore said I, that he shall take of mine, and shall shew it unto you.”

  100. Prayer Eagle | February 14, 2012 at 3:19 am |

    @Josephine: pray against powers waiting to abort your miracle at the edge of your breakthrough, command them to be bound with fetters of fire, command their their throne to catch fire and overthrow them from their palace of wickedness in the name of Jesus. Command the the warehouse where they stored your stolen blessings to open by fire and decree a seven-fold restoration of your blessings in Jesus’ name.

  101. Prayer Eagle | February 14, 2012 at 3:34 am |

    @Ihuoma: Your two dreams reveal a lack of the word of God in you. the Word of God is a Light, It is a hammer, It is Fire, It is alive and powerful, when it richly dwells in you. Pray against the strongman of poverty in your family. Command every power that have stolen your virtues to release them to you and somersault and die in the name of Jesus. Ask the Holy Spirit to be your teacher and make the love for the word of God greatest in your life, camp around the word of God daily. Ask God to shed His divine illumination over your life so you can the beneficial secrets that would move your life forward this year and break the bondage of poverty in your life in the name of Jesus.

  102. Prayer Eagle | February 14, 2012 at 3:45 am |

    @Margaret from Miami Florida: Your hands represents the symbol of your labour and profiting, and crocodile represents great destructive power. The tattoo on your hands could be a mark of bewitchment of your labour. pray against every bewitchment of your labour and income. Pray against every arrow fired against your source of income, pray against powers assigned to destroy your staff of bread, pray for God to promote you and give you a very profitable job, or business to the glory of His name. Terminate by fire every stagnation and unemployment threatening your life in Jesus’ name.

  103. Prayer Eagle | February 14, 2012 at 3:50 am |

    @Kayode: Continue in your prayers, the God of new things shall do a new thing in your life, He shall open river in your wilderness, He shall surprise you beyond your desired breakthroughs in Jesus’ name.

  104. Prayer Eagle | February 14, 2012 at 4:20 am |

    @Mabel from Mumbai: First and foremost stop playing jungle magic and other demonic entrapment games. Devote your precious time to God and study of His word. Ask the Lord to show you if there is any curse placed upon you so you can break such curses by the power in the blood of Jesus. Meditate prayerfully on Isaiah 43:14-28. “…Thus saith the LORD, which maketh a way in the sea, and a path in the mighty waters; Which bringeth forth the chariot and horse, the army and the power; they shall lie down together, they shall not rise: they are extinct, they are quenched as tow. Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. Remember ye not the former things…” Also see your picture in Isaiah 41:17-18: “When the poor and needy seek water, and there is none, and their tongue faileth for thirst, I the LORD will hear them, I the God of Israel will not forsake them. I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water.” Ask the Lord to reveal the secrets of your life to you, and command your locked rivers in high places to open by fire unto you to quench the marital thirst of your destiny”

  105. Prayer Eagle | February 14, 2012 at 4:51 am |

    @Anonymous from Lincoln, Nebraska: Your first dream shows there is evil monitoring eyes targeting your life: Command every such eyes to go blind by fire in the name of Jesus. Command every demonic household mirror used in monitoring your life to shatter to irreparable pieces in Jesus’ name. Command every witchcraft surveillance of your destiny to scatter unto desolation in Jesus’ name. Command the stubborn pursuer of your life to catch fire and roast in Jesus’ name.

    Your second dream: Prophesy that you will laugh last over every occult power gathered against your destiny! Decree that the power of darkness of your father’s house shall fail over your life. Prayerfully meditate on Psalm chapter 2. Command every satanic gang-up of your family line and household to scatter unto desolation in Jesus’ name.

    Your third and last nightmare: You have victory by the bold word of God spoken through your mouth, but you must be bold as the word you speak. There might have been an envious but unknowing satanic relationship which you have courted before in your past. Pray over it again for definitive revelation. I sensed a stubborn power followed you from your background. that power is raging now against you: you must silence every rage of envious enemies of your glory in Jesus’ name.

  106. Prayer Eagle | February 14, 2012 at 5:40 am |

    @Nadina: Invoke the blood of Jesus to nullify every evil dream dreamt against you and by you in Jesus’ name Don’t bother to entertain evil dream cancel them by the power in the blood of Jesus. send your request to or to

  107. Thank you Prayer eagle for the prompt response, May our Good Lord richly bless you and His mighty Glory shine upon you always. Victory is ours in Jesus’ name!!

  108. Dear prayer eagle, at last I dream, but it was verry confutius, I dream I was in a Stadeum (Plaza) was going when I saw a coworker that is sick, but she did look verry ansome, as how was she in the past.
    What is the reasson to dream with her?.
    I wood like you to tell me what is that dream about.
    Thank you for reveale to me and for your powerfull prayers.

  109. Thank very much for the way forward.May you continue allow God to use you.Last week i dreamnt going to heaven with my son but the fire touched my right arm before we reached heaven meet I saw one of my friend who passed on two years ago we were so excited to see each other there in heaven.One of the pastor called me and he said to me I should lead song as we are matching to enter heavens gate.

  110. Thank you prayer eagle for your prompt answer. Thank you for correcting me of my errors. I’m very glad that you have replied so quickly. May God bless the good work you have been doing.

  111. @Anoynymous Nontutuzelo: Stop those dreams of death, you are too young to die now! You shall live to fulfill the number of your days on earth here in Jesus name. Stand up boldly and cancel every dream of death over your son and self in the name of Jesus. Begin to break every unknown and invisible link with any dead friend and relative by the blood of Jesus. Begin to prophesy to your self and son that you both shall not die but live to declare the works of God in your lives in the land of the living in Jesus’ name. Command every joy of your enemies wishing you dead to be converted to sorrow in the name of Jesus. Exodus 23:26: “There shall nothing cast their young, nor be barren, in thy land: the number of thy days I will fulfil.” Psalm 91:16: “With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.”

  112. @Roena: Pray more for clear vision, it could be the Lord is showing you this sick co-worker that God will use you to pray for her and she shall recover and be well again.

  113. Praise God Prayer Eagle,

    Kindly respond to my email. I had sent in my request on 9th of February. Please assist.

    I prayed a the midnight hour and these are the dreams i got.
    I had a dream that i was travelling and when i was alighting, my handbag was missing. Several attempts to find the handbag did not bear fruit. Please assist to interpret this.
    I have also been having dreams with the number 29. The first night i dreamt that a guy was asking me to deliver to him 29 pieces of chicken. On the second night, i dreamt that i was told to read the book of Acts 29:32. On checking, the book of Acts is only up to chapter 28. Please assist to interpret.

  114. Dear Prayer eagle ,I have been battling witchcraft for a while and by the grace of God some things are being revealed to me in dreams .I dreamt as if I was at some sought of court and I was being accused of several things by one of my in-laws’ also dreamt being chased by vicious dogs and recently I dreamt fighting a men who was half burnt .I have been battling with stagnation for a while .Please interpret for me and inform me on how I can address this.

  115. Prayer Eagle | February 14, 2012 at 2:36 pm |

    @Judy: Losing one’s handbag or purse in a dream is an attack on your finances. You must reverse, nullify and forbid such loss by the blood of Jesus. Arrest the spiritual robber and make the thief to restore seven-fold what he has stolen from your finances all these years in Jesus name.

    Christians are not numerologists, Don’t allow the devil to trap you with numbers. Whatever or whoever asked you to go and read Acts 29:32 cannot be GOD, that is the devil’s gospel. The occult uses numbers in astrology and other religions to trap people who are spiritually gullible. That is not your portion in Jesus’ name. Pray that any power using the number 29 to attack my dream life and destiny: your time is up: EXPIRE BY FIRE!!! in the name of Jesus.

  116. Prayer Eagle | February 14, 2012 at 2:51 pm |

    @Audrey: First the dog dream. when a dog attacks or chases or licks you in a dream, it is an ominous sign. A dog in dream parlance is a sexual object used by spirit-spouses, it also symbolizes unbelievers the heathen world. You may be under a secret-cum sexual observations watch by an evil agent. You must energize your spirit-man with the word of God, always surrounding your life and your bed before u go to sleep with the fire of the Holy Ghost and the blood of Jesus.

    Fighting half-burnt man in a dream showed an unfinished battle and uncompleted victory. You must reinforce your prayer-life with the word of Victory from the Bible. Drag those demonic and witchcraft judgements and verdict before the Court of Heaven and pronounce the verdict of death upon then in the name of Jesus. nullify their dark verdicts over you reverse their judgement and set their evil courts ablaze by the fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus’ name. Command dark accusations to back-fire on the head of your evil accusers in Jesus’ name. they are the powers responsible for your repeated failures and stagnation: let none of them escape the verdict of fire! Read and pray Job 32:8: “But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.”, therefore ask the Holy Spirit to baptize you afresh for unrivaled and excellent spirit to excel in all your academic and life endeavous in Jesus’ name.

  117. Thanks Prayer Eagle, God bless you richly. I am off to put the devil where he belongs!

  118. Leonard Mudau | February 14, 2012 at 3:01 pm |

    Its been a while everytime i dream having this stash of money. The last time i dreamt about it was when i was at an ATM withdrawing money at a particular supermarket. To my amazement i managed to withdraw plenty of it & was holding it in my hands & the balance was R400 which was less than what i have withdrawn. My main aim to withdraw that was to go inside that supermarket to buy some stuff but to my surprise the the security guard closed the door informing me that they have just closed to my surprise other people were let in except myself. Can u tell me what does it mean Man of God.

  119. misi charles | February 14, 2012 at 4:17 pm |

    Dear Prayer Eagle,my coment #52 of 10th, Feburary.I am sure you have waited before God with me for n answer.Based on a response you sent to another lady I understand that all scriptuer is not for the christian??that made me open my eyes.Please help me understand this scripture in my dream.Comment No.52.Thank you.
    God bless you and your team.I am really excited with what God is using your site to do in this time of devine shifting.I am giving this link to all my friends.i post it on my facebook page.I print out prayers for those without a pc.i am just excited about this reviva.!! I advertise your books because they have been a tremendous help.
    Thank you Dr Daniel Olukoya.I scanned two of my favourites on my laptop so i can take a quick break every now and then in the day to do some firey praying.I just love the authority the word of God gives me as a believer.Thank God for that day I googled an Easther Fast and google took me to PRAYERS FIRE MINISTRY.It was not by error but by devine apointment to begin my fire revival!!!Amen.

  120. i have a seven yr old daughter,she talks alots in her sleep.last night it was like i was dreaming that my husband was prayering then i heared someone called my daughter and she responeded.not knowing my husband was praying while were asleep and got direction from Holy Ghost to turn water into blood and sprinkle in the house,when he got to my daughter’s door she was talking and he heared someone called her and she answered.i woke up at the point when my husband was opening her door to get her out of the room and pray with soon as the dad got there she was up sitting on her bed,then jumped and started paving up and we all joined hands and prayed.she said at night some donkeys with wings will come and take her to fury land,it so beautiful and they play and last night they told her to believe she can fly.we are prayerful but i feel like something is wrong with my child.she has become very forgetful and careless,she loose everything and she talks a lots.pls show me how to pray to conquere these donkeys and fury land,

  121. Margaret from Kenya | February 14, 2012 at 5:39 pm |

    Dear Prayer eagle,
    Still waiting for your answer and direction. Refer No. 86.
    Thank you and God bless.

  122. Prayer Eagle | February 14, 2012 at 5:40 pm |

    @Misi: what you saw is more than sufficient to provoke you to war to restore your glory. Isaiah 64:10: “Thy holy cities are a wilderness, Zion is a wilderness, Jerusalem a desolation.” You are Zion, you are Jerusalem of God. If you study the whole of Isaiah 64, you will see the beauty of verse 10. Stand up in battle and ask God to tear the heavens for your sake. Provoke His presence with high praises because He inhabits the praise of His people. Let your adversaries tremble at His presence Let your mountains melt at His fiery presence! As you wait on Him His appearance will turn your life from the present verse 10 to verse 4 which is the glorious and unimaginable miracle dimension where you ought to be!

  123. How can i subscribe to your prayer alert?

  124. Prayer Eagle | February 14, 2012 at 8:08 pm |

    @Margaret from Kenya: your interpretation is correct: BACKWARDNESS AND STAGNATION must be uprooted from the foundation of your life. Dreams of going back to school where you have already graduated from is an invisible cord pulling one back into stagnation, you must cancel that dream with the blood of Jesus.

    Dreams of sitting for an unending exam is unending trials and tribulations you must reject them by fire! in the name of Jesus. There is a stubborn pursuer assigned to devour the fruits of your labour, you must set ablaze every power assigned to make life difficult for you, in the name of Jesus. You must rise up with fury and proclaim with the force of faith that every adversary of your breakthrough waiting to abort your joy at the edge of your breakthrough shall somersault and die by fire in the name of Jesus. Send the blood of Jesus to walk back into your past and childhood and break any invisible chain that is tying down your progress and promotion in life: BREAK!!!!!! in the name of Jesus.

  125. Prayer eagle ,may the good Lord richly bless you and i thank everyone who is behind this website for providing the right answers to spiritual battles which can reduce you to nothing and be continuosly persecuted by everyone around you.I declare victory over Satan and his agents for Greater is the one who is in me!

  126. bless you in the name of jesus1 my name is hajara. i want to share my dreams with and i beg you to please pray for me.

    i dream that i was in a bus with some people going somewhere, destination not known specifically and when we got to a place in the journey, we were stopped by some men and we were foreced to come down, so we all came and on our kneels we started begging them to allows go. those men even went further to slap some people but not me. i have had this same type of dream for so many times now. please pray for me.

    thank you and God bless.


  127. Long ago i was troubled in my dreams by a man. everytime i sleep this man will be standing by my bed side i prayed and that disapeared.

    Right now i am being troubled by the spirit of musturbation and always dreaming people having sex.. masturbation troubled me when i was at pre school i saw some kids doing it and i became a copy cat..i’ve tried to pray but nothing is happening and am afraid to approach my pastors about it. i never keep long relationships it is either the person cum and just go without saying bye or me not liking the person…am also having strong appetite for sex…please help me because am believing God for marriage this year.

    Another thing is that everytime am about to receive my breakthrough something distract me from getting it..people promise me a lot of things but they never came to pass…so i always see a veil in my face covering me please help me rite now am jobless, no man n ma life and i pray every m t reach the cannan land…

    thank u

  128. Good morning prayereagle,

    1.I need God to help me remember all my dreams. When I dream I remember some dreams and some I don’t.

    2. Two days ago I dreamt, that I and my sister and her children, where somewhere at house, where some people came in, but seemed to be bad people. I and my nieces escaped, however my sister was not able to escape and I woke up.

    3.Monday night, I was attacked by what I think is a spirit husband, because somebody was touching on my body in a funny way and I woke up feeling bad.

    Please help.


  129. God bless you.after my prayer last night, i saw myself among some people writing exam.and i was not really doing well in the exam,every body left and i was still struggling with it

  130. prayer eagle please answer me

  131. Dear Prayer Staff

    I need some prayer with Fire, I haven’t made any money with my online affiliate marketing
    business since I’ve started. I’ve been unemployed since Sept, 2008. I ask the Lord how
    can anyone in your Kingdom be unemployed when you have millions of positions to be
    filled. What job vacancy you want me to fill Lord?

    Kingdom Employment

  132. Dear prayer eagle,i had a dream that my fiancé had sex with me in a public place and my stepmother happened †☺ be aware of it,she now went †☺ somewhere like a market place †☺ broadcast it,my second stepmother is there too smiling with some children loosing her hair for her. Please i will like †☺ know the meaning of this dream. Thank you

  133. Praise God , I don’t seem to see answers to questions. Please answer me.


  134. God bless you so much for helping his people,your truly a blessing.

  135. Hello Prayer Eagle

    I have sent two dreams that needs interpretation and i have not seen any response. Please man of God respond to 38 & 40 i really want to know what they mean to my life or they are just dreams?

  136. Thank you very much prayer eagle for answering my dream questions. I will definitely pray on all the topics and will prayerfully read Psalm 2. Also, you are right when you speak of a stubborn spirit following me. There is this bird that seems to follow me. Back home in africa, there was this bird that used to come to our house and I sensed something ominous abt it. Everytime I complained to my parents, they called me fearful and paranoid, There were more than one occasion where I was standing in our porch when this bird came to perch on a wall dividing our house and the next door neighbour and with its back turned to me , turned its head toward me and stared at me. This was not a dream it was a physical thing that actually happened. A few weeks before I came to school here, I dreamt that a very huge bird perched on my head and started pecking on it. I fasted and prayed against it. Still, I seem to have been in some sort of spiritual battle/ imprisonment for more than a decade now. It started around the time I went to boarding school. I have prayed and fasted ever since but I don’t seem to break through. Due to this spiritual battle, I have been having physical fialure in my life for a long time now. Every time I get out of one problem, I somehow get into another which keeps me living like a victim in fear and constant worry. How do I completely break out of this demonic imprisonment?

  137. Please help me understand the dream and vision of always seeing me in white wedding dress with a man black man but never seeing the face, and then seeing a man on the sofa in my house but never seeing the face, please help me with prayer points i want to have a breakthrough and meet a godly-ordained man to marry and raised a godly family

  138. Dear prayer eagle…

    i travelled to a town in oyo state for an official assignment this week and while i was sleeping on my bed in the hotel where we lodged at about 11:30pm on Sunday night i suddenly felt that my ex boyfriend was making love to me and i reached an orgasm was like a dream but it felt so real..

    immediately after that i started feeling pains in my lower abdomen and the right side of my pelvic region..the pain was so severe that i had to call on the name and blood of Jesus severally before it subsided after a long while.

    The pain i felt on the right side of my pelvic region is attributed to a pelvic infection which i believe i contacted from him years ago as he is the only sexual partner i have ever had in my life..i discovered that infection years after we parted ways and it was cured medically years last year….but the pain suddenly came back after that dream….

    Even though i prayed at midnight cancelling the dream and even prayed against this ex boyfriend..i am still worried..what do i do..

    He is married but as at the last time i heard from him his wife is yet to be pregnant…the infection i had could cause infertility in women and i am not married yet..please i need prayers..thank you

  139. Dear Dr Olukoya,
    Please put me in your prayers and I need some prayer points for the strange women want to distroy my home. I can testify how God has fought this battle for me since 2011. If not for His grace, I will not be here today. The present one is even married. An effort to promote her against a child of God is backfiring. I know the Lord is hearing me and fighting for me. I will win this battle in Jesus name.My miracles and testimonies have been coming since the 21 Battle of the gate. The Lord has been revealing secret things to me. Thank you all men and women on the site for all your wonderful assistance to reach our promised land. May the Lord bless you pemanently, Amen.

  140. @Y: Your case has been treated before. It has to do with soul-tie to your ex-sexual partner. Check out my response to PAT at this link: Also I want you to go and read CASE 2: (SISTER JESSIE from Zurich, Switzerland) at this link: and pray the 21 prayer points I gave her to deal with your case. Pray also the prayer points I gave sister Yemi at: she also had problem of ex sex-partner. Like I always say, that sexual intercourse establishes a covenant between the two partners. Breaking relationship with that person does not break that covenant which is still in place, unless the soul-tie is broken…

    Secondly, this is for you and anyone reading this: When you move out of your abode to check-in to any hotel, you can never know the strange fellows that have used the bed before you and cannot also know the kind of sexual sins and immorality that have been committed on that bed in that room, therefore, you must always sanctify every hotel room and hotel bed you check into. Command residual spirits in that room and in that bed to vacate and fade away. Anoint the bed and sprinkle by faith the blood of Jesus in the room and bed and pray before settling down to sleep on any hotel bed.

    You must banish fear and trust God’s mercy to prevail for you against infertility/barrenness after marriage, that is not your portion, affliction shall not arise a second time in your life in Jesus’ name.


  142. Prayer Eagle | February 15, 2012 at 2:39 pm |

    @PAT: You are a lucky Jesus Girl. thank God for those deliverance session to break soul-ties. Any suitor that wants to sleep with you a Jesus Girl before marriage is not a God-ordained husband. You must not lie or hide the fact that you already had a child outside marriage. Whoever God ordained as your husband would not walk away because of that fact.

    This new Online suitor, must first come and meet you and your own parents to ask for your hand in marriage. The Bible says, HE that FINDETH a wife! I advice you do not travel to Akure first, Let Him that findeth you come and meet you and your parents. If he is too ‘busy’ to come, then he will be too ‘busy’ to make you his wife. That is the conservative point from which to relate with this online suitor, and it is safer to operate from that premise. God will guide you tom fulfill your divine destiny this year in Jesus’ name.

  143. hello sir, pls i need counsel. some years ago, i forced myself on a man because i was pressured at home. i got pregnant for him out of wedlock and we agreed we will be having a court marriage after an introduction. but after the introduction he told me point blankly dat he cannot wed me, as in marrying me properly so that if i should misbehave he can send me out at will. he also send he cant because if we should have to break up, his properties will be shared. he did nt prosper after we started living together and we broke up. not long after we broke up he made it, three years later we decided to come together bcos of the child we had together but he still insist on no marriage and his mother even threatened to throw me out if i misbehaved. such is there style, they act like tyrants. two months after we came back together his business went down, then i came to mountain of fire prayercity for deliverance as prescribed by their prophetess in the white garment church they attend. after the deliverance i wanted to return to him but he is avoiding me ever since. summing it all up, i felt i should move on with my life and marry sm1 else when anyone comes along since we dont agree spiritually. but i want to counsel as to how free am i to marry. GODBLESS U SIR

  144. Prayer Eagle | February 15, 2012 at 3:23 pm |

    @iyabobola: We should thank God that even the white-garment herbalists recognized and know where true power that can deliver to the uttermost can be found, and thank God for it is that Balaam’s Ass that God used to speak you into the right place to seek solution to your problem.

    Let me do a little interpretation of what has happened to you for your clarity of vision and purpose of God for your life. The man is in another covenant that is stronger than him. It is not you or your star that brings down his business anytime you come together. It is the the covenant he entered into that crashes his business anytime you come to live with him. I count you as a Lucky Jesus’ Girl because you could have been buried alive as a fodder to fuel that strange relationship but God in His infinite mercy pulled you out of that satanic trap.

    Immediately you went through genuine deliverance at MFM Prayer City and you became free indeed, you are no longer attractive victim for demonic ritual, that is why he avoids you like a plague, you carry a fire he has never seen in you and doesn’t want to be burnt this time. Congratulations to you Jesus Girl.

    My sister, you must repair, rebuild, restore your glorious destiny by going before your maker to ask for His Divine manual for your life. Life can only be successful if you use it by following the divine pattern laid out by God who is your Manufacturer. Go before Him in prayers for seven consecutive midnights, just 10 minutes each night, pray and revelations would follow: “O God to whom all secret things belongeth, according to Deuteronomy 29:29 and Jeremiah 33:3, Show me the secrets of my life, show me myself, show me beneficial secrets that would move my life forward and Break every bondage in my life BY FIRE!!!, in the name of Jesus.”

    I beg you don’t jump into any new relationship without clearing from God. Don’t “marry sm1 else when anyone that comes along” (using your word), marry anyone chosen by God who loves the Lord. He will love you and your beautiful son like his own, wait I say, on the Lord. The year 2012 is still young and you can leap into glorious testimonies in the remaining ten months if you follow God’s pattern.

  145. Kayode ogunwale | February 15, 2012 at 5:33 pm |

    Dear Prayer Eagle,
    On the 5th day of my prayer and holy communion, I had a dream where a man was telling me of business to do and I said this is a white country that they wont patronise black man business. After sometime He gave me money for the business(He said take money for the business) and I woke up. I understand that if you are given money in dream its a sign of bad thing.

  146. Dear Pastor,

    I had a dream many years ago..i dreamt that i was getting married to my boyfriend at that time…i was putting on a yellow wedding gown and the environment did not look very nice…i saw the groom in that dream looking unsettled moving around to put things in order..

    The setting did not look like a church wedding but like a registry setting…as i was being led to the venue of the wedding with my chief brides maid behind me i suddenly met one of my elder sisters on the way who said why was i wearing the type of shoes i was wearing and asked my younger sister to go and help me get better shoes and i now woke up…

    I also had second dream..years later that i was getting married but the groom who stood far from me was someone i had never seen before…the bestman was one of the ministers in my former church who was like a mentor to me…i was standing at the supposed venue of the wedding and all the chairs were empty..all of a sudden the weather changed and it wanted to rain so i started running back to my house and i then woke up..

    please what do these dreams mean..they have worried me over the years and i am still not married..thank you Sir..


  148. Dear Pastor,
    Please I need help with this paricular dream. I dreamt that I was like in a church meeting and when we finished the meeting I heard someone ( a woman) telling another lady beside me that the police had taken her car away because she parked in the wrong spot.I remembered that I parked my car close to her so I assumed that my car must have been taken away also. I therefore decided to follow the woman to claim my car, but while we were going this woman disappeared. I was surprised but then I thought to my self that may be my car was not taken in the first place because I wasn’t told that, I just assumed it. So I decided to go back to the spot where I parked my car. On getting close, I spotted my car from the highway and I was relieved, but when I got off the highway to go and get my car I saw a tree with many fruits on it and I saw an animal eating the fruits on the tree vigorously the fruit had a lot of small fruits on it and I thought, why is this animal eating this fruits which hasn’t really developed. I tried to scare the animal away but it did not budge, so I left. When I got to the spot where I thought my car was I could not find it .

  149. thank you very much sir, may d Annointing on u continue to increase in JESUS MATCHLESS NAME. One other issue with me is my parents. when i realised that smtin is awfully wrong with me i went to a church and the pastor asked me to fast for seven days. after the fasting and vigils, my mother became very uncomfortable with me in the house saying that the prayer that am praying were too strong. when she starts waking in the morning and cursing, i left the house and lived in the church for almost a year. in d forty days fasting and prayer held by d church( love of christ chapel apostolic revival). a word of knowledge came saying that d man am going to marry must not meet my motherm until after the marriage and we have a child. and earlier in 2011 i had a dream: in my dream sm1 put a rope around my neck dragging me like a goat and flogging me into the church i was staying but while prayers were going on he loosed his grip and a gallery which was not there apeared in the church. up on the gallery, there was a door and people behind it were trying to open the door but they couldnt. i went close to open help and i saw my mother and immediate elder brother behind it. a key apeared in my hand and i was told it was the glory key of my family. but i brother wanted to forcefully take it from me, though he was behind d door, he screamed and threatened me to give him the keys and my mother told me not to give him that if i should he will punish me and my other sibblings. so i locked them in once again and took off with the key. as i was running i saw a friend of mine that just got married then with her husband trying to double cross me and take the key. but i dodged. and they couldnt find me. this my elder brother and my mother truly hates me in real life, they dont hide it. though my mother will want to deceive me at times to make me feel she likes me but she end up manifesting hatred. once i was in my finals in school, she refused paying my fees and for my project and i ended up dropping out of school and this same people that refused to help or care for me still mocks me. once they said it is because i am tired or frustrated that i started carrying bible. so how will sm1 marry me with no parents or how can i go about such. thank you sir for ur candid response which am looking forward to. have a pleasant day ahead!

  150. Dear Pastor,
    I have been praying using the prayer point for 2 days now. I do have dreams but they evaporate immediately after waking up and I can’t remember anything.

  151. I dream of two twenty pula notes,as i was holding these notes i saw that there are some words or letters written with a marking pen:like the child was playing with it and messed it with some words written with a marking pen,so i prayed i cancelled every dirty evil money not to come to me and that every money belonging the devil has stolen or burried i recovered with the blood of Jesus though i didnt understand the dream.

  152. Dear Pastor, I landed on this website which I believe its by Gods divine appointment. I have been praying for Gods intervention in my life and family. Pastor I am looking for a direction in my life. It all started in year 1999 when was my first time hearing from God, I knew from then that God has a great purpose about my life. I started engaging myself in prayes but sometimes I got tired in the way. After tertiary education I stayed for almost 6 years not working. I sank in poverty, shame and reproach. I then got a job which brought lot of debts in my life. In 2009 I left my job after a long time of asking God to do so because I knew that I dont belong there. I believe I got a confirmation to God that I can resign which I still have tha belief. I then started some businesses which all did not bear fruits, I lost so much money.

    I experience poverty at its best. Nothing came together. The whole of last year I suffered with no petrol money to take kids to school, no money to buy groceries. I lost all hope but inside of me I haven’t. I knew that there is God. I then landed to Elisha Goodman’s website were I got to learn about midnight prayers.
    I then got into a 14 day fasting for a cross over. January was finished and my life was worse than all other months. But I kept on praying believing God for a divine visitation. I declared, believed that this month of February will not be the same in my life and I came across your website and all the kinds of prayers. I then started to pray even though I started in the midlle of February. I believe God that when this month ends my life will proclaim unusual testimony. Pastor i dont know when last did I buy myself clothes, my children and my husband is just a joke at work because he gets paid today and tomorrow he borrows money. But in all this I am standing on the promises of God.
    Pastor I need to tap into my destiny speedily please direct me on what I need to do.

    Secondly, Pastor I believe that my life and my families life needs the touch of God. My late brother who killed himself in 2010 got mad just after he graduated and he lived for aloms10years without a job because of that problem until he killed himself, My mother got a cow head right at her house gate planted there some years ago and also a head and legs of a got at the back of her house which now it dawns to me that was the work of darkness. I got pregnant with my first baby after marriage and he died in my womb a week before giving birth, the doctor said its twins when he was checking me that day wheres all this 9 months it was one child, My second baby was born with a condition but praise God I prayed for the whole duration of pregnancy and she is now Ok doing great one. After the death of my brother, my mother died 7 months later.
    Then my sister discovered that his husband has been having several affairs and doing things that no one can imagine, she nearly died because of the shock. After the death of my mother my brother who is diabled was dignosed with sugar diabets and high blood pressure. Pastor I want to put a stop in all this, please direct me. We dont have food right now, struggling with petrol money day in and day out. pastor I am willing to do what ever it takes to fight this all I need is to know where do I start. Please prophet of God lead me. I want God to put a full stop in Jesus name. I am a woman of strong faith because if it was not of my faith I would have been long dead.

  153. Please give me prayer points. I have followed MFM for many months now
    And have many of your books. I have been divorced since 2002 but
    Is being harassed by my ex-husband. He has people to follow me,
    he works witchcraft against me and he had just found out where I live
    I am single and not dating, he is otherwise involved. I have no children
    for him, no assets for him, no ties at all. His harassment is getting
    Interable because I do not know what he wants.

    Please help me with prayer points for deliverance from these
    harassment spirits please.


  154. Prayer Eagle | February 17, 2012 at 8:36 am |

    @Faith Thapelo Mabuza: You have only shared your frustrations with me. Its time for you to share divine revelation that will elevate you above those frustrations! You can begin from the beginning. This is the beginning of a new year and it is better to first go before your Manufacturer (GOD) to pray a prayer of inquiry, asking for the divine manual for a successful life by joining to obey this instruction to pray this single but greatest of all prayer for your life for seven consecutive midnights: “O God to whom all secret things belongeth, according to Deuteronomy 29:29 and Jeremiah 33:3, Show me the secrets of my life, show me myself, show me beneficial secrets that would move my life forward and Break every bondage in my life BY FIRE!!!, in the name of Jesus.”

    You must also pray to break evil pattern of your father’s and mother’s lineage over you and your immediate family. Is your husband born-again? he needs to join you in this battle, God shall turn the tide against your adversaries and give you victory in Jesus name.

  155. @Lee: Ten years after divorce and now suddenly your ex appeared and began to harass you with witchcraft? I sensed some sort of stagnation in your story, you need to seek the face of the Lord. Don’t leave the one you should do for God to do it for you. Prayerfully and with fasting, confront him and set up a meeting at a neutral and safe ground to know what he wants. Apart from that, you need to know the will of God for your life. Join us in the prayer of enquiry praying this single but greatest of all prayer point for your life for seven consecutive midnights: “O God to whom all secret things belongeth, according to Deuteronomy 29:29 and Jeremiah 33:3, Show me the secrets of my life, show me myself, show me beneficial secrets that would move my life forward and Break every bondage in my life BY FIRE!!!, in the name of Jesus.”

  156. prayer eagle i want to know that which prayer requests or dreams are you responding to caz it seems like i’m just sending my dreams but not responded to,not even a single one but you are responding to one people time and agan,i want know if mine are not important so that i can unsubscribe.

  157. Lydia

    I feel the same way.

  158. @grace from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Change your prayer gear and ask God to baptize your dream life with Holy Ghost Fire and bring back every dream that have been stolen or erased by the devil from your spiritual screen in Jesus’ name. the devil is afraid of what you will do if you know and remember your dreams. you will triumph in Jesus’ name.

  159. @ Lydia and others who feel the same :
    I just want to encourage you to read the responses of the prayer eagles to other peoples dreams even if they haven’t specifically responded to you. You will notice that though dreams come in all varieties, the more you read the responses the eagles give to other peoples dreams, the easier you can identify the attack you are under and then you can gather the prayer nuggets being freely given to others and use them with fire in your soul. If you threaten to unsubscribe, know for sure the devil has put you exactly where he wants you and it is to your loss NOT the prayer eagle’s. If you approach the work of God and His workers with an unrighteous and ungracious attitude you are just giving your enemies more armor to come after you and do not be surprised if others will go on to testify of mighty breakthroughs while yours are locked up ! God is not a waiter we can click our fingers to and demand that a dish be taken back because its unsatisfactory or that His service is too slow so we will no longer patronise His restraunt ! Be encouraged to persevere and if you have any complaints, graciously enquire. Remember what happened to Miriam! Don’t go there!

  160. @Lydia Mandelo from Gaborone, South-East BOTSWANA: You are a handmaiden of the Lord. Pray: let the fire of the Holy Ghost evacuate every satanic injection in my body in Jesus’ name. Blood of Jesus enter into my bloodstream and consume every stranger in my blood stream in Jesus’ name. My blood: receive deliverance by fire! in the name of Jesus. Every poison injected into my life that drives suitors away from me: be consumed by Fire!!! in the name of Jesus. Satanic arrows fired into my money: go back to your senders!!! impoverish your senders now by fire!!! in the name of Jesus. Every spirit of the tail operating in the life of my daughter: catch fire and burn to ashes without remnant in the name of Jesus. My divine helper: appear by fire in the name of Jesus. My God-ordained husband be revealed in the name of Jesus. Pls wait on the Lord, Don’t tell God to rubber-stamp Joseph for you, Let the Lord guide and lead you into true blissful matrimony, if it is Joseph or another man, God will confirm with an answer of peace for you in Jesus’ name. Ask God to work on your temper and bless you with abundant Godly virtues attractive and magnetizing the right husband to your life in Jesus’ name.

  161. Thank you Anonymous for the advice because i’ve been wondering why should i send prayer requests or dreams and always read others responses though they are encourageous but i felt maybe mine are not important,so i thank you for encouraging me to keep on pressing and reading others responses as they motivate me,shalom!

  162. prayer eagle,i’m sorry if my question wasnt seem polite,i humble myself to you the anointed of most high because God says touch my anointed ones,so please forgive me for that,maybe i’m impatience but the bible says those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength,they shall mount up with wings like eagles.I PRAY THAT GOD CHANGE MY TEMPER AND ALSO PRAY WITH ME because thats my weakness.

  163. @Memory Mutaviri from Auckland, New Zealand: Your first dream: You were on a mission to financially enrich your life but realized that the path or method chosen was not good and you promptly corrected yourself. The devil was not happy about the new and correct path you have chosen and manifested to you like a well-dressed beautiful angel of light but with a lot of tempting, attractive alternative offers, distractions and diversions at the edge of your breakthrough but you refused the offer and when you confronted the devil to reveal his identity, he was silenced because he was afraid of being exposed. You must pray against every power waiting to divert and abort your blessings at the edge of your breakthrough, just when it is your turn to be blessed, command such deceptive powers to die and be buried at their waiting point in Jesus’ name. declare boldly that your miracle shall not be diverted or aborted on the day of your glory in Jesus’ name. Command your impending breakthrough to manifest now by fire without fail in the name of Jesus.

    Your second dream: God is telling you to grow spiritually to match your age, God is telling you that though you are in your 30s but spiritually you are a decade below your spiritual status, that is why those demonic agents defy and blocked your path, if you were up to your spiritual status, they would have cleared away from that familiar path before you get there. Ask the Holy Spirit to quicken His Word to nourish your life so you may grow spiritually to your God-ordained status in Jesus name. I have told many people that this year we must finish reading the bible cover-to-cover. Join us as we march forward in the month of March as we journey through the Bible from genesis to Revelation in Jesus’ name, your life and that of every participant in that Journey shall never remain the same in Jesus’ name.

    Your third dream: Purple is the color of royalty. It matches the prophetic veronica name. Congratulations

  164. Dear Pastor,

    I had a dream many years ago..i dreamt that i was getting married to my boyfriend at that time…i was putting on a yellow wedding gown and the environment did not look very nice…i saw the groom in that dream looking unsettled moving around to put things in order..

    The setting did not look like a church wedding but like a registry setting…as i was being led to the venue of the wedding with my chief brides maid behind me i suddenly met one of my elder sisters on the way who said why was i wearing the type of shoes i was wearing and asked my younger sister to go and help me get better shoes and i now woke up…

    I also had second dream..years later that i was getting married but the groom who stood far from me was someone i had never seen before…the bestman was one of the ministers in my former church who was like a mentor to me…i was standing at the supposed venue of the wedding and all the chairs were empty..all of a sudden the weather changed and it wanted to rain so i started running back to my house and i then woke up..

    please what do these dreams mean..they have worried me over the years and i am still not married..thank you Sir..

  165. pls sir, i made the 149th comment and i did not get a response, i will appreciate one sir. i started the dream prayer lastnite and in my dream i went out on a date with sm1 and i was served a chilled bottle of wine. i hurriedly gulped down two and a man sitting beside me told me to becareful cos the wine is alcoholic that the person sitting opposite me(d supposed date) wanted me drunk so i took caution. if i can get an understanding of this and prayer points i will appreciate. i usually pray every nite, its bin a style i adopt since i got an idea of d mystery. thanx

  166. Dear wonderful prayer eagles, have you noticed your responses are automatically tagging people’s full names and locations ? Am just saying in case its an administrative slip up, those tagged might not have any issues with it.

  167. Prayer Eagle | February 17, 2012 at 2:33 pm |

    @Anonymous Yemi: wedding to a strange groom whose face you did not see is wedding to a spirit husband. I have addressed this case before for you, you don’t come here disguised as anonymous posing the same question in different way. Yellow gown instead of white as wedding dress shows it is not a holy wedding, not a God-ordained wedding. Pray against evil inheritance and evil pattern set by your elder sister. You must break evil soul tie to your ex-boyfriend and you must break every evil marriage to your spirit husband… I av given you link to do this at no 3: and here; as well as the 21 prayers above at:

  168. Dear Prayer eagle..

    The names of members of the public who share their deepest thoughts and worries with you is being revealed in your response and this is not fair..its embarrassing

  169. why did you have to put anybodys name or surname..u asked for our mails which you promised will not be why are you publishing full names..this is unfair….please do something about the situation..thankyou

  170. I must say say that it is very embarrassing and dissapointing that a prayer website that should attend to peoples needs in confidence..could go to the extent of revealing the identities of subscribers..i feel very pained, embarrased, ashamed and dejected that this could happen

  171. Attention Anonymous… Please do not worry Prayer Eagle with complaints. most of us dont have a problem with this… be glad you have answers while the rest of us are waiting with patience and endurance. Be Blessed. with Love in Christ Jesus.
    From another Nonmous.

  172. Dear Prayer Eagle, There is this dream i had both me and my sis were coming from somewhere i was at the back while she was in front immediately a vehicle parked and i saw her jumping in the vehicle i tauhgt in my mind that my sis couldnt have done such a thing maybe they are thieves or money ritual but it is too late i too joined them even struggling to enter because we were too many that want to go with the vehicle .when i looked up those pple othered us down they are thieves outside the gate of a building they removed 2 people weddin ring immediately.They othered us into the compound of the building becos outside is too open for them to do such a thing.They were calln us and asking us to bring what we have. I was scared i dont know what to do, i have 3phones and one is very precious to me as i want to bring down my bag from the car i quickly throw one of the phone under the car thinking that it will be safe there. we were all afraid but they continue with their job.It really look real that i was saying in my mind that have not experience such thing in my life. we were trying to escape thinking there are some houses in the building but we are afraid bcos they were shooting. what baffled me most was that it came to a time that we couldnt see this thief again we were afraid thinkn dt they were still outside the gate we couldnt go out of the place. As we are inside i saw some pple coming out of a building in the same compound one of them is my old friend nike at sch, who i was tryn to greet but was just telln me did i know where they are reparing water dispenser that they want to drink water from it but it has spoilt. becos of the state i was i too couldnt answer her well just told her no. am still lookin for how to go out of that place later we started seein vehicles stopin in front of the compound with pple with policemen inside we taught pple has started calln threre family who were comin to pick them. those outside find there way in to rescue us becos of the police dt enter who may want to shoot they ask us to lie down flat. as we lis down i sw a artist who call me out of those many pple ,she said she has been hearing of me and wish to see me am still afraid of what is happening iand was thinkin in my mind that am i dat such person will wish to see. i greeted her too telling her it is nice meeting her. Eventually we started gathering our load i saw d phone i threw under d car splitted but can b easily coupled together. b4 i taught it was the expensive phone i threw under d car not knowing it was one of my ordinary rugged phone i checkd other phones in my bag and sw they were intact.we were set to leave as we were going i sw my sister running i was running after her i just see that on our way back home it was just like we were climbing mountain.but it was just an ordinary land dat is high .we were climbing i was surprise i can climb such high land easily. i later arrive at home and i sense all the member of my family were at home, i enter the sitting room thanking God and want to share my experience with them. as i lay on d floor to start talkin i just wake up from the dream

  173. Anonymous 170

    Please Ms. take no offense, one should never be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus, remember
    all of the accusers of the adulterous woman before Jesus, blind Bartamaues and many others
    who was not ashamed openly before the Lord, I commend all these people because there problem
    could be someone else who is afraid of asking, seeking and knocking. God did not give us a spirit of
    fear ( embarrassment) (bondage) but LOVE, POWER and a SOUND MIND. LOVE you in Christ.

  174. Prayer Eagle | February 17, 2012 at 4:07 pm |

    @iyabobola: Dream 149 is loaded with drama. Obviously your mum and elder brother are walking in unrighteousness. I congratulate you on possessing the glory key of your father’s house. this is the same mother that attempted to derail your destiny by pressurizing you into an aborted relationship that produced your son. I believe with you that your time of recovery and restoration has begun and you must not derail again in Jesus name. When she got uncomfortable with your prayers fire, it was because she was the principal agent being fired by your prayer to the point of yoking you with a rope and pushing you out of the house into the church. Unfriendly friends also contributed to that scenario, so, don’t trust any friend with the glory key of your destiny. The truth is that not everybody, and not many people possess the key of glory of their family line, you are such a blessed Jesus’ Girl who is highly favoured by the Lord, don’t cast your pearls before swine again so they would not trample upon it. When you get to the bridge of marriage after finding the right spouse, you would cross the bridge of whether your mom would be involved in that marriage, that should not be your concern for now!

    Your new dream: This is a warning dream as you set yourself to seeking for a God-ordained suitor. Your initial association or early contact with prospective suitors should be God-guided, prayerfully-guided. Don’t be in a hurry to judge or conclude about such early contacts. Hebrews 10:35-37: “Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward. For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will not tarry.” Psalm 37:10: “A little while, and the wicked will be no more; though you look for them, they will not be found.”

  175. Prayer Eagle | February 17, 2012 at 4:36 pm |

    @Yemi: I know you in the spirit realm. You come here to play identity games, you came with different anonymous masks to ask the same questions or share the same dream under different stories and I gave you on each occasion the same answers with prayer points. instead of satisfaction, it is aggression because I exposed and scolded you at: I will oblige your request and remove your real name which you never supplied during your identity games.

    Earlier this morning we had problems with two lydia’s each needed to know which lydia we were addressing, I had to come back to the commentary and identify each lydia by her location, one from Botswana and the other From Georgia to avoid confusion.

    You cannot come here as Yemi, Y. Anonymous etc. why not stick to the pseudonym yemi? Many others also came under the title of Anonymous. You will not dissipate my unction with strife, I know you not in the flesh! there are over 300 waiting dreams on the queue, if God has enabled us to Counsel 75 out of that, give us space to attend to the other 225 which are yet to receive answers. You have been attended to more than 5 times out of this 75.

  176. Prayer Eagle | February 17, 2012 at 4:50 pm |

    @yemi: stop playing identity games with the Holy Spirit on this site: Don’t dissipate my unction with strife. Stick to one pseudonym and receive brokenness and humility in the name of Jesus. If you want to play hide and seek with God, I know you not in the flesh, but I know you in the spirit. You have been attended to five times out of 75 answers from 300 dreams still waiting on the queues for interpretation. I exposed and scolded you at: because the Spirit of God bade me so. grieve not the Holy Spirit with your airs. Will you withdraw from the scene now for a season please.

  177. Dear Prayer Eagle,

    I sincerely and utmostly apologise to you..i am very sorry from the bottom of my heart…Yemi is actually my second name and i have it on my birth certificate…i did not know your identification of the real me was spiritual..

    i thought you linked it to the email address which i supplied..please do not be offended..i apologise once again.

    I also ask that the Holy Spirit forgive me..Holy Spirit of the Living God i am sorry..

    i will leave the scene as you have demanded ..thank you Sir

  178. Prayer Eagle | February 17, 2012 at 5:45 pm |

    @funmi: You must consciously break-away every spiritual ties to your sister. Your dream reveals that you were weak and lack control over your sister who in that dream misled you into snares of robbers. As you prepare for your wedding, you must break evil influences from your family which may haunt and negatively affect your marriage in future. The Bible says: (Genesis 2:24) “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall join to his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” You must B-R-E-A-K everything joining you to your sister’s negative influence. Break her dominion over your will by fire and by the blood of Jesus. You must also develop your spiritual muscles to banish fear from your life by reading 3-5 chapters of the Bible daily. Pray against spiritual robbery send them blindness so they would not monitor you for evil purposes in Jesus’ name.

  179. I have not been able to find the Raising of A Fire Alter on the site .Am still searching,I also used your search engine but no results.I will continue my research.

    At 3:35 am before returning to sleep this morning,i prayed the simple lines u sent me with Power and lo and behold I also asked the Lord to simplify my dreams and man of God that was instant prayer and answer.In my sleep i saw 2 strangers,men.and I walked out of my house to meet them outside .I didnt invite them in but they found hemselves inside.Accidently I was using a water hose and one of them got wet.Suddenly i realise he was no longer inside.he had left.After a short while the other one disappeared also.

    Now interestingly ,my daughter who is a school teacher, 22 yrs old, had come home about an hour before i went to sleep. She was out with some fellow teachers and some students. I believe in that dream,God showed me that she had walked into my house with 2 spiritual strange men. Correct me if am wrong ,Prophet.When she came in ,I was in prayer and the word.The Water!!! Wetting him and then he was gone,and the the other one followed suit.Man of God,God is awesome.I will not waiver in my quest to know more of his powers in my life.

    I just feel i should share this with you after not being able to remember my dreams for almost a week into praying Deut.29:29 and Daniel 2

    Please shed some light of your spiritual wisdom on my experience.
    I also believe God is preparing me for the Baptism of Fire. I can feel it in my spiritand I thank you for those powerful prayer bulletts!!! Blessed be the name of the lord. My song yesterday was the last 5 psalms in the book of psalms.Just giving Him praise like David.God bless you servant of God.Amen.Shalom.

    I am doing a study right on knowing the names of God.It is beautifel to be able address Him by His name when I worship Him.
    Thank you again!

  180. Prayer Eagle | February 17, 2012 at 6:20 pm |

    @misi: Here you go:

    …Every fire has a source. In the physical every fire needs three ingredients (oxygen, heat and fuel) before combustion. In the spiritual realm, if you must raise an altar of prayer fire to begin burning you will need:

    The Word of God (Fuel or wood) Proverbs 26:20:“Where no wood is, there the fire goeth out….”, coupled with:
    Fasting (heat) Joel 1:14,19:“Declare a holy fast; call a sacred assembly. Summon the elders and all who live in the land to the house of the LORD your God, and cry out to the LORD… O LORD, to thee will I cry: for the fire hath devoured the pastures of the wilderness, and the flame hath burned all the trees of the field.” and,
    The Breath of the Holy Spirit (oxygen) Job 32:8:“But it is the spirit in a man, the breath of the Almighty, that gives him understanding.” Isaiah 30:33:“…The breath of the LORD, like fire from a volcano, will set it ablaze.”

    Many people fail at the third level, they have the Word and are fasting but do not know how to get the breadth of the Holy Ghost released into their circumstances to ignite the fire. When the heat of the word mixes in fasting and prayer, you will explode with the Breath of the ALMIGHTY! You will blast in heavenly language that cannot be contained in your heart or your mouth. that spiritual mixture is highly combustible and contagious.

  181. Prayer Eagle | February 17, 2012 at 6:30 pm |

    @Shirley: Dreams 38 and 40: Your sister in the two dreams hung around bad friends with bad influences. In real life, you could be the prime target of your sister’s bad gang. From drinking bar to abortion kit: It could be a warning to both you and your sister. Increase your prayer fire power to counter shocking discovery from household family members manifestation soon.

  182. Prayer Eagle | February 17, 2012 at 6:42 pm |

    @Hajara: Your word level is weak, that is why you were begging satanic agents for help in your dreams.

    Pray: every satanic driver driving me to unknown destination for evil purposes: S-T-O-P BY FIRE!!! in the name of Jesus. Spiritual robbers and spiritual assassins assigned against my life in the dream: I am not your victim, therefore kill yourselves now in the name of Jesus. Spiritual kidnappers assigned against my life, somersault and die now!!! in the name of Jesus. I receive Holy Ghost BOLDNESS to dismantle and scatter every plan of darkness against my life, in the name of Jesus

  183. vantambostgo | February 17, 2012 at 7:08 pm |

    People of GOD pls be paitent.. everything in God’s time..

  184. I recently suffered from a very painful back problem. It has been healed now. However, I had a dream yesterday in which i was lying on my side. There was a male (someone i knew but cannot see the face clearly as it was away from me) who seemingly in a jovial mood was leaning down on me with his face upward and causing me serious pain in my back. I cried out, but he ignored me as if i was not serious. He let up once but repeated leaning heavily on me, this time the pain was excruciating – i thought i was going to pass out, and he still did not let up. Thankfully i woke up and realized it was a dream. Can you help with the interpretation. My life from many angles seems to be at a standstill.

  185. Dear Prayer Eagle
    Thank you and may you be blessed richly for the work you are doing delivering us. I have been delivered and my female cycle returned this week. everything you said was indeed true. in the response you said there was evil label on my forehead at the time i had bad, big pimples all on my forehead, no medication could heal them.after praying the midnite prayers, im healed completely and my forehead is clear. Glory to God im on my way to recover all that was stolen from living testimony of your ordained mission to assist us. stay encouraged and we thank you for this site , never before had we been afforded a divine opportunity to consult a prayer eagle who cares enough to assist and reconcile us with God’s purpose for our lives. thank you,you have raised a woman of war and prayer in me.

  186. Hi prayer eagle,

    Please interpret this dream for me. Please do not pass this email by. I really need you to interpret this for me. I prayed until around 4am during one of the days in the week, praying all sorts of prayer on your website. When I finally fell asleep, I woke up(it was sort of like I was in a trance or sthg) and saw a giant black web in the middle of my room. Also, at the door knob of one of my room mates was some sort of talisman hang upon it(this is not part of the dream). I went back to sleep and had various dreams which I don’t really remember. However the things that stuck in my mind in the dreams were, at one point I remember seeing two black birds chasing me. I also remember dealing with my father and my best friend from Africa. In the case of my best friend, it seemed as if I had gone to live with her and her family and someone died in her family. Soon after that death, one of her sisters had a near death attack and I remember I was walking with my cousin and we both knelt down and were begging someone that they should not let her die as someone had died from their family not long ago. In the case of my dad, I remember an instance where it was like the upper part of my butt was showing. I don’t really remember the dream well, but it was like we were talking and I was playing or something and I remember some of my cousins were there as well. I don’t really know what these dreams mean. Could you please interpret them for me and tell me what the Lord would have me do about them? I must say, these prayers on the website have been very helpful. Please don’t pass this email by. I pray the Holy spirit will give you the wisdom to interpret this dream. God bless you. Thank you.

  187. Thankyou Prayer Eagle

  188. Thank you Man of God.

    I am very humbled and sorry about yesterday. My sister i was dreaming of is not the real one. The one i was dreaming of does not even drink. You have just opened my eyes, like there was a blanket over me and you took it out and daylight came. My younger sister is not born again and she thinks night life is all that is there and she hates church. Recently i picked up a conversation between her and my niece that she suspected she was pregnant and she has not been home the past 5 months, she is into prostitution. Please Prayer Eagle forward me prayer points to sort this out. She got pregnant 2 years back and i took her son because i thought she was still young and we a re still staying with the son and she doesnt care much. Please, please help and thanx so much.One prophet at church told me i was like Queen Esther in my family and i have to go on Esther fast to save my family, i believed the prophesy and i keep postponing the fast, Thank you, thank you may the Lord give you more and more fresh annointing.

  189. Prayer Eagle | February 18, 2012 at 1:48 pm |

    @Anonymous from Lincoln, Nebraska: Cobwebs in dreams represents stagnation. Black birds chasing you represents witchcraft attack. Obviously you have battles to contend with from your foundation. Your desire for good life and success in America has come in conflict with the evil powers of your father’s house and they stubbornly followed up with you to arrest your breakthrough. Unfortunately, instead of rising up to contend and defeat those powers, you were so weak and afraid in the dream to the point of surrender – kneeling down to beg the powers. Those powers will stop at nothing to get at you even unto killing anyone who offers you help and comfort. You are full of age and grown up now but your marital progress and breakthrough may be hindered by a satanic abuse of your body when you were still too young to remember. Your dad was either responsible or was a witness to that abuse. Finally, you are surrounded by unfriendly friends whose disposition and witchcraft practices could affect your desired breakthrough.

    WHAT TO DO: Pray against every stubborn pursuer of your life to somersault and die in Jesus’ name. Cobweb of darkness spun against my progress and breakthrough: CATCH FIRE!!! in the name of Jesus. thou power of limitations of my father’s house: I am not your candidate, therefore: break to irreparable pieces!!! in Jesus’ name. Every power that wants to bring me down on my knees, you are a liar: bow down before my feet now by fire!!! in the name of Jesus. I shall not die but live to declare the works of the Lord in the land of the living, in Jesus name. Every evil done against me when I was a child by household wickedness, I nullify your consequence now by the blood of Jesus. Unfriendly friends and roommates, hear the verdict of Fire: S-C-A-T-T-E-R unto desolation!!! in the name of Jesus. Owners of evil load programmed against my marriage and prospect: carry your evil load by fire!!! in the name of Jesus. Arrows of death fired against my helpers: Be arrested! multiply seven-fold and go back and kill your senders!!! in the name of Jesus.

  190. Prayer Eagle | February 18, 2012 at 1:53 pm |

    @T.R: Congratulations, I seal your testimony and others coming with the blood of Jesus.

  191. Prayer Eagle | February 18, 2012 at 2:09 pm |

    @Dawn 24: This male is a familiar spirit spouse. You may not know it but he is married to you in the spirit realm. you must break every link to this demon and annul every evil agreement between you and him. Pray the 21 payer points I gave sister Jessie from Zurich at and these: Sexual demons spying on my destiny: hear the word of the Lord, I am not your candidate, therefore: DIE!!! in the name of Jesus. You the radar of the spirit husband monitoring my life for weak moments to invade my life: you are a liar: S-C-A-T-T-E-R unto desolation in the name of Jesus.

  192. Prayer Eagle | February 18, 2012 at 2:19 pm |

    @Shirley: Give God all the glory for the revelation and begin to arrest vagabond spirit operating in the life of your sister. Ask the Holy Spirit to convict her and make prostitution be like untouchable poison to her in Jesus’ name. Command the powers behind night-life to reject your sister and throw her back home in the name of Jesus. Command every alcohol she drinks from now on to be vomited very time she takes it in the name of Jesus.

  193. Greeting prayer Eagle, Just dropping in to say ThankYou!

  194. Dear Sir,
    Thank you for your dedication.I love this site.interpretations are tailor made.I pray to find favor from you sir to get response.
    I have a re-occurring dream I always see my ex-boy friend’s mum in my dream when others are dancing she takes my dancing costume and my shoes from me,when i am sitting on a chair she tells me to sit on the floor,when i am in a queue she tells me to get out,but i have not seen her for over ten years.
    Please Sir my first dream;I saw a lion in a dog cage and i was worried that the lion might come out to attack.
    There was a bright light outside a door that was attracting so different kinds of insects that were obstructing the way, so i was saying why would someone put a the light here.
    second dream:my husband was so worried that we are late taking our kids to school I checked my time and i wasn’t late.Some group of strangers(mothers carrying child and all kinds of people) came to my house in the dream and a man said he has come to ordain a pastor my house,I was worried about how they got into my bedroom house some of the women were prophesying to me,but i noticed the others were busy in my house,as the women try to lay hands on my head I woke up.
    another dream, my husband killed a man and he was arrested put in prison with food stuff like bags of rice,i was crying in the dream saying he might spend 10yrs but he said it may be more.
    my husband had a dream we were on a bridge bible drops from my hand and my baby try to get it she fell down from the bridge and my husband was shouting my name.
    Thank you so much sir for taking your time to read this,hope to hear from you soon.

  195. Thank you so much prayer eagle. You guys are so powerful words can’t explain. I don’t know how you know some things but your revelations are really dead on. I am going to pray these prayers every night at midnight just like the others. I believe it’s going to break every yoke and set me free so that I may live the victorious life Christ has called me to live. I know this because ever since I started praying with your prayers, demonic forces have been backing down gradually. My room mate has removed the talisman from off her door and I believe any thing holding back by marital status would be utterly destroyed. Praise God!!! Christ will set me free and I will be free indeed!!! Amen!!!

  196. Hi prayer eagle, I just have one baffling dream I’d like to ask you for interpretation. I had completely forgotten about the dream until I read a message from an acquaintance on facebook that jogged my memory. I had several dreams during the night which are vague right now. However, I remember that I entered a room or a house and a girlfriend of mine showed me some flowers. They happened to be roses. I think they were not fully grown yet, but when she brought them to me, they grew into full blown flowers. They were 3 white roses and a red rose.

  197. I accidentally clicked on submit. After seeing the roses, my friend then poured some milo for me, which she had warmed up and I drank. As I was drinking a guy approached me who was younger than me and asked me for my name which I spelt out for him. He then went out to his friends who were standing there and as they were hanging out, I could see that he was looking at me at the corner of my eye. Is this a good dream or a bad one? Please interpret it for me. Thank you.

  198. @Prayer Eagle

    I was praying various prayers about satanic pursuers, what to do when attacked, warfare prayers and Elisha Goodmans prayer on finding a godly spouse when suddenly i saw myself gasp as if for breath and I saw myself come out of the water. There were rescuers attending to me, they checked me out for bruises and all, and then they took me to hospital for observation and convalescence. Does this mean I have been delivered from marine and water spirits?

  199. Dear Prayer eagle,

    I dreamt of 4 boys in the wash room holding each others hands and one of them is my son. I’m shaking them but they could not open their eyes to see me because they were high on drugs. I started praring for them and I woke up fear. After somedays while studying he is hearing voices asking him where is His God? Please pray as my son is appearing for his public exam next month and he has been disobedient and hardly prepared for it.
    thank you. God bless you.

  200. Please, where has the prayer points for deliverance from the powers of witchcraft been taken to? They were very helpful to me in praying during the midnight hour. I was almost done doing it for the seven days when last night I looked all over the site and couldn’t find it. I then prayed the other prayers I usually pray and went to bed. I then had a series of bad dreams. In one I was walking barefooted in muddy soil and had gone back to primary school. In another I was engaged in fighting and quarreling with some girls. In another one, I was climbing up a staircase and there were a bunch of people on it. I had left my belt at home and my jeans was sagging so that my under wear was showing and I had to constantly pull the jeans up to cover my underwear. the people on the staircase and behind my back were laughing and mocking me as I got to the top of the stairs. Then at the top, I saw a young lady who wanted to fight me. She looked stronger than me so I didn’t want to confront her and she was pushing me and provoking me to a fight. I also dreamt where there were a couple lying on a bed. One white. one black and the white one( a lady) had a crocodile as a pet. Every night they went to bed, the crocodile will crawl in beside the lady and she would hold it on her side and sleep. I don’t know what all these mean, could you please interpret it for me? Also, I think I’ve figured out what my problem is. I think I need deliverance from witchcraft spirits because when I stopped praying those prayers I had these bunch of nightmares. this is the second time such a thing has happened. Please bring back the deliverance prayer. Thank you and may God bless you.

  201. Prayer Eagle | February 19, 2012 at 9:56 pm |

    @Lydia from Georgia: That is an indication of marine witchcraft attack and deliverance, it also points your attention to targeted areas (marine witchcraft) where you should concentrate your prayer missiles on.

  202. God bless you prayer eagle.

  203. Thank you and God bless you prayer eagle.

  204. Prayer eagle can you interpret my dreams for me? nos. 196,197 & 200. thank you

  205. Prayer Eagle | February 20, 2012 at 7:32 am |

    @Anonymous N0 204: this is your prayer link against witchcraft powers:

  206. Morning prayer eagle team Thank you for the great job that you are doing servants of God,i really i appreciate your site because its eye opening,it empowers wisdom from above.I thank God for you because we fully revived on daily basis,keep on doing this awesome job and may the gracious God increase you and empower you all with seven fold anointing that you carrying and enlarge your territory,SHALOM!

  207. Prayer Eagle | February 20, 2012 at 7:44 am |

    @Anonymous 196 and 197: Your friend that poured you drink is the middle-person for the suitor, she delivered the suitor’s message in roses to you. Marriage is a two-party affair, not with his hang-out friends and not with your milo-pouring friend. Ask the Lord to send the right man after God’s heart with the Boldness of God to proposition you in marriage. I hear the jingles.

  208. Prayer Eagle | February 20, 2012 at 7:58 am |

    @anonymous 200: Somebody in that dream thinks she is married to her husband but in reality is married to a destructive power called crocodile. The crocodile is a not a pet put a spirit husband to the lady, why you had this warning dream, I cannot tell, but you check yourself and around you to see any semblance with this dream. Pray against dreams of backwardness, check out and pray the 8 prayer points against backwardness which I gave Winnie at: Finally don’t relent, because there are powers who want to trap and abuse your sexuality. Cover yourself every night before going to bed with the blood of Jesus’ and barricade yourself with the fire of the Holy Ghost. Victory is yours in Jesus name.

  209. AM so glad that our GOD is a living GOD. if not for him what will my isreal say. one would be hopeless. pls magnify d LORD with me. i am comforted by his word and his presence everywhere, even computer is begining to have meaning to me cos i can relate with Gods community thru it. Have a GOD FILLED WEEK AHEAD! AM SO HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  210. Wow!!!, thank you so much prayer eagle for the answers. I have been sad because of these dreams but your words have just filled me with hope. I will pray and do as you have said. Funny enough, I just came from reading the prayer points from winnie and praying them because i realised her dream was similar to mine. I will do this for seven days and more till those sort of dreams cease completely in my life. God bless you. I thank God for caring about me enough to help me with these issues. I will do as you have said.

  211. Prayer Eagle | February 20, 2012 at 8:32 am |

    @iyabobola: mashe ke mena seh yake sada!!! you JOY shall be full of glory, you shall return to testify of God’s goodness and glory in Jesus’ name.

  212. please prayer eagle can you interpret my dreams above 194,thank you.

  213. @emm: This is not a forum for interpreting boyfriend’s dream this is a holy altar of fire before the Lord. That woman was the strongman in your life, your slave-master as it were. She left for a season.

    Abnormality for lion in a dog’s cage. you are that lion, it is not coming to attack you, you need to pray that the Lion of Judah in you should arise, roar and tear down every cage of darkness diminishing your staus to that of a dog, in the name of Jesus.

    There was an attempt to initiate you into witchcraft through the dream, you escaped but you have opened the door of your life unwittingly for these demonic forces to play game with your life, stop sharing your privacy and family secrets with your so-called friends who are nothing but your unfriendly friends. You must call fire down to consume them in Jesus’ name. they are forces of satanic delay and stagnation, deal with them by fire!

    you must increase your fire and word level. arrest every arrester planning to imprison your destiny and scatter your marriage. Pray against carelessness in the things of God and cover your family with then blood of Jesus, decree against every satanic wishes targeted at separating and scattering your destiny. Pray against every soul-tie with your ex boyfriend and release fire against his satanic mother tormenting you in the dream.

  214. Thank you so much sir for replying,I really appreciate this,I know this is not a forum for interpreting boyfriends dream this happened when I was an unbeliever over 10-12years ago…I was worried because we have no contact in the physical.

  215. @emm: God is showing you that there is still a soul-tie even after 10-12 year, pls break every soul-tie between and him as well as his satanic mom.

  216. Sir I have read this over and over God bless you…I had a dream yesterday I did a favor for a woman and she paid me back by going into the river and throwing big snails at me and i was picking them i saw my step brother looking at me from a distance.

  217. knowing what I know now fornication is a big big sin…Lord have mercy on me in Jesus name.

  218. Had sex with someone in d dream and the location happens to be my village.pls pray for me that God should nullify this dream.

  219. Hello Prayer Eagle

    Since i started praying your prayers, i dream almost everyday. Saturday i dreamed i went to a different town and when i got there, i went to see some lady to get keys from her( keys to my ex – boyfriend’s house). As we sat there chatting i noticed i was wearing two wedding rings but i was not married in the dream. As the lady was chatting she showed me a picture of her 2 young daughters and i told her it reminded me of my flower girls during my wedding, she looked surprised i was going to this exboyfriend with my two rings. and somehow i could not remember my wedding in real life,( i got married last year september) i only remembered when the lady showed me the picture of the two girls. i was so confused i did not even know why i was there because me and this guy we have not communicated 2 years ago.please help

  220. Praise the Lord,I thnk God for ur site it has been a great blessing to me,even before the battle of the gates programe,ve been having a consistent dream of going shopping,most times I get what am lookin for and at times I don’t,the shopping takes place in both my country and abroad,at times I have problems with immigration officers but I always get away before thy arrest me,its really baffling,is God tring to bring something to my attention with ths dreams,that am just not getting???pls help interpret shallom

  221. Hi prayer eagle and prayer team, I know this a website for interpreting dreams. However, I need a prayer warrior team to back me in prayer. Can you show me where to find them on this site? The prayers on the website are very powerful and effective and I’m sure the prayer warrior team will be as effective. About 8 years ago, I started having dreams of backwardness, only then I didn’t know what they meant. A few weeks after, a terrible thing happened to me which caused me to struggle tremendously in life and be stagnant. I wasn’t able to gain complete victory over the issue and had to leave the place I was to another location. Now, in this new location, the dreams of backwardness have started again. I can sense in my spirit that the same thing wants to happen in this new location as well. I am praying and will continually pray but the bible says when two or more agree on earth, it shall be done in heaven. I don’t want any bad thing to happen before I start praying. It is said that it is better to be safe than sorry.Please will you guys stand with me in fervent prayer as we break the demonic forces that want to torment my life and prevent me from enjoying the life that Jesus came that I might have and have it more abundantly. Pray with me that whatever demonic manipulations have taken place in the spiritual realm to cause my life to be stagnant and to retrogress be multiplied and returned to the senders of the manipulations and that I will live in victory in the name of Jesus. We are more than conquerors in Christ and I know that. I just want to see me live it and to be at peace. Please do not pass this email by because if nothing is done about the dreams it’s only a matter of time before things will start happening again. Thank you for all the help you have given me in the past and I believe you’ll do the same to this email. Thank you.

  222. vantambostgo | February 21, 2012 at 5:03 am |

    Prayer eagle – Please help me understand a dream i have been having now for years.. I dream it every now and then.. It is a dream of me taking a shower in a dirty schools bathroom.. dirty walls with unflushed toilets and dirty water on the floors… I never have shoes on and i am very uncomfortable about taking showers in this bathrooms. Pls direct me to which prayers i should pray against this.. I don’t ever want to see this bathroom.. ages ago i dreamt that a evil looking man with long hair with horns violently raped me in one of these bathrooms.. he even ejaculated alot of semen into me and when i woke up i was very sore.. I justi want to be done with this chapter of dream about these nasty bathrooms.. I seek your help in this matter and want to thank you for the time you will accord to me..

  223. Good Day,

    I am a 33 year old female from South Africa.I used to suffer from a spiritual husband.It destroyed my marriage and my general relationships with both males and females.My concern is I asked some prayer worriers to deliver me. I am currently single.Ever since the deliverance on 14 January ,my body has been vibrating.I thought that it was my bed ,but no,its me.I don’t get the spiritual husband visitation anymore ,but my body vibrates.I need to know what courses it to vibrate and why its vibrating? Please assist .Is it normal?But what surprises me is the overwhelming love I feel for my Jesus!

    Kind Regards,


  224. goodmorning sir, in my last nites dream: there was chaos outside and i and a male friend dat i cant identify went to take refuge in a small house where there are impoverished kids but unfortunately all space had bin occupied it was just a small space left for the two of us in which cannot be enough for me alone. later smtin dat looks like the following day the room was vacated and i was incharge of the space, though the room was small and humble but it was neat.
    then i saw my mother with her friend as if we are in the house together and her friend asked me to do her pedicure( that was the handwork i learned in real life though i have not made anyhead way in it as i should and i am very good at it as i always carryout research an it and my work is remarkably good) as i was doing it her second led was like she wearing a shoe and i was cleaning it under instead of unsder of her feet.
    then i was given and ettisalat line that belongs to a friend i hadnt seen in years to use in place of the one i lost in reallife. (late in december lastyear i had a dream where sm1 snatched the fone am using presently from me and i was tearfully begging him to give me back which he refused) then i had three fones with me, two of it were blackberry fones and i have the line an using in reallife in one of them and the third fone which is also sophisticated but old i had that my friends line in it.
    i also walked into a pack where one of the networks is having a promo(i think glo) and they had a bag of clothes that people are to pick from, i walked in immidietely after the last person that was being attended to and i was even suggesting the one she should pick but when it was my turn to pick the man incharge says i was not standing in the right possition that i should stand, that he wont attend to me, i will have to go and queue behind the last person. but when others interfared that it was my turn, he repositioned me and was about pick mine when some people struggling with a car appeared on the scene and that was all.
    i bought grocery from a woman and i told her to follow me home for me to pay her but on getting home the door was padlocked and i could not get in.
    NOTE: sir these dreams were all muddled up but i tried to pickout the notable part and i know the holyspirit will reveal what it is to u, pls sir am waitng and i have resolve not to stop this fasting until i start seeing changes in my present situation. Men come but leaves no matter how they like and appreciate me. i am intelligent , smart, beautiful, well behaved, prayerful, i am not perfect, i fall attimes but i always amends quickly. i have moved from place to place seeking abode, i have seen shame, disgrace and mockery but it must stop. i have people to help me but they are not helping. all these have to stop. the first quarter of this year must not go without this things going. i have prayed all prayer points i come across, if ther e is more u can recommend i will appreciate, the vigil and fast continues. thanks sir for ur response

  225. Dear prayereagle,

    My sixth day of prayer:

    I had a dream early this morning. I was in a traditional kitchen with a former boss. He was telling me that he is leaving for further studies with his wife to a foreign country and is leaving me to finish off a construction of a kitchen (I believe it is theirs) and has to be built in the same style as the one we are in. At the same time there are some foreign white visitors who have arrived in the country and he(the boss) would like me take them around the next day. It was at this juncture that i woke up. Kindly help me to understand this dream. Thank you so much……

    Dawn 24

  226. Good morning Sir,i prayed those prayer points on 213 and I had a dream about the strong woman I held her hostage and her aids were trying to free her later I left her and as i was leaving her compound there was a stage set up for her with carpet all white I stepped on it with my muddy feet I looked back and saw my muddy footprint.
    Please Sir interpret this dream for me,thank you.

  227. Good morning Sir,I prayed those prayer points on 213 and I had a dream about the strong woman I held her hostage and her aids were trying to free her later I left her and as i was leaving her compound there was a stage set up for her with carpet all white I stepped on it with my muddy feet I looked back and saw my muddy footprint on the carpet.
    Please Sir interpret this dream for me,thank you.

  228. something interesting came up today, i did not want to say it until i grab it but then it is a finished work of my goodbest FATHER in heaven!
    Two years ago in my dream, i saw myself walked into a banking hall where the branch manager and some staff had bin waiting for me as if i was goining to train their staff. on entering, the manager said: madam, we have bin waitng welcome, but behold d skirt i was wearing was stained behind as if i had defecated. then one of the staff took me into the toilet to help clean me up with much respect.
    Last year, i had a dream, i was among a marketing/ public relations team that is being trained. as question where being asked the trainee, i answered best and i was asked to lead the team.(rem. i told u i drop out of school in my finals?) i asked i boss how he wants me to do that seeing i am d only one dat dont have a first degree among all that are being trained. he then gave me a certificate saying that is ur first degree certificate.
    when i woke up, i calculated my age(30) and was wondering if that was what God had for me. also wondering how it will come to pass but since i cant help GOD to do what he wants to do in me, i rested.
    about two months later, i went to visit my former school mate in her place of work, dat was how i was offered a job as a marketer. now, i have bin made the head of the marketing thing team. i earn same salary with some degree holders in my company.
    To the testimony of today, another old course mate of mine came to see me in the office for smtin else, i have bin looking for accomodation close to my office, she came offered me an accomodation and told me she had same challenge i had in school and she was later able to get her certificate though with lower credit, that our lecturers covered up for most all of us dat did not sit for the finals. seeing how commited we were. she said i could get out mine too only dat i will have to pay what i was owing.
    i fell so elated cos that is my passport to better earnings by the grace God. HALLELUYAH!

  229. Prayer Eagle | February 22, 2012 at 1:44 am |

    @iyabobola: I thank God for your progress and your life: U see why I called you Jesus’ Girl? God that has begun a new thing in your life shall surely complete and bring it to perfection n Jesus name. Congratulations, you a’int see anything yet!

  230. please sir,interpret dream 226 for me thank you.

  231. Wao!iyabobola,thats great :your testimony is so encouraging and motivating,with our God nothing is impossible,He makes the impossible possible,whre it seems there is no way thats whre He intervin.Only if we could trust Him and wait upon His promises patiently,for God’s time is the best.congratulations.

  232. sm1 once asked me if i have ever seen GOD? i said yes! he said what was he wearing? HE IS CLOTHED IN RIGHTEOUSNESS AND WALKS UPON THE WINGS OF THE WIND, i answered! but today am saying: He is that beautiful smile on my face, HE is that beautiful ESSENCE in my life, HE is simply indescribale and yet describable! I WANT MORE OF HIM……………. u know what? he gave me one other gift, when i feel HIM or read of HIM…………HE makes me begin to sing. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm what can be more real?????????

  233. Iyabolola your testimony is soul stirring and brings hope alive in me,God is too great,He makes all impossibilities possible… May your joy last forever in Jesus name.Amen

  234. @prayer eagle: my best testimony for february is finding HIM thru dis site thru U! i know i can share my joys and fears here and get the encouragement, corrections, and impactations i need for the next step. i realy appreciate and declare that as the LORD liveth, whos we are, serve and wait upon, dis vision cannot fail in JESUS name(AMEN!) have a fulfilling day ahead…

  235. thanks to u all that congratulate me, u are next in JESUS name! let me say dis, dont start thinking how he is going to do it, dat can cause headache. He will do it and who can stop HIM?

  236. Prayer Eagle | February 22, 2012 at 6:23 pm |

    @emm: DREAM 226 INTERPRETED: This dream is a mirror of your present state and also a warning dream: If you don’t deal with that bestial power, it will arise and leave a shameful trail that could disgrace you in future on the day of your glory. The Lord wants total deliverance for you, to free you from the bestial powers hiding in closed places of your life. Incomplete deliverance is worse than no deliverance. You did not sufficiently deal with the caged beast which appeared to you as a strong woman. Who do you think that beast is? that beast was in you, your prayers caged it but was not sufficient to bring out the true you nor deliver you from the power of the beast. you walked away only to find out that the dirty footprint of the beast followed every step of yours, walking away when her aids were still trying their efforts to free her from your prayer cage is a wrong approach to spiritual warfare.

    Prayers: Every satanic beast hiding in closed places of my life: I challenge you by fire and bind you with fetters of fire!!! in the name of Jesus. My blood, receive deliverance by fire!!! in the name of Jesus. By the power in the blood of Jesus, I drag out every beast in my life, I command you to die by fire!!! in the name of Jesus. Fire of God, purge my life of every remnant of darkness in my life, in the name of Jesus. dark soldiers aiding and abetting the stron man in my life, DIE!!!! in the name of Jesus.

  237. Dear, i start with thd stubborn sleep that steals my ability to stay awake or wake up to pray even when i set my alarm clock at 11.30pm. Despite this, i had several sets of dream
    1. i was invited to sign on a marriage certificate of one of our village neigbours daughter. she was too young but married and wss clumsy and not showing the value of her married life. I started to couch her of how a good married wife behaves, walks and talk then i asked myself….look at you, yoou are telling this girl how to live a married life when you have failed for 20 years and nothing rewarding is tagged on you. When the form was broeght, the man in the neighbour draw a big faced and was signing in the middle of the page and made a long line and finshed his signature. I told him, ah you need a whole page indeed but that is wasting a page. I put my signature but was faint and not as clear and pronounced his.

    As i left, i met another village girl with 2 new born babies and i told her good luck but i saw the babies they resemble my son and she told they babies belong to my husband who is on his way to visit….then a siad again,, good luck. i have one sone and now you have two kids, i know my husband will now marry you. I wish you good luck….as i move my untie ( a quite and very timid one,,,one hwo never say anything nor guide or make any suggestion on how to solve a problme came and walked passed by…as i talked with her she folded her hand behind and continued walking and just ignoring me. I stood fixed and said “i think Monica is mad” she knows i have her daughter and had been paying fees for her child for over 7 years and she can not event great and ask for her child?

    2. Then nother one was that i was playing with some kids then suddenly an annnouncement run on the radio that people move to safer places. I started looking for safe place and each step i mad, i have to ensure that the kids are safe and there were many barbed wire fences arising from above and closing and when one says Jesus, it opens slightly but i have to say it several time before i push the kids toa safer place. Unfortunately, as i tried to roll under the fence, i bigger heavier fence was dropped and i shouted and called in vain. i tried to roll to another edge and saw many people rolling over to safer places but for me it was impoosible to get out. Then i saw many fence coming down and others were balzing fire and another voice saying, do not leave the fenced places or else you are doom but i said i am alone and i want to be with those who are safe.

    As itried to shout and call the name of Jesus, an invisible hand rolls the fence up but another hand pushes the heavier fence down. Then i was tiered and started teaching my daughter who was on the safer side to pray for me to get out safely.

    As she pray the prayer points in tears she pointed to me that they are leaving but she will see me later. I was left alone and more confused. Then i saw many black cats with horn llike instead of their ears walking round the big fence dancing and walking on two legs. The number was too big that i shouted, God i know you are still my father, and you still in charge, will you allow me remain alone to see all these. I refuse to stay here but the cats started laughing and roaring so loud that the fence started shaking. I told them none of you will touch me….Able of GOd just send your sword and ready for a battle then i woke up.

    I wake up scared and tired

  238. @prayer eagle I am so grateful for this interpretation…In God’s presence there is fullness of joy,i came to this site depressed and confused but now I am hopeful again.God said to me strangers will help me this year I can see this coming to pass now…You are my God sent helper.Thank you so much sir,God bless you sir.

  239. @iyabolola you are welcome and I say Amen,thank for your words of encouragement.I will wait upon the Lord.Stay blessed.

  240. Betty Ottoo
    Be greeted in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,i just want to encourage to stand your ground on the word of God,i believe those are spirits of witchcraft and stagnation,and the devil was mocking you in order to make you feel discourage and loose hope in God,know that God is there for you to set you free,keeping on holding to the cross and use the blood of Jesus and the fire Holy Spirit often you will overcome those powers in Jesus’ name,dont let fear rule over you otherwise the devil will take advantage.
    God bless you,you are a victor not a victim!

  241. Dear prayer eagle: REF #225

    Would someone please help me with the interpretation of this dream i had as mentioned in my note Number 225. Perhaps it is nothing to worry about? Just a normal dream? If not, kindly help me interpret it. May the Holy Spirit of the Lord God Almighty give you supernatural insights as to what it means.

    Awaiting your response,
    Dawn 24

  242. @ Prayer Eagle. I have read your interpretation of my dream that I posted and also what you mention what my named meant. Since I am born again and covered by the blood of Jesus everything was made new and so was my name. I have read Genesis 14:1-24 and NOTHING IS TO HARD FOR GOD AND I WAIT UPON MY LORD FOR MY MARITAL, FAMILY AND FINANCIAL TOTAL DELIVERANCE!! THIS IS THE YEAR OF DIVINE ORDER, GREAT OPPORTUNITIES AND I AM A HEIR TO IT ALL…..

  243. Calvary greetings,
    Last night i had this dream after midnight prayers,i was where i’m staying-i was busy planting fresh flowers and there were very green then i woke up.pls interpret for me this dream.
    Thank you!

  244. Please Sir,I had a dream I and my husband were called out in a church congregation by a pastor,he encouraged us and put salt on our hands and on my husbands feet.
    the 2nd dream my husband was in a deep slumber a pastor said if I can wake him up to take wine and bread he will have his breakthrough but he didn’t wake up.
    the 3rd dream my husband was busy working with a supposed man,but prominent pastor was in my house I kept telling my husband to come home,he refused.
    In the last dream,I was going to church with my family to marry my husband even though the church was not prepared and there were obstacles on the way I finally got to the church,I noticed I had two left leg shoes on so I asked my mum to give me her shoes.My husband wanted to go into the dark inner room in the church the pastor objected saying peoples secrets are in there,but all of a sudden the pastor called some people’s name and asked the security to remove them from the church and they used force on those who refused to move I thanked my pastor and left.
    I will patiently wait for your reply.Thank you Sir for taking your time to read this.

  245. Dear Prayer Eagle..

    I Have been praying this prayer for over a week now and the past few days i have been getting attacks as i am awake.. I have been having battles, I feel as though something unclean resides in me and needs to come out and can only do so with strong prayers _ please please pray for me some very strong prayers that willl rid me of what i am going through _ I prayed this prayer today and just after praying I was given the follwing verses — Phillipians 3:2 , Luke 12:2, Mathew 8 : 2 ..

    I will wait to hear from you and thanking you in advance for praying for me.

  246. Prayer Eagle | February 27, 2012 at 9:12 am |

    @vantambostgo: It is a call to sanctification. Foul and unclean spirits have taken over your temple, its time to flush them out. these wicked spirits have been deployed to engage in astral sex with you and you must with fasting and prayers terminate their evil works in your life and your body. pray the 74 prayer points at midnights, day and night with fastings for three days. The Lord shall arise for your sake and deliver you by His mercy from that enemy that is too strong for you in Jesus name.

  247. @prayer eagle: Goodmorning sir, sir i had a dream last nite and i need a quick response to it so as to know my next prayer point or focus.
    when i was leaving prayercity after my deliverance in that week of the nlc strike in january, i did not want to go back to where i was squating due to unfriendly friends cos i have been mocked to my face in their midst. but i ended up going there since i had no other place to go. about a week later, the cousin of my friend that i was staying with came to their house, though they have not seen him for years. he had to come bcos he had a child to claim from a lady whom he found out after their affair that she was his first cousin. and he wants my friends mother to go their with him(she is also his cousin) but she had said before he came that she wont go with him. he went and got his child though. but he became friendly and later a relationship. i have bin praying about the relationship and told God that i dont want to fail in this. the man had been heartbroken by sm1 he had wanted to marry last year and he is still depressed with with, i told him to pray about it earlier that if she is Gods will for him it will come to pass which he did.
    MY LASTNITE’S DREAM: I saw myself in my dream, i went to visit him in bayelsa(he is based there). when i got there i saw him with another lady and they were about going out with the lady and his son. but he gave me his house key(without the lady’s knowledge), told me to go and wait for him and that i should not let her know whatever transpired btw us, the lady ended up not going with him but she was kind of rivaling me. i got to his house, i saw his closet that he has removed old clothes from the closet leaving a very new and fine cloth on it. one for himself and one for his son. i met sm women in his house who are his relatives and i saw that there is a need to arrange the house.
    i had prayer at midnite that i want God to send me my preordained spouse, those prayer point on this site. cos i dont know if he is Gods will for my live so i thought if he is not , i want my the right person to locate me.after the prayer i slept off at about 1;30am and woke up about an hour later with dis dream so clear.
    i need an interpretation pls. GODBLESS1

  248. Please Sir,interpret dream 244 for me thank you.

  249. sir i ommited a scene in the dream. after collecting the key, on my way to the house i saw a barb wire barricade then i lift it up from down the first time, i could not pass but about the second time i lift it and i slip passed under it to the other side. still expecting ur response sir. thanx

  250. Dear Prayer Eagle

    I came across your site yesterday and saw the teaching about Greatest Prayer Point you can pray for yourself. I quickly copied it and prayed it at midnite and these were my dreams. I forgot some of them.

    Dream 1:

    I dreamt that my wife, my daughter referred to the dream below were going to our residence which looked like an old school whereupon I saw two men following us. We were running away from them but as I was telling my daughter to move fast she seemed like to oppose the direction of movement but I pulled her into the room and we closed the door before the men caught up with us. My wife and my son were infront of us in all this. This daughter of mine is 3 years old

    Dream 2:

    I dreamt that I was in some kind of hospital with my wife and our daughter. It happened that our friends were with us. This friend of mine is called Burden and the wife is Rachel. I saw myself with my daughter in a floor below the one we were where I was removing poo from her bums. Rachel came to assist while I was doing this and brought a tube she inserted at the back of my daughter as she told me that the child was not well. So this tube was inserted on the back below the neck. She inserted a needle into the child’s skin and moved it as if to apply some injection and then I woke up

    Dream 3:

    I dreamt that we were in some sort of gathering like in a church conference (myself and my wife) whereupon a certain woman started to dramatise the crucifixion. My wife and I began to discuss as we thought she was not doing a true representation of the cross as the cross she was using had one long member and one short member at the back. We said to ourselves the short member must be infront and I woke up.

    Could these dreams mean anything Prayer Eagles? Kindly assist. I have a lot of dreams that need interpretation

  251. City On A Hill | February 28, 2012 at 12:51 pm |

    Dear Prayer Eagles

    Calvary greetings! I was blessed by this site when I cam across it. I have had dreams like these that I need help in interpreting. These dreams are not in order of occurrence. It’s dreams over the years

    First Dream

    I saw myself swimming under the ocean and a voice said to me do you want your dreams to be crystal clear and I never answered.

    When I walk up a cancelled it and thought it was evil.

    Second Dream (Different nite)

    I dreamt that I was ascending a mountain when i saw that some men guarding it who looked like were purple in their appearance. There was one seated on the mountain whom I did not see who was engulfed in fire. The guards did not want me to go to the mountain and a voice came from the mountain that said “Let him come here as he is a mighty man in the kingdom”. When I woke up I felt like something had been imparted to me.

    Could this be a Godly dream and what is the intepretation?

    Dream three

    Before I was born again these were the visions of my head. I dreamt that Jesus was coming and in the sky the clouds looked like they were boiling when I saw one descending with others with Him who looked like purple in appearance. I could not see Jesus but heard the voice. He said take our people and let us go. Those with Him asked how do we know them and he said look at the forehead. I saw my self in this dream and was singing a church song but these men left me and went for my sister who was a christian at that time. I had this dream three times in succession and I went and presented myself at a local church and this is how I became a christian.

    Could there be other messages in this dream?

  252. sir, i need prayer point urgently i have been experiencing series of dreams in which when i woke up i wont remember any. at times i will pray over it and d next time i sleep i will remember. what am discovering now is am becoming weary in prayer pls help me

  253. pls sir, i need prayer point urgently i have been experiencing series of dreams in which when i woke up i wont remember any. at times i will pray over it and d next time i sleep i will remember. what am discovering now is am becoming weary in prayer pls help me

  254. Prayer Eagle | February 28, 2012 at 6:38 pm |

    @iyabobola: DREAM 247 and 249 Interpreted: Congratulations as God’s love for you is showing strongly in your dreams. You prayed a simple but specific prayer of inquiry concerning your “pre-ordained spouse” and God showed up exposing the drama behind the veil in your current heartthrob based in Bayelsa.

    As you have seen it in the dream so is it. he is currently in an unprofitable relationship and does not have the will to break-off the relationship but would rather manage the two of you as rivals. Apparently, he was hiding his relationship with this other lady from you.

    He himself needs a serious deliverance from evil pattern of broken relationships and you will not be his last bus stop. He should genuinely surrender his life to Christ and take instructions from God on how to go about his life.

    You must continue in prayers that God should give you marital breakthrough and settle you this year in the name of Jesus. Keep yourself holy and don’t marry anybody on sympathy, don’t involve in pre-marital romance and pre-marital sex, not even a kiss!!! and the God of marriage covenant will honour your faith.

    Ask God to show up mightily in your life and let your “GOD-ORDAINED HUSBAND” APPEAR BY FIRE IN YOUR LIFE. ask God to nullify every manifestation of counterfeit spouse in your life in Jesus’ name.

  255. Prayer Eagle | February 28, 2012 at 8:04 pm |

    @funmi: command every satanic dream eraser to be arrested by fire and restore what they have wiped off your spiritual monitor in the name of Jesus.

  256. @prayer Eagle:please sir interpret dream 244 for me,I had them sometime ago I hope to get directions through them regarding my husband.Hope to hear from you soon,thank you.

  257. @emm: DREAM 244 INTERPRETED: Matthew 5:13: “Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.” The labour of your hands and the direction you take shall have positive impact on many lives. Pray for God to so bless your staff of bread that you may become a blessings to many. Pray for the salt of heaven to burst every activity of satanic bacteria that threatens your work with rots. Another strident call to increase your word level, the word of God operating in your life must become bread and wine before you can be blessed by it. Ask the Lord to give you the word and the rod to stir up the glory deposit in you from the valley of slumber. The 3rd dream points to a weak shepherd and a vulnerable spiritual covering, pray for God to guide you to a place He has chosen that you may worship Him in truth and in spirit. last dream wants you to look inward for solutions to your challenges. Break every invisible rope tying you to every evil pattern of your family/parents.

  258. Dear prayer eagle
    Please interprete this dream for me,i dreamt it three times:at first i dream of myself planting very drean flowers,then in the others i dreamt of myself again in very green garden, please help me because this dreams i believe they mean one thing and i dream them almost every day.I will be glad for your response.
    God bless you!

  259. @prayer eagle, thank u daddy, am grateful. I will continue in prayers cos it has to be this year. i know God will not fail me. if He can give me directions in my dream, He can also do greater things in my marital destiny. this is just about the simplest thing he can do, the hardest was to give His only i appreciate God for this site! Blessed day ahead!

  260. Prayer Eagle | February 29, 2012 at 8:51 am |

    @lydiam: that is fruitfulness. Pray that your labour and your endeavors shall become fruitful and thank the Lord for showing you the garden of your fruitful destiny. Command that dream to manifest into reality by fire! in the name of Jesus.

  261. The hardest was for Him to give his only begotten Son. that revelation was simply awesome. he has had about ten years wasted in unprofitable relationships.

  262. @Prayer Eagle:I thank God for what He is doing through this site and making you a great asset to the world…You have brought peace to my mind by interpretation#257…Sir I had a dream I was told to read a word for me in jeremiah65:15 as my mother was about opening it I woke up.I am puzzled because the chapter and verse doesn’t exist.What do I do?
    I and my husband have had a very similar dream,in the dreams I want to go right and he thinks that is a long journey and he wants to go left, we end up arguing in the dream.
    Like you mentioned in the interpretation above about looking inward for solutions,I have told my husband what the Lord has laid in my heart, but he is very reluctant to follow it.

    please sir help me interpret.Thank you for taking your time to read this.hope to hear from you soon.

  263. Prayer Eagle | March 3, 2012 at 12:29 pm |

    @Shirley: Dream 219 Interpreted: God is showing you that your soul-tie to ex-boyfriend is still in place and unbroken and until you break that tie, it would trouble and frustrate your new marriage and may even stand as a spiritual obstacle to obtaining your visa to join your real husband in the UK. Even though you are married in real life but your ex-boyfriend has not released you in the spirit to unite with your real husband. those two rings symbolized that you are married in the spirit realm to two people instead of one. You must break every soul-tie so that the spiritual duplicity can be nullified and you can possess your Visa to join your true husband in Jesus’ name.

  264. Dear Prayer Eagles.
    I want to testify to the goodness of God. You interpreted on of my many dreams and congratulated me on a pending victory. I was praying for a job and a permit and I got it. Praise the Lord. Thank you for continuing to help us unravel mysteries of our lives!

  265. Prayer Eagle | March 3, 2012 at 3:37 pm |

    @Mor: Congratulations again, more miracles are coming your way this month of March in Jesus’ name.

  266. Prayer Eagle | March 4, 2012 at 10:21 am |

    @Aidah: Cancel that dream and command the spiritual robbers to be arrested and decree to undo whatever they have done to your sister. barricade your life and family with the blood of Jesus and the fire of Holy Ghost.

    Command your stolen dream monitor to be returned by fire and pray for God to show you whatever U NEED TO KNOW TO MAKE YOUR LIFE MOVE FORWARD BY FIRE THIS YEAR.

    Feeling bad after an unconscious affair with a spirit husband indicates a discovery that may have been happening for long and is deep-rooted, that was perhaps why your dream screen was stolen so you wld not remember the horrible and funny deeds of a wicked spirit husband, but now he is caught, execute the judgement that is written against him by praying against spirit husband: pray the 21 prayers against spirit husband which I gave sister Jessie from Zurich at: Ask the Lord to baptize your dream-life with fire and pray the 74 prayers against spirit spouses at:

  267. Sir I had a dream that a black famous football player was shot in the head and died instantly,I was wondering what he was doing in the group,it all seemed so real..I tried to buy ripe plantain in the dream but they were too expensive so i didn’t buy them.Sir in real life I received a bad news that my pregnant cousin was in coma after having an operation to remove the still born before the dream…does this have any I am praying for her survival
    please sir i really hope to hear from you,and dream#262,I thank God so much for your great insight.

  268. Prayer Eagle | March 4, 2012 at 12:25 pm |

    @emm: 244… looking inwards interpret to mean withdrawal from too much activity which leads to unconscious means going alone before God to sort out many tangles and receive direction of wisdom for resolving those entanglements. that dream 244 was so much associated with church, church, church and church should bring comfort and succour being house of God. 2nd 3rd and 4th dream of 244 were not exactly fantastic. the 1st gave u direction, the 2nd warn you about hubby’s spiritual slumber which may affect you as revealed in the 3rd dream because your hubby is your covering, when that covering becomes unavailable at the time you need it, you may be opened to spiritual abuse, that is what 3rd dream revealed. last dream says you took some wrong decisions in the past due to influence of your mom. marriage is between two people and God as witness, borrowing your mom’s shoe indicates walking in the pattern of your mom, sit down and meditate and reason it out, what was your mom’s marital pattern, was it good, was it disappointing? you examine that and determine what you want and pray for your heart-desire in Christ. you should pray fervently for divine direction for your destiny and cutting of spiritual cord that tied your destiny to some negative background.

    God is showing you secrets about your marriage, your husband is asking questions that you have not satisfactorily answered. “And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.” (Genesis 2:25) Are there hidden secrets in your life before your wedding that your husband did not know even till now after the wedding? God wants us to be open without secrets in our marriage. if yes, its a call to repentance and restitution/correction.

    Ripe plantain and inability to purchase it is an attack on your finances and you should reverse every such attack on your finances. pray for your cousin for restoration and salvation. command every satanic bullet shot at your family to return back and kill the sender in the name of Jesus. That famous football star is a deceptive mask but pointer to your most-loved person and favorite, possibly your husband. You must stand and reverse every arrow of tragedy fired against your marriage and family, nullify the evil works of the adversary by the blood of Jesus. command the assassin to turn their killer weapons against themselves.

    Dream 262: If I were you, i would be puzzled and concerned the way my mother pops up in my dreams, could there be an umbilical tie or overbearing influence in your life and marriage? Obviously your marriage is being spiritually attacked reason for the argument in the dream. May God reveal His love for your marriage to you and your husband in the name of Jesus. That non-existent Bible passage is a parable and a dark speech hidden somewhere in Jeremiah. A simple reversal of that “non-existent” passage reveals irreversible divine judgement against Babylon. Jeremiah 51:56 is the reverse of the non-existent Jeremiah 65:15. If you ask God who is Babylon in your situation, a shocking but pleasant answer awaits you, but God shall give you total victory against your Babylon in Jesus’ name

  269. God bless you Sir for this invaluable insight,my heart is glad… God has made a way where there seems to be no way…I have done things in the past out of ignorance that I deeply regret due to my mother’s influence.
    Please sir, you talked about withdrawal from too much activity which led to unconscious captivity I and my husband stopped going to our church faithfully now for over 2yrs because my husband did not trust the church people(leaders,members etc) I played along with him but my mind didn’t truly agree with him,although we’ve been doing midnight prayer all along.
    Can this mean what is been reflected or is this what the Lord want my husband to do?

  270. anonymous | March 4, 2012 at 9:16 pm |

    Hi, I had the weirdest dream just now and need intepretation for it. Please, please do not overlook it bcos I’m confused about the dream and I need spiritual help like a hundred years ago. I think the situation gets worse and worse everyday. So please please help before it’s too late for me. I had a dream in which I was in my room and I don’t remember much but i was doing something with my teeth when one came off. Attached to this tooth was a black thread and a a brown sickle-looking bone of a thing that was sharp(will call it pin) at the edge of the black thread. I was baffled to find such a thing on my tooth, so I was examining the thing well when the pin moved towards me with a force I don’t know where was coming from and pricked my finger and there was a drop of blood at the point of my finger. So, I thought to go and pray immediately before if it had any demonic implication,I get into any demonic entanglements. So, I went to the bathroom and was standing infront of the mirror and had put the tooth with the pin and thread on the slab. And it seemed like there was another mirror on the slab. As I was abt to pray over the finger which had just been pricked with the blood spot on it, I sort of had a vision in which I saw an open door in which there was me standing at the other door. So it was like I had been divided in three, one standing in front of the mirror, another seeing the vision of me at an opened door behind the one standing in front of the mirror. It’s a bit hazy but it seemed as if one wanted me to join some demonic cult and the other wanted me to not and the tooth wanted to force me to have my finger pricked which i was desperately trying to cancel whatever the first prick was and completely nullify it from my life. So, we fell to the ground and had a fight, while the third one stood at the edge of the opened door. The prayerful me, remembered having a dream in which I sort of heard or saw that I had been put in the mouth of a snake and so I was praying against whatever this thing that was me was and banishing it and taking my soul out of whatever snake spirit there was that I was in. As I was fighting this me, I got a hold of her arm and I wrung it and said out loud that it wass to symbolize wringing the neck of the snake and finally getting my soul out of its mouth. then I woke up. Please please send me an interpretation soon. Last year I had a dream in which a witch was asking me to join their cult and I refused in the dream. I’ve bn having weird dreams for a long time. I need to be delivered from this thing. It has to be sooner than later please. Thank you.

  271. anonymous | March 4, 2012 at 9:58 pm |

    I just remembered the beginning part of the dream. I think I was on a facebook page and was looking at pictures when I decided to scroll down and see pictures from my friends. As I was scrolling, the page was bringing pictures of friends at the time of their high school years. I saw a picture of my cousin and as I was looking at it closely, I saw that in the picture, I was lying on a lawn by my cousin when the picture was taken. My hair was as bushy as my hair used to be when I was in high school, it was no longer permed like I have it on today. Then I scrolled down and saw my big sister’s picture. In her picture was her and her daughter and then I saw another picture of her which I wanted to go down and look but decided against it. I think after that was when the tooth thing happened. Please interpret for me.

  272. I dreamt i was sitting on my bed and i realised it was broken but i didnt fall i just move and sat at the edge that was alright. secondly I dreamt my mobile phone fell down and was broken but i just pick it up and said in my mind that i have insured it so it wasnt a problem. Then later i dreamt that we wrote an exam to travel and work abroad but there is this man( who harasses me at work )and he is the examiner. So he failed me and i was annoyed with him that it was unjust. He later told me that I should rewrite it another time I was so annoyed within me and i saw my colleagues that i know i did better than them going and i woke up. Could you please interpret this dream for me and help me with prayer points to cancell them thank you

  273. I had a dream where i was in a boat and on this boat there were alot of cords like umbelical cords that were cutting people on the boat i kept on dodging the cords however these cords were very sharp and the boat only had men on it and the lady in charge who was behind all this was a friend of mine. I was very afraid and this was scary as i could have died from the cutting, It happened to be that i saved two of my guy friends and we swam away. What could this mean?

    I also have dreamt that i had intercourse with three men , the one was white a few days later i dreamt i gave birth to a baby and they took it away please i am tired of these dreams i needhelp and deliverance as well as the breaking of these spiritual husbands.

  274. @prayer Eagle:thank you so much for taking your time to interpret my dreams,God bless you so much.
    I slept before doing the midnight prayer and had a dream I was picking my black top from the ground and putting it in a white basket,…After using the prayer points on interpretation#268 at midnight…
    1st dream my husband had a major operation some people thought he won’t survive it but he did and all of a sudden he started getting better and speaking in tongues he walked up to a man and warned him and the man was very angry trying to fight my husband I was very worried because of his health, but the attack increased(from different men)so I challenged them but they didn’t attack me they were more interested in my husband, so we went to sit by the gate,3 of my husbands friends came to him and said they saw what happened and they have raised some money for my husband they asked him to come outside the gate and take the money but my husband refused and showed them a stab wound on his tummy that he received earlier,so 1 of the friend hugged my husband and tried to put money in his back pocket but I saw him giving signs (that my husband won’t come out) to the men behind that attacked my husband earlier so I shouted it is deceive so I woke up and prayed before having a second dream ….
    2nd dream I saw people sitting on hay(like an audience not in a building but more like a farm setting) right behind them was a poultry with lots of chicken all of a sudden the door just opened and the chickens where coming out as I followed to see where they were all going I didn’t see them anymore…
    3rd dream, my mum gave me 4 capsules I swallowed 2 in the bathroom.
    Please Sir, help me interpret.Thank you for reading.

  275. Sir i forgot to add my mum is divorced and her marriage was not really peaceful.

  276. I dreamt i was sitting on my bed and i realised it was broken but i didnt fall i just move and sat at the edge that was alright. secondly I dreamt my mobile phone fell down and was broken but i just pick it up and said in my mind that i have insured it so it wasnt a problem. Then later i dreamt that we wrote an exam to travel and work abroad but there is this man( who harasses me at work )and he is the examiner. So he failed me and i was annoyed with him that it was unjust. He later told me that I should rewrite it another time I was so annoyed within me and i saw my colleagues that i know i did better than them going and i woke up. Could you please interpret this dream for me and help me with prayer points to cancell them thank you

  277. Hello Mano of God

    How do i break soul ties? Please help i need to do this urgently. Do i include any fasting? Thank you for all these revelations. The Lord is soo good to me and i know he is going to reveal more to me. Over the weekend i was driving into the Soldiers camp me and my brother and a secretary from church. we were scared but we just went in and found a table full of jewellery and we were told to choose what we wanted, we started to sing and praise God as we chose. Please reveal it for me.

  278. Dear Prayer Eagle
    thank you for a wonderful site and am being delivered every week since i came to the site. i was unemployed for a year and i have a beautiful job now and since praying ,jobs i applied for a year ago are coming back. job agencies are phonining me that they received my applications in april 2011!i was given an opportunity to take over my director on Group presentation he was supposed to do, ive only been with the company for 6months.i have noticed though that since i started praying, theres no peace at home with my sister i live with,she knows i pray but she doesnt join me.last night i dreamt i was carrying a child as if its my own and i walked everywhere with it.i dont have kids.i still have the problem with the car and finding finance for it,but im trusting discouraged with the lack of peace at home.thank you

  279. Dear prayer eagle
    I greet you all in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ,well my request is that pray with for financial breakthrough so that i may be able to pay for my COP certificate as it is wanted where i’m working and they dont pay me my whole salary because it didnt provide this certificate and what i’m getting is too little that i cant save for the certificate as i have to pay P1500.00. But by God’s grace i believe i’l pay for it,so stand with me in prayers that this must not discourage me.
    Thank you!

  280. Greetings in the name of our lord jesus christ,pls pray with me, for the past 2 wks i hv not been praying at midninite bt i used to do that before, now i always feel tired nd sleepy and i always 4get my dreams i only remember pieces of them and most of them are bad dream.last nite i dreamt that i ws wth my friend at my home village and his dad ws late. we were at their place wth my cousins and her elder sister ws cooking and she served us and we all ate after eating i went outside wth my friend and i then told her dat i wont be able to attend his father’s funeral and she ws okay wth it. she accompanied me to my place bt while we went of the yard we saw the cars frm the mortuary coming bt the one which ws supposed to bring the coffin ws nt there bt these other cars were running so fast and skidding as if we were in a wedding.we wanted to go past behind the kraal bt we didnt cos they came past behind it so we decided to go passing infront of the kraal cos at they back we cud be knocked off by ths cars. in real life my friend’s father is late nd its three to fours years back pls interpret ths dream for me and send me the prayer points

  281. I had a dream today about supervising the construction of a new building. The thing about the dream was that the building work went so fast that I had to ask one of the workers what equipment they were using because the job was so far. Please can you help to interpret. Thank you & God bless you.

  282. Prayer Eagle | March 7, 2012 at 9:47 pm |

    @Dee: Good dream. You will have good speed in your endeavours and will establish a testimonial edifice which shall be a reference to the hand of God upon you. You are in a leap year and God is showing you that He will give you a “LEAPING” testimony in the name of Jesus. Thank God and pray that the dream shall not be aborted but come to pass speedily in your life this year, in Jesus name.

  283. Prayer Eagle | March 7, 2012 at 10:09 pm |

    @ntebogang: what you need first is discipline of a midnight soldier of Christ. don’t eat heavy meals late night, but sleep early before 8 p.m. You will then have the strength and freshness after 4-5hour rest to wake up and do battle for a quality 10-15 minutes and return to bed with vigour and fire.

    Pray to baptize your dream-life with Holy Ghost Fire, and set ablaze every demonic kitchen used in catering evil food for you in your dream, having eaten that food, the consequence is those funny pictures and imagery of funeral procession that followed. Pray to cut off every funeral ceremony designed to capture your virtues in Jesus name. Pray for the blood of Jesus to enter your system and neutralize every poison which you ate in the dream.

  284. misi charles | March 7, 2012 at 10:38 pm |

    Dear man of God, I had the most disgusting dream and I need your help.
    I have a son who is 24.He is on fire for the Lord and faithful in serving .i dreamt that I was having sex with my son.My grown son.Very diegusting > I have prayed but am not exactly sure if am directing my prayers the way am supposed to.Please help me.

  285. Prayer Eagle | March 7, 2012 at 10:58 pm |

    @T.R: I thank God for your life and those beautiful testimonies, God is not done yet with you, you are coming back to testify of your God-ordained husband and marriage. You should rejoice exceedingly because of the negative reaction of your sister, your warfare is not carnal, it is the spirit behind your problem that is being dealt with. You are on the verge of an unstoppable victory and ceaseless flow of abundance, household adversaries cannot be comfortable with the moves of God in your life. Total victory is your portion!!!

    That child you were carrying in the dream was the offspring of your sexual association with that spirit husband/groom of previous dreams, therefore set ablaze every demonic child of the spirit husband in your life and command the fire of God to consume everything that has to do with spirit husband in your life, if you have not by now, make sure you pray the 74 prayers against spirit spouses at:

    Anoint that car because it has become a dead carcass and declare it as carcase: Matthew 24:28: “Wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather.” Command the vultures to rush and gather to pick up their carcase for it is no longer yours. Declare it sold at good price and command financial miracles that will bring in a new car for your comfort and pleasure to come into your possession by fire, in Jesus name.

  286. Prayer Eagle | March 8, 2012 at 1:25 am |

    @misi: Congratulations!!! The devil just handed you a platform to rout his masquerade game with your life. I want to thank you too because when you share your dreams with me, God uses them to teach me on patterns. I have prayed over your dream.

    When you said your dream was wiped out without remembrance, the Lord showed me a pattern frequently used by spirit spouses. the dirty sexual game they play with their victims’ bodies cannot be allowed to be remembered, so they employ the spiritual eraser to clean your spiritual monitor from storing their wicked acts in your memory bank. The Lord showed me that spirit spouses are cowardly spirits, they never want their victim to remember or even see their faces. In your own case after wiping off your dreams, but @ N0. 47, you prayed a simple prayer as instructed by the Lord: “@misi: Change your prayer gear and ask God to baptize your dream life with Holy Ghost Fire and bring back every dream that have been stolen or erased by the devil from your spiritual screen in Jesus’ name.”

    God restored your stolen dreams and now that the enemy cannot wipe out your dreams, the evil sexual activity cannot be hidden any more, so the spirit husband had to hide under the mask of your son’s face to perform his evil act, that is why I congratulated you in the spirit, you woman warrior of Jehovah. The enemy cannot hide anymore. Time to deal a final blow upon the enemy with the fist of fire!!!

    Finally, in Dream N0.179: you said and I quote you: “In my sleep i saw 2 strangers,men.and I walked out of my house to meet them outside .I didnt invite them in but they found hemselves inside.Accidently I was using a water hose and one of them got wet.Suddenly i realise he was no longer inside.he had left.After a short while the other one disappeared also.” That was manifestation of spirit husband, they always force their way inside the victim’ body without consent or invitation. But just as you used the water hose (word of God) on them and they disappeared, so shall you in prayer using the word of God and they would disappear forever from your life in Jesus’ name. Don’t be weary bust use the 74 prayer points against spirit husband at:

    2 Corinthians 10:3-6: “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.”

    PRAYERS: Every power using the face of my son (mention his name) to commit evil acts, your end has come: BE UNMASKED BY FIRE AND BE DISGRACED UNTO DEATH!!! in the name of Jesus. Satanic imaginations and abominations sponsored against my mind and fired into my dream-life: gather yourself together, be multiplied seven-fold: GO BACK! AFFLICT!! AND KILL YOUR SENDERS!!! in the name of Jesus. Every thought of iniquity programmed against my walk with God, I invoke the blood of Jesus against you. satanic rebellion by spirit husband against my life: s-c-a-t-t-e-r unto desolation, in the name of Jesus. every disobedience organized by wicked spirits against the knowledge of God operating in my life: Be Disgraced!!! in the name of Jesus.

  287. Dear Prayer Eagle
    Thank you and we are Blessed for your ministry and we do not take for granted your deliverance ministry. we have been bound for so long and now we are being set free.thank you for teaching me to pray correctly and to be in the right standing with the Lord, my hearts desire is to be committed,delivered and faithful servant in the house of the Lord.I am the Lord’s and so is my life. every morning i start my day with your teachings and im renewing my mind every hour, every day.i desire to be a prayer warrior woman and to be a living testimony that the Lords and your work has not been in vain.Be Blessed

  288. Dear prayer eagle
    Calvary greetins,please interprete this dream for me:i dreamt of myself in a certain place,then i saw that i was with the father of my daughter who is thirteen now,we were in a house and i was laying on a bed so he came and layed in the same bed i was on, i told our daughter to sleep on the other bed with her aunt,then this man wanted to have sex with me and i refussed then i saw him standing by the dressing table naked but i saw the back part as if he was from the shower and is like we live together but in real life we our no longer together and i later saw myself holding a lot of gold earrings and necklaces,it seemed like i’m selling them as i was telling people i was with prices,as i tried to take out one necklace it break and i said i know a shop where they fix necklaces i’l take it to them and its going to be mine,i counted it out of the stock.I’l be waiting for your respond.

    God bless you1

  289. @Prayer Eagle: thank you so much for giving me prayer points to pray for my cousin that was in coma,she is conscious now.
    Praise the Lord!!!

    Sir In my dream last night, a man wearing a white shirt came to me and said I am having challenges in my marriage he said my mum told him,he gave me a black thing( like black soap)read some things from a book on it and ask me to use it over a grave against my enemies,but I was not able to use it because I was fiercely attacked( by strange people and my brother) from all sides to stop me from using it… I had another strange dream last night…I saw some men leading a cow that was pulling a car with a rope tied to the horn of the cow on a muddy road.
    Please Sir,interpret this dream and #274 for me so I know if there is a link in these dreams.Hope to hear from you soon.Thank you for blessing me through this site.

  290. Words cannot really qualify how much I appreciate this site,it has empowered me is simply the best.
    Thank you prayer Eagles.

  291. in my dream last night , i was with my husband and child and then a huge snake just appeared from nowhere. My my father in law’s young brother just appeared and put it in a big envelope and throw it in the bedroom. We asked him why he was doing that and he said the snake was going to be killed by rats in that room.He then disappeared again and we peeped through the door to see what was going on in that room where he had put the snake. We saw the snake vomiting money and then i woke up.

  292. misi charles | March 8, 2012 at 3:52 pm |

    Anointed people of God ,Thank you for your response and it makes perfect sense all that you say.I had been struggling with staying up to pray my midnight battles.Man of God i asked the Holy Spirit to help me stay awake.Hear this,at midnight my alarm sounded off like usual and i was fighting to wake up,immediately my dog began barking like crazy.I sat up in bed and landed my feet ,both of them at the same time on the floor and I shot up like a bullet and began praying in the Spirit;.that has never happened before.I remained in prayer for over an hour .I know I did some serious damage in the enemys camp.I prayed all the 74 prayer points that you sent me and some more … was just an awesome time with the Lord.Prayer Eagles,I thank Jahoviah for your team and I decree His bountiful blessings on you.

  293. misi charles | March 8, 2012 at 7:33 pm |


  294. anonymous | March 9, 2012 at 9:58 am |

    please interpret 271 and 270 for me. thank you.

  295. Prayer Eagle
    Calvery greetings. When I pray on the midnight hour I sometimes loose my voice and start coughing on other days I would feel like vomiting but nothing will come out. why could this be happening. Please prayer with me that I receive my deliverance because my life has become very stagnant, in the financial sphere and career for both me and my husband. My dream life is also very blank as I sometimes go for days without dreaming.

  296. Sunny Sunny | March 9, 2012 at 5:52 pm |

    Dear Pastor,
    Calvary greetings to you in Jesus name.l thank God for coming accross this.
    Sir,whenever l pray very well with some fire prayers,l wont remember my dream at all and l will be having the feeling that l had an eventful dream but no matter how hard l try,the more l try to remember,the more it fades away but anytime l pray a casual prayer or tired and sleep off and didnt pray at all,l will remember my dreams.Some some of the dreams l can remember at my prayerless time are as follows;
    DREAM 1;l always dream of seeing myself in my former house back home in Nigeria,l have been having this dream even before l left Nigeria even up til now.I also always see myself in the dream with my primary and secondary school mates,my former neighbours,talking together.
    The dream l had today goes thus;l saw my self in my secondary school uniform with my immediate sister and it seems as if l was 2yrs ahead of her in that in dream but all of a sudden,she passed me and was ahead of me in that dream to be in the final class.Then l later saw primary school friend of my wearing primary school uniform coming to me to narrate her ordeal that landed her back in the primary school,l immediately interrupted her by telling her that how my sister is now ahead of me and l was crying in the dream and l cry til l woke up.
    DREAM 2:I dreamt that l saw myself in the kitchen of my former house and there appear on the wall of the room,an unfamiliar face of a woman calling my full name aloud and saying’your mouth will kill you’.
    DREAM 3:I sometimes see mad man running after me but will not catch up with me.
    DREAM4:I saw my siblings,a close family friend and myself in a room hiding with some other peple but all of a sudden a man came inside and start shoting,he shot myself,my siblings and that family friend,one of my sister was died in the dream and the family friend but my other sister and mysefl were alive but had a gunshot on the chest.
    DREAM5:I saw a dog standing like a man and speaking youruba and hugging me that it has been a long time he has seen me.There was a time l joined online prayer conference of Dr stella,that day was deliverance night,l fully ppaticipated but in the moring when l was going for my appointed,l saw a white man dog bark seriouly at me to the extent that he follows me anywhere l turn to until he was drag away by the owner.
    DREAM6:Anytime l have my schildren,l always see their cloths in the dream,at times with some peolpe.
    DREAM7:I used to eat in the dream especially when am pregnant,food like rice,cake etc.
    DREAM 8:I used to see some nigeria actors in my dreams.
    DREAM 9:I saw my baby boy being mad and spiting sperm on my baby girl and their father come to take him away.
    DREAM 10:While l was pregnant with my third child,l was curios to know the sex and l have been praying for a male child thne l had a dream of some put into my private part a small male private part.

    1.Divine favour on our document summited at Department of Justice and Immigration for our peramant resident permit to be granted to us in Ireland,we reject deportation in Jesus name.
    2.Divine healing for my daughter from respiratory problem,seasonal sickeness,divine deliverance from 10yrs body heat on me and 15yrs back pain on my husband.
    3.Deliverance for my baby son,he always cry from his sleep.
    4.Every embargo onmy professional career to be lifted by fire in Jesus name.
    5.For all my wasted years to be turn to blessing for me and that of my family in Jesus name.

    Thank you sir/ma and God bless you for taking out from your precious time to attend to me.

    It’s me,
    Republic of Ireland.

  297. Greeting! I sometimes dream of either preparing to get married or getting married. what could be the meaning of this dream?

  298. Pastor, last night I had a dream. My ex boyfriend was hosting an event and he invited me and others. Among the people who attended the event was his girlfriend. She was acting weired and very immature. He felt embarassed because of her behavior. The people who were invited to the event came to me and told me that my ex boyfriend is my future husband he is coming back to me and I should not worry about that girlfriend. Instead of being angry at her behavior towards me I was laughing until I woke up.

    I once had a dream of my ex-boyfriend coming back to me. I was living in a huge mention white house on the hill. He climbed many stairs to come up to me I was standing at the entrance of my house. I felt so much compassion for him and I embraced him. Could there be a meaning to these dreams? Please help. Bless you pastor.

  299. Dear prayer eagle,
    God bless you always
    I have been having dreams such as masquareders chasing me in the dream with a gun,seeing my child hood home and primary school.

    But yesterday after praying at the midnight hour i slept again at around 1:00am and had the following dreams;

    Dream ONE:A woman in the dream was trying to chase me while throwing objects at me but this time i was not only running but i was picking the objects she was throwing at me and saying back to you in Jesus name.
    DREAM TWO:A man who was putting on a black mask and black clothing was running after me with a pistol but this time round i don’t know how i grabbed a gun in the dream and pointed it at the man and started commanding him to unmask himself,as he was doing it i discovered it was not a man but woman and i shot the woman’s legs.then i woke up.

    DREAM THREE: I was at home where my parents live but this is where i also grew up from and all of a sudden i saw a piece brown cloth hanged at the house,it also had brown beads and when i saw this i called other people and commanded them to bring a match box and burn they burnt it a neighbour called me and asked me wat they where burning when i told her it was a cloth which was hanging on our house roof,,i was surprised that her and her children started crying that i have burnt there god and some one in the dream shouted no that is WITCHCRAFT…i there after got a broom and swept away what they had burnt.
    DREAM FOUR: i saw my self at my former primary school but this time i was in one of the classrooms which i remember very well and studied in one time..but this time i was praying with other people…and we where doing spiritual warfare…
    After this dream i remember i was praying this prayer….DEAR GOD ,SMITE MY ENEMIES WITH THE BLOOD OF JESUS and i woke up singing a worship song in luganda.

    I praise God for giving me the grace to remember all those dreams which i had in one night after midnight prayers and i have decided to make midnight prayers part of my life…

    Prayer eagle…please tell me something about the above

    I love you and God bless you

  300. Prayer Eagle | March 13, 2012 at 3:35 am |

    @emily: Being pursued in a dream is a reflection of weak spiritual lifestyle. You should be the one pursuing the pursuer. So you must invest the word of God and prayers into your life. This strengthen you and energize you to overcome and conquer your adversaries physical and spiritual. childhood homes and primary school dreams are pointers to stagnation and backwardness that must be set ablaze, so every rope tying you to an evil past or preventing you from moving forward into your breakthroughs should break in Jesus’ name.

    Dream 1: is an encouraging but still weak growth of your prayer and spiritual life. as you pick those objects and throwing back to sender you must develop your spiritual muscle through Bible reading, prayer and fasting so you can rise up, turn back and pursue your pursuers unto desolation.

    Dream 2: is an improvement, pray for your prayer bullet to locate and kill your stubborn adversaries in the name of Jesus. Command every satanic masquerade pursuing you in the dream to catch fire and burn to ashes in the name of Jesus.

    Dream 3: is a victory against the evil powers of your father’s house. Turn it into prayers and command every strongman and demonic altars of your father’s house to catch fire and burn to ashes in the name of Jesus.

    Dream 4: is a verdict against stagnation and invisible rope tying you to one spot. Command the fire of God to roast that evil rope of captivity and decree the blood of Jesus to fight for you against stagnation powers of your foundation.

    Congratulations on your decision, you shall have a mouthful testimonies in Jesus name.

  301. Thank you Prayer eagle,
    I just cant wait for the midnight hour to crush my enemies in Jesus’ name

    God bless you

  302. My friend dreamnt me driving a car but were sitting at the back both of us and I was diving and I was pregnant .We were going to th funeral of a friend.

  303. Hello Pastor!

    Thanks for being a blessing to the body of Christ!

    I had 2 dreams today towards the early part of this morning, please kindly help with the interpratation and they are as follows:

    Dream 1:

    I the dream, there was this gutter, and it seemed like it was freshly dug and there was a woman inside the gutter, the next thing I knew I fell inside the gutter and started to shout for help, the next thing I knew I was out of the gutter but the woman who appeared to have dug the gutter was still inside because she had a shovel with her and then something like a slug or creamy water but very thick which looks like mixed cement started flow towards the woman and I think she got flown away by this thick cream of cement or something. I say this because all I know was that I was safely out of the gutter but she was inside. She did’nt ask for my help and I did not offer to help her.

    Dream 2

    All I saw was this woman, and it seemed like I was an observer, but I saw a woman, on the floor and on closer look her skin looked quite transparent almost like she was carrying a river of fish inside of her. I dont know what this means, I did not see her face but this was the image I saw.

    Thank you for all your help! May the Lord continue to pour His anointing on your and increase you in wisdom. May Christ envelop you & your family in His great love and mercy and may the Holy Spirit refresh you and pour afresh on to you His spirit of revelation and wisdom in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

  304. Napoleon johnson | March 13, 2012 at 5:29 pm |

    Hi,prayer wife had this constant dream that her dad is not her real father.she then called her mom and ask her,and she replied yes.june 2nd 2012 would be my traditional wedding and also by may ending:i will be paying her diary.what should i do ?

  305. Hello Prayer eagle, my son had this dream in which we were in the process of moving house. While we were still in the process ( a day or so of moving out) thieves broke into the house and violently tried to steal and t ake away our possessions (none of the family members were around). However, when my son came down the stairs the following morning (apparently the family was not harmed) the possessions of value had NOT been taken, although he family pet(dog) had been brutally attacked and left dead on the staircase.

    Would you please help us understand what this dream might mean. Thank you for your prayers, may the Spirit of the Lord guide you in deciphering this dream. Blessings

  306. Prayer eagle I had a dream some time back after submitting my project to be marked. The marks would determine if m graduating or not. In the dream I saw a list of those who passed and those that didn’t make it. My friend and I were in the list of those that have passed .But now some of the results were released yesterday and my friend has indeed passed, unfortunately my results are still pending and I fear that I didn’t make it. May you please explain what this dream means.Are there any other prayer points I can use for my results to be released.

  307. Dear Prayer Eagle
    I cannot thank you enough for the deliverence we are getting, i will not cease to pray the midnite prayers and last night after an hour of praying i went back to sleep and 15 minutes later my bedroom door started moving and open and closed again as if something left my room.i wasnt dreaming and it happened and i went back to sleep and dreamt my father had died and was attending his funeral at the end of it all, there was a costant message i heard which said Debt Cancelation over and over again.i had been enganged in a spiritual war and i know i overcame by the blood of carrying on and wont cease, i feel so free and alive for the first time in years.the prayer points really shake Blessed and thank you

  308. Prayer Eagle | March 14, 2012 at 3:00 pm |

    @T.R.: V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!!! JESUS PAID THE DEBT!!!

    He paid a debt He did not owe;
    I owed a debt I could not pay;
    I needed someone to wash my sins away.
    And, now, I sing a brand new song,
    “Amazing Grace.”
    Christ Jesus paid a debt that I could never pay.
    He paid that debt at Calvary.
    He cleansed my soul and set me free.
    I’m glad that Jesus did all my sins erase.
    I, now, can sing a brand new song,
    “Amazing Grace.”
    Christ Jesus paid a debt that I could never pay.
    One day He’s coming back for me
    To live with Him eternally.
    Won’t it be glory to see Him on that day!
    I, then, will sing a brand new song,
    “Amazing Grace.”
    Christ Jesus paid a debt that I could never pay.
    Yes, Jesus paid a debt that I could never pay.

  309. Prayer Eagle | March 14, 2012 at 4:21 pm |

    @anonymous from U.K: when ever you have a positive dream you should still pray that it shall come to pass speedily without fail in Jesus’ name. Now pray that God would write your name and mark you successful in Jesus name, command any power suspending your joy and testimony to release it and give up in Jesus name, command every power sitting on your success to be unseated by fire in Jesus name.

  310. @prayer eagle: hello sir, i have missed this house. i had no access to internet for a while. goodnews is, am now a member of MFM. i was at the headquarter in iwaya last sunday for service for the first time and i started foundation class immediately bcos i have a mission. i want to attend the music school and be part of the ministry cos its time i went about fulfilling my purpose. happy evening!

  311. Dear Prayer Eagle,

    Please kindly help to interpret dream number 303. I also need prayers of divine intervention and help in my life. Thank you! God bless you!

  312. Prayer Eagle | March 15, 2012 at 8:09 am |

    @Dee: Dream 1 is victory dream. seal it with this prayer: Every grave dug for me by anybody, swallow and bury your digger alive in the name of Jesus. There is a marine witchcraft connection in the second dream. Pray, every marine witchcraft power associating or operating in my life: be exposed and be disgraced in the name of Jesus.

  313. Prayer Eagle | March 15, 2012 at 11:08 am |

    @emm: Dream #289 explained: the consistency of the attack on your marriage suggests you set three days apart with prayer and fasting along with your husband, to drag those forces attacking your marriage to their burial ground and bury them there. God so much loves you that He keeps warning you through dreams to tackle the conspiracy of the enemy of your matrimonial glory.

    this one is a dribbling dream, a dream that satan sponsored to deceive you and give you impression that your enemies are your friends. The white-shirted fellow is not your helper as portrayed in the dream, he is a principal ancestral agent supervising evil pattern of marital failure in your family line. His mission is to introduce what he called “challenges” into your marriage in order to distract you to commit mistakes that will break your marriage. If you carefully research and investigate your family line, your mom was not the first victim of marriage failure in that family ancestry. You are the next appointed victim by those powers and they have either consciously or unconsciously enlisted and recruited your brother and your mom in that unholy assignment.

    That satanic book and black soap were the instrument in their hands to be used for that break-up, now these are your prayer points:

    powers assigned to turn my marriage into a battle ground of sorrow and failure, you are liars, therefore somersault and die in Jesus name.
    every satanic register of marriage failure bearing my name and my husband’s name, your time is up: CATCH FIRE!!! BURN TO ASHES!!! in the name of Jesus.
    every tool of matrimonial shame and demotion, assigned against my marriage: back-fire!! in the name of Jesus.
    every enemy of my matrimonial joy and bliss; your time is up: be exposed! be disgraced!! and expire by fire!!! in the name of Jesus.
    soap of darkness on errand to make my marriage slip of my life, you are a liar: roast by fire!!! in Jesus’ name.
    unfriendly friends and hostile relatives on assignment to destroy my marriage: receive the sword of fire! I cut you of my life in the name of Jesus.
    every grave dug for my marriage: swallow and bury your digger alive by fire!!! in the name of Jesus.
    every beast of burden sacrificed and assigned to stagnate and make my marriage the habitation of heaviness and sorrow, I invoke the blood of Jesus against you, scatter unto desolation in the name of Jesus.

  314. Prayer Eagle | March 15, 2012 at 11:28 am |

    @emm: Dream 274 explained: It still comes to marriage attack but with a peculiar flavour of your past relationships. Your hubby is a spiritually strong person but the nature of the multiple attacks weakened him. This male strangers who attacked him did so because of you. I insist that there are things in your history which your husband does not know even till now. those hidden things may overwhelm you and you may not be able to contend alone with them Deuteronomy 32:30: “How could one chase a thousand, And two put ten thousand to flight, Unless their Rock had sold them, And the LORD had given them up?”

    the two of you in prayer of agreement can chase those shameful part of your history out of your marriage and terminate the tormentor of your home in the name of Jesus. Be honest and seek your hubby’s forgiveness and cooperation to quench these fiery darts of darkness from your lives in Jesus name. He too should pray against unfriendly friends operating in his life.

    the third dream confirms the pernicious influence of your mom over all matters in your life, the swallowed capsules represents evil inheritance. I have given you prayer points on this in the recent past.

  315. @Prayer Eagles: thank you so much Sir for these interpretations, it has shed light on so many things going on in my life right now …I have found favor in your sight, I thank God for making you a leading light in my life…May God Almighty continue to give you great insight as you empower people in this end time…Remain blessed Sir.

  316. Thank you Jesus for paying the debt You did not owe…thanks for uploading song.

  317. Thanks for the interpretation!

    God bless you!

    In the 2nd dream I just remembered that the woman was lying on the floor outside in a place where people were observing her including me. It appeared as though she had been caught and I can almost describe it as a public show of shame.


  318. Thank you Prayer eagle for interpreting my dream. I am now praying for my results to be released. Now may you please interprete this dream for me; a friend of mine has been dreaming about. A snake. First time she was sleeping with this snake; infact this snake was on top of her like it was having sex with her. The other night she dreamt about this other snake biting her! Please help my friend with prayer points.

  319. prayer eagle…pls help me and give me directions on how to know the will and purpose of God. i am a young woman who loves the lord with all of my heart and i know that the lord loves me too and has a special appointment for my life…lately i have had some rough times in my relationship, career, schooling, and even my walk with god. I need help with prayers because i want God to approve of my future marriage because i do not want to get married to the wrong person.I have a fiance who wants to get married to me, but there has been alot of things that has been happening to prevent the marriage and i am torn as to whether it is God directing my steps or whether it is the enemy. I finally decided to take things into prayer because the numerous ups/downs are just too much. Everyone is convinced that our relationship is of God…both families but, it has not been an easy road for us…my boyfriends ex had a very bad past and promiscuous life…she was involved in a blood oath,not with my fiance, but with the man she was with before him…but my fiance never got deliverance when he left him…and as a strong and prayerful christian as i am, i know he brought a lot of baggage into our relationship…i have helped with alot of prayers,but it has been a battle of great warfare for me i have not had it easy. The attacks are so numerous. My fiance has a very good heart,kind ,faithful and giving, but when he came into my life my christian life went down…i used to pray hours a day, but it all went down hill. he is a christian too, but was not matured as i was,and didn’t take things as serious as i did. Now with everything that is going on he is beginning to be more prayerful and i have started praying again. Yesterday, after a long time i felt like asking God if he is my true ordained husband because for some reason there is a part of me that does not have that 100% peace. He loves me very much and cares for me alot and believes we are put together by God and all our problems are a source of witchcraft. I do not want to hurt him as i love him and care about him alot, but i would rather obey the voice of God than to make a mistake i would have to live with for the rest of my life because i do not believe in divorce.
    i have been fasting and praying for 2 days now for god to show me secrets, praying about marine marriage and also divine direction and the first dream i had was

    Dream #1 i went to this church where everyone was inside singing and dancing…they were most wearing black and i was standing outside in a wedding gown. i walked over to a table where there was a table that was suppossed to be holding my wedding cake, but as i was trying to put the cake together the cake would not stand,so i just forgot about the cake and i was just standing there as i saw my fiance approaching i called him and told him that something was bothering me and i think we shouldn’t get married,but he wasn’t ready to listen so just brushed me off and went inside…the next thing i saw i went out of the place and try to find my way home, but could i was wondering around when my sister showed up with a GPS in her car which guided as out of there,when we leaving i saw the pastor who was supposed to be wedding us standing by the side of the road holding a book towards her face and vanish into a tree next to her…this dream is after i prayed seriously last night…am just really confused please help me wit interpretations and directions…i really do not know if it is a marine spirit trying to destroy my marriage or if i am involved with the wrong person and maybe he is not the one. I have had many revelations where the lord told me that my glory is in marriage, so i don’t want to make a mistake…pls help.

    i have had other dreams, where a dog had bitten me in the most unbelievable places and also a dream where i was helping my fiance peel many oranges,but he was screaming at me to go outside and get more buckets of oranges but it was raining so so heavily that i said i was not going outside.

    also he bought me an engagement ring and proposed, but i had a discussion with him where i wanted him to work on certain behaviors i did not like, he got so angry and took his ring back…he tried to give it back to me, but i told him to wait for me to pray about things because you just dont give the woman you love a ring and out of anger take it back!

    He has such a good heart and loves me very much, but is a little controlling, has a bad temper, sometimes disrespectful and jealous…maybe simply because he does not want to loose me…i know nobody is perfect and that is his side of imperfection…so i try to compromise with his faults as he is faithful.

    pls i just need direction thank you.

  320. prayer eagle, please interpret dreams 270 and 271 for me. It is a matter of life and death.

  321. Prayer Eagle | March 16, 2012 at 8:52 am |

    @Anonymous from Lincoln, Nebraska: Dream 270, 271 Explained: He who comes to equity must come with clean hands. Mark 2:17: “When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” When you come before God, you must do it confessing your past ‘mistakes’ etc. If you want counseling, you must get to the foundation of the problem. The depth of that foundation in most cases determine the height you must go to uproot the problem.

    You summarized your problems in this phrase and I quote you: “…a terrible thing happened to me which caused me to struggle tremendously in life and be stagnant. I wasn’t able to gain complete victory over the issue and had to leave the place I was to another location. Now, in this new location, the dreams of backwardness have started again…”

    Help us to help you, what terrible thing happened? that may be the root of all this nightmares. Your dream already confirmed unconscious initiation into witchcraft (drinking red liquids in the dream) Blood covenants are one of the most vicious covenants to break, But the Blood of the Lamb will overthrow any other blood covenant. Your struggles points effective combat to be free from the horrible and wicked grip of these powers and you are faring better, but you must b-r-e-a-k free completely. Let us go to the root of this problem as you hinted, go beyond hints and let us address the “terrible thing” that happened back home before you relocated to the U.S.

  322. dear prayer eagle. last night i dreamt i was with my colleague in a place that i dont know and its in the bush, we were being hijacked. all of a sudden i saw men surrounding us, they were holding things that seemed like sticks/ arrows. later on i found myseld with this man, he had black teeth, long hair, he looked wierd. please interprete this dream for me.

  323. man of god…please kindly interpret dream319. i am really at a cross roads and i need your help.god bless you for all you do!

  324. Greetings in Jesus’ name, please help me with the interpretation of these dreams and the appropriate steps to take.
    Dream1:I was in an assembly (like my former high school assembly room) with some friends and we were waiting to eat. As we were about to eat I felt the room heating up and I screamed “it’s too hot” and run out. Then I found myself in another place like an empty shopping centre. I went in the fridge looking for food, I saw something like a yoghurt I liked it and the taste was horrible, so sour not like yoghurt. I thought I’m not in the company of good people. As I was trying to get out,I was fighting with people and throwing them over the escalator, a huge woman like creature started pursuing me. We were fighting physically and I pushed her really hard. She got very angry. As she was about to jump on me, I was shaking and loosing equilibrium. I woke realising my mum was shaking me.
    Dream 2: I was taking care of children of the church but outside the church at the side of the road. Along with the pastor’s children, the wife was standing on the opposite of the road looking and then she left. Then I was in a place working and a man ( some lawyer actor) kept looking at me weirdly from the doorway. Then I was at the bus stop and went into a very old and weird looking bus, heading home with all the children, some were standing in open places, that were dangerous and I was worried one will fall, a woman was telling me to keep an eye. Then I was at home and one of my sisters (she’s an unbeliever) told my she talked to the man of God and was told she should spray water on me, she was the only one home. So she sprayed me, then she said she has to spray the palm of my hands as well. Then she said “why are you wearing rings on your hands, when you were told not to.” As she sprayed my hands there was a manifestation of an evil spirit and I was jumping all over. Suddenly, my mum was there and she was telling the man of God on the phone what was happening, and he said this is because you don’t tell me your dreams on time. Then my brother (who is controlled by a spirit of insanity for the past year now), came wearing only black boxers, put his arm around my throat like he was strangling me. I was looking at my mum, showing since I couldn’t talk but she was not doing anything. Finally, he let me go but was angry because he said he was just trying to help calm me down, then as I followed him to another room I wasn’t sure if it was him or my brother-in-law. Suddenly, water started pouring out of my mouth, then it became orange and I went into the bathroom and was spitting in the sink. The liquid was just pouring out non stop and it was getting reddish orange, I was feeling so weak and I looked at myself in the mirror and thought this is it I’m dying. All this time my sister was telling my mum she really didn’t want to spray me but the man of God begged her to do it because no one else was there.
    Dream 3: I was with a someone, in the dream she was my friend, we were going to class/lunch. I told her let’s to this female teacher and ask her if we can gave our ice cream now, the door to her class was open. She asked why now? Can’t we wait until it’s time like the rest? ( I can’t remember the rest of the conversation). Then we were in another room with people sitting around a big table. One of my former university professors was there and he was correcting my sister’s (same one in dream 2) exercise, but it was written on an ancient scroll and in French. People started complaining why he is correcting her paper when she’s not a student. I thought he is doing it because of me. Then another man on the table said, she (referring to me) is not getting it because her hands are not clean and her soul, and my professor got so angry, he jumped on the man and started strangling him.
    Dream 4: This I had a while ago, I was in a dark place sleeping and my brother (same one in dream 2) tried to kill me. I got up and laid my hands on his head to pray for him. As soon as I placed my hand, I thought, I should have prayed to God first. So I stretched my right hand and prayed. Then I was in a place like red carpet dressed in red, and everyone who was passing was acknowledged (a bit like the oscars) but when I passed no one acknowledged me. I thought I should have worn my white dress then I went into the toilet to change but it was so dirty and small I couldn’t change. Then I woke up. The next day, I lost my bag in the bus with all my belongings: ID, bible, bible study and sermon notebook; and I still haven’t recovered anything. Though I have been dreaming I’m holding some of my belongings.
    Dream 5: I was told my brother died. Then I saw my mum in a dark place and the light was focused on her. She then went on her knees and someone laid their hand on her head. Someone was saying, “On Sunday, someone died in your family/relatives. I was waiting to hear who died but no name was mentioned. Then I heard the spirit of death is roaming around. I cancelled it and have been praying against it since.

    Thank you for your response. Stay blessed, Jes

  325. Prayer eagle God mightly bless u. I had a dream when I was in an evil shrine with my brother. There was a very big shinny snake that pple were worshipping. Later on a black snake came towards me and faced my brother. In the same shrine I noticed pple I knew, our neighbours’s sons who are leading a very bad life. I keep having dreams when am sitting exams in my former school, or visiting my primary school. Prayer eagle I have a bad addiction to porn, masturbation and prostitutes. I have hated this and I always cry to God to save me. I didn’t grow up with my real father but he has never given me anything, he had many women and kids. He is still alive and I don’t want to think abt him, I hate him. I was prospering and my relatives were envious of me. I later lost my car, lost my job, I had debts and now am selling off my house to pay a sum of 15m Uganda shs. Please help me interprete and give me prayer points. I need deliverance. I am broke and in pain.

  326. hi sir…i wrote the comment that needed interpretation #319. Still praying in tongues and seeking Gods face…i had another dream tonight that i was on the computer pretending to be my fiances ex girlfriend. he was chatting with me via computer and didn’t know it was me, he thought it was his ex. When he figured out it was me he was shocked and stop talking to me. i got very upset with him and i was asking him why he simply cannot cut ties with his ex , after telling me communication will never be an option between them…the next thing i heard loudly and clearly in the dream was a very prominent person telling me that i am involved in soul tie with my fiance and his ex girlfriend and i am unequally yoked. i really don’t know what to do….i heard those two words very prominently…please man of god do help me figure out what is going on in jesus name amen!

  327. i had a question…is it okay to marry a man who has a soul tie with his ex girllfriend. the soul tie was so strong on him, but through some prayers he has become a bit aware of himself…through out our relationship if though he claimed he did not love the girl anymore and wanted nothing to do with her, cutting off communication with her has been very difficult…he can go months without talking to her …but break the cycle again,by finding a means to contact her even though many revelations has been made clear to him that the girl is evil and also prophet who knew him from no where told him that the girls soul is calling him…would you marry a man with unresolved issues from the past after giving him so many chances because of empathy that maybe he does not know what he is doing and that it is not from his own will that he does what he is doing? over a year of me supporting him in prayers he still always finds a way to get intouch with his past….for how long can i keep believing its the enemy,when the bible clearly says god help those who help themselves…i need spiritual insight on this…thx

  328. Prayer Eagle | March 17, 2012 at 5:50 am |

    @Anonymous from Woodbridge, Virginia: YOU ARE DECEIVED! At what point did you backslide to listening to “everyone” who convinced you that this relationship is of God? When will you come back to listen to the owner of holy relationships to tell you the truth and score your current carnality? God will not approve a marriage He has not ordained! It is not the marriage proposal with this guy that has come under attack but your marriage to the Holy Spirit, your covenant and holy relationship with the Holy Trinity which is being devoured by a carefully orchestrated agenda by the enemy of your soul. (Jeremiah 17:9) “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” (2 Peter 3:17:) “I am warning you ahead of time, dear friends. Be on guard so that you will not be carried away by the errors of these wicked people and lose your own secure footing.” (Timothy 3:13:) “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.” (Titus 3:3:) “At one time we too were foolish, disobedient, deceived and enslaved by all kinds of passions and pleasures. We lived in malice and envy, being hated and hating one another.” (Mark 13:22:) “For false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and perform signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even God’s chosen ones.” One careless moment and encounter with a dark agent with satanic anointing can make even he that standeth to fall.

    N0.2: You have succumbed to a desperately wicked game of the heart, a dangerous mind game of passion, your heart has been surrendered as toy in the hands of pretender slave-master, ooh may God deliver you by fire in Jesus’ name. Those “good-hearted”, “faithful”, “love me” games this fellow plays with you can only lead you to hell-fire. The Holy Spirit has sufficiently warned you with snippets of your lover’s “bad temper”, “controlling”, “disrespectful” manifestations and you still justify these with a weak deception called “nobody is perfect” and you made a horrible choice to “compromise with his faults”. Aha masha ka be sakirashedenkgemareina!!! I blast in holy tongues of fire to consume every scale over your spiritual and physical eyes in Jesus’ name.

    N0.3: Every relationship will either add to you or subtract from you, it will not leave you the same. This strange pity-party relationship is a huge subtraction from your destiny!!! A dog in this dream is a sexual demon, and indeed it has bitten you, that is why your Christianity crashed at the sexual altar of this demonic fellow.

    N0.4: Every tree is identified by its fruit. What fruits does the spirit of this fellow bear in your life? Study and meditate on Galatians 5:16-24 for the fruits of the Spirit. “…This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh. For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would. But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law. Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.”

    N0.5: That part of you that does not have that 100% peace is the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. (Psalm 85:8:) “I will hear what God the LORD will speak: for he will speak peace unto his people, and to his saints: but let them not turn again to folly.” and you should stick to your resolution “but i would rather obey the voice of God than to make a mistake i would have to live with for the rest of my life because i do not believe in divorce.” May the Holy Spirit help you to steadastly keep this vow.

    N0.6: Your Dream #1 is a revelation of what has been prepared for you in the dark kingdom: the synagogue of satan where every member of the congregation wore black dress waiting to witness your marriage: you should set that place ablaze with Holy Ghost Fire and command that evil congregation gathered to sacrifice your destiny to scatter unto desolation in the name of Jesus. Blast that evil cake with the bomb of the Holy Ghost! Because you were bothered in the dream and your supposed groom dismissed it shows insensitivity and carnality of your groom to the things of the spirit. That satanic pastor that disappeared into the tree also shows the source and witchcraft coven from where your supposed husband was sponsored from. Your fiance’ impatience with your hesitation is a clear warning to reject every attempt to stampede you into a hurried marriage… that would be a straight ticket to hell. He screaming at you to go outside in the rain to get more oranges is a pointer to violent abuse waiting to be applied in full measure by your slave-master-to-be. The GPS that will take you out of this shame and demotion called loving relationship is the Holy Bible… your escape is in His word which is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.

    SECRET N0.7: You said something about blood oath and soul ties from his previous relationship with his ex girlfriend, please note the truth, he is lying because his father satan the Liar lied from the beginning. It was him that entered into blood oath with his ex, and his unbroken covenant with his ex remains intact, you are just the latest victim in their plot to abort your glorious destiny and marriage. There can be no counterfeits without the original. pray for God to lead you out of this counterfeit relationship into the original glory He has ordained for you in marriage in Jesus’ name. (Hebrews 3:15:) “…Today if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation.” Its time to break off every unequal yoke over your life in the name of Jesus. (Isaiah 52:1-3:) “Awake, awake; put on thy strength, O Zion; put on thy beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city: for henceforth there shall no more come into thee the uncircumcised and the unclean. Shake thyself from the dust; arise, and sit down, O Jerusalem: loose thyself from the bands of thy neck, O captive daughter of Zion. For thus saith the LORD, Ye have sold yourselves for nought; and ye shall be redeemed without money.” Your set time of total deliverance from this sexual bondage has come in Jesus name. If you are offended by this message, it means the two-edged sword of Jehovah is working to liberate you, but this message is not only for you, particularly if you deny or reject it. It is for the multitudes who are reading this and are in the same or similar condition as you, and who are too ashamed to voice out this shame: There is deliverance for such sons and daughters of Zion from this message in Jesus’ name. God took you to chat with this strongman’s heart through heavens computer and internet, and when you woke up from the dream, you still want to shy away from the revelation. This demonic pretender has deposited poison into your life and your womb and you still contemplate saying “…maybe he is not the one…” It is better to suffer a romantic heart-break now than suffer a destiny breakdown! Begin to flush out with the blood of Jesus every dark poison deposited in your life by this strongman. Take up the prayers I gave sister Jessie from Zurich at: Ask the Lord to baptize your dream-life with fire and pray the 74 prayers against spirit spouses at:, you can make it a 3-day or 7-day one-hour midnight prayers coupled with fastings, you shall return with mouthful testimonies.

    N0.8: You are almost through in conviction that this fellow is an unrepentant lover of darkness and he has been devouring your spiritual juice for the past one year and have left you dry and empty. B e not afraid of him or his threats, break up with him and set ablaze every sou-tie between you and him for your total liberty, conduct personal deliverance on yourself and decree you shall never fall into error and calamity like this again and forever in Jesus name. Amen (Philemon 1:14:) “but without your consent I did not want to do anything, so that your goodness would not be, in effect, by compulsion but of your own free will.” You must stand up and be determined to be free, the violent takes it by FORCE!!! in Jesus name.

    Isaiah 49:24-26: “Can the prey be taken from the mighty man, Or the captives of a tyrant be rescued?” Surely, thus says the LORD, Even the captives of the mighty man will be taken away, And the prey of the tyrant will be rescued; For I will contend with the one who contends with you, And I will save your sons. I will feed your oppressors with their own flesh, And they will become drunk with their own blood as with sweet wine; And all flesh will know that I, the LORD, am your Savior And your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.”

    Luke 21:8:: “He replied: “Watch out that you are not deceived. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am he,’ and, ‘The time is near.’ Do not follow them.”

    Acts 20:32: “Now I commit you to God and to the word of his grace, which can build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.”

    1 Corinthians 5:11:“But now I am writing you that you must not associate with anyone who calls himself a brother but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or a slanderer, a drunkard or a swindler. With such a man do not even eat.”

    1 Corinthians 6:18: “Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body.

    1 Corinthians 15:33: Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.”

    1 Corinthians 15:50: “I declare to you, brothers, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable.”

  329. Dear Prayer Eagle,

    Kindly interpret dream 273, i also had recurring dreams before of gang violence and wars in the land i was in and i would be part of the people runing away terified what could this mean? always having such dreams of wars, i also have sometimes dreams where there are some men trying to steal my car and i see them. The last time my car was parked in the road where my grandmothers house used to be and then about 6 men tried to carry it away? again i had another dream of someone trying to steal it, i get the sense someone is not too happy that i have a car. Please interpret.

    Another dream i had was off my school days always going back to hiigh school, this has been a dream that i have evey once in a while and sometimes it comes alot, the last one i hd i was talking to my best friend from high school however she died two years ago but she was talking to me in this dream.

    The other dream i have is of being chased by dogs, sometimes they are small other times they are normal. What does this mean when u dream of dogs chasing you. I must say since i have been moving closer to God the pas year i do not have these dreams regularly however if and any power that is in my life bringing and drawing these dreams i want toknow how to break and be set free.

    the last dream i would like interpreted is one where i was washed up in a very massive flood seting, and this water tried to get me but it brought me out what does this mean where i am in like a water whirld and then spat out, i know for sure i was glad to be alive after but what does this mean? as well as falling in a dream from the sky?

    i also had a dream the other day where i was walking with my sister in town and the president came to great her twice before he stepped into parliament, what would this mean?

    you assistance and advise is greatly anticipated and appreciated.
    your assistance would greatly be appreciated.

  330. Prayer Eagle | March 17, 2012 at 10:13 am |

    @Andrew T: You opened the gate with your own hands for evil to enter and devour your life and your peace. How can you not see it that the snakes in this dream is the pornography, prostitution and masturbation. They have given birth to stagnation and retrogression, don’t blame any sinner parent or your polygamous background or envious witchcraft for your predicament, rather give your life to Christ Jesus the Savior of the world. Confess and renounce your sins. Forgive your dad and also forgive yourself. God will touch and He can restore all what you have lost manifold if you faithfully love, and serve Him.

  331. Prayer Eagle | March 17, 2012 at 10:49 am |

    @Abigail: Dream #273 Explained: A wicked marine witchcraft is operational in your life. There are deep marine covenants in place in your life. Spirit husbands gang-raped you and there is a spiritual offspring from that affair. Its not your child, its their child, that is why they took it away after you gave birth to it. For deliverance prayers against spirit husbands, take up the prayers I gave sister Jessie from Zurich at: Ask the Lord to baptize your dream-life with fire. Also pray the 74 prayers against spirit spouses at:, you can make it a 3-day or 7-day one-hour midnight prayers coupled with fastings.

    Send the bomb of the blood of Jesus to the waters, and the sea to blow up the strongroom of marine witchcraft to pieces. Release and command your virtues hidden there to be restored 7-fold unto you in the name of Jesus. Those dog dreams are sexual demons harassing you, pray the 17 prayers against satanic dogs at: Command the powers of marine witchcraft assigned to wash away your destiny to release you and die in the name of Jesus. Command envious witchcraft to receive the arrow of fire in Jesus’ name. Anoint your car and invoke the blood of Jesus to cover it from the eyes of every robber and dark conspiracy in Jesus name. Command the rage of emptiers and wasters to be wasted in Jesus name.

  332. thank you Prayer Eagle, this is an intense revelation but Jesus hasovercome and therefore i need to speak it for it to manifest in my life now, Thank you it makes sense after the dreams of sex with these spirits i felt really violated like i had been taken advantage of and now that u mention this rape it makes sense. I will follow the prayers with fasting and ask God to deliver me from this evil in Jesus name. through Jesus i am an overcommer.

  333. another thing Prayer Eagle, my mum also told me that she dreams sometimes that she is a great ship and is trying to set sail however ther is a great big anchor that is holding her down no matter how hard she tries to go forward it has her ship tied down. So i see where the marine witch craft is comming from. which prayer points can i give her to also pray agains this maine withcraft? is it the same you have advised me to use?

  334. Prayer Eagle | March 17, 2012 at 11:26 am |

    @Abigail: Those dreams of wars. Read and pray Isaiah 60:18: “Violence shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction within thy borders; but thou shalt call thy walls Salvation, and thy gates Praise.” Prayers against marine witchcraft can be found at:

  335. Dear prayer eagle
    WOW…I am just in awe of the revelations you have given me…i feel so touched that you took out the time to break down every detail and explain things to me. Now a days people time are so valuable to them that they will not even take the time of the day to write a whole paragraph to my response. God richly bless you and add to your anointing.

    Thank you so much…i guess i have been lost in this this whole relationship situation,considering the fact that he is also christian prays and fast sometimes,and so does his family. And it was a woman of God that told me very early in the relationship that it is of God, so i have that in my head being blinded to do everything to make it work…but i believe n trust God to direct my steps just as his word said…for i know he will not lead me astray…… i am not going to stop fasting till Gods mighty hands move in my life…i trust the God i serve, i know he will not forsake me…you are so right about him not being sensititive about the things of the spirit…he prays and fasts from time to time, but never really takes any revelation of the lord seriously, no matter how serious i am about praying over certain things, he will just brush it off and say its in my head…and that i am just too spiritual.

    I will arise and use the prayers points in the response to fast and pray….and i know my god will arise and order my steps and also my enemies will be scattered in JESUS NAME.

    God will surely intercede for you and multiply your anointing because you have given your self to intercede for his children. that is a promise in the bible that says i will intercede for those that intercede for my children…so please receive that blessing in jesus’ name.

    please remember me in your prayers..god bless abundantly for responding once again…i will sure to be back with a testimony!


  337. Dear prayer eagle

    I’m a single lady with a seven year old daughter in a relationship I had a dream that mi daughter was pregnant but didn’t want to say who got her pregnant an it was her second pregnancy. In another dream I was at mi grandparents’s house both of them are late, I saw mi ex boyfriend was there with me an he would call in the bedroom to sleep with him but everytime I go I there an mi grandmother would walk in an I would leave we changed the bedroom an she stiill walked in an I woke up. I had started praying at midnite then. Then my boyfriend in mi current relationship told me that he had a dream an a tall man told him never to come to mi place anymore. In another one I was at work an was busy with mi colleague whom I look up to busy delivering a baby an from there I was in bed with mi boyfriend an he started to be deformed an I started praying with fire in the name of Jesus an I was led to the window which was half opened an saw a middle aged woman walking away an started firing at her in the name of Jesus an she came back an she also started saying things bck to me but I continued with fire in the name of Jesus an she dissappeared but is like I was prompted to go after her which I did an wen she saw me she laughed an I started to fire in Jesus name till she turned into a toddler an I continued till I couldn’t an I then I started blowing air unto this child an it became blind from wat looked like acid burns an the child wondered an disaapeared. I woke up mi bf was with me an he said I was breathing heavily like I was having sex with sum1 I told him the dream an I prayed wen I went bck to sleep the same woman came bck with the child I praye by fire in the name of Jesus tuk the child an slit the head with mi hands an the child headless cried an the woman dissappeared. Can u please interprete.

  338. Is there a private email I can use to contact u so that I can have private counselling? Please let me know? Thank you very much for all the help you’ve given me so far. God bless you.

  339. Dear Prayer eagle,

    Thank you for your wonderful ministry to support and guide the people of God. Kindly requesting that as and when you have time to kindly interpret dream # 305 for us. Waiting patiently to hear from you.

    May the Lord bless you and this powerful ministry.

  340. I dreamt that I was carrying a ripe plantain in my dream.what does it mean

  341. Dear prayer eagle I’m patiently awaiting a revelation to Dream337 God bless u.
    Dream1 I normaly dnt sleep immediately after mi mdinight prayers I go an read other prayer points but today I slept after reading some of the revelations an I had a dream whereby sumone gave me money an I took the money to pay some debts though I frgt wat I paid but I remember distributing it an it was not a lot of money.
    Dream 2 I work in a hospital which is populated by Indians,Muslims an Hindus an others I am a midwife in the dream is like we were having a tutoring sessionso there was lots of food the food was being served by one of ou gynaecologist an all the people who were serving were wearing Indian chlothes. Me an mi colleaque were given a platter with all their foods but I couldn’t eat it. My other colleaques were there an the other one was from surgical one she said she’s hungry also after I told her I am hungry I told her mi bread whhich was left by one of mi friends is there but I dnt like it she took it an gave me a fruit platter which she was explaining the fruits an she gave. A sliced fruit I can’t recall I ate but spit itcuz I didn’t like the fruit, an a friend of mine asked her did she eat. Mi bread she said yes though it had mould she removed it an ate me an mi friend went to the loo an she followed the loo was so dirty its like people were peeing on the floor an the pipes looked like they were about to burst I couldn’t reach a toilet paper I had to find an undirty spot to put my foot to reach I was so disgusted. An after all the festives a friend of mine who is mi colleaque whom we had a fall out with because of a man we still not close friends anymore butshe asked me to fix her shorts for her as she wants to wear it. An mi other friend said to her are u going to wear that short an it was white in colour. Most people decided not to go back to work an she also did not but she soon came back saying she has been reported an will have to face a disciplinary hearing. May u please interpret the dreams for me.

  342. Olanrewaju | March 19, 2012 at 1:18 pm |

    Dear prayer eagle, Please sir, i want interpretation to this dream. last night I dreamt, saw that we are doing my grand mother burrial that had dead for a long time now and after the burial ceremony I started crying to the level that I woke up and find that I was still crying. immediately, I started praying that I should not cry and my family should not cry in Jesus name. Please interpret the dream and the possible solution. Thanks in anticipation sir, May God Almighty continue using you for this generation and may new anointing fall open you in Jesus name. AMEN

  343. Dear prayer eagle m still patiently waiting for the interpretation of dream 337 an 340 an believe that in Jesus name I will receive answers. To follow up on the dream 340 I had a dream that my pastor his wife an the congregration came to the place where I stayed but I couldn’t say were was my place of stay an wen they came they started singing the worship song I normally sing before mi midnite prayer an I could see people I was with in high school. I will continue to wait on ther Lord for an interpretation from you. Thanx prayer eagle

  344. Dear Prayer eagle,

    This morning after praying at the midnight hour i had the following dreams;

    Dream 1: A certain friend of mine in the dream was carrying many dresses and she pulled out a white dress and gave it to me,she told me i should take it and i did.

    Dream 2:I went to a tailors shop in the dream and i was talking to the tailor she pulled out a purple coat and gave it to me.she even told me to try it on and i did.i told her i wanted her to adjust it abit so that it fits me perfectly which she obliged to do.

    Dream3: I dreamt that i was in a one church where we where singing,i have dreamt about being in this church a number of times and we are always worshipping , i have been asking God to show me my true spiritual home/church.could this be the answer prayer eagle.

    God bless you and i love you

  345. Dear prayer eagle and the team
    I greet you all in the mighty name of jesus,and i would like you to interprete this dream for me:
    I dreamt that i was from the land with my relatives going to the village where it appeared as if there is a ceremony,so on the way i realised that my mother and other relatives were left behind and when we arrive there it heavily rainied that those who were left could manage to come,as i stood there i said the others i was with:all the old people are left behind and now is raining,we are going to wait long as there was nothing we colud do on their absence,so someone just said the way it is raining i dont think they will come now,this rain is going to take long,immediately the verse on which Jesus said,”only if i have faith,you can say to this moutain be cast unto the sea,it shall be so.”then i started commanding the rain to cease and the sky to be clear in Jesus’name and all of sudden the rain ceased and the sky was so clear and those people came and told us how they delayed because of the rain,and somebody in our midst told them that i (lydia)prayed for it to stop and it obey and is like they were shocked,how could this be and they were happy and i woke up.

  346. dear prayer eagle. kindly please interprete dream no. 322. thank you

  347. Prayer Eagle | March 21, 2012 at 2:25 am |

    @Ignatia: Dream 81 Explained: I conclude that spiritual laziness can create a palace for dream caterers in your life. Whatever food and whoever gives you dream-food cannot be God and cannot be a healthy meal. They are satanic night caterers. when you are filled with the food of the word of God, there would be no vacancy for satanic kitchen and menu in your life. Embark on 7 consecutive midnight prayer warfare against demonic caterers and you will recover your first love and restore your marriage from the edge of break-up. Those demonic food being fed you is what was responsible for breeding hatred for your husband, their goal is for breaking up your family, if you don’t stand up to reject and resist their invitation, it would soon graduate to abominable violation of your body by spirit husbands, and when that happens, God forbid, you will begin to hate yourself, not just your husband.

    Come against the night caterers and their demonic meal being fed you. Command the kitchen of witchcraft used in catering for you to catch fire and every satanic food consumed unknowingly to be neutralized and vomited by fire in Jesus’ name. Pray to baptize your dream-life with Holy Ghost Fire, and set ablaze every demonic kitchen used in catering evil food for you in your dream. Pray for the blood of Jesus to enter your system and neutralize every poison which you ate in the dream. You must angrily rise up and overthrow the satanic canteen and demonic restaurant and kitchen that serves you the meal of marital demotion in Jesus’ name. If you are born-again, you must go before God and ask for fresh fire to baptize your dream-life. You must ask the Holy Ghost to evacuate every satanic poison which you have eaten in the dream from your life. You must begin to drink the blood of Jesus by faith and ask the Blood of Jesus to nullify that poison of satan in your system. You can go further and prepare and take holy communion for the next seven days before you go to bed. Ask the power of the Lord’s super to fight against every night caterer that has forcefully converted you as customer and ask the Fire of the Holy Ghost to charge your spirit-man for victorious battle.

  348. Prayer Eagle | March 21, 2012 at 7:21 am |

    @Anonymous from Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa: your source of problems have been identified by you, your husband and you have been converted to sexual foot-mat and dumping ground by spirit spouses which cause so much tension and strife in the home. Declare war against these sexual demons with a 9-Day fasting and prayer (each day for each of the past 9 years of your marriage), praying at midnight using the prayers I gave sister Jessie from Zurich at: Ask the Lord to baptize your dream-life with fire. Also pray the 74 prayers against spirit spouses at:,

  349. Prayer Eagle | March 21, 2012 at 7:34 am |

    @Anonymous: Dream 322 Explained: From being hijacked and surrounded to finding yourself with a wild spirit husband. Ask the Lord to baptize your dream-life with fire. All these are scenario set in the spirit world to violate your body by a gang of sexual demons, therefore pray against spirit spouses using the prayers at: Also pray the 74 prayers against spirit spouses at:

  350. Olanrewaju | March 21, 2012 at 9:31 am |

    Dear prayer eagle. kindly please interprete dream no. 343. thank you, may God bless you sir.

  351. Prayer Eagle | March 21, 2012 at 10:24 am |

    @Olanrewaju: DREAM #49 Explained: Go to God in repentance and forgiveness for the unknown sin you committed in the past. Also break every soul-ties and blood covenants that may have been established unconsciously in your life as a result of past sexual sin with former girlfriends and also particularly this lady revealed to you in the dream. Rise up and take up your battle by breaking every curse programmed against your destiny and your progress. Command every negative utterances fired against you to scatter unto desolation. Plead the blood of Jesus to wipe out every evil label and nullify every curse operating in your life in Jesus name. Pray for the salvation of that lady and ask the Holy Spirit to convert her. Thank the Lord for His mercy and forgiveness and begin with great expectations of a fresh beginning of breakthroughs in your life in Jesus name.

  352. Prayer Eagle | March 21, 2012 at 10:42 am |

    @Olanrewaju: Dream #343 Explained: You were not crying because of the dead grandmother, you were crying because of your destiny virtues stolen by powers of your ancestors and which were buried along with your grand mother. God replayed that burial ceremony to show you that there is something that belonged to you that was buried along with grandma. There is some virtue of your destiny that was either taken without your knowledge or consciousness which she took to the grave. reason for such anguish that became so real till you wept-out from sleep. Now pray:

    Every power of my father’s and mother’s house that stole my virtues when I was an infant and with or without my knowledge and with or without my consent, hear the verdict of fire: I command you my stolen virtues to arise by fire, break out of every cage of witchcraft, Locate me by fire!!! in the name of Jesus.
    Every good inheritance belonging to me but has been stolen: hear the verdict of fire: ARISE AND BE RESTORED BACK TO MY LIFE!!! in the name of Jesus.
    You the key of my breakthrough in the hands of any dead relative, hear the voice of resurrection now: ARISE, BREAK OUT OF THE GRAVE AND LOCATE MY LIFE BY FIRE!!! in the name of Jesus.
    Every arrow of death fired against my marriage, family and destiny: hear the word of the Lord: BACK-FIRE BY FIRE!!! in the name of Jesus.

  353. Dear Prayer Eagle may u please Interprete dreams 337,340,342 patiently waiting for ur reply thank you.

  354. Prayer Eagle | March 21, 2012 at 12:32 pm |

    @Patricia: Get this basic Biblical principle of genuine repentance and holy matrimony very clear: Hebrews 13:4: “Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.” The idea of boyfriend/girlfriend in unChristian. The only goal of such relationship is SEX. The subject of sex is illegitimate except in a marriage. Going to bed with the opposite sex before marriage and outside of marriage is adultery/fornication that would be judged by fire! I wish you will put an end to every sexual relationship you currently have and turn unto God in repentance, be born-again again, and seek the face and direction from the God of New Beginnings for your life afresh. Time to first bury these phrases of “my boyfriend in mi current relationship”.

    Romans 6:1-2: “What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?” What counsel do you expect from me when you are still deeply wallowing in sin on the bed of sexual immorality? What do you expect me to tell you about your spiritual husband when you are still busy romping in sex with your current boyfriend? What interpretation do I give you about your ex-boyfriend when you are sexually engaged with your current boyfriend? Do not take the love and grace of God for granted. repent and depart from these hell-bond relationships if you want God to guide you right, you must live right! Do not call the name of the Lord in vain

  355. Prayer Eagle | March 21, 2012 at 12:33 pm |

    @Patricia: Dream #337: Get this basic Biblical principle of genuine repentance and holy matrimony very clear: Hebrews 13:4: “Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.” The idea of boyfriend/girlfriend in unChristian. The only goal of such relationship is SEX. The subject of sex is illegitimate except in a marriage. Going to bed with the opposite sex before marriage and outside of marriage is adultery/fornication that would be judged by fire! I wish you will put an end to every sexual relationship you currently have and turn unto God in repentance, be born-again again, and seek the face and direction from the God of New Beginnings for your life afresh. Time to first bury these phrases of “my boyfriend in mi current relationship”.

    Romans 6:1-2: “What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?” What counsel do you expect from me when you are still deeply wallowing in sin on the bed of sexual immorality? What do you expect me to tell you about your spiritual husband when you are still busy romping in sex with your current boyfriend? What interpretation do I give you about your ex-boyfriend when you are sexually engaged with your current boyfriend? Do not take the love and grace of God for granted. repent and depart from these hell-bond relationships if you want God to guide you right, you must live right! Do not call the name of the Lord in vain

  356. Prayer Eagle | March 21, 2012 at 12:42 pm |

    @Patricia: Dream #342: It is call to righteousness and Holiness. You are living in unrighteousness and the Love of God reveals to you to depart from unrighteousness. Isaiah 52:11: “Depart ye, depart ye, go ye out from thence, touch no unclean thing; go ye out of the midst of her; be ye clean, that bear the vessels of the LORD.”

    just as you were so disgusted in that dream, God too is disgusted with your walking in unholiness now. Give your life and genuinely surrender to Jesus the Savior of the world and walk in His holy path.

  357. Prayer Eagle | March 21, 2012 at 12:51 pm |

    @Patricia: Dream #344: The dreams of 337, 340 and 344 are in progression. The common string is repentance and salvation warnings before it is too late. #344 warns of dire consequences and damnation if you refuse to give up unholiness. Don’t allow satan to kill you and drag you to hell fire. That congregation of your pastor, his wife and church members would truly come to mourn for you if you die in your sins, to prevent that, stop mocking God and surrender your life to God and walk in holiness. Break every evil relationship you are currently enjoying for God is a jealous God. I am also praying for your conviction by the Holy Spirit and your true salvation in Jesus name.

  358. Thank you very much Prayer eagle I will surrender mi life to Jesus an make Him mi Lord an saviour.

  359. Please help. I no longer remember my dreams. I am trying to get closer to God and am doing deliverance prayer points. My husband denounced christianity to become hebrew israelite n I believe thatv it has brought a terrible curse upon us. I am not submissive at times n he would prefer thatt I nt go To church n denounce christianity. What should I do? Does having sex with him bring more curses on me? I was spiritually slack but I am trying to reverse that now. He becomes more bitter towards christians by the day.

  360. Prayer Eagle | March 21, 2012 at 4:17 pm |

    @Sunny Sunny: God has the archive of the past, present and future pictures of your life. You can pray for God to rewind the particular dream episodes that the devils seeks to wipe off your memory. Don’t let the devil present an evil report of your prayerless time dreams. God said we should pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

    Dream 1 and 2: are backwardness and retrogression cancel them by the blood of Jesus.
    Dream 3: is an arrow of insanity fired at you: command it to back fire in Jesus’ name.
    Dream 4: is spiritual assassin, command the hired assassin to go back and kill his senders in Jesus name. Command every bullet shot at you to return and kill the shooter in Jesus name.
    Dream 5: sexual demons represented by dogs are stubbornly pursuing you: set them ablaze by fire in Jesus name.
    Dream 6 and 7: kitchen of darkness and night caterers with their evil food shall die in your life in Jesus name.
    Dream 8: idle thoughts in your mind replayed in your dream.
    Dream 9: Command every arrow of sexual corruption fired at your family to die in Jesus name.
    Dream 10: Ask the Lord to baptize your dream-life with fire. Declare war against sexual demons, praying at midnight using the prayers at: Also pray the 74 prayers against spirit spouses at: You can make it a 3-day or 7-day consecutive midnight warfare against the spirit husband. Victory is yours in Jesus’ name.

  361. Olanrewaju | March 21, 2012 at 8:14 pm |


  362. I am not sure if this is where I need to post my dream. Kindly pardon me if I am wrong.

    I am sure that God directed me to this site for a purpose because I need divine direction in my life and career urgently. I was hired about six years ago (one of the top three in the company’s organigram) and it had been one prayer after another for me not to loose this job. It was a daily battle ground with my boss. A very rocky experience that affected my health, spiritual life, finances and family. While on a prayer line on the morning of this day (second week in January 2012) a prophesy was released that “someone on this line will be fired today and there is nothing you can do about it. However, it is because God wants to give you a better job next week” I had a strange feeling when the prophesy was uttered and I was a little disturbed. I was not sure whether to claim it or not. It was not until I heard “you are fired from my boss” that the prophesy rang in my ears again. I was unfairly fired from this position and what my boss is claiming poses a serious barrier to getting another job (without lying by blanking this company from my resume). The company is holding on to my last check and did not challenge my unemployment Insurance claim. Though what the company is claiming is a ground for refusal. Being the only parent that was working (receiving checks) it has been a very trying time in my family. I am hanging on to every word of God to keep going. I have been seeking the face of God to know which direction to go. I have 90 days to file my case in court and have about a week and half left. I have 2 law firms that are ready to take my case (one small (black owned) and one big (white owned)) They want me to pay $3,500 and $5,000 respectively to start with the hope that this company will settle and remove the damaging information from my file so that I can get another job. Otherwise, we will be heading to court and the final expense will be significant. So I turned to God for direction and in the process found this site because I have had several dreams and I need help to interpret them. I had the one below yesterday.

    The Dream 3/20/12:
    I was in my childhood friend’s car (T). She was going to her cousin’s husband’s work to ask him to fix something in her late mom’s house and she did not want him to know that she owns the car she drove there. He was a carpenter in this vision. She had to stop for me to put the envelopes of documents that I had in my hands on the floor of the back seat to free my hand. I believe my son was also in the car. The guy gave her $20 and look at me shyly and asked if I will accept $5 because that was all he had left. Implying that I know your status. I accepted it and thanked him. we left. she did not mention the car ownership to the man and when I asked her on our way out she said it was not necessary because he drove one into the place too.

    Then I saw myself crossing the road with my son to a government building (where I was going). On my way home, I saw a steep mountain that I had to climb to get to the other side. I climbed it to the top then realized that there was a huge muddy gulf (big muddy hole) to the right, a very small space separates this gulf and an empty space to the left. My leg will hardly fit the space. It was a big risk. I could not afford to fall to the empty space or the muddy hole. Frustrated, I started moving down backward which was also very dangerous. I noticed that two white men were behind me and they had to move down slowly backwards too. They held me and ensured that I got off safely. I did not see their faces. Then I remembered that I left my documents and the folder so I went back to this building.

    As I was crossing the street to the building again, I saw my friend (T) and told her that you might have to give me a ride back when I am done. She was indifferent. I went into the building and found myself in a room with my boss and some board members (BM) and one of my colleagues. One BM that likes me and understands what happened was trying to talk to me but couldn’t say much because my boss was there. One BM asked me about the way to UNILAG (my alma mata) because he was doing a research on the 5 year plan for this company. As I was explaining to him, he was distracted by the lady that he is working with on this project. They took the elevator and left. My former collegue tried to talk to me but I gave short answers because she one of the people my boss used to frustrate me. My boss also tried to get me angry by informing me that she invited one ex-staff to the board meeting regularly but she never had good reponses to questions (the board forced her to fire this ex-staff because of bad performance. She liked her and did not want her to go). I listened to her but did not contribute.

    It was at this point that I noticed that a lottery shop was in a corner of the room. I moved closer to play but a man was playing and he played until the time was up and won. I saw some of the winning numbers. When the news announcer mentioned his country of origin and everyone booed him. I was not happy that I did not have an opportunity to play the lotto. I woke up.

    Sir, thank you for answering the call of God and making this avenue available to seek divine meaning to our dreams. Thank you also for taking the time to read my lenghty story and dream. I know you are very busy responding to our numerous demand but I will greatly appreciate it if you can help respond to this request today.

  363. Dear Prayer Eagle,

    still waiting for my interpretation for dream 345.God bless you

  364. Dear Prayer Eagle,

    Calvary greetings, please reply to Dream #363. This is very urgent. God bless you.

  365. Dear Prayer Eagle

    Dream 3/22/12

    I was in a building that looked like a dormitory or apartment unit. I was wanted to wash my son’s hands after playing with sand and found my family’s clothes in the toilet. I removed them. I went to the toilet next to the first I entered and also found my family’s clothes in the toilet. I removed them too. I asked my friend (A) that was around and she said she did not know who put them there. While in the second toilet I saw a lesbian lady who was not happy about something and was kind of looking for a way out, her partner peeped out of their room and I saw her. I quetly told the younger one that she could leave now and we will follow her but she said she could not do that to her partner. I washed my sons hands and left. I was walking down the corridor with my friend (A) when this lady started yelling that she wanted to leave her partner but we did not go back because (A) said you asked her once and she refused, let us mind our business.

    While walking down the street with (A) and I believe my son, it started raining (very light showering) but the force on the water flowing in the gutters on the street was very strong. The water was flowing very fast and there were different kinds of fishes in them. (A) suggested that we walked to the end of the street and catch some to cook. I replied that I will join her later so she left. I picked one big black one from the gutter but one woman said that type is not for eating (I believe she was in a kiosk to my right). so I dropped it. As I was about to pick anotherbig black one ” iya rainbow” the popular yoruba drama artist- came from my left and that that fish is not for cooking too. I pointed to a pinkish one with yellow and orange mix and she looked at it closely and said it must be from another country, that she is not sure if one can eat that. she told me to follow her to her floor ( 3 or 4 i am not sure) to get containers to fish. While in her room, a man informed her that the cult members are on their way and she quickly told me to leave now. I rushed to take a container from her kitchen but did not like them all and stepped out of her room. I met the cult members lining up in front of her room all the way pass the stairway and they wouldn”t let me leave. I told them to excuse me and I use any available space and declaring ” I cover myself and my family with the blood of Jesus” They stepped aside. One blocked the way to the elevator (lift) on that floor so I turned and took the stair way to the next floor.I was not sure if the elevator security was one of them or not but I did not feel comfortable with him because he was not happy to see me. He requested to check my bag and I told him that everything in the bag belong to me. He searched it anyway and took out my earings. He pretended to read the maker and mentioned a completely different name. I told him that he did not read the name on the earings but he ignored me anyway and gave them to another man who walked away with my things. so I asked for his supervisor to report him and he said he had none. So I asked if he is selfemployed and he said yes. Then I started dialing the building management line to report him when I realized that he got up to leave. I then told him those earrings cost 99 cents each ont is not up to a $1.00. I tried to get in the elevator and saw that both were rusty with big holes in their middle. I did not enter but after a while I pressed the button and noticed that they became clean with no holes. I entered the one on the right and stood by the side because there was a yellow liquid like urine in the middle. I wondered who urinated in the elevator. suddenly clean fresh water came from the wall of the side of the elevator where I was and washed my feet into the middle and also washed the urine away.
    I got out of the elevator and walked to join my friend (A) down the street where she was suppose to be catching fish and I realized she had none. I asked her why and she said that we will catching fishes with that woman tomorrow ( pointing to a strange woman) because the woman blocked the flow of the fish and diverted them to a place. I said why not now and she said they wanted the fishes to gather there till tomorrow before fishing and that the woman will put a policeman there to guard the pond so that no one will go there before tomorrow. I looked at the woman and did not like the look on her face at all and I noticed that she did not like me too. i also saw a policeman not too far from her. I saw how helpless my friend (A) was. I was angry in my spirit and did not say anything. I woke up

  366. Dear Prayer Eagle,

    Please help interpret the dream below. God bless you all.

    Dream 3/22/12

    I was in a building that looked like a dormitory or apartment unit. I was wanted to wash my son’s hands after playing with sand and found my family’s clothes in the toilet. I removed them. I went to the toilet next to the first I entered and also found my family’s clothes in the toilet. I removed them too. I asked my friend (A) that was around and she said she did not know who put them there. While in the second toilet I saw a lesbian lady who was not happy about something and was kind of looking for a way out, her partner peeped out of their room and I saw her. I quetly told the younger one that she could leave now and we will follow her but she said she could not do that to her partner. I washed my sons hands and left. I was walking down the corridor with my friend (A) when this lady started yelling that she wanted to leave her partner but we did not go back because (A) said you asked her once and she refused, let us mind our business.

    While walking down the street with (A) and I believe my son, it started raining (very light showering) but the force on the water flowing in the gutters on the street was very strong. The water was flowing very fast and there were different kinds of fishes in them. (A) suggested that we walked to the end of the street and catch some to cook. I replied that I will join her later so she left. I picked one big black one from the gutter but one woman said that type is not for eating (I believe she was in a kiosk to my right). so I dropped it. As I was about to pick anotherbig black one ” iya rainbow” the popular yoruba drama artist- came from my left and that that fish is not for cooking too. I pointed to a pinkish one with yellow and orange mix and she looked at it closely and said it must be from another country, that she is not sure if one can eat that. she told me to follow her to her floor ( 3 or 4 i am not sure) to get containers to fish. While in her room, a man informed her that the cult members are on their way and she quickly told me to leave now. I rushed to take a container from her kitchen but did not like them all and stepped out of her room. I met the cult members lining up in front of her room all the way pass the stairway and they wouldn”t let me leave. I told them to excuse me and I use any available space and declaring ” I cover myself and my family with the blood of Jesus” They stepped aside. One blocked the way to the elevator (lift) on that floor so I turned and took the stair way to the next floor.I was not sure if the elevator security was one of them or not but I did not feel comfortable with him because he was not happy to see me. He requested to check my bag and I told him that everything in the bag belong to me. He searched it anyway and took out my earings. He pretended to read the maker and mentioned a completely different name. I told him that he did not read the name on the earings but he ignored me anyway and gave them to another man who walked away with my things. so I asked for his supervisor to report him and he said he had none. So I asked if he is selfemployed and he said yes. Then I started dialing the building management line to report him when I realized that he got up to leave. I then told him those earrings cost 99 cents each ont is not up to a $1.00. I tried to get in the elevator and saw that both were rusty with big holes in their middle. I did not enter but after a while I pressed the button and noticed that they became clean with no holes. I entered the one on the right and stood by the side because there was a yellow liquid like urine in the middle. I wondered who urinated in the elevator. suddenly clean fresh water came from the wall of the side of the elevator where I was and washed my feet into the middle and also washed the urine away.
    I got out of the elevator and walked to join my friend (A) down the street where she was suppose to be catching fish and I realized she had none. I asked her why and she said that we will catching fishes with that woman tomorrow ( pointing to a strange woman) because the woman blocked the flow of the fish and diverted them to a place. I said why not now and she said they wanted the fishes to gather there till tomorrow before fishing and that the woman will put a policeman there to guard the pond so that no one will go there before tomorrow. I looked at the woman and did not like the look on her face at all and I noticed that she did not like me too. i also saw a policeman not too far from her. I saw how helpless my friend (A) was. I was angry in my spirit and did not say anything. I woke up

  367. Prayer Eagle | March 25, 2012 at 5:57 am |

    @misi: Your daughter’s dream 293 explained: you and your daughter have a common pattern of trouble with spirit husbands. Her dream of cheating hubby is actually sleeping with spirit husband. That was the reason why the spirit husband had access to get inside her womb to remove the unborn baby. Let her begin to pray Dealing with spirit wives and spirit husbands @ and Prayer Points for Victory Over Satanic Dreams @ victory shall be yours in Jesus name

  368. @Prayer Eagle :Sir my heart is glad to see replies again on this site…please interpret this dream ..I was in a market setting,I saw a boy with a bag of white beans ,he was about to waste it so I,my mum and some of my mum siblings took it off the boy and poured it into two large and white basin and decided to sell it in their family compound along with some gallons of palm oil.
    2ND Dream saw the queen commissioning a kind of technology in stages from old to new and very new.

  369. Prayer Eagle,

    Sir, please help to interpret dreams 363 and 366. I need to make a time sensitive decision based on them. I have about 2 days left. Thank you for your assistance. God bless you sir.

  370. shols..... | March 25, 2012 at 9:59 pm |

    dear prayer eagle….i had a dream,i was in the church and some people were on the floor,and instantly a lady i knew started a worship,so i asked her to be quiet….i don’t know why i did that because i would never shut someone up like that in real life.and immediately,i told her to be be quite and stop singing,she pointed her hands to me…….i don’t know what is in her palms..i started getting weak and tired…i regained strength and started praying…when i was praying,she started shaking like a snake or someone dancing to the beat of a song.the funny thing is that this lady doesn’t come to church,i wonder why i dreamt about her in church.some days later after the dream,whenever i see her and greet her…she doesn’t respond to my greeting. i really don’t know what to do,i have continued greeting her,but she will just carry her face away whenever she sees me.some weeks ago,i had another dream,she was telling me to stop greeting her,and i was asking her why???..she said because i humiliated her..i really don’t understand.

  371. dear prayer eagle, i had a dream…a woman came to me and was demanding for jelwery..i don’t even know her.i gave her all that i had,she searched my belongings and said i don’t have the one she wants….she was claiming she needs it for a debt she claims i own….i was wondering i don’t even know you ,am just trying to help or give you,,,she kept on demanding for the jewelry…and claiming i don’t have the one she wants,maybe she wants a very expensive one….

  372. dear prayer eagle…i had a dream a year ago…i saw one of the brothers in my fellowship,he was standing in a corridor.i heard a voice telling me ” you and him in the nearest future”..that was all i heard.i was not close to this brother,i only greet him and go my way in church.some months later,he told me he wanted to see after service in church…….well…he told me he wants to have a relationship that would to marriage with me.i instantly told him,i would only like to be friends with him,but i will keep on praying about it.this brother happens to have a best friend,he also worship in our fellowship.some months ago,i dreamt that he and his best friend were together,they were both wearing a suit when i got there,i was not wearing a suit,but immmediately,i found myself wearing a suit…i thought it was the brother’s own i had collected and worn,but when i turned around,it was his best friend own i had collected…i really don’t understand the whole dreams.

  373. Prayer Eagle | March 26, 2012 at 6:23 am |

    @Sis. NC: There is obvious effort to initiate you into marine witchcraft… if you had eaten the strange fishes from the gutter. Pray against marine/water spirits at: Finding your family clothes in the toilet is also indicative of foul spirits operating either among your close friends, or in your background and foundation. If you dig deeper, I would not be surprised a member of your family is already operating full-fledged in lesbianism> Spirit husband is spying on you and that is why you had so much intimidation around the elevator.

  374. Dear prayer Eagle,
    please can you interpret my dreams for me,as I am looking for guidance…I just had a very weird and puzzling dream I was in the toilet I had stitches in my private with a black long rope coming out i felt uncomfortable with it so my mum cut the rope short with her teeth…after that I saw my mum’s aunt standing by and there was a heap of red beads there.
    Please Sir kindly interpret.God bless you.

  375. sir i mean black long thread not rope.

  376. Dear prayer,
    Calvary greetings!please man of God interprete dreams #288 and 346 for me,stay blessed
    Thank you for the great job!

  377. Prayer Eagle,

    Thank you so much for interpreting dream 366. God bless you richly sir.
    Please interpret dream 363. It is the one about my career. I am awaiting the interpretation to guide me in taking a very sensitive legal decision about my career. I have 1 day left. If I know your email, I will ask you the question directly. I will be checking throughout the day and night before the meeting tomorrow. Thank you sir for making yourself available to be used as a vessel to interpret our dreams.

  378. Prayer Eagle | March 27, 2012 at 1:17 am |

    @Sis. NC: Dream 363 Explained: Dream 363 is a lesson dream which the Lord wants you to learn from in case of next time you have similar opportunity. You played a game for 6 years and it was not your game. You ran a race for 6 years and it was not your race. You fought a battle for 6 years and it was not your battle. You are not happy because you had and wasted an opportunity to play your own game and win, fight your own battle and win, run your own race and win!

    A prophet prophesies saying that you will be fired and get a new job next week, yes you lost your job but almost twelve weeks after, you are yet to get any job. this was the prophecy: “someone on this line will be fired today and there is nothing you can do about it. However, it is because God wants to give you a better job next week”. First read through these 5 scriptures below.

    Jeremiah 14:14-15: “Then the LORD said to me, “The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I have not sent them or appointed them or spoken to them. They are prophesying to you false visions, divinations, idolatries and the delusions of their own minds. Therefore, this is what the LORD says about the prophets who are prophesying in my name: I did not send them, yet they are saying, ‘No sword or famine will touch this land.’ Those same prophets will perish by sword and famine.”

    Jeremiah 23:28: “Let the prophet who has a dream tell his dream, but let the one who has my word speak it faithfully. For what has straw to do with grain?” declares the LORD.

    Jeremiah 23:32: “Indeed, I am against those who prophesy false dreams,” declares the LORD. “They tell them and lead my people astray with their reckless lies, yet I did not send or appoint them. They do not benefit these people in the least,” declares the LORD.

    Ezekiel 13:3: “Thus saith the Lord GOD; Woe unto the foolish prophets, that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing!”

    Deuteronomy 18:21-22: “And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken? When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.”

    You must humble yourself by going on your knees to ask God to forgive you for accepting a negative prophecy which in turn ambushed your destiny badly. The Lord said you have gone on the strength of your own energy and schemes for too long. You must genuinely hand over your battles to the Lord. Don’t surrender the steering of your life to unfriendly friends, don’t engage in cunning schemes in collusion with them. Run your own race, don’t run another person’s race for them. Fight your own battles and don’t fight another’s battle for them. Say ye not, A confederacy, to all them to whom this people shall say, A confederacy; neither fear ye their fear, nor be afraid. Sanctify the LORD of hosts himself; and let him be your fear, and let him be your dread. And he shall be for a sanctuary; but for a stone of stumbling and for a rock of offence to both the houses of Israel, for a gin and for a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem. You make God to hide His face from you (Isaiah 8:17), I pray you will earnestly seek Him now.

    Everything in that dream points to a proxy battle. Joel 2:7-8: “They run like mighty men, They climb the wall like soldiers; And they each march in line, Nor do they deviate from their paths. They do not crowd each other, They march everyone in his path; When they burst through the defenses, They do not break ranks.” You broke the hedge… Ecclesiastes 10:8: “He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him.”

    Now is the time to fight back, yes you were unfairly dismissed, but that was because you prepared the ground for it. It was a tilted battle, this time you must create a level-playing field, and go on to win the warfare, disgracing and breaking the rod of wickedness that was used in beating you. Fight spiritually, fight in human court, fight and drag your oppressors before the court of heaven. Obtain the verdict of fire against them. cry in agony against every rod of wickedness used in terminating your job. cry for seven-fold restoration, and hand over your family into the hands of God to sustain and nourish this time. Vow that you will be focused when God restore your joy. you will not pursue distractions again, you will stay on your path and would not deviate from your path… 2 Timothy 2:4: “No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.” reject every evil prophecy bind such prophecies and cast them back at their owners in Jesus name.

  379. Prayer Eagle,
    Thank you for interpreting dream 363. May God continue to increase this annointing in you sir.

  380. Morning Prayer Eagle, thank you for interpreting Sis NC dream 363 im delivered for what happened to me in my previous job and just 2 nights ago i started dreaming of a lady at work harrassing me in my new job and i always have this fear that i will loose this one too. thank you, i realise im opening the ground.thank you

  381. Prayer Eagle | March 27, 2012 at 11:12 am |

    @lydia: Dream #346 Explained: The Lord is telling you that there is a deposit of fire power in your life and you should stir it up so you can be a sign and a wonder to your world. 2 Timothy 1:6: “Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands.” 1 Timothy 4:14: “Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of the presbytery.” Psalm 80:2: “Before Ephraim and Benjamin and Manasseh, stir up your might and come to save us!”

    Dream #288 explained: After 13 years you are best able to provide the answers. Are you married now? Is he married now? Pray that God should enlighten you on the gold merchandise and why after 13 years the imagery of the father of your daughter is coming to you in dreams, pray for God to clarify this to you.

  382. Dear Prayer Eagle,

    Thank you so much as this sight has been a great help for me.

    Over the last few nights i have had some dreams. Though i have prayed concerning them, i find them troubling as i do no tknow what they mean, please help to interepret these dreams:

    Dream 1: I was in a church service, after praying for sometime, the pastor now said everyone should form prayer groups and go to pray outside. The lights in the church were turned off. I was walking trying to find a group to join and i came to one. They now said first we must go through some sort of test to know if we are truly christians. So i went to the Sister and she asked, “who do you say that i am”? and i answered you are a christian sister, but it seemed like i was nervous. She then asked again, and it seemed like there was something inside of me that was afraid, and it seemd like i jumped and found myself on a very high wall (possibly rooftop). Thereafter, it seemed there was something inside of me that was trying to come out, i kept opening my mouth wide like trying to force what it was to come out.

    Dream 2:
    I was in a house with my cousin. There were two dogs (a big one and a little one). It seemed the dogs were ours. There was no food so the dogs hadnt been fed. Started chasing me to eat me and i was running trying to escape them. At a point, started hitting the big one on the head with some shoes but they were not effective as the head was really thick. Kept going into different rooms to escape them, but the doors wont close properly, there was always a gap between the door and wall. The little one got into the room where i was, so i was trying to kill it with my bare hand and at the same time wondering where my cousin was as he was supposed to have gone to get some weapon to kill the dogs. For the little one, i was trying to tear its mouth open.

    Thank you and God bless you Sir.

  383. Dear Prayer eagle

    I dreamt that i was fighting with one of my in-laws but during that time i was throwing salt at them and all i remember was that they then ran away.I also dreamt passing one of the exams that i have been trying to pass but unfortunately i saw myself failing one other subject.

    However today i dream as if i was meant to attend a wedding for one stranger but at that wedding the bride lost her father and the wedding went on together with the funeral .The bride was wearing a black veil and a white gown,however the coffin just opened for everyone to see the corpse and i also remember that i was with my son attending this function. Please interpret for me and help me with how i can fight this.

  384. Please help me i had this dream seeing mom dead n its not the 1st or second time its several.

  385. Prayer Eagle | March 27, 2012 at 2:05 pm |

    @ntutu: its an arrow of untimely death fired against her. Command such evil arrows to gather together and go back to sender. Minister to her if she is not born again and lead her to the Saviour Christ Jesus. Invoke the blood of Jesus to defend and protect your mom. Make her to declare with faith that she shall not die but live to declare the works of the Lord in the land of the Living, in Jesus name.

  386. We thank God for you.You are divine blessing in our lives.May the good Lord favor you mightly.Yesterday dreamnt having sex in the church with one of the international pastors well known.i run away there were poeple who were against the scene others were for said it never happen please i shouldnt tell anyone who i woke up weak

  387. Prayer Eagle | March 27, 2012 at 2:30 pm |

    @ntutu: don’t be deceived, you were not having sex with any international pastor. It is spirit husband in operation. The face of the international pastor was used as mask to do that evil work. You must begin to tear down the mask and command the spirit husband to be disgraced and die in Jesus name. Begin to attack every door opened in your life to the spirit husband and Declare war against these sexual demon, praying at midnight using the following prayers at: and pray the 74 prayers against spirit spouses at: You can make it a 3-day consecutive midnight warfare against the spirit husband. Ask the Lord to baptize your dream-life with fire. Victory is yours in Jesus’ name.

  388. Dear prayer eagle,
    Please help me to interprete this dream,
    1.i dreamed of being in church siiting on the table and then there were alot of people praying and then something was burning on their heads like fire.
    2.i was having strange dreams all along dreaming about a broken bridge,snakes,dogs wants to bit me and a small child sleeping with me,but i went into prayer and fasting for seven days,after concluding the programme ,i dreamed of seeing dogs tied on the tree they wanted to chase me but ,since they were tied,they couldnt reach to me.i dont know the meaning of it.and on another day i saw snakes but then someone came and chopped them off in pieces.
    pleae help to interprete these dreams.

  389. please sir can you interpret dream#375 for me.

  390. Prayer Eagle | March 27, 2012 at 4:49 pm |

    @Funmilola: Your first dream points you to the need for you to go for a thorough deliverance, if you cannot conduct personal deliverance on yourself. Your second dream is an attack by sexual demons (dog is a sex symbol used by spirit husbands). Begin to attack every door opened in your life to the spirit husband and Declare war against these sexual demons, praying at midnight using the following prayers at: and pray the 74 prayers against spirit spouses at: You can make it a 3-day consecutive midnight warfare against the spirit husband. Ask the Lord to baptize your dream-life with fire. Victory is yours in Jesus’ name.

  391. Prayer Eagle | March 27, 2012 at 5:20 pm |

    @emm: Dream #375 Explained: By now you should have been able to draw simple conclusions about your dreams, particularly the ones concerning your mom who has never played any positive roles in about seven dreams you have related on this site. This dream is an attack at the gate of your womb, an attempt to close up your womb by witchcraft powers and household enemies. Command every visible and invisible chain assigned against your marriage and your womb to break to pieces in Jesus name. command every witchcraft coven entertaining your case to blow up and consume the witches. Decree that every witchcraft recruitment exercise programmed for you shall fail and the recruiters shall be disgraced and die ion Jesus name.

  392. Thank you so much Sir for this interpretation …God bless you Sir,with these prayer points I am coming back with testimonies in Jesus name.AMEN

  393. Please interpret dream No 384.

  394. Prayer Eagle | March 27, 2012 at 11:16 pm |

    @Audrey: Dream #384 Explained and Prayed against: every power assigned to trouble my marriage, go back and trouble my troublers in Jesus name. You the arrow of failure at the gate of my success, what are you waiting for? Die in the name of Jesus. Every agenda of satan to substitute failure for my success, scatter unto desolation in the name of Jesus.

    That strange wedding ceremony was not a wedding. It was a burial of a marriage and destiny. There was nowhere the groom featured in your dream, that means there really was no living groom at the ceremony. PRAY: every arrow of untimely death fired at my marriage and family: Go back and kill your senders in the name of Jesus. Every power assigned to turn my marriage into a funeral palour, you are a liar: die! die!! die!!! in the name of Jesus. Coffin of sorrow built for my marriage and family, swallow your builder by fire, in the name of Jesus. Every power assigned to make my son an orphan, you are a liar: die in the name of Jesus.

  395. hello prayer eagle…pls answer ..dream #373…

  396. shols..... | March 28, 2012 at 7:29 am |

    good day prayer eagle…pls answer dream ### 371

  397. pls inteprete dream #372

  398. Dear Prayer eagle ,thank you very much for the interpretation ,may God richly bless you .Will continue praying that such things are revealed to us in our dreams.I have found so much meaning in my life through this website .

  399. Dear Prayer Eagle, thank you so much for the interpretation. I shall return to give testimony In Jesus Name.

  400. Plz,prayer eagle…..i jst had this dream,that i was in my friends house one of their tenant(a man) came into her house to asknife he came sevral times she gave him the knife,bt i wasn’t feeling comfortable so i decided to leave fews hours later i heard she was dead,i bcame so freigthen even nw am scared.
    I also,sometime if i say or fink i will do something i will end up noy doing it at all viceviser it has been happening to me for a wheil now.
    Plz hlp me prayer eagle i beg u.
    GOD bless you

  401. Dear prayer Eagle,
    Good day Sir,
    Regarding dream interpretation#392 I am not hoping to get pregnant soon, I have children already, but my husband had a dream that I was pregnant and he was wondering how as I am on contraceptives(pregnancy prevention)….He had another dream that I was telling my mum that I am pregnant.
    I also had a dream… a pregnant woman was in labor her husband quickly got his cloths on to take her to the hospital, but another man came through the door having same cloths on like the husband also wanting to take the woman but the husband wont let him,so they were pulling and dragging the pregnant lady…I felt sorry for the woman.
    My husband had a dream he was under a big tree with lots of pepper(scotch bonnet) on the tree a little part was ripe and all the others unripe…In real life my husband was praying and he heard the word TREASON …please sir give me insight on these.
    Thank you sir for taking your time to read this…I eagerly wait to hear from you.

  402. Dear Prayer,
    please interprete for me dream 345 please…God bless you

  403. Dear prayer eagle.

    I have been praying at midnight for almost a month now, and I must say there is a marked difference in my atmosphere. However I cannot get rid of the feel that something is watching me and sitting on my ear. I feel at times like something is whispering into my spirit and I don’t know how to fight against this as if something is working on me and try to vex me. Please advise which prayer points to use here.

    Please interpret the following dreams.

    Dream 1- I dreamt I was lying on my bed and I needed to vomit then I leaned over and then I began to vomit something but then something came out of me like it was pulled right out of my face I could see like a an invisible mask coming off, there was a power struggle then the next thing my mum and two sisters came to see me, I went to the door greeted them then I realized there was something still in the room I went in cast it out in Jesus name and then a a naked man appeared and disappeared into the sky.

    Dream2- I dreamed I had put up the word of God on my walls in my house and my mother came tearing these things down and we all did not understand what she was doing we were all like what are you doing and why. Then I told her she needed to stop what she was doing and mind her own business. My step dad was also asking why she was doing that and could not understand why she was acting that way.
    Dream 3- I dreamt I was at my cell group leaders’ house and there were 4 of us – me his fiancé and another lady from our church who likes him. So he went to his kitchen and got us some juice and we thought it was ginger beer, then his fiancé said oh this is strong and he was like he didn’t make it that strong, I took a sip but could not taste anything. Then as he sat on the couch this other lady from our church that liked him started to kiss him and sit on his lap in front of us? What could this mean how do I pray against this?

    Dream 4- I dreamt I was with my ex boyfriend at his house and I met his mother and brother. Then his mother was like I know you it has been long since we seen each other- however I have never met his mother before but they all were happy to see me. Then my ex and I were now in his room and he was like I know you want to sleep with me then he proceeded to touch me then I got up the bed and said to him no I am not doing this then i walked out of the room. The next thing we were at a concert and he paid for us to go in, the next thing as soon as we get in he disappeared into the crowd more like ran away. Then I met a friend from high school who took pictures of me and I hugged her but I got the sense the reception was cold from her end. Then I woke up.
    Could you please assist and interpret these dreams for me thank you.

  404. I prayed the prayer point of knowing the secrets of myself at midnight and had the following dream.
    1. I was in a ceremony where I was well dressed with this man next to me that I don’t know, he was holding my hand. He then brought a crown and told me that its mine and put it on my head. He then took me to sit on the high table, when I reached the high table, one of the guest told me that I should remove the crown, and not to sit on the table. I was not required to sit there…. I removed the crown, went back on the previous table, amid protest of some of my friends to put on the crown. 2. I dreamt that I was in a shrine where I was being given herbs, the this person was very scary and I asked what I was suppose to do with all these herbs, then I woke up.
    I have a spirit of anger, loudness, bitterness and an inferiority complex, I have been praying to be released from this anger/loud spirit but each time I pray it gets worse, i end up the next day having done the same thing I have been fighting against. I never want to give up, of late I ask for forgiveness from any one I have hurt regardless of their age, some of them are mocking me about it but I know if I don’t then my prayers will be in vain. I believe in our Almight God for deliverance from thsi bondage.

    I am also believe God for a husband, I am 48 yrs not married, I am very desperate to get a husband because my conviction is with God its never too late and its never over. thank you

  405. Prayer Eagle please help me interpreat my dreams, on tuesday night i dreamed that i was with my colleague going to my boses office and i was carrying a paperbag with things inside including my wallet, we were checked by the security and then we entered the office then i met my boss with his mother and another person, (but that office is not the office were are using now i do not know the office) then by boss asked me if i have seen the thief and he asked me whether i can write a statement, i refused to write the statement.
    no.2 i went to visit a friend who works in a hospital then as i was waiting at the reception i heard a nurse saying that in the past she used to be very reluctant to work but now she has changed.
    last night i had several dreams
    no. 1- i saw a thief stealing another mans wallet and the man whose wallet was being stolen did not resist but i did not help.
    no. 2- i was expectant and i knew that i was going to give birth to a baby girl though i did not know the father since i am single, and i was looking at a big screen and i could see different men including some politicians from my country and i was not able to choose the father to my baby.
    no. 3- i was talking to a collegue who was telling me that in the past he used to be reluctant to work but now he has changed his attitude since he started reading things which looked like prayers. but a sad thing was that i think i ate some grapes in that dream when i was talking to him. please help me urgently.

  406. i also dreamed that i was in an old public service vehicle and i saw the tout, suddenly it changed into a very old house, it did not look good at all, it was like i wanted to move in into that house, then when i was leaving i saw a man who asked me for my passport size photograph then i told him that i would bring him more than the number he wanted (i think i wanted to sign the agreement to lease the house. please help.

  407. Dear Pastor

    please help me interpret my dream, my sister has been praying using your prayer points for spiritual husbands and i used some of them and the same evening, I had a dream whereby i dream waking up to a man that was laying dying next to was so clear, i did not recognise him but he spoke to me for a while and told me that i am not leaving and going any where. we woke up and took me somewhere on a journey to a place that looked familiar and there was a wedding function and i was getting married to my new husband and he was refusing to go and he was in the same house where there was a wedding and he took me around showing me places where he had been before he died. he then asked for me to come back and say goodbye to him as i was now getting married and he was dying eventually died. i woke up and this troubled me as it was the first time i dreamt of a man dying and he died in my bed on a white sheet.i didnt feel any pain

    in the past 2 months, i have been surrounded by ants when I sit down in the lounge on a couch. the ants hang around me and there are so many and when i go to the kitchen, they follow me.they are also in my bedroom even though there are not in any area in the house or my car.

    i have been also harrassed by people that i owe money even R300. i end up paying more than i owe and lately i have been blacklisted by a university for owing R20 000.00. i was left with one month to finish paying off my car when bank sent men to come and reposses my car and telling me i owe them. several people used to call me and come to my previous address saying i owe them but when i tracked the people, the bank doesnt know them, my account files have disappeared and i cant even get a statement, a year later,i went to the lawyers to get help but the bank has not responded a year later and my account shows i am in arrears even though i dont pay as there is no more account open in my name and nobody can find my account in the bank. The lawyer delays and i went to him yesterday and i still dont have an answer after a year. this has affected my credit record and i get decline by banks and i cant buy anything in my name and dont qualify for even R300.00

    please help me

  408. I had a dream that caterpillars were all over my body in a U-shape. I wasn’t frightened and didn’t feel any emotions in the dream. Then I saw a picture of a witch. What does that mean?

  409. Olanrewaju | April 6, 2012 at 9:52 am |

    Dear Prayer Eagle,

    calvary greeting, please kindly help me to interpret this my dream, in this dream I saw a lady living with me as a girl friend or so but in the real life the face that I saw was not the face of any of the girl that have friend before I got married, but she was behaving like one of my ex-girl friend Esther and the face was the face of one my neigbor living in the same block with me. To cut the story short, one day she just decided to pack her load out of my house and she said she is living me because she is no further filling comfortable in staying with me again and right from inside me I was happy and she gave me something like money high currency, I was pretending crying but immediately she left to my suprise I check one bag inside the house what I saw surprised me, i saw some of my property that I can not remember that I posses before, cloth and some other things that I don’t even know I they were got missing I found them all. she was talking has if she will be back. please sir, I don’t understand this please help. May God continue to be using you for this generation and may the great and new ainointing fall upon you and the entire Ministries in Jesus name. AMEN

  410. Olanrewaju | April 8, 2012 at 11:48 pm |

    Sir, kindly assist in interpret dream number 410, may God bless you. Amen

  411. prayer eagle, please help me interpreat dream no. 406 & 407.
    Thank you. God bless you.

  412. Hello sir, i discovered smtin about my dream pattern. anytime am going thru serious prayers even when i went for deliverance, i dont usually dream. except when i pray moderately or when am prayed for that is when my vision is clear. hope its okay? two sundays ago(palm sunday) that mummy Olukoya led the prayer during service, i got home and slept peacefully and i had a dream where i went into a small kitchen to look for smtin and i was professing the word but suddenenly a masked man or monster showed his face thru the window and was trying to shut me up but i kept speaking the word of God. until he fled and i chased him and could not find him. i also had a dream last weekend when i have not even prayed and was most carefree. i saw my self wearing a beautiful purple gown and my hair was full and long, i was carrying a bucket and wanted to take a particular path when a guard(dressed in blue like bank gaurds) led me thru another gate. a guard at the gate had wanted to stop us and i was afraid he would turn into a dog, as he made to stop us i asked if he had wanted to turn into a dog with the way he howled at us and he said no and left the way so i was let out the gate. i fell its a safe dream but i do not get the msg. Godbless u sir. one other thing that scares me is the fact that am not perfect,and even in my unfaithfulness i had peaceful dreams.

  413. Dear Prayer Eagle please interpret the below. Urgently.

    I dreamt I was driving to my grandmother’s house I got to my grandmother’s house but I could not get out of the car because there was someone standing at a neighbors gate and I was afraid he was a thief and would harm me so I left and decided to go around the block and come back later this was at 3am in the morning. I then went round the block but could not find a connecting road by car kept getting to a finished road, so I decided to walk. As I was walking my brother and nephew came and I ended up carrying them to the house both of them, one is 12 the other 8 and we got into the yard.

    Once at my grandmother’s house, here in this dream my mother and aunt were there at the house and one of my mothers ex boyfriends from way back in the day (he is dead now and she is now married) came looking for her. Please bear in mind he was abusive and used to beat her up. He came looking for her at the house and she and my aunt were like he is becoming a problem. So my mum went outside to see him and got into a white car that he was driving and he was with 3 other guys in the car (it was her car) and I followed her asking where and why she was going with him and she said she knew what she was doing. So she got into the car and then they drove off. Simultaneously it seemed as though she came back at 3am because at this time I heard the door opening and someone coming in. it sounded like my actual door in my flat then I knew she was back. I don’t know where or why they went away.

    While I was at my grandmothers place and my mum had gone with her ex I had an argument with my one cousin (she never gets along with anyone) she was saying things and I got so upset that we started fighting but then I hit her and she fell to the ground and I gave it my all in the fight. It started off as her my cousin but then as we were fighting she was changing like her looks it wasn’t her it was some other woman. I know this was a spirit but don’t know what to make of this. While we were fighting my uncle was sitting on the couch watching and I got up and said to him I am tired of this family I want to get out of it and then he said if you want to leave you can leave the family no one will stop you. I was really angry in the dream. Soon after this I woke up. Could you please interpret this and tell me what it could mean.

  414. JULIET TIMBENAWO | April 17, 2012 at 2:59 pm |

    i had a dream in which i saw myself with my colleague and she driving a white mini bus we were only two of us and i was instructing where to park the bus though i am not a driver but i told her in my dream that where she was parking was a slope place and there was no exit.

  415. Dear prayer Eagle,
    Please Sir can you interpret dream #402 for me.

  416. Olanrewaju | May 4, 2012 at 4:32 pm |

    Good day sir, please kindly interpret dream number 410 for me. Thanks, God bless you sir.

  417. ave bn having series of dream for a long time which i dont understand and dont know what 2 do. in which i belive is not normal. whenever i sleep every day am always engaging in one activities or the other till i woke up it will be as if we are in a real world pls help me out urgently

  418. God bless you prayer Eagle,my life has changed tremendously because of the help I received through this Altar of fire before my Lord.I am forever grateful to God Almighty for the great wisdom and insight He has bestowed on you.
    All my worries, problems and being anxious have all fizzled out. Because of the two months bible reading and prayer points that went along with it, I enjoy reading the Bible now.This is my testimony.PRAYER EAGLE GOD ALMIGHTY BLESS YOU AND YOUR HOUSEHOLD FOREVER.AMEN

  419. prayer Eagle, please support me in prayer and enlighten me with your spiritual wisdom. I recievea revelations in my dream, more than once withe the same meaning but not yet manifested. does this mean that it could take time or telling me what is to come/happen.

    I would like to know how to handle situations like this and what type of prayers to use to follow on. I pray for fast forward breakthrough but I suppose works misteriously in his own time.

    please pray for me and support me with wisdom.

    Thank you and GOD BLESS. AMEN

  420. Dear Pastor ,
    On 9.6.2012 at 1: 20 pm i dreamt that one sleeve of my blue blouse was partly cut off. In the dream i was in primay ,my mother was looking for my blouse and she found it under a bed in the house with one sleeve halfway cut off. That very time there was an old man bathing outside the house .In reality i had a dress in the same material that saw in the dream . This was a blue dress with some flowers which i had when i was in primary school,but in the dream it was a skirt and a blouse of which one sleeve of the blouse was halfway cut off. What is the meaning of this .Could you send me specific prayer point for this?

  421. Olanrewaju | June 25, 2012 at 12:51 pm |

    Good day sir, please kindly interpret dream number 410 for me. Thanks, may the Almighty God bless you sir.

  422. Dear Prayer Eagle

    Why would one keep dreaming of nakedness? that dream comes and goes, but I was given Psalm 25 and its been a while since I never had the dream, however I am still curious to know, what is the meaning of a dream where you are naked?

  423. When you are due for promotion and for one reason or another you are an excellent worker and yet still you are not being promoted on your job, which one of the prayer points one should say, and any other advise on what one can do to break that failing cycle.

    I urgently await your response. Thank you and God’s blessings.

  424. pls. I need serious prayer, my finacial situation is in mess. Too much debt, it us affecting my spirit.

  425. Orewa Ndidi Amaka | June 27, 2012 at 9:26 pm |

    Dear prayer eagle,
    I bless God for what He is using you to do online.
    Please I ernestly need your help, I’ve prayed,expected, acted in faith but all seems to hit the wall, I’m afraid I Do think as if I’m workin under a close heaven. My spiritual life, finances and relationship, non seems to be going on well. I work and got nothing to show for it. my progress seems slow. please I need your help with prayers I can pray to cause a turn around for my favour.
    I do have this dream of seeing myself in my former church compound which it’s been over 6 years i visited there, also do find myself in my secondary school as a student though I prayed about it, and it stoped for a while but laater resurfaced again. i dreamt on two occasions that I was walking bear foot without shoes. i do dream of carrying other peoples baby and recently I dreamt that I was in secondary school and gave birth to a baby, i don’t know what that means. recently I dreamt I was cleaning a hall’s public toilet with the help of some women. last year, I dreamt I was pregnant and this year some few months back I dreamt I was in labour and was being rushed to the hospital (I’m still single in real life) and that scene disappeared, please help me with the meaning of these dreams. attacks in the dream have become frequent though I do try to fight back but don’t conquer them all at times. please I need serious help. Thanks. Orewa Ndidi from Nigeria. please if you can send me prayers I can pray though my email: thanks alot.

  426. Toyin
    Dear Prayer Eagle
    All Glory be unto God Almighty – I really need you to help me to intepret this dream urgently if possible.
    I use the show me my secrets all the time. I also dream alot ! I believe some important visions /dream get blocked because when I open my eyes I just will not remember. I do self deliverance and some of the prayers depending on the situation. So Please continue to pray for me as a believe it is holding on to my breakthroughs. (Revelations and delayed breakthroughs) I Still continue to claim them.

    Anyway between 1 am and 2 this early morning after praying the midnight hour. I dreamt these dreams which are not clear ——— in the dream it seemed as if i really new these few people but when I opened my eyes I just could not re-collect who they were. only two or three and female. it seemed as if we were together somewhere and went back the this persons house but definitely in that dream it was some one i was close to maybe family but she was not there and we were in her kitchen and she snacky food on tables springrolls, fried chicken, meat, and on the cooker chicken gizzard freshly cooked (boiled) but still hot so I tasted it an helped myself to the other snack by just putting on a plate and put it aside for later and I think I just tasted a bit of the meat. The person who cooked the food was not there and I am thinking it was meant to be my sister as she cooks alot and we are close and i would not nomally help myself in peoples homes. This happened on getting to the house. (it was a refreshing atmosphere)

    Now I am not sure whether this is in the same place, there was another woman who had 2 boys and she said she would have stayed with me but the boys would need some things so she still had to go her house anyway and said she might still come back. In my mind I was a bit surprised when she she said she might come back as if it was u usual and it also seemed as if she was going to leave the boys and come back on herown if I thought right. I just do not understand this prayer eagle.!!!

    The third part is another woman which might also be family
    I have a feeling that I know who she represents but not sure as it could be decietfull !! Now there was a child in the dream I was aware of who it was some how but now I do not! But the child did something wrong and naughty and she seemeed to be protecting him. It looked as if there were some other children their who new about this incident! I did know what the problem was in the dream but as I opened my eyes I just could not remember. !! Anyway this woman wanted to beat all the these children who knew about the incident so that they would keep their mouth shut. so I was totally against it and would not allow her to touch them as she was getting a belt from her waist ( i think white) and i protected the children and warned her to not hit me with the belt and did not allow her to beat the children and I made it clear to her that how can you punish them when they haven’t done anything wrong neithet have they said anything about the matter. she stepped back and stopped but did not seem too happy because I did not allow her to get her way but had no choice. I repeated it again and woke up.

    I did not understand and could not make any sense of it, so I prayed the the breakthrough prayers on victoty over satanic dreams.

    Please Help me to interprete this urgently
    God Bless

    Please reply me Prayer Eagle . Thank you and God bless.

  427. Hello Prayer Eagles
    I greet you all in the mighty name of jesus,please interprete this dream for me:
    I was with my grandmother-she is late,were suppose to cross a river full of dirty water,then when she saw the water she wanted to go back but i insisted that she come because after crossing that river we will be reaching my elder brother’s house,after crossing over i saw that we were in an old place where we used to held church services when i was a kid,then later i dont know where she went to because i then saw myself with the other sister we fellowship together and we were in another place with green trees but my grandmother was not there.
    Last month i dreamt of myself entering my cousin’s house and i found a white /light in complexion lady lying down,there i found food cooked and i opted for traditinal vegetable which was in a mayonnise bottle and ate it,when i woke up i prayed agaist spiritual food,but i felt very sick for that week.

  428. I keep dreaming of travelling to another island in a boat what does that mean

  429. Dear Prayer Eagle

    Please can you interpret dream 427

    Thank you

  430. Shalom
    Please interprete this dream for me;i dreamt of myself and a white guy,i have known him for some years(who in the dream appeared to be my boyfriend)we were in a hotel grounds,it seemed like there was a party,and when i arrived he phoned his mother telling her that he is with me and i over heard the mother asking him if he has taken the ring to propose and he said no i left it and the mother told him you were suppose to engage her today,then i left him on the table with his friends and went to the other side with my friends and i was checkin on him at a distance then i woke up.

  431. Shalom
    I sent my dreams to the a few days ago and I haven,t heard or seen anything on the web. Please assist.

    2. I have also send some dreams to the Greatest Prayerpoint You Can Pray Yourself and I haven,t been helped. Please consider my dreams if you can and if it is possible.

    3. I,m looking for a church in Germany. Please give me the addresses of MFM and RCCG in Germany. I,m looking for a church seriously. God bless You All.

  432. please interpret this one for me. i dreamt i was at our old home in the village where we have now relocated and our old house has been renovated and a lot of ppl have moved in in the neighbourhood and most houses are paited the place was looking really lovely. as we were sitting we saw a bird with a many nests flying up and it fell, we tried to run after it but it was no where to be seen. i came back with my Granny who was looking sooo full of life. my late auntie was in the house and her daughter was showing us a cut on her hand how she got cut from trying to catch the bird

  433. Hello Prayer Eagle

    Please interpret 277 for me and last night i dreamt of my late sister. It was me and my other sister. 2 chinese ladies came and they were collecting old furniture. We gave them all we did not want and my late sister insisted we gave them our dinner table, we refused and told her she wont be there when shen she needed it, please help interpret why i keep seeing my late relatives. I relocated to the UK last week i am now with my husband at long last, praise God

  434. I have been praying the prayer points from Prayer rain, i always fast but still have strange dreams. most times with my family at our ancenstral home. sometimes i dream when we are digging in the grave yard, i dream when we are gathered all as a family and eating, i always dream about my family, my sisters, brothers, aunties and auncles on my father’s side only. I don’t have kids and i recently dreamt when a woman i never recognized gave me a sack which was smelling and when i opened it, it had so many used sanitary pads and the woman said, take your things!. what can that mean?

  435. Prayer Eagle | July 23, 2012 at 1:01 pm |

    @Toyin: Dream 427 Explained: Your spirit man rejected strange food of the evil night caterer. You must vomit by faith and by fire every evil consumption you have taken in the dream, in Jesus name. Such consumption is what leads to stagnation and miracle abortion in real and physical life.

    Pray against every demonic relationship and association in the dream. Read Daniel chapters 1-3 for Deliverance, Divine Encounter and promotion. Daniel purposes in his heart not to defile himself with king Nebuchadnezzar’s meat and wine so he would not be defiled. Whatever defile you will certainly defy your promotion. There is a 10-fold glory and promotion awaiting your destiny, but u must seek the face of the Lord to identify what the enemy has assigned as a defilement for u. For Joseph, it was Portiphar’s wife, for Samson, it was Delilah, for Daniel it was the king’s meat and wine. Every man or woman of divine purpose must confront an assigned defilement, what is your own defilement? Many wallow in defilement and they knew it not!

    Set apart 3 days for 3 assignments: (a) seek to know your assigned defilement. (b)tackle and deal with such discovered and revealed defilement, it may be a relationship, or a hidden sin or location/ environment etc. (c) flush out by the blood of Jesus and cleanse every remnant of the defilement from your life using the blood of Jeus.

    Then your long-awaited and long-imagined breakthroughs will fall like rain over your destiny in Jesus name

  436. Prayer Eagle | July 23, 2012 at 1:03 pm |

    @Toyin: Dream 427 Explained: Your spirit man rejected strange food of the evil night caterer. You must vomit by faith and by fire every evil consumption you have taken in the dream, in Jesus name. Such consumption is what leads to stagnation and miracle abortion in real and physical life.

    Pray against every demonic relationship and association in the dream. Read Daniel chapters 1-3 for Deliverance, Divine Encounter and promotion. Daniel purposes in his heart not to defile himself with king Nebuchadnezzar’s meat and wine so he would not be defiled. Whatever defile you will certainly defy your promotion. There is a 10-fold glory and promotion awaiting your destiny, but u must seek the face of the Lord to identify what the enemy has assigned as a defilement for u. For Joseph, it was Portiphar’s wife, for Samson, it was Delilah, for Daniel it was the king’s meat and wine. Every man or woman of divine purpose must confront an assigned defilement, what is your own defilement? Many wallow in defilement and they knew it not!

    Set apart 3 days for 3 assignments: (a) seek to know your assigned defilement. (b)tackle and deal with such discovered and revealed defilement, it may be a relationship, or a hidden sin or location/ environment etc. (c) flush out by the blood of Jesus and cleanse every remnant of the defilement from your life using the blood of Jesus.

    Then your long-awaited and long-imagined breakthroughs will fall like rain over your destiny in Jesus name

  437. Toyin
    Thank you prayer eagle for the interpretation. God Bless. May the Lord Almighty continue to enrich you in all ways with the present of the Holy spirit. AMEN.

    I have acknowledged the annoited message and started with immediate action.

    I believe I serve a living God and I will be testifying very soon with the full acceleration and perfection of the Lord almighty. In Jesus Name. Amen.

    He is a promising God. Glory Be to God H alleluia !!!

  438. Urgent!!!

    Dear Prayer Eagle

    My dreams keep getting bloked.! It seems as if I am going to remember it but just cannot. I can not even remember what it is about, tThhis tends to happen a lot.

    Are there any special prayers for this? . I have tried self dileverance and some other prayers. I think when this happens it is important information been held back.

    I am still fighting hard to remember what I dreamt overnight, May The God Almighty give me spirit of wisdom and remembrance. Amen

    Thank you . God Bless

  439. Last night I dreamt that I had been with my fiancé for 3 years (as is the case)we had stalled for some time in our journey suddenly, I was searching for my certificate which I had lost years back when I was a student in university but I located it far up in the trees, I knew and could see where it was , I fired my prayer bullet and I was able to reach for the certificate where it had been all these years up in the air on the trees and I grabbed it .when I landed down on the ground my fiancé said we can now proceed with our journey as I now had my certificate and document . he then came to my parents to pay lobola or dowry to my family and both families had finally come together in a traditional ceremony, the first in my family.i changed my surname to his and it was a traditional ceremony.from there onwards I was reffered to by a new name and surname., I finally experience the peace and calm ive never had before. and I slept and ws woken up by the alarm clock at midinte and I had just fire the first prayer bullet on day 14 “ dragon that swallowed my finances vmit it by fire in Jesus’s name’ when suddenly I received a call on my cell phone number at midnite and I never answered it but kept firing the bullet points.i have never received a call at midnitebefore.

  440. Dear prayer Eagle

    I am sorry but you will be recieving a lot from me until 427 is resolved as I really need to get to the bottom of this.!! Satan is a liar.!!!!

    As I said earliar this morning that I couldn’t really remember the dream I had over night / morning. first had a dream and woke up and totally couldn.t remember. and then asked got to show me pleading the blood of Jesus and dosed off again around 6.32am and quickly got up around 7.06 from a dream. I couldn,t remember and then eventually recollected the end part of it narrated below.

    Not remembering most of my dreams has persistently been going on for a while.
    and the attempt of food being put in my mouth spiritually to the extent that i wake up with my mouth moving.
    Something fight the process and wakes me up from it. I pray and rebuke the deliverance prayers. and have started on your annioted message. I just thought I should let you know. I do not go into a deep sleep when it happens I might just dose off/like a vision. atimes I do not take it but sometimes I have opened my mouth and snap out of it.

    The only part I only managed to remember is the end of it, I was carrying a big aluminium pot of stew , saying something like I had finished and taking it somewhere may be the car but somewhere as I did not see that part. I was thinking in my mind in the dream that I should have cleaned the stew stain on the outter part of the pot. There were a few other people around I think and female but only one noticebly obvious as she was doing something nearby my way out. I can not remember what she was doing and who she was. It is one of those dreams where you think you know the person and you wake up and do not havea clue.

    Help me and God Bless. Amen

  441. Prayer Eagle | July 24, 2012 at 8:03 pm |

    @toyin: God is the custodian and archivist of your past, present and future, its like a movie or film of your life. So, you can pray for God to rewind the particular dream episodes that the devil wiped off your memory. Satan is the thief that steals and erases your dream memory. Thank God you can undo whatever dream the devil deleted because it is afraid of the consequence if you remember them. You must command every satanic dream eraser to be arrested by fire and restore what they have wiped off your spiritual monitor in the name of Jesus.

    1. Whatever food and whoever gives you dream-food cannot be God and cannot be a healthy meal. They are satanic night caterers. Therefore:

    2. Pray for God to baptize your dream-life with Holy Ghost Fire, and set ablaze every demonic kitchen used in catering evil food for you in your dream.

    3. You must erupt with holy indignation by rising up and overthrow the satanic canteen and demonic restaurant/kitchen that serves you the meal of demotion in Jesus’ name.

    4. Command the kitchen of witchcraft used in catering for you to catch fire and every satanic food consumed unknowingly to be neutralized and vomited by fire in Jesus’ name.

    5. You must ask the Holy Ghost to evacuate every satanic poison which you have eaten in the dream from your life.

    6. You must begin to drink the blood of Jesus by faith and ask the Blood of Jesus to neutralize that poison of satan in your system.

    7. You can go further and prepare and take holy communion for the next seven days before you go to bed. Ask the power of the Lord’s super to fight against every night caterer that has forcefully converted you as customer and ask the Fire of the Holy Ghost to charge your spirit-man for victorious battle.

    8. The kitchen of darkness and night caterers with their evil food shall die in your life in Jesus name. Victory is yours in Jesus’ name.

  442. Dear prayer Eagle,
    I am so delighted to see dreams interpreted again on this website..I love the new layout of this site,it is so beautiful…WELL DONE SIR.
    Please Sir kindly interpret this recurrent dream for me
    I went for a crusade and that very night I had a dream that I was bleeding heavily in a congregation I was worried about where I was sitting and my cloths being stained.
    2nd dream I was with friends and all of a sudden I was bleeding like openly and I was worried

    3rd dream I was in my father’s bathroom all of a sudden I started bleeding non stop and it stained the white bath mat on the floor…then I was lying on a bed with white sheets it got stained with the blood and my father ask me to move so he could measure the bed but I was reluctant because I didn’t want him to see the blood.

    4th dream I was in my fathers house standing in the hallway and my father angrily came with a big whip and started flogging my mercilessly he was looking for my sister to flog her as well but he could not find her. then my brother told my mum not to react that my father was beating me to upset her.

    Thank you Prayer Eagle for reading please reply me in Jesus name.AMEN

  443. Thank you prayer Eagle and May The Lord Almighty Continue to Strengthen and Bless You IJN. Amen.

    All your support and annoited message and Blessings has been acknowledged and taken into action with immediate effect.

    I believe I am healed IJN by the Grace of God and the power in the Blood of Jesus I will prevail and testify IJN. Amen.

  444. Prayer Eagle | July 25, 2012 at 4:32 am |

    @emm: The four dreams are one and the same thing: Your blood (e.g. menstrual pad, etc) has been taken without your knowledge to a coven/dark altar as sacrifice in order to manipulate you, embarrass you and disgrace you.

    You must pray against any wicked altar bearing your blood. Command your blood upon any altar to return, be purified and restored unto you in Jesus name. Command your blood to become poison to the flesh-eating and blood-drinking powers of your father’s house in Jesus name. Command every powers assigned to eat up your flesh and drink your blood to stumble and fall (Psalm 27:2). Renounce, Break and Nullify every dark blood covenant you may have entered into consciously or unconsciously in Jesus name. Command every power using your blood to manipulate your life to return it and die in Jesus name. Pray that the power in the blood of Jesus shall fight for you and win your battles for you, in Jesus name.

  445. Dear Prayer Eagle
    please help me with my dream.
    thank you

  446. Prayer Eagle | July 25, 2012 at 7:44 am |

    @TR: congratulations, your victory is nigh. God will grant you the breakthrough u desire in your finances and matrimony in Jesus name.

  447. @Prayer Eagle: Thank you for taking your precious time to interpret my dreams and for also giving appropriate prayer points… GOD BLESS YOU MIGHTILY.AMEN

  448. I had sent a prayer request earlier on but not sure if it was the right family seems to be tied somewhere,my elder sister got married but the husband left her since she could not concieve and she had twins wuth him but miscarried she moved on with life and met somebody else who was married to a woman who gave him troubles and separeted but living together again when the woman lost his job,my sister then has had 2 miscarriages and has given up,she miscarries on the third month doctors have said nothing is wrong with her womb.My father has been sick with cancer and diabetis he lost his job long time ago when i was young my mother has been the bread winner to feed us and educate all of us.My brother has serious financial difficulties ans is stuck he used to dring alot but he stopped and got born again after backsliding.My other sister is jobless anytime she gets a job she does not stay for long and she got married too and the husband left her for another woman now she is over 30 no job and stays with my parents she has one child,my other sister had a fiance who left her for other women and later got back to her but am afraid he is using her coz she does not want to move on she loves this man but he treats her fiance and i plan to wed this december and already we have obstacles coming our ways he already went to meet my parents he is an orphan,he has been unable to get his promotion yet he was awarded among the best in his company we dont know waht is happening but we feel the enemy has stolen his promotion,pray for him to get his promotion my whole family to get born again my mother prays alo t for us and God to ignite her prayer alter.I also have had dreams of going back to my former school and place we used to live many years ago i know its stagnation and i dream of black cows and snakes and also baby crocodiles,recently i started midnight prayers and i dreamt of a man following me i dont know who he is,My niece dreams of his late stepfather mistreating her in our old home all the time and she dreams of pple about to die and they die.pray for my job security since our company has been having financial problems,mostly pray for my wedding plans i love my fiance so much and i cant lose him due to anti marriage line in my family.Please Please i need your interpretion and prayer guides.THANK YOU FOR HELPING US MAY GOD BLESS YOU…

  449. @Prayer Eagle. Thank you for all your support, prayers and sacrificed time. God Bless.

    Thiis is a continuation of 427 and all the annointed messages on what to do.

    Today is the Third day of the 3 day set assignments.

    As I informed you about the defilement concerning food and I have been working on it using the giving appropriate prayer points. Thank you and God Bless. Amen

    I did ask Holy spirit God All mighty to reveal anything else hidden but haven’t received anything else yet.

    Yesterday night I asked My God to give more assurance on the food defilment with victory.

    First wake could not remember, plead the bllod of Jesus and asked my living God Show me.

    This is my Dream

    I did not see myself cooking or holding a pot at all. But the people or few faces were familiar. I think the saw me and said they couldn’t eat the stew because it was spoilt. I think my response was it was freshly cooked and I am not cooking another one.! went my way.

    2 This section – I was trying to pay for a medical treatment. I do not remember what exactly for but the bill was around £350/380 ???
    so this person that I know in real life, he is a handyman ( builder) said do not pay for it with your money, you can use my work health insurance card. He said because it covers family. I felt reluctant by saying but the name will be different and he assured me that it didn’t matter. I was not too sure but he was and handed me the card. we were trying to sort the bill out and I woke up.

    3 – i went to the hair dressers to see whether I could get my hair done. I wanted something fast as I have just had a knee operation and wouldn’t beable to sit down for long (infact I did have a knee operation six weeks ago)
    The hair dresser showed me one of her styles called kinky the latest style she said. I have never done kinky style!!. Anyway the new syyle looked odd to me. it was like hair braided and some of hair undone with a scarf tied round it. I was not impressed and at the same time thiking I might as well pull my braids out to create the style rather than pay for that. I did not like it so I said I’ll think about it and left.
    I do not understant or know what it is all about but on the other hand might mean something.

    Please help me to interpret these dreams. GOD BLESS AND INCREASE YOUR GIFTED SPIRIT. AMEN

  450. Dear prayer eagle help me out to know the causes of my problems waiting for your response.


  451. I saw my late sister at the area we grow up,but my olderst Brother still lives there,in my dream the area was on fire and all buildings were burning,my sister was standing at a conner of a house but she was sad,when i did ask her to run and come closed to me,becouse of there fire,she reply and said she is not coming becouse they burned my brother,when i look were she was look i can see realy he was burn in flames.What is the meaning of this dream

  452. Dear @Prayer Eagle Blessings and Honour in this new month of August.

    Please help with your anointed gift.

    This dream is not straight forward as satan is a liar. I can not remember most of it.

    All I can remember is that there was some damage done, I think it it was somewhere in the house and outside at the was back?????( I honestly just can’t recollect the destails) Anyway we were expecting these two people who were responsible to come and compensate for the damage as they did not want it taken further< I mean avoiding going to court. (two men). They did turn up and and I asked for a lump some but they paid less than what we requested. I think we were not too impressed but they were not prepared to increase ithe amount and wanted to leave so we just accepted the amount. I first of all was not too pleased with the amount (7/70k ) it was a 7 figure. I do not understand why 7 became significant!!! but when I mentioned it to this man in the dream he assured me that that is more than enough. He said something like (4/40k) of the amount is all we need to get the job done.
    Then at some point I realised that another place was not accounted for and went to ask these men for it. They did put some amount toward it. while standing by their car I realised that they were hiding another brief case of cash from where they took the extra cash I asked for. I walked away and just made mention to the other person that they had the money, they just did not want to payout what we requested that we should not have given in.

    I think there is quite more to this dream but I just can not remember the details.


  453. Dear @prayer eagle – praise be on to God! – There is nothing like a small testimony to me. Halleluia.

    My Son went for a driving theory test this morning and he nearly gave up the night before saying he had left it till last minute. any way I encouraged him to be positive that he can do it.
    I vowed to My God Almighty that if my son passes that I will testify and also that it is another sign of assurance of his presence with me. He passed!! Glory be to God. Halleluia. “In everthing give thanks for it is the will of God. Amen.

    By the Grace of God I will have many testimonies to share this month In JESUS name Amen.

    I pray we get a special testimony column as you said it will be put into consideration.


  454. Morning Prayereagle is usually very busy?? Is it possible to have a phone contact?Since i came to this website i have learnt alot and it is an eye opener.I just wanted some help to get interpretation of my life pattern and possibly prayer guide.God bless you prayereagle.

  455. Since June 26 I place my contribution on your site for comments/feedback and to no avail. Prayer Eagle a response to my comments would be appreciated, check my two contributions on June 26th. Thank you and God Bless.

  456. Dear Prayer Eagle_ GLORY BE TO GOD , AMEN !!!! HALLELUIA.

    All praise and Glory be to my Lord God Almighty for saving the life of my brother. God used someone else.!!
    He suddenly fell seriously ill and was rushed to the hospital which he stayed for two days and was diagnosed wrongly, not even near. His boss went to visit and sensed that things were not right!! and moved him immediately without any delay. This is definately the hand of God. Halleluia.!!! His condition was between life and death. With all Thanks and Glory to Our Lord Almighty my brother is healed and my God the Lord of perfection is completing it with his perfection. AMEN. BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED. AMEN AMEN AMEN !! HALLELUIA.

    I Vowed to testify of his healing. I do hope the special web page for testimonies will be up and running soon.


  457. @Toyin I thank God for your testimony…Rev12:11 says”and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of their testimony…” your testimony will increase more and the Joy of the Lord will never depart from your home.AMEN

  458. Dear Prayer Eagles
    I have been reading through dream interpretation request and the responses you have given, then I was reminded about of a couple of dreams that I have had that left me confused and pondering for a while.
    Here are the dreams in no particular order

    1) A recurring dream of my father as if he has just passed away, my father passed away in the year 2000 but the dreams started in recent years, I think about three years back or so.
    2) I had a dream of rain uncovering a large snake at my grandmothers (my mothers mom) house right next to the toilet.[ Their toilets in that area are outside in the backyard]. Comming to think of it, I hav had a couple of wierd dreams about being at my granmothers house. The latest dream I had was of my cousin as if someone wanted to kill her, then we saw a pink snake on a tree which is in the front yard close to the house.
    3) I also dreamt that one of my eyelashes fell into my eye, as I was removing it it came out with a black think that was connected between my eye and the eyelash, that black thing was like flesh but it was a bit thin, like a thread.
    May you please help me to interpret these dreams.
    Thank you

  459. Dear pastor

    I have been on the prayer academy for almost two years,I had continued to post my dreams and prayer requests and God has been good.i have been religiously praying and 33 yrs old unmarked,without a child.i prayed for deliverance continuously. I have been seriously ill for the last 2 weeks,not going to work.i then sought meditation and last night I had the following dream.

    I dreamt I had attended a deliverance prayer service at a new church.i was sitting outside on the coaches after the service as the venue was full and we had no chance of meeting the man of God.he came outside,going around touching the many people with a white handkechief.he passed me and my sister and I then called out to him,pastor please deliver me.he turned back and came to the chair I was sitting on,touched me with the handkerchief and took both my hands into his and pressed so hard I’ve never felt such high voltage of electricity flowing in my body I screamed and he told his disciples they must bring me to his office for he was walking I noticed I had clear visible scar marks on the top of my right hand revealing something buried underneath,I screamed and told my sister I’m scared to go for counseling but before I could think about leaving,a woman came to fetch me for my counseling session with the the time I got to him,my right hand was swollen.the pastor put his hand on it and a gold man’s ring came out buried own my right hand ring finger.the pastor took out the ring and showed him.i asked whose ring is it,he said I must ask my brother is also unmarried.

    I then woke up spiritually free and happy.

    In da past,a ring mark used to appear on my wedding finger after I fasted but I never saw the wedding ring.last night I finally saw my spiritual husband’s ring.

    Please may you help me understand this dream.thank you

  460. rethabile | May 7, 2013 at 12:15 am |

    Greetings in Jesus name
    I dreamed my brother and I crossing the red sea. What does it mean?
    God bless

  461. Dear pastor. I just complited my matric everything is scarter I had a dream that said ii will be poor 4 realy hurt me deeply because in that dream I was begging 4 2rand I don’t knw what its means.pray 4 me 2 be set free,I need God 2 bless me wth finacial so that I can do sumthng in my future AMEN

  462. Marastlou | May 10, 2013 at 7:19 am |


    When you wake from such dreams you cancel them with violent prayers.. You send the angels of The Lord to go on a search and restore mission to recover or you stolen blessings.. I suggest you start praying towards canceling that dream

  463. I dream also harvest sweet potatoes there was no ending meaning please other one my husband show me fake teeth in his hand only 2teeth meaning always having babies but their not mine,having sex with my own son I feelvery bad

  464. Lori Mullikin | August 15, 2013 at 5:39 am |

    Provision-Breakthru and protection….

  465. Solanke michael | September 23, 2013 at 8:46 pm |

    I hv a problem of forgetting things easily,pls hlp me 2 pray o

  466. Solanke michael | September 23, 2013 at 8:49 pm |

    Pls pray for me,i always forget things easily

  467. Dennis Wanyonyi | September 25, 2013 at 5:35 am |

    Praise God once more.i’m realy in need of your pray matirials having read some of your articles have been totally blessed and for me and my colegues to learn and understand things about prayers i would like you to help me get some of your matirials so that i can grow spritualy.

    Thanks in Dvance and my the almight God be wiyh you all the time.

  468. Dear prayer worriers,
    God bless you for this blog.
    I have been having a dream for over 10 years and this dream always I see my self in our old home which I left at 11 years of age. Its now over 25 years since I left, it was such a poor home!! but even when a lot has changed I still see my self there. another dream that has been constant regardless of prayer and fasting, is sleeping with men in my dreams some times they appear to be human beings and sometimes not visible or dead people. the third one is seeing my body looking like fish scales…. and also eating bad stuff or even meet. All these dreams make me feel so disgusted and hate my self for not being able to overcome all these bad dreams. Please help me!!!

  469. Excellent post. TY for writing.

  470. hi my dream on march 6 was I pray for my mother for her arthritis in her finger and she healed and pray for other part of her body also healed which i forgot. Another 3 person watching while i’m prayer with my mother I saw first the girl kids but I call her 2 brother, for the first boy i ask him “what do want to pray?” did you see my mother got healed? the boy told me to pray for his hips then i pray after i pray he jump to the swimming pool beside us and then the other one while i’am talk I’am awake because of noise from my neighborhood. Please help me with this dream!
    Did it has a connection with my mother which commit with car accident last february?because my mother had fracture in her hips(Femoral neck fracture in left leg) and Fracture of zygomatic area, right. my mother also had a arthritis in her hand which i pray in my dream.. please help! thank you God bless.

  471. Thank you for this prayer points.i never knew I was in such a mess but thank God I have seen the cause of my failure.i have just started the prayer and I am believing God for a deliverance from these demons spirits.may the almighty who has promise as good things see me through this problem as well as anybody who finds himself in such a situation.

  472. i had a dream that i went to see my fiance in his office, but when i got there i saw my former house helper seated in his chair and i asked what she was doing there and she didn’t answer me . i asked where he was and she told me he was out, we then proceeded to look for him and saw him jumping out of another woman’s house. i told her you see, you thought he was cheating on me with you but now he is cheating on you with another woman. when i i closely looked at the woman she had wounds on her private parts and i asked her what the wounds were for she told me she had HIV and see said even when they request him to use a condom he refuses. i called him and told him that he had contracted HIV . Then i woke up i prayed and cancelled the dream bu im wondering what it meant. was this a dream or a revelation assist me.

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